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"paul manafort brentwood" Discussed on 760 KFMB Radio

"Still gone AM Seven sixty k. f. n.. Be, breaking, news well Mike Paul Manafort been found guilty. On eight counts I know you follow this intensely for the, last few months so I very eager and excited to get your a word? In, what, this oh well I think what's more important is that, we ask Eric what. He makes Eric what do you think Paul Manafort guilty on eight counts Well I. Wanna know what Roger stone has to do all right Roger. Roger, now you know what we got Alex Jones on. The alley What do you make criminal All right there and that. Concludes. Our coverage, of. Paul Manafort thank you Eric I think we. Did a fine job there So. I'm just gonna be totally honest with us KFI MSNBC they've stormy Daniels attorney on breaking it down I. Think our analysis was better than less cover Yeah KFI AM is a every aspect of the entire lineup as part of a well-balanced. Diet, yeah So. I I have chosen to not follow this story. At all Zero none Partially knowing that Brett has done a fantastic job. Covering it so when you listen to, Brett show you are. Well informed you don't need double up for me because otherwise you're just eating a lot of the same foods as a part of your. Well-balanced diet that's, very? Balanced right, so, Brad Scott the Manafort. Stuff covered he's all over and he's better than anyone. On it so you got that for, me, personally I my brain can't just be. Totally honest I am not good at stories that involve multiple different players and analyzing each of their. Motivations Stories like that I can't I can't keep him I like so who's Manafort. And what does he want and what, did he do and. Why did he do that and why does anyone care what they did in who the keeps in with that and I just can't keep. Track of it, all? So I, only, have limited bandwidth so. I choose to not spend any on that knowing that. You're in good hands of Brett and, I, focus on other things is that fair. So that's my way of saying I don't know what was this bad good what are we Thanks for him Got it wrong FOX and. Friends Morning Mike what do you think? Of, the public well listen really. Stinks for him I was Paul But this has nothing to do with Trump is that, that's the thing but they're trying to make it to do with Trump because he worked for Trump for. A little bit Yeah something like that but Paul. Manafort spin in? The swamp for? A long time, so? He. Was in the. Stone documentary. Yeah which everyone should watch. By the way on Netflix this Roger stone's me, Roger stone is that right Jimmie Rodgers done that's the one right yes, a metaphor era he's been he was the original lobbyists it was him is known to originated lobby I Lobbyist You're going to see because Michael Cohen also you, know pled guilty. Today so it's gonna be a. Double I don't rush your day with interesting about Paul Manafort like you, said he's been in the swamp so. Long he has so many that by the, way but Thank, you bye Paul manafort's been in the. Swamp so long that it's going to be, interesting Whoa if he holds onto all of his secrets because surely he's got a ton of so I'm more, interested in not so much that Paul. Manafort's got into some pretty pretty pretty. High water here but. He may. Start. Leaking some stuff and I think that will be interesting where did Paul Manafort Paulie manafort Paulie Manafort Paul Manafort pulling out, of fort you're adding an. E cetera you either say Paul Manafort Brentwood, Erbil promo the other day. Said paulie man Paul Manafort Cute All. Right so I look forward to breath analysis on this at two. O'clock Three. Two o'clock we're talking.

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