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"paul gutty" Discussed on The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast

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"paul gutty" Discussed on The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast

"Right away goodbye really weird but whatever it don't matter yes so lindsay she <hes> I'm curious to see if cream comet comes through with with the dirt. Why wouldn't he have already though what you mean why wouldn't have? He said he had it like two days ago. I wouldn't just say it. I don't know I think the last I read is that he kind of <hes> he tweeted something the thing and then redacted it or took it away sure I'm actually just thinking now we told the whole bit about sexually assaulting a house and yeah no that's bad no. That's what that whole thing was. What sexually assaulting a house that's fine right yeah? That's a house houses. Don't F feelings I mean. It's also like pretty creepy to be watching. Some jerk off on your house is but still funny why we just ars just post this. It's weird like I have this info and it's going to go up the gray soon. I'm going to do it. That's that's man. He's you know he's he's working the system did did you get the new twitter update or whatever I don't know. I didn't get it either. I see people tweeting about it. So Yeah Boy Paul Gutty said some dookie <hes> <hes> well there they have folks heartache some dookie twitter update update of Duke. That's what am I not get a funny what I just. I don't know I feel like I've had no jokes in the last month. I don't know why I'm having fucking fucking show. I don't know we'll you have. They're a great show. I don't know it was great. It was great. Oh is worried though we're we're in a bad place on Monday or Tuesday in New York which you mean the city both hadn't slept. Oh yeah yeah in a bad place yeah yeah mentally yet that was bad. Weeden sleep like almost two days. It's really weird. They really fucking weird west to east coast legs brutal. I just also I felt I mean I knew is tons of people that like like what we do and and all that but like just the a sort of just knowing that we're going to be at just for laughs. I just felt crazy pressure like all right shit like because because random people could walk into the show so I'm like all right I if somebody cool just have come through and check it out for whatever reason I would just mortifying me like I think about <hes> Mana forget what comic this was was but they're talking about how Chris Rock was like their favorite comedian ever and they went up there and they told jobs they got off stage and and Chris Rock walked out on his set or something like that or uh he said like that show was terrible and just like crushed his soling..

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