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"paul george mantras herrell lou" Discussed on The Lead

"So you've also found during you're in your reporting that the clippers have been taking steps to try and really address some of these chemistry issues. Tell us about that. Yeah so following the the clippers near disastrous weekend getting blown out at home to Memphis and barely beating the New York. Knicks Doc rivers met with six of his players. Quiet Leonard Third. Paul George Mantras Herrell Lou. Williams Pat Beverley and Mo- heartless and they met to watch film kind of just talk things out you know. Why are we having having? Somebody's lackluster performances low energy performances. And since then the team has had multiple players only You'll film sessions. Where where they they've got together? They've watched film. They've been honest with each other. They've held each other accountable. According to sources Colli has been a big proponent of these films sessions of setting them up he may not lead a team dinner he might not suggests you know. Let's go see a movie. Let's go to the club but he will say let's go watch it's film together you know it's not necessarily these sexiest form of team bonding. This is someone who is one of the hardest workers if not the hardest worker on the team team. According to multiple people this is someone that after each game takes an hour plus with his treatment and is really dedicated to preserving irving his body keeping himself healthy. He's introverted person. That is not a secret with Kawhi. He is quiet and reserved in in nature But at the same time you know he has become more comfortable within the locker room and as we become more comfortable he has become more vocal. So is it fair to say that this teams now in a better place. I I WANNA see the rest of this road. Trip goes before I really make a judgment on where the team is at and how they're doing. Count Me Skeptical for now. I WanNa see before I believe it because this recent stretch they've been on has been a very easy schedule. I I WANNA see them play. The Miami's the Lakers see how they fare. And then make my assessment. And finally Yvonne have the clippers and Kawais camp had any reaction to your story. So far I I don't WanNa get into too many specifics but we have had conversations within the camps of the parties involved Quite Leonard Mantras. Herrell the clippers. They agree with some of it and they disagree with part of it and kind of reading between what people agree with and disagree with. It's kind of what favors their agenda hung but we spoke with over twelve people for this everything we reported has been confirmed by a minimum of three or four people so we feel very confident that while sometimes the truth is a little ugly and people don't like like reading it or hearing it. We feel very confident that we are telling you very accurate and fair story Yvonne. Thank you so much.

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