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"paul fricke menard" Discussed on In The Draft Show - NASCAR Talk

"I mean, mathematically almost the only way you're going to get into this to win. So here are the drivers from sixteenth, and of course sixteenth doesn't get him right now because Austin Dillon has win any socks. So from sixteenth on down to what to case game, wherever casing is like maybe twenty third or something like that. Name these drivers, and then you tell me after I name 'em. Where do you think any of those guys has legitimate shot of winning at Darlington or at Indy those drivers? Ricky Stenhouse junior, Ryan Newman. Daniel Serra's Paul Menard William Byron, Jamie McMurray, Chris, boo. Sure. AJ almond Dinger. David Ragan bubble Wallace in Casey came. There's two guy, three guys I think, could win. I'm though I see one I see too. I don't know what you got. I'm thinking too. Give me your to. I think both these Indy strata Patty. I think that Jamie MAC because he has before Ryan Newman, potentially could winded Indy. I'm with you on Ryan Newman. These are at any to. I don't think anyone of these guys are winning Darlington. Yeah, everyone wrecks out. Yeah, I'm thinking Ryan Newman. I'm thinking Paul Menard. Yeah. Okay. I could see speeded Indy up, brothers, bring speed to that car. Yep. Yep. Maybe four guys actually really swear as. An almond Dinger just because I think he he would know how to run indie in that reckless. Abandon as he is wanted to do. And those corners are very flat road course, Eli corners. They really are for guys Newman. Menard almond Dinger and Soir probably by on the fence guy, you know, I could. I could of that entire group. Newman and McMurray are the ones I have the best shot at Indy. If I, if you force me if you were like you gotta pick at least one guy that could potentially win at Darlington. I would say number two on that list for me again would be Newman because I mean, he's, you know, obviously, you know, veteran experience, whatever I swore is would have a decent shot of being in the mix Darlington of the of that group. I think that's whereas what happened? Okay. Shot at Darlington. Yeah, of Darlington. I think he would be the guy he seems to be seems to take to those little tracks to and look. I haven't looked at the stats at the c. how he's done. They're small sample size to though. Yeah, it's probably what to racist. Yeah. Yeah. So. If he does who's to say, but this is a weird year for Suarez to like you said, oh, isn't down on only one only last year. Really. He started nineteenth finished thirty. Eighth obviously got caught up in some stuff again, small sample size. Yeah. So where where Newman has run nineteen races at the track too tough to tame average start ten point to finish eleven point. Seven. Those are not bad stats. No, never one, but those are not that stats. Seven top fives, thirteen top tens. So, yeah, you would have a, I think that he would have decent shot, but for some reason, the way that that source has been racing recently, I don't think about him to we in Byron doesn't strike me. I mean, is highly touted as he is just don't know. I mean, because we don't know. He's never raced in Cup car here before. So you know, it's going to be new to him and usually new drivers at Darlington don't fare so well. Yeah, no, it's not the best idea for them. So there will we'll find out if any of those guys do you know k. so those are the is you think of that have the best shot at winning in one of next year aces that being said, do you think any of those guys actually will win one of the next two races? No. Unfortunately as much as I would like to see it. I mean, think about what you said with Paul Menard. Like how insane would that be? Paul Fricke Menard one at Indy and wins his way into the to the playoffs. It'll be incredible, but I don't think it's gonna happen either. Alex, boom, we'd like you some, right? Yeah, because he would get like Knicks after having a good season, he's Rome..

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