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Football player, 16, reveals why he killed pregnant cheerleader

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01:19 min | 3 years ago

Football player, 16, reveals why he killed pregnant cheerleader

"Baby. He pleaded not guilty in court today and new back for another hearing next week, David Alex Perez, Alex, thank you to the expected guilty plea now from that Russian woman, we have reported on here before Maria Boutin Tina, she'd been accused of being a secret agent of the Russian government. It's believed she is now flipped agreeing to plead guilty to conspiracy and to cooperate with US prosecutors in any investigation, here's ABC's Phillips tonight. She's accused of being a glamorous and manipulative secret agent sent here by Russia, but tonight Maria Boutin has agreed to cooperate with the Justice department in a draft agreement obtained by ABC news, the Russian gun rights activists pleads guilty to conspiracy admitting she sought to establish unofficial lines of communication with Americans having power and influence over US politics for the benefit of the Russian federation. Prosecutors say she did it with the help of an. American Republican operative Paul Erikson with whom she had a romantic relationship. They even recorded this video together. Boutin says Ericsson helped her cozy up to conservative leaders and top NRA officials. She acknowledges that in two thousand fifteen she told a Russian official.

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