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"paul corte" Discussed on AP Radio News

"Whether it's our hearts lungs or other organs were diagnosis tends to make us uneasy at Kaiser Permanente our specialists care for you and about you working together, creating a treatment plan specific to your diagnosis and total health so from primary to specialty care fine reassurance. In a great team of healthcare professionals committed to your healthy recovery. Visit KP dot org slash specialty care to learn more prisoner hotel to the mail and exists incorporated. Twenty one hundred eighty Jefferson street Rockville, Maryland, two zero five two. AP radio news. I'm Tim Maguire. The names of the twelve people killed last night in a bar Thousand Oaks, California have been released their family members have been notified. We will not be releasing the names of those victims at this time Ventura County sheriff's captain Gatto curry Jin, Jason Kaufman, says his twenty two year old son is one of the twelve was on his he was on his way to fulfil his dream of of. Of serving the country, a number of students from Pepperdine and California Lutheran university's are among the dead along with eighteen year old Elena Housley niece assist. Her sister. Actress tamra Maori Housley and her husband Adam Housley, who is a former Fox News correspondent the shooter who reportedly killed himself has been identified as Aion David long, a former marine who served in Afghanistan. The P F B is Paul Corte says they are just now trying to find a motive we're going to pursue the leads that are developed from that evidence wherever they take us to identify any possible motivation paint a picture of the frame of mind of the subject just a few miles south of where the massacre happened last night. People are evacuating their homes because of a fast moving wildfire threatening neighborhoods just outside Thousand Oaks in northern California paradise. Burning had to drive through fire. There was fire on both sides of the road. Very scary. And it was dark so dark as midnight. Bobby Crippen tells cagey, oh, she and her family had to evacuate quickly as a wildfire sprang to life and roared in the town of twenty seven thousand one fire official says some people were trapped for awhile and a tunnel by the flames of fire chief as numerous buildings and structures have burned to firefighters and multiple civilians have been hurt says AP radio news. Missouri tour boat, captain Kenneth Mckee is been indicted after one of his boats sank back in July seventeen people were killed the first death has been reported in an ongoing. Salmonella outbreak linked to raw Turkey, the CDC says it does not have a lot of details. The agency reports one person has died in California of salmonella poisoning related to raw Turkey health. Officials say one hundred sixty four have got ill in the last year in thirty five states. The CDC is not recommending the people Turkey. It hasn't linked any supplier to the outbreak which it believes is widespread and ongoing. It reminds people to wash their hands after handling Romeo and to cook Turkey to an internal temperature of one hundred sixty five degrees. The rare salmonella strain has been found in live turkeys ground Turkey and raw Turkey petfood. Warren Levinson, New York, I'm Tim Maguire, AP radio news. One entertainment designed just for you, then checkout, customizable, streaming TV for mixed finishing. It makes your life simple easy. Awesome. Expended? He gives you, customizable, streaming TV options. Enjoy the most free shows anywhere on any device and even access your streaming apps right on your TV with x one. Good spin dot com. A one eight hundred eighty or visit a store today. To learn more restrictions apply.

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