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"paul callan chico" Discussed on Your Gardening Questions

"Of the neighborhood get growing with stokes. Now how today's question Janez said she needed some color in the house in the wintertime so you were going to give us a few plants that she can grow to get some color. Get Kid my thinking when I'm actually my job jar otherwise in mid late. May I'm having trouble thinking on into winter. Color however marked there are a number of things now again color would be a flowering plant. At least as I'm thinking about it and that takes me to having recently seen a plant called Paul Callan Chico and if I remember right it's K. A. L. A. N. C. H. E.. It's it's in some stores right now. I've seen it in the aisles. it's supplant that has Seat him like leaves kind of kind of fat muted Green Gray Green not particularly attractive in that regard but they have Number of colors of them. You can start little plants. I I've seen them in fairly sizable pots. Then I mentioned just having brought my orchids in mind won't be in bloom until after Christmas into the middle of the winter period but at the same time I I have walked by large large orchid displays in what is claimed to be the world's largest florist kroger. Yeah they have all kinds of things. also that there are some exciting colors available in grafted CACTI cactus. Oh yeah they're they're they're there well the professionals are reworking. Those little guys they're making anything except the original and they're they're sprouting some really nice flowers right now MORILLAS is a plant. That you you buy a great big bulb and grow it in in highlight turn it by all means every three ear four days as it starts to grow so a dozen lean toward the window too much and Vadim magnificent and then Such as those and and a little plant call paperweight which is a definite light. Well it's in that group Those plants can be bought and at one time. Then you you take them into a growing position in the pot or whatever as you wish I recommend roughly at two two and a half weeks cycle because an Amaryllis will take a while to come into flower It's GonNa Flower for about two two and a half weeks and then you can have the next one's coming on. As as a matter of timing the Bromellias now bromellias entered interesting plant. Their their color is in there. Rather stout looking leaf variations of gray green in its cetera but then they have a flowering structure in the center..

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