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"paul besir" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Read what he read a book he'd read a book no way stat is not made up he would read a book in between breaks so no halftime he halftime you read a book what kind of book i i wish black is a great question i wish i could remember maybe somebody listing who was around that would know but that was like it was out in the open he just pulled a book open it up put his glasses down by his nose read and then our back but the book down atmore to a boring broadcast what did unbe volition like four or five years ago by the way that prediction machine have you ever gone on the prediction great site paul besir does a really good job with that so he played he leaves all his bias is out of it computer program plays the game fifty thousand times and he simply says to you hey seventy four percent of the time this team covers that number or this team went straight i'm talking baseball season where everything okay baseball basketball football hockey so he ran him yesterday for the final four and i'll give you those numbers coming up here at nine thirty chicago feel any kind of good i'll tell you at nine thirty he has all the numbers out fifty thousand times it's simply did kansas winner did villanova win or here's the point spread what does kansas getting danny five it was five last i checked what's that big a number not really villanova was the best team this season i mean this is what their third final four and three years kansas team was kind of underestimated all year a lot of us even jayhawk fans didn't think this was bill selves best team it makes sense i thought it would be closer than that but we'll see i'll give you those numbers coming up as well three one two three three two three seven seven six brendan in clarendon hills hey brandon what's up markle's brendan hello brendan no brendan there he had a great point cap take every job that's offered you.

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