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"patterson snapface" Discussed on Sports Talk 1050 WTKA

"And just not a great search at a great push by the Michigan offensive line. Give that defensive credit. They've been playing really well lately. But right now, they're being outplayed by the front wall of Indiana there. We're not getting a great search Victor down here. Three receivers split Wright. Patterson in the shotgun. Gets the snap. Looks throws quickly to Nico counts. He's outside of the forty fights his way over the forty five hundred forty six that's good enough for a first down gain of five on the play. Marcellino ball over there to help push him out of bounds. Just a quick wide receiver screen good blocking out in front by Greg Perry. Donovan people's Jones out in front throwing a block as well. I in ten Michigan from their own Forty-six. What an all around football player. He's developed into Jim. Oh number nine special teams offense. Dp out of cash be true. Patterson in the shotgun. Give it to Hickman Higgins got a good whole. He's into Indiana territory to the forty eight yard line in Willison to stop. But Higdon we'll get seven yards on the Kerry it'll be second three with wolverine. Mason and Oliver Martin check in now for wolverines on the second. Three play five thirty eight to play in the half Michigan trails ten nine Donald tight end set. I formation behind shape Patterson. Gets the snap gives it to Higgins Pickton's got real breaks to the left. He gets down inside the forty five to the forty one yard line. That's good for a first down and six yards. It'll be lane the cornerback on the stop Michigan moving the chains here against Indiana. First and ten from Indiana, forty one true Wilson, how checks in his running back with Patterson? Nice block that time by big Mike away new the right guard. He really collapsed in that side of the Indiana. He takes the nose tackling not only walls off, but moves in about two yards to the left gave a nice Alec black and people's Jones, swift wide left Wilson is to the writer Patterson. Patterson Snapface, it the Wilson back to throw grows. Deep down the middle. He's got Nick Eubanks ten five touchdown. Forty one yard strike Sunday Eubanks and the wolverines take the lead over Indiana with a big pass completion Patterson you back. Well, that's I'm Indiana. Just completely loses track of Nick Eubanks thinking he's a blocking tight end. And he doesn't have an Indiana defender within five yards AM. Patterson puts it right on his hands. Eubanks? What's the second tight end lined up to the right side. Zach gentry ran a clearing pattern to the right? And then you banks ran this post down the middle wide open and at fifteen ten Michigan going for to Patterson in the shotgun. Looks throws. He goes out wide Lebanese incomplete he couldn't get it in to his receiver out there that was Eubanks again. So Michigan will still lead fifteen ten but the conversion was that good. And again, a little inaccuracy thereby shape Patterson because he had Eubanks open Eubanks was wide open, and he just over through it by about six inches Eubanks. I think got his fingertips on it. And the reality is that that play was good call. It was there and J Patterson just a bit of an overthrow four forty six left to play in the half Michigan untapped fifteen. Ten down on the sideline duck car. Is the whole thing was rushed. Because the Michigan players who are celebrating didn't realize they were gonna go for to a lot of times guys run off the field. They run through the end zone and then up the sideline off the field. Well, Caesar release was over there. Eubanks was over there. Ideally hurried right back onto the field. And as you notice they got that snap off with one on the play clock. And the whole thing felt rushed. I I wonder if Jim Harbaugh wishes he took a time out there. I'll that Michigan. Touchdown was brought to you by your southeast Michigan Ford dealers. Thank Ford at five of the six receptions for Eubanks this year over twenty there's another one at his first touchdown this season. I wish we'd had that two point converge. Because it was a good call..

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