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"patsy azzi ramsey" Discussed on Today in True Crime

"The media immediately grabbed hold of the story circulating John Baez beauty pageant headshots along with the salacious details of the murder. An intruder must have broken into the house in the middle of the night snatched Jon Benet from her bed then taken her to the basement to kill her details from her autopsy leaked not only had she been strangled but she suffered a skull fracture The autopsy couldn't conclusively determine whether Jon Benet was sexually assaulted or not. No semen was present but she had trauma to her genitals and they had been wiped clean by someone with so many people in and out of the Ramsey House and so many instances of evidence contamination. The police I had a hard time developing any leads in the case for days. They scrambled for answers on January. First Nineteen ninety-seven John and Patsy Azzi Ramsey gave an interview to CNN on their daughter's death. Speculating who might have been responsible. Patsy tearfully warned. I don't I don't know who it is. I don't know if it's a he or she but if I were a resident of Boulder I would tell my friends to keep keep. Keep your babies close to you there. Someone out there as the weeks dragged on without any answers suspicion started started to turn back on the ramseys themselves. Perhaps the reason the police were having such a hard time tracking down the intruder who killed Jon Benet was because they didn't an actually exists. Eventually Patsy and John were brought in for interrogation by the Boulder Police Department but they both denied any and an all involvement in the death of their daughter in an interview with police on June twenty third nineteen ninety eight detective suggested that police had hard scientific scientific evidence to suggest. Patsy was involved in gene beneath Steph. Patsy replied I don't give a flying flip. How scientific it is? Go back to the Damn Drawing Board. I didn't do it. John Ramsey didn't do it and we didn't have a clue of anybody. Anybody who did do it. Patsy Ramsey died of ovarian cancer in two thousand six. She maintained her innocence until her dying day after her death. DNA evidence officially exonerated both her and John in two thousand sixteen. The twenty year anniversary of Jon Benet staff breath the case was reexamined in. CBS documentary series. Called the case of Jon Benet Ramsey. FBI Profiler Jim Clemente Scotland Yard behavioral analysts. Laura Richards reviewed the available evidence and tried to crack the decades old mystery based on their research. They I believe that there was no intruder on the night of December Twenty Fifth Nineteen Ninety six. They suggest that Gina's killer was one of her own family members but not what John or Patsy as so many others claimed instead they posit that Gina's older brother Burke accidentally killed her childish childish fit of rage. They believed that burke nine years old at the time struck Jon Benet in the back of the head with a heavy flashlight cracking her skull to protect their son from punishment. John and patsy staged gene venise murder But Burke now in his thirties has completely denied the allegations he sued. CBS for defamation. And in two thousand nineteen settled with them out of court for an undisclosed portion of the original seven hundred fifty million dollar lawsuit seemingly clearing clearing his name also in two thousand nineteen. A convicted child abuser named Gary Leva allegedly confessed to killing Jon. Benet unlike Mark Kerr who had no apparent connection to the Ramsey family leave us gilt is slightly more compelling he lived. I've been Boulder Colorado at the time Gina's death and attended a candlelight vigil for her in addition when Eliya was arrested on child pornography a few charges police found hundreds of photos of Jon Benet in his cash everything from her beauty pageant glamor shots to photos from her autopsy. They also found a poem he wrote. Titled Ode to Jon Benet However as of this recording. Alita I believe has not been charged in Jonbenet's death her murder remains unsolved and fixture of tabloid speculation. And.

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