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"patron mcguire" Discussed on The Red Box Politics Podcast

"Wage now heralds age as a great success by consolidated i was there was opposition is gonna destroy brisard not one stage it seems but now people are successful business unions that for about an coast during this condemning who drafted Government guidelines to keep workers safe. You know unions had a very important handle pen so you know it is important reengage. His competitions is important but we have a voice in. it's important that we get the of laws and rights. That working people deserve those grady. General secretary of the t. You see the trades union congress sitting out her view of the union movement. Let's speak to one of those unions now. Gary smith is the general sexually the gm be union which actually recently won a landmark case about uber dreyfuss and we discussed the challenges facing the unions in the wake of the pandemic. I think there's a number of issues that we have and possible to meet you too. What has changed enormously you. We've gone from manufacturing industry manufacturing has continued to decline. It is manufacturing tended to be will unionized. I'm actually paid jobs. So there'd been structural changes in the economy and cycle unions like think of struggle to keep pace from some of them But there's also. I think a problem in society and a low people particularly yoga on no condition to how very low expectations about din. Expedience of walk so pai is often law and not has become the norm for many on. Also insecure. Employment has become the norm for many people in our society as well. I'm i'm raising people's sites. Giving people hope on getting them understanding the tower the harvest that organized the in the past the jambay's given millions of pounds of the labor party. You've said recently. I think that that's a under review. What state does that move you at. When i was elected i made clear that we will talk to a fundamental review of all budgets and so all out affiliations will be tested to see if they're giving us value for money in the right thing to do you know we've got financial pressures membership. Pleasures would feel ourselves as a union asked. Now we've gone through the or as we go through. The endemic over have lost big numbers of jobs in some parts of the according. And so that it's just an economic reality people. This is a union. We hosted revealed budgets as any organization with priorities. It sounds like you don't think you do get value for money for donating to to case tom. Labor party is most definitely not but some of the challenges labor pot is on. I think three by longtime kissed Og made the point that when labour lost the copland by-election number two years ago not should have been in canadian mindfully. Not czar community in west combined with sellafield. Nuclear is a business plan. I think of a hassle people in the constituency are union members. And they've joining. I'm not predates hassan. So this is most definitely not based on or the currently show. This is just of the philosophy and approach is a union Our members come. I always know party. Politics and i were priority is fighting for job and is not part of the issue that if you have got you know border base of workers in different sectors and industries and you know. Politics is changing a lot in the traditional voting patterns. Aren't quite the same that actually if you'll get a wet present your members if lots of them are voting for different positives. Conservative live demo. Whatever it might be. It doesn't make sense for you as an organization to represent your members if you are seen as being the sort of a wing of the funding of the labor party well mission until by my accent remember. Scotland do bullet coughing test laughing. That disappoint i love to see by the labor government really focused on jobs and getting according to me court but i knew what the reality is in scotland and this is very important as well. We organize an island. The liba coffee does not organize an island So we've switzer members who don't come on identified. I personally would like to see that. A ton of labor government of to live with the political realities. We currently confront as a union. We are credible. At what a we are fighting overseas the fatal the pink conditions jobs dot show. You get plan to go capability in your members might be more inclined to listen to you. The poet guys smith dental sector of the unions. Being me on this morning. Saudi dissident himself from that. I want you to focus on these members but reviewing the funding that the gm be gives to that either party. Meanwhile today ballot papers go out in the election to replace lend. Mccloskey's general secretary of the unite union has labor's biggest financial backer. A huge voting block when it comes to policy way to talk through that racist patron mcguire editor at the times. Where box project. Good morning so talk us through why this this election that most people never have heard of is quite significant. When it comes to the politics of well. I think you hit the nail on the head there. Obviously as you know your your guest this morning have been discussing matters. Usually for workers for business but will be in the immediate term. The main impact of the united leadership race will be on who controls. The labour party's purse-strings. And as you say who controls a decisive block of votes on the ruling national executive committee now given that case on and the people around him or preoccupied with basically winning the peace. I would control of the labor party. Now they need to Put the kuban to bed as people around care. Moore's i would say Seized control of the policy for good and the the difference between a unit leader. Who is willing to say yet. Go ahead you hop balking on later. Who's raison-d'etre is in the workplace and in the labor party to stand up for continuity kkob anisim or a left wing policy. Agenda is massive. Because tom and so who talks to the providers who's in the race to replace them mcklusky. Red lenses known often buy toys of what it means the direction of the party so the originally originally for contenders jiro coin who is an embassy commerce. The moderate candidate he unexpectedly run against mcklusky in two thousand seventeen. When land stood down onto to win another term. that he's just seen out. He was very close. Tom watson gerald coin and came in and five thousand votes of unseating mcklusky shot result and then coincidentally was sat from his job at the union on On some data protection charge. He knew The you know the answer you surely nothing to do with the decision to to challenge Mcklusky he Obviously if he wins he has his entire pitches. He's focusing on the workplace. Implicit not is. I'm not going to do a land. And they see myself as a player politics but that is a huge advocates. Because he's so many he say. Look i'm going to change the leadership rule so the mp's have dishonesty about not members. Gerald coin is sort of person who would say yes absolutely. Find his blanchett's do whatever you want then. There are two of the candidates running from the left. Sharon graham who is currently one of because he's assistant secretary has sort of been slutty overlooked in commentary of the race mainly because she's not a very loud bloat as good just industrial pedigree and has won the support of a lot of big workplaces. Then the third candidate is a chuckle. Steve turner now when the race looked to be between four candidates at the full being howard. Becker currently suspended from the labor party for tweeting. A pretty tell should be deported..

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