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"Attention these Donlevatar show over dog. Jog Donlevatar you guys. I sound like crazy. People gots sorry America please. Texter writes in. This show. Is the broken down Pinto on the the side of the road of. ESPN radio's lineup. Yeah pretty much. He's if I were to say to you. How many women stars are there across sports? That could give commercials. You've got the Williams sisters. Yep Abby Wambach Okay thank you. I'm not sure well. I'm not sure you're right there. You are wrong Taffy have you want. No no you're soccer's anytime I get into an argument with an athlete on the air. What ends up trickling in from some crevice is he played the game? Sure he knows more than you right. Never played you've never had your hand in dirt Lebanon tarred. This is Donlevatar. Show with a STU gods on. ESPN radio sportscenter. On the Dan Le Batard show on this New Year's Day. Okay we have a handful of great college football matchups to ring in the twenty s in the two new year's six games. Wisconsin put their five game bowl winning streak on the line against Oregon Oregon in the Rose Rose Bowl that game presented by northwestern mutual while Georgia. And Baylor meet for the first time since one thousand nine hundred nine and the allstate sugar bowl but that that is far from the only college action as there are two big ten. SEC showdowns as well. Minnesota looks for their first eleven win season since nineteen you know four against Auburn in the outback bowl and then the two winning this witness programs in College Football Michigan Alabama Square off in the Virgo Citrus Bowl coverage of today's bowl games begins at one. PM EASTERN ON ESPN radio and the ESPN APP and finally in the NFL. Ron Rivera has officially been named head. Head coach of the Washington Redskins. The team made it official at seven. Am Eastern on Wednesday. Rivera has also hired former raiders Jaguars head coach and ESPN analyst. Jack Correo as the redskins new defensive coordinator not a bad way for them to ring in the New Year and start a new decade vivid seats. The top ticket source for the lot offer live events that you crave now as a loyalty program that allows fans to earn credit back. Go to the APP store or Google play download the vivid seats APP and enter Promo Code. Od Espn twenty-five again. ESPN twenty-five for ten percent. Off Your next order. I'm Anthony Salter longside former. NFL General Manager. Mike Tannenbaum Santa Bama is the Dan. Lebatardshow was to God's filling in for the guys today happy New Year to everyone. DSP on radio the ESPN APP. siriusxm channel eighty presented by progressive insurance. All Gas us via the Shell Pennzoil performance. Line are Mike. Let's get into the weekend matchups wild card weekend and of course we gotta start off with the Patriots. They're the biggest headliner they're the team. That is most polarizing. Do you feel that. It's different this time around with the Patriots. Because I've certainly we try to write them off way earlier than what we should but this year or is it different in your eyes. Do they have what it takes to not only get past the titans but get past the Gauntlet in the AFC to get back to a super bowl. We're GONNA take it one week at time and I think if we were sitting here this time of year ago we were talking about well. Can they beat the chargers. Let's say so You know we're still talking about Tom. Brady we're still talking about bill. Bell checks so let's not write them off. You know quite yet here they are still still a smart talented and disciplined team. That's still when the AFC east you know we take for granted but you know they are a division winner this year. They still have a really strong defense this year and I think in particular the two players we gotta keep an eye on. One is a Landon Roberts because if you really say them carefully Anthony. They were very productive out of a to back running attack when they las James Devlin. They're very talented full-back. A landed Roberts converted from linebacker done a nice job for them. So that's one guy to keep. Can I on if they get into this to back runs. I think they really have a chance to control the game. which is not only can keep the ball and control control? Line of scrimmage with him and their and their offense lying but the other thing it does keeps. Aj Brown Derrick Henry off the field. So that's one the other one is ankle Harry and kill Harry was the first round pick. He he started off the year. I are he really reminded me coming out of Anquan Boldin Anthony. He can make plays and contest catches so against a very physical Tennessee Secondary. Sorry I let's see if he can make a plea to because I promise you Mike Variables can do what pride flurries and the Dolphins did from Waco. They're double element. They're gonNA take him out of the game so somebody's going to have to step up on the outside so could be dorset but in my mind the one guy that could really make place for them is going to be ankle. Harry so look for Ankle Harry. Let's see if they go to that to back running package early in the game and to me. Those are some of the initial keys to the game. All right. So that's my Tanenbaum. Who just dipped his toe in the water? A little bit and says you know what I'm not. I'm not gonNA go swimming today. I'M GONNA go right back to the beach on semi chair. Everything's GonNa be good. I'm going to not only might own the water. I'm GonNa dive in and you know what Mike there might be that shark that Patriots Shark. That's out there for me. It's GonNa eat me whole but I I'm willing to say that the Patriots. I'm not saying the dynasties over but this patriots offense is different. It's different. They might get past the titans not a great match for them as Bobby Carpenter told us before and you just broke down but when I watched this team last last week wasn't a one week aberration. We have seen this often struggle now for months. The last time I thought the offense the for the Patriots agents looked really good was all the way back probably week two against the dolphins or or or week three the jets and the Dolphin game they end and they had Antonio Brown. I think teams as you noted Can Double Julian Edelman. WHO's banged up? He's got a shoulder injury in knee-injury and there's really nobody else there that that can beat them. Now maybe to your point Mike Carey will have a big postseason and he'll make me and others look stupid but I don't think that running game as consistent as it has been brady is is not clearly clicking with his receivers not named Julia Doman and for as good as that defense and special teams are and they have one games for that. A lot of games for the Patriots treats this year. I don't think they can do it against the best of the best in the AFC the loss of the chiefs this year. They lost the Texans this year and the number one team in the AFC Z.. They lost two in Baltimore so I'm willing to do it. Maybe maybe I'll look like a fool when it's all done. Mike won't be the first time but I don't think the Patriots are going to win multiple games this year with that offense well and again you know the other side of the ball is their defense is really good now. They didn't play as well L.. A. Late but they're still a lot to be said about that Patriot defense now again. I think it's a tougher match that they're playing Tennessee. I think from a New England perspective. They bashed up better against Buffalo. But that's just the way it works so I think you know barring something unforeseen with the weather I think this game's in the low twenties you you know a twenty four twenty one. Sort of game I think Tennessee though like you said they they match up well a and Ryan tannehill could also make plays with his feet so it should be Uh Great Environment and we could be potentially again. Potentially we could be looking at the last. Tom Brady game played in Foxborough. But I would be amazing but I. I do think there's enough smoke smoke in the air there. Were you consider there to be a flyer. That's Mike Tannenbaum former. NFL General Manager. Anthony Anthony Salter the Dan Le Batard show filling in for the guy's today. Dan Le Batard show with Stugatz brought to you by Shell. V POWER NITRO plus premium gasoline engineered with four levels of defense against gunk where corrosion and friction are Mike. which what about that? Tennessee New England matchup. We discussed the Minnesota New Orleans matchup briefly the one that I feel like we haven't touched at all outside of the Buffalo Houston. Game is the Seattle Philadelphia Alfie match up. Now that's the the late Sunday night game. I am not a Sunday night game. Excuse me Sunday afternoon. Four Forty PM eastern time is the kickoff in Philly. These are two severely verily banged up teams. You got the eagles decimated offensively seahawks similar big time injuries at running back. Although they did bring back marshawn Lynch who played what ten fifteen snaps a heard a week ago in that loss to the forty niners. They got Russell Wilson yet. No Not Wayne Brown. They're left tackle when you look at Seattle going to Philly. Is there a certain matchup or certain mismatch that you like about that one on Sunday the afternoon. Yeah Yeah you philly look how resilient. They've been to to go when the Games he did it and most notably to me. Anthony was not having Zach Ertz Erz against the giants. The they've just been absolutely decimated at the skill players to Sean Jackson L.. Sean Jeffrey again. Not Having Erz Jordan Howard. Just on and on and on while was Darren sproles it just. It's amazing that they lose Barrett Brooks. WHO's a really good guard I I think this game's could be won or lost up front and You know. JV CLOUDY IS GONNA have to step up for the SEAHAWKS and Kinsey make some place. That's what what they brought. I'm in for his. You know this type of road playoff game I think if Philadelphia could defy Pass protect Carson Wentz. They'll have a good chance because other players have stopped opt for them Most guys like Greg Robinson who two years ago was at University of Houston has a quarterback so it's You gotTa Give Phillies so much credit for their resiliency. Now with that said Seattle is as mentally tough as anybody and they signed marshawn Lynch and Robert Term Turban on short notice and it would also up there for him to get Bistro to get the game winning touchdown the other day and then they had the unfortunately The delay a game and then he took him off the field but Seattle Adult GonNa have to score points because my opinion The Way Philadelphia despite losing all those weapons has been affected offense. I think Philly will be a move on Seattle title. He and outside of the Brandon Brooks injury. The Eagles have dealt with the injuries now for the past month and they want to big ones including the game against the cowboys in week. Sixteen and of course the game that got him in which was last week against the Chinese. Excuse me as my voice goes out. That's Mike Tannenbaum result filling in for Dan Literature. And the guys here on the Dan Le Batard show with Stugatz. ESPN radio the SPN APP. SIRIUSXM channel eighty. 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There's a green person ars in the balloon but I I'm Rita Ville de CDC Donlevatar show with two guys on ESPN radio. It is the Dan Le Batard show with Stugotz on. ESPN radio the ESPN APP and Siriusxm Channel Eighty Anthony Salter filling in for the guys alongside former NFL general manager. Mike Tannenbaum The Dan Le Batard show was presented by progressive insurance all all phone guests via the Shell Pennzoil performance line which is where we head to right now to dot archer. ESPN ESPN NFL nation. Cowboys reporter. Todd thank you for joining us. Happy New Year and we'll start off with a question that's on a lot of people's minds certainly in Dallas. Why has Jerry Jones decided to take this long to make a decision one way or another on Jason Garrett Opening Twenty Twenty where the question that I don't answer because it really is a scenario where it it shouldn't be this holiday Now you know you can get but enjoys Myron. It probably is hard because this is a guy that he's known since the early nineties and his dad was a scouter for Jerry. For Years Jason Play for was an assistant because he's GonNa hit tastes now for nine whole seasons ten overall on. There's a lot of people and I'm sure this is kind of hard for him to do or do you even think about it. And he's taking his time on that event but you ask people what's going on and they really don't know either. So this is Jerry and Stephen Production as to why. It's taken this long and I don't anticipate any today. Tend to not even in town during the news there somewhere And we'll see what happens Thursday when they get back to the star. And maybe that'll be but I. I don't think the cat was founded so the situation. What do you think others not moved on? If that is indeed what they do. Todd Help us in this story forward so take US forty seventy two hours from now. I said Multiple Times on the record and I was a stay in the obvious. You know if they wanted to extend Jason Garrett to be their head coach would have happened and my now so let's assume that he moves on where. Where do you think the search goes wants? This situation is clarified in spending it forward. I'll I'll look back ACA Jerry's history in the last time that he did this after parsoes retirement or the falling the sixties and It was about a three week run. Someone Bill walked away to weight filters into coach and in between that time Jerry interviewed nine ten people Three guys on the staff Todd Bowles. Tony Soprano Todd Haley and then guys like an owner verily tournant Jason Get Mike Singleton Jim Koslow so he laid a pretty wide net and as to what he was looking for in a coach to replace Bill parcells and if there is essential. He's doing this again. I think it'll be a pretty wide net from the college coaches the coaches coaches. That are out there into the some of the former head coaches and then he'll make his decision he doesn't i. I do believe very when he says he has no time. People a on making this decision in on Jason and I don't think the other times when is next head coach. But if you're in a situation like this where the the game of musical cares in assistant coaches which is an important part of a new coach in the process. That hurts me. Because you're losing some guys that maybe you'd WanNa get And and the new coach might at the opportunity to get the guys that he wanted. So I think you'll see Jerry as to if we're in situation a day and a half from now where he's starting the process s. I don't think it'll be something quick. I don't know if he's talking about three weeks. It was after parcells but I don't think there will be a Tutu where he'd be naming a new coach. We're cat which I'm with Todd Archer. ESPN NFL nation. Cowboys reporter here on the Dan Le Batard show with God's all right todd. Let's let's keep going with that thread. If Jason Garrett is and retained what ultimately do you think Jerry Jones will basis decision on for the next head coach. And the reason why I ask that is because we we know Jerry Jones and we know the attention that he's seemingly seeks and he talks to the media all the time how. How much will his decision be impacted on whether or not he can kind of control that head coach quote Unquote Yeah I? I don't think maybe I'm naive to this. But I'm Kinda team since two thousand three parts suit Wade Phillips to Jason Garrett and from people that have covered this team said this as well so that have been around today for for years. Here's the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys is has the most powerful voice when it with Jerry Jones. It's not a situation where Jerry is listening into people and ten. I'm doing this instead. They're they're always gonNA be examples and early example and Greg Hardee's and it's all on the team. Those are the two days that I come up with where it's a journalist. I did something. Maybe the head coach didn't WanNa do so head. Coach has a has a a ton of say kind of power. What people want to believe it or not? That's actually Jerry operates with his head coach cheese. We can get you know all he wants to. Are- wants this. He worked with bill parcells fairly well for for. There're some steps but confrontations not a bad thing when they come from owners coaches because everybody's trying to get the same thing done I don't think Jerry just GonNa look out there and say who are. They beat a guy. That'll acquiesce to me I think he'll look for a guy that will do as I did. We did and we built. Why the the the foundation of this team is strong? But I think it's a situation where you I need the guy that has a little more taskmaster to them that isn't a confrontation with players with other things and we'll stand up and make difficult decision Asian when difficult decisions are made it. So that Guy I. I can't give you names guys like that but I don't know if there's a definitive it is the number one Jerry's list you know Todd speaking of Urban Meyer somebody from his tree. That's intriguing to me is Dan Molin de Dan. Mullins a guy that's coach Dak Prescott been successful at two different places. I know long-term he could see himself often the NFL and he seems like he's a guy that checks out boxes. Any thoughts on him. Because of the connection that you had A. I think other people might. I'd say the cowboys and spent two and a half the last three four years trying to coach Jack Up to all the things that he didn't have coming out of Mississippi State To make him a more viable. NFL quarterback so you know Alan. Dismiss anybody but if the connection to the quarterback he's had successfully Mississippi Mississippi state at number one in the country knowing that probably with that being possible and he's had success at Florida I I would imagine he would be on the list. But I don't know if you'd you'd be at the top of US Idaho just like he's worked with this quarterback before we wanna make everything did for this quarterback if that's the case and you know you keep telling Moore you keeps on getting a those over down the best system that the best season that Prescott so you keep those guys in any signs in overseer type coach Defense of compare with those with those two offense coaches and Antonsson quickly here since you brought attack Prescott. Is it a foregone conclusion that the cowboys. We'll get chomping done with their quarterback. I it's going to be a foregone conclusion last season that they get something done But there's no doubt that he will be the quarterback in twenty only twenty three honestly what processes. Now I I think they'll franchise them in March try and work out a deal but by the time you get to. What is that in June fifteen or whatever that is you gotta get a deal on But there's no way dot org. Mapping the cowboys quarterback in twenty twenty. I think ultimately they get a deal done and and then ultimately it falls into the same line as the cowboys. Well last September runaround jared in Carson Wentz those advocates and not be thirty eighty four million. That would've been if the cowboys had a playoff season and made a run into post tie. I see that probably a little bit differ early because the economics are always hard to predict but I think we're douses put themselves in a in a tough situation again. It's there in A. It's a hard problem album to have that. They deserve the crappy themselves because they have a lot of good players. But if Cooper Kelly because they just gave a first round pick for him a year and a half ago go ahead Prescott. Maybe he didn't have the best year. And I understand your position but what would scare me to death from a front office. Perspective is if he gets to the market last a good player in the market. He got overpaid and Kirk cousins. So imagine what dot ca get if he ever got out and I know they're going to tag him. That's why wideouts I think is in a hard position when you have two young sending players both about to become free agents business the you can use the franchise and transition tags so you said affectively both guys off the market. I think eventually get something done with with tax but again the cowboys having signed back yet. Because he's he's not wanted to pay him or they wanted to be proven something else by him over what he's done in his four years did because todd friends weren't stacked away and they've waited and the pay off. He had his best season. The cowboys one eight so I just don't. He's not going anywhere this will get done eventually. And if it takes into next year and it takes in the next year there's something then too much but I don't think you can make say ten percent take the cowboys not signing back. They tried to get him. Try to give him thirty three million dollars a year they give a hundred million dollars plus guaranteed back the way that the guy if the cowboys had given him the forty million dollars that he wanted missing started what will be saying right now. My God the cowboys overpaid to this guy. How could you possibly give them forty nine? I I don't think there's a situation where the cowboys you mis read the market or miss that this played their hand. And then just just GONNA I. It is what it is at this point. And then if you get the deal done with that then franchise mark and keep them that way but I on a either guy that'll be going anywhere in twenty twenty by any shot. Todd Todd great suffering shaded. ESPN NFL nation cowboys. Reporter get happy New Year to you. We'll talked against you. Thanks I appreciate it was car. Thank you anything can alter. NFL FORMER NFL general manager. Mike Tannenbaum this is the Dan Le Batard show Stugatz on. ESPN radio straight ahead. Ed There are three head coaching openings. Available right now. Thuan the appealing that's next on. ESPN radio brought to you by capital on. You know how it feels when you've saved enough for that long awaited home addition now imagine saving enough for an addition on that edition. That's the feeling with capital one. Where a new savings account turns five times the national average capital is helping you earn more towards your savings goals? This this is banking reimagined. What's in your Wallet Capital One? NA member FDIC Donlevatar. I don't know anything stugatz. I don't remember what I was GonNa talk about. So in those instances what I have is a default that just makes fun of Stugatz. You're welcome. This is the Dan Le Batard show with two guys on ESPN Radio Neil. Alright is the Dan Show on ESPN radio the ESPN APP and Sirius. Xm Channel Eighty. I am not go joe from Lsu. I'm Anthony Salter just with a voice that is a fleeting me but try to get past the jobs about it. Mike Tannenbaum is my co host today former. NFL General Manager. The Dan Lebatardshow was to gossip. What's is presented by progressive insurance? All all guests join US via the shell. Pennzoil performance line are I mike. We continue to talk about the coaching vacancies. That are open in the NFL NFL. The ones that we know about the browns the panthers the giants and the Redskins have officially hired Ron Rivera who has officially hired according to ESPN NFL villains. Adam Schefter Jack del Rio de Defensive Coordinator that one's done. We don't know as we've discussed several times today. We don't know about Jason Garrett in Dallas so let's stick with the three openings right now the browns the panthers and the giants out of those three which is is most appealing in your eyes. ooh I would say for me Just to keep as simple as possible Carolina Panthers Thurston Cam Newton's healthy and look durability built a little bit of an issue as we know will last couple of years but when he's healthy he he's taking the team to the Super Bowl He. He's a great player so to be. I would rank him by quarterbacks I will put Cam Newton number one all right. What about working with certain front offices and ownership groups because clearly Jerry Jones while he? He's the focal point in Dallas. There's issues certainly around the national football league including potentially in New York with the giants and Cleveland. They don't know who the general manager is going to be John Dorsey. And the browns agree depart- part art ways from an ownership standpoint is Carolina who's got a brand new owner and David Tepper is is the ownership group. Also the best in in Charlotte near is well We just got to give him a grade of incomplete of heard a lot of great things about him and He certainly is giving in that organization a fresh set of eyes tremendous resources they just recently bought an MLS team which allows you to. Maybe you'll combine things look at things In terms of like technologies and sports performance. So I think that's actually real positive So I think there's a lot of boxes that are checked. It's a easy area of the country to attract. I players to come which is something you Never WanNa underestimate so again you know Cam Newton's Thirty years old and I guess what he'll be thirty one here in May but but there he played fourteen games in two thousand eighteen. I was the only played two games this past year but I've always believed in him. He's been again a productive player and I just think there's a lot of good pieces air. They have a lot of pressure players. leuke clear guy to keep an eye on. He may be a little bit declining player. But there's other pieces in on the front seventy distracted. Brian Burns in the first round. Who who I like a lot and obviously in Christian McCaffrey? You have a dynamic player so I look at the three openings that you mentioned Anthony to to me Carolina would be I. I think I gotta go with Carolina's well Mike Because of Cam Newton. We don't know yet. Baker Mayfield is. He's he had one good year ear as a rookie last year to a big step back. We still don't know what Daniel Joneses. But how much does the conversation change in your eyes if I had the Dallas cowboys. So you got those three jobs. Plus you've got the Dallas cowboys. You could make the argument that me on this but you can make the argument that the the cowboys have the most talented top top to bottom. If we wind up including them in the discussion you have the job. The Dallas job number one in your eyes of the ones that it could be available is available are available. Is that the most attractive despite. What what's your feelings? have been on Jerry Jones. Yeah I like that job a lot too you because I I believe in Prescott a lot so I think it's one of these things where they have to get the situation resolved obviously with Jase Garrett. Soon that happens happens but there's a lot of good pieces area. We talked to Todd Archer if they can keep Amari Cooper obviously see Kelly had arguably the best offensive line football. So there's so many good things there I I would put that up. There were Carolina especially given the agent durability of Dak.. I don't think that you could you can rule out how talented or minimize how talented the cowboys are now. They're they're they are inherently flawed. But you're going to deal deal with a flawed team. No matter which which job opening you come across and again the cowboys against rises enough data. We don't know yet. Jerry Jones is gonNA move on from Jason Garrett. He has a you at least he's have to include them in the conversation. But when I'm when I'm looking at and after talking Mike you and I spent the entire season together. I know how you approach your drafts APPs in the in the past getting guys like debris Shaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold and then eventually getting mark. Sanchez started with the line. You got your quarterback you you still need obviously to to build a defense and have weapons for your quarterback. But that's a pretty good starting point when I look in Dallas and I see that offensive line Dak Prescott might might not be a super bowl winning quarterback but he's done enough to say okay. We can win with this guy because the cowboys have when you when you have that old old line Prescott and then Ezekiel Elliott. And we'll see what happens with Amari Cooper. That's at least a pretty good starting point Cleveland as you know more than anybody buddy. 'cause you and I have discussed this. The the Brown Unite weren't on their bandwagon to start the year despite a lot of hype around Cleveland Their Offensive Line especially at the tackle position not good. You're starting you're starting from scratch. And if you don't protect Baker Mayfield issue and they do have nick job. You do have those receivers but when I look from a pure talent standpoint a starting standpoint I think in Dallas is an interesting team as well from from that regard the giants are they a lot to lot is left to be desired there with Daniel Jones saquon Barkley being the highlights. Maybe some scores. Do sporadic pieces defense. But I think I think the giants are into similar categories. Lies is the browns in that you don't you don't and actually I think the giants might be the the least talented talented team of the job. Openings is that fair well I thought your point about Cleveland really applies to me about Washington. You'll Washington gave up the second most amount of Sax last shear. And when you look at the way Wade Haskins plays Anthony. He's a guy that's going to need a really good offensive line. He's a guy that holds the ball he doesn't have the mobility millions. That some of these other guys have with. That's he's very very talented. I'm intrigued by his development but it really starts up front and they're going to need a really good offensive of lying around him so I think the Cleland for similar reasons. Cleveland situation is similar to Washington albeit. Cleveland clearly has the better skill players surrounding their young quarterback. We're back that is former general manager. Mike Tannenbaum here on ESPN radio. I'm Anthony Seltzer filling in for the guys Dan Le Dan limits our show with stugatz gods on ESPN radio the ESPN APP and Sirius. Xm Channel Eighty. 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I had a dream last night about the show that STU gods was filling in for for Joe Buck on his podcast and Allison called me to tell me what a great jobs. To God's did and I realized this is a dream because alison would never praise. God would never fill in for Joe Bucks podcast that may or may not even exist. And if I did it wouldn't be good actually a lot of factual errors in your dream. What we agree Stugatz? That's the the height of your fantasies. Guillermo well maybe it was a nightmare. I don't know it happened when I was asleep. Thank you endorse these CC. The Dan Le Batard show with two guys on. ESPN radio sportscenter. On the Dan Le Batard show on this New Year's day we have a handful of Grey College Football Matchups Turing in the twenty s in the two new year. Six Games Wisconsin puts their five game bowls bowl winning streak on the line against Oregon in the Rose Bowl game presented by northwestern mutual while George. Baylor me for the first time since Nineteen eighty-nine allstatesugarbowl. That is far from the only college action of of the day as there are two big ten. SEC showdowns as well in the first game Minnesota looks where their first eleven win season since one thousand nine four against Auburn in the outback bowl and two of the winningest programs in college. Football History Michigan Alabama. They square off in the Virgo Citrus bowl coverage of today's his bowl games begins at one. PM EASTERN ON ESPN radio and the ESPN APP. The satisfying crunch of Nature Valley. crunchy bars can keep your family. Only going which means more outside on for you and with the whole grain oats and real delicious honey is really tasty as well. Nature Valley Otani Johnny crunchy bars. I'm Anthony Salter alongside former. NFL General Manager. Mike Tannenbaum filling in for Dan Le Batard and Stugotz here on the Dan Le Batard show was to being radio the ESPN APP and Sirius. Xm Channel Eighty as we know LSU will take on Clemson in the national championship game. Ed Ores Ron Coach of the Tigers appeared on championship drive earlier. Today with Reese Davis to cover a variety of topics as coach owes LSU issue tigers. Get ready for Clemson. Here is that discussion. Between Reese Davis and coach Oh look. I'm no football coach. I don't grade tape the way you do. Please tell me. There were no minuses in the evaluation of Joe Boroughs Game Against Oklahoma. Were there any you know I would give them a minus but you actually master the game. It wasn't in his best game he missed two deaths and so he was disappointed. How that's that's what makes him? Great what does it mean into you. I mean you've talked to all season long. Great State of Louisiana and the entire state behind Lsu to be able to play for the national championship after this landmark season season to be able to pursue that in New Orleans significance to you lavishes about the team and this team is very hard as I'll go to the beginning of the year although we never talked about Ah Championship with being your great state of Louisiana. We fought very hard every game to win every game which we did to be able to play the national championship. There's going to be so much outstanding Louisiana I'll players of everybody that the portfolio coach. You've been around the game a long time. You've been around around. Great individual players coached with great teams. A lot of people are looking at this team as you get ready for one more but going into it. Is this the best team. I'm that you've seen LSU. Is this the best team that you've seen whether you've been on it or coached against it going going into it is the best so far. Obviously we have have to win this game to even think about that Clemson. She was going to be a very big hurdle. But there's the most perfect office I haven't been around. I've never never seen anything like it. Joe Boroughs the best football player. I've ever been any team. We have some heisman winner. But I think this guy along with the system that Stevens Big Joe Berry's put in As the best offense I've ever seen coach last talk has been about you. Officer how prolific desk side of the ball but defensively you guys Kanta struggled early in the season either but in the latter part you. You've come on very strong. Comey what has changed. Defensively with the Tigers. Coach did a great job. After all miss game of channel we challenge our best players have to play their best kilobytes. Chazal had his best game last week. We'll put more pressure on uh-huh quarterback our best players playing their best. The difference right. Now's the well. This has been playing coach. You gotTA gotTA fill in America. We talked a little bit after the Home Depot Awards about this. How did you find Joe Brady? And this offense and change the offense. How did you find him in recruit him coach? You know. We have a great relationship with Gregg bands on out staff. Because Michael Sean Payton. We asked them to come on over and clinic us us on a seven in the red zone and we've looked at some appeals and they said we're going to bring a young guy that does appeals to Penn State and was Joe Brady and I was over with the personnel. We had two different presentations going on that day. I just said they love Joe Brady his presentation. We asked him to come back. Tremendous young man. We had a chance to hire passing game coordinator. We believed in the saints. We believe that. Sean Payton Mickey loomis P Carmichael. I Michael they said this guy is an upcoming star. One of my friends. I believe in Kevin. Rogers coached him at William and Mary all the he checked all the boxes and he has been and phenomenal ever since he's gotten here. It's been fun to watch him. You mentioned Clemson coach. Just thought or two about that. Matchup and Brent Venables going up against that prolific offense in Davos Sweeney team. That hasn't lost in a couple of years. They're gonNA come in there and accept that challenge. I'm sure very very With with a lot of confidence themselves on question time travel hasn't lost game. I was really impressed. The Way He took the game and his hands against Ohio Sleet Eight. Tenths of great player. That big receivers. I have a lot of spectral. Brent Venables He's GonNa have some blitzes we're GONNA have to pick him up. It's going to be a test as has the whole game but you know what the national championship best against best. You'RE GONNA get a chance to watch some football today. What's on the menu at Ozran household? Today what are we got. Got Koko Mom Special Gumbo but it was on sense. We better win the game now now. You're just trying to make me jealous. Adulation Donna on. A great season before senior compete in the National Championship. GAME COMING UP A couple of weeks bill. Tigers are that was coach at Orange. Ron With Res Davis. Excuse me championship weekend weekend there is. LSU On beatable is Clemson the only team perhaps that can knock them off given their talent given their coaching coaching. Tanenbaum and I will discuss that next week. Continue fill in for the guys. On the Dan Dan Lebatardshow was God's here on Espn Radio and the ESPN APP. Also where where does to a ton of wind up going in the draft. We'll get Mike starts on that next here on. ESPN radio and the ESPN APP. Here's the thing saving money with. GEICO is almost better than playing pickup basketball. Because there's always that guy who joins your game. He never passes the Iraq he constantly bricks threes and who completely hack you and then put his hands up and say no foul no foul with gyco. It's easy to switch and save save on car insurance no need to fake. An ankle sprain. Because you're absolutely exhausted. So switching save with GYCO. It's almost better than sports.

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