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"patrick trafton" Discussed on Something Who

"And then and then. There's an i i assume it's donald cotton touch where stevens playing around with a gun at stall he says Decaf with that from my finest collection does and so this guy's got maniac has no aspirin in the tallest but collection and then spends the rest of the hundred minutes pretending that he hates guns. He's got a collection of them. So the there's some slapdash story. Editing going on that i would blame rex. Stucco akam blamed enough. So i think jerry davis davis's full jerry davis. Yeah getting to that. We've already magnanimously not talked about one problematic aspects of this production very carefully straight away from it as if. Is it too low. Brian to discuss the accents on this for this poker i should have made more precise notes again. One of the things. I always remember the stories that the actors was the best access get killed over i stagger. Roll isn't quite as simple as that. But there's an element of isn't it. Why fund baffling about the at the general standard. I think is okay. But the few bad ones are so bad. That they so distracting. Don't buy it in the way that american next can be a foreign accent is normally bad. They're just bizarre. It's like they're being developed. We've never heard an american accent. This'll back on. You would expect for somebody who knows. An american accent is become quite get married. He's being described to some other media. Donna show the cities of pizza. Grams am i is is clearly the worst the and he's like paul says the most lines in it bounces from australian to cockney to stow. No it's just the. I don't get it 'cause grown up watching american cinema. What experience if they they masten american cultures we are but at least at least william handle is consistently awful. You know what you guessing with him after a while you can sort of get by because it's consistent but the others dip in and out. I thought lawrence payne was awful. So johnny ringo. Yeah which is a shame because he's very charismatic and handsome in the role listening his name menacing and he's all over the place. Is this supposed to be anything going on in his acts like a shade of something less than mexicans. I just wanted to because of the surname used. Trying excitement this is is somebody else somebody else's in the family wanted to cast patrick trafton can you in that role. Apparently can you imagine what he's uncomfortable. The biggest bowl drop is in what should be a love. The film sequence at the end the gunfight the crowning glory of the cereal. And i think it's billy account remember the actor's name but he interrupts it kind of needs an interruption because i'm not found that film sequence at the an asshole but he send the screens. I accident is all over the place but suddenly screams. I forgive my impression but something like go get holiday. It's just it's just a shame isn't it. It's just a shame. But i knew it was coming. So it didn't detract from an overall enjoyment. Which i said i do enjoy but one of the main reasons i would never show this to someone in this in this fantasy place purports to be the ok corral tombstone arizona it it's also the that's how they speak their yes. Yeah is it took. you've just reflect on better performances. And i've got time for..

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