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October 28  Hour 1  CSU No QB Listed for Fresno Start | Mark Johnson

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October 28 Hour 1 CSU No QB Listed for Fresno Start | Mark Johnson

"Well, twitter has told me one thing you either hate. The dodgers or you'll love the dodgers there's a lot of Colorado fan suddenly. Dodgers did it finally finally? Made it happened? Where did that come from? Toys amazing. When someone wins a title. All these people that didn't know become a fan. I've never been one of those guys that hates the dodgers I'm not in love with the dodgers I just respect what they do. Everybody thinks that they're like the Yankees where they go on just by great players and get them in. But no, they've. They've most of their studs are our guys through their farm system I mean they have it right there and then they go out and spend big money when they need to. But the dodgers get it. and. This one Colfax was was crazy and I'm going to unpack all that but congratulations to the dodgers. One out away. Pre the dodgers win. Finally. Wave is over the dodgers are the campion took twenty twenty. Year like no other were joy has been so hard to come by tonight tears of joy. Let them flow. To. Let them let them flow. This was weird. This was a weird finish though, Colefax. First off, let let me go into. What Tampa Bay did. It's all about analytics now, right? Tampa Bay's Tampa Bay rays manager Kevin Cash. He he pulled Blake Snell who was rocking he was still at the top of his game he pitched over five innings scoreless innings. And was Roland. But Kevin cash because the analytic said don't let Snell go through the lineup again the he pulled him. That's what his analytic sit right I said I regret the decision because it didn't work cash said after the Los Angeles dodgers wrapped up their seventh world series title with a three one, three, two, win three, two, one win if I could spit that out but you know. I feel like the thought process was right. If we had to do over again, I would have the utmost confidence in Nick Anderson to get through that anymore not early about Nick Anderson there it's about Blake Snell. You are in a situation where you gotTa Win, you gotTa find a way force a game seven. SNELL second hit allowed to the number nine hit Austin Barnes. With one out in the sixth brought cash to the Mount, his only his second hit allowed cash opted for Anderson who promptly, of course, as we know gave up that doubled. As, crazy SNELL was upset he said, I'm disappointed I just want the ball I felt good I did everything. I could prove my case to stay out there and then for us to lose it sucks I want to win and I want to win the world series and for us to lose it just sucks he I respect how he went about this though he said I'm not GonNa, question him he's a hell of a manager. So I'm not going to question him and I can only look forward to what I'm going to accomplish this off season but we came up short the only thing I can focus on Is what I can do better. So we're all we're talking all about these analytics. Gooky bats, I I don't know man this this whole deal cash said the decision to pull snow was made because leadoff hitter mookie betts was coming up again and cash wanted to avoid having Snell go through the lineup a third time. Because the analytic show that's now going through a third time it's going to spell disaster whatever happened to just go with the hot hand. Like I for the most part Colefax. Analytics Guy I liked the movie moneyball and respect. Billy bean and. You know the Boston Red Sox went through a lot of teams. Do it most teams have some form of of an analytic study person on their on their and this isn't just baseball but like I'm more or less going to be the guy to take I, know the analytics tell me on the one yard line that the person the chance of US converting a fourth and one or four, thousand three. To Gopher. Not Four, thousand three. Let's just say we're going to are not very good but I'm GonNa look at my well I have Derrick Henry a mean offensive line. So in my brain that those those go up. I don't like it I don't like. I just I really have a hard time with it and it's frustrating that was a tough deal. I. Venit Text Line Three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six, your thoughts. On this one on the game itself. Now, this one has a that's a big story that we're talking about today because that was ultimately. As ultimately, the game I mean smells pitching out of his mind at that stage. So you love what he's able to do, and then you you pull them because analytics. Then, you have the Justin Turner thing. This whole story is weird Colefax. Justin. Turner pulled from the world series after a positive covert one, thousand, nine S. He tested positive in the sixth inning. He was Turner was over three with two strikeouts before coming out of the game to start well is the eighth inning. That's right to start to say eighty. So something, the team did not give a reason for his exit when he left. Part that's why. and. Then he went out and celebrated with his team I. Think he had he didn't have a mask on while he was in the dugout. When he went out celebrate with his team, he had the mask on which mask with a red beard just looks. Really, funky. He said thanks to everyone for reaching out on twitter I feel great. No symptoms at all just experience every emotion you can possibly imagine can't believe I couldn't be out there. Can't believe I couldn't be out there to celebrate with my guy. So proud of this team and unbelievably happily happy for the city But I mean he he was out there. He was not immediately out there with his teammates when they were celebrating. But. He returned to the field at some point. He was there with his wife about an hour after the game and he took photos with the trophy. He got a hug from his teammates. Kershaw went hugged him. I'm guessing they knew, and then he went and sat right next to dave two Dave Roberts. He lowered his mask once in awhile. So okay here. Here it is. This is. An interesting debate isn't it? There's the one hand. It's like he had co vid. He should've went away. Then there's the other the other hand where you're like this is a once in a life opportunity clearly as it's been so long since the dodgers have won the world series. You're. So you're not gonNA turn obviously a huge part of that. and. He wouldn't celebrate so I guess where I am Colfax. This whole thing I get it cova and stuff for the masks and I worry about businesses. I really do I worry about the long term effects on our students on our kids and all this stuff I'll say this. The biggest thing for me is I've always said if you know you're sick. Don't come to work don't actively. Dumb to work and know that you're going to get somebody sick because then you get sick then you bring it somebody and who knows maybe you give it somebody that's really going to struggle with this. So I've been more of that mindset. So I guess knowing that you have covid like Kovacs right now if I knew that I had it, I wouldn't be here I would go home and I would isolate I would do that for that's my belief. I know not everybody's there but I would go home if I had it and I think here at the station it's kind of what we're what we're going by. So in that instance. Yeah Unfortunately I think you have it and. You're wearing a mask, but here comes the mask debate, right? Well, if the masks work than him wearing it, he was fine. He wasn't giving anybody covert. I'm not I'm not here to debate all that. But this. This whole situation taints some of last night. It does rob Manfred the Major League Baseball Commissioner said it's a bittersweet night for us. Because of that situation. To weird deal for shor-short sources told the ESPN Jeff Passan that Turner had been asked to isolate after the positive test. But that no one stopped him from going on on the field to celebrate I think free agent is he? So He's Kind of free to do whatever he wants. I events text line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one. Nine, nine, six, it honestly it is. People get mad when you say this but the masks stuff covert related stuff. Riots protests urging people to vote all that stuff is political. Now you can. You can argue with me all day long, but it is political. And so this whole debate is you're getting one side that's kind of like. This is once in a lifetime deal. You know we to live life and for baseball player. This is it. This is that thing this is what you've worked for your entire life and I'll tell you this baseball this. Every day same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. It's all about reputation and baseball. So you do this every day for your life. Until you retire to become a great baseball player to win a world series and you're asked to isolate and then you don't you don't go celebrate. With your team that see that's where my brain instantly win. It's like wow, this is a once in a life opportunity your to have some baseball players that are like I'd rather get covert and potentially risk the worst case scenario. The not have a chance to win a world series and and play and that not every players like that. But what's weird to me is why did they test him in the middle of the game? That doesn't make any sense to me. Like he was fine before. And then he tested. Then, he tested for it and then he was pulled. I'm not sure. How man for just we learned during the Game Justin tested positive. And he was immediately isolated to prevent the spread. which he really wasn't when the dodgers return to their hotel later. When they returned to their hotel later that that night. They all had to have tests so they. Testing, it up like crazy which is even more is even crazier because if the dodgers would have lost that game. Where would we be for the game seven? Would we be putting that? Offer a week or two or what? I mean baseball kind of dodged a big bullet here. mookie Betts was asked about Turner returning to the field. To join in the rest of the dodgers and he said he's a part of the team forget all that he's a part of the team. We're not excluding him from anything and that seems to be what most of the. Most of the team mates are saying. Andrew Friedman the dodgers president of baseball operations said, he hadn't seen the phone of. Sitting next to massless Roberts and the rest of the dodgers for a team picture. Quote he said if there's people around him without a mask, that's not good optics at all. Now, it's important. We all test negative. Yeah. Cory Seager said the WHO? World Series Mvp Cory Seager said it hurts me I can't imagine how he feels. I could switch places with them right now I would because that man more than anybody deserves to take a picture with that trophy celebrate with us has family around and enjoy this moment. And that got taken away from him and that's not right. That doesn't sit well with me and again he was out there for a little bit but he wasn't out there initially. So. I don't know. Colefax is. Are Even know how I feel about it because again, it's a once in a lifetime deal and if all of your teammates are okay with it. I mean that's a brady. Knows teammates are going to get it and they're going to go out and spread it those people that are spreading it to honor. Okay with it. It is a convoluted discussion. I'll tell you that. I really don't know if there's A. Obviously. There's one side. The says, no, there's a clear cut answer you get Cova d'you isolate stay away. Justin Turner especially man mean he's been there since two thousand thirteen. It's an interesting deal. All right. Our power play sports poll. Question of the day is, is see you see issue Oh, boy siu rams related and we still don't know the answer to this question. Who will be starting at the quarterback position tomorrow night for Colorado State. This has been fun vote already because nobody knows. Adagio didn't say who it was yesterday and we'll we'll playback someone's cooked seventy, six percent. Seventy eight percent of the whole agains are saying Patrick O'Brien yesterday I would have voted that. But. After hearing the press conference and reading between the lines on a report from Kelley on the Fort Collins Colorado and we'll talk about that. I'm not sure. So sure. Todd sent Yo might be the guy tomorrow. So we're GONNA talk about that coming up eighteen minutes after the hour. To WanNA THINK CRP four by four truck outfitters they offer top quality parts and accessories and location Greeley plus serving the surrounding northern Colorado communities you can customize your vehicle to reflect your style your used your once that is cr four by four dot com eighteen minutes after the hour will take a short break. When we come back let's get into the poll question who's GonNa Start at quarterback and Is this. Is this a good thing for Adagio or does he know? He's just not telling anybody. And what are you really expect rams fans what do you expect? From this team tomorrow night, we'll be right back. From UNCC. Who didn't see as you two the nuggets? Broncos the hall's show is Colorado's sports talk show on thirteen, ten KFI and thirteen ten KFI. Dot Com Dan Patrick the hull show in Collin cowherd are a northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten Kfi K.. Hi, this is Terry Frieden author journalist screenwriter, and you're listening to Brady bill on the whole show thirteen. MOJER funeral and cremation service is a great sponsor on this show and you know their philosophy is a services as unique as life and also live well, but plan ahead and I liked that live well thing we're in a very interesting time in our world and. I know that there's shutdowns happening and Denver's going on and stuff but I'm thinking about mosier funeral home today and liked their motto live. Well, it's. We still want to get out there and try to live life and I truly believe that and I want to try to social distance be careful whatever we gotta do but the same time what's it all for? You know if you're born, you're just going to be shut down. So I do have some issues with shutdown businesses of course COLFAX BECAUSE That's who supports us. That's who we support. And so I thought about that with Mosier funeral cremation service live well, plan ahead. and. I really love that model and those people are Great Folks Scott Robin. Wonderful staff give them a call today talked about pre-planning. It truly is an amazing gift. It's a little bit different. We're talking about the Justin Turner thing I. Guess Because Again, he he had it. He knew he had it. He was kind of told. He didn't go out immediately with the in the celebration, but he did about an hour later. Boy I'm open to your thoughts on this one, I text line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one. Nine nine, six noobs as the hulk is going down this week. So I've taken new 'b up taking on new fantasy football get dropped at three and four now. How about you cofactor are you still in this thing? Think I'm last overall. I one my last one until five dude so much worse than me at this stage. So yeah. Yeah, I think I'm within striking distance of at least three or four. You got him. You believe in you and TB. Yup. Draft Tom you had the first overall pick to right but that right? Yeah. You took TB TV. I, like it I was what I said I was going to do. Stick to. Who is behind you? Do you remember who was second place or who had drafted second I'm sure tanner. Okay, Tanner, Swain of on your side of the on the fantasy draft. So we love to invite whole against to this is the fun deal. Getting getting going with this but I lost I lost the spawn of Dixon last week. Yeah. That was. That was tough but brutal I had Melvin. Gordon you know and he didn't really deliver. Kind of regret that decision tried to get Philip Lindsey over Gordon but by that time Lindsey was out. Power Play Sports poll question of the day. Who is going to be the starting quarterback at least tomorrow night For Colorado state want to get your thoughts on this text. The programs you're new to the show text K of K two, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six is going GonNa be Patrick O'Brien or todd santio. It's interesting here because Patrick O'Brien. was at the beginning of the season. You know we we talked about the battle last year. Between he and Colin Hill. And we knew it was going to call hills job, but we also were kind of excited to see. What what, what Patrick O'Brien would do at some point. So we didn't seem to play obviously call goes down and is tough spot in O'Brien was okay. He had his moments. But. I thought. All right. This is going to be that year for him. He's going to get a full off season with his team and of course that didn't really happen. And then we'll see. We'll see what this guy does with a new coach with the new setup put it doesn't sound like he's I don't know man. So I'm reading this story from the Colorado one. And reading between the lines to of course of what Adagio said yesterday. I'm not quite sure. That it's GonNa be Patrick O'Brien at this point in time. Because Adagio said something like you know he had missed some high earlier and I don't know he said. That Patrick O'Brien missed a fair amount of time through no fault of his own in preseason practices. Da. Zero said now is this suggesting the quarterback was affected by Cova nineteen isolation or other quarantine protocols I don't know. Is. That is that one of those things where okay you don't feel comfortable enough with O'Brien in this new offense. So you because he missed some time so you're to go with. The redshirt junior. Todd Santio. Two hundred twenty pound quarterback hometown Palm Beach Gardens Florida went to temple his previous school was temple. High. School Dwyer. I think that this is going to be very, very interesting to see how they play this out. He appeared in twenty four games for the owls over two seasons. He rushed seventy one times for two hundred, thirty, five yards and one touchdown completed forty eight of seventy one passes. For six, hundred, thirteen yards and seven touchdowns and one interception. I Dunno reading that in the Colorado and And then here is here's Steve Adagio talking about the quarterback decision. I. Think they're both doing a great job working hard will probably settle in here next twenty, four hours as staff. They've taken equal reps and had agreed reveal of Prep time and both have excelled in different areas to help accomplish. Kelly followed up with that and asked again. So when will we know think those decisions will will will will decide how we're GONNA. Handle that probably here in the next twenty, four hours or so. He he knows don't you think. Stephen Osceola knows who the quarterback is going to be yesterday to start waking up if you would that question. Why are you even asking that question is Patrick O'Brien. But then after I hearing that WHOA THERE'S There's a there's actually a a competition going on here. I didn't know that. And then to read this quote, O'Brien missed a fair amount of time through no fault of his own. Well, we also know that Daza was being investigated for. Allegedly saying things like, Hey, if you get this stuff. You could lose his starting job which I do not agree disagree with by the way. If you break your leg and miss time, you could lose your starting job. If you get sick and miss time, you could lose your starting job. So is it that? Is that what it is, and then because what I'm told that they were splitting time pretty much. So it's those of you who you're going crazy on the vote. All saying Patrick O'Brien for the most part here. But just know they've been splitting time and Adagio did say the Colorado and That O'Brien missed some time to no fall. No fault of his own. You do the math what what does that tell you Colfax doesn't tell me that Patrick O'Brien is GonNa be starting quarterback tomorrow. Now. Because I think that he would have said that I think. So because this was such an obvious. Yeah. Yes. It was an obvious. Yes. In less todd sent does come in and just. Absolutely the world on fire, which we don't really know. We don't get any kind of, and even if we did get to see practice. See Issues Pretty tight on that they don't let us see a lot of game and quarterback going with the live defense. We get a C. like routes run at guys running routes and throwing ten and out. But. That's pretty much it. Now. Seventy five percent Saint Patrick O'Brien to twenty five percent saying Todd Centro so interesting to get to be interested to get your thoughts there. First, of INTERSEX. Line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six, thirty minutes after the hour we're switching gears just like that. Sorry Rams fans cover your ears. We're talking Colorado Buffaloes and they don't know who their quarterback is either I don't think but they kind of give them a little bit more of a pass because they're replacing. A Guy that they've had for the last three years as that starting quarterback thirty, one minutes after the hour. Let's get the latest on the local sports. Lash mornings with Kale weekdays six to nine and northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten Kfi K.. Hey. Nuggets Andrew's coach bone of the Denver Nuggets and you're listening to the whole show a thirteen ten KS K. Thirty six minutes after the hour. Welcome back to the show the whole show powered by PD energy joining me now on our I. advantage hotline is Mark Johnson the voice of the Colorado Buffaloes Mark we're getting we're getting closer and closer to that very first game for see you on the football side of things and. I honestly was wondering if we'd never even we're still not there yet but I'm beginning to wonder if we are going to get they're. Going to say, yeah, don't don't count your. They hatch right I. mean who knows what's going to happen I you know it's How many months in a row, we've been talking about how he there's a volatile nature of the news and and World Sports of course, we saw this morning that the Wisconsin Lebron's gangs been called off and it so listen I am the eternal optimist I've got my fingers crossed have by Lucky Rabbit's foot I've thrown at least salt but every other spicing and fight over my shoulder out doing everything I can't. Man of extra that they were playing football and I'm certainly hopeful very excited about it. Obviously I. Mean we're we're we're getting closer. But like you said, you gotTa, we gotta be careful you're when you hear that news with Wisconsin and then Nebraska I man that that's not going to be rescheduled. So we're seeing more and more of that too I know that was the case with the mountain west. Conference but. Boy this is this is when we all start asking those questions. What does the rest of the season look like once you start popping in these cancellations and and hopeful rescheduled games? Well, what you upon though is I think the reason why back on August eleventh asking, why are you canceling everything? I did they do what they did and push it on for so long because what the big ten PAC twelve, he's not giving himself any wiggle room and that was the lack of wisdom. I think back in August eleven where they made that ultimate that black and white decision. Instead of saying, let's let's push it back a little bit further and see where we're going to what's happening here, and so they both these two lakes gotta put themselves in a situation where they have no wiggle room for they have no no accordion aspect or characteristic of where they can kind of flex it a little bit and so you know we are where we are I know it. See You very obviously intimately. Familiar with everything they're doing and they're doing everything they possibly can. To. Make sure they're playing football and then they dot guys diseases. So you know it sounds crisscrossed decades. Yeah. You're right. All these schedules are just so bunched up we witnessed it locally with Colorado state of New Mexico already. Now, what's strange to me about that one is now new Mexico the Mount Westbound said that they're doing everything possible to make sure that that game happens. So now New Mexico is going to San Jose. What's changed from last Saturday to today that's that's what I don't quite understand. We don't understand. You know there are those of us who don't understand I just I wake up every morning just understanding that I'm going to be confused by virtually everything happens all day long I don't understand any of it. It doesn't make any sense I can't seem to find any logic or draw any conclusions or anything I just don't understand what what are we joke about your a few weeks ago. Okay. So I cannot sit in a church service, but I can sit with a bunch of people in a metal tube and fly guy. Okay. All right I don't understand that but. I guess. We gotta do. We were talking a little bit about the world series to mark this weird situation obviously with Justin Turner on one. You've got. First off why do they test them in the middle of the game? Is that something that's happening now we're just randomly being tested in the middle of the game for coronavirus I Think just ripe for conspiracy goodness. It's so strange thing about this because when you look at that, why? Why was that test coming in? I don't understand what was the indication that they maybe they should have tested beforehand. So they did it and then again. So also you gotta look at this thing and listen I'm not buying into this I. saw this morning online and has we don't Brady everything we've got line true so. He struck. But I thought it was interesting with being pulled out less than why he's bullied being pulled out after what seventy, two, seventy, three pitches, and if they hadn't and Tampa had gone on to win the game, they couldn't have had a game seven because they've got a guy testing positive for Cobra. So listen this thing is just right for spiracy theory Slough. You're you're right and we're not talking as much about the dodgers finally getting done we're talking about Justin Turner we're talking about Blake Snell This A. The tough part is to even take the conspiracy theory side the argument about you know Justin Turner and whatever it's crazy because a one end it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and if his players are saying, Hey, we're good man we want you out there most players have come forward saying, no, we wanted him out there with us. I guess some might say go for it, and then you have the other side that saying, well, he's he's going to give it to them. They're going to give it to other people. It's irresponsible. I don't even know where I come out on this whole thing. It's crazy but I mean, it's once in a lifetime as we've proven, that was an opportunity to go to go celebrate. No I fully understand it and and you know the whole concept that I want to get too much in the we soon. So thing but the the whole concept of of if you get sick, what what are the issues that really bothered me about this is we have gotten in a society where to some degree we've been led to believe that other human beings are poisonous to us. Bothers the and and it's dangerous and it's it's. It's impactful and it's destructive and all of the things. So I I get a little bit little bit eerie leery about about that kind of thinking on this listen human beings we're going to get sick of life You do your best not to spread that stuff around obviously, and you don't want to hurt other people but you know life's of context. Say. So I just get a little bit a little bit. Uneasy when I start hearing back kind of I think characterization this way we're hearing. So frequently now it's all over the place. So I, guess I gotTa Learn Limited but but it is a little bit a little bit I think comfortable for me. When I hear people talk about that you're being irresponsible being humid I'm trying not to get anybody else sick and that's part of being human. We we we do pass things on it. This is part of. What happens so let's do our best not to do that but let's not demonize people you know under the circumstances when by happenstance somebody else gets sick and then then I'm you know I'm pat personal because I'm not a bad person I wasn't trying to do this. It just happened. So I I get a little nervous about that goal. Posts yesterday and I won't say who it was but. Someone had said something along the lines hey. If you walk by a closed business and you're not wearing a mask, just remember you you 'cause that I don't like that I. think that is extremely dangerous and it's pretty terrifying to the people are actually throwing that around and reputable some reputable people in the media are throwing that around. No it's it's the extremism of anything gets bothersome and and anytime you start going wildly in one direction without any sort of governor on yourself I. Think I think that that could be a little bit is dangerous I. Don't think it's a little bit i. don't think it's intellectually honest too many times, and so let's let's be careful of that kind of thing nobody's out there. You know if somebody runs up to cost in your face, that's a reckless act find existing as a human being. Know I've got to be able to exist for goodness. Sakes. So let's not categorized those kinds of things as you know, his extremist as people have come. To talk football basketball with US but sometimes, we go to the couch with you too and we need we need the therapy session once. Mark how `bout the XS and Os when we look at this buffs football team. We're talking today about CSU's quarterback situation. They're suddenly up in the air. We don't know exactly who that's GonNa be I. Guess the fortunate thing for the buffs they've kind of been in this situation they know they knew going in, it's about a competition and replacing their quarterback. Doubt and and so it really is kind of an interesting deal by guess that now the latest things turned out brady is I think he's got a couple of upperclassmen SAM lawyer who was a quarterback then he was a safety then the he transferred then he came back and I was quarterback again and and that long journey may end up with him. Being, starting quarterback for the cover the buffalo my my sense is this is just a gut. Nobody's sending it to me. Maybe he's leading the competition is probably gonNA find out by late this week from Carl Durell Tyler lyles right in the middle of this I expect we'll see both of them at some point in time this season and then Brandon Lewis Regard Freshman, it's got behind the curb and I. UNDERSTAND UNDERSTOOD RATHER BECAUSE You didn't really have much of an off-season didn't have the real workouts and the freshman whose head is probably swimming. He's trying to figure things out very gifted kid and we'll see him the people at some point in time. But that's my guess right down at Sam. No, you're probably going to I'll give him. You know here we are in this election season and they're they're talking about a kind of a toss up one way or the other I'll give a slight edge to Samuel as we sit here week and a half after that first game and how much of it now too is like you just said it a lot of. Times maybe you go with a younger guy that's trying to figure it out but you kind of want him to learn on the fly. But in this in this situation where everything is on the fly, you will want to you want to make sure you have somebody that's a little bit more verse and everything even if maybe he's not the right guy going forward well I think there's something to be said for having some level of experience out of Sam Heuer have a lot of game snap experience. No, he doesn't but he's been around he's older guys. What is he twenty? One, twenty two whatever is a senior in college, and so he's At least got experience in this system but playing the sport of college football, power, five level for a number of years, and so you know none of these guys have any real experience significantly in terms of taking stance the game. But but at least a couple of them have been around the sport for a while and and can maybe help with that transition until a younger guy gets ready or whatever might be and who knows. Maybe SAM alert goes out there phenomenal season it is finally your college football place seven very strong games kinda dominates position if he does fantastic that's good for the company Buffalo but I think right now If you're Karl Durell you're looking at okay. Who can I put out there being that we've had this unprecedented off we're learning a new system everything's brand new. It's been unfamiliar all of it for the last seven or eight months since Carl Durell took over. So let's get somebody out there that can maybe me settle the ship a little bit the quarterback for the Buffalo. Mark is there anything to be said about the the position like you said, the safety side of it and switching back to quarterback is there is there a big positive there? We say all right. Well, he's been on the other side and he's learning how to. Offenses and is that something that could bode well, because on the other side, you get people wondering Oh wow. Safety moving over to quarterback is that is that a great move? Well I, think there's always value in knowledge right and so whatever understanding quarterbacks job is to have full understanding I don't believe what he's doing good offense side, but he needs full understanding about the defense he's trying to dissect, and so you know I certainly don't think it's a bad thing that he's been on the other side and maybe has learned that defensive side of the ball a little bit more than he would have if you were simply an offensive guy and so I don't I don't think it's a negative May. Say Well He's a guy that they couldn't nail a job down. So he moved to get playing time. So he's not a great quarterback. Well, he was following a guy just gonNa go down statistically it's one of the better quarterbacks in Colorado history and it was about a three and a half year stronger his career. So it's not like it was an open competition in the sense that you had like this year we got three guys going in there all competing good because nobody's got a history and so I would say there's there's certainly can be some positives taken from having playing the defense's. We'll certainly excited to see that transition back to court on the quarterback side of things. How about the defensive side of the ball? Are you kind of getting a sniff of what this defense might look like? Well, they've had a couple of scrimmages and the word I've gotten is they feel real good about that defensive side of the ball where they've got some experience you got. Guys like most stop a Johnson and terence laying jalen Sammy some big fellows, upfront nate. Landman. Carson wells at linebacker where they do have some inexperienced secondary. So I think that the first two levels they can probably feel pretty good about the guys who played a lot of football up there and in the job of this has been to get those guys in the secondary. Up to speed I think Mark Perry is really going to be a guy that really could turn out the star tobacco that defense as a safety I think during rake Straw could be a guy who you're gonNA hear a lot about this season but there's a lot of other guys will angle in in striker and guys like that who are names a lot of fans don't know who are getting their first taste of college football so we're going. To have to really get up to speed very quickly. So that's the one area where I think they've got some work to do simply because of the lack of experience but I think there's enough experience on that defense side especially, those first two levels where I think they can have a pretty salty pensions here. Now I'm excited to learn. It's such a strange time mark even Ceus you place tomorrow night and I still don't know that much about this team so. Certainly the case for the buffs as we're still a week out so so we'll keep learning it as we go and what will know a lot more once we can hopefully can actually see these teams on the field. Well, you know twenty about that I'm sitting saying that I'm sitting here thinking about you know whether it's comedy state or my case Colorado you know we really don't know alive and and you got to go on and talk about the talk show every day. I've got to go on and actually broadcast game that we can have and Really don't know this is rob the first time in my career Brady where I'm going into a season and I don't really feel that I know the team into because I spent so much time around it and studying in watching it that hasn't been the case this year. So yeah, you WanNa talk about not fully knowing what you're supposed to go on and talk intelligently about it That will be a challenge here to week and that's not coach Burnett You know most most game in game out we'll be I'll be I'll be listening mark to see. Knowing you you'll. You'll figure it out somehow you're going to have everything ready to go for that broadcasts. So I'm with you though I feel so disconnected. Even when the Games are going, you still feel disconnected. So this is just the time we're in trying to make the best of it but I know you'll do it. My friend mark appreciate you as always and catch up with the next week. Or Two. Mark Johnson the voice of the Colorado. Buffaloes. Did See this to from Brian Hal guy. We talked about quite a bit Antonio Fano. A battle with epilepsy has kept the highly touted defensive end Antonio Alfono from being cleared to practice with the Colorado football team. That was an interesting thing. Right and the obviously feel terrible for the guy. But you know he came in under Mel Tucker side of things and then And then obviously, we didn't know what that was going to look like and he was highly touted as as big time player well, now you get this story too. So coach, Karl. So we don't have a handle on the medical situation yet while enough to be released to practice and to compete right now. So we're kind of waiting to see what happens at the stage fifty one minutes after the hour we'll take a short break we'll talk more. Kind of college football day here we're GONNA talk more about Steve Adagio. What do we expect from when we don't have a lot of information? We'll get into that next. One football center dialed KFI. Okay. Here NFL Games all season long and northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten Kfi K. and saw party in northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten Kfi a block party Wednesdays from four to ten PM. Hi. This is Jesse Kirk executive producer and lead anchor, the mountain West Network, and you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten KFI. Five minutes until the top of the hour. WanNa get into some Bronco talk that we didn't really discuss. Yesterday. We got carried away with Jersey question that was fun though that actually worked it was top text Tuesday very hard to concentrate. Stay with one topic. Greenacres says, I can confirm Joel Parker reached out to see you a about playing last week. Even if it was just a scrimmage, ask him why I didn't see this asking why see you is. So afraid I didn't see this should have asked mark that question Yeah pretty much kind of read between the lines there to win Adagio talked about how it really. There's really no way. They could make a game work on a short schedule. Like that without you know without finding something local well I mean sea issue would pretty much 'cause they're at play Wyoming. Wyoming so you would think that so you would be the only logical reason I joked with Kelly and said, Hey, what about UNC? Is Actually. Practicing they are practicing. Are they practicing like you and see you practising? No, it's still more like Like a spring feel to them but they are here they are in Greeley they are working. Is is getting the guys out there every single day. So no, it doesn't. It's not realistic but. Yeah I would've loved to see that I would have loved to see. See You. Is that a pack twelve thing though I am not trying to defend the buffs at all but is that a pack twelve thing where they were pretty strict about who these teams could play outside of the conference I? I'm not so sure. I events text line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six. So see us a quarterback battle. I did not think we'd be at this stage with with Colorado state at this stage. But go answer the poll question. Go to the whole dot com power to play sports poll question who will be the starting quarterback tomorrow night for Colorado State. Patrick O'Brien. Or the Guy I didn't really expect to be talking much about today Todd Santiago. Previous school was temple, and now suddenly his name is is rising to the top and again reading through the Colorado in a hearing that coach. Adagio. Mention. That Patrick O'Brien did not commit some time earlier. and. Then remembering what the investigation was all about. There was at least one portion of that that was investigated that. Dazs allegedly told people hey, if you get this stuff. You could lose your starting job which again I don't disagree with that few missed time you could lose your job second hour coming up next, we'll talk more about the rams quarterback situation. Here. A couple of comments from coach dot co two we'll be right back.

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B.I.G. Interview: Patrick OBrian, CSU Quarterback

The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

14:26 min | 1 year ago

B.I.G. Interview: Patrick OBrian, CSU Quarterback

"This is Christopher DMC your nuggets insider from altitude sports. And you are listening to the whole show on thirteen. Fourteen may welcome back to the whole show powered by PD energy or I. Events text line is three one nine nine six. Our hotline is nine seven three five three thirteen ten or toll. Free eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten joining me on that hotline. Colorado State Rams quarterback Patrick. O'brien Patrick my friend. Thank you so much for giving us some time a man. Yeah thank you. Thank you for having me on her really appreciative. Yeah no we've been looking forward to to sitting down and having a chat with you man. It's it's strange times for everybody right and so I'm always wondering how athletes like yourself. I mean you know for for your whole career through through high school through junior high. Well before that you're you're you're taught to continue to to work out to practice. Football football non stop and then here. We are at a standstill. What are some of the things you're doing to to stay sharp and continue working? On Your craft. Yeah you know just trying to find little things around the house to be able to work out with and You know I'm thankful I have a couple of buddies that live near me where you know bigger gauge Groupings of ten but that play call US receiver. Stobbe both are with them while. I'm just trying to stay sharp. You know it's impressive. Time so it was just trying to find little things here and there to get. There is the way I'm going about it right now is there. Is there a workout of choice? That show that you've started doing more so than you've ever before that you're like hey this this is. This is grueling. But you know what I'm in. I like this. Yeah there's a. There's a six mile steady uphill hike around in my neighborhood area because I live in California. I live in a very valleys type of place. So this is flagpole run and I've been doing pretty consistently and I it's quite the workout and I get pretty tired after that. So I'm doing that a lot and then just a lot of like body weight workouts and stuff just trying to say something that how man six miles. That's how often are we talking? How often are you doing this? it at a point. It was three times a week and I started to get back on that and then try to do some other stuff. But you know I'm trying to do as much as possible. Yeah I've approve of my backyard too. I've been swimming in trying to get at conditioning aspect as well hats off to you. My man I picked up a Dumbbell for the first time the other day my wrists still hurt so I don't know how are you so I'm guessing you watch the NFL draft. You went through that last night. Right of course walk it from beginning to end do you. When you watch that. Do you sit as I mean you're motivated anyway man? I mean you're you're you're you're a big time quarterback plan for the Colorado State Rams. You're already motivated guy but when you watch the draft and you see all these big names getting taken off the board and exciting moment. Does that add an extra motivational tool for you or are you kind of just watching it for entertainment purposes boat. I mean most of the quarterbacks I got jotted I've worked out with every single one of them so you know I'm I'm so happy for them. You know that They're living there. James and it's something that I wanna do eventually as well so But you know just working out with them and seeing what kind of work they're putting into it and all that type of stuff so it's been a blessing. We're talking to Colorado State Rams quarterback Patrick O'Brien Patrick last last year was just one of those one of those years You know you're in that competition with Colin Hill Colin Hill goes down on the outside looking in. Everybody's looking at quarterbacks competing thinking okay maybe they like each other but are they that close. You guys are pretty darn close and it. It bothered you. You know when Colin Hill went down. Oh one hundred percent you know He was such a welcome person to come in. And you know competition is is is a part college football and especially at the quarterback position since only one play but you know a guy like collins is just such a good person at the core and he You know he really really probably into. The school really introduced me to a lot of guys on the team and really helped me out tremendously. So you know it was a heartbreaker with out. It's got to be difficult right because you know you as a competitor you WanNa be the starting guy you WanNa be the guy but you have so much respect for calling. Then he goes down and obviously call and transfers to South Carolina. And now you know. There's no doubt about it going into the season looking at this. I mean so it's one of those things it's bittersweet you love the guy you loved being around but at the same time you know you're going into this and it's your job to lose as I'm told at this point. Yeah you know I'm really excited. I have a great opportunity ahead of me. I think we got a really good team coming back in. You know I think we can really do some damage and then you know call and you know he felt like going to South. Carolina was his best option. And I'm so happy for them you know he's GonNa play some big time football he's GonNa get a chance to play so you know it worked out for both of us I think. What was it about Colorado State Fort Collins that that you really liked when you made that decision to transfer yeah well so when I was transferring my whole thing was if i never played down a football. I WanNa go to school that I enjoy going to. I love the culture of students and everyone about it so this time around. You know just coming onto campus and meeting with the coaches via prior relationship with You know I just really fell in love with it and Kinda going in. I was like this is where I would wanna go to schools our talking to me at the time so when it came time to make a decision it was really just a no brainer. My talking to Colorado State Rams quarterback Patrick O'Brien. What's what are what are the meetings like or the discussions like with with the current? Coaching staff coach Steve Adagio. It's nuts to Patrick. I mean we go through this period back a few months back. And it's just like we have all these announcements to make coaches rock and roll and then obviously we're in this this new situation. What is that been like for you adjusting with With a new head coach You know it's my it's been my forte so I've kind of been through the process and I was one of the guys on the team that has been through a coaching change. Like a lot of guys haven't so you know I just wanted to be a beacon guys. Look to and you know. I think coach Adagio and all the other coaches came in. You know they really. They really did a great job and everyone bought into what they were doing. Almost right away and we're able to get seven practices in for the spring. We're really cooking so you know I'm excited to see what we can do. Once we get back altogether and just kind of move forward as he called you guys guys being do jet. Has He used that yet or talked about. I'm sure I mean everybody talks about it. Yeah I mean. He hasn't said he says the term dude a lot to do. I think I've been talking around the guys. I'm like I'm GonNa say one of these times great video it's like four seconds and it's the greatest videos in the world. I hope practice when it happens. Because that'll be for me. That will be the of my career. I know that I didn't really realize it. At the point you know. I saw that video when I was in high school. Awesome couple days into after hearing. That coach dodgers getting hired. I was like that's the guy from then you know he's been great. It's also we've talked about. We've talked about that to say. And he's like you know I was wanting to be inspirational but I didn't know it would take off like that. It was just something. Yeah that's crazy man. Patrick O'Brien joining us. Colorado State Rams quarterback you. You got some weapons on this offense. I mean you look at a lot of these guys. Obviously Warren Jackson Train mccur trae McBride. If I could spit out Dante Dante Right. You have some studies. There's a lot of great weapons on this team. And now you got another year under your belt. YOU'VE GOTTA. Be excited about the prospect. Know for sure I think for me personally coming into the season playing lot last season's You know I'm going to have some confidence going into games and know what these guys expect for me and you know having those dudes and adding also Scott Guy that is playing really well and we have a and they Craig Mars and the person I have five five six guys that you know are big employers are throwing the ball so you know it really takes it off really makes it easy on me so I'm excited. You know I think we can really We can really do something special. You see you see mountain west players getting drafted and we. We see the big trade. That's Kinda the talk of the draft. Right is the packers trading getting Jordan Love Mountain West Conference quarterback and talk. You're going back to that motivational tool. I mean that's it's right there. I mean you look at this conference and and it's right there in front of you if you can if you can find success in this mountain west conference who knows what's next. Yeah I definitely think the mountain west is probably the I mean it up there for the best are tied for the vast pas. A non power five offer ends. And you know. I think quarterbacks are getting picked from it 'cause. Nfl teams concede that level competition. The level quarterback play that they have someone like Jordan. Who I've known since I was a freshman in high school is not really good motivation to just to get better and keep moving. Patrick O'Brien joining us. Colorado State Rams quarterback all right one more for you on the entertainment side of it. Are you watching the last dance? The Michael Jordan documentary. I watched it all for you know anything that's sports related on TV right now. I'm watching it you know. It's it's unprecedented times. But definitely when those things some on. Espn new things to watch. I'm all in. Hey look you're looking for all that stuff right now. I know Colorado State's on the website and such playing back some classic games to and everything I mean. That's got to be kind of cool. Yeah I watched that game prior before them posting that as well because I I've known that such big game in our history of the school and you know coach Phil who was farthest out last season playing. You know it was a great tool also have just for him to talk about a lot of times. These really pick his brain and hear what he had to say. So you know. It's all good video games. Do any of that stuff or movies. Yeah I mean. One of my friends have been Nice enough he had an extra X. Fox's I didn't bring one home because I thought I was just going to be home for spring break and go back so he allowed me to use his so. I'm playing and all that type of stuff so you know just when I have free time because schools really gearing up at the moment so that's got my full focus at the time I mean. How how. How difficult is that into a school? I mean everybody's adjusting to that but I can't imagine I've taken some online classes but certainly not my entire list of classes so that's another big time adjustment for you. Yeah I mean for me online. I've taken online classes for awhile You know just switching. A lot of my classes is almost seamlessly because they offer the classes. I was in an online courses as well so it was easier on the teachers. You know and it it takes a little bit of a of an adjustment but I think it's going well you know just trying to say. Popovich didn't do as well as I can. Do you have any personal goals when it comes to your success as a quarterback for this team? Do you have those goals in front of you? That you that you that you're comfortable talking about now for next season or is it. Just you know what you want to go out and give it your best I WANNA WIN Games. You know I think this team. That's coming back. We got really special group and I think we can win a lot of games. You know. A lot of people aren't protecting the win six. I've been I honestly believe wholeheartedly that we can win more than that and I mean. That's the ultimate goal honestly to bring him out unless championship and play in a big bowl game. So that's the main goal at the moment. I'm a friend. I know rams fans will be excited to hear that and I'm looking forward to seeing you again get out of practice and and talk to you soon and in love to get you back on this program appreciate it. Thank you Tom and stay safe. That's Colorado State Rams quarterback Patrick. O'brien what a great Dune what I just said the dude thing right. Yeah good guy no doubt he he said Hey. I want to win games. You know I just want to go out there and we gave you and you gotta you gotTa think when you look at guys like Jordan love that Jordan love is sensational quarterback Green Bay. The Green Bay packers move up to get him controversy city. Now Colefax. What's that mean for? Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers a few hours before the draft said he loved. The packers never really takes skill guys in the first round. So hopefully. And what do they do? They take his replacement. That's that'd be a tough one. But Patrick O'Brien a sensational guy You know he had listened this team. Last year. They had their ups and downs. But you know. He's a solid quarterback and I'm excited to see what now we say a full year under your belt playing and everything but now you know he's got to readjust everything not just the current situation going on with a covert nineteen and all that but I also a new head coaching staff. And all that so it it it's a different different Different time for sure but Certainly going to present some new challenges but you heard him there. He's he's a great kid. He's got an excellent head on his shoulder. So I'm excited man. He does have those weapons you know you look at all these guys and Trae mcbrayer. Kelly told us yesterday. Warren Jackson Train McBride potential. They have potential to be first rounders. And that's going to depend a lot on what happens next season. But then you look at Dante right. Another great great ride receiver very young too. So the weapons are there and you know. I think this team with Stephen Dot. Co could be. It's certainly going to be a gritty football team. I know when we had Dot Co on last time Colfax now just like pumped up man. We were doing push ups during breaks. We'd headbands we were airbox sat. Oh boxing it was. It was fantastic. So if he can motivate Colfax than I who I think. The idea of a six mile jog terrifying. I don't like that but I mean he's he's motivating us if you so imagine what he can do with a six five two hundred and forty pound quarterback you know. I'm I imagine he's going to get these pumped up and play some football so I'm excited man We'll we'll see what that looks like Kelly. Lyle told us of the Colorado these optimistic that we have you know next season goes off in a somewhat normal way. We're hearing from several college athletic directors that next season will go off in a somewhat normal way so until I hear otherwise. I'm going to be doing this program as if we're going to have football in the fall. Thirty four minutes after the Hour. Take a quick break. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash.

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June 8  Hour 2   Daylen Kountz fmr Buff Turned UNC Bear Calls In

The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

40:34 min | 11 months ago

June 8 Hour 2 Daylen Kountz fmr Buff Turned UNC Bear Calls In

"Of the small details you miss. When I guess the Games are happening and such, but I saw this. I, mean good for Alba's would to get to the next level now, but he's in the college level, so the packers parted ways with their wide receiver coach witted. Of course you know that name because he's the wide receivers. He was the wide receivers coach for Colorado state, really huge part in guys like Michael, Gallup and and Rashard Higgins going to that next level and playing at a very very high level. And so you know we're talking about wide receivers today. We're talking about Jackson. He is. Now he's with Wisconsin at this stage. Colfax will bring him back. Bring them back issue. Yes, or if it were that easy to do it I don't know why why wouldn't be. But you see that all the time you know guys that are coordinators here. They try this level and then okay, but they go back happened. In the NFL even cross NFL streams right where Josh mcdaniels was the head coach for the broncos. Coordinator for the Patriots goes to be head coach, the Broncos and right back to the offensive coordinator for the rams for a bit, and then back to the Patriots, so you do see it, so maybe maybe find his way back issue. Knutson was on with US earlier. I think our Hogan's starting to like say. Debbie Downer the show. We have them on really because I. he disagrees with almost everything I say I'm a very positive upbeat guy. He's very negative, downbeat guy and It's entertaining for some maybe a Downer for others. But Mark said a couple of things that caught my attention there Colefax. I'm not hearing a lot of is. There's a fear that we could have a spike right with with corona, virus and everything. That's out there that one's kind of waiting for it is a fear that's been going on from day. One that okay this we're going to have this and it's GonNa be bad, and then it's GonNa. Come down and come back again. I mean these leagues aren't. GonNa, make these plans. Especially College. Without! The. Proper amount of health officials saying yeah, you can. They've all made that very clear. Pressure sports to. NBA for, example they have been very close with reputable health officials in what they should be doing, so it's my understanding that these leagues aren't going to be making that push. And you know unless certain health officials say yeah, you're okay to do this. They've all said from day one. We're not going to even touch. This CHASA included if they look at it and project by fall. The there's going to be a spike. And I think the other thing is and I listen. There were protests going on. About jobs a month ago, now there are pro in these. Protests are larger numbers, but there are protests now about black lives matter. At the end of the day if we don't see a gigantic spike here in the next couple of weeks, right? Because people are going to be getting if they are. They're gonNA. If what we were taught to believe, early is true now in the summer than people have been very close in masks are being warned, but there are also being pulled down, and some are not wearing. RASK's and. This thousands there's thousands of people gathering so I. Mean if we're not seeing a massive spike in two weeks than I would say. Not only sports safe. You probably going to be able to say safe to go to some games or at least some capacity. Baseball might be able to solve a lot of those riddles if they could get some fans in the stands. So they're. So, complicated man, it's a strange time. And again it's even even the sports. We have going to be interesting at least on the. You know the professional side of it. You're what we see in the NBA in the NHL. It's going to be different than than anything that we're used to. and. I think we're all pretty much just happy to get some kind of sports, rock and roll, but I talked to mark about the issue. And he said you're assuming we're still going to have college football everything that I'm hearing and reading and seeing is. Yeah at this stage. There's really not a lot of reasonably. We're not going to have it. See Issues. That was a big announcement today on on on the ramp side of things is they're back and. They're back at the campus. They're not in practice. I WanNa make that clear. It's not practice. He's a voluntary workouts. So, it's not like an actual football practice. I is text line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine six. Now our power poll question is up. Who's going to be the best offensive player for next season? Now I think they're stacked here and there's a lot of guys at input on the list, but these are guys that are in my mind toying with next level. More than Toy Morin Jackson train mcbride more than toying. Those guys are next level guys. They'LL BE IN THE NFL Warren. Jackson's getting twenty nine percent of the vote. He is tied with Patrick O'Brien now. quarterbacks always going to get a big nod because they're the ones throw into those guys to. And I said it if Dante Right trae McBride. Worn Jackson. All have decent seasons. Like pretty good well, that would probably mean the Patrick O'Brien is having a monster season now. One Guy in particular is tearing it up and we don't have as many. Then gets probably GONNA be to that receiver, so that is the beauty of being Patrick O'Brien is. You've got a lot of these weapons right now, so you might not stick out. But you do have a lot of weapons because O'Brien's going to try to take it to the next level to mean a lot. I think this is going to be a very interesting storyline. To play out here. We had Patrick on the program about a month ago. And he's just a great guy. He's an awesome dude, and his his relationship with with Colin Hill was unique I, mean he was? He was brought here two years ago when from Nebraska. Hill, her Nick Stevens but he had to sit out a year because of the transfer situation. And then. We. All were excited for calling hill to come back, but you had Patrick O'Brien as his backup. Call it. Hill comes in Rocky Mountain. Showdown looks good. They still lose that game and he looks good is looking pretty good. Then he gets hurt that Toledo game. And then that's it, but O'Brien and hill had a great relationship. And O'Brien was it. It's a that's one of those tough things because you are a division one quarterback, you WanNa play at the high level. You want to have your opportunities, but you also don't want anything bad to happen to not only person, but a really good friend. And, so it was kind of messed with him last year, so it was. It's all going to work out. Called Hell going to South Carolina. Get an opportunity there with coach. Mike Bobo still. And now you've got you know. Patrick O'Brien Going into the season, he is undoubtedly the starting quarterback for the rams, and I think there is something to be said for that and I'm excited to see what he can do now again. A lot hinges on him. He can't be average. You have too many weapons to be average, so if your average Yay this team's going to be adverse to blow. A lot of people are projecting this team to be much better than that. To to hit those rate to be able to hit that six seven eight win mark. I'm a little shocked by that he SPN did. Eight wins I think there's a couple of other projects out there. Give him seven. I'm kind of shocked I. Mean I think they can get to a bowl game that that might be the ceiling. But Rams fans think that this team can be a competitor. We did a poll last week. And you guys are kind of voting on the lines of Oh. No, they've got the weapons. Defensively wear. Because that you guys have had you see. Issues had weapons for several years now. They have not had the defense and until I see it. Until I learned about it which again when practice will start up and we can get out there on the field. Watch these guys. Until that happens not so sure, we're GONNA break early. We want to give get an opportunity to get to daily Coons on the program new transfer for the University of northern. Colorado again. It's kind of hazy. We're waiting on the waiver process. He may play this year. He may play. He will play next year for sure, but either way WanNa talk to him about what thought process and the transfer portal and kind of go into that with him so excited to have him on the program thirteen minutes after the hour. It's the whole show powered by energy. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back. Man. MRIs Ford Son Carrier K.. Enjoy some instant classics with KF K classics every Thursday and Friday night, Thirteen Kfi, K. and thirteen ten. Kfi, K, DOT, com, get your day started right with up-to-date news, weather and sports mornings with Gail Six am to nine PM weekdays on thirteen ten JFK. This is Niko medved the men's basketball coach of the Colorado State Rams. You're listening to the hall show on Thirteen Ten KS K A. Seventeen minutes after the hour. Welcome back to the show. The whole show powered by PC energy. Joining me on our. I advantage hotline Dalen Kuhn's the transfer latest transfer to the University of Northern Colorado, dalen excited to have you on the program and heard much about you obviously knew so much about it through through your time with C.. You Denver East, but it's. It's awesome to have you on the show man. Thank. No problem anytime hoping we can have these conversations on a regular basis. We're still kind of waiting on the transfer information that I love it the transfer portal I just love the name of that. It sounds so cool. But, you know we're still waiting on that information to see what this season looks like for you, but obviously season, but to talk to us a little bit about your decision to transfer to the University of Northern Colorado. I know coach Smiley. He's excited. He's excited to do some big things with this program. Yeah, you know pretty much light. Four. Here's one of the first 'cause toxin. And you know I. Kind of felt that relationship was you know pretty strong and also before i. Like, what I came out of high school with being included I talked talked to the coast a last, so no, we already had a pretty much a little bit of relationship like. Yeah. He just kind of telling me like you know more about the program and you know. Hasn't be next year and I kind of felt it was the right now. The right spot for me to come. He's kind of one of those guys right I think he just he gets a lot of people to buy in are already at this early stage, and obviously as you said you you talking to talk to him years ago, so he he's one of those guys already and again. I know he's pumped I know this programs excited and you have you have playing experience with a couple of these bears to in San Mass. Guys like boating. Yeah. Yeah, I, do even Matt Matt to I I played against him time to school, but you know for spending bodey up with them for a couple of years on the circuit. Talk to us about this. This transfer portal to because obviously when you look at that team is see you There's a there was a lot of great players. There's a lot of guys on that roster. We said it like I said it last year to start show talking about you. Guys on the bench at that point man they have. They have a group of five behind the starting five. That could probably go star in a lot of places, so in some cases Dalen, it can just feel like it's Kinda stack at that point, and that's not necessarily a oh well. You GotTa Win a position. What have you, but this perhaps provides you with more of an opportunity where your skill set can really be highlighted. That kind of I felt like that was if that thing, so I felt like. Coming into see, it would be a good Foshan kind of showcase more kinda you know. Kinda showed more on my game. What are those initial thoughts? Those initial conversations like when you say all right, you know. Maybe maybe this isn't the right spot for me. There might be another spot for me where I can really showcase my as you said work on your game and then give it the best shot to take it to that next level. What is that can take? That thought process when it hits you when you say you know what maybe maybe I'm better off at a different different situation. meals. Not wanted to go on Walker on the floor. More people who seem last year. I really didn't play as much as I. Expect you to play, but now the main thing is just kind of you know. Going somewhere I felt like again the. Kind of you know be a bigger partner team bigger role teams. We're talking to Dalen Kuhn's the transfer to University of Northern Colorado here on the program. Is this true coach. Smiley talked a little bit about this, too. Did you ever get a sense last season? You know when you're when you see your minutes kind of decrease a bit, and then you are put in. There is there because we see this with players all the time whether it's at the college level or at the NBA. Love when they get those minutes back for a game. They tend to maybe press a little bit. Did you find yourself doing that situations? where? Hey, I've got some minutes here I. Want to try to make the best of it where maybe you pressed. Yeah Yeah episode. I found myself like that. was just kinda nothing off finally out here, so I got to try to make on here, yeah? Yeah, that's Kinda feel like. You do you hear about that all the time and again? You hear about that at the NBA? Where guys you finally get that opportunity that moment and it just doesn't come to him right off the bat. When again this coaching staff talk so highly of saying. Hey, we, we truly believe and again this staff I die by with their cell, no matter what I've learned that over the years. They're looking at your numbers back at Denver East and they're saying. Hey, we can get. We're GONNA get to that point. That was twenty two twenty three points per game. You feel confident. You can get back to those numbers. Yeah I think I feel confident. Means, a lot for? Me Like that yeah, no, that that helps out a lot as far as confidence. Knowing that they believe to. And again at this program coach smile, jumping into the head coaching role, but certainly a huge part of what you see done for the past four or five years, and I mean every year your, except for the you know the very first year coach lender was here. This teams getting the twenty plus wins there. Is this sense correct me if I'm wrong, but even throughout the state of Colorado that that the UNC bears this basketball program I I know maybe biased here a bit, but it's becoming one of the bigger programs in the state of Colorado. Yeah. Say becoming a lot better than a lot better last years now. Looking at in. Fort when you know it wasn't. Big as it was now, say getting bigger just. Know by how seasons are going, but they're getting better, but you need to you. Now do you have what are? What are those realistic goals that you look at obviously you're you? You said at the beginning of the of the of the segment that you hey, it's. It's another opportunity for me to get out there and kind of almost a recharge reset here showcasing your abilities, but are you look at this conference and say Hey, what what? What are we going to do to find a way? Because this bears team was very close when we didn't get to the tournament of course, but very close to to making it to March madness is that? Is that something? That's on the top of your mind. Yeah that's it. Yeah, that's something that's. You know first off. It'd be winning the conference, and then you know just kind of taking it. Level by level after that you. To make history I. Guess Yeah. I know by know bears. Fans will be excited to see what this program can do and put together, and it's been crazy last couple months. What have you been doing I mean? With the bear side of it, and I know of course with the buffs side. You guys get that. Go to replay Washington state now last game and then in the PAC twelve tournament. Then it's all shutdown. UNC didn't even get to their game, so it was. It was an abrupt ending. To a crazy couple of seasons for both programs. What was that like for you personally? Really Weird, you know you know they know say is just like you know you play, and then he look up and everything's being canceled on the NBA to all the different compasses. I. Mean It really kind of speech that you don't even know what to say like? Hey, yeah, it was it was. It was interesting, too. Is Like dominoes falling when we're hearing the conference tournaments getting canceled one after another. And then you're hearing classes, and obviously you've probably take it online classes before that, but this was strict now. At that point you were doing online classes and he was forced to online. Yeah, what was that like for you? Because I took online but I i. didn't do it one hundred percent. What was that like was it? Was it difficult to to stay because I heard that at all levels where it was just a little bit more difficult than it was for important with person stuff. I'm sure you know it's like this kind of. Get used to it, I. It's weird because everything is online. You know I'm the type I'd like to be more in person for my class. But. After like plus after like a couple of weeks I kinda got. Cancel just. Figuring out how to you know to maintain the game everything done? We're talking to Dalen coons new, UNC bear transferred looking forward to seeing what this guy can do with coach, Steve Smiley and company I like this roster. It's GonNa be exciting to see certainly what they can do more for your daily is there since of a drive? Not and again the situation was see you. We all know this so many different things can happen the rosters and what you're looking to do. Is there a drive though chip on your shoulder where you're saying you know what I I'm going to take my game here and I'm gonNA prove everybody wrong. Is that something there or is it more just just a new opportunity and we'll see what happens. A little bit of both you know I. Just WanNa Yeah a little bit. Both of the chip WANNA be able to get on the floor and just kind of you know police can do. Nothing like I showed parts of it, but I feel like. UNC Basketball for me to showcase everything. I know Sam Masks and I was reading some of his comments in the Denver Post over the weekend to and man he, he's excited and he's talking about here. And one of his quote said Hey all the people who doubted them because of some ups and downs you. The coaches didn't think he was ready to step on the floor more there in the future. That's going to drive him and he. He's talking about. We're counting on him whether it's this year next season I mean I know this this group of guys they're. They're very thrilled to have your part of the program. Yeah I'm excited to be. Pretty much kind of talking to stamp throughout the process talking to Bodey a little bit, you know just. Learn more about everybody. I again, I think a lot of fans. A lot of people are excited to get to know you more. Obviously, you know, see you a stacked program, a lot of great players and I think people learned a lot about everybody on that roster, but this is GonNa, be a fun, a fun opportunity, a fun experience and again we're all paying attention. The transfer rules I don't know how you do a man because I have a hard time wrapping my brain about win. A guy can start what that what? That process looks like? But I know there's still a few things to figure out whether it's going to be this season. You're playing your next season. Man I. Wish You luck trying to figure all that. Time just to figure out what's going to. Happen Oh. Don't you like the name of it to transfer portal? Just sounds kind of like video, game or something. Yeah Dalen appreciate you man. We're looking forward to seeing what you can do with this program. A lot of people are excited here through northern Colorado so We wish you the best, and hey, let's let's make this. A thing would love to get you back on the show. Thank you thank you. Come back on show I'm man good luck to you, my friend and stay safe. We'll talk to you real soon. All right. All right that's Dalen. COONS excited to get him on the program a lot more throughout season now again with the transfer stuff I going back and forth and again coach Smiley can only give me so much and and I'm talking to them about what does that situation? Look like well one of them is. They just gotTa make sure academically. Everything looks good, but then the other thing is you got to kind of prove what your situation was like. Where with the last place and that's where I like the transfer rules if you're saying. Listen. This is where we were with the roster. I'm a good player, but the it's the same thing we talked about with K. J Carta Samuels when you left Washington. Brown man I think it was. He was the starting quarterback before him, and he lives in caged turn out to be a great quarterback, but he he was starting caliber for some schools, and he wanted to transfer, so he could get a shot. GET SHOT! That's what you're looking for and that I agree with because if you're if you're at the same point here at. At the same level. What have you you know? Maybe you're not going to be at that next. Love. Be Able to start. Maybe do that, and you could be really good player, and you could be one of those players that only gets better. Has Your College career progresses? But you may be have a freshman or a junior or a sophomore front of you so? This side of it I really like it coach. Smiley said this. We want him to be a guy who can really be aggressive. Be Score, be a slasher and do a lot of different things for us where he puts a lot of pressure on the defense. There's no doubt in my mind that he's going to be a guy in our league. Who's going to be very productive and go out and get you twenty points on a given night twenty three points, a game is what he averaged back in Denver his his final year there in high school and get. It's high school, but I mean there's no reason for me I. I think that that was a fun offense last year for UNC. What! What his skillset could do for this team now again with C. You. Few things there. You know you're stacked with that roster. You have a stretch of bad game which happens you start losing those minutes? And then when you when the time comes. Okay, you're going to get some more minutes because of an injury or whatever tonight. Then, you present. I hate to kind of put it to them like that, but did you feel like you're repressing? Because that that was the difference you look at his average dropped and he said yeah, then that happens you. Get your your time goes down and suddenly you're every opportunity is sacred to you or you WanNa push and that can be tough to so we'll see what happens. a keep in touch with coach Smiley on this side of it, and obviously they're. They're hopeful it all works out and they're going to be talking to you and trying to figure that situation out to My guess is yeah. It's GONNA work out. He's GonNa. Play this season so hopefully. That's the case coaches. Just happy, said either way. It's going to be this year to me. Will find out thirty minutes after the hour we'll get the latest on the local sports flash thirteen ten KFI PREPS. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Start Your morning off right with your recommended daily intake of news, weather and traffic to get yourself up running join US mornings with Gail six to nine thirteen ten. KFI. The vote is heating up here. Power to play sports poll question of the day. Thinks winning Colefax we got worn Jackson trae McBride Dante Right. quarterback Patrick O'Brien. Who's going to have the better year on offense for C. Issue? That's our power to play sports poll question of the day. I think there's some quarterback fans out there and I. Think Mr O'Brien will be taking. He's got it right now, does he? Yeah, he's got right now. Thirty three percent of the whole agains are saying Patrick O'Brien Warren Jackson's close second. He's at twenty seven percent. Then, you have trae McBride at tight end and then Dante right also. At wide receiver, Mark we had him on earlier is like who's going to run the ball If ause Yo in again, he's a run. The ball guy good defense, but if he's going to be that guy. It's not going to be this year I mean. This is always the interesting year with coaches the first year for a head coach. You never really know what kind of coach they're going to be. They might have a good year. That doesn't mean they couldn't go to a bowl game or even compete for amount west title that that could very well happen this season. We'll see I mean I like the offense I, There's no reason to be excited about the defense yet. For Colorado say. But even then don't get comfortable with this. Look now if CSU goes and wins ten eleven games passing the ball down the field. I would imagine Adagio is going to try to continue to copy that formula. But these these guys are all these guys were brought in by the Bose coaching style coaches staff so. This is. They might work out and you might go well. That's why when you were good. Okay, thousand has got to go find those guys. And as you grow in, your career is a head coach. There's a certain caliber. There's certain type of player that you're just going after. You, just you're good scouting. But again. ADAGIOS hires on offense. Have showed us he's committed to. Right now, just not being ground and pound type offense. So Patrick O'Brien getting the getting the majority of the votes right now. Greenacres. MVP PATTY MC stash O'Brien is they still have the? The mustache. I don't know they look good. Mustaches are out of style again. So, that's when you gotta now you gotTa grow. Bring it back yeah. Try. You try that two years ago. Yeah, you're that was good. I liked it. You didn't have the middle part going. Yeah, it's still doesn't really grow there. What do you do for that like with with with grass or something? You know you can put fertilizer on that bad boy or even grass clippings can kind of help. It be healthier Sunday broke great. Work on the upper lip I. Take some other facial hair and kind of like glue it on their actress by a fake moustache overall put it over the top or That that would work, you can do something like that. You could just by a little ole. Slot. In their own spot, yeah! At. Work I don't know. Keeps bring that back. There's gotta be some kind of radio contests. We can do where you don't shave it. Yeah, well. I mean like you could not shake. Until the broncos lose, you don't shave your stash. Okay, which by my account they would be. You'd be shaving it week. Two Yup and I think. What we three! You'd have one week of growth on that thing, so it really like right now. That's barely anything. You can do that with nuggets. Until they get knocked out. Okay that's tough. I might be fine if they win the title. Then you've got full on stash ran and we'll have to keep it 'til next season. No, you can shave it after okay. You gotta take some photos and stuff and send it and say we take photos of it every day. The colefax stash update like a time lapse of mine. So you can save now, but once the. Once the eight game season starts. You gotTA keep it until they're out of the. KNOCKED, out I could do something like that. Yeah, okay, okay, okay. That's the deal my back stash. It's definitely correlated with the nuggets. That gives you more in because you're going to want to get rid of that thing. You liked it for a while, but you got tired of it fast. Yeah, my girlfriend, not so much. That you think that I just like to shave no, the my wife and now my kid. Go to him. Give them a little smooch. and. He's just kind of looks at me like ours that. That hurts. Stop it so. That changes things it does all right well there we go, we'll give it a shot. Let's see what happens. I text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six, twenty, two team restart for the NBA. Jamal Murray and I want get some of those clips tomorrow. We have a hit as hard as we wanted to today. Murray's pretty confident I. There is a swagger coal facts about this nuggets team right now. They truly think they can go down to win this thing this. I have not heard a lot of this from this team I. You know when I went to the Prescott. Opening Day last year opening day. The opening media press conference. When training camp right before training camp began, the talk was a lot of. We want to be a competitor. We haven't heard anything yet. We don't WanNA get ahead here. We just want to try to make that was the message and you heard it with? My Maloney almost sounded worried as he talked about it like I. Just really hope that this team doesn't feel like they've earned anything. We don't want to come out here and just kind of limp through the regular season and get into the playoffs. You are hearing. A different tone. Even, though the last five six seven games for the for the nuggets were up and down. WE WANNA game. Lose game. Win A game. You lose game. There is a different tone about and it again. Any fan out there any listener out there say well. They're all. Say the same thing, not really you get to know a guy like malone and how he talks to the media. And he's not really wanted to say. He's got want to say you know. He's going to lay out the truth the way it is. And if it's a Lakers pretty damn good. Rockets are pretty damn good. You know we'll. We're going to go down there and we're GONNA. Try to give them hell. No, he's not saying that he saying. We think we got just as good a shot here. and. We think we can go down and not only be competitive, but we can take this thing. I'm excited of course last week. Get the League Board of Governors and the Players Union both approved the plans for twenty two team eight-game, wrap up to the regular season followed by possible play in tournament for the eighth seed in playoffs to resume. July thirty first inside. Walt Disneyworld. Espn Wide World of Sports Complex. It's going to have kind of. Almost a marksman this. Type feel to it 'cause they're all playing one complex and coming and going like that's going to be kind of kind of interesting. I'm. I'm really curious to see how these teams respond. Are The teams that are favorites like Milwaukee and L. A. and both? Are. They just going to pick up where they left off. Then be really really good. I mean the the the bucks have their plus two seventy five. That's their Vegas title odds. So they're pretty good about the bucks, the buck's have the highest odds of winning. This thing Lakers are next at plus two hundred so espn documenting what the wise guys would tell you. You'RE GONNA, have Milwaukee Los Angeles in a in the NBA finals and listen if the nuggets don't make it. That's that's a that's a must see series like that. That would be really fun to watch. I know and I've been following on Janta Tacoma on twitter and watching him during the whole Michael Jordan last day. It's all I like seeing his tweets. After every episode, it got me fired up because he's like thinkin his time to go out and be great. It's time to be one of those types of players now and. I said that during the documentary, our players going to watch that and change it a little bit. Take it up a notch. And change how they do things. Dedicate themselves a little bit more. Take that extra step whatever that might look like. But Milwaukee's first L. A. Second. Next in line. TORONTO. Plus Seventeen hundred is their vegas title odds even without Kawhi Leonard Look at that man that he had his hats off. To Toronto, and how they were able to respond you lose your star and Kawhi Leonard, and you come right back. They were going to be second or third in the Eastern. Conference, but they've got the third best odds next it's clippers. And it's. They were forty four and twenty. When the season ended. Think everybody it's again. It's whatever their stars can do. Whoever can take them to that next low level I mean that's going to be the big thing. And Paul. Can they take you there? Can they get the clippers over that hump? The clippers were so good for so long with with Chris Paul Blake Griffin. I mean they had a good team. They just could never get over that hump well now. That Hump is the Los Angeles Lakers for the clippers, so their fourth in line V is the Boston Celtics at plus fifteen hundred. And they got. They got a great roster. I mean Jason Tatum has taken a huge step, and being a superstar Jalen Brown. Al Horford Zehr Kimball Walker I. Mean it's a solid basketball team so their next in line who's after Boston. WHO WOULD BE V? The Denver Nuggets. There's a lot of belief into this team and is talking about Nicole Yokich. I got to see this. He said he's got a four-pack going. He shed most of the way like Jamal. Say! Guys like almost shredded. Shredded for call Yokich is. It's probably going to be different kind of shredded. Than Dwight Howard or somebody like that right? It's just always Dwi, even if he let himself go, he's probably still going to be the kind of guy that looks like. He lifts weights every day. There's just a gift and I and I hate them for that. That's that's crazy. Guys that just don't have to exercise at all. Yokich is kind kinda guy kind of body type. It's going to have to work pretty hard to maintain that. So we'll see. Four pack six pack going. Is that going to matter? That GONNA change the way he plays boy if he if it does and everybody was right about him, being a little, flabby and stuff. And actually that hurting his game. I. I feel pretty good about Colfax I really do. so much hinges, not necessarily on Yokich on his on his skillset, but. Does he want to take over and he did that primarily in the playoffs last year this year I did start to take a step back and say man until the joker can. Mentally know that he can take anybody on the floor. He's not going to be that superstar that we all want him to be or believe him to be. Not that he's. It doesn't have the skill set. WanNa win. There's just times where he says you know what I'm GonNa. Take this entire quarter. Get my teammates evolved. I'm not even GONNA. Take a shot I. Don't know that that and sometimes that can work. But the joker always has a different idea of how to win a game, then perhaps what the game plan calls for or what the coaching staff. Thanks Mike Malone is said as much. Do I wish that joker would take five to seven more shots per game? Absolutely, he said that. So. That's going to be important. Pushed the moment if you WanNa, simplify this. How are they going to win an NBA title? Astra score not. How are they gonNA NBA Title. It starts with both of those guys and finishes. And Jamal. You don't have to beg him to shoot the ball. You know he's just gotta get that percentage going. especially the three-point percentage what I really liked his game. That was developing this year though. was taken more guys off the dribble and using that pivot foot to kind of work around the free throw line extended fadeaway shots to or even lean in's kind of kiss off the glass. Lay ups I really like those type of moves where you have no idea how they didn't call travel like that's a move. He started perfecting and I I'd like to see him. Continue to grow with that, too. So I'm excited man. I mean this was. This is the next step for the nuggets. How about this? Even though we've been talking about this if the Nuggets Championship. and. Is there a big asterix there where you say? It doesn't really matter still doesn't really feel like they won the first championship. How about this? If they get knocked out in the first round. Is it a major let? Get past the first round last year, and then they go seven. I don't think so. I mean. They're going to be going up against Houston. I! Expect them to win, but I don't know that you're walking away at the end of it, saying man. I was it? That's the window closing for Denver, but maybe maybe so. Maybe it's worth a discussion. I events text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six, another store to pay attention to the nuggets though. Is Paul millsap if millsaps shines in these final games and then in the playoffs. EXPECT HIM TO FINISH HIS CAREER DENVER. But if he kinda takes a back seat Jeremy Grant that I would imagine the nuggets just let Paul Walk. And, pave the way for Jeremy Grants take over. But then again, if Paul would do bright price, who knows they probably keep him on his backup? If he's okay with that a lot of questions that need to be answered forty eight minutes after the hour going to take a quick break. When we come come back, we'll wrap up the show with closing. Thoughts will finish up our power. Play sports poll question. We'll see what the closing results are. At least at the end of this show today, the whole show powered by the energy. You're listening to the hall's show. Powered by PD energy and thirteen ten KFI KFI Brady will be back after the break the best UNC bear star. Game coverage lives on thirteen ten. KFI, K.. This is word NFL, reporter for ESPN and nineteen eighty two graduate of the University of Northern. Colorado you'll continue to listen to the award winning show thirteen ten KFI gay. Pretty Fun Monday. Marquette Knudsen got at us a little bit that first our. We had Dalen coon on the program A. To UNC transfer, great guy, great kid excited to see what he can do depending on. You know the the waiver rules. We'll see if he's going to play this year or next season either way next season for sure. But we'll see time will tell. That's our big interview Brady's important guest of the week. That's our interview available at the whole show, duck or thirteen K, dot, com, or the whole show dot com. It's on our facebook page right now. Follow us on our facebook page at whole show twitter at whole show very easy to find us, and we'll have our podcast. Therefore you hitting, and if you miss any portion of the program, you miss any of our interviews. You can get those clips right there for your listening pleasure I have in a sex line, three, one, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine six tomorrow. Colfax is top texts. Tuesday and we still got the signed ED McCaffrey Football. From fresh coat painter South Platte they hooked us up with this football and the rule is I. One two three. We started this three weeks ago. We've had three winners. Dixon's on the board. newbs on the board. We got well. County Swami on the board last week. So. Here's the deal. Somebody's GonNa take a step in the right direction tomorrow. We either one of those three is going to get very. They're gonNA get one away from taking home. The football or we're GONNA, get another whole again jumping in and making this interesting and it's. This is fun I mean, the more we do this. The more textures we get involved on this, the better the prizes are going to get. We're and what could be better than an McCaffrey side football I know and were who you just said. He's going to be an NFL coach to be perfect for your man, cave someday. So I expect a lot of great tax. We got a lot going on. We got a lot happening with sports baseball basketball hockey. When you have an exact date yet, but we're pretty darn shirts. Happening High School sports looks like it's ready to go back into fall so much to talk about nfl college so much. It'll be fun on a Tuesday program I believe we're going to get Jesse. Kurtz onto from the mountain. West Conference Network, so it'd be fun to talk to him about some of the top teams in the conference. You know we won't get into too much detail as far as guidelines starting, but some of those teams that might stand in the way of Colorado, state next season, top text Tuesday, coming up, bring it. Write it down three one nine nine six text K of K to that number. If you haven't so, you can be involved and let's get after tomorrow. Good night northern Colorado.

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Side Stories: Cannibal Corpse Rapture

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Side Stories: Cannibal Corpse Rapture

"Hey, what's up everyone? The boys from last podcast on the left here telling you about our new special, we filled in Chicago. And it was absolutely a wonderful experience, and you can buy it now for six dollars and sixty six cents. If you just go to last podcast live dot com. That's it. But he helped hail him in the year of twenty nineteen watch. I watch our bodies jiggle upon the stage, hopefully laugh with delight. Yeah. This is a recording of one of our live performances. So if you've never seen this live you've always wanted to this is your opportunity everybody can see live now. And next year. We will have a whole new show. So you will not be seeing what you see on this live show again. That's it. You're watching something that will never happen again. Yeah. Thank you all so much for your support this past year, two thousand eighteen was absolutely incredible. And we are excited to bring you a new show in two thousand nineteen again last podcast live dot com. That's last podcast live dot com. Go out there by for six dollars and sixty six cents and don't forget hail yourselves hail Satan. Bagging. Into escape to the loss. Todd casts on the left side stories. That's one of the cannibalism started. Yes. On us. You know what? I mean. We may be prerecording this maybe. And so we might be I don't know. Well, it's always I mean to be fair. It's a podcast. It's always prerecorded. You know? Yes, it's not we're not in your living room your car near closet. We're not stalking you in any way. No. I don't know what your underwear smells like oh. I don't know what I will say I am thankful that the skies opened up in our Lord returned last night. Oh, what the thing? No full side. And now I get to wash Jesus fucking dirty s fee. Oh, yeah. Day not jerk off with one. An and I'm cleaning them suds Zied magic to-. Oh, Jesus needs to be a Jackie letting while you wash his feet. I don't think that's part of the deal. But you know, what I think will be happy with a good scrub regardless this fucking egotistical pieces shit wants me to wash his feet. I'm gonna come all doing it. That's how he fucking gets it. Okay. This aside store is everyone. I am. Ben Kissel, Henry browse ski Travis morning star. We'll also be speaking somewhere around. He's around guy you what man twenty nineteenth going to be completely different. Sure. Yeah. Absolutely. Completely different. You know, I think it's going to be way different than any year. That's ever come before. Definitely different than the last two. I don't think we're going to lose any celebrities this year. I don't think any natural disasters are going to happen. We're going to have an easy calm. Yeah. Year. Well, I think you're being sarcastic. And that is just fine. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve. I hope y'all had a great holiday season. And we are excited to be back with you in two thousand and nineteen and we're going to have a great year together. No matter what happens will. Well, enjoy the ride together. My question is do you are you now still like I'm in the mentality? Unfortunately, I'm in the grandfather mentality that every once in a while like it'll pop into my head being like that's going to be twenty twenty who always happy when I was a boy that was future. But now, it's no, no, I totally agree. I feel as if I'm a grandfather technologies advanced so fast in such a short period of time. I think all of us have sort of aged in a rapid rate. I mean, if you grew up in like eighteen thirty to eighteen sixty nothing really changed. Nothing really changed. And now we have to deal with these iphones with Dr driving themselves. I mean, also your job before was you didn't just like rent an apartment in eighteen thirty to eighteen sixty you had to go find land and Bill so things were more difficult obviously in a hole, and I really feel like I know that you are very weary of some of the oncoming t. Ecological editing here. Oh, I know. I know that you're worried about them. But I feel like once they start sucking your day. You're gonna start changing your mind. I think you're going to turn that frown upside down wait till you get that first perfect AI blow job when you sit in settings to the machine of what you need. How you needed to be licked? How you be for the ferocity that noises? It must make you're going to be like, okay. It cannot be perfect sexual experience because I like human beads, you know, social media league going down ninety percentage points, you'll have to silicone bags on a what I imagine. It's sort of like a microphone stand hanging above it. You can grip onto them while it suck you, okay? Yeah. But I would recommend by think especially with the first gen is blindfolds or some kind of like night mask. So you're not seeing. Sure. Sure. Well, it sounds like a bad. It sounds a sort of a sexist polka song. Wait till Boston dynamics gets their hands on some some sex doll. I never gonna have sex with any man, Boston dynamics makes. All right. Well, I'm also the mind too. I really I've never used a flashlight really the will. We know that have used a flush out is Mark the I believe it's still on active duty. I don't know retire tires service yet is it you retired it. Okay. Yes. It did not make it to the pension years. Because if you miss one cleaning of it. Oh that things done. Yeah. Of course, it is. But that's what's fun about a robot. Is it if you build enough flake actually correctly, meet parts of which I'm certain we'll get to the oval to spin those DNA that kind of meets up do can come into like a meat like sack just it? You have not paid attention to any of my news stories about robots days are not there. You're gonna put your private parts. Someone your most sensitive bits into the control of an AI machine. They are going to thought the movie teeth was bad where the woman had teeth in her vagina shanked off a couple of fingers and a few cow when you're Najat. This was literally magic this is going to war. Times worse than that Kissel. What it's not just a vacuum. Right. You're not sickening. You dig into anything that's gonna suck. And this is true. You're going to stick anything that it's going to move instead around it, right? Like, we only Al we it's going to be willing to those horrible back massagers that only cause more pain you can. But also, I don't even trust you don't trust your hands. I barely trust my own. I have very soft hands. It's almost like I've never day in my life. Okay. Here we go. Let's do a story. This story is near and dear to my heart. I do have a connection with the sasquatch with the big foot. I feel I'm. Going to say don't give into these people. Everybody wants to say that you are sasquatch are big your big lumbering fucking eight beasts, but you're not you're a man kiss. No. I know as a matter of fact, we had the woman who interviewed us in Chicago. She just message me regarding my beard on Instagram saying, how does it grow so fast? I'm gonna say sasquatch blood. I got a fast growing beard. I'm not as Harry as you are Henry. But when it comes to facial hair, I can really get that shooting up pretty quick. So this happened in Montana shots fired at a Montana man mistaken for Bigfoot, this isn't possibly how I'm going to die. So. A Montana man had a bizarre brush with death over the weekend when he caught the attention of a trigger. Happy hunter I'm going to say killer, a trigger happy at murder on a big foot the unnamed Halina resident or Khaleda resident reportedly phoned please yesterday to alert them to the strange incident which happened while he was getting ready to do some target shooting on this about two Sundays ago. Much to his surprise. The man said his afternoon fun took a frightening turn when he suddenly realized that he was being shot at and quickly ducked for cover. Now this guy. I'm just going to say he is not following hunter's safety. Not following hunter safety need to wear an orange sash yet her of course, sash it's really good to wear like a sparkly dress. When you're out there because the sequence will pick up all the light. You know what I mean? Because then you look like a genie out in the forest, but I'd like about this guy is that he didn't even bother due to. Report the shooting that day he waited till the next day because he said he was a big enough deal. Well. Because he basically said he don't want to press charges as well. He just wanted maybe cops to go out and find hunters and give them a, sir. A stern lecture about. I love Montana. So this dude. So the bullets were flying all around him. He emerged from his hiding place and managed to speak to the dude who was shooting at him. It was not Dick Cheney. Oh, my God vice making a funny movie, but the Cheney so he's talked to the dude who shot at him. And according to the shooter he opened fire because quote, he thought he wasn't Bigfoot and sasquatch slayer said he came to this conclusion in large part due to the fact that the man was not wearing any orange as Henry do apparently the lack of protective gear and the man's bipedal nature, which is very bizarre. I guess he was walking onto feet. Yes. Yes, exactly that was enough because the guy wasn't wearing orange and he walked onto feet that was enough to convince the hunter that he was going to have a once in a lifetime opportunity to shoot a big foot. But I'm gonna say this, and I want your thoughts on him. What does that say about human nature? Let's say it's a big foot and now immediately this dudes like bidder kill it. Why you gotta shoot at throw off some steaks. Get him some old trapper jerky tried to entice the big foot. Maybe he likes corona I side with you. And it's mostly because there is a there is a massive debate within the big foot community because they this is this is a hot topic. And a people believe there are camps that believe that you kill the Bigfoot in order to study it for science, and there are camps that believe the whole point is to observe the big foot. So we can learn about it. And then we step away from it. And it's in the F two fronts of it. Right. You have one on one side. The hunter the pro-hunting side says this is a possible. Dangerous animal. We also we need to figure it out. How was it? David. Is there one report of a big foot killing there's been a lot of reports of Bigfoot? I'm going to say forced sex. Mostly written down. Yes, they yes, there's a great at their besieged anymore like fantasy. So there's that part of it. And I mostly just think it's men kind of exerting a sort of pre cook rage about the big foot during me insure almost being like they want to kill the big foot. Just because they know just how thick the big Foot's. Cock is and how much more it could better pleasure their own wide. Well, we don't think about it. I think about I think this is also it's a display of the sad state of cryptic knowledge. Actually in Portland. Maine the museum of crypto zoology is going under currently because they're experiencing the lowest admission they've ever had in their history. It's very sad. Because I thought thing crypto underway up. But no problems that interest in cryptic are on the way up, but the paying for content on crypt IDs it's on its way down the crypto zoology museum. If there's more interest in in Bigfoot, or in general, you think they would be a side effect that they would see an increase in business in an increase in rep here currently seeking help to fund the museum. Honestly, I think we should reach out. We should help them. I would love to. I mean, I think that those museums. You get just the right amount of you got your little vape way. If you go into museum like that. We actually had a fun time. I believe it was in Portland, Portland, one of those oddity museums. It was just in the back of a store it's super stupid, but it is so much fun. Yeah. Reminds me expand your mind. It's fun to see the examples of cryptic. But I actually wonder I feel like people might protest if too much about how much they love crypt IDs if they don't want to go out, and they don't want to support them. I found you know, like, it's sometimes the krypton episodes are not as popular no way. But there's the pro side of not hunting the big. We'll know this is the side that I'm on. Because if you have if you have a big foot, if you can get a big foot now, how do you know, the issue here is I suppose, how do you get it? Alive. How do you capture Bigfoot of life? This is a part of the are. We have to be correctable. What is the essential nature of the Bigfoot? Is it in fact, a primate, right? We don't know is it a primate is an actual physical creature, or as many people do believe is it some form of ascended some form of a highly elevated special creature. It's some kind of it's been anointed. Yes, it is special, and it may actually be some kind of either oars at a time traveller in the some kind of injured dimensional being that we don't know. I've also learned from it if we could figure out how to bridge the communication gap. I've also heard some theories it's like a missing link type character that would explain evolution further. All I know is so maybe a dark gun. Maybe you got your gun maybe dark gun. I'm not sure if we have cartoon bear rules. I don't know if it like sandwiches or a series of other. Yogi the bear type treats. But maybe go with that. Again, only know is is that if you're going to start feeding it expected to keep showing up. Absolutely, I think you have to be afraid of again because if your wife's out there hanging out, the laundry. Well, I just so happens to see the expansive gate of the Bigfoot now big as hands are according to his feet, and I'm certain how massive is dog is going to be hanging out weird. It's going to be like a bears, you know, dangling. And no woman wants I mean, not every woman Arizona lid, there's a lid for every pot yet. I'm sure there are some women. As Henry has read the erotica written by women that have thought about this. For every soup. Well, it's extremely true. Sometimes you really just got to get a big old spoon to scrape at the bottom of that soup. Absolutely about how much how much pro big or like, gentle Bigfoot imagery is out there versus anti-big foot, which all Perot Bigfoot. It's always I mean, the last one I saw was Harry and the hendersons, but you know, like, I I grew up in the Pacific northwest and a lot of the museums in little shops and stuff that had big stuff. There always be like an overturned car or a smashed dumpster to sort of say like big foot was here and not fun. It's fun to see that is because the overturned car. Was it belonged to a well known pedophile in town. Interesting Justice as law enforcement finally caught up to him. And realized he indeed was committing all of these horrible crimes. He just he beat law enforcement because he had a really cool transam. And then big foot said, no, sir. You're going to stop terrorizing the children of this town. I'm gonna sasquatch all over. Your s can you imagine? How fun show would be called Bigfoot. Pedophile hunter. And you do the same thing where you do to catch your predator. And you took a whole thing where you have the bait girl. Call the guy and he shows up to have sex with the child at all. It's just about good big comes out rips his arms. We just I wanna see that show. We just have to teach Bigfoot to say the sentence. Do you want any cookies? As well. Wait a second. You you sound pretty gruff for a twelve year old boy. All right. Well, speaking of twelve year old boys, perhaps you love this bad. When you were twelve years old, as of course, I did this next story is all about or it's about a member of the band cannibal corpse. Honestly, how procreate is this story? I love this story. I feel like an all of our lives. It's important to shoot for an arc. Absolutely. You know what I mean? Like where where do you see do you see yourself like maybe out in the hills of Wyoming or the Carolinas? Enjoining joying yourself. I could on brandy. I think I'm going to do something. Like, okay, now, let's take politics out of this. I want a mix of hunter S Thompson. And Ted Nugent. I think I want to start. I don't trust myself yet with extreme firearms. But I think once I sober up. And I'm fifty and I just need to do something to feel any kind of rush because I'm Randy rush any rush because I'm constantly going to say I remember when I could drink in the times Henry head to drive me through. The snow in Philadelphia. I was. You. Up to do. I'm going for solid mix of Jeff Goldblum Alan Moore who and unfortunately after my years protesting it's starting to turn into I'm certain become a pro guy Fieri. Yes. Understanding let's say the name, right? The guy Fieri it. I will not okay. I will not give him the Italian lilt. But I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he has not touched anyone against their consent. Not he is amazing. And you can't sneak up on him because he's got his sunglasses on the back of his head. He's he's definitely saved from Tigers sa- backyard. Cannibal corpse guitarist had fifty shotguns. Ten semiautomatic rifles at a twenty handguns at his rental home before his arrest. Newly released court documents show that cannibal corpse guitarist. Patrick Pat short for Patrick O'Brien. He made strange phone calls to his parents day of his arrest warning about the quote, unquote, rapture and telling them, quote, unquote, aliens have landed O'Brien has was arrested on December tenth and charges of aggravated assault or law enforcement officer and burglary of an occupied dwelling with the salt deputy say he burglarized a house and charged at a deputy with a night. Right. So Brian, yes. But will O'Brien allegedly broke into a north south Florida home in December tenth and shouted at the rapturous coming before pushing a woman to the ground. He ran towards a responding to deputy with a knife. And according to the Tampa Bay times fire marshal's fund, a large cachet of weapons at his home. Now, the interesting. Thing is he has so many guns those are expensive. I'm. I'm just going to say maybe by the house first. And then you can start hoarding all the guns. Joe horn in the rental. That's all I'm saying, I think so. You should own some land before you have over to God's. Absolutely. So this dude O'Brien Pat O'Brien he said fired his own house afterwards. He said explosives to his house, well as very deeply involved seems to be the prepar community. Yes, he seems to be one of the worst prep of all time because he burnt down his own home, which I don't think is in their rule book, evidently straight on of Ilan Musk's holiday guide. He had a flame thrower in his house, a military style flame thrower in his home. So which is by the way, just one of those fascinating things in this country. Part of me loves, of course, a part of me hates when it comes to mass tragedies, and we're going to get to nNcholas crews that horrendous story a little bit later on in the episode, of course, the parkland shooter, but if you can just go into a store and be like, I am the Qatar for cannibal corpse, and I would like to purchase five greatest AR fifteen and a flame thrower, you think that that would be like what was that band again? Not do I feel like if I was the owner of a gun shop who could also sell a flame thrower. I would probably already know cannibal corpse, and I would be like. Unlike would be that's the problem is that it's to metal to not be excited. That's very true. So I will say the new because a real of you seen the LAN mosque fire. The flame thrower. I saw pussy pussy. Well, it's not good. There's it can definitely as we saw on a video that I played on last dream on the left. It's very easy for Christmas. Trees, I know those are not out those are now out of your homes, but it can definitely light up some shrubbery. That's for Shiming. Honestly, you can use it to flaw Mbeya brew lay. If you want some that, you can Carmeli some sugar with it. But a real fucking military grade flame floor. That's how you cause some fucking KFI. That's bear. I'm into this all that part of it. So as Henry said this, dude, Pat O'Brien, he had a knife. He's like the end is near everybody. And they're like, yeah. For you. And he got I'm going to say extremely lucky and this is like people might want to say oh this is about race. I think this is about rockstar privilege now, I don't know if the officers knew that he was in cannibal corpse. But I think they looked at them and they looked at his fingers, and they're like that dude can probably shred. We've better take it easy on them. Because when you're running at a deputy with a knife in your right hand, which is I believe he is right handed. The fact that they didn't shoot him in the head is incredible. The fact they just taste him is a testament to then being a little bit more laid back than they all try. I think they're trying and him screaming like folk gird all these guys understanding that that is Pat O'Brien from cannibal corpse that seems to be he was known in the area. I think these deputies knew who he was okay. He seems to have been pretty heavily advertised as a man that was waiting for the end times. Well, I will say this of number one. First of all, the rapture isn't real is never actually described in the bible. That's one thing. I've been learning recently watching documentaries about the rapture. It was created by modern day, inva-, coal, right, political purposes. But you don't need to warn people that the rapture is coming because if it was real it would just happen. It would just people would just disappear. But I understand that. The first rapture is supposed to be that sign. That's the first sign of the kickoff to the the times of tribulation, which just learn sure episode for the book revelation. So we know that he is kind of prepping himself for the end times. He's got to fight it out his way, I seven years tribulation. But I feel like he doesn't understand that he really could have flipped this into some sort of cult situation for himself. He really could have positioned himself in a way where this could have been very advantageous to 'em an to do their new leg because they're joining slayer on the North American leg of their farewell tour. That's right cannibal, and he'll be able to watch them live. They will be on stage. And of course, slayer we'll be headlining this event. I would love to go to this, by the way. It's so sassy of a slayer farewell tour, everyone that we knew as children are now elderly men, and they are saying goodbye, which is sad. But no maiden. I have a question, dude. I remain feral toward this year too. Oh, my they're also going Lord. I have a question though. Now, he had what did we say about twenty guns in this house? I would assume all see v. No he had way more than that. He had fifty shotguns Chen semi automatic rifles and twenty hand the rapture baby. That is the ramp AB many ways. Good Lord, what a fun basement to be Wellstone. Rapture maybe happened because he was like the UPS guy was coming to drop off a package e went to the bathroom, and he came out in the package was just there without him signing for it. And he's like. Because new. Bureau. UPS driver would baby delivered him another gun. But I got a question. So obviously, he's got a lot of ammunition in the house without a doubt. This dude isn't just having guns for props. This seems like a serious guy you like the house ablaze. Now does this just go up like a microwave popcorn bag just do bullets start flying everywhere in the heat? It seems like the most dangerous house. I have ever heard catch on fire because that would just start going wouldn't wouldn't they basically explode all of the bullets. I am not an I'm going to say this explicitly. I am not a forensics. Okay. But I think the fire would not be able to get hot enough. I think. Because I know for a fact I think well d- at bed kisla one can fire take bullets or Ken fire make bullets go off. I've seen cartoons where it happens, and certainly it's been happening or it has happened in films. If you had a Christmas tree, maybe maybe maybe, but I will say always in stories, and ideas and comments decide stories L P O T L G melt calm because I love the influx of emails. We got about other people with shit incidents since your story about a smooth move t. Bill, Greg because I wasn't alone. I felt like it was the Libyan. I was living the song. You are not alone by Michael Jackson validated. I'm like, not everyone. I'm not the only. Moron smooth move. Sounds good. Okay. And you know, a little bit deeper to the story. So they thought that he was hallucinating because when the cops had him chained up they said somebody was after he kept saying that someone's earth drew me with smoking after me, dude. And it turned out his first appearance. They put him in a suicide an anti suicide vests, which is if thing were the chains, your your hands up to your chest and down your feats who wouldn't do anything, and it apparently he was not on drugs because they said that he'd have to pass a drug test before he was allowed to post bay. Okay. And it turns out he was clean, and he got him out man that is so this Soper it's scarier than when it scarier that. He's sober than if he was on drugs. It reminds me of the Miami zombie case where that dude get went and ate the homeless man space. Everyone said he had to be on crocodile or some different hallucinogen. It turns out the toxicology report came back. He was also sober. So it's it's strange when the brain. Just brakes, and you go crazy legitimately. I'm not trying to malign you Travis. But the sober community is very frightening. You know, because they're always on the edge rose on the ad about popping off. Why went skydiving? It's why I watched the sopranos over and over again. Like, my brain house trying. The wife of cannibal corpse drummer Palmas urkel. It started a crowd funding campaign. She wrote pets standup guy true to his friends family and band and also pet doesn't have insurance any lost everything that he owns. The fire. We started. I love and the fan reaction in the comments to this articles pretty pretty great and one is one of my favorite won't be like on people. We for corpse to make an official statement on this put a bet they won't a take into higher road. Here decide the pelvic Choson often indirectly Davis should supportive for him via the crowd funding campaign, which started about Germans wife. But that's it looked a it's all day. Okay. I love it though. That's great. Give him a little bit of money. He doesn't have insurance. And when you burn your own when you burn your own house down with a military style flame thrower. You should get a break. You should get a little bit of a break. Also this comment. Fuck. Yeah. Paddock C H E film making speakers bleed. See here's the problem of merica effort was attacked men like this and the ones who will be begging for protection. Don't judge Admiral and based on beam pain on hell, Lou quit his country's headed. Hell. I'm paranoid. My damn self. Kick your ass taking no shit, but he broke into somebody's house down his own. It does. Be on the front line of the war gets today. Thawra -tarian regime, but Huda, honestly, I will say I would much rather have him on my side and not on my side. And I in that way, I support him absolutely selfishness. All right. Well, this story is a well a little bit more lighthearted. Although I guess in the last story. No one got hurt. A man is accused this is in Virginia in northern Virginia. A man is accused of rubbing produce on his but at a northern Virginia grocery store a man was arrested at a northern Virginia grocery store after allegedly dropping his pants and rubbing produce on his ass. Nice way you way. Good one, Mike. Sure, your fruits ripe as if you make it smell, right? And straight out of some like, I don't even know the name of this grocery store to be is just comical he was rubbing his bought on produce at giant food grocery. Bigger. I never heard of food grocery in my life. But he was arrested after a witness reported seeing a man picking fruit off of the shelf. I would assume large for rubbing it on his butt. And then put in the fruit back shell. Guy at the name of the dude is Michael Dwayne Johnson. Not to be confused with the rock the rock had not to be confused with twenty seven and you look at a picture over. He looked relatively put together. Guys, a handsome, dude. No. It's just a picture is it's not a picture of his accounting license. Yes, now, I gotta ask the question though. Because of what he's charged with how bad or rough is his, but because he was charged with quote destruction of property and exposure, I don't know if rubbing your butt on fruit is necessarily destruction of property that seems a little bit cannibal corpse, burn your own home down. That's a little destruction of property. This is just rubbing your button, a mango it didn't destroy the damn thing wash it often resell it, I don't know because they said they had to get they had to destroy two pallets of fruit. Yes. The gym because they're afraid of contamination which is insane. The jars of all the giants Stewart heads destroy separate pallets in fear of contamination. But you know, man, this is the thing. But I gotta say this about fruit at the grocery store, if you think this guy rub, and is body is the worst thing ever. I have seen people sneeze. I have seen kids lick and grow. Nope. I've seen the most disgusting things happened in the produce section. You gotta wash your vegetables. You gotta watch your fruit. That's all I'm gonna say wash it up wash. I don't hear fruit to begin with. I have seen people Paul as a matter of fact, my girlfriend breasts do it. She was hilarious when she we were at whole foods. She grabs a loaf of bread. And maybe she's gonna kill me for telling the story. She grabs a loaf of bread slams it into her face in does to smell it. And then puts it down. But she's like that's normal. And I saw another person immediately doing the same thing ever stiff it on the Bradstock. It's gusting. I not ramped. You can't smell it. All right. But again, remember washer fruit. We just always be. Honestly, you should always be watching your hands to wash your hands. You'll see people at these grocery stores. They don't let dogs in they should because they're cleaner than the folks that walk through those dang aisles. Well, said it, but I have seen grab at this stuff. And they look like they look like the the hands of the toll bandits from home alone of the wet bandits discussed. You know, what it is to sick? I was running the story when I was on the subway and I saw man with pink eye. And then grab a hold of the subway poll that always haunts me own you, just just take care. They'll be like we're not in a garden of Eden folk to fucking Burster bubble. We're not here in the lease Ian fields came. This is a key foods in the middle of New York City or Los Angeles is not going to be clean. I still vomited in my mouth when I think about grabbing the subway pole, which I did do that had a lot of saliva and a full Louis on it. I want to move out of New York City every time that happens. It really takes off ten years of me living in this city. You know, what also makes me very upset. Just with the news reporter here, and they will never asked the question because no one ever liquid goes. We're never on the scene for these things. Did he just rub the fruit on his? But technically if it's just on your butt cheek. That's not that it is bad. It's bad. Yeah. But it's not that bad. It's not it's just as bad as your hands picking up. Honestly. So fully covered in shade. Yes. I said, I don't think did. He rub it on his asshole. Well, how would you even get let's say you're grabbing an orange? How would you even be able to because you have to one hand is obviously holding the orange the second one would have to peel open the and then you would have to ill. I don't drink as gets bigger your fucking flax. You really have to pull back like a cabinet door to get in their head resute. Don't have a but your butthole is on the chair right now that is not normal. But you could still no Jit in air to get up closer Bill. It's not like a six inch deep process Fellay. You're open it up a seal. Maybe it was a strawberry. You could do that. But if a bigger case load alignment. You're on your ass over over nonetheless. The man has been charged again, indecent exposure destruction of property. He's probably going to do more jail time than the guitarist for cannibal corpse. But Dobos people also move most fruit guts peels. Yes. We'll honestly this kind of changes the story a little bit just to kind of put a little button on this Johnson. Again. That's the man who rubbed the fruit on his. But was with another person at the grocery store who was not charged. So I think we have a situation where as guys will do sometimes trying to get a laugh from a friend. He went there. Maybe maybe it was a little bit of a dare or you know, when you do a middle of a thing where you you're kind of in the middle of a fight with your significant other. And it kind of goes too far redoing stuff being like, oh, you think I don't like fucking lives. But you'll because this show the it's obviously a fight about something else. Now, you're in the middle of a ranting bite where your pants are down here. Rooting fucking do. Are masculine point. That makes no sense. Yes. Yes. All of a sudden, it just like, you know, screen shot. Like, you may be wondering how did I get myself? This. Your. Sounds like a great deleted scene from veggietales. Oh, well, let's move on to your now. This next story this one honestly, I think that I can speak for both of us kind of. Well, I don't know. It pisses me off this. This story pisses me off. I would say it deeply saddens me about the state of humankind. Yes. So this one we'll we'll discuss this crazed girls. I think the girls they're actually sort of maligning teenage girls, which of course are participated in this. But if you read a lot of different stories about the story, we're about to talk about middle aged men are also sending letters to the parkland school shooter this monster. This creep, nNcholas crews. He's been getting a ask load of fan mail. And this is just one of those stories that it fascinates me that this man is a celebrity in the minds of thousands of young people. And of course, some middle aged men. I will. So conversely blame Facebook because this came out of. A fan page Facebook not saying that it's the, you know, the people have to be there to make things so obviously the people's fault. But just like the fact that like see that Facebook set of subconsciously encourages this kind of behavior because it's these these do believe that they are a subgroup or they are a fan group. These there's a part of the all inclusiveness of anybody's allowed to like anything that kind of spills into a psychotic point where they almost believe like there's the one statement of one girl being like, I reserve the right to love you nNcholas for they act as if it's an expression of their first amendment right in many ways, it is and many ways. Yes, you, of course, you could send these things. But also, there's no seems to be kind of a check onto what exactly it is stress. I have a question. Now, what do you do because I know Mark is used to have pictures of Ted Bundy in a binder when he was growing up a little at the same thing. Yeah. You know? True crime phenomenon is one thing. But I got a question when you walk into your teenage daughters room now when I was growing up they had backstreet boys and in sync, and maybe ninety eight degrees, which is a really nice temperature. As a matter of fact, they are all forty five years old forty five I'm thirty seven. So that makes about you know, reasonable sets. But when you walk into your teenage daughters room, and it's nothing, but pictures of parkland shooter nNcholas cruise down this next day. But does not matter. I'm just going to say though, he's not even close to handsome. He's not even hands. He's hideously unattractive. What do you do when your daughter is in love with a mass shooter? How do you zander's day dad damn boarding school? Packer into a van you send her upstate Milly. You'll come back when you're normal. No, I probably at this point. We just we will have asked for it because of the nature of our careers between fascinated by true crime and mailing love letters to to a serial murderer will simply guess this face of a post this the tenor of this. Hey, everyone, I want you all to know that nNcholas knows about us. And he had the biggest smile on his and he was told that we all support him. He's not receiving mail yet. But it's all being kept safe ready for when he's allowed to read it all t's, okay, Keith the letters coming because he can't wait to finally get them. Oh, again, this man murdered seventeen kids, please. This is absolutely crazy. And I'm I forgot of course, Ted Bundy was one of the first serial killers to really get a lot of female attention specifically because he was one of the more handsome serial killers. Because otherwise, they all just kind of. Look like slobs from the goonies, they were called Bundy files, and they began in a bags and bags of mail to Ted Bundy, of course, serial rapist murderer one of the worst human beings on the face of the planet to ever exist. And now nNcholas cruise, I guess he's getting the Bundy file treatment. Oh, you know, what it is? I mean, people are always going to be in love with bad boys in a way, you can put this kind of a party idiot. But this is different. This is very different. But it's I understand many ways I understand that. Because people have been in love with these kinds of figures for really long time. It goes back to even the old west like kind of the the people talking about the old gun fighters. And all that kind of they're always been these kind of enclaves of this. Right. So it's just very we're just in a world where we can see all of it. Now that is very personal. It's weird how it's flipped to the public exploration of it. I can almost understand you being a little strange in wanting to reach out to somebody else that you think is very strange and. Could quote unquote, understand you. But so you send a private letter to this person. And then you get a response. So that's where the bunny files kind of make sense. And the people were the person is no longer reachable make sense. But now something like this where you go you're publicly group together and praise this person. Right. So it is a very sore sense of community. I guess it's community if you watch his videos the videos he put up before he shot up the school. Obviously totally horrific. He is such a jackass. He's horrible. He sounds like such a little bitch. He's like I'm going be. I'm going to shoot up to score. I'm going to be famous, and it's like, I don't get the sexual attraction. One woman rope or one girl she's eighteen years old discipline? This is what she wrote. She says I'm eighteen years old. I'm a senior in high school when I saw your picture on the television something attracted me to you. The letter was mailed from Texas and tucked inside an envelope. Covered with a hand-drawn hearts and happy faces. The letter says your eyes are beautiful and the freckles on your face make you so handsome. She goes described herself as white with big Brown eyes. She says, quote, I'm really skinny and have thirty four C sized breasts. She a letter with three preschool rated jokes about gummy bears and peanut butter. This woman might need to be, you know, in in in special classes, not that. There's anything wrong with that. But it is not like these people are one hundred percent all and then there's another card. It was a card with a picture of a monkey hanging from a tree. And it just says simply hang in there. Hey, that's nice. We it's weird. Right. Because there's a part of this other letter here that says something along the lines of I know that maybe you need something to talk. Like, hey, Nick, this is not hate mail, nor is it a fan letter. I can only imagine what went through your mind that day. But I'm guessing you've had time to rethink your actions. I hope so you eft up big time. And I bet you know. I just wanted to know that there's at least one person out here who does it want to kill you. You're in a tough spot, Nick. And then it's something I know because I've been there myself killed some people do the no angels thought about it. Oh on about it, you know. So if you need someone something I get mailed to you ask if you need to talk. I'll listen will they are paid his commissary, which is of course, all of the food that you can get all the bonus food it's expensive. They are in prison. They Jack up the price a little bit. So they're paying for his food. They're really taking care of this guy. A lot of the pictures include shots of cleavage. Another picture was of skimpy bec- of a gallon of skimpy bikini eating a popsicle and a tight shot of her backside as she bent over another girl sent photos with Hello, kitty, Snapchat filters. I just I, you know, it's Wayne this is one of those this is one of those. That's I'm gonna call it a head scratcher. I it's a head scratcher scratch isn't this adoration of someone like nNcholas cruise? It's just like a rejection of the status quo. It's like you were doing the interview with Dr Laycock raising a kid in like in under satanism, they become Christian. Sometimes like, yes, see the big the big boogeyman of our modern age is the school shooter. And is is the psychopathic pops off, and I think in the eighties. Maybe it was more of a Bundy like these the serial killer thing, so I think this is an icon of just rejection of the status quo yet of his age had a lot to do with Stephen paddock. Of course, the Las Vegas shooter. Had he lived. I don't think he would have gotten too much fan mail. But but that's the truth. Right. That's a part of it is that because he is a relatively young, man. Look sort of like if you look at pictures of Justin Bieber right now, he looks like a fuck and gutter rat, that's the look that's the look that they want. They like they like that kind of scrubby people like that. Because that's bad. Boy, he's from the other side of the tracks, your I mean, so people are into it. There's a they. So it's it's interesting where they think they are rejecting quote, unquote, normal society. But actually, they're fitting right in right in right into the there that that fifteen percent of humankind has to exist because it always has run. So they are a day. Just kind of keep them mean. Unicycle going a bad. Boy, James Dean, he was a bay. He little fast, and maybe a little bit of alcohol in his system. Well, drive a little fest shore, okay, shooting seventeen people. That's just a douche bag, according to public defender Howard Finkelstein the that reminds me of of ace Ventura finkel- Finkelstein looking at little football. There's a pile. There's piles of letters this is according again to public defender. Howard finkelstein. He says in my forty years as public defender, I've never seen this many letters to a defendant everyone now and then gets a few. But nothing like this again, not all of the letters are from women one card with a cat on the front of it is from a New York man sporting a bushy grey moustache enclosed photos of himself behind the wheel of his white nineteen Ninety-two Nissan convertible. So that is I'm just gonna say this a little bit of a brag would it comes to nNcholas cruise getting the mail, which he currently does not get he is not allowed to receive it yet. But he will at some point. I'm going to say this dude in New York who sporting a bushy grey moustache and who has the picture of himself in nineteen Ninety-two Nissan convertible. He's going to be thrown in the trash. Yes. Just immediately. This guy Nickelodeon one is send him picture just of my asshole. I make him open. Yes. A good shopper. This is great twenty thousand nine hundred and great absolutely wonderful to fascinating stuff here. And of course, Eddie way, I just I think it's always a good conversation to have the low failure of these monsters. It's good to check in. Yes. And she's think about where are we at how big of a fan are we of this? None of these people are so guys by our special is live. We're going to we're going to commercial Milligan tell you the the address is going to go up there. All of it. We worked very hard on it. And hope you enjoy it. And finally, the the first story of two thousand nineteen in karma news, a Texas man is dead after police said he tried to break into a donation. Bin officials said the body was found that a shopping center, stay station. This is before Christmas. They said a woman walking her dog found him in called police. Officers believed the man was trying to get inside the donation been when he got stock the weight of his body then pulled down the lever, and he suffocated so don't steal from donation bins. Be the opposite of that guy. Don't be a fucking asshole steel donation bin. That's sometimes you die in there. That's my the my New Year's resolution give more steel less that that's should be all of our New Year's resolution. Yes, Steele less. Absolutely. All right over what they will so much for listening. We cannot wait to spend two thousand nineteen with you. We're going to have a lot of fun HALE yourselves and say ten ever any stories. You want us to talk about it. We find a lot of this information. People Senate all time people send us stories all the time. And it's wonderful Email us at side stories L P O T L at g mail dot com. All right hurdles Magoo's dilation zones. Emme? Hey, what's up everyone? The boys from last podcast on the left here telling you about our new special, we filled in Chicago. And it was absolutely a wonderful experience, and you can buy it now for six dollars and sixty six cents if you just go to last podcast live dot com. That's it buddy. Helped hail him in the year of twenty nineteen watch watch is our bodies jiggle upon the stage, hopefully laugh with delight. Yeah. This is a recording of one of our live performances. So if you've never seen this live you've always wanted to this is your opportunity. Everybody can see us live now. And next year. We will have a whole new show. So you will not be seeing what you see on this live show again. That's it. You're watching something that will never happen again. Thank you all so much for your support this past year twenty eighteen was absolutely incredible. And we are excited to bring you a new show in two thousand nineteen again last podcast live dot. Com. That's last podcast live dot com. Go out there by for six dollars and sixty six cents and don't forget hail yourselves hail Satan.

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Interview with Crime Writer Jeff Lindsay  S. 5, Ep. 15

The Crime Cafe

20:34 min | 1 year ago

Interview with Crime Writer Jeff Lindsay S. 5, Ep. 15

"And everyone this is the crime. Cafe you're podcasting source of great crime. Suspense Thriller Writing. I'm your host Debbie Mac before I bring on my guest. I'll just remind you that. The Crime Cafe has to e books for sale. Will the nine book box set and the short story anthology. You can find the by links for both on my website. Debbie MAC DOT com the E. B. B. I may CK DOT com under the crime. Cafe Link you can also get free copy of either book look if you become a Patriot supporter. You'll get that and much more if you support the podcast on Patriot along with our eternal gratitude for for doing so hi everyone. I'm thrilled to have with me today. The creator of my favorite serial killer or at least one of them Dexter Morgan and he now has a new book out called. Just watch me. Featuring his new protagonist Riley Wolf. I just finished it and it's great and my guest today is New York Times bestselling author Jefflin's Jeff. It's wonderful to have you on and while it's great to be had thank you very much. Thank you very much Tell us about Riley Wolves and what prompted you to write this book. Riley Wolf is is a master thief maybe the best in the world and the thing about him is for for Riley. It's not about about the money. It's about the challenge of he had a sort of traumatic childhood that made him grow up with into really overwhelming compulsions and the first is to steal things that are impossible to steal. It just can't be done and the second is if possible to steal them from the one percent He has a real deep-seated did grudge almost a hatred for the hereditary entitled people who just In his mind Wallo while in the money and you know sort of walk on everybody else with their their ingrained privilege so It came because I I wanted to do series and quite honestly I sort of needed to and It was it was what we like to call a job job. Work there I had to go through a lot of different changes a lot of evolution and I started with a con man. I and I realized that it'd be more interesting to make it. Someone that uses being a comment as tool rather than an end and so riley wolf has those skills and he has an incredible skill for disguises and dialects and accents but he uses those is to get inside where you would think no one could go and steal things from the one percent. That can't be taken very interesting I did this consciously or unconsciously or if there's even a relationship but there is part of what I saw thaw in Riley was the saint actually was what the saint if you're familiar with the character saint low not I'm sorry oh well that's You should familiarize yourself with that care. Turn than people would say stealing. We don't want that hat but just reminds me of that that mental that whole ability to transform themselves and doing things just for whatever for personal reasons and having a deprived childhood also well so far. I've also heard to allay MS and a couple of other other things so I I guess I'm used to it well. It's very interesting psychological makeup on this character and a half to say that his capable of doing some really nasty things he has to make him awfully hard to like. If you didn't know his backstory so what did you you do. I mean what sort of research did you do to get into this backstory. Well I worked with a psychologist And I it came up with a couple of basic things about him and ran them past her and she helped me refined it and bring it to a point I every writer who is Any good at all is at least part psychologists but not for me One of my deep-seated neuroses is that I try to get it As accurate as I can so I liked to work with a psychologist and we You know we stuck Riley wilt in the pencil sharpener and turning till it was sharp enough well that takes doing I mean. That's that's quite a bit of work right there. It was a job a work. Yes did you devote a certain amount amount of time toward the research before you wrote. I mean how much time exactly character research And I and and I guess Physical Geographical Research was a couple of years. Yeah and hopefully that gets easier with each book. Look I don't need to do the background stuff anymore. But I do need to evolve it as I go and A lot of the locations in the book look places I've been I'll admit I hadn't been to Tehran and that doesn't seem likely either but Most of the other places is I have been. I do know grew up in the south. So I know all of those places to and I've lived in New York City and most of the other places that he goes to in the book Yeah psychologically typically how does Riley compared to Dexter. They both have They both invoke this darkness in one form former another When they do bad things I noticed you think that they are similar or different in various ways? They're very different of Dexter sociopaths he doesn't have the empathy bomb he doesn't he doesn't feel for his victims or anything else with Riley. He's not associate path but he's so driven A. I'm sure you've known people the books who could so involved in doing tasks to get blinders on and they don't even notice that they're doing collateral damage around them and that's more what Riley is It goes into what he calls the darkness when he kills someone so that it's not as like like he's not doing it is watching it being done. which is to protect? You know the the the feelings the psychological background and so on. He's not really really doing it. Whereas with Dexter wanted to enjoy every minute of it so the darkness for Riley's more like a Mhm Denial Yeah for Yes for Riley. There's he has a series of rules. I call them Riley's laws. Coincidentally he calls the map too and Riley Service claw is the job ABC comes first and that means whatever gets in the way of doing the job has to be pushed out of the way. So he doesn't doesn't set out to kill people but if someone is in the way of getting the job done and he doesn't mind arranging accident. Yes well so It almost like to stop writing Dexter and start writing riding his character. It was It was like getting a divorce or having a loved one. Die Or something. I went through the five stages of grief before I finally retreated into you. Know my normal anxiety and roses and I really didn't want to stop stop because all my life I wanted to be writing series and I felt like I was in the groove and I I think the last book in the Dexter Series Dexter is dead available wherever fine books are sold was one of the better ones of the series I had had a Lotta people. Tell me that you know and they say why did you stop. You know you were you. Were really in the group there. And that's the point. I wanted wanted to more or less. Go out on top and stop before it started to get tired on me so I did that. But if I'd realised how hard art and how long it would take the move onto Riley Wolf might have thought twice about that. Yes be careful what you wish for Can you give us a brief description of the story in. Just watch me shoots. Let's Riley Woth semi spoiler alert at the opening. The book is stealing a twelve ton the metal statue in plain sight in broad daylight at its dedication ceremony and as he's driving away with it's a the money from his client in his bank account he realizes it was too easy and everything has been too easy lately and he he needs to do something impossible because otherwise you'll get complacent and make mistakes and it'll be over so he finds something impossible's votes which is the crown. Jewels of Iran are coming on a exhibition tour to America and they will be guarded by Star Trek type technology and a team of retired seal mercenaries and the full platoon of Iranian Revolutionary Guard. So it's impossible. It absolutely cannot be done and Riley decides to do it into steal some of the crown jewels of Iran. Just as background. This is maybe the most amazing collection ever seen anywhere thereon in Crown Jewels. Are you know it's a cliche beyond price. But they are one small all piece of it. The Doria a Noor is the largest pink diamond in the world and it is conservatively estimated to be worth fifteen billion with a B. dollars so Riley Wolf decides to steal it and anything more that I say about that. It would be Spoiler so I'll just say forrest gump that's all I have to say about that. Yeah I particularly totally like the FBI agent in the story by the way Y'all got to. He's wonderful sort of a nod to my childhood. He's Cuban American and and Physically he's based on a classmate and friend. Mind Muncie and mentally. He's based on another classmate. It's made of mine in high school and he just started combined to be this Sort of sloppy looking physically but mentally. Almost Riley's elise equal. And I thought that added kind of ratchets ratchets things up a bit to have the relentless pursuer seward absolutely yes What are your plans for the series? Do you have plans chance in terms of the number of books. You'd like to write where you'd like it to go. No not at all. Not that organized you know I get up in the morning and put one sock on and I'm not sure what the next one's going to be in that kind of person but if I can can really get this rolling in my head I'd like it to continue for a while and You know it's As as I said earlier. It's what I've always wanted to do to write a series Not Merely because it's it's easier but just because it It provides a satisfaction to me that riding Solo books. One offs really. Doesn't I don't know if I can describe why. Probably my childhood drama well I. It gives you an opportunity to get into the characters a great deal and tease out what they would do in different situations. Correct Yeah you're right and I've always been more about character than in plot or anything else is another another reason. I worked so hard and worked with psychologists to develop the characters. It's that's what interests me even minor characters was in my books. I find myself reading a little bit and you know thinking about habits. They might have and things like that and you know it's a tick. I know that it's it's what I got. Let's a sign of a good writer too. I think What advice would did you give to someone who would like to write fiction for a living? do something else that would be my first piece of advice. The other piece I give which I'm I'm dead serious about is learn arc welding now this is like One of Riley's laws ause is never argue with the truck. It doesn't mean literally standing argue with the truck it means metaphorically and mine learn arc. Welding is also metaphorical for what I mean is learn a basic skill. They can pay the rent while you're trying to write because Sometimes lightning hits. And sometimes it doesn't and writing is not really a job. It's vocation The word word vocation. It's it's based on the same root word as voice vocal. Vox and what it means is you're called to do it. You can't stop. You have to do it and if you find that you don't have to do it that it is a job. Instead of a vocation stop you know go fulltime. I'm on ARC welding but For me for a lot of writers I know I can't even take a vacation. You know I how say to myself. I'm going to sit in the sun and do nothing for a week and by the middle of the second day. I'm writing on October on that and So that's what it's gotTa be if it isn't that do something else in that is so absolutely true Do you have any particular Giller favorite writers that you look to for inspiration. Not for inspiration for enjoyment Patrick O'Brien Who wrote probably the greatest series and certainly the greatest historical series ever And Ivory we read the series many times and I learned something new each time It's just it's it enlightens me as a person and a writer writing currently Boy I love Naomi Novick. She's a fantasy writer but like Patrick. O'Brien she's so good she kind of transcends the genre genre and she's just she's just wonderful and brilliant and I can't say enough good things about Science fiction is another thing I like like in the best sci fi writer going right now that I know of is John Skulls easy so but there's a lot of good stuff out there and and I like biographies to and Believe it or not I was. I was teaching college course this year and I Zombie of war and peace lying around and they felt guilty. Because I'm teaching college. I'd never read it in so I stole it and I've they've been. I'm almost finished with it now and I will return it. I swear but I just thought I'd never read it and I really should and it was worth it. Oddly enough. I've rented actually. I agree with you. It is it is worth it idly announced yet if you look at it and it's ninety four thousand pages long and you go. Oh please. It's like I'll get the page sixty four and go okay. That's enough a didn't and I'm really enjoying it. I was surprisingly entertained gene by it and of course informed as well I mean it was just a remarkable book truly and it had me Sitting with my ipad so that I could look things up you know. Did that really happen. What how long is versed anyway? which is the Russian measure of distance it and on and on things like that? So yeah I'm I had a great time with it fascinating isn't it. Is there anything else that I haven't asked you about that. You would like to mention Well when you add that I'd like to mention no I would like To encourage everyone to go out and buy several copies of this book It will make wonderful Christmas presents and You if all else fails and you have an uneven table leg. There's always that I well. Books always make great gifts as far as I'm concerned preaching to the choir there you go so thank you so much for being here today Jeff. It really really really did enjoy it. Thank you thank you. I had a great time. It's all my my pleasure I'll L. just remind everybody out there who's listening to please check out. The Crime Cafe. Nine Bucks said and Short Story Anthology which is on sale on my website. Debbie Mac dot com through various retailers. All all wonderful where all great books are sold or whatever that so and also my patriot. Fan Pages there so while you're there check that out and at while you're at Senate please leave a review for this podcast. It helps a lot and on that note. Our next guest will be Kathy stoler so I will see. Are you in two weeks and in the meantime

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October 29  Hour 1  CSU Rams Set For 1st Game of Season | Kelly Lyell

The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

39:48 min | 6 months ago

October 29 Hour 1 CSU Rams Set For 1st Game of Season | Kelly Lyell

"It's Also gave. Here we are. Dot Game was Thought we were going to start this Steve Adagio era off a week ago but no. Not There yet. But today dropped all my papers. Today the Colorado State Rams are ten night eight o'clock GonNa stay up late Colefax. We're GONNA WATCH COLORADO STATE TAKE on the Fresno State bulldogs fun. Show today. We'll. We'll have kelihile per usual on with us from the Fort Collins Colorado him talking all things see issue really what to expect. Because you know Colfax we got some news and I'll to that in a moment. We're also GONNA talk to the voice that play-by-play voice for the Fresno State bulldogs Paul Leffler. Who is incredible at his job and we're excited to bring him on the program to to break down the bulldogs they lost to Hawaii last week and score pretty rough. But yeah, I think the tail of that game was the fact that Fresno state's run defense was absolutely awful especially guarding. Defending the quarterback. So you gotta wonder how this is going to work out Adagios kind of known for running the ball but there's also a lot of unknowns with this offense and you know with Marcus macelroy probably being the guy. But then we've also heard it's GonNa, be more of a running back by committee type situation. It should be interesting I don't know what to expect. I've had people. Ask Me do. I. Touch this game do I. Do I, bet on this game one way or the other I would stay as far away from this thing as humanly possible I would watch tonight as a fan only. because. I don't know our power to play sports poll. Question of the day is up. Let me ask you rams fans I, WanNa know. Do you expect. A winning season. In Two thousand twenty. Now, obviously, one game is out. So this works because. You'RE NOT GONNA. Have you know a break even type year? They're going to have a winning season or losing season. Seven Games on the schedule unless there's another one canceled do you expect a winning season? I'm very curious to see what you actually think. Or is this covert year it's Adagio. It's new or your expectations are just you know what? I just want to watch this team and see what happens. Fifty five point fifty six percent of the holy say Yeah Yeah I I expect this team to win expect them to have a winning season this year. So very least they go four and three first event is text line three, one, nine, nine, six and Colefax just like that we have our big story of the day. And as we. kind of thought. The Colorado State Rams have named Todd Santio. The starting quarterback for the rams tonight. He's a he's a transfer from temple. He appeared in twenty four games for the owls over two seasons he rushed. Now here's what's interesting he ran for. So ran seventy, one times for two, hundred, thirty, five yards and a touchdown completed forty, eight of seventy one passes. For, six hundred, thirteen yards, seven touchdowns with one interception he was three star recruits as a dual threat quarterback. Hawaii's quarterback ran all over the place last week at one, hundred, sixteen yards. This play into that decision or is it more that O'Brien missed some time Patrick O'Brien missed some time going in. Or just kind of a mixture of those two plus him. New System. Everybody says the same thing new system everybody's to a new coach. There's no film there's film if there isn't film pay no attention to the past. But at the same time, pay attention to the past first advantage text line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six, I want to get to all that later on a lot of Ram stock for you. As they get set to take on. Fresno State Tonight eight o'clock I'm just I'm excited to just watch this and learn a little bit more about with this offense is GonNa be I mean we know some returning stars from last year? But we don't really know how they're going to be utilized I know e J Scott and nate. Craig Myers talked about it before when a coach Adagio got there hey, saying they were a little concerned. Because there's there's not typically a lot of passing in a Stephen. Dot Co offense at least what we saw with Boston college and it's not like air force or anything I mean they're still going to throw the ball, but they're going to run in a lot more than they are going to pass. Very curious to see how this works out. And what kind of team and can the rams? Of, Swiss cheese type defense that Fresno state has its own. That's an interesting look from that Fresno. State. Scheme to four to five. The Husky position. more of a I guess a more of a defensive back linebacker hybrid type. Guy I like innovative positions in defense. I think for the longest time we just Kinda went status quo and. Most of the time is the four three or the three or four, and then you started to see more athletic linebackers more athletic linemen tougher defensive back. So you can kind of merge merge the two so. Very interested to see it. You see and it was on the defensive side as well with Chuck Heater, the Fox position. So yeah, I'm a big fan of that. I don't know if it's GonNa work out, but it's interesting. It's interesting. So I'll be curious to see how this works with the bulldogs tonight. Drew. Lock Colfax. My friend. He talked to the media yesterday. Now, this wouldn't you say this has been the most critical. We've been collectively as broncos country of drew lock this past week. I mean you may not have been on you know on the Drew Lock Bandwagon but you certainly were waiting out to see but I think more people now are skeptical of drew law. He was asked about the critics and everybody kind of knocking his play a little bit. Here's what he had to say you play quarterback in criticized regardless. been criticized plenty of times that Girl University of Missouri. Is What it is always signed up to do, but also love to do. Carla. Time is people that criticize can be doing what we do. anyways. So it's a funny thing but. They're analytics people look at it and sometimes. True. Tonight up. Doing Okay. First off I'm not really an analytical Guy I. Don't really bust into that too much but. I've always kind of struggled with this. Listen I never played college football I. Never Played Pro football if that's if that's tough for you to believe. I never liked. I've never liked it. Now I'll say this when I watch high school football when I watch college football or I'm listening to broadcasters yeah. I like to have the color commentator have played sport that I'm watching whether that's the the preps game. The if I'm watching a college game that I love hearing the color commentator. Do Prep stuff you know or excuse me had played before NFL. Yeah I like to know that because you get all the insides. You know you get the idea what's going on the locker room what's going on in this position? What's going on with the with the staff I, like that. Now. To be critical. Of drew lock to be critical of the broncos and and somehow say that that's not as okay. Because you didn't play the game I don't. I don't wipe that. Does drew lock does he come across a little? I mean he's got it he. Got An edge to them you know he's doing the dribble between the legs. He shoots it does the buzz light your stuff Is it a little cocky right now or you Kinda? Kinda want that. Listen I I don't even know if I want to hear that from Aaron Rodgers at this point I don't WanNa hear the. Hey none of you guys can do what I do. So you can't be critical. Criticism Colfax is what makes the world go round it's what we debate. It's what we do. We movie reviews in the summer because we didn't have crap to talk about neither one of us could act or direct. Or bright a screenplay. Tried well, yeah, I mean. But if you knew it deep down your heart, you'd be in Hollywood right now making millions of dollars. I mean, there's something there. But yet, we can criticize these movies. You know we criticize it give him ratings, rate them. We. Criticize the president criticize politicians. Criticized coaches and teachers and everything yet, we don't do criticism. Try to be fair with it is what makes the world go round? So a better response to that. Would have been to let leave that portion out I mean, he kinda got later. That's that's not a yeah I. DON'T I. Don't I don't. Really. I don't really like that. Greenacres has wait the star of the nature minute didn't play professional football I did not. Believe it or not. You know freak injury that kept me. No I. Yeah I. Wish that was the reason right now. Now I played high school football that's about it. Never a real shot to play at the next level and I'm okay with that. But I don't think we have to all be. You Know I. Don't think Greenacres I don't think you have. I don't I don't know if you did or not. But you don't have to had played for the Colorado State Rams to have an opinion and to be vocal about that opinion. Those opinions and that noise that we all create myself included is what makes this game larger than life? It's all of our opinions that make make these sports, generate the ratings that they do. and. I guarantee you this most of it's not puppies and kittens. We're not just always saying Gee Golly? I'm excited for the ball game tonight I don't care who wins just as long as football happens. No guarantee you if the rams get worked tonight rams fans are pissed wondering if this is the right move, even though it's only a game one guarantee it. That's how it goes down. I events text line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, six. So you gotta be gotTa be okay with Melvin Gordon on the other hand. Very. Apologetic about the DUI. He I mean this is the kind of the first time. We've really broken into hearing him talk about that, and he's been very apologetic about the fumbles. Now, I'm not saying that cures it. If he keeps fumbling, he's GONNA lose time. But he's at least talking about and addressing and he says listen. Nobody feels worse about the fumbles than I do I'm the guy that's creating them. I'm just trying to do too much I want to make a big play. It's very important to me and I've just got a calm down at least he's calling it out now again, he's got to fix it. And win better to fix that then against his old team that threw him. To the curb man, they toss them away though coming up against this chargers team. So I'm looking for a highly motivated Melvin Gordon this weekend I events text line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six, eight, one organics. We'll tell you about them. They deliver in bulk or you can pick up at their retail center in Eaton they load for free turf top dressing. Here's well that can deliver your S. Ta. Certified compost any location in Greeley Windsor Eton severance all etc. Call for competitive pricing. That's a one organic number, nine, seven, four, five, four, thirty, four, ninety, two. Power to play sports poll question for Rams Fans. Do. You expect a winning season. Meaning you're let down if they do not it would be a letdown or are you viewing this season as its covid? It's new coach. We lost a few guys. I WanNa get to know what this team is going to be, what what are your expectations seventeen minutes after the hour we'll take a quick break when we come back. Let's get more into that on the ramp side of things what to expect from Fresno state will they bounce back after a rough game? Last week against Hawaii Kelly lyles joins me later on also the voice of Fresno St Paul Leffler will join us in the second hour. So a lot of preview for a big one tonight I am very excited about this one. You got NFL too. But I think I think locally, the rams should easily win this ratings competition between Atlanta and Carolina. We'll. It's party northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI K. The block party Wednesdays from four to ten pm Dan Patrick the whole show in Colin cowherd are on northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten Kfi K.. Cato June all pro linebacker super bowl champion you listen to thirteen Tan. Kf Koa. Tom. com. Fresco painters. Of South Platte Hook you guys up lucky listeners here. If you call fresh coat painters of south pledges Tom, you heard about him here on the whole show and you will get a free cooler and free painting quote as well. So that's free many cooler go along with that fresco painters of south, Platte, of course, they are the official sponsor of top text Tuesday. And we've got we've got a great competition going on for that Denver Nuggets Gift Package. Couple of guys might be able to win this thing we'll see. But maybe next week, we got two guys that could walk away with this bad boy. I first. Advantage text line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, six, McLean says, well, we ever get to see Gordon Lindsay for a full game. Yeah. Lindsey didn't practice yesterday. And I would just imagine the further we get into the week. It's not gonNA it's not it's going to be a No-go for him. So yes. Every time we've seen it. It's been pretty good. They I know Lindsay Khanna. took the took the show last week you stole the show last week in that first half, but Gordon, still add about seventy yards rush on about thirteen carries her. So so I think there's a need for both of them at this stage in you know again, I never really liked the idea of given Gordon all that money and then Lindsey still nothing no reward or anything like that. Unless there was a conversation hat. With elway and Lindsey like, Hey, this year get through it and we're gonNA take care of maybe that happened if it did then. have an issue. Lindsey and Gordon nowadays, it seems like other than maybe a few teams. It is kind of a running back by committee, but there's no reason. It can't be Philip Lindsay's team, and then Gordon's coming because you don't want Lindsey. Lenzi Karen at Twenty, two, twenty, three times a game. You know I love running back that can carry it that many times that that's very rare to see that now. But you especially can't have it with Lindsay. He has a history of injuries. The size is is an issue if you're carrying it that much. So no I have no problem with Gordon. You did upgrade the depth. You did it is an upgrade again, as long as those conversations were had with. Lindsay beforehand, which I don't know that they were. But I that's my biggest beef with the whole deal, her not the actual depth chart itself because it did improve. First event is text line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six. This is a big one for Melvin. Gordon though. He's he's looking at this game. This was the team the chargers were team they moved on from him a first round draft pick a few years ago. And they decided to move on for the undrafted local guy who's now out for the season by the but Austin actor. So I mean Gordon's got to be looking at this as this is what this is when you want to have a monster game. Against the team that gave up on not the team that you chose away from necessarily but they they gave up on Gordon now again. Gordon went on a hold out last year before the season started with the chargers and that whole thing kind of started. So they knew it was gonna end at some point. Gordon's also in a loop not really hot water, but he said normally I start to turn it up week seven week eight. You know, of course, Broncos country on the negative side of the where was it before but you know what? Sometimes. You see that you see that with teams especially in this situation. You see that with players they might start. They get a little bit better as the season progresses. There are guys that do that. There guys do that in the playoffs there. Okay and the regular season something about the playoffs brings out the best in the. So hey if he can bring that now and aid is a huge week for the Broncos and they can get win number three then you know what? Let's just go. Let's take care of the chargers. It is the battle of the basement dwellers in the AFC. West? And Justin Turner was just named the. Rookie of the month by the way Derrick Henry was named the AFC offensive player of the month. Tom. Brady was named the NFC offensive player. How about that? You know. This is why a sixteen week sixteen game schedule. There's so many storylines that progress just in a couple of weeks. What was the narrative and the first two weeks brady? This is it. He's you know he's just going to be whatever luckily have a good defense. They're not going to be that good and then suddenly. They have that blow up. Brady was very upset in that Chicago game and suddenly things are clicking again for Tampa Bay and Tom Brady's playing. Lights out. So. Yeah it. It's amazing how how things can change throughout the course of a season. We'll see what happens tonight though between Shoe Fresno state what do you expect from this one Fresno state has a game under their belt some some view that as oh well, that's GonNa. Give Fresno state the advantage because they have a game under their belt but. As Steve Zero said. As others, Fresno state fans have even said yeah, but they're on a quick turnaround they played Saturday and they're right back at it on a Thursday. So you know there could be a little bit of advantage for both sides. See us you. Yeah. We don't that could also bode well for Fresno state they haven't seen. Of this new Steve Adazi Ot, there's no tape. There's film out yet. See Issue has some film they have Fresno State Hawaii tape so I see on both sides. I don't know if that's really going to be the difference maker here, but the rams are a favourite tonight. To, what a two and a half last time I checked Again I have staying away from that. I I really don't know. I don't know enough about I know it feels like people were a little shocked. That Fresno State got work to the way they did against why? Especially because Hawaii ran the ball. So well, I mean they were all over the place. And their quarterback especially. Cordell ran for one hundred, sixteen yards miles read at twenty, one, hundred, nine yards as a team they ran for three, hundred, twenty, five yards. Averaging six point, one yards a carry. So if you're ceus you and you've got all these new offensive lineman three of them transfers from Boston College. You should be looking your chops. You know and marks macelroy he. He's a guy that came in last year. What about four hundred yards rushing three touchdowns he's gotta be looking at this as a big opportunity. Christian. Hunter who I'm excited to see more of Kion Hernan I mean he's he's a freshman I mean young guy but they might we're going to see a lot of running backs tonight I'm sure. I don't think you're just GONNA see two guys one guy carry the load, and then another guy gets few carries here and there you're you're going to see a few running backs for Colorado, state tonight now Madasi Oh said he's going to go with the hot hand. But, we'll see I'm very. Very curious to see what this team is all about thirty minutes. After the hour, we'll talk to Kelly Lyell of the Fort. Collins Colorado when we come back. But first, let's get the latest on the local sports flash here MORNINGS WITH GAIL weekdays six to nine and northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI K.. Jordan Davis from the University of Northern Colorado, and you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten KFI. Thirty five minutes after the hour we're live from the article is specialist studios getting said for a well the first game in the Steve Adazi Adagio Era Colorado State Fresno state coming up at eight o'clock on CBS sports network Kelly Lyle from Fort. Collins. Colorado. Onto a chat with us, we'll Kelly I don't know what to expect from I. Don't really know what to expect from Fresno state to be honest because how much can you take from first game with any football game anymore? But you certainly have no clue. But todd sent yo named the starting quarterback for Colorado State. Talk, to us more about that decision what went into that decision and do we expect to see? Patrick O'Brien at all tonight. That's a good question on whether or not. We'll see Patrick O'Brien or not I. I had a hunch all along that taught sent. Yo was going to be the starter partly just because Steve Adagio wasn't saying he said it was a competition that's that if it was going to be Patrick O'Brien, I think he would have just said it straight out because Patrick O'Brien was the guy who started you know most of last season after calling hill got hurt he was the return todd sent the new, the unknown quantity but I think that everything I've seen about what? Steve. Adazi wants in an offense what The offense coordinator they want a quarterback who's got some good mobility who can be both a dual threat guy. Yes. He's not going to run the ball a lot but they want a guy that when they need to. Pick up two or three yards they can have a quarterback run. Do it. You know in our peo- or read pass option outside on the edge in things and that's not Patrick O'Brien strengths and Todd Censeo that is one of the things he does well I'm told I haven't gotten to see the guy because we haven't been able to attend any practices or scrimmages or any of those things. So I only know what people have told me about him but from what I understand. He's done well from what player you know Marcus Macelroy we talked to him. Earlier this week he said both quarterbacks have been really good leaders they've been in there with the first offense. He said he has plenty of confidence in either one of the play either one of those two and so I think we'll just we'll see where it goes in the Nanning to we know that Patrick O'Brien missed. A A quote fair amount of practice time end quote is how Steve Adagio phrased it because the Cova dishes whether he had covert himself or whether he was quarantine because he had been in close contact, we don't know that but he missed some substantial time as they were trying to get ready for this first game as they were still kind of nailing down this new offense really for their first time as full team workout since since spring. Drills and I think that was probably a factor in this decision as well. Yeah Kelly I read your read your story in the Colorado in, and that was that along with coach does not naming flat out naming Patrick O'Brien the quarterback that was kind of I would read between the lines a little bit and so I wasn't that shocked to hear the news because of your story just kind of talking about the fact that O'Brien miss some time. Have you talked to Patrick O'Brien I don't even know how that works lately and others zoom meetings and all that for chosen players and coaches but I'm just curious how O'Brien's to him because I I it seemed like following him on twitter had some pretty high expectations for the season. Yeah I I don't know they have allowed us to talk to either of the quarterbacks. The only players we've been able to really talk to at all since July have been was this week Marcus Macelroy and Cam ready on Monday, and then on Tuesday we talked to two defensive players, decline Jackson and Logan Stewart. So other than that, we haven't had a chance normally you know we would have much more opportunity to be talking to these players. We'd be seeing what's going on in practice and you know it's a it's a whole new world I mean Kevin Idol, I have never covered a college football game from TV like we're going to be doing. Tonight that's a whole new thing to, yes. We'll have some post game news conferences on Zoom and chances to ask questions and things like that. But we're not in Fresno which we were for last year's game in which I've been for all but one game since two, thousand, eight I've been on site. There was one I I missed a couple of years back a boise state so I could go to the big twelve meetings in Dallas. In case, they did extend an invitation to Colorado state at the time. So that one Matt Stevens and I at the time split up he went to the game in Boise I watched it from a hotel room in Dallas. Yeah. No, you're right. It's a it's an interesting time for sure and even just how the coverage is is being done for for this team for Colorado State of course Fresno state to we're going to bring on a Paul Leffler in the second hour as well. Kind of get his perspective from the bulldogs side of things. But what what do you expect from this team Kelly? Knowing what you know in? A lot of us are kind of guessing, but you see Fresno absolutely get torched on the ground by. Hawaii. Last week you know the Dazs IOS kind of a run guy. In and bringing in all these Boston College Offensive Lineman. You gotta think Colorado State's going to be heavy on the run game tonight. I think much heavier than we've seen a Colorado state team in quite some time Certainly, you know Mike Bobo realized he first of all as a coach, he liked air it out, and then that's where a lot of his talent was So he earned it out even more than normal same thing with Jim mcelwain You know they had some pretty good talent and the receiver positions they had quarterback that they felt could throw the ball and and and that goes back quite a ways I mean even even Steve. Tried to throw the ball fair amount I. Don't think we're going to have I think the the general plan of this team is going to be about sixty to seventy percent run and pass you know thirty percent of the time or so maybe thirty five and I think when they do pass, we're going to see a heavy dose of certainly they're going. To find ways to use Dante right in both the run and pass skin He's too valuable has too many too much talent for them to just say we're only gonNA use him. We throw to a slot receiver. You'RE GONNA see get some reverses. You might even see him line up in the Backfield to get some Carey's. We'll see how that goes and And then I think we're GONNA see a fair amount of passing two tight ends to because they really like what they've got entry McBride and you know I'm certain. They're gonNA find ways to get him the ball as often as they can. So they're not going to be exclusively run but I, think it's going to be a lot more of a run oriented offense. Then Colorado state fans of seen in a number of years I-. I- I hearken it too. I think it might look a little bit more like what we see You know an hour north and are going to see a heavy dose of next week without Craig Bowls Wyoming teams operate I think I think. This offense is probably going to be a little bit more along those lines a little more conservative a little more. We're just GONNA, try to tough you and run the ball down your throat, and of course, if that doesn't work, then he got go to the air. So we'll just see how it goes Kelly all that being said now Dante writes ridiculous talent. We're excited to see what nate Craig Myers can do, but for the long run, I mean are we are we done with that whole wide receiver you thing for Colorado? State, we've been producing so many great receivers over the past few years if this, if this continues to morph into more of a run style offense. One of the cool things that the rams could hang their hats on was wide receiver. You do you think those days are numbered. You know they could be I. Don't know I haven't seen enough of how Steve Adagio is gonNA run things. He does have a history of when he's had a court you know a good passing game. He's not afraid to pass the ball but I think he's still more you pass a situational pass a little less. We're just GONNA air it out. You know a lot I don't think you're gonNA see a whole lot of unless they're playing from behind a whole lot of you know three. Passes and you know I down second town down were throwing every down. We saw that a fair amount under Jim mcelwain under Mike Bobo I don't think we're gonNA see a whole lot of that under Steve Does he unless they're playing from behind and desperation mode. I. Think that as long as they feel they're in the game, it's a close game or they're controlling the game. I, think we're GONNA see a lot more of you know run three out of every four plays type of offense. Joining us from Fort Collins Colorado and Kelly about the defensive side of the ball. Are we looking at more of a four three style or did does that even matter anymore teams kind of run a four three they'll shift three, four lot of nickel. You're seeing the NFL especially is going nickel and dime a lot more. What do you see for this defense as far as schematics? Well again, not had a chance to really watch them since spring it's and even then we only got to see very limited individual drills. We never got to actually see the full team line up but you know the differences these days between a four three and a three or four not very significant. It's a matter of whether that that one of those ends outside linebackers depending on what you're calling them whether he's got his hand on the ground or stand, they tend to line up and kind of the same spot anyway off the tackle. So it'll be interesting but the thing that at least talking to Quan Jackson and Logan Stewart that we heard repeatedly this week. On Tuesday is that this is going to be more of a more of an aggressive attacking defense and we really haven't seen that that was Tyson. When Tyson Summers was CSU's defensive coordinator Mike Globo's first season. They were that way there was a lot more. It's a more of a gambling you're gonna get burned sometimes but a lot more blitzing a lot more disguising coverages a lot more Let's go after the offense. Let's try to try to guess frankly what they're gonna do go to stop them from doing it as opposed to let's sit back and read and react to what they do and I think at least with the current talent level that Colorado State's Defense House. That's probably a better way to go. You don't have to be quite as good i. think if you have Alabama level talent, you can probably do the reading react a lot better. But I think you have to have superior talent to the offense of the team. You're playing to be able to really be successful that way and in recent years Colorado, state's defense defense hasn't necessarily had. Superior talent to the opposing offenses. So I think the attacking mode works if you're kind of equal athletic ability or maybe even if you a little bit of a deficit, it's a better approach again, then it puts a lot more pressure on the D., coordinator to be making the right calls because you are going to get burned with sometimes if you just completely blow it. Yeah. It's a high risk high reward. But you know you know this better than I would imagine some rams fans are would be kind of excited about that. You know for for the longest time it kind of seems like this defense is in the you know, bend but don't break and a lot of times they break and the defenses struggled mightily over the last few seasons. Maybe Rams, fans are just ready. You know what if we're if we're going to struggle early on in this underneath this new new system, this new coach let's go after them. See if we can come up some big plays. Yeah I. Think people would rather see kind of go for broke mentality out of this defense, and certainly what we've been seeing in recent years, and again there there's a time in a place for those bend don't break dealers is I mean sunny loubet one a whole bunch of conference championships with defense it at times where that way. But he also had a lot more talent on his defenses. You go back and look at those rosters and I still shake my head sometimes when I realized boy, all those guys were on the same defense in the same season. You know that's that's just amazing. You look at some of those secondaries I mean you know We've got a you have a highs in A. Four award winner that was not necessarily the best DB on his own team because Jackson was back there with them I mean. Just you had you had great D. Lineman at the time. You had some great linebackers and and so I, don't think Colorado state has had that level of defensive talent for a number of years. Now certainly, there's been individual players, Shaq, Barrett obviously and and and and others. To have that level of talent across your defense to be able to. kind of play that Ben but don't bring break mentality I think the gambling and let's go after the quarterback. Let's get some sex. Let's force some turnovers. Let's disrupt the offense and keep them from doing what they want to do rather than watching what they wanna do, and then figuring out how we're GONNA, stop it while they're doing it as far as those stars on the defensive side you're always looking at games like this. You know you wanna you WANNA see your stars get off to an early early start help create things as as everyone else is trying to learn things on the fly. So to speak Manny Jones, certainly one of those names that sticks out. In Logan Stewart. Declined Jackson. Collectively though when you look at this defense and again, not knowing a whole lot about the situation it can we say stars Star power on this defense other than maybe Amanda Jones? You know I don't think there is and maybe there's some guy. There are some guys with potential to develop into stars on this defense I think we're shot a guy might have that chance and the secondary. You know he's GonNa be three or starter. Now I think they're you know you've got the defensive end I'm forgetting his name transfer from Miami There are some guys there were some good players. Manny. Jones Manual Hubbard guys like that there are. Some guys that have shown the potential to develop into that decline Jackson. Maybe he's a little bit undersized for how they're using them but he's shown the ability to maybe play a little bit bigger than he is and So we'll see how that works. I. Mean that worked fine for ricky brewer and guys like that. So maybe decline Jackson will be one of those types of guys but I don't see the level or the overall talent level that we saw. In those great Sonny Lubick defenses when the rams were really really coming into national prominence in the nineties and into two thousand. Kelly the rams I believe last time I checked our favorites by what two and a half points. What do you do? You got any predictions you got any thoughts to the rams, start the season WanNa know. You know I think they probably do but I think it's going to be a real nail biter kind of Game I. Don't think it's GonNa I think it's probably going to be decided in the final few minutes by you know a score, a field goal or a stop. I think it's going to be a fairly tight game and I'd be surprised if either team wins by more than more than. A touchdown yeah should be I'm excited just to see see both teams on the field I'm excited to see what the Rams can put out there at least for game one and and then we'll break it all down next week. Kelly appreciates his always my friend I know we can follow you on twitter and check out the Colorado and you guys have all of our pre and post game coverage. We will we'll be covering it as best weekend without being there in person but we're going to be paying very close attention and be available be there to talk to everybody afterwards about why they did what they did and they didn't do what they didn't. Appreciate it as always man and we'll talk to you next week. All right ticker. All right. That's Kelly Lyle from Fort Collins Colorado and Yeah. That's the thing on defense There's names that stick out to you but you in games like this when it's a new system, a new scheme you do rely on raw talent, you rely on your most talented guys to be able to to make up for maybe. kind of a lack analysts because you haven't done it a whole lot. You know spring ball the got a little bit of that in last year. But for the most part, it's been very difficult and it's been plug and play guys of Miss Time coach. You say last week any. Somewhere in practice sometimes, we have anywhere from fifteen to twenty guys that are not there. So you wonder how much that has slow. The progress down all right fifty minutes after the hour we'll take a quick break more on Colorado state throughout the day today a big one coming up the rockies made made a decision yesterday we'll talk about that. Also don't forget we'll have the voice of the president's they bulldogs. Paul Leffler on the program to talk about the game from a bulldogs perspective we'll be right back. Football since your dial two KF K. here NFL. All. Season Long. Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI? It's party northern. Colorado's folks thirteen ten KFI K. Bob Block Party Wednesdays from Florida ten PM. Hey, this is Mark Newton. What do you dot Com and rockies rundown you've made it to the bigs. 'cause you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten KFI northern. Colorado's sports stations. Five minutes until the top of the hour, we're live from the article Asian specialist studios. Thanks for being with us here today on this Thursday, we got Thursday full Colfax. I still don't like Thursday night special going on. Yeah. I'm very excited about that. I'm trying to finish the the month of. October I think at five hundred. I gotta go double check on it lost last week. Lost two in a row if you can believe that it's okay, we'll recover. You know it's covert. It's all that stuff Yeh. Yeah. No I lost. Died, and have an NFL game on the fifteenth. That's right because of all the schedule. So I won on the first I lost on the eighth no NFL game I lost last week. So this is my chance to get back to a five hundred record in the month of October. So not too worried about it September was five hundred I'll be, MR, five, hundred for a while, and then I make my move. You know I just kind of lie in the weeds until things really settled down and boom I'm going to start predicting everything every single game, right? We'll start tonight. To slobber knocker Falcons panthers too bad teams. The Panthers are interesting though. I thought when McCaffrey McCaffrey is not going tonight by the way I thought when McCaffrey went down the panthers would really struggle. They kinda survived for a bit but they've lost two in a row so. They're they're in that kind of must win mode for them and the Falcons are all but done. So we'll, we'll talk about that in the second hour. We'll also we're catching up with the voice of the Fresno. State bulldogs Paul Leffler getting the the the game preview from Fresno state side of things they are in one. Big Ad beat by Hawaii last week, they're looking to get their first one of the season. Hey, a new head coach as well. So we'll talk about that and so much more on the second. It's the whole show powered by energy.

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April 24 Hour 1 Broncos Take a WR | CSU QB Patrick OBrian Calls In

"Good afternoon northern Colorado. This is the whole show powered by PDC ENERGY. All right well. I the NFL draft this virtual NFL draft. It actually went off without too many hitches. I mean weren't really I think Roger Goodell's opening little monologue thing was there was one little glitch. That's all that I really noticed. Vic Fangio reported that he was having major issues right before the draft a couple of hours he said the Internet just went out. Tv service everything went out into power. Didn't go out just the Internet and everything. He had a guy from comcast fix him up like five minutes. Colfax are you thinking Vic Fangio's probably more along my side of thinking when it comes to technology that if comcast dude fixed it in five minutes it was probably like Vicky. You aren't even plugged in man. It wasn't plugged in reset it. Yeah I mean you see this here. The cables not even in in your in your system. Here you gotta put it in the back of your computer. That's not even the lights. That would totally like when he fixed it. Five minutes is probably smallish you but it wasn't Other than that. I mean the theme of the night. We're all in this together. That's what I learned is that we're all in this together. I think the draft do in life. Apparently we've all said. I think that was set a lot of times. I just okay being the commoner that I am I'm seeing all these like athletes and commissioners and coaches and they're beautiful homes and they're saying we're all in this together and like Y- it's kind of different you know like I did like how they related of the Common Man but having pizza hut pizzas. That's true anyone else. Notice that for sure definitely. Yeah it's like I was telling you the other day Ronda. Rousey who I have a Lotta respect for. She can kind of be controversial sometimes whatever but she like video when everyone was marching out to get toilet paper day one right. She did this whole video of stopped doing that. And then she's taking video shots of all the great things is like three titanium tanks full of water. She has a chicken farm she has like eight. Freezer's full of meat. And she's Kinda cocky about it like see. This is what happens when you prepare. I can't have a chicken farm in my backyard. Trust me I've tried. I don't have tanks of water. I have a couple of water bottles stored up may freezers of meat. No my freezer full of chicken nuggets and baby food now man. I mean I don't have that so I don't know that sometimes it strikes me when you hear we're all in this together. It's like you kind of different. You know when you're sitting in your fifty million dollar home for the next year. Yeah you're good So news real quick you here. We had this Noko now yesterday. The Well Weld County basically saying. Hey we're modifying. Some of the governor's role rules. I suppose that are supposed to take effect Monday. Which is the. It's the safer home phase basically saying hey. We can kind of get back to work. But they're still going to be a few restrictions. There's still going to be businesses that can operate like restaurants Weld County. Basically said we're going to keep that pretty similar but we're GONNA leave it up to the businesses but we are going to Strongly recommend those regulations still being controlled so safety guidelines. Yes remain your distance sanitize everything. Yeah so I. I don't know you know you just never know. I know that this radio station thri survives based on business. That's how this radio station goes so in order for us to keep our programs going and our jobs going. The only way we can operate is when these businesses operate so. That's that's really all I'm going to say on that side of it with these. If these companies that I'm listing off here are out of business. There's a darn good chance that I'm doing this show in my basement but there's no microphone in front of me. There's nothing I'm doing. I'm calling Colefax and I'm doing the show via phone so we do appreciate our advertisers for sticking with us in this tough time and we'll listen we'll see I know it's very controversial topic and weld counties getting a good wrap with some in a bad rep with others. It just depends on how you want to look at it. So it's a it's a crazy side of things but my goodness Colfax. I'm glad I don't have to talk about that for two hours. We talk about all right so we send it over to Raj Roger. Goodell getting this thing going the broncos say hey John Goes Raj here? We go with fifteen years while we're doing with the fifty. Th pecking the NFL draft. The DENVER broncos Select Jerry. Judy Wide Receiver Alabama -gratulations ferry. Congratulations Jerry the ASS. Gerry Judah Judge Judy and so just a quick little. Did you hear about the controversy with With Jerry Judy the combine. He wore a star of David and his nickname. They call him they just call them do not because he's Jewish Jerry. Judy is short for Judy. Okay and so. He kind of started owning the nickname. Jew and he wore a star of David and it was controversial because he came out and said No. I don't practice. That's not my religion in the middle of the star though he has. I think it's a picture or he had a picture or it's an engraving of his sister. Sister passed away when she was seven years old and kind of an emotional story because he goes on to talk about how he always said when he was a kid how he wanted to get to in the NFL and he would be able to afford the best doctors for her because she was born She was born prematurely in basically issues her entire life so he that was something now. Again people took offense to that took offense to the fact that he nicknamed you and he wore the Star of David and all that stuff I it's I didn't take offense but I'm not Jewish so I can't really speak on that side of it but that was I actually thought the the moral of the story you know when you get to the end of the story. It's actually very touching very sad and you feel for the guy he always said You. I want to get to the NFL. Because I want to. I want to take my game to the next level so I can afford the best doctors in the world so I mean how do you right right off the bat? I'm already pretty excited about the guy now Colefax. He wasn't my ideal pick for several reasons. I didn't think the Broncos should trade up to get him which they didn't I thought he'd be gone. I I do like the Henry Rugs Combo with Portland Sutton so but listen. I'M NOT GONNA complain about that at all but you know we're going to get more into the NFL draft here a little bit later on. But I'm excited to break into this first round. I mean I'm not. You'RE NOT GONNA get any complaints from me talking about Judy. There's just he's a good player. He's a good player. Do I have some concerns and I'll outline those throughout the program today. A few concerns now teams must be seeing something that I'm not seeing about Christian Fulton is it. Is it the suspension thing that he had two years ago because he didn't get picked? I mean he's still available. If the broncos can pull this out I'll be very happy and who knows. I mean I'm going to go over the best available in the second round but we got to jam packed show today. We got a jam packed. Friday show who's to say we don't have stuff to talk about. We're going to have issue quarterback Patrick O'Brien on the program. A little bit later on are we gonNA have a monsoon here call. Was that kind of an anticipatory. He's calling to check in or call them back in the Kennedy. I'm a big fan of this guy. I think he's been through a lot. Last year was a crazy for everybody. But I'M GONNA ask him if you watch the draft less. I'm assuming he did does that. Motivate him does it motivate him even more where he looks at all these players and says you know the odds of getting drafted in the first round tough do look how many first round prospects. I thought we're going to be taken early. The didn't get taken so I did not. I did not get fifty percent. My mock draft. A one hundred percent felt like yeah. I mean because I also said this is the truth but there's also other things that could be happening so I think you had your bases covered yet. I think there's a lot of internet glitches to probably screwed up some of the picks so I got the first three I to come off phone and in those everybody knew borough was going. I and Washington was going to go with the with the best player in the draft. Chase young some of you like were tweeting at me. Saying broncos trade up and get chased young. I'm like you'RE GONNA trade up thirteen spots to get the best player in the draft. You better give them. You'd better go back and find. Peyton manning his prime somehow and Champ Bailey private von Miller in his prime. Because that's the only way you're doing that but about FLACCO. Can they found something? Yeah you'd have to deal with FLACCO. Could've found something. Flacco was in his prime last year man. So you're not that far removed from it right you know about the could happen there. I think maybe they missed on that. Six wide receivers taken in the first round. That's that's where I was a little hesitant with Jerry. Judy because I thought there's a lot of great receivers in this draft. Do you need go fifteen and I liked the corner but listen. Fulton didn't go. He didn't go and actually Henderson way before him. Cj Henderson the. Jags took him at nine. I'M GONNA go through my shocks of the draft. Go through Jerry Judy. More our power to play sports poll question of the day. How do you feel about it? How do you feel about the Broncos? Pick of Jerry Judy. At fifteen love. It is that the steal of the draft that kind of feels like it or is it. Are you in the prime? Wait and see mode Or is it kind of like I am not nuts about this pick? Go ahead and vote at the whole show dot com fifteen minutes after the hour. We're GONNA take a quick break. I am thrilled. We've never had Patrick O'Brien on this program before so I'm pumped to talk to him. Strange time for every athlete for every collegiate athlete. Especially and so. I WanNa Kinda get the gist of what? He's doing to stay sharp. But you know we're GONNA look forward to the future to talk to him about what he expects from this from his team next season right sixty minutes after the after the hour. I almost said after the draft draft on the Brain. This is the whole show powered by. Pvc Energy will back. You're listening to the hall's show powered by PDC energy thirteen ten KFI Brady. We'll be back after the break. Get Your Day started right with up-to-date news weather and sports mornings with Gail six. Am to nine. Am Weekdays on thirteen? Ten K of K Chris Dempsey your nuggets insider from altitude sports. And you are listening to the whole show on thirteen back to the whole show powered by PDC energy or I events text line. Three one nine nine six. Our hotline is nine seven three five three thirteen toll. Free eight seven seven three five three thirteen and joining me on that hotline. Colorado State Rams quarterback Patrick. O'brien Patrick my friend. Thank you so much. Forgive some time a man. Yeah thank you for having me on her. Yeah no been looking forward to to sitting down and having a chat with you man. It's time for everybody right and so I'm always wondering how athletes like yourself. I mean you know for for your whole career through through you know through junior high. Well before that you're you're you're taught to continue to work out to practice football football nonstop and then here we are. It's kind of a standstill. What are some of the things you're doing to stay sharp and and continue working on your craft out just trying to find little things around the house to be able to work out with and You know I'm thankful I have a couple of buddies that live near meeting. Where you know. Bigger Gauges Groupings of ten. But that play college receiver stobbe neighbor thorough with them. While I'm just trying to stay sharp you know I mean it's it's impressive time so it was just trying to find little things here and there to get better is the way I'm going about it right now is there. Is there a workout of choice? That show that you've started doing more so than you've ever done before that you're like hey this this is. This is grueling. But you know what I mean. I like this. Yeah there's a. There's a six mile steady uphill hike around in my neighborhood area. I live in California. I live in a very valleys type of place. So there's this flagpole run and I've been doing that pretty consistently I it's quite the workout and I get pretty tired after that though. I've been doing that a lot. And then just a lot of like body weight workouts and stuff just trying to stay somewhat fit man six miles. That's how how often are we talking? How often are you doing this? it at a point three times a week and I started to get sinful this so I pulled back on that and then try to do some other stuff but you know I'm I'm trying to do as much as possible. What in my background is? I've been swimming and trying to get at conditioning aspect as well hats off to you. My man I picked up a Dumbbell for the first time the other day my wrist still hurt so I don't know how you do it man. I'm guessing you watch the NFL draft. You went through that last night right. Of course lots beginning then do you. When you watch that do you sit. I mean you're motivated anyway man. You're you're you're a big time quarterback playing for the Colorado State Rams. You're already motivated guy but when you watch the draft and you see all these big names getting taken off the board and exciting moments. Does that add an extra motivational tool for you or you kind of just watching it for entertainment purposes. You know. Both I mean most of the quarterbacks I got out there I've worked out with everything one of them so you know. I'm so happy although they were living there james and it's something that I wanna do eventually as well so But you know just working out with them and seeing what kind of work. They're putting into and all that type of stuff so it's been a blessing. We're talking to Colorado State Rams quarterback Patrick. Brian Patrick last last year was just one of those one of those years. You're in that competition with Colin Hill. Colin Hill goes down now on the outside looking in. Everybody's looking at quarterbacks competing thinking okay maybe they like each other but are that close. You guys were pretty darn close and it. It bothered you. You know when when Colin Hill went down. Oh a hundred percent you know. He was such a welcome person to come in. And you know competition is is is a part college football and especially at the quarterback position since only one complex but you know a guy like called is such a good person at the core and he You know he really. He really probably entered. The school really introduced me to a lot of guys on the team and really helped me out tremendously. You know it was heartbreaker when he went out. It's gotTa be difficult right because you know you as a competitor you want to be the starting guy you WanNa be the guy but you have so much respect for call and then he goes down and obviously call and transfers to South Carolina and now. There's no doubt about it going into the season looking at this. I mean so it's Kinda. Is it one of those things? It's bittersweet you'll love. The guy loved being around him but at the same time. You know you're going into this and it's your job to lose as I'm told at this point. Yeah you know I'm really excited. You know I have a great opportunity ahead of me. I think we got a really good off team coming back and you know I think we can really do some damage this season. Then you know with call and you know he felt like going to South. Carolina was his best option. And I'm so happy for them. You know you gotta play some time football and he's GonNa get a chance to play so you know it worked out for both of us. I think what was it about Colorado State Fort Collins that That you really liked when you made that decision to to transfer. Yeah also when I was wondering my whole thing was if I never played down a football. I want to go to a school that I enjoyed going to. I love the culture Students and everyone about it. So this time around you know. Just coming onto campus and meeting with the coaches violent prior relationship with You know I just really fell in love with it and kind of going in. I was like this is where I would wanna go to school our talking to be at the time so when it came time to make a decision. That was really just a no brainer. Ask talking to Colorado State Rams quarterback Patrick O'Brien. What's what what are the meetings or the discussions like with with the current coaching staff? With coach. Steve. Adagio it's nuts to be patrick. I mean we go through this period back a few months back. And it's just like we have all these announcements to make coaches rock and roll and then obviously we're in this this new situation. What is that been like for you adjusting with with a new head coach You know it's my head count so I've kind of been through the process and I was one of the guys on the team that has been through a coaching change. Like a lot of guys have it so you know I just wanted to be a beacon. The guys who look to and you know I think coach Adagio and all the other coaches came in. You know they really. They really did a great job and everyone's bought into what they were doing. Almost right away and we were able to get seven practices in for the spring. We're really cooking so excited to see what we can do to get back altogether and just kinda move as he called. You guys guys being do yet. Has He used that yet or talked about. I'm sure I mean everybody talks about it. Yeah I mean. He hasn't said he needs me. He says the curb dude a lot to do. I think I've been talking around the guys. I'm like I'm GonNa get one of these times video. It is it's like four seconds and its greatest videos in the world. I hope about their practice when it happens. Because that'll be for me. That will be the the ceiling of my career. I know that I didn't really realize that the point you know. I saw that video when I was in high school. Awesome then couple days into after higher hearing that coach. Dad's getting hired back the guy he's been great. It's awesome we've talked about. We've talked about that to say he's like I was wanting to be inspirational but I didn't know it would take off like that. It was just something crazy. Man Patrick. O'brien joining us. Colorado State Rams quarterback you got some weapons on this offense. I mean you look at a lot of these guys. Obviously Warren Jackson Train mcquay tre McBride. If I could spit that out Dante I don't say you have some studs. There's a lot of weapons on this team And now you got another year under your belt. You've gotta be excited about the prospect. Know for sure I think for me personally coming in the season playing a lot last. Season's you know I'm GonNa have some confidence going into games and what these guys expect for me and you know having those dudes and outing also Scott is the guy that is playing really well and we have a bow and make Craig Mars and another person. I have five five six guys that you know are big time players are on the ball so you know I I really take really makes it easy on me so I'm excited. You know I think we can really We can really do something special. You see a lot of you see mountain west players getting drafted. We see the big trade. That's Kinda the talk of the draft. Right is the packers trading getting Jordan love amount West Conference quarterback and talk going back to that motivational tool. I mean that's it's right there. I mean you look at this conference and it's right there in front of you if you can if you can find success in this mountain west conference who knows what's next. Yeah I definitely think the mountain west is probably the I mean. It's up there for the best are tied for the vast power non power five operas. And you know I think. Quarterbacks are getting picked from me 'cause. Nfl teams can level competition. The level quarterback play that they have someone like Jordan. Who I've known since I was a freshman in high school is not really good motivation to get better and keep moving. Patrick O'Brien joining us. Colorado State Rams quarterback all right one more for you on the entertainment side of it. Are you watching the last dance the Michael Jordan documentary? Oh Yeah I watched it all. Of course you know anything. That's sports related. That's on TV right now watching it you know it's it's it's unprecedented times but definitely when those things come on. Espn and new things to watch. I'm all in. Hey gotta look. You're looking for all that stuff right now. I know Colorado State's on the website and such playing back some classic games to and everything so I mean that's got to be kind of cool. Yeah and I watched that game prior before them posting that as well. Because I've known that such a big game in our history the school and you know and coach Hill who was farthest out last season playing. You know it was a great tool to also have this for him. Talking a lot a lot of times these really pick his brain here what he had to say. So you know. It's all good about video games. Do any of that stuff for movies now ex. Yeah I mean one of my friends have been Nice enough. He had an extra xbox. Because I didn't bring one home because I thought I was just going to be home for spring break back. So who is? He allowed me to use his so. I've been playing man and all that type of stuff. You know that this one. I have free time. 'cause schools really gearing up at the moment. So that's got my full focus at the time. How how difficult has that been to school? I mean everybody's adjusting to that but I I can't imagine I've taken some online classes but certainly not my entire list of classes. So that's another big time adjustment for you. I mean for me on that. I've taken online classes for awhile You know just switching. A lot of my classes is almost seamlessly because they offer the cock is in online courses as well so it was easier on the teachers you know and it it it takes a little bit of an adjustment but I think it's going well. I'll just trying to stay on top of it and do as well as I can. Do you have any any personal goals when it comes to your success as quarterback for this team. Do you have those goals in front of you that you that you're comfortable talking about for next season or is it. Just you know what you want to go out and give it your best I WANNA WIN Games. You know I think this team. That's coming back. We gotTa Really Special Group and I think we can win a lot of games you know. A lot of people aren't protecting us to win. Six Seven I. I honestly believe wholeheartedly that we can win more than that. And I mean that's the ultimate goal. Honestly bring out unless championship and play in a big bowl game so that the main goal at the moment all right my friend. I know rams fans will be excited to hear that and I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Get Out of practice and and talk to you soon. Love to get you back on this program appreciate it. Thank you for having me time and stay safe. That's Colorado State Rams quarterback Patrick O'Brien. What a great Dune. Whoa dude thing right. Yeah Good Guy. No doubt he said. Hey I WANNA win games. You know I just want to go out there and gives you and you gotta you gotTa think when you look at guys like Jordan love that Jordan lavas sensational quarterback Green Bay. The Green Bay packers move up to get him controversy city now Colefax. What's that mean for Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers? A few hours before the draft said he loved the packers never really takes skill guys in the first round so hopefully and what do they do? They take his replacement. That's that'd be tough on but Patrick. O'brien a sensational guy know. He had listened this team last year. They had their ups and downs. But you know. He's a solid quarterback and I'm excited to see what now we say a full year under your belt like playing and everything but now he's got to readjust to everything not just the current situation going on with covert nineteen and all that but also a new head coaching staff. And all that. So it's a different different Different time for sure but certainly going to present some new challenges but you heard him there. He's a he's a great kid. He's got excellent head on his shoulder. So I'm excited. He does have those weapons. You know you look at all. These guys and traffic brought Kelly. Lyle told US yesterday. Warren Jackson Train McBride potential. They have potential to be first rounders. You know and that's going to depend a lot on what happens next season. But then you look at Dante right. Another great great ride receiver very young too. So the weapons are there and you know. I think this team with Steve Adagio could be. It's certainly going to be a great football team. I know when we had Ozzie on last time Colfax now are just like pumped up man. We were doing push ups during breaks. We'd headbands on. We were airbox shadowboxing. It was it was fantastic. So if he can motivate Colfax and I I think the idea of a six mile jog is terrifying. I don't like that but I mean he's he's motivating us if you imagine what he can do with. A you know a six five two hundred forty pound quarterback I imagine he's going to get these dudes pumped up play some football so I'm excited man. We'll see what that looks like Kelly. Lyell told us of the Colorado these optimistic that we have you know next season goes off in a somewhat normal way. We're hearing from several college athletic directors that next season will go off in a somewhat away so until I hear otherwise. I'm going to be doing this program as if we're going to have football in the fall. Thirty four minutes after the Hour. Take a quick break. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash thirteen ten. Kfi PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage everybody. This is Dalton Reisner Wiggins Colorado and. You're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten. Kfi Let's drama from Branchville. All what a rookie throw touchdown Jerry. Judy Freshman on the other. End Your back thinking about the role in the end zone. Jerry Judy touchdown is that a preview of what's to come for the Denver Broncos all right Colefax let me let me lay it on you like this. The only negative. I'M GONNA say here on this side of it is and I'm reading. Reports from the Denver Post and some of the sports illustrated a couple of national outlets saying Jerry. Judy in a year. Let's say two years should be better than Portland son? So Okay Brady. Why would beat? Why would drafting somebody that it's going to be better than the current guy that sounds all well and good but it's it is some you know you have a young quarterback drew? Andrew Lock if Jerry Judy is be. Judy is a number one. He is a number one wide receiver. You know Cd-rom is a number one wide receiver. Henry rugs was a number two. He was he was good with that. He was fit that role. And who knows if he's going to go on and be a number one for the raiders or morph into that but we know he's okay with that so my only thought is a Lotta times and it was my my concern with J. Jerry Judy. Nobody personalities not even close. But you bring a guy that wants the ball. I don't care if they're the nicest guy in the world. But if they want the ball and they demand the ball. Sometimes that can put extra pressure on a quarterback. Is that a concern that with Jerry. Judy Portland Sutton is. Are there enough. Footballs to go around with that. Kind of Kind of scheme. Now I know where I'm putting the cart before the horse because it is. Yeah you're right. That might not be an issue. They might all sink by coralline. Sutton tweeted right after the pick and said we. I think that's like a positive thing. That's a good. That's a good thing. It wasn't like out she and it was a clapping thing. And all that stuff. So you know. Listen everybody's excited and the idea that just wait. Another weapon makes it work in. I know it's different sport in basketball. Sometimes just putting two superstars on one four doesn't it doesn't always equate to winning big now in paper. Yeah you give me a number one. I got Jerry Judy. Who's essentially number one? But he's going to be a number to that. That looks great. No fat should be taking the next step. I got Melvin Gordon Philip Lindsay. I'm getting that offensive line better which we should see some offensive line draft offensive lineman drafted tonight by the broncos couple of guys. I'm looking at. I'll get to that later on. Is that concerned that if Sutton's production goes down judy's goes up and suddenly there's a there's a riff sudden and sanders got into it last year and training camp. Why is that both seem to love each other? Both seem to be really good. But could sanders handle sutton and again? This was sanders. Being A long-term vet in the League Sutton still pretty young player But then again. This is a small minor minor issue. I'm I don't have that big of a problem with it. And the fact that the Broncos didn't have to move up to get it makes me even happier if Denver would've moved up and maybe sacrificed a second second round pick or even a future first round pick. I think I would have had an issue but the fact that Jerry. Judy fell fifteen which is just insane to me. This was A. I don't want to say this is a strange draft. I think that there are a lot of philosophies when you looked at this draft it could have gone a lot of different ways. I thought maybe a wide receiver. We'd see we'd see wide receivers go early in the top ten as opposed to as opposed to Y You know going as late as they did. I mean you didn't see the first wide receiver taken until we got to number twelve and Henry Rugs and then you started to see guys fall. Which is crazy to me because I said this. I've said this from the beginning I thought Henry rugs was going to be the better wide receiver or at least the first one taken and then we started picking up steam about Jerry. Judy and see. That's how it goes a lot of a lot of the. Don't get blinded by Henry Rug speed. I like you've already got your sound wide receiver in Portland Sutton. You've already got your what they call the X. Receiver the guy that can beat one one and you know just kind of be your every route kind of guy. Judy and rugs are both what you call the receiver or they're going to be the guys that are going emotion. There are going to be the guys that are underneath routes just a lot of quick sharp cut routes and. Judy is good at that. He doesn't have the overall speed that rugs does. I mean four point two to four point four. That's a big difference in forty time. But he's quick. They have their own terms for this dude. You know they used to call it like moss in it. If Randy Moss would go up over a player or something like that. They'd call like Judy. Did if you're cutting if you have those crazy cuts I mean he. He's he's he's sharp. There's no question about it. He is absolutely A big time player when you're when you're when you're name becomes a verb. Colfax that can be good or bad in this case. It's very good trying to Judy Judy. It's it's that slang among the era of young football players. That watch this guy play. Basically saying you make a defender. Missa tackle with quick jukes and route. Running expertise dislike when you. Mazda it so I mean listen. There's not a lot of bad things you can say about this pick was it. The biggest need was it a need. It was but it wasn't their biggest need always still got his best player available. I mean if you WanNa say if you want to say Jerry. Judy is better than all these corners. We talked about all of these offensive linemen. We talked about fifteen. Then you're not going to get a lot of arguments from me. But was that the biggest position of NITA FIFTEEN. Not so sure. Now if they can. This is what happened last year though. Colfax I think they had an okay first round. I didn't like the trading of number ten to twenty two fan but then they tore it up in the second so this is already an upgrade from last year. You stuck with fifteen you've got you gotTA playmaker. There's no doubt he's a playmaker. There's not a lot of negatives to say about the only negative is can everybody fit together? Because now you've got Melvin Gordon you WANNA try to help lindsay some catches to write. You gotTa try to get everybody touches. Now he's a rookie. He's not gonNA demand that much early. But as the season progresses we always say this and not really rookies six seventy games. So there's GonNa be a lot of weapons. Drew Lock has a lot of weapons now. There should be no reason. This offense doesn't make a massive climb next season drew lock though was extremely excited about the broncos. Pick at number fifteen jerry judy baby. Let's go man as a fellow. Sec Guy. I'm watching make plays for years. I'm just happy you're on my team now. And then we got some special role here in Denver. Phil Melvin. We got core. We got day Noah and Tim are rolling in. Our Divas is going to play. Well they always do and call me whenever you need me. I'm ready to go through the playbook tonight tomorrow whenever you're ready man. I'm excited to have you on the squad. He's pumped. He's ready to go. He's got a lot of weapons if I'm lock I'm excited about that. And he's a competitor. He's already well respected. But that's that's a thought because some quarterbacks that can bother them you know hearing wide receiver. Chirpin am open. I'm open I'm open. But he's opened but he's open. I'm going to be looking for you. I can free you second. Those are legitimate things to think about. Now we see teams all the time with One receivers in the two. That could maybe be a one but they kind of work it out. They all make it make it flow together but the thing is is still pretty young. He's going into his third year. So it's not like you got five six seven year guy. Who's ready to say okay? I'm going to be not only. Am I still the top guy but I'm also a mentor? No they're still GONNA be basically competing for the best wide receiver spot and what I mean by that. They can both be on the field the same all the time. Colfax but who's getting I look? Who's your first progression? Eighty percent of the time. That's who traditionally your number one is even though they're both on the field at the same time if I'm drew lock. Who's my guy? Who am I looking for and listening right now? That's a good problem to have. It is so the concern. I have very minimal. I think a lot is going to happen tonight. I WANNA go over the best available in the second round for the broncos. Do you see this team going with going with that offensive line. Try to shore. That thing up Christian Fulton is out there. I guess the suspension for two thousand seventeen is really bothering me. A lot of teams. So we'll I guess we'll just kind of way that as we go. Does he get taken in the second round? We're going to see them. Go all the way to the third man. The broncos still might end up with him so I'm still might get my hope there. There's some really good corner still and then a guy that you know. Urs Cleveland. The the tackle out of Boise state. He's he's up there. I don't know if the broncos might have to trade up to get their. Denver was trying to get active in the first round after they made their pick. They wanted to stay in the first round and get somebody else but nobody would dance with them so they are. They're going to have to see what they can do. The second will they move up at all? There are forty six all right ten minutes till top of the hour. Let's take a quick break when we come back. We'll talk more about Jerry. Judy I am going to have Steve Fairchild former Colorado state rams coach former NFL offensive coordinator. Talk to us about the quarterbacks new power play sports poll question of the day. Who's going to have the better career Between those four quarterbacks Joe Borough to attack Ovilla Justin herber Jordan love go vote at the whole show dot com. This is thirteen ten. Kfi We'll be right back. We're here with you keep it on. Kfi Am for the latest Kobe. Nineteen the effect on the sports scene in more thirteen ten. Kfi K. and thirteen ten KFI K. DOT com the best. Unc bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K. Jeff Lender head. Men's basketball coach at the University of Wyoming Cowboys. And you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten. I know we're GONNA do whenever we can get out in public colfax start a band. Boggles they go to a concert. Oh Yeah we're starting to hear band. Yeah yeah I mean hair out so it's getting pretty pretty out of control? I gotTa admit it looks alright and not used to combing my hair over to the side like weird looking person you know like I don't. It's weird I'm short hair guy. I like Like a high and tight haircut got a one on the side. A little bit of spike happened up there. And this is this is new to me you know but an Afro thing. Yeah dude he does it Kinda Kinda froze out a little bit doesn't it? I think it looks good called the White Dude Fro. Apparently yeah and and it's not it's not good it does not look good so unfortunately yeah. I'm now I'm white and pasty. I have frozen hair so We're we're looking good during this quarantine stage at one o'clock we're going to have Steve Fairchild on the program talk to us about Well well let's look at the quarterback. Yeah but listen. We're GONNA talk more about Jerry Judy. I'm excited about that. We are going to make in for our show today. Colefax we still got our movie review. We're sticking with that why not. Yeah I think you guys need our expertise opinion. We're now we're now professional movie rivers when you win an award. You do whatever you want you write your own. It's exactly right. We got Molly's game coming up and it's funny because some of our listeners made the molly jokes you know the drug molly. That's actually a big issue in the movie. A references made to Ma and almost gets her in trouble. So right yes. There's a lot like this is definitely one of those movies and we'll get to it where I would like to go back and see because there's a lot more things that I'd like to catch up because Colfax your your poker guy this game. I know how to play the game but I don't. I can't catch up with all the I have to think awhile like. Okay what is what does this handing out. That would be. Okay I got I got a sweet and then by the time I've sorted out my brain there didn't know what the Hell Yeah Poker. Game of a lot of terminology. They use some of the terminology. But I think they explain yeah portion of they did they really did well especially for people like me and it's a deck of cards. That makes sense all right Steve Fairchild coming up next. We'll talk quarterbacks with him. Who Do you think's going to have the most successful career when you look at these quarterbacks that were taken in the first round also six wide receivers my biggest shocks from the draft? That was last night. We'll get to that and more up in the second hour this is the whole show powered by PDC energy.

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(Episode 165) "Miracle" Patrick O'Brien Demsey.

Monday Morning Critic Podcast

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(Episode 165) "Miracle" Patrick O'Brien Demsey.

"Some of the boys always wanted to have a word count. Better take about two minutes and this is crazy her bringing them in this late. We've got parents buy tickets and we get roads. And what are we supposed to tell him. One of us going home as it is. I don't have to ask where you stand on this. This wasn't it was his idea. Sam Scared of getting cut scan again everybody. We just wanted to be fair. Tried to me that he was right there in Colorado. I was six months months ago. He's been playing for the last six months with us. He hasn't so so there's a different like hell. There is all I know. Is that kitchen flat out. Play what we can't. I moved the fucking Great Vision on the ice stick soft hands. That's not the point. I'll tell you something else. He's good he's got the attitude I want on and off the ice so somebody here better better explained to me. Why shouldn't be given him al.? Look because we're family we're family and and this is the family that you want to go to lake placid with definitely absolutely would have any other way. Hello my next. Guest is the last interview of Twenty nineteen. I could not ask for a better. Guest is epic portrayal of Michael. Resilient Miracle Recall is absolutely one of my favorites of all time. Please welcome Patty. DMC Patty so so happy to finally get you on the show. Thank you for having me. It's taken us a little bit to get your. We are stuck with me so thank you for that. I have so many questions for you and my friends so like I never realized like we're going back and forth for a while. I never realized how close in proximity you know. You're how close your roots to mind. You know your your your Danvers. High School Kid. You're Massachusetts guy so I feel pretty good because I mean I'll get to the miracle stuff in a moment but grow up twenty minutes from give or take from from route. So how do you look at your time at Danvers. You when you go back or they you know. Obviously they're very proud of you. But talk about your time growing up there and your perception of it and how often you get a chance to go back. Well I will tell you one very cool thing about what is for a long time was the only person from Dan. Verse chooses to a gold medal in Olympics Inaki albeit a completely. Take one in the movies and Dan Verse is also the Home Oath Nagin Duggan the captain of the US Women's team the Mona gold medal in the last Olympic. So very proud hockey town now and I was going to ask this question to you a little later on but in context because you brought that up now patty. It's unbelievable how women's hockey is just taking off. It's amazing and and you know I was just in. I'm actually in outside of Atlanta right now with my inlaws ause. We flew in last night and yeah past week. I was in Denver with my my family for Christmas and parents have a pond in the backyard and we had absolutely perfect weather for six days of hockey when I was home last week and played with my nieces and nephews and I have right now I think I have three nations inner Tang. Aki and one nephew played the entire week. And I gotta say to me as somebody who loves talk you and I know obviously you're passionate. I gotTa say for those you listening. Patty sent me this picture of a net on a pond because you obviously mentioned his hockey story. This is something that could calendar right. I know it is. It's it's a posted it to my instagram account. Instead of having exists this is this is what it would look like for me because I grew up playing on that on My my dad did his father scaling-up pond and now my nieces and nephews so we have the fourth generation. That's beautiful man. How often when you find yourself playing hockey immune is it? Does it means you're always traveling. I know that but you know how often do you find yourself either on the ice or maybe just you know some some street hockey anything How often you find your so picking up a stick? I tried to get out on the ice longtime week if not twice if I can. There's a bunch of pickup games in Los Angeles and because I am on the road quite a bit. I don't join leagues because I don't WanNa be that guy who doesn't show up so we have you know kick up games in the entertainment in industry and there's probably five or six of the week that on the list for that in your mail and if you can go you go but if not you don't belie- also keep night inline skates and a stick and the street hockey in my car. So if I happen to find myself with some time on my hands with a nice park lauder I'll just be skating in the parking lot stickhandling by myself nine. And that's I have to ask you. How expensive is ice time? L. A. Lot more than like Massachusetts or. Is it the same. How does that work? Yeah five never. I didn't realize because now I lived in Los Angeles most of my adult life life. I've been there. I almost seventeen years now and we pay. We'll pay anywhere from. We'll do skate. And everyone pitches into play. It's anywhere from twenty five to thirty dollars escape in. I went to shoot this little movie in Colorado a couple of years ago and I saw a bob my gear am GonNa go drop into take time and it was six or seven dollars and this was in in Denver and I couldn't believe it all man they can't believe how much you spend so mike bodies I think it's four hundred an hour three hundred fifty an hour shown Meghan La. Yeah it's pretty steep. And before I go on about about your wonderful career and what you've lived through a half dimension you are married to a very beautiful and wonderful actor and if I'm wrong with this there's please correct me Kristie Theresa. We have that in pronounce correctly very talented and I could not go home and interview without mentioning mentioning. You're you're you're very talented beautiful wife so yeah had to get there. I mean she's amazing. She's had a wonderful career. I mean girls as you know one of those actors that you wouldn't know them by name but if you saw their face it's a Oh my Gosh I've seen her in this show. I've seen any match or or on any a number of commercials. So yeah it's pretty amazing what she's been able to do. Yeah no question man. I have to say you are the third personnel. I would view as somebody that really need influence in an impact on my life. I mentioned to you. I had charonne which I know you can appreciate. I had one of the only brands. Big Ones Big Zinc. I I gotTa tell you how he made time for me and he gave me all all the time I needed. It was just like he was like the real deal. Like we always here about these athletes that are always doing the wrong things zero. I cannot tell you how awesome Z.. Charter was well. It's probably part of the news cycle that it's the outrageous things that athletes and actors that we hear about but all of the wonderful things that they do they they seem to go unspoken and unnoticed quite a bit. So it's really nice to hear and and honestly just you know following in his career and and you know as captain for the Bruins Tell to hold that honor. It's amazing you said a very very high standard yeah absolutely role model and the other person out of my show that that you know in the world of Hollywood in cinema and hockey was D B Sweeney and the cutting edge man. I can't not mention that movie enough because that movie hits home as well I love that. What a great bill? And I had plagiary skating DB a few times and and you guys are both alike in the sense that you just. I mean different different approaches to you and we'll get into this a little bit different approaches to how you guys got your roles but you know what I love love about. Both of you is that you just hockey is at the core of your your heart like I love that like. That's something that can't be taught. I feel like Patty no when we started miracle we you know. I didn't really know this because I was just a hockey player. I didn't truly understand the vision of our director who said no to the Disney executives. I'm GonNa go find hockey players that I can teach how to act and I'm GonNa make this movie because he understood that that's what he needed at the core of the L.. It's an amazing story and it all starts off you play at Fitchburg state. which is a great school? I went to North Eastern. So again we're close to each other in a way you're younger than I am. So I'm I'm a little bit older here but you know you have a legitimate career. There you you know. College hockey is not easy. I don't care what level you're at. When did you start playing patty? How old were you gonNA? I started late so I started like I really. We kind of worked my ass off to get like I played for a decent high school. But how your career. How old did you start at? You know talk about how that unfolded for your hockey hockey. As far as the ages started to kind of your progression along the way we'll let you know. We had the pond in my parents backyard and hockey. I really expensive. It's still is yes even more expensive now And so I you know. I started with learn to skate very little. But we had the pond in the backyard. So so I asked you to learn the state really. I didn't play organized hockey until I was Bantam. so I guess it's eighth grade So I got really lucky because I I love the game and I love playing on the pond. Ledger said okay. Well you know I love to play this with a team and step stepped on the ice has abandoned and then the next year I was a freshman and I made the junior varsity team at Denver's high school and that year they won the Division Two state championship of the Gar City team so I was really lucky because I stepped into a really good program And after only playing competitively for two years I was able to make the bar. Sydney team of Denver Sisal And so then I played three years Marcy. RCA Daggers High. Did A postgraduate year Brochure Academy Wolfe Roni Action and then I went on to play a few years. If Greg's who'll ooh great schools. I should say for sure man but I can't let you go without talking about that. Epoch photo in the media guide that monk man. I can't let you off for that. I go I guess I talk about that so long. May even I have in my high school yearbook we. We got haircuts for Davis High School. Everyone got law every year and my senior year I had an eight or nine inch Mohawk. And there's a great pitcher Richard. My Yearbook That I'm looking at my full year on leaning on the boards within eight inch or nine his Mohawk sticking straight up when I when I when I was doing my research and I found that out. It's like it's amazing because I I'm sure you've come across the barstool stool sports website which is a great day. Always these these. I don't know what is won't Minnesota but Minnesota has always show the high school kids there and they come up with some of the most efficacious. Patrick I've never seen in my life. Have you seen the hockey hair the recap they do every year yes. You're I see. Yeah Yeah it's amazing so you ever been to the estate journey out there. High school stay training. I have not but that is a bucket list list thing. Have you been up to something. That is one of the most incredible hockey events I've ever been through my life. It is snag -Nificant Michelle. I go out there. I don't care a couple of times because there's at the same time there's a hockey expo. That's how the exhaust tunnel. That's that's been so right the south south and so there's convention center right below it so it's the. Let's play Hockey Expo. So that that coincides with the State Attorney so all the finals games are within three or four days at the Excel Centre to sold out. Arenas it's unbelievable. So you're lighten. Didn't Friday Saturday or Thursday Friday Saturday. They will have four games each day. And you know it's pack. The place is packed and people are coming through the Expo to look at all the new gear all the companies. That are there. If you have not been there you have to go check it out man. I keep hearing things. It's interesting. Yeah I have. A cousin lives out there. And talk about the hockey's always putting stuff on his instagram. It's all hockey. I've got I've got to do that. Jill Tallet Attorney John's known and I. I'm astonished that Massachusetts has not seen that whoever organized organize it. Let's say this is what we need to do. Because it's just a tremendous along massive amount of people come through there one week to Mason. Isn't he said because I have to ask you. What is it about hockey because you clearly love it and I love seeing that the passion? You're always you continue to play. I always feel like hockey. DOC is just a breed above every other spore us. I mean I can't really. You can't equate it to softball because I feel like softball something while you're getting shit faced or whatever but but like hockey man it's got to slide core to it like I have friends that play. I want to get back into play forever. I stopped for a while. You know. What is it me? What is it about hockey that it's got this heart man that's not comparable to anything else? I think what I love about this. I'm constantly trying to put my finger on the pulse of that and figure out what it is because there's something about it that keeps me coming back and my my wife who saw she grew up outside of Orlando Florida. She's from the South and she didn't know anything about hockey when we got together and she's been together for eleven in years she's always learning more and more but she came back with needs. It's you my family for Christmas and I got her one of her. Christmas presents was AH grand new set of our skates because I had been. I have been watching the weather for weeks. I would call my brothers and looks like it's GonNa rain and then it's going to get recalled. It's not going to be so called. I think we're GONNA HAVE ICE and we're GONNA have ice so leading up to it. I bought her. Had My brother pick up the space and and so I finally felt like I was able to explain my love of the game to my wife by getting her a pair of skates and having her escape for six days in a row and play pond hockey with my friends and with my family and with my and uses a nephews. You know it was. Just it's magical. There's no other way to explain it in. The photo is sent you. Every morning. I woke up with sunrise. Bryce to go out to the pond and take photos of the sun coming up I have. I don't know if you follow the the account outdoor. Og are having which which is outdoor rink heaven on Instagram. I definitely if you don't you should. Because every day they're posting pictures of outdoor rinks and I sent him a photo of my nephew the other day and it sort of the sun's coming across the house on its hey silhouette issues lining up you know to take a Rishaad at the net. And he's Lisa backlit by the rising sun and they hosted on there the other day. Not just uniform. This captures everything. I I love about it so it was nice to be able to say to my wife. This is why you've known me for over a decade and you know that I love this game this is they love this game and without being able to explain that you have to show someone lead. Someone experienced that for themselves and she said I total yet that is that is that is phenomenal. Yeah and I have to save your wife taking up the the skating and when you when you mention pond hockey both of those remind me of when I first started ampato hockey when I played with my friend growing up afterwards man I never ever. I've never been so sore my life. I mean I feel like do you. Do you still get sore from after pond hockey or is it just kind of like a more of a chill not that we're all out leader level each other but you're sore from hockey and was your wife sore from her first time. Skating News Go. I think I was liking my hours on the ice this past week and I had over twenty five hours on the Blonde uh-huh straight regards on to Atlanta. I just saved. You're an answer. My knees are Achey actually absolutely all I haven't had that much fun longtime newman. There's something that's very beautiful about those backyard. Heard rinks because I was driving. When it's you mentioned this Patty because I was driving I want to say it was few days back? And there was a guy had built a rink in his back for his kids kids clearly and it had he went to the point where we got boards he put boards around me and that level of just being an awesome DADS i. I'm speaks volumes about your. It's the same passion I see in you. You feel about hockey. It's I guess this is. I'm just thinking about it while you were talking and I said this to my wife and said Every time we play hockey we're constrained by money. The on time right you get you get to the rent. You've got an hour to practice. You gotta get on there. You've got to do what you gotta do. You gotTA financial drills learn everything you need to I do and then get off the ice because you've only got that amount of time and I said the pond is saying that we long for for every time we step on the ice because there is no the only constraints are the sun coming and going but we've luminated laws because we have lights so there's no there's no constraints you know. It's the for hockey player. It's the ultimate freedom. Just have ice in your patty. It's very very field of dreams like a sense. Does that make L.. It's a hundred percent true. Yeah so you know. I'm honored to be able to tell at least part of your story of Your Life. I'm trying to put together other a timeline here. So what do you find yourself doing. After Burke state take me through that time of your life what are you doing. You know how how far between that and when you get your your the miracle the transfer miracle. How does that work in your life? So I was finishing an internship. I graduated waited. I finished school in in the in December of two thousand two sh- So my fall semester. Was My internship and I was doing internship in graphic design. I resume I always had a lot of energy and so a sitting behind a desk after design. I quickly understood that it wasn't going to be for me I was just really rambunctious and so one day I actually. I'll tell you. It was October sixteenth. In two thousand two high was. It's my birthday by the way how I swear to. God I swear to God for two thousand sixteen now through the throw that out there. That's great so I'm sitting there at my desk thinking. There's no way I can do this. Little News and Yes I really had. I had a captain's license to drive like small water taxis and I I'd always you know what I'm GonNa get a private yacht and I'm just kinda crazy world scattered scrubbing the decks or scrubbing the toilets but I was ready for an adventure. Really is what it came down to and this one day on October sixteenth. That I I taught media would acting school so I never have to stop before maybe I would acting school. So I started scouring the Internet for acting schools. Just looking for information and got liking or that our brochure sentiment while you this before you before you could get everything thing online you know today and And all of a sudden I came across an open casting call for hockey players for or a Disney movie. There they were casting. You know six seven cities in North America while the US and Canada and The auditions were being held in by some of them were being held in Boston and they were ending the next day so they sent them an email. Something put your myself and you know Ma key player in this analysis Oko Khurana pornography sedan patches to my boss and I can I get tomorrow off because I really want to go win an audition for this movie. And she's just looking at me like this guy is just trying to get out of the neighbor. Yep Go she was is cool to see up go ahead and I shy so again in wings was audition mad out so I didn't know I had never acted before right. I remember being so nervous. Taking train in the Boston and I was shaking. I was sweating. It was probably atrocious and I came out it was hotel. came out a went downstairs to Labar a slug down to whiskies trying to claw minority. I'd say watch that there's nothing I can do about it. Get on the train and go dot com so go back home. They continued during shipping. Probably three weeks or months later I got a call home along with doing an onyx session. We'd like you to come. You know do on ice session so going to the session Couple two weeks later they call me. They want you to come back into Boston together. They called me against watch comeback events so call back any Boston or Tang's walk and then come to singer always October sixteenth at the beginning of just admiral. They said we WANNA fly you to La Eh to audition. And I said okay. So they were flying dying forty hockey players in and they had forty actress that said they could play hockey there were in La and we had this whole weekend line camp where we we had a hockey hockey practice so they could watch us play then we had a couple scrimmages where they considered play. And then we went and auditioned They set me up with an acting coach on which I guess means they want you to get. The park. Didn't understand at the time I thought everyone was getting acting. Coach So I didn't get. I was there during the Disney wasn't convinced I flew home a week later and they said we're going to bring you back to la again. And my God I mean I had been on a plane. I think one time in my life at that point I had never left the eastern time zone right so this was really you know quite a trick and my family was just blown away by the whole thing you know. So they hadn't even gotten the part here. I mean they were just trying to ellison a few new back to la the middle of December. And I think it was December sixteenth. I I auditioned again and they said yeah you got long sank all right cool. No it was actually the week. I think that I finished college again. The the part of miracle so that was December came home. Enjoy the holidays with family. Nick and January February second flew to Vancouver British Columbia and we shot the movie for five months. Dude I can see man Dan. I mean I've never interviewed hundreds of actors. I have never heard of that. Many call Bax and do you think it was. I mean it's a critical role clearly. Everybody knows the story. But why do you think it took so long. They just was or`doubt. Where you you you the you nailed the rules? So it's clearly it's clearly. They made the right call. But like my God I mean you ever frustrated. Are you kind of mentality of whatever happens. You know it happens you know like whatever happens happens and the weird thing about it. The entire time for me is that I just felt like it. It was right right in like it. Just felt whole thing's felt right to me. I Ah you know clearly dow on their part they will you know there's thirty million dollars on the line. You know what I mean Kurt. Russell locked in to work these days. It's it's it's a big thing and from from the beginning the director was he just knew what he wanted and he he said I know I can get. He really went to bat for me. It's amazing that he you know had the balls to say no. These are the guys. and and Gavin O'Connor is genius. He's an effing genius. Yeah it would have been the same otherwise the the irony to hear Patty is that the way Gavin went to bat for you as a same hurt. The same way heard went to bat for his squad. Isn't it ironic. That worked Long Beach in category. I mean it really. There are so many instances in the making of the movie. Where in old was the exact same thing over again? You know and and gagging in created the environment for it for all to happen for us to say and I was covering a comic con in Seattle in June. I got a chance to talk for a little bit with Terron Erin Eggerton who. Who did Elton John Rocket Man? He's portraying somebody still alive. You know we look at other movies like Bohemian rhapsody. Remy Malik does you know. Oh Freddie Mercury is it tough to portray a guy that still alive. I mean is it because you've got a nail it's different because you you gotTa Nail. Not only his athletic prowess you've got a nail his kind of mannerisms as well as that. Is there a lot of pressure on you. Point at that point there really wasn't listen. In hindsight I'm shocked at the amount of pressure. There was at that point. It was just such a ride it for me. And and and Goggin instilled in me the confidence to step to step into it and you know she knew that picking giving me he said all you need to do is you. You don't you don't have to try to do anything else because everything that's in you was in then you know Mike Eruzione which is in not just me solely. It's all of us get it. Yeah and so. He said he said you look the way you need to look. You speak the way you need to speak you shoot left handed the way you need to shoot all you have to do is go on ice and being can you and this will work. Yeah and and you have. That's beautifully said my friend and you spend even though he says that you you and I and I completely believe that. He's he's all into because it's clear that he is. Is there any on your own. You ever watch highlights of ruse unity over like spend time watching his mannerisms anything like that on your own or is it. You know what I'm GonNa go with Gavin said and I'm good with that. Well the cool thing is that I I. I grew up so close to Windsor Castle. -chusetts where might get so. When when I did find out about the party I had about a month and a half and and and Michael Gray Me and he said he was. He was at the turn helping to coach his sense of high school team. And so oh he said if you WANNA come game with the team to use canal so I would drive down there and skate with the team chat with him. Hang out just see. You know to see see how he was and how he handled himself. And they don't know if I ever consciously took any of that and put it into what I was doing is truly. I wasn't wasn't a really good actor at the time to do that in on so I was really fortunate that I had what I needed. We're having to try to do anything else. Yeah and that was my next question to you is. Did you find the hockey down. I mean granted. We can talk about acting coaches. And what Gavin says this and that but when it comes down to find that the acting par self I mean now looking back you knock it out of the park heart but like do you ever find that was challenging for you like Jesus Christ like this is really tough the acting bar or did you kind of feel like you know what I earned this. I can do this. I'm good with this now. I mean there was leading up to it I had quite a bit of and so we went and we trapped for a month So we were on the ice for eight hours a day and we would. Do you know through three or four hours of rehearsals at night. After that active with an acting coach that we would be going through the scenes. We we're doing. Be doing acting exercises to loosen US loosen also in Guinness the feel more comfortable and I remember few. I don't know a week before I was really having anxiety because I could feel like I wasn't doing what I needed to be doing. You know and on sell remember remember the Johnson was are acting coach and he was at this and I said Johnny I need. I need some help OPA I you know. I don't know I feel like I'm not doing what I needed began. And so he would come to my partner with me and take all my dishes throw all my dishes in the Senate say wash the dishes but star washing the dishes and we would run lines for four hours and it was. He was giving me an activity to take my mind off of what the words were to allow me to live and breathe them while. Talk about a guy. I mean the two of the commitment there my God. Yeah so he really really helped me overcome the the anxiety I had and just being able to figure out I mean you know 'cause I'm going to learn how to act in a month it you know and so it was really really helpful exercise a weed. You would just come in low the distance from the same I got for quite a quite a while and then I do remember our first night shooting. Was We actually shoplift soon outside the bus where we confront herb ago. He brought in another player. Tim Horror and And so and then there's all four or five of us. I think I think it was Johnson. mcclanahan O'Callaghan Rouge Tony. Who Confront One herb about this new guy that he's brought in that was the first seeing we shot? And so you know our first scene and lockyer's was Jason Face. Kurt Russell Wins. It was truly amazing and he he walked right up to us and I knew I knew everything I needed to do on how I felt about him how I felt about the guys on the team and he just he. He opened his mouth and he's like felt like he just sucked me into his of drain. It was a big truly an amazing experience and I feel like that's the moment that I fell in love with ink is when I felt that you know the the power of that moment that it could be made so real. You know it's amazing using how many how many bouncing all over the place here for second pat. You know it's amazing. How many how much Massachusetts has roots in this movie because Karasu also born in Springfield mass? You born the late the wonderful heroic Michael Mantle. I mean we have so many wonderful roots. Let's in this movie I mean Massachusetts's really represented well here Sunday fossil. Oh that's how. How honey is that Yeah I mean I it is very deep you know and honestly I I can't even sometimes. I have a hard time expressing how much gratitude I have for being asked to be part of this this I was like I said I was home last week and I went out and one day. One the first thing with pond was getting through the twenty third and I went out ice skated all day. Long out there for probably eight hours total and with my niece and my nephew my on my nephews my nieces arriving and we went out there all day and had the lights on. I think we've finished at about nine o'clock. It's taken off my skates with my eight year old nephew and you live to me and said Alkyl Patty. I said Yeah Buddy he said can we go in and watch miracle and I was the first time he's is that right. I you probably hear boiler voices cracking right now about it it was. It was absolutely beautiful and I I honestly. I'm so thankful that someone at you know a bunch of meat or Goggin included asked me to be a part of this film comes was together for him. Because it's clear that your your your nephews. kind of like they they see in you. What I think Gavin saw was that you talked a lot of actors snake kind of I love them? All they've all been great experiences but many times it's kind of like yeah. I played the role. And then I'm onto the next thing. I loved that you kind kind of limit you live the love. You live the passionate of the game. I don't know man it's really tough to find that. And that's that's Kinda what drew me to you as far as wanting to ask you want to get you on the show and I mean that's that's just so beautiful to hear that how much you love the game absolutely love it. I play once a year now I play play with the USA warriors. Washington D. C. which is Team of disabled veterans with disabilities I met Kim few years ago. After my Ma- -tudents is on life I was introduced to the program through a friend of mine down. It's just another thing that that it came from this movie I love being a part of I love the game all of the game. And you bring up my Michael Montenegro. I mean one of the great parts about his life is that he's done many great things. I read two things that really made me even love him more than I already did one of which was he you know. He kind of walked away from acting and said you know what I'm passionate about the armed services and the other thing I read. Patty was that during auditions. And I don't WANNA say tryouts. But he was like he was legitimately who he was like. He was going toe to toe with people. At tryouts is is that is this is all of that chewed way of some of that true. He was a million dollars an hour. It's funny because I told me. Oh you know my experience through the additions and when I got called to go do beyond I saw this and there was I mean I I don't even know how many guys two guys in Massachusetts that they have no idea all ice we did. I walk in sit down directly next to in the locker Michael. Do we men very slow on ice audition In Next Extend Myself Him we were getting on an airplane to to go to Los Angeles dodgers and so yeah I mean it was just a great great experience for the both of us together. The old for you when I hear I mean. I don't think there's a movie patty that I can name that when I hear time and time again. NFL TEAMS NBA teams. When the coaches get them together I swear wherever the Patriots but I could be up where they get together they show a miracle top college teams any sport? They get together they show a miracle high school teams. Shaw Miracle Does that. Does that ever to me. That seems like it's overwhelming played. That's a that's an amazing compliment in a thank you to what you guys all did. There's a cost to you can talk about the greatest long-term me that you haven't mentioned and either well if you know those game six of the two thousand four American League Division series when the red sox skipped batting practice Before I think it was game six game one out and beat the Yankees and then went on to win their first world series in eighty six years that I have no I was in my living room gene in Los Angeles sobbing on. My couch is good enough. I don't know half a dozen times during the game. My phone was ringing. Lost the hook. My Dad is the phone stopped came to ripple effect is endless. You know and I got a man like I coached Varsity sports for twenty years. I'll get back into it. You know but I always always felt like when I showed this movie. The kids that were the leaders. That team always focused on you. You in particular not microbrews Yoni but like you as an actor actor not so. It wasn't like I think they watched your mannerisms in how you approach things so I guess at a more specific level. It's kind of the same thing I brought up before with pro teams but I mean that's a huge compliment like that the kids buy into what you what you do is is the ultimate compliment. I gotTA believe Patty. Yeah it really is and it's funny for for many years My first few years in Hollywood were pretty difficult Getting a job was certainly not as he can. I had hoped it would be And and you know for a long time. I didn't It I can't say it was the Bank of my listeners but it was frustrating that it had been so easy off the bathroom and I think because of that I didn't Cher what I was given with people And and you know now it's been came out in two thousand four. It's you know sixteen in years and I try to share it as much as possible because it was given to me and you know I think it's kind of selfish not to share that with other people. You know. Somebody really likes the movie that no just spend time with them and talk about it and you know or whatever I do videos. CEO's for kids and now sign pictures and send them off. Because I think that's an important thing to do before I have a few more questions free I should should mention For those of you listening. Patty is available on Cameo Washer. Cameos man I say me. I'm like I it it could again i. I don't want to sell redundant here but it comes from a place of passion like you're so passionately I think the one. I saw a couple of one which was like. We're doing it for a fantasy Hennessy. League like you love doing it. I watched some of the cameos where it's clear that people just want to get it over and done with that is so not who you are man. So Yeah Yeah Cameo is one thing you do. Yeah Yeah it's those are really really fun for me And Yeah I see people that do do them and it's funny. I studied them when I first started doing them. I would go on and I would just watch people's cameos TAB. Just what people are paying for their no. So it's like you've got to spend some time with I feel like people like get them off really quickly and it's something that I spent some time to to try to to try to do it because it's You know it's it's my niece said to me the other day she's like it's just you know her friends are bunch of my niece's friends came over to play hockey and they were just like all I got. I can't believe your uncle. His Mike Eruzione she said S. S.. My uncle Patty and I said I said I said Schuyler the beautiful thing about that. Is that like everybody. Everybody wants to believe you know. It's it's like everyone wants to believe that there is agic and whether you're believing in you know world wrestling entertainment or whether you want to believe in the superstar and setting it. That's insane if that makes them happy if that helps fuel the gets them pumped up. It's cute four paddock. Nieces ever ask you like technical questions in hockey. Whether it's you know like Rishaad passing slapshot forechecking are there. I know they're your kids clearly but are they ever asking you questions about the game itself where they were trying to pick your brain and you know my. My brother was a really good hockey player by under brother and A in Houston. He's all over them. They're always talking about it and with their grandfather bother who played to. They're constantly talking about it. Yeah it did have a fun experience the other day that we had astor my nephew and ice skated all day and then we watch mural at night he's tomorrow let's get five o'clock in the morning and get out of the ice a little early Buddy Davis alike so I did do out there though and about six forty five I was out checking out the ice and Okay I'M GONNA go wake up so I go. I go upstairs to his bedroom and I wake him on trying to wake them up trying to thin and he just sort of pops right up for me. Can I ask you one more question. This is out of a dead. It sleep I asked me a question on the buddy go ahead he said. Is You have to your beard every day for Miracle. Yeah Buddy I did WANNA go skate. I was dreaming about all night. You know trying to try to figure out why didn't have a beer now. Why do now what in we'll be? Yeah that's the beauty of cinema man and it's the Aniston of kids. It's just so so wonderful and you know I have to say you know I always hear things about it. You're famous lying. You know who do you play for. was that day of shooting as as as difficult as I read about bounded or is it. Is that just overblown. While it was three days that tells you anything it was three days. Yeah it was. I mean that we didn't have stunt doubles. Did some liberal wide shots that they were skating for But you know they skated skated our balls off And Gavin O'Connor the director brought us together. You know the morning we were gonNA start this and he said all right guys you guys are GonNa WanNa kill me a for the next three days said. But we'RE GONNA we're GonNa make something that's going to live forever and I think we can all give give up three days for something that's GonNa live forever and it got point. We were already to run for all. Yeah that's perfect and Yeah I mean it was. I was throwing up the other guys who are throwing up. It's not it's you know it's it was you know it. It was amazing though. You know it's an amazing experience to go through that with with a bunch of guys you know it really makes you feel like a team and they bags gained me by myself south to try to get that those lines Outta me and have me truly gas and they were think Gavin was trying to get me to Derby's all by myself and the guys wouldn't allow allow it. They they will go with me they would say just Rizzo back and forth you know and then they you know aw. I managed to get one I think by myself and then the guys are like no way. We're not letting this go down. So they stuck with me in this movie works for so many reasons. And you're a big part of that you know I have to say for me personally. Patty one once it gets to me is certainly a lot of the ones urine. But the one that I can never like the one that I- ugly cry at all. The time is when Kurt Russell looks at the Russian coach and you know her brooks any any kind of shrugs after the game's over and then he goes into a tunnel and plumps his fiscal dude. My girlfriend's like dude are you can't like are you okay and this is like my three hundred time watching like I cannot get over. That part would agree moment right. Is there ugly crying I should say is there. Is there a part the movie that whether you're involved in it or not that you are drawn to that you just like love. Yeah there was A. There's a scene somewhere where Ralph Cox gets. Let go yes so Ken Kenny. Mitchell is a incredible human. Played Ralph Cox and has been a dear friend of mine since since we did the film and So I was still. They'll pretty fresh at acting. I was about a month into acting and We do this. Scene is over in the locker room and I would just look at him at averages. Start Bawling my eyes out. I mean I cur. I just couldn't hold it together. I just you know I. It had fallen in love with this guy near great great guy and he was my teammate. And this was a sort of where reality and on and the movie overlapped act and you know And we had such a beautiful day on set you know when when he found out he was getting let go and he was shooting the par the current when he goes into the office does that Kurt would come out and say Jesus killing me in here like compare. The old together is is a brilliant actor in and so that was a a really wonderful day on set for me great. Great Day of learning Learning earning acting and a great day of being able to do over the front of art which was really fun. That's beautiful that's beautiful did you. Did you guys like you mentioned that you had you guys. Had this wonderful report. Did you guys have the ice time away from that. You know the filming. Did you guys get together. And just kind of do your own thing you know as far as pickup gains off-camera and there was a lot of that when they would yell cut. There was pickup games going on constantly to the you know much to the Chagrin of the producers and the sound again. 'cause we we took a six weeks to film the the Russian game By that point we had gone to six day weeks at twelve hours a day. So there's not much time to do much else and a lot of times when you work on on a film you ever seen this person or that person and then half the cast off for that day and you know it's like you only see people here and there but because of the nature of this because it was about you know herb and the team Everybody was in almost every shot right so so we were always there. I don't think there was one day I think there is There might have been you know a couple of days. Where can Mitchell play? Ralph Cox was an onset you know or a one day world. Callahan wasn't there because he had heard in the story he had hurt his knee. So he did he was away and you need to be seen or something so you know we were all. There wasn't much downtime away from it for us to do you know to to do that. We would go play golf and Stanley Park Vancouver which was great on the weekends Because most of us away from home a lot of the guys are for Mass Minnesota Toronto guys lived in La so we did not families as they are so we all lived in the same coming together so we were just out. We'd be out running around Vancouver and I'll be remiss divided for those of you listening to bring him a few quick facts here miracles peony astrodome. Which is where rocket for in Dragon was filmed? Exactly how do I not bring that up by me to the Best Winter Sport Movies for let me let me scratch that two of the best sports movies ever you know are filmed you know and I thought I read where it was like. This is one of Disney's I think it was like three. Almost three hundred miles of film shot on this so you wonder what was is left on the cutting room floor and you know they say it's one of the most historically accurate movies of all time and there's so much good vibes with this with this movie when when you look back you know what do you see. I mean I love that you the one thing I was expecting here. Patty is the impact it had on your nieces and relatives i. I love hearing that stuff because it's just so genuine inches so much love involve so when you look back now how do you see I mean. Obviously it's great. It's wonderful it but personally what do you when you look back what you see. It was the greatest experience I could have imagined. A truly was I I tell people I was just a kid from Massachusetts who played hockey. Who you know ended up being able to recreate create? What you know? Sports illustrated has said the greatest moment of you know the last sports moment of the last one hundred years mid that is incredible. All right absolutely it's just like you. Can't you tell people that they can't even believe it. I almost is feel to it. Puts you in especially a tough spot because it's like okay. I mean you're still doing acting thing. It's it's not hard. It's not an easy thing to do. I mean especially when you're I I get your feet wet. It's an a movie like that one of the all time greats. How has that been going for you? How is your road to being an actress? They hear so many stories stories from so many actors. How is your road band? I mean with almost all my guess there's ups and downs. How do you how do you look at it? All there's tremendous amount of ups and downs. I mean it's funny. 'cause I like I said it went Makita Massachusetts to being a movie star further. You know the next seven years. I couldn't buy job. I was learning the craft that was learning the business And you know and I worked at I worked in bars. I bartended was a doorman. Dan I did. Every I built houses I worked in construction for many years renovating houses in Hollywood now work as a sculptor in in the movie. Be Business so I do all sorts of sculptures film and TV and I freelance doing that. So between those things audition and it's a really we really life. It's a really really interesting life. Yes sounds like you're you're you're kicking some ass Patty Patty's there is there a TV a show or a movie that you're really drawn to or or one that you find yourself watching lot whether it's with your way for on your own or with your your nieces. Is there something you find. Find yourself watching a lot. I'll give you my favorite movie. Which is a film called Beautiful Girls Very? Yeah it's a small film by Director. Nate Ted Demme who passed away probably over a decade ago. Taper for miracle. Actually because Gavin O'Connor was friends with them and know Amrik who was in Miracle Yep Yep he can play Craig Patrick. He was in that movie Hummus. Earning Natalie. Portman one of her first films And so my goal role is to try to work with everyone or meet everyone who is in beautiful girl. So I've met Michael Rapaport I worked Net settlements 'cause I work on four. That's right Yup Rick. I'm working way down the list. Ted Demme did one of my favorite movies of all time in blow talk while again Massachusetts coming back. Maybe not a great way Austin I enjoyed. It's such a beautiful girls. It's about a guy going home. He moved to new. York's Pat Indiano player going on for his ten year reunion and it supposedly said Massachusetts but I I found out that that year There was no snow so in Massachusetts so they moved the production to Minnesota another Minnesota Massachusetts connection my final question question for you. You know I see you on Cameo Doodoo kamikaze lot. I mean I think people if you're available. I think people would love to me you. I think you're a great dude. I mean I mean a lot you know. I don't because sports is kinda excluded from comic cons. You know it's not it's not really the thing being so it's it's funny because I've been asked to do these things sometimes and I feel like it's sort of Mrs because COMECON is very sci-fi based and then you have all the sports conventions where their sports athletes which people are really excited to meet but not so much sports movie stuff so I I don't really think there is our I haven't found it The Place de la and that's too bad because I got to tell you. Two years ago I was at Rhode Island. Two three years goes out Rhode Island Comic Con and I was talking with Barbara Hershey for a bit. I was covering for the podcast and we were talking about the natural like I don't know I think sports should be a big PORTA comic cons right. You know I've I've. I've been surprised that he hasn't gone there. Because it's such a big part of the industry now is the the meeting reeks and for a long time. It was like this Tabar Chang but now it's everyone just Chris. Hemsworth goes to COMECON career. You know and it's it's pretty amazing so I do and I do have been out to the hockey ex-pilot Minnesota which is a great place to go And we're trying to because the fortieth anniversary of of the miracle on ice this year In in about a month well almost two months right right yeah. We're trying to get some of the guys out from the movie to to get to the OCOEE expert Minnesota. Yeah and a- another amazing event and I I do I live. I have one last question so when I when I talk to my I gotta ask him when I when I look at the nicest this uniforms. NHL History Right. I narrowed down to three. I don't know what you think but I'm curious whether it's my part of my three or something differently. I've got Quebec nordiques. I've got wailers in Blackhawks. What do you got is the nicest uniform? Blackhawks is number one definitely as much as that pains me to say I mean you know original six in sixth. Yeah although the nordiques great crazy I love the old. The nuxie forgot Kim. Neely's Oh candy only narrows I have to say man. I enjoyed talking so much today. And thank you for sticking with me like such a good do such a good human being. I wish you and your lovely wife nothing but love and success and a happy new year man and I hope if you come back on down the future man I hope so too. Thank you so much for having me Eh to talk thirty six six over the wool line two more fighting from who the Olympic Nice around other. US huge the Randy Randy mcclanahan is there to lose. Eleven sir mm-hmm Two days later the miracle was made complete. My boys defeated Finland to win the gold medal from behind once again and as I watch them out there celebrating on the ice cream. I realized that Patty has been. It was a lot more not only for those who watch but for those who played Often been asked in the years since lake placid was the best moment for me was here. The site of twenty young men such different backgrounds now outstanding as one young men willing to sacrifice so much concern for an unknown a few years later. US began using professional athletes games. How is found that term ironic around because now that we have dreamed Ting's seldom ever get the train but on one weekend as America and the world watched a group of remarkable gave the nation needed most chance for one not only green chance once again?

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Master and Commander & HMS Surprise by Patrick O'Brian

Spies of London

29:11 min | 5 months ago

Master and Commander & HMS Surprise by Patrick O'Brian

"Your weekly dose of bookish goodness sharing our love of books and printed papers with the world. Most of the books will be quite old. some will be rare but others will be new. All of them will be unusual or notable in some way. Is you way to visit the library without visiting the library we will focus mainly on britain in england not completely each adventure starts with allied refined but ends who knows where join us in the library the roaring fire and the ladder chairs cigars optional. Hello and welcome to this episode of library discoveries in this episode. We're looking at master and commander. By patrick o'brian regular listeners will be aware that we tend to focus on abe. Okay single usually found in a library or my own library in somebody else's library somewhere in the world is very loosely defined so that we can include all of my favorite books even if they want from a library. Today's book specifically is h s. Surprised by patrick o'brian which is book. Three in the master and commander series sometimes known as the aubrey maturation and series. For reasons. which will become clear. Soon what i have for you. Today is a handful of very poor quality second paperbacks from the various series from tana harpercollins and so on all uk additions we have hms surprise from the folio society. We also have a hollywood movie. Starring vessel crow. We have a little bit. Paul mono pot mahone and the upcoming orca. The balearic islands and we have espionage. That's rights maturation is the ship's surgeon and he is a spy. We have swashbuckling. Now people say if you look at some of the stuff. I've been researching for this series. Master and commander is is piracy without swashbuckling or something like this nonsense swashbuckling. Okay it's not homeless but eight is great. We will look a little bit at life of patrika. Brian about his about how master and commander came into being about how he went on to write. Twenty books of which lasts was published after his death in two thousand. I took him a few years to add in and just get ready for publication. There is now a full set of five or six hardbacks omnibus edition. Which i've got my eye on. it's the cheap cheapest. No it's not the cheapest way to by all twenty books. It's cheaper than if you to buy all of the new first hand. Paperback straight off. But the issue i have with the hardback series. It looks great on the shelf but each one is three or four novels in it. And it's quite heavy people complain about the quality of the paper as well to try and keep it a bit lighter. The paper suffered so great for showing off to friends. Yes i've read patrick. O'brien yes. I've got all the books in hardback in a box on the shelf. Mia not so great. If you want to read them the hardback series is what you buy for yourself after. You've read twenty books and you want to show off about it. Well i've read about six of them. I've got up to number ten here in front of me. Some of those read books. Some of those audiobooks. Some of those a photo books for some reason best known to themselves folio stopped doing the muslim commander series you can get them secondhand but you cannot get them any longer from folio and i think i've got some theories about that. I think they've let themselves down with this series to be honest. Where are we trying to where you want to start today paul. We're not going to start with the book. The last thing we do we could start with. Patrick yep okay. So we're gonna start with a brief brief. Look at patrick. O'brien so what. Can i tell you about patrick. O'brien is an english. Novelist apparently also translator an although he was best known for aubrey maturation. Which is the books we're talking about today. He has also written some quite highly regarded. Biographies master and commander went onto be twenty books in the end. Partially completed partially finished. Twenty first novel was published after his death in two thousand. Patrick o'brien was born in chalfen. Sent peter yay. That's one of the reasons i got involved with is because he was born a not ten miles from where this podcast is recorded. And he's not called patrick. O'brien he's not even called patrick. He's called richard patrick ross and he died in ireland and he lived a long time in france and his grave is in france he divorced little labus jones at some stage and then married a lady with very fascinating name called mary. Tolstoy more later so perhaps an unconscious reason for me getting interested in patrick. O'brien is that he was born to a doctor but the doctor charles ross was of german descent and his mother had the irish background so as a german irish child the eighth of nine children. Unfortunately his mother died when he was four. This led perhaps to a slightly detached childhood. Some say he was schooled at molitor and grandma from ninety two thousand four hundred twenty six while living in putney so they didn't last in chelsom very long and strangely enough patrick. O'brien began his writing career in childhood. Which all great novelists seemed to do He started with short stories now very. Interestingly patrick o'brian published his first novel at the age of fifty eaten doesn't say whether that was with a publisher seems to suggest his father might have paid for it but nevertheless fifteen years old. He novel and not quite an achievement. Let me tell you. He applied in one thousand twenty seven to the royal naval college in darton. Didn't get in in the early thirties. He did some pilot training for the rif but didn't get in our list. Get into what he wanted to do to be a pilot. What you save. Perhaps here is an early on as swashbuckling hero. A guy who wants to write finds himself in the navy primarily and then the air force because the navy wouldn't have him. He works numberless driver in the second world war so for somebody like patrick o'brian with that. Wish that interest in the services for war to come along with probably not not terrible for his career such. He works ambulance driver. I on suggesting that a war is a good launch pad for writing of call spend. My dad has launched a little writers in the past. Shoot another accident. Yep okay where where we sorry. Well he got into intelligence and this is the thing so. I was asking a bookseller in london about john kerry and he's on the carrier. I issues but i have got to browns coming out with my ears. And i hadn't read it then master and commander but i had. I was aware of the movie. The if you've seen the trailer for the russell crowe movie looks amazing. And even i don't didn't wouldn't choose pirate films. You know it was a great trailer and it really. I haven't seen the movie. But i do remember the trailer and then this guy said to me. Why don't you try patrick. O'brien and then i found out. It was born in cell phone which is around the corner. He did start in-intelligence after the blitz and towards the latter stages of the war. He had something to do with france. Didn't want to say what at least while he was alive so he was somehow doing french. Style french-based intelligence so that could put him into sob. Could put him into the french section of sa but nikolai tolstoy. Mary's son and therefore o'brien's steps on by marriage would only confirm for the wikipedia article that i'm scrolling through here. That he works numbers driver during the blitz. Let me let's be honest here. You're not gonna learn much from wikipedia but we can tell you is that he definitely do. Every in the second world war he definitely married mary. Tolstoy in nineteen forty five the month after he got married. He changed his name to patrick. O'brien this was before. He was a recognized novelist. This is before margarine which came along in nineteen seventy so i wouldn't say towards the end of his life but certainly towards the end of his swashbuckling adventures during the war. He became patrick. O'brien legally. it's not a pen name. Patrick o'brien is his name. It just isn't the name. He was born with portugal. Brian did claim to have had limited experience in the square rigged sailing vessel and he. He has had some exciting adventures on the water Hilton wells after the second world war then in nineteen forty-nine patrick and mary moved to khalil where he is buried a catalan town. Insulin france now. That's interesting because stephen. Maturin is catalan. Birth and now. He's complicated with mattress. But he is irish spanish descent. Patrick is irish german descent and they moved to southern france which is interesting because that does tie up with the french intelligence fiction that he was pushing if he's steps doesn't believe that. Then who are we to argue. But one of the things about patrick. O'brien as although he was a successful novelist he was a somewhat famous novelist. In in many many circles. I think pretty much every english public schoolboy of sir h has read one or more patrick. O'brien's sort of like the hardy boys for young men. Suppose oldest boys. He was famously private. Now let's let's be clear here. This was the sixties and seventies nineteen. A private novelist was not something to write home about. We didn't have twitter in those days of the internet. So all novelists before nine hundred ninety were private compared to where they are today. But even by that yard steak patrick. O'brien is often mentioned as a private precludes not not the j. d. salinger's but he does have a bit of a reputation at home. I don't feel that. I have any insights into this and i suspect a would be better to to focus on the books He continued to work as naval novels until his death. He spent the winter of ninety eight ninety nine at trinity college dublin. Where he died on the second of january two thousand. He was buried next to his wife. in france. there is a some kind of society in collier which has been trusted with the contents of his writing. Space including patrick's books papers desk pens and ink off to call your to see o'brien's hink fabulous. O'brien claimed to have written his novels with ink and quill while with just saying that the writing desk and ink is is still in otherwise he hand wrote the first eighteen books and all of those eighteen so he avoided. Typewriters on. Wordpress is all of those. Eighteen have been acquired by the lilly library at indiana university. Only to remain in private. Hands amon called stewart bennett. He donated his correspondence from o'brien to the library. As we've seen in indiana and he also has. The money skips in that collection for picasso. One of his memoirs and joseph banks which the folio society also publishes the moment. Now joseph banks also an interesting guy a not for today and as you would expect nikolai. Tolstoy possesses an extensive collection of money scripts include to half of hussein short stories. Let us diaries. And so on after his death. Tolstoy produced two biographies roundabout time. Thousand dean king produced patrick o'brien a life revealed. And that was the first book to document o'brien's early life as patrick. Ross of not even patrick. Ross was richard roth in those days. So richard ross. Became patrick o'brien way before he achieved fame as a writer. And i'm sure that the bug his can tell us more about that. I'm already sensing a second episode yet to be honest. I think it's easier to come to a novelist after that death because if you come to a working novelist you get issues. Like with amos of jealousy rivalry. You can't quite tell from the trees. There are issues with a living novelist. If you deliberately or accent come to novelist after their death you know exactly what they've written you know they're not gonna write anything else and you can look at their works and decide what. You're gonna stop anybody who wants to learn anything about patrick. O'brien needs to read these books. And you have to really start with master and commander here. We have the history of the first book and how it came about now. The interesting thing is i say interesting. Because everybody compares over my trent to home blower for obvious reasons we're not talking about homebrew is today. The guy who wrote home louis c. s. forrester died in nineteen sixty six so those normal homeless and of course any kind of swashbuckling. Pirate thing look at pirates of the caribbean is going to be popular. Too young children boys in particular perhaps allowed to yeah now and blocks. Well is justified without safin's okay. Is it a fight with an opinion. It's an opinion isn't it with somebody else can deal with us. Nineteen sixty o'brien wrote to see books for children. The golden ocean and the unknown shore. Few years later for forest dies and a year. The forest is death of. Brian starts on master commander at the suggestion of a us publisher. Who i've never heard of. J b lippincott jaber so an american publisher read a children's story by o'brien and said our guy who does this just popped off. How do you fancy taking his place. I didn't know this or fico's publish the book by with lippincott in nineteen sixty nine so they were desperate for home. Blow to continue after. Say based on what i've seen about homeless nothing at all like home blower so he can forget that straight away. Boats is the only thing that's going common at the time. Macmillan was the uk publisher of o'brien and they rejected it. And this is very interesting to me as a recent convert because it was too full of jargon so mcmillan said no and then collins took it up in nineteen seventy a year to come out in the uk and it did well enough to allow them to publish future books but it was not well received not critically acclaimed or anything like it and then lippincott carried on with post captain in nineteen seventy two and hate us surprise which is meant to be what we're talking about today with the book just did not sell Lippincott signed the books over to stein and day. For the marissa's command didn't help and they stopped publishing in the us with desolation island in nineteen seventy eight. This nine year adventure with an english novelist just did not work in america. Now that thing about jargon is very interesting. We have to talk about jargon. We're gonna talk about talk now. So if i just pick one of these payback solve pecan here may not that one this one. Yes if you got the second paperbacks all new ones get the harpercollins ones i much. After deliberation prefer the covers because more modern bats the harpercollins ones have a picture of a ship with its sales are twenty one of them interesting. That the number of sales on the sailing ship is the same as the number of books picture. Brian wrote about them. Twenty-one sales and i defy anybody who's listening to this to name more than about three of them the obvious ones perhaps The stay sales top sales the mainstay and so on. But did you know about the mizzen. Stay sale now. The mizzen area is towards aft. So it's it's just behind the mid ships the ria most one number nineteen is. I'm not kidding. The spanker so Pub quizzes the reimer after most sale on a square rigged sailing ship from the eighteenth century is a spanker of with the microphone. Pick that one up the tallest. Oh highest one seems to be number fourteen recouping. Eleven eleven is the main top gallant. Stay sale and fourteen is the main top gallant so the stay sales of smaller anything main is a gigantic square sail. And then the front. You've got the jobs and the full sales. So you're egypt's he four sales you main sales mizzen and then onwards to the back of autumn. Saying is that at the beginning of the harpercollins pave by any books which they're based on half the ship and the sales. And if you know that that is all you need is the only jargon you need to know to. The sunday's book. And i because i was reading the book i didn't even remember those up pitcher from because i was reading the book. So you know if you read able. You'll know about this. So i read the whole of the first two books and never even knew what the worth were talking about with the mizzen last analyst business and it doesn't matter it really does not matter you get into the lyricism and the poetry of the words descriptions. You don't need to know exactly what we're talking about the other thing about the hop books which i like is the on the back cover. There's a list of the books titled numerical series with those. So you know exactly where you are in the series. You know exactly what was being in what was coming. You've got the patriots. The ship now. There was a time when i preferred the covers on the fontana books but fontana harper imprint. Now anyway the good thing about really modern books is always credit the illustrator and the cover designer everything you can tell. Exactly what font. It's all in everything they didn't use to do that. There's a really famous cover design. Who don all of the early. And when i say early at least ten or twelve of them all of the fontana books in america and in the uk geoff hunt right. He say that again fast to hop coins. One telling me it's jeff hunt so jeff if you're listening i like call of your covers but there's something about this harpercollins won the new ish. The newest shall we say the base the others. And i think it's because i think it's because the point of view seems to be more dramatic. The the early covers more like paintings and the new covers and the book covers. Look more like action scenes from a movie. I think that's why i like them. There's various flavors of these by the way sometimes the dancing gold and made it looks at a three day the ones i cannot different sizes. By the way you'll find different sizes to the ones i'm looking at. We'll go to mass market paperback size which is normally about eight by five or something. And then i've got a larger not a trade but a it's not a nine six could be eight and a half five and a half. It's that kind of thing so going from a pocket paperback up to this larger one. Which i prefer. Even there's less portable and then you up to you earlier. Bikes new big. Shell filler there as well. Which has all twenty bucks in five volumes. Four volumes was saying jargon. Yes so jargon. Important but not essential. If you understand the jargon good for you. I tell you by the time you get to surprise you. Exactly what a business bought. It will not hold you back. If your brain can just let the jargon go past. It's just like reading. Any kind of frederick forsyth. Type book tom clancy. The jargon is not important so hop hop collins. Well done mcmillan fool you. You've missed out. On twenty of the best modern novels about ships and about the napoleonic was so big mistake and so we move onto the hollywood. Movie starring russell. Crowe this is called. Master and commander bodied has a subtitle in. The subtitle is not treason's harbour. The subtitle is the far side of the world. Which is book ten. So we have what purported the time to be a franchise and that's a good start to pick a series with twenty or twenty one books two thousand nine and a half however they start with booked tent. Which isn't a book. I've got to yet for side of the world is really the second. Half of treason's harbour that those two sort of fit together quite nicely as a single story but the great thing about these nobles is driving friendship at the middle of them from aubrey. The captain and matcher in the surgeon struck spy thought partnership drives all of the books but not freed up her bryant to make some of them sequels. So you'll see the book. The book that i'm looking at in a second with paul here hatred surprise. That ship is a big part of the story. The far side of the world which then made its way into the movie and characters come and go and come back and they look back on their previous adventures together. So it's a whole world. It really is a complete world. Easily on the level of tolkien. I have to say easily level of complexity wave got these two guys very different characters. Big friends who traveled the world together within that framework. A brian's told us will help us to understand the history around napoleonic wars of the eighteenth and nineteenth century is even though in most of these books will be offers. No this as well hang on guys. If you know anything about these wars you might recognize this battle. Okay but that's not the battle that the it portrayed in the book in other words i've tweaked a few things this is what i've tweaked. So yes it's like that. Welcome for spotting it but no. It's not like that and it didn't happen in. That didn't happen so they are. Novels heavily researched. There's no question that patrick. O'brien was an expert in royal navy at this time and that shows through in the quality. You don't need the jargon but you will learn some of the jogger and some of the history and it's a fascinating history which could then lead you onto hornblower a could lead you onto even pirates of the caribbean anyway. I meant to be talking about the film so the film was not successful. Yes he broke even yes it made an extra fifty million also but a hollywood movie that costs one hundred and fifty million about half as much as titanic which then the the world's most expensive film i believe it certainly one of the longest. It's a long to our plus movie. You want to look at least five hundred million coming back from that and they didn't get even half so gig came back around to ten so with a film with this budget with russell. Crowe of the time it was produced based on these massively successful international stories should have been launch pad for a whole raft of these movies and it just never happened. For whatever reason and people like christopher hitchens's said it's because they miss maturation they. They've taken on the old rematch in novels and only at aubrey and the haven't got the friendship they haven't got the connection between them. They've made them look very shallow for in order to give them the vehicle for the special thanks movie and it's fallen flat. An audience is even if they don't understand why it's fallen flat. They can tell a flat movie. And i think that although the trailer amazing when you've seen the trailer you've seen the film and that's a disaster for film that they want to turn into franchise so we didn't have johnny depp either of course reversal cry very good. But he's no johnny depp. So these books are absolutely revered by countless countless people in britain millions of people around the world and yet they made a complete hash of hollywood movie. Well that's never happened before now. Has it okay. So that's a look at the books. Marta come i'm sure in future episodes look on the blog all the rest of it go to the website. See the show notes but now it's over to paul for a look at the folio society addition of hate surprise. Thanks for so. I have in front of me hate to my surprise by the folio society. If you've never heard of the folio society then you put listening to their own podcast or you might be outside the uk. I suppose so. Let's talk about them. They produce fine editions. All typically classic works of history literature nonfiction and they all pretty much hard back the all hot they come in a slip case which is unusual. That my only books in slip cases really. They are fine editions. Which means that they are really nicely. Done new covers. Sometimes at the new introduction illustrations typically as well as a rematch in books photographs not illustrations and i think that's a missed opportunity. I think if they had done they picture of the ship the square rigged ship in the beginning with the twenty one. Sales got the author's notes. They got the illustrations done by a really nice artists. Maybe offering jeff. Who did the covers for the paperback. I think it'd been onto a winner as it stands. None of these are available from the photo society but many of them are available secondhand. Good number as well. I've got to my surprise because it was a present and because that was the book. I hadn't read so when i started reading these books. I read the to the first to a commander and post captain on on kindle because a cheap then i went to miss a prize is the hardback. I was thinking. Maybe i wanted to all twenty one from folio. But then they didn't do them anyway. And then i saw a hardback which was a bit cheaper for about one hundred and twenty pounds with the full set in five hardbacks but the quality of those is low in terms of the paper and so on so anyway hey surprise really nice. Cover blue gold. You would expect it to blue in the in the first bit. There's a map of the area bay of bengal sumatra eastern days. That's why the action happens in hatred. Surprise the illustrations are missing. But there's some nice photos baskerville font. Abby wove paper wove paper is pretty much essential for book in germany. we'll also shine third printing and twenty ten so they did well for a while at the folio for some reason. I've drifted out focus. Perhaps because it's now twenty years since patrick. O'brien died so these books are definitely historical fiction in many senses of the word. Nine hundred seventy three. This one written to the third book. It's not a typical library. Discovery is not fox. it's not dated in any way. it smells brand new. Pay per because it's been in the slip case so it smells like a brand new book. It is effectively a brand new book. I have read it. Hatred surprise is not. The place to start is not amazing. A looks fabulous on the shelf. Twenty of those. That would look incredible. It really would slip case or no. This section is shorter than normal but the other section has been longer than normal. If you're looking for recommendation. I would say obviously twenty bucks. Start with book one. You have to start a book one. Do not start with the movie. The audio books are very good. The audible editions of the books are very very good. And you can do a lot worse than get the kindle e book with the audio accompaniment dies very good way to do this. I found that the jargon was less of an issue on the audio compared to the reading the text. Don't expect too tightly plotted twenty book series. You know it was written one at a time. It was the american publishers idea. Not patrick brands only had written children's stories in this area before so it was from the get-go a commercial enterprise which failed in the us but thank goodness it did really well. In the uk not surprise me for british author. European off hated well with a book about the british royal navy but nobody could have predicted twenty one novels and a massive massive hollywood movie with russell. Crowe one of the most common book series. You will see in any secondhand bookshop patrick. O'brien as a novelist is a genius. He really knows the time period. He knows how to tell a story. His characterization is amazing. Master and commander is fabulous. Even if like me you're not somebody who is drawn to naval historical fiction at all. It has the world fully realized in the same way that token does it is absolutely top-drawer material. It's very very good stuff. So hopefully that's wet your appetite. Yeah start with master and commander start with april. Start with an old paperback whatever you wanna do. But this is the folio edition from two thousand and nine printed it three times so a lot of people bought it. Perhaps the expectation that all twenty would would come along. So is our special episode on patrick. O'brien and master and commander otherwise known as the aubrey mattering series. And we hope you've enjoyed this podcast. See you next time. thank you library. Discoveries is available. Wherever you prefer to subscribe to your podcasts loosely. By pc debt men is available from all the best bookshops and online outlets in audio book. Paperback and e book loosely as an average by from the north of england to keep him out of trouble spungen of six sent him to a private girls' boarding school in the chiltern hills. Unfortunately as so often in the past trouble found him the pupil he sent to watch with me. Nick hayek an aiops gone. Did they think it was something to do with my iranian father. An arms dealer and international man of mystery anyway. we followed him to hong kong. My friend told ms leclair. Turn look at his head and was that my fault now can loxley defeat his own demons and revive his career. Probably not not if you ask me his toast

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October 30  Hour 1  CSU / Fresno State Recap | Kevin Lytle Calls In

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October 30 Hour 1 CSU / Fresno State Recap | Kevin Lytle Calls In

"And then. After the hour. Friday football Friday it's all very good. Very. Excited about it. Susan Cheryl or they're a little late. Yeah they're sleeping in. I think they had one too many watching the rams bulldogs, Games game last night. Ye yikes how we doing rams fans, guys. Okay. You need you need a shoulder to. Lean. On right now or you that forever optimists that I'm seeing on twitter that's like, Hey, it's the first game. We'll be okay. That was one of three that I had you pick to win. The game didn't happen. And yeah very go so. According to that Colefax, I'm not a math wizard. But that would mean the rams are gonNA. Win One game this year I do you guys see them Seriously, I'm asking. Do. You really see this team be Wyoming. No. Boise. State no own three. Maybe UNLV. You're not beating air force. I don't think although air I looked a little more human last game. STATE YOU'RE NOT BEING UTAH state I I don't know this was a weird situation will get to some clips from. Post game press conference from head coach Steve Adagio. Is Sent to you or Santo? How are we saying it? Because I've been saying said to you all week and then send Tayo is what was on the broadcast I events text line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six, your new show. Text K. A. Two three, one, nine, nine, six, and let's let's let's chat. Let's talk. Let's vent it out a little bit. Steve Adagio via the zoom as we're doing through all of our press conferences now was well, he started things off and we'll get his initial. This was his opening statement after the Rams lost printing thirty, eight, seventeen to Fresno state but like. On offense. Early. We had the ball inside the. Thirteen Yard Line three times while we pulled out, that was three points. That's just not good enough to win as starts with Languid Defense and certainly didn't play good enough there either swore in the red zone we didn't do that well, enough not sell on special teams feel position I thought we probably accomplish that turnover. You know with the we had a turnover. We had some real critical penalties. I thought we played hard throughout the game, but we competed hard but I thought we made far away too many mistakes some critical penalties and just too many mistakes. Defense man coverage we found ourselves beat man. Thought. We did a good job stopping the run. The defense don't think we pushed the interior of the pocket well, enough certainly not in the first half. I in the second half we did a better job on offense we were times looked explosive dynamic in other times. Looked for. He kinda summarize it up pretty pretty nicely I mean that was the game right you had. He had some issues they're moving down the field the one of the very first opportunities when the ram settle for a field goal in that first quarter. A little worried about todd there. He tries to go to the left side of the end zone. He has I believe that was mckelway macelroy underneath to the left wide open little running back to the flats there would have been easy touchdown things like that. That were missed. Patrick, O'Brien gets in the game. We didn't see a quarterback carousel which I'm glad for that. I didn't WANNA see Censeo in for you know twenty. Twenty plays, and then suddenly we're GONNA THROW IN WE'RE GONNA throw in Patrick O'Brien I didn't see anything like that. O'Brien. Comes in in the fourth quarter because the games out of reach and. Listen there's life to the offense as you move, but you see this in football the time. So let's not make too much of it. Because you see backup quarterback, they can move the ball down the field we were used to that however. I. Mean I. O'Brien should have been the starter, but I get the reasoning. Here's Steve Adagio on why he decided to go Asensio instead of Patrick O'Brien at quarterback. Yeah I mean we made a decision that we were down you know. Obviously, we lost warrant earlier before we even started, and then we were down two receivers and. We felt like we were in a need his legs in this game and that we needed a mixture of that especially in this game because we're just really down. I'll be our most explosive guy and then our one of our next top receivers. So we thought that that would be something that would be to our advantage and I thought that you know. Seemed like that was gonNA play pretty well. I mean I get the reasoning we heard before the game that Dante right was out and so you're already without worn Jackson. You knew that a big part of what you were thinking this offense was going to be and then Dante right turns out he was in the covid protocols which. College is is way more secretive than the NFL about all this stuff like you don't know especially now you never really know when guys are. Are Healthy or what that situation looks like. Well, Dante writes out here, Steve Adagio, talking about when they found out and you know what? The what the immediate future looks like for Dante Right? Well, we were without tying. Dante. Those are two of our top for receivers. So I mean I mean they've been out for two weeks. Or Contact I. have. To Take that up with whoever's in charge of all that. Hopefully why I think we get him back like tomorrow morning that's a player day off to a warning. So that's not going to really matter. Then sounds thrilled about that. Does he? I don't make Colefax I'm not really I don't really comment a lot and talk about the masks and all that stuff. I think the rules are inconsistent. It drives me nuts. But I, I don't know you're you were under like a bunch of investigations about your handling for covert and your masks like down here below I can't imagine Colfax because you know people take them off. They don't even think about it. It's not a big deal for me, but I was thinking Oh, boy the. The mask police are going to be after coach. Adagio I'm sure I haven't really heard much about it today but isn't that weird? It's not. It's not a national anthem watch anymore it's mask watch who's wearing a mask. Oh, this was weird advisor. That's interesting. Is Rough. Rough Day for rams fans. My keys to the game were developed run. They ran for one, hundred, forty, nine yards. That came from the quarterback though I like the read option stuff. I. Think that's kind of that's kind of fun. We're not really used to that I mean he broke off a huge early with that read. I really enjoyed that I don't know about his passing ability was ten for twenty-three qbr between nine, but he ran for eighty yards. So, that was cool. macelroy though I thought it was going to get off to this really good start seemed like he was off to a decent start he ran for thirty five yards and a touchdown. Vince had twenty six yards. It wasn't the the running again in one, hundred, forty, nine yards. It's it's not bad but it's mainly coming from your quarterback. So you WANNA be able to control that clock with your running backs and listen if you're running but you're not throwing while you're you're putting your team in a tough spot. I said trae McBride was going to be a key in this one. Eight receptions one hundred, thirty yards and touchdown. He goes down I was pretty worried about that but he had he had awesome game. So he did what he did and he's GonNa continue to probably make make put up huge numbers all season. Love trae McBride maybe just don't have the Star Power Dante writes missing. That's a huge deal. Declined Jackson had ten tackles. He was all over the field seven of those were so low. You know by other key to the game though was. There's somebody's got rise up. Somebody's gotTa be a star on this team defensively. We talked about Manny Jones and you. But you need playmakers you need is that can make make plays and you just didn't see it first quarter was okay. Missed opportunities perhaps. Adagio talked about that Kelly lyles from Colorado and asked coach Adagio if this was going what quarterback plan is for the future I don't make any decision for the season I make a decision for a game. Got I don't know what's going to happen next week week after week after that or anything else Obama I gotta look. And watch the tape. TATY had great. CAMP, thought. Pat. Competed hard. But in this game, we clearly felt that. We really need his legs and. As we move forward. Make. A decision will make that as we go. Totti's good thrower and runner and has done a good job. You know throw throwing the ball to and. So. I. Think. You know that was the decision that we clearly made. New said the quarterback reminds me of Colin Kaepernick with his build. yeah. I. Mean if you could get if you get Kapernick type play like we like he did in Nevada than you'd be pretty happy with that but throwing his you know that doesn't seem to be. A strength at this stage one game in. I don't like the whole. I'll make any decisions for the future what whatever happened to the day. Now, bear with me Rams fans I'm going to go back in time. Remember back in the day when a guy used to commit to a quarterback and that was the quarterback of the team until he lost the job. I, I don't like it again I know coach Adagio is keeping everything pretty close to the chest specially after everything that happened before the season. I don't I'm not really fond of the whole what I don't make any decisions for the future. That's a game by game basis, you got six games left. And you know. I mean I. Don't I don't like musical chairs with quarterbacks. I like making a decision. Does that mean you can't put Censeo in on certain? Uncertain. Plays, because you know he can run like I said, yesterday I don't mind that if there's a reason for it. You see what the Saints Do. I don't mind that at all but I don't WanNa switch up quarterbacks because. We want him to have at least five passes in this game no I bring him in because you think he's going to be able to give them the option to throw. But I like I really don't like switch it up on the quarterback. Sorry Sixteen minutes after the hour we're GonNa take a quick break. We'll catch up with Kevin lytle from the Fort Collins Colorado on your thoughts more aftermath of the game that was for Colorado state losing to Fresno state thirty eight to seventeen coach Adagio starts off owing one. In his career with Colorado state, your thoughts text, the show tech's f. a two, three, one, nine, nine, six that's the first event text line sixteen. After the hour, we'll take a short break you're listening to the whole show powered by energy on northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI. Unease. My monster from his. Begun is. You want football since your dial two KF. A. NFL Games all season long northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten Kfi a Dan Patrick. The whole show in Collin cowherd are on northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten k. f.. K.. This is Steve Fairchild at Fairchild qb training dot com in you are listening to the whole show on thirteen ten Kfi A.. One after the hour. Welcome back to the whole show powered by PD energy were live from the auto collision specialist studios. That's right. Halloween's tomorrow. That's why you play. The, all Halloween music last time Colefax I. See I see where you're going with that kind of go at the Monster Mash Yeah. Is that your favorite Halloween Song I think it is far that's that's up there. I feel like. Thrillers. been. Overdone. Like we play a lot don't expect me thriller today from that. We play that a lot that's overplayed but I mean it's it's I liked growing up and man, they played all the time Kevin Lytle. Joining us. He sat through that little spiel. So thanks for that Man Kevin Lionel of Fort, Collins Colorado and Kevin. What are what are you GonNa, talk about man let's let's dig into something. Let's DEBATE THE MERITS OF CANDY FOR The most pressing issue. I think that's a big one. Oh, and yeah that that weird game last night rams. bulldogs. Oh, boy ha well, I think the the top story on it. Of course, is the quarterback situation and Kevin help me out here man I've been saying todd sent Yo and then I'm here on the broadcast is todd. Said Tayo, how are you saying? I. I've had a pod Tayo I'm assuming they're right based on the pronunciation guide, but I do need to double check. The I usually worry about writing them so That's lower on my priority list for you guys. I. Think about what? The broncos with Albert Okay Acquaintan- on I heard every different pronunciations. That's great. So I always got a double check, but talk to us about this I get the reasoning Kevin I really do. We find out without Dante, right? Because of Cova dirty no you're Warren Jackson. You're in a tough spot. You wanted to get a guy that can run around and he at eighty yards rushing so that made sense but I never really a fan of. This is the guy for this game and I know I. Know it was either you Kelly asked him in the post. Game Kevin. WHO's The quarterback for the future and He doesn't want to commit to that I'm just not a big Fan I like I like picking a quarterback and you stick with them and tell you decide he's not the right guy. Yeah I mean, generally, I don't like the quarterback carousel and especially in this situation I think it was basically overthink over coaching situation 'cause like you say I get part of it of a Hawaii was their quarterback was really able to run a lot on Fresno last week. So you're looking at that you're looking at your missing some weapons but then the more I think about it's like, okay, you're missing your top weapons. So you got throw in the kid who's never started college game and say. Hey No Dante, right? No Time Makola Obviously Cam Butler Warren Jackson, good, luck kid run for two hundred or else there's there's nothing else we can do that just makes no sense to me and and especially in Patrick O'Brian is not a runner don't don't get me wrong there, but he's he's not immobile. So you could still do some things with him to open up the defense with the lakes and his arm. Obviously we saw late. Yeah it was garbage time, but but he can make big downfield throws. So to me, you had to start O'Brien. If, he struggles you could go within Tayo as a change of pace and and I think that would make sense you both quarterbacks. It'd be happy you know everything would be alright and and honestly you know the the you know PR battle it definitely does matter coaches. Let's say it doesn't but that's a lie you've now basically you put in Tayo rough spy you already have fans the poor kid played one game and you have fans of already turned on him Patrick, O'Brien I you know we haven't been able to speak to him because, of course. Trying to hide. The quarterbacks right now. But surely he is not happy as as anyone would be and he threw for three thousand, almost three thousand yards last year and then just gets benched. So now you have two quarterbacks that you've put in pretty bad situation and you're one game men. So I think there's just a complete error of judgement and You know Adagios does Cristiano, all decisions? Are you know what happens rests with me as as true and he should say but. You're paying a lot of money to make the right call and very clearly, it was not the right call. Yeah. I mean, Kevin I, Know It's a new coaching staff and you're supposed to kind of wipe the memory and every everyone starts anew but. There's a part of me that. Patrick the way he played last year I'm not saying he's the greatest quarterback ever but I almost look at it say man the guy earn do we haven't? Seen Tayo in anything so I almost felt like it was. It was a pretty rough way to start your career off as the rams head coach is to take a guy that was fairly successful last year on a bad team. And basically just you know at the drop of a hat, he's done for and then he doesn't get to go in until the fourth. Yep and I kind of wrote this you there obviously enough problems you know we we could spend a long time documentary issues you football right now. And you could say start patio and there's no problem Mike. Say Even if he struggles I think people, you could pretty easily pass it off as hey, you know I game issues like you said, new system, you're missing all your weapons. Hey tough game but but we move on you know we use entail as a change of pace. Things are good. But instead like like I said you, you have a real awkward situation now and yeah it it Kinda was A. Didn't need to be a problem now it is and and it's GonNa. Be Very odd going forward because now. I think I I do I, think most people feel that you have to start Patrick O'Brien Thursday against Wyoming but then what again what message reese into fort and entail who's now started one game and has been benched in his college career so like I say, you know more than likely after two games, you'll have been two quarterbacks so that doesn't seem ideal to me. This is why I like committing to one guy, and then once you know once that guy proves that he's maybe not not right for the job at that stage then then you move on but this again, this even coach Adagios response in the in the post game to you guys Kevin was. What what are you? GonNa do for the future what's this look like? Oh, I don't make any I. Don't make any plans for that I mean. Since. When Kevin did it turn into football head football coaches making quarterback decisions week by week I mean whatever happened to the good old days when you just said he's our quarterback until proven otherwise whatever happened to that. Yeah I I. I was confused by love it because it's like you said that. You know maybe it was just said in anger. I don't know. Maybe it's pretty confounding here. You Know I. Make Decisions based on a game of the season. It's like well I. Mean I do you know obviously there games the certain matchups worked better by or that your fees into you know they don't these things don't exist in a vacuum I mean this Fresno state game It's still impacts the season that's still on the record. So I, I didn't quite get what he meant by that and like I say, maybe it was just You know the anger of Lucienne and he didn't phrase what he'd been very very well. But that was a very odd statement to me because obviously you need to be managing this season, not just the game So. Yeah. Definitely definitely, not the ideal start and it's GonNa be seen moving forward and you're the one thing I will say if if a had said that O'Brien, the amount of time he missed in camp is why they didn't feel comfortable playing because we know he was out due to some sort of covert issue whether it was him having covert or contact Tracy. Adagio has basically told us that but post game he didn't mention that all. He said I mean, he made it sound like it was one hundred percent. They wanted the running ability of tots and Taos so you know that would have been the one Kathy. Out where I said okay I mean, if the guy didn't practice at all, maybe I can get it but but that doesn't seem a case obviously O'Brien was here through the abbreviate but still some of spring boss, it's not like you know he just met the staff or anything. Yeah and listen I I don't really mind like with the saints when you watch drew brees and taste some hell I mean they kind of switch up once in a while but he'll come in for different place to even when breezes isn't I don't really mind that reasoning. But again to just say now this guy can run he's getting the starting job. It's Interesting strange way to start your career as the head coach already have not just a loss I. think all of us can take a loss. We're fine with that. But it's the quarterback controversy which it really seems like this morning how about Dante right? That was a shocker. Again this world of Covid College football. We don't always know who's going to be playing on a given especially especially, not being able to go to practice and learn that. So shocker to a lot of people last night. Yeah I I heard basically rumors. You will about Dante and time Makola not being available, but I was never able to establish more than that. So of course didn't report it but sure enough. Here, pre-game that they're out and that's a big blow and that was another watching the dossier was press conference. He was pretty peeved about it sounds like. It was contact tracing so they didn't test positive or at least they didn't and the tracing that caused a which leads to a fourteen day quarantine and does the sound like yesterday was the last of those days. So if they had played tonight you know obviously who went up practice, I don't know exactly how that would play into things, but he would have been at least allowed to be part of the team. And he was clearly very very unhappy with those protocols and and the things that go into that He he kinda tried to Denver and say talk to someone else about those 'cause I don't make those rules. But. Yeah. Huge play Dante right is is a superstar and especially with Warren Jackson Gone I think is going to be very intriguing to see how they used him, and then obviously just very important to have him on the field because of his plate make him -bility and and you know again. Through a tiny astras in their of you know how much different would the game have been? If he was there don't know again that's also part of football especially part of Cova football. Yeah And that's the tough part to, and that's where I. IT feels like I'm beaten up coach Adagio and I get it. It is a tough spot. I can't even imagine the things that these guys have to go through now on a regular basis it's tough. Now you're throwing in the cove stuff it's crazy. But it certainly seems like it's just a perfect storm of of mess for Colorado State for game one at least how about trae mcbride he has the game. We we expect them to eight receptions over one hundred, thirty yards. One touchdown huge. He goes down once so and I think all. Rams fans were just kind of freaking out for a moment. Yeah he he did exactly what he should do someone referred to him as a mini George tiddle and in many it's only in age terms because there's nothing small about about traffic private. Yeah. Good. See Him out there healthy and just dominating is a guy that went into the transfer portal and man just imagine. If that team had played last night without him, what it would have looked like maybe some you don't lie imagine maybe I shouldn't say that but but he was really really good and and they're gonNA need him to be and him and Patrick O'Brien seemed to have pretty good passing chemistry, which is another Wormhole we can. We could climb down but McBride is a great player. You know he's a junior technically, which means you can come back as a junior next year due to the eligibility ruling by the NCAA. But you kind of wonder how how much time he has issue because that looks like an NFL player to me no question and it's not just as receiving them and you see him finish blocks I watched maybe one of the first carries of the game. McBride's out block and he just won't stop like he looks like he's ready to hurt somebody and that's what teams are looking. For I, need a guy that can that can catch can get downfield but maybe more importantly guy that blocks and man he's the complete package when it comes to tight ends, isn't he? Hundred percent I mean the the blocking tape it I think is a the thing that's maybe even most attractive to to the next level. You know if you all remember watching the movie The blind side that scene where b-actor, playing Michael or Ta-, it takes the guy and drives them through. The says he's putting them on the bus that's basically trained McBride on every play. He plays incredibly angry and I mean that the best way he he goes, you know the old coaching cliche played to the whistle he he takes that to the very limit of it because he wants his opponent to be absolutely miserable and. He's he's a great player fun to watch and like I say he has an incredibly bright future beyond. The college level I. Think if you're if you're teaching blocking at any level or position whether that's a running back tight end or or Lineman, you're putting trae McBride's film on because he finishes the play I. Mean He's sensational. It comes to that. How about the defensive side of the Ball Kevin? Jackson had ten ten tackles. He was pretty solid in this game, but just really nothing special from this defense and we kinda got to see that Swiss cheese style defense later and as the game progressed. When we will will there come a day when when we see this defense improved? Yeah, that was pretty alarming 'cause they been playing pre decent late last year, obviously a total change in staff and system. But Man. The running back coming out of the backfield or just completely wide open and not just one or two I knew it was basically nonstop and. UNABLE TO GAS field on third down I mean there was a I at least three third and twelve or longer that were converted. A couple of penalties obviously big plays Ronnie rivers ran over people and the tackling was bad The the brightest spy is they create a little presser half you sacks but but even that I think we're kind of grasping at straws. It was a rough offensive day. Yeah. No I mean when you look at it. Ronnie. Rivers when he doesn't get his on the ground I mean he had ninety five yards but man he sliding it up in the in the receiving game too. So that guy's a special player for sure. Overall Yeah I. Just felt like as the game went on Fresno state could do no wrong. I'm watching an early play were Jay? Steps up into the pocket and rolls and. The coverage breaks down and he's making time and it's just missed opportunities mixed with. Blown assignments I suppose and just a lot of confusion surrounding this. Ramstein, this more this afternoon. Yeah definitely in you know twenty four, ten half forced to punt on the first year using and thinking Oh man, you know go score then and you're feeling pretty good and you know the first couple series I think they were pretty solid defensively in the SEC after. And you're like Oh man, you just need offense to get going and you know to me Oh. Yeah we're Monday morning quarterbacking but that's been going to Patrick O'Brien because there was a chance to make the comeback. And then it didn't happen a couple rough offense of theories, and then there was that big fresno state series that really ended it. You know they had a believe that was the third eighteen, seventeen yard pass and then ran from thousand. Later in that series, there's third down stops that was defensive interference in the end zone, and of course, Fresno State scored and that was basically ballgame right there after starting the third quarter well, that series pretty much ended. And, yeah you're right. I saw it on twitter to a lot of rams fans saying, Hey, Patrick O'Brien, better becoming out, start the second half. So when that didn't happen. I would imagine there was a lot of cursing going on inside a lot of a lot of Fort Collins fans last night. Yeah especially once once they went down thirty, one, ten I I think you have that go then 'cause obviously then you're battling the clock and the scoreboard you need to start really airing it out Obviously that's not an ideal situation, but I really didn't understand why they still stuck within. Tayo then when obviously he was struggling to pass it really did not make much sense to me. Kevin W-. any shot against Wyoming now again, it's so new. We don't know a lot about these teams, but if you're basing things off last year, Wyoming should be a pretty decent team this season. Yeah and Wyoming not to keep rubbing the salt in this. Weird. But you know Wyoming Kim's play really hard nosed good defensive, pretty clean game They have Sean Chambers, their quarterback already out for the year really early in their first game last week suffered a bad injury. So you feel bad for him. It'll be interesting they play Hawaii tonight. So definitely have an eye on that to see how how both those. Teams but it's GONNA be a tough game and obviously there's a mental battle with that 'cause yet, it's a new coaching staff and they'll say all the right things about weaned rivalries. But most of these players have been through a lot of losses against rivals and you wonder wins the Tipping Point Gumby that they'll get one back but you also wonder how much does that way on them knowing they haven't been being rivals so I know it's only week two and week three but second game and the we season all that. But it feels like a pretty significant game coming up. Yeah. No question about it. It's strange Kevin before the season started I question. How much is this season? Really mean how much pressure is really on Steve Adagio? I think we've found out if he goes I think people are discussing it today they want to see results they don't care if it's twenty twenty or the cove rams fans sound like they really want to see winds and they want to see it this season. Yeah I think there's a middle ground of you know if they have an okay season show positive signs people be okay. If it's a you know if they have seven games that look like last night that would be a really bad. You know I I don't think that will be the case because that seems like really worse case scenario but but yeah, if things. Go. Really, really bad obviously that at you pressure I think people can understand you know okay with signs of improvement but yeah, no I agree one hundred percent. If you can see something, give you something to build off of Kevin, appreciate you man we have to go to the vent couch I suppose and just kind of talk about this a little bit. So we appreciate your time. Absolutely. Thanks for having me. Great. Happy. Halloween my friend and yes, stay away from the candy. Corn. Definitely will do that. All Right, Kevin? lytle of the Fort Collins Colorado and. Tough go yeah. No doubt about it. Thirty eight, seventeen for Colorado state. He got quarterback question marks already not just a loss losses happen. Colefax rent Lord knows rams fans are used to it the last couple of years. But you're already in this very strange territory with the quarterback. Yes you could sense that. Data was was frustrated with with the whole situation Dante right. And it is it's strange time. You don't know from any given day how many players you're GonNa have, and sometimes that's out of your control forty one minutes after the hour war way past the break your let's get the latest on the local sports flash here mornings with GAIL weekdays six to nine northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI K.. Age Dan, Patrick, in you're listening to the hall show on. Thirteen. Ten. K. F. K. I know you're hungry. That Neither I've never heard of the beginning like that. You never know what you're going to get on the whole show Colfax actually. Halloween Halloween Eve. All hallows eve. That, we call it. You have big plans. Anybody. Have big plans. Staying safe stay safe stay inside say where it's safe. Boy I, text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six. Kovacs I didn't get to this yet but the big story of the day. Yeah. Yeah. Presented by. F. Ns S.. Baking made simple. broncos canceled practice Friday after they had player test positive for Co vid nineteen offensive linemen. Graham glass cow is is what we're hearing at this point. Of course Mike Muntjac entered the COVID nineteen protocol last week he wasn't present at practice Wednesday or Thursday. They didn't name the player at first but now that is news all over twitter I guess I have the question. Why Why are we having this game and not move in which I'm not complaining? But why was the Patriots game moved around for a couple of players? But you're seeing that this game is not moved around chargers had one too so. Is. That patriots thing was that so that they could potentially get Cam Newton back. How about this Colfax. If peyton manning was here, he was the quarterback for the broncos and his lineman was down. Do you think the new think the NFL would find a way to? Move this game out I just don't think the broncos get that kind of respect. I know they're running out of time to reschedule things. They've already talked about moving the super bowl back by four three or four weeks. So that that's a little bit frustrates a little frustrating but the game is plan is planned to go ahead and like I said, I don't have a problem with that mine was the fact that we moved to the game and then basically just said Oh by the way guys your by week. Hope you had fun practicing. Weird I of a sex line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, our power to play sports poll question is available. It's broncos related today we we hit the rams. Pretty. Pretty heavily throughout the week. So we'll go broncos today. Think about this before the chargers game because this game us a lot. The broncos do you like the direction the broncos are heading. With Vic Fangio. Pat Shurmur. Drew Lock. This this defense the scheme. John. elway. Do you like the direction they're heading? Would you like to see it play out or? Are you ready to see this thing just torn completely open. Break it down from top to bottom by by elway by Fangio drew locks nutter guy we are trading off assets and here we go. Trade deadline's coming up reason I ask and obviously my deep thoughts from a wandering mind my quick take on the broncos in their lack of offensive identity. I talk a lot about elway's issues. That's really impacting the broncos. Colfax I make this comparison. I kind of feel like John Elway, have you ever been to the grocery store hungry you ever? You know they say not to do that, right? Don't go to the grocery store hungry because you're going to buy a lot of crap. You're never going to eat you see stuff and you're like, oh, definitely gonna eat those fish sticks I'm doing something like that. But I'm not. But you're not, you're not thinking health when you're hungry, right you're thinking about. All the junk food that you can buy. ELWAY's like that. He goes into the grocery store. He's starving Oh there's too wide receiver. Sweet. We don't really need them but you never know Oh there's Melvin Gordon. Let me get him. Let me sign him. We don't really need him but we're going to go rather than getting the things that are good for you like carrots and apples and all that good stuff right? Well Offensive Lineman. or a defensive back or linebacker that would have been the nutrients you need it in the draft and free agency but instead you went out with the sexy picks go Caja Hamblur in the second round. You get another tied in you draft tied in you and you and your sign you sign one in free agency. So I feel like always a lot like that and so that's the question. Do you think that that will get better? Or. Would you like to see this this organization just torn completely apart fifty one minutes after the hour we'll take a quick break when we come back wrap up our number one, it is football Friday. got a lot to talk about today we get into the Broncos chargers preview. I called it a must win if you want if you WANNA keep those playoffs. Actually. In front of you right back, it's a whole show powered by pw energy. With No coding now. Weekdays at four another in Colorado's voice off. Thirteen ten KFI. It's party northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI K. The block. Party Wednesdays from four, ten PM. Hey this is Mike roark you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten. KFI. That's a good one. Halloween tunes scary. Tunes. Halloween, tomorrow. Weird Halloween. Kobe Kobe Halloween. Welcome back to the show Dixon says the Patriots entire team was shut down for the entire week and able to practice at all. That's not the case with the broncos. Did that. So the NFL which would move it. This was all that was all part of the plan. Pillow fight Dan says the NFL didn't seem too concerned with the raiders entire Oh line being last weekend exactly we we moved the titans to a Tuesday You know we're doing all these different weird things for other teams, but the Patriots get to push that game all the way out. So the Cam Newton and Stefan Gilmore can play. Come on man just being. Just be consistent I, get it though covert cove nineteen we're in that world where everything is inconsistent second hour coming up next football Friday coming up next.

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Primo Georgette with Harriet Evans

Heyer Today

47:42 min | 1 year ago

Primo Georgette with Harriet Evans

"Previously on here today. My latest work genius not truly it's a very fine work and immensely entertaining absorbing. SCINTILLATING and era. GITE well. What I mean is it will be when I get to writing it. So. He's finally free and he's kind of surprised because DEB wants to bandage him up and she does that, and then they kind of sneak him back in the front door and then and then there's another scene with wantage where basically he kind of punches wanted just lights out and want to dissolve respectful of that. It's fun. It's challenging in terms of just the themes. So overall I would say. Welcomes ahead today the podcast in which we analyzed the life and work of underrated authors Georgia hair. Now if you haven't listened before this is a series in which we tell his story by contextualising selection of her regency romance books. So do start at once and you don't Miss Anything out also episode one happens to feature Stephen Fry who might make an appearance in this episode as well. This week we're interviewing Sunday Times bestselling author Harriet Evans, and she'll be sharing her top ten favourite has with twelve books under her belt. Evans his work has been described as utterly gorgeous and compelling. At home in the publishing world, she followed in her father's footsteps working as an editor for authors like Penny sends e Emily Bar Louis Bank show. Canoeist novel the Garden of lost fact is quite filled with flowers and painting secrets and heartbreak according to one review. I can't wait to picker brains about her favorite heads and boy do we get through a lot of them do be aware the Dobie a few spoilers in the course of our discussion I've put the books we cover in the show nuts. Tell us you. Hello I am Harriet Evans I am an also and I used to work in publishing before I became a full time writer edited what role the Rubbish Lena's women's fiction Ziff men can't read it I'm sure they would. Anyway I did that the years and have any happy as in publishing in the left to right full-time about nine years ago being temper Selah and I live in London I have two children I'm very tired. Message it. Hey, if not the most important thing of Oh, that's good. Yes, and how did you first become a Hayride I'm always interested in the way people come to hey, because it's either they read them because they pick them up on a shelf. Old Friend she is such as overcome in Dacian Person I. Think you don't of come across any other way I was a massive reader is a child of destroyed everything. I. Could get my hands on my mom to a shelf full of old Agatha. Christie's didn't books like that, and that will always hairs on the men. She said I think you'd like these. So I started them and of course, the great thing about them is they are so well written you. Come back to them year off. Yes I. Think the first time I started treating would have been in my early team. Then you read them again and you see three Monte. There are so many layers to them and they keep on giving. I'm smiling as I'm talking to you because it's just so joyful talk about her because of all authors she is the one who I am. My friends reread the most there is no pleasure greater say knowing you're going to re Rita. Whereas there other books and you think I really enjoyed that book on guide to read it but you still feel guilty about whereas with the whole point of our is the reread it a comfort every single time you just Australia and new at the brilliance of her structure and her ability in dialogue and the way she tells the same story essentially over and over again. But incredibly fresh ways. That's partly because of her timeless heroes will talk about an moment but also I think it's a humor I think there's something about how she Constructs these characters I mean some people would say that she's formulate but I actually think gio is find some new angle at. You'll know about this being a romance novelist because it's hard isn't it to find a fresh take absolutely and I wouldn't call myself a romance noticed and I used to write much. We'll check books when I was younger but then more still to family sagas now, and while lot romance is not on my Straits used to be really struck by how often very much was not spending, you'd expect it to be. Had little attention was paid to it. I don't. I'm telling you is someone who's just finished my tenth novel there something. So incredible about the way the woman just wrote note what she knew about she wasn't writing about her life and she did over and over again and made it fresh every time and I would submit as hard if not harder to take a very narrow world like she did on the five, she made the massively enjoyable and different and opened up these hugely fresh new worlds reader every. Time is extraordinary to me because if I want to make my own novel interesting to me to write, I have to make really quite different from the one before it's that attention to detail about the characters that everyone often quite similar. They are similar between the Querulous Lady Dowager who's got to get rid of a to who is the onto the Saturnine hero. There's about three or four of those female characters, but they all seem to be different in different ways. I have my skill so much I just. WanNa bet greatest strengths keep it fresh and she had huge huge huge resources. She had something like a thousand reference books. She had teen different divergences like ambush snuggle says, you're incredibly detailed information about Bob Rommel she knew everything and this I'm sure we can get onto. But one of my big bugbears with the the loss of women's fiction it's denigrate today's cheese the female Patrick. Hi Brian and I tried to read Patrick O'Brien dumpty times I find him really dull I just can't get on with them. It's an exclusively male world. They just don't appeal to me and I could ima he did and I can see what he does. Patrick O'Brien is acclaimed as one of the Great Twentieth Century novelists. He gets huge acclaim weather dentists help him at Greenwich. Naval College government ministers attend Georgia does not get adds mission is accomplished a novelist but because she's writing books for women, she's just not claimed in the same way. I really drives me up the wall. It's easy to say just Raymond's that is stuff of lying and when you read, what was it state for some of these women if didn't make a good marriage and how Totally terrifying. It must be to have let Mrs Bennet Arrows was so rude about it. Just to give it a five door they have no money out of the realities of rail every day life for the middle class up would for women they also kind of scary because he's been Paul android that wealth needs huge respect I've discovered that people aren't as crazy about hair as I. Yeah Yeah and a lot of people have never heard of her all. If they have, they have no idea of the complexity, the huma deal of her understanding of time if you've experienced that as well I did this list co premo Georgette because I wrote a book about that is obsessed with books guys into publishing called happily ever after and I put it the back of his book go. And all these people got in contact with me and we're like, can I have this list and it still brings I get asked money such as my pay the I would order because you know Sarah. May is about ten fifteen the adjusts perfect. That's the next layer of the me, which is still better than most books, and then as you powder and patch it, we had some ones based range. It's really interesting how you just said these people kill the good ones going read them. I've converted so many people are not remade by saying, look trust me on. This a may have always been snooty dealt with and then they like I with you people in the Barakeh. But he'll point about Portland and having lumped Ramos novelist this is again another bugbear of mine has Wycombe women novelist things to people just as there are some terrible furloughs written by men and some amazing written by men and women, and then all lumped together you don't say a while this incredibly textured multi-layered incredible crime novel by whoever that might be shortlisted for the Booker Prize sometimes because they get loads, loads more attention is the same as some really shonky. I WANNA say his name. But by one of the world's biggest novelists, they get discussed memories whereas a women's fiction gets along together that be if you toss away Raymond's. People get really knock you buy it. You know in waterstone's in piccadilly the biggest bookshop in the country you will kin as a fiction section in front of you again, and if you look for any women's fiction lists lists, they probably might not be that because even though David Nicholls is in that section even though his books very romantic older women are also decide on derailments said look. Sally Bowman one of the Best Novalis to the party she's in romance because she's a woman that I did you've got to lump everyone together just absolutely drives me crazy because that is why could push the Elbe she's just finance well, they all run onto yet. But as I said before, that's the stuff of life. You didn't have romance there would be no procreation of the human race note procreation of new mail rights. That three people can't get on with. That's one thing. But because I genuinely think she's such a great novelist always seem such a shame you know I have to I was judged people's lightly is very hard for me when I'm doing the conversion thing because some of the people just haven't got it and I have to admit it makes me feel like a fit. And also can I speak to them again? I don't worry about it as much as I used to because I think that's being contention bags on i. do think when people find out if they love they read them all and if go with that absolutely fine I think a shame that she's not as widely acclaimed as to go back to him again, Patrick O'Brien all around the twenty cent trengove list but I think that's also a function of being said prolific people talk about this with Joyce Carol oates she writes a novel every year or every other year, and she's a wonderful people often segments she wrote Les Fix every three years like Antanas would that be more of a HOOPLA bags it Bane. Prolific is seen as the back thing you know and. Whereas that's not the case with her she's so forensically detailed and organized. Well, how about you? Would you describe yourself as prolific? I can touch type I was a secretary my boss said you have to. For All give you this job that literally any transferable skill have when I have no career when people don't WanNA books, I will be able to get a job touch typing on good. When I'm slightly panics and the wind is at my back on God like a Horse Galloping Finish I. She clarity thought the first book probably spend longer run with your first one. Did it take longer than the others zoo? Well it's a funny story really that I was working publishing. I was an editor as being sent leads of novels and I kept thinking. This is rubbish could do better than this and I kept thinking that more more when it was still getting in the way of my ability to do my job well, and one book came in and it was so bad and I turned it down and it sold for false amounts of money. It was written by kind of society go and it was one of the West but spread sang it was one of my friends said, why don't you just do that yourself and I thought I have to a call Because you'RE GONNA turn into conquest is a my dad, the rights in my mommy's in publishing like it was back. I didn't have a big triumph and cruel to the end of the story. I've always grown up with books in my hottest and what books. Is Second Nature to me. So I thought well, I'll give it a go but I made it more terrifying a away because I'd quite news because I want to know what publishing and is getting up in the morning at six o'clock at a very old laptop and I wrote for about six months not telling anyone Sarah may one morning I tend on the computer and all. My Gosh that. Is Still feel like you must have like a tombstone in your heart with it that book. Prettier. Yes I mean it was able. So when you are doing something for yourself, I, mean, you just need to sign on the new just massively get kicked back mud splashed in your face and you just think of course I'm worthless the cost. How could you be busier than you think? It was strangely the best thing that happened today because it made me much stronger a bad. I. Was well, obviously devastated I took into the it department and I told Polke and said it was another wolf this book they tried to get it back. They couldn't, and then I thought hang on duty winner Roy I come an escapee down he was really good Babacar. Sued enjoying it and I went and bought a computer on by now pay later. This is fifteen is good. That's a lot of money. Now, that was an love money than I was an editor at Penguin living in London, and I had a year to traumatic money of, and that's what gave me again, the exam like fair I just the right good again with. Rewritten it was miles better than the first job was because I cough out rubbish. So I'm really gum on I really am see as all chilled back cuffing outlets things because I know that from the way to get a clear stone rewrite something from the beginning you leave out leads of war phone that needed together place doesn't amazing story because that's I'm sure that's happened in some measure to lots of people. It makes me think of people like Austin I I just wonder how must have been Written down through the quilt you would have had this. I've never tried to write using a pen and paper and I know people at Joel. Mansell do Joe Russula books by hand on night paper and short. You're writing with dependence just a big a connection between the brain and the line that was go on. Harriet reflects further Austin situation. She's there in fact, Holland repack has in Jordan on the door two doors away creek identity known as the north, but it creates set crease fashion so that he had enough time between side of that door creaking and a visit announced into that back Paula to put books she was working on her way and it's very small desks she had on I'll she'd be rotting away in the door. She okay, and you often think the number of really boring conversations. The interrupted this woman writing Emma one of the best books in English language like some Boring Squire was annoying brothers as she did foldaway away put it in the thing may be sitting there. Politely. Visiting with no sign that she's joining this book another idea. I just say. She didn't have the luxury of telling your brothers to bugger off with all the. Little, right excuse me I'm writing one of the greatest novels ever can you? Can You? Can we talk about the ball another time? Yeah exactly and they were you know northline. Paid for her and her mother and her sister today, she had to be nice to be fast than they did seem to really left and they were really close family in nephews and Nieces Dole turns the say fondly of assurance no ritual to fire at all. But like of course, you had to sit there and listen belie boring fall Nintendo to pay his respects Vaco. By often think when you're reading. Say Emma won't be. How many droughts have SRI, rising did she do and have often had? She just finished his sentence? Y- Y, reading it. We didn't see the natural breaks that part of her life and that slow I find fascinating starts insulted by many times and. So you getting into the Austin frame of mind. Now because you've got a little girl, I have a baby visit nursery while she's a year and I had his at school I think it's my generation as well. I know I. A job and my job is writing just because it's more family friendly Joel doesn't mean that it's less important than my partners job, which is in an office building programmer might you'll be more important As she says, Blythe. I think it is just because I'm the farming although my boyfriend is a helpful hands on incredible man, it's my job. So I that writes it how infrequently or at the NYGARD undeniably James's glad ironically, welfare is due process and its members library Thomas Cal found it by I in talk in square myself away mortar the stacks right at the back of the building Hukou Library and When he comes name because I have to concentrate. If we're thinking about head and Austin East exam trying to draw the parallel between and I've had lots of support from the Allston sites around the world. Especially the Australian in society, they had a convention on George, Harrison people finally acknowledging her she's in a class of her own and obviously not at the same level as Austin because she has numerous basically in my mind me one of one of the greatest authors who have lived, but she on your at six novels and those of us who are desperate for more head steps into the breach magnificently, would you compare them? I would not use that language. I do slightly disagree only because it comes back for me to that idea all. Rights together even when this minorities because tomato quite different yet Johnston was writing about Welsh she needed and she's writing about how own class and cost people and she was I think exploring some ideas or close to her hawks and the way hair was writing laws. It's almost like a display of brilliance. It's so perfect like butterfly wings it just own. It's together very well, and they feel quite different to me but again I do think people over the setting designed the language is the same that people. And stearns insane but I never felt this before actually they all different. Or did you I mean there is a certain heft and gravitas its defining what is classical was an windows one get into that sort of brackets of people and plus she was very cecil and nuanced, and she delton irony a lot more than head Servia. It's so it's so subtle. I opened the page today to remind myself as a whole convenient marriage Friday styled Carinthian kazillion get about five a which is thought. Notably, different plots I one of them and. Description of why this incomparable to use the childhood friend dull hero is being taken away from London because can and she has to Recover Action Watson countryside. In case you're wondering Heriot's talking about Friday's child what's your favorites I think I would say Friday's child and again because one of the ones I rather than just had a great effect surprised. So I'll go with that one and. Amazingly shockley humorously deliciously written but singled like how it's just. So she'll know she's good. You can fail Annette trickling. She's talking where Roy is still too delicious wickedness her I find this fascinating was contemptuous read is especially the ones he wants to be very Gogol robot Romance Teletovic is we Subaru t the antibiotic Cynical Steve Degree to? Go yet wellcoll. and. She did have quite shaw light seem edge which still said about stilted realistic content ASSUMPICO. You picture an author's main thing is rising brilliant romances to be soft and bushy and kind of seat. But actually, they were acerbic as anything and this kind of skewering I in their real lives to people's foibles and and everything, and that translates it somehow especially for her because we we don't really know because a lot of lettuce were censored I. Mean I like to think they would have been some juicy descriptions if we'd gotten them but e very catchy in some letters. Plus on the latter than in the book as a Real Sharpness Dad's song in the isn't in books there's a feeling in the books, and this is one of the things that I love going back to them of this elevated person this narrator, the all seeing eye who is just so smart and I I just love being held in the arms of that kind of. Yeah That's such a great way of putting it. You just know it will be a good experience to reread this book and comfort rage on just administer if they just actually stopping Renault Spine, they don't get you what you want. Beth ultimately hot water bottle novels I think as the world you'll end is delicious on it's not my world and it's the world I Annika's pretending to be. Clean enough me while I'm always trying to get to in my book I want to create a world I fool in love with this for me, the UNAC- storing and I'm really enjoying semi Nas. Crumbling secret state you haven't forgotten can coom will I mean? That's why I mentioned butterflies completed says bust bus school bus fly summer, and there existed supplies and know about on supplies I still do. buzzes likely. Into I can identify sunlight forty out of fifty, nine, nine, hundred km species. Well going way off, took it I. think that's one of the things she is. He was a writer hair is she knew hurries touch and it just became politics because she likes it and if you weigh a reset lightly and you can get across really well, if you go too much lots of lies and how the film, the boarded poll for Hillary only likes to eat violet lawn than you will lose your. Unqualified read books and you think this Tyson ovary section translates to snag fifth. Agree say never see the research you. You just totally believes that you are in. Court master me Harry's the best in the world and not believe it completely, and so many people have copied it unsuccessfully and not done the research but grabbed a few tropes here, and then looking at your rules for dating romance care in particular I found this very was a small novel and it's a sequel to hopeless romantic. The idea was a really fantastic idea particularly chiming with hair and the way that she talked about her heroes as being like mark one and mark to you know in Mark One was. The sort of really dangerous and distillates with scandalous reputation sort of a a person Harris was influenced by Bronte's Rochester, and then amok to ones were the ones that were often wealthy well dressed they've had a similar sort of arrogance but they were more genial more even tempered. How do you cross dual romantic here? It must be difficult when you come these kind of graven images of Rochester and all the best hair heroes role sedating Medicare, which is a quick read but in the meantime, however, many years between the US. To try to make it almost a satire on his romance novels. The I love three my life on this girl being totally not world and then coming bump up against it does me informer lovely the guy who missing the siege that? I was wondering Random House. The Golden One day with my mom dad is slightly based on. Start with him and I was like twenty one friends else. And I don't into this more quiz is A. happened. Like we did. You know. About the idea of the book I saw what happened by actually did end up getting together with him as I revisit and she realized when you're older what you really want is no a wild dark hide here you just kind good person. WHO IS GONNA? Be a polymer Noel a cell keep away. This is my when I was younger my favorite favorite. All devils calm. I just was mad about fetal. I'm very talented stealth my favorite heroine but now I'm older my favorite book I would say but by far my favorite hey, rotate Venetia yes, little. Because he has been through pain. He has had a sad time. He is wise knows reason by the also need some suiting ads and she's landed in will help him on more attracted. Now to the older they been bruised, they are fairly grumpy but not foil boys because Jeez Louise who needs that. So if I look, she says getting stabbed. Regency Bar Classic Lord worst is like I mean he does try pissing she doesn't want him. Out. And still less to try and prove a point. About that Bar Frederica, what's he called over Stoke I love the ball tangle he's untested ball one of my favorites. Waving scale Farris dorte fit what a fantastic name that is I tell Harriet about my love of Venetia. For some reason I I don't know since doing research. I had this little theory and I saw echoes and this is purely me putting my own perspective on a between head and her real life husband. Interesting. There was such good friends throughout their lives. It didn't have a massive sexual connection. Yeah. Yeah. They were the dearest of friends. I have a big spot for Freddie standing from Castilian yet but you know in every other book of hers, he would be the best friend of the hero. He's kind of just very silly but I loved what in a slight what you're talking about he wins three by Dan because he's just so practical and helpful any actually helps his heroin you know in in in useful ways and such funny. So many funny lines in the book about how you know she. She thinks about when she really thinks about it being carried off by the hero on his horse would actually be quite inconvenient. Like. Football nut she does sometimes she inverted heroux heroes doesn't she? She still she takes the stereotype of them and what that really depressing one about that sits with the daughter a civil contract. Yes that's that's always been my least favorite but I'm I'm coming round to a bit more now because there's some really interesting things that she does in a book it was kind of like the bold reality of it. That kind of ways put me yet I want a spot. I saw go the is depressing Elizabeth could thought it used to be her favorite one and the one I ask you about because I just absolutely can take it or leave instagram Sophie. going. Complete arrogance I know. He's pump pesenti cousin a she's great. You spent the whole time doing down of being like Super Bowl Ring. You know he'd be if you went round task today east out by the start repeats make sure you take. And, also you get the feeling. She's decided wife from page one. Yeah. She's GonNa have him. But then again while the and you sort of you start to see him through a different lights drew but he does come off as very very pompous. It doesn't make my halt saying the end thing. I think with a lot to the other down morale all Ravens Call, Oh vitally that they have a sense of humor. That, you'd have some loss whereas Dorsey controversial dorothy gorgeous as I often think life would not be much on married to him. He said Dude Wa post face at abruzzi cruelty prime participant billy, and I'm. Happy Martin of a bind if I remember right it was the other thing that characterizes lost the I really love is that they are quite so don't it can funding insult casting on the older. Exports centric those one off whether the interchangeable plots of like lady of quality of black sheep of the same book I think and that very scruffy that not interested in pleasing anyone is black sheet. Miles. Calvin. Almost the one in Oliver Carlton. Yes. What I think will be quite interesting to sort of parallel with your book rules for Dating Romance Care started doing a few and I thought it would be fine if we could just add lib few. Rules for dating a romantic hero is a sequel to Harriet wonderful book a hopeless romantic in which heroin Laura Foster meets Nick Amaki on the grounds of his estate. In rules, she's coming to terms of what it means to actually live with prince charming. It's not quite as picture perfect as it might appear all the chapters have rules which relate to Laura's predicament I thought it might be fun to see what rules we could cook up regarding. Regency Romance Novels. Number one have your carriage breakdown near a house. Good idea. Basically, it's easy a weapon. Before mobile phones if you talked to any. Writing today those day everything's easy before my both finds being abandoned in a small town could share. This happens all the time being slightly short-sighted isn't Hester Rig Muslim question cited off calls even. Now be ready for adventure at a moment's notice. I was thinking of Mary Challenge in Devil's cub here. Listen to episode four to hear me trying to convert Bass player and teacher hallowed hand to his work. Mary disguises herself in meets the machi in his sisters stead to save her from ravished at the hands of the handsome. Rather. Marquee. Damn, it's a fun book. Bravery a five. Israeli. Extraordinary stubbing. He is very straightness nice old. She's not she's kind of talk about her. Mother effectively cost younger daughter acts and Mary a moment in a safe her own style because she thinks. Checks his character she probably will be raped anything could happen. It's the wild west. He actually tells me he's going to take her to France and make his prostitute basically. Elson ceremony when he finds out who a grandfather is two times actually relate. To full man so he went sexiest. Well isn't that lucky the still this kind of romance to it, but also I think he's chimed absolutely with who she was, who, Hey, a movie complete about this with my reading but she was known since about it she was telling it like it was You know the situation were a penalty Warren was that your mother had to try in can you off to the highest bidder and there's really stop law in Pharaoh's daughter whereas that terrify the girl Leyla who is being full? Gusting If you've been listening to podcast, you'll have heard last week's episode on Pharaoh's daughter in which my lovely friend and crack copy developer Geraldine and I discussed the book do go and check out our discussion to learn more about it. Howard reveals a deb the heroine might be her favourite female character. WHO I, think like her a bit more than Venetia because I dove Anita Buffoni Shas a bit green. I think a lot of the inheritance, the strong heroines because they're out two or three different types of parents as well. Struggle ones that job is to educate the male heroes made him see they've being adult basically, and then there's the second favorite kind of hair and the heron LS Wyoming is the Arabella type who are big. On guileless Ognjen News Yeah, they're mobile can take. A little bit. We'll be reading Arabella next week with two willing dupes cal thicker and Robert VP of finance at a tech company. I can't wait to hear what they think about this brilliant book. Don't forget to read it before you listen you can download the audio book from Naxos to enjoy while you're on the tube during the dishes or. Even borrowed from your local library. I think that's why I like the slightest dropping ones like. Three she definitely needs taking. to Uncle Dave. Day. meets. Ball Tangle is the one way you do think she really wishes she'd been a mind. She doesn't inherit a half. He's very angry at all. She loved very much in his FA- dying basically an evolved is about this well-meaning mother to goose and that she all the characters in that room in change on aol start off you think one way. In which votes into how old fiancee's heck said totally think yet say many Celtic he noted Communist maybe he shouldn't be with him. These good. She's with either Rosa who is on the stock concern. Happen, that's the great thing about how you until law's paid entirely sure. It's going to happen and how she manages to do. The key writing thing that you've got to make the elite it's not going to happen and you call up to it by expressly Tang is going to happen nineteen because that's cheesy exactly. She's so clever at kind of manipulating the outcome and you you know what lean but it's this trick that you do I think this is something that you as well. Very beautifully. Thank you. Why was it? I didn't About was published same time heights, the lights craze, and it was quite a stop thought every bit you good for such a very nasty things and it's about this modern living in a house single mother living and a has with a mate and the beginning of the book she says and bracket a by the way if you think this is one. Of, these books where the love of my last undermine knows all alone than I ended up with him in the end. Well, it's not so get over it. So you go through the entire book thinking well, she's expressly told me that's not going to happen. So what happened and then she down, we'll get together with him at the end I'm getting to. The. I'm so ingredients you because you should have as a rights made us care about them as a couple you call just expressly say like that US cheating, but it also by the way made me think, oh, they're not going to get because you totally talking to happen. You have to do it in in stock away. It has to be done through the action by the way the. Characters but hey, that's one of the one thing I tried really hard to do and I got very cross novels when people just can't be bothered with working out of it. So I'll just get I'll just tell you she never does that you've really all let this happen Oh my goodness. How did you know that I really didn't she pull obscenity mazing governors to get together with a nonstop. Speech. To speak expense jury boys begun that happens. Yeah I say welcome and I don't know how she does it again and again you know as you say, there's some wish more successful Fredrika I love that one way as well where she's kind of this totally capable imminently practical put and she just doesn't think about romance and almost kind of Piques, his interest because of her lack of. Flooding Lewis Tirkey And also, that's the ultimate one. I think where someone needs looking off a the other person sees that unfold in love with them because they need looking after I'm not incredibly attractive to women I say Oh. Yeah. Fat Idea that like, Hey, he isn't. He just will take care of things for you know if you're an identity but it's lean you'll catch on to lean against is just really Thing when you are Aryan. Tied Life is tough sometimes vessel because you really get a sense of. London at the time as business with the cavs in. Green Paul, coming soon and stuff when I selected to reread. Remind Harriet of the rules we'd been making. So he had have your carriage breakdown in front of the Heroes House be ready for adventured a moment's notice and I think you have to be able to identify Lady Jersey because I idea who she wasn't history of from the fact she's always always in hey as they judging ladies Teston because they give out the vouchers foul. Knox and so you have to be able to cut it to them and identify them that super importance I'd say don't be Dowd No, you need to be stilted, not observe as they were all sorts of notices things I. Think you need to be witty and wise because some of the Mel governesses and some of them are down lock and walk out is just being able to have a conversation with someone not being. So terrified many your hair heroines where they literally can't tied to woods together, Khuzestan tied. I mentioned the quiet gentleman as it's one of other books we'll be covering in the series episode ten. One of the great joys of that book is how much the Heroin Priscila deeply regrets how sensible she is. In fact, when the hero for Caesar he thinks plane. What she sees as a surfeit of boring sense you the reader soon has courage and intelligence, and that makes her fall more useful to the here who's often in mortal danger than a swooning miss would be. When she marries the Daca side of things with the Light Romance, it sometimes doesn't work quite as well. She's out of a most brilliant when she's just doing romantic comedy. When they're all adult abyss in some of them like regency buck or in. Still lightness about I'm in the stomach. Stephen mckesson. Kate with some guy who's basically super disturbed I. Think it's interesting because today we would try to label on him. We'd say he was autistic or he's psychotic or he frankel bipolar is something very talk about him and it's interesting that the time she's writing be the time about which she was Roy different things as well you my in. And make you pause deplore but I don't think it fully worked, and of course, if you've been writing for many years, the books are going to become better at bought that you'd hope that as a progression and you are poised at it but it's not that it's just an awkward trajectory and if he wrote many books, she dede's then always gonNA graze. I asked her to reveal her famous list of top tier his. Premature jets. This first law is Prima June jets for me Venetia these old shades Devil's cub infamous Alemi break muscle in Pharaoh's daughter the none such made you've quality regency buck reluctant widow controversial by on the ground Sophie Frederica Ball Tangle blotchy Silvester every one of these is Writing Best. These are the second tier. The foundling Friday's child be sat shelly on Kononov in Friday's child maybe that should be bumped up to the toll the talisman ring charity girl, the convenient marriage, a civil contract, full colors, April lady wellness depressing books the toll, Gates Castilian but yet you're about the quad gentleman. But maybe on each, we revamped the CARINTHIAN bride the roles. I'm glad we've got a mix of his mixed in with the second and third, tier has. We want to cover certain periods in her life, and so he picked books which slotted into those times. I'd love to know what you think of Harriet list. Do you agree personally I might put Kazillion into the top tier? Myself. Now Harriet third-tier. I'm at the third one is kind of a bit. Ones Bow Valet powdered patch masquerade is cousin kate escape. Yes. I. I would stand by the fact that even the worst Georgia hair is better than a ninety percents of some of the other stuff that's out there as is sort of a best selling things. Another thing that's unique to have for me is the way I changed my mind about her novels. In rereading some of the books consigned to the third. Tier Myself I've seen him in a new light realizing just how fantastically good shares and writing cracking, Yawn. I know so few writers whose books I read Multiple Times, and yet they can still seem so fresh to me. I ask Harriet about the book. She put as her least favourite Ryan escape just because it's not Parisi to get You know what? I have to admit I didn't finish that. Always kind of thing all this reminds me of how good daughters let me just reread that again. Again. Now, completely, I might off the butterfly book, the busboy summer, there's a whole section, a by Charles, the second visited this is the mysterious housing. Cool, and so I did a lot of research and chills the second and where he went news on the Ron on civil war was raging across the country and I thought this would be perfect because that's what ruled escape is about I think she suddenly bets are in the rooms high-society. Times he's wearing is when she decided to someone speaks in a specific way she goes on for aged in general is just so ably spot on an in that world she. So confident in the regency wealth, she seems to have more to facility to let things thing rather than I think the roller skate one possibly the idea of writing an actual historical figure that possibly waited down a bit more critical about infamous home. Yeah. It's about water in is about the of Does historical figures dotted the hallway through it but essentially about these characters, we know we love tastic book. And the thing the always Iowa's smile. Given out in. Is Oh we'll mainly army of folks. Good. I'm telling you it's a good book I. Don't need some golf found her to tell me. He's an extremely well written welcome literature and it is encapsulation of exactly what she was good at which was doing brilliant research and seeing through the research to the characters behind the and I think the reason why perhaps the regency romance is all the best is that that's the world that US as the most deeply embedded. So it was like second nature to her to create characters within that will. I have a question for you. So which of a books do you think would make the best film? Well, this is I always think, why am I? Dunning people with commando people over the years. Joy to still see if there's any attraction that by number hasn't come to anything well, they make him the Grand Soviet just say this is certainly in production but the scary thing is I mean I interviewed Andy Patterson who's the producer last year, and at that stage was definitely going ahead and then I interviewed Peter Buckman at Amazon Agency who are the Ones who control the rights and he seemed to be slightly doubtful but I think it's because he's just had so many things for of these I. Think it's because people still catch crossing. Roy Masters it comes back full circle at the end of the conversation to the thing we started talking about, which is this kind of you know if it's the romance to going to do that while it does. Many want my head in my hands because whenever you do something that's going to appeal. To Women Pecan, always astonished it's don't say welcome Mama. Mia People like Oh. We can't explain this accessible Mama Mirror because you have three middle aged women having loaded on the Greek islands singing Abessole's while I I I in years there was a film catering to women above the age of fifty, and you'll surprise the of them went to see that one over again soundtrack dvd if he just. Do that a few times you will make loads of money people instead of joining endless, incredibly tedious Marvel Comic Book Things, which is diminishing returns. They are less good all these very boring TV dramas. If you just once gave a try and said, something regency buck would be my lead in one because you have I think you might need to tweak a bit and you may not open with. Smoking will turns out to be his in would when she just but he doesn't want him to but the setting of Brighton. Brighton was the most bang on. Trendy place. The fact that the Prince Regent tries to kiss her and assault the host ing but whole world how the detail of it the fact that that's really quite dramatic dot going on at the solid dwell well, I can't see how it would fail. I understand why they chose grainstuff because you know there's a lot of incident and she's very, very plucky heroine. I think something I frederick because there's a whole hot air balloon the there's a lot of like you said going around London showcasing London you know but then again, that might be expensive. Thank you so much. You've spent ages tokens me please feel free to. Any of you should be able to get them in. An interview on Amazon. Library support your local libraries and my last one was blessed Emma and the one before that was. A place for US my my next book wildflower highs. Initiatives. To. Yes thank you so so much I absolutely loved it. I always felt a bit sad that people only divine. Suggest some ways through has. Made a bit and you know I because we're total deputy no, it's just wrong for the company to be being denied Gels to show Jehovah evening but I would also flip it around the other way and say much like why's that? She will liking read she. Will wanting to she to me the last ten fifteen years is being so extralegal with the reissuing and college in what they've done with their. Mid Twentieth Century Female Congressional. You don't get thank coverage and they're certainly people finding. But I think with her, we should be trying to push your new people and we should be trying to say, why haven't they been made into films and everything, but we all should just be rejoicing now. Wonderful she is in that you can get switch New People. Recently and the she has had an increasing recognition in the last ten fifteen years joyful about that. That makes me super happy that we live in a world where a sales a better than they being via. Pollyannaish but I do think that's really important. You know and that she t so well loved and more and more people are finding. Brilliant, thank you so much of a great, day. It was such a delight to talk to Harriet. And boy did we cover a lot of ground as I mentioned earlier? Her latest book is the garden of lost and found. Liddy. Horner discovers her husband, the world famous artists Edward Corner Burning his best known painting, the garden of lost and found days before his sudden death is that a gripping description on what? It's had fabulous abuse. So do go and pick up a copy next week in our book club episode I'll be reading Arabella with my friends rob and Vicki Caroline risk or the risk as I like to call it. They have very different views on the book. So do grab a copy or download audiobook book from Naxos. It's a lovely one to listen to the off for on the bus. You'd have to be loosened the half to miss out until next time. This is being today. This episode was recorded produced edited by me ceremony Thomson with Production Lighting Research Help from bet keen and we'll morality for Production Sport Mike Scott for production assistance can making mean spanked bowl. Stephen Fry foot general awesomeness thanks will early State Game Gamov, and everyone who supported me in creating this work. Thanks to buttress in particular and the podcast community at large foreign valuable support and. And the music in this episode is from amateurs. Wondrous album checked on as well as drug Alexandra's luscious message debase tunes. Original music was composed especially for the PUTT costs by myself and Tom Chad. Comment. Partner discussions on social media where at fabled gazes on instagram and at fable underscore gazes on twitter. Remember to rate review and subscribe. If really helps more into companies like us to thrive. Head today is a fable cases production.

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From Tour Guide to Acting With Cillin Mc Evoy

"Diary of an Unemployed Actor"

1:06:48 hr | 11 months ago

From Tour Guide to Acting With Cillin Mc Evoy

"Good. Feel Fun. Welcome to diary of an unemployed after with me, Mile Denison today I am joined by a fabulous actor by the name of Killian. mcevoy welcome to the show if you're slow. Money I need to start like describing people a bit more like. So and so's here in. It always seems like there should be more. I, I'll take I'll take from this as as a nice introduction and you. You worked with me. Like I was making the face. Audience were probably in this. Yeah not that anybody you'll see this since it's a podcast, but yes I will acknowledge that you made a face acknowledging. I was making a face. Exactly. Use your imagination. WHO. Marriage is good face I'm sure they do I'm sure my audience stats I believe. You read ahead worked with you. You have very recently, but my most recent orphan rea- which will hopefully we'll see dates in the stage of being edited right now and It looks good I. Am really happy with it. Yeah, it's hard, sometimes especially with like small like budget or micro budget films. Because the director you have to focus on so much more than like were a much larger production ear. Your ear to the director is the person who's most in demand. On any film Cesspool Luckily for the draft. You're on a big just is. They're able to afford to go hide somewhere. I'll see us even of doing due to an expert or in some places the screen and it's like getting a message true and in this director over. Tell your mind to swap over there own ended. Director would like me if you just wanted students. I did a thing in the fall this year in London and it was like that do was big enough production where like the director just was in his booth urine his. Little sound. What's that actually? Call their little tent. Zibo sports yeah the depend on which thing I. in First Day they have like a bond all like the video screens I think just kind of in there like to seeing them all air for them as penny dreadful where I saw it, so they could go between being underneath the. Zibo away from us, or they could be like the trade. You don't know where he is. Might Hossam say was the director? Just Kinda had look on the ground, and this I hope it Ovo consume letter that was with me on that thing like the guy came out gave me some direction, and I kinda thought that is that the actual director is that like? Eight years. Wrestling! So, you were on for. You've been on Air City. Or extra work, but my my item after my right shoulder was definitely on or t now. Okay, yeah! Like I. It's such a weird show to be doing extra work on as you don't own -essarily. GonNa show. Whether or not you're gonNA, even appear so I, did like four or five maybe six? If days of doing now while I know definitely is literally Z. Enter frame decision. Shoulder of mine. I had better look I'm penny dreadful? Move as for showing open the UNSCREENED. Door so for I. Guess, I should just be clear for anyone listening Our city is like a super long running soap-opera. In so it's very common. If you're an actor in Ireland. At some point, you might have probably been on. Yahoo or at least considered us at the very least likes you know it's ever fire from your thoughts and Arnold in your. So how do you? How do you usually find extra work and work and stuff like that? As it is kind of the star now and those type websites or people you know or you have an ancient I i. I don't I. Don't have Asians. Extra work with some isolated cinema in Edinburgh and that's where I. Think. When I when I got back to Orlands. Due to the accidents of thing, my brain was already starting process. Comeback to Ireland's I should try and do whatever kind of acting, so I applied for movie extras. On the pictures taken in. Four Seasons as as Things Fourteen So, hot only makes. Your pictures taken. Offense! Like I kind of thing, move in photo shoots. Just people try be very professional as much as they. Get Your Pictures Aitken and it goes up onto their websites. Your money goes on website, and then you might may or may not get calls those being on the for a year and a half maybe. Got Me on city got me off. Young locations Dreadful or does he has one for any job. Full duties were kind of a random days. gave me. My understanding of have big. SATS were up sturdy film of my own student. Films have is exactly that big productions Kinda run, so it's kind of you know. As much as this for me, just stick. Bit Experience as an extra more just analyze the world of that I've become so obsessed with, but up went. As Soon Athena was. It was going to like being. A spectator, circus and dishonesty, and how it all this kind of work, some beeping very close attention would have them be very weird. That's lion engine. You got hd there as well get fed. So it was, it was just a shot. Get to talk to people and it all would then be to me. Actress O'Brien. So he and genitals cutter. This episode is sponsored by anchor. Dot Fm if you have heard about anchor, it's the easiest way to make a podcast. In fact, it is what I use for this podcast. First off, it is free. It's easy, and they submit your podcast a services, such spotify Google podcast and apple podcast. They do this for free. Some hosting platforms will charge you a monthly hosting fee, and you have to distribute it yourself. Anchor has built in creation tools that allow you to record and Eddie your podcast, right from your phone or computer providing you with everything. You need to make a podcast recording interviewing editing and publishing. We don't do podcasts for the money. We do it because we enjoy making them, but money is nice and with anchor. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. Some services require over two thousand downloads per episode. Before you can monetize anchor, we'll let you generate ad revenue if you are a smaller podcast like this one download, the free anchor APP, or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. And then how did that lead to more like a onscreen time and Speaking roles in that type of stuff. M.'s. We do Patrick who'd and mentioned. Mentioned it I don't think maybe maybe dimensioned that dome filmmakers collective. And, actually he must've said 'cause I was happy to see him when I went there for the first time at Rotherham Alex. Movies people. So like an alien coming into Squirrel. GIELEN and the people that kind of Seem kind of like minded enough to me and I. Nobody questioned the factor you know. I might want to be happy in these things that this kinda sat to accepted a in terms of an onto the screen I was training and reading and doing those workshops Akram Book. I I kept very, you know. With the SEM stuff they don't across like. Taking dot seriously as it is, it's been like obsession just to be as good as I been watching films on my life and obsessed never knew I wanted to do this well, no. It would all gets me being at do more and more still phantom. Of course. The DNC with IMP afford the one year feature film challenge. This happens. All these friends are happening. All my training has been going on. Since Scotland's and here, the new music. Kara asks me if I want Adrian I see what happens if I can do this. and. It's been a wounded spirit of indie cork. words in October and scream is in the eye fi instead of a one to a very nearly select Screen, it's all been kind of accidental, but always being very much striving into background without revealing a lot I'm being so serious about us as You know because it's like we're those well 'cause. We. We're Gannett conversations with people. You were talking about would aiden. You're just not sense though new meetable film. People's unnecessary all the time you want to talk about. Work site. Your homework. What are you going to be doing access? Iowa? I know what I mean. Talk about the order. Million films that are out there that exists. That are so beautiful. I'll give you all my time intentionally of these conversations. That will. You know and I want to never went for gas. Which of them I could get bored of an and it's when I am. I'm an actor who studied film so I get on better with the filmmaker is because they entity more in June if I mentioned oscillating ear Bourbon to a lot of actors navy. They might have read them or maybe didn't see them. You know they don't. Go Gamble with maker. Really cares raft I would have seen the least one urban film. So instantly dime in Deir with 'em, and as I, connecting under very harsh and soulful level beyond the surface of what are you doing next? That's not very interesting I'm interested in yeah I like that attitude because I kind of feel the same way like I. Don't want to just talk with other actors about acting in a lake. It's great, but like it's nice when you can Yana set and have a conversation with a member of the crew about something else exactly. My life flight exactly or ns new. So. Did you want to be filmmaker? Though when you studied film like? Why did you study film specifically? Am I, it was interesting moments in in my life as a person because he was only between dominic. Music was going to be the thing. Is, I spent. Six years in school, being in school and Tuba, and then I would lead to playing the national youth or Sherve, Ireland. And International Concert Hall in the Maller Nash. But a small Tuba Solo and everything microbes afl out with the right thing. And, then I got to migrate five I got. My teacher basically sat now. If you want to keep advancing, you'RE GONNA have to change at the trooper to be the flax, which would have given me four bouts, and allowed me to get higher and lower my octaves in terms of foreman's. And I actually. School. Wants to ruin. It was four and a half ground. And I had to relearn that you tactically because it was now an extra. So like so things. Like what would you want to keep you care not much better. Michaels and Brian at sometime brass band based. That's why I kind of got into A. Discount asked myself this question I think it's a good question to ask yourself is like. Is Reuter People Dune. What I'm doing at the airway. More Badass I'm would value. Lay more than me and like I think that. Opinion when I act as well as your camera people. because. It's like Qassim people talk the cameras and a way too I appreciate, but it's neither got to in terms of depth of understanding what you're good at able to. Walk Way and now eased sometime. Brass families don't all different kinds of stuff. mean making them when he had ended you. Know for a fact I never would have gotten there. I would have made his an for an off ground in than Hod. This is what I really wanted at noon the Scotland. This falsehood to bring it air make sure the Buddha sedan ever made sense number accidents i. In my second year of film school was asked to be the main actor in in our short film. Retrieval sits on. Youtube called loan. and. It wasn't it wasn't expected like you? You're dislike, y'all retrievals, or inside my friend Tom last on its lightly didn't even talk about him. What Tom descript! We held the camera and Tripod. The sound everything was. And they were like who who wants to be the guy. I Oh shit. We didn't do anything. and. It's like we all like me. As James that wanted to do is I said. Not. An ties Tom Story and amongst the Amer managing director and. For. All dish was not moment of compliments. The he says you're actually quite good. It start eating away I. Guess and has been this small. In. Start kind of as a seed at forget about that seed, and away and keep doing my own studies of Passover the English new wave bridge, new wave, and French new extremism, Japanese. Film Nike Pricing My Essays work. Year, it was like from. Do A dissertation. Written or video house like? A not made a film, my own script for the film society and Knock on age. I never got to direct reticent in in my four years as Let's see what I can do, and then I made from child our. Which is fun? Might any Ozal which you know? I watched the recently. And it's weird. It's weird. What time does here your mind an? Reflecting on your work, trying to remind yourself, vote, what were you trying to say? And maybe try and simplify your own your own thoughts. But you know I think all of his complications of news to try and remember all the things that connected us. In the center again and enough I've been trying to do so happy with the difference I was I was working as a tour guide in Mary King's close, which was an underground attraction at the time in Scotland at five star attraction, and it's kind of on. This is the author Mile Two main centrist riche net. ABS- at the City Council chambers our air now was the Royal Exchange all these merchants SALDIVAR's. That was where it where it was what what it used to be before then was was Eric Musleh Lower Edinburgh. Hang up bills on top of itself that are still what was being used for storage, and then it got used in one of the world wars. AS NARRATES AT A. It was kind of just those two down and turned into this face where you could OPPA Mary. King's close, which was the main merchant streets? You're in the sixteen hundreds just before the black death swept through at city. So we basically, if history of Edinburgh from Windsor view from late sixteen hundreds, and I was paying close Irish knows. When you were doing the tour, they'd be where people like wait a minute. You're not Scottish so so this has had a they solved up is because I would play a foul hangar. Which is the play cleaners? So so commoner and A. Cost Guyq will be marlins. Radio would would raise too many actions I do. Remember I was. I just finished I just finished my in my piece on Alexander. Is a story. About someone our owing at our anyway as as the I was offering the. Crowd into a room. Or one of the scenes that we filmed for the new mutant airframe effort from China's our. Bringing dot room, but this is Kinda. CONESA Siamese Monster Alien guys, you're not. You're not from Scott Very. Like and Of that group of people, Erin UNICYCLE. Immersed so. They really disappointed. It's like Oh, sorry, you're still going to get the same information. Different Eltek high low the absent. Over it. Likes go demand is. Bullshit. Some Irish thing to Myers. I know they're not too. Many people questioned in earnest now I'm sure it. Most people wouldn't have tell the difference L. I'm sure there I wouldn't surprise me to. There were a lot of people that are like it sounds a little different, but I don't know they help. 'EM! kind of hard to understand you know. An order saying anyways. When you when you watch that film your that your dissertation defined that this ends the test of time at all or you pick it apart now, and you're like Oh, man, I could have done that better better with what you and since then the. Who the what I've learned since then I could. I could make it a bit better if I really want to bully. The more I kind of actuate at the the more guy see what I used to see as well in terms of A. Why did decisions took the decisions I made? I thought. Maybe there's too many shops and places I, also feel you know of the people who make films consider it with the emotional and the atmosphere and the sensation that we generation within our audience. I think that it almost was helping. There was a reason I did this. You know just kind of Meat Kinda maybe. Even a strip back you more Robert Bresson loan takes him single shots, and within how? Does, matter I caught. Maybe I could have done that book. It was a psychological trailer, so I think ought to be Kinda. Pushing Austin is making people feel anxious, not knowing what's going on, Um you know I I could've. Committed a few more unique ideas maybe. In terms of style Do charmed by. It's twelve minutes strange twisted sort of thing. Or maybe let lesson ovens, but just a Swiss thing, but it really encapsulates. This the stuff that I was going through in terms of me as a human endurance relationships at an where I was not to went, and also kind films. That I was starting to be obsessed with the. Of the Interior Four. Sorry really into. At body are Johner and stuff at us like we got Apron newburgh tone from the Nemean, one of the girls in my class hot to our nation on that particular genre. Algorithms, they're kind of forced me down like seeing like. The American version. Know that Aunty Horror Star finding out that in France and under doing well with a push nuts to this utter. Face I'm a big Fan of Asian horror films as well as the American version. Not a huge fan of it's either Cana goes for just general slasher toned down version and distant. It doesn't have that creep factor. Gets under your skin, which is circa to be absolutely Applauded for for Asian cinema in general I it's in Japan moments and so create. It's it's it's not a I think. Asa probably do with the audience like in terms of had a lot of people at a value of. Elegance. It will take you for being a stupid person when you watch ringers. Eight nine. Then gringos asked example because it's the thing where I kind of feel like I figured it all ash as well as doing essay, an essay on the Westernization of Japan. Has Cinema was kind of biscuit fighting back against us? Just just being put under some amount pressure. In terms of technology components them, and just their traditions, their culture start to feel like it was eroding. Today would use the way France used. Ordway Scorsese in the seventies used cinema tip, describe society and the problems. They find it within A. So so nonsense three elegance. And then later age still do that in French cinema in the sixties I mean. Of the sixties and seventies, but I've lived as you were. Talking was mentally trying to imagine recent ranch horror films that and I can't think of anything. There is I think. The? French new extremism which is interesting, which is Hassle Marie fascinates like for every day declared any film. It's one of the only cared. Nathan's that I think is reintroduced at Chev-. Have interest out is unable, and it's just a minimalist stunning in gory looking. So if ever exit so beautifully horrible I think that has to do a lot of its slowest ethic You know it's a nightmare, but it's beautiful armor. DOTS where American. Hearts. This is trying to think about. How am I going to make the person like the edge of his chair chose upwards. His girlfriend's not not stuff not as scary and works for people. You know who works people. The psychological torments works much. We Better I. Bring you a asa attend, so it's almost not even our film. But. The fact is a supernatural creature, and this will make it our phone, and it's like a detective story nearly, but just not not knowing when something's GonNa go wrong. You're stirred on this very quietness noises aren't too much very subtle in guide is near you really just to where the or two story ESCO enough frightening, not more frightening. Do you insert uncertainty is is terrifying arson to? Release as the AMAS coming up like this. You know on a dollar whatever that's. Going to happen it yeah. Yeah, but they do it right like you. E- because yeah, if if you look at a lot of Americans or film, it's they go for like the Gore the jump scares are the two things, and it's like yeah, okay, maybe a little scare there, but when you leave the theater, you're like it doesn't stick with you, yeah! It's kind of like. Yeah, it's been on Mount. Afoot under influen- writer, whatever and yeah. I mean. That's when eight ninety sleigh I mean. That's been ever and there's still talking about that. It's masterful. Yeah, at that sticks with you. THAT'S F I suppose so some hostages while just not idea of how Japanese culture is lined truce so I feel like you're being given. Idea of Japan on within the film. I'm not censored. It serves what cinema was supposed to be. In terms of being our way to represent, not just be like you select those areas and just stand dowse. You might have just been on a ghost trains. That was pretty fun. Then he has gone and. Sophie, we are I haven't seen ringer in eaters, but like a residue is still deci sits on unit opera Bella. What doesn't it kind of makes me WANNA watch it again, actually I. Haven't seen in years I would like to see that again. Andrew on and the I I think they were all turned into an American remake it whereas Yeah, it did it did it just don't get it that it and part of the problem with US versions? Is there always made with the intent of like? Hopefully we can get a sequel out of this yet. Exactly the merchandising franchising of this. I think the franchise before to film the WHO's lost win the morning for your boss. The the war turns of being a masterpiece. Let's go on to be appreciated deeply family. What do you think of a sincere in Ireland? Wha, what do you think of the Irish? Moment I kind of when I was living there. I kind of would complain a lot that seems like a lot of Irish. Productions are just copying. What's being done in the US? especially with like extreme close ups, the shaky camera shot reverse shot. Yeah, standard sundered. Yano? I would be of the opinion that the. Airline is a very interesting places. Occupation terms the. Film. Because it's not to say, we don't. How good stuff now there's just. have. Of. I, I would say like I was again back in. School I remember this moment. I went into the library. In College it's like. My my next essays to be about Irish Sim-. I'm from Arden's in Scotland Miss Omolo balances represents. Country and from and talk about it. and. I went into library. And of course we're in Scotland so I not match at Asians Very I. One maybe when the half so to speak kind of books on Irish cinema. I still row smart wife Rice. Not Moment that I was very made aware our cinema never transcended into into something to France the way to. Lead it. We had some great though makers from great storytellers absolute, which never we never did that. When you think about history and stuff, those great filmmakers Osceola. And Russell Richardson I gotTa take. This I could cycle Hugo and. If. I wanted to plan on it. We'd be doing ever up those people, and then you ask yourself. What what? What was the decade that this was happening? And it was the the sixties was happening in sixty nine and censorship. I love films going gamage like you're never going to get still asked the Censorship words that would just completely stunt growth, and now because of that we weren't getting the film's again. Actively search for them. So so you, don't you, don't. You're not here instigated secure going to happen to your way in force yourself. You don't have to force yourself. You have to really care. It's him up. And so so people would. Just take whatever they're. Not would inform which like you say. American cinema at Hollywood cinema has informed the majority of Ireland. In terms of their experience What cinema it's and cinematic. He goes beyond Hollywood. which which people know by now from the same was all. I think I the shame. Her is market for relapse I I do feel. Russillo amazing domes, the happened made ear. And we produced some fantastic actors. You know everything wedding Anka's is very weakening on imagine of places, and I think it does in Stu Watts was being told cinema was hosted in the sixties and France I got adipose here. Just kind of writing is at. At Us by Andre Bazin. Who someone that really spoke to me when I was doing? My died like forty, one very young, but he was very very ahead of his time, but he was the person who saw oppressed almost doing. Realism in terms of cinema an Wa. It could be, and you would ensure that cinema should remain our Ford. Seven arch. where? We've forgotten everything that it's supposed to be in our form supposed to. Invigorate people and make them think and feel something. That's profound, not just escape from the world. you know, make people feel the sense of humanity. yeah, so the truth is the vast majority of images on the screen. Conform to the psychology. Of the theater or to the novel of classical analysis, they proceed from the common sense of position of necessary unambiguous casual relationship exists between healings and their Edward manifestations, it postulates an all is in the consciousness, and at this consciousness can be known. If a little more subtly will understands by cinema. The techniques of a nurse worn up montage and change of composition. The same statements holds true. You know like this extra straightaway like a quote in itself. Should help you re figure. What is it that I'm watching? Women cinemalike is this. As do those things for me or is? It just helped me such? My brain also hide on about shit life accident within you watch those you find beauty in life, and who who said that again? Because I didn't recognize the name when you said it Andre Basim some from France was a huge part in the creation of the cinema. Okay, so it, so he kinda helps ensure that people like truffaut on got are a on their work was being recognized and up. People like wrestlemania wonder making. That, it would be recognized as such it was it was a it was purposeful. To say in France for making a lot of stuff, the system to spelled out onto the. Enjoyed with there needs to be a separation from mass. The mass majority of enjoyment received the want to go and find. Useful, well-crafted thing that that just stopped your brain anterior inside state. You're not quite sure how to explain since moving you and it's altering your perceptions how you think things. Are Not. Good. That's a good way to think about it and I like it, too. It's sad. The often have to go outside in so far outside of mainstream cinema in order to find something like that, and even even a lot of the indy indie films. Now that quirk. indie films are like. Yeah, it's a nice, Quirky, little indie film, but it doesn't really move. You is much I am under under the reason for this weekend. This mouse I studied so that that's what we call indy would. As you might have heard that word before. It's it's like Hollywood, but it's it's smaller and it's still. You know and I? That's my like I can believe. They got away with that, but so many films brilliantly I anti in people I. Just and like I I would ever watch soup like no I hear so many Grace Burton. Of course with fortunately it's oversaturation down with us, and on since only totally, and I mean people probably think about me like I. Watch US comes out of the US all the time, and yeah I certainly see elms that I'm like Oh that was really good. AM I. Jeff! Nichols is the more entrusted modern in attendance reminded America makers unbiased, not because I was Michael. Shannon Louisiana and I would say is. It may be the best working are. America, so I WANNA. Talk to you about poetry. I know I didn't. Prep you about this, but. But I. Know you're a poetry fan, and like you post went on. If you're, but you seem to post a lot of lake, readings of you doing poetry readings select. What's why so? What's with you in poetry? At moment it's Cathartic it's also in. Just a chance for me to use my voice. In underway, and a particular poems that I want to do I feel like they hang with them. Something quite soulful I'm full of something. If you listen to a, you might necessarily know the words or You might necessarily got waddams am. At least my intention of going through with the cared I, trying to do with the you'll feel something and to human. It is clear to me punching my. My feelings of confusion during these times into into a certain thing, and it's not a time where I can record it on my phone I with the own from to me on opt-out. Send it to myself, but a atrocity acid key model, but it it'll into windows, movie maker and like legal. So, so basic I know enough of the basics to make seen good. High-quality so like I I use in all these different skills gaps. In order to kind of just push my myself out there, but I is to say that when I was back in Ireland as well like Joplin. The storyteller in the museum. So like I was my gym and I didn't like an exercising doctor. It's your voice. That's important and make. It's the voice start. People get remember remember. A richer and. In for whatever? It's you know it the girls. On the menu it's a it's a bad example, but it's. Not as it's not as whole so Marino, you're not concerned with Mister Hemsworth on a on a profound and soulful sort of thing. Gary Oldman maybe is probably an example. He's a very good example. He he he, he's His close thought the. Design of Vigo doctor, you have to be a great actress. That I think is very. Important and I don it makes you understand why is? It. Yeah, because like you listen to him. Speak normally in. It's always it's so different from his voice on screen which. Kind of proves that point like your voice is kind of who you are and hacker I'm. Because as you know, you can relate way more to my voice than laymen's Ritz. Muslims, for instance you know. It is it's very human, but it's it is. It's it's as. As selfish as it is South Lewis in my head, I think. What it is a way for me to celebrate. Voices aren't been talked. So there is like. Your small reasons I pick. Certain, people, like they'll be, Gates! I thought someone purposeful right now in Ireland with the turmoil that we just reminding ourselves of the early nineteen hundreds before all this shit starting out wish. To critical artists ever knows you know during his own, my did. By WBZ SCALP RHINOS FUNERAL. So he someone opt in the Indianapolis Museum as someone who helped protect. and. Gather our stories and ensure their safety. The also wrote his own things. There's perspective so he was very rich and deep into politics, and the culture helps ensure that the Abbey Theatre was founded in nineteen o four. So, did so this kind of person would write? fels from secure moments and I felt very strange because. In terms of the psyche of the Irish people I I feel not much has changed because they were still sitting. In the mindset of the way, he was even still thinking them. A talks at Devorah I'm the idea of the demagogue and someone to be around that time to suggest that's what they're. Blair was to revoke a lot of questions in your brand. Because an Ireland your pro, you have to decide. Are you a tracy? Honor you Yanti she. you ignored if you want to use our show? Of Our history, our on our over. Even. If you wanted to sink, it's it's lots of certain. Unfortunately it or six counties. In our country earth still lying to. United them, so we have to reflect them things brexit happened I had become very. Cute. Is I grope at the automation on the signing of the. Level every air, but this country's. Livelihood I wouldn't via. A person who says politicians are derived answer, but they're on Sir for what we need right now under some Barry, a better job of wanting to ensure that the vision that was created I am for all this. irrealistic sensations are combing true and making people's minds get confused and creating dividing sides. You're the wrong person on the right persons. All the finger pointing and were point night twitter. And we focus forgotten that people have been making all the money off our acts all the time. So it's an honor mindset that I would reflect to yates and stuff and I. Just reminding people that. We're not different anymore. Wear all those years ago, but we could be different reasons these were. It's think about you A. Citizen I want to talk a little bit about the new music so you ended. Hinted at at at the beginning four me, call us. Yeah, that's exactly so we'll get our because you you start in it, but what's interesting about this film is it was very independently done? So I'm curious about like how you guys. went through funding it a little bit in promoting it and stuff because I followed it on facebook, nist, Graham and by I have to admit the the promotion is fantastic. So tell me about about you getting the word out about that L.. It's in I guess probably a question I'll be a loss Film, as it goes true, it's. Trips phases in two more and more people certain disease. I'm like I. said earlier on there was the one year talen shut was fi the microscope. Robin, Amara and lots of people said you're very interested in junior idea. One concept thrown as stop said he wants to make a you never finish. This woman got shos I love I. Wonder Mr Not didn't word ones just to keep going. So, Kara! Who wrote and this had a a very short story that she s she wanted to. It made the short film, and then it was just kind of. Or is idea an Urn Philip Kid Satcher let's let's see if we can turn into feature like for discounts is ninety Eh, and so she off right us. And, then she kind of decided asking people questions, so she asked needs once. INNIS I'm there's may not her sources, and I said yes, or Am An emmy and Patrick O'Brien and Kiara were in the Puerto Has A. An associates have been a few drinks and US sided to reopen as she had this story. Attractive database. And he goes I used to this. We want to be in this film that make him. An talked a bit about Mendez Patrick infected. Who's this assertion away of every room which has slowly become stone by? The oth session of the new music I ain't. If I would say the idea that. People didn't really know much about the idea of your Parkinson's. As a as ailments and our interests, deeper and people might have said no to is just another independent. Will genuine didn't realize that people under fifty or Guess Arkansas and so there we have. Questions being asked. And then. We approach the. Approach Parkinson's Ireland then. We're very interested because Garin Philip decided. We agree that was the right thing to do. Try and acres film just recharge. Sedan Mary have in a way. I chance really nice things that were able to tell people about. This foam is going to be making people aware of the moment and many people know about us when he's going to charity. And we're just trying to have fun renting seriously, but nothing too seriously so does seem to be something that people could. Respond to on a very human level, not people who were in our same. Make in an thumbs could realize that oiseaux scoring with and beyond the call. It wasn't just. Activism or whatever that we would have to put our aides. Major people weren't going out of their pockets. I would happily and. Infiltrated happily disagreeable. With money entering because. You don't want to upset. People like it's it's. It's our obsession really yeah at all. But, these other people are also obsessed we have. We don't. WanNa, take for. They're just given this time, so it's just make sure those people didn't get out of office. That was money then then. We were left with a full film. A very it miss. audio sound. and. It was a film about music so this. Is a problem. We had gone from me so that. We gave twenty percents to your sins are and. The rest was impotent into into our. Drop August's make sure we can pay for a facade, and if studio and again keep insuring nobody else using money. None of us. None of US cared like. ABC My if you see my twitter Overdose Oh if you if you will. It's still from the growls. Regular, regular Novus as you'd film uniform. Afford as five as just great, basically just saying these people don't understand the. A life is what matters not. To. Part I know money means a much I'm stuck at home. That's I. Don't worry Abeche. And kicked out which is why a lot of people have to face to face fish. So it, so it is a case of being able to you able to be in a position. To make these kind of ambles in these kinds of risks that no one else gets out of pocket as well. So just kind of always making sure to whole. Collections after and. We're never going to fall behind and if we ever need land, we were to be given it if we have to ask desperately. We had the confidence, but we never to ask. gave. His fundraiser as well. And and help get over the line. And then you will just responded to the music and the soundtrack, and we had all these images, and we made sure that we had all the PTA stuff and videos and we're able to. Work! Together in Gel, theater angus infected people. I guess it's it's. It's kind of these. Things are loads of people probably do what we did. We were very look just to choose the right ingredients to get people's interests at the very least. I am an undiminished actor as it stands a amass. The person and go to go to actor and. To Austin in such a role. In maybe in that way it. It worked as the character. Majoring would need something that was the. Richer away from the commercial styles acting now have become quite the preferred choice in a lot of Irish. American every country's cinema, a very safe stuff so I I was never had safe visit. It was risky role. As Arkansas, and so it's it's. It's very much empathizing with someone whose life is. Just completely, had the carpets. Taken from analysis understanding how you might them. Without so I did like I say talk better. You're on wasn't musician at my I kind of know that's. Any just off to be. Although stats ads and realized that he's life is so important. But there is a chance that life is going to. Occur fall and. Make an all change which is what happened to him so I'm just trying to repeat reef which yourself think, anyone who goes for any sort of mental. Struggles with themselves, water, people, or whatever it is that is AH CAUSES THEM ANXIETY ERROR Mental health issues to know that. You Have Atkinson's or you can have something else, and you guys can still feel as alien to the world. It doesn't matter. I think inks Walian as a person who listens to music, listener and the films I watch. Out It used to be on the on the sidelines for conversations and. I don't mind like they're just not things I'm interested in talking to. As so it is kind of sense, thus I would have to. Perform in such A. A strange sort of A. Scenario just someone who's a very very different to what they're used to. As well I'm and I like career like a car Rosa. Really such a razor sharp edge. Every unsuspecting sort face I have. Within the capability of things, I feel as a person. It is quite a deep. Sky Can seem like he's harmless, but results the few moments where I. May Dislike snape pupil Sky Is being edge slow. People's emotions and stuff. So it's just it's. It's a balance of being someone new. Looks like air, not going to harm someone. But then the you know, you're never safe with the. Air To kind of actors that I've always inspired the. My. Appreciation of. It. How did you go out then? I'm I'm I always love hearing people's processes or getting into character. When the camera's not rolling. Like what are you doing when the camera's not really like just before it or AM! Depending depending on the scene and pneumatic. Could be just if I'm very easy on the scene, it's not to come to it is. You could see me happened all kind of conversation which related asked by Director resets. And then I go by, but MD Times where I knew I knew beforehand, my character was Walian to the order workers being quiescent often. I made the point people if it looks like I'm just going by myself for as need time to myself. On the to do a me, being wrong in my head is just be just separating myself again. Suddenly I just I. Walk Away, and then when you come back in, it's almost like television. All the I'm risen so tho- matter anymore. You've created that sense of space for yourself. You don't belong in near like the feeling. I'll keep arrested the scene seat. Airlines and they act in the atmosphere of what I'm feeling in the pool that I'm. Swimming am and. It's like swimming pool together and see how it from people later. He have you done any stage acting at all? so some of my more interesting performances have gotten to be on on the stage. gotten through a lot of. Strange Quirky arteries in the clinic quirkiness that I absolutely obsessive of best like people that seem to be cool, nice, but under sit. On the inside this just. Chaos hanging. But Michael Shannon to those. I think if I did all this stuff. In in real life, people does unlock you. Go onto the stage and does not crazy I've run. ODDS. Thick. It is so true away from you to just put all that Matt Energy into into characters that people actually like they're not nice people with. They like them and they don't like them. I'm an unsuspecting playing the cat. So so you know so hood so usually decatur a mental patient in see my. I could see that. That's kind of funny. Dickhead in the film in film actually now that you. Bet Matt. Nuts exactly well the reason why I asked you the question about Lake and of your off screen processes I was thinking. It's fun easiness. Yeah well. Yeah, I guess I've seen it in. I just had the Buckton cigarettes like. I thought process away from everyone. Just have some cigarettes and coffee like by myself in that works and it's interesting because I have a heart so with me. With. It's funny on Stage Lake. People are way more accommodating to actors. Kinda, going off for some reason and getting you know doing their own thing, and they leave them alone in a found onset. People are less likely to do it if they see their. They'll come up start talking to you or whatever and it's like. Don't you see him trying to do my and here? I noted that they don't extend the same. Yeah, I remember depend on the theater as although the York with O'Day don't always respected his all I found a area on him and inspecting person that takes very seriously. I put a smile on my face. They really here and I don't. WanNa I don't want to be the person. Let's hope team down moment. Entertain them it. What wants to do my life so? I am killing microwave. Actors have to be the person. Ages all like an edge people talk show is. Like asking you stupid things near like that side Ziggurat through some stretches and head, so you have to, but even in theory after physically remove yourself, but I suppose in theater at shirt given respect because you have to make sure you're ready, because there's no going back out there on this age when? Like this you're off lights on. You get through the next hour and a half or you don't. So I guess maybe there's more respect, but on on the set side Trudeau's ruined again, yeah. Nah. NAH healthy to? The actor needs to still be enough in new music. Did you seeing where did you play an instrument? Well? I was a bit Carter Adrian is a world renowned at pianist. Very famous counter that was is is deal he'd made us. As a person would have paid the scholar, and they'd all these awesome venues that you dream about a skit and they. If you're getting to be a piano player as a kid, so he realized his dreams as one of the best pianists I'm. Any gets told to act. Things are starting to feel rice anymore at its artisans studies than diagnosed. Basically face to face now is. Like he playing or what do I do, keep doing all I know what to do. He's made up his mind. And since a kid and he's like on from Toco, varies of new magazines list like is. The jets. The carrot would ask eight. She has had a bigger budgets. She would have won two of showing like the kind of lifestyle Adrian. You style like partying all the time, not fun. Property enjoying the wealth, help this game sorta chop. Use your imagination because it's so low just. I in that. Way. my friend. cure on. You. Someone has played the piano for a long time so I asked him if you wanted to record a piece. And he did for Gabrielle Ferry. Also, the city and That's a full COSCO piece, but there's a piano piece of this. Beautiful so when I'm in the shop and Walton's. He is Hans are his hands, so I don't play the instrument. You couldn't talk. Earn to turning the character into a classically trained from wizard trump trump of fructose. In it wouldn't have been. It's not. It's not as Classy I as a kid I got all the. As a young teenager whatever got all de Grace Flags. Speed new or Beta Chubu William. Is the same joke since you're when you're a kid, and it's almost the same sizes yo or Only. is an instrument is. You can do so much with us. I'm not not starting. A cookie people make your mind because that's what it's traditionally as for vs on, it's capable of doing under so amazing sounds that you can make the. Mouthpiece is so big you can. You can like blow and whistle basically at the same time and is crates. This beautiful on Anna, sound just it just. Put, you know that's how I've ever wants to hear it. Just kinda partially pieces than Shuba kind of a party piece an initial deal. Now I have my back to the school, or I would get off Michael's in like A. At checketts don't brass I'm. It is a really great lively shows and New Orleans. Roster on Tumblr inspired as well as just very energetic under all prosekey trained. So. They're all GONNA pay. Do and they understand what music is supposed to be as natural good rents rereading works. And? That's that's how I know what you can be on the map. I have my own of experience like I say. Mama Mama. And we know so. I didn't ask it's. And Keyboard so when I when I joined on the phone, they asked me to join. Can I still play music? Thing you know at Parkinson's I can still move. I'm not going to be as. Quick as precise anymore like going to have to change if I want to keep the lifestyle had. suspenders keyboard so when you see the hands and the keyboard. That's that's me. Usually we denigrate way. An makes a feel like I'm really playing lost so very important, but the got and. Autry could harm the base. The two of them had a very good time dilemmas Martina hot gotten enough. Oh, basic grim to give her that she was actually. So it's very important. I've seen films I'm sure you're seeing them Oh. Yeah, we made a music thumb. You really read you know. When you just like guitar heads, you'll see from the neck exactly the shot like different horse. Yeah, exactly or their boxes I turn to you. Keep an eye. I erase Saipem kind of pooh-poohed. Does I'm a make you feel like they skipped? Corneas together to be there. But I think that's what makes people be impacted by the music of because Kiara seem so music films. That didn't you dot? It's just the sense. The physical sense of how Hans Move and how we come up down the frets. It is so real. That's how it is when you're dairy. Everyone's connected ever. Movement means something rally Miss Together and sorta sphere and. Music. Gives off not sort of a more so so maybe an out of this. To the intention behind that sends unity in the room and the car jump in. The crowd. Make sure everyone was kind of running up and jumping off doing the right energy see that in films as well so thoughts jacker. Sometimes it's x rays, or does not even know thion formation. They're all this kind of doom. That will slow on some. New Music of Oscar whatever to. Absences has a this. Is a joke -sition that doesn't. It doesn't quite macho on kind it always off. What's me like I? Got This weird sense in in the center of me when I watched so it feels wrong. Just kind of like tells me. And then I are taking all go, and that's why it doesn't feel okay. I I say this all the time With with movies and working on films and stuff, people are like Oh, thing over there and moved or what you know and like okay. Look if people are watching this film in, they're commenting that that thing in the background moved from there to there, and there's clearly something wrong with the performance is going on into what you're saying is exactly that to You know if you're if you're paying attention to that. Something's not right then it's because of the performances on screen, not being believable as musicians in in the way that they're living and stuff like that, so it's V own people actually out of the performance. Exactly. And unlike not. Who knows who has the blame? The camera angle already schilling too much space to motor necessary things in the on Santa is generating such an effect on our brains or as actress cmih successfully. I'm showing your whole soul and giving everything just kind of like you say A. Tractor beams was in. A. That's that's that's that's. That's what you strive or his to to just like. You will not be able to take their eyes off. Will Props Day care then forgetting in there and actually jumping in as a member of the crowd to get people doing it right. I'm. Very late since your. Finger. She literally you can see her dislike. Sheriff known you've. To the stage and She used to be in a bond, so she really has not Sanso, while crowds are supposed to do I guess nuts. It's understanding what music is as well to make the new music. Eastern like music is different same way up in the film like the exact conversation about. The music just no way, not just opt side, and then there's all this other stuff. This full of guts heartened glory. Because they need to Jewish and is not now to us. Like. Music. And then each like the my soul. Okay one last question about the new music and distribution, so you guys. This is like the dream of. Films and you guys. picked up a distributor for the film like about that. How did that happen help? They find it, but so, what's going on on solicitors? Different kind of chances of of when the particular company. Might have been made aware of us a little bit. As we wrap the marketplace in. Own Up. And we want to see you to take a Ben. had. Screenings had just been announced or In new. York I should still screen at Go it and. Known as the as for marketplace, try and sell it, so said it. They didn't take us. indie core did take okay, so so you took it to the marketplace which is like basically an opportunity for filmmakers to try to sell their films at. So all these different people from different companies you send in the. Send him the people you talk to, and then they say well. No, you're not ending to these. Accounting! So we did, we talked to some summary. Interested in people like ice. We the film I mean Philip. Kid One of our producers and this metallica furniture from foam if And he was talking to these people. There's people contrasted. People wanted to see. It looked like, but never really move anywhere. That's GonNa win started. We had cork to New York where we got the Premier Mick I'm again, the one of the organizers thus himself in. over very happy with the film. To to hear how how they were we. It is that they felt about it. It was actually kind. Of. Fillmore. Oh, than the art world happen for reason. I don't in Galway was the right place anyway. You know you want to be there because that's the big thing in new. York couldn't have been a better. Better spots type people want to go there more into and then art cinema under his music and. Within the festival as well so. Those really to stop ten sense of now it's appreciated and it was at that screening and Indie Cork. Asa People from silver mount some. Productions were ask screening. An MFA Fagan who had helped to stewing up your bis globus, she was really managing art, our twitter, and give them ideas and she organized the quiz. So much great, great great so for us. She was talking to Ronald from. Silver Mountain. and. I'm not sure what exactly. You enjoy. He knew the VILMOS will go to measure Z was. From the COMPATA- went. This is what happens in your doctor. You don't get told every every. It's not as important to have, but they saw. Somebody from the. Thing so me. Some Grayson and they as felt the Jaman there to disconnect took a shine to. There was something that was different. Inspired and start asking questions so then we'll start a dialogue between Sarah. On them and of course like I said our idea for the film was to make money for charity, so we need to ensure that they were happy with us. So happens. With the film, the money that we as the filmmakers make from the film go straight to impact. Anson's armed. And a company. We're happy to to do not, so we're able to. Get, one person, asking the right questions, and then they appreciation still everything about the film. And, so for that and we got the distribution. He'll and they're trying to see where they can get solds. They sold her only very new company. Because I was curious 'cause like equally distribution. It'll get seen in theaters everywhere, and that's not really quite how it works. No, no, no, no, no, yeah, 'cause you know it's. Just more festivals and does mean going onto on. Abd Ear. Cinema disappear forever. You know we don't know what's very so yeah like say it's abroad terminology. It sounds so nice when you own a gritty details. May May maybe you're better off than ever? But as far as we know that at the company under best night's Scott sold, so we can make more money for charity and also get people seeing us Trying to shine life. On. Strengthen music and human lives especially ones that happened turned around such an. Unfortunate position method don't know what to do with themselves. So spread to empathize with the voices of the artists, so she uncle unlike laker usually people that's over at their own sort of elements. And that society has an unfair in the way to enroll for. A things aren't just which is the ace? The Nets Canadair Johnston, said the message. To the people don't feel so lonely. And so that's what people are instantaneous that sense that they're not alone. As Nice to be given, he will are also known because of the of the elements that you're going through just because you're human and of course. In your feelings, but is it's to try to humanize off just Kinda say that's what's wrong with you, so that's why are not to be as whereas I could be someone who has my own sort of The mental health problems whatever like most people do I like put my empathy, and the flesh of Arkansas fans. Experience and I ought as an outsider at ascendant music watching strange. On be dental by people are concerns that they were absolutely convinced. As as only because I. Myself come from the into the shoes of someone who felt. In Way, lost. And we all feel the same way. So. In Dot Com I think we should wrap it up here. On that note that we've been talking forever, but fascinating covering it really enjoyed talking to you and like I. Know You, but we've never really sat down and had lake. Or anything. Pointing because you know I think he got really interesting people on SAS. Translate into the into the real world's. An adversary. Never you never find yourself aimed circumstances and okay. Yeah! There s yourselves in the. Out these kind of conversations over Pints Very Forget about the fact that we're making at monster, foam and breath. At scatter after put my makeup on McDonald's or know, we're in in a has intolerant Talim, trying to oldest chaos anew. That's where he I were together. That's right. I forgot about that one. You're right Why you can fight, you can find out online and me and Milo working together for the first time. You'll recognize me undermining. That's sterling. Mary Blake a Pale makeup that. Kinda. Lax or something. Whatever we would near as they all these young fifteen six year old girls on Halloween nearly. US put my makeup sitting down every big maximum. Say? Oh that's right. Yeah, McDonalds! Yeah, that's right. Yeah, that's funny I completely forgot all about that. Was Worth. what? We it shot it in a day. I think some with A. Prato commits in time to shoot it as it did for me to put onto. One of those for anyone listening it was it was a filmmaking challenge right like. Our yeah, exactly for that you're. Right IF I'll find linked to it now. Throw it in. The show notes so that we do want to. They WANNA watch them because I wasn't in. That was the DP on your DP. Chisha Theater attrition to the town that. who will alright well if people want to track you down anywhere. Where would they find him? I'm well depending if it's me, personally twitter. killing mcevoy. Or instagram I'd oreos. Instagram twitter made me more interested in keeping up with. Things EH films. That I lo them opposite of things. an end for actual watching of type in Youtube K. mcevoy, find myself all my poetry. Things writes. It asked WANNA keep up to date with all the poems. Keep doing for the rest this. Lockdown. Wanted a better words. At, distrust the escape with us on video. At INYO DOT, com slash built to fail in finding jared and our work that we've been doing together which we also own the new music under dot now as well was made with was baffled due to the contract and stuff some company out to. Overtake us us. So bill to fail. Is the main place. I think forever nuts on facebook twitter on instagram. and. Music can find all that stuff on Youtube I think I deserve in any particular direction irs okay for is big use okay. People annoys some people. Will usually it's like instagram. Twitter's and you know that crap. You know what Marie her social media profile is. Yeah in throw a couple of things in the show notes. For think we'll see what we'll see what they can find 'em. Killing mcevoy, his name, being the title of this search him felt Q. The once once The new music gets out there a bit more. He'll be famous and and I can say interviewed him before upset us in the. In the interview me well, even if I am. Hey did you want to do and you'll be like? you know and I kinda. Famous on my right now radar. I'd just ticked over there and. It's in the zone. Some scandal shows of maybe maybe. Goes Away 'cause. You know it's it's fickle. Here. Man Well thanks a lot. I remember.

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June 4  Hour 2  Chris Dempsey on NBA Return And Nuggets Outlook

The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

38:34 min | 11 months ago

June 4 Hour 2 Chris Dempsey on NBA Return And Nuggets Outlook

"And Back, to the show, this is the second and final hour of the program for Spanish text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine nine six power to play sports poll question today. How far will the nuggets go now? We have a season. WE'RE GOING TO ORLANDO. The nuggets are in your right new texting and saying hey. At least they've got a ticket to the dance. Go into Orlando, baby at right now. They're the third seed in the West. I. Don't know what that looks like. We'll talk to Chris DMC here in about ten minutes about. West East are we mix them all together one through sixteen plus you. Have you have the play in Games? You're GonNa have twenty two teams. Don't kid yourself again. This is a way to get more. Money and get all that snow. It's to get. A CHANCE WE WANNA. See Ion in this damn thing, so we're going to give him an opportunity. I don't think it's going to happen. Portland is going to have a shot. The plan game is weird to me though like that's where you'd lose me if you're if you come in ninth and your four games or less behind aid. You get a play in game. Against Memphis, or whoever's eighth? To determine. WHO GETS that final spot? That that necessarily fair I mean 'cause you're four games ahead in the in the conference. Plus you I mean Memphis is already ahead right now. MEMPHIS is thirty two and thirty. Three next in line would be Portland twenty nine and thirty seven. So. If they kind of stay as is. Kind of feels like Memphis is getting the raw going to get the Ryan of the steel. They got to fight for that SPA nobody else is GonNa Miss Out Dallas is forty and twenty seven there well enough ahead. What are they nine there about ten games ahead of Portland, so they're not really in jeopardy of getting booted out of this thing, nobody really so it's. It's kind of Memphis and I understand. You know you'll say well. They're eight see. There was no guarantee they were going to get it anyway. Both teams Memphis an Portland. We're both foreign six in their last ten games, so they were both kind of I guess you could say trending a bit downward. But it still seems a little bit a little bit silly, but you WanNa get Damian Lillard in there. You want to die on in their. Spurs are going to have a chance. The sons are going to have a chance. kings are going to have a shot and then Washington in in the Eastern Conference, which they're five and a half games out of that spot, so if they can maintain. Again, this is why I'm wondering if we are just going to do. Conferences because they said nine. Nine seat! That's the key word niner eight seed, so if you're nine seat on, so that must mean Washington if they can get within four games. They're going to have a chance in the east so I I'm starting to wonder I don't know that they're gonNA. Jumble this together. Still confusing so a few things out there, but it is safe to assume the nuggets or probably going to finish. Anywhere in that third maybe fourth fifth spot you know the the thunder before the season was, came to a screeching halt, they went eight and two in their last ten games. Nobody was better than them. In their last ten games save for the Los. Angeles Lakers, the Lakers were eight and two as well. The nuggets were five and five. We documented that right after the All star break. They were kind of they win. One lose one one win one lose one. We were waiting for them to kind of find themselves refined themselves. They lost to the Dallas Mavericks. Game. What are those eight games I? Wonder who who the nuggets play. When does that schedule out? Still Interested to see that. Our power play sports poll question of the day. How far will the nuggets go? We've asked this a lot. This year usually asked at the beginning of the year, and then as the season progresses. We ask again and I didn't think we'd be asking June fourth. Maybe the nuggets are already be out of this thing or you. They'd be getting ready to approach the NBA finals. Who knows? Twenty, thirty eight percent now say they're gonNA lose in the first round, so the majority of you don't even think they're going to do better than last year. That's ridiculous. As of right now they go against attack the rockets, so I'll say the Texans I think I'd take the nuggets over the Texans. You think the rockets beat the nuggets, and as of right now that's where we'd sit in Iowa I am very. I hope that works out because that that looks like that's going to be a fun series. I events text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six, so espn came out yesterday and has Colorado State going? Seven five. Seven and five. How about that that would be that'd be impressive, but again I think there would be some fans that are like here. We go again, MR seven wins. Just like Bobo. What bodes well for Adagio. When we want to say hey, he's a new coach though he's got a lot of great weapons Colfax in the top ten returning players to the mountain West Conference. Colorado. State has two of them. Warren Jackson and trae McBride now. State's going to be stacked again. jalen walker their quarterbacks coming back. Air Force has some good players. Come back. You're also going to wonder about the quarterback positions to WHO's going to be set at those quarterback positions, and that's what you want to see key returning starters, but first things first in college football. We gotta look at those coaches. So you got Adagio out of Boston College now there there are. A few stories I've. They're not crazy about this higher because does. He has no connection. No previous connection to the mountain West Conference at all a lot of these other guys kind of have a connection there Fresno state has a new head coach K. Linda bore. When he was at Sioux Falls, he compiled a sixty seven and three record, sixty, seven and three who falls. FCS But, still that's. That's a guy that used to winning football games. He replaced Jeff Tedford of course after three years going twenty six and fourteen They're they're pretty high on this guy. A lot of people were pretty high on this guy. See I do Hawaii they've got their new head. Coach is well. That's going to be another spot there A. Todd Graham they're hoping he can. Last year. You know they they were they. Why was getting better? I mean they were what were they? Ten and five last year. So Hawaii's been on the uptick for awhile now. So you gotTa Watch out for that. Obviously, they like their situation. New Mexico they got a new coach. Any Gonzales. He was a former Arizona state assistant. He was a player staff member. Amazon assistant coach. Through his time at New Mexico so good higher. Their San Diego. State is bringing in and I. Like this Guy I don't know why. His first name is Brady. Brady hoke who coached who is good at San, Diego State for this is the second stint. He was really good there and that got him the job at Michigan. And then in Michigan he was not great. He was thirteen twelve in his first two seasons at San, Diego State, but it was one of those seasons I believe. That was really good, and that launched him to Michigan. And he just. He wasn't he was just wasn't great. And there was drama surrounding him, and all this stuff and then UNLV got a new head coach Marcus Arroyo the former Oregon Assistant. Now. According to the Reno Gazette Journal I looked it up to see from UNLV. One of their. Their papers or publications there. They gave Steve Adagio. The worst grade of all. The gave they gave. They gave Stephen Dot USC THEY See. They gave there was one more they gave a see here. Believe C. minus was given to Nevada so. ADAGIOS, not See Higher when it in terms of the mountain west. We need. Maybe is that is probably a five hundred guy? If you want to go that route, so it kind of makes sense. But you gotta look at the re returning players and again the top ten players. Returning to the mountain West Conference. I would say two of them certainly worn Jackson. trae McBride Dante right was good. He's got. He's got to prove it again though I mean he was, he was a freshman last year. Leo, you're not going to say. Patrick O'Brien is a top ten returner San Diego. State is going to bring in some guy back some guys next year so they should be good. Very curious how this went. All works out, but right now. You gotTA wonder though Boise State I. Mean They were? Twelve and to last year eight, no in the conference. I mean they were top twenty five team. They finished twenty third last year, but they lose a few good guys. Curtis Weaver Stud linebackers even. Offensive tackle, Cleveland and another defensive linemen and David Moa. I mean you look at their head coach and he Brian Hartson just gets the job done three conference titles. He's ridiculous. Is there any reason to believe that they're not gonNA be right there in the in the thick of things again. You know when when you when you walk in this thing up Hank buchmeier likely to be the presumed starter. Year? He was heard a little bit but I enjoy states the team to beat until we prove otherwise air force should be pretty good. I mean last year they were eleven to. There are solid team. And they're. They're bringing back their quarterback. Utah State. Can they rebound? That'll be a question. There are placing their quarterback. They were seven and six even with Jordan love. So that won't be good Hawaii. They're losing their quarterback as well so I mean a lot of new faces, a lot of new coaches But also new quarterbacks to so those are things to think about San Diego State will be I mean Wyoming Craig Bohl can he I mean he has what I looked up. The top ten I was researching a lot this morning, trying to find a bunch of top ten lists returning from out West. Wyoming doesn't have anybody in it. They lost a really good linebacker low in Logan Wilson. There last year and five I would say Wyoming certainly overachieved. The biggest loss they're losing their safety Jamal Hicks, but their biggest loss obviously came. Calling Hill, that was. In the season, we knew he was her didn't know if he was going to be coming back, but. Again, it goes a lot on Patrick O'Brien in Kency defense finally. Get back to even being average. Keep replacing Cora defensive coordinators over and over again yeah John Janjic last year, or the last two years who replaced Marta, English and Really, they kinda showed some improvement there, but certainly not enough to keep his job with Steve Adagio went and got his own guy. I was, said we. We had a lot of votes yesterday, and it was kind of like fifty. Maybe fifty five percent thought they could be a contender in the mountain West Conference. You know based on this I think they could be. You got a lot of teams dealing with new coaches. A lot of teams dealing with new quarterbacks and those are the first things you look at especially in college football. And yes Steve Adagios new, but they do have the luxury of Patrick O'Brien playing I mean in some ways this might be you never hope for a guy to get her. But if they were gonNA, fire coach Bobo Anyway. And who knows what the record would have been? Maybe they wouldn't have, but let's just assume they still have one like five games. They're moving on. We'll call them hills GONNA. Leave anyway to go be with coach Bobo South Carolina. But he went South Carolina so the fact that Patrick. O'Brien got a lot of games in last year. Might really bode well for the for the rams to compete I. Don't think anybody's dethroning Boise state. Dan. Hammond airforce is bringing back so air force is still going to be tough. Utah State will should take a step back. Wyoming I always shocked. I don't know they'll. They were better than last year. They should be better than New Mexico. See issues probably looking at third or fourth right now. Which wouldn't obviously wouldn't be good enough. When you're looking at the mountain West Mountain side of it. Now on the other side of the mountain west West. Hawaii's replacing their quarterback Dhabi curious to see. I'll be curious to see what to San Jose state if they can start to You know if they could start to climb back up the ranks here because. There's some teams on this list that have just driving San Jose State. They were two and six, but they ended up five and seven and the conference the kind of started to. you know they? They won their last game of the season. They were starting to get a little bit better. I don't think they're gonNA. Win that side of it at all, but I do think there on the improve. How Goodwill San Diego State be next year. They were ten and three last season. They're bringing back trae Walker, their star wide receiver, so they could be okay again. Hawaii, I expect to take a little bit of a dropback eighteen minutes after the hour so there we go. There's a lot of new faces in the mountain West Conference. There's going to be the boise state's and. The Air Force team. Those two teams are probably still going to be damned. Good how you gotTa, get past them, but maybe you can can finish better than they did. Last year. They finished a game behind Wyoming in the conference, but overall four and eight compared to eight and five, not gonna cut it. We'll see nineteen minutes after the hour more on the NBA. Let's get some specifics with the guy that should know pretty much. Everything Chris Dempsey from altitude TV coming up next. It's the whole show powered by energy. MRIs. Sports F. K. enjoy some instant classics with Kfi am classics. Every Thursday and Friday night on thirteen ten Kfi am and thirteen ten KFI K. dot com catch her day studied right with up-to-date news weather sports mornings with Gail. Six Am to nine am weekdays on thirteen ten Kfi K.. This is Jordan Davis from the University of Colorado and you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten KFI K. Twenty three minutes after the hour. Welcome back to the whole show. Powered by PD energy joining me on our first event. It's hotline from altitude TV, Chris Dempsey Chris so many things to PAC man. It's absolutely crazy time we're getting the news. The Board of Governors and tends to improve planning to improve the League proposal twenty two team format. Let's get into that in a moment. I know you guys had a great opportunity to talk to coach. Mike Malone about basketball, but really about. Everything including certainly what's going on? Today throughout our country. Yes. Yeah, yeah, we He's been very outspoken about it and egos. He's one of the most thoughtful people you know. I I was I was saying that to somebody else recently, which was if I had to rank all the coaches that I've covered over a couple of decades in sports journalism you know just on. you know their ability to just communicate really well. Be Very thoughtful, and I mean Michael Malone is is may may be number one in that, but yeah, he you know he had up. Say and you know I think a lot of people. Have you know Brady? I think this is been a point in time which a lot of. Hearts and minds have been touched and people have been very. Eloquent about speaking about that, and and then a lot more willing to help be a part of part of the solution and Mike Malone. is one of those in Kim Conley as another we, we had a chance to talk to him yesterday on the sports social show at in a long long range wide ranging interview so the nuggets response From its highest of you know quote, unquote, highest ranking people have been been fantastic, but I think radiates, but the the response has been fantastic pretty much worldwide. One and you know there's there's a lot of negatives about twitter and facebook, but we were talking about this earlier. You are seeing some pretty powerful videos to their videos of a lot of people coming together. From from all walks of life and trying to get things right, too, so you know, yes, there can be. There can be some stuff on twitter that we don't agree on. There can be videos. There could be riots, but at the same time man. If you look, you're going to see a lot of a lot of positives going on, and in as as coach Malone spoke about to. You're going to see some of those things and those are the things I think we need to latch onto. Yeah I absolutely agree you know I it's You know I. It's just been a lot more people willing to speak up and speak out and stand you know, stand with with the cause and for four cause and for humanity. and so it is I think it's been great, and you know obviously there. It's obviously it's not every single person but by and large it's so many people and it's It's been really really good, and so you know we'll. We'll. We'll see because. You. Know what what's happening in the past. These kinds of points is you know we? I it's it strikes a chord with a Lotta people, but you know time things fade away with time, and so you know the test I, think is going to be over time and to see that when they are moments. That need people to rise up and You Know Act. That we are still is willing to do that down the road as we are right now and so, but this is a it's been a great start, and it's been a great response by by so many people Chris Dempsey joining us from out to TV and for Chris to say somebody's the nicest guy like Mike Molo 'cause i. always say this about you. My man when I first met you. I think I'm an Internet Cave K. or something, but I'm in I'M IN DENVER? I. Don't believe it was for training Camp I. Think it was a random practice or something, but I met you have reg registered on the Denver. Post for years and I mean and I've heard this from several young reporters so this you keep up the great work. They say Chris gave me all the tools I needed. He gave me confidence he he said reach out to me. You gave your cell phone numbers and e mails so man. I mean hats off to you as well. My friend I say you're the nicest reporter I've ever met so for you to say that about Malone at saying something. I appreciate that you know it's one of the things I've tried to do over the course of my career, is you know? What's the single mom? Each one lift one? You know I. I didn't get to where I was without help. You know without somebody you know. The the people in my time would have been like guys like TJ timers who used to be a a writer for the Los Angeles Times and spears, and Adam Schefter and you know these people who would read my stories and give me critiques or in the case of Adam Schefter. He was a guy that. Basically took me under his wing and said okay. Here's how you do. These are the questions you need to be asking athletes or coaches. This is how you write a story. This is how you uncover news and you know I that has never I've never forgotten that surely grateful to those people and I just wanted to pay it forward. You know I it's it. This is not an easy business to get in and to thrive in and to you need allies, and you need people to help, and you need people or just for advice you know. You know it's it's I. Want to be there for that. As many young reporters as possible because I know, there were so many that were there for me as well so I appreciate you saying that man. It's something that I really do take seriously to go out. A lot of pride in in regards to Michael, Malone, it's just. Yeah, he's you. You don't run across a lot of coaches like that. You just don't and But, he is one and It's a the nuggets really lucky to have him and We are as media. Lucky to have a guy to cover that is that honest and not quite frankly that friendly the media when when when he meets with it. Also said something else. Chris talking about what he expects from US nuggets team. He's pretty confident that Denver can go to Orlando and. Not just compete, but maybe when this whole thing. This whole unique edited version of a little bit of a regular season and postseason. Yeah Yeah Yeah he's you know the numbers get his -ation really came out strong in terms of that that that one you know piece right there, which is listen. We think we can win the championship right now and you know it. It's I. It. It is a lot different from what? They. They've always said this season. You know coming into this season. Hey of the goal is to win a championship. It just seems like it's a little more pointed right now. It's a little more. Definitive as we are going to go there with the with the clear goal of winning a title and. That's that's been pretty eye opening. It really has been, and you know you know why not? Why not you know. It's if a talented basketball team and You know when you're talking about being led by a player, the caliber of Nicole Yokich you can. Just, put numbers up, but it seems like with ease, but not only that have those numbers really translates into victories far more than far more than the than they don't been. Yeah, you know you have the star piece covered You have a guy who's on the precipice of that in Jamal me. I'm sure he's chomping at the bit to get down there, and and you know continue you know his career and he was having a good season, and he wants to continue that as well and then. Guys like Michael Porter Jr. who will be healthy now and you know he spoke to us. About just not feeling right after the ankle injury, and not you know just it. He was being hampered by that so that is something that is healed totally, and he had access to a gym. Missouri so. His game be just fine. When he comes back, but yeah, I mean listen. The nuggets are with the thirteen the western conference going into all this that that was for a reason, and so they should feel very confident about their chances. GOING DOWN TO ORLANDO and walking away. you know making a deep playoff run at the very least Chris take us through this then, so my first question. Are We Are we going or we re seeding here? ARE WE DOING EASTERN CONFERENCE WESTERN CONFERENCE IT'LL BE EASTERN CONFERENCE WESTERN CONFERENCE AND Yeah so. The. They'll play eight regular season games, and then if they need to do this, and they'll play play in you know play in series quote, Unquote between eighth and ninth seeds and so. Basically, if the ninth seed has to finish the regular season within four games a ACC. And if that happens in that will trigger in the play in a scenario, and so it's a double limitation for the ABC, which means eighty would have to lose twice for the ninth seed but yet the eight only has lose wants to be eliminated in that so it gives the advantage keeps the advantage what they feed but it allows that ninth team to the the opportunity to win twice and to get into the playoffs so Happen in both conferences, because though the The Washington Wizards are the Loan Eastern Conference team that we'll be included within the twenty two, and they are actual nine feet so they'll have to finish an eight within four games of the Orlando Magic to be able to trigger that which quite frankly I think they will. Well. It makes it interesting, too. I mean this is kind of playoffs before the playoffs if it's eight games I mean Portland's got an almost view Portland and as you said. A Washington, they view every game kind of a playoff game right now. If you WANNA, try to get close and maintain that within four games. Yeah, they do, and so I think if you're the Memphis Grizzlies. because what are they three and a half up? So, what is that about a magic number? Five something like that you know. A you five times. You just eliminate the keep you keep these teams. Four Games for you know four four games behind you. That might be bad math, but you know the the AC two teams just needs to keep winning. To keep to keep their to keep their their their advantage, what it is at what it is right now, so you know for for for Memphis and for Orlando about continuing to win. For the rest of these teams, it's about taking advantage of the losses. That Memphis Orlando will will suffer along the way and keeping yourself. Within that four-game thresholds to be able to trigger the one thing that we don't know just quite yet is how what will happen if the ninth seed if there are. If there are multiple teams that are tied for the ninety that also within four games of the ACC, so you'd have to have some sort of tiebreaker. Among the ninety two teams as well in the western conference. She able to determine which team then plays that a seeded team for for the play, so there's just an added layer to that, but but It was really it's. It's really cool to see the dates, and and you know the have the format really laid out in front of us in full here today. Chris! What does that mean for next season? Does that mean the season starts around Thanksgiving around Christmas. so the next season as I. See it. is going to start on December first, so they will. The the the the. Next training next year next season's training camp, we'll. We'll start on November tenth. the NBA said and then. Following season will start on December first and so you know what I. It's interesting Brady because. This gives them an opportunity to go either way in terms of if the NBA wanted to get their old calendar back they could you know they can? They can just shrink next off season and just say okay. You know we're GONNA. Shrink it and we're GONNA start normally back in October again and our September, and then get the season started back in October and get back to calendar or They can say you know what we like December first, and so we're GonNa Taylor it. We're going to have a full off these next year and the next two following season will also start in on December first so. That it's a it's a really good question, but this December first date is so in the middle of that that you know you could just shrink one season. Get back to your calendar and have regular off-season every every year after that or you can do something different so that that is going to be up to them, and we'll see where they're leaning here in the next over the next few months. It's going to be nuggets rockets. You think you think it'll stay. Stay that way. Obviously, there's a few things to sort out with games, but are we. Are we likely looking at a nuggets rockets first round? Yeah that'd be. That would be my guess. yes, and so but you know within the Oklahoma. City Thunder, so the rockets and the Oklahoma City thunder are both actually tied. Forty and twenty, forty and twenty four. So there can be some movement. There The Utah Jazz is only a game ahead of the thunder and the rockets so there could be some movement within the Jazz Thunder Rockets. So it! Would you know you might? Be playing any one of those three teams in the first round, and quite frankly the nuggets are only two and a half games in front of all of those guys, so they're. They're going to have to play pretty good basketball to maintain the three spot. In the Western Conference in and make it so that you know that well I guess homecourt advantage doesn't matter as much anymore. Unless. They do something to give the home team. A little bit more of a boost are the court advantage quote, unquote team a little bit more of a boost in this scenario, but but yeah I i. You know I I I think if we're looking at this, it's going to be the jazz with rockets will be the neg opponent. One of those three we'll be. The nuggets spun it in the first. Round let's play offs. Offs and you know well, we'll we'll. We'll take it from there and you know there. I think they've been generally except for the Utah Jazz. They still had games to go against UTAH you know they swept the Oklahoma City Thunder, and they were good, but not great against the rockets this season so You know I i. think if they were trying to hand. Pick an opponent, probably the Oklahoma City. I can't wait man. I'm excited. On that home court thing, are we, are we? Piping ends crowd, noise or something, or we're going to pipe in some booze. If something happens I'm curious because I. Still I'm excited but I still it's going to be so weird, not seeing fans. You'RE GONNA. Hear the ball crystal clear. I mean yeah, we. We pipe in something. There are a couple of bluebirds and cheers and things like that. Yeah I don't know what they're gonNA. Do Funny. You know what's up. tweet this about the time that. was about the time that Golden State announced that it was not going to play games in front of fans, and this is right before the NBA suspended the season I think the NBA was started, the the things were starting to be. A leagues are starting to say well. Maybe we're. Not, GONNA be fat. Wow, that's. Really GonNa Kill homecourt advantage but that. At that time, it was still the team's would still traveled to the other home gym. It just wouldn't be fanning. Out Now, it's it's a total. Total excuse me neutral site and you know I. I don't know I i. think that just gives the advantage to whichever teams the best team and in the NBA. The best team pretty much, but just injuries, notwithstanding the better team pretty much always wins that just is going to give the advantage to the best team in every single round because there's just no other variable for maybe the team. That's just not quite as good or maybe just on that notch below to. Use Energy from somewhere else to rise to to rise up and beat a team that these are just going to be Jim squeaky like you said squeaky shoes You know we'll hear it all and it will be. It'll be basketball, but you know it'll. It'll be different. Yeah, and we different, but like you said keyword key phrase, it'll be basketball I think we're all excited to see what can happen and Chris will be pumped. Fall along with you man throughout, so what's going on with the media? Real quick? I've got about one minute. Are you able to go. What's that look like for you? That's a good question. I know you know the NBA it. It really is because you know there's so much media across the league you know, and so, who do you let go down there? And who don't you let go down there? And what are the reasons for that? We haven't really heard anything. About that yet I gosh. I gotta guess that they were really trying to keep everybody safe. Hey, we'll just have to do these zoom. You know you get the teams down there and every press conferences as zoom call, you know I mean I. I you know I. I I don't see any other way. Although ESPN will be on there, and so ESPN is going to be down there. Who else do you know it's? That's going to be very interesting. I don't know yet I'm not planning on being anywhere, but in Denver for all for the entire time but that could change. We'll see charisma man always appreciate nobody better in my opinion and we'll look forward to catching up with the next week. We'll talk to you. It sounds giving Chris Dempsey of altitude TV and we'll see. We Got Basketball Steph. We're sorting things out forty minutes after the hour Colfax host jump out and get the latest on the local sports flash. Thirteen ten KFI preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Start Your morning off right with your recommended daily intake of news, weather and traffic to get yourself up and running, join US mornings with Gail six to nine, thirteen, ten Kfi K.. Eh? Soon. Forty six minutes after the hour on the rocks. Liquor Rings Star Game Beer of the the week. This one's from big. Thompson Brewery and loveland Lord of the couch. Try that talk tried the no ghosts last night, not a beer that they would never buy, but they bought it for the sake of the show last night in ten said they had to throw him out some of them out. They didn't even finish them Colfax. I've never done that, but I've never. I've never done that or heard of it. When I was doing brew talk years ago. Somebody brought a beer that smelled a lot like marijuana. Yes! That was rough, but it didn't taste awful. You just Kinda had i. don't really particularly like that smell, so I had to get past the smell. The taste wasn't bad. Yeah, that one was made with hemp. I. Do remember that probably why it's exactly what smelled. That way wasn't great I wouldn't have probably a beer I wouldn't buy. I would say no, but it wasn't awful, so I never had a beer. Flat out so now, not drinking that not doing that Lord of the couch. Get it for discount price at on the rocks liquor. It is a black Sour Ale. Tons of selections from big, Thompson or any of your favorite local breweries or just anybody in particular. It's on the rocks. Liquor Alright Chris sorted everything out for us. Colfax, it is going to be eastern. Eastern Conference Western Conference. So the nuggets has right now would be playing the rockets. We don't have to worry about the pacers or anything like that. The play in game would be if Portland or whoever is four games behind that eight spot. They would have a play in game. MEMPHIS could win just has to win. One Game Portland would have to win both games in order to get in. So that's kind of how they make sure. MEMPHIS getting a little bit of a better deal. Ultimately there, he saying that the next season they would star into training camp likely into November so you're gonNA. Push everything back a month or so where they typically go September late, September and October. This would may go late. October November or just November so. That's what we know at this point in time. No, he does not know about the crowd noise yet. We don't know about that. Still going to be strange I, mean they. Are they going to like digitally? Put The little people there. That are cheering for the game. I don't know maybe forty eight minutes after the hour we'll wrap up the show with closing thoughts. This is the whole show powered by energy. You're listening to the hall's show powered by PD energy and thirteen ten KFI K. A., Brady will be back after the break. The Best UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten Kfi K.. Hey this is Mark Newton. Dot Com and rockies rundown. You've made it to the bigs because you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten Kfi northern Colorado's sports station. Closing thoughts for the day this Thursday afternoon. Be careful out there. A lot of thunderstorms of your store storm warnings throughout Colorado. Northern Colorado and in Denver as you've just heard moments ago. So just be careful. That was a crazy rain there for about five minutes while we were talking to Chris. Colefax. Thought it was gonna I. Thought the roof was going to cave in over the top of you. I wasn't sure if the Turkeys. It's like a heard Turkey's. At that point. They're multiplying there. We gotta be careful. All right results of the poll question at least during the show, the live show portion power play sports poll question of the day. How far will the nuggets go? Looks, like the whole agains are not in belief here that the nuggets are going to do much at least the majority, almost forty percent saying they're going to lose in the first round again you can vote at the whole show. Dot Com. Check out my deep thoughts from wandering mind it's it's still suggestion. Even though the NBA is is done and figured it out. We've got the tournament. We know we're doing now. I still think this would have been an opportunity for the NBA just to go so far outside the box. Because either way, you want to walk away from this. We're going to be saying the same thing. There's an asterisk right next to it. But if you're if you bet on the nuggets to win a championship I, don't think you're put an asterisk on that coal fantasy. That one doesn't matter at all. That would feels real so hopefully. We get some more answers on that I. Tell You we could probably get. We had a guy from. The new sportsbook come into Denver in Blackhawk. We had him on a few weeks ago. Maybe we should get him on the program. Start Breaking in getting his his thoughts on, everything might be good all right. That's going to do it for us. We'll be back for fun Friday show. We're reviewing the movie in one segment going to talk about moneyball starring Brad Pitt. So if you've seen it, let us know what you think. Is it first rounder mid rounder, and if you haven't maybe take this opportunity making a Thursday night, deal all right. That's going to do for us. Good night northern Colorado.

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November 6  Hour 1  CSU Takes The Bronze Boot After 5 Seasons | Coach Addazio Calls In

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November 6 Hour 1 CSU Takes The Bronze Boot After 5 Seasons | Coach Addazio Calls In

"The football friday chat play colorado state defense bronze. Here's brady it is football friday. We can't keep football friday just one hour anymore. We're going to full hours of non-stop football talk. Rams denver broncos yes see buff starting their play this weekend against ucla. It's a jam packed. Show colefax how about those rams that. Get the boot back. It's finally back and forth collins. Susan and cheryl are very excited. that's fantastic. That's about as loud as the crowd was last night. It canvas stadium because colefax as you know there was. There was no crowd. My favorite part of the game was you'd hear the crowd the piped-in crowd noise and it'd be like this. Just stop in the middle of stop abruptly as soon as wyoming. would go to the line of scrimmage. It was hilarious. I was cracking up back there. I'm sure but i swear. I saw some lone person sitting the standard right. You wish it was me. That was my wanted to be that guy. It's like looking at little reporter running around looking confused and lost but they fortunately they kept me locked away and no. I saw that guy too. I think he was a cameraman for issue or something. So i was so jealous of him watching him a staring at him winning. You got that so so lucky but more importantly the rams found a way to get it done. I'm rams fans calling me out today. I predicted rams losing this game. Thirty one to fourteen. I am glad to be wrong. I'm a rams fan. Remember this but i i do this show. I can't be a homer. I got a call like i see it and i saw wyoming beating colorado state and that was not the case. Where do you wanna start so many great moments in this game colfax and we got we got this in moments ago. We're going to have issue head. Coach steve adagio on the program. Twelve thirty. I'm gonna have let me see cody. Rourke will be on with us from pro football network in the second hour trying to get. Brian howell confirmed from buff zone. It is going to be a jam packed football friday and you know a lot of a lot of shows say there are football friday. But it's just it's broncos friday. That's what it is this. We're covering it all here. That's what the whole show is all about all right. I text line three one nine nine six three one nine nine six new texting in. Hey cowgirls your buffet is open in fort collins. Go rams are pretty good. I'm happy to say. I called this one. I was way off and let me let me go through this colfax my keys to the game in order for ceus you to pull this win out first off. I needed to see this defense. Be better against the third and long not only were they better against that because they they gave up five third long against fresno state last week. Not only were they great against that. They were great. The entire game yes. Wyoming put a of yards out there levi. Williams had three hundred twenty one yards. Exergen validate is a monster. He's going to be playing in the nfl. He had one hundred forty seven yards per twenty eight carries wyoming is going to live and die by validate and see us. You said you know what we're not. We're not allowing it for the most part. They contained him to the point. Where okay you're gonna get yours but we're not gonna let anybody else do anything else because again aiden eberhardt the loveline guy seven receptions for one hundred thirty two yards a lot of that came late because they were the playoffs starting to open things up but the bottom line is the issue stalled out. A lot of those drives wyoming's moving down the field and colorado state came up big you know as wyoming got closer to the to the red zone turnovers galore. I mean this was a this was a huge huge situation. And i gotta tell you. I'm asking everybody who who get your game ball for me. Ongoing the cornerback that transferred from the university of northern colorado to colorado state marshawn cameron gets this whole thing started with a pick six ranch back on the wall street. Time for williams. He's hit us. He throws intercepted nearby colorado state. And the return. Dowd the sideline touchdown with a six. So i think this is interesting for many reasons. Marshawn was talking about chuck heaters defense. Say hey we play a lot of man. Now we're getting used to that We we weren't really weren't really their last week. We were just missing things by a few steps and a few steps in the game of college. Football can mean bad. Things defensively so cameron admitted on that defensive. Play look that he missed an opportunity last week on that exact same defensive. Play call this time. He didn't miss it. He gets the pick six the very next possession. Wyoming's trying to make something happen. Marshawn cameron comes in again forces. A fumble rams recover and then patrick. O'brien finds the man. The myth the legend trae mcbride hit on williams. That led to the interception cavern. That's tamarind had the head. Jones gets the fumble return and colorado state turns it into another six own brian. Mcbride and like that. It's a two touchdown lead but iran. I that trae mcbride is not really a person. I think that he's like half half werewolf. Maybe maybe hoc you know something like that. He's he gets. That was wide open. That one was but his second touchdown of the night he he catches it about ten fifteen yards shy of the end zone and a little tiny. Little baby cornerback jumps on him and trey mcbride just drags him into the end zone. He told the post game. I was listening to the show on the way home. He told the the postgame show. He said hey listen. I'm not getting tackled by a cornerback. Right up trae freaking mcbride. He didn't say that. But i i would have said that. If i was trae mcbride i would be saying things like that. Such a cool night for for trae mcbride for for both of the mcbride brothers honestly. Toby mcbride the. I love that story because toby was going to take the injury red shirt right this year. Not play this year. Trae mcbride entered the transfer portal. You know he goes into the transfer portal. Steve adagio drives out to the mcbride's house sits down with both brothers and says hey we're we're going to build something here and we got we do that with you guys. And we're going to build something by winning rivalry games. And what better rivalry game to win. Then against your bitter bitter rival the wyoming cowboys cowboys have taken the last four of these last one. Was mike bobo very first year. And that's you know they win. That i think bobo went to and one in rivalry games and that was never wanna rivalry game again. So that leads me colefax to our poll question of the day. Our power to play sports poll question of the day based on last night. What's your confidence level. And steve adagio. Because i would wager that after that fresno state game after all the investigations that have been going on. I can't imagine collectively. The whole organs are voting and saying that he's a ten. He's a nineties day. Scale of one to ten ten being that. You're you're you're so confident. Stephen zeo colfax that you do the you do the faint exercise you know. You know he's behind you. You'd closure is you fall back and he'd catch you. That's that's that's when you know you can trust somebody. Let's see what the whole organs are saying on this one one means that you don't even you don't want anywhere near you ever and you don't have any confidence that this guy could lead this program. Clearly there's no one's in twos at this point you just beat wyoming and you're doing good so collectively it. Looks like we're agreeing. That seven c as you rams are saying that seven. That's the percentage again for go. Vote at the whole show dot com seven after after one game. Now here. I'm not to take any of the enjoyment away today. This football friday is very much. About how great. That win was for colorado state. But mike bobo also beat wyoming his very first time his first year. The rams go seven six he beat wyoming. He beat air force. So i'm saying is enjoy. It love it. Enjoy what you had an zero. Because if you don't get pumped up listening this guy something's wrong you check your pulse. You have a little caution. Bobo did it and bobo star. Nobody thought bobo was going to win. Seven games but they did. Joe parker last night athletic director. Joe parker was in the locker room. Gave the game ball to steve adagio and he said to the team we now have a coach that care that knows how to coach you up and win rivalry games. One can only assume that you didn't have that coach before the extension okay. We don't have to go there. We don't have to go their lesson. Learned joe How you feel love this guy. I mean he's gonna be on the show twelve thirty elegance and listen to the words that come out of his face. He's going to make you want to run through a brick wall. He does he makes you want to do push ups. He makes you want to be better. Don't you think that that's what's going on with this group fresno state. Okay i asked this question yesterday. Could this fresno state game. Just be a matter of okay. It's the first game its covid. They got rocked with no new mexico. Game fresno state had a game under their bell. Rams kind of looked lost. could it be that. I asked the question. I didn't really think so. I thought maybe the rams is this might not be the year for them. But that team that i saw patrick o'brien's plan plan lights out. They they make the decision to go with patio. Which was a brilliant move. I mean it was. It was fascinating man. It was a great time. So i think overall this rams teams giving you some reason to be excited you beat your bitter rival and i mean that's your highlight so far in a long time it's one of the biggest win for the rams in a very very long time so goat on our power play. Sports poll question of the day. It's available at the whole show dot com. What's your confidence level. You head coach steve adagio after the rams beat wyoming last night scale from one to ten. Ten being you're extremely confident. Sixteen minutes after the hour got a lot to talk a lot to get to today short time to do it. It is football friday. I want to talk more. Colorado state more wyoming recap. I wanna talk about stephen. Does you'll get some comments from patrick. O'brien dante right was absolutely huge. Trae mcbride is a monster. Marshawn cameron this defense. Chuck heater this defensive coordinator. I'm excited the whole show powered by cdc energy. This is football friday. You're listening to the hall's show powered by pdc energy and thirteen ten kfi. Brady will be back after the break. Dan patrick the whole show and colin cowherd are northern. Colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi k a. Hey it's andrew bogusch from cbs sports radio. You're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten. Kfi k. a twenty one after the hour shout out to on the rocks liquor bringing us our game beer of the week. And tell you what. It's been a weird twenty twenty. It's been a weird election still going on. Apparently if you're rams fan and maybe even if you're not a huge rams fan this was a nice win for for the state of colorado. I think see us issue beating wyoming thirty four twenty four might be worthy of a celebration other oxley game beer of the week. This was from brekenridge brewing palisade peach wheat pickup selections from breckenridge or any of your favorite adult beverages and use the drive through. Its open until midnight every night and get this colefax asking molly brown spirits from denver. They're the only liquor store. I know around. That's carrying it the bourbon whiskey and rye whisky available at on the rocks liquor. Only in the area at on the rocks liquor. I sent a text line. Three one nine nine six three one nine nine six. What's your confidence level. How confident are you in stephen dot. Co now he wanted one but you beat wyoming new says. He's a fourteen this week. Ask again next week. See that means. He's not fourteen. If you if i have to ask you next week if your confidence level is that he's a fourteen he's not changing for a while but you you believe. It's not changing pillow dances. My confidence. level is a ten reminds me of the feeling. I have right before i started diet. Oh the possibilities. Excitement enthusiasm talked to me in three months though. See three months a little bit better. If you're confident adagio you're confident in him next week to i like hearing from here. How about patrick patrick. O'brien this was. This was a great game for him. That was one of my keys to the game. Start the right quarterback. And i liked hodson. Tayo it's not a knock against the young man. But o'brien is a decent enough quarterback and last night. He looked better than decent. And he's the world's nicest guy in the world. Here's patrick o'brien talking about what this win specifically meant to him for sure i mean you know. I think it's always been about the team but you know they made a decision. And you know i i had to accept it but you know i had my opportunity. My senior year you know played against wyoming last year lost this year. It's even a bigger game. So you know i'm really. I'm pretty proud of myself when i'm really proud of my team. You know i think guys really route around me and practice and you know we went out there and we got the job done. I was reminded of something listening to to patrick. O'brien talk last year. There was a quarterback battle. I wouldn't call it a controversy like this one but it was a battle between colin hill. And patrick o'brien. We knew who was gonna win it but call in was so complimentary. Patrick patrick were so complimentary of colin. When calling goes down. And patrick earns the job patrick is almost. He's almost depressed. He just he just got the starting job but he feels so bad for his team calling hill that it's too bitter sweet. It was too tough a pill to swallow. Well he goes on to talk about todd ceo and he calls them taty and he's like yeah. I like the guy i feel. I feel bad for him. Obviously but i stuck with him and then you knows they may need him at some point in time so i. I really appreciated that. From o'brien it was also asked if he felt like he had something to prove in this game for sure. I mean every time i go out there is something to prove but you know definitely i think you know it's kind of that internal pressure within yourself proved that proved the guys that kind of dallas you wrong show that was definitely a a motivating factor for me but also you know. I think just having my teammates around me and also the the big big game was so. I think there was just a lot of things. Motivating me you know. I think i'm i'm really happy at work down played. Well congrats to patrick o'brien And he looked good man he was. He was stepping up in that pocket. First touchdown pass that he had to trae mcbride he could feel the pocket collapsing around him especially on that right side so he steps up avoids the sack just a little bit about an inch and finds mcbride and listen. There's a lot of time. Receivers get open. It's just a matter of this. If that quarterback can can stay alive in the pocket can get himself in a position to find that guy while he absolutely did dixon texting in here. I avenge text line. Three one nine nine six brady yesterday when you let us know. The spread dropped from ten to three point five. It took a lot not to throw down some scratch on wyoming glad. I avoided the temptation. Somebody knew something. Yeah i said that right. I said somebody had to know something in this game. However i was still confident enough or lack thereof as far as confidence in colorado state. So here we are. The rams found a way to get it done so many great stories in this one the rushing attack. You know they didn't tear it up necessarily on the ground but they did enough to keep drives going. Marcus macelroy only sixteen carries for twenty yards. But some of those yards. I mean those were hard earned getting first downs. An john evans. I mean fourteen carries for sixty sixty two yards just just. It was a complete team effort. That's why it was so hard to give out a game ball dante. Right one hundred forty six yards key third down conversion late in that game. Now trae mcbride guys going to be in the nfl. I mean question is is going to be a first rounder. Cnbc because he's that good five receptions ninety yards two touchdowns can block as a. That's a picture perfect tight end right there. Twenty six minutes after the hour in a bust out of here a little bit earlier so we can catch up with the rams head coach. Steve adagio first. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine in northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Cato june all pro linebacker super bowl champion. You listen to thirteen ten. Kfi k thirty one after the hour. Welcome back to the whole show powered by energy. I'm live from the collision specialists studios. And i don't know i think they're still partying over there in fort collins. It was pretty crazy last night. Leaving the stadium here and all the honking horns around fort collins it was. It was a pretty cool experience. You know. it's a strange year for sure but that was pretty special listening to the honking going around joining us now on our i advantage hotline head coach of the colorado state rams steve adagio coach first off. Congratulations on an absolutely huge win over wyoming last night. Thanks appreciate it. It was a great night year and certainly Having a chance to get the boot back and to celebrate that win with our program was Was was fantastic. What does that mean to you coach. Personally i mean as you know you've looked at the history of this of this series of this rivalry and rams fans have been you know in the blues for for several years now against this cowboys team. This is the rivalry. This is that game. You ask most rams fans. This is the one they wanna win. What does that mean to you personally coach. Tom you just fires me up you know. I love the rivalry games in college football. And this is one of the greatest ones out there. And the passion that our fan base our players or program has and the passion that the team up north wyoming. I mean they you know. This'll obviously Further ignite a great rivalry anytime you know. There's it's been lopsided and So this will obviously restoked that. Which is great for college football and they have a heck of a program and we were fortunate enough to play as a team in all three phases and play real physical style of football and get that boot back here which was really a very very important to our program. I was listening to your postgame coach about all three phases. I mean it doesn't get much more. It doesn't get much more proven than that and as defense was rocking offense. Special teams a forty seven yard field goal late to really put this one to reach punting was sensational. But let's look at that defensive side of the ball it all starts early marshawn cameron with that pick six and then a forced fumble. This defense was flying all over the place coach. I've talked to several rams fans. I don't remember the last time they've seen such aggressive display of defense from this team. Yeah i mean. I really thought that especially upfront I thought we played played your strength. The strong strength of our defenses. The front and i thought they dominated it all to me. It all starts up from both sides of thought office line played. Well defensively play exceptionally well. And then when you can when you can win up front like that Gives you a great opportunity. Yeah i i was listening to marchand cameron mentioned in. Correct me if i'm wrong coach. But he said last week in a similar look on defense he might have missed an opportunity or two against fresno state. That wasn't the case on that. Pick six against the cowboys. No we had to win the turnover battle. That was one thing we talk about a week ago and we were able to do that this week. Which was critically important. You know we had six sacks we won the turnover battle and those are all you know really really important and You know. I think when we also talk about something called the daily double and you've got to win the daily double the daily double is. Is you know winning the turnover battle in winning the explosives foul and so on offense. You're trying to create explosives. Did defense trying to stop them. And obviously the same be true with turnovers. They say if you win the daily double. You got a ninety percent chance to win the game. I like those no doubt about it joining us now. Head coach steve adazi. We'd talk about explosive. Getting dante right back in the mix ten receptions for one hundred forty six yards a key third down reception. I mean it's night and day. You know you got a lot of great offensive players on this roster coach but getting dante right and they're just adds another element. Yeah i mean sure does and You know losing warren jackson early. Because we weren't playing and he went through the nfl he was one of the dominant players in the league. And then we lost cam butler. Who is an explosive tight. End in early training camp for the season. So then with the contact tracing on on ontai dante. You know we really were ver- very limited in numbers out on the firm so great to get it back. Yeah no question a guy you had last week to and just continues to put up big numbers he'll be in the nfl. Someday i just. It's it's just a question of which round trae mcbride five receptions ninety yards two touchdowns he blocks like an absolute monster my favorite touchdown though. He's dragging a defensive back into the end zone. I just i love that mindset that he carries every single game yeah. He's a tough guy he's a competitor. He loves football and He's just got tremendous ball skills and like you said i agree with you. That play where he kinda just carried guy in the end zone with the state employees and no question about coach. Obviously some quarterback decisions over the last couple of weeks. You go with patrick. O'brien o'brien had a sensational game. Two hundred fifty five yards two touchdowns you see this offensive line creating creating a lot of opportunities to What can you say about the quarterback. Play last night about pat. Did a great job. You know. I thought You know you know the week before I thought taty did a great job. Pat came in at the end and did a great job than you know. Pat started this game and did a phenomenal job so You know he threw the ball. Well he he. He led the team. Well so. I think we have two guys. That are pretty talented kind of different styles. But both the both are are are very talented. Guys and both are unselfish guy. So yeah i was really proud of pat and how he played last night and i thought he did a great job now. They're both very supportive of each other. And and coach. Are you still kind of in that mindset of. Hey we look at every single match up and that depends on what we're looking at as far as that quarterback position well you know certainly was week. One We were in but You know i think You know moving forward here. I think as we get the really learn our team and then you know. I say this every week people i e you know this is this new normal routine right now where you just don't know wanna given week where you're gonna be in terms of who's available. Who's not i mean. You can get wiped out with a bunch of players in a blink just like contact tracing so i just think you know you keep an open mind on how each week gonna go but You know. I certainly thought that pets a fantastic job. But i think there's also a role in there as well For taty And his in what he brings to the table so just have to keep evaluating as we move forward but I thought we had a good rhythm going last night and talking to us on. Our first events hotline. See as you head. Coach steve adagio and coach. We appreciate you doing this on short notice. That win celebration. Of course it was awesome for so many reasons. But unfortunately no fans in the stands. What was the emotions like for you guys for your team. After everything that's been going on this has been such a crazy year for everybody. Football has been absolutely upside down. You guys have all been adjusting to different schedules. What was it like not only to get that win. The first win this season to lift that boot up. I mean it was feeling last night. I can just tell you that. Our locker room celebration was phenomenal. Toby mcbride did a great job. wednesday night talking about the rivalry. And what it's meant. He's been here the longest anybody on our team. And you know it's just had a little video from five years ago and it just really brought a lot to it And then the emotion on the field the those that are team celebrating getting that boot. Back after five years in received a text today From our chancellor in just talked about how that that booth had gone through the jungles in vietnam. And just i mean. They hit me today. When i read that in the supply amazing You know history and symbolism of of what that meant and You know. I'm a historian. Kinda guy too so just tell talking to you about right now. Kind of bring skills to me so Our kids recognize how important in what the boot represents and and You know so. It was a a real emotional night. It was a great celebration night. I think our team took a big step forward from a week ago which you know we felt we probably would do. And now you know as great as it is phenomenal. We gotta get ready to. We're in here this morning. Obviously getting ready for boise and You know the season is you. Know doesn't stand still for anybody. We probably play the best schedule of anybody in the league. In terms of most competitive schedule go right from wyoming which is a phenomenal team to boise in. It just keeps rolling forward coach. One more just a just on the mcbride side of its how. What's your relationship like with both of those guys. Toby mcbride trae mcbride. There is so much uncertainty about both of those guys this season with injury one with transfer puerto opportunities. Perhaps you talk to these guys. They both come back ready to go. And here you go. He'd be wyoming. What's that relationship like between those young men. Well truthfully you know. Have a great relationship with both of my love him. And i just love them. They're just tremendous people Their family. I there's really great people and and These are two wonderful young men. I mean you talk about represent this university in the first class fashion. You talk about a competitive guys. Team guys wall guys. I mean just really so much fun to be around and Just a just tremendous people and we'll be long ambassors for this university for a long time to no question about a coach will let you go on that one. Good luck next. Week against boise. And noah you guys got right back to work. We appreciate you doing this with us today. Rob thanks for having me on. That's the issue. head coach. steve adagio great win. Great victory there by colorado state. Finding a way to beat wyoming. And i'll admit the rams are up fourteen nothing in this game and there's still a part of me that's thinking I i don't know. I don't trust i don't trust it yet. I've seen this rams team bounce out of seeing this offense drive down the field and do it. I'm waiting for something to change. And of course wyoming makes it interesting you know they get within a touchdown once and They scored fourteen in the second. But it felt like issue continued to answer the bell every time wyoming threatened. They'd get a couple of key first downs or they get a big stop or two forcing some punts. It just seemed like colorado state was one. Step ahead the entire night. Now you got the big challenge coming up. Coach said it. You know you gotta look forward to boise state right now. They're the top what they're sitting at twenty one twenty two thousand i best team in the nation ranked twenty first and they. Byu who's Top close to top five. I believe this weekend. So we'll learn a lot about boise state That is a challenge. I mean listen. I don't expect i don't expect anything there colefax but i kind of feel like an idiot going against this team after what i witnessed last night because i had jesse kurtz on the program of the mountain west conference network yesterday and i asked him i said how okay nevada are they legit. Are they going to be good. We all kind thought so when he said absolutely they're going to be good all right we'll wyoming damn near pulled that upset in that comeback. Come from behind win off against nevada and wyoming going to be good and say plumbing looks to be a damn good football team too. So i'm looking at that thinking wyoming's a challenge for colorado state. You know things are going to have to go perfectly if they want to beat him. Well they did. But that's because you you caused that this defense was flying all over. The place guys were stepping up in a big way. And you gotta be happy. If you're a rams fan. Today i finished text line. Three one nine nine six three one nine nine six. Several tire doesn't he. I mean there's a late game. I mean i didn't get out of there. I left the stadium at eleven as eleven. And i don't think they got postgame stuff until thirty to forty minutes after that and then of course you're not going to bed for a while so we do appreciate coach catching up with us there. Heck of a heck of a win overall you. I talked to him about dante right. Having dante back was was is absolutely huge. I don't know. I think one of the challenges in this one was okay. You know wyoming is going to get their stud going. Xavi invalidation twenty-eight carries one hundred forty seven yards and a touchdown. He he got his. I said that in the key yesterday colefax my first key of the game i believe was. You're not going to shut him down. I can't tell you how many times i saw valid a run in a heap of defensive players for colorado state and somehow pop out of it. He has a nasty stiff arm. His spin is ruthless. He doesn't go down on the first tackle. I mean you get guaranteed. He's not going to. He's one hundred and ninety three pounds. He runs like he's two hundred twenty five so i knew he was going to get his. He was averaging one hundred. Twenty five yards per game coming into this. we've got one hundred forty seven and touchdown. I mean he had to he had to monster runs and we had a thirty eight yard. Or and i think a twenty five yarder so that adds to it but they didn't let that destroy them validate ran beautifully but it was kind of a case of few and far between again. He carried it twenty eight times. He'd carry it three or four times and the rams would kind of keep him down and then maybe the next possession valid hits twenty five yard run but see. She makes the stop so he was getting his chunks. But they weren't letting him do it. Just you know time and time again and again. He touched the ball more than anybody else on that football field. They were really trying to get him going. He was targeted six times. In the passing. Game yet two receptions so wyoming's going to throw that out there we're going to our workhorse. Try and stop us ceus. You did just that forty five minutes after the hour. We're going to take a short break when we come back. We'll continue on. We got broncos falcons talk to get to as well Can't wait for that game. See if denver can keep this going this. This ultra test that were throwing at drew lock and we'll see if it can continue. Throughout the course of the week and mosier funeral and cremation service services. As unique as life. They have a simple model live. Well plan ahead. Give scott robin or member of their great staff. A call today talked to him about pre-planning. It's an awesome gift. Nine seven three three ot sixty eight twenty four all right when we come back a lot more border war. Postgame thoughts. steve. Aziza will get his. You know react to some of his comments as well. Broncos atlanta cody roy. Coming up ryan. Hal of buff zone see us playing host to ucla this weekend. See if they can get their first win. Carl derails first game. We'll be right back. It's party northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi the block party wednesdays from four to ten pm. Hey this is mark. Johnson voice of the colorado buffaloes and you're listening to the whole show with my buddy bro thirteen ten. Kfi football friday continues. And we've we finally starting to feel like we've got stuff going on now colefax. I mean last night we had the border war. Rams get the big that tomorrow we're going to have cu and ucla and then on sunday. Of course we'll get to all things. Denver broncos atlanta falcons now there's covert cases galore shelby harris. I got this news earlier. Colefax bad news for denver but they continue to roll through the covid nineteen punches here. Shelby harris does not look like a a go at this point. They place Defensive lineman shelby harris on the covid reserve list per report. Now he had Allegedly said he said told the team that he came in contact with somebody that may or may not have had outside of the organization so he came and told the broncos about this. And i don't know. I don't know if he tested positive. I still know that information. But i mean hell look dodge a right for ceus issue. He didn't test positive for it. To my knowledge he just was contra contact traced that it contact traced that he may have come in contact with somebody with it. Didn't necessarily i mean i i gotta tell you. I'm very confused by all this colfax now. It's not even remember when this whole thing started. It was like it was okay. Just don't don't don't get close to people now. It's like if you if you know somebody and you're around somebody that may or may not have had it now. You're now you got to go. You may not be sick. Well then i. It was like okay. Well you could have it. You just start showing symptoms now. It's like when you you don't have it but you you talk to somebody that may have it so now you gotta lock up to. How does how does that. How does that work. I mean it's like six degrees of separation six degrees of separation colfax sooner or later. We're all gonna talk to somebody who talked somebody who talked to somebody who might have it. And then we're all gonna just lock up and go crawl into a hole you got me. You got me on this one. I event is text. Line three one. Nine nine six three one nine nine six for the colorado buffaloes this weekend going up against ucla there there's a few a few unknowns especially about that quarterback position. Sam noyer earns the job he was a safety. I'm curious i'm always curious about the position. Change i always thought it was crazy. Seen a wide receiver go to a c b or c b. go to a wide receiver. But in this case you know you see obviously had experienced the quarterback position. But then he's just he was damn good at playing the safety side now. He's moving back. I'll be very curious to see how this one works out. But they still have some good weapons. Katie nixon's their sophomore. Dmitri stanley's they're tied and brady russell. He's kind of proven to be one of the titans in the pac twelve defensively. They should be pretty good with mustafa johnson. Nate landman tariffs long. They have some stud defensive players that should be able to carry this team. But again i know less about. Cu that i knew about going into this thing Especially mainly because they're replacing so many so many of their their key guys. You know. Stephen mantegazza quarterback laviska chenault. Who was going down in history as one of the best boths of all time maybe not record wise but certainly when he was healthy and was in the game i mean he impacted them so greatly so offensive and then of course. If as if that's not bad enough your your have to replace alex fonteneau. You know who's out for this game. Carl durell news coach said You might be out for the entire season. We won't be shocked if that's if that's the case. So you're going to be leaning on some guys to carry that low. Jared jerk persevered and jared Mangum you're gonna looking at those guys to see if they can carry the load on the ground for the buffaloes. I events text line. Three one nine nine six three one nine nine six. I thought it was funny. Colin coward you hear colin cowherd on this program on the station. Right after this program. He's talking about how he doesn't like drew locks dancing his like the dancing stuff. That drew's doing. I listened to cowher. Man's he's starting to sell like the old get off my lawn guy. He doesn't like dancing. It isn't like when guys were backwards. Hats he doesn't like you know when they talk a little trash or the dance in the end zone. I mean come on so drew. Lock bounced back and said hey. Usually he did that thing again. You know if you criticise means you suck but this one was a little more lighthearted he said yeah people that criticize my dancing usually means they can't dance and i'll guarantee you cowherds going to be the first one to admit that that he can't dance put up just like okay. Pick apart locks game in that first. Half if you want. But the dancing thing like i want my quarterback to show a little bit of life. That doesn't mean. I want every quarterback dancing around. I want them to be unique. If peyton manning wants to be more of a drill sergeant on the field Back in the day and just calling it like it is and that kind of thing. Great if tom brady wants to get excited and go and give a guy a concussion when he gives them the you know the old head smack great if drew lock wants to dance. Let him dance. Colfax we got. We got our intern nathan in here. He's not gonna know this reference. I know you barely know this reference But footloose right. You remember footloose kevin bacon nathan. You've never you don't even know what i'm talking about right now. The town outlaw dancing people. They wouldn't allow you to dance. It was against the law. Kevin kevin bacon said to that he said no. I'm dancing and the whole town came in and he got dancing going and all the officials of the town were trying to get him to stop and it was crazy. Yeah so drew. Lock is like kevin bacon apparently to a lot of these get off my lawn dudes. That don't wanna see them dancing. i say. let them dance. But make sure you're winning. I don't really wanna see. I don't wanna see down ten and twelve seconds left and you throw a touchdown they get you three with the new times expired and your dancing because you score. I don't wanna see that kind of thing. But i think there's a balancing i think drew locks kind of balancing that so all right second hour colfax. We're gonna jump right over in the one o'clock hour. We'll get brian howell on the program. Let's think about this buffs. Ucla game coming up this weekend. Chip kelly versus. Karl durell well. Also get cody. Rourke on the program from pro football network. He'll breakdown he'll tells. What does the film show when it comes to denver and atlanta second hour coming up next. It's football friday here on the whole show powered by pvc energy.

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Biggest Draft Busts in Warriors History

Warriors Off-Court

29:18 min | 11 months ago

Biggest Draft Busts in Warriors History

"Wilkins to the San Francisco. Chronicle's can be a podcast. I'm your host turnout and joined by Bram hills. Men Host of the words huddled podcast during our conversation reflected on the biggest draft busts in Golden State histor- Brampton so much joining me on the podcast. Feels like it's been forever. I know it's only been like a week if you become a regular on the podcast of this point because I think you're phenomenal guest. Be I just lost like hearing the voice of a close friend Starting to go insane a little bit. How are you handling scoring? Well you do. I can associate with that. And the reason why it's felt like forever is because time is moving through quicksand right now every single day. She was like Groundhog Day. It's it's like a Saturday that I have to work through seven days a week so I don't know if the last time we spoke with like three hours ago or a couple of months. My daughter's good to hear you. Just say that it's good to hear. Your Voice. Yeah normally my days move pretty quickly especially with this job. Travel all that it's like. I can't pack enough time into the day and now it's like how is it only pm? It feels like it should be eight. Pm Like I've just been sitting here all day. This and I'm sure this is not why you called me but we literally we had. We had worked on in our backyard. The reason I tell you that is I find myself literally watching grass grow. Today I went outside and was like oh I wonder if our laws go in and out here for like seven minutes so yeah it's entertainment is is at a premium. Let's say And just to kind of tell you where. I'm at in quarantine. Today I wrote a thirty in story like an almost thousand words story on a guy on the warriors gaining squad who has not ask minutes for the gaming's period game Anywhere like this ask. Also it's kind of interesting and look at crabtree really Nice Guy. I think is story deserves to be heard but normally that is not something that I would be able to prioritize thousand words on the gaming squad which you sound like it was like a crack scenes who cannot get on cracks smoking. Anything you can. Possibly you know put into his fights. There's no basketball necessarily to write about. You are phenomenal writer. You need something so you're just writing about whatever the hell is around you. I mean you the worst. Pr People Call Me and pitch ideas and now at this point. I'm my bars. Pretty loud black. Hey if if it's something that I can write tomorrow then I'll write it because I have literally nothing else. So give it to one of my professional goes. This week was making an analogy between crack. So I've gotten there whatever happens from here. It's all I I've always been wanting to. I've always wanted to be compared to crack Ed. So you can be my life bowl burbs to bears winstone my friend. I'm here for you So part of you know our content search I. It doesn't just stop with the The written word and it continues and spills onto the end of the podcast format. And so we've had a fun time or the past few weeks exploring different conversational topics you know you and I had a really good conversation recently comparing The ninety six goals two thousand seventeen warriors which I thought was a Lotta Fun And I figured since there's so much pattern speculation about what the warriors are going to do in the straps. It'd be a good time to step back and remind our listeners. Readers that there was a time when the warriors were infamous for botching the draft and not just like a late round pick. Bartering bossing lottery picks Because they were in the lottery every single year. And you know that's kind the reward for having a bad season. Is You get a hydrophobic but they continuously and repeatedly not capitalize on it and just looking at the list you know before we got on here. Toters is there. I'm not sure there's a team in the NBA. That has more legitimate BONA FIDE. Bus Been The warriors. I grew up a blazers fan so I'm well acquainted on the art of the bust. You know We all know about Sam Buoy. Larue Martin All of those guys. Nothing compared I don't want to hear anything from you Blazers Fan. I will tell you right now. Just having to go through. This is causing me remarkable. Ptsd I mean. Like having you described your. They had all these buses. Like having somebody come up and remind me about all the other girlfriends I had in my path like I remember it. Dude I was there and I'll say as far as this is concerned. I am not sure if I'm more apprehensive because right now I don't even watch the news. Connor I've been trying to be optimistic everywhere. Trying to keep positively in my life going through the warriors past driving. Is these opposite of Venice. But I'm also excited because of where they are and it's such a great illustration of Warrior Fans Aren't bandwagon fans. This is nasty stupid ass misconception floating around there since for apiary going through these people seeing who we rooted for and basically sold out Oracle for. I think we'll help cement all of that. Yeah definitely and So basically what I did here is. I have a top five list of the warrior. My personal top five list of of the words biggest boss a feeling that we'd overlap so we'll go through that before I do that. I have a list of five players. Better the honorable mention love bus. And when you impressive that these guys could you crack the top five? I start to stop what you do. Not Want your overall cakes When you hear these names Amir the and again if I start to cry just just fight writes but okay Joe Smith Donald Spoil Owens I IAGO and Mike dunleavy junior okay. So let's take him from the top Joe Smith number one overall I remember feeling so excited for him and then ultimately he felt like a power forward and can only shoot miss thirteen footers. It just wrote my heart who is never to doubt affoil. I called La Boca. Because he stepped on the floor inexplicably. He would open his mouth. I felt like he must have had the dryest ton of all time a good defensive presence but I also remember we selected him over Tracy McGrady and at the time I desperately thought we needed like score and we went with a safe pick from colgate. And it didn't work out for US giving number three Billy Owens. So Billy Oh. I'M NOT GONNA talk about. I have love in my heart for billions. And there's no real good news in fourth that loves BUT FOR WHATEVER REASON. I I I'M GONNA stand back from him but you're next to fired me up. GimMe Gimme for like the I was so excited for him out of Out of Arizona state I think he went like number nine when he came to us and when he did he wished that dude who everybody said. Oh the warriors got so lucky. He's back in the basket score. He's definitely going to come through. He did not. You did nothing for of a number five one hundred percent remember because I hated him for so long General Manager. I with kills me kills me. I've been the practices and I see him there and he's Lucky. I don't just like sucker punch him. For no reason. The he might levy heads skill. You had poise. But he didn't have heart when he played for the the thing that really remember that that sticks out for me about my dummies careers. I remember him. Getting pissed off catching the technical ripping off his Jersey and throwing them into the fans and the stand because he was at home gave him a standing ovation. 'cause it was the first time and you're showing any card at all at also one. I actually went to the same high school as he's significantly older than maybe you know how it is when someone star player at the high school. You know you're and I was like I idolized him. When I was a Kiddie I used to go to games in high school and I just thought he was a guy he was McDonald's. All American he was the best player we'd had area in a very long time and I really looked up to him and I. It was really fun watching them win the national title and do and watching him kind of blossom into the player. You'd be you know and then to go number three to the warriors and really big deal so I followed his career after that and I was just. I was like what happened in this guy. He's just I honestly I do. Think part of it is the dysfunction of the warriors you actually ended up having some good years after he left the warriors with Pacers. Such say I will not have you say this. I just dropped me through an emotional roller coaster where I was no longer. It'd be a fan and then you acknowledge his pro career and now I am like when you were close friends again and now it seems like the push me away again. Don't we don't need to spend this time. Praising just to put things in context for a second he was the number three pick in two thousand and two in June or whenever the draft is words will have a top five pick for the first time since two thousand two and Oh and if memory serves I think decision was yell Ming and Jason Williams would number one and number two two people like they've the warriors desperately needed a point guard and a center is what I remember and then ended up with my d like well no son of a car. Real Salad played with coach k. And then he came in and was just heartless encounter. I cannot wait to hear your top five before you give them to me just because I'm looking at this liquor. Pdf and these other people may not have made your honorable. Mentions you might have. I throw a couple of a couple of words into the end of the MICA FOR SURE. So people who we may have forgotten and I think will not make your top five I'M GONNA go with Mikhail. Peaches Air France number eleven. He was a remarkably disappointed. And the thing that really stuck out to him with how confident he was. And then how none that confidence translate itself onto the floor Patrick. O'brien number nine zero five. Okay I want that in the next. Guy Anthony Randolph. I had the biggest crush on him. Kind of you can possibly imagine. I thought he was going to be like the Allstars all-star like all NBA. He didn't get more than twenty minutes. A game under under an alias is still playing Out there somewhere. Update Charles Jenkins. All of these names are unbelievable and taking me back to a place. I don't want to be conversation brands. Men Right after the break. Hey Audrey Cooper here editor in chief of the San Francisco Chronicle and we've ramped up the news coming at you from fifth emission except not the physical that the mission since we're all working at home the fifth and mission. That is our flagship news. Podcast were interviewing anyone with anything to say about the corona virus so that you have the latest information as soon as we know it so check it out. Fit The mission. Wherever you get your podcasts. Do it who are your top. Yeah so number five. Is Russell Cross? Who was the number six overall? Pick in nineteen eighty three Just to kind of put this in context when you're when you're evaluating a bus important to look at who they missed out on right I in choosing that flare so they could have had Clyde Drexler. They'll else harper a new poll. New Poll ended up being aware down the line but they kite drexler. Daylight Hours Just wrestle cross who I mean you remember a better than I do a good player but didn't really in the NBA. Y- let's just go ahead and say I definitely do not remember wrestle cross which only backs up why he was a terrible big wrestle. Maybe before my My wife him And I'm I'm looking at here perjure university and as far as the people he got picked ahead of. I can see why he major. Oh Yeah I will say that before recovering this team and started looking at some of the CAP bus a couple of years ago. I had no idea who he was just to put into context. More about how ethically horrible he was. You know he honesty. Maybe should even be higher on this list. He was He only played one season the NBA average three point seven points per game only totaled forty five games in his NBA career. Ever has a number six pick drafted ahead of Platt Drexler. So you can't really have a worse career that I mean factually accurate. I hear I will. I'll give you a ray of optimism. Had they worked out that pick if they had taken Clyde Drexler way back in eighty three then. We would have been without Chris Moan because I probably wouldn't have taken two years later and he's one of my favorite players of all the time so you know they I'll add We'll call it the The silver lining of the dark clouds and it wasn't it wasn't like he had any major transgression. I got him out of the week so it was just that he was so bad like coming out. Lake Anthony Bennett number. Pick a few years ago two thousand thirteen by the cavs gotTA Name Court. Everyone could see that he would had no future in the NBA at all and it wasn't like he was a bad guy. Necessarily it was just like you literally can't play so Anthony Ben. The also must have been strangely fat despite being a professional player which always shocked me about. Ab there's been a lot of players like that. Honestly next one is a name you mentioned earlier. And He seems infamous Among words fans because he's relatively recent people remember him. Patrick O'Brien's Patrick O'Brien and in case you forgot that's a bryant. Was the number nine. Pick in two thousand six. He was I believe a case of recency bias. He was a lumbering stiff. Who Played for Bradley when when Bradley had that shocking running simply tournament and sweet sixteen and he had a couple of games So he went from being not even on. Nba teams radars to suddenly being a lottery. Pick and of course. The warriors being dumb at that time decided to use the number nine pick on him To put it in context. That could've had all bill sap. Kyle lowry day RETTIG or John. Rondo AH did these. All of these names hurt my heart a few things about po be one. I hated the nickname O. D. to he had just unnecessarily long face which I thought was strange and finally three. He always struck me of quintessential guy who must have been superstar. Taught early in his life and then coaches forced him to play who never seemed like. He enjoyed his time playing basketball. At any point he was out there and we watched him not really care for the better part of a couple of years before he just disappeared. So yeah I I remember field be unfortunately well yeah Over his two year career with the warriors you never averaged more than one point. Nine points per game in a season Never played more than twenty four games in the season And that that was definitely the knock. I've heard through the train far out about him. Is that his. Lack of effort was borderline historic like he just literally did not care He would not only not walk up the court he would. He would like the court he was like barely move his feet. It was It was impressive. I mean it was not impressive. It was the exact opposite of and it was as depressing as anything could be impressively bad. But that's very last name that I know you guys are all familiar with just because he is ethically bus. The is Todd Fuller O'Brien. Pick the number eleven pick in. Nineteen ninety-six not keep in mind nineteen ninety six. It's considered one of the greatest drafts. Mba history And he is look at that draft. He is one of the only players in the top. Half of the first round. You have a great career And I mean like all start create. That's how loaded that draft. So the where's could have had Kobe. Bryant Steve Nash. Jermaine O'Neal he's just it says they had the man the missile legend Top-four Outta NC state another ambreen staff Who was waived in the League by eight twenty? Seven Todd Fuller was the reverse Patrick. O'brien so todd fuller. I bet you really really wanted to play basketball super early. And unlike Patrick O'Brien where coaches solomon-like please play and they're just force them to. I think todd fuller came in there. Like all you'll probably be good and it catches realized. No you're terrible like we should probably you probably play some other sports. I remember him coming in and try and super hard and despite his effort just being awful is kind of thing like maybe I should be in the NBA. If this guy got drafted at eleven I shouldn't put my career on a different path. Fun Fact About Todd Fuller In fact about todd fuller he He was he would to Charlotte Christian School Which is also the Alma Mater of one Steph Curry I have been destroyed Christian with Steph before and walking on the hallway. There was a picture hanging up of todd. Bowler like he's still. He's obviously not the pride of throat Christian. The Way Steph curry is but you know they were repin todd solar and They're just reminded me that the same school that produced one of the big biggest bus whereas history is also the same school that produced. Probably its greatest player. We had Steph high school coach on the Podcast Way. The held back in the day and we asked him. What was it like to cousin then when I remember him saying well. We never coached anybody like that before. And since and when he said it I had alleged that fuller had gone there. And they'll secrets it. Fuller isn't in the same category steph curry but for the coaches the basically just not even mentioned the previous. Nba Guy. Before Kinda say everything you need to know. I feel like the way to call them and And found out. What would coach had to say So so next hour list and I might be mispronouncing. This gets the four time Sir Cyril Baptiste. That is that right. I mean what? Who's time is this? What YEAR IS HE He was nineteen seventy-one. My right well. Thank you for asking me how I pronounce it. I mean what do you think you're talking to your man. I mean you're you're right. You just had your. I feel like I have to be like eighty five. They'll to give you Big Staff Mr Dis. But you know so. I don't have a lot of takes immediately on him. And I'm a little bit obsessed with some of these other guys didn't make it to. I feel like Abby Anthony Randolph before INFO. About this guy you don't know about him you understand why he made it. He was the three pick in nineteen. Seventy one He the warriors to the had us a slew of of of actually wasn't a great gas that they could have much better players than than Cyril Bac East who Literally never played a game for the warriors because should have been with. Us banks around a good thing. It's a good thing. I feel better. Question Rob Programs and finally got released two years after he was drafted without playing a single out. That is impressive. Number three pick. He couldn't even play a game so You would think that we've exhausted. The list Single Franchise can have because a lot of these guys. We've already talked about where epic bus I mean for someone to be the number three pick and not even play a game. It's hard to do worse than that. But Alas someone did and I think you all know who it is Chris Washburn and let us leg that as we started doing this I guess I turned a scotch like I'm drinking man. I thought this is GonNa be fun and now I'm kind of depressed. He just depressed right now. You just like Sobbing into your drink right now. I might be and I don't need your judgement. I mean it is what it is and and I'll say as far as Chris Wasp concern and I know you have an unbelievable list of stats and the people that take them for. And I'm anxious to hear it. But in anticipation of this I. I did a little bit of research as I try to do. And the thing that pisses me most about or because the off most about Chris. Bosh maybe not as drug habit. We're not the fact that he didn't play more than like seventy games were the warriors. Got Him that if he had panned out even halfway he would have joined. Ren TMC you know and there's there's this sexiness forensic and see that we've all talked about and enjoyed that the practical reality on them they never got out of the second round. Well you know what they needed. They needed enough at Center. And if lost had just been a fraction of who he was supposed to be then we might have had a modern day real deal championship shot and as early as nineteen ninety. Maybe eighty nine and we got you know what all of that which sucks man. So what I'm learning from. This list is that new offices for the warriors apparently did not do their homework very well. I'm to these guys whereas people Because the book on Washburn is that he had epic red flags all over the place before he entered the draft. He ran like deer physical tools. But if you talk to anyone close to you as an incredibly troubled and had been enabled his entire life He was the drugs and food. Remember he was a big boy L. Pedro testing three years. Fourteen rounds of Rehab Played only forty three games to the warriors. Twenty nine for the Hawks and then was out of the League by the age of twenty three So he was a number of three pig in nineteen eighty six where he was going to have Dell Curry which pay. In retrospect that'd be a cool story right. They had Dell Curry Dennis Rodman per person or mark price. Who had a very good career is one of the best shooters maybe a history and former warriors. What my price ultimately became aware later in life At at well past his all star status. Yeah I mean everything who's just had only reinforces how amazing it is kind of where we are now. You know who the hell would have seen this. This dynasty rising out of the ashes like finding a diamond ashtray with this happens And and going back through these people just highlights that yeah I do think it's worth revisiting this this list from time to time whenever especially in the season like like this one where everyone's frustrated and down in the dumps about how rough it was he could always be worse. You can be dropping the Chris Wash Burns every year and I know I know people. Some people have been critical of how Bob Myers is done in the past years. But you have to understand where he's been drafting haven't had a better than number twenty eight since two thousand twelve and you look at historically the draft twenty eight and later it is very hard to find value The dream on Green. The world are not very common You're much more likely to get Jacob Evans. Diet in the hungry type at that point in the draft and so. I'm personally excited to see how bob handles drafting this early in the draft for the first time in his front office career You did draft number seven over twelve after he became the GM took care of some barnes. We be sure not a bad. Pick at seven I mean probably could have done better but you know they. They ended up later. Taking thirty with thirty is good value. Had A couple of years Andre Drummond address to I think they they don't remember. Germany went right after it. Eight or or went right before but I remember that was. The guy went out of that draft on thirty and in the mid thirty s thirty fifth. Well what you were. Underlining is people who are taking shots at Bob Myers now. It's like complaining about a free Porsche because you don't like the color it's the of entitlement. I understand did he hasn't hit every single. One of these these picks out of the park but he's hit enough of them out of the park didn't enough of what's been given to him that. I deserve nothing but trust yeah I completely agree and you know this is GonNa be a really interesting draft because as as we talked about there's just so much uncertainty at the top No there's no guy on in this draft. There's no tim again You the number pick I simply. They're gonNA take Anthony Edwards but he's not a survivor thing. The way a lot of number one picks are and they're much more likely to get the number five aches and the number one working percents doing the number one pick and almost fifty percents again the number five days so. I think it's number five pig anyone's guess or they're gonNA take. I think it could be higher Italo burden icicle. Curro any out of Israel Those are the names. I'm hearing but You know they. I do feel confident. That they're not gonNA take a top bowler type or Washburn type. Because you know it's all about the leadership then at the end of the day. Here's the Cherry on top of this podcast. And and this is the the perfect backdrop for it in the past. We had a series of gyms series of leadership positions filled by people. You couldn't trust so going into a draft like this. You'd be terrified because you knew more than anything. They would make the wrong call. What we have now is the exact opposite. So do I know who I think they should be targeting? I know and there's so many different permutations to this draft order that I don't feel like anybody really knows for sure who the most talented person coming out. But what I can say is I trust this front office to make the right call. And there's no more important than you can say and it's not always been true where this franchise so it's fun to be able to say for sure Graham so much going as always I agree. I really appreciate it when we gotTA GOTTA set up one of those walks. You're man I need to get. Outta Aspen often getting a little bit of cabin fever I can't wait. And that's continue to have podcasts about really depressing topic yeah You know I'll I'll I'll definitely wrack my brain and then maybe we can do an in depth piece on ways perfect. I'll be here good stuff. I appreciate it. Thanks to Brim Hills men for joining me on the PODCAST. It was great to hear his historical knowledge. On the warriors franchise awkward is a production of the San Francisco Chronicle Support Warriors off in the newsroom. That creates by signing up for a chronicle membership s chronicle dot com slash pot.

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June 3  Hour 2  Look at College Sports Overall | Daylen Kountzs Move to UNC

The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

39:59 min | 11 months ago

June 3 Hour 2 Look at College Sports Overall | Daylen Kountzs Move to UNC

"To apparent today. Confirming. That, they will have a twenty two team formats regular season. Eight Games play in maybe for a nineteen Ninth C team. That's four games out and then playoffs so a lot to get to probably going to end in October mid October October twelve would be the end of the finals either way. It's GONNA overlap into NFL regular season games. It's kind of overlap, so we have that to hit later on. Do, you want to spend some time talking about the Colorado State Rams Worn Jackson told the Denver Post the other day that he wants to win a mountain west title while he's going to be a senior, so that would mean. He's wanting to make sure that happens next year. My question is and this is coming from a positive viewpoint to to the rams, even have a roster that can contend. Can they stay middle of the road? Let's look at the mountain West Conference a bit. I WANNA. Talk about this though. This was kind of our big story today. You don't need to play the thing Vic Fangio. was was was talking a lot about this. The George Floyd death. And Justin Simmons basically speaking out. He was asked about the state of the NFL. First and foremost VIC Fangio called George Floyd's death while in police custody a societal issue that we all have to join into correct. But he did go on. He was talking about the NFL. He was asked at a texter. Racism in the NFL. That's the wrong answer to that trap question. It was a trap question now. There are I mean again the idea that these head coaches suggest Willy Nilly, Steve, current and Gregg Popovich it and just talk about their employer. The NFL employs you. You make money from the NFL. That's why it was so weird. It was such a strange thing with all the Neil Neil that I. mean that's a tough thing to get it the NFL's video games. It's it's different numbers than we know. The will ever know that we'll ever really fully understand for most of US regular people. But still the idea that one of your employees if asked can just go off the handle and say yeah, we have a racist situation going on in the NFL. It's bonkers to me whether it's right or wrong. The idea that Vic fangio wanted to plead the fifth almost I mean he didn't plead the fifth. He did say he said this I think our problems in the NFL along those lines are minimal. where, League of we're league that tries to practice, not being that way. You earn what you get I'm trying to find a full quote here. You earn which you get, you get what you earn. I don't see racism at all. In the NFL, I don't see discrimination in the NFL. We all live together joined us one for one common goal, and we all intermingle and mixed tremendously of society reflected in NFL team. We'd all be great, and my goodness could vic, Fangio be speaking to more of what it's like in his locker rooms. He's been with the bears. He was defensive coordinator for a long time. He was never head coach except for now. Could he be speaking on what he's seeing his own locker rooms where he seeing different races, different guys, different pe- people from all walks of life coming together to go out and win a football game. Yet should he have said something a little bit differently. Probably. Yes, he could have said it much differently. But Heaven forbid an employee of the NFL doesn't want to jeopardize their career, going forward and throw the NFL under the bus. Brady. That's calloused. That's part of the problem I'm just telling you what it is man. At the end of the day, we still have jobs. We still have to put food on our table. And and maybe he looked at that as you know what I don't see it as it that bad, and why would you just assume that Vick is in the inner workings and all that? Yeah parading? They have the Rooney rule and all that in place they do I. Understand it, and it's necessary I. Get it, but I'm not gonNA. Roast this guy I'm not gonNA, Roast Fangio Albano roast them for not knowing when a call timeout and certain game or something like this, but. I don't think what he said was awful. Could he have said it differently? It was kind of a trap question it was. Do you think that the NFL has a racism problem? Essentially? What do you want vic to say? Yeah, we do. It's awful. It's terrible. Then gets a letter on his desk. The next day that says hey, we're going to talk to. You got to talk to you about that. He's never been a head coach before part of being head coach. Is knowing exactly what to say, and even the guys that have done it for a long time. Don't don't know exactly what to say so I. I'm going to say on that side of it. I'm not GonNa Roast Him Chris Carson. Seattle seahawks running back on the on twitter, and said that the calling the broncos coach a joke. A few other players from the from Seattle weighed in, and said is he blind I thought it was interesting. Carol Gregg Popovich Steve. Kerr got together for some kind of a podcast and they talked about Colin Kabir Nick and what he was kneeling four, and how important was then, and how important it is now? I do recall, but maybe maybe I'm naive, but I did go back and research this. The Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll's team. Did, ask capture nick if he would continue to kneel basically, and if he would, if he was going to be committed to football or committed to being an activist, and since that answer wasn't clear, they didn't sign him. You'll think Carol's involved in that discussion. You'll think he was the head. Coach of football team was involved in the decision to move on from the Colin. Cam Now now. Carol downplayed it. Instead talks of that were never really that hot and heavy. We were never really that close. Put your money where your mouth is. Go sign him. I have no issue. If a team wants to sign Colin Kaepernick, it's your. It's your football team now me as a as a broncos guy. I'm going to look at and say yeah probably doesn't make sense for the Broncos. I don't see the Colin. Kaepernick's going to be great as a football player since he hasn't played in four years now. That's it. That's my take on that one. But if p Carroll wants to talk about how important Kapernick is, and how important he would be to the NFL, then he should probably go ahead and urge his. His Organization to sign him. That's all I'M GONNA. Say on the rest of this for Vic Fangio. Was it the exact thing to say no. This situation. Given that they are making adjustments to the Rooney rule, you can agree you can disagree with me, but. There are not many black coaches in the NFL there. Are there any black owners in the NFL? There's hardly any there's no black GM's in the NFL. Either or maybe there's two way, so we yeah, you can look at that on paper and say well okay. What's what's the issue here? And they are making additions, Dungy, who a man I have great respect for Great Christian man said to say there's no racism and no problem I. Think really is not recognizing the situation as you. He talked to a reporter as you said the League has talked about having seventy to seventy five percent. African American players and no black president, so president, just a couple of black general manager so there there are a couple It is not a complete. Situation where we're all living in harmony, he said even though it's a great place and I think the same thing could be said of our country. Setting, Tony Dungy said it the right. Way I I again. I've read his books I I like I like what how he presents himself I. Like how? He presented himself last week on the Dan Patrick, show Dan Patrick asked him about the Rooney rule and he said I get it I'm for some adjustments, but I don't know that I want to know that a team hired me partly because they got a few extra draft picks I. WanNa earn it I wanNA give I wanna give an opportunity to earn just like anybody else and again strongly suggest you check out some of Tony Dungy stuff. If you're because I, think he says he puts. Things says very very well. But it's important. Fangio did did sound off on a few other things, folks. Again he was at every coach. Now whether you want to speak on it or not, you're being asked about it. which I think is tough. But that's the way that's where we are at this point time. He was. He said he was shocked. Sad and angry when I saw the policeman, but I saw the policeman due to a handcuff George Floyd George Floyd on his stomach that led to his death. The COP should be punished to the full extent of the law of his crimes. He was charged with in addition to being charged with treason for failing to uphold the badge and uniform. He has entrusted with he was entrusted with. It's a societal issue that we all have to join the correct. Fangio has publicly supported the Rooney rule by the way which is designed to increase the number of minority candidates interviewed for Head coaching jobs now. I've always been the belief. That's fair do that. Make it happen, but if the guy that's most qualified in the interview is white. That's the way it is now I'm hoping again. I'm naive I. Get I know you. But I'm hoping that you can have an interview with somebody and you know the skin is not a determining factor, but unfortunately there are some people out there for me to just say no. Nobody's racist is absolutely chaos and nonsense and probably dangerous. So I support the Rooney rule of of making sure. You have an equal number of candidates because there's a lot of different minorities in the league. I agree with that. But let your decision be guided by football. That's an if you can feel good about that. Then feel good about it. I text line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six Fangio. Did go off again and and support Justin Simmons Broncos Safety. He said I thought it was great Justin's a great person, a great leader. His head screwed on correctly. He sees the problems and how they need to be solved. He's searching for solutions and it's easy for everybody to identify the problems. We need to search for solutions and I think Justin is one of those guys yet. He's being roasted for the wrong thing. He said rather than the right thing and you want people to speak out. Odell Beckham Junior. Very outspoken said I have a I'm paraphrasing, but I read it to you Colefax, so you can vouch for this quote paraphrasing this. He said I have a problem with those that are saying if you don't speak out, you're part of the problem. Odell Beckham Junior said this and he's being rooted for it. Tobias Harris Seventy sixers. Said you know the ones that are silent? You don't know what side they're on. Since, when do you have to just can I had a good friend of mine that commented on Justin. Simmons tweet and I thought it was thought was interesting. I liked it. Justin Simmons, said Hey want to end racism. Make sure you do it. At the polls in my friend commented on the on the tweet and said. Is No rate is no racism on the on the ballot. 'cause I'M GONNA vote for no racism. We don't want racism folks. Most people don't. There are bad people who have it there it is. It is worse in some areas, but. Not Vic Fangio chose to say something and I thought what he said was right, but he kind of glossed over the NFL and now he's being roasted. You want people to speak out. Yeah, you rip them apart when they say you take the the maybe what could be portrayed as the negative portion of their of their statement and you blow that up. When most of what he said was that we gotta do something and Justin Simmons is leading that I support him one hundred percent. That's what we should be focusing on, but instead it's. It's the negative first advantage text line. Three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine six. Dixon says let's not forget about. Cap who had a chance to complain Denver, but he declined because of the money. Mean, come on. Cabernet had some opportunities for what was that whole tryout last year? He, didn't he? He kind of Bait and switch this, didn't he? Hey I'm going to go work out in this location last minute. Nope, meet me here or else, but that's GONNA. Take me hours to get. I gotTA to play. That was wrong. That was a publicity, but we don't see. We don't remember that we forgot about it. We don't want to talk about that. Stuff too difficult situation no question about it. I am not of the belief that you have to be this very much activists type person. I do believe there's. There's an old song probably heard it. Called simple man. Now days. You're being punished. If you just want to try to be a good guy. That's good everybody. Take care of Your Business Take care of your family. Do the right thing every day and go from there. Nope, we want you to be after Leonard Skinner than I thought. said it best, but that's not going to be accepted. Anymore Colfax that song simple man that we all like to have a few beers and listen to hang out and have a good time. Is. Is the wrong thing to do? To me is is very unfortunate. I have in his text line three one. Nine. Nine six Warren. Jackson says this he wants to win a mountain west title. You got a new head coach you. You're starting with a different quarterback than last year. We're GONNA, keep questioning the defense until it's fixed. Do the rams have a roster that can even compete next year in the mountain west. Let's talk about it on the other side nineteen minutes after the hour. This is the whole show powered by PC energy. and. Missing Sports on Kfi K. enjoy some instant classics with Kfi am classics, every Thursday and Friday night at thirteen ten K., k. and thirteen ten KFI dot com, the best UNC bear star game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI can. Get Sandra with coach Bowen Denver. Nuggets canoed listening to the whole show thirteen K S K. Try to hit a few college stories today Dalen coons who I did just get a text back from. We're GONNA. Try to talk to him next week I'm pretty excited about this guy. I think he's going to be a really good player. For the bears I tend to listen until proven. Otherwise I believe in Steve Smiley. I really do gotten to know the guy a lot i. he is so passionate about this program. It is exciting bears fans if You. Look into this and you weren't really care about basketball. Whatever this coach cares about the community. He cares about so many different things. Other than just the XS and Os basketball, but he's going to. He's going to be tremendous. And I listen he talking about Jalen Coon, saying this guy is going to be a STUDT. He's going to be. He's going to get he. He thinks he can get up to the twenty points a game maybe more than that. Maybe with the right opportunity, he can get there. I was watching some footage from him this morning. From from Denver East, he was an all Colorado selection. He was tremendous, and he he he knows voting hume very well San Master very well played on different different kinds of all star games and stuff like that with them, so they know each other well I'm excited to see how that works out, so we're talking some. Call a little bit college your local college. How about the color of stay rams? Warren Jackson. Who is now just in line as a nut? Justin line, but I make it sound like it's an easy thing for. But. They have turned out a lot of great wide receiver. Some tremendous wide receivers Michael. Gallup leading the way he's. Said this three years ago and we'll see I think. He's GonNa be a top ten wide receiver in this league someday. About Rashard Higgins got another extension with Cleveland, but he's Kinda, just fighting to keep those contracts at this point, but Michael Gallup is already a staple. For the cowboys. What kind of receiver Warren Jackson be this. This upcoming year hit seventy six seventy seven catches last year for eleven, hundred yards and only ten games. It's fun to watch him. Practice is exciting. He keeps banged up a little last year, but he told he told the Denver Post Kyle Frederiksen. I want to win a mountain West Championship with this team. We have everybody in line for us to do it. Program has not been there they've been. They've been mediocre at best since really you can go back to the sunny days since two thousand seven. This team has averaged six wins per season. That's that's that's right there I mean you're you're a bowl team, but again. The ball. Games are neat. They're therefore you go in six games, so you can get in one, but don't expect me to say. Oh, well there, that's a that's a rich program right there. That's a top program because they're going to a bowl game every year or they're averaging going to a bowl game. No. Time to take that next step. They got a new head coach Steve Adagio. Can. This team can turn this thing around quickly Bo. Bo's last two years were rough. I mean I liked Mike Bobo. I felt bad for the guy he got into some health issues, and really they just could never bounce back from that, but his first two is I three years. I mean it was really to write home about. First Year you could say it. Steve Adagio goes seven and six this year. I would be happy, but I would imagine rams. Fans are going to be like we go again which you know, probably be in the back of my mind. Cause Adagios a five hundred type coach. What he's done in his career. He's almost exactly five one game over. But we'll see I. Mean they have? The wide receivers on this roster are ridiculous. Now Dante Right, sensational last year trae McBride at tight end, we'll be good. You're. GonNa have question marks about that defense. Until we get somebody that can figure that out. You're just that's the way it's going to be. But how will they stack up? Against? You got a lot of new new first time head coaches. I mean new. Mexico's got a first time head coach. Bobby. Apples there you're going to have. Utah State. You know they're going to be good. So, there's there's going to be some really good teams. Going forward here, that are going to be. Tough for them to get through I. Mean Utah State finished. Last year, seven and six, they are projected to take a step back because of their quarterback situation now. Obviously no more no more Jordan love for them. So they're. They're projected to be about a five hundred team and Wyoming. Their projected to be about a five hundred crab Craig bowls cowboys. When eight five last year you gotta worry about that so I'm looking at these teams can. You got some competition here. Wyoming maybe a five hundred tape type team next year, so any guesses Colfax if I give you the over under what Espn Mountain West Conference predictions has I founded the over under shoot a win. Mean let me put it at four over under. What do you think? So I'm confused my head. which way does this go? Going to. They're going to win more than four games. Okay, we're in less than four game less easily at less ESPN. has them going seven and five really in twenty twenty? Mainly, because of Warren Jackson. Patrick Brian which I watched every game of his and I like him on the show, but he still got approval to me that he's A. He's a top mountain west conference quarterback. Here's what it says. Let me read it to you in five years of Colorado. State Mike Bobo pretty well constantly. Produce dynamite receivers, and generated a pretty solid special teams in in a few of those seasons before four of his five seasons in Fort Collins. Half of the mountain west, he was better than with some of those things as far as wide receivers, and and some of those stats that he put together unfortunately quarterback for frequently getting hurt that that's the big thing. In cornhill getting hurt last year really messed up the season. You know you can look at a lot of games. Where loof they? They were so close four or five games. They were close man. They were close, but that that doesn't do it. The Rams of course, seven and six, the first three seasons, three and nine eighteen. They were four and eight in two thousand and nineteen can Steve Adagio turn this thing around. Maybe they believe him. So one of the things they know here they they write this former BBC head coach Boston College head coach Steve Adagio takes over roster this chock full of things he tends to like big running backs, huge offensive lineman plus things he didn't always have dynamite dynamite, receiving core and strong pass rushing options to name to. That's the thing. He didn't recruit heavily on the wide receiver side. He was a was kind of a ground and pound Kinda Guy, but his offensive coordinator and the roster might tell you otherwise that this team could be. A the kind of the best of both worlds go on to say. Adagios media UPTEMPO Boston College offense. At one, the strongest identities in college football. It probably isn't surprising that when updated spring roster running back. Markus macelroy listed weight, had gone from two fifteen to two thirty. Most of the tight ends were about twenty pounds heavier as well Adagio likes big football, players and I do think Joey Lynch. That's Adagio saying you think I'm just ground and pound. You think. I'm just defense. I'll bring Joey Lynch in here. He's going to help me harness. Warren Jackson Dante Right Nate Craig Myers Jay Scott trae McBride. He's going to help me harness all of these stud wide receivers. Defensively, though I have concerns, man Rams fans. Are you feeling good if you get? I gotta be filled like you're playing with house money. If they can, if they win that many games. I mean come on. That's that's absolutely insane. I. Do, they get a bowl game. That's my thing. Do they even get into a bowl game next year I'm not so I'm not so sure we have learned a lot about this team just yet. There's a Lotta things. We know from last year, but. Last year they won four games. Lot's going to depend on Patrick. O'Brien for sure. Air Force is projected to go seven five next year five and three in the conference. This again according to ESPN Boise State. They were twelve to last year. They're projected to go. Nine three so I mean they're? They're gonNA. Keep doing more of the same. Person Text Line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine six. The good the thing that bodes well for for Colorado State when you look at some of these top teams or these teams were were discussing. Is there's GonNa be a lot of new faces in the conference. There's going to be a lot of big time quarterbacks that have also moved on Utah State for one. who the rams have had issues with the last couple of seasons. Five best returning players for like a team like Wyoming, their quarterback is returning so that. in Sean Chambers that's going to be a difficult task for sure. I'm not, GonNa say this team Keg can compete. For title. But if Patrick O'Brien is better than last year, he had his moments where I thought man. He's pretty good. Then I clearly, there's games we saw. And you said Okay you can clearly see why. He Lost The quarterback battle Colin Hill. If See if Collin Hills on that team last year. All the way through. Do, they win more than four I'M GONNA say they get. They probably get to a bowl game. Because they had so many close games and I'm not trying to knock O'Brien, but Colin Hill was with Bobo injured or healthy. He was still with the guy knew the offense while he was at Colorado State. So a lot's going to be on O'Brien. Can You You have all these weapons. You had them last year, but now you gotTA. Really your allots expected of you and then defensively. neocon Guy Manny Jones Ellison. Defensively have to carry this team. I'm excited though I can't wait to see the season Warren. Jackson certainly will be a stud. Fee Can do anything of seventy again. Seventy seven receptions last year over one thousand yards. Those are big time numbers. But it's also a first year for Steve Adagio. But There's I mean they're going to beat you? There's nothing that leads me to believe. They'RE GONNA lose to the buffs. Carl way behind everybody. WHO's their quarterback? I said this last year. You know when you are the last couple years. First thing you evaluate when you evaluate who's better between two football teams? What's the first thing you look at? quarterback. The buffs are. In their in rebuild mode now. So they're. Rams have their guy. At least maybe it's by default because Colin Hill left, but they have their guy and Patrick O'Brien, well before going into the season alright thirty five minutes after the hour are the rams. A mountain. West Conference. Can they win? The Mountain West Conference title next year. Will they be a contender? We'll maybe make poll question coming up thirty five minutes after the hour. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash thirteen ten K. K. preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best highschool coverage. Thursday on mornings with Gail is the spread of covid nineteen tied to the rise of Five G., another myth busted join US sixty nine thirteen ten KFI K. Got A new power to play sports poll question for you. Warren Jackson wants to win amount West title next year. Are they even close? Let us know what you think. We've got the poll question on our facebook page at whole show or on her twitter page, which yeah his at whole show as well so check us out. Give us follow love getting your insights. Get love getting your feedback on these types of poll questions each and every day you can go vote The yes, or no answer which we loved it kind of gauge that throughout the day, but if you want to elaborate, feel free to do that I. Vanish Text, line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine six. Well the NBA looks. It looks like we're go here and I tend to lean back to you. I've had people already asked me we'll you not excited about this or you not pumped and I am I am more excited than not I would rather some basketball and on my biggest concern. I really don't even care about gimmicks and all that I'm not even really concerned with that. It's. Is this going to impact the next season? And that's why I said. Why not just if you're? GonNa Take Twenty Two teams just take twenty two teams have a couple of scrimmages in that first three or four days, and then you go, we're going. We're starting to play offs. We're GONNA. We're receded however, and we'll just do something kind of unique and go from there. That's my only issue. I don't even care that it's. We're trying to help Zay on by getting in and we're going to do. Hey, if you're nineth, but your four games out of the eighth spot will have a play in game for you. That's come on. That's designed, so we can have a chance to get on in this thing that that's what that is and that that's a little. That's a little tough for me so. Does that does it bother you guys, or are you at the point where you're just so excited to see something some basketball that you you go for this and I lean towards. Yes, like if I had to make a decision right now and this these are my two options Brady. You can either have basketball now and we're going to do this. Process is the only way it can be done, and we're ending. It October twelfth at the latest, so you're gonNA have some crossover. Likely. The next season doesn't start until November or Christmas. If the if those are my only options yet like that or no basketball right now are in a month or two. Then probably going to take basketball. I. Think I can't wait. Can I wait another three months, but be distracted by football? Football's pretty good distraction there Colefax so. Yeah probably I mean. The nuggets have a great team and I. WanNa See I. WanNa see Denver at least get a shot even though there's an asterisk next to it. And there's a lot of weird things going on. Here's a question for you. Does this plan. Make that asterisk smaller. Does it, does it make it a little bit like okay well? They did eight Riga regular season games, so we can got them back into warmed up into game, shape and such. Are No matter what happens. Are we still walking away from this going? Yeah, but. That doesn't count. Like if the Lakers. If the Lakers walkaway this, do we still say? Oh well, there's another one. There's another one right there for the Lakers. There's another championship and we just kind of. What they have sixteen I think so this would be seventeen. Seventeen and nobody ever makes an issue of. The Lakers have seventeen. But that last one was that one doesn't really count or do. We just say seventeen? At somebody told me today, we're talking. We're discussing it this morning and. Said with a team like the Lakers. Likely in a year or two, you're just going to say it's seventeen and you move on. But with the nuggets, is it a bigger deal? because. It's never happened before, so you say the nuggets won a championship. Yeah, but you're. You got you WANNA during pandemic time. So. That doesn't count. Does the eight game regular season? And the fact that we're stretching this because here's the deal Colefax. Look at how fast -ociety moves. Last week you couldn't go to a beach. This week. They want you down there protesting. Things change quickly is what I'm saying so when you're knee deep in basketball. In. July thirty first August. And we keep going game game game game boom. We get to the twentieth of August. Are we just so into it that we're not even thinking about it anymore. We're just like hey. Let's play at seven. They're going up against Houston. Let's go. That, maybe as we progress into this. Because, it's going to be two and a half. What does it yeah? It's going to be two and a half months. You're getting those months back essentially, but the biggest thing was you took a four month break, but you're getting those months back. It's not going to be now. My proposal does it puts a giant ASTERISK next to it. That's what it is. It's it's. It's march madness. It's NBA. It's all mixed together. Nobody really cares. It's just fun for a month, and then let's get into football and then a Lotta backup in October. And my main reason for that was so that we would have a normal regular. I'm not saying that the new. Normal I want to say October twenty four th. We started regular season and we go. So. Is. That's my biggest thing. But this plan minimizes that a little bit. It just hurts next season. But this says okay. We're going two and have months a month in. Are we even going to be talking about Oh well? They've been off for a month or are we just going to be so into it that it really doesn't matter to US anymore. That if the nuggets are battling and it's just like anything else. We just get right back into the rhythm of it and we're going. Part of me thought about that today. Because how fast we are moving I, mean maybe a month and a half. We're going to be so enthralled. Two months two and a half months whenever we so enthralled by what we're seeing. that it doesn't matter as much McLean says I. took a break during the season, but it's not like. Rosters have changed through an off season, free agency and draughts well the only thing there is players that maybe weren't slated to play this year at all. You know because their injuries. They're out for the season while they were out until whatever they deem the season. April so you're out. But what about players? That suddenly? Okay, but you? You might have been cleared to go. start practicing in June or something like that well now it's like Portland for example. Yousef Knowledge! That was a bad injury. Last year. And he missed out. He's missed out on this season. He's missed out on everything. So what where? When is he going to play? First advantage text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine six. We won't have to talk about it with the warriors. The warriors aren't going to be one of those teams in the mix only twenty two teams. So I mean when you look at it does. Is it gonNA. Be that big of a deal. Yeah, yeah, you're still going to say yeah, but it was that year, but you're really going to hone in on it and if it's the nuggets. Got An answer to our poll question right here. How close are the rams warned Jackson saying I WANNA win. This thing and I'll power to them. I won't players to say that knocking it. Just how far away are they? Parker? Saying all dependent on that offensive line play, and how the offense adjusts talents there across the board to compete. Don't think we win, but an eight and four season could be well within reach. ESPN saying seven and five. Which is generous with a new head coach going in. Maybe there's something to I. will say if this team's GonNa win, you're going to. You're going to see some mega mega numbers. Between guys like Jackson Dante ride and trae McBride. They'RE GONNA have to put up some video game type numbers. which if that's the case Patrick O'Brien happy. He could make a name for himself. All right we'll take a quick break here forty eight minutes after the hour. We're live from the auto collision Specialist Studios Do to think happy lifeguards here for you offering. Curbside pickup. If you want, but you can go in, you can get ready to go get your yards. Taken care of, but also you know maintaining that yard. It doesn't end when you plant. Lord knows that you gotTa keep those weeds. You gotTa have the right tools to do the job. You're constantly making it look beautiful. We've all spent a Lotta time our backyards and so we've taken the time to make them look great. Let Happy Life Gardens. Help, you To assist in that call him a nine, seven, three, three, zero, nine, five, three, zero there in Evans Forty eight minutes after the hour. Take a quick break closing thoughts coming up next. You're listening to the hall's show. Powered by PD energy and thirteen ten KFI K. Brady will be back after the break catcher day started right with today's news. Weather and sports mornings with Gail Six am to nine PM weekdays on thirteen ten JFK. Hi, this is Jesse Kurt executive producer and lead anchor the mountain West Network and you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten KFI. Come back to the show. It's the whole show powered by energy. It's time to start gearing up for the farming season, or or or like you said maintaining air at that point now. If you're there as the crops are being planted, you're going to need alliance irrigation here to to work under sprinkler. No matter what color the boxes the unsure you're ready for farming season, call, Mario Destiny Gomez and Kersey at nine, seven, three, five, three, sixteen, twenty one. We know we have a lot of agriculture. Based folks listening to this program, so yeah, see to it that you check in with alliance irrigation again at two nine, seven, three, five, three sixteen twenty-one power to play sports poll question. Today is up, and maybe we'll get Jesse Kurtz on the program from the mountain. West conference network. To about the what it's going to look like as we are getting more positive signs. About both the NFL and in the NCA football coming back, we can kind of start to dip our toes into what those what the leagues are going to look like what those conferences are going to look like. What's the mountain West Conference going GonNa look like. Do, the Rams have a realistic shot to make some noise here, could they? Could they get up there into the tin? Win Category and and compete in the conference or Some of our people are texting. Some of our whole are texting and Sam. Maybe a six seven win team. I could see that happening. I would I would actually be really happy with seven win season for CSU. Mean new head coach. You know coming in with Patrick O'Brien. He wasn't your star last year, but he played most the season. Still you know tried to upgrade and work on that defense given the certain situation that we're in yeah I would. I would welcome that I would take that. All right closing thoughts for the day. Let's look at the poll question. See where we are at this point. Are the rams. Even close we ask about. Seventy seven percent of the whole against they know. Rams aren't even close to that discussion. Don't even ask it big. Shout out mark, Johnson the voice of the buffs. We talked about well. Antonio Alfono the former five star player, the kind of hybrid linebacker guy former. Alabama is above no more and I. Think Mark Best. We started to the great player that we never really knew. We barely even knew him. Is that more byproduct or fall out from l.? Tucker leaving obviously had kind of a scattered passed before he came over. As Gone Helen Dalen. We're going to try to get him on the program next week. They transfer from cu to UNC. It's all about minutes for him. That's the transfer reason so I would love to pick his brain about why he chose the University of northern. Colorado, and what he truly expects a lot to unpack there over the next couple of weeks the NBA. It sounds like we're go man, twenty two teams regular season play in playoffs. You name it. It's going all the way into football season. You good with it. Talk more about it on a Thursday Shokhin I northern Colorado.

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October 27  Hour 1  CSU v. Fresno State Look | Kevin Lytle Calls In

The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

41:17 min | 6 months ago

October 27 Hour 1 CSU v. Fresno State Look | Kevin Lytle Calls In

"Dirty. Its top tests Tuesday. I WanNa see something I want to see something special from the whole against today because we'd had a we had a rough weekend with the broncos getting shellacked over the weekend by the Kansas City chiefs. And it's just it's one of those days that I I need. I need a little pick me up. We'll little cheering up here today. On this program so you know the drill. Text the show texts KPFK A two, three, one, nine, nine, six if you're new to the program but those of you that have been doing this and you're hall of Famers, you know the drill. Just you have the number saved by now the first advantage text line three, one, nine, nine, six, get involved and I want to hear your best takes. You know whether that's something about the broncos drew lock. Could be something comical could be just a damn good take today I'm Kat I'm looking for some insight I want I want you guys to be like inciteful today. You know just really intelligent Hogan and I know I know that we're asking a lot there I do and that's A little scary for me but I WANNA go there. So whatever we want to go there. With the broncos which are with the nuggets 'cause I got three guys that I'd like to see in a nuggets uniform I don't know how much it makes sense at this stage but. whether that's our power to play sports question I should say is up and it's available at the whole show dot com. Who would you rather see in a nuggets uniform next season true holiday Victor Oladipo. Or Danilo Gallinari now drew drew would be a trade victory would be a trade. I you know what we read what we hear is that both teams might be willing to do that. If the price is right because both guys are in their co going into their contractors to kneel gala Nari however is a free agent but again, the money for all three of these guys is going to be is going to be nuts. Depot was paid twenty one, million last year we'll be paid twenty one, million this year Danila Gallon Ariz twenty two, million kind of guy where we're what is he worth now? His I mean he was averaging some pretty big points nineteen points per game so. You gotta think he's still demanding close to that or he did say that championship was more meaningful at this stage but pumpkin couple million dollars less. And then you look at drew. He's set to do twenty, seven, million dollars in twenty, one, twenty two but that's a player option. So technically, the Pelicans have him. Through two, thousand and twenty and twenty one. Will drew resign with them after that. Don't know that guy's probably getting to a point his career he's thirty where he's looking at something different. Dances get you. Pick me up I. GOT A guy. That's good. That's good. That's a good way to start it. We'll talk later pillow fight Dan I might need that person. Who would you rather see nuggets uniform go vote at the whole show. Dot Com and Colfax. You have the whole show yard. Oh, meter up up speed, right So, we actually can start looking at this and evaluating. I don't think there's any evaluation, it's Philip Lindsay but. We have the total yards tracker and it's available the yard meter. Last year, we did the Sakho meter that proved to be a bad omen. Think the whole show yard of meters kind of kind of popping out of it a little bit. Different. The injuries maybe. 'cause Lindsey gets her with a concussion, but he had what about eight yards. For the half and then Gordon had about seventy. So Gordon on the year has four, hundred, six yards total. And Philip Lindsey has two hundred, fifteen yards total. Now we decided ad total rather than rushing. Lindsay's definitely going to be more more rushing there. That's probably mostly rushing. Melvin Gordon Seventy percent rushing maybe. got a few more passing yards Lindsey. He's more of a passing a pass catching running back. Okay. So I want to get into the nuggets a little bit today mix it up. Definitely want to talk about this. In the Mountain West conference I'm going to see if I can get Kevin. lytle on I. Know He was just on the zoom call I love that the scheduling of the zoom calls is in the eleven twelve o'clock showers for. I don't really get to be a part of those but that's okay. You know it's just a that's the way. The World Works Sometimes Colfax back in the day they used to practice in the afternoon I'd bust out on my way home from work catch a little practice. Go from there but not the case nowadays. All right. Let me get to this one. The big story of the day presented. Yeah. Yeah presented by Bake. Simple. Kinda. Trying to get. Through, rate here on this Tuesday New Mexico San Jose State football game relocated to San. Jose. Now remember that New Mexico and see us you were supposed to play Saturday didn't happen because of COVID. It is now Tuesday it is a few days later and the mountain West Conference that they're going to do everything in their power to make sure this game works. This was posted in the mountain on the mountain West Conference website. Due to the continued prevalence of the covert thousand, nine virus. And in accordance with state guidelines and New Mexico San Jose State football game scheduled for Saturday October. Thirty first has been relocated to see EFC you stadium in San Jose. California kickoff remained set for four o'clock. The tweets I. Think Getting People. You know you're you're seeing a lot of this. Oh, well, the mountain west is GonNa do whatever it takes to make. Sure. That this game happens. Well I guess rams fans are probably asking the question. Why didn't we make sure this happened last week what changed? That's kind of been my biggest frustration I suppose. With everything is you know the inconsistencies what changes from one one day to the next one week the next. But now they're heading to San Jose State. I'M GONNA. Talk to Kevin Lytle. We'll see if we can catch him. We'll get the latest there. This post to Jackson, more posted last night. San Jose State University head coach Brennan. Says that the conferences working hard to make the San Jose State New Mexico game happen this week one possibilities moving again. That was last night obviously the possibility came to fruition. And people are just like wait what how, how did that happen? How did Steve Adagio get screwed out of this thing? I'm curious to know if anybody asked him that question. Is Pillow Fight Dan coming in for this thing, Colefax? Is He wanting this thing I'm trying to see I. Have Written Down Somewhere. I'm trying to be a good person and make sure we don't screw anybody over here in this. Pillow fight Dan. Got One. He got last week right? Ken Bones in the mixon's in the MIC sir. Charles can win today if he brings some greatness. Mcclain's in the mix inquiring minds and the we we're kind of spread out on this one kind of spread out pillow fight. Dan I can't see you because it's radio and your texting I feel like you have that look in your eye. You have that look of I'm going to win at. No matter, the cost I'm going to find a way to win number to get closer. Now, what are you playing for the nuggets gift package? We got the big gym bag you got the Nicole Yokich Hoodie in there. You got the no parking sign unless nuggets fan kind of. Those little License Plate style of signs you put up. Several banners to hang old school logos, tons of cousy which let's face it. Colefax the whole against need neil lot of Kuchis man I mean that's That's the brass tacks. You guys are day drinking more than anybody. And you need them you need to disguise what you're up to I. GET IT I'm here to help you with that but I. Would you rather than just give stuff away? You know give a man of fish and he'll eat. For a day teach a man to fish and he'll eat forever. So that's what I'm trying to teach in the whole against a fish today. Colefax that's what we're doing or about fourteen minutes after the hour. Power, to play sports poll question this is kind of know offsetting from the broncos talk that's dominating check this out who is rather see and nuggets uniform next season Victor. Depot. Again, YOU'RE GONNA have to trade for jrue holiday half the trade for ordeal Nari be a free agent signing. Two guards and one forward. Holiday Inn. Ola Depot be in the four, the guards gallery in the forward seventy seven percent of the hooligans are going victor all the depot on this one. That's okay. I mean both guys are tremendous. depots good. He averaged about fourteen and a half points per game last year. But he only played in you know what? Nineteen Games something like that twenty games the year before that that's kind of more. So what you're going to get the last two years eight about nineteen points per game. So here's the deal. All three of those guys are probably about twenty point per game guys. Overall depots career he's been seventeen seventeen and a half points is what he's averaged. But. Yeah. I'd be really curious to see how this all works out. If the nuggets even WANNA get aggressive and go that. Go that direction pillow fight dances maybe we can call the new ball arena the Sakho meter. But what would we what we? Do I even asked that question now don't ask. that. So old news already. How many times do you think it's going to going to stick before you call it ball arena. Still, like right now still feels like I. Just say Pepsi Center that's going to take some time. It'll take some time. broncos. Want to kind of break into that today I wanNA. Get into the injuries. Because again, here we are the Broncos are try to figure out what their situation looks like with obviously big time player Philip Lenzi that's the big the big issue We haven't got connect. We haven't got to see the two yet and I agree with Mark Knutson. If you can believe that because I agree with him because he agreed to me, I, do think the Combo of the two is tremendous and I hate the idea of Oh man Philip. Linzie you should just get all Gordon's carries no because. He's GonNa get hurt and also it's a change of pace thing Gordon has its place. My biggest gripe from day one has been that they're not showing Philip Lindsey sixteen minutes after the hour i WanNa talk about this though I wanNA bust into it. Vic Fangio had a few things to say about Jerry Judy. We're GONNA. We're GONNA talk about drew lock. Is it all through lockers? Pat Shurmur? Trying what I, what did I compare this offense to last year Colefax. A fighter jet fighter jets when I think that drew lock needs to when I was a freshman in high school. The first vehicle I bought Colfax it was not a fighter jet. No, it wasn't. My Dad didn't put me in the most fancy of f one fifty you can get it was nineteen eighty-nine Ford pickup truck that I bought for four thousand dollars. It was such a piece of crap that you didn't even have to you started the vehicle you took it out at park and you were automatically going fifteen miles per hour without even pushing the gas pedal down. Yeah probably dangerous right. But that's how pickup I just feel like this did not even touch the gas pedal fifteen miles an hour down main street I've been doing this for like an hour. I could do this all day that pickup taught me about life. It taught me how to drive better vehicles not much better but better drew lock needed the nineteen, eighty, nine Ford pickup I instead here's a jet. Good luck that's what Pat Shurmur, and that's the broncos created even though last year scanner and company wanted to create more of a balanced attack maybe more run heavy this year when they should be everything that screams run you've got drew lock going downfield. It's mind boggling to me but that is your Denver Broncos for the last four or five seasons in never nothing really seems to make sense that that move doesn't make sense. Here, this move doesn't make sense there and you're left with an offense that should be identified by its run game, but seems to almost shy away from that eighteen minutes. After the hour, we'll take a quick break Kevin lytle coming up next. Why is New Mexico playing this weekend? Why are they doing everything in their power to make sure they play this weekend and it wouldn't happen last week what has changed in the cove world. Be Right back. Inside the bears and presented by Chris. Musa. Agency allstate insurance. Tonight, it's six and northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten. KFI, K. Cone now. Weekdays at four on northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten. KFI. Nick Ripa Sports Director Fox thirty, one, Denver you are listening to the whole show on thirteen ten K S K. Twenty three minutes after the hour. This is the whole show we're live from the collision specialists studios. Well New Mexico San Jose State Football there the mountain west is going to do everything in their power to make this game happen. But I think rams fans are going. Hey, wait didn't do everything in our power to make it happen last weekend. Think Rams fans are kind of frustrated Kevin Light on to join us today from the Fort Collins Colorado and Kevin. We're frustrated man what's What's going on? There's gotta be a reasonable reason why? Why the the rams game in New Mexico game wasn't pushed so hard as this this coming up this weekend. Yeah it's very strange and and you know I've struggled to figure out a rash them rational explanation because you know I think the thing some people might point out as well. Yeah. It just came to quickly after you know some of the New Mexico state restrictions, but that's not really true I mean I wrote the story I think is the Wednesday about a week and a half before the game was scheduled saying basically the game is in peril. So I thought coming I think everyone else. Better of been able to. So I'm not sure You know why? Why the powers that be couldn't put it all together and and the funny thing you of said is for the game. They didn't really have to change anything New Mexico was coming to Colorado state. Wasn't you know you didn't have any other restrictions of team coming into New Mexico the big issue was new. Mexico. Wasn't practicing fully but even there either ship said that they'd be good to play they haven't had. Many covert positives a sound like the roster was depleted surreal. It kinda makes no sense that last week, they couldn't come to Fort Collins but this week they can go to California to play San Jose State. It's kind of be wilder and we just talked to Steve Adazi about fifteen minutes ago and and he said the same thing I obviously have cautious to knock. Himself in trouble with the League but said Yeah you don't really get why they can travel now but can travel we go to play a game. So it's it's pretty weird and frustrating for people. Yeah and again, not to get into one side or the other about this whole thing because I know cove it and all that so hard to navigate through for everyone. But this is where I think some people get frustrated whether that's football games or whatever is there's just inconsistent things that happen and it's like wait why is this football game where a change? So many things up for this one like you said, the issue we were coming for college was already in motion. I guess there's just a lot of inconsistencies that frustrate folks. Yeah I think one of the things we're seeing kind of bigger picture with college football with NFL resent was college basketball now is why don't you guys have a plan I? Mean you know is one thing when things were happy in April and and everyone was scrambling because obviously, no one was prepared for this. But now we're you know how many months in and still you know the NFL College Football College basketball scrambling around as if this was just thrown on them this week and I think that's the big frustrations. Yeah. They're obviously new things popping up all the time but there should be a better plan in place and a lot ways. It feels like Wean it which. As you can imagine isn't. It. Yeah. That's the troublesome part. How so you said you talked to Steven. You asked him about it was. Was He noticeably upset by this or was he doing the kind of coach and? Handling it as professional as you possibly can. How how did he handle it? Yeah. No, you could tell say. The words he said, you know there was nothing like shocking. He said, yeah, we were frustrated and don't understand why they can play on the road this week but couldn't last week. You know he didn't say anything super shopping because again, obviously trying not get in trouble but you could tell it was very definitely frustrated and very understandably. So I can say it there's not much reasoning that it has been made public at least maybe there's behind the scenes stuff that we don't know but why not share that like You say, but the statement yesterday of you know doing everything, they can to make this game happened sure flies in the face of last week. You know you know when we talked this time a week ago. The thing I said to you was I'm not shocked the game was canceled shocked was canceled. So early in the week which does not scream doing everything you can to make the game happen. Yeah. No doubt about it man I mean that's that's again that's what's frustrating about this and I think rams fans have. All the all the all the reason to be frustrated by the situation well, as a coach Adagio said last week it's onto Fresno that game we feel like that's ready to go. I mean Thursday nights comes pretty quickly here Kevin. Yeah all-systems-go at at this minute now, check back in twenty minutes employment. Kick off. But yeah it. It is interesting I. Guess you know we kind of mentioned last week the studio good thing with the cancellation. Obviously, it pales in comparison to everything else. But that see if you didn't have to do a quick turnaround from a Saturday night game Thursday game, and so they've basically been able to treat this as a normal game week. So yeah, Thursday but they've had you know the whole week preparation in advance of Fresno state the snowstorm. Messing up a little bit. But you know since late last week they already knew they weren't playing on the weekend they were you know looking ahead. So so they are you know kind of fully prepared as opposed to most Thursday games and yeah they'll be on a plane tomorrow barring any real late setbacks and again, you don't know until the ball is kicked but but we're looking at a lot more likely this week to play than than obviously last week. So how about the XS and Os of this game Kevin, and again we don't know we're assuming the games ready to go who knows but we're gonNA pretend it is. Your colleague over at the Colorado Kelly. Lyle. Ask The question about the quarterback situation now I I'm in the off season thinking man this. It year for Patrick O'Brien he's GonNa have this huge opportunity. Well, at the time we has worn Jackson all these weapons. He's going to try to really add something to his resume this year. Is there a question mark as to WHO's going to be the starting quarterback on Thursday? Yeah there absolutely is Steve Adagio Again, today kind of said he he claims that they haven't named one and don't know who will be I don't fully buy into that because two days I think they probably at least have a pretty strong idea lightweight did say which makes sense as that you know. Normally, air he he'd be pretty insistent on finding the starter and leaning into that guy says this year, you never know who's going to end up not available. So splitting reps, not just that quarterback Matt Lot. Physicians is a lot more important this year because you know you're gonNA have to rotate players you know with Cova and you know `isolation people enable play says this year I'm not as worried about name starter I want all those guys get reps and and we'll go. From there. You know he he did not mention justice McCoy I still don't think justice is truly in the mix partly because history shows he he has kind of gotten the short end the stick to be honest. I, feel bad for him. I expect Patrick O'Brien to start but I won't be surprised all the seed pods and Tayo on the field at times and it wouldn't even stunned me if he if he started I'd be surprised but I do think he'll play. Kevin talked to us more about justice McCoy because he's always been that guy he's always just there. We don't talk a whole lot about him but then suddenly when a when a starting quarterback struggles, his name is right there in the thick of it and we have a quarterback battle on our hands and then mid week everything comes back down and whoever was the starter before kind of eases back into the into that role talk to us a little bit about his position on this team. Yeah. Just as McCoy is a a really clean one guy seems like he's been around a long time and you know there are flashes you know calling hill gets her or. Especially the one a couple years ago when hill got hurt in the offseason, you're saying Oh man doesn't mean quarterbacks this might be justice year then they bring in K. J. Car Samuels for kind of forced marriage to play that season and really he he just never gotten a shot but I think players every time you talked to players they really liked him really respect him keep wondering if they'll transfer, but he seems to really like Fort Collins and see us you So it seems like Guy Young he's putting in this work continues to work for the team and and seems to be willing to help out even if that means he's not on the field. Kevin Lionel joining us from Fort Collins Colorado that certainly interesting on the quarterback side of things going in What do you think going in here and again we don't have a lot of information. Things are so much different now and I know you guys are doing zooms and catching up with coach when you can't kind of a moving schedule there. If you had to look at what's GonNa be the strength of this team. We thought the receiving group mixed with wide receiver tight end was really going to be the strength Warren Jackson's not there but you still have trae McBride Dante right is that the strength for this rams team or is there something else there? I still think be that even without were Jackson even with Cam Butler out injured for the year I still think that receiver tied in group is the best. Dante right a star. Amazing Nate. Craig. Myers. Is the one I'm really interested. You know with Foreign Jackson gone. Now this is really chance for Nick Craig Myers Kinda I guess live up to the potential you know that he had you know he was one of the top recruits in the nation you know four or five star Guy when he went to Auburn initially this kind his chance to be kind of a number one him and Dante right sort of one A1 be very different styles obviously in their play by still think. That team 'cause if you look around elsewhere I can find some holes pretty easily and pretty much every other area, the team. Yeah. What do you? What do you make of Fresno state early going into Thursday night they get a chance to play last week. I know coach, Adagio Talk to you guys about the benefits of that and everything but they lose to Hawaii thirty four to nineteen. What do you make a Fresno state at this stage? Yeah it's it's tough to say because again, everything is so uncertain then everyone's preparation for the season. So weird that these first couple games that's really hard for me to evaluate I would say their defense didn't look very good. Began your evaluating against the Hawaii team that kind of throws around and plays a lot different style. They have some quarterback containment issues against why they play a pre different style than a lot of teams even that I'm not sure one hundred percent what to put into that So I, guess by sitting on the fence answer is You know seems like a winnable game for ceus you. They won at Fresno last year by think, we also don't really you know to be frank. We don't know what to expect from either Fresno or see you at this early stage I. Think it's it's really hard to to guesstimate that and we've seen that cross college football ain't. How many weird revolts have we seen especially with teams playing their first games? Yeah. No doubt about it and you know to be honest we're still seeing strange games now that really don't make any sense both of the college level and the NFL level. So who knows what to expect on Thursday? How about you Kevin personally you? You guys aren't able to are you traveling with the team? What's that look like? But. Traveling to going. Yeah. Unfortunately, corporate policy has his restricting plane flights for you know, help them safety reasons and all that. So are not able to make the trip to Fresno. So we'll be catch on TV and all the interviews these as like you said or zoom and whatnot anyway. So we'll still talk to. And players after the game be zoom there'll be a different. This is the first time in a long time that I've missed any game been at every single game for for the past however many years. So another weird not so fun twenty, twenty experience. Yeah. No doubt strange time my friend Kevin and late game to on Thursday right? It's eight thirty. No I believe I should know this I think it's eight. Okay. It's okay. It's a little a little bit past of our bedtime. It's better to me I'm thinking thirty home my goodness eight that helps that does help. Okay. So thanks for clearing that up for us. Eight o'clock. Yeah a little NAP IN Snap at work between the show and you know we between our two. It's usually what we do. Kevin appreciate you as always my man. It's crazy times. At the drop of Hadel shoot attacks. If you're not busy, you can't make it. You can't make it, but we do appreciate it when you can. Always, happy to jump on. Brady. Thanks for having me go. Kevin Idol of the Fort Collins Colorado Okay eight o'clock. That's my bet that is eight o'clock. Yeah I don't know. I really don't know who's GonNa win this I'm a little is that coach speak about the quarterback thing like try to set Fresno state off like Steve Kirov sent a little bit because i Patrick O'Brien. Was the guy you know I was excited about this whole situation but. Now, and now suddenly I'm I'm watching the zoom meeting. And I don't know if you. Do have that now Colfax here here's coach Adagio talking about the quarterback position yesterday and Zoom Conference call me I, think they're both doing a great job working arden will probably settle in here. Next Twenty, four hours as staff they've taken equal reps and had agreed reveal of Prep time and both of excelled different areas to help push. And Kelly Lyell of the Fort Collins. Colorado and followed immediately up with that and saying, Hey, you know are we going to know? When are we GONNA know Think, those decisions will will will will decide how we're GONNA handle all that probably here in the next twenty, four hours. So next twenty, four hours, he said it twice said twenty four hours Colefax, so. That was kind of a shocker to me was that we're kind of. Trying to figure out who this quarterback is. Now again, teams do this. especially. At the college level we we do this a lot where it's oh well, we're having a quarterback competition right now but. Here's the thing that's not if you know it's the guy like. Colin Hill last year when he was healthy. There was no debate. There was no. Oh, we'll see how he's doing. We knew who the quarterback was. And I mean if if you don't know. Okay, open it up for competition but. Did Patrick something going on with Patrick O'Brien in practice to to not make clear cut guy or is it because you look at? New Coach new system where it's like now, honestly I'm coming at this fresh, I'm not looking at anything in the past. Todd set no is he going to be the guy? And then obviously, as Kevin had mentioned justice McCoy. So. That's kind of interesting to me that we don't have this already ironed out but I thought this was going to be a big year for listen. My Gut tells me. It's still probably GonNa be Patrick and that's based on just from. That's what you know even though Adagio doesn't really noam to what this team knows. So there we go but very curious to see. What. That looks like in the next couple of well, the next couple of hours twenty, four hours thirty, eight minutes after the hour. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash. Apart. Northern Colorado's force thirteen ten Kfi a the block party Wednesdays from four to ten PM. What's up Paul again actually Stevens with DNV OUR BRONCOS and you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten KFI. Game Beer. From on the rocks liquor, check it out, get it for discount price. This one's from Odell brewing in Fort Collins. Isolation Ale just kind of fitting with all the covert stuff isolation ale pickup selections from owed els or any of your favorite adult beverages and use the drive through open till midnight. Lobby is now open nine to nine pm again for your shopping pleasure that's on the rocks liquor winner. Remind you tonight another edition of inside the bear's den with Jason Alvin Talking All Things University of Northern Colorado he's catching up with great coaches and players, and Aaron that for you tonight, six to seven o'clock here on thirteen ten K it is top text. Tuesday. We continue here Let's start with you I'm ignoring you. Need says, Hey, I could say I've found Jesus and stop day drinking's time with Uzi's. During the show and didn't renew my gold membership at the den. And I still won't win. New, goes back to the well new new goes back to what he knows. He knows the den it's his it's a safety zone there. That's where he feels safe. and. He goes back to that well. Hey did get new. Something like that I don't remember the text exactly what I'm three in a row. He's the only Hogan to ever win three in a row in the history of top tech's Tuesday. So I mean he has he's never won one of these these competitions because unfortunately for new, we didn't start the rules win three until after that. So I know feels like nuke feels like sea issue right now. Like all these games are happening around him. He's like wait a second. Why didn't I get a play last week Eastside side Chris O. Answering the question about the power play poll question. I, love that by the way when the holy go and answer the poll question on top tech's Tuesday Gallo and reconstruct salaries of the roster. I gotTA. Admit the idea of bringing Danilo. Gallinari back just is more and more appealing I. Don't know if it makes sense. But it sure seems like something. I'd like to be. I I'd like to hear more about you know what would he be willing to do coming over here? You said Chris still go get the ball brothers Papa. Ball would be in heaven they named an arena four my brand. Yeah I think that's we could get him to do that be good marketing wouldn't it that that's one way to ensure that you call Bolivarian. Pillow fight Dan there's another answer to the poll question. There you go. Danilo fits the roster better by the way the power to play sports poll question if you just joined us who rather have drew holiday Victor Oladipo or Danila Gallon art now again, you're GONNA have to lose somebody to get the first to mention guys Danilo would be a free agent but you still have you might have to cut cut some bate anywhere anyway to make sense of the contract Pill. Dan says, Danila fits the roster better I prefer the Morris Murray Combo, either of the other two interests and see I like Monty Morris a lot. He's an underrated guard. and. That to be honest with you is. Is. My main reason for kind of hesitating before I throw. Gary Harris. Out. To, get a drew holiday before I throw Gary Harris. Will Barton probably a draft pick or Monte Morris because I do like Monty Morris? but I I think I need to I need to have him take another step though he's a take another step. Danilo gives you veteran presence size rebounds and threes. Not sure they need another off the dribble playmaker. Hassi Gallo again gala was there when it started. He was there when it started after the mellow days and then he was kind of their right when joker got in. And and moved on, but still put together some great years in fact he's. Gallows been damned good since leaving Denver. He was still good in Denver but he's Always he averaged fifteen fifteen and a half points with clippers and twenty points a second year with the clippers, and then about nineteen points last year with the thunder in a revived year for the thunder where everybody thought they were going to die. They somehow came out of it. Pillow fight Dan says, I. Still Use INVESCO field regularly so it'll take a few years before ball comes out of my mouth wait. Goodness yeah. I think it's GonNa. Take People Awhile there's flying Dutchman answering the poll question. Gallo for sure we have the other roles filled and that's the though that we've talked about this whole process is I. Agree you have the other roles filled is Gary Harris that to guard that's going to get you to the top. I mean I'm not. It's just like I'm telling you guys about drew lock yesterday. That's great. If you WANNA wait three years, the chargers are going to continue develop Justin Herbert the. Winning, super bowls and the raiders they have all those draft picks they're going to start being really good. That's adorable that you want to wait ten years but I think Broncos fans are tired of waiting. So they're going to be trying to develop drew lock while these other teams are established the nuggets. Your they're gonNA teams are GonNa get better around you. Golden State's coming back and I know you want Gary Harris to guard one of those guards. On Golden State but La's not going anywhere both L. A.'s are not going anywhere. West getting harder. So the tough question we all have to ask another. I'm asking you to I have. I haven't made this decision up in my mind yet not that it matters. But his gary. Harris. The Guy. The to guard. That will get you to the top. Because we all agree Murray, the Point Guard right I? Think he proved that jokers fine where he is. Then Jeremy Grant assuming they resign him I think were excited about the prospect their. In. PJ, for the most part, I think we're excited about the prospect their. So that leaves one guy in your starting rotation that we're still a little still a little. Concerned about and again, Harris's head injuries and his offense of production hasn't been what it used to be three years ago. Defensively, not many better. Perhaps maybe the best guard, maybe the best offensive guard. First advantage. First advantage text line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six, forty, nine minutes after the hour Colfax we'll take a break before we do that to one of our excellent sponsors. That's a one organics whole against do me a favor? Give them a call tell him you heard about him here on the whole show, provide your soil the beneficial. Organisms that deserves command compost is are professional. Grade is their professional grade microbial compost restore the soil health for your lawn and athletic turf. That is a one organics nine, seven, Oh, four, five, four, thirty, four, ninety, two, four, five, four, thirty, four, ninety, two, all right, ten minutes. Until the top of the hour we're just getting started here. We didn't get to our PREPS radio roundup yesterday High School Football is rock and roll and throw northern Colorado will bring Clark Johnson on the talk about well, what some of the best of the best of the best over the weekend a busy busy weekend coming up for preps football this week so. We'll be right. Back. It's a party northern. Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI K. The block party Wednesdays from four to ten PM here mornings with Gail Weekdays six to nine northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten, Kfi K.. Cody walks in the lack broncos podcast walked on. NFL make sure you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten t FDA for the latest news in Broncos. country. Hey I I'm I'm really happy with this top text Tuesday. Guys. Like you're not all trying to be hilarious you're just you're just bringing takes today I like this one from the flying Dutchman. He say Hey Gallo for sure we had the other roles filled talking about Harris though he said for traditional to Harris is not the answer losing Harrison Barden would free up a lot of money. And that's that's you know Barnes always been that that question mark for me. There's going to be games where he's GonNa he's GonNa save you. and. There's going to be games. We're maybe he's one of the real reasons you lost game so. Again the nuggets have some soul-searching to do with Gary Harrison Wilburton. Because of this is the best that they can get and you think that right Paris is going to get can get back to. Seventeen point eighteen point and I don't know that you can i. don't see that the. Defense is so good. Maybe you're willing to let some of that go. Dixon. On the first event is text line three, nine six. With Barton coming back, unleashing in PJ and assuming grant comes back and again that's still kind of an. A big assumption. The nuggets have enough offense I like dumping MILLSAP and adding a guy like white see whites I liked that as an inside presence wouldn't mess with the rest right now. Yes. So you put Barton on the bench. I think putting Barton back on the bench makes the most sense for me. And again if you if you keep Gary. I kinda WanNa see where you go. If you go the whiteside there and you get you get a rim protector Serge Ibaka Yeah Dixon I heard that name a lot. Rim rim-protector big need. A guard's a big need. So those are if you could fill that the NAM, not GonNa drew holidays just a bigger name if you add that production offensively and he can play defense, but you're going to have to give up Harris Barton draft pick if not more and I don't even know if that would do the trick we're wrapping up here pillow text. On the Law Combo, yesterday and exercising patients is hard. It is to admit Garrett Bowles is a perfect example to this point the season he's the number one ranked left tackle in football, not the top five but best in the league, it took him five seasons, but he's now the best mahomes Herbert or not the. Expectation, they're the exceptions, the expectations for lock as a second round draft and development quarterback too high. After eight games and if expectations aren't tempered, he's not going to live up to them unfortunately. That's the way broncos country views it. Well, let's let's open that back up in the second hour can lock it better over.

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S2/E2 Thoughts on Espionage

Spies of London

15:21 min | 5 months ago

S2/E2 Thoughts on Espionage

"Welcome to spies of london with me. Paul batman so this week a special episode of shorter episode for you. I thought it might be interesting during lockdown to do more frequent episodes which are shorter and more informal. Hopefully just as interesting. Maybe they need a little bit less research and in particular this week i have been listening to a podcast. Cold the lebas. How which is not art of anybody's an eight is a podcast. About the patrick o'brian novels sometimes called the albright mattering books and essentially. They are taking each of the twenty one books at a time and looking into them in great detail. They have some guest speakers and interviews. And it's a really good show. I came to the patrick o'brien books of which the most famous as master and commander. It was made into a movie with russell. Crowe i kept them fanny late or just a couple of years ago and i've only just finished the surgeons makes which i think is maybe books six or seven. I've got a long way to go. Aubrey is a captain in the napoleonic. Wars i working for the royal navy. And he's pretty well. He gets promoted every so often and his close friend in a sort of holmes and watson fashion is a guy cold. Steven mattress is very leading cutting edge in more ways than one. Surgeon is the ship's doctor on all of the missions that we see and maturana is a catalan spanish. Guy who with partly irish parentage. on a spy. Although he owes allegiance to the british crown he also has contacts across europe and indeed the world and he is always either for specimens of creatures great and small across the world to record and draw and capture or he's fixing wounds from battle or his spying for the british but although these books are about the royal navy in the mid to late seventeen hundreds and early eighteen. Hundreds one of the two main characters happens to be a spy changing topics slightly. One of our most famous movie and fiction. Hairs of any genre is james bond. Possibly not everyone's cup of tea but the books less cheesy them the movies the roger moore versions of bond happened to be my favorite. But they're not really true to bond design fleming imagined him and i learned yesterday that the books get better when you reach. Diamonds are forever because fleming himself was on the verge of giving a bond because it was two lights or cheesy or whatever it was it was becoming too much of a job to him rather than something he actually looked forward to but it was raymond. Chandler that's where i found this week. It was raymond chandler. The writer is given the credit of persuading fleming to not only stick with bond but also to make him more of a rounded character. So this is all by way of saying that. There is something very british about spying espionage. Now no stranger to you guys will be of course the writer john. The camera of mentioned him in several previous episodes. he's of my favorite spy writers. He's the kind of spy writer. I would like to have been if i'd had a different career in life. He observes how the americans were always so beto and frustrated at being asked to four counts of cash to get information from their own citizens abroad and british. Of course do it for free which is to say that if six approach he's a businessman in the middle of saudi arabia in the desert. And says do you mind helping us. The answer's pretty always. Yes where the americans first question would be how much he offering. But i think this is as much about britain's understanding of capitalism as it does about our inherent love spy in secrecy. You can cry liberty all you want but most of the british governmental doings are secret for a reason it may be long forgotten and people might disagree on what the reason is put in most societies. I think that stuff happens either because the people supported or because at the very least they tacitly enable it. So how do you fit into this delight in discovering something new in solving a famous miss straight. Do enjoy reading about soc discoveries i do. There's nothing better than finding a box of documents in the loft oriented library or in a storeroom somewhere seen by no human i e decades or even centuries and finding something out but is either new or at least forgotten and feels new. I don't believe. I've made a really big discover yet. But i did come close with some phelan's articles i wrote about the banking crisis when i was actually talking to people who had suffered in lost lot of money in the banking crisis as small business owners and you felt like you were talking to the people at the coalface who had really suffered. They had all kinds of stories and information that wasn't publicly available and it really felt like i was breaking new ground in other words. I know something you don't an that is a very powerful thing for most people. And i'm sure it's not only me for most of us. Secrets are so compelling that they become infectious. You can pass it on if you choose to like a good dose of virus and nazi secret seem to me to multiply in value when they are sold or shared in some way. Even if you're only gaining some kind of social stunting perhaps its monetary perhaps. It's simply just knowing something your neighbor. Doesn't that pushes you up in the status stakes for a few minutes or a day or two choosing how who and when to share old privileges that come with the territory of possessing a secret. So how can you not love a secret in a recent episode of lebas hull They interviewed a guy. Called brian wilson. And he's not the good vibrator not one of the beach boys but he has worked in espionage for the americans in some way or another. I forget exactly what he was tasked with might have been. The navy might have been the marines. I don't know anyway. He was talking. About the stresses and strains of leading a double life. And although i made no attempt to diminish the risk and danger that some of these postings absolutely entail It is quite clear that some people do take risks and and serious risks to obtain information from difficult parts of the world but most of the people we call spies. I think the press to call spies are just people sitting in an office at a desk that just people doing a job on they might even be in a cozy posting somewhere really noise so they love a good secret but they don't wanna get shot and i think most of us would fit into that category if you could get secrets and information with little risk. Why wouldn't you agree that this kind of double existence will double. Life is quite as difficult us. Some people think i mean. Don't we all have several personalities or at least shades of personality. Don't we treat our parents or children different from our colleagues for example in the colony be made. Do we talk to customers all supply in the same way that we talk to friends. No we don't you more polite. Maybe bit cooler. Maybe a bit more distant of i anyway. Everybody has a different opinion of view of you. The new and also different opinion from somebody else if you ask if you're brave enough that is if you ask somebody what do you think of me. I mean no british person would ever say that how do you how do you see me. What do you think we would never even think much less say it but if you did say it and they did give you the answer it will be different every time and the same person might give you a different answer next year than the gave last year so therefore passed. Now let's say is not a fixed thing. It changes with age and experience and mood and all kinds of things time of year. Even so i don't agree that espionage can be thought difficult that stressful james bond stuff where death seems to be always. A minutes. Away is not realistic. It's not representative of what most people do in the british security services. So i think the espionage fits perceived as a career is for people who had just like you but maybe more so i know i shed his fascination for secrecy with other writers and researchers Some some of them. I know some of them. I follow on very social media and all of them are good mystery. But maybe that's what makes writers as i said you know with the carriers. The prime example a good spy makes good novelist and graham greene is another one of those leading lights but a fiction writer of any stripe is a watcher and observer. Not somebody who parts hague's and gets involved sidelines. Sitting of the worst kind is my idea of a good afternoon you know. Put me in. Pilot ceo tried to make small token. You probably be disappointed but set me up with a book to read all. Let me watch a family party through some double-glazing will be my idea of heaven. You know bring it on. Let's take some notes and surely rights share this with photographers. For example i always viewed with suspicion those friends with a telephoto lenses in the two thousand pound cameras who used the photos omerta some kind of social currency where they there may be that a wedding or a birthday on holiday and the hiding behind the plant pot with a bottle of wine and the cigarette not talking to anybody watching everything taken pictures snap snap and then afterwards they showed the pictures maybe in the evening but it gets them out of boring conversations of every variety surely they're just the same with portrait painters being the worst. How day they insist the you sit still for eight hours while less stereo and your pitchers and take knows there is no possible. Excuse other than doing painting. The justify this kind of intrusion in someone else's life especially british person's life you feel that british writers and artists are perhaps different to those overseas. Maybe we're saying here. That british photographer has a different american ones shortly. There's no french novelist like woodhouse. Or and jason worcester for then. Our artists and writers sunday from previous generations tend to be the class or very highly bread. And i use that word advisedly disraeli. Famous novelist prime minister as was churchill. Only recently has it become possible for working class folks with sharp pencils to get noticed in britain by publishers. And so on and this is a debate. That's going on in publishing right now is with diversity is are we making it too easy for the white middle classes to get into publishing and too difficult for new and interesting voices to be heard. And that's one reason. I like dayton spy novels. I came late to lend eighteen as well. And the crest file but his hero is much more. Like michael cain who plays whatever is called in the movie so len deighton hero is not from the top floor of my six. Like george smiley is but he's a foot soldier actually doing real spying not someone pulling a lever but someone making split second decisions on a daily basis perhaps small james bond actually although fleming himself started off pretty high up in society house. What i'm saying is that espionage at the zone of the introverts. If you still listening. Perhaps you're an introvert to. I wonder if the extroverts understand this kind of fold process who is who in. The end is bond the extrovert the classic extrovert. I don't think daniel craig as because he has these long dark. Brooding moods says opole night with a bottle. I don't think he is an extrovert. I'm i think each bond is different as well. I think jamal walls the but he will serve global espionage but not daniel craig so if we can all change as we gain experience and years. Does that mean. We can flip from being extrovert to an introvert. I think i was a classic extrovert before. I started school as my parents. Tell me that. I was running around the house mush everything. But mine's higher education period and early career. I wrote computer programs. So that is an absolute signal of an introvert. And now i'm talking. Thousands of you. Who i've never met is like put customers like the world's largest party or you can't see the guests. I'm too close to myself to know what i'm talking about. But thanks for listening seattle and to leave you on an upbeat. I suggest to you that the real model for james bond is a guy. Called patrick leahy farmer he knew in fleming and his wife lady on and he visited them at goldeneye and was around as fleming began work on casino royale and he's even mentioned in one of the Early books because he's fine travel writer and fleming use some of his books to research the caribbean so my parting question to you is what. The potty was an extrovert or introvert. He was a war hero. A man of a decorated mono- vactioning create. He did dangerous things and abducted a german general but he was also a thoughtful man and a gifted writer. And perhaps all of us are both and neither introvert and extrovert all at the same time. It's only novelists the get to label their characters in this way. So that's all for this. We hope you like this slightly different style. Episode we will do. More of these and more frequently is lockdown swings into full operation. If that's the right word maybe it should be swinging out of operation anyway. I'll figure that one out and i'll let you know next time. Thanks for listening to spies of london up. You enjoyed it. Pull loxley is an average by from the north of england to keep him out of trouble. Spungen of i sent him to a private girls' boarding school in the chiltern hills and fortunately as so often in the past trouble found him the pupil he was sent to watch with me. Nick hayek and i- absconded. They think it was something to do with my iranian father. An arms dealer and international man of mystery anyway. we followed him to hong kong. My friends teacher. Ms leclair turned looks. His head was that my phone's now can look slater features own demons and revived his career. Probably not not if you ask me his toast loxley by pc debt. Deadman is available from all the best bookshops and online outlets in audio book. Paperback and e book.

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Lockdown Diary: Thoughts on Espionage

Spies of London

15:21 min | 5 months ago

Lockdown Diary: Thoughts on Espionage

"Welcome to spies of london with me. Paul batman so this week a special episode of shorter episode for you. I thought it might be interesting during lockdown to do more frequent episodes which are shorter and more informal. Hopefully just as interesting. Maybe they need a little bit less research and in particular. This week i have been listening to a podcast. Called the lebas. How which is not heart of anybody's not eight is a podcast about the patrick o'brian novels sometimes called the albright mattering books and essentially. They are taking each of the twenty one books at a time and looking into them in great detail. They have some guest speakers and interviews. And it's a really good show. I came to the patrick o'brien books of which the most famous as master and commander. It was made into a movie with russell. Crowe i kept them fairly late or just a couple of years ago. And i've only just finished the surgeons makes which i think is maybe books six or seven. I've got a long way to go. Aubrey is a captain in the napoleonic. Wars i working for the royal navy. And he's pretty well. He gets promoted every so often and his close friend in a sort of holmes and watson. Fashion is a guy cold steven mattress. Who is a very leading. Cutting edge in more ways than one surgeon is the ship's doctor on all of the missions that we see and maturana is a catalan spanish guy. Who with partly irish parentage on is a spy. Although he owes allegiance to the british crown he also has contacts across europe and indeed the world and he is always either for specimens of creatures great and small across the world to record and draw and capture or he's fixing wounds from battle or his spying for the british but although these books are about the royal navy in the mid to late seventeen hundreds and early eighteen. Hundreds one of the two main characters happens to be a spy changing topics slightly. One of our most famous movie and fiction. Hairs of any genre is james bond. Possibly not everyone's cup of tea but the books less cheesy them the movies the roger moore versions of bond happened to be my favorite. But they're not really true to bond design fleming imagined him and i learned yesterday that the books get better when you reach. Diamonds are forever because fleming himself was on the verge of giving a bond because it was too lights or cheesy or whatever it was it was becoming too much of a job to him rather than something he actually looked forward to but it was raymond. Chandler that's where i found this week. It was raymond chandler the writer who is given the credit of persuading fleming to not only stick with bond but also to make him more of a rounded character. So this is all by way of saying that. There is something very british about spying espionage. Now no stranger to you guys will be of course the writer john. The camera of mentioned him in several previous episodes. He's of my favorite spy writers. He's the kind of spireites. Ri- would like to have been if i'd had a different career in life. He observes how the americans were always so beto and frustrated at being asked to four counts of cash to get information from their own citizens abroad and british. Of course do it for free which is to say that if six approach he's a businessman in the middle of saudi arabia in the desert and says do you mind helping us. The answer's pretty always. Yes where the americans first question would be how much he offering. But i think this is as much about britain's understanding of capitalism as it does about our inherent love spy in secrecy. You can cry liberty all you want but most of the british governmental doings are secret for a reason it may be long forgotten and people might disagree on what the reason is put in most societies. I think that stuff happens either because the people supported or because at the very least they tacitly enable it. So how do you fit into this delight in discovering something new in solving a famous miss straight. Do enjoy reading about soc discoveries i do. There's nothing better than finding a box of documents in the loft oriented library or in a storeroom somewhere seen by no human i e decades or even centuries and finding something out but is either new or at least forgotten and feels new. I don't believe. I've made a really big discover yet. But i did come close with some phelan's articles i wrote about the banking crisis when i was actually talking to people who had suffered and lost lot of money in the banking crisis as small business owners and you felt like you were talking to the people at the coalface who had really suffered. They had all kinds of stories and information that wasn't publicly available and it really felt like i was breaking new ground in other words. I know something you don't an that is a very powerful thing for most people. And i'm sure it's not only me for most of secrets are so compelling that they become infectious you can pass it on if you choose to like a good dose of virus and nazi secret seem to me to multiply in value when they are sold or shared in some way. Even if you're only gaining some kind of social stunting perhaps it's monetary perhaps. It's simply just knowing something your neighbor. Doesn't that pushes you up in the status stakes for a few minutes or a day or two choosing how who and when to shy old privileges that come with the territory of possessing a secret. So how can you not love a secret in a recent episode of lebas whole They interviewed a guy. Called brian wilson. And he's not the good vibrator not one of the beach boys but he has worked in espionage for the americans in some way or another. I forget exactly what he was tasked with might have been. The navy might have been the marines. I don't know anyway. He was talking. About the stresses and strains of leading a double life. And although i made no attempt to diminish the risk and danger that some of these postings absolutely entail It is quite clear that some people do take real risks and and serious risks to obtain information from difficult parts of the world but most of the people we call spies. I think the press likes to call. Spies are just people sitting in an office at a desk that just people doing a job on they might even be in a cozy posting somewhere really noise so they love a good secret but they don't wanna get shot and i think most of us would fit into that category if you could get secrets and information with little risk. Why wouldn't you agree that this kind of double existence will double. Life is quite as difficult us. Some people think i mean. Don't we all have several personalities or at least shades of personality. Don't we treat our parents or children different from our colleagues for example in the colony be made. Do we talk to customers all supply in the same way that we talk to friends. No we don't you more polite. Maybe bit cooler. Maybe a bit more distant of i anyway. Everybody has a different opinion of view of you. The new and also different opinion from somebody else if you ask if you're brave enough that is if you ask somebody what do you think of me. I mean no british person would ever say that how do you how do you see me. What do you think we would never even think much less say it but if you did say it and they did give you the answer it will be different every time and the same person might give you a different answer next year than the gave last year so therefore passed. Now let's say is not a fixed thing. It changes with age and experience and mood and all kinds of things time of year. Even so i don't agree that espionage can be thought difficult that stressful james bond stuff where death seems to be always. A minutes. Away is not realistic. It's not representative of what most people do in the british security services. So i think the espionage fits perceived as a career is for people who had just like you but maybe more so i know i shed his fascination for secrecy with other writers and researchers Some some of them. I know some of them. I follow on very social media and all of them are good mystery. But maybe that's what makes writers as i said you know with the as the prime example. A good spy makes good novelist and graham greene is another one of those leading lights but a fiction writer of any stripe is a watcher and observer. Not somebody who parts hague's and gets involved sidelines. Sitting of the worst kind is my idea of a good afternoon. you know. Put me in policy or try to make small token. You probably be disappointed but set me up with a book to read all. Let me watch a family party through some double-glazing will be my idea of heaven. You know bring it on. Let's take some notes and surely rights share this with photographers. for example i always viewed with suspicion those friends with a telephoto lenses in the two thousand pound cameras who used the photo zometa some kind of social currency where they there may be that a wedding or a birthday on holiday and the hiding behind the plant pot with a bottle of wine and the cigarette not talking to anybody watching everything taken pictures snap snap and then afterwards they showed the pictures maybe in the evening but it gets them out of boring conversations painters of every variety surely they're just the same with portrait painters being the worst. How day they insist the you sit still for eight hours while less stereo and your pitches and take knows there is no possible. Excuse other than doing painting. Could justify this kind of intrusion in someone else's life especially british person's life you feel that british writers and artists are perhaps different to those overseas. Maybe we're saying here. That british photographer has a different american ones shortly. There's no french novelist like woodhouse. Or and jason worcester but then our artists and writers sunday from previous generations tend to be the class or very highly bread. And i use that word advisedly disraeli. Famous novelist prime minister as was churchill. Only recently has it become possible for working class folks with sharp pencils to get noticed in britain by publishers. And so on and this is a debate. That's going on in publishing right now is with diversity is are we making it too easy for the white middle classes to get into publishing and too difficult for new and interesting voices to be heard. And that's one reason. I like dayton spy novels. I came late to lend eighteen as well. And the crest file but his hero is much more. Like michael cain who plays whatever is called in the movie so len deighton hero is not from the top floor of my six. Like george smiley is but he's a foot soldier actually doing real spying not someone pulling a lever but someone making split second decisions on a daily basis perhaps small james bond actually although fleming himself started off pretty high up in society house. What i'm saying is that espionage at the zone of the introverts. If you still listening perhaps your introvert to i wonder if the extroverts understand this kind of fold process who is who in the end is bond the extrovert the classic extrovert. I don't think daniel craig as because he has these long dark. Brooding moods says opole night with a bottle. I don't think he is an extrovert. I'm i think each bond is different as well. I think jamal walls the but he will serve global espionage but not daniel craig so if we can all change as we gain experience and years. Does that mean. We can flip from being extrovert to an introvert. I think i was a classic extrovert before. I started school as my parents. Tell me that. I was running around the house mush everything. But mine's higher education period early career. I wrote computer programs. So that is an absolute signal of an introvert. And now i'm talking. Thousands of you. Who i've never met is like put customers like the world's largest party or you can't see the guests. I'm too close to myself to know what i'm talking about. But thanks for listening seattle and to leave you on an upbeat i suggest to you that the real model for james bond is a guy called patrick lee farmer he knew in fleming and his wife lady on and he visited them at golden eye and was around as fleming began work on casino royale and he's even mentioned in one of the Early books because he's fine travel writer and fleming use some of his books to research the caribbean so my parting question to you is what. The potty was an extrovert or introvert. He was a war hero. A man of a decorated mono- vactioning create. He did dangerous things and abducted a german general but he was also a thoughtful man and a gifted writer impacts. All of us are both and neither introvert and extrovert all at the same time. It's only novelists the get to label their characters in this way. So that's all for this. We hope you like this slightly different style. Episode we will do. More of these and more frequently is lockdown swings into full operation. If that's the right word maybe it should be swinging out of operation anyway. I'll figure that one out and i'll let you know next time. Thanks for listening to spies of london up. You enjoyed it. Pool loxley is an average by from the north of england to keep him out of trouble. Spungen of em. I sent him to a private girls' boarding school in the chiltern hills. Unfortunately as so often in the past trouble found him the pupil he was sent to watch with me. Nick hayek and i- absconded. They think it was something to do with my iranian father. An arms dealer and international man of mystery anyway. we followed him to hong kong. My friends teacher. Ms leclair turned looks. His head was that my phone's now can look slater features own demons and revived his career. Probably not not if you ask me. His toast loxley Debt is available from all the best bookshops and online outlets in the book. Paperback and e book.

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Episode 45: David D. Levine

The Worldshapers

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Episode 45: David D. Levine

"World-shapers conversations with science fiction and fantasy about the native produce your host and this episode's guest. David D Levine Another episode of the World Shapers by CAST. I talked to other science fiction and fantasy authors about the creative process and I say other because I am of course an author of science fiction and fantasy myself. My latest book is master of the world. My second book into the world shapers series from Daw Books and I'm happy to report that to it was shortlisted for a subscription book award in the Fiction Award category sponsored by Muslims for Peace and Justice. So very excited about that. The awards will be handed out on April Twenty Fifth. And if it wins. That's two thousand dollars that's it. That's a nice award. I like awards that have attached to them. But it's an honor just to be nominated. Normally I would tell you more about the world shapers and my fiction but there's something else I want to talk about this week and that is something I have hinted at For the last few episodes. But it's going ahead now. I am launching on February. Twenty eight I hope at twelve noon. Eastern time is the time aiming for I will be launching a kickstarter for Anthology. Called shapers of worlds and shapers of worlds is an anthology that will feature fiction from some of the first year guests of the world. Shaper podcasts. If you've been following you know that's a pretty impressive group of people. Even though not everybody that was on the first year was able to take part. Many of them are too busy. Some of them. Don't actually write short fiction. I still have a really good collection of authors who have graciously agreed to be part of this policy so if it funds you can expect to see new fiction from Sean. Maguire tenure huff David Weber Lee modest junior David John Butler Christopher Rocky. Oh John C. Right me and Shelly Edina and there will also be reprint stories from John. Scotty Joe Haldeman David Bryn Julius Tornado Doctor Charles e Gannon Gary Kukushkin and three a dire end. There's still a couple of authors that are may be so that list could still increase so the kick starters kickstarter for the anthology will launch as I said on February twenty eighth. My Gold is thirteen thousand five hundred dollars. Acadian that's roughly ten thousand dollars. Us More than half of that money will go to paying the authors and Ten cents a word for Tencent's where Canadian for new stories and five cents a word for reprints. The stretch goals are simple. If I get over that every fifteen hundred dollars I go over what I'm asking for. I will add another penny a word to what I'm paying the author so if you would like to support your author by helping them make a little more money on these stories than help. Get this kickstarter to not only fund but to get into stretch goal territory. If you would like to sign up to be notified when it goes live you can find the project page. Also where you'll go once. It does go live if you want to kick him. You will find the project page at KICKSTARTER DOT COM slash project slash Edward Willett. That's all one word to tease on. Belet W. I l. l. e. t. t. slash shapers hyphen of hyphen worlds. And I guess. There's another backslash there at the end so that's the that's the premium prelaunch page. I should also mention. There's some great backer. Rewards that are being offered by some of the authors. We have giveaways like hardcovers from Dj Butler and paperbacks from Christopher Rocky. Oh there are some new copies of overruled which is a new anthology from Bain books. I'm giving away quite a few books. e-books involved a modest junior is providing some coin suffering his reclusive Sega'S COPPER COINS. Darren coins and David Weber is offering a chance to be first reader which is Someone who receives his books at the same time they go to the publisher in manuscript format. So that's a very exciting one. I'm even offering some short story critiques. And at the very top level I'm offering one opportunity to be a Mnt An apprentice. If you like I will mentor. Somebody over three months as I've done before through various programs and work with you on your fiction and and consult with you and whatever you would like to to consult about on your fiction writing so those are some of the back rewards to look for when this goes live so again that will be launching on February. Twenty eighth at I hope twelve noon eastern standard time and again the URL is kick started dot com slash project slash Edward Willett Slash shapers hyphen of Hyphen worlds. Another backslash we'll do it or you can of course just go to kickstarter and do a search for shapers of worlds. I hope you will check that out. And I hope that you'll kick in and help make this a reality and I should say that if this funds and and is successful my intention is to offer my second year guests on the podcast. The opportunity to be part of another anthology shapers of world's volume to which. I would then kick start when the first year of the PODCAST. Second Year of the PODCAST will wrap up. I mean on an August. Which is I hope. This first anthology will be out and if it's successful. I hope then to work on an anthology featuring some of my second year guests. That's about what I wanted to cover in the intro. This time very exciting. I hope you will check it out and kick in. I should also mention as I always do that. The world shapers. Podcast is part of the Scotsman podcast network and that we are sponsored by can excess credit union. All right that's the introduction. It's time to get onto this episode's guest. David D Levine. David Daniel Levine was born February twenty first nineteen sixty one making him just a little bit younger than me at Minneapolis. Minnesota he grew up in Milwaukee attended college in Saint Louis Missouri. Saint Louis depending on who you are and what are. The country are from and then relocated to Portland Oregon where he's lived ever since. Levine's first publication within the field was the story nineteen ninety-two the world continent wasn't which was published in nineteen ninety six but he began publishing regularly with wind from a dying star in two thousand one and has produced more than fifty story so far including James White Award winner nucle- On in two thousand one Hugo and sturgeon award finalist the tail of the Golden Eagle in two thousand three Hugo award winner. I guess it's Dick. Dick Two thousand five Nebula award finalist titanium. Mike Saves the day in two thousand seven seven and sturgeon a Nebula award finalist damage in two thousand fifteen. Some of his short fiction was collected in two thousand eight in the Endeavour Award winner. Space Magic the Dean was a finalist for the Campbell Award for best new writer since renamed in two thousand three and two thousand four. He Co edited the Fanzine Bento with his wife. Kate you'll and has served as convention chair for Pot. Latch his debut novel Arabella of Mars. Which is what will be talking about. Today is an example of his creative process. The first in a science fantasy series set in an alternate regency era. It came out in two thousand sixteen. There was another one in two thousand seventeen hundred twenty. Eighteen and Mars has been along interest of the David's and in fact in twenty ten he actually spent two weeks living in the simulated Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. So welcome to the world. Shapers David Nice to be here. Usually at this point I talk about how we've met each other at conventions or how we know each other through this or that but I don't think we've ever met anywhere at this point. I don't recall how you how you crossed my across my bow. I'm always interested in in podcasts. I've I've appeared. I've done interviews on a lot of podcasts and I also do podcast. Narrations I narrate my own stories and also sometimes those of other people. We'll have to talk about that too but I didn't the other Koze on this. Podcast is I'm going to take you back into the mists of time. Find out how you got interested in most of US readers. So perhaps that's how you began. You probably did a how you got interested in science fiction and fantasy how you got interested in writing and how you got started putting words on paper which it still was probably when you started writing it was yes so so my father was a science fiction reader back in the thirties in the days of the pulps so there was a lot of science fiction around the house as a matter of fact there are stories that my father told me as bedtime stories when I was a kid which I know recognized as being classics to the Field Like Mission of gravity by Hal Clement. And so I was rounded by science fiction. I always loved it a big Fan. I I counted myself. Fortunate when Star Trek premiered in nineteen sixty six that I lived in the mid Western timezone. Because if I've lived in the eastern or Pacific time zones it would have been past my bedtime so I would the star Trek Fan from day. One and my early the books that I remember were otherwise miss pickerel goes to Mars. Have space suit will travel and Willie lays the runaway. Robot wasn't early favorite. So I've I've been reading it since I was a kid and I started writing science fiction stories about as soon as I started writing at all I actually have a science fiction novel In two volumes which is to say to spiral bound notebooks that I wrote in fourth grade and I picked it up. Reread it a while ago. And it's not bad. It's you know I mean it's it's it's dated but it's not it's not embarrassingly badly written. I mean it's it's juvenile. It's juvenile but I think the sentence the sentences are in our in our in the correct order and there's actually plot and character not so much so much on the character but definitely there is plot. I've we plotted. Character has always been my weakness in plot my strong point and that's been case since the beginning so I wrote a lot of. I wrote a lot of stories in in middle school and high school and in College. I took a science fiction writing class and people said hey this stuff is really good you ought to admit it but when I got out of college I started working as a technical writer. Writing software documentation and writing fiction was just too much like the day job so it didn't write a liquor fiction for twenty years and then. I changed careers. I moved from technical writing into software engineering because I was tired of cleaning up other people's designed messes in wanted to have a chance to to build the software so it was usable from the beginning so once I started once I started being a software engineer. Instead of a technical writer I found my I found that my fiction writing energy had come back And so that was my own ninety eight and so I had A. I had a sabbatical from my job. Coming up in two thousand so I told my wife to her surprise That I wanted to go to clarion from Sabbatical so I went to Clarion West in two thousand and I started And and I started publishing almost immediately thereafter. I wouldn't necessarily recommend being a technical writer for twenty years as a path to fiction writing. But what it did for me is I was able to spend twenty years focusing on the craft of writing reading nonfiction with all of the simple things like like not just the grammar and punctuation but the work habits outlining scheduling my time ergonomics. All of the things I mean writing is a really complicated and I was able to focus on everything except for the fiction craft parts of for twenty years so that when I went to Clarion in two thousand Clarion West I was able to add the the fiction disciplines to the general writing disciplines. Already had which explains why I was able to hit the ground running so hard I think and certainly I mean I mean I went to. I went to Clara in Western two thousand and I was on the Campbell ballot in two thousand three. I don't think most people can do that. I I again. I wouldn't recommend going to clarion at age. Thirty eight thirty nine. Which is what I did but you know it. Everybody has their own pass. There's a member of book view cafe which is a writers cooperative familiar with. Yeah and we produced a book called the usual path to publication. Which is you know. The title is a joke. It's a collection of essays. Where each of the twenty or so people in the book discusses their past a publication. And of course the joke is there is no usual usual path to publication. And I called mine how to sell a novel and only fifteen years because everybody's path to publication is different the I'm currently righted residents at the Saskatoon Public Library here in Saskatchewan and one of the things that I one reason for this podcast and one reason I recommend all the wannabe writers who come in to see me and I've seen forty or fifty individuals at this point is listening to these podcasts. You discover that there is no one right way to do this stuff that everybody brings a different Different style than the different approach and gets into it in a different way There's some similarities with you and what I I. I started in journalism and worked as a newspaper reporter for ten years and I was in communications for five years and I was writing fiction at the same time and selling you know here and there minor things but I do believe that just the very act of sitting down and having to write thousands and thousands of words every week is is quite invaluable. It's It's like anything else. You have to exercise those muscles. Yeah when I was a student writing research papers I hated outlining and then as a as a professional technical writer writing outlining is absolutely unavoidable part of the process. You have to do an outline before you can figure out how much time you need to budget to to do. The work So I was a really really heavy outlander when I started and I discovered in my personal path and I think this is true of many other people that I started out as a plotter and become more and more of a pancer as become more experienced. And I've also noticed that answers actually realize the value of outlining and become a rather rather more plotters as they become more experienced. So I think I think the more experience you get the plotter pancer distinction becomes a lot fuzzier now This your first story is the one thousand nine hundred to the world. Con- that wasn't I'm just curious about the title. What was that about so so this was. It started out as you mentioned. I Co edited defensing with my wife for for twenty five years or so on and so this started out as an essay in the fanzine. That was So the one thousand nine hundred to World Science Fiction Convention was held in Orlando and it just so happened that there was a hurricane that basically just missed slamming into slamming into Orlando like a week before the convention so we wrote an essay. My wife and I call collaborative. We wrote an essay kind of an alternate universe. Con Report of what happened when we went to the convention. Despite the fact that the convention center had been wiped out by hurricane the week before basically basically riffing on the idea that fans will get together and put on a convention under any circumstances. And so God I was GonNa say that fans love stories about Phantom. Yeah well but the thing is is that this was ineffective publication it was explicitly it basically it was an alternate universe con report a Cup Pool years later. Mike Resnick who is recently passed on. He did a lot of anthologies he did. A lot of Alternate universes allergies beginning with alternate presidents. And so he decided that he was going to do a fan project called alternate world cons so he he opened the floor and this was this was explicitly a fantastic project or they did not pay professional rates. Very clear about that upfront. But he opened you opened for for contributions and And so I said Hey. I've got this essay. Would you be interested in it? And he said Yeah. Yeah Yeah So. We paid something less than pro rates like maybe a penny a word and so that when appeared in the second volume again alternate world cons. So it's it's it's basically it was based on something that almost happened but that makes enroll tenant history thing and therefore was perfect for again alternate world cons so that was my first that was our first publication in science fiction market although is not my first professional publication but it was a few years after that when you really started publishing regularly yeah and you focused on you focused on short stories too to start with the. Why were you drawn to that? I I mean that also varies from author to author sums leap right into novels and some seem to gravitate to the shorter forms. I was as Humphrey Bogart when when when everybody was asked in Casablanca why he had come into Casablanca. He said for the waters and bassoon where we were in the middle of a desert and he said I was misinformed. So that's that's why I was. That's why I wrote short stories because I was misinformed at the time. I thought that like I said my father. My father was a it was a reader during the pulps so I had a bunch of a bunch of anthologies and magazines from the from the thirties forties fifties sixties that grew up reading and so reading the essays in there. I got the impression that the way to make a career as a science fiction writer as you begin by making your name with short stories and then you do a fix up novel and then you begin writing novels and that wasn't that wasn't even true then and even less true now but nonetheless. That's what I believe. And also when you go to Clarion West or Odyssey or any of several other workshops for beginning writers. They use short stories. Because it's a it's a much better pedagogical. Technique is when you write a short story. You can write the whole thing in a week. You can do beginning middle end plot characters setting all the pieces in a in an easy to critique and easy to easy to understand chunk if you wanted to workshop novel. You couldn't possibly do that in six weeks. And the Taus toolbox workshop that while to John Williams does is focused on novels in two weeks. But even in two weeks all you can do. Is You can talk about novels. And you can read excerpts but you can't critique a whole novel you can't write and critique a whole novel in two weeks that's that's physically impossible so I I discovered that I enjoyed by going to buy glowing Declarin. West discovered that I enjoyed short fiction and I was good at it so I kept writing short fiction for a long time. I find that most writers are either natural. Novelists are natural short story people and I would be. I found myself to be a natural short story writer. I say that most people are natural novelists because most of what people read these days is novels and your which your yard which eat. You tend to write which elect to read and so most science fiction and fantasy. These days is published and consumed in the form of novels novels. Get a lot more attention Novels get a lot more critical critical interest. If you just Google on you know best best science fiction of Twenty nineteen and you'll probably find nine or nineteen pages talking about nothing but novels for everyone paid you find that even mentions a short story that just novels are where the action is and so I did spend a long time in the short story minds and I learned an awful lot but I always felt that novels got more attention. It certainly is the case that even amid list novel gets more attention than even a even award winning short story so I always wanted to be a novelist and I wrote are a bell of Mars was the fourth novel I wrote about the first one to sell. What what did you start with? What was the first one? Didn't so so the first novel I wrote Had The working title of EPA Zanuck with an x which was changed to remembrance. Day for for submission. It takes place on Earth where the aliens have come and the model was the British in India that there were not very many of them and they didn't conquer they came in and offered us a really good deal and took over so they had They they gave us a a worldwide rapid transportation system and cure disease and stuff like that and all they wanted was To to to make to make use of our materials in special craft so it really was they really were dominating the planet but only economically not militarily. And so this is. This was a world where the aliens were they were. They were the the elite they were the classy ones and basically all of humanity was was relegated to a subsidiary role and most people were reasonably happy with it but there were a few people who didn't like it so my main character was somebody who who fell in with a with a group of rebel of rebels or or terrorists as they were described by by people outside the group who had managed to seize a An alien bio computer. Then he was a computer hacker and he hacked it and for reasons that he didn't understand at the time the hack resulted in plague. An epidemic a a play an alien plague and so all the aliens started coming down with this horrible disease that was spreading like wildfire and the connection between the two wasn't even clear at first and to make things more complicated He he was the ex-lover of the daughter. The of the aliens leader who was also not coincidentally the first person to fall to the virus. So I did a. I did something incredibly ambitious. I said well if in banks can write a novel that BOPs back backward and forward in time simultaneous. I can too so I didn't have a in in bank. Says I believe it's use of weapons. You got alternating points of view. One of them going forward in time the other one backward to a to a mutual conclusion on. I didn't do that but I did have. One of the two point of view threads began a say in January and the other one began in September of the same year and bopping back and forth between them One of them is catching up to the other. And they both finish up in December. So so that. So you've got one one. Thread is offering you Previews and foreshadowing for what's happening in the other thread and the other threat is explaining. What's happening in the in the later and so anyway it was. It was ridiculously complicated. And I believe I pulled it off but nobody was willing to risk it for a first novel. Also there was there was poly-amorous and and my main character slept with with men women and aliens and and it was the first novel I think I think it was really good but it didn't sell I. Did you came close? I got I got an I got an offer from a major publisher but the editor I did not get an offer from a major publisher. I got an editor who wanted to buy it. But he couldn't convince his boss to put up the money and then and and none of the other. None of the other publishers were interested and so the second novel was a similar thing again. I thought I thought it worked I learned from the learned from from the first novel at that. I needed to be a little bit less ambitious. So instead of having instead of having alternating points of view bopping back and forth in time and a An complicated poly-amorous Bisexual Alien fucking love story. I'm sorry did I say that. We're in the second novel. I had only only two points of view and and it was and it was strictly going. It was strictly going direction in time but I still had an underage lesbian Lesbian Romance at the heart of it and and that one also did not sell the the QS. Okay okay so that didn't sell. And the third one was a was a young adult. One point of view strict chronological and still had still had a possible lesbian. Love affair in there but not but not intergenerational on and at the time I was finishing up books three the rejections that I was getting on book. Two people were telling me science fiction just isn't selling these days. I remember that I don't know if it was actually true at the time. But it was certainly the message that I was getting from both editors and agents so for the my fourth price so after I finished third book that the young adult one I did not even submit it. I set it aside because it was science fiction and I said what can I write? That's fantasy enough to meet the needs of the market but science fiction enough to to satisfy my science fiction writer heart and so of the huge pile of ideas that I have. Because I don't know about anybody else but it certainly is a truism in this field that ideas of the easy part. I mean you know that thing about somebody will come up during a party and say and say hey. I've got this great idea for a science fiction story. You know. Y'All give you the idea you write it. We'll split the profits and and no no ideas are easy. Ideas are a dime a dozen so I had this huge pile of science fiction story ideas and there was this one that was that involved an alternate regency or at least an alternate an alternate enlightenment period. Where the sky was full of air and the European cowart. European powers had colonize Mars Venus. Which are of course inhabited and so I had. I had this idea and I thought you know this kind of feels like fantasy with the flying sailing ships. But I'm going to. I'm going to approach it as science fiction and and so I wrote it and and this is one of those things. Where when you when you mention well I've got. I've got these three or four novel ideas. This was the one that everybody pointed out and get. Yeah Yeah that one. That one sounds fascinating and really. That's the basic idea of our Bella with the flying sailing ships in the girl who dresses as a boy and and and and Martians and pirates and privateers. It's got a lot of. It's got a lot of jazz to it. People really like the raw idea and that helped me that helped propel me through the writing of it and it really helped sell it. One thing. That is really important when you are submitting book to either in Asia during editor is you've got to have your comps your comparable titles and for my first couple of novels. I said. Well it's kind of like Larry Niven or it's Kinda like advance you know I was. I was comparing with myself to writers who were already twenty or thirty years out of date but on this one. I could say it's Patrick O'Brien in space. That's my that's my crop title. I could also compare it with Mary. Robinson Co Walls. A regency magic series. So if you can if you can realistically compare your book to things which are highly regarded critical success and current bestsellers. It dramatically increases the chances of success versus saying well. It's kind of like this obscure thing that you might not have heard of or was forty years ago so and that's something that you've gotta you've gotTa do that. That has to be baked into the core of the book. It's not something you can't come up with titles after it's written you have to understand as you're beginning to write it. I'm going for a CJ SHERRY. Feel or it's going to be like N. Que Jemison or I want something like Captain Nemo that you have to have your cup titles in mind from the very beginning and it's best if those cup titles are things that people will go yeah cool. I love that I want more of it all right well. Let's get a synopsis of Arab of Mars. I for those who for some inexplicable reason have not read the book. Okay so our bell of Mars takes place in eighteenth thirteen in an alternate universe in which the sky is full of air and the European powers of colonize Mars and Venus are. Bella is a girl who was raised on a plantation on Mars but her mother Fearing that she was turning into a wild colonial child called her back to England she hated it in England. I everything was too heavy to wet too warm. And the people were dull She wanted excitement in her life She had grown up Basically completely on her own. She and her brother would run around in the desert with their Martian nanny and have have all kinds of adventures on and in and in England it was just balls and and and cards and horses and an incredibly dull So then They get a letter discovering that dad who had remained back on Mars had passed away of a fever and our Bella discovers that her cousin is planning to travel to Mars and do in her brother so that he can inherit the family fortune. She is a for a variety of contrived reasons. The only person who is in a position to do anything about this so she disguises herself as a boy and signs on too fast interplanetary freighter to attempt to beat her cousin to Mars so she can warn her brother and save the Family Fortune. Naturally hijinks ensue. She winds up. There's a there's a mutiny. The ship is attacked by pirates. They land on Mars to discover. There's an alien rebellion in progress. Eventually there's a confrontation and our ability does indeed Get the boys saved the fortune and and calm the income the Martian rebellion. It's a heck of a lot of fun now going back to the initial idea. You have a lot of ideas but do you remember what kind of made you think of this in the first place and and is that typical of the way that your ideas come to you. I say of ideas. That ideas are like neutrinos. They come sleeping down in space by the billions but you have to be dense enough to stop one so if you just keep your Eyes Open. Ideas are coming to you. Constantly I was talking with somebody at Clarion one of my fellow students. About where is she said? Rian where'd you get? Where'd you get your ideas and there was a bird in the tree nearby? We're outdoors and I said well you know there's a bird you know. Let's talk about birds you know. What if what if what if what if birds were were spaceships? What if you could build a spaceship out of a bird brain and just sorta sketched on an idea right? Then and that idea became till the Golden Eagle which was my first Hugo nominee so so in this particular case the see I know exactly where the seat of our Abella was. It was nine hundred eighty seven. It was Gene Wolf's book earth of the New Sun Earth Sun takes place in a far far far future. Which is which is almost medieval on and at one point our hero boards a board the ship to to take him to another planet and he's given a he's given a necklace which holds the air around himself and he discovers that when he goes out on deck In order to talk to somebody else you have to move up close to them. So that your Envelopes of Air Intersect Because there is no there is no sound in space and he asks why is this so and is told while the philosophers believe that if there were sound in space the roaring of the stars would deafen the universe and that that note about about about space is full of vacuum because otherwise the roaring of the stars would definitely would definitely universe stuck with me for over twenty years and I had this idea for I. It was going to be a short story about it. Was going to be an alternate seventeen hundreds where humanity discovers that. The Sky is indeed full of air that that that the that the unit the universe the universe is full and this is going to be. I figured when would people when people discover this. When and how would people discover that that the that the universe will of air? Figured they'd probably do it. It would probably be Ben. Franklin or or Isaac Newton or something like that And they would discover it by actually actually hearing that vibration which You know people would have evolved to not hear it but there would be this. This peculiar low level hummed. It's it's everywhere and so I started out thinking about it as being the discovery of the phenomenon but then I started thinking about. What would people do after they discovered it? So I had this idea about the flying sailing ships in the seventeen hundreds on I think probably because I started out with the idea of the enlight and then as the plot evolved it moved from the seventeen hundreds up to the regency. Because I I do dearly love Patrick. O'brien and so the Napoleonic wars in space but I like having. I like having a young adult main character. I like having a a female main character because life is harder for women especially in especially in in the past of of our cultures. And so putting you're putting your main character in a situation that is difficult is a way to make their story more interesting so basically making her female just made her life harder. And so that's how I came up with my main character and my setting and the rest of it kind of evolved through through discussions with other writers and mostly just kind of pulling things out of my tail. Because you know that's what fiction is is pulling stuff out of your tail and putting it on the page. There's a Canadian writer who has been mentioned a few times by Canadian writers who actually studied with the mechanics. Jane Dorsey had had actually. He's the met him. I think worked with him a bit. Not a science fiction writer. His name was w o Mitchell but he used to have a TV show where dramatized Some of his fiction and the name of the TV show was the magic lie which is a great a great Expression to describe fiction and I was glad you're talking about is being everywhere because when I do workshops and things at I did one not too long ago in fact I was talking about this and I said well look around the room. There are coathangers over there and I looked at the coat. Hanger I asked questions and I came up with a story idea based on coathangers so yeah. It's just a it's again. It's kind of that muscle exercise. I think. Yeah I do. I do a workshop called idea to idea to story in an hour and I usually do start off with something like that. Now you had your idea you character now one. Does your planning process look like how do you take that? And turn it into your novel. Do you said you're more of a panther than than a outline her now but you also said you were not liners so at the time I rode. Arabella was a pretty strict out liner so my writing process is I is. I always have to files or in Scrivener I have. I have one. I have one file outside of the manuscript and so I have my notes file and I have my draft file on and so I start off in the notes file and my notes file. I only ever add onto the end of it. So it's it's a combination of writing journal and process notes so I start off every every writing session I sit down and I write the date and where I am and then and then I start and then I start typing in the notes file about okay. So here's where we are and here's what I'm going to do next. And so for the first a maybe for the first hour or two on a short story or the for the first weeks or months on a novel of just type in the notes file and think. Okay well this is what I want to do and this is. This is some ideas for the for the story and setting and I may go off and do some research and copy and paste stuff out of web pages into the notes file. I may write a couple of paragraphs about the character and where they're coming from The notes file is full of lots of maybe. And what if and then if I then I could And so I just I just talk on paper I just I just talk it out and then every once in a while I'll stop and I'll write a bullet list of of okay. This is this is. This is the outline so far and I will actually like copy and paste lists down further into the notes file so that I can refer back to previous versions so generally the notes file is as big or bigger than than the actual project and eventually at some point. I actually start drafting in the other file and so the notes file will contain my notes. About what did I write today? And where do I think this is going next? And what are the problems I need to keep an eye out for in the future? And how many words did I write today? And sometimes my my my Notes file just says you know. Writing at so-and-so coffee shop with seven so did fifteen hundred words on ex you know. Sometimes it's just that and sometimes my entry for notes following pages and pages and pages and pages of Oh God. I've written myself into a corner with do now so I find that my process is generally. I will outline the whole book before I began writing and then I have to stop about halfway through and re outlined the second half based on what I've learned about the characters and situation in the first half because the because the second half that I had in mind is no longer viable or I discover many many times I discovered them my outline. I outlined the first half in considerable detail and then the second half is then is is something along the lines of and then hijinks shoo. Everybody comes out happy mom so I have to not only because I didn't think through in detail but also because what I had in mind isn't going to work anymore based on where I've gone up until this point so I stopped and re outlined at the halfway point and then again at three quarter point on I'd stop in re-outlined the back quarter of the book. Yes that sounds very familiar to me too. Because I've I do something similar in fact I just did it for the Lago for the one. I'm working on now. Which is your next novel. It was I had replied to the end because it just wasn't going to work the way I originally thought it was going to work. I find that I'm my particular processes. I can't begin writing until I have an ending in mind. I may not wind up with that ending but I have to have ending in minder. I can't start moving now. You mentioned a little bit about your writing. The actual physical active writing you. Write in coffee. Shops SAAB IS TYPICAL D. Right out of your home or your Home Office serve. How does it work for you I have? I have a comfortable writing chair in my living room but I do find that. It's much easier for me to write. If I can get away from my home environment with all of its chores and distractions and so I I find that writing with one or two other people in a coffee shop is the most motivating. Because when you've got somebody on the other side of the table typing typing diligently away you don't pay attention to the fact that they may just be you know they. They may just be on facebook. You eat it. They give the impression of productivity and therefore that compels me to be productive also. There's something about the noise of a coffee shop. That is that is very it's help. It helps people to focus and far from the only person to have discovered that. And of course there's coffee so interestingly interestingly. I did when I first started a started. I don't write fulltime. I'm retired from the day job but people said Oh you're retired to write full time at no. I'm not spending any more time writing than I did before but I'm not I don't have a day job so when I first retired started thinking about about putting more attention to my rioting I considered a renting space in a co working space and basically the choice was I could rent. I can rent a co working space for like three hundred dollars a month with three coffee or I could pay for the coffee at three bucks a shot and get free working space so it was just. It was cheaper to work in a coffee shop and a CO working space. I'd love to be able. I'd love to be able to have regular co working partners. I know people who are who are software engineers and people a lot of cartoonists in Portland. We have this amazing. S- studio called periscope which is a co working space for cartoonists and comics illustrators. And I'd love to have that sort of working environment but it just I just can't justify the expense. I like to work in coffee shops to. Here's another question about working in that kind of a space. Do you find that. You occasionally are overhearing conversations that interfere with your writing. Because that's what happens to me and then I have to put on headphones and listen to music. I used to write to music and I found that I just sort of stopped doing that. I guess I don't find those conversations too distracting the one thing that will be distracting is if there's music at the coffee shop and the music has words and that starts happening then I have to go someplace else but the conversations don't don't impinge too badly once you have a draft. Well first of all are you have fast writer so writer how do you typify yourself? I'm an extremely slow writer. I have been working with the exception of the third book which because of various life factors. I had to finish in six months. I've never written a novel in less than two years and my current project which again due to various life circumstances. I've been working on for over two years now and I could easily see it extending out to three mom and I'm I'm trying to be to myself I have a real tendency to beat myself up for not being more productive but but I'm trying to be kind to myself and and let let the process flow as it does so once you do have a draft. What's your revision process before it gets submitted anywhere? You Have Beta readers. Do you do it all yourself. How does that work for you? After I finished a draft I generally will go through and do a revision based on what I've learned about the book during the process of it. I generally my first drafts come out extremely extremely consistent. Because I'm really good at keeping details clear in my head and so consist. I don't have to go back and revise to make sure that my heroines is didn't change color or anything like that close. Yeah people yeah but I have. I have a really strong sense of of where where everything is in the room. I do I don't have I don't have difficulty with blocking. I never have people you know across the room and then find themselves back at the door so the problem. The problems that I have are larger problems like Character isn't sympathetic enough Or or there's not enough tension and wish there was like a knob on the outside of a story that you could just turn your mic character more sympathetic or what have you So okay but anyway so by the time we get to the end of it in my notes file. I have a whole bunch of notes of things. I want to take care of the first revision and so I go through and do I do a revision pass on my own then if possible. I have I have workshops a couple of novels using process where you get together with a with a bunch of other novels trends. You're into beach house for a long weekend and you trade off you. Trade off critiques a technique which has worked really well in the past. Is You get a dozen people together and everybody has a completed novel and you have to have a draft done by a certain date maybe two months before and so then you share you. Put Your novels up on a On a shared drive so that everybody can access them. Everybody reads everybody else's synopsis. And I fifty pages and then two people read your complete novel and you read to complete novels and the person who's organizing the thing has to figure out who does which it's it's a little bit complicated but I've never done that part myself. And then you go and then you go and you spend a weekend at a beach house With the cooking together and and and and eating the other end of an exchanging critiques during the day and just talking shop and chewing the fat For the rest of the For the rest of the time so in way you get at a bunch of people looking at your premise and opening which is really important and then a couple of people look at the whole thing and likewise you'll learn an awful lot from critiquing other people's work so this is this is the best way that I have found to get feedback on a novel. I also for my first two novels. I was working with a with a critique group that met regularly person and so I was writing a chapter for every meeting and promise them that if I did not have a chapter for them I would buy everyone drinks and I never had to do that. So it was very motivating for me to keep drafting and it was getting feedback on the thing as it went along. Now I remember Dean Wesley Smith telling me that nobody's ever written a good novel that way But he said this right after he'd praised my novel which was written that way so well I suppose there's an exception to everything but So so I do. Do like to get feedback. I don't have sadly at the moment. I do not have a writing group. I do not have trusted Beta readers. The people that are was the people that I was working with. Many of them have stopped being productive for a variety of reasons and those that have been productive are too busy with their writing careers to take time to critic other people's stuff so putting together a good writing group is important and it's also difficult. Yeah I've never had one living in small town scotswomen growing up. There was a writing group but it was elderly women who wrote stories about the depression. So yeah we have to. We have to writers organizations here in Portland we got amit writers and the Oregon Writer's colony and they're both very good But the majority of the majority of people in them are retired people mostly women who are writing their memoirs We do have quite a few fiction writers and quite a few screenwriters and playwrights But the numerical majority of members of these writers organizations or people writing memoir. I did find a good way. This is you know as I said. I'm pretty much your age. I'm a couple years older than you and there was used to be. A group called the science fiction and fantasy writers workshop which was a by Mayo critique thing because we didn't have email yet and it worked well and I found a couple of really great Critique irs who went on to have careers of their own And that was nice but critiquing by mail is a very assess so it just didn't work just started trying to get books turned around in any kind of reasonable amount of time. So yeah here's here's something that I I say I I. I've led a lot of critique sessions at at science fiction workshops. I started at attending them and gradually shifted over into leading them. And what I say about critiquing in groups is that the benefit to a writer of critiquing in groups is that you take you take the time to read a work with a critical eye and this is a draft so everybody everybody involved agrees that that this is not. This is not a Finnish perfect work. This it's because it's not like a literature class. Rereading something that has already been published and it's probably received a lot of critical acclaim. You're reading something which is definitely rough. Definitely a draft. And so you're looking for ways it can be improved so you look at it with a critical eye and then you get together and you share your opinions in a circle with other people who have also read that same work with a critical eye and from listening to the other reactions to a piece that you have just read with that critical. I you can hear other people say you can hear. For example. Other people found that this thing here was a problem and I didn't even notice that or I thought that this was a problem and other people didn't and so by hearing what other people thought of the same story that you just critiqued you can improve your own critical faculties you can figure out. What am I missing that? Other people spotting or vice versa. And so that I think is one I mean in addition to the critique that you receive and the things that you learn from reading other people's drafts you also learn from other people's critiques. And so that's that's something that you cannot cannot duplicate by mail and and and and you you could duplicate it with with like a you know with like a group Group video chat I have not tried doing critique by group video chat but I can imagine that That it would work as well so once. You have your Polished draft and it goes into your editor. What kind of editorial feedback to you typically. Get Worse Oh yes. The the first. The first book I got the first book had been through many many rounds many rounds of critique and so the editorial letter was quite short the second book I did get I did get a rather extensive editorial letter and the third book both because it was written so fast and because of critiques that I I mean that critiques reviews that had read the second book. I got a really Actually okay so this is a tour book and it got a really scathing review on TOR DOT COM. The second the second Arabella on and deck really set me back on my heels animates substantial changes to the third book to address. The problems that this reviewer found with the second book and I really wish he'd reviewed the third books are could find out what she what she thought of the changes but she did not so whether whether the third book is better on those those issues of colonialism and racism than the second book was. I haven't received a lot of feedback indicating whether or not it did a good job because books books in in a series or like children. You look at somebody's photo album and there will be you know a dozen photos of the of the first child and a couple of photos of the second child and the child away here. They are at seven books in the series books books in a series of the same that the first the first book. It's a lot more critical attention. Like there's I mean. Look at the number of the number of views of the three books on Amazon or good rates. And you'll plainly see like like the first book has I don't know how many reviews certainly well over fifty the second more like a couple dozen in the third. Maybe a dozen. You know that that just readers and publishers like series because it answers the question of I enjoyed this. Give me something. That's just like this only different. But in general only the people that read the first book will read the second and only only some of the people that read. The first book will read the second and only some of the people that read. The second book will read the third so the number of readers always goes down over the length of the series. Even you know even George. Martin is not getting as many sales of the last book in his series even though it's a huge national bestseller as he did for the first book because every book in the Series Act as an ad for the first book so so as a successful series as it goes on every new book every new book that comes out of the end is going to cause more people to start at the beginning but many of those people who start will not will will read as the justice books just the first couple and not go on. So this is big descending curve of readership over the course of a series even the really successful ones when I wrote my first trilogy as he see Blake it was under pseudonym and the first book by far my most popular book but as the trilogy went along. I certainly notice that that each book had fewer readers which is disturbing in a way it works. It is just the way it works. There's a there's a death spiral that can occur where it's called Ordering to the net when back in the days when when brick and mortar booksellers were the were the top of the food chain They would You know if if they ordered twenty copies of our twenty thousand copies of some book and only sold fifteen thousand of them then they would only order fifteen thousand copies of book too and they probably only sell twelve thousand of that so they would only order twelve thousand copies of books three which made it was almost physically impossible to increase sales from from one book to the next. So it you know so there's ordering to the net can turn into a death spiral where where you don't you no longer have the opportunity of selling more. Because they just aren't in the stores. Did you know that Arabella was going to be a? Are you say Arbella don't you? How did I say our Abella? I believe that I am pronouncing the name of my main character incorrectly. So I will not I will. I will never ever correct anybody else. I think I'm wrong but I'M NOT A and and people say well that's the way you pronounce it. It must be corrected. No not necessarily I had. I had a I had a story that was That was set in Set in China and I had all these Chinese words in it which I had which I have looked up but when I went to when it went to read it when I went to to do the audiobook of it I discovered that I had no idea how to pronounce those words that I put on the page. Funny Story Asked a friend of mine. Who Does Speak Mandarin? How these words are pronounced and he. He emailed me back saying of this one particular was pronounced with the like the A and Ken not the can't and I won't what I forgot that he was a Brit. So so cannon Kant on anyway so but just because I wrote something doesn't mean I know how to pronounce it and a lot of people have trouble with the name of the story Tick Tick. And that's just how. I say I just say tick tick so you've got it fun or go on so anyway so Bella. I wrote it as a standalone but during that during that novel Critique Weekend I was talking with my writer friends and everybody says you know if you if you go to a public publisher comes back to you with an offer. They're going to say you know. What else do you have in mind and if you can say well? I've got two more books planned in this series. They'll offer you a three book contract and so we. I just basically sat around with with some friends in the evening and we be asked out a a second and third book so so when I so I wrote it as a standalone but when by the time I came to present it to the to the publishers I had a one page outline for a book two and a one paragraph sketch book three and my hip pocket so when the publisher did indeed come back and say we like this. What else do you have? I could say. Well here's a sketchbook to in his sketchbook three and so I got a three book contract all right well we're getting within about ten minutes of an. I need to cut this short shorts still an hour so I want to ask my big philosophical question which is why do you do this? Why do you right? Why do you write science fiction? And why do you think any of us do? Why do I write? I write because I enjoy making things and this is and this is something that I really enjoyed about. Software Engineering is basically. You know I wiggle my fingers and caused 'cause stuff to appear stuff. That actually does job in this case. The job is entertaining. People I enjoy. I enjoy the process of creating. I enjoy the WHO what happens. Next thing storytelling basic human human thing and I happen to find myself with the skill set. I think some of its innate and some of its trained and I definitely have. I definitely have some innate skills and I've also also done a lot of a lot of I've taken. A lot of workshops have taken a lot of courses. I've I've chewed the fat many late hour talking about. How do we do this thing on? And so I built up. I built a pretty good skill set and I enjoy exercising. That skill set And you know and and the EGO boost when somebody says ooh I read that book I loved. It is is just You know it's it's that's one of the best things in life is when somebody to when somebody says. Hey I saw that thing you did. It was great so really I mean people right for all sorts of reasons they write for money. They write for fame. They write for critical acclaim. I really do right for for the reviews and the awards that is that is the thing that I am hoping to achieve. And why why does anybody do it? Everybody's got their own reasons. And if you're going to pursue a career in writing you really have to understand what you want out of it and how. You're going to prioritize the things that you do in order to align your particular skills with your goals. You've got to understand what your goals are before he can determine how to achieve success. You know if I had like if I had twice as many readers and was making less money I would go. Great trade off. I would happily do that. I know other people that are trying to trying to put food on the table on it. They wouldn't take that They would say I would much rather sell a thousand copies with a with a fifty percent royalty than Than sorry they say. I'd rather sell. I'd rather sell five hundred copies with a fifty percent royalty then two thousand copies at a twenty five percent royalty even though the money even though the money might be the same. That means that that if you self publish you get more money per copy but most self. Publishers can't sell can't move as many copies as a traditional publisher with all of their marketing resources. Can so I would much rather have a smaller slice of a bigger pie? Even if I get less money out of the deal because you get more exposure more visibility more readers more critical attention if my book appears in brick and mortar bookstores in the libraries. And and and and you know gets gets reviewed you know. These are all things that are more available to me as traditionally published writer. And they matter to me. It really matters to me to find my book in. The library and that to me is worth giving up a big chunk of the royalties for self published writer. They would rather have a big chunk of the royalties of each book. Which means they make more money even if they even if they put fewer copies in front of People's eyeballs. So you have to understand what's important to you and then choose your tactics based on achieving your goals and why science fiction I I always say what's the point of reading a book where it's where it's limited to things that could happen in the real world. I say Yeah Really. I mean okay. Yeah Yeah So. I'm reading reading how the West was won gone with the wind and gone with the wind. You know nothing really interesting is going to happen. No MARTIANS will descend. There are no ghosts. You know that that I think fiction fiction's all made up and you should have the you should have the ability to make whatever you want and so I really do find stories with the element of the fantastic to be a lot more interesting than stories that are limited to what could actually happen. Yes when people ask me why the right science fiction I say I why wouldn't I? Yeah it's just more interesting to me all right. Well what are you working on now? I am working on what I describe as a space opera caper picture. It's a cross between leverage and firefly in the in the universe of the expanse on a group of a group of a criminal gang basically They had a. They had what they thought was going to be the job that would set them up for their lifetimes. It didn't go well. Several gang members were killed and they split up ten years later. The son of the leader of the gang shows up and says dad's in jail. I'm putting the gang back together to to break him out and it turns out to be more complicated than that sounds fun. Is there a release state of that or are you still somebody's in the future? No it some ways often the future I met. Let's see I think I'm I think I just crossed seventy eight thousand words or thereabouts shooting for one hundred thousand. But that's the first draft so it's GonNa be it's GonNa be a while before it's even a ready to submit never mind having a publication date and as I said I'm trying to kind to myself and not be myself for not being as productive as at and anybody that wants to follow you and find out what you're up to. Where can they find you online? My website is David. D LEVINE DOT com. You can find me on twitter. As David D Levine. You can find me on facebook as David D. period Levin But I use that. David D Levine identifier. I'm also on instagram. David D Levine. I use my middle initial. Because the name David Levine is quite common. There's the there's a New Yorker Caricaturist David Levine. There's an INDYCAR. Driver named David Levine. In a lots and lots and lots and lots of dentists and lawyers named David Levine. So I just I I. I never had a hope of getting my unadorned name to be near anywhere near visible on Google. But but if you use if you Google David D Levine. You should find me. I've been pretty lucky with goodwill that. There's a professional golfer. I think there's a guy who plays the cello. He played on the theme. Music for northern exposure with a group called chance and his name. Is Ed Willett but if you Google Leopard will get like most of the I two patriots. So that's pretty good all right. Well thanks so much for the collaboration. That was That was great and Yeah I'm glad you very much graduate guest on the Word Shakers. Best of luck to you. Thanks again to David. D Levine for being my guest on this episode of the podcasters. I hope you enjoyed that chat as much as I did and I hope that you will come back in the future. There are many great guests lined up. Let's see I've got to Jeffrey. Carver is coming up. I- Renaming Interviewing Carrie Vaughn. Tim Powers and there's some others already in the works. That will be coming up before long. So please do come back for all of those future episodes and that reminds you again of the kickstarter that will launch on February twenty. Eighth are we'll have launched on February twenty eighth. If you're listening to this after that fact it'll be a thirty day kickstarter looking to raise thirteen thousand five hundred dollars. 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On twitter at the world shapers and on facebook at the world shapers or do a search for the world shapers podcasters also a facebook group. If you'd like to be part of that to discuss episodes with other listeners you can find me online at Edward. Willett DOT COM. Edw A. R. D. W. L. L. E. T. T. dot com. You can buy books online at Edward Willett Shop Dot Com. If you'd like to order autographed copies you can find the press that will be publishing shapers of world's at shadow PA PRESS DOT Com. You can also find me on twitter at e Willett. I think that covers all that once again. I want to say that this podcast is part of the subscription podcast network and we are sponsored by connects his credit union. So that will be it for this week. I hope you will come back. My next guests will be Jeffrey A carver in two weeks time. And before that of course have I mentioned the kickstarter. There is a kickstarter. You should totally kick in to the kickstarter and get some great new fiction from some of the great guests from my first year podcasting and some great reprints from some other guests. My first year of podcasting. That's it for this episode of the world shapers due to come back many times in the future and hear more chats science fiction advancing authors about their creative for this time

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