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"patrick john katie" Discussed on Daily Detroit

"Thursday june third twenty twenty one sharing what to now and where to go in metro detroit from detroit north end east of woodward i'm jay stays and from west of woodward riley so What do you have When we do these episodes even though it's a thirsty thursday we usually have some sort of cocktail in our hands. What do you got devon. yes and no No change here. I've got a nice negroni which is sticking with the amaro theme from last week for those of you don't know negroni is a great great good sipping cocktail. It's got jin which have some lady of the house jin still in my stash here. It's campari sweet. Vermouth and garnished with an orange peel. I like to do a little little squirt and garnish of lemon myself. But it's it's a great drink you just serve on the rocks. I have the pingree bourbon and coke. Which is my kind of higher end version of jack and coq au pin green coke. I like it will have to think of a name for that yet. Needs it needs a name. I personally liked it. We did the sapphire son last week. Yeah oh that was good. I am sure that district you alter it. Did it did it. Did and you know what else streets us. Well our members on patriotic thinks to patrick john katie and well another john all members of daily detroit. Who help keep this thing going. We've got some big projects going on that. We're announcing on patriotic. I to tell you about because you know devon things cannot stay the same no no they cannot share change. Change must be embraced and i'm changing it up a little bit now. I'm coming to you from a nice out. Door patio here sipping on mine. Growney so excuse. The birds chirping in planes. But i'm enjoying this beautiful spring summer weather. We've got going all right. Let's just jump into it because there is a lot to talk about. Let's do it here. Where do you wanna start first up. An old eastside factory is seeing new life. The old cadillac stamping plant on conner is.

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