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Full Episode: Monday, November 18, 2019

World News Tonight with David Muir

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Full Episode: Monday, November 18, 2019

"We're following two deadly shootings the scene at another Wolmar today the chaos of the Walmart parking lot the gunman firing a man and woman in their car. And what happens. There's been another man with a gun approaches. The gunman also the urgent hunt white now. It another horrific shooting. At least four people killed six wounded family and friends gathered children into would police say the gunman got into the backyard at began firing sephardic just in tonight breaking news. The man accused of killing his fiancee. A young mom last seen with her daughter on Thanksgiving what year ago. The jury taking just three hours to deliberate tonight their verdict in the impeachment showdown tonight president trump now suggesting he might answer questions in the impeachment. Inquiry critics say that is very unlikely and tonight all eyes soon of the witnesses who were listening in on that that call with the president of Ukraine. Set to testify before the American people in the morning also late today. The passenger jet evacuated when a passenger had a backpack. Pack that was smoking flight attendants jumping into action overseas tonight. The tense Jennifer Right now. Is it the last stand in Hong Kong. Our correspondent is there the Gore research here at home moving up the East Coast Rain Snow and ice right into the northeast. We tied down the Queen Tonight. Stand behind present drew after what some are calling a disastrous interview interview about Jeffrey Epstein. Saying he found epsteins conduct unbecoming come coming. He was a sex offender heart pounding moment tonight. The eight year old girl saved from her kidnapper. This is ABC News. Tonight with David Muir anything and it's great to have you with us here as we start another week and we're following two developing stories to deadly shootings. The urgent hunt underway at this hour and the other deadly shooting at another Walmart this time in Oklahoma in the parking lot. The gunman targeting a man and a woman in a car riddling the windshield with bullet holes in a bystander with a gun approaching the suspect in the parking lot the the gunman would then turn the weapon on himself. At least nine shots fired family members rushing to the scene. ABC's Marcus Morris also on the tonight from Duncan Oklahoma. The calls came in just before ten o'clock this morning. Report for shots fired at police racing to this Walmart eighty miles south of Oklahoma City. This is a very sad tale. That's unfolding here in Dunkin. Oklahoma schools placed on lock down. We know that two people were inside of this red car. You're seeing right here with the bullet holes in the windshield and she old three people including the alleged shooter debt a handgun found at the scene. Breath two white males and white female to the victims are inside a vehicle. One is outside the vehicle a witness telling station Kale. CEO that before the gunman took his own life and armed citizen approached the man he don't mm stop and then after that The the shoot it is stop and then in turn the gun on himself. Police say this was an isolated incident outside the store but the shooting shooting comes just days after the Walmart in El Paso reopened where a gunman killed twenty two people in August or the history in the last several years. It has a lot of impact it makes people very fearful. It makes people wonder what's going on. So let's get right to marcus more tonight as live from Dunkin Oklahoma in any word on a motive tonight. Marcus Casse. David policemen not commenting on a motive. But they do say that the victims and the alleged shooter all knew each other tonight. Investigators are looking at surveillance images. Trying trying to get a better picture of what happened in this parking lot. David Marcus more. Thanks to you tonight. Also developing just before we came on the air verdict in a case that has made national headlines in Colorado Arado a jury finding Patrick swayze guilty on all counts in the death of his fiancee. Young MOM Kelsey Berith. Free was accused of bludgeoning birth to death while they're one year. Old Daughter daughter was in a nearby room. Birth was last seen with their daughter at a supermarket on Thanksgiving Day. A year ago her body was never found the jury taking just three hours to determine guilty on all counts. ABC's Clayton's handle on this breaking story. He's at the courthouse tonight. How Tonight Patrick phrase is a convicted murderer? The jury taking just three and a half powers to determine he killed his fiancee Kelsey Berith. It was a sweet day in the sense that justice was brought to Patrick Crazy for this. Brutal gruesome awesome senseless murder. Berith was last seen shopping. With the couple's daughter last Thanksgiving Patrick wanted to talk in a trial that lasted just over. Two weeks phrase's phrase his former mistress. krystal Lee testified. Frazee won a Berith out of his life. Admitting he went to her condo trigger into putting on a blindfold beat her to death with a baseball bat then burned her body. Li admitted she cleaned up the bloody crime scene and destroyed barest phone cutting deal to become the prosecution's star witness art the prosecution's final witness one of phrase's fellow inmates in County jail who claims frizzy asked for his help. Hope to kill all of the witnesses who were set to testify against him. Claims with US live tonight. He's outside the courthouse. Clayton not only did the jury combat fast but phrasing was also sentenced. David had happened fast. Just moments ago. Phrasing was sentenced to the maximum life in prison. No parole an additional one hundred fifty six years David David Clayton thank you and now to the search underway at this hour the other deadly shooting. We're following tonight and that urgent manhunt playing out right. Now in California families and their children were gathered to watch watch Sunday night football when two gunmen got onto. The property ended a backyard and began firing at least four. Were killed several more shot mothers and their children grieving tonight in in California community and beyond they are searching for the suspects. Matchup minutes there tonight tonight. An all out manhunt for a hit squad that filled this Fresno St with gurneys. They may be having event group of thirty family and friends watching football. Ten people people were shot. Four of them would die. They came through unlocked gate. They walked into the backyard and began immediately firing into the crowd. Doc Police say the group in the backyard of that watch party were unaware they were about to be gunned down. Police say the two gunmen were reportedly armed with semi automatic pistols. And there were so many victims that every first responder in Fresno was called out inside inside the House itself about twenty others including women and children thankfully the children were inside the house at the time but they could have just as easily been injured or killed. The gunman left behind was grizzly and traumatizing. I had two of my officers that were covered in blood and actually had to be decontaminated. The police say it appears to have been a targeted attack in the community. Predominated Bite Southeast Asians. But that no one at the party seemed to have gang affiliations. We're coming for you. This is not going to be tolerated. Dave another surviving victims have told police that they could not identify that pair of shooters because all they saw were those muzzle flashes. Now police have been going door to door looking for witnesses or even surveillance video that could help identify those killer so far no leads David. Nunan this story all day for thank you map. In the meantime we move on to other news this Monday night. The impeachment showdown televised hearings. First thing in the morning at this week nine witnesses. This is a major difference. Some of these witnesses were actually a on listening on that phone call between president trump and the president of Ukraine and one witness the ambassadors of the EU Gordon. Sahlin spoke oke with President trump about what he wanted in Ukraine. It all comes as our new. ABC News Ipsos Poll shows seventy percent of Americans believe the president's request to a foreign leader to investigate the political rival is wrong. ABC's Mary Bruce Tonight on the new offer from President trump that he might now answer questions in the inquiry skeptics say. That's unlikely Mary's on the bill tonight. President trump is adjusting. He may take the house speaker up on her offer to testify in the impeachment inquiry. President could come back before where the committee and talk speak all the truth that he wants. Pelosi saying trump could even do it in writing the president's response. Even though I did nothing wrong I like the idea And we'll strongly consider it but that seems unlikely. Trump is currently blocking White House officials from testifying and he's attacked those who have he. You should not frivolously throughout insult. But that's what he does. I think part of it is his own insecurity as an impostor the president has dismissed the public testimony so far as hearsay but that changes tomorrow when Congress is set to hear from three officials who were on that call between between trump and the Ukrainian president Jennifer Williams a special advisor to the vice president called it unusual and inappropriate and Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vitamin Atop Ukraine expert on the National Security Council told investigators I did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a US citizen but the most anticipated witness of the week. Is Gordon Sunland. The trump mega donors turned. US Ambassador to the EU Sunland has already revised his testimony. Ramona wants admitting he personally told the Ukrainians that if they wanted. Nearly four hundred million dollars in military aid they would have to publicly. Commit to investigate the Biden's Addi- trump has tried to distance himself. I hardly know the gentleman diplomat. David Holmes testified. He overheard one of their phone calls from a restaurant. On in Kiev trump asking whether Ukrainian president was GonNa do the investigation home says ambassador Sunland replied that he's GonNa do it. Adding that presidents Vince. Alinsky will do anything you ask him to be recall. Conversation recalled no not at all not even a little bit home said Solomon told him when it comes to Ukraine. I mean trump only cares about big stuff big stuff that benefits the president like the Biden investigation tonight. Democrats announced homes to will testify if I in public on Thursday. So let's get right to Mary Bruce. She's live up on the hill to begin another weekend. Mary David Holmes as you just reported there. He'll testify Thursday and we all know. That's one day after Gordon. Insulin and Solomon is perhaps the most anticipated witness of this entire impeachment inquiry. David Sandlin has been acting as a middleman between president trump and Ukraine. He testified lied that he told the Ukrainians at that military aid was contingent on them announcing these investigations but salmon claims he didn't know these were investigations into the Biden's he he has already revised his testimony ones though the big question here now will he change it again David. We'll be watching right there with you. Mary thank you ABC News. We'll have live coverage the hearings on Tuesday whose day Wednesday and Thursday begins tomorrow morning nine. Am Eastern right here on ABC. Meantime President Trump's unannounced visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Saturday still raising in questions tonight. The White House now explaining that the president had a free weekend so he went for a quote quick examined labs the first part of his annual physical. They say his first two physical since taking office were scheduled and announced to this one was not the last physical was in February overseas tonight at Hong Kong. Police are tightening the noose around the university campus. Where protesters are holed up tonight? Their supplies now running out police firing pepper spray to try to get them to leave a resting protesters who then escaped the situation. Asian growing more desperate by the hour. ABC Senior Foreign Correspondent Ian Panel. Right there on the scene tonight tonight. The David Versus Goliath battle some cooling this the last stand in the fights between pro democracy protests employee's now in six months police firing rubber bullets water cannon. I and tear gas surrounding combs Poly University with five hundred students and now trapped inside. Protesters responding with bricks bows and arrows and Molotov cocktails once again. The fleet is is not bullets. I think university drinks all around but now many protesters are trapped unable or unwilling to leave their only way out arrest overnight. Those under sixteen have been allowed to leave along with the injured. Though it's it's not clear whether or not they'll still be charged leaving just a few hundred trapped inside who also wants to leave but still refused to surrender David in panel tonight. Thank you and from London this evening. Queen Elizabeth reportedly approving of the interview that her son Prince Andrew gave to the BBC breaking his silence about his friendship with accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and claims that he had sex with a teenager years ago but many are now calling the interview a disaster. And here's even pilgrim tonight. Prince Andrew facing growing backlash after speaking publicly for the first time about his relationship with accused sex trafficker. Jeffrey Epstein. Do I regret the he any has quite obviously conducted himself in a manner unbecoming yes. I'm the coming. He was a sex offender. I'm sorry I'm being polite the sense that he was the prince telling. BBC's Newsnight he has no regrets about his friendship with Epstein before he was convicted in two thousand eight of soliciting prostitution from a minor but just months after obscene sentence ended. The prince was seen in this video obtained by the Mail on Sunday appearing in the doorway of Epstein's Newark home. He says he came to in their friendship but admits he stayed for four days. That you were staying at. The house was convicted sex offender. It was a convenient place to stay there. Is I mean I've gone through this in my mind so many times at the end of the day A with the benefit of all hindsight that one could have It was definitely the wrong thing to do. The prince insists he never saw any unlawful conduct involving underage girls and has no memory of the seventeen year old in that infamous photo. Don't remember missing. Virginia Robert Giuffra says she was one of Epstein's teenage sex slaves claiming in court filings. He ordered her to have sex with Andrew on three occasions. The prince flatly denies nine. The allegations suggesting the photo could be a fake. I'm not one to visit well. How public displays of affection friction on not some things that I do Andrew claiming he never really party but British media now running a string of photos showing the prince getting cozy busy with multiple women? This after he insisted you phrase account was impossible. She was very specific about that night. She described dancing talking with you. And you profusely sweating and but she went on to have ball possibly slight problem with with with with with the sweating. I said Because I have a peculiar multiple vision which is don't sweat Why didn't sweat at the time I had suffered what I would describe as an overdose of adrenaline? And the Falcons war. When I shot at other friends did say he would be willing? Lean to cooperate and answer questions about obscene if advised to do so by his lawyers but says he wouldn't have much to offer because he claims to have not seen any sort of behavior Epstein has been accused. David even pilgrim. Thank you there is still much more. I'm going to have one more story before we go to break. The Supreme Court issuing a brief stay halting the release of President Trump's tax returns for now the Supreme Court issuing that state of the President and Congress giving both sides ten days to submit arguments. Lower courts have ruled. The President's accountants must turn over over his financial records. The president continues to appeal that decision. And now we move on tonight much more ahead on world news tonight this Monday breaking news. The passenger jet evacuated tonight a passenger passenger with a backpack that was smoking flight attendants jumping into action. When they saw this coming from that bag the heart pounding moment tonight police banging on the door and eight-year-old? The girl saved from the kidnapper who had just been taken from her mother. There in the street in broad daylight and the nor'easter moving up the East Coast Tonight Rain Snow and ice right into to the northeast. We're going to take it out for you a lot more ahead you may have heard about a VPN that was recently breached. Hackers compromised the very thing that Wifi if I users relied on to help keep them private online. Thankfully there's a VPN you can choose. It comes from the trusted leader in Consumer Cybersecurity Norden Secure VPN it uses uses bank grade encryption to help block hackers from stealing the Info you send and receive over Wifi. It's part of the all in one protection. You get with Norton three sixty with lifelock. It includes Norton Secure Secure. VPN device security identity theft protection and more. Don't risk compromising your online privacy with the wrong. VPN Get a VPN. That's part of the all in one protection. You need eight for today's connected. World get north three sixty with lifelock. No one can prevent all cyber crime identity. Theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses but Norton. Three sixty with lifelock. Lifelock is a powerful ally for your cyber safety sign up today and save twenty five percent off your first year by going to Norton Dot com slash. ABC that's twenty five percent off Norton three sixty with lifelock at Norton dot com slash. ABC NORTON DOT com slash. ABC next tonight here. The dramatic images the rescue of an eight year old girl. Who had just been kidnapper mother in broad daylight? Here's ABC's chief. Justice correspondent Pierre. Thomas is every parent's worst nightmare and eight-year-old world literally snatched from her mother as they go for a walk in this Fort Worth neighborhood all caught on this doorbell camera in. May the MOM fighting for the child pushed out of the suspect's car. One of the most disturbing things about this incident was the randomness of it. Six hours later police call to this hotel seven miles from the abduction induction after a report of a suspicious man with the child. They talk their way in but leave. After a brief search the child is right there buried under close in in this laundry basket two hours later. A family friend helping police search identifies a suspect's car in the parking lot of that same hotel. Fort Worth police racing racing to the scene tactical teams force their way in. Somebody's sitting. Your Hands Pat. Here's apprehending the suspect. But where is the child for a few gut wrenching moments. There's no sign of her but then we got her she pops up right there in the laundry basket David. The kidnapper was was sentenced to life in prison late last week. We're told that brave little girl is doing remarkably well. She's being described as resilient David. We're just glad she's okay. Pierre Thank you to be index of other news scare on Boorda's southwest flooded. CHICAGO'S MIDWAY AIRPORT. Smoke coming from a backpack as passengers were boarding. The plane was evacuated flight attendants putting the backpack back into a fire. Containment bag bomb squads on the scene and overheating battery though could be to blame the nor'easter moving up the coast tonight. The storm battering the Carolinas over the weekend wave. They've smashing through the dunes. In the outer banks fog and icy roads blamed for multi vehicle accident. This is I sixty four and a Gusta County Virginia. More than twenty people heard rain stone ice from New York to Boston. All the way up through Maine through tomorrow and the jeopardy dream match after winning the Tournament of Champions Jeopardy James will now face famous names himself former Champs Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter and the greatest of all time tournament. That's in January in prime time here on. ABC finally to America. Strong the American rescuers in the Bahamas after Hurricane Doreen they discovered a dog trapped for weeks a miracle. It was just last month here. We all learned about the dog named miracle trapped for weeks after Hurricane Dorian ravaged Bahamas. Let's get you baby. Big Dog ranch rescue from Loch to Hatschi Groves Florida finding the dog and you could see how thin he was looking at aware feeding him talking to clearing bring the debris the Acu he was pinned under the dog was hungry but okay rescued him nursed him back named him. Miracle Survived This American. The Mirror Mirror more than ten thousand families responded saying they would adopt him tonight. Miracle has found a new home media on your daughters and someone else in my miracle. Little heavier now healthier and happier all that exercise is all that love today. The family telling us he's gained sixteen pounds and a family makes makes it a great night now miracle and his new home. We love seeing that today. I'm David Muir to see you right back here tomorrow night. It's finally here. You can download the Disney plus APP Right now oh and start streaming the best of Disney Pixar Marvel Star Wars and National Geographic ad free. And wherever whenever you want them for more good at Disney plus dot com.

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BEST OF: #771 I had a finger up my butt once

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BEST OF: #771 I had a finger up my butt once

"Thanks for listening to the atom and Dr drew show on podcast one. All your friends podcast Wyan. Thank you for a wonderful twenty eighteen and we hope twenty nineteen is even better hates Adam parole up Heather Dubrow from Heather grows world. I evolves from Steve Joel pay this rob Riggle fair Tian from wriggles pick. This is Kaitlyn bristowe from off the vine. This is Kelsey from the lady gang happy new year from odd cast. Hey, hope you guys are enjoying your holidays. I know I am I know drew as well. And I know you've enjoyed a little more. If you availed yourself of some truecar every car's got a story. What's your car story? Don't think you can put a price on your car stores. Yes. You can truecar can how do they do that? Find out what it's worth when it's time to sell or trade it in just go to truecar enter your plate number and the cars details pop then answer a few easy questions. Once you're finish. You get a true cash offer sent in minutes, which you can take your local certified dealer to cash out or trade in. So let's review when you're ready to buy new when you're ready to buy us when you either want to get paid for your car or you want to trade in your car. It's all true car. It's a better way to sell or trade in your car. Check it out at truecar true cash off. Not available in all areas. And now enjoy the show recorded live at Corolla one studios with Adam Corolla and board certified physician and addiction medicine specialist. Dr drew Pinski. You're listening to the atom and Dr drew show it on got the again. Thanks. Thanks, Stella friend. We love what you do for us. Right. Drew? Do we love what you do fresh feeling breath bad? Mhm? Well, I'm getting a colonoscopy, right? Well, did my office. Call you. I got some preliminary stuff from. Yeah. I call them today to make the appointment. Yeah. A little bit of lip from the from the receptionist what my mind. No, no, no from the office that you guys suggested there. What was she was not happy that the assistant was calling on behalf of the patient. And she was like can we please talk to the actual person because all the time for mississippians and then their points fall through. I have been doing this for a long time. That's not going to happen. And then, of course, you had a million questions about Adams bowel movements, which as we all know. I'm very familiar with porcelain punishes, the flame answered many questions. Good. This is so great with go to with him when he gets under the procedure. Well, it is a sister. Somebody's gotta hold my hand. Yeah. I never heard administer the prep to bat. There's there is some of a portion of the proper way. Oh, wait. No what how related questions that. They ask. The ones that I'll never forget. Our was there blood in the stool said, no. In the stool. Well, hold on. I they get black right? Black stools. Let's bring racing and ask them how. Stool, Gary, wait a second. Let me jump in here. There must be a difference between or may there's no difference for them. But they should they should make a distinction between. It is time for me to get a colonoscopy because I'm of a certain age versus I saw some things I wasn't happy with wanna get checked out. That's what they're trying to do. They're trying to make that distinction based on the conversation with apropos of no stool, meaning I'm not calling because I looked down. And was horrified. I'm calling because I want to call an Oscar. The other thing is first of all they have to prepare if they might need some biopsy and things like that which should be prepared for. Anyway, the other thing is they have to decide whether you up Ren dusk. The same time. You had black stools. If you had the other greasy stuff that can we stools ask about that? No had to stay on the stool. To stay on the stool. Okay. Couldn't one couldn't one by the way, as I know. I know the world as a world where they don't trust anyone. No, not the is liability. Now, I get it. You can't say I wanna call NAS me, and they go what's the problem, and you go no problem when a call NAS bait they have to ask all the questions that you can't say schedule calling asking me, and they go Kia, sir. What time would you like it? No. It's like we have all the liability of ABS accepting you as a patient go right that so right? And again, they can't just say you want one because you're fifty three years of age, they conclude that the conclude it, so they have to ask you about all the blood in the stool and all this stuff right that that doesn't exist because we're not there because there's a problem where there because I'm a certain continue these shoes the standard of care in the community it cetera et cetera determine point lot of fecal fecal talk and long story short. They're gonna mail you ADEMA bunch of paperwork that will have to bring in. And then you're gonna fill it out. Out. That's right. Also, if you're you're. There you have to remember you have to remember all the procedures. He's had. He's had the hernia. He's had the clipping of the gang. More more nonsense that in their more nonsense pen, and then I just hold it in place, and I just moved around. That's what was done. So then you do that. Then you get your colonoscopy, right? Yeah. You've never had any right? No, no, no, no, quite Ida finger my, but once for a for a basic prostate exam, just basic damnation, remember, very clearly the guy goes. You know, how this goes? And I went no, I do like you shouldn't assume that everyone that comes through your doors at a finger in their ass. Thompson has a whole thing about he. I don't know why. I mean, I guess I was forty, but he was like, you know, how this goes like now, I didn't have insurance my most of my life, and I try to void guys fingers in my we had to some blood work on your to if we're going to get you up to speed gotta do some blood work. I should. Just thinking how could do this in a way that you'll let me do it the little blood where they'll have to do it on Mike? So so we do the that. And then no, I do I get put to sleep. Yes. That's good. Yeah. And there's the twenty four hours a no eating with the flush and everything get the toxins out, flush toxins out and clear liquids one day. And then that evening, you take a big old water hose up to a host. I'm not worried about any of that stuff because I'm pretty good with the no eating and a pretty good the drink and stuff and it pretty good with the pretty regular moving Certa Romi. Will you be up that night? But I think you're you're that night on the toilet. I think you're lucky you'll probably get the new prep. We'll see what they offer. What's the new prep with the alway used to your remember that lead that huge thing? I brought in here lashing. That's the old one tastes like hell. And makes you want to vomit every sip. You have to drink three leaders of it. Do you do what is just? Some sort of powder stuff that after a lot of water with that works like dynamite. I'll all I'm really interested is is I'm interested in the part where I get to be a slightly. I figured when this takes place. Yeah. Can I do that? Yeah. Oh, you'll be asleep. Okay. Good. How are we gonna feel when I wake up it depends which asleep? They make you fall you wake up pretty quick say, which they specified. It's probably the for said and the vet mill and that you kinda groggy after that one. And then the other part, I always hate which is who's picking you up amp fine. I'll just drive now we can't allow you to try to fool them every once in a while like, well, my mom's picking me up, and I gotta meet her in the parking lot where you're like they they don't like that. But I was just wanna drive myself. You're driving home. Thank you. All right. All right. That's hot goal and talk very. He from Ohio got a question about Dr drew Steve. Hey, guys getting on going on man not much so drew. I was just curious. I wanted to ask you about the infamous Ben Shapiro. Zoey. Tur thing. When that happened. You know, a lot of people in I myself included was kinda like hard on you about not being like, hey, you know, you, you know, everybody's gonna pie one Shapiro as opposed to Zoe tear for that was that just in the moment, or what are your thoughts on that? Now Zoe tour who I saw once like about three months ago. Announced in the street when I ran into her that that I didn't protect her and then I'm a bad person. And I set her up, and this was a horrible experience. She'll ever get over really or she doesn't say that drew felt that. No, no, no, she I you jumped back and screamed, and my was with a group of people who had oh my God. That is the most bizarre. It was dudes convey a so it was really very pleasant for the laugh joke. Thanks, whatever. Never get that went up and tried to shake her haddish stay away from me get away from me. On the sidewalk in front of things. A lot of people screaming I ask I think my wife was forget who is operatives screaming, I'll find a member who else was with us confirmation eyewitness accounts. Yeah. There was like four or five pounds. I'll get them. But but events so she didn't feel I protected her. She set her up, which I did not even know what was going to happen. The producers set up the whole thing. I was just told. There's Ben Shapiro. We've never met before there's tour who was a regular on our show somebody that had affection for and worked with regularly and was interested in here point of view. And and I didn't. You Adam because we broke it down here. If your member after Adam made more of Zoe's moved to ban that Ben than call the police on an affirmed assault because he hooked she hooked her hand around his neck member. And said, hey, I'm gonna bright keep that up. Well, might might take. I never would call the cops on anybody for doing anything to me and Ben overreacted. But I think the were that I think the thing is turnabouts fair play. If we're going to call everything assault than a woman can't do the same thing to a man if we're just gonna call we're going to cues, everyone of salting, everyone, then you can't me and Ben was being unnecessarily provocative with her being thin. Well, I know I never met them before. I didn't know this a long while ago. I really familiar with that I would have perhaps been ready to deal with Ben know, and it was be delighted to have on the show, by the way. I I like Ben's provocative attitude, but I would have. Prepared for nobody really prepared me for that. That'd be fair to drifters. I was going to push out and take sort of the Hollywood angle on everything. So it was hoodwinked too. By the whole thing. If he if you wanna know why he was light on sewing tough on banned because Drew's apus and he's worried about standing in this community. Although sees the thing is gonna say that about but then ban because you'll get exiled by the postseason. But p people also got a lot of like it was that was a violent situation. Ideal with groups where people breakout violence, I know how to deal with that in in, you know. And that was not that. I know exactly. And all. But nothing really I'm just surprised even talking about what the you just saw Steve about it was about the Caitlyn Jenner courage award. And I think Catherwood was on the show. Yeah. There was a bunch of people the whole pan four people. Yeah. Yeah. What Madam Cleo say with ceremonial garb Lee? How dare you? I love whatever follow up on those nut jobs and see what they're doing. Now. I have tried to call her recently because I'm gonna put it on the radio. I love her. She is what is she doing? I haven't gotten touch. Yeah. Sure. They're off to great. Thanks. Thank you Steve from Ohio. We do everything to try to stay head of our health. Of course, right foods taken our kids the doctor properly, but one thing we can ever get enough of his information. That's the way we make better health choices. That's why I'm very excited to introduce you to color. It's a genetic test that provided powerful insights into my own health. I have something called Lynch syndrome. So my cancer screening done at a much more regular rate, they then screened my sons, they have it. So they started a young age. It's all to prevent cancer color can help you gain insights into certain cancers, heart conditions that may run in your family, and whether or not you should start cancer screenings earlier, just like we did simple saliva tests ordered by physician. So you're in good hands. The kid has sent to the mail, and then you do the test at home and ship. It back really easy. Then they go well beyond just flagging concerns. You get one on one time with the color geneticist. That's right. This is a professional you can speak with they give you a readout explaining everything in detail. And then they help you plan the approach to your health proactively get a guiding hand for your health journey colours offer. Twenty five dollars off for our listeners when you visit colored dot com slash drew in that his color dot com slash D. R E W Eric forty three Dallas. Hey, guys. Hi. Try to bring you up to speed real quick. So I went to rehab last year the month of January, and I was in for thirty days and did CBT cognitive behavioral therapy and it worked like a charm and everything's been really pretty smooth since then it took me about six months to kind of get through depression and whatnot. And I did vivid troll for a year. And I haven't had a craving really since you know, the whole time I was in rehab and figured out. Why was doing what I was doing? And I didn't even rate I'm pastel that and I have been passed all that. And I've been doing since then I've gone back to you know, I still hang out with hang out with it. I'm on the grown up got two kids. I run a small business. You all the dads stuff. My neighborhood's a lot like Adams neighborhood went right back into the flow of it. No big deal. You know, I go to bars I go to clubs. I do everything that used to do. So my. Shen is are there examples of people that have done what I've done and eventually down the road been able to control drinking, no. -cational shouldn't say never one out of a hundred one out of fifty. Well, what was what was your thing? Tell us out. I was just controlled my emotions with it. I was not a binge guy. I was just I just always had one in my hand all day. Just you know, you never thought I was drunk. Never could tell just Jack Daniels, you know, Jack and coke, right? You know into secret Cup, and and you know, and any feeling good now. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh. Why you know, my dad had some sickness from it. And I sat there and watched it and my oldest girl starting high school, my youngest girls going to junior high, and you're still you're still you're still kinda in your own this, right? You're minimizing things romanticizing stuff. Your dad had a little sickness. He died of alcohol liver disease, right? Put a huge part of it. It's a horrible disgusting thing to see let's not minimize that. It's a horrible illness have a little he died about liver disease, and that's a catastrophe and you were heading towards that. So your level of denial minima sation all that stuff still quite present. So eventually that stinking thinking is gonna get you back to illness unless you do something active on a regular basis. Okay. I hear you. Hey, drew. Yeah. Does it help any alcoholic like that might help someone go vegetarian? If I said you go vegetarian, but don't worry, you know, one day you might enjoy steak again, not not now. But. But one day, let me tell you. This is go ahead and move over here where we do that. And what people are really in recovery. You go today you're summer just today. Tomorrow, I was real quick. I was at a casino last Friday with a group of friends. So it was a guys guys guys weekend. And I thought there know maybe this weekend. Maybe I'll just go. How to scotch? You know? Nobody's gonna know. Just see what it's like, you know, 'cause I know it's not going to be a big deal not gonna all of a sudden spiral down. And I thought about it taught about it. And I was like now, I mean, just not even I don't even want it. I don't crave it in good. Then they so and I've been in that situation several times, and I just haven't cratered the fancy don't have cravings is a bad thing in my opinion. It's a bad thing. Why cravings let you know, how active your disease is this business of hick taken leave if I want that's the catastrophe because eventually you're going to go ahead and control this. Why shouldn't I and that and goes and got obviously. You know, the fact that is calling us and he's talking about it means there was some thoughts. Oh, he's very close. And so this why destroys me crazy. It's why you gotta have the recovery process. You gotta people around you can call check on and do the process of this. Because this is you know, you've done good when CBT worked for you for year. But this why hate the research on this stuff? It never goes out more than six to twelve months and research on on recovery and see versus CBS, so just his disease. Very dad twain that we'll Karna behavioral therapy is just a way of adjusting your thinking in your motions, and sort of being aware of things and cravings and qs and things like that recovery is something you do on a regular basis like working out, you should do more of an obviously because you can hear all the disease thinking in place where. Any of these people that do exactly what I did I go. Hey, stop it. Your dad died bloated and got a Dima and turns yellow and was shitting on himself and bleeding out. That's what I'll call delivered disease. Look at looks like it's not hey got sick from alcohol, and you were headed for the same spot. And you're going to get there again are going to get there again. So do something about that. All right. So for those of you who may want to do something about whatever spot you're in. How about checkup better help connect with experience, therapists and a safe and private environment? Texture, therapists, anytime, schedule your phone or video chat sessions. And and it's convenient now explaining why have to leave work, and whatever the basement goes along with that. Or sitting in traffic uncomfortable waiting rooms you can be communicating within twenty four hours oftentimes, much sooner truly Ford -able a month of online therapy often costs less than a single traditional face to face sessions. So just go to better health dot com slash ADS, fill out a questionnaire to says your needs and get match with a counselor. And if you're not happy with them and request the new one anytime, no dishes costs. It's better help, right, drew. It's right go to learn more, go to better help dot com slash ADS. Make sure to express your support for this show by enter the invite code ADS and you'll get your first seven days for free. If you decide online counseling is not right for you, simply cancel with seven days with no obligation. There's no shame in getting help. You are worth it. All right. Frank thirty seven New York. I just wanna see enough spent of both you guys adolescent since love mine MTV, and you guys really edifying, and it's. But I I'm sure you Sieving of never been in Julius relationship. And I'm just you know, I'm getting older having kind of like. Towards that mid life crisis. And just wondering is there something wrong with me? And I I can pretty much I drink a little bit. You have really bettering Zaidi. And that's like I still medicate when a bit. Alcohol still true. And I got the love line chair the other day. You mean the one that they sent us. My old dishonest ones. The the chair. We sat I set upon during directors. Director show the share, and the film, we had director's chairs hanging shares director's chairs the TV director's chairs, which I still have. We have it gave us a director's chair. Yes. And do you think that's news? Show the radio show somebody sent us from member that so that occurred to me is maybe how the brain. They mean, the active. How did you get that? Okay. Now that we're there long row the estimate that director shares, you know, your name on it. Hey, no as a cover Sports Illustrated. Oh, you mean like when you went to Disneyland in nineteen seventy eight and they put on the cover of sports one of the air. Nope. Not that one. Okay. So the chair of line was told and not the radio chairs with no idea where this year's are when you have on. Oh, you took mine home. All right. Think I took one of mine home. I don't care. This on camera chair was told to me by Scott stone. Told to you. I'm sorry. Sorry. Contact me and said, I got clean out of my storage unit. You want your chair crazy is kinda rough shape? But I said, yeah. And I I think that's telling the sign it went down to. I I have a van. And I went down over the hill ago the storage unit a sent one of my guys to go get it. Anyone got it? No right for you. Got it the van stalled could start a block away and the van. A great. I didn't tell you this one. That's one of my I love concrete thinking drew much. I love concrete. I know you do. So I said, where's Gary, not Gary half careful. He's at the van. He's on the west side. The thing just died. It can't get it starting. And what's what's he going to? What's he gonna do? I think he can have the van towed back and he can come back with the sent him over the hill. The go get it. He was a block away. Didn't get their van died. Bub-bubba later on that afternoon. I was standing at my other shop, and there's a big flatbed truck. With the van on top of it chain down sticking up ten feet here, and it was backing up. We're all standing in the driver's like me packing toward us the starting. Yeah. And I said do Gary who'd you use for the towing. And he said these guys. Which I love because we're in danger being run over by the tow truck. These answers quite a bit my life. I think what got the way of my just sort of spontaneous the way of your chair thing. I have the sense. We sat in the same chairs over time. You know, he felt we were different chairs leather Cherokee hang that. I didn't remember either. But I saw picture, and then I was in the purple one and you're not green one too. I never would have thought them anyway Frank wanna get lane. Yeah. Well, yeah. Of course. And also, I I want to be in a relationship and have a meaningful relationship. I mean, I have some bad social anxiety general, Ed. So the only reason I can like property guys right now is to on a lot of gopher script Cronin and drinking too. So how much drinking limits you Drake average day? Oh, I mean, I drink maybe five times a week. How much you drinking average day when you're drinking, maybe a six pack. If I if I drink beer or bottle of wine a bottle of wine that that's okay, or six pack. Let's so let's work on Frank. Let's work on the drinking. Let's work on the client opin. Let's let's let's work on for living. Yeah. What do you do for a living? Frank. I'm unemployed right now, which is not not, you know, all right now, what would you employed right now on way. I mean, I just probably do odd jobs in, you know. Esteems not being so high have you ever been employed? Yeah. Of course, I'm being applied quite a few different like working grocery stores and things of that nature. Uh-huh. Nothing. Yeah. So. What about you and your life and taking control and sort of being the captain a your own ship and all the stuff, you know, that works all the stuff like eating and exercise and long long and Buzek, friends and all the stuff that always works. What about that front? I'm so well aware of that. Because I'm I mean, I mean avid like podcast listening that have been for years and years and just pick up sauce information from that, for example. But I just percent reason I'm not in control of the vehicle car. I'm not. I bet you could do more than you think. I hope so well, let's he became for cognitive behavioral therapy that CBT too much medicine. Too much drink makes your anxiety. Worse overtime. Not better worse and then social anxiety. There are different treatments for that not Klina pin things like selects has been shown to be Paxil rather trying to be useful for for anxiety disorder. But the other thing is you've got to get out and get some social skills. You have to get out and get do things. Well, you know, we were of of a level. I've talked a lot that there is no we're living in a weird time. Where we think we can take stuff like family education, and do some sort of end around move where we go. Okay. No family, no education. But if we can infuse the school system with more Canadians or stations illegit get village, and we can all look out for one another, and it's like, nothing just this Justice just this. And then we go well, okay. Exercise relationships friends music movement. Going outdoor getting a pet and take it for walk. We can have some Kalana pan, and we can get some this kind of therapy, and we can supplement it with some more stuff from the pharmacy. And it's like now, I mean, not not big picture a weekend. But not no big picture. Just like, there's no family education. There's no end around that. That's big picture. Well, instead of that, let's go with this. Now, this is these are fixes these are temporary. These aren't away of life. These are these are weekend. These are patches, they're not repairs, and you wanna to repair you better start thinking about implementing what you know. Works. And that's an interesting thing. Drew because I gotta tell you the the the more you do the easier. It is to do court. And I can that's by the way, people think you get over fears by like thinking about fears Univer fears by like if you wanna go a fear of heights, you yourself at height. And then sees your next time. We're not I'm just saying handing that as a society. But yes, you can't think you're way out of the fear. You can't you can't therapies rather theory. You can have support of therapist while you go do the things you're afraid of. So you're not afraid of the next time. And I kind to that end I feel like this guy. I'm interested in how your act started coaching them up right away. I feel like he's a coach. Somebody's ring in his boxer was somebody in their corner. Look there's so much information out there, and you need to what you need to do is hear this information. You know, I've been Duncan myself in a pool for a year because I heard that it was good. And then I did it. And I was like fuck this cold. But then I went. Yeah. Well, I guess that's the point. And then I went back the next day. You just do it. You're never doing it. You never outgrow doing it. Your Bank account doesn't outgrow doing it. You just start doing it? You know what I mean? And then you move onto the next challenge and you have to start doing that to yourself, and that's it. That's the no substititions. And there's no end around. That's just all there is. And if you think there's we as a science we try. I mean, again think about something like diet exercise thing about every time you turn on the TV, and there's some new Weight Watchers club where you can eat fudge brownies, and you can eat snacks. And you don't have to this. And you don't have to that. And it's like about anything you want for as long as you want. There is no way big picture of getting around this. And that's going to mean, not having the Donut and go into the gym. And we know Madison Avenue knows that people don't wanna do that. Right. They rather have a clans toxin cleanse that sounds right. What what I'm saying is is come to grips with the fact that that is life that's family and education, and that's died and exercise and start to embrace it and search appreciate it. It's never gonna feel good. It'll feel satisfying. It'll transcend feeling good. The fudge. Round with no fat and made with. Susan X the sugar substitute. That's never get that. That's good for one bite. You're not even enjoying it by the third bite, and you're still eating it. You know, what I mean that all that stuff? It's just weekend patched off just get used to it people. I wish there was a better way. There is a way of life. You know that kind of thing right to my way of life truecar Emma? Sorry, p might know what it stands for. What does it really mean? Same goes for invoice list price dealer price. It's confusing. Introducing troop price from true car. No, exactly what you'll pay including fees and excessive before you get to the dealership, you know, your truecar prices great because truecar shows you what other people paid for the exact same car. How about that, man? Certified dealers set their price truecar. They said a competitively because they want your business. So it's not only. Is true car competing, everyone else truecar's competing from within the calls coming from in the house has no idea what I'm talking now. I don't that's huger. I don't know. It was like the babysitter. So that every commercial in the nineties. As a popular trope. It was a movie it was like a horror movie where the babysitter who rocks handwrite, the cradle or in before that. Whereas I certified dealers. That's right truecar. They're very competitive the calls from in the house. So when you're ready to buy new ready to buy either one newer us. Enjoy more confident car buying experience. Some features not available in all states of K stand up the scare I was just giving you the word when a stranger call nineteen seventy nine believe the woman. The woman was a babysitter. And she kept getting these calls grow. Like, I'm gonna kill you. I'm coming after. I know where you are whatever like that. And the big turning point was she's like finally called the operator got hold. They traced a called. And they're like where these calls coming from. And you know answers, you hope it's going to be Florida. They should calls are coming from inside the house. And that's what she knew there like upstairs. She was like they're calling from inside the house. All right. Got it. Yeah. Got it. Right. Very excited. Very exciting. All right, everybody live shows to dot com and find out about live shows and no safe-space February twenty seventh Phoenix Grand Canyon Hyun versity Jorgen. Harbinger is going to be in Toronto show. So we can enjoy that was good see again and go to chassis and get some movies over there and say hi to Lynette over Corolla drinks and see us at see what the Royal Caribbean explorer of the seas. So the podcast masterclass at coral class that country. What do you got dot com? Family pods there and the tube. And the what's on. Occupies this week. I want us to not sure I think it's probably a phone call for which I love so good chicken fumble. So so XM over doctors say Mahala. New years less than three hours away on the east coast. I'm Tim Maguire, the AP news minute, it may be raining and hundreds of thousands of people are packed into the pens on Times Square having no access to restrooms or backpacks or umbrellas, even so they're readying to ring in twenty nineteen like the place to be on Year's Eve, the world's watching. So I think it's the best place to be uneasy. So yeah, that's why vendors gouge the prepare charging ten bucks ponchos at ordinary sell for to the biggest cheers early on events workers handing out foam, hats and blue gloves party includes performers such as Christina Aguilera sting and snoop Dogg in a brief court appearance. Patrick crazy was charged today with murder and solicitation to commit murder in the death of Kelsey Barrett. Is theon say who's been missing since thanksgiving district attorney, Dan may cannot comment on who it is being solicited. But at there are three separate counts. Solicite Shen in the charges. I'm. Tim mcguire.

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305: The Nos of Summer

The Popcast With Knox and Jamie

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305: The Nos of Summer

"Book dot com slash ben that's t r u e which is book dot com slash bench back to the show why would a spill true and nothing else you know i got into like i'm gonna spend only word that would be the hardest oh my god a low end welcomed up so number three hundred and five on the podcast i'm when you're osaka mccoy rather have struggled in the podcast show dedicated his life and work take color your hair at home to the next level with madison reed you deserve gorgeous professional hair color delivered to your door for less than twenty five dollars for decades women have had two options were coloring their hair outdated at home color or the time and expense of us one many madison clients comment how their new hair color has improved their life for the better women love the results gorgeous shiny multidimensional healthy looking hair this is great covering game changing color you can do at home an look as if you just came from the salon but makes madison reed color unique is that it's crafted by master colorist who blended nuances of light dark cool in warm treat more than forty five gorgeous multi tonal shades find your perfect shade at madison dash reed dot com podcast listeners get ten percent off plus free shipping on their first color kit with code pop that's code pop but it's gonna you i'm thinking attain do not matter find out more about these sunny percy's six out and knox and jamie dot com you can find us on instagram and facebook at the caps an or on twitter at par cast by guys thanks for joining us this week as we are going to be talking be knows of summer but before you do that you know what is great about summer air conditioning staying inside in the air conditioning and we have the perfect thing for you to do while you're inside and that's listen to are brand new cinema side piece but it's on father of the bride so all of her friends of the show at are patriots community can get access to are cinema site pizzas are most recent one is forced father's ride they also have the devil wears prada which is celebrating an anniversary bursary this month and then the protests say it's not just me dot com slash tree on and sign up today alright jamie before we get to the noses summer there's there's like a lot of movie news and we did we had an extended conversation for the you know i've heard patron sport is this week i we talked a lot about taylor swift a scooter braun that'd be we talked so much that we don't really have time to talk movies stuff so why don't we start with a little stay at the box office so we kind of catch up on just lets you know it's a big things of movies right so it's coming out stuff happening so incomes how about that and then will get into are knows this summer okay so the box office obviously toy story four took home the box office yet again however that's about to come to an end and a which have you seen yet my kids in wife saw browsing did they love it like the cry of like i don't like law and i'm like i heard it is very fast and what's my move now do i make another kid one of my kids go with me yet my yourselves so i'm so i'm asking you i'm the thirty six year old man in the theater alone seeing toy store for just can't wear a hoodie but you could go see i can't work and you can't wear a hoodie though you can't sit near you can't sit near other children are real complicated you sit on my back row guy but then kids sit down and i get up and now look even weirder my man can't even echo you can't wear a jacket famous movie i mean you need a streaming illegally that's your best 'em but in second place team at annabel comes home which i'm fascinated by her movies onto amazon doesn't did well this is like a twenty seven make it's already made a thirty one million six and blow man good so that means we're gonna get out annabel goes back out i just who who is the person that's like yeah saldana bills you do you so it's teenagers man they don't wanna see yesterday they they're like who were the beatles they wanna see annabel had spent you think so i wanna go make out like yes my nieces all her like i wanna see some annabel conjuring purging go for it 'em but speaking of yesterday the maybe came in third place it a chicken seventeen million which is about it goes badly estimate on i saw yesterday a world it frozen office here you literally told me i'm wondering laughing thing the last thing you everything about and then i got the pdf script breeding beginning i'm not gonna spoil here here's what i say the the our in forty five minutes was so good it does make you wanna jump car i'm actually not a person who listens to the beatles farming either a my favorite beatles song is covered by tiffany in nineteen eighty eight like i i'm not a beatles sand by nature but my mother and my mother talks about the beatles and the way she loves the beatles makes me love the bill and so 'cause my mom knows where she was when she watched their first osha live tv show and so she loved the beatles but the media is a fantastic i did not levian so it it it it is not a green light for me oh wow that's not making much yeah it's it's a solid yellow light about the turn the beginning of yellow like okay like and just turned yelling you're like almost made it you know i didn't didn't so that's what i would say but here's the thing here's what's interesting so john wick john makes which by the way i wasn't lunch with my family on sunday in my nieces are all about the key on asan's like they're obsessed with ages sixteen to like twentythree also sweets buffer sast with calories say like well this kiana reeves been in right that we should watch an chinese yeah and i was like well what was okay i've got i've got the answer in my head i think you go matrix bill and ted and then if you say point break i'm on my gosh of course i said okay what do you think you'll get distracted by patrick crazy that's the point right point you'll be like oh wait am i am i a pattern of these suggestions where i out bill and ted because i feel like it ruins yonki onto a little bit or you realize he's just doing that character versus using a like a like a i picked point break matrix speed oh that's good that's like that you're like oh i'm sorry if he sweaty under the bus better i like that a lot but that john wick chapter three as cross three hundred million dollars worldwide or that's for no three it's hard to keep track of all the dogs it is by the way a latin is doing really well which means it's crosser hitter million here's where it all ends here's the interesting thing so spiderman comes out next week i already have tickets very excited for wednesday ominous yet spiderman is getting great reviews it's in previews it's doing really well it you'll legal book coming would say well it's the what do they need in china and japan and hong kong is already made a hundred and eleven million dollars money here's the thing that's sad to me and you know it's interesting game was on track to be avatar sure an they released that's a week move don't do that don't do that but the reason they were doing it is because they were not going in the theater they were not going to be avatar do you know how much they're gonna end they're still not even after this weekend even after the release do you know how many millions of dollars they're short from beating eating avatars record's three twenty million whoa twenty million all that's a that's a that's a one night 'cause there's a one night but why like why doesn't matter who cares oh my gosh it totally matter lisa 'cause you wanna be you wanna be the studio it says we made the highest grossing film of all time what i mean like so like they walk in the lakers game even still talking about avatar ever at any time because it's the highest grossing overrated overrated no you're a hunter percent right but the reason we keep talking about it is is it's the highest tracing film of all time listen here's what i'll say about avatar they have a right of disney world that is avatar white sox it's like a small world but further okay don't do that one okay then they have one that is like a perception old orgasm where it's like i'm back in you're you're on a dragon and you're flying in his virtual reality again it it's whatever an avatar i dunno you what you're on a sam worthington whatever and you're fine it's the most incredible thing i've ever experienced right if he could do that do that okay my point about avatar okay so again if it has made it that it will take in like eight hundred billion dollars you're how keyword jake to not just be done with joan call no it's not looking at us just have to tom holland dressed as the guys the roxbury guys at the premiere nothing has brought me more joy than that nothing i just don't have a budget joan all i really don't i dunno dylan halt it went viral this week when he did an interview like i think it was like a radio interview with tom holland and he went so hard for first sean paul and how sean hall is the bat that he makes every song better i did i was like you know what i love people who love things sure like see i it's important to know what's he doing that'd be funny or no i think that intendo i think he's that into sean pocket i'm out but if he's doing it for the bit i'm back earnestness 'em will see trailer park 'cause we got some to fire trailer yes we did 'em jumanji three manjeet which you college jim andre three i feel like it's really jump that's so stupid that are only did that a technicality it's like you guys night it's the sequel to the last year mom jeans two reasons why this movie i made and i wanna see being guess why okay well i'll give you the first one okay money money money that's exactly right it made a lot of money that's the first reason what's the second reason why someone wanted to do something danny devito no the rock wanna do the ride on it to be danny devito like i've got a killer yankee accents and i wanna try that thing out and that's why the movie i made i was not i mean like like i had no understanding of who is in this film sure media same and i said when i watched the trailer blonde with the kids now let's go and like oh no what are we doing here is kevin hart's danny glover i'm good with that that's pretty good yeah the rocks danny were gonna do this the whole movie oh oh no no no maybe like two solid hour like he's like doing statler in waldorf brought me back after that 'cause out i would like no and i loved jumanji i thought it was a really great belcher nick jonas that's what brought you by new jersey where you back in jumanji wasn't the whole point you out of jumanji else's who is an unexpected a cast list sina how fino isn't the so were in the span of her career where like you say she's in anything and you have to believe she is v hey it's paul giamati right ooh stanley tucci stanley tucci stanley tucci is just like little sprinkle off you know she's in the little mermaid coming up you're gonna be in that fast and furious twelve you're gonna be in that there's nothing out of rain eases yeah articles superheroes amblin mandolin that she's in their rebooting was waverly she's gonna be wizard a she's me waverly thank you johnny up for that disney streaming lifted charlie's angels though 'cause this will go with this requested of us and they went listen so many people bmw and ask us to dissect the trailer for those who don't know charlie's angels which wasn't iconic tv show and then was two movies that came out i think in two thousand eight two thousand no two thousand three right two thousand two thousand yeah mc gee yeah louis my state how i didn't hate him i love both of them customary more but i that's that's the one time in my life i've loved cameron diaz oh it was really good when she turns into the air conditioner repair man like that's my fiance singing listen listen we did a whole we make movies in high school we did a whole opening montage to that same beyond say song yeah you did it was really brilliant this one though what you're thinking okay so far i'm not here and after the trailer i'm still not here the trailer regular it looks like they 'em i dunno wgn comedy drama that's gonna cancelled and two episodes yeah so it's okay so it's being written and directed by elizabeth banks written by losing nine other credit listen did you see that there is there another people one of which is the man who created chernobyl craig mazin what is happening here i love elizabeth banks was like i'm crash in my pitch perfect cash and i will spend it on this i just lead the humans like he's every bit of my credibility and i'm gonna make this maybe i'm going all in all in and then you have starting this i'm gonna make the kind of rough rough and tumble girl tomboy angel tomboy yeah i'm gonna make that kristen stewart from white light and i don't hate it kind of attracted to look i will say this i think really liked her as a blonde and she is a tomboy turned i just don't buy the sexy when mary more i buy i buy like tattoo you listen her and justin thorough and the heat coming off of that he's in that first one so go why this one interviews great actor when he was doing that with her like oh my gosh she lives rocketed above our okay but like here's my favorite say and this is literally like part of the press release 'em a and then with the aid of her fellow halo wearing bath jane yeah at janus play by ella bowlin scott sure okay what else has been in no no i don't know and then they're also starring win another a girl who apparently hires angels and then becomes comes there's three bosley is credited a one is a star trek guy one is yaman hunting the girl from jasmine one of them how how long do you get for you realize that jasmine me a minute it's a meal oh guys you know she's not jasmine she's smart hockey guy man this is worth it sometimes brunettes cannot be smart and hi this is this is like and i've been on the regular normal i'm all in on every movie trailer remove the trailer looks like there will be blood to me yeah but this one outside the socks this looks like why bosley both elizabeth banks patrick stewart end jiming hansel i i'm sure they're gonna explain that to us with a lot of extradition but i mean it's pretty clear elizabeth banks character is the bad guy or patrick stewart the bad guy right we know that immediately so november fifteenth guys market counters were gonna definitely hear more about this as we get closer what happens if this is great there's there's look there's that way if this is great and i'm wrong i will put a pair of truck not are you guys gonna that's gonna crush it'll make sense that fighter us right okay so summer movies is something we always say yes to but now i think that's a good wait just segway a into the things of summer that we actually sometimes say no to i think we talked about this you hate all the seasons you don't like any sees a summer summer is my favorite yeah i a m i like that we could be outdoors this is going to be in school i like that my schedule and onto the score one time so i get up when i was about you it's a hunter center i mean it's a hunter said well no i like children in school i don't like them in the places that i go down pools i love the beach of everything out of beaches the worst listen this is guys this episode is for me this information for you listening who hates summer as much as i do all the seasons now i love fall molars my favorite season i just don't like pumpkin yeah but i love fall as sees him and i like spring because you get the first moments like where you can go sit on a patio two days before the pollen that's true ended a serious situation i also don't have allergies so that's another thing that is to my benefit but so to me i think there are no magical parts of summer i do think summer is a great time to get good pro do good for you okay how fornia exist well that's a tough first fact you get good veggie really technically i don't need the summer for that 'cause i have california for the eighty percent chicken nuggets what do you but like i do like ice cream being like a staple sure as the other minds i feel ashamed about now i can load numbers are up yeah so there's like look as with any good thing there's bad stuff so we asked on social we got a lot of good stuff so we're gonna talk about our specific knows i think will be able to incorporate listener knows that coincided with ours correct that's right okay why don't you start off with their first knows i mean it's a matter of first summer and i think i've been pretty on the record about that about how i feel about feet i think feeder dumb i appreciate their their living out their purpose sure i just don't need the seat and you're like i wanna post feet society right yeah if you like just want like us have like homes or like just a smooth just ain't nothing this yeah like a nutjob tornado on the ground yeah okay why can't people walk on stilts why can't we do at what if it like we lost their toes if it just formed a two one like solid skin oh i liked that you like you like duck feet that's what you want no i don't want you don't want what i want no toast just want us room let me tell you where it goes wrong toast as the boss said you get when it's not just that like out there and you're like guess what i'm wearing flip flops all year long sometimes with jeans sometimes we cut off like i get it but some got gross heels have never even seen a promise and i understand they're everywhere you get a dollar for dollar store i some y'all got to hair is a six year way should could braided and then y'all got we're toenails like you got black bottom feet and i understand what you're doing all those wall murphy also got wild rv and you don't even go to walmart target and you act like you're better the walmart and you're not you're fee proven a nothing wrong with caitlin her user name good name which is right democrat she said me note immensely courtesy of flip flops dear good sting so she's right i think but if like wouldn't it be just meant feed like flipflops are casual casualty of the scott a conversation now i think flipflops actually the problem i think men feed on their owner good ago it's just when you look i do i think we should take care of the maintenance of i want a free men from the societal pressure but they somehow don't think they don't they can't get pedicures pedicure i've never had a poster it's time on said do not think i wouldn't feel confident enough to be like talking about it i think it's time for a date with ashley where y'all gonna nail salon and you could pedicures together and i think what you're gonna find you're gonna like oh i like that sure and guess what the rest of us like it to cause then your feet won't be so i cover my feet a pretty good especially like if you're a football to the beach that's just like you and i will be interred at program but i'm just saying when you walk into you i'm not saying that i'm saying i'm saying you in chick fillet so you're gonna oh gee olive garden a surfer that sure we obviously nbc flipflops do like i have a i have an issue you know what i think i think that person either has bone spurs right hammer toes and guess what they do for pops give you hammer ties of flip flops changer shot they make you walk like a crazy person do you know for foster also a twenty billion dollar industry you he saw that is her old navy did you know do you know the first president to wear flip flops i'm gonna be so hurt by that you wanna guess george w bush a bronco bama rock obama he did you know who is a supposedly be most famous frequents her a flip flops you mean he like a specific person like kind of her famous notable person who's most closely closely associated with flip flops the dalai lama though i love i maybe maybe a little bit that's right yeah all right let me do what do i know my a what am i noses it's and we've talked about this one too but it's a there's a lot of innovations in the summers where at most prominently comes out you see in halloween some bank really in the summer and that's the photo flex photo halloween you see it you're like isn't my costume cool but then in parentheses it's about that boulevard josh they wanna show you that clean as yeah in summer same way it's like you know you're on the beach and you've just had like a transcendental thought about life in permanence but you also have an eating carbs in a million years now look really good and you're to peace it's not about the fought it's about the two are you suggesting that someone can't look at the ocean and think about how big the world is and how were all just a tiny tiny speck of sand in it and yet also show there erected nipples they're making me i wasn't ready for week number one voter last week we came after super hot blonde new nuclear scientists this week i'm gonna double down and say yes you can't don't have those transcend the thoughts and have a right nipples you can't you can't look i get it like this i just didn't have a guy sat down except fermi net well know someone took that photo or you you got guerrilla tripod and you hung like a beach umbrella to get that picture the the listeners commented that i want a car a marie as three fourteen she says girls who posted pictures of himself lincoln be shares looking out at either the ocean or the pool some equally noxious caption like yes my kayla so you're perfectly lean suntan legs my siamese twins are not amused worry though i sign again my siamese twins are not amused how do we feel about that pro a really good it is maybe the most brilliant thing ever written on the internet 'em siamese twins like i need to earn so the impact that it's like why do they they don't have a side gap there they all get together and that's the way i don't think everybody got that like i want i want you to get it and but she called out mckellen within it wasn't mikhail within i so if you're mccallum don't come about the you know the name mikhail yeah 'em in it will just go back are official podcast policy is you can let you totally post a picture of yourself that's totally sure but we think you just need a comment something very unflattering by herself to mitigate it like it's hot picture of you you're you've got apps on like a austin cleavage and you also say i get stress flatulence net prescribe that's right everybody's good everybody's how hot picture on the beach will quote about the vast ocean absolutely also i had peanuts under my math right like okay that's fine that's great i love you richer proteins idea hey guys a quick break talk about one of our sponsors ziprecruiter hiring used to be hard multiple job sites stacks of reza made a confusing review process it's also stressful and takes a lot of time energy and attention but today hiring can finally be easy and you only have to go to one place to get it done ziprecruiter dot com slash pop guess if 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take back you're seven dollars if you like because that's crazy a gift well it'll be very lovely gift and here's the thing like i don't feel bad about that anymore i don't feel bad about like well i do love you and i do wanna see you like but you know i guess what i'm not gonna talk to her and her own wedding bingo she's gonna have four hundred other people which she's not 'cause i come in either outlaw so take those you won't have to rent quite as many seats i look forward about 'cause nobody wants to sit out and i know oh my gosh are wedding like are live if we could just start are live together some my man you guys it'll be nights it will be hot again you have just you're a climate denial as a bright zillow like you have just decided that it's not true so currently gray six one five said a big noted every outdoor summer wedding ever one such outdoor wedding in july i falon passed out from heat exhaustion i had to be carried endorsed by the pastor where my mother and the mother of the bride had the fan hydrate and throw coal towels on me never even made it to the reception 'em so sorry for ruining your special day but maybe don't have a new wedding south of the mason dixon in july noon wedding look if i pass out of your wedding just like going live me on fire with candles and kill me say this doesn't feel like carly has half out more than one place oh so it's like it's like a carly saying that's where move she's fragile and she's like oh no how could i make this wedding about me give you a little too much tension currently i do believe you and it is a big heck no but i i do love it you're like i didn't even hydrate 'cause i want it something to go daniel listen what what wedding like component would get you to wedding in the middle of the summer in the middle of the day outside of yeah like open bar oh day drinking right i feel like it's gonna go south so quick yeah hot an i'm day drinking what about celebrity performance like adam levine's yes okay so it has to be a celebrity is going to be there for that the swag bag is so legit becoming a wedding i'm sorry are people doing swag bag wedding so you should of of course you forgive you guess something when they leave you what do do we not know you of course did not do it like the eighties so that yeah so the trends wow i don't like that the problem i have is when i go to a wedding and it's like oh yeah we have a little a like a little gift for you as you leave my favorite is just a candy bar you're a set of bags but i could throw in the team i like the that's my favorite the one of the weddings i went to recent like we have been planting strawberries snowy made jam i'm out nope nope get out of here and i want you to jam none of that i don't want you're jammed from your wedding that's so weird i'm getting are mixed one is a watermelon this might be spicy y'all watermelon is overrated it is not overrated offensively overrated and i will tell you why first a the process of buying a watermelon is weirdly like self indulgent you gotta go to the grocery store you don't like pick it up and put in her car you gotta like feel it you gotta like judge why are you why are you copying feel that that's the problem you gotta like massage it in like stroke due to a water main then next thing you know you make strong i contact with someone in the manager's come ever talk to you and that's not good 'cause you want i've always been told you want a watermelon that looks light but feels heavy which is of course i mean i'm like that secondly you get home it's not like you know what's good about jesus you open it and he's yet but a watermelon you gotta get a big knife you gotta carving there's a mess everywhere it's not like then you gotta take it out and put in like nice little squares into the tupperware and then you put on top of where you put it in the fridge you're not the first day in four months later the tub were still in there with watermelon still at here's the thing here's what you do first of all go to go to the fruit section of the grocery store and guess what they've already cut up a quarter mile and they put it in the classic thing great costs it costs a little more i get it but it's worth it is the thing i'll never forget i remember you said if the power goes under and you go bankrupt the last thing you will used by monday with his pre sliced fruitless it's more you guys i got very fast cantaloupe in my i got three key we and you know you just you just kind of happens users but doesn't taste like anything it just feels like water marlin watermelon is the lacroix of fruit tommy how wrong in the world but an early morning she said everyone's obsessed with watermelon doesn't taste like anything takes too much space in the fridge that's true that it makes everything so sticky also drew you know what's better the watermelon cantaloupe and that's saying something came up such a risk watermelon nine times out of ten even though like a flight but it's heavy like you figure it out and it works out i find that cantaloupe is just it's just one big like we just cross our fingers we win it with all and we hope for the best in the nine times out of ten it's like oh it's crunchy may not right and i don't i feel like keeneland gives you know clue it's like suck it you'll not know if i'm good are not no matter what you do i think you know i like pineapple i like i like time of all the free it's the blueberries get out of my face blueberry i don't like either okay my next one is water parks and pull somebody reid a couple of comments the first one was from crime l three that's in water parks everything about the mets gross and unsanitary old bandaids everywhere and swimming in p the floor is always wet and the public bathrooms also water slides do not seem safe i don't care what science says you're telling me and i'll fly around this jonker around this loop the loop without anything holding me down except gravity it's no from me dog and then so caroline says parents who let their kids swim all day never make them get out for potty break i see you people who leathery never out of the water we all know no one can hold it that long okay couple of things criminal three water slides w will respect them in my presence that's it's crazy they're awesome science is proven that it's fine 'em terrell comes out wrong she's very much crap you make your kids got out of the pool like not you're i'm like shower after pool like republican who yeah yeah yeah yeah sure but like would you wanna be like the bladder police with the pool caroline screaming kids peeing in europe whole look kid parents with kids in pools i think there's a don't ask don't tell policy you know what i mean because it worked out for the military if if they say if they say i needed a bathroom go okay well let's go the bathroom if they just never bring it up it's not like i'm doing inventory man like have you gone to the bathroom but as you go six hours you've pretty much figure do you have one kid that's really good about like i'll be honest if you are a parent and you're obsessing over when you're gone the bathroom like you're and say listen the younger ones are getting very upset right now i know you're in saying let me tell you to start my this is that lunch yesterday my nephew is that told me the story about how they were at the icebox waterpark and how a little boy came up to them or like don't tell anyone but i'm gonna pee in that geyser and he went impede in the guys are guys you'd think slash parks are free of this and they're just recently in the water that's coming out i guys are and it's coming back out of that guy is true if somebody please into now every and then later that little boy was like everybody's running around so there's that and then my niece aaron with a lifeguard and she said one day she came upon two little boys sitting on the sidewalk and they were literally having a key race pd racist i don't jamie it's them sitting on the ground right and they're just pene through their swim short okay and the p is moving forward on the sidewalk and craft and they're racing deceive who is peak and get to the crack first okay okay kids are just good i would say choose their friends widely as if my recommendation i give you another warning sign that whole so like the person the person you gotta really watch out for is the mom of like a two year old itch who suddenly gathers there's up over stuff and hustles her crew out of there when that happens at duke he has occurred they gotta get out of the pool you gotta get out of the pool and you know they colo or guy or both no okay i don't years isn't my mum all right my next one is look like i we had a we had a generalized conversation about a tank tops are bad it's like any kind of male fashion as attempting to subvert the heat 'em in specifically like when you cut the shirts cut the holes in this leaves okay i've got a number of these shirts like that i would wear during football practice or whatever 'em or when i'm working out but like you don't wear those in public and especially you don't like cut the whole lower than the armpit that's the that's the z you're armpit hair and all year like sort of like pack is like we're the suit but like it showcases all the rolls down the side add some guys i dunno just like rage like that like it's the thing of just cut a real tight end you're still cool but like you're not showcasing author armpit hair and stuff like that and lily pad five seventeen she had a good comedy about this she said publicly the shirts on every good old boy in alabama with the sleeve holes cuts solo you could see their spare tire and other armpit hair if you wear the shirt anywhere besides mowing grass i assume this is where it gets really good gene okay i want you to pay attention i assume you have a set of truck nuts hanging from the back of her trailer hitch and that's a hard me no also detroit a year round are you a hard me notice wrote another year round i mean we go spicy taping the season i'm not against truck load i would never have one in my corner you don't mind seeing traffic i was telling me you've never you've been driving and you see one you have like you haven't laugh laugh but you know what i've always i've laughed and then i'm like i'm so glad i don't know him look you're horrified because exist in the world but like right you're oldest i what when he like turn and saved up as many job all year saved a person truck nuts and he tried nuts odd his heads are gonna be embarrassed that he knows i is not happening but i think it's more like we living a crazy world sometimes crazy things happen and you could drive the same amount of art world has become such a dumpster fire somehow traps net yeah okay look it is man it's a dark place but when i look over i laugh but also like i know about that person i know what that person's like if you're so audacious as have appeared truck nuts on the on the back of your car like i know what i feel like i should question on tender like would you have tracked nights and then that way i could now like my god out of the gate because it divides pretty quickly yes is you know in two thousand seven legislators propose a proposed prohibiting motors some displaying anything resembling or depicting anatomically correct or lesson completely covered human or animal genitals did you know that this is what we were doing two thousand seven like that's the kind of laws and guess what that lauded and pass well okay in two thousand eight 'em it was it was a virginia tried to pass it up but then the state state senate voted down would you like to guess what state senate that was i had they cannot i cannot just narrow down the four states if you're wrong you have to put a pair truck nuts i regard because guess what lays jomon we found a new ad has bad china florida it is i just like the constituents rallied until their senators no like the truck why we don't care for kids counry but we will have hurt but we will have a truck in florida yeah so i dunno we start to say okay my next one is well i'm calling family obsession so comes from from and i really don't even think about this until trying simple brought it up he said people who remind me that i only have eighteen summers with each child so fill them with memory oh my god you're too much pressure yeah look guys i get it like you only have you only have five centers after these next four summers and then now look like now you're kids going it's it's it's it's the weaponization of time yeah and i think it's unique are generation because were so i i dunno i think in general in general size more aware right were more wherever cells were more aware of the flea news the time or try be more connected to her kids and her family then past generations so when you do stuff like that like it doesn't at least for me doesn't inspire me it gives me anxiety of when i see that on the counter like only have two more days when my kids don't tell me that i know of only everybody's marching towards god plus newsflash guess he's not moving out of your house at eighteen that's true you're children they're gonna be there until they are and i have a lot of friends because i have friends who have college age kids in i see my there i guess what they're on their their on your couch watch there waiting for a stranger things they commensurate with your netflix they're not leaving your house as you've got plenty of summers last listen when you came up when we moved you came over briars dinner you make quite and pressure marlow 'cause you're her favorite now s m i think the two degree kindred spirits 'em she's telling me she's like i'll be i miss jamie i'm never gonna get married thank you never get married again i'm like gw forever you're never gonna move out but i doubt eventually like i went to college and then like moved out and then moved back yeah like i like you i think she sees see it for what it is she's like free room and board pay for anything brings myself like i like this is a good friend who's literally in his thirties and still lives with his parents but he's made it a situation where he's like on a whole floor of the house you're and he's like why would i change the bachelor is a i know he just feels like that right 'em wasn't gonna ask you ask a rumor now but by the way you were like nineteen summers after this one summer 'cause you're toddler yeah getting old obviously memories do you like do you think you're actually 'cause my mother what did we do the summer of ninety three d i should say me i have no earthly idea is that because my mother was a bad mother maybe wasn't because she did making memories with that maybe or maybe i hated her in ninety three because i was awful teenager and didn't wanna spend time with her like if i had friends who seemed much more entertaining than see i don't i wonder if part is there is so much to do now whereas like in the summer of ninety three there is nothing to do there was no internet there were no i pads so it's like everything just felt more intentional whereas now like you could blow through a day and not interact with their kids in the past really fleeing leaves so you think this is about guilt oh it's totally about like the plight of the modern parent is like i have the ability to distract my child twenty four seven and but i know i'm a terrible parent if i do that and you're trying to like pass pass parents never had to deal with that so they never had to bounce out but we do and no one knows how to do it because we're the first generation who is doing it so we don't know if were ruining her kids or if like this is just part of the culture nelson my mom just left me home starting at twelve years old and that's me at home with mine intendo almost like having a day on air crackers and some sweet tea and i see you is the best day only job is to get the mail god man what a time when the time all right my last one is a and i like i just i just want a feature both of these because what was the thing i think we saw texas heat yes bugs and then the other thing i saw the most was a teacher briefs either lot of angry and listen y'all we try we put out these comments this request for comment we love the ninety nine percent of you don't ever clapback and someone else in the comments particularly when they're a stranger and you literally don't know who they are why would you possibly clapback at a stranger on the internet that's logical right right but there are a couple of beef that happened in this threat that were a delight of it was teacher on i dunno if his teacher teacher or teacher and pair oh no enthroned harry on teacher there is no way it's not parent on a lot of sense to you as we know narcos teacher not plus teachers please remember that there's so much i'm married one i just i'm a big fan of their work and what they don't like for them to get a lot of guests no that's about it but it is don't dislike me about one of those beginning you i will give you stuff okay but one of the features of both sides or you know just raw objectivity 'cause there's no spins out of the first one blissfully underscore be says as someone who is married to a teacher this expert like this is this is what you call diffusing okay is like a drawing the me too movement of like as someone who has a daughter and that that's how you explain to people you understand rape okay because you know a woman right oh you know a woman you have a black friend that he's oblivious saying i know teachers 'cause i'm married the teachers i cannot say that you're married to a teacher i maybe add another relationship i dunno the sexual dynamic i can safely say noted teachers complaining when others point out they don't work for two months in the summer yes you yes you work super hard all year don't get paid enough end deserve a break but please stop saying it's not a break it is so how so i'm really fascinated in this i'm not like a making fun of this because i think blissfully be is is artfully towing the line of criticizing teachers as you can dance that was a junior mutable then beautiful listen one of my closest friends katie who listens to the show and as a friend of the show she is a teacher like wanna like teacher of the year in alamo and that's how good a teacher she is but she knows she's on break in the summer she says i've earned i've worked hard for it and i'm right in the same way that like if you if you were i take a vacation yeah we're on break sure that's called the break yes teachers are on the brakes right like you're it's it's part of your leap it's why you're leaving so constricted during the rest of the year i it's hard for teachers to take time off right the rest of the year because they have to be in the room right so like it is the end the but the but you've earned it but you're you're gonna iron vacation leave which i technically don't we honor but i'm sure so i just leaving just don't come but like like the average person get sleeve sick leave vacations rhymer paid time off the same way the teachers do there's just happens to be all at once into but see the other side of this is could be girl cooper girl saw this comment i think it was like i'm not having this she says a big summer no is telling any teacher they are sarcastic air quotes lucky or that your sarcastic because jealous they get three months off with the summer first i get eight weeks to which argues that professional and development trainings and getting ready for a new school year second teachers they're not getting several weeks off with hey we spread are ten months of pay over twelve months so we could eat and pay our bills in the summer as an emotional a motion or call to like unita understand my applied here third teachers needs some time off from are very exhausting super emotional and highly were warning jobs so he best selves and do jobs recalled due inspire kids smiley face ammo g so do you think they're agreeing on the same thing which is contentiously i well i think tickets tickets teachers so misunderstood and they feel like they they feel like people are judging them for their break when really people were just going i wish my job shut down for even six weeks later wet like if you can people go yeah i would like my job just shut down for six weeks so i think people just need may correction of you could say that i i wish my job shut down for eight weeks comma but there's no way in h word that i would do a small kids and the parents of small kids so i wouldn't i wouldn't have much at church and i took a spiritual gifts assessment and discovered the my spiritual gift was teaching and i cry at church because i thought that meant god want me to become a schoolteacher wow is not because like it would also be a schoolteacher i would be in office schoolteacher no that was like i'm gonna end up going to jail for hitting kid no i can't do it i can't do it they don't wanna do i wanna do teachers have twelve weeks i agree the podcast policies that we think teachers should have twelve weeks of summer breaks and i think technically with spring break in christmas i get it i like i like i like that word of god okay so that's are knows of summer a the best season of year i think we agree a few thoughts opinions on our thoughts in his letter sodastream accomplish three oh five now break to talk about one one of our sponsors legacy box remember the good old days of vcr's h tapes we had everything on this vhs tapes home videos favorite movies dance recitals an family memories these days hardly anyone has this old technology in for the longest time i wondered what to do with all those old tapes kept in boxes luckily for us though legacy box is here to help bring those memories into twenty nineteen legacy box makes the whole process super easy you send them your old home movies and pictures and they do the rest professionally digitize and you're 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peleton dot com and use promo code podcast started that's one peleton dot com and use promo code podcast they get started okay back to the show are dreaming nudist why what is your robot this week okay some early this week gives me here's the deal okay i spent the better part of this weekend going down a rabbit hole of hot piping t shirt on the internet about any number of things listen i got the i got a vox last night in the hours in it'd be free agency like where's co why go and get a box scooter braun screwed run you point guard where's he going what's what's going in and i like how dare you i want to talk about scooter braun in my and it's not just good iran listen i'm talking about this thing has exploded in such a beautiful way we talked about it in depth in this week's the more you know her best friends of the show but i you guys i watch like i was gonna watch a new comedy special by catherine ryan i was gonna watch a big little lies is gonna watch last week tonight and all i did was refresh we stand retailer refresh refresh i wanna know every celebrity who is liking everything what's demi levato saying i love the she's injected herself into this you know what i originally i was like why is jimmy chime in but now i'm kinda like i want her to be like the take monster who like everything that comes up like trump in north korea then we gotta say democratic pacific out exactly it's gonna be me bill coffee and oj simpson just telling us what they think about that you would watch that show oh my gosh if that's american idol is that a possibility who like you've got ryan seacrest moderating like oj so lots of things happened yesterday at the debate whether you're thoughts on this this is the daily show that's what i want but i was really a shame nuts i'll have like you collect i love you too you men one of my favorite things on tube is beauty gertie like anyone who will spill the tea about any number of beauty groove on the internet i order viet and i realized how like i it's not wishing for people's downfall i am fascinated about the organism that is the internet in how utah retaining the demo that you think busy phillips but you can just like a post and it'd be not a thing and then it's a huge thing that you 'cause you're choosing sides odds buyer likes like and you think it's it's fascinating the that is the third literal sixteen year olds all they're doing is gathering receipts my love it i'll never forget the day where i'm not proud of it that would i love it on every other they you trust me here at the office and explains the party verse james versus james beef and like this is the world i didn't know existed and you're excavating it you know what's crazy about that the thing about the that beauty giro world is how much money and how the fact that you could be like have her seats were being racist horrible person and guess what i still make bank on these it just fascinates me i i just i'm i'm i'm obsessed with it in a way that's unhealthy i probably need a break from falling hashtags on instagram or listen all i did now my explorer tab 'cause i've i'm really proud of my tablet instagram because it brings me things that are usually it's like a mix of fun like cat dog videos good and then a mix of like celebrity news ends i will end up getting that explore time how their season whereas a lot of breastfeeding i don't know why of what i do off season all the free the nipple yeah but i got but now oh it is are teams were talking about taylor in scooter well here's the thing so when you were telling me about all that beauty whatever you drunk jane thank you sorry 'em suddenly that because because instagram doesn't listen to our conversation right now but some other way that invaded mike sports so i would get that stuff and then when you throw shade that public or is that will put that out so i started getting about that i'm like i didn't offer any of if i'm just having a conversation and now suddenly my four times ruined but whatever so red light to you you're welcome i think what you're at bigger red light amtrak my lord so i i i'm finishing second book about turning the manuscript and part of my process i've discovered this time around is i will take a train ride to new orleans all right the whole way i'll get a hotel room right all that night and you come back the next day this time ice may day in new orleans just writing those great made progress then i got a phone call halfway like the day before i go back and said my train derailed you're trained had to rail train derailed like a j john whole movie or something you know it's like well that sounds dramatic like that's gonna be a problem for those people but not very yeah but more immediately for me like i'm really concerned with what that means to me and they were like no worries mates you we've got you squared away and i was it was like like train squared away and they're like oh don't worry about it like you're gonna get home isn't that what you want and it was but like i knew they got you a neighbor home yeah like he's a just a long left home psych actually it was a bust it smelled like chicken farts mit there was just no room and i knew that ride to work in rights and i was able to little bit unlike normally i don't hate bus rides you know like i don't want a school bus ride but like if i got space in solitude like okay put us on the chicken fried chicken farms is great is not great but eventually you're brand like phasing the problem was the seats were so it was it was more like crowded than coach like on a plane claustrophobic so just rabbi team amtrak for birdie railing wailing trains guys like i just need you did not do that if you like just not on my trip slight delay you're matt trip home trained can get back on track i walked into the french quarter i just bought some been yeah you did an i got the news and i'm like how much worse would this have been if i hadn't had been it would have been apocalyptic it would have been much worse i wish you realize okay my this week is aid book so are friend of the show march remain a host of tending to tell you she in her instagram story posted a picture of the city of girls by elizabeth gilbert and she said this is the book of the summer and i was like oh the side if that's true and so i went and bought a city girls which i went to any bookstore in the bookseller who is also blind was just like market months or so bold do you guys so bold an she would like a this is the summer and i'm like that's a sad and she's like yeah but it's like it's awful but this is good okay so it will cause us through the writer of the book author author ready ready letter which i agree breedlove is not great but but this you guys perkins gave it a starter view and curtis called it a banana split of a book and that is exactly the perfect description i bet you guys it's the story is that in the nineteen forties this nineteen year old vivian in you're talking to her as she's old and she's kind of looking back on her life in the forties which is new york city it's they're not a lot of men around because they're all at war an it's just these fascinating women that she meets these relationships with women and then are some stuff amen ancestor relationship sure so it is a very festive book summer it's like the perfect it's life filled with boys booze and big mistakes which is basically my life and i love it it was such a good fun summer look you're not gonna become a better person by writing this book because you're not gonna learn anything about a like what are you learning about this year me with something you're learning about anita getting the manson moves right now and passionate okay there's none of that in this book it is just cotton candy reid by and i would say the pool but i don't go outside the reid by that their conditioning and you will have the best time it's such a good back we're i mean i saw the you're agreeing that so i went ahead and bought it like that so much so much thank you okay what you're hearing my green light is the tv show veep my gosh so this is the similarly a this is not any playoff situation this is not hey i'm gonna be a better person situation sure this is just if you 'em have i dunno a lowering of moral drapery a little bit and just really excessive appreciation for comedy this is the show for you this is like this is there's been a recurring green light of both vars i think 'em but this is the finale season and it's just kind of a tour of the force of like insult comedy a at the character's yes but it's also secretly like that's true and i don't know that i've ever seen another show that that is so viciously hilarious words don't character's just end the rate at which that happens 'cause i've seen like i've always liked happy endings 'cause i think it's really quick witted but this is so unbelievably fast and vicious towards each other of course the characters but i think secretly it's a well pottage joe like i would really well done story on this final season is no difference julie drivers who is maybe like the most underrated comedic actress of all time she's incredible in the show but it's a continuation of the seasons before truly it's been good from the beginning it's incredible at in most the time you lose a fast forward to or even when they're show runner turnover as there was like what are mondo she left 'em there's you lose something and maybe they different different episode her too but they just raise the steak and the way they have all these characters the ridiculous this yet you know there's always the conversation of a house of cards in deeper doing similar thing yeah and the question was is the real the real life politics is more house of cards of veep deep and the grease events have shown us it's more veep the house of cards yes there's something cathartic about seeing that in the show so in the end the everybody's everybody's in idiot and i think that's why i think most all of us radio thought that's not a political statement but i think you know the language which is the language so if that's the thing don't watch this and it is it's wild wild there's no nudity though so that's a good nudity one of my favorite insults i you sometimes just under my breath sometimes target if people are being crazy just call people you send ten enema thing and like it that is but a grain of sand oh yeah they're incredible so much crazier it's incredible it's really really hilarious in a highly highly recommended okay jim is gonna be the simpson pop guess guys free government anytime we doing shopping on amazon they should've gone arizona com slash rough wells fargo receivers out and purchase using selling this week was maybe this is just a key chain with a mini little bottle of scotch a first of all kudos to whoever made that living your best life we were looking at a police officer the key to all my flight and here's the thing twenty percent of the reviews on this are one star gonna tell you the consistent things that these people are upset about what's the problem the problem is represented by jail he said obviously i didn't read the fine print this comes empty no hot sauce included about this for christmas which does seem like a lot of yeah it was just open because i forgot about it false advertising 'cause he broke their view of march by hey good and he was mad but it didn't come what did you think that amazon work like in a warehouse they were going to put in a key jemaine artis knowles roger craftsman inserting like the he sat on her three month seems like no i'm still

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BTM115: Digital Nomad Life: The SEO Investor with Matt Diggity

Before the Millions

1:06:15 hr | 1 year ago

BTM115: Digital Nomad Life: The SEO Investor with Matt Diggity

"This is the ray allow layer and you're listening to the before the millions podcast episode one fifth being caught a boom man you are you ready to be the master architect up your life are you ready to design your business needs that create the lifestyle you've always dreamed up are you ready to learn from entrepreneurs they're millionaires whoever achieved a certain level of success hey this is derek location independent entrepreneur you're listening to before the millions podcast i am lofton i am an investor and you're listening to be there for the millions podcasts hey there my name is heather haven would marketing coach in global entrepreneur or and you are listening to the before the millions pipe cat tennessee mccaskill lee host of the seven minute men to podcast global companies and all around a geek any you listening to the before the millions podcast i am emcee lobster the cash flow ninja and you're listening to before the millions barkov you're listening to the before the millions podcast but whether you're looking to invest more cash flow building online business that allows you to be location independent you come to the right place mr hollywood presented the be for millions broadcasts yeah now you're rose gray what is going on btm tribe durham alia here and we are back for another installment of veep before the millions podcast an guys on today's episode we're interviewing as ceo digital nomad mr matt diggity now met view is a real estate investor who primarily operates in the online space who operates in the fcs by so if you don't know what a ceo is first office dance were search engine optimization in why that's important is because as a real estate investor especially a real estate investor who has a website and you get leads through our website as ceo is a skill that allows you to get a lot more organic leads all a lot more ganic traffic going to your site so let's just say you rank on the first page of google and you come up as these first return whenever somebody searches austin homebuyers or so my house fast in austin texas right so if you can get that first second third fourth spot just that first page of google if you do that then you have the potential to make a killing in your business and you're real estate business so as ceo simply just different ways to optimize how you show up in search engines in where you show up in these search engines so that's what matters businesses about and what he does with the postseason his business if he pours all is active income into it's a real estate investments so that he can create passive income so as many of us matthew was discontented with being normal tracking life he was a six figure engineering he did not like how much he lives in making he did not like the path but he was going down he decided he decided to move halfway across the world cut is expensive by seventy five percent in have you believe their travel fulltime because he changed career choices he changed from being hey fulltime engineer making six figures to be in a fulltime entrepreneur making a ton of passive income now we don't start like this like he literally came out the gate making about two thousand dollars a month and it doesn't sound like a whole lot especially if you're in the u s but if you've been listening to me any good amount of time then you know the i predicate our laurels on lifestyle design so many people out there are so concerned with how many units they have and how much real estate baone and and how fast they can grow and i'm not opposed any of those things but what takes a higher precedent over all of that is lifestyle design for me so again for me and for matt i mean think about matt situation like he's going from making six six figures right but has none of this time lives in in one of the most expensive parts of the country in california and it's literally just pulling his hair out he doesn't have any purpose he's making six figures as an engineer doesn't know travel right and he gives that up just start online business are you crazy just start an internet business that's a fad right no way people are actually doing that that's not stable that's not secure and then he's not even making a whole lot of money doing he's making two thousand dollars a month so you give up a six figure income to make two thousand dollars a month but again this is a much better option for somebody like matt because he decided to be a digital nomad you could now simulator yourself in these countries like thailand like portugal like mexico like porter rico you stimulate yourself in some of these countries and living like a king for two thousand dollars a month so you i see all these ads and all these people online with these laptop lifestyles it's so easy to do in houston most likely do that now today i mean these people like i mean you hear about these stories all the time people literally just a thousand dollars or two thousand dollars and they go off the thailand chiang rai thailand off of two thousand dollars and that money to last them for the next six months and they used that six months the bootstrapped their business and get their business up and running while they have a little to no overhead and they're living like a king it's crazy it's madness and this and there's no reason why more of us cannot do that two thousand dollars two thousand dollars that's all you need so matt actually waited he wasn't one of the riskiest people even though what he did was super risky he actually waited until he started making money in this business when i tell you some people they had the desire they have any urge and they know that if they move halfway across the world first off you're you're you're around a ton of other people have the same mindset right so that goes back the masterminding you're not injured normal environment so you're uncomfortable double right you have to fend for yourself right so there are a lot of things that go in the plaster especially earlier on when you have to figure things out as opposed to being your comfort zone not only that but you're already living the life that you wanna leave you're not waiting for some day or some markers some year to be like okay now i wanna be able to do these things you're doing these things now as you grow your business there's nothing better in my eyes right some people were like notary that's way too uncomfortable for me i have to wait till you know i have a million dollars in the bank but earning me a ten percent return so that i know that i have this amount of passive income coming in every single month that's when i'm gonna be able to draw the end by the time you get their most likely if you ever get there you're gonna be retired i wanna use my business to get there and travel the world all at the same time that's lifestyle design and that's lifestyle design at an early age and it doesn't take a whole lot to do with guys you could literally gone upper tomorrow any skill that you have and you could find a way to make two k it's so easy to say that in congress anyway and disrespectful way to teachers who don't make a lot of money and a lot of these positions who don't make a lot of money but i guarantee guarantee you if you become resourceful right and just think outside of the box literally tomorrow you can go start service that helps tow truck companies or service that helps lawn care companies get more leads get more clients because you know how to work the internet because you know how to put up an ad there's nothing stopping you from making two thousand dollars a month nothing this episode i did with andre hatch it for the mail dot com go to the podcast section and type in notary and there is a business the chicken start start literally by next week in about two weeks you'll have a license and you'll start making a hundred two hundred thousand per appointment soda save two k or to have a side business the angels who k is very probable you could do that by the end of this month if you really put your mind to it here's the crazy part about the lifestyle design that i love to profess and kind of just pouring to you guys because it's something that you can achieve today most of you something that you've been achieved to day so again it's not about how much passive income you're making it's not about how many rental units you have it's not about building this this big grand portfolio it's about being able to deliver the life of your design right if you let go of some of your beliefs change up some of these habits in your life life get rid of some of your expenses and have a different outlook on your goals andrew timeline for achieving those goals i guarantee you that there are few key shift you making her life and he's in libya ultimate lifestyle design now for for me that's location independent that's been a disaster dometic a tropical waters i please in i'd been location independent front coming up on two years now i'm still not where i wanna be so my lifestyle design is one in which i am some merging myself i'm going sabbaticals for longer than a month for longer than two months in foreign countries and i and i'm and i'm not going on a two week vacation but i'm going to leave somewhere today physical address somewhere to rent out in apartment to go grocery shopping every weekend to serve merge myself in a new culture to make new friends learn new things and have a new way of life to pick up another language to learn i mean to anything right to become a scuba diver instructor like to become a yogi me it's gone silent retreats for weeks at a time to become a chef right i mean to become an actor like these things are very probable just imagine me in the next bollywood film right i can go become a part time actor overseas no problem like these were in you guys think i'm plane but these were the different types of activities i want to learn how to perfect so if i go to japan in get my black belt in you know submerged myself in that community in that culture further next year two years and i and i get to a certain accu lay like that's a story that's a new accomplishment then i'm gonna go to the next country in and learn something else and do something different just because that's how i'm wired those of the type of sabbaticals but i wanna be able to go on right as early as as earlier this year twenty nineteen those are the type of sabbaticals i wanna be able to offer two months three months and submerged myself in a new culture learning a new skill pick up a new trade every few months if i do that three times a year two months three times a year that's perfect for me so i'll be out of u s for about six months out of the year that's an ideal lifestyle for me that is my ultimate lifestyle design that contains tomorrow that contains next year but that division that i have for my life and something like that is a lot easier a lot simpler and a lot of people think so on today's episode we're gonna get into how easy it is to just up and leave you're day job and colin pursue your dreams when talking about how easy it is to create a business that serves you so that you can be a digital nomad if if you choose to do so so that you could take advantage of gio arbitrage so that you could get paid in dollars outlive lavishly across the world where you're dollar means so much more so that you can visit every single country in the world and have that experience this right here is really what got everything started for me this is actually why i started my podcast this is why i started my business because of this type of lifestyle design that i'm looking to achieve this is why i chose real estate is a vehicle this is why i chose online businesses the vehicle so we're gonna get into a whole bunch of location independent talk really get into some some great fcl talk as well i'm gonna help you just start creating that vision for your ultimate lifestyle design i do wanna put a disclaimer on this because this is what i'm describing is my lifestyle design it doesn't have to be a lifestyle design i don't want you to think i'm telling you that you should leave her job tomorrow i am not telling you that i know plenty of people who love what they do and i would never tell them to stop what they're doing and those people that listen to this episode and they know how to take away from this episode exactly what they need to take away to enhance their lifestyle design whether that means hey i'm staying in my w two job and i have extended vacations or i'm doing this that and the third or like i work out something with my superiors i'm working from home or have a side job that that's doing this for me whatever it is that helps you with your lifestyle design but at the same time i know there's a certain subset of people who are agonizing right now who knows if there's a certain way that they can leave and they want to leave they just don't know how this happened to that yet so this episode is primarily you guys but every single one of us can take away a ton of nuggets from this episode and just like it's inspired me out this episode inspires you to take action sooner rather than later because although i've been location independent for the past two years i still have reservations since as to why i can't be away for an extended period as to what's gonna happen in my business if i'm operating totally one percent over overseas i still have a lot of fears around that so talking to matt today i'm just like dude i need to start planning some of these three four five six two months troops there's no reason why should be fearful for that so i got a ton of take away some of this episode and i hope you guys get a lot of take away some of this is well if you guys are already follow me on instagram that's my platform of choice and that's where you'll see all my travel you'll see all the food i love you'll see how i build my business you'll see the behind the scenes of everything literally head over to i g and follow you boy let's get acquainted with each other and let's build a relationship if you're doing any travel this year let me know if you're overseas at all this let me know i do a lot of solo travel and i'm always looking to link up with new friends so again over the instagram my instagram handle this derail alia d r f y o l l e y e to raise tip of the week i read forty books last year and i told myself and i told you guys this year i was gonna slow down majorly just to make sure but i was comprehend in my content and i was actually implementing the learnings of the teachings teams the books were providing now i have done away better job at implementing everything that i learned everything but most of what i learned especially if i do it immediately after learning but were halfway through the year and i met twentyfive books this year so if i kept up at this pace i wouldn't be fifty books this year as opposed the forty last year so i'm not doing a real good job of slowing down in fact i've read over twentyfive books i've read twentyfive new books this year some of those books about five of those books i've read twice one of those books i think i've read three times which is the surrender experiment and then also there's some other books reid every year like rich dad poor dad for our work week and so on and so forth so there's another five or six books i've read this year that don't make that list as well so probably rather totally maybe thirty five books this year already not saying that's brag or boast but the reason i'm able to get through book so fast and multiple times is because i'm audio learner and i tend to play my audio books a little bit faster faster than deep prescribed speed southern prescribe speed obviously is normal speed one point though so the tip of the week this week is to get through your book faster you're audio book faster played at one point two five speed or one point five speeder what i've been doing lately it may sound crazy but there are some really slow readers and the audible community so she played at two x speed it sounds perfect now may take a little time for you to get used to in some of yours family members may think patrick crazy but you get the consumer books just a little bit faster right and i love that so this features in most of these audio apps that you guys were using to listen to your books if you're doing any listening it's definitely an audible and it's definitely in the end it's definitely an i books and also on your podcast app so if you listen to a ton of podcasts this is a great way to speed up the podcast i don't mind of course not much of the speed it up to the point to where you can understand what i'm saying but of course you could definitely hit that one point five speeding see how you like it so you just be more efficient with time end guys hey if you're looking for the next free book head over to before the millions dot com ford slash book and you get two free audio books on me before the millions dot com forward slash book now i have a ton of pbs in kindle books as well in this obviously doesn't work for kindle books you can't two extra speed right but what you can do and it's and investment of your time impossibly you're money but again it saves you a ton of time on the back end of this goes back to investing in anything that you do so i kinda love it so it's kind of like to tips in one but when you can do is invest a little bit of time and that's a little bit of money you're just time by guana you too and learn how to speed rate if you learn how to effectively inefficiently speed you will i mean not two x three x but sometimes even by x you're breathing speed and that can get you through books a whole lot faster and there there's actually some speed breeding material that teaches you how to comprehend even better than you were comprehending before so against little life hacks help you along dern hope this helps again for two free audio book just before the millions dot com forward slash book let's go to the show and now your feature presentation on today's show i had deep 'perfect individual kinda in a shed some light on how he's been able to become what i consider additional dumb at a location independent entrepreneur and what i consider super successful real estate investor so first and foremost i wanna welcome to the show mister met dignity man how's today doing real good thanks a lot have mean definitely definitely definitely man i am excited kind of jumped to you're story because when i when i think about the lifestyle that especially even my earlier years when i wasn't working right i think about lifestyle looking to achieve right in some of my earlier influences for people who started just i mean they were up in leaving california and they were just moving to thailand and i'm like what's going on with everybody doing al sean castaway not being understanding reconnect on an looking back on everything just like man like seen everything come back three sixty and me being able to deliver lifestyle now it's been pretty awesome but you've had a similar journeyman i wanna walk through you're progression so maybe let's let's take it back in that time machine will be quick because the listeners don't know and i've already mentioned this mantra listeners don't know i mean you sc over like people know you've raised your this is a degree marking there were talking about right so most people wouldn't associate you with maybe real estate and it's funny because we're gonna cover some real estate on the show and maybe some people who are who are new to you when you're audio certain background that this is what mastodons just crazy so let's kind of take it back on a time machine and that's kind of figure out what what you were doing any any earlier years and what kind of a turn their sights sure yeah so before i ever got into this whole list yo game i think the maybe the reason i went out of after entrepreneurship and passive income generation so eagerly is because it's pretty dark before that i a graduated from you see sd with an electrical engineering master's degree in went into the field in thought i would like it just because i was good at it but that nearly seemed to acquainted all basically just working in a cubicle for six weeks somehow didn't appeal to me so whatever's is doing is like i was just like i quit a couple of times altogether andrew the first time when i quit i was heavily researching into passive income generation not mostly through search engine optimization ranking website skating i'm high on google getting traffic and then monetize ing them affiliate marketing programs maybe sell something on amazon take a little bit of cut maybe sell info product course and you take a cut of that something like that so a student laying around with this stuff but different circumstances happened and i had to go back to deal with engineering jobs for a little bit and then the second time on be rat wheel whatever you wanna call it was just absolutely just excruciating just again working sixty hour weeks but my heart wasn't in it at all like be the company is working for was doing well like we got acquired a got a whole big nest egg of like virtual stocks that became real but just the work itself the the people ball is working with the trajectory i saw of even the people that were doing well like okay so i could be here for thirty more years and i'll just do more of what i'm doing more responsibility in get paid maybe fifteen percent more so yeah so it got to a breaking point where starting to make a decent chunk of money but the ceo like two thousand dollars a month definitely not enough to support myself and united states but i had a big nest egg from these the acquisition and other company in all my virtual stocks becoming a real so i decided to pull the trigger in by some turnkey real estate single family properties to just out by buying free and clear in then just have rental income coming in so that's what i did i bought two properties in memphis the they were introduced to me by well it came through some friends i got some friends set a they started this show called clip that house a couple of guys i went to junior high with stan merrill and a policy asian and now they're running fortune builders and i asked them in some of their employees one of my best friends james is like what do you guys doing which extra money in there saying yeah were invested in turkey real estate memphis so i jumped on a couple of those now all of a sudden i got my two thousand dollars a month and i'm making permits you and i could add on top of that you know like fifteen hundred eighteen hundred from rental real estate and so at that point in time i felt comfortable enough and i decided to pull the trigger quit the job selling my crap everything liquidated and i took a suitcase and i got a one way tickets thailand and that's what started the pat wow wow wow wow that's a phenomenal story and i want a big veep a little bit further into different aspects of a story you you said you went to high school junior high with enron yeah that's awesome that's awesome i met him about a year and a half ago and then marrow of for those of you don't know he's like you said he's a real estate investor but the nfl right yeah yeah he's he's a quite a force of nature every single thing that you did up until up until the point that you went to thailand was just like the things that people would hope and dream in pray about doing what was it in you and maybe it circle of friends because obviously all of you guys went on to do great things but what was it about your particular situation as opposed to the personal cubicles let the view so where you're just like i don't think i'm gonna be here much longer like it sounds like a progression was first first as ceo and that was something that you were kind of going on the side and i don't wanna maybe even talk i got introduced back then it was real estate and then it was location independence when you move to another country that kind of the progression first socio in real estate then finding a way get out of out of you're carrying straight man like i think they all kind of a they all kind of triggered at the same time like well there's a couple of books that kind of plant the seed one was four hour workweek so that that book is just straight poison for any or any cubicle worker once you're in that game over but yeah so four hour workweek and just inspired me just see like dude there's people that are using their smart to the crap lifestyles for themselves and it seemed quite simple simple then engineering i'll tell you that much better yeah so but but actually i didn't have that many that much evidence around me of people being entrepreneurial and actually making it like like sand and paul i mean like i said their forces of nature to me like that that wasn't very common lease with people that went to my high school and the people that definitely not what people that went to you see san diego and they were on the the rat race pat big time so it's kind of blind to me until i got a hold of the four hour workweek and i started go these book clubs 'em there's a meet up dot com for people that were redid reid feeding a four hour workweek and then we get together once a week and we talk about like what were working on stuff like that so that was the first time i saw people getting and stl that was the flavor of the month with this a four hour workweek book club so i just jumped on that bandwagon oh man yeah it was a cool thing the sea life before that i mean i remember going over to the house is like in la hoya san diego is like super nice house and you know like there there were fourteen people in the room one guys like selling these like flight simulators leaders on amazon some other person's like they're all doing this host of interesting stuff and i'm like what the heck real this is co working before co working existed yeah kinda yeah it was you stumbled upon my you're passion like it wasn't it was just like here like i'm your passion i mean i've been here i'm waiting for you now come get me you go searching for a long time you know some people it takes years and you know they have i mean you're you're passionate literally telling you about in in in grabbed her by the orange you took charge so you found this amazing book that not only is you know things like thinking about being in a digital world in that book but also living location independent lifestyle when you kind of worst inch sounds like that book also introduce you to that concept tell me about some of the struggles of living living in california an what you thought coins the timing is gonna do for you a question so i mean i lived in san diego california that mean you can't really complain those torture you know it's a great place deliver the weather's awesome is just kinda like it's kinda solve my my whole path laid out in front of me like i saw what would happen if i stayed within the job at i i'd been in san diego for long enough like i could mapped out the best last week in possible like the best most just filling things i could do and i've already done before so i mean there's nothing wrong with san diego but i did feel like i had missed out on a little bit of traveling in my life especially as a as depicted by tim ferriss four hour workweek and i went onto reid bag of bonding and i just felt like wow there's just like saint augustine said this is life is a book those who don't travel only reid one page so that felt felt like i was at a one page kind of person so when i was working as an engineer i would hoard up all my vacation days and then blasts them all out december in go on is my as long as the trip as possible so i was doing these mini retirement these many vacations while they're still in the day job and i went to thailand i went to india i went to south america just started trying out these different places but for some reason thailand for me really really struck a chord like i really fell at home and i always thought like it's okay if i ever get the ball to to quit this rat race this is gonna be my first stop and then eventually that's that's what it was it was my first stop on can you kind of explains for listeners may be the difference especially for those who haven't been out of the country but maybe what your arbitrage shoes and and how i guess how you're living in thailand in what what so appealing about comments about average digital nomad oh man so the one good thing about be coming a digital nomad especially in thailand is that you're outgoing expenses are so cheap that it doesn't like even if you quit your job it's not like you're burning through your bank account like you couldn't really buck down and focus all year expensive venture business and really grow in that sense so for talking about expenses like if you put it like this you can get by in a city like chiang mai which is some people called the digital nomad capital of the world you can get by here for less than a thousand dollars a month meaning that you can have a decent apartments you can go out to eat like you can go to the movies and stuff like that for two thousand dollars a month you could do anything you want like if you need out every night you can you can go get massage everyday that's all just six dollars i mean like you just end up getting massages even when he's don't feel perfect so you two thousand you start doing like whatever you want if you're making four thousand a month you have to brainstorm to try to figure out how to get rid of it or you need a team you need some creativity to get rid of four thousand a month i know it sounds crazy but like win win win you have like that kind of like everything's like so cheap and stuff like that like it really frees up a lot of mental space on stressing about like oh can i go do this kind of do that like if you already just knowing you're head yes you can do anything you want let's just focus on mental space on stuff like expanding the business the lot of mental burden that straight up i think that's why a lot of digital nomad fox here there's it's crazy airmen like every week there's at least one two three meet ups on e commerce fcl amazon stuff like it's it's just a hotbed for entrepreneurship here yeah yeah that is that is truly truly raising a little bit wherever the kind of break down and say that on the shore retirement this exact example you've always got most like five six obviously get a massage as opposed to going at massage envy hearing a hair hair and you're paying like eighty bucks for a thirty minute session or eighty bucks for our session it's it's it's it's crazy so knowing that i mean even when it's gonna say i feel a little bit because i think it's interesting you had already started creating revenue while you were still working fulltime now as ceo it's one of those things that it takes a while for that seat so kind of start you know kind of star sprouting right and also it's very hard to track if you're a die requi being benefited from estee oh that's being kind of producer performed depending on what kind of side you have well maybe if it's like something's that's where you're gonna show up on the first page of google that might be a little bit more easier to be like oh i'm frustrated but but i wanna talk about earlier days when you were kind of china even bigger all of this out how were you in a position the start monetize ing well first first let's talk about what is this because i mean i mean you were weaken we kind of just on advice you always if it's something that everyday people just know about what what is what is this going why is that important so i still stands for search engine optimization and basically what it is is these actions you it would take to get a website to rank higher in search engines in normally what we're talking about google so let's say for example you at a website that's trying to rank for best wireless rather like you're you're reviewing wireless riders so you would i have to take the words best wireless rather and all related words and you put them in onto what they enjoy page and the right locations with the right amounts and the right entities and you create supporting content and there's a whole are to like what you do on their own website to get it optimize for certain keywords then there's a what's called off site as ceo which is building back links in other is the word of signals to tell google like hey this is a website that other website you're voting foreign saying it's a good piece of content so i mean the value of as ceo is it's anything that's ranked high on google will get a decent amount of traffic in the traffic that comes organically through google searches highly qualified i mean these these are people that are trying to learn more about what they're typing in the google they're they're gonna go these web page instead they're gonna take action as opposed to like paid traffic where you're kind of interrupting people searches maybe you're interrupting them on facebook they're not as likely to convert and another great thing about as ceo is like once you're ranking it's kinda like you said it's it's hard to get up there in the first place the taller house are hard to get removed it's like a heating up a a a bucket of water you know like takes a long time we get there but it's also takes a long time to cool down so once you get up in the rankings in google that traffic comes in it's pretty stable and it converged really well and you could make a nice bit of money if you not monetize it is awesome man i know a lot of our listeners especially people who have never heard of his concept was just like wow so there's something outside of paid ads like i don't have to run paid as and you know again it's like it's like as ceo vs paid ads and actually it's not as ceo versus paid ads but should be able to leverage both of those damage so now you're starting a ceo in south like i think you i think you mentioned you may not have mentioned this may have been they might have i think you mentioned you starting this show and you were making about two thousand dollars how how were you able to even prove your experience you're very first client where what did you do i do cornerback back hiring so oh so this is interesting like i never went the client rout until maybe a couple years ago like a little bit a year and a half ago so way back in two thousand nine two thousand and ten when these these agents that were talking about i already had it in my head that like my experience from working with people and engineering job in knowing that i'm gonna go the thailand in don't want to like have you ask clients and stay up on the phone like super late i just went straight for philly that's you know that's typically what people consider to be more challenging instead of competing on a local level like trying to rank local clients for dentist in fresno california i'm competing globally for national keywords like what is the best wireless robber that kind of stuff but i i already had it in my head like did die i gotta go for the long play i got a gopher game i don't wanna i don't wanna hit a snag with managing too many clients and having a stay up late and like for sure there's there's bandwidth limits on how many clients you manage manage there's less bandwidth with how many affiliate website you can run man oh man we need another conversation 'cause there's so much talk about man man 'cause i okay so you started running these affiliates what did what did that mean i mean going back to the fact that some of my listeners may know wouldn't necessarily it is right i love this silly a model of consciousness so many different ways talk about there'll be it's creating after we get revenue but in your space and when you say affiliate us yo what exactly right so i'll give you exact example of like the first website that i had was making two thousand dollars a month is a site that was monetize by talking about and reviewing ergonomic chairs i picked ergonomic chairs just because like i worked so much nick cubicle my back was dying so i was really into them and i knew about him and stuff so i i wrote a website about reviewing ergonomic chairs and we reviewed different types ergonomic chairs like kneeling shares in in yoga ball chairs and all these kind of different chairs and stuff in one side sorted ranking high on google for best ergonomic chairs and she was like that then the visitors i will come to my site would see these top five list would see here's the number one chairs and number two number three if they clicked on any of the links where they could buy them that would register a cookie in their browser in when they're sent over the amazon if they were the purchase i would take a certain percentage of it at that time it was eight percent of the sale and if you get enough traffic and you sell enough these ergonomic chairs like back in the end up being two thousand a month or a lot more in what i learned a lot later you start at a ceo and you start seeing success early and you decided that the smartest thing for you to do what's the start taking some of you're you're hard earned money to put them into real estate what what philosophy back then as far as where you were what you were looking to accomplish shoot straight world i will i mean i'm still looking for that to like i would like twenty thousand dollars a month completely passive income and i feel like completely passive that would probably be coming from real estate and renting out property in having property management companies take care of all the work and i'm just collecting checks of the in my experience like that's what passive means like i feel like that's more passive than the stock market win with the stock market at least with me like that's not passive it all for me i'm checking that damn thing every day and it makes it all the time so my goal is i wanna i wanna passive income enough to fund all the stuff that i might one of the fun my lifestyle in set this goal for twenty twenty thousand dollars in assets and so yeah that's that's that's what i wanna do at the pretty much okay so i just wanna walk through your financial freedom philosophy or formula because you have other business owners they're listening or that are you know listen to his podcast and they're like you know my my plan you know you have some people who are in corporate america one completely de their day job and pursue real estate as an entrepreneur fulltime and look for properties ripping people who are looking at invest passively similar to what you're doing and just take their active income where there's to be two days off or their it's their company and they're taking their income opponents real estate assets and they wanna start creating a certain amount of passive income from their own assets within they know they no have to depend on that day job right yours is maybe not no longer having you're business but having that security having that financial freedom that you're looking for so over the past few years you've been able to we kind of talked a little bit for the call but you're constantly getting deals i sent to you and you're analyzing deals and you're just like a this works for me this doesn't work for me an when something works free rattus your portfolio and you're kind of going for it like that so just kind of giving the listeners a little bit more context of how you're actually building it pure financial freedom empire fire and this is something that you're gonna continue doing unwritten repeat correct yeah yeah is well i kinda paused on my bread and butter is been getting single family homes in memphis saint louis in indianapolis in what i typically do have the model works was i'm working with turnkey companies like like memphis invest i've done like seven properties them a so what they would do is like you you get assigned a like a salesperson and he's gonna send you spreadsheets just say okay this one came on the market and you get the breakdown of like what's what's they they are why with daniel or why anes you know how much money down three bedroom two bath okay that's f garage in like honestly on just looking at the photos photos and seeing like a couple spreadsheets numbers like i would make a decision okay yes then underground on that thing an suv melamed check they their property management di di insurance is all kind of turn key it's pretty simple like and then you know they they move people in they haven't handled the property management if people move out they get new people end they typically charge more a so it's like an ideal situation for me and i just kept on doing this rinse and repeat over and over and over again but i think maybe you could tell me if i'm wrong i i feel like they housing prices kind of recover from what they were at at the beginning of the decades so the deals that have guinea before haven't been the same kind of tone down on that but that's they're treating me pretty well that is awesome yeah of course a deal there are few and far between just because i like he set the market is heating up and so it's one of those things where you're still active as ever but the deals are not are not falling to you as as quickly as they once were so you'll still i mean this sounds like it would still probably get deals are just be a lot more a lot a lot fewer and far between in the market they were currently in so again talking to the people that maybe they're they're on you're patch right now goes after aside and said china make a crazy leap like out of their country get out of their comfort zone even just move to the next city right what advice do you have for for somebody who's who's maybe just been you know shelter in maybe just grew up eighteen twenty twentyfive years having one particular mindset in their listen to this episode or they've been listen to this podcast like four hour workweek invest in real estate passive income gio arbitrage like i mean that's something that i know there's certain subset of people who are like man i would i would just give everything to be able to smoke halfway across the world income my expenses like by starting trucks back what encouraging advice you have for these people who are maybe scared to make that move okay that's that's a good question i would say one is the kind of just like break things down and think to yourself like what's the worst that could happen the worst that could happen is you might eat into you're you're bank savings for years something like that but you'll come out with a whole bunch of experience she just decided to take a leap for year just try this you know set up some business yourself some idea maybe maybe decided to move the thailand when you do it maybe you don't but either way just doing something for yourself it it's not gonna be the end of the world i mean like look at other countries like like you know you people take gap years in europe between when they like graduated college college and they enter the workforce you could take your own gap year whenever you watch her life she just said she she please and not gonna set you back it's not like oh look all these other guys at your workplace now gonna fill these key positions you're gonna be denied that forever like you could always go back you want to think like just put that in perspective and it seemed like the end of the world is not gonna happen but if you want some pretty darn factual a in you evidence that you know it's a good idea to start entrepreneurship a there's a book that i read recently called end of jobs in the name of the author just naga names but is quite profound book do breaking down how like like the to be in a job is kind of like a bad play in terms of the way society is moving the real skill that people are gonna be valued for having in the future and increasingly going forward is entrepreneurship what you could do it building a team what you could do with making a plan sticking should executing it dealing with failures overcoming i'm like that's real skill set like this cookie cutter stuff where learning in universities and how to apply them in a normal like business business working place and climbing the ladder and all that kind of stuff is getting outdated in under warded right now so i mean like you you take my word for it and saying it's not that scary but who's what did that mean just listening some guy on a podcast well violet but you gotta think about that i mean when you think about in the book that you recommend after what check that out but you think about what you're describing in that book and maybe just a hundred years ago not even a hundred years ago ninety percent of people were business owners yeah envy industrial age brought about factory workers brought about all these plant coming into carney gains and all these people came in and they revolutionized america like revolutionized i mean not just america the whole world in the way we operated in we became almost like we became like assembly line robot and we got used to the industrial age speaking in there were just being called job and you know you go get you're pension at your four one k in the reason i'm saying because just a hundred years ago people were more entrepreneurial like it was like ninety percent of the people entrepreneurs and ten percent of the people were asking employees and then you flip that to the nineteen nineties where it's like ninety percent of people are employees in ten percent of people entrepreneurial like back then you know you had shopkeepers you had merchants you had you had a all these people who were i mean there were there were regular everyday people united farmers and all these people were entrepreneurial every single person pretty much what was the entrepreneur because they have provide for the coast and the math provide for their family and then things kind of system that were going back to where i mean you see it now when the past ten years like there's so much going on in like you start with this end of jobs book it it's it's literally you know highlighting the fact that were were starting to go back to how things used to be right and i don't want people to you know when you talk about risk a risk to me is wasting i'm using the word wasting sting but voicing the next year and a half two years of my life not actually taking any risk right like like being behind that cubicle and not actually like saying well i mean my not trying to reach their full potential like you you're never gonna know what to control you do if you don't try like you're never gonna know i mean what what if i went to go do that like what if i moved out on where you're at to an i mean what if i like you know somebody like you might like what if i do when they're like what would happen in it's like i i would rather regret taking a chance on myself having the story the so having a bunch of new friends a bunch of new experiences than regret not ever taken a chance window work every single day and not ever not ever seen like well what what i could have done right in one of those things so i think about that and i hope like that that you know are conversation is really getting into the minds of some of the listeners like you have to do something after do something now so i love that you're able to touch on that and i looked kind of wrap up this segment like this when you think about the past few years and how you've been able to grow your business and we've talked about all year successes how you been killing it right in every single arena but with that comes a ton of failures and i know you are no stranger failure so talk about a failure is how westville you're maybe i can't go you're set you up for success well okay yeah i mean this is just the way it goes and entrepreneurial game there's no one in blamed for put yourself in usually trailblazing there's no manual there's there's no college course to how to like plan for inevitabilities that and failures in business competition that's brings up out of nowhere like you just gotta earn your chops neon cheryl game and i think like like you're alluding to it's it's it's more rewarding on the other side if you get through it so the thing with their ceo is that typically like if you if you break things down just google make money google makes money when people buy advertisements and they spend money on outwards okay well is it a good idea for them to make a ceo easy of course not it the more challenging us yell is the more people give up and have to spend money on that so here we are were up against google the company with the most phd is on the planet and they're gonna kick your ass every once in a while and back a think this is like maybe two thousand twelve two thousand fourteen something like that an algorithm update came out in annihilated my portfolio like just completely destroyed all the website said i had all their traffic and all the rankings were lost income went to zero and i invested a lot of these guys got got comfortable income on the i mean the the benefit of that happening was that but i went back to my roots i went back to my roots isn't engineer in decided okay the way i'm going to make a decision is these days is based everything on tests so i would run single berry variable tests and look look at google is kind of like a black box where i would imply different stimulus different variables as inputs and i watch what happens and output and then i'd make observations and make my whole standard operating procedure based on these test results so so that was a blessing in disguise 'cause eventually like that's become the whole foundation not only like how i bring website but my whole philosophy on know how i write on my blog which a which feels a lot of my generation so so i have a blog big name marking dot com or talk about test backs as you ranking a techniques and that's if that big failure back in two thousand fourteen or whatever didn't hit i probably would still be doing lazy us yeah yeah that's that's awesome man i i kinda wanna leave our listeners with this because simply phenomenal those kind of leave one last night before we get into the final round when you were no giving advice and you may have you may have not done this yet but because you are well listen i best when you're giving advice to not even rosen invest but any roasted entrepreneur this could be a realtor this can be an investor is gonna be a property manager at this could be an appraiser i mean these people are now moving into the online space and they're trying to market and they're trying to figure out paid as china regardless y'all is there any advice in it could be wondering too small to kind of give them for onsite seo or maybe even for office yoga onsite if you're specifically brand new device and kind of the shell out first really quick well the man the i would say this is kind of this sounds easy but it's a little bit more complicated but the the key to google is like they play poker with you but they show you their hand meaning that if you wanna rank for certain keywords they already show show you exactly what they liked to put in the top position you could just google it and you could see okay these five website turn the top five what is in comment about these things so the the reason i say it's a little bit tricky is like you needed know what to look for you need another essentials and the basics of what is onside optimization and what what did the places that need it but my key words and stuff like that to be able to analyze what these other guys a giant i highly recommend you know taking a course finding a mentor or you know like just short cutting the process rather than just learning it on your own don't get me wrong you can learn as ceo and their own there's enough free resources all over the internet but it changes so fast that maybe you finally pickup what it means to optimize like the the met at the met is in on a web page but by the time he got that like now anchor texas change something like that so i would definitely recommend like short cutting things with the course or find a mentor or maybe taking a temporary jobber apprenticeship somewhere if you wanna get in as your end yeah learning how to feed the actual search result okay although some at really quickly because because you brought it up so for that second nugget when it comes to a rose and entrepreneur who maybe is not in a position to be able to go and you know dedicate time to learn a ceo and they'd rather just hire that stuff out when it comes to how they should even all about that i mean you you kind of broke down to very very large segments of yogurt i know it breaks down it's a whole lot more things there but what should be one of the first things that this roasted entrepreneur investors should focus on shouldn't be on page us y'all should be back links i mean when you say go going going higher it out what do you what would you what would you recommend that person's first folks i well i would say like definitely focus or hiring an all in one agency like someone that's gonna handle it and that's gonna be content generation optimization back thinking technical that seo and everything just find someone in the house but if you want to be someone who kind of like you you you're outsourcing different parts of it 'cause you want you wanna kinda orchestrate how everything goes i don't recommend this rout like i i hardly ever see people that are balancing some other job without being inacio at the same time the seals just so dynamic like you really need to focus on it but i would say the deep piece of us yoda focus on going forward would be content at the end of the day like when google is smart enough and eventually they will get there they did the way it should work as they should just be able to reach the content of every website on the internet and just figure out was ordering is so right now they're they're relying on whole bunch of stuff like back links cetera but when they algorithm ea eyes mature enough it's gonna just matter content so focusing on content learning what is it mean to completely cover a topic to cover all be the the the the nuances that the terms that are coming up on the page like that's what that's what is really important that you and then when you talk about results i know it's gonna be so that's probably gonna be honest but i looked kind of hear from your words mean talk about results and what you're able kind of starts genie from ratio how long deserted we start seeing somebody who's also proposed potato oh yeah well yeah i'm gonna start off by saying just depends on it depends on the competition but i mean like yeah i mean we've had website that that we ran for a year and they still barely make a thousand dollars then we have a website that we've we've had for six months and they're making thirty thousand dollars a month so it completely age ranges but i would say like if it's their first if it's your first right on the rodeo like you're you're first website is probably gonna flop that's just what i see most people like it's just it's just a pattern you gotta you gotta fall off the horse at least once but typically see people start to get success with the ceo like after the first failure and the maybe around the six month to one year mark is when things start to click core seeking shortcut entire process but like finding a mentor apprentice in dishonor or taking a course yeah of a so mad this isn't amazing let's round out this whole thing with a bottle that's kind of talk about your stats moving forward i mean were were hearing twenty nineteen you know you have some massive growth for twenty nineteen but more specifically i wanna talk about some of your lifestyle grocer twenty nineteen in maybe some things just stepping away from something that you're you're you're more so focused on right there that family or the vets more time out and doing activities seventies what kind of you're lifestyle now going going going into the rest of twenty nineteen where do you where do you kind of hope to be like an ideal you know maybe like a ideal day or where you're outlook is the rest of the year and it's interesting question things changed quite significantly sniffing couldn't leave for me is last november so four months ago i got married so that's that's a thanks man that's exciting times from me like what i'm kind of preparing for right now is maybe towards the end of the year we're gonna start having kids so as it stands right now like i'm running five businesses and it's quite intense like need to start to kind of like choose which ones really matter to me giving more giving more responsibility to my business partners and maybe stepping back on some of them in choosing the ones that i'm just like super passionate about a cause as it stands right now like i'm i'm balanced enough to be has earnings is like this lifestyle but that passive income in location independence i have a lot of fun me and my wife's been traveling like i dunno three times already this year in the travel like six times more this year's all gonna be all about traveling in in prioritizing business to prepare for when we have kids and there's gonna be no traveling and last time forbid i said that was gonna be the last question but give me the nine or maybe not nine give me give me a few of the chips which he just went on in a few places you're going on so we could we could add some parts of starbucks says while oh yeah for sure so let's see recently went to austria for life have a white honeymoon in in january is really nice the foods awesome did some skiing they're highly recommend that a sort of the latter half of last year we spent some time in budapest which is also super awesome like digital nomad a really cool city an ridiculously cheap i had no idea was so cheap to me how off the next we're going to see going to japan in april always logo in the tokyo great place then 'em no see after that were we had another european oregon staying on the span although it'd be a in barcelona checking that out so yeah i mean you gotta ronnie students like well it's the last year man it's like once a kid thoughts out that's not gonna be in the cards at least not as much without help from grandma of course are you guys gonna slow travel or or be quick trip so far five turned fifteen hundreds of like fifteen days yellow wifey she's she runs a business here in thailand says she can't it's not like it's a physical business likes against that way a rod i still like it we get a good taste things with two weeks at a time where having fun for sure awesome lifestyle design acceleration hacks what is your favorite before the millions let's give it to one of them would be the for our workweek just kinda like get the fires going into inspire and then another one on the personal side i really liked the power of now for just spirituality and mental health i recommend i love that and man i just in case you guys don't know i've been writing down every single book that as recommended because i'm gonna go i'm gonna go reid i've i've thought about radio vagabond mean for like the past two or three years i haven't read it yes i'm definitely gonna rip that i wanna reach the end up jobs in our office yeah yeah let me know like in their jobs like that one's my personal it's in my foreground right now and it's like kind of shaping the way i think about a lot of things even though like you're you're already passed where's the prime point would be of reasoning that it's still kind of validates like all the decisions you're making in you'll i i won't spoil anymore for you think up again after this and weaken geek out on it okay i love it i love it i'm excited okay so what is your favorite lifestyle design this could be a business app or tool well i really like meditation i would say the best app i've seen for that is waking up by sam harris 'em i've i've found that it's by far what i consider to be the best light meditation that okay tell me because i literally just sending my one of my mastermind groups yesterday and we were talking about like my foray into meditation and i was like well i don't really you have like i've listened to all these people have heard all these ways but i mean how do you know what's right for you so tell me what why you were so drawn to sort of this one for example it's like really thee edgy they educational part like be guided part where he's explaining like okay now we're gonna be considered looking at things from this perspective like the way he lays it out like very logical in very matter of fact rather than hippyish not that there's anything wrong with the heaviest part like i'm a super big yogi but the way he laid this out kind of opened my eyes to life more meditation techniques that i've seen by doing national meditation retreat and i'm gonna check it out have you have you refuge have you read to surrender experiment i haven't man but it's on the list okay okay you definitely have to rebuild it is amazing okay cool what do you enjoy most about the waiter lifestyle is currently designed freedom of choice we talked about this before for life before the call and i and i just want to mention like i truly believe that money cannot buy happiness but i think that the lack of worry about money is extremely happiness enabling like after worry about you know like the cost of things or not he's worried about like needing to be in a certain place at a certain time to deal with the client that kind of stuff like that stuff is like goes in my gratitude to journal every morning where i'm just like holy crap like i can't believe i fell into this just super grateful for payments of at what were the sacrifices that you knew you had some make before the millions tickets where you are today when i stepped away from my job like i knew that bridge is burnt like my i guess my reputation of that industry like a quitter you know like and i had gone all the way to the point of getting a master's degree in that so that's that's throwing away a lot of money in six years of education that was pretty scary for me and i thought like this didn't work like you know what's crazy and i haven't found the words to so to jews yet but i don't maybe you could maybe you could find them i dunno but it's like i don't i don't consider that like most people that just like i don't want to take a risk or i don't believe that it's now is not the time because i've put so much hard work and so much money into my degree and now i've done this from my masters is well like half the guests some type of return on this so i'm gonna do what it is but i've been training to do because it is only makes sense in my standpoint it's just like like i'm trying to find the words it'd be like no like i mean it's it's logical as it is to me it's really not under yeah like i feel like once you get to the point of discovery regardless of if it's four years after school or you went to school for twelve years what you get to a point of discovery and you realize that there's something more out there if that's what you want if that's what you desire there's no reason to have this anchor pulling you backward telling you that you have to get to a certain accolade later achievement where you started before you could go do you really wanna do but that's where most people are like you almost can't even convinced people like especially people were in the healthcare of the medical field like i know i studied pretend years to do this like i'm a technician whatever like i i i put so much money in this i wanna get a return out of this what do you mean being is though that that that's the answer but you kind of gave me what do you say they're the people who are in that position right now i know we've kind of talked about this a little bit earlier but again i wanna make sure some more exposure perspective when it comes to all those quote unquote priced beers did i mean if if this is you and if whoever's like listen to this right now if that sounds like you you know like you feel like you don't wanna waste a degree put time into i get it did like oh is there completely and i would say that tetra flirtation probably added another four years onto my delay into like really going after entrepreneurship in for me for me it was like money i was like okay k i got this career as an engineer and making six figures a year like how could i ever imagined the do that on the internet you know like i'll be happy to like make a hundred dollars a week on the internet but if if money is you're only concern like let me tell you like hundred grand a year is nothing like once you really scale up on the internet like were talking about global reach rather than like whatever you do in your company so if money's concerns like you could you could make you're annual salary in a month is like if you're good at what you do if money's not you're concerned you're thinking holistically is thinking about all the benefits captain her life it's really a no brainer like just even if you cut you're you're annual income ona how about triple or quadruple you're happiness is that worth it yeah for sure oh man you say i don't know why you save at four pm but that was good good good okay who was a central you're grow before the millions in why i had a mentor like towards the beginning there is a guy who i met at landmark education i did landmark form and all that kind of stuff in one of the people in it what's the what's his girl in i met her husband and he was doing he did all this century internet stuff you do business you know he did all this stuff and he had made millions already and he kind of a he let me take them out to dinner and few times and pick his brain in like that really really helped me lose evidence right that that things could work and i got some solid advice is awesome would you let somebody take you out to for coffee and picture brank yeah did and i did it all the time like at the end of the day like it's once you have the things that you need and the next thing you you want to do is help other people that are you know trying to get to find freedom in their life and stuff like that that's why you're doing what you're doing right now has a given back when i saw some white last but not least why do you think so many of us are stuck before the millions even but we have every intention of giving to the millions of just i think it's programming i think it's just like what we see in the system like were taught that you know you get the degree and then if you wanna make more money you gotta get the second degree and then you put in the time and then you work your way up and then all the evidence you see around you is pretty much people like that doing the same thing just like it's it's programmed into us we don't it's not it's not mainstream to be entrepreneurial yeah yeah yeah you're right you're right man this is this is when powerful i wanna pherson first and foremost thank you for coming on the show and adding so much value i've got so much out of this on our listeners have a slow if any of the listeners gonna wanna reach out to you connect if you run a little bit more about you were coming find some information yeah my main bloggers ticketing marketing dot com and talking about a whole bunch of geeky us yosef there but yes come find me there there's a whole lot of things i'm doing i i offer agency services and help rank your website i teach us ceo at a course called affiliate lab i sell back link that authority builders have a conference in chiang mai that sells out every year for the body entered people learn about this is the my ceo conference in november seattle up the necessity of stuff so if you want a geek out or find me there you go there we go and we will have links to oliver in the show notes ladies and gentlemen matheson simply amazing it's about eight

heather haven mr hollywood ceo mr matt diggity google austin texas two thousand dollars four hour two years ninety percent hundred years ten percent six months two months
Murder of Germanicus Cold Case & Strabos The Geography | 21AD  30AD

A.D. History Podcast

1:59:46 hr | 1 year ago

Murder of Germanicus Cold Case & Strabos The Geography | 21AD 30AD

"Have you ever wondered if any unsolved murders from ancient Rome. Any books from this time have survived to this day. Well have we got a story for you. This is the AD history podcast weaving a tapestry of world history from one eight hundred two HD powered. By T G and. I'll get your good news. That's real news and Tj by visiting TJ and review. Don't come now hero. Your hosts pull K.. Di Costanzo and Patrick Foot rock up to you via London and New York City. You are listening to the AD history. PODCAST I am Paul Costanzo and I am joined by my co host. Patrick Foot are Patrick. You've been busy. I happy busy. POUSSIN's loves time. We spoke I being to flanker and boy that was dozen experience. Koreans has you know I'd say at the top pay. Thank you so much again. The cost out we'll hosted murphy up in Sri Lanka member checking Focused out NAPA so so just thinking of you in work it out together already and I'm just in the literally with my feet up with like the Dow drink you buy hot work look at anything like anything in life especially when you're doing something special something worth doing. It's always a team effort so while while I took get on my back this time you would just as quickly and as well take it on yours but yeah tell us a little bit about your trip. It was so fascinated fascinated as much to talk about but it was really interesting if you want to go somewhere and see as much as possible in a small area Gutu anchor in two and a half weeks. We saw beaches mountains not too much desert SHRUB. Land Fake Django Everything's there gopher if a deep history guy for amazing animals we ellison just on the side of the road is we re driving up to look the other elephant side of the road. It was incredible. Someone was is having a picnic on the side of the road. I don't know why clearly they have on elephant compel us and this elephant is easing dislike half finish picnic. It was just finishing being off. It was really just like wow and because we were told on the Web Google into a nature park to look for elephants and we were told on the way up. Oh Oh keeping out you might see some in the distance we in this Jeep and A. Hey my girlfriend. Golf she's an. I'm looking off in the distance from look for an elephant. Auden see one looking front of me and it's just them. Oh I was looking too far away. This elephants right here but yeah. That's just a tiny glimpse of what I got up to over that it was up to incredible recommend everyone go especially now at the moment in recent months shrank winfrey some issues. She's at the table bombings. AVISTA and the country still trying to pick up from where it was and tourists aren't going there so it's a safe country to go to do. Just please give them a chance because struggling there the moment just fall in the though I do have one question because there's only so much that one can say in a brief period of time with with an experience as as incredible as your own and just in terms of the general experience. What do what take away? Would you want our listeners to have for those who have not travelled to Sri Lanka. Do be afraid I would say is the best example. especially if you're from somewhere like England hate using the whole like developing nation. A hail these terms I well too. I like those the if you're from somewhere like England or the United States don't be afraid is definitely the most different Paul Dwelt. I've ever been to socially economically. It's it's very different. Those things better worse is just different to even like. When I went to Japan Tokyo might seem nuts? But fundamentally just New York sinks places is a completely different lifestyle happening there and be scared of you. Don't think oh I'm not doing that. Because it's not how I do in England. Just go enjoy enjoyed royd. That's enough well. Not only have you been out. And about backpacking off the southern tip of India But during that time as well I was contacted by a pair of hosts who also do a fellow history. podcast called potting thing through time. They describe themselves as a historical variety. Show but what. They really specialize in this thing. I found very appealing. Is they focus on lesser known history and sometimes it can be downright obscure depending on the audience in question and so when they reached out to the invitation. listable Patrick and myself but of course Patrick was out and about and so I was here and they basically said feel free to join us on a topic of your choice choice which I very gladly accepted and it was a deep dive and when I mean deep deep deep dive we're talking two and a half hours here Going into into the Soviet Union's Foreign Policy during the nineteen thirties and the early nineteen forty s which of course would include the all important yet yet seldom properly covered Molotov ribbentrop pact. which many respects was the final piece that allowed Hitler to plunge Europe into war by invading Poland because he is at the very least guaranteed that that Stalin would not interfere as an adversary in addition to that we also talked about the early Soviet? Oh via period Stalinism in addition to Stalin himself a little bit about Hitler and just their riot writing the Nazi Tiger prior to the invasion of the Soviet Union in June nineteen. Forty one. What we call today the eastern front with the Soviets then most Russians now referred to as the Great Patriotic Attic war? What was that cost cooed? potting through time He. Oh D. D. I n. g. through time it was a clever name. His clever name. Yeah really good really good. You'd mentioned it already. So bad she meant was his Co.. No I'm really upsetting to join. I did listen to bit too. I haven't listened to Europe so do plan on a sound really interesting i. We don't want to actually have a D- d- myself over the focus. Considering you and I share a fondness for Russian and Soviet history I definitely think it is something thing you patrick will appreciate in particular so often through time deep dive into all that very interesting Soviet outlook and world and they're very very interesting unique and pivotal role on how events unfolded leading to and including the greatest military eric conflict in human history. So that's a plug okay. But today as far as getting into the meat and bones of our operation today we are covering twenty eight to thirty ad and in my case. There's a great deal. It happens in this but before we we begin we will start out by giving are all important and now entirely obligatory eighty history podcast ground rules. Also what a valley events in the context they occurred to over the span of recorded history. The way it was recorded. Its methodology and the facts that are important important have changed immensely. How we view history today is not necessarily how we viewed it fifty years ago? Three nothing in history was inevitable and for uh history and the past is like eight different country in his many pocos pool to have ground rules unique feature for us it it certainly is but it works. It works where it does seem differently works so today I'm going to lead off and we're going to be discussing a rather interesting wresting character one. who was a legend in his own time and he was treated as such indeed? We are going to be talking about the Roman that was known as Germanacos the very promising role model figure for Romans of his time and after and and the fact that his death in his early thirties was both untimely and by some believed to be murder most foul. Don't I don't know yeah yet today. We're going to be doing a little bit of an Agatha Christie whodunit so Germanic the kiss was born in fifteen BC and though they're not scholars are not entirely sure of his actual given name. It was likely that he was born. Nero Claudius druce. His father was Niro also Nero. Claudius truce's and his mother was Antonio Minor his paternal turnover grandmother was Livia. Who was the second wife of one we know as print caps or later emperor? Augustus also known as Octavian is in fact one of his biological grandfather as well is the late Mark Antony which uh of course was so important in our last episode of course and when it comes to his father druce drew says younger brother was the one we know now as the Emperor Tiberius. They were a very close pair and when Livia divorce their biological Michael Father and married Augusta. Caesar Augustus ended up adopting both as his own sons and as I mentioned drew assist and Tiberius were very close so much so that when drew says died quite young on the battlefield ended up dying of injuries due due to being thrown off a horse in those last thirty days of his life Tiberius basically took off from Rome with great haste to be with his brother at his bedside and when druce died Augusta's very strongly requested that Tiberius adopt this young a young Germanacos as his own son and it creates a very close family tie between the both of them. Naturally he loses. Is this father at a young age. He ends up really catching the eye of his step grandfather. Augusta's Augusta's favourite him for a great many reasons but some even really believed that in a way he Augusta's may have been seeing a apart of himself. In this young Germanic he even had a desire to make him his direct heir to succeed him in this print caps for citizen because they didn't go by emperor until the beginning of the second century as we mentioned in the previous episode. But that didn't end up happening. What ended up happening is Libya which would be dramatic as his grandmother very very heavily campaigned with Augusta's and this is interesting because Libya was very much an honored console for Augusta's in a way that very very few other Roman Mun wives of politicians were so she wanted to make sure that Tiberius at the end of the day would take the throne and and certainly he was named in in Augusta says will as the chief beneficiary of his estate and even though Germanacos is not the direct air? He certainly wants Germanacos to be the direct air and line after Tiberius. The only problem is he didn't actually formalize this agreement but the fact of the matter is when he had had his grandma step grandfather Augustus as essentially a benefactor. It did a great deal for his is professional life. It wasn't simply the fact that we're was nepotism. This is that rare combination of nepotism in addition to somebody who is genuinely extremely Tarim only capable and in fact in many ways beloved so when we're looking at character like this it's very very difficult to Parse the man from the legend especially especially one as I said he was a legend living in his own time being this great role model for embodying the best of all of these Roman characteristics and he was celebrated for both his successes on the battlefield and his behavior and character was also kind of unusual as well yes he was stoic but he wasn't any any way pretentious or elitist he was known for being able to and would converse with the Romans of any strata of that very segmented society by class is which in and of itself is quite unusual. He was very loyal he was extremely self effacing and he showed bravery in all situations even outside of the battlefield field and he ended up marrying a woman. By the name of Agra peanut. This is one of Augusta's match making endeavors one of wish that we are familiar with the last episode when he forced to divorce his first wife whom he loved and marry his daughter Yulia and it was a match made in hell as we no and in fact Yulia and Tiberius Tiberius was not her first husband in fact our first husband was marcus AGRIPPA. which was Augustus closest closest in chief military ally and they had a daughter? By the name of Agra Pena who was in fact matched with Germanic as an unlikely other matchmaking endeavors of Augustus. This one really worked out believe it or not. It actually worked out. They really really care for each other so much. So in fact Agra Pena would actually actually go with Germanacos on campaign and they would usually bring their youngest child with them as well. They ended up having nine children together. Five or six ended up surviving into adulthood. I believe they lost several shortly after birth. Which of course? It is not uncommon in fact one of those children and the one who turned out to be the most infamous was the one we know today as Caligula so he was very unusual in this way on top of that he also had a great ability to derive loyalty realty from those who are under his command. He was very not only personally brave but he was very much one to lead from the front lead by example which as far as I'm concerned as the only kind kind of leadership that really matters regardless of the task at hand and so this all very very much factors into the legend of dramatic in addition to what he was known for in regards to his great sense of personal justice and fairness regardless of whom he was dealing with it was really quite exceptional and led to. Oh how Romans revered him. Over time of you saying Agatha Christie in a novel and just from the description of Germanacos and his legend can only seed. Indeed this because it's always in the novels is the best person who dies like he was friends of everyone. Everyone cared for his lovely tool that. It's like perfect perfect to write. That really happening. It's just making me chuck notice that two words about that observation slam dunk the perfect murder victim. He's he's asking to be moded. Oh goodness yes. It was eventually going to get into. Somebody's way. Did you have let one day before retirement when he died. Elliott has whoa Oh if only he had reached retirement and only had reached retirement. So the other other interesting way to think about this couple Germanic Germanacos Niagara Pena. They both were essentially celebrities. The best way to envisage them if you WANNA Kinda put it in a modern way that the listeners can visualize allies imagine the duke and Duchess of Cambridge. So William Windsor and Kate except they actually have have executive power they very much factor in to the the greater power struggle and on top of that and this is where things definitely differ. You can't imagine either of those two spending years together with one of their children on alive battlefield. So that's the kind of celebrity. That's kind of how they were thought of. But it had a much more practical impact whereas as now of course making that particular comparison it's a ceremonial constitutional monarchy on Arche. But it kind of sets the scene for who these two really were in what they meant and as far as the name Germanacos is concerned. The name Germanacos. In fact act is a moniker that he was given which essentially just means the German Germanic tribes of course didn't call themselves German. That was very much a a Latin gotten construct and it's something that when he had these great successes fighting the Germans on the Rhine and beyond that once again build this legend of Germanic as think about being so great at something. It's literally get to the point where you're named after you've done so well. This is a common thing in Roman tons of skip you African as well who are believed to kind of Africa for the Roman Empire was that he had success in Africa and he took on the name skipped skip year for conus. Yes it's same very very much. The same idea and so as I was mentioning earlier even though there was definitely nepotism given the fact that he was the grant step grandson of Augustus and he also was very favored by Gus. This allowed him to take on roles might not have otherwise been available to him. His his first real big assignment was actually becoming Tiberius. As chief of staff in the Balkans so there was a very very large uprising rising in the Balkans specifically rebel Panonian and Dalmatian Enemies. Where by the time Germanic comes about and becomes equator which is chief of staff for Tiberius? They were literally fighting these two. In a way that was very unusual for for Roman military campaigns. Their enemies their rebel enemies were basically conducting an insurgency raid type of conflict low intensity but clearly in in a way in which they would fight them and probably the only way they could fight them. Because it's very very difficult to fight. Well trained Roman legions on the field but it was a prolonged battle. Because has both of them were well in camp they were in the various mountains that encompass modern day Bosnia but they ultimately had to break down the legions and conduct the various you know counter insurgency campaigns even though that particular phrase would not come out really for about two thousand years. It's essentially what they were doing. And this really really does end near nine eighty and because of the success that was happening there against very skillful enemy that was extremely stubborn and well resourced being able to subdue that at Tiberius. His right hand ends up being a huge deal. On top of the fact Augusta's made him Tiberius his chief of staff four years before he was elite where where he was legally allowed to assume the post and on top of that wants. This campaign was finished. He was also along with Tiberius deployed to the the Rhine once again because we didn't have a chance to discuss episode one but one of the biggest events that was happening opening in the first decade of the first century. AD was the Roman legions getting massacred under General Varis at at the Totenberg forest. Not only was it a serious military defeat it was an extreme embarrassment to the Roman world and one that really undercut a a lot of the general morale and spirit of the people and so he was deployed. They're going between infighting between eleven and twelve eighty and because of this loss of the Totenberg force a couple years prior there was a distinct possibility that the Germans that were essentially united behind the leadership ownership of Armenia. Who's also known as Herman? There's a big statue of him in southern Germany. I believe to this day. There was a very very real chance that they could have crossed the Rhine rain and flooded into Roman Gaul. And because of the joint efforts on the Rhine at that time between Tiberias and Germanic in addition to of well-placed ally by that did not happen and so both of them eventually in twelve eighty ended up going back to Rome and they are celebrated as returning heroes. This is really where Germanic begins getting that sort of public profile. It's really a very big deal in fact when he returns he is appointed a CO console. And in doing so. This is another example of nepotism at playing kind of leapfrogging the law. But it's hard to say that he really wasn't qualified for it. He basically skipped two major positions in in order to get their one being. Of course the eighty hey dial which is a public administrative position for maintaining public buildings and festivals and the other is a prey tour which is elected governor or army commander in some cases in certain provinces and of course when he becomes a CO consul he gets at all important power of imperium. This is a big deal and so basically what happens happens from here and thirteen edey which is a year before Augustus himself died. Augusta's deployed him to the Rhine once again to be in control and overall overall command of the legions on the Rhine. And there's something like eight legions there. At least eighty thousand troops it comprise a very very large very large number of of all of the legions that were deployed throughout the empire at that time so it really gave him a lot of men under his command. And when Augusta's eventually dies as we mentioned in this and the last episode Tiberius ends up ascending to the print cap slash emperor role. And some of the legions on the Rhine begin to mutiny mutiny. And in satiated in this particular situation Germanic ended up going back and one of the big issues that have of course was hey. In addition to the fact that prior to a several years prior most times the length of service for a given troop was sixteen years but Augusta's ended up extending that an additional four to twenty. So those who had you know already been near sixteen years they were looking to getting out they find they have an additional four years in an additional four years. Might as well be a lifetime in this case because you could just as easily die in that time one day beyond what you were expecting to serve. So he grandfathered and those who had already done sixteen years as far as pay he literally paid them out of his own pocket in addition to doing things of course like in in terms of reestablishing order essentially executing ringleaders. Things like that things that needed to happen and the other thing that he did. This was really important. It also began the first of three three major expeditions into Germany. The first one in this case being into the Upper Rhine that way he could focus his troops attention attention get them focused and moving towards the same goal and effectively. Do what they're supposed to do because very very little can happen. That's good when you simply have soldiers that are Camped out some more for a long period of time in harsh conditions and so in this case between fourteen and seventeen ad. He takes them on three major ager expeditions throughout this particular time and these were very very successful expeditions into Germany. Far Far more might I add successful. Oh than his predecessors for the first of which on the Rhine was Tiberius Tiberius spent almost twenty two years there as well as dramatic. Is's biological father drew so kind of ran in the family for him and in in those expeditions he did things like find prisoners of war. That were legions that were partly to that. Were destroyed the Totenberg forest. The very noticeably recaptured. Several of the Golden Eagles standards of these legions because in losing any sort of standard for a unit is literally considered the height of humiliation in addition to that they very very nearly captured. Her mom or AS Roma's called him Armenia's and though he got away they managed to capture his wife who is pregnant with Armenia slash. Herman's son who he sent back to Roman she lived under essentially house house arrest for a time and her child ended up being born in Roman captivity so he ends up having a lot of success there it brings him a great eight deal of prestige. But the problem is if you're looking at it from the perspective of Tiberius. There are quite a few Roman scholars as well as modern scholars who believe that Tiberius. Despite the fact that dramatic is was his adopted son was in fact somehow a threat to Tiberius. And this is not necessarily unfounded. Not because dramatic has ever had any sort of ambition to do the sort of thing he did. Not but in fact there were members of those legions who even approach Germanic hasn't unsaid we'll overthrow Tiberius for you and will make you emperor and the fact of the matter had dramatic is wanted to do that. Even with half of the troops under his command he could have marched on Rome and there would have been nothing Tiberius could have done about it and so what ends up happening and this is fairly interesting indeed. What are the ways that Tiberius Iberia's is able to potentially handle this issue is by getting rid of dramatic is by sending him very very far are way far away from his troops where people he encountered will only know him by reputation and give him a particularly difficult assignment? So what cavaliers ends up doing is is sending Germanacos to the east and this can be interpreted in a couple of ways it can be interpreted as we mentioned as trying to get rid of him and get him as far away from Roman as loyal troops as as possible and it could also be interpreted as something of a tradition. That's cropped up where the the appointed air of a particular print Capstan later emperor was Sent to the east as something of a sign that this person is going to follow. May and Germanic is not terribly enthusiastic about this assignment. He's obviously very duty-bound and going to these basically what Tiberius wants him to do is he basically makes them a a plenipotentiary. Which means that somebody a multipurpose tape purpose figure in this case both militarily and politically and try to organize and solidified the various kingdoms and peoples that that are aligned with Rome out there at that very time so what ends up happening though is a very interesting change as well? In addition to assigning germanacos mannequins to the east. He sends a fellow by the surname. He's Oh he's a is an interesting figure because he's highly irascible in fact there's really yeah no other way to put. It dude was a jerk. In fact the only person that he ever respected or showed any sort of reverence for was the late emperor. Augustus and he's no he's no friend of Tiberius. And so there's there's not a lot of good happening there between him so he sends Piso out there and end Piso in terms of the eventual murder of Germanacos. Piso ends up getting fingered as the guy and as we go through the whodunit. You've done it. You'll see some of the problems that exist here. It seems far more plausible in fact that the reason Tiberius sent. He's out there. Simultaneous to Germanic is in all likelihood. Simply because you want to make dramatic as his life more difficult piso definitely did not genuflect to anybody and he did not make it easy on Germanacos when they both. I got out there. One of the things he did was relax. The routine of the legions that were stationed in Syria because in this case Piso is made governor of Syria and once again anytime you have troops sitting around that are are not well disciplined and they don't have very specific regimentation of behavior. Things can get pretty bad pretty quick and you can't rely on them they can cause trouble. This has been going on since the beginning ending up time. And so naturally they clash and by doing things like Relaxing the legions and their routine varies kind of passive passive aggressive type issues and when he confronts germ dramatic confronts him over that he gives very insincere and you know certainly only lacking genuine concern for the fact that he essentially is being insubordinate. Yeah he'll get directives from Germanic as and he won't implement them properly or or not do it at all and make it look like miscommunication or just a misunderstanding. Basically he's making life difficult for dramatic as as possible. Who once again has is a very very difficult job in and of itself? A huge huge territory is very significant. Very strategically significant to the Romans and Dan. Pisa doesn't make it an easy time. In addition to that there's one very very specific episode in all of this. That in hindsight looked very very problematic. Title Matic which is a very very big reason why Romans and the Roman Empire in general has always been so interested prior to actually acquiring it in the land of Egypt and because it has a great deal of wealth but even beyond just things like gold and silver and trade to the Far East in India. You also have a situation where it is exceptionally fertile. In regards to farming in fact it really does end up being called one of the major bread basket skits of the empire and when it's incorporated formerly into the Empire is considered an imperial province. And what this means. Is Anybody anybody that is of senatorial. Rank or equivalent cannot enter Egypt without the express consent of the print caps ups or emperor in this case and Germanic decides to do this because there is a significant famine that strikes Egypt in in in the late portion of the previous decade. And the reason he does this and takes it on his own initiative is because he wants to organize relief effort verts open up. The the government stores of grain bring down the price of grains so the people of their subjects in Egypt can eat and dramatic. America's knows full. Well that it's illegal for him to enter without that very specific form of consent. Chances are it probably was just inactive Hubris because he you probably thought the you know the law didn't apply to him and he has good reason to think that I mean a lot of his career. Despite the fact he's very capable was based on the idea that not all laws apply to him him and so on top of that. There's also something of an eye evidence there because he than you know things that well my intentions are good. I'm not here to harm arm. My adopted father in any way. Same concept is when legionnaires on the Rhine approached him to overthrow Tiberius he was very almost palpably loyal loyal to his family. And his you know his emperor or print caps and the big reason why they don't want anybody of significant ranked going there is is because of the fact that it's one of the bread baskets in theory whoever controls Egypt could starve out Rome and therefore overthrow the sitting emperor and when he's there not only is he. Doing relief. Efforts and whatnot is also doing some sightseeing which is really fascinating. Because seeing things like the Giza plateau so a lot of the things. He's seeing including the pyramids were just as ancient to him as they are to us now. That's really interesting to think about. Isn't it Egypt is so so unfathomably old like would you think everything else is Egypt's go if he falls on. Oh yeah totally. In fact a lot of these big big events whether it be you know the classic pharaohs the ones we know really well the building of the Pyramids all of that sort of stuff in terms of time Germanic Germanacos. Doing his sightseeing is closer to us. In modernity time wise than he was to the buildings and sites that he went to go and see and so he does end up eventually returning back to Syria. But in doing so many have many have postulated that this very much could have risen the paranoia. That Tiberius had that eventually Germanic is could come sweeping in there and basically kill him and take the the the emperor print caps apps position even though that was not on the docket whatsoever so when in the time back in Syria he ends up falling ill and and when he ends up falling ill first time he ends up falling ill twice. In fact he is of the absolute conviction that it was Piso and that US as a had somehow poisoned him and what he ends up doing even though he may not have had the authority to do it in fact he ends up banishing back act to Rome puzo and his wife. He ends up recovering after this but he ends up falling ill again which is really elites really quite interesting in fact is believed because of that they might have been always nd a second time which is kind of a bizarre thought in and of itself but at at that point during the second poisoning Piso and his wife are already on their way back to Rome but after the first poisoning and after they're sent off he has has his troops and some local officials go and raid the palace in Antioch that Piso and his wife lived and they were when they were basically sleeping around and they were. They found things like unknown bodies. From various tombs. They found inscriptions in lead with various incantations. Some some of which included Germanic his name as well as very believe various substances that all of which to those who are going through the house of the time very very very much invoked the concept of black magic that there was something bizarre and afoot going on here but for what it's worth he ends up you know he ends up dying and this is a a huge deal because when he dies and the word gets back to Rome Roman citizens. Dozens begin morning him a formal fashion even before they're prompted to do so by authorities. That is how much Germanacos is. I loved by the Roman people and you can certainly understand given that affection and reverence that Tiberius even though it's his stepson and he's always been loyal and all these characteristics of I've mentioned have all very much lined up with historical actions of his of his record record behavior. This is something that could be very very dangerous to him and in dying they did no post-mortem in fact He his his remains were cremated. I believe through Pyre while they were in Syria and Agra peanut takes his remains back to Rome with her essentially his his ashes if you will and they there's no they don't mention any thing about being able to assign a specific McCoy's in that might have killed him I. It's very very unclear in that respect but the fact of the matter is forensic evidence of the early first century doesn't hold a candle to the things that were able to determine now with great certainty so it could potentially could have been hemlock of course there's the toxic version in that we're all familiar with in terms of how socrates met his fate hemlock also does occur naturally in certain types of water in northern Europe both of which are widely highly available in Syria as well as a substance known as Bella Donna which by some scholars believe could have been the one but essentially early the evidence at best overall is unclear and so ultimately when Piso gets back to Rome he ends up getting fingered based on on what has been found in the accusations that were made and he before knowing very well that his fate was sealed he committed suicide. was I before he was able to be sentenced but the fact of the matter is when it comes to the murder of dramatic itself. There are still so many questions and it's very difficult to to accept on. Its fate that it was necessarily Piso so now Patrick Game You and I are going to play as the classic Agatha Christie. Who done it? who had the motive votive to ultimately kill dramatic as and ultimately who were the beneficiaries of his death both pro and con and we're going to start with the least likely subjects which I think are probably the most interesting of all the least likely subject is actually Germanic Grandmother? Mother who was obviously always very very much an advocate for ensuring Tiberius success when Augustus was still alive and she still l. held a great deal of influence. Because she was the mother of the sitting print kept slash emperor. And it's hard to know exactly what she would have thought but she was known to be very very very cagey and somebody who was as adept political counselor to Augusta's any as any person in that position could have hoped for. She was also very much an honored widow. So it's possible that she she could have wanted him out of the way seeing the possibility even though there's really no evidence Suggest lists that at some point in time dramatic would come about and ultimately up and the whole thing the next interesting culprit here is actually upon CEO. which is he's owes wife? She was actually a very close friend and confidant of Livia who Livia being the grandmother a dramatic as mother of Tiberius and second wife to Augusta's and part of that friendship undoubtedly was campaigning. Livia in order to get her to go to Tiberius on Piso behalf to even get the appointment as the Syrian governor and given her various associations that are believed to exist between plants and various black magic practitioners. It's entirely possible. Ah some have suggested that plants could have done it in conjunction with lows means as a favor to Livia but along with Piso she she most certainly would have been a very obvious suspect. The next fellow that is of course much talk about is the one who is actually finger for doing list which is Piso and the problem with this. Is that one if he indeed did this. Of course he would be the most obvious. Suspect Act because having dramatic is out of the way meant that he could exercise his authority as Governor of Syria. Without having this appointed plenipotentiary hanging over him in addition to being very odd most obvious candidate under the circumstances. Was it possible. That of course he's could have been a middleman to orchestrate straight this on behalf of someone else. Well the only two people that would have very serious interest to do that and have direct communication with Piso would of course be Tiberius himself as well as the U.. SURPA who will talk more about in in a moment known as Savannah's who was the head of the Praetorian guard but the fact of the matter is it seemed very unlikely that given how much piso antagonized dramatic while he was there. In addition to the various is obviously a very obvious beneficiary of such a situation. It seems very unlikely that Piso who would do that and also it doesn't. It seemed like a man who did a whole lot of favors for other people without any sort of you know distinct guarantee that he would not suffer the consequences for any such action on top of the fact once again. Piso Tiberius have clashed before. It's entirely possible that between Tiberius or or PSA Janus like I said we'll talk more about a moment found a way to do business with Piso. It's very very hard to believe. Because it's hard to imagine somebody like Pisa under the circumstances actually getting away with it in any way whatsoever even if he was made guarantees discreetly and in private. It's just a very unfathomable scenario that he would go into somebody else's dirty work if there was any chance of blowback. The next candidate is one that I think is far far more interesting and one that is far more notorious Torius which is the man known as Janus lucious genius was the head of course of the Roman Imperial Guard that was largely tasked with protecting the emperor US James was the most favored of Tiberius as cohorts. He was largely viewed as an upstart he was he was not born of senatorial rank. He was part of the equestrian question class and so the fact that he ends up very quickly gaining the favor of Tiberius and then essentially using that favor to be he put as head of the Praetorian Guard. This rubbed a lot of the inner circle of power in this higher. Echelon the wrong way. They don't like startups. They don't like seeing people. Basically you know leapfrog the system especially in that way. They're very very particular and orderly and how someone might ascend to such positions and and in this case subpoenas is also very notable for his ability to manipulate and cajole people of any respect. He did a very very fine job of love. Having other people do his dirty work. In addition to the fact that through most of his time with Tobias he was also to Baristas closest consular chancellor in fact when Tiberius eventually goes leaves Rome and exiles himself onto Capri and is off doing his own thing. It ends up getting a great deal of power because he is the main avenue of communication between the Senate or anybody and Tiberius. So if you're the gatekeeper for you obviously possess a great deal of power and Janus of course also had great ambitions to ascend to that imperial top role despite the fact that he was not born into the class to do it several years after this in fact he begins trying to undertake a coup against Tiberius but ends up getting totally thwarted. So in this case it's possible that Janus was involved if not on Tiberius behalf. Maybe his own because when you have have Germanic is out of the way that means that you have the clear era parent no longer blocking you and the job that you aspire to and of course the last and most prominent of all of the suspect of course is the Emperor Tiberius. Who like we said is both the uncle and adopted father of Germanacos and and for anybody in this position is you know it's often been said and I always love this quote? Hera Neue is the disease of the dictator and having fear of Germanic as being too powerful was an obvious in obvious of interest and clearly flagged in the mind of anybody who was assuming such position as very difficult to imagine that Tiberius viewed it otherwise in addition to the fact that he created this this great legendary status. He has these incredible loyal troops sitting on the Rhine. That would just be waiting for his order to go. And Make Germanic I emperor and on top of that as I mentioned previous sending Germanacos to the east very very easily could be interpreted As him just getting him away from Rome and away from the troops that could cause trouble on his behalf and in addition to that and this is the big one as we talked talked a little bit about earlier is the Egypt fiasco and in the Egypt fiasco if Tiberius had any sort of warrior paranoia prior to this it. It is very very clear that his go dramatic is going into Egypt even with the best of intentions and clearly no malice would would have definitely tipped off Tiberius now how he did it or what he might have done to make it. Happen is definitely unclear because because if it's so obvious that Tiberius is involved. Healed ended up becoming as dead as dramatic because the people won't accept. This is troops on accepted accepted. It will create an untenable situation which could lead to a very very devastating scenario so these are the classic five five suspects. These are the five suspects most Romans thought were involved. Most of their theories involved them even if not each undertaking individually individually or perhaps some sort of conspiracy in connection of course conspiracy is extremely difficult to prove in any legal sense for a modern audience Downright impossible let alone. You know a two thousand Euro cold-case for all intents and purposes that is what we're dealing with and it was. It's not easy trying to figure out who might have been involved here. And why but the fact of the matter is it seemed by all accounts that a good incapable. Oh man had died and died long before his time but we also can't dismiss the possibility that it was none of them and he simply fell l. to an area of the world in which US exposed to certain viruses and strains of this that or another that he was in no way prepared for physiologically really. It is one of the great cold cases in history so pool As quickly right now. Okay who do you think that it. Well obviously if I were sitting in a modern court of law I would have nothing. But circumstantial evidence events which all of this is because so little evidence existed and they really just kind of ran through it because basically you know you know how they always have like you know drew says the elder Alexander. The great his moniker undoubtedly would Ben. Piso the Patsy so you know. He's definitely Pisa. Ah The patsy. I'm not really of the belief that it was Piso. I don't think Pisa was that stupid and on top of that. I don't think Pisa was ever interested in doing anyone else's dirty eighty work. He was interested in one thing. The interest and wellbeing appeased. Oh and killing off. Somebody who modern Romans considered their Alexander under the great was not a super great way in order to do that on top of the fact. You'd be a ridiculously obvious suspect. But for me just for me. The in terms of motive I don't it's always very hard to know Tiberius. Because he is so mercurial and so- cryptic and he basically has no charisma whatsoever. We talked about this last time on the issues that creates with the Senate. He was not a great politician so while undoubtedly I have no doubt that he could have paranoia paranoid to that effect. I think the person that that the listener should take a much much more Closer look at and give more scrutiny is of course Janus because said the Janus very clearly. After this time had great ambitions. He wasn't up star. In fact you know. On top of the fact that SA- Janus was was really really a a really really nasty figure overall. We could definitely call him suggestions the ambitious and and that's very very true and he. He had a lot to benefit from this. He wasn't necessarily the most obvious of all the suspects that were at play here but he has has the motive he definitely has the ability possibly to work through proxies to make this happen. Perhaps you know the certainly could've could've happened due to the actions of somebody that history essentially overlook. There's so many people that would have had to interact with dramatic as even in his own home and after the first poisoning you know security especially regarding things like food became much much tighter around Germanacos. So it's possible. He could have had somebody. That was much closer. Sir Too dramatic. Has Anybody had suspected at the time but he has the personality and disposition he has the ambition. The death of dramatic is only going to help him based on what he aspires to what we see that he does in order to Cajole in manipulate Tiberius with the idea in time to ultimately overthrow. Oh him so. Janus is the one that I would look after because based on how this went down in so many ways that matter based on the five classic suspects backs so Janus is the one to give much greater scrutiny and he was also be somebody at the time who had been well protected in undertaking such an adventure so for me I feel like it has a lot of the Janus calling cards in it. He had the means he had the motive and it really just that his character overall it could have been a combination of various. People is very difficult to tell our two thousand years but if I had to finger somebody and just make my best educated guess gasp. Because that's what it is. I would finger Janus often. That's very good hypothesis. You've come to but I still think it's the butler. Well you know in a sense it really makes always the Butler and in truth it really may have been the Butler you know. It seems like you'd have to have gotten somebody on the inside and that's the only thing that makes sense to me because whoever was that really orchestrated this doesn't have their direct fingerprints at the scene of the crime. And so we're left with this legend. Two who was died long before he should have without any great answer. But certainly he's of the Patsy has gone down in history as that person But I don't necessarily think he deserves that because it's just very very hard to believe Interesting stories like this really original hugh you done it and you can see from his like if accurate Christy The has taken inspiration from this story. But it's just Unattended the death which is obviously very morbid but people haven't interested This whodunit you. See not today like so many true crime pocus you. Do you have an interest in this and we have like dirig- inversion of right here. We're officially a true crime. spoke cost as well too now. We finally finally dip our toe in the pool. I mean heck even has its own category category. On all of these podcasts. Such a huge thing and on top of that only have interest to this day which it does because a lot of. It's pretty amazing. But we're still talking about this after two thousand years Patrick Crazy and speaking of things we're talking about two thousand years later that play brings zones quite nice. He will be talking about this time his. There's a book that we're talking about two thousand years ago but for now I'm hun-jo vote to the Voice of history herself on a Domini. This is the eighty history. PODCAST now Patrick. You and I are very very very lucky very fortunate because we reached out to our audience and we ask them if they had any questions for us and the first question we have have is actually from twitter because you can tweet it at a Senate in a facebook comment or facebook. Message email at eighty history podcast at Tj and review dot com so the first one is from at producer underscore res as you progress through history. What specific people or events are you excited to cover? Patrick I'll make something. I'm of one sex specific People only one person wants Pacific event the time period. I'm really really interested in covering is the fifteen hundreds which was ready wages. Why the fifteen hundred? Well I've been looking into the fifteen hundred recently and so much was going on on planet earth. At that time we had a shakespeare which is a huge deal over here in England lottery. Look more into Shakespeare and If you follow name explain recently started a video about Martin Luther and he was about fifteen hundred zero reformations just really fascinating time in that period of time and those one hundred years or so that ten episodes of hoping we turned up a lot of interesting information. Because I didn't this what you're looking for 'em excited to cover it because I don't know much about it if that makes sense so we'll look into it so I can find out. More about is not because I already know loads about own share of you guys is. I'm looking forward to finding out more about it myself. And of course over in the states you know America is starting to to become a thing by then Columbus. I am Yep. Compasses already been there. I believe yeah. Fourteen ninety two was first voyage. I felt so yes a Columbus freshly there and it's happening over in the new world wrote at Tom Really Interesting Hundred Years of history. I'm looking forward to dive into the. That's hard to be. Yeah no the Protestant reformation is amazing stuff up. I remember when I first learned about it was it was totally engrossing or is my answer is concerned. You know. That's not the easiest question to answer. There's so much to pick from. I mean obviously I have have my my natural element in the twentieth century which clearly is a long way off at this point. Fifteen hundred zero long way off. Yeah we really have a long way to go. That's my but You know clearly. I've always been a big fan of the world. Wars the Cold War the early Soviet period Stalinism That's not particularly do. I've always enjoyed early early American history as well as the civil war. The sixteen hundreds and Britain I think are fascinating specifically when we're talking about Oliver Cromwell. Tom Well who is who is a character that I think is extremely fascinating and not altogether easy to understand but right I think he is particularly interesting. I really do love that part of it. The American Revolution in and of itself in all its aspects are really truly wonderful and in pretty much any way you could imagine the Byzantine. Yeah the rule the Byzantine. I've always found generally amazing going back to the nineteenth century a German German unification and Asia the the Meiji Restoration or even the entire period of the Tokugawa showing A. That's really cool stuff to May. Okay so definitely a lot to look forward to but you know whether it be the Tokugawa show Shokhin A. N.. The major restoration your German unification you know the the the American revolution the civil war all of those things especially Oliver Cromwell like I said is a really fascinating character to me. That would those those would be some very very big highlights or something. I'd be looking looking forward to. Yeah Oliver Cromwell and this can be really bad as a Brit myself. I know of Oliver Cromwell. Do the exact ins and outs it will be interesting to look into it myself as well and find out about it. Myself he's polarizing figure over here. Yeah I was GonNa ask you about that at some point something. I've actually been meaning to ask you for a long time. Is What do modern bretons generally know about Oliver Cromwell and what their feelings are on him. So that's a discussion. I'd like to have with you at some point because it's really it's really fascinating stuff. We can have that on the lead up to Cromwell a vice the power hour. Yes okay so we have a another question from at brief his story out. What sources do you use for your research? So do you mind if I a begin this one by by beginning with the W was the word we shouldn't say hey at our own peril. Yeah sure so. We'll be there it gets a little. Hey I can understand why wouldn't say eighty history comes one hundred percent from with -pedia it's a great starting point for research. It's really good to look for a brief overview of something and then diving from that even even wikipedia has sources. So I do use competed use of look for things to begin with but then beyond that all kinds of sources come into play when in research disabuse websites of used books all kinds of manner failings. There's not one definitive source. We used to allow information at least not for myself anyway. No no I mean just just as a as a general addendum to what you're saying. WIKIPEDIA can can indeed be an excellent Jumping point as as kind of a a window or stepping stool into a particular period. And I came from. I'm part of the millennial generation on that one. I was in college. Obviously professors were always very very stringent about the fact do not cite wikipedia as a source. And Yeah that. That's that's good advice vice as far as the sources that are listed there. That's the jumping point. So what I would say in terms of myself anytime doing research is the first question I'm asking is who is telling me this. What are their qualifications for doing? So wire they telling me this because everybody has whether it be history or anything anything generally might have some sort of agenda that could very well color their research or outlook on a particular period of time or course of events yet. You always have to ask yourself that question. Who is this person? What are their qualifications? And why are they telling me this and beyond that I could definitely tell you early on that some of these sources that I've used and we have all of our sources listed on the landing page and on Youtube. It's there as well and I believe it's actually showing up now on the podcast directories that we are listed on but early on some of my biggest takes a have come from Dame Mary Beard's at S P q r The silk roads Simon say back. What if you're east Jerusalem? The biography really excellent sources added a lot to what we're doing here in fact my soul section full Oh. Today's episode is more or less directly from the sources close to the sources that get to that makes sense molly sections about the source of the information. If that makes any sense it's yeah there's nothing better than having that sort of primary source that it just kind of unfiltered and you have to work with it as it is there whereas you know you'll get really good historical works but contemporaneous accounts or whatever. The prime artifact is can't be so the next question we have is from John Q.. Underscore da next episode when question mark. So we should have said this earlier. We've had quite a few messages from people asking asking when's zips are going to be. I've seen what you've seen. Some comments tweets of the current plan is one upset a month which test running things seeing how it will go in greasing the wheels you still trying to figure out the most oatmeal to make the podcast get it more in production quicker make production easier quicker hopefully from there and if you guys enjoy episode will become more regular but for now is just one a month. Yeah and it's made sense for us to do it that way because when we started this you can never be sure what an audience will take to what they can't can't and on top of obviously we both each have our professional obligations independent of the show and and the and which do deserve. Its own time time early on and every episode. You here is a a new adaptation as we're learning how to do this better and really just kind of refine the process process but the fact that you guys are even asking that question tells us a lot of what we know and what we had hoped to hear when we started is so nice when people onto haven more more episodes part me was worried that people wouldn't enjoy this disastrous might disposition life or was expect the worst but to hear people go this enjoying this more episodes of. That's fantastic fantastic. Thank you so much for asking that and just for listening yes absolutely it when when we hear from you guys and we see that you're listening you know. There's no superior gratification that we can experience all of this. That really does make it worthwhile so our next question is actually via email by emailing eighty history podcast at Tj unreviewed dot com and. It comes from a Sam in Michigan which who asked how did Patrick and I meet To do you WanNa take this story to begin with because you initiate the contact with me I I would set a say you did too few start the story that I could pop in when I come into play lake. So we're recording this in the middle of August of twenty nine thousand nine I. I reached out to Patrick either late February or early March of twenty eighteen. Because I want in to do a piece on him about name. Explain and hours when when any time you're going to reach out to someone at least for me. I try to do a little bit of homework. Try to get a feel the person's like and if they'd be someone talking to and this kind of ties into another tweet that was kind of got worked into this but basically it was saying something Asking about Patrick looking a lot like Leon Trotsky and and the decider for meter reach out and make contact. Initially it was the fact he had described himself as youtube number one. Leon Trotsky impersonator in which case I said all right all right got to talk to. This guy isn't this. This'll be interesting. Thank so I did and of course. Very kindly responded funnily enough that public started not only talking to one another but as understanding and then we have a mutual interest in history which is a question later mobile interest in history. But me having that Maya twitter bio probably made you realize us. Oh this guy's into history. He's not just about names and that against helped Chretien of this book making right now. Oh yeah absolutely anytime. You're reaching out to someone cold like that. I never even be sure that they're going to respond. Let alone if they'll see giving the spam filter and I would say our first interaction was about as good interaction. The interaction as one can hope for when you're when you're in my position than you're doing an interview and we definitely there was definitely a lot of common ground there and you know the the real threat that allowed this to continue was you were already going underway in writing the manuscript for your book. Yes and we had agreed that we would follow up again once. It was nearing publication. At that point was about six months later so we talked in September of twenty eighteen gene. But there was a caveat to that that I didn't expect in that conversation. Which of course you asking? Well Paul. Are you from the New York City area. It's like yeah why like well. I'm going to be visiting New York in the end of October and early November by myself. Obviously this is a wonderful opportunity to you know. meet up and kind of get the pulse for one another which we did in fact. I met Patrick with my brother and his fiancee. We went out to dinner in Brooklyn which is where they live a good meal and their view was amazing. Oma Go Jealous. View profits view the. Yeah seriously as well you know when when they Boffa place. It didn't have that view. Initially there was actually a building there when they bought it. It's just afterwards they. The building got demolished. All of a sudden they have this incredible. All of you of you know of the East River. Can you text your brother also pictures. We can put up on US issue media program so so they know what we're talking about here. Heck I pictures of that just right on my phone. Yeah absolutely issue that we all all these partner. If that's okay then you have to get out of their. Oh yeah no I I I. I'm sure Emily Robert will have any issues that so here's our last question is also via email from Tara in Cape Town South Africa. We are really getting around here. How did you guys develop an interest in history? It just it just happened. I guess my interest in history definitely came around my teenage years like fifteen sixteen probably probably earlier to in English education of the GPS's and that's when we pick nick Subjects we want to focus on to begin with and in my school it was always joke. Feel history at the same around. The world is a peak was going to the westside story at the geography kids in the history kids And each of a sewing shop was big notes that we fought their drug kids were big nerds The Joseph gets history too a big nerds but I was of the history kid and I would say the main reason I developed an interesting history is portrayed the same reason a lot of people develop interest in the subjects they have and and that was the fantastic teachers. I had to teach in particular Mr Cruelly and Mr Osborne. If there's any chance that listen to this you're the reason I'm making this pocus right now. So sorry about that. The teachers so enjoyable an so knowledgeable they spurred me to enjoy history and even though it was to begin with of carried. We don't enjoyment wanting to know more history and from there it moved on and also sir. I've just remembered one extra teacher. Today's teaches taught me a modern history. recode wool Thing a couple of years later I study Cosco civilizations in college which is different to American college by when gin detail right into detail terra with that right now and those told by a lady who Kim Drummond and she gave me my love of classical history between those free teachers I would say okay. That's where my interesting history comes from most things if you have people who excited and engaging with the subject you're going to be excited engaging about it tune hopefully we do have some of you guys. Oh yeah totally so for me. History is kind of a a genetic inheritance. So Oh it's just everyone's very very deeply it pretty much everywhere in the family needs to might that Mama both massive history buffs. They wouldn't forgive me within within mentioned them. We've had history books joining us from the beginning of board. Oh yeah absolutely so. I was always surrounded by that and for what it's worth. It started off actually kind of with my dad in fact so he he's the one who really kind of started the the World War are to blame if you were was really quite young and the same thing happened with my brother and it really expanded from there and to all sorts of different aspects. Komo wherever you go in the family. It's always it's always right there. Even new family members I am that are more distantly related seem to possess it as well. Interestingly enough I I graduated Loyola Chicago Up Political Science Major and I've always considered political science and history to be at the very least kissing cousins. If you will so the there's always that connection there but in terms of actually diving in and producing history wise so for a good deal of my early early twenties. Add some rather significant health issues. That helped me up quite a bit and during that time I was watching. I just stumbled upon Netflix. Watching the the multi part documentary documentary. Ken Burns the war about the American experience of the Second World War from a bottom up perspective so people who actually fought at people that were actually here on the Home Front Not really brilliant and like most. Ken Burns documentary. It also had amazing music especially from the period in question and what it ended up doing for me is is it really reignited something that ended up actually becoming a bit dormant in my life so I probably went from about age. Fifteen to age twenty four and in in some ways having not pursued it the interest was there but it was not something that I was terribly focused in at the time. And for all that it's worth it it ignited basically one question Bhagat. Another curiosity took off. And it really just reignited something that had been otherwise dormant dormant for some time to the point where I was eventually publishing on the subject or doing something very much. The likes of what you and I are doing now but for all it's worth in terms of history it's been in in essence a lifelong love and to do something like this is just almost a natural extension of that. Yes you could say and the rest is history. Oh Boy Oh that's beautiful. This is the AD history podcast. Keep up with the show and join the discussion by following. Ad History on twitter with the handle at eighty history PC and the hashtag AD history. Three check us out over on facebook instagram and youtube by searching eighty history. PODCAST as well as of course. TJ and review view dot com slash. Eighty history podcast now back to Poland Patrick and thank you and now Patrick. We're going into something that is also a bit of the departure from what we've done so far and it is a look into the Roman world and specifically their world world quite literally. That is the best way to put this pool. I can put it myself. Say before I really look into this to talk about what history is going to be going forward. I mean is changing any by massively but safer. We've always personally with big picture history. How I like to refer to as Soviet Soviet imposed raising empower and tying employs coming and going a top down history? If he lists that's a great way to put a top down history and of course that's really really interesting but I also want to focus on the smaller everyday aspects of the past and obviously going this far back in time a lot thus can be quite hard to find a of shows. We'll get more. To present day will find more smooth stuff like that we get to talk about is just something I want you guys to know. Eighty history will be like this unlike right now on taking the departure from ancient China and as Paul Mitchell linked to the Roman world in the Greek world and mostly they're sorta to personal world and also failed to mention. Is that while. I will always trying to cover something spanning the entire ten years. Sometimes it might be just one thing that happened opened in those ten years and this is what they stories and this is the story of stray boy and the geography. Now thinking straight trophy. who was a well the let me explain to you? Straight was a Greek writer. Historian geographer philosopher. Just one of those around a brain boxes you back. In those days. He was believed to be between sixty four and sixty three BC in Mac Pontus which is in modern day Turkey and his born into connection the king of that town King Mifflin eighties of the sick of Pontus. However in the foot may Friday war between Pontus and Rome which was led by pump compete the time as we shopping covering on your side? His family switch sized ally re wrote so this was a guy who had connections to his Greek world and the Roman world. Thanks to this and of course we own imagine this really helped shape his understanding of the wider world. This allowed access to from Turkey. So this somehow impressive because you read in this town history. People who travel much like an talking about they would go around the the country much they wouldn't leave this city like settlement much that was will you do on the show so even just going from room to Turkey was quite impressive fee in the time in history though. These weren't the only two places he went to. We have recordings of. WHO's spending time in Rome? Kush which I believe is part of India. THEA cush. I might be Rogin that comb to let me know he also went to Tuscany Asia Minor. Anyone even went as Ethiopia which is just crazy. See for someone of that time to travel so much and of course he wrote the geography or geographic as it would be known as at that time and is believed he started writing in twenty went. TPC and he published I in seven BC. But he wasn't done of it that he continued working on it and the final version of it was published in twenty free. Ad Hence why we can talk about it. Hey however he died in twenty four eighty so we don't know if this was the final version of the book or this disappoint you got to writing until Oh he died. It's very possible that if he didn't die he could have just carried inviting inviting though I think he was in his eighties. Twenty four ad so he would have got much more out of him That was just a brief idea. Few stray was what would into him. Also looking into his book. the geography or Geographica Newbie sticking with the geography. Because it's easier easier for me to say that. What exactly was this book and was it so important for me to be talking about it? It wasn't really one book. It was seventeen books covering the entire known voted agrees enrollment of that time. which is just incredible and these book gives details of the shape of the land there sizes the plant and animal animal life and even what the people were like Hewlett in these lands will is so incredible about this book primarily is that is one of the few books from this period in time time that survived? That is present day we have writings but complete books. I mean all seventeen of these books are more or less complete minus some parts missing from book seven which is just an amazing feat as most books from this time have been lost son like a dense book. Guest modern is is somewhat dense. But this was written in a very easy to understand way so average people could understand it. You can even check out. It's English translation was done by man by the name of Horror Salena Jones uh-huh and he translated from nineteen seventeen to nineteen forty to the show. We're taking it was to translate into English and this is supposed to be a literal word for word would translation was adapted into English in any ways and it still some easy to read. It's not the easiest of reads is not my first geography but it's understandable. You can still read that it makes sense to the modern Is Morton as a Shakespeare where you read that. It still is hard to interpret and it's available blown line of I've been fortunate enough to read online hair or lots of natural hardback. They seem quite expensive but online with the I'm sure we'll link down below so you can be the yourself and it's also for this was written at the same time. A strawberries of a book history which however is lost to time and if we had that book is well what we could never add. Time Elsie before that Takas La- history would be so important but that's lost relic to history and fortunately nationally. We have the geography. Stay with us. And what I've done. Hey my section isn't so going over the events of how. This book was written ramification this book. It's just looking into what this book Toda's about this world and just finding interesting things about that time period so it wasn't quite clear from the sections of this book and some I find interesting so the my find funny. who kinds of stuff like that in here but before I go into detail about this you can hear a word Study which is a word. A strawberry used in this book. A study is the plural of a study on which is an ancient Greek measurement. Such why mentioned it sometime in Hazo just fought mentioned if you're confused. It's named after the circumference of ancient stadium so I said he would measure things and it didn't it. This is the thing in America poop. Komen remission things. Here in England is by football pitches like Oh. That's free. Football pitches long. Is that something you guys do in America constantly. The in fact I I when I when I look at things and I and I get them in in yardage usually at one of the great common forms of measurement in which people are able to kind of abstract grasp and abstract size of something is by comparing In length to American football field so one hundred yards or three hundred feet is just interesting. We still do this to this day. The and meanwhile the agent with doing this and they actually formalizing into unit measurement Estonia and. That's what the strawberry used in this book. And that's it's fun to be around six hundred feet or hundred. Eighty two meters. A study is believed to evolved into a furlong in English so just follow. Cover the half year. So do they over late Shabbir knew he was from the extracts of the book. I wanted to cover so this is strawberry talked about. I Bay area the Iberian Peninsula which houses Spain and Portugal and Andorra vessel stuff. His what you say about it a Is like an ox. Hide extending in length from West West East it's foreparts was east and in breadth from north to south is six thousand study in length full towed and five thousand study in its greatest breath. The in some places is much less than free thousand studier and Braff ticketing near the pyramids which foments eastern side. What I find so interesting about? This is quite accurate. A description of Iberia as oxide. If you've ever seen like an ox hide or satellite like as a rug you can look. I think that does look a bit like Bay Korea. It definitely does it very very happy. It's just a really interesting description. However you will see? He said appear knees on eastern saw. It wasn't appearance. Is Our east northeast as we know the Stroh clearly avocado was at the time volt they will on the eastern side and strobe was even kind enough to draw maps for us and I'm sure there will be attached. There'll be a on our social media platform to show off. The video goes live and they're fascinated actual of attachment. I'll show not I if you go to the bottom no I I did. I did find actually before I even sent me or not told me. This is what you were doing. I looked up to see if there were any maps based on that and and in this case there is really fascinating stuff so for the most part he gets a lot right. There's definitely just so much for. Yes yes I mean. There are some particulars in the details around the Mediterranean but the Mediterranean and in and of itself is pretty darn good. It's certainly missing The Scandinavian countries. It's missing what we would largely considered to be the Baltic Things like that important stuff. But but in terms of their known world their known world. It is far far more accurate than any modern listener. If they're not familiar with the subject checked would ever believed possible. Honestly just Google if you listen to this right now out of three of incensio listens to this now. Google strub a map and come out. It's Sali's is one key but survived shape and even said he's map of Europe. You see the appear knees of directly east of Iberia says that's not quite right but she's interesting this blend of almost right but not quite and I found so fascinating it really is also. He seems to have left Ireland entirely in the Atlantic Ocean yet. So but should Moldovan than Britannia what she come back to. Speaking of islands highlands north of Britain. We'll talk about that in a bit because of some really interesting here as well but anyway talking to Britain as well Shrub even about the men of Britain which person joy and offense to just We've talked about its funding. Yeah people with an interest in the history of it. We mentioned it lost last time so young. When I told this book I went straight to prison? I WanNa see what he said about my country and it's it. Yeah and it's funny anyway. The men of Britain or taller than the county and not so Gillard head will do the bodies of Lisa Build. The following is an indication nation of this. Is I myself in Rome. So might may lot tiring as half above the tourist. People in the city will do. They were abandoned leg and presented no fair lines lines anywhere else in their finger. The habit impala those the Kelty but impart more simple and barbaric so much so that on account of their inexperience some of them audobon supplied with milk make no cheese and they have no experiencing gardening of agricultural pursuits. Until I just made me love that. This agent interpretation of the British could. He reminds us so men I know now anyway over. That's a British-made. I doubt just like the painting take like his his this country English refill their big and strong. But they're Kinda stupid book. Hey that's to back. You're offended. I'm allowed to save. I remember I was reading. I was going to your show nuts. I think you wrote something to the effect of. I think I ran into them last Saturday night. Sounds like the cut of people flirty on Saturday. Night Larry. Yeah it's just really interesting stuff in here and of course I could not mention this a straw in his book when he's talking about the Lonzo Germany he explains the name of the Germans OC something. I found interesting because some ancient etymology which is going on at least two thousand years? Before I started making on Youtube people always the interest in this stuff. Oh yeah anyway as he said about it now the Parts Byun Arenas immediately of the country of the county sloot towards the eastern okay by by the Germans who they vary slightly from Celtic stock in they Awada tool and have yellow hair or no respect similar from build the old have it's a modes of life there such as I've said the Celtics and I also think that was for this reason that the rooms assigned him the name Jimani as they wished indicate there but they were genuine Galilea in the lung. Romans Jimani means genuine so like I said just some interesting etymology going on Even way back then wonder why they why they ascribed them that one particular characteristic to the point in which infect effectively became the name of the the various disparate people in tribes of that entire worship of Europe. That's what I'm curious about a a no choice around because the Romans had such big influence that's white baton name in particular stuck around. I know that part but why why why they thought of them as genuine. I wish I knew maybe they would just fresh. I mean it seems you get the impression to Raymond's one the biggest fans of the Celtics six. That's just by the you get to maybe meeting these people who weren't of Celtic origin. Therefore we look you guys you genuine. If that makes sense as smiler's Day I've kind of wonder about it too because naturally the Romans never did subdue Germania They they lost a lot of blood and treasure as you're trying to do it. And and generally failed in. There was even got to the point where Augustus basically said upon his death to Tiberius. Keep career and out of Germania and it wasn't a hard sell as we know but the one thing that was most certain and this is only a guess. This says nothing academic or studying but guess is there's anything that it is genuine. It is their desire not to come on bended knee to Rome. Under are any circumstances maybe the Romans respect two of them I would I would. I would hope so you know maybe it was like a genuine respect. The fact that you're not GonNa Benjamin E. for us with gnome afraid though but The Lost Extra have is coin. Ought one and this comes from strawberries. Writings on India specifically how Indian hunters would catch eighths now the hunters when they see an ape season. Nutri the place inside a bowl containing water involved our own is with it and then they put down a blue bird lime instead of the water go way and line wait a distance since and when the animal leaps down dismiss it so with the bird lime a win upon winking is is legit shot together the hunter approach and take it alive. We've now this is one way but there is another it puts on baggy breeches like trousers. And then go away leaving behind him. His that shacking maidens inside with bird line and when the animal put these on hit heasley captured a bird lime. I looked into. It was like a sticky substance which was made us to catch birds and other van. Mussa's were her. Never heard line before and this is just bizarre. I mean the fact that hunting apes you very rarely hear apes being hunted any reason in the modern times even did some research into like eating ape. I think it was a thing up partway examples and the way. They're hunting wanting these animals like they put trouser the some like nice looking trousers down at the April. Get into them. I tend to how accurate crude this is to like these really of worked. Yeah well that's something that is kind of interesting thing about what I saw. Hunting of APIS APIS That kind of took me back because I had to make sure I had read that correctly because obviously that's very far from our experience we tend end to treat apes specifically in western countries as many cases. You know our our closest genetic cousin is an on on the greater evolutionary tree if I may tangent IC- Real ape to somewhat equal like of Asia mentioned in the beginning in Sri Lanka recently and monkeys every way they yellow apes. They look screws in parks. Hiya two parties AGGRIPA monkeys Keith. And you can just watch them for hours. And I can't like to me. There are like are equal like they're so human likasi she them sitting cross legged and I just find them fascinating especially the idea of eating. Monkey is just something you don't really have much about. Almost cannibalistic. From our perspective is yes. It really does feel like that. I mean unless you're watching Indiana Jones to that then it took eight. Yeah Yeah Yeah but I feel has an Asia that won't particularly no no well some films age better than others uh-huh difficult about this is what you noticed with these ways is the humans would do something think and hope the monkey do it back. So don't rub their own eyes of water than put down this bird line and hope the monkey would rub it cycle me thinking mm king. Is this this about the sub base. This term monkey see monkey do comes from that. That is an interesting idea. I have no idea I I it was. It was just an interesting point to debts just as some of the few bits into in this book but suzy go recommend reading. It feels selfish. So fascinating w links down below does a really good website. That's translated it and it's not just like a pdf it's collectible links you in clicked Part you want to go to is really if you're gonNA read this. That's the best way to read. I didn't read it all myself. I might futures. Who knows and there's just some things I found so amazing about these books? Strawberries Geography Invest Naughton. Say Geographic her. Again it shows just how Incan interconnected connected this world was and how often we seem that people only really knew about what was going on indesit at that time but we see here that people understood there was wide world out there and strawberry Neubauer in so much detail. It was amazing and it's also accurate. The sizes are as we mentioned the maps and there isn't isn't just a map of Europe as map of the entire world. You see the tip of Africa a I think it goes into Asia somewhat and it's somewhat accurate accurate. They knew it looks like you've taken all map. And just cut the rest of Africa offer gays Antibi- Ethiopia as we mentioned cuts off from. There is really it fascinating how accurate they could understand what the world like especially in a time before like US planes or satellites to check check water left from above. I find this incredible. Well I mean we. We've been making maps far longer than we've had the ability for any sort of aerial ability to observe landmasses and something. I'm curious about what you know about. These ancient methods of cartography so I I did a tiny bit of research into this and I couldn't come up with much. I think that's my for though parts I read about as the into a room and Coastal Kartal goofy and the arts reading said. We don't know much about how Romans actually mapped out things like that. I guess I didn't have ever but one. In fact I did read was Greeks and Romans used the maps in different ways Beaumont primarily match like strategic reasons so for wall obviously for battles. They knew they want that was their yeast maps. Very little reason to travel for battles was Greece. Yes use them for more aesthetic reasons. They look Nice on wall was and they would include latitudes that Sophie into their maps. So what didn't how we made them. We do have an understanding Greeks and in Romans used maps for different reasons. I forgot quantum interesting now at at certainly is well. You didn't need much of a map for the two sides to find each other in the Peloponnesian peniche in war. Just just throw throw that feeling a little crusty this afternoon. A as well as it accurate these are that inaccuracies Areso coolers well. I didn't have an extract from this didn't copy and paste one into my thing but at one point a strawberry talk spun oil in Cou you will and was interesting is Allen. Doesn't actually exist like doc. It's believed to be the Shetland islands or the Orkney islands wave of Scotland. But this was like the known the known nor his point too the Romans and Greeks creeks and they didn't really know much about it. It was just Halos fuel beyond Scotland and is just is so similar miffed land and obviously if look map. You won't find few anywhere and I just found. That was kind of interesting to and aside. Somehow amazing was on there. What's missing is amazing too? And I didn't know the Roman didn't know of the boat equal Scandinavia. That was quite a shock to me. When I saw that map I fall so they must have been some connection there but evidently not presume they knew these parts of the world and what shocked me most didn't show remorse but it's a constant reminder? The Pool A tiny little baby oh countries despite how important it is to the world station now people simply didn't know existed. Then yeah in the new world has been you know in in the big scheme of even human history. What is five hundred years? Between now and when Europe I really started understanding the concept of a greater understanding of the new world obviously the attacks polarization and its discovery from various European peoples happens over an extended period of time but really begins to accelerate eight and a very noticeable pash fashion about five hundred years ago. And that's nothing in the in the Greco Roman world. That's nothing nice nothing to do but nevertheless I always say this open Americo babies. It's amazing how much you've accomplished shows such a short amount of time. This will say you're young. You're impressive I safe anywhere. Something else I find so interesting about this is it shows us that even with the way back then people had fascination for geography and History Pokusayeva Kaffee quite intertwined at times Even in school. It's always a trophy in history. And it just shows you. People have a fascination Shen about trophy which Suva's nation people today on wrestling. He reading this book on people like myself. We make youtube videos some about Out Trophy still so popular and it's just way back then. Things are popular then still popular now and I just big interest out of that and and finally. It's just a peek into a world. We don't know this is such a prime source with so fortunate to have that it it just shows us how the world was back then in a way no amazing history book could be unfortunately some easing history books right now but this isn't isn't a history book this is the real deal and it's in some ways it's the it's the closest we have the time travel in my eyes. We can see how the bowed was in that time. Thanks to this and we're lucky to have this book while so many of us were lost. And how much could we know about the world if these books wasn't lost a nets. That's that's really what this got me thinking especially strawberries histories. Who knows where we could know about the world if that wasn't must either but maybe I'm just being too pessimistic? Maybe maybe we should be thankful that the geography has remained so intact. Well yes sudden when you have always have a little bit of information. There's a desire to have more information information. I think it's pretty I think that's a pretty A shared experience for most people. But what I find fascinating about this is not not just that this is a primary Mary source because that's incredible in and of itself especially when that manages to survive this long intact as it was written having the actual obviously as we were looking at translated version but it's not adjusted for grammar or modern modern use of language necessarily despite the fact. It's still very intelligible eligible to a modern audience by see. I've had struck reading some of that when I was reading this. Yeah yeah it can be a little clunky but when outside of just the pure narration of it when you're just kind of when reading to your eyes you're hearing it in the narrator in one's own head it's very. It's very possible to grasp ask and I love any sort of history that can tell us about a people not just in terms of what what they knew but what they thought they knew about themselves at the time that is a very interesting is a very interesting form of looking back and understanding. Not just what they thought their world was but the various details of because is it helps paint a greater picture of what they think their importance is and where they feel. They fit in a bigger picture. Such a good way to put it some Yeah it's just it's people and this is an disturbed possibly bidding time if that makes any sense waiting to say but there was an the people looking back on themselves is people looking at now. This is now this happening right now. It's in the same way. People probably look back at this. Poke cost of finger doc. That's a waitressing. They're talking about it. We can just eat that with this. I assume fascinating yes definitely is now something that I'm curious curious about and I don't know how much of this is is knowable but in terms of what Strata is is describing and also Kush is what we would consider to be today either southern modern Egypt or northern most northern or the portion of Sudan India mystery. So when I looked it up I could just as easily been. I had no idea either ars just clicking third after we talk and so something that I'm I'm curious about it's hard to know is what he is. Our the people's he describes ABS in the geography people that he's describing from is own first hand observations or any of its second hand is all based on his own travel and interactions. So I am I. I don't know the answer straight up. Personally me electromagnet a bit of a mix of both because as we know he did travel quite a lot so he would have built up his own experiences his own opinions opinions on people and places from there and this does read somewhat like travel book. Have these books. Also described as encyclopedia is an encyclopedia is usually haven't got that formality to know us very informal books encyclopedias normally insect media's on written by so one who knows everything this like collections of information all in one place. I didn't imagine somebody who wrote the encyclopedia knows it. Newest is collected elected everything so think as well as knowing his own stuff he was something of a collect of this information he probably talked to other historians of his time and just cumulative the information altogether in these books that's my interpretation of the move the matter and in terms of the people that he saw the the one the one that it really sticks out to me of course is is observation on ancient Britcoms and the reason that sticks out to me is because this fellow dies in twenty four a day and that means that at that point in time it had been less than a century since Caesar Zor made his first and second for Ray across the channel and in to what is now southern England and. I know that there's been various forms of communication and contact between the British isles and the continent going back. Predating Roman Times sometimes but stroke being from ancient Anatoly our what we consider to be Roman Armenia this this represents represents a very very specific and very interesting piece of information because clearly Caesar did not have a heck of a lot of information on who he he was going to Basically come up against when he crossed the channel end so I be very curious to know if there are any records. It's of his travel at the very least to what we would consider Normandy Bay of the San that kind of northwest Europe or just flat out northern France Channel Coast area. Because as far as I know and you can correct me in this. Is there any indication that he actually crossed the channel himself so I don't think he ever crossed the channel himself. I don't know if you've made up. That fought France and I feel quote in Saint because of just opened up The geography here on his part about a Britain and he even writes specifically about Cesar crossing the crossing the China into Britain. Caridi for. Oh you interested. If you're willing to do so absolutely I'd love to hear. This defied sees a crossover to the island twice. He came back in haste. Competing anything in great or proceeding far into the island. Not Only on account of the crows at took place in the land kelty among the barbarians and his own soldiers as well but also on account of the fat maneuvers ships have been lost at time of the full moon since the EPP tied in the flood. Tom Got their increase at that time. How he won the two Afri victories over Britain's obt carried along to lesions of armies and he brought back hostages slaves and quantities of the rest of the booty at present however some of the chieftains? There they're off. The procure in their friendship sees Augustus by sending embassies and by paying him of dedicated offerings the capital but also mash to make the whole of the island virtually Roman property so that is just a real brief summary of Romans in Britain as Toba stray provide if I the geography so I guess there's some history in this as well but the fatty writing that and he never mentioned person himself going. There makes me think he he didn't go there himself personally. But it's interesting to note that he talked about people going to be on especially Caesar's Visits the island. Yes those are those are interesting. Because because it basically between Caesar's I'm going off the top of my head here but I'm pretty sure it's accurate between Caesar's last visit and the next time Romans actually make their way into southern modern day. Southern England is I believe almost a hundred years so they knew it was This we do anything with it before. Crossing the channel is not an easy thing Let's put it this way. I mean Caesar had his own trouble getting adding to and fro it was. It was not an easy trip and it remained a very difficult trip until extremely recently. Yeah now that it will certainly military capacity because there is a reason why of course Napoleon had no ability to invade in. There is a reason why Hitler didn't have the capacity invade but it just in terms of out of that military context even still it would be some time before there was a a consistent ability to have normal commercial or cultural ties between Britain and the continent. I in a way that was In which you know you're needlessly an recklessly risking life and limb to even make. What is what thirteen thirteen? Kilometers at the narrowest mouth of the of the Straits of Dover. Yeah so that that's something I was particularly really carries about now in terms of the other thing I want to ask you about in terms of struggle is are there. Is there anything in his work. That scholars go back and recognize as being a In original and perhaps extremely noteworthy unique discovery originating from him nothing. I could see personally a fueled I think is a really interesting. I think this is one of the main mentions of fuel existing assuming it doesn't really exist in the shape or form they Interpreted as I wouldn't be supposed to be done though. I said this is really ancient book to have. It's handy to have it this easily so I wouldn't be surprised if subset of relics of the past be no will thanks to this book like was if we had the histories their upshot as amazing stuff. We don't about to this day book talked about yet. Well I I'm I'm certain you're correct and the other thing I'm curious about and this is a bit harder harder to ascertain I think in terms of thoughts or a ponderings. Do you know if he ever had any recorded it'd opinions on what he thought. Lie Beyond the But at the the pillars of Hercules. You know what we know. Today is the Straits of Gibraltar. I didn't see anything about that. It seems he felt quite happy to know. This was it a reading time. boquets is despite it being easy to read it so quite then three times. A didn't come across anything of him wondering why one really is if there is anything more it seems like like this was what it was this was to the world at this time even in his maps. You'd think if he if he had the idea that there was more out there he might add it into his mouth. But you know you see Africa. His roadmap is is literally cutoff ends. Now these even a hint of it on that that map motown. Hey did you heard the classic. Hey be dragons that you'd find maps where they're put dragons in places they hadn't discovered does know metaphorical to focus dragons on. Hey you seem quite comes in than going this is it. This is the world has definitely nothing else. It nothing more see folks ends right here. Yes see that I find that very interesting because I always am very curious to know who and what The effectively the ancient world. In in this case when I mean the ancient world I mean Europe Africa Asia that modern landmass obviously we had people living elsewhere of course but the what their thoughts were on what might lie beyond because obviously you can only go so far on on land there in your ability to travel buy sale at that point is still relatively limited. But I I've always wondered about about that part something else I'm curious about this is more your personal Interpretation of what you have read do gather any particular personality from the style of his writing. Is there anything that you feel. You can ascertain about him personally. Based on what he put to paper against the impressionist Overseas clever clever clever fellow. This is very small person but you do get personality for maybe. It's just me reading into especially that British part. You get kind of like. He was quite a witty smart person. And this isn't even though in some ways. It was a very formal encyclopedia E.. You get the impression his his personality was put onto these pages and likewise quite something. Yeah we have someone's personality written. Have you ever let us from ancient Rome as well. Yes I would say. Personally there is like a hint of Straub in these woods is just full move. It like as an agent Wikipedia FM make sense. No I it certainly does make sense now in in terms of What your personal interpretations are of the work and this this view into Romans and how they view themselves in this world that they knew what were some of your major takeaways from what you read on that particular perspective? What did you take away about the Romans and how they saw themselves in the world? They knew they knew they were the center of it or they fort they would descend of it quite literally and Matt Matt frankly literally hence why maps or maps hints what the West is the West and the East is east because the Romans and the British of the Romans initially and into British later on who made the maps and put themselves in the middle. That's all you need to. It's not easy. It's a bloody circle will live on. There is no eastern West that just concepts. I just WANNA get a clip. I JUST WANNA get clip of that statement. It's a bloody circle. There isn't really an eastern West has just been created by us because we like the Romans at this time themselves in the center so yes they just need that you need to look at the map of a me actually. His map of the world has very quite far in the West. But you can see from head the idea that was the center Amedee's especially Greece outside as well if you look at them. Because he was a Greek he was Greek. Fundamentally fundamentally in they came from born pop. Turkey is considered a Greek historian and he wrote extensively on Greece in this book. Coming like I love. The main Big Island have a chapter unto themselves each so clearly had his favorites is something I am curious about. Just as as as a as a point of clarification so he he was from a kingdom that ultimately got subsumed into Rome. If I remember correctly it was a King Mr duties the six is is I I can tell. Is he considered a Greek historian or simply A. Helen is historian from ancient Anatolian. Be that one. I'm by Simpleton like me. He's described as just a Greek historian. Well I would hardly consider you a simpleton gracious you're the guy on youtube the that made etymology etymology cool again. How something Simpleton my ass but when you're looking at this other other than merely its accuracy accuracy in general like we can see the the map is pretty darn good the l. l. told now in in terms of something that other than just the bureaucracy of of the map or some of the descriptions. What are some things that you you experienced reinstated and and saw that genuinely caught you by surprise given whatever conceptions you may have had looking into this work August for the court we buy surprises like said just household accurate? Liz Anne how how enjoyable read is in some points. I can make you laugh. How Allah make you? Oh yeah like I say about them. I barely been scrubs an ox. Hide such a love description does meet you. Yeah didn't expect it to have stuff like that was amazed like could read look of it was an English luckily enough but I could follow too often be recently like I said this is easier to read Shakespeare and this is like doc fifteen hundred years before Shakespeare so does show you that he did make is to be easily written and in terms of stumbling that you feel that the audience should take away from this work. What what do you think would be a great bigger the idea that they really should know and in particular? Why should they look into this further? I think the audience should sued look into this book simply to get an understanding a real good clear understanding of the world. We talking about at this time. It you see he put in a patrick words. You Know How old the rings has the map at the beginning of the book. So when you're reading about to refer to things yes absolutely. I think this book is kind of like that. This podcast forever talking about something especially in these first few hundred years or so. Wait what you look at this book. Read what was going on in Greece or what was going on in Britain at that time a cadence data talking about it it really helps helps anchor your understanding of this world this time. Yes it definitely does And something I want to mention just 'cause I know quite quite a bit of our audience at I will certainly know you best from your other work just just knowing you personally. I find it fascinating how you can snap going from being Patrick but to the narration Voice of Patrick of name explain in the drop the hat and then just revert right out of it. It's actually kind of an incredible thing to listen to when you when you're seeing it in real time the debriefing about this podcast. I what people will put this Mayfield. People take mostly from this podcast when I'm not reading a script. I'm a bumbling mess of so happy. Had these coasters. I can read from page. Nothing safe in my own head or can't do that. Well you you you give yourself far too little credit but okay that that's that's fascinating. Do you have any closing thoughts on stray booze work or any sort of takeaway. That you feel is most important to yourself having studied this really much more to say in all honesty. Let's see puffins while half of what he said I would just say if you're If you happen to come from the part of the world. Stray Bo is talked about in his book. Which is Europe parts of Africa and parts of Asia and parts of Europe at that as well? If you're fortunate enough to come from here like I was I could go. Look at his interpretation of Kristen. Oats a find your pop the world and just read about it. See the ancient Romans in ancient Greeks photo of your country. Your people at that time yes and also something else that I think is really really cool here. Is that the interconnectedness of this. This ancient world where we think of it in maternity as places were a place where people generally didn't travel aval much and had very little knowledge of the greater world around them. But you and I can see especially in these early Stages of eighty history the that could not be further from the truth. They did no other people out there. They did have contact contact with them. And that is so much more interconnected than we can even possibly understand an in a way you and I are personally experiencing experiencing it only now just kind of hitting the very tip of the iceberg. Losing says the years go by an podcast continues. These people are going to get to snowed. himselves Holo better I I. I think if if we only accomplish that we will have accomplished a great great deal and hopefully we will learn more about ourselves as well but but I will. I will definitely mention. I will definitely proffered this looking at it. I yes I think personally in terms of my own life experience. I'm completely a product of of this new world and the modern United States. However when I look back because it hasn't really been that long really since in my own relatives and ancestors decided to hop on a boat and come on over that in in most palpable in most palpable way especially in the Roman world being of southern Mediterranean Italian descent looking at this as an ancient look to ancestors that have a mind that have long since passed I will never even know of and and just getting that slightest glimpse into the world in which they lived and where they saw themselves in it? Ni- find that to be one of the great gratifications for any study of history is when you begin to realize where the big picture is an where you you fit into it albeit distantly. You're listening to the AD history. podcast anyway I think that brings us to the end of our journey for today. Patrick where can people find us. You can find me personally onto its at name explain. Why not and of course you can follow me on my youtube channel? Name explain and for myself you can find on me on my newly minted twitter at the handle at. PK D. and history as well as on the Social Media News Platform courts by searching polychaete Costanzo. Danza also take a peek at my reader email submitted Q. and A. Column The World War Two brain bucket over on T. R.. We have linked down in the description. If you even joy eighty history and your sport the show shortly glowing five star review. Or if you're in youtube like Sharon subscribe eighty history really does depend on listeners. Like you leaving living reviews and ratings to help support it now to Anna. Probably send you guys home. Thank you for listening and goodbye. Yes thank you for listening. Be well until next on like all good things we come to an end for today. Thank you for listening to the. Ad History podcast. It is listeners. Such Che's yourself who make this show possible and truly awesome. Be Sure to follow and subscribe for upcoming eighty history. podcast episodes available able wherever podcasts are found also follow eighty history on social media below the show on twitter at the handle at eighty history. PC as well as on facebook by visiting FACEBOOK DOT com slash eighty history podcast and instagram as eighty history cost in addition to liking and subscribing on Youtube by searching eighty history podcast. Do you have a direct comment or question for pool. Patrick drop them in email at eighty history podcast at Tgi Review Dot Com. Also be sure to visit the show's homepage at t g review dot com slash. Ad History podcast based on behalf of Paul. And Patrick. Thank you for listening to the AD history podcast. We will see you next time in the ever-growing tapestry of world history.

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"Jeff coffin from the personal injury firm, of Kaufman, Lind. Most people when they think about the law, they think about all the great movies and television shows where turns yell at each other make jokes and have these great dramatic moments. The reality is that most clients never get tell a jury their side of the story that's why at a minimum you lawyer should take the time to listen to you and try to appreciate what you're going through coughing and lend at when you need US dot com offices, Orlando. Jeff Kauffman from coffin-laden being a personal injury attorney I, get asked all the time how much money I can recover for our clients injuries. I explained to them that the recovery is normally based on three things. One Who is at fault to how much damages and three how much insurance is available to cover their injuries only by thoroughly investigated a client's case can your lawyer ensure that they are providing you with a full understanding of what your cases worth coughing lead at when you need US DOT COM offices Orlando. Number one per podcasting, we are an iheartradio station someone's going to get offended. It's just the way the world works and hopefully save everyone a little time and energy. Opinions that you hear are those of the host and callers and other I heard its management or advertisers the monsters. It is monster twenty, twenty rabbits first day September. I'll be there was up y'all I'm restaurant was host the program with ever want today we're going to do this until around eleven o'clock. Here he is the producers Angel Boom. Tomorrow Mr Motivation Carlos Tomorrow. Down there. And the King of Denmark right. Home? Is Angelique here. There I heard her I think I heard her. Hearing. Angelie screens here too. So set and ready to go on this beautiful Tuesday the first day of September if you WanNa text show, you can at seven, seven, zero, three, one sometimes we will text you back throughout the show you can call us as well for seven nine, one, six, one, zero, four, one, last week your chance to win the thousand dollars for this little run of thousand dollar. Give away. So Keyword all day today you know how that goes you text the keyword, and you pray and hope that you win thousand dollars. That would be very, very cool. We're going to unveil my. My chair today I. got my Dum Dum. Dum Dum map is and we got that got a bunch of stuff going on everybody's Tuesday. Wonderful. Wonderful but I I'm. I'm excited about today because today we finally get the the test results from Mary. Ellen. So I finally kind of get that off my. Off My worry, I think. I feel like I'm more worried about it than she is you know which probably is a natural thing. You know like defense mechanism like like she's pretend like you know, hey, listen but I my theory is in our theory was. This long for her to come back in to get test results then it couldn't really be bad right like like they wouldn't be really pissed off if somebody they had test results that were bad and they made me wait I'd be. I mean that's what I'm saying malpractice almost at this point is I can't believe it this long. Yeah. It's taken a while she had to a colon cancer obviously in the news a lot because of of Chadwick, Guzman and That's Everywhere now. So it's like. You turn on the news or something's coming up about it but she had her her procedures like three or four weeks ago and they said, well, we can't give you the test results whether it's spread or not. Until you know it's GonNa take some time because of cove everything's backed up. So we were waiting and waiting waiting and so. They made an appointment on September. First, we'll give you your test results then and I'm just gonNA. Get Bad test results. Say we'll wait until you on. The. September first. So my theory is probably everything is OK. Cool. That's what I'm hoping for but she finds out shopping even gave you an appointment date. I'm shocked about that. Why wouldn't they? Why wouldn't they just be like this second? We get the results in you going to tell us and we will we will have constant contact with you. I just think something is severe this. Would have that you know I don't know. Did I today's Tuesday I think it was a different day. Yeah. I thought you said it was Wednesday your it always it always. Today's the day we'll get the test results. Today today in. September first so but anyway Yeah. Yeah. You know it's kind of nerve wracking that sit around and wait and wait and wait and then I like I say I doubt they would like hold onto oh, we're going to give bad news we'll. She has an appointment on September I was waiting Taylor then It doesn't work that way does it I don't think. So but I do think that there is something about person a person in. So depending on the treatment that they want to give to her or they wanNA talk to her about, that's why they're going to want to see her and have an actual appointment if the biggest today than they would have called you beforehand, they made this point of the day that she had her when she was done with her procedure. Okay. We'll see on September I. Know that's ridiculous. That's crazy. What numbers would have I'm not I'm not doubting. That's what happened doesn't seem right to me like home cancer. Colon cancer, it's as serious as you can be in how could you make an appointment September first not knowing when the test results back, I'd be like, no, the second the test results back we're GONNA you're going to set up an apply I'll be in the next day they they these in. You would think they were so backed up with everything with Cogan everything you had to go by appointment anyway I find out today A, we find out today one way or the other. So I'll be glad to get that off my plate all know what's going on one way or the other. And I did get some more e email from people yesterday who had scheduled to get their their Oscar because of you know not just you know we talked about but the combination of what we've been talking about an with Chadwick that being in the news. Yeah. Bozeman yeah so So yeah. So those of you have major appointments I think that's Awesome I. Do a angels made his appointment and some other people that that I. Know are going to go do it and it's probably a good idea. It doesn't hurt I can tell you that I did you know it doesn't hurt to have it's just one of those things. It's a, it's not a dignified cancer. It's not it's not a dignified test you know anything within the. Is Not. Is Not usually a lot of fun but you go to sleep you don't even know what's going on so so that's when you know It was a good sleep that day. That's all I can say. Today is September first mental happens in September. Of course Labor Day is coming up this Monday for those that don't know I was talking to someone last night. I'm like, yeah you know Labor Day is Monday. Man Think about. Holidays. Holidays like this people aren't thinking of now because of everything that's been going on people out of work, they can't afford of vacation some people this Monday. This coming Monday. Really. Didn't know now I heard a song about it in the meeting yesterday but I thought it was like a couple of weeks from now but oh Yeah. This Labor Day Labor Day had passed an angel kept saying what's later day and I was like, yeah. Tell Angel that Labor Day. Pass. I was thinking of I Guess Memorial Day. To confuse two. Different. Your Labor Day is the one where it's like the end of summer, right? So so the Summer Party, this is supposed to be the end of summer party getting ready for fall and all that kind of stuff. So per day was the day we lost lives in this country people revolted that you know it was to fight for for for unions. It's pretty crazy day in our think. Now it's like a off work and at the end of the summer and get drunk. But also this month Carlos, you'll be glad to note cheese. Pizza Day is on September fifth. September fifth really. Saturday that Saturday right? Yeah. Yup because I'm getting my my daughter's getting baking cooking and she's learning how to make pizza for her dad and there's only one I know cheese pizza. So that's why it's specifically cheese pizza day I do enjoy cheese pizza I love pizza but when it comes to regular. He's Not. Just cheese no, no, no. No. You gotta you gotTa. You GotTa Flair on that just the pizza I mean could read. But like it's always like says the likes Pineapple Pizza. Were of. A little bit higher than yours so. We we has we've got. Pizza Day for Carlos than video. Game Day is September. Twelfth few their homes now. I actually don't video game I was. Out of respect to all the PIXELS that we've lost over the years, all the Google buzz and all the guys that have died on the enemy team that's September, the twelve and then September. The sixteenth is Guacamole Day September eighteenth is cheeseburger day. I'll take that one. And then national drink Beer David. There's always a beer day, but that's a September twenty fifth. We'll give that one to angel. So everybody WHA- you'll take can you take guacamole way they`re Molly Day. Bernie kids like walking molly or is that just like an adult thing you finally get to and you're ask my kids love. Avocados I mean straight out of we live by some up and eat them chopped up they loved the dips and with the Guacamole yeah they holy love it. Big a great. Palette your kids. Does Not at all. I never. I. Didn't try Guacamole until I was probably in my forties because it look green and Yucky you know and I was afraid to try it, and then when I finally got into it man it's Like. A culture thing though as well because the avocado is like I mean plentiful in Puerto Rico. So you have avocado deny you always I mean it's always one of the staple. So they you know both of they've been, they've seen it since they were little ones. You know I grew up with my dad always eight. And I have a huge Palette Ryan homes a Katy Perry whatever your. Spaghetti. Chicken fingers as we gotta what the Hell Are you talking about whatever I've literally will eat whatever but Chicken fingers, and Spaghetti. Exactly but I just noticed like I know Walk Molly for me was definitely something I got into older, but it wasn't as prevalent Mike around it was like you now I see it everywhere. Yeah. Right. He got a hangover still get a two day hangover you're all. Now. wrote, my voice is just been all jacked up since since the weekend. So I've got this crazy party guy, you know. I would love to see his version of Party and. killed him for two days like you know. Man Not to say when we were your age, we would have a regular on the table but. With. A great you're on the table you're right. Now you see I'm always like calmer around you guys. You guys don't even know. Party. Ryan you've you've never seen them Oh yeah. Yell- Yelling Sand Sand Yeah. That's a that's. A party there. It is a party that they like you part of your way I party my way don't tell me how to party. I don't go anywhere. You're listening to the Moxie the morning. Busy. Emotional more time to kits you electric sharpening knives. kind of sounds like you calling me a liar. Were here. I'm just coughing from coffin lid being a personal injury attorney I get asked all the time how much money I can recover for clients injuries I explained to them that the recovery is normally based on three things. One Who is at fault to how much they're damages and three how much insurance is available to cover their injuries only by thoroughly investigated in a client's case, can your lawyer ensure that they are providing you with a full understanding what your case is worth coughing lend at when you need us dot com offices Orlando. Morning. What point one broadcasting live on iheartradio September first Oh Yeah. Ryan got his his brand new monster shirt on Angelique. You had yours order up there. We got like a couple of dozen those left. They're almost sold out by the way the the really cool. The materials. Nice. Right. Now, I'm really really official I have a dog tag and shirt. Oh. Wow Fancy Pants welcome back I'm restaurants with Angel and Carlos right homes and Angelique all here today. So you got your shirt on today Ryan I'd see you'll be probably wearing a lot right because it's free shirt shirt. You. Free shirts that feel like this. It's a nice material. So I'm I'm on board with it you can get it by going to a real radio dot com slash store like just a couple of dozen live. With the problem is, is we have a lot of big guys in the audience and all the double X. Guys like there are sold out at the double X.. Even. It's even worse than that. We've got a plenty of guys requesting the triple X.. Boy, that's all right. Wrong with that. Talking to see what what we can do for that. Yeah. Try to get you some bigger shirts as Reminds you I've been yesterday. We did rain here, which was awesome. I, Love The rain because that waiting turn up the you know the the sprinkler system and let the rain do the work but So. We watch a little bit more of my show telling you guys about that level lot. It's called yellowstone and here's what I realized with this TV show. Okay. and it's it's pretty good but they pretty much equate and maybe they are kind of all of the same thing they they equate like cowboys and ranch hands with bikers and also with Mafia so like. Cowboys, and ranch hands equal bikers equals Mafia. It's kind of all the same. kind of the same things going on where a lot of the guys that are the. Are The ranch hands the cowboys are like ex cons or they're you know they don't have a family they don't have anyone else. So they all kind of get together whatever and they got kind of the same the same net listen all I know this from TV shows right like from what I've seen from the Mayans TV show and the Mafia shows never been in a Mafia. biker gang never been a ranch hand but the way they portray him, you know there's a boss who is the head ranch guy and then he's got someone under him and he handles all the all the all the dudes who are all these troubles and they'll go. They'll go fight and kill people but you end up liking him because there's something likeable about him just like the mafia movies or just like just like ozone. The boss is. A little bit. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah you're right. You're right. You're right. That dynamic is in many different. Many. Different stories or many different I don't know Personal things with with people depending on what part of the country, your guests and I I gotTA. Tell you if it were me and you gotTa okay. WHO's the biggest bad ass right? Like would it be the bikers? Bikers are pretty bad ass. But they ride a motorcycle which is easier than riding a horse bike riding a horse. Riding a horse tough and they do like, they do like a tarred work all day long when they're working on a Montana ranch I gotTa Tell You I. Think the cowboys might be the toughest of all and then you got your mafia guys who we know they're tough. But what are we? What are we rating them on? What. Are. We Are we waiting on? If I If I had to choose one. Okay. The one I would fit into the most probably would be the ranch hand like the cowboy. The. Most At Schick essays, riding horses, and they're doing hard man work on anything with all due respects, right? There's nothing about you says that you'll be a cowboy. About, be best cowboy trying to wrangle you. Know no no. No I'd I'd be in charge of the house. They have bunk house fights. But if you WANNA fight, you gotTA fight the man in charge one dude at fights everybody. That's bad habit. You would be able to ride the Horse Janet Ron Award. Oh. S You. Run A horse. Horse many many times I was raised riding horses, but you don't you don't identify really with either and then you're like, but if I were to identify, then I would go to this. We'll I'm saying if it was between. Russia could be a biker could be the mafia or you could be a cowboy on a ranch in Montana I five right there on a ranch in Montana. biking I'd want Hayden is the only place you fit. I had. Harley. He hated it. Takes, I hate it I somewhat never said what caused nervous on I four. Never said one positive story. Now, one time of you shared a story that you enjoyed the time that you had that Harley now one, I would grip the the handlebars so tight because I was so scared why North Yeah that's not enjoy. Did your own thing. You just said you were afraid of a motorcycle. So bikers or more bad ass. Now, I know a horse man you get on get on a horse and you gotta come on Karachi know how hard is it to run a horse at full at full gallop horses super hard to ride ridden. Crazy that. But Russ, you're more of a capo eating roast beef sandwich and a strip club kind of. You know. More sweats. Choices. The Mafia Capo and then. Hey look what's going on. You're like, what do you need boss? What do you need and finishing the sandwich you're GONNA get your go get them and then you get go get him. You know if you're in a sweat suit and it's comfortable ran and and you make and you have other people that work under you like that's way more your style than getting on any. I hear that you think that you're a cowboy. Everything. Screams that you would love to be affiliated with the Irish mafia poker. Four. Pair of cowboy boots were. All Bell Buckle in hat then a cowboy and cowboys are outside all the time. Pretty hot. Outside Binge Watch YELLOWSTONE GUYS Today a cowboys don't watch. This is us. I guess. Episode of parenthood they they do glamorize it though and they looked so cool. You know to be a cowboy on a ranch. And we. Like the you to do certain things to be in a biker gang on on the on that one show on the Mayans and the do certain things have been the mafia to be a cowboy and be that brand you and you gotta take branch like the Yellowhammer Brian on your chest. That's bad and you can't flinch or you can't screamer then you're know then they beat you up. So you sit there and just. As bad as that's kind of cool. Yeah, it's A, great show I heard a little bit about it. But Kevin. It's just putting the how how many different things are there like that where where it's like people that don't fit in anywhere else I don't really have family or whatever. So they get together and they create their own rules, their own life, their own thing, and -ociety man that's society were always just a bunch of outcasts looking for another group to join to start another cultures society and this kind of. Over and over it's a cycle and the telling this the anti hero we all like the any here we all like the guy that for one reason he's good. But he the reason has to do bad things is because he's good and that was raised. It's all the same story. It goes back to breaking bad it's. Really, wrong is all that same thing and just find these different vehicles and that's the same equal useful ozark that's the same vehicle they use for all these things I. Yeah I can't think of four Tony Soprano that anti here I think he was the legitimate I i. I hear that you cheered for that was a mainstream. But we mania loved him because. He did have this heart that that you felt or you wanted to believe that was more than his you know disgusting side I sure didn't show that discussing side all the time and that was the that was the tough part about eleven that show and and you're right and that was the reason I think the show stood out because you're you love this guy, but he's a bad guy. The Tony, I mean the scarface et Al Pacino. Yeah you. He was a bad guy. You think movies has been done in movies. It's it had been done in that level but we hadn't seen it with TV and I tell you I think it's wrestling where they got that idea from. A lot of wrestlers who like stone cold where I like about that guy even the rocket times would be like. Well, wait a second and he wanted to cheer them on that Anti Hero and then they kind of implemented in TV and obviously to this day as one of the best shows well the. Yellow almost every character is an anti hero they all bad bad things Kevin Casa. Great Guy but you'll love him There's a girl in it. That is a smart, ass. Bitch but you love her and I do name rip who's a bat you know be he killed his family but you feel sorry for him. So yeah, you don't care that he kills other people you know if if the whole gamut but but I, it was interesting to watch like, wow the the the the makeup of a bulk house with a bunch of guys. On on ranch is the same makeup as a bunch of dudes who live in a house together you know who are bikers like Mayans and the same thing with a bunch of guys who are in the mock it's like the same thing the outcast that are just looking to belong to something and they created their own rules that are crazy. It's a business infrastructure organizational infrastructure I mean. What it is and they kind of replicate it. Yes Angel so got top tens for everything, right? So this is coming from screen rant and they have the top twenty best anti-heroes. So it even goes further lows when I tell you who number one is an I'm I was like I I was like wait a minute and then it just made sense and every anti hero from this character I. Think it all stems from him and he's not the first one that you think of right So just to give you an idea we'll money from unforgiven that's Clint Eastwood's character from unforgiven. He a comes in at number six, number five is mcmurphy from one food, the CUCKOO's nest. Jack. Jack Nicholson's character. Alex the large clockwork orange, that's the lead character and that. Travis Bickel from taxi driver comes in. At number three. Yeah. But man, you're not really rooting for him. That's weird. Thinking about an anti here is that you're rooting from Travis Bickel I don't think you're ever rooting for traffic on in taxi driver you're not because you're seen. The Charles Forced pastor came from citizen Kane. that's Orson Welles, and then the number one according to screen rant Anti here TV show these were all on the movies. All for movies, right. So the number one Michael Corleone. From Godfather One and two. Okay. Yeah. I obviously loved the Godfather here's the thing about Tony Soprano there were. Different than all those guys is I. He was comedic second was that he did that with his bare hands like a lot of those other guys. Do Hits or you know what? I'm saying, obviously Travis Bickel Killed some people and is nasty stuff. it'd be interesting to see tv one but for TV what about this I mean think about this. Okay. I agreed with you about It's probably Tony Soprano, before Tony Soprano the anti here people loved but they hated him JR ewing from from. Dallas actually that was huge. That was like the seventies early eighties what guessing about Archie. Bunker. he wasn't a hero. Fight Club. Guys cry, but he's a fictitious character. You're rooting for him. You know he's a bad dude he's done destroys society. Go for Buddy. I could see that a little bit I think asked me the protagonist though like straight up one that's basically the narrative of the story. I watch. Sopranos did so well, nobody saw that coming you didn't supposed to be cheering for this guy and then breaking bad really added that other element to it breaking bad like that. I loved the the the Mayans show even before my sons of anarchy that was Kinda the same way where they're bad guys but you like them because they because they go to their past unless you. Oh. The reason why the reason? That's one girl so bad because she accidentally killed her mom you know. So they are. Now we know why she's a know bit. You know everyone's got a reason for being a crappy. Yeah Angel. All right. So we got the top ten for tell television and that's the top five. We all know these guys like the top five of this list we. See at least one of these guys who I feel like. Like. I would never WANNA meet him meet him but I know who he is like I respect them that. Much right. So. So coming in at. Number four is Walter. White. Share Coming in at number three don draper. Yep, that's that's a madman. Totally that was all in that same literal. Time television they're talking about right, and then basically it's one a and one B Tony Soprano and then Omar little and if you haven't watched. The wire. You're not going to be familiar with Omar but Omar was a beast. Yeah. I don't know the wire though, but I can only seem that was about the same time. The wire was a little before I think the sopranos just a little bit. Was it before? I think it was right maybe right around the same time. Remember the shield. That was a really good one because he definitely was that type and that was also around the same time. What was what was the guy? The ball had gone like Oh Shit Chiklis Yeah. I don't know so okay if you had to choose. One of the three right you're you're a cowboy in Montana you're biker in California or you're in a mob in New York you going with Carlos Man. On. A. Home see how about you are you a biker in California or are you? A ranch hand cowboy in Montana or you in Mafia in New York I'm going to just because bikers it's lame and they just go to smash mouth concerts in North Dakota. So that doesn't seem as fun going cowboy. Cowboy Montana. How about you? Now you kind of a cowboy. Angel you know you're you're live on a ranch kinda basically. Yeah. Would you be more of a cowboy? WOULD YOU BE? Would you be the biker because you look like angel from that show that I love of the Mayans or would you be a Mafia guy? You can do all three he's a city slicker. He's Sleeker if I ever done seen one I dunno I see him on a bike 'cause he angel looks just like what would you do I mean I would probably in Romanticizing I'd probably want to be part of the Mafia. Oh. Okay. Romanticizing the Mafia. Goes, well, it never goes is it's a beautiful. Their mass wise lever go to jail. But No. Union. League but would you rather be a bike a biker bitch on the back of a bike would you rather be a a pal hand? The has to take care of all the guys in the Bunk House or would you rather be Goumba in? Kumaon, not a bar. A whatever? To ride horses. And I love the outdoors. Think that there's almost nothing sexier event a woman riding a motorcycle, getting all that taking her helmet off moving her hair back and forth. Then I think that's super sexy slut. I was also born in New York, and so I could see myself there and I definitely you know. That that is the same I don't know that. One a all three you have to pick one question is to pick one. was able to do it. Yeah. WE'RE ALL GROWN UP ONE PICK ONE I. Guess. Mafia. Okay. All right we got her to pick one. I Let. So I did get the map I got the dumdum map and I got hold of the Orion estate and let me know which ones Let's see here which ones. We've already done. I don't know if you guys can see it yet Can you see the little pins? Rather four pairs. Yeah. Yeah. All right. So we got another story to read and you gotta gotTa try to guess what what part of the State of Florida comes from I'm gonNA keep this little map took that long to get Jesus I. Thought, it was going to be a little bit bigger. I'll be honest to quite like that looks like what you put your dinner on at the dinner table. So you can see food places I agree with you all. When I got it I got eighteen bucks but. Were placement was gonNA dollars and I had to wait what what two weeks again but I will say We could have free hand-drawn that man that's winning underwhelming I agree. But I at least. I don't have to hang big big map in my room. I. Got The pens and I can just show it to you to the side and it's not taking some good space in my in here. So anyway, we'll do we'll do a dumb map when we come back, you're listening to the macho the morning. Object Coffin from coffin lid being a personal injury attorney. I get asked all the time. How much money? I can recover for clients injuries. I explained to them that the recovery is normally based on three things. One Who is at fault to how much are there damages and three? How much insurance is available to cover their injuries only by thoroughly investigated in lies case can your lawyer ensure that they are providing you with a full understanding of what your cases worth Kaufman lend at when you DOT COM OFFICES ORLANDO? Live. Aloe. Angelique you can either horse like a Rhino Horn. I mean, it's a fair question. About the what what about me run a horse riding a horse there's a weight limit usually no. Horse. That's all you need is a big orange. Dale in the mile and the Wyoming planes they look there's a dude on the show. This is big as me and he rides a big horse. A big. That's. Horse. mazas on real radio WANNA four point one, I'm rose rollins with Angel and Angelique Carlos and Ryan homes. I WANNA, go to Montana now and I wanna I wanNA ride a horse and I want a rope or learn to wrote Damn shows got me in the to be in the damn the the I. Tell You what I never knew what my Montana looked like watches show. I couldn't even I couldn't even tell you one fact about my Montana. No, I couldn't either before this. So I ordered I ordered the map now I do I do I would agree with you guys not the this is all very underwhelming. It's all right. It's good though because if I take my wall and I don't want to I, don't want to cover up hitting my kiss pictures or anything like that. So it was stupid map of Florida so I got the dumb map here. Okay. So we can keep track and we've got we've got to in Fort Pierce and we've got Let's see here one at Port St Lucie one in West Palm Beach, and one in Tampa. And I just put one in for Orlando. I'm. Not. GonNa put six. We Better bigger map, you could put six in Orlando and it would have been okay but he's got this little tiny. Thumbnail map now dum well. Too much. Southern Angel I wasn't GonNa pay eighty four dollars for a map. I JUST WANNA do. Of this dumdum bitter. This one was eighteen bucks and I was like man I thought eighteen bucks. It'd be a nice sized poster but Map. Here's here's the story and see if you can guess who gets who gets dumped on Pan This is an orders tiny from Orlando. I'm going to show you. Can you say if you if you go to our Youtube Channel Rodeo Mosser's on youtube that's real radio masters on Youtube this guy made national news. Now, these stories are stories where it brings attention to the state of Florida and makes us look stupid and I'm just curious where most of these dumdum stories come from and this one was like a small printer prints out small stuff. That's tiny everything. Let's see. This is like you you'd be on a horse because a big man everything looks small around you. This is just for me to read you guys. Yeah. All if you look at all of his notes, like the font is very enlarged. Must have. Something, in large measure got notes and notes anyway. So I just wanted to see the picture of this guy famed head Banger. Florida man in Louisiana for Hurricane Laura. So this guy's in Louisiana Making News, he's out in the middle of hurricane with American flag Lane Pittman tells where he's from. Who seems the only appeared or major hurricanes and he likes to head Bang to slayer Song raining blood while shirtless and. Says that he does it all the time they found him once again in Louisiana during the hurricane head banging he's got raining blood plan as lot as he can, and he screams out to the hurricane. I'm a Florida Man I'm here for you hurricane. A Hurricane Laura you're. Ratcheting she devil come get some says this man. Where is this dude from? Where do you think this dumb dumbs from I'll let you go since you're talking all overly Ryan. I'll let you tell me 'cause Ryan. So badly wants to be first. That's why I'm trying to get through it. He's talking underneath. Okay. So where do you think this guy's from home I believe Florida Legend Lane Hitmen is from Jacksonville you say Jacksonville where where do you think and you've heard of this guy before He's world famous dude for Yeah Oh. Yeah. He's a great guitar player to play like the the National Anthem on Guitar in the rain and it's pretty funny. He's a sensation. All right. Where do you think this guy is from I was going to echo what Ryan's saying. I really thought the dude is from Duval or Jacksonville Jacksonville? Angelique. Where where do you think this dude Hurricane Destin. Florida. Where is Destiny Stan Destin Florida? Okay. Then you think Carlos now, Lakeland. Lake Mc. Now, these guys are right on the money. It's Jacksonville Jacksonville wins this one that he is he has a Jacksonville. Got I guess he's famous. The whole vice documentary on this guy before the do loon, he's awesome though it. Really is I mean because he he's just like he's a lunatic but like a sweetheart of dude. Kinda right. You know he's like Ross pageant up three levels and can rock out. Metal. Jacksonville just got their first pen then so we got we got we got a dumbed pen right in Jacksonville out. Back. We are we. Are We. Go. You. Know what? Happened to you. Re. How We're GONNA. Be. The horses whiskers hit me. Jackson. I never heard of this before. He's he is first thing was like I believe it was like in his front yard Jacksonville and his living at home with his dad and his he goes out in the Front Yard and his dad just films him on his cellphone and just kind of put it up and it wasn't trying to go viral or anything you just thing that this guy Did, and then he's made a whole damn career out of being that guy so good for him and believe it or not like the guy's making decent money off of this now. Yeah. Yeah. He's like flipped it like I don't know if he's fair to call him a dumb dumb because he's monetize this he's he's he's a viral sensation the do sweetheart. Went to a category for hurricane dot yeah. Because he's GonNa fight it with his Florida man and he went to Louisiana he's not Louisiana Man. There's a lot see I can agree with this dumped him just because the fact that like he's Listening but. Lane. Everybody's fighting all hurricanes IRA. Got A. Map and it went through my fingers. How come a map. Eighteen bucks employed. Matt bigger was like sixty five bucks I'm like I'm not paying. WE'RE GONNA, lose interest in about a month I'm sure in not keep tracking is right there. Twelve map makers left in the world and they're dying slowly. Okay. So we have to protect these people who create this and So they're expensive man and people are doing home school I guess more people probably just go to you know they'll go to the Internet and if they want to find a map, they're not actually using a piece of paper, right? So the price of maps gotta go up I don't even know what a paper map is. Like father still uses a map whenever you tell him something, he always uses a map he has started using his iphone more but he still. Like. I. Brings out the map finds it and make sure because he's like it's not going to lie to me. It's going to tell me exactly where to go I. Don't know twelve years old. This town. He's been around for a little bit I. Think I mean. But when we were in Ireland, we use a map to get around. We didn't use GPS because it costs more when you got to a certain point in your in your car, you had to pay for it. So we used to get Ireland and I feel like it's a dying like like you need to be able to navigate. As ups, people is the future the way it should be. Goes. Out Years to. Talk like. I'll have my neuro Lincoln, my brain. GPS will pull up on the side of my. Right you're saying we could have done this mapping digitally on. Once again I would have to ask you to do something else and you're doing everything else. So I figured I could do it myself on a paper map and track. Yeah. That's like the worst kind of help. Right like when you like Russ's took the initiative did everything and he's doing this and it's been highly entertaining and then you've got the guy from the sidelines. You know we could have done this on virtually. Like. There was a ton of opportunity say that all the way before today I ask him. To tell you. I did bring this up the first time I was like we could just do it digitally and it'd be a lot easier but you wanted your eighteen dollar map and now he's got it. Well. We have something. We can actually look at I got hands. I can actually put in for you. It's good because you're such a visual person like you're like a baby where like if it's not right in front of you, it doesn't exist. I'm going to take that as a compliment I dunno know. Shiny. Your awful mouth the over there at Maitland I say when we started in, we started at your place and we didn't have angel on camera yet you had to put a picture of print out a picture of angel and stick it on your wall remember. Exists that's the cowboy. Cowboy. Cowboy in Montana. All right. Listen your chance to win a thousand dollars. You're GonNa hear that keyword here in a minute we're going to broadcast the key word that means you want to stay right here and listen for it. 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Them because you know there's that thing inside we can do this myself. I didn't do it myself, but I could I could see as they like a couple of them were carrying it and they were putting it back together. I. Would have messed up that damn antique desk and that would have been bad news. So you don't don't be afraid to call him. Ryan homes is afraid to call them. You know they're going to be you know we're going to judge me they're gonNa make fun of me because I'm living in an. AIRBNB whatever they don't care they've seen worse and they can move you and do it right. So it's central movie. Right today's priced me out of you're going to win a fifty dollar PD Q. Gift Card time for Labor Day weekend PD cues bogus tenders deal is back from Friday, September fourth through Sunday September the seven by one twenty, five dollars, PD tenders, and get twenty, five, three, my God that will that will feed an army fifty dollars at PD Q. If you haven't been by Q, a lot of people drive-by is that we're checking out front go in there. It's awesome. It's delicious. It's the high one. Clermont. Los Over the weekend it was good. Yeah. You get fifty dollars, chicken nuggets and feed a bunch of people and have a party. That would be the and then they got the signature sauces that you can choose from the ranch the buffalo blue creamy garlic honey barbecue, my favorite sweet Saracho and the honey mustard. Go check how PD Q. in that good bad had them. All I've had all the sauces delicious I love that place and those are the prize in today's price but you gotta rush. Thank you sir four, zero, seven, nine, one, six, one, four, one or toll-free. It's one triple eight, nine, seven, eight, one, four, one. If you just missed the key word, it's Money M. O. N. E. Y. Money is the keyword who we got first thing. LET'S START WITH J. Hello Jay Hey, buddy. I am Fat Russ, our you I'm great. Why do you? Were you living where were you at right now? bombeck. Palm Bay. All right. Well, we have a tricky question for you. If you get it right, you get to plug promote whatever you want and you get fifty dollars to PD Q. that's pretty good and if you don't get it right, then you could pick one of the monsters to help you and it could be angel could be Ryan Angelique or Carlos okay. All right. Here we go. Now netflix. announced. Then it Netflix's offers free streaming now on a bunch of their shows that people love. So they'll be free streaming stranger things and love is blind and our planet. Grace and Franky, but only three of the NETFLIX's movies. What does name one of the net flicks movies? It's going to be free and and you're a winner today. Bird out. There you go. You're a winner. Cried off. The Movie. Hit birdhouse. Right, I'm sorry you're right. Thank you. Movie Door I. Apologize. All right. But I would like to get a correct person even though he seems like a nice person but the fact of the matter not the data there's actually another birdhouse maybe that it totally different. Wanted to be correct. I gotTa take back my Ding Ding. Dong. there. That's. That's back to take that back. That is not correct answer. Who Do you want to help you? You've got Angelique you've got Ryan Angel Carlos. I'm going movie door, out to be. Stupid not. Choice they're movie door. Thank you just jumping out of that box and. I was GONNA say he was writing was wrong it is not birdhouse. Movie. Would you like to correct this entire horrible situation with gentlemen fall caught up trying to get that thing and he's in a good man manny got gifted and there's a lot of movies out there and the fact of the matter very easily an commute than you thought it with real because weren't back paying attention. The fact of the matter they WANNA put out one of the movies that they actually made one of the big budget movie they found A. Movie Bullock but I think. You got a lot of attention for it. Of course, GONNA have to compete with peacock with peacock now offering services as well who moved to the fact of the matter is Netflix's have to offer something out there for the people that are broke Netflix I don't even people are the fact of the matter they're gonNA offer the best of the threat, the wrath movie, and that is. Back Boxes that's gotta be some kind of Recor. Box I'm move always impresses me. Thank you. Thank you. For. Some extra for from extra love here name the other two movies that will be three on Netflix Netflix movies well, considering I actually have no idea about this I just knew Burbach. Netflix should start off the movie, show the audience and different people that maybe you've never seen that before in different counties, different worlds. That for raped by wrangling with budgets and everything. So it's bright. One of those bright is not one of the. Cry Sorry. It's a murder mystery with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Oh my favorite movie. Three attendance so much Larry, modern, day. Jerry Lewis and the the the two popes with. Accent Dialogue Movie I, Love Dialogue Movie. I fell asleep actually eating calvin to them a lot of words. A winter. What would you like to promote or plug or give love to? I would just like to let everybody in Orlando that I make music you can check me out. It's J. flow sound dot band, camp. Dot. COM little bit of white boy rap for you a little bit of dance music little bit a little bit of this a little bit of that Russ. Please give. Please, Give My. the. Next caller angel I don't need it. I just wanted to shout out the music. That's. Shut out your your facebook or or. Fan give out the band candidate verse spit a verse right now I mean come on. A pad in a damn might Jimmy a blonde some grass and a damn light a bunch of hi hats and some bump and right man I'm Darren Gd make something tight. Even catch me at J. Flow Sound Dot Camp Dot COM hell. Party. Man Hell Yeah those lyrics for fantastic and I'd like to chat with you all right J.. Do He's do so yeah. Check out his band camp. I Listen every morning. Thank you for what Y'all doing dude. Thank you brother. Appreciate Man. Go all right. So you got A, we have another PD Q. and give away a little bit later. 'cause we got whatever. The price to give away. I mean buying coffee for the personal. Dollars in PD Q. Money. Could do whatever I want with their I'm keeping it. Thank you got Phoenix kids to. Eight man I'm which that's fine with me. I don't care Why do you think doing this because i? got. To be. NETFLIX's hard. I mean. Net flicks is hurting. Yes. Yes. Remember they are billions of dollars in debt I. Think it's sixteen billion dollars in debt. Okay. Their only means of making money is subscription now that pie is getting divvied up wow Disney plus you got peacock that is offering free stuff. They're testing that out. They have to be testing that out and or maybe they've seen that it's working for peacock that it's bringing people over to their T. I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing different tiers to net flix as far as a kind of a pay structure because when you spend two hundred, million dollars on a Ryan Reynolds Rock. Film No, there's no theater return. The only thing you return you're getting, is them talking about it publicizing? Promoting it and maybe getting more subscriptions but it is going to be very interesting to see how they navigate all these upcoming things because. I mean, that's how they make their money, and once that pot is already divvied up. then. You're talking about little tiny sliver. It's only the okay. So most people probably have net flicks and then in second place if we add to everything hierarchy, right? Netflix has got to be in first place then maybe Hulu, and then maybe Amazon you think you think Amazon's got be second because of people having the service and Connecticut Amazon Prime and So the the brought or the television part of it is like an afterthought like. Yeah I don't I can't honestly say there's ever been a time where I've gone as Amazon, prime that product part of it of the movies and everything has been my Go-to it's been always Netflix it's option it's gotta go netflix Disney plus then Amazon. But I've found a lot of good stuff on Amazon there. I do Amazon I then really. Long and then maybe Gosh it really it's usually just to. I from I have. Disney plus. But it's all usually kids though I don't really watch much to me. It's Netflix Youtube or Youtube Netflix, and then probably Disney plus and then and then Amazon I don't even have never checked out Hulu and I don't have peacock. I don't want to jump on these other services I'm like I've. I've got I've got cable to HBO on there. I got I got too much. To Hbo. I mean, just like the way I, know if there's something I want to watch. Hit. But then when I wanted to watch yellowstone I had to pay for it because. I got all those services. says. For the first season it was like twenty bucks I'm like Okay. I'll try I hope I like it wait hold on a second fully invested yet just crap. You have regular cable right I do but only only the third season is available. On demand? No. The paramount channel no no no you you have to pay for. The third season on demand but the first two seasons. That makes sense. Yeah. They is it worth the twenty bucks restaurant one, hundred percent I'm ready to buy by horse I want cowboy hat I wanna buy some yellowstone One of the best that Kevin Costner wears with no sleeves pat asks. Debated by shows so bad one second. Next second you WANNA be a sensitive Stepdad to a kid on the spectrum. Oh Yeah I forgot I forgot about parenthood. You want to check every pressure cooker crock pot. Make sure they're not exploding. Is. Reasons why yeah don't do that All right. You're listening to the Marxist the morning. Jeff coffin from the personal injury firm of coffin and Lind. Most people when they think about the law, think about all the great movies and television shows where they turn his yell at each other make jokes and have these great dramatic moments. The reality is most clients never get to tell the jury their side of the story. That's why minimum you lawyer should take the time to listen to you and try to appreciate what you're going through coughing lind at when you need us. DOT COM OFFICES ORLANDO. Was The monitor the morning on Radio One, four, point one, the keyword. This hour is money and O. N. E. Y. text the word money, the two, hundred, two, hundred, and we'd love to see you win a thousand dollars year on Real Radio One zero four point one I- Rawlins along with right on his master shirt on if you want to get one of these new monster shirts established nineteen ninety-four Retro Classic Mosser Shirt Angeles Got Hers, today, there's a couple dozen of those left. The double. Double X., we don't have the all the other side searchable extra triple accident. On. The next one of these guys will make sure that. We got. romanet I love it. We get a week order all new shirts maybe some. Salad. Doing. People Man I love but I? Wanted to stay alive. I did grab one of those double XS myself us I got one of the Double Lexus but. great shirts I wanNA thank merchandise molly for. Getting that for us and we're GONNA try to do something new every other couple of weeks of this last little run of this particular shirt shirt. So get when you get a chance by going to. Him Slam. I'd just saw the new picture me Ryan. It's. Slash. Real radio DOT COM slash store. So I just like I started the show off by saying you know it's the first day of September, rabbits, rabbits, and all that good stuff and this coming Monday is. Is Labor Day and Carlos. Didn't realize. What? Yeah. A lot of people are like, what Labor Day I didn't know until we had the meeting yesterday you didn't either really. Angelique how did you know what a lot of people might have lost track with holidays though because a lot of people? Still, are I. Don't know what's wrong with job and trying to tell you you know through my endorsement with cinch labor days right around the corner and if you can't propane tank, you hit cinch up and they'll deliver it. No contact rights do your door when I'm saying Labor Day is right around the corner it's right around the corner. It is Monday and sixty percent of Americans are planning on traveling on Labor Day weekend they've we're going that's according to cars, dot com a website, and out of those people eighty eight percent of them are flaming. Cars, com what is that? Is that a bird a website? He. Matama today. I was good term I mike off. You'll have a wonderful day. Bye. Bye. So What what, what, what are we saying we're. According to Cars Dot com website. You were GonNa say people in Labor Day, now they're driving habits probably they're not driving as much because their their Cova de and they're not gonna go see their family eighty plan on driving instead of while they're taking a vacation. So does anyone I don't have any plans do anything for Labor Day does anyone else have plans for Labor Day? Now, we thought about it. But, we're not going to have yeah I. Got Nothing going on. Would you go? You know like if they're not a whole lot I, go to the beach and now Carlos you've been doing the whole the whole beach thing. Yeah we went to Lake this Friday for family fun field trip Fridays trip quadruple APPs or whatever you WANNA call. It was it was part we never been to before a friend of ours suggested was like rinky-dink parks that Hanky Park something like that. Only. A Dinky dock park. Yes. That's. What's go little bit beach and we sat there and we enjoyed our it was Friday right in the afternoon like I said on Friday, we're going to be do field trips with the family this this whole virtual experience has not been good for us like there's been some good elements, but it's been difficult. So these Fridays to go and go to the beach or go to Laker. Enjoy Florida have been really cool and I did send my daughter and her best friend into the lake and then realize the bacteria levels were up in the beaches closed. Dinky. Dock Lot is a carrot top. That's where is he? A Little Park I was pleasantly surprised that area chilled and it was nice. We're going to do some this. Friday I'll take any suggestions to a lot of people know a lot of different places, Carlos at Real Radio DOT FM for any like family parks stuff like that. So yeah. Yeah I. Mean I. I, we haven't thought about doing anything but I mean I guess you can kind of slip off go to a beach or something, but it seems like the beaches are super crowded year because you know it's hard to get into Disney or universal or any of those places and the. Find Spot. Russ you gotta you gotTa keep looking like as we did that like we went to the beach and they were several I mean over Nov, we stop at a location and it'd be packed to the Gills and then you keep driving and then he gets emptier and if you don't care about being around a lot of people, you can find spot. It's pretty you know a pretty big coast. So yeah yeah, we we. Really cool place in Daytona actual lesson to the. Lunch and kind of and chill. So. We are Salah three different because a lot. Of different SPA of us and all around us yes we do. But you know what? It seems prettier like the clearwater Tampa area like water over there is so much prettier. It seems but I was kind of impressed with that last place we went to Daytona. All. The storms, the East Coast has gotten clearer. Yeah. It didn't look as bad when I went the other day. You look out then you're like Oh my God just like see mark. B But it didn't look too bad yet. We the water is pretty nice over Adler. Noah Labor Day is also one of those days where a lot of people will will have people over to their house that I'm sure that probably is going to slow down a little bit right I mean you know? I don't know. I think some people I think the guard is down right now. How we had the guard down I don't know two months ago, and then it flared back up I think for for what I feel what I see. I, mean personally s worn out. But I feel like a lot of people feel like, Oh, we're we're passes Cova thing, and then we're going to see this swell backup like they said and fall and I was schools being back together. But I don't know I saw the number of. Reopened the state, the numbers for Florida since the reopening have gone up nine hundred, twenty, four percent. Yeah. By the way I mentioned that yesterday about a public taken up the you don't have to go down the lanes anymore and that made after I talked about it. It did make news that Publix did relax that you know you don't have to just go one way down Elaine anymore they which does give people the impression of. Better you know because the. Mask. But you know like before when they didn't have when they had those arrows mass, we're not mandated. So really. The mass are the biggest deal with this. It helps to stop the spread from you to catching it from another person. I mean it's it's evident and with all the information that's been been going on since these mandates and it's not a statewide mandate. It's county by county city by city and location by location. But so if there's mask I mean, I I get it. Nothing's GonNa jump off your back. To somebody. Normally you know we would have people over to the House for Labor Day or the fourth of July whatever and we've slowed down a slow down. We dwindled the amount of people you know that we actually would invite. We don't even have plans for Labor Day. Yeah. We're just kind of I'm just kind of waiting to find out what we hear report today but but for the weekend, we probably would invite less than normal and that's you just for Labor Day. But now they're saying public health experts are saying to be prepared to have a zoom Thanksgiving because by the time Thanksgiving comes they said with the reopening schools colder weather holiday travel, and also fatigue over social distancing that people sick of it and also sick of masked that around Thanksgiving it's going to be a really risky time and they feel that people will not. Pay Attention on Thanksgiving. Listen I'm at my family over no matter what or there's been a year of I'm sick and tired of it, and they're saying that Thanksgiving could be really risky and they're going to really try to talk people into doing a zoom. Thanksgiving instead of having everyone over. So my aunt who lives in New Hampshire they she's a teacher and they have been preparing to go virtual for the winter. So they started in school, but they have made preparations from the beginning of school the beginning of the end of summer beginning of school they have talked about and will implement during the wintertime they will be virtual and the. Elder people come to those of you know those events whether it's Christmas or Thanksgiving you've got older people there and they're the ones that are the most you know. Fourth. It happened with Memorial Day happens after every holiday where people get together you know and it's understandable like Jesus Christ man we've been at this for a while it's frustrating it's annoying it's sick leave sick of it. I understand I I mean you can't believe that you have family over and you have to stay socially distant or you can't hang out with other like this is the predicament Warren now like our friends have kids and some of them are going to school and we love those people and we love those. Kids and we want to see those kids. So it's like, okay do we hang out and then basically were connecting those kids with every other kid in their school? Do you have a conversation and say, Hey, wait two weeks. Let's see if there's any outbreak in your school it's a weird thing to have to have a conversation about with your friends that you just want to come over to the House that you love and you have to talk about their personal health. It's so bizarre. So I, understand the frustration it's really It's getting to a tipping point but now it's like the point where we have to pay attention to it the most I guess. So we'll Labor Day than like news over Labor Day will probably be big big parties people united that they'll show people having big vince probably on the beach or whatever that's going to be a part of the part of the news cycle don't you think absolutely yeah and quoting flu season is around that time. So you're not gonNA know and that's part of why. Certain schools are already talking about going virtual that are not here in Florida. You know somewhere else because you're not gonna be able to tell the difference. Between. The two. With. All this article about about Thanksgiving rethought about that. You know I guess in my mind I haven't thought about the holidays that much. But I mean. I guess I feel like, Oh, we'll be over by then but now at the. Thanksgiving with my family, I love my family I, my grandma and GRANDPA. My wife's they don't leave the house. Don't pretty I mean we leave the house to go to the store and come back but other than that like I. Once I feel like you had to take some calculated risk in order to a somewhat normal life, right? If you you mix a room with ten different people, you don't know where they've been where they're who they are as a little. Risky but you gotTa have some risk in order to maintain because of not can go crazy. You're very frustrated and and go crazy with it. Yeah. Yeah. So also today a thirty, five years ago today in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, five is when they actually you of rediscovered the titanic. And that was done by filmmaker, right? What nineteen thirty five. Thirty five years ago today in in Nineteen eighty-five. Titanic They Jack Asto who went down the general. James Cameron. Yeah Chairman I don't think he went down there thirty five years ago I think he created new technology was when was thirty five years ago so that it was nineteen, eighty five now I don't think it was him I don't think he was there I think. At three hundred years ago, Nineteen Five, the record titanic was found seventy three years after it sank in the Atlantic Ocean. So it wasn't James Cameron that initially found the. No? No. No it definitely wasn't James Cameron who initially found, but he was able to get in and use technology to find things that nobody else was. Here's a crazy story about James Cameron. So I just read this. So James. Cameron. was really good friends with Bill Paxton. Right past they did movies together. They're a great France GM's cameras like, Hey, once you go let's go on the submarine Bill. Let's go have lunch on the titanic let's go have little lunch and he submarine down and they're sitting there and they had lunch in the on on the titanic in the submarine right and then they come back up the whole. World is freaking out what happened what happened September eleventh the planes hit they. They were on the titanic during we're eleventh and they come up to a totally different world and that crazy I've never heard that story. Yeah. I just heard it I think it was rob lowe on Rogan's podcast who talked about the story with James Cameron and and Bill Paxton. And said, that's what they were and that crazy that is crazy. Yeah. What you out of all the out of all the stories, all the ships that have that have saying the titanic captures everybody's imagination the most I guess because of the braggadocious think about this. The unsinkable. On a first voyage. A pretty pretty pretty bad timing Nineteen Movie Man. That movie number one for months upon months upon months upon we'd never seen anything like it since I mean everybody here does the couple of times, right? That's one of those angels asking yesterday if you haven't seen it people judge you or whatever. Yes. Now Angel Have you ever seen titanic. I've only seen it once. I wasn't that impressed with you didn't. Panic. Donnie love. Okay. That's great. It's about. It's based on. I saw the night before it premiered like it would just with friends we went up to twelve o'clock showing and it was like I was in high school and it was like literally ten of us and we all were crying on. We were you at Disney. Now. Okay. Now. Okay. Now, it was like just like IMC Malcolm. Movie. Theater something I saw I think it was van out Disney Yeah, and I thought it was amazing. Like Oh my God is there. Another movie leg and Nineteen eighty-five. The wreck was finally located by joint American expedition led by John Lewis my shed. And Robert Ballard an Rob Ballard. Allowed but then later on in order to make the movie. The director gave Labour James Cameron paid for the submarine and did all the to get all that footage, right? Oh, he did a whole nother movie just on titanic a documentary on everything that is still there. Yeah. There's no doubt that he took it I think James Cameron's the guy who's been to the deepest part of the Ocean I'm pretty sure it's Tim. There's a little diagram of showing how far I think Jacques Cousteau was like the one rep of him and then you keep going and then it's like, Hey, we could keep going we don't even know. All, right. You're listening to the module the Morton. Jeff coffin from the personal injury firm of coffin and Lind. Most people. When they think about the law, they think about all the great movies and television shows where they turn his yell at each other make jokes and have these great dramatic moments. The realities most clients never get to tell a jury, their side of the story. That's why at a minimum you lawyer should take the time to listen to you and try to appreciate what you're going through coughing and lend at when you need. US DOT COM OFFICES ORLANDO. So in order to try to help chairs for charity, which is something that Carlos has been doing for some time now. And this year they asked me to paint a chair You've seen if you've been watching us on the Youtube Channel Radio Macho on. Youtube for about a week or so I had a chair. It's covered up behind me and. I finally got all everything that I wanted for the chair is all now in place and we'll do unveiling a little bit and and you'll be able to bid on that chair and a bunch of other ones right Carlos it's a it's all for the mustard seed. Yep. It all goes to the mustard seed which have central Florida families Get back on their feet and they definitely a lot of people in need of that right now mustard seed f. l. dot org. Yeah and there are several chairs that will be up for for auction you say the records about eighteen hundred dollars. So open to beat that you know I I want to be number one that's just of course. So, this is the way it is. So, we'll hope to to beat that record coming up soon. And I think the auction actually starts September the fourteenth, but I think might as well unveil it today we'll keep it behind me and surely get some interest and and I'll be able to oxygen it off So you're talking about corona virus a little bit talking about masks and all that kind of stuff which I know everyone's sick of but there's a story out today it's it's odd to see the things that are hard to get like there's another story about how hard to buy a boat now because everyone is buying boats because you know that's the way you can social distance still be on vacation. RV's hard to find Rd's. Hard to find those but this one I didn't I didn't think says here that there's a there's a slowdown for America's push to develop a corona virus vaccine one of the problems we have a shortage, a shortage of monkeys monkey shortage. It says there's not enough lab monkeys to go around and there is a monkey shortage. Now I would think I would think any I mean. Any monkey is a good monkey to use for lab isn't it or do or do they have to grow? Grow do they have to raise certain monkeys to be loud monkeys? How is that a? How could there be shortage? Well I don't think he can do testing with any monkey. Now. Now come to. Live with that island out there really close to spring springs. Silver Springs grab a bunch of those monkeys and use those as a lab monkeys now I don't think so I think some of them are very very connected to us, and then some are are not as connected to us. Oh so Only. Certain monkeys can be lab monkeys. I. Think so I'm not sure but I'm PR- maybe some regulations maybe some laws maybe some for maybe. Biological. Weapons not weapons. But reasons. But I don't know. Did most stuff on rats anyone. For this they they use. They use monkeys in says here, the test monkeys are there they're in short supply and it's slowing things down. I thought they just bypass having to do any human trial stuff as well like any of those trials. That you just think. Monkey Monkey. Now. Because there's a specific breed. Rhesus monkeys. Yeah. It's cardiovascular and it sells and stuff resemble. Closer to humans than a certain type of monkeys, and there's other monkeys that are a little bit more resilient and So there's there's the reasons why they choose specific monkeys to do this. This is Dr. It. Yeah. It's it's not yeah it's not a fun monkey. So I look into this what it is is like because the corona virus we went through monkeys faster and and then that means we killed a lot of monkeys and then we where at a trade war with China where we also get a sixty percent of our monkeys, China's not giving us their monkeys really and we have like a I mean we again we tried to think of we've tried to come up with alternatives to testing on monkeys because it's still considered very controversial in our country to do. This vaccine let me tell you. It sounds like it's going to be wonderful. That is. The. The deter you did. Not, not fun I, mean you'd rather amuse monkeys people right I Dunno sean from the News Junkie. He he got like a test vaccine and. Testing it out on himself, people that want to do that. And then you gotta think about it this way in the sense of on top of this pandemic that we're doing and they're trying to, you know find a vaccine is still the same amount of people that are doing other tests or tire other research with these, and so there's always been like a limited. Pool of. Primates, the US. So there's somebody and their job is to raise lab monkeys not here in this country, there isn't Oh there's no, we get them from abroad. Brian was just telling you with our trade war with China they're not. Quickly given. Up. Their. Monkeys. The Great. Monkey. War Twenty twenty. Go Go and take some. We seem to be lousy with monkey always hear that there's like a troop of monkeys running around Florida that are like herpes ridden monkeys, can we use those? I started this whole thing I said we could probably take the ones over at silver springs and use those but may maybe maybe Silver Springs monkeys these same monkeys that Dr that the roving hurt monkeys I think the roving Herbie monkeys like they'd move throughout North Florida as a group I thought they started silver springs and they and they learned how to swim across that Little River and then and then they made their way to Apopka. That's what. That's what I remember. They probably started in silver springs, but they've broken off into several groups and they've monkey gang wars and stuff otters do that too oddly enough for their get super territorial in the fight yet a big group offers. So really what I found an honor and a country bar one time it was crazy. And Oh, a Dr- drunk out listening to Toby Keith will try to your ass. saw. Our Cup. A monkey or an honor who's meaner probably a monkey. A, monkey would rip off his arms off their little. Strong if the honor had the same strength as a monkey. That's right. If beep up and rock steady pod, each other who would win. Okay. He's right Ostler. Well actually feral hog was the other guy. So he would chance, but it's the same conversation if an offer had the strength of ten men down win fight against a month well, no, but it's Always say the meanest dog would be if it was the size of bigger, dogs would be a Chihuahua like like a full grown Chihuahua, the size of a pit bull would we'd be the ultimate child murderer people can't have. No but full grown size to Wiwa wouldn't have the hangup. That's why they're all honoring because a tiny right. Person understands that. Actually Service is. A Great Danes are like the news at all Y. because they're big ass. Services Right Ryan. You sound like well if a if a monkey knife. into, it had nothing to do with the convers. Auto was his big as a guerilla really would win. Mean Bastard people think they're cute because they see him like role on their back in the water and they're opening up a little food with the shell and they're and they're you know they're they look cute. But they're. Main little some bitches Nano there was a story I. think it was one of the springs and it was an utter that had rabies and there were people swimming like in this spring area whatever and this thing went crazy and just a bit like fifteen people. Right into the middle of where one is swimming bike. Crazy. That was several years ago, but he had terrifying that would be absolutely tear that'd be scarier than like seeing a line out in the open. It'd be like an otter that you're in the middle and it's just going at you my God stomach raise. Springs and there's a lot of kids on little floaty things and they're all like looking at the springs and all of a sudden is otter who had the rabies just jumped into the water and was crazy biting people left and right? Because you got no shot in honor go in the water. Are Swinging at air. Tommy he's on your head. You're like how many of them are there? One. Radio. At the movie radio regular monkeys asked all day long. All right. Listen. It'll be another keyword coming here in a in a second or two you listened for the key word, you text the keyword to two, hundred, two hundred, and you could win a thousand dollars. So it's about to be broadcast now good luck to see you in. You're listening to the mantra the morning. From a grand in your hand brought to you by mills air on Israel Radio went on four point one. So. Happy to tell you about this company Amar it's America's number one clean dot com. AMERICA'S NUMBER ONE CLEANING DOT com. I'm GonNa give you their phone number at the end of this. I'm Jeff Coffin from coffin lid being a personal injury attorney I get asked time how much money I can recover for clients injuries. I, explain to them that the recovery is normally based on three things. 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So just keep trying see when we way eleven grand this this run, and I'd like to see unlike sea a win a thousand bucks. Text the word smile two, hundred, two, hundred, and you could very well win. September first half except them refers to you welcome back. I'm Russ rollins along with Angel and Ryan homes, Angelique Carlos and Savannahs with us fan you got a new toy there Is it word I ma any. Walk. A bit over modulated there a little. Bit Yeah. You GotTa New Microphone. Yes I do is you don't have to talk. Okay. Sounds, great. Sounds fantastic. So Crystal. Hi I think might need we closer to your mouth though you're you're screaming from afar. Can you hold it like? Check. Okay. That's pretty good. Check one. Two Check Okay you don't have to you don't have to check went to. Check. I don't know that sounds better. I'll be honest with you sound better at Yeah I. Don't think. I. Don't think sounds better or maybe you need to talk to you know how we all talked close to the mic maybe you need to talk to the might. I mean maybe I could bring it up to my face if you bring down the volume. The volume actually the output. Now, Hang. Oh I and. That has. Better going. All the way. going. Rather now we can't hear you now. Okay. So Jack got renew microphone for those that don't know and I don't think. I. Better than. Access. Now. That was good. So he can the knees. Speak. I, I hear you to sing and I guess I'm that you guys watch brandy and Monica go out last night. Versus Brandy crushed the. Rabies showed far in the way that that girl insane. And it was the highest viewed versus. Today while one point two, million, one point I was actually what was interesting number of people watch that versus. Battle last night than watch the MTV music awards. Yes more than. Snoop yeah. Think are. Okay with the RB singers love. Okay. All right. What was the name of the show angel? So this is thing that's because of the covert and everything this thing popped up and just blaze and I forget the other guy who jumped on it and they started pairing up our favorite urban artists together and they would go its track for track kind of thing and. Virtual well, they started doing it independently apple jumped on and bought them, and so now they're putting it up on this on the apple. Platform. So they've been getting these really epic names like Carlos said DX and snoop a couple of weeks ago battle man and it's all engraved fun and and just love and everything, and then back in the nineties, there was a heated heated I mean you're either on brandy side or you're either on mom Monica side and I mean battle lines were drawn. So they brought in these two arm be songstress last night and they had them go track for track and what's not and it's not to disparage Monica Bub Brady showed that she is a I'm just a vocal talent our really oh yeah. Absolutely, and it's called well, we already that. If you kind of. Already knew brandy was the winner. I didn't know that You'd mentioned Snoop Dogg. SNOOP DOGG has a new a new commercial for corona beer of all. He's been all over the playoffs with that. He's been that's been one of his new. Like loose I know you always marvel at it and I'm always yeah. Of course snoop why would he not be doing these commercials but this particular run right now that he's doing so he's got the corona. Have you heard of a one thousand nine crimes wine? Yeah he's. He's got his own. Have you do you know the trick with those labels? Put it up to the phone. Got Interactive labels which we need more of that on everything. Yeah. Okay. What's the name of his his wife is? Read. Yeah I thought it was rather name for. Its Kelly read out of Believe it or not. This is what's even more awesome. So been drinking, you know more wind when I go see my dad and everything yes. So I turned my dad onto snood dogs Kelly read. So picture this old school Puerto Rican gentleman and he goes to his liquor stores and he's like, Hey, where's the snoop Dogg wine? Dad is going in and grabbing a couple bottles other snoop dogg wine, and I'm just go him going into COSCO wherever you because I don't know what story goes to but I was just like wherever he goes and just that mental picture for for me just makes me smile. Snoop. Dogg wine. Pretty funny. It's quite. Is it good. It's absolutely really good. Yeah. Yeah Kelly read yeah. It's not expensive and it's dog on the on the cover expand. Lori. Okay. I feel like as a delay with this marvel. Yeah. It sounds doesn't sound as good as From your mouth a bit. There you go right there. Air That's been better. If I turn it up like just sitting down. I don't know. Microphone work. Now you're too far away. That's why. Oh 'cause I turn it up their house that. Like when you're on the phone. Knowing, yeah, it is. You can't hear what we're reading. Ryan Yeah. There you go. Right there. GotTa. Fix Now on your. Car, is. Is your is your head girl. Short story what. Do you have a new story and Upsetting new story Britney Spears hasn't posted to her instagram for six days. Wow. That's very. I saw you roll your eyes because he thinks it's not a big deal. It's a really big deal. I know something is going on with her that they're not telling us even share came out to say something and she was like something's not right. This is how was she? So functioning in Vegas and now all of a sudden she's non-functioning again and all this stuff just. She she did her shows she lived her life she had her. All. This stuff. She was independent when she was in Vegas and then she went home because her dad got sick and all of a sudden she becomes non-functioning again after she goes it's just share the first celebrity to step up in call attention to be because that's the thing that we've been saying like nobody had been asking about her or where her whereabouts are her wellbeing. So share the celebrities. Yeah. Share stepping in and starting to bring light to that. That's a big deal yet is she's talked about it. She just said this isn't right. I don't know that there were so many stories in Vegas about. Everything having to do with Britney. So what Savanna said, the fact that she hasn't posted is just Signal. Well, they also just they just announced that her sister is in charge of her money now. Jamie Lynn her sister was always appointed but didn't want the responsibility of if Brittany passes than she is responsible for giving up the money Brittany's father is your syllabus and one fully in control of her finances and now. Synthesis of unhappy that her sister was like was like. Okay, I'll take some of that money now. Like you know what I mean what she seeing that she all the sudden changed her mind Ano- a sudden. She's gone from being against the rainy movement to like four the Free Brittany Movement and liking their posts and stuff to being completely anti free. Brittany Movement did out of the way leave us alone that kind of thing. You sound like you have a megaphone. Not Good. Microphone is good. And thing about yeah we need to take place our. Okay. See. What's going on in that mansion? Let's go say rip down the doors everybody P- not helpful. The microphone did not work out very well Now. It sounds terrible. It's worse than. Being on your phone just unplug it right now it's better. Disappointments plug it ripped ripped apart at the. It on the ground. Stop. mashing on. Video of you jumping on. Senator Jack Bradshaw. Well. She, Naple. Host Turner back. Yeah I mean, it was a good try. We don't give it a shot. You know kind of a thing. The way she sees the wireless headphones. That's why she needs. So yeah. About share talking about you know that someone who doesn't want something from her should investigate. Yeah. That's a good point. So Savannah, you're on it, you need to go you don't want anything from or you need to go investigate Brittany Spears and come to the you know come to the aid. I know money like other people duty flying out there and trying to try trying to get in there and help her like so much effort. You sound so much better. Now, I get crazy without the Mike you sound better. Worse a gay. Get some things in the mail today and maybe it'll help I'll get some of those things like this and then it makes you talk. Those are headphones and so you think they'll make you talk better. Okay. That'll be good. I had a story to ask you that was a reptile related. So we can do that more than red tiles rise dammit I'm more. News story now you WanNa talk about gay. Talked about Britney, spears three or four times in the past week. Data. To yeah nothing new. Trendy you're the one that caught me your monkey war. Effort. I was mad 'cause you on the air for the monkey vs honor war. Who's GonNa Win Monkey vs Otter. Monkey will all day all day long monkey? Rabbit Honor Verse Regular Monkey Rabbit Otter regular monkey still monkey unless it's like one of those Dunkin monkeys. What's a? Monkey. There's a monkey. Like that. Baby monkey okay. I'd be monkeys. All right. I've got a reptile question to ask anything else. You went ahead a week. You do that. When we come back, you're listening to the to the morning. Seven nine one, six, one, zero, four, one, real radio one, four, point one. Microphone Cord Smile to two, hundred, two hundred and you could win and I want to remind you that you can get your master teachers couple dozen of them left it's real radio DOT. FM Slash store to get your new t shirts kind of the classic style when they're done with these are going to be There's GonNa be other things that are gonNA order. So if you to get a monster t-shirt for us are throwing in like a cousy and stuff Free Cup of coffee to go with it. So that's A real radio DOT FM slash store. Welcome back. I'm rush rollins along with Angelique An. Angel. Carlos Ryan homes in Savannah here with US quickly Savannah important question. I asked everyone else early writing in a chance to ask you given a choice if you got to choose one of the three. Okay. Would you rather be? Would you rather be a cowboy rancher in Montana? Would you rather be a biker in a biker gang and California or in the Mafia in? New York if you had to choose one of the three, which would which would you fit in with? Best? Sophisticated. I gotTA GO Mafia in New York yeah. That's what I would have picked for you. You don't like me or do you. I know you would have picked the California biker gang. No ongoing. I'm going Montana I'm a cowboy. Now I WANNA be a cowboy in Montana. I can ride a horse I could. Shoot A gun. I'm I'm full on Montana Cowboy rancher. Yeah but that's A rancher in Montana is a very trendy thing right now a lot of. A lot of people would I left California they're like. Gods. Montana of number raise like. We had a bunch of guys pollen and saying that like that's the thing to do with. Everyone's going to dude ranches out there and they're trying to play cowboy over the weekend and it's not that much fun. Oh well, it looks on the TV show I'm watching on yellowstone is. It looks like. Mexican. Cartel, Russ and I think Savannah would lean towards Mexican cartel because she's Hispanic and one. Be a Sikora all day. Yeah I think I'd go skin cartel because you know you get gold Ozzy's which are. Are. Are Top notch. Yeah. So I'm Mexican cartel forget Italian Mafia. Sorry I'm not accepting the application. I knew it on an all right. I'm just curious just curious. So then This the story that came out I wanna like what are the odds of this happening story comes out and says a woman went to the hospital recently which he was feeling sick after she took a nap in her front yard. The doctors found that a four foot snake had crawl down her throat and she didn't even know it. They were able to take the snake out. How is that at all possible? Out Now and Left that lady had just completely suppressed her gag reflex. I may know her. Some. Like federal or something like she had to have taken something and knock her out out out it doesn't say. But yes, I would have to agree with you guys I mean because you can't just have I mean that's some serious nap and that's a that's a hard sleep. But said, she just went to sleep in her front yard woke up didn't feel well. Dirt ads drugs. is so this lady was sleeping in her front yard. Yeah, that's not a sentence i. ever hear from anybody. I'm just going to take a quick nap in the front yard. Case. For a snake too I mean obviously if a snake finds a warm hole, they want to go in it. Right I mean. Alan. Gross. Of the Daytona dirt dog snake. So warm whole will seek see and I can understand if it was another hole that she just didn't wake up for and maybe like had a dream about something else and like thought but March. For the other Home Yeah It's GotTa say coal you gotTa. Say It likes linebacker. You can't just say. Normal. Voice. Yeah. Hey. What's the data so? We did hear the story yesterday about snakes were taken over Australia because of Kobe nobody's out. So the snakes feel like they can kind of good. Where is there a problem in the state of Florida with snakes have you seen? More than they normally is in the state of Florida I mean it. You know we got sets here. That's it's Florida as I charm. Yeah so they're not they're not reproducing more. There's no because I know there was a problem with the pythons that one time, right? I. Think if we if we all start seeing more snakes in Florida, I think that's a good thing because sound finalisation of the everglades and other areas of Florida where there used to be lots of animal sounds in the night time I've decreased by about seventy percent. Within. The past five ten years rule. Wow there you go with. That means all. Is Dead so I can't make noise. Yeah. Maybe we should stop testing on him. I guess you'll have time but. I have an issue that's a hot political issue because they license I've been I've been voted best big shot in Orlando. I feel like I need to do something great for the community. Platform. Yeah. That's a good idea to have a platform. What are you got? You're bringing. SNAKES, May. Tell you a little bit about what's going on with. Let me get the name, right. To. Live year and tortoises live here and I've been very concerned about it The name of it is without forest. You guys know about slow for US I've been her house. Oak For A Lot, of time? Is Protected for all of these years and I don't like to get into politics because it's really not my place. Of a horror kind of fighter than I am a word fire. US. Is going to be on the ballot and and they're trying to build another expressway through the middle of this or is now it is a home to go reported. Agree. Sure. Endangered here in the state of Florida Indigo snakes, which I don't even know in the last one I've seen an indigo snake are around this area and and there's lots of wildlife that lived there selling endangered some of it's not yeah. The Indigo snakes. Album was like a ninety eight. Lilith fair they were fantastic. I mean, these were groundbreaking band here but I haven't seen them in a while for sure. So this is good. 'cause for us of Anna. Get behind get behind the split oak what is it called Split? Split for okay. Get the hand. Out For us. Where is Savannah where is the what part of town is Split Forest EAT is. So it down here on the line between or Audio Lane Orange County. Okay. I'll Osceola county. Wants to put the the expressway through the middle of and even if they do like they lived up so the animals can go underneath which is what they tried to do other areas of Florida. It doesn't really work that way so. I'm going to find out more information hopefully, someone from this widowed force committee will reach out me after this and we'll talk about how we might be able to save widowed for together. Now when you go. To either put the. or not but the road if I was split open, I'd want Savannah Ted talks event on my side. That's for sure. Absolutely. You'll be catering today, right? Yes. All Day. All right. Very good. All right. Well, we'll see we'll see you tomorrow Savannah back. It's time for the news you're listening to the macho the morning. Is They got it. You were this hour smile as an I l. e. text the word smile the two, hundred, two, hundred, Goodwin, a thousand dollars. This is the last week of it. So We'd love to see you win. Welcome back to the monsters a September first two, thousand twenty I'm rose rollins along with Ryan homes and Carlos Angelique in our special guest today for for the Nerdy News Jeff Coffin Hello Jeff, how're you doing buddy? I'm doing really good I got to do something very special last night that I haven't done and many night. Now I went to the movies Oh you're getting into the movies last night What would you say? I saw new mutants I saw the new marvel movie. Probably, one of the only new movies out there other than like bill and Ted But yeah, it was it was special because you get the seat and then they put their artificially like make sure that nobody's sitting to cease to your left and nobody sitting Tuesdays from you're right and I forgot how much I really must have been spoiled because movies are fantastic now. Yes. If you if you go to do they, make you skip like a row as they're like Someone's sitting in front of you as well or do you skip to rose well I went to the cinemark. So there's a there's a big space between you and the next row anyway. But when you you know normally it's your left and right seats that don't have people in and that was that was great but The new mutants, the new movie that came out, it's been on hold forever the girl from. Game Three. Game of thrones was in it. Weird Miozzi William older on the show now. But? People will have a lot of complaints about it because it. Well, this isn't like a marvel movie. No, it was like a small budget cool. Little Superhero movie and it all takes place at basically an institution where five mutants are discovering their powers and everything else like that. There's no major villain there's no major hit, but it was really it was really interesting I I enjoyed it, and I don't think people should go and thinking that see vendors but I think it should be. Considered like this dark mutant movie you know and I thought it was a lot of fun. Hey, what what's the rule when you go to the movie theater as far as you're wearing your mask, you gotta wear it when you walk in but like when you're watching the movie, Do you have to wear it or or not? They say when you're eating, you don't have to eat at. So basically you have your drinking your lap and you're eating popcorn through the whole movie so I mean. That's kind of silly but I mean, it's really the same thing when you're sitting at the table at a restaurant, I mean people were closer to me when I'm at a restaurant that one of the movie theater. So I, I, think it's I think it's Checking temperature. I think she I think she's scan my forehead when I went in but it's always stretching because I come off off a bike in the summer and I can't imagine temperatures always great because I'm always like sweat when I got off the bike site, I'd never been. Told not speaking of by your biker. Jeff, you're cool. biker dude. Which is, which is cooler a biker or a guy on a horse not in say cooler I which one do you fit into an for sure because Jeff loves his riding his motorcycle he's GonNa fit into being the biker. Gang that would be his but But I I'm telling you what does cowboys in Montana are tough past dudes they got they got actually ride a horse that's the hard work. Well, it's the difference between a cowboy and a guy ride a motorcycle. Yeah. Cowboys are cool. Man You you pull up on a horse and say how you doing Ma'am I mean that's now horses are stinky. They'll bite ya there in the way they go ninety miles an hour down a highway biker way cooler way more bad, ass. I think anybody can there are a lot of guys who you know like doing the wild hog thing where they they ride their bike for maybe an hour every month but I think if you take care of a horse I made it shows what kind of person you are. You're a caring person. You're doing this stuff you got a little cowboy and you I got no problem with that. So what else is going on with the with the Nerdy News Jeff? Well, the new. Air. They're the number, one movie at seven million. That's the big money. Big Money at bill and Ted's opened up in a whopping one million dollars and it's interesting. I think people either people like it or they hate it like my partner Craig he he said he hated it and they hate somebody else said they loved it. Yeah. Really. No I think if the top call I think you should just go to movies now we're so primed right now to be angry about everything the how about we just eat the popcorn and appreciate that we have the opportunity to be sitting in a movie theater again. Do that a bill and Ted's is one I can wait and watch that in the comfort of own home. I don't need to go to the movie theater to see that one. But like wonder woman nineteen eighty-four comes out or top gun or one of those like that those. Russ I think ten is going to be. A groundbreaking film I think. To Christopher Nolan Film. It's his baby A. From initially, it looked like some type of James Bond kind of movie but I think it's much more than that others a spy element to it, and there was also the time travel element to it as well. He's always playing with that Christopher Nolan always playing with parallel universes in black holes and interstellar and I it's his part Barbara's makeup. So I'll be very interested to see. I know angel really wants to see it. That's all my definitely on my list to go check it out again because if you saw inception and you saw how you manipulate it and and what visually what we saw mental bro. Mental he's the kind of things that we expect from him. So this one has hitting all those notes in the previews and it did fairly well globally. I mean understanding while we're at it pulled in fifty three million. So that's amazing. I mean I would imagine what it would have done with a regular capacity I? Mean that's that's impressive. Yes with movies like The new mutants and stuff like that. They're they're they're going to take a huge hit because of now of the time they decided to release right? Like seven million is is terrible for them. It's horrible but they might make it up on ongoing quicker to pay per view. I, mean I talked to the guy who was a bunch of the people like the managers of the cinemark I went to and they were like just thankful that we were there. Hey, thanks for supporting us. Thanks for you know it's been tough. We have employees. That were furloughed for long periods of time. Thanks for being there and I know we have a lot of things. But as long as you're safe and you're doing what you're supposed to be doing, you know people's jobs are on the line. So you try to go out there they have space at theater out you know it's more spacing than your average restaurant. So I think it significant safer than other places you go to. So what do you think the first movie? The drag people back into the movie theaters because I mean bill and Ted's didn't do it A. New Mutants doesn't sound like droopy low back into the movie theaters We had Russell. Russell Crowe. It didn't really direct what's going to be the first one that's really going to get people to come out. I think you have wonder woman coming up but I think tenant the problem with tenant is they're all over the board. You have some people say it's a horrible movie. Some people say it's a good movie. So you're not getting that swell of like, wow, this is a fantastic movie with with ratings across the board with reviews across the board. So it's kind of taken a little steam off of me because you can preview it now at cinemark because they have a special showing, so you can go to ten and. If you want to. But I really wanted to see a superhero movies. So I went to I chose new mutants and I'm sure wasn't the best out of the two but I was looking for something. Stupid. So I got it good. Good good. What else is going on? Well, supernatural I sent that to you to your Mrs Roth. She's a big supernatural fan. Yeah. Natural starts up again October eighth and final seven seasons and that's hard because you know it's been on for so long I mean fifteen years. Yeah. It's it's fantastic and it's just so hard but Gerald Paddle lucky and just Jensen. ECCLES are the people who started paddle latkes do in Walker Texas ranger that reboots January who's GonNa Walker Pedal. He's GonNa be Walker. Moose Moose from supernatural is going to be You know. Man, that's going to be tough take take the place of Chuck Norris. I don't think you take the place of him I. Think you just fall into the job nobody can take Chuck Norris Job, right? Right. Remember we used to love that show like well, that was one of my favorite shows and I was a kid Walker Texas Ranger, but it definitely had it's like crazy jump the shark moments in the later seasons which like when you go back and watch them now it's amazing. So he starts off regular Texas Ranger and Later like last episode. There's a psychic boy that can move powers stuff with his power and he's got to help him. Understand that feeling when you're watching these things because there was a really amazing movie about vehicles, guys at boo stuff vehicles and has their story progresses we learn more about them. They become like a world class tactical team that takes on world governments and saves US doom? Essentially the avengers with cars. That stuff happens. In whatever watched Walker Texas Ranger does Chuck Norris do like karate and stuff or does he just like do karate? Kicks. Got, down, to just doing the big wrangler like I don't know how he can get his leg that high in those tight wrangler jeans but he was able to do it. That's the real movie magic on that one. Zero. Todd Gut supposed to be released soon right top gun but I mean, they're holding offer they. I think those are backed up. I don't know if we've got our hard released eight on that because I. would. Go for that that you need that sound like that is something that you can't really watch at home you need to be engulfed in all of that sound like watching on the big screen that I'm excited for and that I might just give us some Chilean vitam over same thing. So Carlos, you still have not seen the original topgun heavier now come on. Date you gotta set a date you should. Watch it before the other are you going to see the new one? Yeah I mean interesting talking to just because of how this shooting it? Yeah. No but. I the behind the scenes solely on top on top gun most. How we get to So many critical plot points in top gun one. Got To see it. But maybe I should you know what I watched dirty dancing and I got something out of that agencies are bizarre. Weird. Wait you just. Watched it in eighty nine or whatever you know. But I hadn't seen it lake favorite. When's the last time? You Watch the old I'll I'll do this. Dan. So I go get an abortion movie. It's literally apply. That's the right. He, couldn't make the competition he seeked out the most unexperienced dancer so that his ex girlfriend could go get an abortion, the Guy House, carrying watermelons. True. How could you say that God? I love the part where she looked at Patrick crazy and she's like. Wild. Like when they're riding through brush. I Miss Patrick swayze yeah. Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny Baby. Baby, she was baby. Yes. Johnny something. They should call where they were dancing the dirty dancing shack. They should call that the Blue Ball Shak because what I saw there was a lot of grinding. third dancing it's hurting. because. It. Yeah. Sorry. I didn't mean to detract from the nerdy. Back to Kaufman. It's kind of funny. But when I think of his characters of Dalton from you know, yeah, I ain't doing hurts. Wrote House. Up. See. Jeff, let's think of the plot of that one. There are so many honky tonk bar owners that are rough and tumble. Elected man who can go and basically quail the nature of a tonk he's the baddest bouncing the land. Yes five three he's five foot three. Bigger. Exactly. So you need beggars. We have nothing to worry about my cocaine stock market was good and Reagan was the best an president I'm what was the name of that bar? Do you remember the name of the bar the double dish? The Double Deuce that's The worst part in all of all America and they gotta get Patrick. swayze. Dole's namely Dalton Dalton. I just watched read down the other day for the first time the original red dawn on. It's a weird movie because like when you watch like today's movies and go back to this, it's so actually slow moving and it was it was ended the guns and there's no violence really and it was just like this. This is a good movie I don't know. Because, I can watch roadhouse and I'm like roadhouse still holds up a movie red down for some reason I was watching it was like. Just not doing it for me. What am I missing? Triangle Hockey Original Star Wars movie I tried to I tried to do that with my daughter and I said let's Watch Star Wars. That's GonNa be Great and within twenty minutes my daughter goes does this pick up And it does it. It really doesn't. I tried to Rewatch it as well and I I found to be slow is waiting for something to happen. But you know as as time goes on, we expect more action more stuff and and yeah some of that stuff's hard to to take these days. Cavill are Superman is doing a netflix movie called a Nola homes looked so good. So good. Millie Bobby Brown remember the little girl from stranger things. CNN I mean it is. It is a fun looking movie and I can't why really gives way to see it is in a movie or is it a serious Netflix? Third Okay and thirteen. Yeah and Nola homes is the brother the sister Sherlock Holmes the little sister Oh. Yeah and Henry Plays Sherlock Holmes. So it looks the trailer was fantastic. Yeah, it was really looking forward to going wow, this is going to be a really fun thing and a lot of I love that Hollywood is being forced to give us stuff at home now. So we can watch we can look forward to seeing these great things instead of hoping that the next season of something's going to be good they're giving us just movies to watch at home. Now, that are probably as expensive as well done as the stop in the theaters. People, are asking on the texting service you can always Texas. At Seven, seven, zero, three, one if you've watched Cobra Kai because it came out on Netflix, a lot of people to get a chance to see it when it was just on the youtube thing because you had to buy you know you had to buy the extra youtube beginning I'd already seen it but have you seen Cobra Kai yet Jeff I. Didn't get into it. I can start eating it and it's I. It's weird. It's an addiction because you remember green what it was like back in when you first saw it as a karate kid and it's weird seeing them as adults doing what they're doing. I saw this thing about Macaulay Culkin, the other day where they want to do a new home alone and have it in, do it at his age and Really. I think that was a tweet like. Yeah. They they want. They want to do it Macaulay Culkin home alone where he's The AG is now but they they do a full shot for shot remake and never reference it. Month that is the crowdfunding happening right now I'm totally on board with it with just like a forty or good Makola just turned forty. He's like and he he's on board to do it. So if they could get the funding, that would be amazing. Oh, by the way, Carlos in dirty dancing and his name was Johnny Castle. John would've castle whatever whatever I mean. Sometimes he's teaching rich conservative couples how to do you know the cha-cha and second he's grinding with random hot babes and a sweaty s check. That's I wanna live my life, and then he loses keys smashes the window open I have my life this hour it is man this is how it. Johnny Castle Hail Yeah. What was the ending? I didn't even Everybody's happy. Corner nobody wants. To this, I got to dirty dancing mumble rapes I got to where they she did her first competition and she didn't do that well she. Didn't make it to the end where nobody puts baby in the corner they. They told me I couldn't do the door. But I always do the last dance. So I'M GONNA. Do my dancing my way. Really makes me happy puts. To show. Off. And they all dance together. Oh. Yeah. I've seen it before but I should you write that last dancing where they all dance together on moment should've stayed. Do they. Hit a bad knee during that whole time to. Get another abortion. Now Everybody's happy about it. So I was thinking of the distance the sequel would be like a dirty this baby. The baby or did you know? Anyone. She has the abortion it. You'll get her dad to go ahead. Ari I wanted to see that maybe it would have been amazing day. decided to have the baby. The baby and Jeff, who's the nerd of the week. We had a passing Russian. You've talked about it Chabert Bozeman Black Panther, the actor played them took an unbelievable amount of crap over the last year about that. He couldn't. He was too thin and he was and he never revealed it and they saying he's losing way gotta find a new Black Panther and he never came out and said, well, it's because I have cancer is the reason I have this and he could have said it at any moment to basically say listen get off me and they were really on him and instead of making himself the center of attention he took it and Out of any actor, they could have found to play this character to find this guy it's a shame we lost ended and I just can't. The forever because there are there are African American kids all over the planet who was looking for that one guy to look up to and he met so much to so many people. So you know wherever you are now good travels my friend and way to be a decent human being. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Within that was super sad for short hair need to get hold of Jeff Kappen for any as a personal injury attorney. If you have any need, you WANNA give them a call it's pound five, four six or they can go to your website. And the website is. That is when you need US DOT com. All right. But if you're in dial pound five, four, six, that's pound five, four, six, eight when we come back, eight is going to bring you monster sports you're listening the mantra in the morning. A mask but it's GOING TO BE, fly Geniuses Rice America of the freedom that who are matthew color coke. Certain. Down longer to the cool. Would want. Want to get one of the new mantra shirts or something like a dozen or so lack of the the new shirts they say established nineteen, ninety-four Monster logo on a very soft very nice shirt can by going do real radio, DOT FM, slash store real radio denim slash door, and I'm going to unveil my. Chair I was asked to paint for charity chairs for charity something. Carlos have been doing for many years and all in bail that this hour so we'll be able to check out. Added something that is that is very special to the chair hoping to raise as much money as possible for the for the mustard seed and and my goal is to raise more money than any other chair artist so far that's my that's my goal and you say something special like something not of you. It's something special. It's very me the whole chair is very you, but is it of U.? Dub No no. No. No No, no. No not. God of your hair. No. Pieces on it though valuable things that you can only. Well, you'll see coming up valuable things things. Yeah. And pronounce time, for Angel, to bring you Mazar sports. Sports guys frontline. Stop. Make sure. You hit them up eight, four, four, five, eight, seven, seven to three three. Taking measures to stay safe protects everyone you your employees or clients. Frontline stock offers a full line up. And onsite assist to meet your needs give them a call eight, four, four, five, eight, seven, seven to three three big Mike and Erin also hit him up on the facebook page go there and just use it as a reference. You can see all the different products that they offer one of things that are doing right now it's really neat is the hurricane preparedness checklist just look at that list compared to the things that you have. If you need any of those items office list right there through the facebook page, get a hold of them and they can get you those products right so that's. Eight four, four, five, eight, seven, seven to three, three, two guys who their front line stock can handle all that. Sports Memorabilia through this pandemic. That's one of the things that I'm never gonNA forget about as gone through the roof. It's a remarkable things that people hold a value the prices and the things that people are paying for, and some of them are absurd. For example. Now we are we come became very well aware of the Craig Yellow Game An NBA. History Russ. You remember the Craig Yellow Game. No I because no one calls it that it's basically the Jordan shot over craggy low or he kind of just turns to the side in pouts because Michael Jordan hit the game winner over him I. Remember that Yeah All. Right. So this is how crazy sports memorabilia has gotten. This guy whoever's person is we don't know his name. was able to keep the three ticket stubs from that. Game. Yeah free ticket stops. Captain in pristine condition. Apparently. Now the three ticket stubs. Adjusted for inflation in today's date coming up to just a value of one hundred dollars. Right. These three ticket stubs were sold at her his auctions over the weekend last night as a matter of fact. There's no Michael Jordan. Autograph on them. There's no craggy low autograph on it. Is just just ticket stubs right from the game. Jordan hit that game winner over Craig Hilo Insane. They sold at auction last night now. The numbers ridiculous but it's not ridiculous because of like you know it's not in the millions or anything so I'm trying to. Temper these guesses down a little bit of six million. All right. But it's absolutely ridiculous in the sense of this. Again, it's from that from night but you don't have any of the parties like they're not signatures know autographs on it or anything yeah. It's just the ticket stuff from that night I'll say fifty bucks fifty bucks. Six, thousand, six, thousand. Homes He. Six, six, thousand, seven, hundred, one. Dollars. The ticket stops the three of them. The great condition apparently sold for eleven thousand dollars. Regulus. Eleven thousand dollars for just tickets STOBBS. That, wish away slave that I get it though think about this. Okay. You're a millionaire you've done well, whatever like ten thousand dollars like I know ten thousand dollars would wreck me. You know. But some people three times more than half. Literally nothing it's not even thought it's like, of course, ten thousand and let's say you have your dollars would almost single-handedly get me out of the pickle, but it's for nothing it's for a ticket that doesn't even make not think about this. What if you already have the Jordan shoe signed from that gang? What if you have one of the most amazing To make a put it together. Exactly and then you have the, that's the shoe from the game. That's the ticket. This is the actual sports illustrated. I could see that when you're in that realm, you're thinking of bigger things up me and more like us. I'll put it on facebook. You know it's it's a real thing they're trying to collect, but that's still a lot of money. Money just to give you an idea in the same auctioned last night a single great one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, seven pack with one Michael. Jordan rookie on the top that pack at the single Paxil for thirty three thousand dollars right Craig Hodges Nineteen ninety-one Bulls cheaper ship ring. So fifty eight, thousand dollars, and then you had free ticket stubs at went four eleven, thousand dollars. Craig Hodges soldiers rain. I don't know if he ever actually had it about our. He might have gotten rid of a long time ago Craig Hodges in the Bulls had. unceremonously, and he kinda got blackballed from the League. So I wouldn't be surprised if he let that go a long time ago. Greatest three point shooters ever absolutely dudes a beast One of the stories that broke yesterday as we were wrapping up the show to get a chance to really address it but. College basketball guys probably remember this era. There was a time where you were either North Carolina Tar, heels fan or you were at Georgetown Fan and I remember the doors town Nike Dunks the John Big Nike Logo, they were the first. Basketball team to have I remember those I would love to get my hands on a pair of those but those. But so so I was at Georgetown Guy for. Like I ever had the grades to go to school there or any of that it was just the basketball and one of the reasons though was was coach John. Thompson like just seeing him and in interviews and just the way listening to other guys that went through there he was a huge huge fan of Patrick Ewing through college and So listening to him and and being aware of him. So his passing yesterday was really Calcutta. Guard I hear some audio from the guys on TNT and they're talking about coach. John Thompson. Just win our hearts couldn't feel any heavier. Thompson has died at the age of seventy eight. The man with the trademark towel over the shoulder, the trademark intensity and drive to mold not just basketball powerhouses but to shape the futures of young men. He did it for nearly thirty years Georgetown. Boy is cut down the nets and nine, hundred, eighty four his influence will be felt for generations. Hall of Famer and every. Studio. Jane Atlanta. We welcome you to TNT the NBA tip off presented by auto. He never play he never coached pro diddy I. Don't think. No I don't think it was unofficial. I think they had him on as a consultant. With the with the Olympic teams as well and I I saw him associated in that regard but I don't think he ever had a head coaching job in the NBA one of the most poignant stories though and I was trying to get that out of your setup where you guys. Maybe we'll share with later on through the monsters, dot website but Alan Iverson. And Alan Iverson is love for coach. John Thompson was unparalleled in the sense of this and he says it that coach John Thompson saved his life. If you guys remember Alan Iverson coming out of high school. The kid was one of those athletes so wild. And he was highly, he was being on though he was highly recruited being recruited for Don t to sports football and basketball, and there's an incident anti-bullying bowling alley there in where he's from. and. Basically, all those scholarships, all those opportunities we're taking, they were pulled off the table. His mom goes to coach John Thompson, and basically pleads his case and John Some gives them a scholarship to go to Georgetown and Alan Iverson says that basically that if that doesn't happen, his mom doesn't do that and everything he probably would have been dead somewhere like. His friends of that time during that age and everything. So you know that's one of the again, one of the stories that we know about, but there's Patrick Ewing. There's a bunch of guys that went through Georgetown and So it's a tough loss for the inmates off the weekend where they lost Clifford Robinson as well. So yeah, you know. Yeah. Yeah. A lot of people pass this weekend. If I could pick being a coach like you know in this hypothetical world, I, would being a coach of a college basketball team there seems to be this connection with the college basketball coaches that that the professionals have and they have them with college football. But as we know of college football, there's so. Many people on a team and when you have like massive coaches, you may not see a saving every day when you're playing for Georgetown, you're seeing them everyday when you played for. Dean Smith Back in the day you'd see him every day and I think that connection what you said about molding, the lives of young men or Ernie, said really stuck out to me. I. Think. There's a different kind of relationship there because it is it's twelve players or fifteen players. Like I remember one high school coaches. You've heard me talk about a coach John Rankin that impact or influence that man had on me. I carried that through college and then I, one of my college coaches that I really had a connection with as well So there is that kind of level because you. Hit right on the head. When you're in college on a football team, you might have your position coach and you might have another assistant coach and your interaction with the head coach might not be that much I. In my cases, I've had really good cases were luck where I had those relationships with those guys because I saw them every day when I had my silly voices coach in the silly voice championships in two thousand silly boys Sam I never met a guy like that before he rarely spoke in his regular voice and he was always Zany and recipes silly voice Sam. I was the L. was the uplifting Super uplifting but he'd be like I, want you to be what the Forte that was quote. Seriously, but in like the most poignant things, I've ever heard said in Zany voice. Yes it's true. Things we're. Going to wrap up and change. If. You. Just GonNa make you laugh and laugh and laugh and and a good way and a brighten up your day. You gotTa Watch Ernest Kanter and Jalen Brown teaching our Guy Taco fall. Or. National Swim Swim how to swim. So these big men are carrying A. Man. Massive men, these guys are big. Way of making everybody look tiny obviously. So watching them teach him how to swim is absolutely remarkable and it's a real good fun To the Oklahoma City thunder extending that series to seven games, they beat the rockets last night one, zero, four to one, zero one, and we'll break up the Miami Heat be taken the bucks one fifteen to one, zero four. That's the team have to ask the team on watch this bubble is eight. Yeah. Absolutely. An huge congratulations to the Tampa Bay lightning they move onto the conference finals they took care of the handle the. Bruins. I knew then and so. Well, we'll let them handle enjoy that moment, and that is monster sports. All Right Hey, listen you might WanNa go to our website actually go to the website actually or maybe go to the facebook or real radio Moscow on Youtube about to unveil my chair for charity pro been working on for a couple homes a month or so now you could see what what items are we talking and it's GonNa make extra valuable We'll do the unveiling when we come back and be able to watch it all live on real radio monitored on Youtube you're listening to the macho the morning. Of. Smart speaker usage. Does that Stodgy for doing so joins real radio one, four point one on Iheartradio and enjoy. Help. I. Want them out of the is one one point one broadcast live on Iheartradio I'm Russ rollins along with Angel and Angelique Carlos in Ryan homes all here today as. A this is something that Carlos, was doing for some time. Now it's called chairs for charity this year they ask artists around town to to paint a chair to create something unique, and then they auction it off and and how many years you've been doing this Carlos man it's been a long time. Five years I think this yeah, and it's a big band to name by people from all over the country to come in. It's the biggest event for mustard seed So you participating in this is really going to help them and I'm I'm really glad you did it. Well, I'm up against some real artist I oh yeah. Yeah. The artists that a real. Not just. Goofy. Radio Guy Actually is. Able to sell stuff I, mean they've got real artists that are doing it so I feel like you know. I want to compete to be competitive if I'm going to do it go big or go home is what I said right so I wanted to add something into it to make it super special before I unveil. This can say Ryan homes knows exactly what it looks like I asked him to put some. Art. Together, for me with the chair and he did a great job. Thank you for that Ryan I'm GONNA put a little video together after the show that includes the pictures that you did for me. So Ryan can't play but the rest of you don't know. So I'M GONNA. Let to Angel. Go First Angel from what you know about me. Okay, and and what from what you know about my art what do you think this chair is GonNa look like when we unveil it here in a second or two by the way you can see this live at real radio. Radio Mosser's on Youtube. A. Lot of flames and a lot of. Pleading. Diamond Plate you say flames and and diamond plate the diamond the. Name for that run, it isn't a bullet play the kind that's like there was the background on the way at the monster thing back here. Okay. All right. Okay. Would you find me to bear very simple? You think I'm a simple man. That's the basic. It's going to be incredibly are neat but that's what it's GonNa look like. The. Picture I. that's just from the time that you've spent with me. That's what you figure. I would do. Okay Angelique. What do you think when we unveil this this chair charity what do you think from what you know for me? What do you think? It's GonNa look like. It's Sorry. Okay I would agree there probably are some flames. There might be some a kiss that has to do with it but I don't think you know Batman it. I think it's going to have a little bit everything of you. So I think there's going to be some food items on there or Adding a joke that was like I know he has to have food on there. He gets hungry when you Youtube a simpleton. Okay well. What do you do? You take when I unveil this chair for the first time for tears for charity what do you think is GonNa look like Oh this? No sound on Youtube. Okay. Knowing your style. Yes. We're going to see a modern take on nineteen th century French impressionist style Maybe, some watercolors maybe some. flames and rock and roll I. Think. Flashy things and but comforter something I don't know. Maybe a male dispenser. Needing to your catchphrase extra Mayo Sitting you don't WanNa get up to get condiments. nope. You got a little extra male button on the Shoots it out. Okay. All right. All right. So Angel you air yeah I'm here I don't know what's going on okay. We kits the I didn't know if you're there. Okay. So He's Like music or something Carlos like. Unveil a piece of art and hopefully it's going to raise a lot of money for the most of see you can see this lied if you go to real radio monsters on Youtube and see how close. They Act let's play. I could buy normally play the drums at this event. So let me up and ready and now. Are. Batman. and. I agree you gotta go there. A. Got Me with the flames. Okay. Very good. I don't know how you guys knew I put flames on it. Okay. but the thing that's especially on this. Racing's okay. Now you can see all the flames. That chair was on fire. Wanted to run me down on my guess on nailed one of them. This was a regular chair at one point. Now, it's got flames but let's see that right there. Every single one of those guitar picks. Actually used on stage by kiss. These actual guitar picks I, want to thank my buddy Dale Torbert forgetting these for me these these and those. If you go online and try to buy them, they're expensive. But how much is one pig? I'm guessing at least two, thousand, eight, hundred, eighty, nine no no no they're about about fifty sixty bucks. Oh, I was trying to poke yeah, we're trying to. Play the game with your one two, three four. How do we know that they were stage used though they I got him from? Torbert and she and he told me they were. There's fourteen of them on this triple our chair for time sixty. That's at least three hundred bucks and look K. seat the seat, the seat itself. Glitter. Paint. Oh. Glittering I believe you so it glitters. Like gold whenever whenever you pass it. Wow. Hey, man look at it here but after yeah glitter. Strip club. Yeah. Normally glitter on top not the bottom. glitters glitters no good her spine. So. There you go. This will be on our put actually put it back here. I guess and kind of get people wanting to get it right like regular sitting back there. You can see it every day. Makes you want to get that chair. Yeah. You gotta get. You gotta get like a lighting system and put our and really. Make it shine. You got you got little rockstar kissing next to you. It's all lit up in shiny I feel like you could do the same thing with the chair. Yeah. I'm with you on that. Ryan because they're. Just a chair. Thank you. Know it's not giving it like what you've put into it. You've got to we've got to see that and yeah well, I'M GONNA make I'm making a video That's Wonderful Russ. Get a lot of money keep. Everybody I can't do just to see your cabin. Can't. Block chairs. Sees Rock. There ain't no better chair and Rossi's Rod. Chair. These. Thing from the show. No. Real way to confirm that until mannequins. Is that he got from deal Torbert? That's Real confirmation that is guest Sacha. What rise? Special you son of a bitch it's a damn good chair and it's And it's got real doug tar picks on they were. US. ONSTAGE BY KISS and real glitter paint on the seat. Sit In that chair right now and glitter paint on the seat. No you don't sit in that chair. That's a piece of art. You don't sit on that. But on it and it's better than stage used guitar pick now. Is that a possibility that? Somebody, wanted to sit in it I. Think it's beautiful I think it's your best finest work. Wrong. But if somebody wants to sit in it, is that a possibility oh? Yeah. It's workable chair. I mean, you know I got I got it from a thrift store. Any wrong. This is really really good but it's no hotdog farm. hotdog farm share guys are we missing out on something? I, think six. And wants to shoot on that chair similar to her new hairstyle. Look. Kind of doing the shoulder dips. Share shoot. Shoulder there. Right shoulder dip flick the hair looking ahead. Bryant kids can you show him the? There's there's one of the. Spice it up. You just got old chair behind him and I got spicy chair number one on on a pile of money. That's. Good. Does a good way to do that and then rocking rocking chair. Rocking? It's crowd surfing the chair. That's my favorite one. I liked that one that or that time the chair knocked out. Was Not Muhammad Ali. Chair is actually. Listen this one's my favorite. It's hard to see but it stained glass religious chairs. And Baby Jesus. That's a good one right there on wow. Video. That was the first chair. That was the first is very I share yet. Crowd Surfing Chair is my favorite. was that it was those three. Law Yeah those are great. I like crowd surfing share. Everyone's taking a picture of it. Yeah. I West it. So you can get that I guess the auction will start in. A week or so and it's going up against a lot of other chair. But listen this chair has got fourteen. Guitar picks used by kiss on stage. That's that's got some value to it. You can't just get those anywhere. You Know Damn right and if each guitar pick is worth one hundred dollars. Yep. How much you're going to get for that rest? Rest rest, they're worth one hundred dollars one. Hundred dollars want eighteen hundred dollars for this chair I don't want to be a wire. They're worth at least one hundred dollars a piece. I want to keep that chair I think it's bad ass. Got Fire has got kiss is triple are on it man that's. A chair it's a chair. If you slap a sub on top of that chair you. Oh maybe you should do that. Add to the value yes savannah. Don't. Let them sit. In the chair to like I, think it's a really important part of a chair is that you can sit in it. I think he needs to sit in one time. It's a piece of art sitting in that chair. It's artwork. It's really it's not really furniture anymore. As me question the integrity of the chair itself, if you can't sit in it. looked. It's look it's been touched by an angel now, I mean if right now it is in you know you can't. You can't. You don't want to sit in it and possible you knock off one of the knock off one Qatar picks you don't WanNa do that. Just, graze your. Sonics. Yeah. Squat. If it knocks off any of the of the of the sparkles would be me I don't WanNa. Do that pretend you're at a gas station bathroom and hover and we'll take a picture and then it'll be huge I was gonna say I don't know. Can you could you squad over? Long. Junior. Doesn't physically do it. When you actually see. It's not like the Mona Lisa though right when you see it in person, it's a lot more A. Lot more. Impressive when you see the detail, put to the fire and the flames how? Does the Mona Lisa super tiny. Close, to it, it's like a big chair. Yeah Yeah You want to reverse. Ross because the money says less impressive when you actually get closer like I was not impressed at all and it's Oh, I, thought it was around. So your reverse Li like we're seeing it like pretty awesome Ron. Noble. You know but then when you get close to it, you're like, Oh, my the rock on this chairs too much around blinded it is rock and roll chair it's got a double are on the top I'm just got glitter paint on the seat. It's got glitter glitter triple it's got fourteen fourteen fourteen guitar picks used by. Kiss. Knit. Signed signed all over. With sweat. You ever buys it. Whoever bids on it. You know I will personally signed the bottom for them. Okay. Hang here. That's great. There you go. Thanks for letting. Savannah. Thank you for popping and in a little chair but Yeah. I mean you could sit in and if you want to. But I'm just I'm going to treat it like a piece of art juice in it though Yeah Oh. ooh. Angel Rivera. That was. No. No that's not what I was getting at. I was just trying to say, could you sit in? More valuable. In by the Artur How do you say? Go after this show, I'm GONNA to show you for from the start to the beginning of the of the chair of making the chair. Hopefully, all of this will help you go to chairs charity and how about the receipt of central Florida. That's what the whole thing is for. So So there you go. There's the unveiling I think I'm GonNa get rid of the green screen and just. Keep it. Yeah we'll do that. All listeners green screen that chair in the various things very fun I when we come back except for Carlos to take to the top of you can stay around if you want to. You're listening to the monster of the morning. You're listening to Lamont more than. One Point one broadcasting live on my heart radio. Along with Samantha and Ryan Angelique Angel Announced Time Carlos Take Top. The morning, everybody. Hello. My name is Carlos back on our on. This is still the top every single morning try and take it to the top. Make you think make you laugh whatever it may be. It's Tuesday and I hope you got Monday going with a bang. It was a good day. It was a it was a day of reflection was a day of. Being introspective plot talking yesterday with my wife friends trying to figure things out in the midst of this crazy pandemic if you will and what did you figure out not a damn thing. It was you know I think a lot of times. We forget that we talk about other things whether it be work for movies or social media or news, sometimes more than our own lives and in this sense. Sometimes. You gotTa Break Down Your Life and see what's going on in your life and see what are the good aspects what are the things that are working? What am I investing my time man what? What what what am I getting out of all these things and you gotTa talk with people I fortunately have some great friends and my wife I talked to a lot about it but you're not gonNA figure it all out on your own. There's never been a person in history that at the end of like I did it all myself with? No You, know it just doesn't happen in our pride and our ego and I'm thinking about myself sometimes get caught up like know what I'm doing. This is this is what I should be doing but then sometimes you gotta listen to other people that have a different perspective and I hope that connects with somebody out there today I you're struggling with something. Are you trying to figure out the next move? Are you trying to figure out the next thing in your life talk with a friend about? It communicate they will have ideas for you and sometimes it's one idea that you go. Wow I didn't even think about and it's right there. So So it was just a day it was like it was raining. Did you end up watching yellowstone or whatever it is Yeah Man I'm I'm so eight up with yellowstone I love it. It's way. Back. Cowboy I WANNA be on a ranch. I WanNa be I wanNA live in a book as with the boys I like. A power ranger too I. Watch TV but I was also. I WanNa live in a bunk house with the boys I wanNA wear tight jeans. I WANNA squeeze acids and I WANNA be a sexy cowboy. Did I just say that out loud and was I think We need to get in brokeback mountain. Quick. I want to thank everybody who's checked out. Frank the bear interview. With on the monsters youtube, it's on monster, DOT FM. You can find it by going to the top with Carlos Navarro Roses, very hard interview to track down. So he's hard to get you know that's A. Big Big get. I was going to say twenty twenty was trying to get to him but doesn't that sound know? Well, twenty. You know it's going to hibernate soon. Anyway. So there's no interviews during that. That's true. That's true. So check that out on Youtube Tom podcast as a bunch of podcasts and appreciate everybody who's made it the number two podcasts pretty amazing Ross I would also like to thank you for your chair. You put time you put energy, you put your talent, your creativity into it and I'm really hoping that in the audience, there is a kiss fan who has no furniture. Has Nowhere to lay his his rock and bottom down, he s not just furniture. This is a piece of art. On Asher. Yeah. I agree. Tell Torbert forgive me the those guitar picks used by kiss on stage. I was really cool of him. He is a great great great great guy and thank you for doing and on another nut savannah. That's your promo shot right now don't move. Don't. Move. Savannah. Your Body. Beautiful, you got your Tattoo shown that your promo shot girl that is that says Ted Talk Savannah it also means I'm bad, ass I just came out of this check his tummy. Okay. So it's it's it's. Actually senior with the full makeup on. No she's always doing it on the zoom now she popped back in later full makeup on looking. Audrey. Change that 'cause you WanNa. Fight you talk. Nice right now. He calls US right whatever the guy going on with that pose and the background looks good. Do you look lovely? You need to save that. You know so. Yes thanks Rasa appreciate doing that man I think it's going to raise a lot of money and I love the mustard seed. All the Mosser listeners who have stopped by there and just drop stuff off. Thank you I mean that is a huge huge help. The mustard seed is located in maitland go mustard seed F. L. DOT org. In order to find out more information, you want to help people even lucky during this time got a couple of extra bucks you gotTa some furniture go. Ahead and donate it and You'll feel better. Now I do want to talk about this because I find this very interesting and I'm glad we have a couple of ladies on the line here too. Okay. So there's a study that was done and seems like a British one and I know British people are a little more conservative when it comes to this. But. It says more than one in three people in admit that they keep the lights off during sex. And Not, right. Okay. So I find this. Interesting. Find this very interesting. You choose somebody that you're going to lay down with. Of course, sometimes it's in the heat of passion after a drunk club night you hook up your wild whatever. But sometimes it most of the time it's the person you love you WanNa be with them you. WanNa, lay down mostly. I'm in my life that's what it is. Somebody listening I'm not laying down with a person. I love him laying down with the person that will lay down with me. And I. Think. That one in three people have to have the lights off I find. Interesting. Because for me personally like all the lights could beyond I don't care whatever my wife and I I've been together for a long time. So lights on lights off Strobe Lights Disco Lights doesn't matter club lights. It's all been a part of it right? So Never, done it in strove lays it seems like it'd be. Awesome and so I wanted to know y'all think do restaurants and I'll go around the board here. Are you a guy when you lay down with your beautiful I that you have to shut off the lights or do you pump them suckers up so they can see that big Russi ass, six candles or lights. Six candles. Candles. Power, that's an infernal Russ literally at any point in time, it could go up in flames. By started lighting candles, she knows what's up. Man comes here. He comes with that candlestick that you had some cabbage and you're far enough to play out to you at that many candles makes you look like Phantom of the Arby's That was good. Phantom of the army's. Even Will Hunt you big Montana Montana. We'll an Arby's today. He's no longer a phantom. He's really going. He's really going. Savannah. Enjoy your love making lights on lights off. actually, my timing to Angelique about is. Really, how Do Tell. Defending confident I am with my body at the time you're feeling good. You're feeling good. You're detox. She'd been hitting the gym my looking. Good. Okay. That's Looking good. Right out in the front yard fall asleep after snaking. One. Nice Nice. A. Middle of the day there you go. Angel Rivera, I want to know about you. What are you lights on lights off Kinda guy you wanted the three that's the lights. Are you two of the three that Blair's the lights little inside look on the Angel Bill? I like the lights on. Some, sexy ambient lighting to. Make it fun. Ryan homes, you strike me as a person that makes eleven pitch black room Not. Passover and aluminum foil over the windows and. I don't want any kind of like bright lights shining on me and. It's just too much of my face that you'd be looking at and I don I don't like the thought of that. So low low low to no lighting for the older. And Ryan spaces. So lightning, he looks like a vampire. Yes And how wide Body. Yeah. Very white and last but not least Angelique the newest member of the crew. Like on lots off, don't care, you don't care don't care. No but that's the thing. It doesn't matter you pick one. You go outside and a park and I'm going to be just good. You can be inside the bedroom light on lights off open the cartons let. Watch I. DON'T CARE on lights off gopher. Lights on everybody to watch. On lights off and real quick. I was reading this book on last famous last words and it's fascinating. Okay. Real quick and one of the reasons I found it was because of Alexander Hamilton's last words were this mortal wound take care of that pistol. It is discharged and still cocked it might go up and do harm I did not intend to fire at him. Those were his final words. All right listen. He had a different plan then. Listen to this last one real quick. This is from General Spanish army general and they appreciate you have any final apologies and he looks up and he goes. I do not have to forgive my enemies I have had them all shot. That's bad as that is. This book is Great. It's called famous last words and I'm enjoying it and I hope everybody has a wonderful day today. We'll be great day to the top never stop new keywords about me broadcast. You're going to hear when you hear it. Yeah Texas two, hundred, two hundred, and I'd love for you to win a thousand weeks. This is the last week of it. Yeah for sure. So good luck leprosy you win you're listening to the monsters the. You're just minutes away from a brand in your hand brought to you by meals air on radio one on four point one enjoy any size while fresh brewed iced coffee for only two dollars gotTA. Have Wow. Talking. Dammit man what am the marshes the morning Radio One, four point one win is your key word I n you text the word wind two, hundred, two, hundred I'd love to see when Carlos did you just that The email from from the mustard seed tag on it. Yeah. Okay. So we just did a whole big reveal for the chair that I painted. It's for the mustard seeds for tears for charity we had fun with it laugh and joke and It's all to try to raise as much hobble Jeff. Question. We might have just found out that one of our show members an extreme exhibition who doesn't care lights on lights off windows open somebody was to take a picture of old lights on lights off windows open. And then put it on the Internet. Is that illegal good question? He's outside doing outside thing yeah. If it's if it's If it's open and obvious I mean that's I mean that applies to a couple different areas. But if you're if you're you know it's different if they're using Teluk, you know telescopic lens from like four hundred yards. But if I'm driving by your house and I can see you standing in the window naked on you. Now, what if your pizza now? What if your? Up What you just said, you had sex with the windows open out out for everybody to see you didn't care I said you can open the blinds and yeah but it doesn't matter. It would still be porn I did not get. I would not have given that person permission new take pictures, but the windows are open and somebody. smartphone maybe. What do we look at Your House or? It's not a crime to do it though that's somebody actually got arrested for that. They were nude and you know in their windows and they got arrested for it and. The State found out that they couldn't prosecute on it. We're yes I thought against the law is there was another story where guy would walk out to walk out to get his newspaper naked and they were like as long as he's not doing anything sexual than it's it's it's not illegal a what if okay you order a pizza and you and your wife are in the backyard fully nude and you said, Hey, pizza man leave your pizza at the door but then pizza comes around to the side yard and he's like Hey I got your pizza Oh my God you guys are naked as hell can can one of the two parties sue one of the others? No, you're on private property. Question you've got to really. Do. That's that's us. Corn box where you stick your penis through it I mean it says nothing like that. Looking. Into into Russell. So. Can can you be like, Hey, pizza man I'm going to sue you should have looked backyard. No. You have to have intent and intent. Is it meaning that you knew or should have known I mean is is it normal that pizza would try to deliver the pizza and he didn't get the notice the leave it at the door yeah. That happens I mean. People sue for I just read another one, the other day a woman fell down the stairs in New York because she was too busy looking at the scary scary poster. It was a movie poster. She wants to sue the company that made the movie poster because it caused or not to pay attention. That's ridiculous. I've had that driving with billboards before. I mean, this happens all the time like people sue over the dumbest thing I mean this guy acted Michael. Jordan because he said that he looked Michael toward he looked too much like Michael Jordan and it was screwing up his life. If you need any illegal legal help. It's pound five, four six and a in a fixed dial pound by four six gentleman. I saw last week that John Lennon's killer Mark David Chapman a winter to. Get paroled, and for the eleventh time they denied the parole. How does parole work like a at what point where they gonNA? Any point where they go. You know what? As we forgive you for that and you can get out like he's always going to be denied right. You have guys who are the crayons they did was so popular you you heard such a pot light Manson he was never get now. You got a guy killed John. Lennon you. They're not. GonNa let this guy out. They might let them out when he can't walk anymore. He can't do anything anymore. But as long as they don't have to take heat in the press, they'll let a guy out but they think they're gonNA take a little bit of a political position to they don't want to be the one. Oh, you let the guy who killed out one of the most famous singers in history nobody wants to be attached to that. So it's still it's still a popular thing he's sixty five. Years old and he's got a twenty year sentence and and he went before the Parole Board last week and of course they they denied it for another two years. But in two years now, they'll go again and see if if the amount Reagan's the guy tried to assassinate Reagan he's out. He's like in some halfway house and it's very bizarre to see him kind of I. think he lives with his mom as well. But yeah, that's one that I'm Mike. How's this guy out try to assassinate the president shouldn't that be like, sorry, you're done. Have you seen any of Netflix's a killer re released? No. That's kind of the the concept of as the guy killed killed a guy and gets released from prison. His family doesn't want him out and then he's actively talking in this Netflix documentary that like Oh yeah. Because he tried to get during the trial that was a robbery that went wrong and then in the Netflix show, he says, no, the robbery was to cover up the homicide that we to. And the prosecutors listening to it, and that would have made it a very different case. Yeah. That was an interesting I finished that that it's like three parts to the to the series, but it's it's just awkward I mean he he already served thirty years and he has a life sentence and the fact that and he never denies doing it and he says Yep I sure did I did this and it's like sick to watch. Yeah. I walked away uncomfortable. I started my career in criminal defense. I was a public defender and then I did a lot of criminal defense after that When you're dealing with somebody who did something absolutely heinous whether it be a sex crime or a murderer I mean it just it just causes a certain blackness in you and when you're sitting here, the darkness overtakes she when you're trying to defend people like that and you're trying to empathize with somebody who doesn't think the way you do we got killer and you're. In. You're sitting there and you can't believe you're sitting across from somebody like that and you're going to do my best do everything possible and I did I was very good at my job but I had to stop doing it because I. I, knew what I felt in my heart it was hurting me and you have to have a certain coldness in distance to be. Able to do it for a long period of time if you're in a fixed dial pound five, four, six, jeff coffin will be glad to help you. It's when you need US DOT com. That's when you need US Dot Com you Jeff buddy take. All right. We come back assigned the King of Denmark Ryan homemake daily proclamation and you're listening to the monster more. Please seven, nine, hundred, six, one, zero, four, one, real radio one, four, point one. THOUGHT IF YOU LOSE Hours Win W. I n. text the word when you want two hundred and you could win a thousand dollars the last week we're doing it right here before Labor Day weekend so good luck I'd love to see you win. A thousand bucks all day to try right after the Mazar you got the news junkie they have sometimes there were you can win the the thousand dollars, and then also during the Jim Culvert show. So good lucks stay here all day with radio four point one I'm Russ. rollins along with Angelique and Angel Carlos. Now it's time for the King of Denmark, Ryan homes to make his daily proclamation. Chew Oh. Yeah. Well, fun fun morning. Everybody always love hanging out guys in the morning and I learned a learned from staff. One else would you hang out with us? We do is secret afternoon show. That's right Ma. We. Got Russia's chair the unveiling of the chair, which is very, very exciting. and. Fun Photo shopping of that. I got a video. Thank you for doing that. I'm I'm put a video together trying to help hype it a little bit more but those pictures you did funny there are really good. Thank you. Yeah. I'm working on a video to. I thought we had a little more time to release it, but it's it's going to be fun and I enjoyed making fun of your chair and not making fun showing it to the people. That's what I was doing. So we also learned Angelique is a freak and. BANGS. Out. That's the thing that we just kind of glossed over and I'm surprised we did that. But okay, she's hardcore for timber scam I keep forgetting I always thought she was just like a little princess princess? Four. Five you guys come on I mean definitely if you saw my Tiktok video server, my husband, some lunch and. MINUS MINUS. The clothing, and there was a whole tiktok on it and. Listen, you gotta spice things up what are you gonNa lay in your bed missionary style the whole time come on, did a Tiktok where your new giving your husband food. It's pretty darn funny. It's his reaction to whatever it says seeing me because he's getting out of work for lunch he's talking about. Work and when he rounds the corner, he's like what? His. Shocked reaction. Okay. That's good. That's good stuff. Yeah, LAURA IF I surprise my lady nude with food, she would begin laughing hysterically and it would not be sexy moment at all. Well. That's cool. That's cool. They gotTA keep it spicy I remember my my grandparents talking to them one time and I was like you guys have been together for so long. GRANDPA went what catch she guys together and my grandpa dead after World War Two. Just go low lighting. and. That's what I've always thought of I. think that's like GonNa mess with me why that's why I'm always like low lightings. You don't WanNa see like like I just got a new TV and it's four K. and it's I've never watched TV and four. K. before it but you can see the pores on everybody's nose and it's not like good. I got to figure out how to add blur to my TV because everybody just looks a little too real right now. Oh yeah and the marvel movies and stuff like that. You'll see some it looks so fake. Fake that I've been watching Netflix shows Netflix show dark, and now in the HD four k. the set pieces look like set-pieces. Yeah which is the time it's it's actually kind of disappointing and then my girl thinks nuts because there's something in the TV where. It upgrades it but when it upgrades the picture. It makes it a little bit more fast forward. S The framing, it's the French for second. Yeah. So that that drives me nuts I almost want to go back get a crappier TV, just turned that off is their way to tell you gotta go in there and do the program forget the directors a director that did one of the marvel movies and him and. His writing partner or something they did a tutorial I've read about it. I think you're right. It was a brother and they did a tutorial on how to turn that off of all your smart TVs because they feel that the smart TV's are ruining all these moves does because of that technology looks like everything's a high school production. Yeah. Yeah. It's weird. So I've been disappointed by that a little bit but I'm glad that's a feature I can figure out how to turn off. But Carlos the results are in buddy. Are you pregnant. Yes I am. At from sitting in Russia's chair one. No we did we did the first round of the voting for the what is the Best Voice of Carlos Tomorrow man so they've I bracket is done, and if you want to vote on this, I'm GONNA put up the new bracket later today. But if you WANNA vote on this, make sure you join our facebook group at facebook the Youtube Monsters official facebook group that's where we all hang out and congregate after the show. It's a lot of fun you also get information on how to get this sweet sweet t shirt that I got on and I love this t shirt it feels good go to the real radio DOT FM FLAT STORE Couple upsets in this Carlos. Okay I thought it was going to happen because you know how you do it. You do a tournament. You've seen the best in the worst or sort of did it on the people's initial like what they wanted and? Fourteen. People said like one voice I put it as an upper seed. You know. Okay. Okay. Makes Sense. So here's how it broke down I'm going to start down at the bottom seed and let's see. So it was Mieno's versus the raccoon mayor of Apopka. Oh, that's a tough match-up, a gay versus the Raccoon Mayor Apopka who? I think are the to the funnier is means but I think they're talking about coon more people identify with I'm GonNa say the Raccoon One oh man. Well, you would be absolutely incorrect restaurants. It was me no I. Love it. Fantastic. The next seed was frank the bear. Genie. Frank the bear versus. Jasper. The bear by far the you are absolutely correct people. Jasper I was confused as well. Now, this one, this one, this one was a battle. It was weird. One of the weirder seat horny giant versus Teenage Savannah. Wow those are those are some classic. That was something I wasn't comfortable typing into facebook. I'm GONNA think horny giant because. Savannah's represented four or five times. Appear up. Kind Kinda waters it down downs. I'm thinking horny giant. It was horny giant absolutely wizard to the spider verse. There is Savannah verse where there are these multiple versions of Savannah that live amongst So yeah horny giants. Yes. Is a good win like that. All right for this for the number twelve seed it was savannah vs Jeff House advantage crushed that one I, think is one vote for Jeff how which? The by the way. That's about it. Jeff. How Come on tomorrow we're going to, talk to Jeff and. He's got a great Mike Setup for zoom as well. If you remember that first time I tried to do it. He was crystal, clear and ready to go so. Yeah I'd like to see Jeff Number Eleven scarface verse Shack. Oh what did they have to go? That's how the seating works man m that must've. Look like. Okay. He's a good guy. I. Like Me Play for Miami won a couple of years. I gotTA. Beat them. You know and beat him. You did Tony Montana big win for scarface over. Shack. I'm Tony. Montana the most ridiculous matchup with an and ridiculous things I've ever written the facebook. Russ's lump lumpy lump verse President Obama. Be Lumpy Lump I. Believe one he won want lumpy trounced trounced Obama. It's OK. Problem Look I'm tired. I don't have to deal with anything lumpy what? We had the Nobel Peace Prize. nope okay. Good. And then we had billy the button. Versus lowered grape UBE, which is Oh, this is billy the button. Add because more recent. Lord grape UBE that was That was a memorable appearance though I mean that that Gwynn straight to classic. I mean best of but but nats makes fun of Ryan Home People Love to make fun of Ryan home. So it's a it's a riot homes Dig so I but the reason. Grape. Doesn't win is we just don't have enough of him. That is true. Angel I'm royalty. Loan gray the long stresses patch high I d be more dignified more Oh more votes Gary Gregory you. Remember what? I would actually like to see more of that character but but net one out but. It never ate what you could easily call a trouncing which was kinda surprising is newark character was slime bag versus Tiger King Joe Exotic. Yeah and slam bag Chris Joe. Absolute. BAGS GONNA crush probably almost everybody. This is not a dig towards Joe Exotic, but we party one time and he gets down if you know what I'm saying. L. Damn. Well in jail now. Number seven was committed Stepdad doing for, is it Dwayne Daryl people put different name stood? Way dwayne commit step Ed. Verse Pinecone Man who I was unfamiliar with. But Dwayne the committed step dad winning that one out number six was now a lot of these get real heated right around the top seats number six Ricardo the crocodile. Damage eight bobby on. Against my housekeeper Rosa. See now. Fairly, Rosa is a fan favorite that. I mean. This battle went back and forth for days. What's it really really with a lot of people saying I really love Rosa. I want to hear more of Rosa but? Crosses onto something in the sense right 'cause. Rosa. What's amazing about her is that she gives us amazing insight onto what it is inside his home. And what a what a mess that is nice through I am the Housekeeper Ryan and let me tell you I I went to mass ago and Ryan. Soap in the bathroom was full. I go yesterday still. Wash Button. Okay. Not Wash any dirty boy Moy suseya I have a very clean but. Next. One. Number five was to baby characters against each other, which is baby Savannah against gave Abe okay baby. ACTUALLY PEOPLE WITH SAVANNAH? Really. Yes A. Lakers. Capable. Much regular. ORLANDO. Weekly Savannah's winning a lot on this one. I'm the bottles books. But number four with fat, Russ, Big Fat, Russ Verse Gator Mary, Oh I. I don't think it was big fat. Is Big. Yeah. People love like by far on this seed Big Fat Russ. Yeah Run into your house. This is our dude I'm eating food. I don't care if it's out of the Big Russ is here to stay. How don't differ than regular? Regular. Rough. Now, it's totally different res-. Here's Big Fat Russ walking around on the toughest guy here in this town a kick. Your ass across the way torch come around because you know I don't play I don't know why you're doing this, Nipsy Russell. S. Just. Regular Russ Hey I'm Russ, I'm paying kiss chairs I love everybody all over the place because you're cool because you rock I love Marianne Kashi. So hot that. Sound. A thinner. You're right. that. was what I was going. Number three. This one was a big deal. This one was very highly contested as well. It was your Ryan versus movie. Dork. ooh. I don't my favorite is the or Ryan but but movie dorks been around long. That's a battle. Thanks a lot. Appreciate you taking the fat and stupid. You're Ryan guess what your another voice maybe they'll get totally ridden never be with one of the first Monday Joe here and you're GonNa Take Your Ryan, your Ryan of all people nobody even the when he's from England, it would believe you. Better. Well, I'm sorry to tell you movie door but your Ryan beaten out by. Pro that screw all these people. I noted robbery angel voted for me I think is ridiculous. A little because it has to do with Ryan I, think. Better character I was surprised by the voting as well, and that's not because it makes fun of me I just really enjoy movie doric and how quickly Carlos can talk and say all those things that allowed I think it was a great choice. This gun fortunately I don't think it was worthy. Movie Dork is a better character. Even your ride myself. That's. Right number two is Boston Carlos Double Andrei. These guys would really fight in real life but. I. Don't think. So it was as heated as well but Boston Carlos, taking it on the top on that one, hell. Yeah. Quashing all day long all day long Boston see mother, and then the last seat on this one was Tony Tiger Sin. Against Orphan Ryan. I WanNa see Orphan Ryan when the whole thing. Off, thank you Mr Russes I never won anything in my entire life. The only thing I ever wanted was a second place in mosses comedies contest. Got Me this Gig on second I won second place in the Orlando weekly all my God I'm the second-place kid. Jesus. The second place A. Else's number one 'cause I'm your second place kid give me the best just Gimme runner-up. Up Kid I U-. Beaten Tony Taggers was orphaned Ryan. So over the next one to watch and Ryan. At the. Been, so do you place bets on this? So now we've narrowed it down a little bit further. Got Another week to go and allow. Yes we're going to figure out which overall is the best voice that you've done at least for twenty twenty in the that we're doing for this year. So I've had a ton of fun making this and make sure you join our facebook group. That's the youtube monsters official facebook group, and you can add all that stuff ain't there I appreciate you doing that. lutely. It was my second favorite thing I've ever done on this show. The first favorite thing I ever did was work with dom from home loans radio. Dot. com. Because Don got me my mortgage on my house that I live in now where I'm able to sit at home and come up with little bracket systems and stuff, and it is just the best. So hit up down the mortgage guy from home loans radio DOT. Com and he will help you out if you're looking to get a refi or you're looking to buy a house for the first time Don is the guy you WanNa talk to absolutely you just gotTa Home Radio Dot Com you hit apply now couldn't be happier and mortgage rates have literally never been lower. So now is the time to do that so and check out his show on Saturdays on real radio one four. Did it again on Real Radio One zero, four point one from nine to ten thirty, and so it shall be, Hey, one of the things I got a lot of response from last week was I can't believe Angelique doesn't know any of those people. And Talk. And we've got another round of that. When we come back if she knows any of these are people who are in pop culture, the rest of the smell. Does. She know him or not. They've had some birthdays and actually saved some birthdays up just because I knew Angelique would be here. Today we'll be that when we come back, you're listening to the in the morning. Were this hour's win w. i N. Good Luck see you win thousand dollars you don't win now. Fifteen minutes right before the news, you hear another key word. So try to tech sat back to the monsters in the morning radio one, four, point, one broadcasting live on Iheart radio also live on our youtube channel. We'll radio Moscow's on youtube but we appreciate you guys being there and there's a lot of people that chat and talk air and. It's it's pretty cool. All right. So I like now saving the the birthdays and seeing how many of these Angelique knows how many pop culture celebrities she knows. Now there are eight of them and Carlos I'll. I'll ask you what do you think out of Eight? How many pop culture celebrity birthdays you think Angela will actually know who they are. To you say two of the what do you think think? Come right home man she didn't. She do a goose egg last last time big. Get One. Point I got one person's age right. But that's not how it works man I want to say. I believe in her say three. Three of the what do you think Angel One. Now, I'm going to tell you I'm looking at these celebrities I. Don't think they're in God's green earth any way she can miss any of them. There's just no way. She does I'm going I will slap myself in the face. If she gets odd, you just gotTa Mris on purpose now. Okay. US. I and as far as guests in the ages. quickly, because we don't really care, I just wanted to see if she knows who these people walk. Okay. It's his Bir- I think his birthday was yesterday Do you know who Chris Tucker is? Chris Tucker? Yes. He is a comedian guy okay yeah. Say that he's forty, three, forty, three. Carlos how old is Chris? Tucker I think Chris is probably fifty years old. Ryan Homes Chris. Tucker what do you think I'm GonNa go forty nine. Point nine years old. Okay. All right. Here we go. Angelique. Do you know who Debbie Gibson is? Oh my gosh. Yeah she's a singer I love Debbie Gibson. Are you kidding me? Yeah, she's Fifty two. Okay. What do you think think Ryan home how? Debbie Gibson. Debbie Gibson Deborah? She takes out around trash. And she is. Sixty years. Old Sixty years. Old Way. Thank. Angel, how old is the Debbie? Gibson fifty-one dippy one. Carlos. Debbie Gibson has electric youth vibrating thrown entire body. And she's also fifty years old. Go fifty years old. There you go. Okay. Angelique you got to right so far I. I don't think you can miss any of these pop culture celebrities but you know we'll see Richard Gere who is Guy Are you. Kidding me Richard Gere. Woman. How old is, how old is actor Richard Gere? He is sixty six. What do you think Ryan homes held is Richard Gere. Richard is sixty five in the hamsters twenty two. Angel. Richard. Gere. Is Sixty one. What do you think a Carlos? He's been around for a minute and just abrupt. I just sixty two Richard Gere seventy one ooh, wow. Yeah. Angela. You'd gotten three. Life. All right. Van. Morrison who is Van Morrison? Oh. Star. Oh my God. The greatest artists are. Okay. There again did. Oh Is that I missed it. I was looking away. I missed it. You'll have to go back I really hard to. Follow. You Know Van. Morrison Brown eyed girl I mean wouldn't song? Okay. All right. How old is Van Morrison singer Van Morrison Sixty five what do you think Ryan? WHO'VE YEAH SIXTY ONE Carlos got to be on that I mean probably seventy eight Oh. I would think. Angel Seventy six, seventy, five years old. Okay. Have you ever heard of Gloria Estefan? Happy Birthday Glory of course I've ever heard of course Gloria Stefan and the sound machine. Yeah. Okay how old? How old is she had a birthday yesterday see. A. Three fifty three years old, what do you think right home that you girl glorious Devon's coming out of the dark and look injustice good and sixty three years old rest she is sixty three. Ice. At all I celebrate this day you gotTa know who Dr Phil Is. How? Dr Phil. Dr Phil is seventy one we think, Carlos? Sixty six. Angel. Sixty five how do you think Dr Phil Is Ryan Sixty Nine? He is seventy years old. Okay. Very. Good Angelique who is buried again don't let me slot myself again. Come on. He's A musician. Okay. But. What kind of music from what? Hey y'all. Have? Genre He's a Rocker, oh my God. Giving, it to yourself, right. BG's my God woman. NEEDS TO USE? Yeah. You should have given you just like you just like hitting yourself now. She had no idea who it was how old is very good. He's seventy-six What do you think I? Don't know why this bit turned me back in myself. Anymore. Angel. How old are you think Gary Gabriel Mary Seventy we think our homes no. Seventy two. Carlos seventy, five here Barry Gibbs seventy four years old and the very last one didn't you did already missed one lily Tomlin who lily Tomlin is. Lily Tomlin is a very distinctive writer. Wow Dan Really Louis Tom when you All those like really good. Thanks for. Netflix how old is? What that is yeah. She's a very famous comedian How do you think she is Carlos. She's gotta be eighty four years old homes. I'm going to go eighty. Angel Seventy Nine Hundred Eighty two I didn't ask me. You don't even know she is. Eighty one years old and There you go. there. Guinness. Three. Three. Years Tommy. Morrison, you missed. Three other Carlos New podcast yeah. Check out the new Frankenberg podcast downloaded. Go subscribe to it. It's to the top with Carlos. Navarro. Angel. Me Up on any social media platform. home. Make sure you join our facebook group the Youtube Monsters facebook group and get yourself a shirt at real radio. Dot FM slash store and follow me at Ryan homes comedy. We're never doing that swept up in the face now. Crazy that wasn't even you hit that was bef are hitting and he put his weight behind it. That is that is not good. We got to keep that Angelique. Follow me on Instagram Angelique Dancer Nine tiktok Angelique the dancing queen. We re unveiled the the chair that I painted for charity. Look for that coming up very soon, all the money's GonNa go to the much receipt of central Florida. They need some help right now 'cause someone just recently stole their van of all thanks Jennifer, trying to do our best to help them raise some money for the news junkie right after the monsters at three o'clock Jim. Colbert. Show after that you got Tom and Dan minutes real last with monster comics and we're back tomorrow you're. Going to be with tomorrow, he just got back to me. So that'll be a lot of fun from Brahma Carlos Ryan Angel Angelique the later this Messa. Mary Van Russ I like to buy tiny maps rally. Thank you so much less than we gotta go home. We gotta get the hell out of here. Own. World. Just minutes away from a grand in your hand brought to you by meals hair on real radio on four point one.

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