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Patrick Mouratoglou on Ultimate Tennis Showdown

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Patrick Mouratoglou on Ultimate Tennis Showdown

"Everyone John Wartime here this week. Sports illustrated tennis podcast. Our guest is Patrick Barada. Blue is a tennis entrepreneur healed. And Namesake Academy you probably know him best as coach up Serena Williams and Coco Golf he a commentator. He's also the commissioner of the UPS. WHAT DOES UPS? Is the ultimate tennis showdown, which is What are these unsanctioned events occurring during covid? This event is happening June thirteenth through July twelfth at the more Talk Academy on the French Riviera. Players include deficits poss-. Matteo Bertini David Gafa been pair Richard Gasquet so This is another one of these events that's going on while there are new tour events, so we talk with Patrick ups, but also a bit about tennis in twenty twenty. He made some news this week when he talked about. How tennis needs an overhaul. How the? The audience is getting older and we talk about some of the possibilities in plans there. He was We recorded this full disclosure on Wednesday day before apparently, there was a press conference. He was a little bit coy about revealing the specifics of ups, but it does sound like he's going to unveil some of these innovations that that he talked about an in baked herbs so This is a good conversation we agree on some things disagree on others, but think you'll enjoy the next half hour so. So. Here's here's Patrick. Where are you? How are you? Might I get him in south France and I'm good. I'm very busy because we use that. down periods to. Be as creative as possible. Let's talk about that. You also you. You look like you got a haircut. Did yesterday. You have a good eye. Eric Good. You're the lucky ones. So you have. A big week ahead of you. We were talking actually on tennis channel just an hour ago about about. UTSA and some of the players that are going to be in the field. What what's the objectives I mean? It's the players need to play in. Events need to happen. What why do this? I do this because I feel that tennis needs to reinvent itself I know when I said it sounds a bit too much, but I explain explain why. The tennis founded getting older. The Fan base is getting older nothing against people that at a certain point, any fan base has to be renewed. If it's not renewed. People are getting older and older. At some point. It's not gonNa work anymore and when you're busy. Sixty one years old and get one year older every year. You have to start to worry and try to find solutions, so I tried to understand why we were in this situation. I realized that I level. People feel that it was better before that's. That's what I hear every day, and you probably hear the same by the way people tell me this everyday simple. Better before okay, so I ask why because we had better personalities before hand I think I think that it's not true I think we have great personalities in tennis but I think they don't dare anymore expressing their emotions and expressing who they are, it's It's It's all about being politically correct all the time, so it's not very fun for the for new fans, not very appealing. And we get real lot of diversity diverse, still game styles university with the young players, very young women being in Grand Slam finals that we don't have anymore because of rules, all this is because the rules that have been been put in place rules to prevent young players to reach the final grand slams rules. Due To intentional or not, but we destroyed and get rid of the servant players for example he says because of rules also I mean. The uniformization of the surfaces and the code of conduct which is rules also that get rid of the diversity of this person is is on court. And the percents very polished now. And I think it affects the show. The Game of tennis is incredible show of tennis I think is. Very old fashioned. and. Goal is to bring the best from the best. And also to be more modern in the way to showcase is taking into consideration how people consume videos and sports and anything actually today. The the American cliche is that there's a lot to unpack there To! What extent are you differentiating between? When when the ball is in play in when it's not because I'm looking out there and I'm seeing. I saw a sixteen year old that I will call her a girl, and not a woman I saw sixteen year old girl. Addressing a crowd about an issue having nothing to do with tennis and I see a thirty nine year old. Man is is going to get knee surgery, but continue playing in twenty twenty one and I see a much more racially diverse and nationally diverse sport than than I did twenty years ago. I push back on some of that, but I I think your your point when the balls in play. I think is a much different situation. I mean when when do you think we lost? When did we lose these fans? I think so first of all I think the game is extremely slow. I think tennis matches a marathon. You have to sit down and have a almost for the next three hours if not more. And to ask fifteen or twenty or even twenty five or thirty years old good, this is not going to happen. So! That's a big problem. this is about the formats and more than that. It's Long, plus it's. It's very boring for non fan for finding fine because the game. Itself is enough for me. I'm fine. I can watch three hours. Imagine happy, but for someone who's tennis fan. You have to realize that the time. People don't play is much longer at a time when people play. And when they don't play. They're basically a doing this with the towel. They're. They're bouncing the ball choosing the I mean nothing's happening this last so long. people wait all the time. Sometimes. There is no break for almost a set, so nothing's happening. and. The players are flex their behaviors. They will behave the same. There are few exceptions, but aside of exceptions most of them behave disabled a time. And ended. Don't give anything no emotions nothing so for non fun. Honestly today and I don't even talk about how complicated is scoring. How complicated is the ranking system and for non? It's almost a no go. Twenty Times before they get into tennis, so. That's exactly. The goal of ups gets rid of all those. Goes Create a format that is much faster dynamics surprising Because! That's how people. Consume videos and inform us today. So how do I think we're in agreement? I mean I look out there and I see the number one. Highest paid female athlete is Japanese Haitian who lives in Florida I mean I. See terrific product when the ball outside of the matches. You have to show. People say I love Serena Williams. Oh, she's my favorite. And then you realize these people have never seen her play when they say. I Love Serena Williams they love what she stands for. They love following her on on social media. They love it when she's on the view date never seen her hit a tennis ball. So it'd be keep going with specifics. How do we want once the match starts. How do we make this more telegenic? How do we capture this with with video better? And how do we bring in younger fans? so basically the show in the mess to be much shorter. A lot of things happening. Not only two guys intangibles I think they're like in a good movie. You have different personalities. You have a story. You have different actors. You don't to actress. You have several once you have I. Roll Second Rule. I know where you're going with this all right, so you? We want coaching. That's not the only thing, but I'm not supposed to give the too much details because we do it tomorrow night at seven in the press conference so I'm not supposed to give some details. So. But. Basically you bring all the people on board in the match you create a. You create events within the match. And surprise, also not you can tennis. You don't surprised. I, mean there's only a cumulus inbound surprise. Nobody else surprising anything so and I don't want only. Curious would be boring also because we would know exactly what's going to happen. we want different personalities. We want diversity, so I agree with you. There are many more colored people than before. That's true, but the game styles are not as diverse as before adult. Not at all. The game styles, the young people sorry, but did not gonNA play Grinstein final because the rules are too. I mean that's the that's the whole point about the rule to prevent them from doing that's so. It's not going to happen and the person that is on court are. Very standardized so I? Don't think I think that's what's interesting about. We're all different, so if should serve the same person there, there's no story actually. If I might, if I may make a comparison, I would say that a tennis match is a movie with only. A person in the movie that are that are a nice. Well behaved. Don't do anything wrong and they're. They're extremely politically correct, so there is no story. That's what it today. and that was not like that in the at all. I was GONNA say. Do you think we're romanticizing? The, we're talking about the tennis boom. When a lot of these fans I got into tennis right so we're talking about, but you want to say. Seventy six to eighty six right. The? Do, you think the sport was significantly different than than than versus now. We romanticizing, or do you think it really was materially different? Traditions. What do you say that? Just Watch. What's this This TV? Show called the French nineteen ninety-one. You, Watch. The the Verite, the the documentary with Yeah Yeah you can compare. The night. No I, think I think the I would say that I think. The the the players were very easy to identify. They really grew strong per scientists. You'll do the board yet. McEnroe Connors gear lights is Nastase -I all those guys, such strong personality, and sometimes the person he was to become. It's not only crazy people. That's what I'm saying, but they were. And they were sharing much more than emotions with the crowd on the court. You're going through the motions and they were showing that, so they were engaging the crowd so. Do you think the athletes today I mean. Let's say we relax. Relax the code of conduct, and we encourage player to express themselves. They still go on their phone. And it's you know Patrick you're such a jerk and emojis means. Do you think even if we relaxed every every disincentive in the code players today would would want that role that with with social media and with commercial pressures is. Our players would respond differently than they do now. I think in a way you're right. And I. Hear a lot of nonsense I mean that's my opinion like. People and a gen saying. Oh, you can't do that. It's contracts. I sorry but I. Have to answer you WanNa talk about curious contracts. You don't talk about McEnroe's contracts. What is this? This is not right now. It's true. There is nothing worse than to be nobody. That's the worst and I. Don't think it's right either to try to be somebody else and I love these quotes. Be Yourself. Everybody else is already taken. Obliged perfectly to tennis tried to play a role and it's I. Think is hurting. Tennis is the lack of authencity. That's why I said I hate when they hugged themselves at the end, because they don't mean it just good on TV. Most of them, sometimes sometimes there is a reason, but once in a while, not every match. And I knew when it started that it will be every much now. It's almost every much hugged themselves I, mean you? They want to beat the other guy is. I mean this is. This is unattended. I think we should bring back authencity so now we'll. The players do it I think. I think we have a good chance. Though a lot of people are saying wrong things that are not true. And there is a pressure from the sponsors that should. I can tell you because I know. Don't do that. It's not our brand i. mean sorry about your brand, but this is me I. Mean You have certain point? You can think only about the money you have to also accept to be authentic and be yourself, and it has to be explained to the players. It has to be explained to the players, also that the great star of the history of our game is John McEnroe and is nothing like floods, nothing nothing like politically correct, so this is not true just about finding your your. Your own image that reflects who you are. That's what it's about more than trying to be perfect. It's like it's almost a competition to be the most politically correct. So so boring. It's krones. I hear close and you. You know I'm right. I'm surprised to hear you say that. So where so let's keep going with that the win. Where does the resistance come right? We always talk about what can we do to? To change the sport and to speed it up, and maybe we dropped best of five sets, and maybe we have a real I totally agree with what you're saying. The the dead time between points is just lethal. If you're if you're my teenage kids, you have lost them the minute you spend thirty seconds bouncing balls and going for towels executives. Where's the resistance coming? Who who is opposing this? Who is you're saying? We need to change and evolve and adjust and I think most people would agree. Where does the resistance come so that we've had this conversation for years and years, and not whole lot has changed. Just one figure I had my people work on the time played during a match. You, WanNa hear the results. How much time played. Compared to the blood, so they did it on three matches fitter birds. They played fifteen percent of the time one five. The whole match bought balls in play for fifteen percent of the time of match fifteen right Chris, Out Korea on clay now doubt Korea Klay twenty two percent. CALVA gender son six percents as you can get so. So where is the resistance coming? Though I mean who who is opposing this? Who who are these traditionalist we keep hearing about the. Don't WANNA change. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone. I'm just the only thing I can say that I think it's difficult for the ATP, end. To make any change because the the fan base of the HBO under. Our guys who were on board in the eighties and is still the same people. They still here. They're still defense now today because they are very loyal to tennis. and. Among them a lot of them like the is, and and in general, people are against any kind of a change so. Probably ATM WGN IS DIFFICULT TO TAKE the risk to lose their offense. They have no guarantee that they're going to get new ones. Because they're not for the moment, so they stick to their fans and I completely understand it, and that's why I'm doing what I'm doing. I'm thinking well. They can't do it I understand it I can do it i. have no fence, so it's easy for me to start from scratch and propose something different, and we see if it's appealing or not enough to the younger generation succeed we succeed, they will be a. we have to find a space for both formats, and that's it so I mean you're. You're being coy about what we're going to see from From from UT, ask, but you think this is transferable to tour events, mean you? Represent either. You mentioned technology and video. What what can tell us be doing different in that respect. A lot of things I mean I I? Prefer that you see Utsa and you tell me what you think about it I mean it's not the it's not the ideal version I would like because we didn't have a lot of time. I mean it's nothing compared to a dependable G.. It's completely different. but I think you two or three, so the next and then the next. Showdowns. We'll be closer to the final product imagined. You have you have an event with? Top Top flight players. But very few of them. What do you? What do you think of? One hundred twenty eight draw. Major Tournament in two thousand twenty still be We still be talking about the US Open and French Open. Which I could see that happen. Of course, I am a tennis fan so I love Grand Slams. Of course. I want him to take place. These circumstances though you like to see these events held. I. Don't know how he's GonNa. Look like I. Don't want them to look bad. That would be really terrible. And I? Don't think they can happen. If the top players refused to play, and that's what it looks like for the US Open from what I heard so. He. The top guys don't play and it doesn't look good. I mean is the US Open. Don't don't. Show a bad image of the USTA. I mean it's not a big deal to wait for one more year I mean they will be in the history. There will be one year without us. and. Right. Significant revenue loss, but I understand why the try to make it. What I want to ask you. How big a deal to the players you think it is! Not, to have fans I mean Serena's an obvious example who? Wherever, she goes. She's playing on the big cord on TV in front of. Twenty thousand fans. What do you think the role of the fan is going to be in these events that for for the rest of the year and maybe even Australia we have fans in the stands. What's the impact of that? So we found a good solution. I think at a ups you'll see, i. mean this definitely a big big extra to find the motivation to play your best. I think players adapt to everything. That's does the number one quality of a professional tennis player that they shen? So I think they will adopt I think they'll. No, they'll be live on TV. Over the planet are there is an opponent Indosat record is a good player They will find a motivation, but I'm sure the event is better with the crowd. I'M NOT GONNA. Say Better without this true. What do you think's going to be the hardest part for the players when they come back? I don't think it's going to be hard. They'll be so excited. Because they see some here in the next. Few days and I mean the different. because. They have a goal when tennis Florida needs goals. They used to have goals short-term goals all their lives. They have tournament next week or the week after so this is the thing that gets the motivation to do this extra thing. They need to do everyday at practice to get ready. When you don't have that, it's extremely difficult. I can tell you see the difference with the guy's ear once the new playing at UTSA new. They're going to be liable over the planet. They know they're gonNA play. Some great players suddenly boom. They know what they practice. Intensity. What's your vision goes to the next level so? I think as soon as they know, they have to reverse, and they know when they'll be fine right now. Play players after players, and that's been the hardest part about this period that we don't know when we're coming back. We don't know what surface if you if you tell me just to start running, and you don't say it's a sprint. It's ten miles. It's fifteen miles. If you just say start running and we'll tell you when the stop you don't know how to pace yourself. Exactly what? What else have you learned to you of players at the academy right now. What else have you learned about? Tennis players in the last ninety days. What I just told you. That if they don't have a short term goal is extremely difficult for them. They're almost depressed. They like that older life with this kind of This kind of pressure. That they have to be ready for the next one. And this pressure helps them. To the job well to get ready, and if they don't have that pressure. They don't even know why to step onto. Court is thing that I've heard a lot? Why do I go into? Court wants to point maybe gonNA even played here. What am I doing? I WANNA ask you. Were you know respecting the professional relationship I. Want to ask you about Serena. WHO's a player that obviously a lot of people are wondering about? She has a a gap in her schedule, and she gets to be a wife and mother and stay off of airplanes She also has a gap in schedule and you know at an age where she probably wants to play all the major she can. Actually holding up. And what are we expecting there? I think he's fine I. Think She She needed rest anyway, and she would have taken rice, so she had the rest that she needed. As. They took a few weeks off. Doing nothing nothing nothing physical. Doing a little things by undecided, her daughter of course, family and her businesses. and then she started to just get back in shape, doing fitness and lately tennis shoe times a week. an I, know I know that just voice, just the body still get used to the sports and Denison in particular. And then we're. GonNa go more specific as early as she knows when she's GonNa connects like every player. And I think she's fine. I think To have had more time to rest is not a bad thing for her. And she says. Patrick GonNA play. The US Open and I'm going to have male. You have to take one member of my entourage and I may have to be in the. Airport hotel for two and a half or three weeks on the other hand. It's a chance to win this twenty, four, major or what? What do you tell her if she asked for your for your input? One hundred percents for sure even without me if she wants to go with a daughter, but someone has. None of definitely should go. You think she should. Hundred percent. percent she has goals so anything that can get her closer to a goals is a positive thing for me. So ups. UTSA KICKS OFF I'm looking at the field I see. Bertini go Fatima's gasquet. These are these are top players. What what do you expect from them I? Mean you're? You're being very coy about the format to We're GONNA have to hear your your press conference to get the specifics, but tell us give us a little sense of what we can expect. I mean I spoke to them individually thirty minutes before the they enroll because I wanted to be sure that they were excited about the format than they really wanted to goods and. The the feedbacks superposed. I think they're excited to something different. I explained to them that we're trying to find the best format for the future of tennis, so they're young I mean not all of them, but even the `nother young and the other ones were thinking. It's funny. It's difference and it's competition and we play great players, so it's. It's only positive, so they were they were. what to expect. Very fast. Spring rather than a marathon. Dennis batch will be with us Things go fast. Everything's GonNa. Be Fast, everything's GonNa be exciting things going to be emotional. If you are a tennis fan, you have to look at that because you'll see Dennis differently. And if you're not a dentist, you'd better look because. Maybe you're gonNA like Dennis now. That's, that's really the goal here to bring in to bring these casual fans. Percents. You have to propose something that they can like. So we try I, mean I'm not saying. I'm just saying. We look at the issues that tennis has end the. The hurdles that new fans would have to climb to to get into tennis. We take. We take those older hurdles. We take them out. We propose a format that is more interactive, more fun, more emotional or fast fester. And and we, we hope they love it, and if not, we will make more adaptations, and we'll get at the end. We'll get the right format and for me. It's something we we bill altogether. I'm happy and interested with your feedback or anybody's back. Who knows Danish well who has a sense of what the fans would like and? That's what I said to the broadcasters. Also we do that altogether. I. It sounds like you scared me there in the beginning. I gotTA. Tell you because I I see tennis. I think the format needs in absolute overhaul. I watched my kids when tennis on TV and it's just not realistic. They're going to sit there and watch and there's dead time. You could argue about the code but I look outside of Tennis I. Look Not at the time other than the match itself and I see. This wonderful cast from around the world that you know for for majors sixteen to thirty nine, and it's it's men and women and international and Novak's talking about vaccinations and curious in Murray or on Instagram I mean I think. What am I? Is that. The the players and the cast of characters are great, and then when it's showtime, it's exactly what you said. It's a bland movie once it's actually showtime. What's the movies not playing? You love these guys so. It sounds like you and I are in a similar place here. I think so I feel so just one thing about the code of conduct thirty three pages to tell people so even on the ethic I'm shocked I'm shocked that. Tells people how to behave? This is unacceptable to me unacceptable. They can tell them. You can go that far that far. This is fine, but in this in the middle there is a space where they should be able. To to to behave the way they want, you know who? We were nowhere else on the planet. You know allowed to be yourself. That's the. Only place and you just end here and you think players would do this. You think with social media. Pressure is in ages. You think players would take advantage of that if this code of conduct was relaxed if they're more guys than me, who are saying the same things? That is not true that he's going to hurt their their image I think it's exactly the opposite. I, think they. It's always better to be yourself and trying to be somebody else. I think that people love to share emotions. Your emotions with them? Of course, some people will like you, that's. But a lot of people will like you and I mean I. Think is a good example. Right because she's very. She, she brings her emotions and that's also why she's so popular. Of course because she's a champion, she is, but also because. Of that I think and very humid on the court. She's crying. She's a she leads her emotion. Go flow, and she's human. The other ones looks nuts human. and she could have, and she's in a position where she doesn't have to deal with back. She's reached a level where she doesn't have to worry about backlash, but now let's put your point's well taken. This is great. We will We're going to send feedback. Thank you very much. Pleasure as always think John Take care all right. Thanks to our guests. Patrick. Beravic always a pleasure talking with him. one of these. Forces of good in the game, and you agree with him on some matters. You perhaps disagree with him another's. He cups a bit of a controversial figure, but he wants what's best for the sport and yet you have to respect that again. The UT s kicks off June thirteenth and goes through July twelfth, and then it sounds like we might see Patrick in one capacity another of the US Open. So either way we thank him for his time, and we will be watching UTSA. If you guys have comments, good, bad or indifferent. We would be happy to forward those to Patrick's and Asked for feedback, we believe he sincere. Jamie. Let me bring you in. Thanks as always for your producer excellence. I want to ask you Jamie from where you sit. I don't say how bad is it? But what do you make of tennis in this stagnation? That Patrick? Answer as you said I think we agree with Patrick on some parts and non others I. Think the idea of whether it's a faster pace format or a little bit more of a of the Times way for younger fans interact with players. We see this a lot with the NBA for example who has done a lot with innovation within the game, and really trying to attract a younger audience, whether it's on Tiktok or whether the ability for fans. Fans to you know interact during matches whatever it is We've seen that and I think you know he's right to say that that we should have tennis. Be a little bit more of the Times in that way, but I also have to say that especially in the past few weeks. I think the young stars of the game have really spoken up and carved out a place for themselves, so to say that there is no appetite for. A younger audience to engage with tennis I think it's. It's a little bit wrong because I don't think the only way, a younger audience is going to engage with tennis is through tennis itself. I think all of the off court. Things that happen with the players in the game will also help I think players like Kikoko Golf and others who have really shown US they're off the court, personalities and interest in passions in these past few weeks will. Help to carry that going forward. Can I? can I make an out there point? Tell me. Agree or disagree. I I mean first of all I think. Overall I I agree with what he said I mean again. When the ball is in play, we're talking about the format of tennis from you know. Balls in play were warming up to match point I agree a lot can be done i. really take issue with what he was saying about. Players, lacking personality and not having. Color literal or metaphorical I thought that was a strange remark to make especially for a guy who coaches the players he does, and works with the players he does I. would put today's cast of characters against the seventies or eighties. Early Nineties any day of the week in terms of sort of collective character. But I, think point for well-taken about when the balls and played the what the point I would make his i. just think a lot of this is how we consume sports these days and I remember when when Michael Jordan used to play I would watch an entire. NBA Game I. Mean I I love. The NBA covered the NBA for years. I cannot tell you when the last time I watch an NBA game I mean baseball to me is unwatchable and yet I I can still be a fan and follow it. On Social Media and I saw the players and I can watch highlights. I'm not sure there are that many sports fans. The, the UFC might be an exception where the fights at a maximum last twenty five minutes at a minimum they last a matter of seconds. Take that out of it I'm not sure sports fans in general, Watch sports that much anymore I mean. We know we know about the ratings. We know about the NBA ratings. Everybody loves the NBA. Everybody's an NBA Fan. Except for the inconvenient fact that nobody is watching the games anymore. I just think the whole experience of being a sports fan has moved from watching games to following athletes on social media, and following some of the feuds and disputes and the memes and real rex, Chapman. I just think that never mind. Tennis is average age of a fan going up. I just don't think. A lot of sports fans watch sports as much as they used to. And I think this is really a I. Don't think it's a problem either I just think it's A. It's a viewing habits. A consumption habit that goes way beyond tennis So that's that's a sort of a filibuster but I. I don't disagree with him. That kids today are not sitting down to. To Watch best of five tennis match, but I'm also not sure they're watching an NFL game from the first quarter to the fourth quarter, ordinary a game, either so anyway, that's just just by two cents no I. Mean it's A. It's a bold statement to say, but I get where you're getting at and that sort of what I was saying that I think. The tennis players of today are you said it just as interesting, or if not more interesting, both on and off the core. I think that's the benefit that social media in the you know. The twenty twenty era has given us with athletes is that we're seeing different sides, and we can interact with them differently, and that's that that's what keeps us You know interested when they're on the court or off the court, and so as I, said I think the the younger players you know. are going to carry that and I think as as they grow up the younger players that come after them will will use them as the example of how they should carry themselves when it comes to off the court issues or even even on the court. You know I think we saw we saw with them Asaka and cocoa Gulf You know an and their moment that they shared on the court so I think there's. There's a lot to learn there, but I do agree that the lack of a prolonged attention span for sports that you kind of alluded to definitely exists in. That's why said that a you know some of the changes that he he spoke of whether it's a faster pace format or a little bit more interaction between fans and players or whatnot is something that I that the game could probably use in order to fulfill? A fans desire today. I'm really eager to see his event in the. Innovations the tweaks or whatever you WANNA call it about the UT s clearly. He has some proverbial tricks up his sleeve that he was a reluctant to share I. Just I want. Him, that something needs to be done to the format and it's also don't take. Don't take my kids as an example. Look sometimes at a match in notice even in the players box. These are the people who in theory have the most emotional investment in the whole stadium in this match watch. How many of them are looking at their phones? When the camera pans to them I mean again, I just I'm not sure it's. It's reasonable to expect. Even the most hardcore invested fans to. Sign up for for three hours of about going back and forth especially with towel breaks ball, bouncing. I do wonder. What you thought about his remarks. What do you think Jamie about this? US Open that again. It is whatever today is June. Time is completely fluid by the way time is. June tenth June, Tab on June tenth. We still Have a US Open. We have this conversation every week and the we have some plot shifts, but no major changes as of now the US Open his on no fans very unclear. We certainly won't have Roger Federer who shut down for the year unclear, though which players will Be in the draw in which weren't Patrick obviously is very much. Encouraging Serena Williams to be there. Where where are you right now? On the two thousand twenty? US Open Jamie. Yet, thought, it was interesting I mean Patrick didn't really take the bait on your question about three now. But. He said that he would recommend her to go. Which is fine I think you brought this up in your mailbox? But. There's no guarantee that these players are going to go, and now, of course we know that better is shutting down his season for the year due to the injury setback so i. We've talked about this. This was something I mentioned. Way Back when at the beginning of this pandemic, but I'm not sure. If you know the big three, and Serena and others decide not to play I'm not sure. If we still you know, can call this tournament a major or How the players will. Feel about going to a tournament that. Maybe doesn't have the competition that they're looking for We also talked about just the general idea of players going what they have to go through in order to string together that set of matches origin win and how amazing it would be for that player to overcome all the things that we've all been experiencing for the past few months, and still come on top and still win the US Open So. I I'm not sure I think. You know. With the PGA tour starting tomorrow, I. Think even the golfers have commented. You know that it would be really weird to hear a crooked after a crazy hole in one shot or something, I think that tennis players of course would have suit similar feeling there, but the the bottom line is. Is that without fans? It's across the board. Everyone's playing without fans was going to be weird for everyone and Joe Smith back to play is going to be weird for everyone so I'm not really sure if it's the best idea to do it, but as you said, we have not heard otherwise so I remain on offense with mixed emotions. Yeah I mean I, I think we all have mixed emotions and there's just. We! All want tennis back. The US just had terrible job cuts. You know it's that's no good for for anyone. We hate to see that we WANNA see players back to earning a living. We WanNA. See fans back to being entertained. We WanNA see racquet stringers and coaches. There's a whole tennis micro-economy that's that's been stalled here. The flip side is boy. Does this seem? Like a strange way to get your sport back and I. Don't know what happens if the stars don't play in fetters out Rafa Nadal Djokovic have been something other than doozy Asiatic asked. Bharti has has intimated crossing ocean to play the US Open I. Don't know what this. This tournament has the field of You know a five hundred event. I'm not sure who that benefits right I guess I have mixed feelings I, mean we? We were talking on on tennis channel Daniel. Collins had some unkind words for Novak Djokovic. Essentially saying like don't be a baby on the one hand. You were so great in this relief fund, and now you're not gonNA come the number. One player in the world isn't going to come to the biggest event when tennis needs to get back because you can't bring your entire entourage. I part of me, says you know what like Jovic can do it every once and if he doesn't feel like playing, you can't blame him in. It just means somebody else's GonNa. Get his spot in the draw. But the flip side of that is if star after star after star pulls out. What are we left with and? Is Espn, going to be happy with that is the USDA going to be happy with that? Is the tournament even going to happen if You know if they're two top ten players on the field which I I had heard by one count is where we are right now. There are two guaranteed top ten players in the other eight. are either on the fence or are knows. Can you still call it a major and? Hold a fourteen day event, are you? Are You thinking? That that's going to be the case as well for the French Open or our players. Having a radically different outlook when it comes to Roland Garros in the fall. I would say for variety of reasons radically different outlook me. One of them is just simply the the nerve centre of tennis is in Western Europe right now and nobody's crossing an ocean. I have not heard that the tennis players are all going to have to essentially quarantine in the same hotel as they are New York I. Mean Right now. They're talking about all two hundred and fifty six singles players. In the same airport hotel, so the not in Manhattan, it's not like they can go to central park or their favorite sushi place I've heard that if they run out of toothpaste. Someone's gotTa. Go get it for him. They can't leave the hotel. This is going to be very strict. again. That's at the US Open. I think if you're watching the news about Western Europe. It does not seem to be quite as restrictive. You know again. I mean Roger Fan. I. Think I've said this last grutter fetters three hours by train from Paris. Robin dollars a seventy five minute flight. Jovovich probably our flight. It's much different as far as travel to get there but I also I think the fact that I haven't heard anything about. The entourage's at the French Open but I I've heard nothing about this kind of everybody in one hotel and in between matches. You can't leave. I think there's going to be a lot more freedom of movement in Paris I think. Right now. I think again June ten time. Stay up! I think the French Open. Probably a greater likelihood of occurring indefinitely a greater likelihood of having the kind of field. We're accustomed to it a major. Right I mean that make sense. I think the French been might start to have those very specific discussions at the US Open is having right now about other. It's hotel, sharing, or quarantining or whatever it may be. Maybe we're just not there yet, and maybe they're waiting for. A another tournament to maybe test out the waters a bit, but yeah I mean that makes sense i. just the there will be players who have to cross the notion, but to your point, the majority won't have to, so it will be interesting again. Still still mixed emotions here on whether or not new. York is ready for this, and whether or not the US Open should take leap in and make tennis the experiment for a grand event like this. It's seems like a risk proposition. But. I do think we also need to look at it. From all different angles at one of them is the marginal tennis player I. One player hit a good point. They said listen it if I win one match. At the US Open. That's almost one hundred thousand dollars. That covers my year basically, and it's been a very rough year financially for most players and. Daniel College made this point in her post at the top stars. Are Worth nine figures, and they're GR- grandkids. Grand Kids don't have to worry about their college fund I mean they're set for generations? You don't go too far down. The ladder in the player on the other side of the net is really been struggling, so if you're ranked sixty five in the world. One match one best of three match. If you're a woman, one best of five matchup, your man and you can basically salvage this financial wreckage of twenty twenty I. Get why those players WanNa play and I get why there's pressure on the USDA and Again amid it's very unfortunate. I think everybody gets a wide berth. I wrote this column this week. If nothing else I, think it's. A wonderful exercise at tennis has started to. Think in such imaginative and barely dramatic terms. This is a sport that you know whether the stupid shot clock is twenty five seconds versus twenty seconds constitutes. A big innovation, so it's it's great that we really innovating now, but yeah I just I'm sort of I'm still feeling very ambivalent about this US Open. I feel like a lot of fans are as well crazy times I. Suspect Jamie when we talk. Next week. We will have a little more clarity, but you know what. These days. Who knows. Amen to that. Thank you as a thank you as always. We will have another guest next week. Thanks everyone for listening. Thanks Patrick Moreau. Jamie is always does great work and leave a review subscribe. It always helps item stitcher wherever podcasts are sold and have a good healthy week everyone. We'll do it again and seven days. Beef. BOOP boop.

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