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"patricia patty laney" Discussed on Murder Minute

"Weeks before. Patty went missing two other. Women were plucked from the Isla Vista Street. Jacqueline Roque also twenty one and A. Ucsb student told her friends she had gone shopping and never returned then. Marianne Sarah's a nineteen year old waitress vanished after an appointment at health center. Both women had presumably been hitchhiking which was commonplace. Then when Patty learned of these abductions she joined others in protest to raise awareness and carry signs touting messages like free bus service for those in need and night service on all buses. If the women could have hopped a bus with their fate have been different women. Drivers were urged to quote pickup. A sister eager to help patty handed out missing person fliers featuring Jacqueline and Marianne then one night she left play. Practice for a class hitching a ride from a young man who seemed harmless in broad daylight or perhaps forced her away from the bus stop where she was last seen when she failed to show up for her Peter Pan Performance. Her friends knew something was terribly wrong. Decades later her close friend and cast mate. Ron Bender still choked up talking about Patty in the two thousand thirteen British TV series born to kill. He said it's weird when you have a friend. Were there rehearsing twice a week? And all of a sudden. They're just not there anymore. They're gone he and Patty were close. He said talking about her as though they had been rehearsing lines together just yesterday the day after her disappearance. Undo deputy driving near Raphia road. Near President Reagan's property when he spotted her stripped body dumped in a canyon. While canvassing the area a half mile away investigators found the body of Jacqueline Rook. Near One of the bodies detectives found Thick restaurant style. Paper towels coated in blood. The blood contains fingerprints but no match came up in the database two months later Mary. Sarah's is badly decomposed remains were found in another canyon just north of Santa Barbara. Three women have been killed with a pistol by one shot to the head. Police also believed they had been raped around the same time in the same area. A young man named Thorpe Christianson was found drinking and smoking marijuana with some of his buddies in his body. Police asked them all to step out of the car so they could search it. Christianson seemed adamant about not letting police see inside his trunk but eventually he caved inside. They found a large bag holding a pistol. The student strike them as odd. Given that many people had guns in the rural area. They confiscated the weapon but didn't put Christians on the suspect list as news spread of the murders including FBI PROFILE. That described a young male loner. Police were on the lookout for the killer. Changed things up. He left the quaint rural town for the bright lights of Los Angeles. Trolling for sex workers to fulfill his violent needs. One of those women a prostitute named Lydia Preston would help lead investigators to his capture. Lydia was walking on Hollywood boulevard. One night when the man propositioned her they settle on a rate and she climbed into his pristine car. He made small talk as he drove claiming he was a construction worker from Santa Barbara. Meanwhile Lidia pointed out hotel after hotel. They could stop it for her services. He passed them all continuing his ramble. Then he drove off of the city streets into the Hollywood hills where the streets curve between lush nature and Pricey homes. Little is visible at night as darkness sets in. No one was around to witness as he pulled out a gun and shot her in the head still alive and determined to stay that way. Lydia grabbed the wheel of his car. Making it swerve then. She fled from the vehicle and managed to reach the front door of a house. Someone answered and called Nine. One one as medics rushed to home. The assailant fled. Lydia was left with scars and deafness in one ear but no brain damage and three months later. She was back to work on Hollywood boulevard. One night she was in a bar during a shift when she spotted her attacker near the entrance she called the police from a payphone at the back of the venue staying there while they put her on hold and the man who haunted her nightmares made his way further inside when the operator returned she filled them in the man who shot her in the head was within walking distance and yes she was certain it was him quickly. Investigators saw similarities between her attack. And the three murderers in Santa Barbara area. The victims were all young women with similar. Looks all were picked up by a stranger who seemed not only violent but potentially sexually sadistic and they were all shot in the head with the same type of weapon in searching. La Detectives discovered that the suspect had been on the killing spree there as well. They found the body of sex worker. Laura Benjamin in a canyon where she had been for weeks. The suspect was thor Christianson. The man who gun had been confiscated by police after a night of partying in his car looking into his history they learned had grown up in solving after his family emigrated to the US from Denmark. When he was five years old his parents owned and ran a successful restaurant in town. Which explains the paper towels and his expensive car when friends of the Keller learned he had been arrested. They were stunned until they started putting the pieces together. Christianson had seemed like a good smart kid early on they said but over time he showed signs of inner darkness. He drank alcohol from a very young age killed. Small animals more than once and seemed socially awkward in his teens. Especially when it came to girls some claims that his alcoholic father routinely beat him in born to kill. One of his friends said he would return from his John's to Los Angeles bragging and all lit up over the supposed incredible sexy. It had with hookers looking back. That friend said he wonders if he was truly getting off on the murderers soon. Police would learn more grisly details about the man's crimes including what he did. Get off on power and control at first Christian pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity but after analysis indicated he was seen enough to stand trial. He changed his plea to guilty. A man named Mike Kirkman who had been leading the investigation for the missing women had left the sheriffs department by this point and was working for the Defense Christianson requested him so he drove to the jail to meet with him while they had spoken before. Kirkman had never witnessed this side of the man. His entire face changed as he detailed his crimes which he claimed he had committed because quote. The girls deserved it. Among the details. He shared that he raped them. Post mortem having sex with corpses as though to signify that he owned them. Kirkman is now known for finding missing people according to Las Vegas. Detectives one has to wonder if interviewing the victims families feeling the depth of their pain and then witnessing the killers crew arrogance led him to that specialty. Of course contrary to what he believed. Christianson did not own has victims twenty one year old Jacqueline Roque nineteen year old Marianne. Sarah's twenty one year old Patricia Patty Laney and twenty two year old. Laura Benjamin are remembered not for the way they died but for who they were as people the lives they lived until then they were daughters. Sisters students friends people with dreams who contributed to a society? Patty's close friend and Peter Pan Cast Mate Ron Bender. Wanted to do something special in her honor to keep her bright spirit alive since she was a juggler. Ron Helped create a jugglers festival patties. Honor the Santa Barbara Jugglers Festival is considered the longest juggling festival held in a single location and prophet support. The Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center even decades after her death. Patty making a difference at one point in Peter Pan. The main character says never say goodbye because goodbye immunes going away and going away means forgetting. Patty never had a chance to say goodbye but like the other victims in this case she will never be forgotten as Christianson. He was killed by a fellow inmate at folsom state prison. In Nineteen eighty-one. This has been murder minutes for true crime anytime. Download the murder minute or follow us on Instagram at murder minute..

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