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"patricia klepp" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"More than one hundred guns the collection included rifles with modifications the officer also had a grenadelauncher and grid needs according to the la times investigators are checking to see if any of the weapons or illegal police seized back arrested the officer himself thursday morning the cop had been with the department for a decade detectives say they're trying to see if the officer got together with any other cadets antara mullin back kfi news news brought to you by less coast toyota police in las vegas have arrested the father of the missing five year old from south pasadena on suspicion of murdering the bully the neighbor of the boy's grandmother says she shocked about the arrest was so keen when com smiling real place for a little kid the father of iron that undressing junior was arrested yesterday the boy's body has never been found the police say they have enough evidence to make the murder arrest the boy was last seen in late april the dad was found test at at a park the next day police expert peta to give more details about the latest arrest at a press conference monday an attorney for andressen senior says his client denies the allegations the lawyer says that his client is adamant that he never harm his son and his innocent governor jerry brown has blocked parole for a charles manson follower and convicted killer bruce davis has been blocked for the fifth time by a governor after being recommended for parole the rejection was issued late last night's governor brown said that it is the rare case where the heinousness of the crime is enough to block people daves is serving a life sentence for the nineteenth sixty nine killing of musician gerry henman and stuntmen donald saudi say the governor's block comes a day after fellow manson family killer patricia klepp michael was also denied parole resi over there i kfi news motorists who use the riverside freeways told lanes may soon see another price hike the riverside county transportation commission says a two percent cost of living increase will start to kick in july i the agency says rate changes will be made periodically to allow for better traffic flow during the the heaviest commute times drivers heading east from orange county to the inland empire are already paying over twenty dollars to.

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