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"pathak labor" Discussed on The MLB Show

"Me ask you this e because. . In, , twenty seventeen, , there was this new core coming up right. . And the thought was hey. . Unexpected Ron made the playoffs one game away from the world series and I remember even the wildcard game against Minnesota that year was like just let this core group get a playoff series under their belt so that they get some experience and can grow with it. . You got within one game of the world series one one of the world series it didn't happen. . Now, , there's a postseason failure in eighteen in one, , thousand, , nine hundred and get to the brink again, , it doesn't happen in twenty losing game five of the LDS. . At this point. . Does it still if you're part of that group. . visit. . Still feel like you're ascending or do you start wonder if you've plateaued Now, you , deficit they just sending I mean especially, , those guys are so young you know what I'm saying like. . <hes> inexperience in you know in age. So . <hes>. . Yeah I. . Mean You know going back over that run like seventeen we had to run. . With all those young kids in. . Out though I didn't I had I, , didn't think it was gonna make the playoffs just just because we went to the playoffs in seventeen and everybody had career years we're coming back. . You know with a young team I just I was surprised that we made the playoffs gotta ask. . <hes> about a red sox end. . In the next year, , I thought nineteen, we , were set up to. . To to make a great run a debrecen. . Obviously, we , didn't do that. . NFL This year you know is short season everything went on. . So just to be able to to get out there and play and compete I think guys are excited. . You know excited I mean I think is a lot to build on I. . Don't think. . I don't think you can up this year with the rest of them just because it was such a short season you don't think any. . There's no like wondering are we the you know late nineties braves early two thousand braves where we're going to. . We're GONNA get to a certain now they won one in ninety five to be fair to them. . But then you know they're winning division after division after division losing to the playoffs losing the playoffs listen to play. . Yeah I mean it does that enter the mind of this group at this point. . <hes>. . I. . Like I'm not in a group anymore so. . I can't. . Really tell you if they're starting to feel like that or not. . You know. . I was never I was never in that position I was about to say as a young player would. . Myself as when I was young, , I always felt like I had time like like August time to do you know what? ? I'm saying I got time to do, , and then like I say, , I, , always bring up a seven because that was our year like we put it all together and that was a year and didn't happen. . So starting panicking. . So. . You would have to ask the guys individually which year they thought that they were GonNa win in when it doesn't happen that year then you start panicking like shit maybe this this may not have you know hand. . Right now all those guys play for the Yankees in they noted that the organization will do whatever they can to try to win auto free agents, , auto players, , and so no I think that they got time you. . and. . The reality is the starting rotation. . Looked a lot different than what they had set out for because you thought you were going to have Severino James Paxton right behind Garrett Cole and you didn't, , and obviously that changes the equation and made you have to use the bullpen differently, , etc. . Now, , I, , WanNa talk about coal for a minute see look if there's One Guy. . Who acquitted himself beautifully in this Yankees. postseason. . . It was Garrett Cole I. . Mean This Dude was everything they could've asked for he gives up one hit in this game and who knows if it's not for some weird wall overhang that Aaron judge got to familiar with maybe he doesn't even give up any hits in his five and a third innings. . He. . He really delivered and that you have to feel good about knowing okay. . This guy is going to shove exactly the way you want him to this time of year yet. . That was great to watch him be able to go out before. . As that I know he wants you know what I'm saying. . So it'll be good not this time next year everything rolling around you'll be fans in the stands and. . Hopefully. . We can have that Yankee Stadium proxy magic, , and. . Readiness. . All the way to to we're supposed to be, , which is a berated. . I. . What about pitching on three days Resi. . What feels different like do you notice like all my arm isn't as strong I mean what? ? What what makes it a more difficult challenge when you're not pitching on your normal rush when you're pitching on short rest, , it's not necessarily like your are <hes> being source. . It's like everything else like little aches Oh you know you know you didn't get your. . Your full arrest so you can't really overthrow <hes>. . You know watching that I felt like he was trying to give his normal effort <hes> their first ending everything was up. . You know he was all kind of all over the place. . Any just kinda settled in you know what I'm saying he gave us time you take a little longer than than usual and. . He kinda settled into the game was able to find this delivery. . That's the one thing about picking three days you have to find your delivery like. . Were percent. . Can you pitch at whether that? ? Sixty, , five, , percent seventy, , five, percent, , , eighty, , five percent. . You know what I'm saying like you have to find that was going to make you be able to strikes in and be effective. . So <hes>, , if it seems like you've found that right at the right time, , you got to strike out and you know he kinda he kinda sail from <hes> after that I mean you have to Solo homer to tomatoes and then you know almost today what's that guy's name? ? You say his name well over process l. no the guy run our arousal arise arena Larussa Rhody. . Almost curveball out but other than that. . You know he pitched great. . So <hes> yeah like you said I mean he delivered and and you know going forward <hes> that he'll be able to to to pitch in these situations you know several be able to pitch any situation. . We saw what money can do to two nights ago. . Yeah. . Your boy came man Monte the Frazier Bryant Man, , these guys these guys are in a good spot. . So like I said nobody I don't think anybody in their Hispanic and not player. . Wise. . Anyway, , you know that that's is the fans in the front office and stuff. . You are the master of pitching on three days Resi and because of that even though it has a little less punch because the Yankees lost this game compared to what it would have been if the Yankees won this game. . I want explore that a little bit further with you because you you did it a lot. . I mean the way you did it in. . Milwaukee with multiple starts down the stretch over and over again as you were just in Bistro and then we saw it in the nine playoffs as well where you did it the entire Oh nine playoffs and delivered you did it in game one and four of the AL CS is at it again in Games one and four the world series. . What kind of advice did you offer Garrett Cole as he was getting ready to do it for the first time in his career as someone who did a lot and did it in big stages? ? You know what I didn't and I was watching the first thing that I was like man Fuck I should've called. . You know what I'm saying. . But I didn't he's he gates. . He's he he figured it out on his own. . You know what? ? I'm saying, , I don't need to call bad like he'll call me if he did something. . Yeah so I don't I don't want to bother him. . I don't WanNa call him I know how he is. . You know know the days before you know the day of leading up to historic. . So you know I I don't want to call him but please believe I'll facetime mining when I figured out that he was making start. . Well whatever you told Monte in the face time, , it worked out really pitch well and game four and I was encouraged. . You know see if we go through this game, , there's not there's not a lot to nitpick and say, , okay, , this could have been done differently. . This could have been done differently. . We've just lost a game and. . You just lost a baseball game to. . All the time where we go to Tampa or we we play apple you know what I'm saying. . So that's why I was so scared to play them in the playoff series because. . That's the one team that I know that can fucking Peterson the series and they know it too. . Yep Yet one hundred percent. . It's how I felt last year too when they were playing the Astros and people like Oh we want the race I was like the race competing in the. . Last. Year . to we would have been counted the same. . You know what I'm saying we would have been a seven game series for sure if they beat <hes> if last night got typically fucker pitches. . Right move coming for the first. . and. . On the whole right I mean this is this is not what you are looking forward to. . If you're major league baseball as far as ratings go I believe the Yankees when all is said and done at the end of this s I think they're gonNA have nine of the top ten highest rated games thus far in the playoffs they're going to have been involved in. . So you know you better believe that there are going to be people who are wishing that the Yankees went as deep as possible for the sake of you know the economics of the sport, , but from a pure. . David Goliath baseball storyline, , and there is something amazing even though it's not going to make my stomach feel-good or your Z. about the Tampa Bay rays and they're twelve dollar payroll. . Taken down the big bad Yankees and Brosseau hitting the home run off Chapman after that like there's something crazy about that story how many times it I tell you that's not the way we do my career I'm not into. . The raise but winning visit. . I kept telling you that. . The fucking raise

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