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"pat ser tan michael j" Discussed on The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

"Insider on the whole show on thirteen ten kpfk again completing into the open field duty better. I'm have fun. I'm gonna bring energy. There wasn't a lot of separation skin. Here's brady football. Friday rock and roll and we do have college football. That means something this weekend. We don't have local. We don't have Broncos regular season we have some pre one more preseason. They only did three kind of like it but then we get a week off. What do we do with ourselves. No preseason no regular season but The broncos will have a chance to get geared up for that giants opening game. And a telling you. The pressure is on those first three games whether it was teddy bridgewater or drew lock broncos have maybe what thirty easiest schedule in the league so denver is gonna have to find a way. I think to win those first three the. Yeah the pressure is going to be teddy but this is not about teddy. It's not about drew lock. This team has been building defensively. I would say for the past few years last year in the draft. They definitely drafted for offense but for the most part through free agency and through the draft. Denver has been building defensively and here. We are now looking at this depth chart. It's starting to take hold when you have. You know draymond jones who denver drafted awhile back now. Mark mike pursell as the nose. Tackle bradley. the controversial draft pick You know guys that they've picked up in free agency. Such as kareem jackson kyle fuller. You're hoping that you can keep Keep a guy like bryce callahan healthy. Who they picked up and free agency and then obviously pat ser tan michael j. moody two guys that were drafted relatively high. Obviously ser tan was drafted at number nine This team has been building the way of the defense. Which is what. I've always been a fan of but i kinda like the opposite game. Sometimes when you hire head coach build up on your defense and then hire an offensive mastermind. I've always just kind of you're going to go with a great defense and defensive mastermind and maybe your offense is just flat out overlooked. I think that The defense now has a lot of pressure. I think whether it's drew teddy again. But there is so much pressure on this defense to come up with not just stops but field flipping type stops. You know a big sack to four second and sixteen and then another big play To keep it at third and sixteen incomplete pass or something like that force a bad punt or to flip the field. You're going to see a lot of that with denver bottom line. Teddy bridgewater is a game. Manager are moving on. We're not talking about the competition. Now we can just tell you what it is. You're starting quarterback is kyle. I mean essentially a little bit more. Mobile kyle orton. That's where you are. This is what you're going with a game. The manager a guy. That's not going to take too many chances. He's going to be instructed to just do teddy likes things and you know that's going to be able to yield you. Some decent drives down the field. Where you gotta be careful as this. This defense is imperfect. If let's let's say the first quarter of the giants game you get three out. Broncos get the ball. They move down the field. They ended up having to pont. Then you get another stop. The broncos get the ball move down the field a little bit after punt again zero zero. I whatever and then suddenly defense can't hold up for one possession..

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