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"pat richardson mick" Discussed on JKNews

"What if guys welcome back to off the record. We talk about whatever we want. And today we have a ask an expert segment with ron. A pro fighter polo. Okay ron this. So we all tubers we know to burs who suck ass. We know to cool as a fighter. You must know some popular fighters who are fucking shit or either people or shit technique and you're just like how the fuck they do this and all that kinda shit without naming names necessarily but you can. Obviously if you want you can have the freedom to there. Yeah there there are some fires there that are not so nice it happens. You know it's just the nature people in there is some fires out there. They're in there. And i'm not that's my but it's because my own personal choices why i'm not there. They are now shipping. I believe everything muscled threat. Don't you because you have some of your teammates into. Ufc is a feel weird. I want to be there to. Oh definitely i definitely want to be the all the time like fudge man you ever think about like maybe like spike in their drink in sri like a pageant girl. They're there because they did with their response to when they got there The reason why. I i. I'm not in the afc is because i've dispersed my attention to many ways you know whereas teams that are in the afc. They focused on nothing. But getting there you know but with me all my endeavors that have done across you know in acquiring positions and whatnot It took focus away from the main goal. Which is give everything up and get to see. Why do you always take responsibility to blame somebody else for something. That's concerns more fun. Sorry like i have friends who are on as a non my business bullshit. Yeah me man. We have such boring france because they're so sensible and they're like oh god the victim mentality myself it's true. Why can't we have friends. That are a little bit more shittier. Like that's what i'm saying. How ask the expert is. We're just to talk to france or now. What are some of the biggest misconceptions of fighting anything. Misbehavior profile on the public. Definitely got this part of it wrong. We're a bunch of meat heads. That's probably the biggest one. A bunch of meat heads and We're very very violent. So it's almost like the the the stigma that when you see a pit bull and you're like most people you know says they're a cage fighter in mma fighter like whoa man. Don't beat me up. You know cool though. I think. I think that's pretty sick. i'm actually kind of embarrassed to say it's a weird thing to say. Hey you know so. What do you do a cage fighter. Certainly fucking kidding me. It sounds it sounds so made up in like an batting cage. Take a drink and drink. Pat richardson mick. I should've i should've used them kitsch. H mel. he doesn't want to be the me sure. You can't have that beer outside. Just because i said so you mentioned sir what i should have told you before. You can't have the beer edwards person and all the order was on strike first. Jerry visualize how you would take somebody down is that part of your thing is just in the moment like you. Visualize it only repeating and competing like will you strategize on what generally gonna do actually memorize sequences that you may do. There's a few different thousand training but once style is to memorize sequences so you'll do a sequence of movements and you'll practice over the becomes involuntary Based on the fact that it may be effective against your opponent and then come find time you weren't sequence because it's second nature wants the most popular thing that you see maybe in the afc like or technique wise that you're like oil. You wish they didn't do that but we don't even see it all One thing i see a lot is Not checking leg kicks so coming from a multi background a lot of enemy fighters but sitting them as. You're not getting somebody. That's a master. Every single disciplined. You're getting something that's really really good at a bunch of disciplines and maybe a master of one maybe two you know so you'll see just like you see you'll see an intimate vital boxer and most of the time they'll never win you know because they have so much more skilled streets punching than enemy fire because it made me feel. It doesn't just punch the elbow the needing connor and mayweather mayweather. You know like a a lot of people say that conor mcgregor actually did really really good but for me looking at it. I felt that mayweather toying with him. The whole time and mcgregor happened at just just a few heavy shots. You know by accident by just because that's the striking as a game was all probabilities. And then what happened towards the end with picked it up like if you look closely at you'll see a major difference from the first few rounds to last few rounds and all the sudden mayweather all also got faster and sharper and quicker. Because he was toying with him like he did it for the money put on a show. And that's my washington. Sick is a good show to watch key. Imagine if may weather just like finished him in the first round they played shoot. Now watch this again. Chip you know. But he he he gave a sense that oh my gosh mcgregor might have a chance of finishing me weather telling a story in there yeah he. He was his storytelling modest. The tyson fight like what did you think about that. Because obviously they couldn't knock each other out and all that and everyone was waiting for some like tyson unleashing his. It's so bad passing me the second coming of my time and i wasn't sure if they were really going at it diverges sparring honestly. I was eating dinner with my family and the fight was going on and they asked me. Are you gonna watch finals. I know because. I knew i knew exactly what was going on. It was gonna be a frigging snore. Fast 'cause they weren't to kill each other. Yeah you knew the rules before cutting know about those rules on it. I didn't know it was going to be a snow fast. Until i watched it in height is dude. Joe's tyson on paper human like because we think of tyson is of you. Think of you think of them in their prime. You know them at their worse. So i think tyson like looking at back at all. Its highlight reel look roy jones. Junior look into an all that crazy crap knocking pulls out. Yeah but we don't think about the reality is that there are freaking too old dudes that pipe just started trading heavily four weeks ago still look moves good dude. He moves amazing. It's crazy how old you are if your masters something like you. Still have rican. Greece crete skill. He also lost one hundred pounds. Holy crap one hundred so sweet. Yeah you're good. But but i was gonna happen. They released the rules. Like i think a week or two before the fight and soon as i saw was you know you knew it was going to have. Yeah i'll say this all hoping for tyson to be a little like this holyfield match and just say fuck it and then like the.

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