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"pat kirwin" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"8 19 4 cup of coffee. Come on out here to Buttermilk Cafe here in the area. Stop by and say hi. I got a lot of people here enjoying a great breakfast and they're getting ready to head over to bears training camp as well. So This is the final show will do out here and then we're gonna blink. And it's going to be the 13th on Monday, and we'll be talking about Sunday night Football. Bears and Rams Week one. Yes. There's going to still win that game with any Dolphins quarterback. The starter doubtful. Highly doubt. Wait a minute, but I gotta tell you And by the way, the sponsors here for our great remote again, the presenting sponsor, Chicago might owners and operators sponsored by first Midwest Bank, Valparaiso University, the home loan expert and your Chicago land, Toyota dealers. Jim Miller, who Had a solid run when he was here Brief, But you know, I had a 400 yard game one day. He's a really good dude. I think he really knows Football is one of the best bears quarterbacks in last 25 years. Short list there about just telling you, I mean, yeah, we'll try to be factual here. Right Here we are. Jim Miller was on K. Jay Z this morning and look If they ask a question, and you know that the answer is no. I'm not asking you to come on, and dog, the head coach. Crush the organ is it? I get it. He works for them. I understand that. But you also owe the audience a modicum of honesty. Hey, Jim. Keyshawn asked the question. Can the Bears win Super Bowl with Andy Dalton? Take a listen. Can Andy Dalton lead this team to a Super Bowl? And here's what Here's Where I'm coming from. When I When I look at teams that have gone to the Super Bowls, the quarterbacks have done terrific jobs in the regular season to get their teams in position for the postseason. And once they get to the postseason, the defense tend to take over the running game in the quarterback minimizes the mistakes, Ala Tom Brady in the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs, or can see Chief Star quarterback and Patch Mahomes a year before or are Super Bowl with Brad Johnson. Can he Andy Dog do that for Chicago. Yeah, I think in his past, I think the window closed in Cincinnati. I think everybody understands. He led Cincinnati five times to the postseason certain he gets the criticism that they didn't win a a postseason games. I don't think that's all on Andy. I view Andy Kind of like galaxy Smith. He's a guy. It's not going to lose you again. He's not going to make the stupid decision. Throw the pick. Six uh, you know, have the costly fumble that is going to lose you the game and the Bears feel that they've got the defense to really do that. You know, they feel that they Can play strong if they get the takeaways like they did back in 2018. I think that's what they're hoping for, and and he's not going to make the costly mistake. They're going to cost you so Yeah, I do. I did it again. Lead them post season and beyond. Yes, I think if he plays his game and play smart football, that's what the Bears are. County nine Okay? He runs from Alex Smith. You mean with a bum leg and bleeding down his ankle? One of you that Okay, first of all, he said Alex Smith. He's not going to Throw a pick six. Mm. He's thrown 15 of them in his career. He's a statue. I mean, come on, Jim. If they can get back to the 2018 you have Dan Hampton could get two new knees and come back and play. And if Mike Singletary comes back and Walter Payton rises from the grave Yeah, we can win the Super Bowl. Come on, man. Just be honest. Just say that's going to be a tough but key to win a Super Bowl. Do I think he could be solid? Yes. Win the Super Bowl. Come on, man. It's just a bad answer. No one's fire you at the Bears or fox 32 for saying we have to evaluate it. You could be right down the middle. You could be Switzerland in that answer, but the Super Bowl Come on. Now. You know Keyshawn Johnson is a very crappy broadcaster, right? He asked that question for a reason. He didn't know that Jim Miller actually take debate. But ultimately keeps saying this guy is not the future. It's really about Justin Fields, but he asked the question. See how far will you take it with Andy Dog? How far you think they will take it? Oh, yeah. You can take it to a Super Bowl. What the hell? Who says that right straight face, Jim Miller says when compared and Alex Smith You go look at any Dalton's numbers the year that What's his name? Alex Smith was playing and look at Alex Smith's numbers. When the homes was on the bench. L Smith played in an all pro level. Yes, there's a big difference, man between these two guys. Come on. That was just an awful answer. I would say, Jim, you're better than that. But apparently not. Yes, Jim, you are better than that. Come on. Jim's a really good guy. And I like you. I listened to his show on Sirius. He and Pat Kirwin. Yep. They give you good football knowledge, but don't toe the company line with that answer. Right? But you know the reason why that, he said That is because Jim Miller sees himself in Andy Dalton, right. The veteran quarterback that needs an opportunity. Young guy breathing down his neck. You totally get that right. So Jim sees himself as an adult in that same way like Yeah, I was that veteran that they didn't believe in. I had certain windows of opportunity, Not big windows of opportunity show what I can do so that he feels he is empathy for Andy Dalton. But The reality tells you that Andy Dalton is not Alex Smith. Not. He's not. That's exit. You're exactly correct. He'll be like in the Cincinnati Bengals. Ring of Honor, but not anywhere close to being a great quarterback. Correct. That's who he is. The red rifle. The red rifle. Let's go back to the phones. The Grange Bob! Hey, Bob. What's up, Sparky? How you doing this one so you literally can a bomb said that feels a better quarterback not meet, Taliban said. I respect his opinion. Hannah Bomb said Fields is a bit about fit. Not today, not yesterday period. When somebody say that something is better right now, based on what you just say, Throw in the sense that the government is not a good ballplayer. I don't try to make and smart but smart got to do with that They feel the pretty smart girl also You make good decisions out so He's heavy. So why why he had to be the ballplayers, not making a smart decision making dumb pump. Based on what And the guy missed the guy, Mr Block the God missed about investing. They could, Mr Barton and I don't hear them too. Yeah, I'm wondering how much deep here's a few things thanks to the cop. Okay, Just listen to me here, partner. You can tell me. I'm nuts. I'm always listening. You have told me I'm nuts before I'm okay with that. Do you think privately, Matt Ryan already have been extended. But they already know whatever happens, we're coming back. So we could take our time and do whatever we want to do A B. You see that guy right there that grizzly bear on the other side. His name's Aaron. Donald. We don't want him killing Our rookie quarterback. Our offensive line is not good enough, right? We don't want to break Justin Fields Week one and go. Oh, God. Guess what? We're gonna throw and you get 10 million may get your head ripped off, but you're going out there. You think that's possible? That's why he can't say that. I think that he wants to make sure that the team is equipped offensive line wise and also weapons before fields is out there. I would say that that is the case. Yes, I mean, but this is not saying here. Hey, Andy Dalton. You want to be the starter here will go out with a Ricky offensive line. But he wants to make sure that at some point when everything's together, offensive line wise and weapons that feels is ready. I don't even know it's about fields being ready just the offense being ready to be able to work together. That's what I think. Dark taste next. Dante, What's up, man? Hey, Dante. What's up? Go ahead. Buddy Guy's doing this morning. Good. What's up?.

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