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"pat bowie" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"And There's if you look closely there's some horses there's always been mom fear stakes play horse. He's sire as well. So this is a a pedigree. It's a beautiful pedigree receive and it's also a pedigree that You know will make this words very attractive as a prospect You know get that already got the two year old former squeaky He comes into this Having won the graver ingredients for charity. Tuesday g one winner to you know becomes a g one winner or a crappy corner three and with this pedigrees. Yuki guarantee is GonNa be a very popular stallion Pat Bowie America. Well and of course you know street cents. A part of this story and Carlin's name came up earlier and it. It's amazing said just the regularity between the three the three headed monster of that of that class with hard spun curling and sense. And you know when it's all when it's all said and done down the down the road you know people are looking back They're going to realize Just you know what what kind of impact and the importance that we saw it from these three and the far from over. Obviously one thing about the this page to that. That caught my eye that Let me go back to Max field. There's a couple of names in here. That are a little unusual. And I don't know if we've ever as part of the Bernardini discussion But Cara yellows damn oil fable was by spectacular bid. Who did not didn't have they didn't have a particularly important stallions career But you know was obviously GonNa live on On pages in a via Bernardini. Then there's then there's the really unusual presence you mentioned. La affirmed out the affirmed daughter out of La Mesa who was a daughter of roundtable. And I I don't know how many pedigrees you could thumb through before you find roundtable on a page you know sitting in the fifth in the fifth layer but it's a delight to me because roundtable you know one of my absolute favorite horses historically and from the rival class Frankly of the nine hundred fifty seven which equates very nicely to street cents curling and and hard spun I'd love seeing in round table in an active badagry and it is rare always engaged to find the next closed up. also You know one of the things we find looking prepared agrees that affirmative Rare.

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