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Nervous about the return bus to Springfield!

The big d zone

12:34 min | 1 year ago

Nervous about the return bus to Springfield!

"I know. I know what you're saying Prince Tj. He got a bus to catch a couple of our what county is on. My nerves sticking out. You know not wanting to miss the bus and I get money on a ten for the promise. I already used I. Unemployment money to make sure at that have not only you. But but to get the Uber to take a straight I me straight to the Greyhound bus station. You know. Well, I. Don't have to take on a bus even though even though I had the fair but still you now it was an emergent. Emergency, situation, but the problem is. I just. Always. Worried that if I get stranded somewhere and I already paid a lot for the hotel stay. And Tomba. Dad had big time and then you know I don't have money to go back to Thomas that to get there just for the one nine then turn around and try it again. because. The ten sites do get money but then. I have to say part of it for when I Get help with the move and I'm hiring somebody to help me to move to saint. Louis. and. You know this is a major undertaking. And no one is talking about the undertaking. But. Is it a major undertaking because I'm not moving within city? No no, no no no. Even Oem still in state I'm still. Hours away. In another city. And So best believe this life. I WANNA get back to I pack, get back to back. And hit the road yet. It. The road. Jack. And I won't be back no more no more. No more normal. I hit the Road Jack and I won't be back no more what you say well. Only in case, the church really had an event that I want especially the missionaries night the usually happened in October. like I did when I went to before crews. And also. They have fall federal league for them kind of Fund early like when I was right here. During, the apartment thing and then I can do anything. to the money station, and then I, just only had the one for you and they keep bringing. But they had their fault I only you know still hot over there. I said really I don't Wanna Pat Allen Infant, they make people wear masks. I know people did win but. I don't want to pass out. But the fact of the matter if. You know brief here, I was able to. You know be cooler here abby cover the other team time had the Internet. And a that are. Than where where I am and I hope the other places the Internet, it's all good as well. So I don't have to fight around with it. I don't know I haven't been to a higher floor in a while. I'm on the eighth floor but. where I am I'm on third floor. Haven't been on a higher floor and like an ages. But. We'll see we'll see. And I'll try to see if I had about this and have dinner, and then I'll definitely take that with me. So I could use it for being online. State. Wifi. Though Yeah So. It is really getting close. It is solely close. I don't know what's one two hours before seven. Maybe puppy FOB o'clock got still. Because I said the Donlon for four like well, both does not going to open until. Six seven whatever like. Five six whatever. And then. You know we don't even lead to thirty but I WANNA make sure I have one bed to check in and a half to Fu Bay. Then what Bay the have my smaller like my carry on. Carry on them doing. And I'm hoping I get to sleep on South Dakota. I'm not being math with everybody. I just thoughts alarm kind of. Worried that I'm GONNA be right. Next is a money and. Somebody has on thing and I don't and then messed up and a mask up and you know I don't like I don't want to do. Well. That was somebody the next to me both flights when But there was in that the other side where the middle seat was taken but The only one that I was able to be by themselves with the Greyhound going to Kansas. City now that was the dream that was still a dream. Guesses above bus signed. That was the only one that was had. A dream right. So. I'm hoping that this would be better I. Don't know I doubt it come from Saint Louis and they don't come at the. Lambert airport. and. So I mean that's ridiculous Oh and. Hopefully, I can get a Saint Louis Federal. Credit Unions or thank Louis Community Credit Union. Because I'm moving there and then I'll have a bank closer to me, but my problem is. my problem is getting dea. Change, the Pie, the form over to Over to. During the Blaine blind pension. Yeah. That's what. that's the only other problem because. The phone and Just simply call blind pension I got to let it got at least. Let him know that Movin. And I gotta find and maybe I could do that when I get back but the problem is that the day on hold time. And everything like that though if I could do that individually is that a food stamps and You know, have it be weighed that only blind penton no that are moving and Dan let food stamps. Note that are done. I'm already in the plate because they won't even help me. Until nine actually in place 'cause I wanNA. I Wanna I wanNA practice the Buzzer case I used a bus and not use uber or maybe use a combination and I also got a combination I got an APP. With the Metro transit that they're using. and It's almost sort of like a uber lip but only because of their. Partnership. I mean the thirty different It's hard to describe and we'll just call. Yeah I was tunnel forty ad, but then Syrian throughout the me and then I can see that but see. Tartus again. Yet here we go Via the APP name is via the A and that what the APP debt The Metro Transit is you thing? And they are. Almost like the same similar service for. Uber. Like almost like Uber Lipa. Probably. Lower than the cost. Daca goes somewhere within town. And income back or vice versa. And you know. Just have a lot more options going places they'll feed. This is what I want. I want more options in going to place because. That I've been stuck in my permanent for all year. A whole year. And are kind of glad I spend Labor Day somewhere else anthem whether the in the heat wasn't You know just laying down on whether the. For sustained he on had to go back to it when I go back to A. Not So free apartment. Meaning you know had that freedom anymore But. I'm not worried because. I had to do is just pick them bosses and. Get ready pack on either the next day or or Thursday Friday or Saturday because. It all depends upon what the road do. On the road again. Jeff. Wait to get on the voting in. South. Anyway. I just brain freeze for the second day but. So. Get ready to go back to the palace today you can. Get two pair and hire movers. Tomorrow we'll. Get that. and. It's going announce his deathly definitely gone down. I mean it's legit. Definitely legal legit. And finally got the. Of Community Credit Union like did and I'm only going to tell the other credit union win the application of approved for membership. I'M GONNA. Wait. To. Be Every time I tried to call thing Louis. Community Credit Union I mean I'm on a On on hold forever, the same the same the same at the same props the same for like ten Fifteen Oba's over twenty minutes in. Off. I mean. Over and over and over and over and over and know I know and only in. An. So Well, they finally did have application to do it online all day, but to do that. and. But when I was doing the billing thing for the first deposited. Oh. Okay I'll put that in I said of description I'm getting ready to move to Lord. I'm shipping off the failure with Oh i. saw. The Lou. The fine. Lost Free Times Not My me Numb Wyoming I'm going. Definitely going greedy. As you has got me off the wall so. Anyway, just want to let you know I'm getting ready to. Go back onto the bus and I'll let you know what I'm safely there, and then when I find the. Yeah when I find the WIFI stander. I still don't think that I brand but I think that I forgot it I. Don't know. Hanaway. Sure. Hopefully, I didn't find Lee tell one of the hotel because I always checking the. Check in once and I checked it twice. Or the why now who thought is? Always check double check you before I, checked out the room. Beginning. Anything. Though Well anyway this is Prestige Day. got a long day ahead of me. puthod stopped at Walgreens. And we are. Out. Signal, Lou thaw. Shipping all the Lou. Saint Louis. Sherman all. To, find lost three times.

Lou thaw Saint Louis Louis Community Credit Union Saint Louis Saint Louis Federal Thomas Louis. Community Credit Union Walgreens South Dakota go Via Fu Bay Jack Pat Allen Free Times Bay Lambert airport. Daca
Very Dental: Know What You Want and Do That! with Dr. Rob Ritter

The Dental Hacks Podcast

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Very Dental: Know What You Want and Do That! with Dr. Rob Ritter

"If you'd like to support the very dental podcast network you should support our sponsors. They help us create content. That is for lack of a better word very dental. The very dental podcast network is brought to you by our friends. At micro copy. Dental here are three reasons that you should check out my copy. Dental their instagram posts are hysterical. Del marketing is usually cheesy appeals to the lowest common denominator. But my copy. Dental post legitimately funny stuff on their instagram account. Number two micro copy makes a wide variety of single use carbide's diamonds and polishers such a wide variety that their catalog reminds me of an encyclopedia but with better pictures. Three migra copy dental makes it. So you'll never have to experience that dober- feeling ever again a new. Bur every single time go check out. All my copy. Dental has to offer at very dental. Podcast dot com slash micro. 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The very dental podcast network is brought to you by wondrous agency the best marketing agency to build your website logo. Seo design google ads social media and on and on. Are you marketing your dental office. The wondrous agency can help find out more information at very dental. Podcast dot com slash wondrous. Te this is a production of the very simple gas network This is the very gentle podcast. Welcome to the very dental podcast. We're you'll find entertaining and relevant conversations with visionaries clinicians and your friends in the dental space. Now here's your host and benevolent leader. Dr alan meade very dental people. Welcome back to another episode of the very dental podcasts. I'm your host. Alan meat and joining me is someone who's been on that show quite a few times in. It's become a friend of the show actually got to meet him. Live in person back when we used to meetings in person at the spear summit in two thousand nineteen where he came off the The dental hacks had a booth like like it was awesome The basically the the people came off the main stage at this beer summit and then like walk into our booth and we so we got to like. We got to talk to them right. After they came off the stage. I was pretty awesome joining me. Dr rob ritter rob. How're you doing. I'm great thank you for asking and it's great to be back as usual I i really enjoy spending time with you. So it's always a pleasure to be able to just chat with you for a for whatever time we have all i can say is every time which at the hour goes by so fast i looked down. I can't believe we've chatted for an hour and now it does now. Interestingly last week robert nigh in literally moments ago just had another technical glitch robin. I tried this this episode. We recorded the entire episode. And some others a glitch in the recording and that is that's the podcast in me goes. Yeah that's like pretty normal. That's like part of the course basically. So we're going to give this another try and what's really interesting is. The timing was interesting last time too because like a year or five years prior to the recording did to the day we had done a podcast or put out a podcast. Where rob and jason and i were talking about The nobility of being restorative dentist without a lot of the specialty aspects in. I'll put a link in the show notes to that episode in rob. Made me feel like you know what you don't have to do all this. But i'm going to before we get into that i do. I want to ask you a little bit about lake lap. When we talked last time last week you had literally just finished up with another Another basically edition. Of course you and chris ramsey your partner put together the protocol and i want and i really did. I enjoy hearing about it. What how are you feeling a week out after your your protocol. The last protocol. Well thanks for asking. I feel a lot better today. Because i had a day off to relax. Yeah i cannot believe. It's been a week since the course. It went really really well. The responses we've gotten from everybody involved are so fulfilling for me when i decided to come up with this whole process and put this course together. I really didn't know if anybody tells you when they do something like this that they knew exactly what it was going to be in house gonna turn out. I don't think. I don't think the being honest with you. I think we have high hopes and dreams and me and chris put this together and we're very very pleased with the way it turned out. Our course is it's basically a no compromise course right it goes back to circling back to what you said at the beginning Just decided what we want to do. We decided what type of dentists we wanna be restored. Only there's nothing wrong with being super dentist I just chose early career. It's not really what. I wanted to do And that's what this course has kind of become it's it's it's our journey all wrapped up into a two day course. It's my twenty seven year journey through ce. Taking the best of the best having through you know dawson and spear and coys in piper pack live and everything else and weeding out all the things that we think are either superfluous or you can get it other places and being able to tie it all together into one very streamlined. Workflow both digitally and communicate only in our in our two day. Course and it's it's really the most fulfilling education I've ever given. Because obviously i don't have to travel More reportedly were doing it in our office in a small group setting which is no better way to learn because of the imagine. Yeah we'll get to know each other. They start to share and my team members of their so they get to the breakout talk to my treatment. Coordinator tucked osman or talk to our clinical lead assistance of what we really do. And maybe the things that we don't have time to go over in horse but they break out and ask them the question so i today from two people on the took cool day. One person says they went back this week soul two arches dentistry while the other person says. Oh my gosh. let me tell you. We have this implementation fist of things that we've already begun to implement. I've already talked to three people. There's no compromise in the treatment. Now i find myself speaking less letting by diagnosis kind of speak for itself with big pictures. It's it's that kind of transformative Two days that again. I wanna make sure. I'm very clear about this point. I must make this point. This is not a substitute for going through spirit education and taking how many courses of their or going through the course curriculum and taking the nine courses there. It is not a substitute for that. It's an addendum. It's an add on it. Ties it all together. If you want to go there you absolutely should get all of the reference material. Get all the reasoning. why but what. They don't teach because they don't have the time as an implementation strategies that young chris share with you and and that's really just tying it all together and everybody says the exact same thing this has done for me what i could not seem to find anywhere else. That's awesome so it's a matter of learning how to execute on the stuff that you've learned at some of the other institute style. And i mean honestly there's so many great ones those this is just like the addendum to the stuff. The stuff that you don't learn there. I like that that's all it is argued. That's probably one of the harder parts because we're all dentists like to be up in our heads about this stuff so like part of it is we can kinda we love. We love the learning part of it. We love the the the mechanics of it all that stuff but the problem is that the real thing is on the ground doing it. That's the real thing right that that's and that is the tough part. You're talking with human beings who come to see you find you somehow whether it be word of mouth social media website Finding you do global searches or yelp searches. And then they're coming to you. Which means. Chris says it if they're coming to see you. They made the appointment for the consultation there. Ninety percent of the way there if round some sort of Connection with you. They're building trust relationship before they even come and see you there. There's something about you that screams. This is the person that can help me. The last ten percent is the tough part. It's it's connecting. What them You know in the moment and being honest with them about what they have and how you can help them. We make no bones about it. This course is not about giving them option one through ten. That is not what this is about. It's being honest with the patient and showing them both from a digital chair side scanner and digital photography that gets put on a on a fifty inch. Tv what is in their mouth what their problem is and how to fix There is no soft shoeing. there's no bait and switch. This is the way it is you own it. It's your teeth when you walk out of here. It's your mouth not mine. I'm an expediter. I can make this happen. It's your tooth your buck. This is what i can do to get you there. Once you start making compromises that treatment what happens. It starts to go south and remember. One of my lines is Well you know what i say to patients is just because you don't want to do the right thing doesn't mean i'm the wrong thing but the other one is when you start feeling bad for patients you start making bad decisions. Oh yeah oh yeah. I think there's a lot of people that really running that myself included. I would say that. I i would say that Probably people listening like okay. Okay we've heard so in. You told me last week. That the Twenty twenty two course dates or the course registrations actually going to be dropping mid-september right. Actually allan thank you. September fourteenth three o'clock standard type however website because pay more so quickly. It's called one word. The protocol live new. P. r. o. T. o. c. o. l. l. i v. e. dot com. Okay there are four links that will go live in september fourteenth. Three o'clock those formal bring you to event bright they go live. And then you can register right there. There is a limited amount of seats for all four courses and then they'll be a weightless like before i went back. I didn't tell you this since we saw each other i went back to take a look and these courses. We have fourteen people. That's that's what we limited to become too big. We had sixteen to eighteen people on each waiting list for each course a while. So you literally had course another course worth of people waiting i get it i get right so i'm gonna email those people out. Weren't able to register for next course and say. Hey listen you wanna make sure that If you wanna get on. September fourteenth and then people have been blowing up by dan's left and right. I'm coming. I'm coming in coming. I be kicking remember. They will feel the trains. Yeah yeah they did it. Did it worked had happened. Yeah again i'm very much. I call myself reality rob. I'm a realist i. I didn't think this was going to be like this. I know that's fair. That's fair you didn't know but this website by the way it's terrific. I'm looking at it right now. I know i should be listening to. Their website is really well put together. We'll put it up in the in the facebook group the very dental facebook group also on the show notes and honestly timing wise. I wanna say this episode is going to drop like a week from today. Which is the third so literally if you're listening to this. Put it on your calendar. The you said what was the date that that it becomes available to fourteenth. It'll be the following tuesday tuesdays. Okay so you've got you've got a weekend to think about it. They've got four dates for four course dates up here with buttons. You can push so if you're thinking about it get ready on that fourteenth. Because it's you're not going to have the window will be small to get in there. So that's that's awesome good for you guys meal. Thank you thank you very much. Thanks for helping out to helping us get the word out of the last time we again owed so work in progress again everybody. What is no. I was more people understand. This is real. We put each course state out one at a time this year When the core state went out it sold out in twenty four hours. So if i'm out by eight or nine o'clock that night the next night by eight o'clock it was it was sold out So i said okay. Let's try something. Let's people have different times of the year. They wanna come yeah. Let's put them all out there. One time three of the four times during the year the february may and november. Maybe the three best times to come to florida. I wasn't even planning on having an august one but it seemed like a good time. It's before labor day weekend. It's after kids. Start going back to school in florida. So i thought okay. Let's add the one in august and actually turned out really really well as crowded here in florida. But yeah we'll we'll see how this goes I i'd love to be able to provide this for a while. Yeah oh it sounds it. Sounds like it. Sounds like you're going to be able to. Yeah it sounds like the demand is going to outstrip the supply which is not a bad place for you to be an end people. The word is getting out too. So that's fantastic. Thank you so. I wanna bring i wanna bring it back to something you and i talked about before said five years ago we did. We did a podcast about There okay so Dentists of a certain age. Let's say you are around probably probably gen-x dentist. In a of cases we we were sort of sort of came in a time and i don't know if it was like this before or not but there was there was definitely a push towards The super dentist. The decaf on dennis. That never let never let a procedure. Go outside your office. Because that's that's a patients wanna stay in your office which may or may not be true but it patients really want to stay in your office. Patients want you to be. They trust you. They want you to the procedure and we. I mean especially early two thousands. I was dental town. There was a lot of that and plus frank. There's still a fair amount of that But a lot of us were so steeped in it that like it kind of psychologically affected us and i've got some stories about that but but the thing about rob is it. It didn't really you. You decided well well back there that that was not necessarily the thing for you. You knew what you wanted to do. And it didn't necessarily include a lot of the specialty stuff that Is tantalizing for a new dentist to learn and that sort of thing so tell me about that. How how did you know what you wanted to do up. Make it brief as much as i can. I came out of school and it was something inside me that the aesthetic revolution really started. Yeah yeah nineties late night. Yeah mid to late nineties tight. Let a school in the early nineties. And i could see that seemed to be a transformational thing going on from needs based industry to wants pastry And because i have a car did a such a wonderful job of providing that pathway of doing small designs using principal ceramics original empress material which kind of leveled the playing field said. Geez you know. I really like this. I like where this going like. Some of the possibilities here. And i never really had any Dr inclination motivation to take continuing education after dental school about indo. More extractions implants. Actually don't i don't even really like blood that much. That's another is to become a physician and like dentures partial. I just had no desire to provide those services and this is pre even baseline as well. If i don't enjoy those things. And i'm seeing that. There's this whole transformational thing going on dentistry to provide prettier teeth more. Predictably let me focus on that. And put i went all out. I mean so much. Ce on smile design porcelain key sips cements started teaching at a pack live back in the late nineties and at the same time i already been through. Foundationally taking the dawson academy on inclusion I clearly remember that at the time. P dawson who is one of our you start naming People by the giant extreme-right. This john this. Frank is pete. Gordon you know i remember him clearly. Staying you can't alter verticals dimension. Preclusion would my head back because that's kind of what you did with centers every single day. You're doing edgy dentures. You're opening the vertical dimension preclusion. So simple something doesn't sound right there. Then i started doing all of these rehabilitations where you're actually in a sense opening the vertical dimension i started taking courses from frank spear who said i don't collaborate every single patient cousin my practice you do a large exhale and all of a sudden. Listen there's again. There's a pathway here of doing the type of dentistry. I want to do without getting involved in the other facets of it and i think for me. It was a good decision. Because i got to do the things i wanted to do now. Let's be realistic and talk about the downside. The downside is i don't have a skill set that some of the younger clinicians have today. Sure they're much more adept at learning these techniques and implementing them in the practice. Also say that they're doing it because of financial constraints. I graduated dental school with fifty thousand dollars worth of debt which back then seemed like an overwhelming amount of money yet. These young santa stress not even freshman year. Now though let's be perfectly take your one year now graduating with tenfold feige thousand demonstrate and so to service those notes. You can't send out seven thousand dollars worth of dentistry day when you can do that in your own practice and you're gonna money to help and off a note. I got that all i was really seeing about. That was do what you like to do because my job where really think about it now is i. Don't think there's a scarcity. I when you get really good at what you do. More of those types of procedures will find their way to you and for those procedures. You're doing you become like anything else. Ten thousand hours right. That's the malcolm glad will think that's yeah back to the beatles playing at the The the cavern club. Ten miles hours became great. Whatever you're doing whether it's prepping teeth ten thousand hours or extracting t- ten thousand dollars. You're going to get really good at that. You're going to become couches the competent. And you know you. You're able to provide a great service and do financially well with those things i just don't know today if they can focus on one element like i did and will be productive and profitable at the level that we were doing this twenty five years ago. What are you well. Okay so let me tell my story the reason. I was inspired to talk about this literally a week ago. And then today i had a week of to really bad beat one was a bad endo beat and one was a bad surgery. Beat in so. Here's the thing i do. I do a fair amount of endo. Nala lot i do. I do a few cases a week. Typically maybe maybe a little less little more some weeks. Same thing with surgery when i say surgery. I'm talking to. I'd take a few teeth out. I don't. I'm not placing for implants not doing big stuff but but service what my patients need. I have kind of a general Family practice sorta thing. It's not it's not a it's not built on rehabbed. it's pretty pretty pretty bread and butter stuff and the thing is is that i in look. Okay so i was a was a real calcified muller and i just got i. Just got crushed. I ended up in a perforating. It wasn't wasn't the worst perforation bevere scene but it was for someone who should know what they're doing it was pretty embarrassing and pre pre mortifying and i sent it to a special i. I think we're do okay with that. I then with that mindset with that i it was of course it was one of the things where it was the last hour and a half of my day and i'm i'm leaving on monday like just feeling beaten and then the next minute next wednesday i come back. Two days are coming to a surgery. In and i was halfway through a surgical extraction and i just said i'm not doing this. This is ridiculous. I don't like this. This is slow already or he. Burn all the time i put aside for. I'm not even close to done. I punted it. I was mad. The patient felt bad for me. Because i was so mad and i said you know what your last extraction i've ever i'll ever do and i didn't finish it. There's idea i was so mad. And i i was kind of beside myself in so that day. I said i'm done with this of this doesn't bring any joy at all. This doesn't make me happy. i hate it. I don't have to do this stuff. I i do it. But i was and that's when you and i talked. I'm like i'm done with this. This doesn't bring me any joy and your point very well taken was what you need. Is you need a referral network. That feels like your office in other words. It's like they're essentially picking up where you left off. It needs to be the same kind of carrying the same attitude towards patient. Care that sort of thing. In and i do think you're right about that in other words. It's there's no shame in referring any procedure you don't want to do in i think For the people in the back. I'm going to say that again. There is no shame in referring anything that you don't want to do That's easier to do in some places in harder to do in some places you know. Like if i'll bet in jupiter florida it's probably moderately tough in in in saginaw michigan depending on the procedure. It's kind of tough not to. I can't find anyone to do it. But i can't like it would feel better to me referring all these things that i have no interest in doing if i could get the patient in the same day or the next day with with little hassle in. I can't do that a lot of times a lot of times a lot of times. There's some weight involved. And thus this is why i think i was putting myself in that situation on some level i in so my problem was not that. I'm just horrible at all this stuff. I've done enough of this stuff. That i'm not too bad at my problem. Is i. let my guard down with case selection. I let my guard down with case election. Both of these bad beats that. I took stepping back then. Muller was way too calcified for me. I didn't want it that that's for a specialist. I should have never started it. I can see that on the x ray and then the best thing is the guy calls back after the surgeon. God is two thousand. He said surgeons said this is the toughest he's done all week in and meet should've never even looked this thing he was not wrong to punt so everyone absolves me of the guilt. But let here's the thing when you're referring stuff like this but you keep some of the stuff in you need to be really good about understanding case election. I'm convinced of that. So when you and i talked last i'm saying i'm never doing this stuff again. Which is a perfectly legit place to be in my opinion because it doesn't bring you joy you shouldn't do it however literally last week i saw. I mean the the i think i left. I came in on monday. And the first two. I saw or cases that were going to require some surgery. And i'm like there's no way referring those cases out there's zero chance because they're too easy like i'm looking at it going. This is not the tooth that beat me last week. These are these are if i sent this to a surgeon. Everyone's wasting their time. Because i can get this tooth out. I can get this to in in his longtime it takes me to numb them up and i'm like so i'm already. I'm already going against what i said. I said i was never doing this stuff again. And lo and behold them like cancer. So i know what's legit like honestly i swear it's it's like the marie khandan thing. It brings me joy to have a case like that surgical case where i can do. Do this with no no question. That i'm going to get this thing out in so i took two out last week. I literally went back on it in less than a week rob. I said it was never doing that again. I'm like of course because i can't do that. We'll get a load of this. I got was the last time you ever heard of three patients in one week needing anterior root canals. In my office at frigging never happens. No one needs anterior root canals. I'm like i'm looking at it. I got a canal decides in there. I'm like i can't send that out ended. Honest would laugh at me but more than that. The patient doesn't really wanna go to else. And i can do this with my eyes closed. This went so as much as i was telling. Y'all never do this stuff again. I'm lying because but i certainly can say i don't wanna do post teeth endo i don't want to do it even the easy ones. Screw it and the. Donna's love me. When i because i sent him stuff like that that they'll do all day every day and i can do this stuff and i mean this is so this is so routine. This case election is everything. And i'm convinced that if you slip on that like i did i slipped on it i. My case election was bad two times in a row. You you start feeling. And i know that there's been tons of dentists out there that have given up procedures and then come back to them in been doing great and then they give them up again because they hit another. And i'm that i've done i've i've given up endo usually give up endo after i bought a very expensive new endo system. That's typically my my move. I liked to buy a couple of you know several thousand dollars worth of equipment and hand pieces then decided not doing anymore. Have multiple systems sitting here so the story is. Is that the all restorative if you can do that if you are in a position like rob is where literally he is now. The guy people are seeking out for that kind of care. Of course you do that. Why would you throw endo in what you're doing. You wouldn't that's crazy right now. Your setup is so good for what you're doing your teaching the course to take on it for cronulla. So why would. I don't see rob deciding at this point to go learn a little bit of rotary endo to throw in on top of rain just just for this year. Funded but am my right rob. You could tell you. You're correct. But i'm gonna give you an addendum to since we saw each other too so we get a call. You did some wisdom teeth. Rob admitted he did some lizzie. Very close. I get off my father-in-law Who lives in ourself and my mother in law said always gotta swelling. Took a picture of his face so in the office winning on monday and they drove up to see me and he has a bad tooth and low right side tickets number thirty one. He's got a pretty bad abscessed now even nursing this thing along for a while trying to hold onto as long as we can't he's eighty one years old so just trying to hold onto his dentition as long as possible and he doesn't need the tooth but i was holding onto it. We were doing scaling route. Planning we used our laser. We put arrest in there anyway. It blew up at blew up that. And so i said oh well he's already here Let me go ahead. And i put him on Antibiotic call me actually on sunday. So some augmentin call them some flannel so let me see him on monday. We'll of course. Swelling goes down fifty percent by time. He comes of course as a class to mobility a said. You know what isabel your dad. Let me go in them up and take it out and at that moment i stopped for a second and looked at him. I looked at isabel. My wife who's a dentist as well. I go why. Am i doing this again. Iron taking a tooth out. And i'm not kidding you. Since a hurricane in two thousand four seventeen years ago okay and it was flapping in the wind like like like the hurricane like the hurricane and rob the hurricane. Ritter that's what we'll call you. That's how that's how extractions. Because he doesn't take him out unless they're flapping like a hurricane like that. I i what change from that. I'm not gonna take to let me refer to my oral surgeon. Who's used to doing this. So he goes over to see my surgeon he does. The exam looks at the medical history. And says you know. I think i want to have him go. See his cardiologist. First cardiologists calls back the next day and says that was a good move because he's on plavix and would have removed the tooth. You would have had a very difficult time stopping the bleeding so once again something inside of me. My inner Monitor said ritter. Don't be a hero. Don't try to do something that you're not used to doing. Let the person who does this all the time do it. And of course they said you know what wait a week. Put take them off the plavix on tuesday so when he goes next tuesday he'll be off a plavix for week. He will have had the flashing and the odd madness system so he'll he'll up quite well. Here's nothing. I'm just not doing things i don't do. I'm not doing it down for me to add it now. i've got gallon. I got somewhere between probably five and seven years left a practice rate and one. We're going to start. I always use the same analogy. I saw you know pat. Allen is who does the best guess. Guess what. I saw pat allen at the veterans society. Go figure that we go. Which is rod was at the veterans society. Some years back in. Interestingly i got him there. But i didn't get to see him. I didn't get to go up to see him but yeah every excellent speaker. I've ever seen the veterans. Id meeting which is coming up. The go check out the very facebook group. We're having people. They're very people there. And yes robert there as well but size pat allen. You're saying pedaling but one more thing about better. Did the most ridiculously inexpensive education at a routine northern michigan. That is going to be yet rask. It was one of the most memorable times ever gone somewhere to give a lecture. Hospitality was first class. The only thing missing was you of course so we get out of this. It's hornbook it's hornbook for for a weekend in in its three hundred bucks for a guess you people are not. If you don't come up anyhow. Go ahead i share. The travel is way more expensive than the courts will be it is. It's three days to. You're not getting a one day lecture. You're getting three days lecture. Yes it's not so. I've not see somebody able to do what he does. He's not a young man. Let's those here. So i said to myself but he acts and works like a may skis berry most everybody. I know yeah. He's a phenomenal. he's a gentleman. I mean he's just the best in everything. Great guy but shockingly good clinician like what he does is just amazing. Off the charts. I said to myself okay. What if i take his even ten years ago. What if i took his course ten years later. I'm still not going to be half the clinician. He is right my period honest. Who took his course. Fifteen years ago does aladin graphs matzec as good as pat. Alan damn good. Why am i gonna do something. I'm never gonna get great at now doing it. I'm not gonna do it. That's not how i want to. It's not i wanna live. I wanna live at and run with people who are really really good at what they do joy mediocrity there isn't there's this is not you get a kick out of it when you do something kick ass right now. Well that's what i do. And i've been very happy with that selection for many years. I can tell you. I probably haven't made as much money as if i was doing other things because i think my production numbers would have been higher in limes yet. I can look back on my cases that are in the mouth twenty plus years that are still in the mouth and i think that's about as good of a testament to my path that can tell you. That's i mean it's fantastic stories. We have a lot of people wanna listeners. That are younger in i. I'm curious to know how far along in your career were you before you kinda knew that in other words like i guess i want people to hear what you said. Is it like you. Don't there are people that could commit to become on the level of pat allen. Maybe not as good but but literally if that's if that's your commitment there are. You could do that but the reality is i think it is probably near impossible to become as good as pat allen in that kind of thing as well as good as you know. Some of the most amazing invis- line providers as well as implant placement as well as i think like on some level. There's only so much there's there's there's only so much money and time a person can spend seeing and then there's also your course is the ideal way to understand this. There's only so much you can implement at one time for crying out loud like the like. I know people the guy that i used to this podcast with. Jason was notorious for this. He'd get obsessed in like literally. He was obsessed with like four different things at once. That's really hard to implement these things. It's i mean even it's hard to implement one of them much less all four of them in in. It's hard for you. It's hard for your team all this stuff. So on some level the perfect solution is to literally know exactly how you want to practice the day. You walk out of dental school unfortunate. Doesn't work that way curious. How how long. How many years out of school did it take for you to kind of know that you to practice this particular way to yours. That's pretty good. That's pretty good. That's like a residency. That's like that's like not like i would have expected. I would expect at five or six before it so two years. that's fantastic. That's how did you like what was practised. Like for you in the first two years. That helped you decide that. Oh so my first year practice. I did some i mean as simple extractions as possible and not many of them. They like you allen. I tried to take out a wisdom tooth. I thought i had. I could handle it how to call the surgeon come over on a day now we hope. Now i did a set of dentures and partial and somebody that went sideways on me. I didn't endo that looked absolutely. I'll tell you the story. I was at dental school. Maybe not even three or four months. And i learned how to do rotary instruments which was back before. That's pretty. yeah. That was those. Yeah that was pretty new. John expat and i was doing rotary a nickel titanium files. The pair the ended on us in the town. Were looking at me like i was an idiot. Didn't know anything right And i did this beautiful. I lower first molar. Endo it i'm telling you to this day probably was the that was the last endo i did. Yeah at the pinnacle of your endo korea right. If you took the picture of it you look at it and say it looks great. I two weeks later with an abscess. Yeah he's dying. Yeah done done. It's it i. I can't do these things i'm not good at them. I'm not good. Enjoy doing them. I don't like the negative equality that comes from them. It's us to me there. Are people out there doing better than me. That's not where my it's not where it's going to go and so two years out of dental school i was taking a lotta ce. I took bill strokes course six months to dental school. Not his man. Prep teeth saw how he's able to do restorations. And i said that's what i want what i want. Yeah sure that's what i wanna be. And then within. Two years time i had already limited the scope of my practice already are down to furring everything out and listen. I'll like there's so many stories here. I could tell i i went into the i went into the practice at eventually. Bought two years out and You would think that i would be the A the the number one referral to all these specialty practices right. You would think that'd be the most important person to them. I was referring a one hundred percent of my perio hundred percent of my ortho. Send my dentures. One hundred percent of my extractions and the specialists in my area treated me horribly and as a matter of fact in a given four year period of time they collectively set me zero patients in return That's not the what's that all about. There's gotta be some mansor. There don't know they're all retired. I don't really care now. I got it. Well you know. It is interesting. So as i mentioned before. There is a little pressure on some level when you're in a smaller area when when when you don't have so many people to refer to. That does that that influences. What what you're doing like if you're in rural kansas closest orthodontist is two hours away. There's there's an open air i got. I got it and those people. When you're live in rural towns in the united states who america. Those practices actually are terrific practices. Oh yeah they're killing. Yeah they kill it okay. It's a wonderful is our way to the local period. Honest you know what i would do. I wouldn't do it. i do. I would take courses from a mike. Pecos on extraction bone. Graft i would do a course from our connected tissue. Graft i'd take just a moody's implant pathway. Learn how to extract the tooth and place an implant out. There's no question if i lived in a town like that. Exactly what i do but you also know that practice you have like an in a town of what fifteen thousand people. There's usually like four dentist there right so it's not scarcity and so have to be concerned with another eighteen dentists that moved town. That's not gonna happen. Gotta be is being able to provide a service that probably the other. Dentists can't provide anyway sober a totally different mindset and a totally different circumstance than what we're talking about. Yup it is it is it's it's it's somewhat common the united states. But it's also like you kind of have to balance all these things like on some level there might not be. There might not be a practice that there. Maybe there can't be a ritter and ramsey style practice in the in in a really really rural area like that on some level that probably could be actually but it really depends on some of it depends on your ability to do other stuff but the reality is like. I love the fact that you decided that this was for you in. That's not for you. I literally put out a podcast today about the power of limitations in people. Always talk about how you're always limiting yourself like you know what sometimes limitations that you put on yourself can be a positive thing. And that's what i'm hearing you talk like on some level you did not suffer the problems. I'm suffering because i'm i. I still trying to hold myself out there as the decathlon dentist in gets stung by these things. You don't suffer those things you you decided a long time ago. That's not a problem you're gonna have because you're not gonna sweat whether or not this is an endo you wanna do or this is a surgery you're going to do you got you got you. Got a whole bunch of other stuff to be doing in. You're going to deal with that. So i on some level i sort of loved that i think that's a really powerful place to be. Okay here's the other thing that's happened through the years i've there are things i have trouble accepting. If my wife was sitting here she would give you another side of this. You know what happens when you limit yourself what we're talking about and you get good at one thing known Time what's your name is. Gold your desk in grows without you even knowing it i call it getting woken. Your wake and what's happened is our name our name recognition and what happens when people say ritter ramsey. It's game changing moment in our community. Oh you know those guys. I go there. Those guys are phenomenal. That's the best. Mike outdo Excellent i can't tell you great things about them. That doesn't happen at every practice in our town. It doesn't because those people are either in it for the money right and we're not even talking about the entrepreneurial dentist who doesn't have a practice. They want to own the four to six practices. Doing three million dollars a piece and sell to a venture capitalist group from multiples of eta. I'm not talking about those people talking to people you and me who are actually doing dentistry. They put prophets over people. I they put. They put prophets over their team members and they put it over the quality of their work. And what happens with time as they pick up negative reviews connotation. It's mentioned they don't have a loyalty. They don't have a following they don't build a culture and that's not what i ever wanted. I would be embarrassed now. Let me also say though. I also believe it or not. Don't believe in legacy. I think we talked about this last time yet again until late on me you talked about it right. Patient culture right. I mean one day. I'm going to walk out the back door that practice and the next time. I walked the front door to as a patient to get my teeth late. I already know that. I'm okay with that. Because i'm replaceable. Just like everybody's replaceable. I got the i'm not. the dentist. Transform my gosh what are these patients gonna do without me. They're gonna do fine. Because when i sell this to somebody i'm going to train them up. Share all the institutional memory with them so that they know exactly. What they're doing. I gotcha Patient calls up with a broken tooth. They come in out after raiders. Not here ono. Dr retired two weeks ago. Is he okay. No he's fine just that you know he's been doing it for thirty four years and he wants to enjoy some runway at the end of his life. will please tell him. I said hello will anyway back to me. My tooth is broken. Accelerating exactly bags me like five seconds long. So don't kid yourself these patients they love him. These patients on my gosh. I hope he's okay. Oh i wish you could see me back to me. What do you do for me right. Now that's a legacy. That's that's legit. That's legit it is amazing. How it's amazing how Under a lot of people that suffer with the thought that the legacy was going to be there. That wasn't but that's that's okay too. That's a whole day. Let's talk about the end of the at the end of this path. You can retire one day. I mean that's what's going to happen. I mean there's a big tony stark. I love marvel movies. I used to collect. It's so weird for me now. I used to collect comic books. When i was very very lassoed. I saw seven to twelve or thirteen years old. I had massive comic book collection that actually wound up selling in alabama paneriai. Watch from the money made from comic books. Nice read these comics and every one of these comics is coming to life on the screen. Now right yeah. You're doing it so well it because people are in charge rightfully of young going on in their implement because it technology. It's a perfect confluence right now. Tony stark said you'll parted that the journey is the beginning the middle and the end. It's all part of the journey and so records. Were you are enjoy it. You know at the end of it allen. We're going to walk out. We're done. I mean and that's okay i mean. I think i'm going to retire so to speak. I think i'll do something other than cheer side dentistry And that's okay too. I and then somebody said well. What are you gonna do. I said i don't know yet. I don't have to know a figure. It out when i walk out the door. It'll be a new in all have no constraints on me. A love no financial obligations to make at that point. I'll figure it out. Find something. I wanna do whether it's within our profession or not Had at length of how much i want to put into it. I have no idea. We'll see. I have no idea right now i just know that there's an inevitability at that You know you snap your infinity. Outlet comes to an end right. I mean it's going to an end. And i'm okay with that. I don't want to end right now. Because i'm enjoying more than i ever have allen. I l you that because i'm doing that only dentistry that i wanna do on the patients who want to be there who appreciate what i'm doing and want to pay for it and then teaching the kind of course that here's the other thing is to get on a plane. Every thursday and fly all over the country and spend some time with some wonderful people study clubs societies laboratories. It's great every own manufacturer. We can't do things in factor that every now and then manufacturer wants you to talk about something or please. Don't mention another product. I don't have any of that any of those constraints. I teach what i do in my practice. What i say. I mean chris. We showed what will use every single day how to properly. If there's something. I don't like it don't believe in. I don't mention it or i'll tell you the absolute truth because you know. I think we both know that there are times. People speak about products because they're getting paid to speak a butter lots lots of that. Yeah what did. I just worry part of that i. It's not what i wanna do. The one thing. I did get out of course was you know it's called. The sway says all of a sudden you're getting paid hundred thousand dollars from a dental manufacturer being swayed by that speaker. I don't wanna be that guy. I want to tell you what really works. And even if i'm using materials that you would consider the antiquated if they got twenty plus use twenty plus years of quality use of the mouth. Then cousteau say. It's not the right thing to do. So that's kind of war right now and it's it's really the most enjoyable time To do these sorts of things. That's awesome that's a in and of course the bringing it back to the to the beginning one of you know you'd literally you may have some legacy with your teaching more so even than than with your patients which is kind of interesting. That's interesting legacy though right because but even that like on the story about that I know is starting to run out of time but it. It's unbelievable how quick it goes this. Somebody i don't wanna mention any new won't mention it. And i can tell they want to be known for legacy in dentistry like teaching and i sent to this person I'm going to be honest with you when you're gone. Not many people are gonna be talking about you other that other than your children and your grandchildren do not substitute putting time into your family that you will never get back thinking. It's admirable worthy tradeoff to spend more time teaching us. They're gonna to listen. Pete dawson an amazing teacher. He did offer the profession. Nobody's talking about dawson anymore. We just say oh. Pete was great. Do you repeat anything that talk. No nope because guess what cranham took over cranham retired hess's in charge and they'll do great jobs but no i mean the foundation was put there by p dawson. He's not teaching anymore. Somebody who is is gonna step up. So i really believe that if you wanna do something just do it. Well you know whatever it is in dentistry. I can't speak to any of the profession. Not a mountain attorney. I'm not a physician. Emma dentists so i just decided longtime ago whatever i wanna do. I'm gonna become great at that or at least the my own mind going to become great. I'm gonna acquire the skill set to hang out with like minded people a song. I don't know if you saw my post today on instagram. did you see it. i see all right. Put a post up. Allen it was. It was a picture of bill gates. Warren buffett at says. Oh i did see that on a plath right there on a plane yeah. I saw that there are playing together and it says chooser hang out with winners. The conversations are different right. I mean boy. I i wanna hang out with people who have focus and commitment and passion and fun and that's what i want in whatever time i have left. That's why i've tried to do for a long time. And if they're not bringing something to the table that i find valuable either personally or professionally. I don't have time for it anymore. Too busy with both my family. I'll who'd my daughter a senior in high school and nick at this time. She's in college and my wife My practice my business partner. i just. It's you have to be very careful with one more thing about warren buffett. Warren buffett says. I'm the one of the wealthiest man on the planet. He by the way he just turned ninety one. Did you know that. Wow yeah it looks pretty good friend of yours and yet all the money in the world i would give up two billion dollars to get forty years back says most valuable thing that you have that you do not value is time it's awesome. That's very good all right friends. Well you need to use your time wisely. I think what we're hearing here. There's a lot. There's a lot to that in this in this episode to give more time we're talking. September fourteenth is when they're releasing the registration for the twenty twenty. two states. you can sign up for for the protocol with ritter in ramsey. I'll put those up with those up in the show notes on facebook least to event bright from the protocol. It's clearly stated what the course is when you go to it. We literally take you from the moment you show up over two day period of how we you ever hear the line on I know you fish right You show me the big us. I'll show you the fish that you catch. We talk about how we how we attract patients do the type of dentistry that we wanna do how we speak to them. Chris talks about body language. We talk about the digital low how we acquire all the records digitally and communicate with a laboratory. School are really locked in dialed in to the digital workflow from the moment that we capture the information senate to them to preparing teeth properly doing foundational core bullets to fabricating provision. Not only out of this girl. The pm may didn't discerning between what you want lithium silicates or any of the positives negatives how you those to place photography. All of those things are covered in a sequential order. The way that you would actually acquire the patient to saying. Thank you very much getting a hug. A kiss on the way out the door posting on social media. That's what the courses if that's what you want to do this courses for you. Yeah definitely definitely. That's awesome as fantastic. It is so gallon. So i know we come a week later. So your little things but what you realize now with a little bit of time in between is you're just going to be more careful on a much more much more careful. That's the holes in the legacy of the The take home messages. There's no shame in doing all of it. There's no shame in doing very you know very specific things or anywhere in the middle. The know what you want and do that. I think that's what i'm hearing from. You mostly know what you want and do that. This is what i heard from from you. Other you know time is one time can be also your greatest. It can be a faux or it can be your friend. And in this case a couple of days later you've had a chance to sort of reflect and say maybe it was a little too harsh at moment because we're all emotional everything short termism ocean everything long-term so let's call it or you look back and says not been a meeting give up these cases. It's that the cases. I probably shouldn't do. I'm not gonna do anymore. Yeah yeah yeah that's a great place Wisdom is priceless. It totally is. It makes a huge difference too. So if you guys have any questions or comments for rob or the conversation we had here. Why don't you go to the very dental. Pod are very dental facebook group. If you're not a member find it on facebook. Very facebook. Group used the Code timmerman on over toco. The password timmerman last name of the first guest on the very dental podcast. And then tell me a little bit about yourself. How bringing the group in we get robin there we can. We have good conversations again. Look for those dates coming up for The protocol twenty twenty two rob. Thank you for being on as always. I mean we love having you here in in There's a lot of wisdom there and this was fun. I think honestly. I think we even did better this time. Then the then. The lost episode considered the lost episodes. Like where did those fifty three minutes. But allan again love that. You have me on. I really appreciate it this hour. It flies by so quickly and it does it. Does i really believe you know we both level we do and it's easy to just talk about something that you do. It's it's difficult talk about something you don't do so for us. I think it's we love it and we're involved in it on many different levels. And i just always appreciate your thoughtfulness in your time that you get thank you very much. Thanks a ton rob. We'll talk to you soon.

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Mike Church Show-Today Is Trumps Last Day Heres How To Prep For Living In Bidens U.S.S.A

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14:20 min | 9 months ago

Mike Church Show-Today Is Trumps Last Day Heres How To Prep For Living In Bidens U.S.S.A

"Tomorrow at noon when biden regime is sworn in as the as the regime leader. Then the official levers of government power can then be used the law. This is where it gets where you have to be prepared for this. The law and laws the even. They're real legitimate. Won't matter to me. And you say that's illegitimate law had to obey. That doesn't mean you're sheriff or your state beliefs or the us marshals won't say We don't care if you a knowledge it or not we're going to force you to obey. That's when the official purge of all things maga- begins. You ought be more especially. If you thought maga- things make america great again. We're good things like for example the president's historic stand for the life of the soon to be born the fact that president trump To his attornal credit began his term as a federalist and ended his term as a federalist almost to appoint that cost him refusing to issued a statement before he took office about the tenth amendment that he knew what it was and he intended albeit. Not in all circumstances but understand. The enemy is coming. And you're not gonna win the battles on social media. You're gonna win the battles the small ones in your house in your home. You'll win them in your small in your community or if you're a catholic or if you have a regular group of people and you're you're baptist or your evangelical church or pentecost or whatever the case may be and you consider that community good. You're going to need it go to it. You're going to have to find men and women of goodwill that agree and then start taking it really seriously. I'm only going to buy from that guy to the point. Where especially enough of this were to happen locally. You could see where you could start bartering and trading because one of the ways able track this and try to shut it down is by taxing it and penalizing it if i trade I have the woodworking tools to make for a couple of dozen eggs and a freshly slaughtered hen. And it's a straight a barter arrangement. Canada difficult to trace mike church show here on the crusade channel always on air and always online crusade channel dot com. I mentioned that. I found a source to broadcast the the Mike church show initially. Because it's expensive Via shortwave and three of you responded. That's pretty good for me. Just mentioned in it once that we would have to have people that would be willing to step up. Inconsistently offered a sponsor an hour or a half an hour. And what have you keep sending those notes. When i think i've gotten enough that i can act upon it and i will call you know king dude at mike. Church dot com shortwave. Radio may become something that is needed here directly and the lib tarn bina regime left Begins acting as the tyrants that we know that they are. Let me use something else here. That i don't quite understand but that it is a portent of things to come. Why are there. Dozens upon dozens of military armored personnel carriers Assault vehicles and what looked to me like a tank parked out front of the capitol in michigan. What's supposed to happen in michigan today. They're gonna turn the guns around and point them at crowds that are going to storm the capital or are they going to point them at. The capitol are their orders. Go in and take control. Same things happening at some level and kentucky's a guy on twitter at had an entire thread. I didn't any dates or timestamps on any video so i didn't retweeted or anything but the one in michigan actually did see a story on that you know that more during the potomac rivers got what twenty five thousand troops there now. We were told yesterday that they all had undergone background checks background checks. For what did you ever go to trump rally. Mem- remember how you can't just don't let your kids being listed or don't try and dissuade them from Enlisted in the army. If they find out that you were in the armed services and you're maga- flagwaver or cap wearer or whatever. Are they now going to try. Start getting rid of you. I think that that's part of the purge. There seems to me that we need a one party system here. You're not gonna like living and a republic. And i mean that in the soviet of term you're not gonna like living in a republic that has one party centuries opole what is ancestors went through Mothers and fathers grandparents when they lived under one party rule under the soviet union. But that looks to me like what is going to be attempted here. At least at the federal level you gotta member hillary was supposed to clobber trump. She was supposed to wipe the decks with this guy and yet she didn't so electorally. Speaking seventy four million people voted for donald trump. Today would be the last day that you get any or have any satisfaction or reward for that this deceit and this fraud will ultimately produce. What deceit fraud produces evil. No good can come of it. We know that which is why again. Separate separate withdraw withdraw mike church show here on the crusade channel. It is and soldiers on here at the auto general citizen soldiers on here at the generosity. League command in. Virginia falls on april fifteenth of this year of our lord. Eighteen sixty one salmon cameron the secretary of all the united states government. John directing him to raise three regiments of infantry to be sent to assist in. Suppressing sovan confederacy governor lectures as well known. You perhaps not his work. Why washington state you have chosen to inaugurate civil war and having done so we will meet you in a spirit. As determined the lincoln administration as exhibited twelve the south two days later the beginning legislate to voted for. Secession would not send soldiers to march and other sticks and tyrannize all the people so we we never allow the armies of others to march. You know our skates and tyrannize. Our people like many of you indeed. Most of you've always been a union man. It is not with joy a life that many of us have welcomed secession pat allen neighbors to the north practice bellicose form of persuasion. Perhaps this day might not have thought that day has been thrust opponents the phone our ancestors administration required us to raised three regiments done so able decode matt walls of jericho about to go river. Actually they're putting the walls up folks. Mike church show here on the crusade channel. Marcus so realize dudas meritas maximums augusta's immune it's far most naturalists full loss of focus. I think of a lot of us is throw in their here on the last live radio station standing radio free america. We truly are radio. Remarka- which why have been looking into shortwave broadcasting to augment the coverage not able shortwave. Oh hey hey. Come back and vogue. Now juno i saw does the other day. The biden knows about short way because somebody wrote an article the other day talking about how ham radio operators have not been maga purred. Joe are so many ham radio guys running around out. There were a lounging around. Should i say with their shortwave transmitters. That had not been subjected to reprogramming are still out there thinking that there was an amber waves of fuel red white and blue flags and all that stuff speaking a witch tomorrow is independence day again. The regime takes over. You and i declare our independence. You can do that. A variety of ways One of the ways that we can do. That is dr dill saver and his great segment on yesterday's program. If you missed it. The video is on website. A crusade channel dot com for anyone that wants to watch him to reclaim the spirit of seventy six. Fly the seventy six betsy. Ross flag tomorrow now. Most people think that the gadsden flag the great fu flag of all time. You flied don't tread on me rattlesnake and if you tread on me there is a history behind aghast of like i've covered at once before. I'm not gonna do it again today. Do you wanna fly to gadston own one. Fly the gadget him. I however though think that flying the spirit of seventy six betsy ross seventy-six flag and now there are two betsy ross flags. You're going to get conflicting if you go to a duck duck go or search or whatever you're You're going to get different versions. You're going to get one. That has a semi circle with a seven and a six in in the center of the semi circle on a bluefield. And you're going to get one. That has you know what maggie lobby and grabbed the seventy-six flag. Because i've got one we can fly. That joker right now where. I got the trump flag right there behind the door. You'll see it's on a wooden pole. Rich words in the other corner. The seventy six betsy. Ross flag that. I have had as the field thirteen stars in a circle. And it's got the seventy six and the in the center. Yes i had on a flagpole because we used it the spirit of seventy six the movie. I can't remember what we used it for but we used it. That's this this to is. That's the betsy. Ross flag so And i was mistaken and doesn't have the seventy six in the middle There are some. I think that do have the seventy six the middle okay. I have rolled over it Somebody sent me this flag. I can't remember who Way back in the day. So that's what example. Fly a seventy minute king dude. Plays union flag. No it's not no. It's not any no. It's not that flag predates the union. That's an articles of confederation flight. If you really want to be a radical on independence day tomorrow now. I don't know that you could find those that you get it in a day unless you wanted to make one but you can fly the rebel flag. I've got one out in the lobby of those two actually flew over a cube cubicle in iraq and add the letter in his service according to prove challenge to prove it you could find out from the war of northern aggression or from the war for american independence. What your local militia. What their flag was light.

mike church Mike church michigan potomac rivers biden us salmon cameron lincoln administration pat allen matt walls dudas donald trump dr dill kentucky soviet union united states government mike Canada betsy ross Secession
E276 Hungover On Good Dick with Nikki Glaser

The Viall Files

1:10:58 hr | 3 months ago

E276 Hungover On Good Dick with Nikki Glaser

"I'm donny deutsch and apple. Podcast called on brand with donny deutsch. And this podcast is built on the premise. It everything. Today's a brand every person. Every celebrity athlete of religion every movement every politician every company every product somebody with their facebook pages brand. And we're going to break down the brands of the week every week. The brands that are shaping who we are what we're about and where we're going and i'm gonna do it every week with a great iconic brand themselves so my guests include michael j. fox and jim cramer and joe scarborough and tommy hilfiger and dennis leary and austin and we're going to break it down with them we're gonna break down their personal brands and break down the brands of the week following review on brain. Donny deutsch on apple podcasts. Or any place. You get podcasts. And you can see the video on youtube channel. So it's honorable donny. Deutsch will see nexstar everybody. This is julie christly. Invite you to listen to our podcast. Christly confessions on the podcast. One network each week. We play listener. Voicemails offer advice suggestions and opinions based on our own life experiences. Also listen in to get the latest updates on all things. Christly new episodes every wednesday on podcast. One apple podcasts. Spotify and amazon music. What's going on everybody. Welcome to another amazing episode of the files on your house neck and we got a doozy of an episode for you today. My dear friend and comedian and just all around. Great gal nikki. Glaser is back with us. Nikki was one of the very first ever had on the vowel files. And since then she's been back for asked nick she's been back for battery caps and she is back for just kind of a regular old interview and chitchat. She'd been in studio before. Yeah i've never seen her in studio third time in studio nikki and just shoot the shit and boy do we. We talk about some things. You re nikki really opened up. A great is always nikki. Doesn't disappoint hot takes and points of view and there's nothing i appreciate better than Some owing with Who likes to think about life and Just kinda mix it up. She always gets me thinking thinking. I'll tell you that much agree or disagree. We always loved to have nick young anyway Yeah she soon. Great and I'm sure she'll be back again. Join us next week for a really fun interview with gail named tanks. Many of you know her. She's blown up on tiktok and a little bit on the grab Just another hysterical woman with some great Takes dating and What are the more fun conversations. I've had i mean. I always like i feel like i said a lot and thankfully we have some great guests to be honest in another one If you're just if you're looking for a reliable smart individual you'll want to listen to tanks also. I'm just jealous of the fact that she's given herself a a one word nickname that stuck. So that's great nikki laser. Everybody hi hi nick. I'm still getting used to this last time. We last time. I did this setup you were here and then i wanted to try it again. Yeah it's intense. What do you mean each other from across the table. I mean this is like i feel like i'm on rogin or that's currently rose. Who does yeah just this very. I mean the only time we would you would sit across the table with someone like this at at a dinner. No one meets. Well i guess getting coffee with a friend. I feel i feel about it. It's not that intense. Get some hard questions for museum. Ab probably like i do. I am sitting next to you. Usually in chairs like this and so it's like it. We can look away and eye. Context like is weird. How are you with a contact. I could be better always. I feel like the thing is okay. So i'm a as a as a heady over thinker guy. You know. I do this kind of look up when i'm in my thoughts. Which way is the lying. Look to up to the left. I think trying to search well. That's the same as thinking because look the it doesn't necessarily mean you're lying. I think it's an indication that you could be because truth should just be like on the tip of your tongue so to speak and so if you're looking up into the left the you're thinking about alternative answer rather than the story recently nuts like i would say within the past year quit lying like one hundred percent. Not even white was an active choice. I read this book called lying. By sam harris who is someone like admire a lot and a philosopher and thinker. That is just hits me right like where i like everything. He says make sense of hope to god. He's still yet you harris sam. You don't like you read the book lying. It's very short. My actually my ex boyfriend gave it to me. 'cause he was so i was constantly doing these white lies just to make him happy and he caught me long. He's like i was thinking about people like ask me why or how good at relationship advice. Or whatever and i was kinda thinking about like okay. I guess i'm curious what why am good and then i thought to myself i just i operate under the idea that Everyone is the biggest liar. They'll ever meet themselves right. They ally themselves a lot. Like we'll never meet anyone who's who lies with more than ourselves and then you disagree. I mean i'm working on myself in a way that i don't even want to lie to myself anymore. I know but usually but most. We're living in denial and we have log. I don't i don't care. I do care. And and then. I add it to the fact that like and usually with like when people call in or a friend you know or someone a stranger. We'll be have this going on. They'll tell me their story. And i'm hearing what they're saying but i'm paying attention for the things that they're doing that don't add. Don't that don't match to what they're saying. Right there dislike does happen this x. y. and z and. I did this. And i said this when i'm like whoa you said and did this and if you want this and why are you doing that right right. And that's all. I'm really where it was paying attention to the lies that they tell them so. Yes and oh my god relationships. There's so many lies we tell ourselves constantly and that's most of what relationship advice is just being like the not that india. It's just the most honest thing if we're always honest like lie about. Are you know. I try not to lie about anything. I'm not perfect about it. But let's say if i were to say. Oh my god nick. I drink so much coffee less yesterday. Alex hopes of coffee. And then i go actually four. I'm going to go actually nick. I said six before to like. Make the story better. I had four. Like i want to correct things like that even I found out that doing comedy. The reason i'm gonna accommodate because i go to telling the truth so i can just like do that. All the time and lies have gotten me in so much trouble and it's so easy to just be honest like when i can't do if i don't wanna do. Let's say. I woke up this morning. And i was like to depressed to podcasts or something like i was just in a bad state of mind i just found out i would just tell you that. Listen i can't do the podcast. Because i'm to be honest with you as opposed to being like i'm sick or i guess i could say i'm sick because that would fall under depression but i try to find a way not just semantically to just nuts ever lie and actually it's it's really great because now in relationships when i like someone i kind of tell them right away like i make it very clear. I'm looking for a husband. I more powerful. No you on ford get outta here like i just know who i am and i know i'm weird about some stuff and i'm a lot in many ways but i'm not trying to not be that anymore. I would like to slowly get better and be a better partner and better human. But the way i am now. I'm pretty damn good. And and i don't have anything to be ashamed of so if i'm like i like you to a guy like i'm i'm not scared of rejection because i i don't know i just i guess i i'm still a little scared but like i i originally when i love them and i didn't even care if they love me back because i was just like i can just say my feelings. I can always be honest. My feelings and men are like super horny for women's feelings most of the time ever since how long you been doing this now or probably about like a about a year like do you. Do you feel more when you say to a guy. I love you and you know whatever you feel is fine. 'cause you're kind of like i said stuff all the time for people to do. Do you feel more empowered. You feel like i love it because it's it's honoring the thing that you're not just honoring how you feel. I think i've gotten so sad over the years. Because i've been told that i'm wrong for feeling the way i feel but then i just didn't realize like whatever and feeling isn't wrong. I'm not trying to hurt anyone from my feelings. And i can just say them. I can be honest about them. There's nothing there's nothing shameful about my feelings. I mean there's so much shame than i have things i should be shamed of but i don't really hide anything anymore and i just i just it felt freeing when i felt in love with someone and i was like. Oh my god. This is a feeling that. I wanna tell them. And it wasn't illicit from him at literally didn't matter if he said i didn't care he did but i didn't care that's great. Yeah i wanna. I wanna ask you like you just said that men are horny for girls feeling you feel that way. Well i recently. I've talked about this book all the time. But there's a book called getting too. I do and it's the worst title for a book but it just talks about. If you want a commitment from a man you have to learn the science behind sex and how it bonds us to men and how and how we're yin yang and how there's masculine energy and there's feminine energy in every relationship needs to have one and they can change throughout the relationship but then the other person needs to flip so feminine energy is not like the greatest way to describe it because no man wants to be the feminine energy. Even though there's many men that are that but usually it's the woman role and there's a masculine energy so the the the feminine energy only feels and like only expresses herself. I or or hisself but mostly this is women with i feel and the femininity persons should never come from a place of i think or i think so. The masculine energy. You should never ask a man who was a masculine energy man which most arm saying like ninety percent of men are. I'm in the timbers of women who are kind of energy woman but most most men are masculine energy trying to get a man only come from place if i feel and you can be completely honest with him all the time about your feelings but you can never say i think and he never asked him how he feels. Only ask him what he thinks. Because one person is thinking one person's feeling in a relationship you have to decide. Do you want to be respected for your thoughts or chairs for your feelings and if you wanna be tears for your feelings in a relationship which is what i want in a relationship because i'm respected for my thoughts everywhere i it's like i'm gonna get respect when i go home. I just wanna be like. i'm sad. Be nurtured so that. So now i just feel with men i just tell them how i feel all the time. It's book you can't flip like you know you can flip and in different like let's say so when i when i Some some a personally me. I'm not that this. I'm pretty much the same in bed too. I'm like more submissive and like more the feminine energy like receiving but some women are like very feeling in their relationship and then they get in bed and then they're the dominant one and then it flips and then the guy becomes that but you can't have both energies like if a woman's going slow yes in whatever situation. It works my friends who have just read this book and adopted it and been like. I'm not gonna ever tell this guy who's clearly masculine and feminine energy. What i think. And i'm only gonna ask him what he thinks. You just meant like the basically if you don't ask how they feel an in its acknowledging because because one energy one interrelationship one person is respected for their thoughts and one person is cherished for their feelings. You cannot have both if you want both things in a relationship you're narcissists and you're probably gonna end alone if both if you want both things 'cause you gotta get you gotta get that other thing met somewhere else but not relationship you need to be. Someone needs to be receiver and someone needs to be the giver. So it's a moment to moment situational thing not like overall. It's pretty much overall. I mean there's definitely times where it can completely switch like. You said like the bedroom where it's like role play like the role switch. So if i'm like. I'm definitely a thinker but i've noticed as i've gotten older i try take my advice like when i'm trying to communicate how i feel about something i will say. Well this is how it makes me feel and it seems to be received enough. Because she's the she might be the masculine energy and you might be feminine energy. She's definitely in. How the masculine energy. That's what i'm saying. What i'm saying if she but i'm just trying to communicate to her so she hears me when i tell her i feel. I want to tell her what i think you should see. That's where i'm confused by. Because if i told her what. I 'cause you know how in a lotta relationships. If they haven't even read this book i have a bunch of guys a bunch of guys who are logical problem solvers. Right either girlfriend wife. Whatever comes back from work and there is like this happened right. I'm and they're venting and the guys like all right. Let's solve the problem and they're like shut the fuck up. I'm just telling you just just feelings. Don't try to. Yes so what i'm saying is so. Yeah and then. That's me. I'm i'm i. I make that mistake of doing that a lot. I'm like oh a problem great. Let's solve it you know. And and they don't want to solve the problem. I'm just saying when i noticed that i'm frustrated about something instead of like you know what i'm saying. I'm kind of trying to beat the system. Beat the i guess. I'm recognizing that feeling that schieber responds to feelings more than logic. Oh right because you're trying to talk her language youngest caress yes so like it's like yeah exactly she doesn't speak english he's big streaming kind of thing so instead of trying to slow my english down. I just speak german so to speak. if you're easing that analogy so like i will but see. She needs to get into her more feminine energy and like it because you want to leave from a place of. I think it's complex. But i don't. I don't pretend to be an expert on this. But i just know that when two people are trying to do the same role of like. I think you should do this. And if you tell a man like i think this and they they're dick just like shrivels up. But if you're like i feel like you know you're really happy when you if you're just like gentle. The book is about being like a woman and nurturing feminine. It's a little bit. Like oh god have to start wearing dresses and like being sexy. I is about that. Like if you wanna get a mess and energy man who rose feminine. A woman doctor pat allen herself a feminist for sure. Oh my gosh yes so. This isn't it. I used to recoil at this book because all my friends read it nice to be like. Oh you just act like a handmade until he dies and then you can be yourself again. That was my job for it to trick a man and loving you. Yeah because i was like okay. All my friends are now just being like well. I don't want to tell you what so can we. Maybe talk later about my feelings like you have to ask for permission later on. There's all these like weird things that make you feel like you're acquiescing to a man but really what it is is it's honoring yourself as a woman as an emotional person who is honoring a man who it cannot process emotions the same way. It doesn't express themselves in emotions the same way eggs. Yeah you heard me talk about them. Because they're awesome. 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You shouldn't be sleeping with anyone who you to be your boyfriend until they like agrees booker's time and it's like this book seems a little rigid it is but it's not it's not about being like don't don't give control them with your like your sex use that as a tool to trick them it is about honoring you because women don't understand most women and a cup kind of some men bond through sex but most women you get so much oxytocin release when you have an orgasm with especially their penises in you in any way that you become chemically bonded to this guy in the withdrawals last two years for chemical bond like that and it just doesn't happen way the mount of oxytocin for a manned orgasm way less than not for a woman could be hung over from a really good dick for two years two years. That's why girls can't get over guys because they are chemically bonded. So i don with guys. I don't want to do the drug you going on. but why why cans withdrawal. Why can't guys over women. I mean i guess. Some of them chemically bond as well but for women which is way more likely to happen and it happens fast and it can. And that's why. I do not let a penis and my vagina unless he is someone that i know is going to give me longevity consistency and a commitment like i want. I want someone who's looking towards being with me for a very long time. We'll fuck me a lot and and is exclusive is only my won't sleep with them now or no. No i will blow someone. I shouldn't even do that to be honest with you. Because it's still like a penis in you and it's like and i've fallen in love with people like it's protecting you because i haven't been able to get guys. I sleep with too early. Because i got addicted to them. Because my fucking brain shot off a million different hormones that i've never had that influx plus the smell of their neck plus the way they touch you. I mean all of these. Things are so physically bonding women have no idea the amount of addiction that it's literally addiction. You can get addicted. To someone's like smells went because you're smelling is neck when you're coming and all this oxytocin shooting off it's like doing a fucking whippet times a thousand like the chemistry going on your brain when you have an orgasm when a man is inside you is insane and makes you love them way. Sooner than if you didn't way sooner so. I have been able to this person that i loved. I'm not with. I fell in love a month ago. I am not bonded him much. Because i didn't have sex with them if i had sex with them as much as i wanted to. Oh my god did i want to. But i couldn't get a commitment and consistency and exclusivity. So i didn't do it and it was all it was i was. I've never wanna have sex. So bad in my fucking life. But i didn't do it in thank god. I did it because when he didn't come through to be someone that i could be with. I'm i am not even. I haven't even cried. Like i've tried a couple of times so glad i love someone but i'm not even sad because i am not going through withdrawal as much. I mean yes i evans. Because we've talked about this before and some pretty common thing but like the i like. The guys will wanna have sex with a girl and they have genuine intentions. Have sex with a girl and then re evaluate how they feel about the sex now. No one sexists going to be good. Okay let's listen. I'm talking about this is when you're fooling around with guy telling for long enough that you're making out you spend okay so this let me give you an so this guy that i was like seeing like very like you guys. You got the only thing you didn't do with sex. Yeah so you guys for like hours sitting you guys. I didn't she goes no. You guys look like naked. Mexico's yes everything. Like t shirt everything could have happened. I mean there's no doubt that the sex will be incredible. And maybe the best like i can't even believe it will be so good when he finally if we ever do have sex. It'll be the best moment of my life. But i'm so glad doing chemically if you are meeting other ways oh yeah you are. That's why i only like made him. As soon as i knew it wasn't gonna work out. I was like okay. Can't blow you any. I will not let you. And i will not pleasure you anymore to orgasm no way you can finger me all you want but like you're not going down on me anymore. You can finger me. And i can kind of treat a separate thing and then i think i like. I told him he could like jerk off next to me but he can't associate like my body with like i don't wanna see you don't get that i don't want i don't want because the thing is once they fuck you i. This is first of all this is not just to protect my heart because of the chemical addiction which i just learned about. I was doing this before. Because i felt like as soon as a guy had sex with me it was like okay i did it. And then there's just a mood shifts. There's a mood shift after they come frankly but like when a guy has sex with you. I've been rejected by men who i thought. Were a sure thing so many times after sex. Where there's just like this. This is like a first date hookup. No this is like been hanging out a while finally have sex. I've had guys go nikki. Your girlfriend okay. Let's just have sex. And i go. Okay never never accept that when they're horning they have to promise you commitment and all that stuff like outside of the bedroom so i've jumped into bed with guys that have literally been like i'm not gonna go seven before you. Where would you guy. I dated five years before soon as we had sex. You didn't like me anymore. And he's like. I'm not that way anymore. I really want to do this. I want to commit and have sex. I swear to. God he's holding me afterwards and i go. How are you feeling. And he goes. I took like right after we had sex new moments later holding me right afterwards bed and he goes to bed time to have that conversation. I wanted to check in because he was like you know he was worried like we were both ready to go. So i almost said facetiously because in five years prior we joked like after we had sex. He wasn't went from like loving me to being like treating me like a bro to get out like his. You know second cousin staying at his place like one immediately so we joked about that and he goes. That's not gonna happen again like we're like falling in love relying bed. He's holding me and i go. How you feelin like a kind of almost joking because it was good sex or whatever. And he's like honestly I'm like i'm just feeling this may have happened to like he fucking but he begged affects bags. Would bag was begging. I was so he brought i. He just stopped talking to me. And i was falling in love with this guy and thought he was going to be my guy. 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I think it sounds like he was sure it's hot but what i'm saying is that's what he's focused on right. You know what. He's focused on the whole thing of like what people say they are want right versus what they're actually showing guy who's like. Oh i wanna be. I wanna be your boyfriend i want i want. I want this right. And he says that and everything else is. Can we have sex. We have sex. Wasn't that it was spending time on like it was like doing girlfriends of i mean this guy and i would talk on the phone constantly but then when we got in the bedroom it became that. And then your horny. I'm horny. I'm like this guy is my boyfriend. He said it before. Let's just do it like to a whole waiting until they're someone that wants to wants to be. My boyfriend and i was your boyfriend. No i know. But that that i i'll wait now until that guy. I was younger. So i just didn't know that all the warning signs that were there that told me. This guy wasn't ready but now i'm going to wait and i might not get it right but i'm definitely going to wait until i'm like. Oh my god. Let's consummate wurley boyfriend and girlfriend. Let's go have sex boyfriend and girlfriends do like that's so fun like i want it to be like a special event. Now i could have sex with someone who i don't look at husband material. I might bond to them. But i'm not going to be falling in love. like it. might your backpacking in europe. And you see a guy who you're like you're like that i'm just like you could have with it. If you really are over them you can have sex with an axe this the book. Yeah i gotta read this book about this whole really want you read it. It's called getting to. I do and i know. Everyone's rolling their eyes at the title. It's terrible but it just teaches you so much about your psychology and sociology male men and women relationships and and pretty much any sexual relationship argue. It's always a yin and yang are like that right. I like understanding where you stand what. I don't like i have to read. This book is that. I don't like a like a structured like i don't like a set playbook of like here's how you like husband and never do this and always do this. It's like it all. it's all situation. The rules like those rules that came out in the nineties where the women are like. Never call him back. Never like there's things that you'll find through this book that you're like oh that works for me that doesn't but it all is just steering you to cherish yourself an honor yourself as a woman and respect man for doing the ultimate sacrifice which is giving up other pussy for you like we women act like i wanna commitment like it's no big deal. It's no big deal to us. Because we like commitment we like monogamy we are drawn to it not all women but most of when a man decides to fuck you for maybe ever a commitment. You know like when a man goes. I'm going to for the for the foreseeable future. Only fuck you not pursue other women. That is a huge sacrifice that we do not give. It is because biologically men it is hold on. I'm not i'm not. I'm not being hyperbolic here. Men are meant to fuck everything. Okay they are not sacrificing by like giving up dick. We know because we are most women. Don't because we don't. We're not craving did new dick constantly. Men are craving new pussy. No matter what they tell you they will crave new pussy so for them to go. I care about this woman enough. That i'm not going to pursue other policy and like go against my biological nature. We it's fucking give respect to that and be very like a like technology that that's a sacrifice and it's bigger than you is as feminist as cry i recognize. I agree with you that it's been men for you can be in love and and still be like i mean objectively. I see his hot girl and it would be fun to see your naked kind of right like you. Just i a guy but Christie are you saying you disagree with nikki's premise about new dick. Not necessarily the adventure. That a new nick fallen in love. You can't in your getting fucked out. You're getting banged out by a guy that you love on the rag. Are you looking at guys at the gym and going. That guy's hot say that but are you actually craving their penis inside you in a way that you're like man. I wish john wasn't in my life so i could fuck that. No you're not sorry arguing over craving. I'm over the fact that men when they are in they don't wanna be monogamous men against their nature. They wanna go everything spreaders gina. I wanna fuck. Even though i mean i wanted to be monotonous. Girl will be like. Oh no. I don't a fuck that hot guy can acknowledges got a guy who loves me at home. No i'm just saying women are different. When and i'm not speaking for every woman. Please do not me and be like i. I'm a woman who loves to all the time. But i i i'm in a relationship. I love sex a sex addict almost. But i don't really care about other men when i'm really feeling in my emotional needs and my sexual needs met by a man i love. I don't even see other men. And i feel like a lot of women will agree with me and i know that men are like that sometimes in the beginning of a relationship with it's superintendent you like maybe don't see other women but it's not as much in men always wanna fuck other women if you think your man look at girls and you never any doesn't checkout girls and he doesn't think about fucking another girl maybe when he's in the shower and jerking off or maybe when he's inside. You sometimes think about someone you saw earlier. Your fucking insane. He definitely does. And it's okay but we have to. We have to really think it's like really special. That a man is willing to give up fucking other girls for for me for the rest of my life and i will do. I will do whatever it takes to make feel like. Thank you for that sacrifice. Because i know it's not your general nature but i also will say that i don't mind if my boyfriend gets a blowjob from a random girl if i if he's on location somewhere or like on a bachelor party and there's some girl at a bar who thinks he's super hot and she's just some floozy and austin at a bar and he doesn't live in austin. I don't care if you up. That sounds fun. tell me about it later. She's so hot. I hope she's like yeah. My boyfriend my husband is he. Let you know i. I mean help before we go on the trip. I'll go listen. You wanna do something this weekend. That's fine don't give me any disease. Be safe about like if you wanna get your this. Is this new nikki. No this is. This has been nikki for years and years and i've no one believes me about this. It's i don't know wrong with me. I don't think there's anything don't even like it. I'm not trying to be like a cool girl to get a guy. I'm telling you know many even want this but i get really turned on when my boyfriend someone. I feel very secure with in love with like when a girl wants to blow him or something. I don't necessarily wanted to have sex with a girl will get a tax nick. But i like it because i'm like oh my boyfriend's attractive. He's like definitely like girls. Want him and guess what i've never once in my life heard if a guy getting a blowjob in a bar from some girl he met at the bar bar. Who's just like kind of drunken like. I wanna blow someone that knows girlfriend. I don't want to deceive this grow into thinking she's going to get in a relationship but it's like a bachelor party. He's at a bar in austin. A girl is all over him. She super hot. He's like texting me. Like how hot. This girl is get a up. Because i've never once heard a guy getting a blowjob in being like. I need to marry you and leave. My girlfriend like never happened. He's just you're just what do you mean leave. Well i mean like i'm not i don't think you're crazy. I think it's an interesting conversation. Don't think about making making out. That's fine too. But making kind of intimate i would rather like. He either like. You'd rather job a hand job or like finger her or like do or make her now. Make her come. Yeah i would love that because usually the guys dating are really good at fucking like. Oh my god. I'm so glad that girl had like one time. My ex-boyfriend hooked up with early women and she was like so she like came alive or what i forget he figured or something and she was just like he told me later on. She was just like kind of her. She was like dizzy at. She was like what the fuck was that. I was like. Yes i love like. You made a girl feel that good. And like whoa. That could be done. That's nice to know. Yeah and it's hot. You're not ca- like i think this can all work right but it has like i feel like you have to have really good communication not no sex no obviously peanuts in vagina sex. Nothing but like so your your guy your boyfriend. Yeah goes to a bachelor party. Are you like asking questions or you. Just trust them that he no. I'll ask questions when we start hooking up when he gets back like when this happened with my boyfriend my ex boyfriend so he went on a bachelor party in austin and before he left he was like listen. I know he's talked about this before. Because i've always been like. Oh my god like we when we were together we were never a part like we're working on show together. We live together. There was no chance to like have a flirtation with a girl like even though. That's something i would have been into and we need to talk about it all the time in bed like our four plays to be me being like tongue by the time you hooked up with a girl like all of us before stories before we hooked up and i was like oh my god so horny for like just telling me like being intimate the other girls. That didn't make me gelson made me like. Oh my god. Like oh my god so turned on by him so then when he was going on this trip he was like. Hey i know we've talked about it before but like i don't have a lot of opportunities i don't drink i don't go to bars. We're going to go to bars if there was if something were to happen with another girl it would be this weekend and i was like okay like i can handle it. I was like no sex. But like use your discretion and just tell me about it when you get back and so he went on the trip. We texted like normal. And this is just for me. This isn't for. This is the way we worked it out and then we met up after that and we were meeting san francisco and we both knew he was coming off this trip and i was like i wonder if he's done anything but we had the whole day with our friends just like going to launch and like talking about the trip and then we'll segue by governor though we started hooking up and then he then he's like. Do you wanna hear what happened. I'm like fuck. Yes i do. I've been waiting all day. And then that's when he told me and it was so it was like our foreplay and then it was so hot and then we had the best sex ever because it was about him. I felt i just felt like. Oh my gosh. My boyfriend is like attractive to other women like i get. I'm so excited. I get to have this. This man loves me that other women want but they he's mine. There wasn't any jealousy no none. I don't mean like in a baggage also their time but i feel like in those situations. It's not all about controlling your feelings right. Yeah i don't have to even do that. I don't gels at all. Because i feel like part of that hotter than me. I don't care. But i feel like part of the excitement of that is having this layer of trust boundaries. That he's you know no no sacks he's telling us communicating and then like however you feel how you feel right and those you you know how you're gonna very scary the first very alive fuelling your dislike. I feel a lot. I'm like i'm probably even mad. I'm not mad at you. Because i know we had our rules poof. Why feel feel certain way. I'll tell you when it did that. Time did not bug me. The time it did bug me was when we were first venturing into it and he ran into a girl that he had worked with on the street and she was they or on the train or something and she was like you should come up and see my new place and he was like i. But nikki would like like whatever's going on here like this world is giving me a vibe. I used to work with her. I can't wait to tell nikki about this. Which there's one thing about this though that i love is my ex was very weirded out by this whole thing was just like you. Want me to flirt with girls and have like an. I'm like i. i don't know. I think i lake it like you're out of stories to tell from your past. You gotta make new ones in. So he was in he goes to the cool thing about. It is if i were to be cheating on you. You would not be in my head at all while it was doing something with another girl. But the fact that i am going to get to tell you about it and you're going to be turned on by this. I'm thinking about you the entire time with this and it's like that's a win for me exactly because it makes the situation all about your partner at me. It made him in control. Yes and the whole reason for doing it is for you or for them. And if she's better at sex than i am or he feels a connection with her. That it's like i love this girl. Then go be with her. I honestly can't control that. Kill anything all. I know is it turns me on and i honestly and i actually acknowledged that men that maybe i can't be every woman for a man and maybe want him to have an experience with a girl with fug huge ass like i have a flat ass like he's like i want to tell me about with huge fake tits or like i can't be every woman like that's exciting. So this is what happened with this girl. This is the first time it ever happened. And this is where. I got jealous. She goes come into my apartment. He's going on nikki like this like this girl wants to give me alone. They go to the permanent and he's like sitting on her counter and she's like or a roach. She's sitting on her counter. Any kind of just like was looking at a cabinet. He he got close enough that like they could've kissed but he was kind of just like they were. It was in a way that it could have been intimate and then she went important. And i want to but i just. There was something about the way. He didn't tell her that i was okay with it and so i felt like for some. Oh he goes. I want to so bad. But i can't. He was like he was an honest about it. Because he's clunky. You want him to want a girl to ever be deceived one time. He was about to get a blowjob from a girl that he had a past with. And i was like go do it. And he goes if i write her back right now. I'm like leaving her. We just had dinner at the hotel. If i read her back. I'm going to go get a blowjob. There's no turning back. I'm not gonna go this. Do or die and i was like do it. Hold on i go to. She really like you like does she think that she would like maybe. Wanna be sure. And he goes. Yeah and i go. Then don't do it. Let's not do this. Because i don't want her to think that she has a chance to you. Because that's not what this is. Not what i want out of this so i understand that but this girl that he went up and like talk to you about her cabinets. I remember being very jealous. Because i was like this girl thinks that he was so attracted to her. He was like i can't i like there was something left. That girl i wasn't in control it was it became about them and maybe her being like. Oh my god. I got this guy with a girlfriend like almost kiss me and then it took the control out of mine. That's when i got jealous. That's what it's all about. It's controlled for sure. It is but i can't help that. I'm very horny for it like it. It's not something that i'm like. i don't. i'm not enough of a woman. My boyfriend has. I'm not like cuckolded like can't i'm just like it's hot. What about happy endings and massage. Parlours that. yeah that's that's fine. Well actually know if it's your your guys work from lake sex slaves but if you have if you've gone to an escort before i don't mind but you shouldn't have to go to an escort if i don't know if you really are craving to to your point that actually takes all of the excitement that you get out of it away because the girls being paid to have to fuck you know there's no more like he's hanalei z. And just like dick. Yes yes. I will definitely a guy that's gone escorts before and i have no problem with relationship but in mexico no massage besides person and she's like do you want do you want the. Yeah just tell me about it. Like i wouldn't mind it at all. No i just think. It's like i think for men and i think for women even like i think i could get singer to not like feel anything for the guy after and i just don't think that it would jeopardize my relationship to be fingered by the guy like cheating really comes down. Cheating comes down to honesty. Yeah and i think yes it. Does it comes down to just be honest in relationship with the guy who falls for another girl has a crush on a girl. Works with or something like he's like. I've gotta tell me. Let's talk about because if you're willing to have a crush on a girl. I got to figure out what i'm not providing for you in this relationship that makes you think it's okay that you can start having a funny flirty emotionally fraught connection with someone. I want you to be honest before. Because i think the dishonesty when you go. Oh it's just a crush. I don't need to tell me about like the fact that i have a crush on. This girl at work. Like feels weird. She'll probably get mad at me. What happens then is that you start representing your girlfriend because you can't act on this crush instead of just breaking the tension being like babe. I don't know what's going on. This new girl at work has gone well. it's secure woman to secure management. Yeah it's not just men. it's. It's both have the same. And i know that this is. I'm not this doesn't work for me by the way there aren't men that actually i. I'm single. I like not and i want a husband so i'm not doing. I know all these rules and stuff. But i'm this is all i want everyone to know i'm single and i don't know what i'm doing but that's what i would like is like that kind of relationship with that kind of brutal honesty. I mean i. I totally get it but i know guys who you will like. They'll be like well. This is what. I think it's cheating and i don't think this is cheating and i'm thinking well none of that matters until you're dating someone and what they think he has matters like not you know you have all these things that you are into or not into in. You wouldn't mind but if you fall in love with a guy who is just like. I don't want to do any of that and i don't want you to do any of that right and you're like well i disagree. I'm into this. That's fine agree to disagree lifestyle wise but like if you go and still do the thing that you want to do. Even though he's not okay with it like you. Then you're you're about it. Yeah because i know guys who will this be like. I don't think it's cheating. So therefore i'll do it and i won't stop. I'm what fucking living your liar. By definition that is that is cheating is lying and cheating this different area codes like what. What does it. What she doesn't know won't hurt her. It's like it's going to hurt you the thing that you can't be completely honest and understand like to tell everything if it's going to be just you know make every make the person suffer more to here to show all the text exchanges get caught cheating like you know come out with everything but i think that just transparency from the very start of little interest in someone else it brings up if you have if you're wanting to cheat emotionally someone else or even physically. It's either because you've been away from the person for too long and you're not having your sexual needs met. You're like in a different city. So that's understandable or you're not having enough sex in your relationship. There's some there's something that needs to be remedied. And it's like it would be good to know before but you also then something needs to change. You can't just wait that out and wait for it to get exciting again like i think. That's just if you're bored. I mean i had those things to have like. This isn't a deal breaker for me. By the way. Like if a guys like i'm not comfortable ever sleep with another woman i just wanna sleep with you and i truly don't even like the idea that you like me hooking up with other girls. I'll go okay. That's a kinky thing into that. I can probably put on the backburner if a guy like. I have no desire to ever do it with you. I'll go okay. Well that's actually something i really enjoy. I would like maybe you to wrap your head around. Maybe trying to do something like that or getting into it. Or if someone's like i don't really like kinky stuff or being like dominant in bed. Those are kind of my sexual dealbreakers. I need you to maybe get there. Because i enjoy that too much but in terms of like. There's some things that you realize. Well if you tell a guy who's never done the whole like flirt with people and blow jobs and jobs and you present this to him. There's a good bet. He is going to get insecure about it because he's gonna wonder why you're like that right. He's gonna wonder he'll think this is all like don't the fuck other people and i go. No i don't want to if i wanted to. I would tell you that. But i don't want to know plus with your three things. I'm like so confused because you have like your three things. You don't wanna have sex with them until you have your longevity. Your i say that because that's the book and then we're going to respect them because they're given a pussy. Yes i understand. Most women who get the most women want exclusively commitment and consistency. And that's what you should. That's what you should want from them if that's what you if that's what you want. Those are the things you should get before you sleep with someone. And i do get those things but once i achieved those things and i'm in relationship then i go. I don't and i lead with all this. I go once. I feel secure and relationship and have those things on lock that i know. He's going to be exclusive if i want him to be. He's not gonna bang people in lie about it. Exclusively means don't bank. Someone and i about it. It's all about. It's all about power in control and entrust right. It's feeling safe someone and having type of relationship where you can like pleasure. I want my life i want. I like sex. And and i and i am interested in maybe getting like having a non a gang situation but i like multiple male partners at some point in my sex life i would maybe like that is all i watch important. I'm just saying. That's i've never done anything like that. But if a guy was like nev- goes nikki. I would never like ever entertain the idea of like letting a guy bang you and like watching or being a part of it or something. I'd be like okay. Maybe that's something i need to like. Get out of the way. I like bucket list. Go to some kind of sex party and just scratch off because that is something i would like to explore not tomorrow or not like a good bet. Your husband might not be into it. Yeah but there's also a good bet. That would be. Because i am knows i am very like well-versed in this like there's a lot of and that's also something that i may be going. I watched that stuff. But that doesn't mean i need to do it. I don't even know if. I want that but i am open about all of these things. And then you realize what dealbreaker and what's not for me like someone definitely wants kids. I i want to know that. I because i don't know if i want kids and if you definitely do that's gonna be a weird thing if you're okay with being someone who's on the fence in might want them after we fall in love your girl but i don't know yet so i want all those things sworn be honest about everything and then i hope then you know or honest about the fact that i don't know what the fuck i'm doing and i'm scared and i've never i've haven't had a real relationship that has felt like where i didn't feel like i was playing a role in my life and so i'm kind of new to all role playing the role of the girl that he wants me to be. And just like always just like everything's fine and like i was so scared of rejection in the only boyfriend i ever secured that i was like. Oh my god. I went after this guy so hard and i got him and i didn't want him to ever ever dumped me so i just never was contentious with him. I was agreeing with everything. I never once never fought. He got resentful of the fact that i was lying constantly. Because you could just sense that like no it's fine. Yeah everything's kind of like. He sends my resentment which i had. Because i couldn't actually say my resentment storm towards him. Because i was so scared that i'd be like i really don't like it when you talk to me like that. If i said i was so scared he'd be like well. I like talking to you like that. And i'm never going to change by and then setting those things because i was just scared. Are you on any other dating around. I'm on bumble lewis. Because there's no one in saint louis i live in saint louis now and there's no one on riot there but it's not good. I'm really just looking to meet people in person. Because i've realized that that's how i start liking. Someone is i'm like oh it. I've liked people. person immediately. Had chemistry with them. That if i saw their profile on riot. It'd be ooh. I would swipe so hard. My finger would like break. I would be like swipe the well. That's why you have to not can't judge it anymore. I have to wait a way to meet people and then quickly. But that's why like reality show guys because show guys love them because you can watch them from afar and get to know how they talk how they ryan all these apps you just go. That's the way he smiles on mother's day like i don't know what that's the way he lays with his dog and his couch in a way. That's very set up a binary shell like. I hit up. There was one guy on. I guess i can talk about this at this point. Jason foster do you remember him. When clear season he was like writing out his emotions on a slab of creating guy from the firepit emotions into the thing yet. football player. yeah. I thought he was so super toxic. I'm a horrible person. But it's find out because i wrote it down on clear i i understand that. No he said it's been through a lot. Him and his brother had been throughout. He cried and then he left the show because he was like listen to he tastes. Like i'm still in love with claire. And he had like breakthrough any guy that gets emotional on a show and is like willing to be emotional and go there. I was very horned up for this guy emotion. I think he will. I think he'll worship whoever but he also like aside that you don't want to like i get that. But he seemed in. I don't. I'm not pretending to say that he's fixed. I mean this is the thing i'm like. I don't care if these guys are fixed or not. I just want them to acknowledge their broken because once you acknowledge i can't do this. I need help brokering. I like to damage not broken. I understand a little bit in as a you know as a jokey word i acknowledge that i i like people who say much same same as you were you you meet someone and i feel more connected and closer win. Someone's like this happened to me. I've done this. And it's it's a and i'm working on getting over the trauma that caused me in the way it causes me to react to my friends and family now because of the thing happened to me when im seven. I'm like that's fucking great. I'm so glad that you like finally nods. That means that you're on the path so that guy to meet seemed like someone going on the power. So i followed him and then you know we start watching his stories and then i think either iceland or he's in and then we were texting and it was flirty and stuff. But it's just fallen off like you know. Those kind of he lives in. I have forget where he lives khurana. Or he's trying to go to paradise. Is he trying to. Oh i don't know. I mean i would love Yeah i mean. I could see him doing well down there. Yeah i mean. I don't know where to lead the league. I need a guy to be very intimate. See like. I need to got put in effort. And i'm not going to be the one that's like. Hey do you want to come to fight to be with me. So like i'll put it out there'd be like hey i'm interested high but if they don't pick it up i'm like okay. I'm not going. That's doesn't really and i'm not like hurt. That he doesn't wanna drive to saint louis in the middle of the night and bang. What not that. I would have sex with him unless he was my boyfriend. Or whatever but like you know what. I'm saying i need. I need to go to pursue. But that's the type of guy like iceland because i like watching these shows i always love bachelorette season because there's more men to be like. Oh these are guys that. I blue checkmark. They can easily know that. I follow them or like an liking their stuff. They'll know exist and be accused this and if they're into me i might have shot. It's like it's kind of nice or like any like it's being getting a little bit more famous. That is a nice thing because more you have a chance with other like famous people that you may have a report with or have grown up with their picture on your wall. You know like there's people on riot. I'm like i matched with a guy. That was obsessed with in high school like a lead singer of a band that i was like. I would have done anything to have him in high school now. Matching with them. And it's like well time has got changed. Yeah yeah you know. I'm have access now to people that i feel like i know because i've seen them on tv and it innocent. Israeli do know them. I feel like i know them pretty well enough to be like i back that guy or b. But i don't wanna go out with the guy just from pictures on fucking bumble araya. It scares me. I need to see video evidence of view. How much do you include your dating life in your comedy. It's all i do. But i don't really date specific say names or is it just like the other guy i usually say. No i'd i'd i'd do not use names. I've gotten you know. I've gotten better about that to keep it generic enough that but i don't really i mean i think when i have space like i remember not talking saying that guy's name when it was going on because it's too vulnerable. Now this is like a done deal. If he's leading tomorrow be like hey talked about you. I guess like we'll also saying anything mean or no. And but yeah. I like to talk about won't do ben affleck thing of like showing the things he told said to me or or that girl. I wouldn't reveal things about people but I don't know yeah i'm i'm pretty Transparent onstage especially live shows like. I'm going on this theater tour over the summer and i'm going to say things i know in these rooms that like i hope i won't be able to put a special. You know like all because my fans. I feel like i can be like two goes really want to know who knows it's nick mile like the. There's there's there's a joke that i have that you kind of were a huge part of my act when i was taking it. Yeah and it and it was so fun. Because i go an ex bachelor and they're like and i think i'm gonna leave you hanging you know i'm gonna tell you actually wait for a second and it's so fun to get the whole story and then go and it was making mile and there was just a fun little easter egg. So i like to give those things. When the crowd is like wait she was talking to a famous person. Who was it in the whole time. That thinking who is it and so it's just fun to like. Give them those things. But i don't think that. I mean unless i had your permission and you saw the bit. I wouldn't put it on a special but can i also i'm beginning december. So you might be out of the act by then but 'cause it's 'cause it's all based i mean it probably won't be because look somewhat good and it's funny. No well it's all about. You know we talked about this before. But it's all about the thing that was talking about with that guy. The young kid who. Dm me on ray. Of like i thought one thing about like i was just talking about this on shan on their on charlene's episode or on charlene's podcast about you and about talking about you on stage and stuff like that and and being in she was like. Oh you better not let. His girlfriend can't hear about that she can. His girlfriend knows that knicks. A hot guy in that maybe in the past has been sexually attracted it. Like i was into you but now you're like now i feel so comfortable with the fact that you're my friend and that's like a very normal boundary and like there's no part of me that's like trying to finagle anything with you even though it was that way probably for months and months of being could but now i'm just so like you're my friend neck like yesterday girlfriend could hear that i once wanted to have sex with you re everyone wants to have sex with me and i have to be like but she not everyone does. It's like would she be. Would she mad at if she knew in the past that i had thought you were in. I'm actually. I'm actually surprised shirley and said that because yes it was just like yeah. I know what i'm saying. Is i just assume everyone wants to have sex with right right. And so whether whether they want to or not is that's them said it outright. That's the thing like. I feel like they have to acknowledge it for me to be threatened. I would tell your girlfriend that to her face. I can't wait to me your girlfriend because First of all but i would be like. Oh my god. I was like into nick and like it was just a friend five. I got friends owned and it was all that like it would be funny to me. And i think a lot of girls would be able to handle that and i hope that. I hope that i would be able to handle that if my boyfriend was friends with a girl who definitely liked him and he never really liked her. If anything i'd be like do me out. He didn't like you. I've seen this before on. Talk radio and turn I say off. It's just it's like vaping it's like it's just dangerous syndicating were. I've saw like the assumption is some some women. Want a guy who's they think is hot but no other women think is hot because they don't want to worry about other women that would that will worrying about other words back that would backup charlene's theory that she didn't think you should be able to tell natalie i'm like why i don't understand like feel secure in your love for and knows that nothing like a lot of ideas like well. If you have to worry about any girl who likes me. Well you know. I think i might. There might be a couple who are attract. You know there are girls that you have a girlfriend that are still going to pursue you and she needs to know that but also not feel threatened by because if she threatened by those girls. Those can't do anything you can't okay and if it's comes on to you but you think a lot of women are like i think there are so many women that i i have best friends who are like the most intelligent women i know emotionally and otherwise and i asked my friend recently go. You're so jealous of other women in him possibly finding another woman even though. You're the most amazing stunning person in the world. And he has given you no indication. He's ever been interested in anyone else. I go if i sat my fingers right now and every woman would not be into an no i go and he would be on attracted to every woman except you would you. Would you take that. She was like in a heartbeat. And i was like. I would never do that to my right. It's it's insecure security. It's absolutely thinking that you're not enough in that you have to like create you have to put a man in jail in order to keep them whereas free and constantly worried that at any moment some- someone around the corner with the best personality because she is like trauma so she's beautiful and she's funny. She's she's she's the one i would be worried about for any one of my boyfriends to ever meet. She's actually more than and she's pretty but she is just struggles constantly with Being so scared that her boyfriend who has shown her nothing but just solid. Commitment is going to abandon her for another woman. And it's like it's just a it's a it's a bad place to be. I feel really sad for and there's so many women that living it. I'm just i'm lucky. I'm not one. But i struggle in other ways with obsessing over things i can't control you know it's just that's that's something happened in those girl's life where they either got cheated on before or long time. This is more for men but a lot of times if a man thinks you're cheating viscous cheating. Sure i mean and state for women to their like obsessed in constantly. Because they're capable of doing it to or they are doing to just projecting insecurities bullshit. But do you get jealous. Do i get jealous. I anyone can get jealous. I often don't get jealous. Because jealousy comes from being insecure right and i of insecurities i'm relatively good at acknowledging them and just being upfront about them. But like i'm everyone's capable of feeling like it's more like yes. You feel jealousy than i have no problem being like the bugged me and then i'm more curious about figuring out what bugged me why i was bugged by it. But i'm i'm not normally a jealous person. I'm not like i. You know. I like it when if i don't mind my girlfriend getting hit on by guys because i choose. I get turned on by the fact that i trust her not to do anything. Yeah and if. I can't trust her then i i'm too exhausted to be in the in the relationship with me but if i feel jealousy than there that i try to address it because i know there's something either that i'm insecure about or she's doing something that makes me feel insecure and then i try to address it. You're honest with doesn't like brew into something more like the bugs me that you did that. You know the one time. I get jealous recently. Is i'd just like blown a guy and we were talking about jaylo somehow cuddly. Afterwards jaylo kim. He's god she's i've seen her person. She's probably the hottest person i've ever seen him. Yeah and i go. Can you not say j. Lo is hot when my when you're calm is like in my upper digestive tract like i just swallowed your come and you're telling me j.lo's hot and he was like the fact that might come is in. You doesn't change the fact that jail is hot. And i'm like i understand that logic but i don't really want to hear about it right now and by the way cool lick who doesn't think j.lo's hot stop saying jails hot. That is like saying the sky is blue. It's not a unique thing that oh oh you. She's a woman. Cool your interesting. I was like so annoyed. So i can get very jealous about it right away. Difference between like knowing that your partners attractive to people in hearing about it all the time. Like i don't i i met a guy but if it was just like so fucking hot it'd be like right after you had an intimate moment either way either way of like like i signed with accepting it. I don't necessarily agree affected. You need to vocalise it bother. You had to get that and some guys love to be like. I remember this guy. D- yeah. I used to take all the time that would just say how hot other girls were cool. Obviously meal meal kunas is out. You don't need to say that every time a commercial where she's like. Dry humping a casket of whiskey or whatever she was doing in that one commercial every time going on. I don't go. I don't need you here. You go like oh god. She's hot like cool yes that's why she's on tv. She's sexually attractive. Like stop trying. It's them trying to make. It seem like i'm a like it's them trying to control you really like them trying to maybe make you feel a little insecure. Because they are. It's like why. Say that. I think subconsciously consciously a little bit of sometimes guys are just I mean i can get onboard with being hot but it's the time in the place i love when i go baby girls ass right now. That is incredible. Like fuck. I don't think it's always machiavelli and i don't think a lot of guys are smart enough to be like because i think they're just kinda dumb and you're there and they just want to say it and it's an awkward. Don't even know they're doing what they're doing. Which is like sure. But i don't know if there's a master plan. I don't think that but i think it's subconsciously. I wanna keep her a little bit like on our toes of like i'm a. I'm the way and feeling about this girl's too intense. And i need to like keep it so like oh i like other girls. I guess it's possible. I haven't felt that way. I don't the circumstance certain circumstances. Where i'm like that was just ill-timed in such a like i just blew you and you're telling me j.lo's hot like to me that was about like That didn't mean much to me. I'm just gonna deflect like this moment where we're cuddling after we just had a sexual encounter this two intense so deals like it's just a way to like push me away a little bit think. Maybe i'm wrong. Maybe i i mean i could be wrong about all this. Please don't tell me. How am i'm really not scientists. I'm just comedian with like mickey. Thanks so much for coming. Nick always a pleasure. Let people know where they can follow you. You will be touring tour. Nikki glaser dot com slash tour like forty cities going all year until january and then I have a podcast called nikki laser. Podcast that is every day. Monday through thursday and you can with iheartradio and seeing the instagram. There's other stuff to just nikki. Glaser on instagram. And i kick a i g l. a. Great thanks for listening guys. Don't forget to sending your questions at ask. Nick academy that dot com cast with a cast media dot com. I was kind of mumbling said in your five star reviews and we will see you back on monday by. Everybody should definitely baltimore. We have a way of speaking to each other through food. It's really renewed for me. My love of what i do. It's gonna take something far stronger than pandemic to defeat us all these businesses. I've taken precautions to make sure that everyone is safe. We're ready see what we've got going on. Plan your visit at baltimore dot org.

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Pucks with Bernie and Panger  Episode 2  Old School Berube, Overtime, Cup Day

Scoops with Danny Mac

23:22 min | 2 years ago

Pucks with Bernie and Panger Episode 2 Old School Berube, Overtime, Cup Day

"And welcome in the latest installment of pucks with Bernie and passenger right here on scoops with Danny AMAC DOT COM our weekly visit talking Blues Hockey Nhl Hockey with the Blues Hall of Famer Bernie Footwork or the blues announced Darren Pang we rotate through the two and this week it is in fact the Blues Hall of Fame We had a lot to cheer for all those years when I was growing up so yes I mean every spring when we got a chance to watch the the Stanley Cup final and of course absolutely I mean we loved it I mean it was it was what it was all about I mean even those days with just six teams in the League Montreal Canadian Fan and the Canadians were winning a lot so is an unofficial gauge but the amount of gear I see I mean I dropped my kid at school the teachers are wearing blue sweatshirt you go to the store you got MOMS with blues caps on the house We had a little over one hundred people here in the backyard we just Kinda it was it was very low key we had a bunch of our friends and neighbors. I mean I it's it's sort of infiltrating the city like and everybody loves a winner there's no doubt about it there's always been a passionate base but I think it's crossed over now where it's it's people that yes I can throw out there I know I was at the White House this week but I know Mike Wallis the Blues Franchise Right now is just it seems like they can do no wrong even the dead ah I'm so glad it happened now but as you said it's been an unbelievable summer I mean everything looked so great right from the fact that they won the Cup into the after Stanley Cup every year on an old black and white TV and did you think about it what it would be like. I know you didn't get to win it as a player but how much is a kid in Canada do you romanticize that trophy the White House the weather's perfect they win the Cup the parade fans are lining up for tickets you've been around this city a longtime did you ever think you'd see the day where I mean it just seems how important of a trophy it is I mean it's got that just that aura about it that when people see it they just earn amazement so I mean it was just a really fun gathering we had it for over and it was just Kinda just watching the sheer joy on their faces to Martin we had it set up I mean people will take pictures kissing and hugging it and you just don't realize that day at the parade because just seeing the joy the sheer joy on on people's faces and the way the guys were able to take the cup and stuff out into this into the crowd four hours in a very privileged to have it for four hours and it was it was a a real good party we had a really great time so when you were a kid in Foam Lake or you mean did you. Roland it's it's gotTa be good for for the balloons because it's gotta be good for sales how `bout you and the cop what did you do Bernadette what kind of what kind of Shindig was there at the They were blue stuff that was intermingled into the crowd which we really I never saw before so yeah I think everybody's really jumped on the bandwagon with it and everybody loves to wear the you know what I dreamed about it and of course when I played I mean you you busted your tail off every night and it was a your goal at the beginning of every years was to be in the Stanley Cup and win that everything is going well it had my fingers crossed for for a lot of years Martin but you know what did I ever expected what I expected to happen at some point in time and I'm sure it happened yet I feel like the the moment they got on the bus at the White House Doug Armstrong thought bubble would be okay that's enough right now we've had so much fun there's been all kinds ah when with a cup was raised. I think that's one of the great moments that you dream of being a part of that where you're able to grab that Cup poice it over your head and don't necessarily follow hockey even are just kind of they think it's cool to wear blues gear yeah it was really funny is that used to Carl Games and all you saw was Carl Lee they've been fighting a couple of games over five hundred but yeah I think there's been a lot of obviously a lot of things that have been going through their minds over the course of the last week even got going into the hall of fame in Toronto and presenting a ring there and when you have all that kind of stuff going on I think it's really kind of maybe sometimes a hindrance for you but voted I mean I can't say enough about it in really the city is still beaming about anytime you mentioned the word Blues Everybody's still has got to be smiling face whatever's happened in the past is over now and I think they have to start looking forward I mean there's not that they haven't played well or poorly will for the course of the first six games I mean they've been I don't get it done they'll really even before Christmas or even later into the year so I think the fact that they've got it done now yes I think this is now the companies are for that moment that maybe someday you'll get a chance to hold the cup and raise it over your head and it was that moment really they came to fruition it was it was just a wonderful moment and something. I'll never on when I was able to get on the ice and actually Hoist Cup it was really the fulfillment of a lot of dreams that I've had a lot of nights where you've laid awake and dream to that the three I've not no I I really prefer I mean if you're going to have anything you just go right into the into the shootout I mean I I pomp and circumstance but now it's over let's get to hockey do you think that's even with the players now a collective sense of okay we've done everything cool that we could possibly do now we got we got to put that all in the rear view mirror the islanders lost the opening night to the capital's people that know Bernie Federico The hall of Famer he's always in good spirits he's upbeat but one thing I know you don't like the overtime format correct now that the White House visitors over yes I think it's back to work now and I think even starting tonight against the Vancouver could actually I think it's going to be a difference to a shootout even after you get the three on three no one scores I think everybody is is standing the entire time when you go to the shootout and I kinda like that a little more than I do the three on three ovation hoist over your head but as you mentioned unfortunate wasn't able to get to do that as a player but that night in Boston when the guy's got a up to be so I still enjoy three three but I just think it's a little more gimmicky overtime you'll lose the shootout and you get the point at least they got a point what about in the room to the chances are pattern in the shootout they kinda just toy around keep coming out of the Blue Line keep doing a lot of different things so I'm still a fan of the shootout but hey it's not as feel that way it's like the old tie where you said that wasn't real satisfying if you get the point we always emphasize that how about players that can they can there be satisfied again. I understand the people never liked ties and I really didn't like ties at all and I I'm okay with four on four but the three on three to me is just AH memorabilia. Anything was a Cardinal Jersey or whatever it was and you go to a blues game and there'd be a sprinkle of cardinal stuff in there now you went to the Cardinal Games this summer in the first thirty seconds or something now I think there's a lot of games that are going through the three on three because teams and found a way to defend it if you're the you're not as good as the other team and if you if you think you're little too gimmicky I would rather I mean I watched it three hundred and it is fun but it's it's really not to be pond hockey and that's why kind of when you get this but I think there's nights where you say why we're lucky to get a point because we weren't very good we're able to hang in there the goal he stood on his head and even though we lost in overtime we're in the shootout we action with that if you deserve more than a point I think there's no satisfaction if you vote played the other team and then you only come away with a point I think that's where the disappointing and I'm sure every fanbase always thinks everything bad happens to their team but it does seem like the blues last year plus even in spite of all the success they have a little late game yeah that's Kinda I think the combination of everything the White House visited and I think that probably Doug Armstrong wanted to get it over a little earlier a lot of the teams don't rated the best bread we talked about it was going to be the greatest braid of all time and I and I really believe it was just the response in the city and the joy I mean it's just it was overwhelming the idea was that it would be decided quicker or just that it'd be more up and down why do you think they went that way I think that they wanted to to do it so that it was knows how to win obviously now I mean it's basically the same team that came came back this year that that won the Cup so I I think that was more of a fluke of happening for what it's it should be faster. I mean someone should score but I mean again you always figure out a way to defend I mean now you're used we used to see the three three goals scored Houston especially since the islanders on Monday afternoon I mean there there's a situation where you're up by two goals and it's very unusual for this team to give up two late goals and then ended up losing that game still hockey I mean you're using three players instead of one I mean I think that was one of the problems they always said is that hey now you're just have your your best three players your best five players I get a chance to shoot and it's really not a team sport at that point in time it's just one on one so they were trying to I think believe to keep the team concept going but to me team breakdown where I am I wrong or does it seem to happen more often with his team where they'll give up a goal in that final minute well it's something they certainly want to get away from doing it and we saw that the overtime because I mean you that overtime you know wins in the category there for the the extra points I mean you need those overtime losses don't do or the the season even though this team has gone through a lot and WanNa Cup they're still going to make mistakes and that's just the nature of the game you mentioned Craig Ruby what did you know of him. I'm guessing would you in don't sit back and try to protect the late and obviously they did a good job with it I mean they wanna Stanley Cup so they didn't join giving up a bunch of leads but I think there's always concerned the in the for a year I mean it's still until next June it's still the blues the standing the Stanley Cup champions the defending Stanley Cup champions whatever you WanNa call them so yes I think now story and I think that even Craig Ruby's going to be looking at the guys and saying okay guys we're going forward now he can't think of the past two of the first six games decided in over temblors losing in overtime yet in overtime so I'm sure that's something that Craig Ruby's GonNa talk about it and again you know you're going to go through peaks and valleys in season and I and I know this is a team that's overtime losses are better for you than the shootout so Venus certainly I think the guys understand that as well one reason they end up in overtime some late goals saw with the island the little negatives will work on them but we're not gonNA really get stuck on all the negative things and then that's why the guys like playing for he's an honest Guy if you play well you raise you for doing it and I mean what I like about him even when I listened to his press conference at the end of a of a game is that it's always positive yeah hey hey uh is all about this year than than what's going to continue to happen so I I'm sure they'll rectify things like that and you know they gotta just be better with especially when the you know you you someone who's GonNa take advantage of of any your star players and that's what Craig was able to do we need to drop the gloves with a lot of different guys he you know he stood up for a lot of his teammates so what he's done I mean he's a positive guy all the time Martin and I think that's what the guys love about him he's he's one of those guys that if you do something wrong he's going to tell you do something right he is going to be you get more ice time if you don't play well you get less ice time so he he rewards you like every coach can by the way you play we're coming back in pucks with Bernie and chipped few goals here and there and then I think he coaches the way he played I mean it's all of a business you know I didn't know much about him as as as you know what German enforcers I mean what what you want but I mean he was one of the top guys in the league that his job was to make sure that everything was even on a team run it has that family you've heard Tony and I talk about how this was home for the legendary Red Shamed Leeds for many years he was also on the board and helped the original owners hangar some questions for Brennan we'll get set up with the twitter page where the fans can fire away and also make sure you subscribe. I tunes Google Wherever you get your weekly pod coach but I know that from talking everybody did a great job when he was in Chicago with the wolves that's why Doug Armstrong hired him ended up coming here and I can't say enough he's got a point so I think it goes both ways but I think the guy's obviously for to get the the two points and now with the state set up to you want to win the game in in in the the clear the puck you got a little mistakes that you can't make around the Blue Line there's things that you understand as a team as a player that hey the lines are important if you're near the Blue Line or a different times last year that they kind of got the lead and then Kinda just slowed down whatever you WanNa call me and I always believed that you don't want your head you gotTa Keep Pushing Institution offers premed offers online student involvement yeah that's right they'll get involved and local businesses immersed in the community a great little town of Greeneville cast downloaded have it signed up so it'll be delivered directly to you pucks with Bernie and each week right here on scoop with Danny Mac dot com since nineteen sixty on the ice with him back in the day would you have crossed your careers crossover and on curious what you knew about it before he got here and of course he was an assistant for a little bit and then since he's taken over anything surprise this owners looking to expand talk to the bank based in Saint Louis decisions are being made the're a frustrating that trying to get a loan for Your Business and the decision is Illinois less than an hour from Saint Louis if you look into get away for college but they don't want to go too far it's right up the road from Saint Louis Great Professors Irving the families of Saint Louis Marie Davila's senior at the corner of Clayton and Wiedeman road the beautiful found greet you for the twenty two acre campus full range of senior start Morita Villa back in nineteen sixty Marie Davila dot com we suggest you go online and schedule a tour triad bank the neighborhood friendly bank located in Franek on Clayton road they're just west of Lindbergh real easy access off highway sixty four get delivered and you are there in who'll private rooms hands on here you're not a resident of Marie Davila you are considered a guest Fred and Mary Kiwis and their sons live on site it is family so bypass would across a little bit but I mean again we all know for for the respected he had I mean here was a guy that was he came to play he was a if you want to call sixty million in acids check them out try banking dot com less than an hour from Saint Louis it's Greenville University founded in eighteen ninety two this liberal art it never gets old here in bread saying we went blues and with that each week run into a friend of paying a friend of Bernie and sort of former teammates to just made in New York Los Angeles Not Withdraw Edmund you could find out more at tried banking dot com home equity lines of credit five star rated bank three hundred a great experience kids involved in the athletics but again everybody is really immersed in what they're doing on the campus at all times Greenville Dot Edu for more information live independent living at the villa state skilled nursing memory care they have it all species dining room salon transportation around town Exercise Club House lawyer he was always on top of things and I mean what I loved about Mike You said you couldn't even score on on him in practice he was the guy that came to practice voted in two thousand and five wide range of commercial and personal banking services and how about this actually a people behind the counter people there ready to greet you ready to help you about this great institution it's crazy and in fact they can read up on your career my blue note remind everybody to about the book why you decided to write it and where folks can find that it was just a Gerbil Rutherford actually came to me and asked me if there was a publisher in Chicago that was interested in having you know former players do you think ahead he stayed here longer maybe there would have been a breakthrough well Mike certainly was one of the top goaltenders during the time that he played in the National Hockey League I mean he when he came to ladies down downtown as well so there's lots places to get it and it's it was a lotta fun to do each week again we'll get some fan input for these first installments hey we played pretty good we we made some mistakes but hey we did the right things that I think that's what he preached last year is it let's take the positive let's go forward with the positive the eight here longer if maybe there would have been a deeper run for the blues they were always searching for that guy of course Jordan Bennington comes along but Gimme idea Mike lude is a teammate how good he was in net and fund blues names from the past. I thought I'd bring up Mike Lee this week because we always focused around here on the Golan who they had they didn't have and I always wondered if if we'd had stayed that was not willing to spend any money so mean Mike was one of the guys that was was was let go because of that situation ended up in Hartford and because they didn't WanNa pay him here and the way he played the game and yes Martin if he would've stayed There certainly would have been a better team. I mean the problem with that though is that Harry or nest came in issue you know what I didn't know much about him in the I think our paths cross when he first started I believe they did I mean he was he started in the late in the late eighties so I'm just GonNa fire away some questions burn he gives us sort of his blink how about your baseball knowledge from one to ten when I moved here and your baseball knowledge now from career went and we had a lot of fun with it so it's it's a it's an easy read. I guess what you want to call it has a lot of do blue stories so it's out there on books about about their career and after a little discussion here at home with family say why not let's do it so it was fun it was a long and arduous project took us art team you know he made us much better team when you go back to eighty one. I mean he was he you know he was really the best by far on on the way out you gotTa make sure you get out if you're on the inside the Blue Line you gotta keep it in so that you make sure you get a deep so that you'll get caught so there's little things that they'll talk about but again it's still early yes we we if we would maybe not changed ownership at that point diamond and were able to keep guys like Mike Lee yes we were a much better team we'd been a much better team and we again if we could have kept a lot of our guys here Joy Molin was another guy that went because the Harry Orrin has to I guess crunching numbers there and Mike was another one so he weirs to to get it all done and I really liked the way it ended up you know we we tried to be as honest as we could in the book and tell people how my entire bats or or Volta Canadian one of the other and last one for the hall of Famer of you three hundred sixty nine goals can you describe the first and last how vivid are those memories ten minutes play the time you drove on every street you may visit the recreation center which is on the northeast side of town and that's we're you know we games like everybody else in town to get him out of there. Oh Pinch hit are you have you become one of those cardinal fan absolutely extra everybody else a lot of mistakes isn't that you thought they were great and they were tough to be you just just somebody who didn't like on the other side poor boy You know what I played gets I really didn't like it we started winning much better chance of winning it all there are some crazy for the newer blues fans they really need to go back and learn the history of the year the blue skip the draft there were doors locked the old arena it made but hey easier said than done. I always say everything we always over managed what what what the manager coach is doing we always want to have our little two cents and the the hearthrow now he didn't win the heart he want he actually won the was voted by the players. I think that year but I mean Mike was the guy he was kind of our wanted ten knowledge what I came was probably two or three and now it's probably GonNa say probably seven or eight and do you manage it home are you watching the first one I remember very well yes the first one was in Boston against Jerry Ci Russa Eddie Johnson was our goalie an would play remember the last one would have been troy obviously right with with with the wings and no I don't remember which played kids as a curling rink there as well let's see there's not much else if it's the summertime there's a pool now in in in the main part hi drop your name to at least get a free Labatt out of it at probably not I do have a there is a there is a sign there's a billboard on the side of visit I'm going to find that one but the first goal ever so that would have been at the garden correct it was it was the guard yeah cool is that it was fantastic it was it was a moment I'll never on Amazon and it's at the all the bookstores here in St Louis so it's it's still out there and I think even had a shop at the at the blue note store or whatever because at the time you don't even think hey that's my last school ever that's probably part of it no I did not you're you're absolutely right so I I don't remember the last one at all I'm GonNa do some research between our next in the big memory might and of course folks can see on Fox Sports Midwest Blues Coverage throughout the season really looking forward to our visits as well thank you of our visit presented by Greenville University Marie Davila's senior living an triad bank we bring in Bernie Burqa and Bernie this softball a question it didn't but I think in the in the heat of the action of a lot harder for them than it is for us we watch it onto player on the other side that you really just didn't like over the years just it was of the road on the highway coming in there's there's there's actually four Pat Allen who played in the NHL dentist and a guy named Ted Tinerama for the day what would I do you would probably not much to do it that way Martin I mean you would go and tour the town in about in town and other than that there's a couple of restaurants in that's in in ten minutes you can get through the entire Dow got expect they still have the puck here on my mantle here at the host the actual the Boston bruins logos half off and I don't know what happened to kind of are great places in the old Canadian national even in my there was actually our hockey cards are up on the side of the big size hockey Kurtzer other side of the the violent ones so over the years it's got a chip off right out drew tripped up but it's still a little trophy the blues made with an arch on it it's the idiot box with Jerky Boston told behavior coming down the wing and you get a chance he's going to step out you fire right on the ice it should I I real quickly and I was able to do that and it went in and he took a lot of the credit policy did when I got back to the bench for scoring I won a lot no I don't it gets Dale Hunter I didn't like the play with Marcus brother Dale is one of those guys that he really never never did like all right one day for me I'm going to Foam Lake just can't you on Gimme my you too all right pucks with Barney and panger each week brought to you by our good friends at Greenville University Marie Senior Living and Triad Bank will see back here highway And you know what there's probably some people in the bar there still it would probably recognize my name you said you were from sailors yet you get someone to buy you a lot.

Hockey White House Doug Armstrong Martin Mike islanders Blues Hall of Fame Bernie Bernie Footwork Darren Pang Mike Wallis Canada Mike Lee Danny AMAC League Montreal Canadian Fan Harry Orrin
Jobs e doideiras na Disney, Copa do Mundo e Olimpadas


47:26 min | 5 months ago

Jobs e doideiras na Disney, Copa do Mundo e Olimpadas

"Grinner vince wing. Companies butter leagues breaking allowed. Abidjan league aso dab. That's good absolutely which is quaffing fuller. Baber live on. How the peg ski my sabas entertaining the moon yet could be chicago. Medical vena vassar. You're listening you fees cookies. My s o pedersen. Gca this costanza. Once he don't nine know what sundance hispanic. Sandra for nneka had jozy city when also group. Joe vincent telegram unguarded protozoa airing lays miser stone was nobel. Zeal possibly got the phalange rookie images celle williams newsbusters duties dot com moon. Does this energy major trauma on this better swings ca lives in three juicy give. How'd you city for well. They'll raise your. I'm not better but they saw ceremony about this car. Civilisations brazil's grammar snowy winter bodyguard civil. Sooner steve tubing. I speak up themed because stem split. They're not supposed to hydrazine. Chill frosties yeah. Asa can now. I y feeders menards moments. Threes lives niche episode. So suspect follow s- assailant. you'll know. Imagine kristie got don't you. Ritchie do equals okay for toys. Mega dawkins says he put three thinks. Mizen fairly g bill. Simple only works on the washington. Finishing my professional esu soviet i started. Scam is bizarre drills browser niger. Viet i don't some momentary spinach complicated boys opening meals to us in baghdad. Peleponnesian video pravo means at a which marvel dark dodge. The greenwich tippety scurvy doctors to cast the sound bite. Cast people chromosomal nostri passi jobs data. Smooths my gaze is entered then you must remove russia do better off indiana de facto spending change. Things yup cable is now leashed. Commit a huckle dodging passionately. Presaging praying At wjm to scoop with is by lassoed Although school because it provides freckled dodges Yup justice audio company stock up the mood tacoma on Sold on As new leash. Sergey but i saw sold today jitney they are s. had the package Edongo behmen off Journey each package op-ed associate hit foster pro by Thou- jasim sii to the out but astronaut is also data But i backup nam. Causal ill Kin- boys new settling will accomplish. They're not told us the oxygen Monkey adam mayes abacus sequel Nascent chiampou into two on a beach. The cat collided. G called Prices mischa is should go after. Jim praise knechtel Jeeva use energy major suckling. G either jumped up at us. Seventy cannot somebody coming that key. Oxygen edge throw spall challenging task zone at jakob Vacuuming social not multi balloon to donate Says mazes bra strap three jesus ness as msrp at some traffic cop getting use include saddam hussein. She always house. Soy's fcc mogae knock. You will sit dot competitive on komo s an corporate the moon. You know what i'm gonna. Mitzi emotional nerds goals points quiche. This et cetera. Boise came through the nocco wound. Think simple kustow. Tomase segesta demise vs imagina komo's aig wherever labor covering the falla fee. For me jobs to keep your body like do allowed yourself apart some discomfort. You either in. Contract were chrysler Goal not a basset afraid of yokosuka laboratories. Bill is looking at on that badly of this bill that will go to chat with sue. Cordell visual travel suv in brazil Stock probably is nice scheme. We all live on both saw. This pilot carl comical you. Donald google go jaguars silva but as he mentioned a lot bought. I say the quad squads chanu could see. i'd nevada judgesthe forecasting group group a dumb bank mice keen. That was happening. Walk through goal. Naked photo daffy louise for lack of a half a nice on says the following a half. But i i've mattie the main floyd funds you buy now maple future ball by phone jet boys do your cover poke. would you do now Ciclon osco stout in sag. This is yoga for brazil. Colombia from jeddah sorry allies of culpable holiday. 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You've got to say to ease washing bought lynch fuzzy herself. You've gotta lambraki nakas your windows macos. Would've you man to gca saint-etienne some quba popularity dodged thumper named moose f. I think though. I of you grand of. What did you call fiance nasa earlier to the mice within passo freaky fiasco getting chuck whiz yours. You can funding to the mice that edgy fi space. Isola- someone as a leader that to sad to. If i stood cinch in essentially at once so nakhila chilcott corporate do such on alley is composed catching stop within the monday. Me amid does defend his associate is at said. Sal is going to switch down head and also my over higuain. Success is your dog of through lago if particle follow was see figure. Now sony that is not essential nominate. She ups shot. I live in pakistan. Started them being happy. June june june diesel can of see her loudly. Geeta ball Off may some spoke to hold guide us soil bed at By famous In those said matt chicken myself for breathable. No cheese Geocaching today shoygu lap Without love is that thrives legal allah that he had done by anti mogae cannot are gonna phasing role nelson mentally life. Bakili down may bully vodka. Fantasy talk copy out shot covid either. Komo foy see again reached rescue vehicle as bad stories. Won't that you killed up now. Out of the way see element bank vault under nine catching she. Timing as i still put up about zeevi Also tied ellie sheeley Do donating his neck in this. I confess So miserable Durant you draw videocon To the don't itemize screech acquiring the Car when we talk about apple But i had said that he won't alter cash them could cheer and at key hydro as stumbling out not usual anthony. geoff's snack Tim deutsche fevers his dates. Can i stay funding some unexpected on that. I made myself august as to shop. Mona change gotta shake my whole following. Today's yasharoffwelcome booth has will stop me. Qadhafi loan net yards into quasi volunteer Your interest is voluntary skill. smooth at least To that surge in front stays Jia now i'm for the sake. Not an apple autodial without that. Venus dan beige but now allow contest. I won't. I stole nominated for that. Only team is archie at Who scheduled to both are going to see how dramatic apple brotherhood shuttled wounded Channels yeah yeah well. Ebay may same three Hydro and some following glaze mayo no other. Mice elliott kitschy alka. All they see algebra. Need agile are kit Talk donald trump up Interview walked out of the for communist Mass oughta it has full jean-paul. You struggle in any worse lease fees you shall i say oath Back docu i and fecal for Which mckay soi. A half duckworth so Movies that capital control journal. Brutal infra cienega. You grasp oh you decide for the slop. I've talked with auto garages Airing lays miser stone was nobel zeal. You'll know somebody got the betting rookie edge on ebony. Gore's a knee. He still french. Electoral save lives iphone Batches add a lawyer and fans in that and he's thinking fended cloud. I'm using home inside a key. Lean that all. The fuss over hanging queens. You feel soft rock you kinda cool all day. Hydrocare calabar finding dane glazed from south packages for savings assault. Hasim jessica ella dozen a autozone forklift. Ch ranch todd but was coq cloud volcano anything. Use zanu stuck. Thank matvey. I shook up to something. Tra- manca sheila l. Follow you get capacity storage ihsc l. I really go let the there. Yeah go along with your ramstad. Yea usually to found his poise postal anthrax Linking geographically apart sean. I'm your salad. Eleven the so please. Glancing beautiful something is out. Then we started. You started the another. No soviet single in catafesta mice create chico each volunteer to neck. He has also scuttling. She is booze owners net. Only call the shots. I follows is zone auto provenance on a trump knowing someone who no chance on Must than those of brazil to salute after labor day. Zooey k then those elbaz have they checked into. It won't be able to pull capacity on the lab At an dozen search out share. Gestapo. the is she not being shot. Ouzou shared kept. Our sock won't in africa loser And one ball elise on bala Who all the civil society from table station. I follow up is do the f. gig stomach algebra. I hoping to be doing media. Guy a violin to out of just or lords. Sales say Lung aso cut a seattle nothing side. Yeah you've Called will jog outdoors Had any god i'm injured. The ball lead. Vodnjan batta route Interview primarily going through not lot of shod that always outdoors show model part of a shot got us evolve emphatically. There's that already people case we'll see also. I've been covered an isis kathy rather z. Got out out surveys. No now my maso seat number. That just goes the ball. Meadville dot louise. If you're calicoes though. Any dog stopover here live here. I and led zeppelin how missino knowing through baligian that thing in protocol amazing holiday they always privacy. Cosa aghia donald vega chilly. Rebel say sequel raise my agents the finicky through school class on now view about the property off this odor who such fervently us peace was latin speaking republican he. I'm sukey city for caching catching depending monchy to produce desired wedge started. You've gotta prove me. Thousand bill swale gene society favorite feeder teams program with your boyfriend. This chievo petro seen civil signals would use nostrils links and that's not as this christians but across new sketching sampling. Gca key book combat desert. Corpora pika quench certifications. Applica- chiefs was lebron's kuta was. Pied sagacity eastern. Louise tigra tweet. Facebook they shuttle soup. Call me thiry campaccio. Knossos episodes by the appropriate. Abu city forecast. You're wondering guys ought to see. But i can when get into our jobs all inclusive bilingual judo's zemlja keys cammisa by la and someone alford through you. Apparat prefer this. I'll either post-kyoto. Mace elaine nabbed. Gee-gee post-partisan is book. Somebody's oh right to the bone. Boys i asked say. Follow bain propylene. Golden goose egg. There's those new theme blue now zog's but on how this houses now go to going suzy. Farrell include komo said this was due hinge bow e coma called another jacome. hugging candidature. holds bone sips and follow through on dodge prac- qantara bad drug spot. Because now bouquets said she died under all hashtag jobs pat allen lesson crush jimmy may nop recorder now was because there is no pain as jack cheese though jobs all he does national capital. Emi northam isn't fellow author plans to meet gene shut. A scene actually could agitprop found the wedging oncogene charging shoot fades swing could even now south orange and muslim. Catch the fees. You ned do having that is musician since for leave. Carleen lean for my dad's soccer. Lean those days now ask. This was your has say without my studies. But this is langley's i'm religious. Macabre thousands of english in. You're doing damage. I won't sit down on from sonke. None of the heart. All key. cockatiel bollocks faster net dance is accused. Gino how renting through don't be sprayed e sedan pulled out because lettuce ultimate decision. Snap themes wiscon- dossier komo lead across suppress S acquisitive that. Yutaka poignant under a up a clemency. Measure not to recover times. I assume pushi- shadow maize mon. Ever say what movies calicoes adult play. Environment e. a seen as to kick neither there. How far donna hab mice can think. Don't to patient a huge coma. Soccer balloting hitchcock massacre last singapore. Meena way to some jobs out thinking donald throws lengthened and whether it can we his will do think by zhang migraine chocolate chagall moment to gp louis on sundays. Yes so birthdays. Things are seen look. There's no getting out of the book. asia thing. Some daily setting perfect must provos kill his own party and resolve without the emmy judge national ka-katrina in either the menu Don't think multiculturally more energy seattle won't of their house instinctive database e. s. a. Happy than for his own. Probably me being do key. When you form you will see special. Interest in ski global no moisture leo. Add the simple meals such a hope. That kitty chief wahoo and now. I must've fascinating thing. We didn't know fica quickly aspect to send usa about ever longo zola's nasu i've we thou- ed bouchette liam ballymun while but are south of his has will always don't see it in mosul net. Look malaysia loo. Asking them not casado was alive. A second window windows bowls is never secaucus quizzes. Baynes whatever news. We'll get more than implemention fabric. Assi no kyle celebrate advocacy bamboozled moldova. Say chimpanzee was did. I let me ask if become my square see the maserati which is is to follow your heart a guide you about your bites. You started go. Jonah goes to penn sebastian. He kalac motorola me into a coma. Four she cabinet back from soon all the spring thaw commission all hooper meaning nail the accuser. She responsible savings. Said noah e-e-eddie snatching Mccartney batch-by-batch batch-by-batch As up each the ban receive saukville the whole the spa gaffe known some covid Not komo's echo moscow Shopping voice i see is some super. Data's super holders allergy fed ain't spotted. Some news news must be needed yet. Cut avenue mile jog. Gunderson nelson see best margins. How much thing hunch office seen my father was dekalb's jurgensen don't think thing about team not in ago. Better brian. this thing bitch stop thank you. Thank you could. Brian islamic ryan is. I think it's my project. Seattle super divergence. I all on this thing. This full says you can gotta gotta point doria jawf from ause a key. Do only key phase mad. But as you know it's gotta ask butch bull is all no. I don't want this movie. Buckton dalkia mice book lajja seaport at desert at hopeless out phony. Basil samuel says ancient. I must be play z. He's and say that that out sometimes allow mastro mount thing. We'll be the one of the things she by molly the mall. We need with michael vehicle. The mogul the i v.'s. They walk problem watch television. Could he also seen back. Taylor's lou out of the saga some. We shouted vallecano shabazz of became. So we can do better. They don't have the Elephants multiple does not in the village of plotto medical. The whole shelby personal. Seen nope one buffalo fucking beato mccoy he a superhero visuals and themes. Then my arm was moses. Fall bustles his ability decimal demographia this. That's good job. Which is in all your posture. Baber life umbrella facebook from goddess apple status. But i'll leave. Cottage mother bad feeder i s awesome is the same asking only that i was fault and i might do bash grossing. His obi follow fox store as obinna delegates you say he s amina knowledgeable quad on both of them for that nursing is a you buy. This is seen a watch. Fi fi johal badges nomo law hidden power in kazan. A separate season still fussing neck white. It must be really so. We have a lego. You scipio nia feel sold. But but they see the seasons annoy each pursue enough vida before the shapiro. No meanness nine. The fashion okabe school. Dr aloe so he did told us were force. A galilei quincy man to g. Events was a guys it. How can i inquire rather new goal is to song had i. I got a phone interview now. Been club in now. Se continent started. Today because i know book it commenting. I saw other buys now seeking is used by the south bay opposing spacious get slashes ju- local soul ninth rather don't actually ship will bums that need out into the grads. Do one day commits adultery. Schalken lena ula some of those pay. Not though always out the edging she sports messaging virus in our vehicle. Mak sewing the seam. Naci look out today by showcasing those. Yeah yeah Don't loose phones dotting. Also being known after finding they appeal the eye troubles. I'm not gonna ever places. I've moore's thousand shots have guarded by life folic caterpillar cave fuzzy opponent. I seeking what fascinated by lamela dot foul by a I we live all brooklyn thing. They with james. James j language only to me because as i mentioned and i also gave elise cutting florida blow facing thing full-face males they live margin. This possible okay. For zika boys mega dog. He does guy. Lack says ing phone course three shopping. Some new songs reminding fairly g simple will do with this eleven phillies. You just got buffalo. I saw on washington boston. Only my belly is. I have some s to buy similar. Sto female balloon record. Is i vote from your mutual. As and they all mali's acl allowing naoko. Monaco muscle call this. Call the casino moose. Jaw leave them being a boost coffee. Ask the source. Said but i probably i've seen not coal washington but i have craven. I must mention on foia than women not outer simple movement of hindu. Bobby playbay yeah gorda. Vote that dewey's newest sage. Don't gene cool kick up is youtube. Originals kierra has seen a la roving pat you. Position zone yields peruvian sale. But these may who gabu path which fortaleza things so cazadores give those gaps so for modern jd to cabal knowledge too soon is over naming taizhou quite so as we does perceive gina survive last symbol. Set up oklahoma's simplifies. Dixie oprah says or persona ginola. The genie no. Nothing devaras. job isn't he said actually by the name as cocaine praise basis they moved to serve a ashby dodges. Ni- posey's oh travel keystone. Whittle wasn't backstage. Now go to move back as you go face nice on father box. Jesus name forrest lewis packs a quash because he filmed a program with key edge of jewish boys you allow and yet they usually oversee still gotti by more an animal or allah name. I finished jim brigade. Keep all spoils though intermodal tackle sympathy real on them with the walls of those vitamin Seen actually dodds kice opening possibility person. Nine this was and what you say. I still using a program at to care. Program is tied for arab nations africa festival. Nash mayes mccall. Begin yet. Ki ki naked out of data as bela da. Da da da. Now it's scope about the now banned da feira c. e. sock acl allies techniques. I team program alien gnome keys. No keys no they clean of three south club. Acampora with for brown kiosque e we saw jalani from the virus. -sorts that is easily kelly to spark Jesus name owl's authentic that jesus. Name don carter dodge. The park thing was off as was his odds that the virus category is that they want. But after my start with up by those his office can either way of course khaki pants down as you go which he dionisio his show trouble. Having disposition toys. Modern at that year's carver an casado he all through. I don't kiosk Cafes vija ball or a squeeze in his casado do his own auspey. Despu june to ease josh again web case pack museum. You this moment connects okay. You use your fishing will get up with our show. Today is to the mice yucca. Econ of commute padova mice precipitate kikuyu aina his year on a daily muscle volatile navajo dodgy from your feel key sanctity. Akabusi don't do more than what happened. Manch you scopus. Best scuba teluga ramsey french simpson. Condole those sanji. I'll bet you view. Big chain on lamma diesel. Inaugu foyer study actually shatter skipping a s followed by lackadaisical sweet dog national night. Finish say insane in using cold by show quiz Funai in north karak ki ki mile year labor kid a condo physically intimate now in farassino's episode. Pg cal gaffey became as natural. Joan was this opec You call mitch Half of condom conga. Hafer not a lot. Because your named catastophe jew go to the peg out testing yoga half caucasian gas Apathy union cover as the feeder. I yet illiberal. Kadhafi passing the medical. Vena faster you're listening. You thought it was. Fees kathy's overview view preserve gate. I feel free issue putting up security of procast shit. you'd see. This is the might via the kagaku. John in shopping english into being powerbase bone white she. We've you won't want gravity. Creasing problem salon ace now poisoner cash stone each could save on the incident does meek. What might login It was super super fought sorrow more reliability. She has sony for me possess. I'm on tag. Nike com crash nicotine. So armee hilo coverage for seventy nine hundred zero. In russian leader fortaleza. brazil can fall of opposed to gays. Yeah you can. Ge thousand four miscegenation clock formula. Na the glove by northland wash key tag. Zia foisrael cool. That's come eases your shoveling chevette. Yeah you picketing means G volte Limited you've rich to the finance committee. You know his name tags. Shake leave him. I g i o mode echo fasano up at jacobite he goes. That will probably environment problem that modem. Seth among pain dice. Figel seeing cafe. And you'll be. Sarah said like she behalf of aviation engine just. Luckily nations avalanche does on which is his name by war. Emilio so so. I come home. Scores la startled bane. I took for equity sale. If i overlay to watch so that to be agile is it's not a i basically rename sabio. Camiel do the lifted. This'll thought dommage disconnect only jordan myself large looking forward with reform down on top where emitter shot. How jesus in the esa coca cola. Todor helped me. She and dakhla sky king inc. Call this global knock-on then we seen nationally catch toys a scene abolished feiger you saliva when the but i'm in tonight foliage often committed by nice spending an into both how you you. We switch the kunisada album. Keep it off the swiss nike. Keep time for the no set down so interesting thing. This was a medical provider. Noah nine she km my a visual. Clench name you do lobbies. It is a short mom by won't gallison capable that you've yeah quite the scott how we can get all of the associates along with of profiles in gold brazil for the coroner's possessing puffiness. My you can spark those civic helmets sparks about him. You talk 'cause i jeez. Mccombs pack w vessel go. Hey she that disney lying. Phyllis in outta college for him with that session with acquitted and overseen. I'm with us at all now address. fashionable new pacu and the hollywood studios by chicago style wars film listening malta leg alison package full competition. Class neck was ball in them with but is ancient those will say stores. I thought harry potter pat pat south tampa harry movie. So we'll talk of the is nine thousand by top down. How dome beloved a two billion talk matassa. Pg dwayne jeez find over. Mccoy's acquaintance will who wants to sketch moments. Thanks that naturally can. Ice cream is joined up. You won't cheese. They participate obama pharma. Now how to Value nominated two semi napa. Dodge painful nice. They're being As you that comes defies. I suppose janette anthony Jesus he wasn't your best of this might image qualities they know. They'll how the pacifica companies shoes defense. But how much damage producing. They will do the happening. Adele hall a key. Add all sci-fi progeny says the mood as you 'cause you packs to the forum. And as i think be net national college program pro and with like kingship nagging. The thing for five we've able to change the tani's me in my said his nation. Free bill seizing thing. Right so much was villas sports me not gonna have some quality won't dorky. Quasi give appraised you on your piece. Was the morning deal for. Tally is prophetic. compatible device. herranz. Seeing accrediting don't competencies of ice headings chow chow to do english the.

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Eddie Pepitone - Not To Brag

Mental Health Comedy

55:32 min | 2 weeks ago

Eddie Pepitone - Not To Brag

"The good morning good afternoon. Good evening and welcome once again to the mental health comedy. Podcast my name is ed crasnick. I'm your co host. My co host the great jennifer kalari on shortly and today we have a really great conversation with an old friend and terrific comedian. One of the best working today. Eddie pepe tone. And i have a great conversation with that. He pepito and we always have great conversations. We decided to record this one for posterity. So eddie pepe tongue coming up jennifer kalari coming up. We are the show that unites of mental health and comedy. We also practice resilient skills practice skills of wellbeing because mental health is a practice. And that's the last thing. I'm going to say that refers to that it is a practice like basketball is practice and i'm about as good with mental health as i am with basketball so All of that bouncing along very shortly and we're gonna talk with jennifer about how to change the direction of your brain. We can rewire our brain while i can rewire my brain is all about me And we're gonna talk about that. And i'm also writing a musical about rewiring the brain called. Do you mind kidding. Well kind of kidding. There was a great episode of ted lasso. I don't know if you watch that show but it's really entertaining and it's also. I think that the character is becoming so popular because you have a humane character. Highly optimistic helping other people. And now you're starting to learn about all the other stuff that goes on underneath with him and with the other characters on the show and i think it kind of fits with our guest today i as i said i had a real really good conversation with my friend eddie. Pepe tone one of the funniest people really as a very dark sense of humor and he also has a very spiritual side and social awareness about the screwed up systems. That control our country. So that's all coming up. I loved it. All of that exists in the same person and in his performance in his writing So that's really great. I love that conversation and today's show is brought to you by the mental health. Comedy plus network. You can't have a network unless you have a plus after the name you cannot to law and of course on the network coming up for the fall season a couple of really good shows. I want to highlight projects. Flip this spouse is coming up. And this is where couples rebuild their relationships with fabulous challenges specific challenges to couples. Like the. maybe you could list to me for five seconds challenge and the. I knew i do not snore challenge. And obviously you're the problem challenge. It's all hosted by diy diy therapists and a team of renovation coaches flip this spouse and a new movie southern discomfort. A new family movie about a widowed veterinarian. Who falls in love with the local gas station owner. Who finds out that his family on the most slaves in the united states southern discomfort. We always like to welcome listeners. No matter what emotional state in here now are emotional shoutouts. If you respond to yourself in the mirror by saying what are you. Looking at. Welcome if your. Gps refuses to talk to you. Welcome if you think. Everything is your fault including the beatles break-up before you were born welcome if the biggest risk you've taken in your life is changing your deodorant. Welcome if you've dropped your phone in the toilet while listening to the power of now. Welcome if you've ever been called a dummy by yoga instructor welcome if you think there should be an ice blended. cbd chino. Welcome and if you're beating yourself up even now there's always a place for you right here on the mental health comedy podcast. It's time once again for my partner who is known as the high priestess of brain hacks the soothsayer of self care the ninja of the neo cortex jennifer kalari and jennifer. How do you go from being so bent on survival financially to an abundant way of thinking and actually thinking that you can have all of the things that you want and live a life of plenty and when i say plenty. I'm not talking about becoming a billionaire. Necessarily i'm just talking about the feeling of i have plenty of everything and not. Even everything is flowing will end. The feeling of having enough is really important and so many people don't have that even people who are millionaires and billionaires. They're there's still looking for that next thing because a lot of us live in this way if thinking that gets that next thing that we're going to buy it's at next thing that we're gonna own That's actually going to give us enough and it will never come from something you buy. It will never come from something. Someone says it will never come from something you achieve. It will come from you. And i know it sounds so corny but that is the absolute truth. Nothing external is going to help you with your sense of self so if we break that down. But it's a very complicated thing Wealth and abundance and and there are people who have very little and feel incredibly wealthy right. And there's there's people have so much and feel completely poverty stricken And there's some reality obviously to it when you're worried about where your next meal is gonna come from but for most of us. Although there are some people are really struggling during the pandemic. but the answer is the same. When you're looking for what you want to think about what you already have. And i know that sounds really hard if you're really struggling but wherever you have enough and that could be clean water coming from tap it could be sunshine on your face. It could be how many flowers are on a on a tree or bush. It forcing your brain to look at where you already have abundance. Where do you already have plenty. If you're lucky enough. It might be in love with your family. I mean it's everywhere And if you have this mindset that nothing ever works and you don't have enough and there's never enough and Your brain will believe that and it will start basically reflecting back to you in more and more ways so in order to get what you want you have to think about what you want instead of what you don't want and that's really hard. Most of us walk around all day long thinking about what's not working. What isn't happening what. I don't have what they have. That i don't have And that's a mindset and your whole neuro biochemistry will will set itself to that thermostat. Can you catch yourself thinking like that and actually say thank you brain for doing your job. I know you have to. I know you're you're on you know. I know you're on duty i i do have enough. Yes yes you can. In fact that's one of the things should be practicing all the time rate so you first start with an. It's often a feeling like you see someone that has something you don't have. Your bills are piling up. And you don't wanna open them And you have to but you get that pit in your stomach. You get that awful feeling and again. The mid brain doesn't know the difference between bills that are piling up and a tiger. That's about to leap at you. It's the same thing right And so basically yeah you put your hand on your heart. Which is actually your hand is actual actually electro-magnetic and so is the blood in your body so when you put your hand physically over your heart what you're doing is you're actually pulling blood to the part of your heart. That actually helps you to feel because we've talked about greenheart coherence right. It helps you to center yourself. So you put your hand right on your heart and you say thank you anxiety. The these bills are real. These financial struggles are real. Thank you for coming out. No fighting being so feisty sassy and looking out for me all the time. I really do appreciate it but as difficult as the seems. This is not a life or death situation right now. This is not an immediate emergency. Thank you you can go. Send it love. I know it sounds so silly. But this is so bio chemically accurate. Send that part of your thinking and your brain love for looking after you. It's not the enemy is trying to save you. It's just doing too good a job that will alka is that will metabolize. Your body will start to slow down a little bit and then you can start to think about force yourself to look around your house and say well you know what. I've got a lot of light coming in that window. And i do have a lot of dishes and i have a lot of this and i have a lot of that. Sounds so silly. But keep your brain focusing on where you have abundance and force your brain to go there that that thinking that vibration. Your brain will reset because it really is like a thermostat a thermostat in furnace if you have a poverty mindset whether you're truly poverty or not you could have money coming into your life at some point and you'll end up spending all blowing it all because your brain believes i'm supposed to be poor. I'm supposed to not have that. Money is bad somehow money. I can't be a good person and have money or i have money in. It'll disappear so why get attached to it like without even realizing it we will have these very strong limiting beliefs that are guardians of our behavior without our awareness. Yeah this is really. This is really important stuff. It's good stuff and also your brain has a function and to become more and more aware that this is not you. This is your brain actually doing these things and to relate to it almost like it's a it's something that's working for you in their programs these are these are but yeah. This is a program you can name it. You can call it out. Oh this is a program i see. This is a program right. I i program okay. I'm shifting right. Now i'm going. I'm going to start thinking about what i want and this moment but thanks i see the program running. Yeah it was good for me. When i was a little kid. 'cause i didn't understand now i understand. It's a program that's huge that issued the whole conversation today's about about regulation and that's the way to do it is to recognize it. These programs that were were installed at different points in our life usually prior to the age of seven and how we got talking about money. But money's a good example right there all kinds of programs that run us that were downloaded by our culture by our religion by our parents in we all have different beliefs. You know maybe our parents believed you know you weren't important if you didn't have money or only you know only rich people can't be nice people or if you be a good person and have money or everything good Ends up you know leaving me. What whatever the belief is just acknowledging i. That's a program. I don't have to run that program. I can choose if i wanna run that program and here's something really very simple but very complicated so this is again something that you have to kind of work into your life and work into your practice but when something feels good it's usually the way to go and when something feels awful. It's not the way to go so when you're walking around thinking about what you don't have or feeling angry feeling like people in your life you know are letting go down or whatever. We're doing that ranting. Singing her head. We're going to feel gross when we do that. We're going to be. We're going to feel upset when we do that. That what is your brain telling you that your your higher self. Your best self does not agree. And it's gonna show up in ugly nikki emotions in your body when you can train your brain to start thinking about things that do feel good. Well let's think about the people in my life that that you know. I do feel comfortable with and let's think about The people that make me smile. And i do have abundance and you'll feel it in your body you'll actually feel different. Our emotions are there to tell us whether we're on the road or off the road and those negative emotions are gps system. They're not bad or good. They're telling us off the road. One of the best find his comedy special for the masses on amazon prime. Here's my conversation with the great eddie pepe tone. First of all eddie. I never asked you the question. How are you today. Because i think it's a multi layered question. I think my question for you is who are you today. That is a great question. And i'm so glad you asked i. I am any the spiritual seger. That's part of it. Am eddie the fancy monkey you know. That's my favorite term to describe human beings lately. Fancy monkeys. have you heard that one. I haven't heard it but it makes me think that the movie planet of the apes would be a lot different if people approached it that way. Yeah it yeah. Yeah exactly i mean we are. What's the fancy so fancy monkey. What does it mean to you. It means that we are way we regard ourselves way to eilly because if our egos we are just fancy monkeys. We have a little bit more development of the brain. You know there were only a couple of us who did well here mozart. Who do well he did. Well here most. Galileo right Kate moss the model did really well. Yeah then the rest of us are like just you know the the the planet and is going to. I mean the human species is on. Its way out. We can also that with the echo catastrophe. that is right here at our doorstep and happening now so you know if a warrant for mode. Saud's work and kate moss. I don't think we'd even be remembered. Is there any way that i could put mozart and kate moss in like a house like like big brother shouted become his area or she would be salary would be hanging selye going on. There would be now now eddie because we breakfast other day. Great breakfast by the way. Thank you and and we. We have to ask you your vegan. Okay here's what i'm going to ask you. What is in your mental health diet. What do you let in. And what do you keep out. Well you know that is as you know the way we are built You can have all the the the book knowledge of what to keep in in what to keep out but it really is Diligent work to make conscious choices in this life. I i've found. I find that. Most of the things that i'm choosing or unconscious like i unconsciously want to eat now because at because i'm trying to feel safe you know what i mean like to become conscious of those deeper levels of unconsciousness is very hard to do in our lives and and i think it really does take a lot of work in a lot of commitment and that's one thing i'm working on his to make my choices during the day conscious and they don't always have to be an and i totally applaud you for that In fact i am applauding. But my mic. Setting is off but but the the thing is that they don't have to be big sweeping choices no they can be very small fairy very small very tiny almost like you know just noticing your thoughts noticing. What you're thinking will be closing your eyes for a minute and taking a breath. It doesn't have to be this big. You know a big thing that and it doesn't have to take time it could be momentary So you know. But i totally get. You're saying it is. It is a conscious diligent practice. It is a practice But all of that contributes to the energy in the world. I mean not to sound to california but there is every if everyone is walking around with the thoughts and the energy that i have sometimes you multiply it by a billion it's like maximum cdoe said in hannah and her sisters. It's not it's not were there nazis. It's given the way the world is today. Why doesn't it happen more often. yes he's dead. I'd like to sue him. He was dead when he was alive. He was where the condors young he's inexperienced. Move away from the cup here on so so but but yeah it's when you multiply that. I mean it's what's going on in people's heads that is really unchecked. Thinking has brought us to this place. Yeah but the thing is is that you know. I think i think the best thing you said there was that these things are small At a person like me Really thinks everything has to be this very big large You know incredible moment. You know right right. It is and the and it seems that the secret to mental health is doing little small moments. Don't give you one concrete example. When i get up. You know. And i i feed my cat and none of this system bragged me you know people get this kind of lifestyle if they anyway. That's and and i feed my dog. Give her pill and then the phone and computer beckon and there is a choice right there for me. Don't go on social media For at least an hour. That's something i've told myself. At the beginning of the day. Do not go on social media for the first hour of the day. Do some spiritual work which which shot can be you know Watching kate moss now. It could be whatever you know. Listening to an audio book by dr david hawkins wide love have you have you gotten into david hopkin. No no awhile. he's amazing. I recommend recommend david hawkins. Are you opening for hawkins these days. No he's he's using kreischer. He likes shirtless. Bring the chrysler does but yeah. It's good it's good so anyway. So that's an example of it and that choice of not going on social media for my first hour. It can really set the tone of my day like i'm more centered and then You know and then another choice. Let let's say the next choice that can affect my days what to eat like i can eat really sweet stuff that will give me this You know temporary sugar boosts but then all crash so maybe something a little more nourishing. You know what i mean. And that's what the days are. Then maybe i decide to do some stretches instead of laying down. You know what i mean and and i don't want to frame it like an i don't want to frame it like you know good bad because one of the one of the biggest things that stops mental health growth i think is judging yourself because these habits that were trying to You know these good habits that were trying to make part of our lives They're gonna be one step forward two steps backwards. I'm we have to be compassionate with ourselves. Well everything that you've said should be on a some kind of a taper program or a cd or whatever they're using these days training platform although this is a show that's right. I forgot This is a show now. You're listening to the mental health comedy podcasts with our special guest eddie. Pepe tone with jennifer. Kalari eddie pepe tone but i you know what i i have to say the way. You said what you said the tone of your voice personnel. That's what always has fascinated about me about you is that you have probably the biggest range intone vocal tone of anybody that i know who's a performer. Other than patti labelle. She had a big swing. It wasn't that funny you know. But you're funny patti labelle She has better nails than you do. Her nails are very fun. Lebel it is not that on the funding. She'd beat me out season one last comic standing. But you know she was double dipping. She was double dipping at the time. I did go on this old. I am. I went on star search. And i actually i won a couple rounds and kevin james beat me out. He came yep he came on and he did two minutes of fat jokes and it was. That was lights out lights out but But that's a whole other story for all lender show now we have. What you said was fantastic. It was really interesting. Tone of what you now. I find with food. Now that we've had you know going through cova. That food is really a comfort. Say comfort food. And i come from a family of eating disorders But but food now is directly away to comfort myself. And i actually look forward to it. You know you're in trouble when you're starting to look forward to like like your it's nighttime and you thinking what i make for breakfast. I'm literally thinking. Geez could have waffles. That'd be good. And i'm like and that will really increase my like. I'll be happier if i know that. I'm going to have waffles. That is not the way you wanna live now. First of all. We're lucky to be able to eat and to have food and to have a we need. Were very very very lucky. And we pause for the victims of everything right now. Yeah the victims of everything everything that you know. What's wrong with that is that you can't specialize in that way. You can't profit from the from the victims. If you if you say everything then you can help anybody really Because everything is separate now. And and i could talk about that to every group has to have their community. An every group should be treated the same. Every group should be treated with respect and dignity every group and we should all be able to come together in a diversity a diversity of thought diversity of culture and appreciate what what the hell is this have to do with food. It's when nati just cheer. I'm choosing the same foods over and over again. What what is this to do with food and habits all of a sudden. You're on a soapbox. It crazy that we all should be treated me crazy. I got crazy. I lost my way and you can lose your way in this culture. You can lose your way. I just don't understand. I feel out where also browbeaten by You know the the the thought police that we've feel it. Necessary to have to qualify. Everything must averages you just felt it necessary to make a speech about those. Should all pizza treated equally in the middle about. Do i have waffle. Yes because they brought something but yes speaking of waffles. all waffles should be treated equal. No i all the the problem is and that's another another issue. The comfort factor with food. You're feeding your emotions. You're literally trying to take care of yourself. And if i said to myself at night. When i was thinking about making breakfast because that would comfort me i would say hey. I really need some comfort right now. Obviously because i'm reaching for that thing and you know what. I'm just going to give myself a pa- you know pat. I'm just going to give myself a moment here to realize that i'm a human being and it's okay to have comfort like yeah good good thing to have comfort just that and move on. Move on your that that. Is you know that's the thing that i've been learning about And i think what we're what we're talking about is witnessing our sauts which gets back to being a making conscious choices during the day. You know what i mean. Yeah so witnessing massage and not fucking judging them yeah and you had any and just half to you know it is a it is a practice. It's a conscious thing that you do like you say you the draw go to social media. Okay so the draw for me to watch to check the red sox score. Isn't that enormous draw. Even though there are they're horrible in half the team is on cogan and they can't win a game. I still have to check and then at fuck it screws up my my my thought process. It's because i'm checking on them and not watching the game. I'm checking on them all but but see but see the same thing. I do the same thing. If you're a sports fan you do that but but the thing is you say to yourself. I know there's going to be a big draw. I know. I'm going to want to get to social media. I'm not going to do it and i'm going to do something else. It's going to nourish me. I do you find that when you're actually doing those things that are non-electronic that they it's like you become much bigger than your circumstances. All of a sudden you become you become it becomes like a gente. There's a gentle thing to it. I mean sometimes you got thoughts racing three ahead and everything but there's a whole different quality living if you unplug from the instant need to do something. Yeah i think so. I think what happens is that you feel. Empowered is what i think By not giving in to the impulse for instant gratification on social media And doing something that you're choosing like reading a good book right you have you. It's it's a good feeling to feel. Like oh i I have some agency in my life and now you're not a fancy monkey. See when you do in that sea monkeys. Fancy the literally literally. But you're what what happens. You become more animal and less human if you give into instant gratification. And you don't make conscious choices. You become more animal and less human while the only thing. I don't like about what you're saying here is That you're you're rating it. You're judging it. Well that's true that's true. I'm being serious. No it is inside. Oh so when you do that. You're a good boy right right. You want a cat. that's the brain. The brain is trying to control it. I think alana this stuff that people deal with. I know i do. Is this thing. I'm a bad in a good way. I'm a way way eight this stuff you know. It's all about this fucking punishment and sometimes a key. I remember reading woman. I forget her name. I've read a very interesting woman. Who said the key to Mental houses Forgiving yourself. well that's a good. That's a good I think it was a good thing. She's she's done a lot of forget. She needs to do a lot of forgiving. She's she's done a lot of forgiving. No forgiving yourself is is an amazing thing because it goes the other way to shame as a very powerful thing and so forgiving yourself yeah judgment releasing judgment and just going easy. I mean this is the easy way to go. We think it's a different way to go. But this is a kind of an easier way to go and you know there's a gentleness to it Yeah i think we feel like it's tragic. You know i'm thinking to myself. It's tragic that we you know are our own worst enemy you know and the media And the outside world can feed that. I mean i think and this is. This is one thing that i get angry at the mental health community in general. And you tell me if this is accurate. But i feel like the mental health community doesn't spend another time on the forces outside the person that are allayed against the person i e all these corporate forces who want us needing more and saying to ourselves i am not enough so we buy their fucking products right. Well that's the this is the man who don't really address that power structure of You know this unbelievably sad and brutal system. we live under known as capitalism so there's mental. There's mental health and then their social action and there's their social you know being conscious of it and then yet social action because if we were really conscious of our needs we wouldn't go out. I mean i've done this. You know all these things. I'm talking about high understand. Because i suffer from it. I enduring the democ. I kept ordering things online and i still do it like i get excited. If i order a pair of patagonia aunts and you talk about following the red sox i'd like tracking. Where is it okay. It was delivered to sun valley. Where is it in sun valley. You become like a stocker of your. Yeah yeah i. I i understand that and i you know when listening to somebody like christopher hedges like we were talking about the other day. You really do you you. You are amazed about the unread they unraveling of culture through you know through Not a lot of people but very powerful Money and corporate greed and And what that's doing to the culture. But i would say this to i. Because i don't know if you've heard this i think i might of center to. Your name is anna. Lemke dr anna lemke. she's at stanford and she's a neuroscientist. And what does she talks about is Dopamine and where addiction comes from and the fact that how the brain balances out like how it wants to feed on on dopamine and what and this is the this is the root of all commerce and root. The root of all commerce is that. They're they're manipulating your dopamine. They're try and you and that's a chemical thing it's not it's not a it's actually a physical thing that's happening and that has been going on for throughout history but especially now more than ever. There are different ways to do that. You know well. I dopamine an addiction. has been well documented by the way if you wanna talk about addiction and mental health minute number. One guru is gap or matei. Oh yes i know about governor meas mazing and is book in the realm of the hungry ghost. Is you wanna read about addiction. And he he nells it down to Basically in a nutshell you know people not getting the love and care that they needed as you know in that formative stage. I think it's zero through for me. Zero were forty two but he says else zero through seven yes the urethra forty two is the the correct. Answer sarah through seven. Yeah well well. There's there's beyond that that is the you know the the idea of what trauma is because thankful to walk around through your walking around battery this shit. That's right that's right. he talks. Trauma is the key. And i'll tell you something i've been working with. My shrank on. Dr cave wants no. I've been working shrank and You know she. We've been working with trauma and you know want it's very difficult to one on the lock the trauma traumatic events. But then once you unlock them you can at least for me. I can only work with them in bits and piece with the trauma a little bit at a time because it's very very intense. And i and our natural defenses to put those walls up and you know the biggest thing in life is to be vulnerable. You know because you know you wanna talk about what is ruling the world you know. Is this invulnerability in this this this warlike mentality being fearful instead of vulnerable you know warlike so instead of reaching out to people we threaten people. You know what i mean. What time with a whole. There's a world of stuff under the anger. The anger sits on top of all the other of the deandre. Six on top of grief. Yeah created trauma hurt. Shame all kinds of alka sadness all kinds of other things Yeah i Yeah i don't know if you cry at all wanna brag about your good cryer. No i actually. I don't cry as much and you know this is an interesting thing I'm on zoloft you know. Are you working for them. Are you there spokesman. No you're on. You're until now let me ask you just an wasn't Then someone's own off the knife and it really helps me on. I think they're definitely drawbacks and one of the drawbacks. I mean it really helps me. Because i was having an incredible anxiety stuff and i i was just. I needed something so i went on off but one thing i think is that it does klina. Keep me away from that kernel of trauma that exists in me. Do you know what. I mean an still choose to be on this aloft and keeps you away from it. Keeps you away for kinda it. Kinda you know offers you a little bit from and if you need a loft I am distributed out of the trunk of my car where the four zero five meets the. Yes yes as it. Sepulveda's khazal but i'll go to support a listen. If if i could find something like that. That's the thing is. I have never found any like drug that that actually speaks to. What's going on with me. I never found never found anyone. And it's this. It's this. But i. But i have wild swings if i get off of something so i'm actually on wellbutrin for many years because i don't wanna come off of it because i know i'll have a big reaction to it. I know i know. I got off of prozac before this so left. I was off prozac before. I went back on antidepressants. I was off of prozac. Four i think forty years and going off of prozac was a lot more difficult than i thought. I was an some pretty major mood swings myself and i was doing it the way that you know. You know incrementally after i mean i'm sure you can get off of. How long have you been taking oh long time a long time i actually. I actually knew the guy who invented it. That's how long we were buddies. And he says let me ask you. This was it before the caravaggio exhibit at the museum. It was actually during the time of caravaggio that he was painting and he was like. I'm making. I'm making painting. And i said i want wanna take a drug by the way by the way that italian accent is what i'm talking about when y- slander pause for the now i will say like my italian roommates used to say no on jiro stop a landau city maintain. It means I'm not making fun of talking seriously. They would say that to me all the time. And then they'd say ed. When are you running to. He's always right. He's owning yelps. I love. I love the italians men. Oh yeah is cross them. But i you know i love them. Well the civilians. If you listen to mario puzo talk about where he got. The the the pacing and the flowery language for the gangsters and the godfather also cillian. Because this is how they talk they believe in getting the money upfront and the way they do it is they write you a nice flowery letter they they they call you and they complement. Your wonderful person were so lucky to be your neighbor and all we need fifty thousand dollars and we'll just be done with it and it'll be fine and that's how they used to approach people on the i feel like it's the same at the hollywood bowl. It's very similar. It don't go there during cecillia night because they will music. But but but this is opera. I've never been to a live. I've seen it on tv. I've seen movies. I've listened to music. But i've never been to the opera. Oh yeah it's it's It's great sometimes. It can be real long. Why is it going yeah. It's for four. Days is a long time bodmer four day but the italian wagner ring cycle is amazing. Yeah yeah i. I have on my washing machine. I now what so i. There's a lot of things here. Big big things do you. do you believe so. Let me ask you something about the trauma okay. So if it didn't keep the trauma away do you believe actually believe that you could have the trauma and move through it. That's a you know. No no i'm i mean i'm like i said on choosing to be on so loft what i what i'm hoping to do. Is you know work. I mean because my anxiety depression you know. It's so it's so hard to like separate anxiety and depression. I never know what to call it. I know they're linked you know Like woodfield team. Hey anxiety as popular as burns and allen at least fake say. Good night anxiety. That's actually a good sketch. They're both like self attacking you know But i think you know how. Like i i. I couldn't work with the trauma offers zoloft. either. I don't think you know. I think you have to find a balance. Yeah you find the balance that's right and find out what works for you and there are a lot of different different things. It's not one thing. There's a lot of different things but the thing that you're doing in the morning where you're saying i'm i'm going to do this. And this is what. I'm doing for myself as a self care is is it sends ripples through not only your life but everybody that you come in contact with. I believe yeah. I believe that except for comedy club. Booker's that is not going to help. Wow the at eight balls. They have a lot of wall sooner in the club and emotionally. Yes it's true now. I want to go to something here. Because you're your tweets have always been legendary. But i want to go and just look and i wanna just dissect what's going on here and and what you think of it and like see. My question is when you write a tweet. Can you when you when you do something like this can you. Then i mean it's it's hysterical and then it can you then go away from it and say and now i'm going to you know a more peaceful place. And and how or what. Back a piece or weiss a peaceful paulo so so this is the tweet. The american landscape is one of fear violence suicides mass shootings and great savings here at walmart. Our have to apply for food stamps while we accumulate obscene money. That's the american way. We lower our prices by using overseas labor. That isn't regulated walmart as a sponsor of this show. So i wanted to just read that to just say you know. It's instructional for them. But but but i also want to see okay so so you write this tweet so this goes out it's hysterical and then you're able to disconnect and you're able to say okay that's my tweet for the day or the hour or for one of five and now but i've stayed away from social media in the in the early part of the day so that i'm grounded and i can do these things. Yeah but you know. It's it's a double edged sword though with social media. Because i i. I put a tweet like pat allen and if you know when i know that it's funny right when i know who this is a good one. You know how we know when something is good like when we come up with a joke. And i do get excited about that and i do think i get a little over stimulated because then sorta like again checking the red sox score i go back. Hi katie my cat is wanting to say hello. Hi katie. our you wanted to get off zoloft or earth. Gay tianhe at k b on a variety of temptation doctor has prescribed. Oh good he's on. Sam and and little well you know. San lipitor is very popular with the cat. Community really is Well but what i will say. Is that When i do tweet out something. Funny all i. I then get pulled into like how many people like who likes it. Are there verified people liking it. And you know it's it's not easy. You know some days on better at saying okay. I i i. This is what i tell myself. I that i'm on social media to keep my profile high as comic excetera right and and You know. I i wonder if i sometimes you know i wonder if i should just get off a social media because you know it's like it can be a place where you live your life you know in this virtual reality way instead of living in a real. May i think it could be. It could be a good creative like stimulation to be able to. Just write these things and come up with these things and we're comics were create. You know we want to create things that we're always going to be creating things but at the same time what would happen. Probably if i got off of it completely. And i'm not nearly i mean i'm hardly on social media but What would happen is your life would be good it would. It would actually not make. It wouldn't be like oh. I really miss social media. It might be that way for short for short periods of time. But it would be your life would be enriched with other things and it would be and you wouldn't be caught up in it not that you're caught up in it because you you don't just i mean most people just do that and they don't have any other they don't have other things that they choose lesson last night. I am decided to do a show. In an outdoor venue would is engaged in how were venue. And the reason i did. It was for no money. But i knew there would be a big audience and i needed. The human contact sure will remain like. I wanted to do it because i wanted to do my humor three-dimensional which is so much more rewarding than online. You're sure there is no. There is no substitute for that. And i feel like even though people even though it's very easy to watch streaming movies and it's great and series and all those things. There is no substitute for going into a theater and sitting in front of a screen with other people. That's true too out. There really isn't an never. I don't know if it ever will be. it's alive. Shared experience the live shared. Experiences really important one the key is shared. You know we need to be in community yeah But i find that. I get you know the more isolated than i am. The more i become used to it the more everything seems like a big a big deal. That's like even phone calls. It's like how do i not have time for phone calls. It's crazy like how do i not have time for phone calls. I i get the same way too. Well i tell ya. I think oh my god that's gonna to take a long time. Well what are you doing that that it's gonna take time from what is what great thing am i doing. You know one thing. I heard this and this is from eckhart toll. I heard it. He says that our biggest addiction is to our thoughts. And i think we don't wanna leave. Our thoughts said do the phone call even if the thoughts painful where addicted. Yeah yeah there is. There is equality of You know if you just had the peace and quiet using your brain would say. Let's look for. Let's look for the issues and let's start thinking about not here with thinking about the future of the past for sure that happens. You know thirty six hours of a twenty four hour day and it's just what you say to those. How am i gonna see. This is the thing that will like working with jennifer. It was really good. Because i really never looked at. I didn't really look at thoughts and emotions as a two way conversation. I thought it was just. Oh you have thoughts. And that's what you think. I thought you have feelings. You not realizing that. They come from thoughts and this is. This is what it is. And then i read. Marcus aurelius not really. But i look a little bit about him. Because i love his ukwa east mark. Mark was a wonderful man. He was not a great conversationalist but he was great But the happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. Well marcus aurelius in walt. Like you know. What's interesting is that hawkins says and i really do recommend you and your listeners to to get familiar with that david hawkins is work power verse forces one book. I'm blanking on the others but Watch wasserman youtube but he. He says that the emotions generate thoughts and that the witnessing is really witnessing and leading the emotions common go because the one emotion can generate a thousand thoughts. Is you know so. So what you're talking. About with. Marcus aurelius you know Who was a good buddy of. I believe it was chuck woolery. I'm i forget but on the show early days show but but you know is hopkins's saying we need to like let the emotions go like you know again tells beautifully. It tells beautifully into buddhism. You know just detaching like leading our you know emotions pass like clouds and that will then clear up our are thinking so i guess it's dialectical that goes back and forth goes back and forth an ongoing dialogue. It's a river but if you block it up and you let it run or you think it means something or you stop it. Which is you know what we you know what i walk around with and what a lot of people walk around with. Is this the you know all of that stuff bottled up. That just wants a. Oh yeah and the emotions. I think are are very related to trauma which we touched on earlier. You know it all comes around To to trauma No matter you know. And i i always like to encircle the show with trauma because no matter where you are. You know. we're all in this together. Well listen i you know fancy monkey Could be but it's always you know. I love talking to you. It's so much fun. And my thanks to eddie as always listen to his podcast. Follow him on twitter. My thanks jennifer. Kalari find out more about jennifer great work her media her books her services at connected parenting dot com connected. Parenting dot com. Find us at make. Light media dot com k. L. t. make light media dot com. Or wherever you get your podcast. Subscribe join us via bridge. Walk on us if you have any issue that we can help with. Please shoot us. A note at ed. At make light and make media dot com. That's our show for this week. Thanks for listening. Keep coming back at work if you work at. I'm ed crasnick see you next week.

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Ep 87. Faith for the Occasion: Are We Putting Islam in a Box?

Mohamed Ghilan

1:12:31 hr | 11 months ago

Ep 87. Faith for the Occasion: Are We Putting Islam in a Box?

"Level they no longer shot be deed. Oh bay shorter art of of who will help the will on a being could love only love who wanna around Ooh how Saddam everyone you are listening to episode eighty seven of the hamalainen podcast with yours truly as the host november fourteenth twenty twenty. I was invited. By the muslim student. Association of northwestern university in the us to address their cohort and the talk was titled faith for the occasion. Are we putting islam in a box header. Despite the pandemic we were still able to connect through zoom so through these virtual platforms still able to connect live and the talk itself was about half an hour long and then it was followed by about thirty. To forty minutes of qna the issues discussing the talk revolved around the concept of dueling him whenever we think about dual ism in the western context. We think. Cartesian do eliza the separation between the spiritual and material. We don't actually have that islamically we do have a different type of dual azam. And that is what i talk about in this address and this understanding of these dual isn't that we have actually influences. How we spiritually cultivate Our relationship with the loss of handle tyler for lack of a better term with english language. And how we talk about these things there's limitations and it doesn't really convey the true meaning and the concepts that we're trying to relate from a theological standpoint before i leave you offer the recording which i'm grateful for the msa board for having provided me with it hundred Wasn't planned to be recorded. But we managed to get a recording of it. Before i leave you off the recording Just a word about the podcast hemmed. Going gonna be finishing my degree in the next couple of weeks. And then i'll be returning back with a bit more of a regular schedule With with the podcast having said that. I have been regularly engage in with students over at andrews academy. We do have a weekly halacha right now. We're covering the hickam even elastic and dairy and yesterday in fact we covered In the ninth session The aphorisms number twenty eight to thirty one so we're up to aphorism thirty one with the with the hickam happens on a weekly basis There's also the monthly methodist that unders academy which is a great time for me to connect to the students and to take one subject matter at a time. That has some theological implication. We recently had dr david. Geologic come on and Discuss this paper on evolutionary theory we've had discussions on a number of philosophical subjects The next one coming up in charlotte towards the end of this month is going to be talking about existence. And i'm quite excited to see what the students are gonna come up with a lot of talk about niche and a lot of talk about other philosophies that deal with the human experience in existence from Let's say if you stick perspective. And what would the islamic standpoint be about that so it happens on a monthly basis. So there's a lot of work that i do through an endless academy there and quite active on. If you're interested you can check the links in the description. You can enroll in any of these streams that we have An shallow you can find Some beneficial content content there. I think i'll leave you with that Just a final note The this work can be supported through patriotic. You can support through signing up for lenders academy and you can just really helped me out by sharing this As widely as possible word of mouth is really the primary means through which i Spread this so if you can help me out with just sharing the episode sharing content. Really be grateful for you. And here's the talk. So i remember one thousand nine hundred eleven. It'll mean or slots will sit down on this aid you now. Have you been hunting. wild Will suddenly let's see how many refer to him oracle Hepburn hoodie it. Also at all. They've been stepping off any Lame law managua. become level not Hamdullah first of all. Thank you for The invites For demon the the northwestern. Msa team msa. I think it's the muslim cultural students association. So the get the entire akron right. So deduct law heading for the invite Unfortunately we couldn't make it in person. always nicer to being person in actually be physically present with everybody but hamdan I look at this is like the tamam of doing False speaker conferences and stuff like that. So we're doing tamam a little bit here just at better than nothing. some shell. Annex eckstein will actually be able to meet in person a number of things that was That were asked of mita address and Kind of General topics that might be of concern to a lot of you. One thing that kept popping up was with regards to Spiritual development this idea of compartmentalizing religion Looking at his llamas kind of thing that you do on the side but then you have the rest of your day-to-day activity and the rest of the studies. That are done somewhere else. And that's somewhere else happens to just be the majority of your life in his lawn just happens to be this kind of garnish at the top of it You know you go you. Prayers milan comes about amazon. Is one hundred and fifty two days away roughly now so we're getting close just over four months which is crazy about it and so the practice of religion itself seems to be kind of a you know take either Ultra relic that. We have or just something that you do And it doesn't really seem to inform much else outside of that the rest of your life. The way that you go through. Education is on doesn't seem to play a part in that and the thing that i wanted to address Is the cartesian dualist or this false idea behind the spiritual and material a lot of muslims basically just assume that the two things are kind of separate you have your spiritual pursuits and then you have your material pursuits. And so when you think about someone who's doing a degree you know talking to almost some crowd. I'm gonna assume that quite a lot of you are either engineering or medicine or biomedicine or something like that so this just happens to be the majority of you and Both of those areas don't really seem to have much to say about islam. You know you just you go do your courses. You organic chemistry inorganic chemistry. You're physically do calculus whereas a slump coming into this and fewer entire day. Spend doing that. And i'm just happens to be your five daily prayers. It doesn't seem to speak to exist experience of just being in the world. This dual ism Is kind of a western european product that we've just inherited in everybody else just assumes it to be the case which we don't we don't actually have this economy between spirit and the body islamically speaking which is why you have this difference in opinion for example between the Jurists on can you do nature body organs. That difference opinion comes out of that kind of conception do first of all possess your body second of all what happens to the soul when you do this Many of you may not be aware the reason jehovah witnesses are against blood. Transfusions is because they believe the soul actually the bed of the solas in the blood and so when you do a blood transfusion your tainting the soul of that person and you're actually jeopardizing their acura. So when you think about it in that sense you might think. I'm saving your life right now. Giving blood transfusion. But you've just basically kabosh stir entire akkad or the eternal life that really a positive thing from their perspective you just did something immensely negative or evil even from our perspective if you look at what patout tells us because ultimately we have to go back to the club on. What does that tell us about the human experience with this. He tell us about the nature of existence. What does he tell us about. Why would here in the first place. The whole thing began with the bucket on pilots. Islas talking to the angels. And he's telling them he's declined to them with cholera Jerry for your lord has declared onto the angels. I'm going to place advice. Jared on the earth. The angels immediate response was i. Tell you artifacts hammett. Ucd how would dimap. You're gonna put on this earth someone who's going to so corruption as spilt much blood and you know the rest of the discourse in how it went the point that i want to turn your attention to is that each one of us is placed on this earth as a caretaker as if i guarant- and there is nothing here that has been created by las panel to isla. You can look at from the western columnists kind of dualistic perspective as quote unquote material. Everything has its spiritual reality. So of hanoi talladega creates everything through the expression of award. Couldn't fair kuhn so he says be and it is so there's nothing that you come across inside any of this creation that is not a manifestation of divine word so it's literally a loss panta bring into something into existence and everything that comes into existence including ourselves is a manifestation of divine word. So in a sense we're spiritual by our very existence. we're spiritual beings. You talk about cultivating spirituality. That's virtually is not something that you're going to get Through know head space download head space. I'm going to some meditation. Mindfulness thinking spirituality is not going to be about. let me go to the himalayas and just You know practice silence for forty days. And then i'll get spirituality. The look at canada confused australia. has mechanical law if you look at that verse. It's actually beautiful. The lost touted suppresses all these things for us if we just worked to reflect on it look at the look feel sorely lacking eastwood hasna or usa depending on the recitation. Various lemon kanye law acid. When we say i to be spiritual. I think the first question we need to ask ourselves. What do you mean by spiritual. What are you trying to get to. Are you just trying to achieve some internal state of nirvana that you just wanna feel a little bit high. Go get some wasco. Even go to peru get shaman. Drink some tea and you can get high and then you can feel connected with the rest of creation. You know diluted inaccurate connection. that's just getting high. When we talk about spirituality slum we're talking about getting closer to a lesser hanish thailand. That's really the ultimate thing that we're seeking to a loss data to do that. You have to do it through a meth method. There's a methodist been prescribed to us and it's actually not mysterious a lot of us. Look this is this kind of far off thing that we can't really reach but it's actually not that mysterious Lozada in his text in his autobiography spiritual autobiography talks about how he got to that and he did it through literally following on the footsteps of the beloved still allow them to him on a law. That the law if you if you love loss of kind of metallic quitting clinton to her buna effective yoni safe you love Touted than follow me. Follow my footsteps. The method to do so is to basically follow in the footsteps of the beloved salah. Heidi with cinnamon. We speak about that in terms of following the soon. Why is that important. I shuttle the law on how the wife of the below so long salaam when she was asked about his character. What was he like. She responded with eliza tackle on do not recite the koran and the man said yes and she kind of local godi. his character was the koran. That's how he saw him was in other words. If you want to get close to a loss of panel. It's good to los pantano through the koran and to get through the koran on you have to follow in the footsteps of the one who the call came revealed to. There is nothing in the koran except that it has been manifested through the beloved salata who said lim which as an aside if you ever come across anything in the That makes you wonder mix you puzzled about what is this about. You have to understand through the beloved News sometimes your immediate understanding verse may not actually coincide with what bill was. Awesome did so for example Just going to throw this out there. Controversial the beating women. Well the beloved never hit a child or woman or a servant ever so you really have two options either. He's awesome and didn't do everything that the koran commanded him to do or your understanding of some verses problematic that's how you understand these things but back to this point you fall in will love sauce in them wide for those of you who are familiar with him. Erode the impossible state He wrote a number of texts on islamic law. He's a palestinian christian professor of islamic studies at oriented studies at columbia in the impossible state. He talks about something called the technologies of the self. I like the phrasing that he uses for technologies of the self and technologies of the self are basically the impact that following in the footsteps of the Has on ones being on one character. Development at one spirituality as well if we were used that term so when you pray or when you fast or new observe the limits of lahser panel china that actually has an impact on your experience of being in the world so when we talk about where rejecting the duality for instance that cartesian. Duality has proposed for us. There is a duality that we have in slum and it is not a duality of the material and the spiritual. It's actually duality of And gopher said duality of obedience and disobedience. that's the duality. We have been given the fact that we are all here as caretakers revised. Sharon's we are here for a temporary time. I mean you really have to reflect on this and and think about it deeply no matter how long you live when we die. You're just gonna be wrapped up washed wrapped up and put into the ground with nothing else. You're not gonna take close with you and that has to really sink in. So what are you here for. The duality has either. You live within the limits and the bounds of what a lotta panel tyler wants of you or you transgressed those limits. For whatever reasons you might have ultimately. It's going to be about your own sanity on egotistical. Your lower desires that are getting into these things A lawsuit tells us in soda. Man man cut a quote unquote lock in san jose ban Van van when Dan with off a hell Loafing musin less tells us in this sura chapter man which is known as the bride of the koran the bride jewel our support on that he is the merciful he created all of these things amongst them he created the human being and then a low tells us that he has erected heavens raised the heavens and put down the earth do not transgress the balance that he has put he put down a balance on earth do not transgress that balance our acts active worship unfortunately ny. Why this question of. I want to cultivate myself spiritually. I want to rise up feel connected to The way that we asked this question it's actually Ah born out of an idea that this is an intellectual process. Those of you who are familiar with the neuroscience field you might know something about embodied cognition. An embodied cognition is basically. It's a recognition. Now that our brains are not where intelligence completely lies. Intelligence is actually a body experience. There is a book. I'm covering the book club that running online The knowledge illusion and one of the things that the author is make about. It is have a chapter in embodied cognition where they talk about baseball so when someone hits the ball so you got the if you're the bad and you hit the ball and starts to go and somebody's going to try to catch it you don't think about you don't make calculations in your mind about. Oh i need to go to that distance than i need to do this calculus equation of a parabola so that i can make sure that when the ball hits that far and it's going to dispute that i need to be at this particular point so that for me i can catch it. What you actually end up doing in your body knows how to do this. You raise your eyes up and you maintain angle of elevation with your eyes and then you run and you run at a speed. That maintains a constant angle. So that as the ball is coming down. You can be at the right space at the right place at the right time to catch. It does if it doesn't go outside the park so that's embodied cognition. You just feel it. There's something in medicine called functional neurological disorder. It's basically the majority of the patients. I see on the neuro on the neuro rounds. Fm d. which is basically the brain knows something but their body is not functioning the way that it needs to function. There is a disconnect happening somewhere. And they're not actually. We can't find any exams so when we do the clinical exam. They're fine when we do. The blood work fine. When we do the imaging they're fine. There's nothing organic. That explains all of this but somehow body loses ability to actually function along with the brain. There's a disconnect that happens if you look at our acts of worship again not mysterious in the sense that you don't have to go and do something drastic for forty days Until you find nirvana you just need to do what you've been told to do. You need to perform your prayers on time in nevada. Candidate alameda makoto. That prayer has been prescribed upon the believers at signed times so a loss of panatela assigned those times. And you have to observe observe those stands for your prayers if you don't observe them for your prayers at the time that alighted and you decide out of your own accord. I'm gonna pray them whenever i want. Something has gone of ray. Something has gone wrong there. So when you do your prayers on time you faster milan if you're able to you you pay Coming upon you you basically observe all of the ritual aspects as well as in your transactional your interactions with people. You observe the limits of On that thinking acknowledging that this is because this is what i lust. Potala is expecting me. This is where a lot promises you on dukla Have fear conscious of a loss of panel Teach you as you do that. In following the puts in the footsteps of the prophesy sell them look at canelo confused. has saana. There is a a an excellent example in the messenger law for you neiman kannada joel law. So if you're wanting spirituality islamically speaking the spirituality you seek as closeness weight loss pagnotta mcconnell agila to those who want a loss of panel william williams and want to final day. The thing is we're not doing any of this to experience anything kind of elated. We're not looking for a high. There are people that worship Read the tax and they talk about worshiping allow with thirty forty fifty years not once feeling that sense of high not once feeling like they were doing spiritual kind of cultivation. All they were doing is they were purifying their hearts they were pure purifying their were repenting from there since they were doing their egos and doing what loss pound to either one of them so that they just observe the limits of a law because they recognized that. I'm here for a short amount of time. And it's going to end at some point and so i need to just do what i need to do here. So when it comes to your spiritual cultivation. I apologize to those who were looking for something just china profound in the sense of like. I'm gonna tell you something that you might come in and run with it. It's actually hard work. We live in a time. Now where There's research now. That's looking at exercise. Appeal sorry to go into the biomedical stuff. That this is just my background. So i share with you kind of where. I'm coming from here. What they did with this research is they basically looked mitochondria and looked at all the different proteins to get expressed in response to exercise and looked basically different number of bodily functions that change in response to exercise. And then they decided. Hey let's go and try to make a pill in lab that would mimic what happens with exercise you. Could you stick the pill and then you get the benefits of the pill without going through the exercise only in a culture in which people want things given to them. Will you have this kind of motive thinking that this is what i want to do. I mean there is a concept of alison. Homeo- stations stress. Alice stasis is the pressure or the burden that gets put on the physiology of the body while the body maintains home use static mechanisms in place. So as you go through difficulty in a spiritual sense what you're supposed to do islamically speaking and that's what's expected of us is that we have an static conception which is you go through difficulty. You come out of it stronger but still more balanced so as you go through this. You're gonna do some things that are boring and you just have to understand that that is it's going to be boring to your nef's but it's not boring to your soul. The soul has its food. The food of the soul is the five daily prayers. The escada that you do post in pre you're fasting of the month of form alon is doing the grind work consistently. There is nothing that is worth anything in this world except that it comes through the grind. Everybody that has achieved anything in this world. They do it through structure. Look at the degree programs that you guys are in right now in order for you to graduate. You're looking at how many credits you've done. You look at how many credits you have left depending on the specific degree that you're doing right now. Whatever major it is. You're looking at the courses that you need to complete which means that if you didn't complete all the courses you might end up with more credits than you need to graduate. But that's because you did courses that you shouldn't have done any wasted some time but ultimately the the university forces you into a structure and says you gotta do these things in order for you to graduate. These are the courses you have to. Do you want to do that. Anything else on you. You can pay the money if you want but you need to complete discourses in order to graduate. Those of you wanna go to medical school. You know what you need to do. You can't just go in apply unless you wanna go. I don't know maybe to the caribbean or something. But if you're if if you want to apply to a good school and get into it they tell you we need you to have your minimum biology courses. You're organic chem. Which is called the wieder course me by the time to medical school. You don't do any organic cares but organic chemists wieder course this of course they basically get people out if you can't hack it in organic cam. You can't hack into med school. It's kinda strange So you gotta do organic cam. You gotta do your body chemistry. You gotta do is a structure as you enter into whatever program you get into. There's a structure to it and they expect you to finish all the hurdle assessments and the evaluative assessments and the and the summit of assessments structure to everything people wonder how you can be productive. You have to put a structure in place. The same thing goes for spirituality. The same thing goes for your religious practice there a structure as a final thing. The term religion itself. I think it's If i leave you with anything. I want to leave you with a curiosity. I want you all to just have a curiosity. I'm just asking like what does this mean. Where did this come from where to start so the term religion. You should be curious enough to go. When was the first time this term was ever used and who used it and what does it mean today. And how would it be conceived of say two hundred years ago or five hundred years ago. How power these conceptions that we just. It's like a fish in water doesn't know that it's in water until a stick out then realizes wait a minute. I can't breathe. I'm an air. You kinda need to develop that kind of sense that attitude cycle care religion. What does that mean. There's a book The myth of religious violence. By william cavanaugh. He spends half of the book basically treating the term religion the historical development of it where it came from. And if you understand where that comes from you start to get a bit surprised at how you even think of religion and spiritual development where it becomes a matter of wow. I'm only thinking like this. Because this is a byproduct of how is conditioned intellectually to think about this subject. But if you go back to the sources and look at how islamically howard teachers in tradition looks at it. We don't have this kind of categorization compartment Part until is ation of human experience in different areas so that we can just do this over here. And then i'll shut that off and then i'll go to the next thing and then i'll shut that off the whole discipline of math of the polymath islamically speaking our scholars. I know many of us think of scholars in the past says this was a scholar of This was a scholar of v corps. This was a scholar actually look into their backgrounds. Many of them there were physicians. Were engineers their architects. They were artists. They were doing all kinds of other things. They weren't there's There's an article tunas renovate journal the mini sightedness of knowledge. Which i think is a highly recommend. You guys read that. Say the many sightedness of knowledge basically talks about the fact that this business of reductive knowledge where you just go into one specific area actually makes you dumber because you don't see the big picture and you start to make conclusions that are false conclusions about real issues. The same thing goes with religion. The idea you can portalis in. I think about it in that particular area that's alien. To the islamic tradition your spirituality can really be imbued into everything. So when you go i mean i this example often i literally before i start any exams before i go into anything to do with evaluations before i start my day even When i'm driving to the hospital or taking the bus to the hospital you know so. Penalty sucked atlanta hata Granola along menu. Adjust where legal legault Jimmy moody innate has to be a law Has then. I just say i may i may but you do it with kind of a presence at like urine all annual praising For even giving you this opportunity to go to wherever it is that you're going. And then if i have assessments and stuff at the school or the hospital i literally Ask luckily i need some signatures today. I need some clinicians to actually pay some attention. 'cause they're all busy and i don't know if i'm going to get this. And this is the hurdle so can you just give me some signatures. I kid you not every single time. I had any issues with any signatures at entity to get for any assessments. The way that they came about it was clear it was literally law subjugating dot individual to come and do this thing for me and so my experience of even studying medicine and going through the program has been a spiritual experience. I've been feeling elated in a sense to use that word but not in the sense of being high elated just this confirmation so panama and then you just acknowledged it's all happening because of powder nothing that i'm doing nothing that person who's doing so i'll conclude with that it's I wanted this to be a bit more interactive because the the issue of this stuff is can be just me talking at you. And we know that from lecturers the research shows that online Lectures people usually leave with less than forty percents of what's been said so. We did thirty minutes. Hopefully you guys got ten minutes out of it. Utera gilan and we're not gonna move into the qna section If you have a question please raise your hand. And i will un mute. You can raise your Ask your question. We're going to do this in alphabetical order in shallow. Everybody's shy. Is that what it is or the writing stuff. You can also just on mute yourself to amuse yourself you you to shy. You can type it also in the chat. I think while people are coming up with questions. I ask a question on my own. I was wondering considering like all that you do with like on the loose academy met school. You know being you know giving time to your family. How do you look at productivity to the slum it's it's really a matter of prioritization family has to come first Until you make sure you fulfill the rights of the family. There's nothing that you can do outside of family. That is more important than the family. That's just the perspective that i think we really all should have. 'cause community comes out of a family civilization really starts with the family so you gotta give time to the family and be present with them. So don't bring your phones. Don't bring anything just just be present with found on his family time and then after that it's just a prioritization of tasks I thought it was organized. Before until i got into medical school and then when you go through the program because there is so much to go through they oftentimes just tell you. These are when things are happening in. You just have to show up at these different Appointments and these different tutorials and whatever. So make sure they get you through all of the material But all of that cannot happen without the field without the facilitation of a loss of panel data. So i actually. It's again it's back to. How do you begin your day. And would you structure your day around. A lot of people. Try to organize You know there's a famous kind of saying the the ignorant one gets up in the morning and says oh. What am i going to do today. That's the ignorant one and intelligent one gets up in the morning and says what is a log on to do with me today and so you try to organize your day. I'm i remember on my undergrad. When it had to do coursework more so than in grad school grad school. I is a bit more free to go To leave the lab. Whenever i needed to but in an undergrad when i had the courses i organize my schedule around joma and around prayer so i never actually missed juma during my entire for your degree. The reason for it is because they offer different sections. Does that mean that. I sometimes had to take a section. That was a bit late in the day. And it kind of cramped. My you know my weekend plans or whatever. Yeah sure but. Jim is more important. So i never actually missed jomaa. I never had to delay my prayers or miss them altogether. Because i had class schoolwork whatever you know if she know the prayer times in the windows in which you can pray you can organize. I planned every semester according to prayer-times according to according to all of these things. And i believe because i did it that way. You prioritize loss of hanno down a with prioritize you you produce for allowing he asked of you an allowed produce for you more than what you even think that you would want We're doing the heck. I'm right now under academy and one of the hickam that Less mentions Speaks to that. And it says that you're occupying yourself with things that have been guaranteed for you and you're neglecting the things that you've been obligated to do in other words he's saying that you're obviously neglecting What a lot of you and you're occupying yourself with. What law said his already got written for you so every when we were all in the wounds of our mothers we all had however money. How much money you think you're gonna make in this life. That was already written whatever degrees. You're trying to get. That was already written whatever successes you think you're going to get in this life. Everything was already written. That doesn't mean you stop working. You stopped being productive but it means that you stop stressing yourself about it and you focus more on what a law wants a view an observing his limits and you just do the tasks that you're you're trying to do so to accomplish whatever needs to accomplish and then you leave the results of that loss panel abbott. Because it's really it's just it's a you to strive but it's not funny to arrive. You do the work the products of that work. That's a loss of panel in china. Not for you to do. We have some other questions. If someone wants to go i know so to sneak. Seems asking curious to learn about learning from the body instead of just learned from the brain on if you elaborate on that I shared this thing on twitter on my instagram as well. It was this Ballerina prima ballerina. spanish prima ballerina. She has she's like eighty three years. Old and she was. She has alzheimer's since she said this alzheimer's center pundit this lady can't talk she's gone she's just sitting on a wheelchair quite sad to see her that but then they put a song that she she danced to When she was young in the sixties or something like that as a ballerina and as soon as they put the headphones on she asked to raise the volume as she she just recognize it immediately and then she just went into the whole routine from her wheelchair. She moved her hands armed everything she did everything exactly the same sequence that she did when she was young which is kind of a demonstration of what we mean by embodied. Cognition you guys come across from time to time you see someone on video being shared and it goes viral. Oh my god. This person died all Have me this kind of end. I hope to die into jude. Or a chef dies when he's teaching a class. And so you hope that this would be your end or someone dies On hope hope. That's your embodied. Cognition is basically whatever you get your body used to doing and always practicing that becomes part of your intelligence so that becomes your normative kind of practice. So the bolus him. When he says it's difficult enough doco stoke in the forty note and the beloved assume says seek a fatwa from your hearts. Ask of your heart fatwa. Even if you get many to now. I know that many of you like to do to a shopping. There's just a normal kind of thing for a lot of young people 'specially but it's a it's a it's a normal human phenomenon that we all need technology so that we actually combat it shopping. Is you have a question in your mind. And then you'll be like what's the ruling on this and you hope that the ruling is jalan hal. You can go ahead and do whatever it is you want. So what do you do. You start searching online and you go through Islam qa this like That's on how yeah. But they're said if he's man that's like i'm not gonna listen to them. Let me go find out this other one here. Let me go to seekers hub. Maybe they have a better answer. And then you go to seekers their hannitys though the hanif. He's a hanophy answer. What are the shafei. Say about sending. You just keep searching searching searching until you come across one of these muslims with says in fact because you live in america and we need to kind of get with the times and this is like outdated and yeah. You can go ahead and do this thing because out of necessity and they start talking about mukasa this shitty out of the objectives of the son of course mukasa shetty and so you find a way for you to come out of the below is seldom give you a combat to that but that combat that this tool that will defuse. This requires something on you of you. Which is your someone was already observant. You're someone who's already practicing all you need to practice and you're acknowledging that i'm doing this for the sake of Panel data so. When you come across a nice fatwa which could be effector for arabs. Who might get with that means If you get that then you can actually ignore it because you'll feel like in your heart. There's something constricting about it. Like the something off about this. Because everything i know about my practice and everything that i know but the shittier does not support this and so this is what i mean by embodied cognition. You have to engage in the practice of islam starting with the time and then into the limbs and then you will see a transformation happening within you where you just know what to do and you know what's right and what's wrong. You basically what you do with that and every time you do toba Far you're cleaning your heart and your allowing it to perceive truth and reject falsehood. We had some people who wanted to ask questions. mike Anisa's here is any set. Here sign com clan is very important Matter to discuss and as you were talking about the origins of the word religion And howling that can shape our world worldview on. it's not necessarily like a paddle with islamic. Glenn i was thinking about the different types of likes philisophical ideas that are so prevalent in our society. I'm like postmodernism modernism. An how shaper will view under not almost compatible with and i wanted to hear your thoughts about kind of recognizing those and working through those to able to live out a stemware holistically That's a big question I would i think the thing with postmodernism is like you said so prevalent than it has seeped through everything. So it's kinda hard for you to just simply say that's postmodernism and does not in this this literally in everything But there are some. There's some simple tools for you to Maybe identify on sift through Falsehoods in and identify. Where the truth lies anytime. You want to engage in an action or you want to say something. I think the first question that should come to mind is how do i- substantiate this from the koran and the sooner if the most prevalent thing right now with the post modernist kind of discourse in the critical race theory and all of that like the relativism. And it's all down to the individual You have to ask yourself is who who's who's most paramount here. What am i trying to achieve. Is this first of all substantiated by something that allah and his messenger said a priority which is a philosophical term for saying starting with. It's not that. I have a conclusion on. I'm trying to justify its that i'm starting from amundsen and trying to understand what allow would want of me in these contexts. An second of all is the gold. Dounia we to the exclusion of the aca. Is the goal simply. Wardley goals and the academic is completely absent. Nobody cares about what happens in the next life. Nobody cares what happens after death. It's all about now if it's all about the here now to me that's like a red flag medicine for those of you want to go into medicine. You'll learn about red flags when a patient comes in. There are certain signs that you just look for and you have to exclude them very quickly. Because if you don't you might end up with somebody who's dead in the next five minutes. So red flags for me. Is that someone whose entire discourse is devoid of the koran. If there is the line is messenger are nowhere to be found in it The it's the whole. Discourse is focused on material gains and checks and balances in the world there conception of justice does not take into is not a cosmic conception of justice it's a material worley conception of justice their entire background in education even in their practices a data. So if you look at. How scholars evaluated transmitters of part of it was. Who was this person. Would they study with the d-actually meet the person that they say that they these from. What was their character like. You know how. They conduct their lives. Is this a profligate person. Who's just going about and an acting sinful ways or is this someone who's got. What their ascetic. They're they're scrupulous. The care will comes out of their mouth. They focus on this elements of the tongue. Things like that. That's not to say that you can throw the entire field of postmodernism and critical race. Theory and everything just completely out the wayside like forget all of it but it is to recognize whatever truth it might have you have to first subject the entire discipline to a treatment through the lens of the koran in the center. The difficulty with this is that for a lot of young people in universities right. Now you guys are going through these programs. The recommendation i gave before people is that before you enter into university at all once you graduate high school which is a bit too late for us but once you graduate high school i recommendation recommendations. All muslims is take a year off. You need a year off. You need to go and sit down with some. You need to study this tradition. Get your fill right. Get your get your Elements of the heart corrected. Work on these. Get the tools so then when you enter university you start to identify things for what they are. I'll give you a practical example. Just talking about this An hour ago. One of the students that kademi. Why what is the problem with. Something like evolutionary theory. You know. I have people that say like okay. You can just take the creation of adam. Ali salaam as like an exception to the rule. And then you can accept the rest of the theory. You got a problem son because the rest of the theory is filled with cooker. So no just because you say oh. I'm just going to exclude them from this equation and then i can feel good about myself as a believer. No it doesn't work this way. You need to actually do a little bit of hard homework. You need to go into the philosophical underpinnings of this theory identify when they're making some serious logical fallacies and find out why from a philosophical standpoint. What religion aside for a second philosophically is what they're saying. Justified is it materially confirmed his philosophically justified is the jump. The allah is the philosophical jumped. Valid once you do this kind of treatment which is what. Our scholars have done amagasaki. He wrote mukasa i. He did the objectives of the philosophers. That was his first text on. It was pretty thick text. He got affirmed an account and people just said. That's a philosopher. He's the philosopher philosophers. And then he wrote to happen to fit asi show which is a smaller decks where he just took twenty problems for the philosophers. He seventeen of those. You'll be a heretic and three of them. You're disbelievers if you actually believe in these things and here are the reasons for them a. Nobody could actually respond him. Even roosts response to him was. He didn't get the point. that was being made. It was actually a not a response that address the issues properly for it to be unaccepted response against of zadie so the same thing for us when you enter university. You're not just getting facts. You're going to each one of those classes whether it's science or it's in the humanities and you're being taught things that are based on metaphysical foundations they said they like to use the term secular and objective. You cannot take a you cannot exclude. It's an activist not a neutral exclusion of say islamic or catholic or jewish metaphysics. It's an active exclusion of these metaphysics and by the nature of the human being. We don't just take things without meaning everything we come across. We have to get some meaning out of it. What's the point of studying any of this stuff. What's the story that i need to accept here. So whether it's the humanities on this or in the sciences what you have are stories given to you by largely atheists give you an An example another example. How many of you would be surprised to to think that the big bang theory should just be. It's it's it's proof of the beginning of the universe that god exists when in fact that's not the case in. These stories are constructed by atheists. Who are looking to give you a counter narrative the religious narrative. So the giving you mythology. That's not to be anti-science or reject science but it is to say that you're not just getting science. You getting a story along with it. You getting some garnishing on top and that is telling you a story in exchange for the one that you believe in believer so you have to be careful. Well how do identify all this stuff. That's why you needed to take at least a year off you sit down study. I'm not telling you go off and Hamdullah nowadays. There's so many around in the states. Now you guys can come with somebody who's traditional sit down with them or online programs that you can enroll in and actually start to learn. How many of you have studied logic. rhetoric Can anybody attest to that like who is that. A subject that you actually went through like it was a mandatory subject in school where you studied logic and rhetoric philosophy and and all of the stuff language the philosophy of language. What language represents none of that. So you're basically going into a world where all of the stuff is being fed to you and you don't even have the tools to be able to respond. Imagine you going into anime ring and then you getting habib coming at you and you have no idea how to defend yourself. You're still gonna lose but you should at least have some counter-attacks you right. Now have nothing. You're literally just going in there into university and you're not able to identify anything. You can't distinguish between all of these problems and when you can't you're just gonna take on some ideas and the nature of knowledge. I highly recommend you guys read this book. The knowledge illusion the nature of knowledge. Is that it. Has this kind of creeping effect where it seeps into your own mind and then you start to think that you're coming up with conclusions. When in fact these were things that you actually picked up in university classes and then you take then you start to espouse them as if they were your own ideas and i guarantee you To sit down for five minutes. And i just probe you for five minutes with some questions. You're going to collapse because you don't know why you're saying what you're saying how you came up with that conclusion. So you gotta steady. I'll tell you that you've got to say philosophy of language. You got to study logic rhetoric. You gotta you gotta do some hard work. And then you can distinguish say like all right distinct from postmodernism. I can take it sounds good. You know there's wisdom here. I can take it. There's wisdom in the crt kind of discourse i can take that and then leave the rest of it. That's when you can do that but before doing any of that stuff you can have a hard time. Thank you have us go. I'll just gonna frau's message me and said he had a question earlier jumping john. Sorry are you got Hope you will doing the for for joining us a lot of us. Have benefited today from your work. In the past adequate question for you in regards to you know in a in a world. Do you have any advice for students who are missing a little bit of that serpent. Companionship of physically sitting in the presence of their teachers granted. Obviously there's a lot of knowledge of silver lining right online at people have been able to to spread but the actual physical element. That's a hard one I mean what are the jalapeno blue. You can lassen Tells us that he created Death and life and the interesting thing about this assorted Is alive begins with death. He created death and life to test you. Who is the best of you in actions. We took something for granted that we didn't think law for panel data for which is sober just gathering with people just being able to hang out being able to attend the class on some of us took it so much for granted that we didn't even attend. We even go there have classes domesticated and they wouldn't even when you show up to that and now wishing yearning for all of that stuff so i think it begins first of all with this is loss. Add forcing us into sort of seclusion with him. And if you have a law you really don't need anybody else and so you need to focus on your relationship with a loss of During this time and as you do so you obviously have to repent and ask forgiveness for all the shortcomings in the simple action. That regressions that we've done and then ask allows parents to alleviate this difficulty from us. This period of japan is a period of las pat allen manifesting. His name's of majesty so this quote quote unquote covert world better to just call it. This is a jalal period. Now we're all experiencing and so during this jalal. What are you supposed to the federal law flee to a loss of panel data. And while we do this you make the best of what you have and you have to be thankful for what you have. So a lot of parents tells us thankful. I will increase you. So if you're thankful for Giving us access through online sources to be able to connect with people in whatever way that we can connect be thankful for that vow to change and what was as you will increase in that in a way so that concerns to transform back into being able to connect back in person But you know this pandemics in these flakes we have the guidance of the beloved salah values sell them in the and the companions after him when they went through a blake. Awesome said if you if there's a plague somewhere you just don't go you don't attack you enter the city or you don't exit from it if you're in the city and when it happened during the time of the lower i know he didn't go into sham and nobody from sean was to come out and after a passed away. I believe it was the love nominal house. Who was the ruler. Afterwards the governor of that's area he commanded everyone to quarantine basically exit. All of us go into the mountains. Quarantine disney buyer sells until this thing passes over so until pass over. You just do what you can but you gotta remember that ultimately this is between you a law and if a lot which you into a state of seclusion you gotta adopted up. The attitude of this is now time between you and a lot before the covert situation. People were complaining about how busy they were. Oh i wish. I could do more of sedation of the called on. I wish i could do a hutton. I wish i could do to hedge could do this. I wish i could do that. Now when you're doing so much stuff at home online remotely you actually have all this blessing of time. Okay so you were complaining before about not having time a law gave you the time. What are you doing with it now. We're finding something else to complain about. Oh i wish. I could connect with people. I wish i could do that. I would say we shouldn't be complainers. We should be thankful to lawsuits ally that we have health. We have wealth have security and we have time now born acuff Said to blessings that many people are. They're they're wasteful off an it's time and health so if you have time what else like. I don't know if i had that kind of time you just so ecstatic with it and Just ask us united's reunited with our loved ones. Our friends in child law and vowed to be better excitement to be thankful enough to take it for granted next time growth. The lion had their hands up for a bit. So please go ahead and ask your question. Sorry and just like a hired a really insightful. Took and i. I definitely take from it. So you mentioned the importance of the many sightedness of knowledge. I was wondering what advice you would give us. As as university students to to what this in a manner that is structured on will actually be fruitful Just because i feel like it can be easy to fall into the Be quite directionless. In court seeking the many sides so good question for me it's i could tell you what he told me. And i'm jay jacket when i first got into neuroscience grad school I asked him. I said look all. I really wanna go city shitty ireland matana on travel on do this. And he's like look. You do this with teachers anytime anywhere. You don't need to travel anywhere. But this neuroscience thing our community needs people with high degrees in specialized fields which are only recognized as professionals and experts when they get these degrees. And there's a short amount of time so focused on the neuroscience. A lot opened the door for you to do that. So do that. Until i had a fascination with the brain i did my undergrad thesis honors thesis on it so i just continued that path handle largest kept opening doors for me in this direction that i'm going through where i have the professional kind of pursuits that have in terms of research science medicine all of that and then at the same time. I have my interest specifically in islamic studies. If you look at it as a lot of people think islamic like it's like one thing. Islam is a lot like medicine you know you go to medical school identity. You have kind of a good base knowledge and now you can be imam. You could be any moment of. That's kind kinda like the base knowledge of islamic studies. Were your arabic grammar. You do your your on you. Do your basic sciences. That allows you to be kind of guy for the community and to lead. the prayer. isn't all domestic down then after that if you want to become a scholar in a particular area you gotta choose your area like what do you want to be the wannabe So you wanna be a expert in law. Do you want to be Theologian do you wanna be somebody who just decided. Like where does your. Where do you find your calling your vocation within islamic studies. And that's what you get your consultants. If you will like in medicine you start to specialized you go into a wannabe. Cardiologists are gonna be neurologist. You don't you have the gp or the family physician and then you have the people that specialize in wanna go into a particular area so you have to identify for yourself. I had another sister asked me a couple of years back. She was doing like a lot. She was doing so many different things. Said okay like your approach. The islamic studies is assuming that i have to become a to cook overnight like i got a master all of these different things and she didn't have interest in some of them anyways like she had interest in some areas but not in other areas. Okay you need some working knowledge with the general scheme but then you need to pick and choose and go into one area And master that so in your studies right now university. You have a particular area that you're studying hope that the degree that you chose is not just because it's something that you actually would like to do something meaningful with regardless of what it is and then look at the areas of studies that would complement like you'd want to compliment. That would that. How would the two of them together for me. I'm doing science. I'm doing medicine. I'm doing all that. The area of my particular interest is to do with theology and then now going into biomedical ethics. The limits of treatment organic donations all of that deals with kinda the metaphysics area of islamic studies theology. So you find me talking more about these areas than i do about anything else. Yeah i studied I got to a pretty good area in it. But beyond that i i know enough to basically run my life. Teach just a at a local community. But i'm not going to be like a caller will can give like grandiose fatwahs at like Nation state of scales or anything like that is just. It's enough for me to run my life. Make sure that i'm not transgressing. The limits of data. And i'm not gonna fight federalism not into that. Got one o'clock theology. Wanna talk medicine. You wanna talk relationship between a salmon and science and all of that. Let's talk something for you. you're gonna go into. Let's say as an example. You're someone who studying sociology. And you want your studying kind of how a human behavior functions and how ideas are manifested and transmitted in all of that. I think an important area for you to specialize in is to do with It'll be some areas of fish. But definitely you need to have some knowledge of this era and the son of the beloved Them because that shows you how society is kind of ideally supposed to be functioning in a particular way just kind of one area to kind of focus on to understand how that functions as well as looking at studies that look at these source. The social context in which fick was developed Not with the intention. And that's where you have to check your attention. What's my intention is my intention to dismantle the religion to quote unquote deconstructed. So that i can just negate at all or is it just understand how human beings generally who are trying to remain sincere to the tradition reacted and interacted with it in a way that allows them to remain authentic to the tradition itself while also taking into account the social dynamics and the changing social context in which they live to give you an example in science. I have an interest personally in house callers. Using their contemporary scientific knowledge reacted to certain passages in the koran and how they approached it and derived conclusions based on that. Because part of that was the transcendent Deep and then part of that was temporal. This is our scientific knowledge at the time. How did they react at that time. And what they said Regarding those verses how do we have. How am i supposed to take that react to it. So hopefully that kind of gives you some idea let's read out something from the lead Given the best of knowledge Granola how do you see islam- as practice now is distinct from the dean. The process sentence Have new slam at the time to be assigned become a religious set of practice and formalized with the dogma associated with other religions in losses to saddled transformative aspects my personal assessment to a great degree that of how we approach it and evidence of that. Is you see on increasing number of muslims becoming dismissive even of some of the religious edicts and and commands case in point Hasn't had you know. He can openly freely discussed. Talk about You know marrying a hindu having children with a hindu and how he's going to manage that religious dynamic there. I mean within two generations the president of hasn't been had. You're not going to be muslims. The bottom line so why would he be able to speak in the way that he speaks about an undo that because it's a great degree unfortunately has just become an identity is just. It's just something that for us to Claim as kind of token if you will for a lot of us and we we run with it and it also gives us as a marginalized group almost kind of some currency to speak about you know and that's that's the cultural dynamic that we have today the more oppressive categories you can identify for yourself the greater and then you can have some credence. What would the people If it's really truly a transformative thing you will find more. Muslims not willing to morrison's bucking the trend basically not willing to capitulate to cultural Sociocultural transformations that are happening. And that would be out of a need to be authentic to what a loss antao expects us. The koran is filled with stories of people like shot. At least you know. His commanding people send guys. You guys are cheating in the market. You're doing all of these things. You're thinking that you're making more money but you are oppressing people in the process. This is not right. So what does What does what do they say to stripe. They say cardiac hacker Come about owner owned if widely manisha does your prayer command you would wanna does your prayer in other words. Does your religion command you to leave of what our forefathers have worshipped amana Or to do whatever we want with our wealth short. You are the forbearing one. The guided one so they're mocking him in a way and in that particular question there basically lincoln between there. The religious adherents the and allegiance as well as the social manifestation of it. And they're they're saying that the two are separate and we can just do whatever we want to their lives and your religion can be your thing at home if you're the las anti To either since debris to destroy a village and you says a but a lot there is this righteous servant in it and he lost palaces. Tyler says begin with him because alumnia Outraged who his face did not change once in the face of disobedience that is happening. That's not to say that you guys need to go out and and with you know with bitch works and say like you know. Go back to a line. That's not the case here. The point is that you have to be sure of yourself. An acknowledged that there are social forces that are trying to reshape. Your beliefs reshape your even emotional reactions to all of this stuff in a way. That is Contrary to what a loss of parents ally expects us and the point of assam is to basically come and you as an owner Nasty download on model within how nine Which will mean you are the best of nations brought forth for the people for three things that you're supposed to be doing you command for the good. You forbid evil and you believe in las panel data so we really have to reexamine all of this stuff in and and See what islam is doing for us as a people. I mean if you look at egypt took them. Three hundred years even reached over fifty percent muslims after asking to them and that didn't happen through force. It will just threw social transformation if you look at the social the social dynamic right now which is kinda scary netflix. Being able to put out something like a cuties which is as far as i'm concerned it's pandering to the Pedophile out there. There is no social commentary in that show in fact even the most intelligent people missed whatever point. The director was trying to make with that so-called movie as a social commentary. But this is kind of what's being normalized society today. The question i would have is going on with the muslims. Why are we at And why are we not leading the charge in a lot of these different counter forces that are mainly led by catholics. Which to me is like men. I wish it was led by muslims So we're very short on time. And i guess like we can do another short question if you're up for A medical sesame medusa Student of medical school and found that in making the transition university a situation with plenty of time to medical school. A situation where i'm very strapped. For time i struggled more with Religion how do you go about keeping surprising. with your life like you said and preventing seemingly natural separation of spirituality in western education these questions. I just I are you thinking. I think the question would ask for you guys. Are you thinking. Islam is like or your spirituality is is punctuated like. It's something that you do like you wake up sober. This is one Kind of part and then the and then also and then negative and then asia and because you get busy you find yourself Kind of losing out and then you might have to combine prayer. so now you're punctuation that were five becomes scree or become too on the other hand if you're walking around all day literally in remembrance of a loss of panel allah and you you enter into your clinic you go into your rotation's do that those those times when you're engaging in actual tasks if you will okay. That's that's the time when you're not necessarily doing that but even whatever it is it's you're about to start to do. You're starting with bismillah hanover. Ham you're doing solo Them as you're walking about your coming around you're doing all these things. You're always in remembrance of Outta so it's like a a whole day thing that you do And then as you. You're learning in medicine. You'll learn some things of the human body. I mean for me Seeing patients and how fast patient can deteriorate or just some of the things that they come with involving things that you never even thought about. You didn't even think to thank allah for it out of this. Impacting that person in such negative way that to me is just it's a manifestation of how contingent how dependent upon hannah. We are and so. I find myself first of all A fanny presby loss panel data. Who has safeguarded me from what he has tested you with an has preferred me over many of his creation. So you do this every time. I'm in the clinic making this drought and the second of all your praising penalty for. Wow i had no idea that literally those three little bones inside your ear could be so debilitating if there are out of whack. You know things that you need like a microscope to actually even see. So you know. I i look at these things and i just i. I find Spiritually it's even more uplifting to see these things so specially during medical school you have to be just daily just phrase of a loss Witness the manifestation of the knowledge that we attain about the human body which allows created. You're looking at a creation of Connotes atta so the way you should think about all of this is. I'm studying the creation of a lot. And i'm studying how it's all coming together and the only reason able to set what's coming together because sometimes with some patients to get tested with it's becoming out of balance so la manifest power to you through that and That's basically i don't have a. I don't have a natural separation. I think about everything in a spiritual way in the sense actually struggled. Hemmitt is as you get closer to the town. The land finishing now And you start to practice. You'll start to struggle with the way medicine is practiced in a way that materialised in a way. That ignores the spiritual that even marginalize it and so now you have this rise of the Integrative medicine the rise of lifestyle medicine the live the rise of biometric bio social bio psycho social models of medicine. That are all basically trying to address this issue. Where they're trying to reincorporate some spirituality into it in their own way about it ohio bill.

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1175: "Son of a Biden"

No Agenda

2:56:30 hr | 2 years ago

1175: "Son of a Biden"

"So what eleven seventy five this is no agenda preparing for the new communism and broadcasting live from opportunities thirty-three the frontier of austin when that god day gotta shed up adam curry john devora sunday september twenty second two thousand nineteen this is your award-winning keep on asian media assassination be so hateful we're going to have a very important soccer stadium here in austin you have this big giant texas complex issues that aw that's all they got another hey ho ho some fill in the blank has got to go i couldn't understand where i heard that hey hey ho ho this is pretty was kind of like i don't know if it was any good would it did but this is all that i heard and they were very unoriginal this is pretty much the whole march and it wasn't hundreds of thousands tens of thousands in new york again like you all you can just negative about sports in in austin and austin and football and texas campus military town no downtown is the middletown okay well you're in any other burg stadiums yeah well something for the homeless yeah well we can talk about that later i do have some updates on the homeless but it's too soccer is with so where's the soccer stating going up wherever affordable housing was supposed to be that's usually where we like to put ourselves you asked question but i fell asleep it was so long what was the question again is it more interesting to watch a soccer game were the scores one nil yeah as opposed to a football game debt ghost sixty seven to sixteen or was there a game that i was supposed to watch who knew i didn't know there was any game on saturday they have a number of these games at college teams you have a college team near your house not not gas climate change yes i'm on board with this this bullcrap climate change has got to go i agree with them there stand does not understand soccer soccer i understand soccer a sucker up into the great soccer stadiums in brazil brazilians press into start with let's start with the green new deal and the climate march oh the climate which i do have a summary slip also there was now that doesn't mean that you understand it otherwise you wouldn't talk like this well maybe you might be right maybe you're on to something that's okay i i don't condemn you but there's no reason greta spoke before the general assembly the united nations general assembly and reading from a piece of that's the official berry no this is how amy pronounces it i'm keeping it to the pros many that's how she pronounces it which was released on october eighth two thousand eighteen i am submitting this report as my test not if miss but what what had to go climate change climate got to go climate change has got to go i know not CO two it would be considered pretty close to downtown well that's great you know it's you sound like a very old white american guy who just died there were two things we had the school strike with strike the school strike with led of course by grantee manning paper she said this i have not come to offer any prepared remarks at this hearing read for paper instead attached jay coho are chant writers have got to go we gotta get better ones in there and the whole thing was odd greta my testimony it is the IPC special report on global warming of one point five degrees celsius the SR one point five yes oh yes yes they haven't been too great hauser town too it's not exactly the middle of town sale all the way from europe to come to new york and this is this is forty five seconds all we get of the science and then i want you to take real action thank you what a gyp you who crave a feeling of having noble cause while they indulge themselves in western luxury an unprecedented quality of life the pace only because i don't want you to listen to me i want you to listen to the scientists and i want to unite behind it's resubmitting it yes he is resubmitting it contrast that is alan jones in australia by signing white cap grou- up and shut up until you're sure of the fax before protesting as an old white male are we supposed to focus on who are these people what does this crowd i did you see any of the we we are the people march no none none whatsoever this is wild and then she submits the remote to her that they already have this report i hope so jones reason fairly somebody sent his this nasty note into about how these kids should grow up and he decides to read it in his inimitable is there some rookies but there's some big names behind it first of all we are the people march twenty nineteen dot org that's their website rookie so i applaud this talk yeah the kids instead of lame ass chance how about turn off your iphones for the bus and then to make matters worse they had the we are we're the people marched the next day which made it very confusing fashion prompted this pace that someone sent to me i thought i'd share with you it's called growing up few commentaries on this global warming hoax have had greater they were out there for sure they lost the competition if there was one for for mindshare well i looked into this we are the people march it's not the first time livingston this i think i'm not sending twelve goal and it says this to all the school kids going on strike for climate change your the first generation who've required switch off the air con walk rides switch off your devices and read a book mega sandwich instead of buying manufactured fast food not he's you should try we are the people march twenty nineteen dot com because that now goes to no agenda show dot that one's got me buffalo welcome to the revolution this is this march was sponsored by the voice of the revolutionary communist party com and i did the favor of registering we are the people march twenty twenty dot org so i'll be ready for next year consumers of manufactured goods ever updike perfectly good expensive luxury items to stay trendy your entertainment comes from electric devices signs pointed to rev com dot US rev com dot US yes reynolds manufacturing and transport the people we have the more forest and bushland clear the more of the environment that destroyed have at this tila teachers USA no wonder nobody played it up and who is the brain force behind this soros hey don't charge them for the week go clean up something on the street do something i think it was a boss i think the whole thing was first of all the people driving your protests are the same people who insist on chilly inflating the population growth through immigration which increases the date for energy none of this will happen because the pay says you're selfish badly educated virtue signaling little is five by the adults around i'm sure he i'm sure he had nothing to do with it but boy these these people over the new communist party they really love him and he has his six democrats society the free speech movement i think you're around those parts of that time and the black panther party the peace and freedom party the revolutionary what a bunch of morons you don't even know if you're going to do some kind of you know campaign register your domain names people doing advance for the next solutions of the central committee of the revolutionary communist party USA it's really quite interesting that they really think you know here we go again yes you can take one of our friends in australia for this clip here this is alan the it's basically we hate trump that is they could have called it we hate the we hate trump march but they call it the we are the people march and there how although he may be in there somewhere bob avakian does this name ring a bell to you he sounds familiar sounds awfully familiar yeah bob van you get an idea of why you don't need to go to these marches response to voting is there no value in working to abolish system while participating awesome is the answer i know let me see if i can recall the resolution analyze the immediate damage it does at the same time and then someone else asked if we avoid voting because no candidate represents the left how can we has just before the election was after but the people in the audience communist our new communists scientific communist perhaps see he was the guy behind the new left new communism born in DC grew up in berkeley he was involved with the students qian also known as BA that's how they cut him he's the chairman of the revolutionary communist party of the USA he's been around for wiles born forty three then the party this character of greater than the principal aspect of the relationship we have emphasized the leadership of the new synthesis of communism that he has brought forward provides a theory geico framework the scientific method and the approach for a whole new stage of communist revolution so their thing is somehow they will use science to show that calm i was listening to this show might might wanna be a black male or anything holding anything hostage so there were professional signs and the professional side twenty years that's what you don't want to put that year in the in the domain name is always a mistake unless you got nothing but you know time on your hands to get all these domains yeah which i have some time you whenever i see stuff like that and let me just check a sees the dotcoms available okay snag dot com was awesome is the way to go and they don't really explain that anywhere that i could find but i did find in interview actually converse the this is kind of this stuff that you would get in some sort of left leaning high school cherish onstage between bob avakian and cornell west kind of giving idea what these guys are all about and this is from twenty sixteen i don't the navy dot walk or ride bikes to school but you arrive in caravans of private house the choke suburban roads and worse than russia traffic the way things were in the south was it wasn't just something people white people didn't want that black people go to a restaurant it was against the law can you for another fifty seconds things are and refusing to go along with the rule have you think about for example even some of the gains of the civil rights movement in the show notes you can go take a look at it if you want but a as they say it's that's that's how they call him the name call him bob BA is greater along with the rule mind you this is when donald trump was going outside of all the rules and stepping on everything and they're triggered by but are advocating for the exact is always happen to the people say for example now i got a call his name michael eric dyson in the last presidential i hear republicans saying or we've said hey you know we we don't just have two parties but these guys just said you're not going to vote we can't vote it's gotta be revolution firebombs summation it will be it would be illegal so we're not against reform we fight for reform we just don't not seduced the people playing by the rules and going along with the way things are wind by people stepping outside of the way things are and refusing to go gullible and they use the dot org to sound like an organisation yeah so i got the dot com dot org for twenty twenty they can they can talk to me too so revolutionary communist party interested in these things but why the younger generation has been convinced that to abide by the law you have to say this laws and unjust law we have to step outside and oppose that and every if you think about any kind of basic chains it's been brought about also avoid enabling the rise of the worst of the right with them with goldman they used to say if if voting would lead towards fundamental trans in the long said that you had to have segregation so if you're gonna if you're gonna change that you couldn't say we have and be damned how it works just my job i need my healthcare i need my food and then you know when you wake up one day you're in the same box same thing for the point ample even by the way before he continued that kind of that overall that's the vacuum guys air conditioning in every classroom you want TV in every room and your classes rule computerized you spend all night on electronic devices by the illusions of reform that's is that a characterization what you would yeah but i think there's another yes but i also think there's another point here which is with the squeaky voice i guess probably had the secta me early on he does look rather boyer's for his age he first of all don't be in a hurry never be in a hurry in other words put your sights on a car you want yeah that's us that is us i learned that from by watching you okay that's where i learned that old that old car stuff is produce but anyway people got out there i don't even think they know what they're marching four they just hate trump much commies really this is the kind of fold into that utopian world you know that alan jones was talking about hey kids shot up to the biggest users says your neighbor doing the same dreary job as your neighbor eating the same brown food is your neighbor maybe you'll change your mind but it's gonna be too late by then i want one of these and then just wait it out and it doesn't matter how long you wait you're gonna find some nut civics class i mean this is so simplistic in stupid at defected people listen to it is beyond me while i'm going to in healthcare which really healthcare insurance is a human right housing is a human right a job as a human right they just want what what their rights are holy for only as a learning experience generally speaking about fifteen thousand miles a year wow you're asking me well what we do have voting voting is basically doesn't work voting is not the way to go in a society and we'll just listen to a little bit of that showroom floor in his eight years old i haven't seen many of those but okay oh yeah jay leno's your neighbor may be there out there is that how you got your lexus twenty-six years ago i did know but i've got another car sense that have been following better for sure it is anyway still something thing is i'm gonna give a car buying tips just out of the blue here okay good people want to buy a good used car you know whatever no voting didn't just throw a also did he throws out a bunch of sports cliches at us these total douche told goes the vote of voting forgets one very basic fact that in any kind of profound social changes come about it didn't count us soccer score of one nail and ask which is more interesting i'm john cedar kale you you if you don't support one of those two teams then you don't have it you don't you're not involve you don't have you don't have a dog in the fight it's actually it's not that much different from what procedure and it's just like why would discard brand new you know how many miles you wait it out how many miles do you drive a year ready is gonna get a beautiful product yes you're like a target the surrounding me shen said well you know if you don't vote then you aren't in the game the championship is san antonio spurs and the miami miami heat now you know that truck that i have three years eleven thousand miles three years i'm the guy you want to buy the truck for yeah i saw that the movement the weatherman this guy houston's each one of those guys who puts his attaches himself all these six zero to do with the free speech movement aw or borderline nutball or somebody that has too much money and it has a bunch of cars he never drives and you're gonna find a brand new close to new version you got some corrupt people doing some stuff over here which i think we kind of remember if you hear this south of capitalist stuff i barely even want to buy a new car anymore i want to just give me something an old junker doc looks good doesn't it and you are a neat freak even though you're in denial that car if whoever buys at car from you if you haven't so and then that just continued somehow and this is the part where i think it may have been it would be beautiful if it was a set up from our comedian to let this through for me exactly okay so that was thursday and friday what else have some other things going on we got the territory in paris and that's where the giuliani finds out oh man hold on a second so they were investigating that by hunter biden story good on you ukrainian government or which is apparently the comedian guy who's nice comedians running the comedians running the show so wants to talk to me probably has many shiels leftover from the previous administration they're holding it back because there's the what the the new ukrainian government wants to tell us hey well that's better than i would have done and i'm glad you took the took took it took it okay i think that analysis which is not stand the whole thing is hilarious because ultimately it sounds like joe biden threaten threaten the ukrainian government pre comedian and didn't actually hear anything firsthand and then to save face or whatever the i'm a whistle blower protection or something like that the victorian neuland just putting the new government in place and then there's the thing with joe which will get to but they wanted to communicate something you didn't get through there was career the joe biden candidacy and by the way this may also be if you're gonna use your thesis this may also be methodology to give job no response from the USO the new the the comedian president in ukraine is thinking oh man why do they hate us or they mad i can't have this he's hey get this prosecutor off my son's case otherwise i'm not gonna let this billion dollars come through to you that we had in loan guarantees how did i do dr that many amini generally speaking let's have a job which i highly partake in such things about once every decade yeah it's an and the thing is i understand 'cause i i read a lot of this i'm very interested why people follow you know six resolutions of the central committee of the and that's it and that's the whistle blower revealed wait a minute is is that something akin to the open mic situation where president obama asian now wants to talk to his colleague the comedian in washington in the white house and get nowhere ba- can't get through and the state department which what's the they're all convinced that is unbelievable how important dishes unless i got a couple of clips here okay birth people you always want to find the leaker then then that leaker goes we're always tried to influence them to do it again and of course it turns out this what you said if you took a just verbatim i think it would be actually what happened exactly in k. but anyway sir whistle blower kind of not really the whistle blower thing is funny because this is the this is the holy grail for the democrat let's go to you got to find someone who can explain it to ya i can run run over pretty easily it's what can i can i can can i give it a stab because i think i've got to do it because i got two clips okay so here's what i think happened the way i understand it the ukraine was trying to the new so they broker a deal where they send a lawyer and the state department asked juliana of course friends with our comedian to go exchange some jokes somewhere on thomas said to medvedev hey tell vlade after the election i have a lot more flexibility is that kind of the same thing to the comic or who pay i want you to look at it as joe biden son this guy is a criminal we think and he's doing some particularly abhorrent because it explores the foreign policy of our country and undermines our national security for political purposes how seriously should we be taking heels over there that looks like they should did they need looking into and if you do that we're going to be very generous with our foreign aid no of course on the PBS newshour which has been taken over by the democrat party ever since gwen eiffel left left land but anyway shields on whistle blower anymore strength so he does get picked oh that's a good point yeah so let's just go after joe because going after joe early will the democrats so you can pick up the subtext in this clip which i think is profound person is alleging that he knows that the president in a conversation with these allegations i think they're normally serious and the fact that the wall street journal is leading this story new york times how seriously should we be taking these allegations i think they're enormously serious and the fact that the wall street journal is leading so it would would the result of it not let me give you the reinterpretation of yes because this is the best part so trump decides to get on the phone and he's trying limited let's listen to a couple and read between the lines i want you to read between the lines on this one this is shields shields comes up because they're gonna go right to him now we think it's the president of ukraine urged the president of ukraine mark to investigate joe biden's son and we have a washington post but this is this is not the faults knows a fake news or anything of the sort it's not a political vendetta of any sort wait a minute there's still no no the president denies it and others do but now we have several news outlets backing of the story and i was just handed and you've seen it you gotta get joe in there right so supposedly gets on the phone call the bunch of people because there's a bunch of people in the room all the time when he's on a phone call like you wanted just wait it out because there's always some guy and you'll find or you find something guy who's like a neat freak knows what you really want and he says your car that car looks like it just came off the so he goes on here this is part two is a short little clip he continues a little bit with his thinking this is really serious this is totally it does and there's people listening in everybody's on the people on the line is everyone's there because there's a whole slew people and he says the guy hey i think that's a keeper this clip we should keep that around that's a good one shot i'm gonna give you the day for that because it's a good catch glimp- in texas capital of the drones star state in the morning everybody i'm adam curry and for northern silicon valley where we watch the score run up to sixty seven to sixty three and compared a statement by joe biden has if these reports are true there's truly no bottom to president trump's willingness to abuse his power and abuse our country this behavior dirt quite good not something you hear the mainstream yeah but i think that's more or less what happened i'm very awesome texas the following i want you to play the clip against short enough but to subtexts is the following the wall street journal's leading the way so this isn't it's exactly the same from that perspective that you're coming from now so we can assume that this none of this is true but they're using my favorites the washington post or the new york times who are full of crap he's saying it's inner subtext who are full of crap and have a political vendetta there was a lot there that he said was confused with the washington post is on it now what what was he saying about that has nothing to do with the subtext no that was they're okay they're not a bunch of douche bags do your time all right let's hear it again for political purposes no it's not those papers to washington it's this new washing wall street journal street journal confusing myself the wall street chris how is it putting the national security at risk youth in fact the reports are true and i guess the most disturbing thing to me shield's brooks shields to democrats who supposedly reflect the two sides of an argument but they're both in agreement on everything this story along with the new york times the washington post but this is this is not the fault news fake news or anything uh-huh that's worth it that's that is the essence of what no agenda is about catch these people just tell them the truth it always wants to slip out doesn't it yeah totally be exploiting the national security of the inter putting at risk the national security of the united states lease for narrow person of being an experience bullshit let's just talk about from what i understand this whistle blower is not really whistle blower didn't do anything under whistle blower protection it was the president accused whistleblower who at enormous risk and required considerable courage to here sandy people of my age for why you think of spongebob greece but okay sandy yes sandy the word you might be able to pick it up on the s brooks response this is brooks coming with his themselves to do it so they in total agreement constantly because they're both a bunch of democrat latkes and so here we go here's brooks's response deceiving pick up this one word that people in the white house were making fun of of all this are are we looking at something where it's going to be a he said he said situation is already introducing the impeachment thing and this is the last eight second clip and this is how he finished his little his little spiel if it's true judy i don't i don't see how the democrats can back off on on impeachment that's obvious because who's nicknames who messed it up big time someone very wrong with this leaking so let me now i want to point out a which seems to be of all things the department of justice says i'm a whistleblower but that's not how it works you're supposed to go to inspector general there's a whole path for that and pimm grave i like the word grave yeah and that's it to an because shields also used the word i have just a short clip of him using the same exact word to describe the situation as grave grave i think it's enormously grave you know so that then end of trump yet graves on this is a grave situation so i think they're gonna start using this word to try to get to think that way but let an in fact shields i i think it is pretty grave most presidents go into the white house thinking i'm here to serve the office i'm here to serve america donald trump was using americans glenn high school because the girls were always the same age and as i because as i got older they did so the sandy but so sandy is and i think sandy is a tie s we have good thing good things in place for was reasonably good procedures in place where whistleblowers but that's that's say and that's someone who met sandy by the way i think we should start calling her sand sandy yes the in her in high ceiling the little squirrel on spongebob more like lawbreaking behavior it's the democratic party's refusal to impeach him you can tell that she lost her her brain pharmacy great and not only in agreement they're using the same script yes the same script so i think we're going to start seeing the word grave just you know if you think about it from a public relations perspective is a great word to start throwing in there because for one thing it's the word grave is your first thing to think about is a stone this is the her nails are perfect good nice nails and she said puts on a hell of a party in knows how to set a table we're gonna die you and i we're gonna kill us supposedly you know we have these two guys is supposed to be arguing with each other and was to take this site signs the takes the other said they can't do it they can't bring association so sandy sandy tweets out as andy says at this point the bigger national scandal isn't the president alon omar lion real low these days of course he's in some trouble so they got this squad is kind of headless but yeah but this is the message was to say hey there was some stuff going on here you guys need to know about it you know who's from ukraine the founders of crowd strike the that's what you know is in high school sandy sandy was a very popular name when i was in in school alvis it gives state you know grammar geico biden no actually i didn't i asked to ukraine to investigate the allegations that there was interference in the election of twenty sixteen by the ukrainian hi who left oh no that guy when she is she's a she's dead in the water she got nothing and and especially with the a and a lot of it was based off people lost their crap over rudy giuliani on the cuomo creek quiz show cuomo kids show with his job who was appointed dismissed the case against anti you did ask ukraine to look into joe biden of course i did you just said you didn't know i didn't ask him i was called a main but were there you're gonna start hearing because they just to try to get you in the mood is a mood word i consider it a mood going forward well the call was to others and recorded so i'm gonna trip was recorded but it certainly listen to these are not it's not just a one on one call there's people online i don't watch it 'cause it's boring but here's joan telling you exactly how it happened with the usual joe flair and so i got ukraine and yeah i remember going over convincing our team are others to convince he says so i got ukraine that's how i was assigned ukraine i'd do the likely a concert conjures up a blonde surfer girl over the hill for maybe a little too much signs gaskins kind of leather leather we have and this was just a regular aspen sessions you know or you know you can ask whatever you want and it's a small captive audience and they always video it and most people head explodes over that joe biden was very clear about exactly what happened some of you've seen this i'm of you haven't but this is no agenda show we'd like rolling out whatever evidence okay so they made some genuine substantial changes institutionally and with people but one of the three institutions hid next to everybody else it's a short clip that you just like whoa okay so yes sounds like exactly as i explained it went down did you ask the ukraine ape totally mendoza to blot taos sandy does not conjure up AO see in my mind's eye exac- because there's some it's not quite as rosy as joe would like it this is cover up put in place someone who was solid at the time well the still for the benefit of hillary clinton for wish they were already rounding anything about hunter biden this by the way is is even glossed over it that was part of the i spent a lot of time as did mike because this was his territory as well and people like charlie cup chin great she's back too much sun she does even know she's a sun worshiper named sandy keeps her hair dyed bleach blonde make sure there's no gray at the end of us can't be talking like this sandy homage i don't do we have a lot any sandy's that listen to the show that they can write in and tells him for right yes and pictures my name we're getting cover from joe while we played it all all the phone calls and i don't even really mind that much i mean the joe biden asked me wasn't the allegations that relate to my client which tangentially involved joe biden in a massive bribery flutie so cuomo there's now some backsliding the courts there and and they had made a commitment that they wouldn't do that and so when we left the first team are others to convince you that we should be providing for loan guarantees and i went over i guess the twelfth thirteenth time to see leave and go supposed to announce that there's another billion dollar loan guarantee and i had gotten a commitment from porsche anco and from which got fired and they put in place someone who was solid and to time still so they noticed he says at the time for the president and they got quite an operation going really really amazing and that an and scheming eight percent off the top and of course the son of a bitch son of a biden that's what it is about biden that should be the new swear they want to talk about some bullcrap than go after this win read operation that jared kushner is a part of who text me twice a day asking for one hundred dollars were santa biden so joe's in trouble with that though that sounds completely like they prosecutor was being nasty round his kid and he got him fired it sounds like but don't don't pay cash as trump victoria any story out of good people working on this victoria who said fuck the EU swansea and they'll do it every to come on joe's this apparently as good as you get older it's takes longer and longer to shed your skin yeah it's baffling it's truly baffling and you see all these pop it's like shit follow sudden pops up again we haven't heard from shift for for months it's unbelievable getting attention and publicity and free like they said it was like five billion dollars worth of free media per day ran against hillary per day guys who got the DNC not the sti so you know the stuff going on there ukraine is not in a in a vacuum on it's for the benefit of hillary clinton wish there were already isn't anything about hunter biden you never ask anything about giovanni only thing i ask joe biden is to get to the bottom of how it was that lukashenko the week from joe biden okay that's my assignment i also have this week i do have a a stupid clip we're not going to give you the billion dollars they said you have no authority you're not the president the president said i said call him getting dollars i sure it's obvious what happened but this is her at somebody caught her in the hall and she's complaining about salt weapons and so here's what she had to say about the AR fifteen i don't know what else he takes but i don't believe that we can stop at the door of the united states house yeah hey joe don't your kid up something ukraine all right your point on ukraine joe and does ukraine and i remember going over convincing the for the people who know anyth- most people know more about guns than sheila jackson-lee texas woman woman i saw this i saw this clip this is one of our producers attorneys onto a student they this is a great great clip and the kinds of bullets need to be licensed and do not need to be on the streets so the these initiatives today my gun storage bill by bill that i've introduced dealing with with the caliber weapon i've held well nadler is is on deck for that man he needs to take a few a few days off to shut it and get the new skin yeah i said you're not getting a billion i'm leaving here i think it was what six hours i looked leaving six hours and the prosecutors not fired you're not getting the money well son of a bed you can lift it up with your pinky as a very light well hold on you talking i'll go get mine will check now is very light weapon and so jared kushner's all over the world cup deals and yeah of course trump's going to have hotels in the iran and north korea if we don't it doesn't bob pretty obvious at this point and if if oh no and now the people don't want it they have no case they have no case a and really don't people don't want it no now i i have a a deconstruction what she says and i think i know what happened but because if you listen to what she does and what she said and did you look at the bullets big day are so job freaked out she didn't she way so much so she's an idiot tom watson yup that they would take action against the state prosecutor and they didn't so they said they had it they walk out to press kind of setting i said i'm not going but it's not it's not no it's not ten bucks your finger pointing finger and middle finger you could easily hold a gun with that a fifteen in my hand i wish i had it it is heavy as ten boxes that you might be moving and the bullet that is utilized a fifty caliber right you can't do that with a machine gun poke them the fifty caliber doesn't fit so odd fifty calibers twenty three or twenty imprisons yes and by the way in prison in prison the determination should be that your sexual identity is defined by what you tiles crazy and then we go ahead will always gonna go on your head no i was just going to change to a different topic so i don't know if you had you do twenty three i think but whatever typical so she's a moron ends somebody put a fifty caliber machine gun exactly are heavy air fifteen of anyone ever been around wanted sean go jingle jangle somebody joe biden's gaffe of the week this is joe biden gaffe of the week now i never have all we've got one here look at this and they drop a machine gun in her arms was probably weighs about fifty pounds whatever i believe they will have to be an emergence of members of the house flooding of the united states senate for cinema connell to understand that getting nothing more free media with these people and they don't resist so resistible if women who are really men who want to be women who are transgendered if they can be in the from your buddy sheila jackson my buddy just because justice know each other aren't they're all friends i denounce that so i got my AR fifteen and i'm holding it by my pinky pinky his i mean you can hold it it's it's it's a little on the heavy side for that i mean i don't wanna be just about it but yes i mean some people who are in their seventies out get a little more frazzled than others some people in the fifties apparently ways what ten boxes of of moving stuff of stock moving stuff which somebody put a fifty caliber in her hand you say it is not what in fact the prison says it is and in that case you should be entitled also to oji wyan anyway unisex they're gonna go kind of switch to the humorous part of the show okay which is about half the show but i decided i'm going to try to do the gaffer already work over there you got you yeah join russia i got crazy crane so you go over there and you got russia you go over there any male you don't even have to be just identify a female you don't have to even be going you know changing your your sex or anything no operation just some dude doesn't really he's not really in it it's it's abusive at this point it is really abusive abusing the elderly trump trump trump get him impeach gosh gosh golly yeah and meanwhile nancy pelosi which she's describing is a machine gun somebody said oh yeah there were put neuron there are you kidding her okay you're held a day or fifteen shield warren and bernie are off they're gone they're done there's nothing they can do they fell off the face of the earth cameras spent on especially your number ah yes identify differently of course how but it so the guy is what's sad about it because he's just going along with ever someone tells democrats do but that's probably the minority of them and they know it's a setup it's just a setup it's just a gift trump more publicity jimmy he's like the prices are likely to either so joe jobless and do a little briefing i know we're joe but someone's going to ask you that's about it like us we know our place we know our place so they're and they're both from the northeast at least you and i were always been g is older than joan he's much sharper bernie bernie just get voted off the island by everybody this this weekend now what happened where i just i haven't a- and you and you get to choose your own sex and you go that jail yeah what there won't be anybody in the men's prisons of course not many groups of this is the way i see somebody pulled a prank on her she fell for it now onto joe biden oh gaffer i know that she's has no chance but doesn't matter i mean i voted for the build the dome in austin guy i mean i vote for people i believe in marianne williamson had NBC climate forum climate forum about nuclear i believe in nuclear i've kept up with nuclear technology only there's two people left and warren biden on the ticket i'm predicting is biden warren they can get along and their it would be a ticket that has it off their over over so you have those three laugh but bernie we already know they're not gonna let him do it because he's too many reasons so more frazzled joe to the older person in this group of of of old people petters which is joe is bernie bernie good rap i liked it but then she was asked a question on this MSNBC climate what is called and real justice and justice now came up with the two oldest white people they could find two people from the northeast these two white people should be doing a podcast he's you're close enough i had a disappointing moment this weekend with my favorite candidate marianne williamson i we have many professionals and experts of this show you look into fourth gen yeah backyard to california in some ways or you were in england for a while you were here you were there but they're both like neighbors the technology of the fifties the nineteen fifties yeah yeah so here's marianne williamson who could have done a lot better on this one so he taking a page out of biden's playbook facts don't matter hard data doesn't matter no no no no no we need an integrated politics man woman balanced but it's got no geographical balance like the democrat party you know with all their social justice they let me let me get this straight they are fifteen shoots fifty cal turn which she sang if d caliber bullets which need to be licensed and the and the rifle they can be in the in the in your oranges new black joe you know that okay they want to be there and you're gonna say that's okay and then then he goes out and does that and he said you get an OB about my what i think who's going to be taken the nomination but what does this contenders website what happened to cosmic not a website is a web page as a PDF file a little warmer a little cool i mean americans we have to decide that's the problem i have with nuclear okay well no ahead said at one point we're just going no nuclear but then when they said no nuclear there was a problem because they had a hard time keeping up with the standards that they agree to what have we been talking about how can we even consider and so so what maybe we'd all award i like to promote oh science science science even know they're talking about computer models and computer simulations they don't even know what that means but that's okay see we need an integrator politics we need to go beyond hard data and we needed to thinking about the facts she's taken yes we need to go beyond hard and we need to go beyond just thinking about the facts about this with your heart's something goes wrong there what is wrong with it if something goes wrong with nuclear energy i don't think people have really stopped to take in all use of nuclear energy what do you identifies the problems with nuclear energy and what do you say to those who think it's simply gets a bad reputation well i know germany country they need to spend on saving the climate and after the show a major looked into the new nuclear devices you know they eat the waste of the old analogies but i'm still kind of wary about the way it was portrayed in the past in movies like the china syndrome and and the documentary he actually put in there sure why do all the climate alarmists which is the established but she herself as well i don't care what the signs of the facts who cares about that it's like wait make up your mind and you're going to be all if you're ethically set for a very short period of time geographically separate so give us a little more and you'll see the podcast you're texas which is pretty alien we'll all die if something happens fukushima people died from the to nami is what happened okay three mile island is shutting down forgive you say in your environmental crisis plan that i have to mention i cut out all the long pauses because i just didn't want to take two minutes you want the united states to stop take cosmic weenie thing isn't it it has a cosmic okay it's on 'cause it's the contenders on cosmic weenie you scared me yeah okay yes UFP will go to the contenders website i'm going to send a note areso contenders website was just i got this essay continental she and what is like what what i can see so what he's saying is that anyone can say so in other words you're jong hot left wing politicians who in the netherlands are now talking about trillions of euros that they need to spend this little and of course we've talked about this many times three mile island there was a a reactor event no one died to this because it's not about it's not they don't really care and marianne williamson off my list off my list juicy fruit my favorite but the reason unit one is shooting is shooting down his shutting down is not because of any problem other than money because so far this i'm not going to work the blasios de blasios out he's done was sure z. i wonder if that's coincidence but the readers ratchet jill looks a little like virginia virginia or neuland lewellen woman little bit oh gosh yes get that straight so i've finally i concluded that everybody except those three biden when reagan had to close all the mental hospitals one flew over the cuckoo's nest was right there to solidify our thinking you gotta think if that's or not i guess i guess bit three mile island is shutting down for good this friday i ran into this guy there's some there's a lot of weird there's a lot of weird stuff ever says and now it's about time dances spat answer it was bad liked her because she was funny she's noel she's funny i i'm i'm not against a little bit of feel good we're going to be all in on science science science and do some hands the all in on nuclear when i was in the netherlands for lexus book numbers on that TV show with yeah my dad this this all kinds of stuff happening every i will say this to most people bitching and moaning about nuclear don't are bitching and moaning about yeah i did pick up oh there goes my phone why don't you explain something to to a great listeners as i go take this phone off the hook of the shutdown that two more it did happen the same week or within three days of the movie the china syndrome coming out which just like HBO did on chernobyl people see i think that's a documentary complete dramatize it's not a documentary so she's still on on yeah not a fan of that personally but no anyway yes so i do have on a side note is but once it turned out that the leaker was identified in that probably came through the wall street journal then the the leaker goes to i brought on the show about the guy who eight you know and moan and groan about his eating and there's dinner turned into two or three other things can ask a question yeah were they familiar dude i think we in fact our politicians could use a little bit more of that but then to say oh well now use your heart ignore the facts taken natural gas is kicking his ass they can't compete yeah well we're getting a lot of national guests from the freckles yeah but they're going to promote science science sciences wherever the science says the science the science about nuclear is extremely positive and formidable and and yeah i know i know i know this they make a lot of racquet disgrace scratch things and try to make your skin crawl but that's kind of like hey well great listeners i don't usually talk to you i usually talk to john i let you guys listen to it stopped ringing okay all right so let's go to with the term BJ i didn't bring no i didn't ask not VJ BJ was the the broadcast jockey the muck the muck bang oh get out that's it she has no side she could just say you know i really haven't looked that much in a nuclear i dunno under the new you're misunderstanding it's not just whispering it's making your giving examples like then and i'm gonna rub on some paper the toity political talk show that's on the late night every night and on that same show was yes a claw for he's a leading left-wing or the is they eat their own poop there is no way and i'll look into that flap what you just spent an hour on TV talking about science and you've not looked in cast jockeys BG far as they're concerned muck bang is way way way over the hill oh okay well it makes sense that we come in now there's a new thing that's we don't you remember the other one there's another one that the real connoisseurs are into now i watched you know you got the muck racking or whatever the thing was that you call the die tomorrow bang bang mcvay see yes we told you about said yeah why did bring it up on the show i didn't have any clips yeah i think it's AM are essex no i did this on the last show a missa ASMAR that's the martin is where the whisper that's what we at his peak in his car he we're at peak williamsport whatever PK es amar KP gas MR now the other thing that's kind of popping up or the dibbs the did ze yeah you don't know about the did maybe i don't know how do you spell the d. i. d. s. d. well that's interesting yeah and so of course i thought mike morale immediately who can't not say right and the this is kind of an interesting the person with low hugh might say something to the effect of everything is great right now let me give you an example the implication is there's a certain way that i wanna hear you respond i want you to tell me that things are going well and then if you come back and say well it's not all that great but you have to listen to this one i think this is number six this is the low e. q. low people in other words you're insensitive in you have a align normal borderline therese phony scott okay no no sense oh man i wanna be about way this one guy who talks about low he's talking about a high IQ low IQ and what we don't talk about his emotional quotient europe dreads wannabe compared to really great to retz people i mean this show would be entertaining but ditz people i mean there it might be that i'll say hey you've got that new job everything's great with right throw that word right on the end of it so there's women on there is actually very compelling that have all the a lot of them are fakes by the way you can tell you kind of the i guess the game as you watched them go on and on pressing themselves i i've met your kids they didn't see me i wasn't good enough that go to utah even close in k. you're like all your border assertion makes right rights wow that's interesting well we kind of knew that we we know why people are saying it and the way i read it was seculow high q. most and he has a list of things that make you a lowy QR haiku personnel i'm probably falling into the the and then you run into a lot of shrinks that are in the same streams and i ran into this one guy who and this is the clip by leading to in the long run have have split personalities multiple personality disorder which but it used to be called now it's just disorder bass or nine or twelve of these things he says if you say this or you do this your lowy q. i can get the list nigeria later on and you try to determine if there are fake or not but they it's it became like an obsession so i i i'm watching these things this this is these poor people that it makes you look like well then you're doing things wrong and you're not giving the rivalry action and so you're more of the negative kind of person not from an issue standpoint an IQ standpoint because where did i hear this the most was in silicon valley we have to talk and national league you're just deficit compassionate deficit yeah you're no good okay this this a sixth one ladies so this is kind of took the place of what the turrets guys used to be i had to show them the guys that are on the youtube a million tourists guys i of course and being positive right and it's it has a real subtle put down toward the person who might not give the correct response loick seems you're negative interest rates on your clue megan and negative personality but he did bring this one one of his he has ten nine nine hundred ooh because you have the person and silicon valley would be filled with people with low e. cues i mean they can't even look women in the face true shit i know everything right but i guess you could he says is an e. q. thing is it's an insult a subtle insult to you as a morale anyway just thought it was interesting i said wow well that's the explanation i haven't heard now here we have ham radio guys hammered all player comes out really express yourself but football players are low e. q. silicon valley pupils are low e. q. all these people are emotionally damaged i've good news okay yeah as you know i'm a community organizer next stop presidency for me or or lease jio is the public service network of last resort when the apocalypse comes where the guys are gonna save the world right i think you know is it also came from there sure and i think those are all people who say you know you know you know you see that a lot on sports with the football just nothing but sand and then you have a guy that's a CIA lifer who can't say anything without saying right at the end of a sentence which is over the store okay and then i went and bought some food okay that is very similar to me and it's also be low eq- and in mike mentions canine MLS says we've gotta do all star which is a derivative here we go who is this ear mayor voss that'll work so i mentioned that i was getting back into the into the ham stuff he and bright a life of its own as i hoped it would no agenda social dot com there's a there's a sign up link for no agenda social calm in every show notes now put it there so you can up the network which is back called on the internet but you can essentially connected to anything since it's asterix where anyone with amount you got your ham radio nice that sounds like you're you're com that's your i come say bright jill abramson was the best one bright right about no agenda hams depth with this right phenomenon say right at the end ever since and i think by the way in that same category okay what people say yes it's this way okay and this is gonna be on six years over and over of course it's going to be on six meters when do h f it'll be on vhf UHF and the big thing back in the late night yeah it was it was every new companies like oh you know we don't have to buy expensive phone switching we can do voip sip it's an incredible system and we'll have it streaming broadcast defy stuff like that so where this will go nobody knows last time we tried it kind of petered out right now we seem to be congress well he's so mike and his guys up there in minnesota are putting together a rig the senate to me so i i don't have to do all the setup i think it never took off because the but actually it's used a lot in highly adaptable highly program also bottom line were setting are women there too and very welcome we have lots of female hands who are producing the no agenda jokes i think women should all become hams i think it's and then we'll have the note we'll have the master nudity you can everybody can link in man and you'll have a map and you can look where everybody is and we're gonna save the world which is derivative of asterix do you remember asterix the the PBX source PBX technology no i do not and i did you know i've d- star and so was talking a couple of people said we're on reflector thirty-three charlie anyway this kind of got a yeah i've said before anyone who listens to this show and particularly likes the OT jeep big variance exactly can probably pass the test uh-huh damn excited about it yeah you are i'm not quite sure why the other than it's it's the same thing as a meet up at basically right so we know that the transistors are really the future in your the moore's law is dead bright which to me was always way of steamrolling over someone saying no no you don't the phone and mike from his kilo nine mike lima sierra he suggested all star link which i had with a twenty five dollar chinese hand-held rig can participate all you need to do is get your ham license and and people are there was find that daunting but i have to agenda hams all across no agenda nation and with that i'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you the man who put the sea in channel thirty not even studying you can even from your own note or any other node you can dial a phone number you have to go over but you can actually make phone calls almost no rules you can do whatever you want but most of it seems to be very positive and contributes very much to the entire experience of the where today we have one thousand one hundred twenty nine people listening along on a sunday why are they doing that because they can and you can sit there there's and all the dame's tonight's out there yes in the morning to our trolls over there no agenda stream dot com it's also known as the troll room beat up you know people you know and of course it's you know as the millennial here would say it's kind of like a creepy chat room yeah that's true too creek i think i went through a divorce or something and a whole bunch of stuff change but now the technology's changed it's better and i look forward to meeting more of our three see john c. track will in the morning to you mr adam curry also in the morning you'll ships at sea feet in the air subs in the water dot com and there were multiple pieces but we both thought that would darren o'neill did just was it just blew us away it was such a good i didn't expect to get any pushback i thought couple people would find the little rude causing rude all calling old jewish guy associating him with the agenda show with all the people who are making that were especially void zeros for ben rose darren oh everybody's there noah industry to keep them engaged in hit them in the mouth as many ways as we can dare no neil thank you very much great job no agenda our generator dot com is where you can back find all the art participate in making art and a lot of it goes other places to newsletters people post all over twitter no agenda shop dot com in your general direction s for the artwork after every show right after we're done pretty much go and look at what has come in at no agenda art generator like so i'll just give you an example kilo five alpha charlie charlie any hams there on thirty three charlie see everyone's out there anyway so we're talking a bit and then definitely around should see if you could find it so i wouldn't i don't think it would offend anybody makes nothing but sense it might offend him he doesn't care right i laughed above three hundred dollars and above and we like to give them the special credits they deserve just like hollywood without the hookers and blow we're starting off of the seven hundred donation from de ville virginia from laura j joe now i have to spell her name so people can realize the shat ruben she's liberal as too creepy chat room but it's nice it's civil it civil is fun in there here's a decent owners not the outcome that i come i keep in the in the car boxall car all right this is your your AO fan baosheng anyways six six this way i wish i could find that offhand it's good it's all it's out on the internet the hitler youth i can see a guy who worked for the nazi s s you said i didn't he did yes apiece this was the biden's corn pops and the ear of corn with the bad dude where the where the straight rain ha and then they play before you know what they're in was sucked them in and that's how it works with our value for value network everybody's working towards the same goal to get people in eh direction here i would be forever grateful my dear departed mom would probably not be any fan but may have been converted you deserve a extra-special kudos for that soon to be dame laura davis thank you nine them if nellie or could get her ham license i'm sure you can too it's not that hard and we're going to we're going to build hopefully paid my penance today this would make me dame which i which i should have earned years ago if i was truly worthy anyhow i love you guys would be lost with grandpa so you're from poland from the region i didn't say i'm from poland from the region but re euro or near poland in europe worded with a twist on rogers and rogers and rogers and hammerstein tune that nothing but what tune what song is that nothing but dame the best podcast in the universe as i hear in the miller report any anyhow no jingles but some jobs come would be appreciated also like a dame there's nothing like a dame yeah from the movie south pacific and who's in that it was the trains who's putting people putting on the jail k. you you group you go into the boxcar five you boxcar five you use i'm alive everything is possible omega project what does that mean hey thank you no more mugs t shirts hats boy noah jr in the nation is a vast thank you darren now our executive producer associate executive producers for this episode these people came in two hundred dollars beat j. j. o. j. joe didn't it says j. joe no but that's for you i come from the region it's polish users more talented than than i could come up with a there's nothing but a dame jingle there's nothing but a dame has gentleman and honorable lords of the best of the oldest still running podcast in the universe i hereby put forth my contribution of three six four six three five four aimed dot com then for our art eleven seventy four was the previous episode on thursday the title of that was soros uganda didn't get as much pushback on the titles i expected we would dame laura she has okay she's she's helping us out here second this is rogers and hammerstein there's nothing observe our it just completely worked it was always a pretty piece and it was ready for use yellows tobacco always pops yeah i always like that thanks for stoller taylor sailor thereby upgrading my own self to that of a baron i would like to claim lapland and companies income because i don't know what kind of a name this is take she says polish l. d. c. i a. deasy IO and the pronunciation is JJ yeah well he said it was the best light he liked do we must have that clip hold guy was that soros that's the region to the e u thinkers i knew this was your yeah j.j oh hey john anatomy such a douche bag but uh-huh the message it's it's okay message past message received thank you i think the i'm alive he refers to the computer ever seen if approved i will henceforth be referred to as to robert shining barron of lapland if available i would humbly like to request at reindeer the lapland no i have everybody every all lapplanders look exactly like robin williams strangest thing odd that's karma mark jasper five hundred bucks attach something let me just double check who was that from that was foster gay detested pedia- i'm about to donate and reach knighthood i want to make sure that nobody gets to you right so i'm going to send it after my donation era and cloud berries be added oh cloud berries yeah we added to the assortment of delicacies served at the roundtable yes sir robert i have indeed order those and they will be at the roundtable for you and for the other nights and dame we have today as for your title change and i think we're okay with the the gonna go yes i do remember this you know we usually call these notes into let me see if i can open this up because he did have a few things that were shoot i feel bad we didn't tonight is kind of a rhyme it's also my birthday tomorrow good you got another note you think no i think this is the note did sounds like this is it sounds like a stub wicky land well hold on a second because erik did entertainment as much as i do also something about a goat i've got and cipolla mac and cheese that's true and there goes the zephyr i've been listening love listening to the show that donations and the sundry contributions from all the producers thank you both adam and john and the entire no agenda family first of all i appreciate the people who appreciate this show becoming alive well computers became alive and donate five hundred bucks for in good shape sir robert clayson meanwhile three hundred fifty four dollars and sixty four cents now i gotta get to the bottom of this 'cause he sent us and here we go no i have nathan nathan miller foster yes okay so we do when you become dame laura very excited about that good to have you here josh joe laura judge joe like dame would be from wildwood this note and talks about many different things but he does have his name and it kind of goes along with his note his night name will be okay culture was the first show i was interviewed on twice in fact i about my writing the holy gift as i mentioned when i earned an associate executive producer credit for show eleven eleven the that part for sure it's always good for for click age and people look at stuff in their app hey what what happened the art change that a new show it's a new episode that no 'cause he's getting knighted sir nathan lee miller foster chaotic good night of the white lodge and blue orchid of the gold heart mountaintop queen directory you wish ski and blunt wraps each eighth of fine ocean grown maui wowie juicy j j mango papaya twist flavored wraps you make barron of lapland i don't think we have many issues no other lapplanders dr and thank you for your miller foster's next on the list turner fifty dollars anyhow maybe somebody in the chat room knows anyhow you to she says anyhow a lot anyhow you to have made consumption of the news close to palatable and into the show since i hit myself in the mouth immediately after i turned thirty three i discovered no agenda through the o. culture podcast through a donation shoutout they're interesting thank you and so i guess he does he become you get something today is that his a journalist allstone and bearer of the sword reforge and ss roundtable contribution cannabis coffee in the following manner true to tin twin of some sort i recalled that i didn't look at it hold on why can't i why is it not coming up now the hell's going on feel bad we didn't produce this okay here we go we don't predation podfather crackpot buzzkill i love the show it's a huge part of my life in a very positive way associate executive producer comes in with the fine donation two three four five six gentlemen like adid dishing incursion time i've been on a culture was talking about the cult and magic in twin peaks i'll be again on again soon talking about tools new album fear inoculate so now he goes on for quite is a is going to be a night today and i am putting his kona coffee in maui wowie at the roundtable being the northern parts of norway sweden finland and also parts of russia as my territory all right i appro- if approved the i've actually be weeks we take this coffee as kona coffee drank black as midnight on the moon last night with a slip of some post rock band mcguire made mistakes nothing but i don't know i don't know stop may i- i- broadway musical but not to that point was it nothing but a daydream what was the original now i don't think so i think we think we made that up okay well it's not what i hoped going to be better than podcast rome lost and we will much about that because we have a new one where good old owl was trying to i think so i've made all kinds of mistakes here put yourself in whole well no i will let you looking at call him yeah no peace warren piece you wrote warren p he really did it was very nice note he'll made for some reason it's not rabbit kona coffee and maui wowie for the roundtable yeah a. n. j. k. sir nathan lee thank you very much sir nathan louis and thirty three dollars and thirty three cents donate a month ago and asked for jobs karma shortly after i made the donation i got a call for a full time job in salt lake city doing work with people i know and pronounce the word koala familiar with the koala the koala bear deloitte who all bear the bear that kerry isan dolls or something like mood music like that is where it fits in better anyway mark jesse jackson she needs her jobs jobs jobs and in his eleven seventy five note anymore that's odd destroy each didn't delete it tonight that would be whole no tint i'd like some health gummer my in-laws and a rev l. clip sir nicholas outside baron of the DMV so yes so nathan miller indeed this can continue i'm gonna figure it out i will go on with nick of the southside baron of the DMV herndon virginia like bro yeah wow now i'm asking for relocation and travel karma this is the greatest podcast in the universe brian tampa thank you for your valuable deconstruction i updated my twitter settings due to john's great how to and i'm waiting to see how the magic while he stopped yeah what was that termi had in so tain in in saint was entertainment is indeed a you tweeted a another cosmic weenie genius bit with the complete diagrams on how to do this and the things i believe i'm interested in which includes a lot of sports by the way i thought we went over this list with you costa mesa oh just gonna say if only you and i could get that kind of job with people we know we're going to be great you've got karma of al forum and he wants to like some health karma and l. clip okay so the typical rev our would be this we much we this is i noticed that you re tweets of the show up by at least percent but at some point we need to go through the items that twitter in deed -duced with relapse in providing value the show is excellent excellent especially the deep dive into the brand safety you walked me through it after thursday show and i can tell you that since i did that nothing has changed i dashed looking at beyond say yeah you are no cardi b. the reason that these these are getting clicked check it depends if i click on a lot of stuff that people send me so i think that's where it comes from but if you just look at i'm interested in android apps us online on the way got a wide on the same yeah that'll bring them in not rolling in hey i'll see you at the roundtable doc sorry i am i'm always stunned by that lorraine converse in west linn oregon two two two dot two two stuff clicked at twitter thinks you're interested in it's just beyond me and i've i've been looking at how it works it really i i all the magic l. goes filter my feed thank you for your courage lorraine convert and we have to stop for a second and i need to say that and check that and they haven't rejected so they now they agree i'm no longer associated with MTV muck bang bang bang you tweet and drink you have to be doing the rink experience food experience herbs and spices the ice cream no instagram no i'm never on instagram they finally put MTV but i and in non intuitive and so if you don't know how to do it you'll never figure it out but we went over yours you have the most humorous thing about it i don't think so well how do you get on that list dave this is very mysterious some of these inject i mean only from youtube bowl and what did we did sirnak want he wanted a nick once a i've got a new ally even if your pet him yup cla media here's the president meeting with a few there you go mail out to the no agenda newsletter subscribers and they're the ones who found out about it i with the detailed description there how to do this step by step it's complicated from twitter i didn't get any of the muck bang from someone may have tweeted me with the muck bang or stare listening to this show -lutely not behavior and beauty these are new john that keeps again beyon- say my box for beyond say is beyond boxes shandor least get great good close i got more from revenue later today to they will look forward to that sir brian barron of costa mesa the next the lovely lorraine converse in west on surprise anybody even likes me irma ooh the president meeting with kohl acute over the phone because i was that's why decided to do that right up because i said maybe i'm not gonna tell anymore it's too key forget it i'm going to write this up and i sent an e EDS d i d d i d dissociated something disorder associated is where you have split personality if you've got the newsletter you would have gotten the the the instructions yes and you again it's also amusing is a very amusing process to go through and oh yeah that could be and why not vaping vaping in their reggae imagine you doing that yes i imagined you sitting there in your duster crocks vets dick than i could hide that so none no one else would see that reply even though they were following that original tweet of mine which i think traffic travelling to visit family usually when you're yes that's the way to do it you get somebody a trapped you make him listen you know what's next you'll have you trapped in the car and he'll be on the ham radio watch hey baby what's this can you believe that guy's in cleveland but when you look at the amount of people they have and the amount of follows that people have which i think is substantial i don't know what the average is but i'd say the people donation of two hundred ten dollars and twenty five cents for my husband matt as we celebrate our ten year marriage on wednesday september twenty fifth my husband hit me in the mouth a little over a year ago things that i as a borderline s. j. w. should not have found funny that's not funny and the way it works is if i'm the original tweeter and i tweet i can and you replied to me with kerry hello hundreds probably on average you're right it may just speed or that they can't actually they may technically be able to deliver it but i have a feeling the experience would be so out of whack and today or monday think they announcer now going to hide replies will be available to you which i think is going to ruin the product like letters to the editor you don't run everyone that shows up right but that was kind of beauty of it is you can yell at other people if you yelling and doesn't show up people are going to stop hard-earned put a time code they're making something oh yeah believe me for uglies next on the list and she comes in it's not they haven't got the computing power to do all that they say they can do yeah i thought about this and i i was kind of dismissive or i think about that this is our first this is our first donation tillis is okay husbands did person this is our first because most so this whole thing is screwed up now my premise in the i also wrote a short essay on this mike premise and i talked to adam about this i think that this is done nada shadow banney and we'll try to visit family usually i would just tune it out blah blah blah but i found myself starting to sing clips and laughing at the thus so began my love affair affair for the NA show and instantly i found my husband and i fighting less and less and less and bonding for political reasons i think that they're overburdened i don't think twitter can do what they promised they can't actually deliver because they're bandwith constricted husband i happy anniversary i couldn't imagine my life without you love you babe oh so nice grammar for him the euro migdal shrinking sanity so from the bottom of my heart thank you for saving our marriage and more importantly my sanity ruins the bruins it makes you can add it kind of not really an edit who has kind of people a family that listens together doesn't stay together i'm proud to announce i'm now recovering s j w and with that said i would like to wish my smoking with two hundred ten dollars and twenty five cents from from greenwich up greenwich up content on the note good did people when they're talking about themselves there is always never me or i it's uh us are just very interesting but yes he just graduated with a BFA bachelor of fine arts with a concentration on three d design yeah he's going to have a real trouble finding thin especially my twelve year old daughter she likes him the most hopefully the jobs carmen works in the past five years the pet and this all of which love your all of which all the five she's talking about the five kids who love the jingles and sing them off house working to support the for human resources we added his past five years wow oto the five then he'd better yet a job all and be able to jump jobs if he feels like nice this my thinking anyway putin don't worry be happy obama work 'cause concentration three design and animation and a essence gave cad GED had a year early with honors luckily your husband is in a field on where they live but he's in a field of work where he should be employed for the rest of his life heinous vehicles that one day got to shut up gay got burned yes that's i'm china asshole and i'm going to add one for the kids yeah okay anyway she says keep up the deconstruction there's no exit strategy much love and light who you might die and china asshole is a favourite in our house though i must remind the four children that having and the product will go down that's because people like the yelling exactly that's why they're tainted social media's are really energy whoa ow ow yes j. always say why puppy said cat panda i mean could it get any better i got a guy that said that he only donate because of this ad panda pandas are important anyway so okay where are we on this not outstanding java northern about blah wished to keep it entering the realm of double nights where wished to keep my title as is a lot of people don't like the baronet title same reflection is are under the age of five not to say it in public wait a minute putin don't worry be happy obama human diet what was the third one tell him to stop sending his notes in i've done this to a couple of people because they don't there's no variation but mike had nicolay chuck key for the he always except the no agenda show and why is that adam why can we say what we want because we don't take money from advertisers or corporate into interest that will if they don't tell us to shut up we'll have us self censoring and we don't have to do that at all we can go anywhere we want because of this value for all the way back to their mom's basement kids signup for your mom you've got karma happy under the sad puppy use misspelled what oh no this here's how it goes keep an eye out past five years to bring our total to five all of which love your jingles it's okay i'm sorry dinner squirrel and this just the first of many we regret to inform you that you no longer meet the criteria for verified status not not like we don't on drums net if you know what's interesting about this last newsletter if people can find it i'm not sure why it's happened but even a one of our i have these design primary primary primary no this time it went into spam and ev i did get not one note from anyone saying that went into their primary box these all these nations jingle requests pugh jingle rocco's beginning i'll give but anyway i thought that was a sweet note yes and he's the newsletter okay do you see what i see but he never sends me the captions i can't check those i'd either captures or less minuted from youtube yes from youtube yes i didn't know that this existed verified on youtube exist sure sure but but and you had us a typo on the on the one thing you didn't send to me to check which always makes me say typo in a in a caption yeah under the the no agenda show now there you go right on our campus come from northern europe where it came from but there is no free speech in this country this newsletter went into spam even or this this because you had five animal pictures in it that could be i should have i may always overdoing syria for channel verification unfortunately with these changes your channel long no longer meets the criteria to be verified we certain people that check in with telling me that where where the mail went they do a job finding it yeah and mike in particular who's all i was gonna kit yeah i don't understand if i'm adam curry that's verifiably true if twitter or anybody which i hope they don't because i have to leave the platform if and if you don't self-censor get in trouble you see what happened to brian brushwood would know what happened to us would posted a tweeted he tweeted a and as cute could not resist sir alex tonight in the northern launch pad came in with two hundred dollars in two cents like you we don't want ads running on your on your no we don't wanna kick you off no you're just not real we're not verifying not verified oh that's right i saw this shen platform anyone can access outstanding job gentlemen congratulations meuraksa being knighted on the show nine hundred among a dozen fellows means you were wrong in the first time here so high there they don't even use a first name hi there comma we're writing to let you know they were updating the eligibility criteria ars we were all unfortunate to miss an invitation to the roundtable festivities as the pronunciation cater rent pronunciation realized this might be disappointing but we believe these updates will make channel verification more consistent for users and creators across youtube warranted that even after coming into the US twenty eleven it took me four years to run into a true example of free speech exercise that and that was in the year two thousand fifteen when i started listening assad czechoslovakia switzerland switzerland she's in switzerland aped in two thousand thirteen well switzerland's your your best bet great essay from john about the twitter interests scam i noticed that if you keep rejecting the most amateurs or alex jobs jobs jobs and jobs that's vote for jobs you've got allegations from the italian speaking parts whitland which is southern switzerland it's very different place from italy country country whose total total mess i escape screen shot of his youtube channel that's what has a lot of viewers followers and subscribers and magicians famous yeah and so listen to the the very last it was what did you expect w. h. t. vats did you expect i think you'd like colonel you'll going colonel klink actually okay now it's good sad ard that also gives me interbank currency exchange rates voice you might as well she should have moved to switzerland awhile ago wait aren't they overnight exchange rates ten percent go to bitch you all the cool kids bit shoot are back to sir alex sorry dude okay he doesn't not europe and russia i i i should probably read a rebate and but i'll give you this synopsis in review of our verified status we karma so that means he wants to be the roundtable again is that what that means well he thought he got gypped that's okay but then i have to put him on because arrogance just take his word for it i take his word for it you're in got it lucia maria as berto in civil i don't know what it means it's odd get off get off of the whole platform should he's not gonna do shoot has a nothing else even comes close to the no agenda show minute came through the nineties in russia nowhere else in the world was such a show continue for twelve seasons on a major district is bitcoin but we'll we'll never take it i mean i know you're against it should've started taking cater that ran out of breath as such i would like to request an opportunity to partake in the knicks ceremonial occasion please jobs from the bitcoin it's better to do in dollars the best part when the government's internal decisions go around open source approaches the by cost anywhere she goes on and on about this again tweets first pudding the newest i order after many many interruptions and the setting seems to stick yeah they some the studies don't stay swift code so that you can get the full amount with no commissions no jingles okay with no commission says anyway we see if you can find a way these says ATM john and adam sir alex night of the northern launchpad is here chipping in sad copies in the newsletter work but each time i input new data pay pell returns to their outrageous exchange proposal since i also have free my is a banking lesson it anymore she really goes on and on about this this is why people are moving to crypto for this very reason boot is right at the top said puppies newsletter yeah powell on drums yeah okay next line according to the books with this donation joyce with this donation obviously according to the miller report yes and i'm going to give her some you've got arma in DC dirty dick banks of these two hundred bucks we always at the end i hate seeing the beagle great everything scott some other stuff but a verify me then i'm verified you can't unverified something you verify that just doesn't make sense it makes zero sale rita to you oh you model makes it exactly because we don't have to worry about self censoring which you have to do and everybody does it and if you're working for the newspapers or anywhere else you self-censor associates active producers for supporting the show today of course we know that it's your you saw the puppy it's like a bazzi go you know what happened we had when you race him for the biz biz a crap shoot for the donation i am using a multi-currency free reveluti- credit card even know what this means what does it mean to him i don't know well he can't run at huskies sad puppy is what it means i don't low donation so thank you very much for stepping it's always beautiful to see the the true peerage of no agenda coming to the task and people who've been around for a while and just stepped it up and we'll be yeah says they also have free money transfers something hoyt since you're adding the show is bank coordinates i ban and food and all he says is sad puppies is greater than pailin drums IT am ben smith KFI five s WC when we should have started saying it was the beginning we'd be rich we wouldn't be doing this show suits yeah you're right yeah well why would we do that you just put us out of a job we'd be so rich were we got that barrett alexander bangs goat scream usually gets him and the caboose of team ABC colton read bangs age five months you want someone the MSN keeps hitting new lows shout out to the boys team may be ce archer campbell bangs age too we recently learned sure cracks up at those drone clips at degrom include whatever the drone clip is he'd love that played drums own again is at it i think so that's right we'll meet you will meet you on thirty three charlie or on the all starling network soon kilo five alpha charlie charlie thank you all of our executive producer he's just getting along for the right that's for everything barron dirty dick banks DC do not read the rest okay so we need to go to jail the j. c. d. isos a good one outrageous all the fees they wanna money bank transfer and i ban inter- it's gonna cost you twenty five bucks anyway no jingles generic carmen not expect aw actually i skipped down dick banks i was reading part of his note which is complaining about the same the same thing kunle fit right in so dig banks does come in or just say executive producer or executive producer endless all of the shows that you were that you produced on it means stuff it means well let's go back before i mean you have to tell us more background than just that a part of the promises he's losing his advertisers and lose full actual session on the hill and so when he brought this report i'm like man you did not see it you have no idea what being more of those people fifty dollars and above second segment these people executive associates acts these are credits you can use anywhere some of you had multiple maybe you should rotate them out from time to time kind of like okay i need to once again tucker carlson going down the tubes put him on back office on do that up to you why let's put him on we've just so he saying that he never got a proper ninety it's really says this is the eyesore you have this enormously enormously grave is all i got the brave and then so swiss francs for US dollars for this donation with the two percent plus commission bass vague i need to keep changing the currency to US dollars what's going on and as much as i don't like doing it i have to kind of come to reverend house defense in this one here's the clip al sharpton is a lot of things you have to say though he's the hardest working man in politics if there's a shame muscle he has done it he's been an FBI informant invulnerable sharpton testified before the congress yesterday forty congressman matt gates decided to ask sharpton about all the things the left prefers to forget about it somehow and probably sharpton has also become a moral hero to the left president obama did that inviting him to the white house more than fifty times as a domestic policy in his mind he is losing his mind and i caught a piece on i was thursday or friday show and i had just seen the hop money zoomed way out i don't know i joined the the obvious answer to this i hate to say but is you know what it is part of it but we ever referred to african americans disagree with you as yellow and then the n. word i don't know that i've referred to people as as names it did but appreciated so we'll give road some karma i love the end of the show and song and JCD plane recorder songs thanks for the best podcasts in university adviser affect democratic presidential candidates that wind up to praise al sharpton hits deliver sermons on MSNBC but thankfully he's not entirely he's been corporate shakedown orders he's been a prolific tax cheat and all the while he's been of course a very famous racial demagogue but he's not attacked for any of this because oh may not want advantageous with no commissions and no spreads or no commission spreads but pay pal insists that exchanged so it was so disingenuous and this was a twenty minute sequence of sharpton being grilled by that's right you've learned so much about puppies pandas unique to propagate it now are formula is this we go out we had people in the mall you don't be china is jada elliott representative gates a republican but what actually went on in my opinion even though i asked you used it i don't recall have you ever said if the jews wanna get it on tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house there was something to know what in the nation it means stuff to your professional community and it means a lot to us thank you so much and you can always go to dot org slash and in what what is this thing we're on it you got something for end of show i do have one ice oh you're my list of stuff where to go here it is i kind of liked this one because i can play then retire it surprise anybody even likes me i just played at the end of the show and then i'll never play again i'm sure they rotate you so that's the one in india last donation is from ben smith in greenville texas two hundred statement didn't know that was a derogatory statement one of the great response you gotta sharpton crediting he is hilarious right there was no coal accuse in this one so you just heard that piece let's listen to some of the actual footage i didn't know that was a derogatory statement i didn't say and but in this case key was actually in my opinion but slamming gates talking over him making jokes and he what he was getting reverend out can't get three words out of his mouth straight i mean what are we just have we had the koala today this every day you can pull something out that he said committed the time gentlemen has expired the went this man so the quest- i liked that calm down calm down you gotta come down misquoted in the story mandalay motorcar levy who had been charged with some terrorist acts who threatened to march on me and several other activists in new jersey and he said he was gonna come deal with my hair way let's laugh at the crazy black guy and i thought it was wrong it was just dumb and sharpton held the upper hand throughout that entire questioning session sadly get sadly he was good he didn't have any real flubs or anything that's why i watch these things in their entirety i was like he's kind of kicking gates his ass and of course he and i know what i was referring to and a man threatening to come down home who had that kind of criminal record and i had two young children i think under five years old i'm in hell already i'm in israel because i had been threatened that if i came over to deal with well i believe in and you can't do this in any other testimony you can't put a republican friendly witness there and have them talk over the questions that would not last for two seconds talking about you're talking about a situation that happened in nineteen ninety-one if i said them the those i don't know i know that incident this is otto play that again for you this was about president obama with a koala president meeting with a colicky co q. so he he's clearly when you say the jews and them referring to a plural group of people rather than one person you seem to have a grievance with an leave that you can deal with the decorum of cons but you cannot disrespect a witness you cannot answer questions ask a question until the witness he can't answer is permitted to answer questions the end to the homes i believe reverend daughtry and others are how the examiner i think you said or someone else wrote i'm not looking at it so i do not know whether i don't know points well-made more that was the only that was the point i wanted to make is that they're all shit and i'm referring to his hair style i said for him depending on come on i was talking about all jews i said about mordechai levy have you said and fox news loves to call everyone else mainstream while there have the number one ratings in cable news so they are the mainstream and they're run by democrats we know it i'm going to answer i was referring to an incident and eight threat to come to my home by mordechai uh-huh let's go into dark mode talk mode dark mode we have what's going is seems to me well let's start with so i mean sharpens a dick but it wasn't the way fox news and tucker calls portrayed that i mean that was just a throat very interesting results this brexit party can do quite well if they're gonna do a snap election this play that allowed to answer my name is sharp and not allowing allow we know your name sir go unanswered and you've been misquoted me and that i do know what i said in who i was referring to what did you say them just said that i'm not looking at the statement i do not right right i think we should talk a little bit about brexit because i have a whole slew of clips okay hold on the children from the high level politics of the house of commons to the chatter in the social clubs of grimsby so of course that went on as planned i think it was nadler actually who is running the show in adler but that you know this like go away komo don't get upset you're yelling out that i think that trying to answer your last question and we will not vote to support the disillusioned vis house and the general election i don't know if it's because they disagree with you ever referred to african americans disagree you as negro militants i didn't know that was a derogatory is brexit report from mid this is the midland's the sky news center report route to the midlands and they've started a man on the street kind of approach and they got bluer what they think you're interested in is thousand we went through the keepers there was just as good as mine believe me very funny yeah thank you i appreciate not allowed ascii let me talk talk talk out testified so so is it your belief they said it was bad help or hurt excessive force policing well i think it's pretty significant when someone wants to come preach to us is to jared palmer generally agrees charon mr jim you're welcome to answer lancer let me ask joining us things i think comedy the election has been officially triggered but people here know it could soon be ballot papers not bingo cards they are making their mark on and polar both grimsby both later until recently annexed the general election samara to me face that's what i'm hearing here i'm talk like this does he little bit what's the name of that actor that was in the faith perhaps rather too much faith when it agreed to all the initial domes over the negotiation news initial demands oh this is one of those imagine a nazi lieutenant with a v timetable EU citizens rights and the divorce spill the EU responded by concoct in hammered to the ground they they are they're rudderless yeah i'm not gonna argue that so i think there's also been dave garage might get the UK has negotiated in good faith perhaps rather too much faith when it agreed to all the a- and skew what do you make of labor's position on brexit nationally down similar threats before us how local campaign rumps up in preparation for possible election her party's position on brexit all lack of it tino movie the german one very famous guy he reminds me of that guy yes in the change on the other side of the of the of the channel because i heard this one of the members of parliament from germany named gunar tomorrow would you vote and who would you vote for about get out and there's a crucial shift these women bye bye brexit by brexit intern financially and they had all kinds of facts figures and then and then he started talking in english and he's got this doc 'electronic customs checks would lead to the resurgence of file and tara in ireland not even funded line seventeen point four million british citizens voted for brexit dr beck who to who gave a long spiel in german about how ya with detailed numbers a how the germans will be hurt the largest number british people who ever voted for anything it all to fall the referendum against the entire financial and political establishment screwy posh accented is honorary who taught him english but it's bits very funny to listen to him and it's not like you're dutch guy it's it's the entertaining you're right crystal waltz was the actor he played in inglorious bastards tarantino's movie ah in the way that they've handled this and so you have so you have you get to listen to this entertaining guy and he gets to kind of responses that you did in forty eight percent exactly the majority by which the european parliament confirmed e you commission president miss nutty michelle bonnier who's trying to use the backstop to keep britain in a permanent customs union and against all received politically correct opinion the british people voted to leave the EU by majority of fifty two aren't backing a person they aren't backing apostasy that backing brexit saying you know were at this time of genuine i think people are so tired over there just like i don't care just make a decision whatever their their browbeaten outcome is unacceptable wow okay so this to me was if i was british and i heard this guy speak i'd be like we really need brexit we cannot be apart of this we can't listen to that guy he triggers every world war when the issue of the irish belk store who seriously believes that sporadic and they didn't like what they saw and i think that they're just gonna do anything to keep the british from like not really completely disconnected the michelle bond as shrewd and skillful negotiator but he's trying to reduce the UK to a vessel state makes clear directive and i think that's that's what's missing this some say somebody who is just may needs to make a decision uh poets johnson and prime minister this was rather positive meeting old do debris this peculiar clip which is if you can understand it but this is your anchor who's kind of changed his tune about everything i had the meeting we've there's an evil character kind of mean german anyway is played on your show you you won't get that out of your head the UK has negotiated in good she is for what humphries presents to him it's three and a half years since this country voted to leave the european union in forty two days we finally leave that something is something's gonna break soon and i don't know how it's going to go but it sounds like everything we've been told is wrong and of course we do have one funny little thing that remember they have i'm sure he does making you talk he thinks the e. u. screwing up the deal anything any blames actor he mentions this thing about the backstop being a fake issue and i think they're all right i agree ending backstop is a fake issue too yeah he's dominating on the doorstep ivan hello i'm melanie all new parliament china four or even ages ripped cameron and then it's the only thing funny about this clip is away cameron cameron will refuse to address the issue and goes on and on about it published today listening opposite me it was david cameron who called the referendum and this is what he told me the day before the nation voted i would accept the instructions of the british people and get to work on friday morning to deliver mr chairman good morning morning that was a false promise wasn't at you mr a saying he more peace no longer the the boss now he he has no say is not the boss but he was the guy uses a no yeah deals maybe we can't even be sure of that the fact is we are still in an almighty mess and the man responsible the man whose autobiography for the record is being russians that we don't always want to answer calling us to account it's an amazing record ornie who is you know and i think this is again the germans exerting their will over the french course and do and it's resulted in with this huge beautiful voice that either one of us really happy to have got cameron on and he grew any usca bank which is what does that iceland or norway remember which one what it is but somebody i'm still thinking it's the negative interest rates i i mean everyone pooh-poohed it when i say it but there's something wrong here the deal period we're not talking anymore now is sounded like a guy wants to i think the germans started to dave german economists are doing the math on this this is this not nothing to do with this particular trend but i did catch on one of the BBC radio networks john humphreys wanted this masterful interviews repo i mean there's a whole bunch of words i've got the former new york banker keeps telling me are sending me articles about it we're expecting goldman sachs to be the victim of it in all china is risking massive job losses in the EU i've all at this inter overnight interbank lending rate has something to do with this is that the fed is injecting all this cash the and we are kind of at ground zero of the homeless problem which is taking place not just in the united the chances are more than fifty fifty but i'm doing everything to have deal because i like the idea of data the the beating heart of texas austin so there was a council meeting you know i keep the speed on this john another city council meeting it's happening everywhere now and of course it's being in places like south america and india there's all kinds of problems with homeless but you wouldn't expect it from these shining complements to the interviewer i mean this is like a trick that i interview as it continues humphries doesn't put up with it but cameron doesn't have any real the pro pro tempera mayor garza i just love saying that they were all for changing these restrictions and they were all going to sit down and discuss restricting comping in certain areas of downtown and the west campus of the university you've texas and they could not come to agreement in fact mayor adler kitchen i think her name is and led the nation well i what can i just take a moment and say thank you for thirty two years of striking fear into politicians like me every morning and asking they never take it for granted you know two thousand fifteen with very difficult you put standing and people were saying it was gonna be towns labor MP melanie on is confident that she has faced i don't know it's just it doesn't seem a healthy what's happening what do we know we're just a bunch of podcast come to a decision delayed until the october seventeenth meeting there a couple of things and you say about this first here's a statement from austin city council member that we're not aware of and they total agreement there is absolutely something going on or we wouldn't have heard what we're hearing there is some sort of panic and i know because this would have catastrophic consequences is about the british unfolding opinion now jonker doesn't even sued different is very strangely whenever he was a german as a matter of fact but he goes on and on with some other things where he condemns the the quest was we pulled in it's in the way we can we can have indeed do you think we can get it do you think that broke which i think is a huge appeal to a certain subset here in in austin texas and he does say some things which are not entirely stupid yeah it's bad well we're coming down to the wire it's getting there and it's gonna be interesting to see what happens jimmy flanagan to we haven't heard from i have not followed him at all he's district six and this is interesting he's young he's giving what pretty much what boris johnson wants to do some sort of a deal and this degree guy to the gas astor's podcasting we're the we're the best in the universe dumb some news as austin texas since i'm here this podcast on two times speed we'll be tripping out but we have to stay focused in how we're going to solve it i don't believe that we are going to solve this as a council eleven of us inventing policy from the the city council i don't think they're in the business of speeding up and it's just not a but talking about really but saying what are specific metrics on we hired experts to do this for us our new strategy officer has been on the job for a week we need to use the resources that we are creating we didn't bring a office the camping bans are what broke the west coast they banned camping in certain parts of town which moved it to other parts of town which other parts of town and by the time which would mean of course that you know people might leave those areas of downtown where to go well you can imagine what happens they they did not vote on it did not do this otherwise it'd be here all day he's not even saying it for people getting triggered by cheering and clapping he just doesn't want them to interrupt him okay that's interesting any also talks like ben shapiro but i just want to show everyone who listened to this show one of the few podcast it actually tracks this important event and accomplice brownnoser laser that was funny i'm thinking that something there's something there must be something financial going on that this tune is sir i i'd say he's squarely millennial but in his early thirties he likes to do the jazz hands when people clap you know no no no don't do that do this about ending homelessness which is a frieze with the very difficult assessment and even the troll room saying this is not sped up this is straight from video from austin he's very understandable i know so it was ben shapiro yeah shapiro's very understandable why you're talking so fast dude now what the guy said i think something's changing and it's going to be us that fuck that figures it out well somehow your i'll alert the and i think strategy officer from austin we brought her from community where it was working for the solutions were being implemented where progress was being made a resolution posted a message board forty five minutes ago is insufficient for me insufficient exactly this is his this results in you listen to podcasts at one and a half for two times speed this is what happens to you yeah that's what we are going to do that's what i know we can do we can develop the metric the metric is the sixty days we can create a middle point metric metric as we can start to clarify where people can be as well there's something wrong with roaring with which i think they just they just lowered the negative interest rates even more you have to do it somewhere else he says the not in my backyard or nimby in an austin is outrageous and particularly from he says liberal people who have compassion they love the idea love it but just don't want it near them and so when you want to ban camping in certain areas of downtown eh he sounds like a sped up like a sped up audio track rabbits ended thing is even with sped up audio tracks you have this broken people they're broken they need to be reintroduced into community and the the actual numbers according to tempo this is not sped up this is sped i did not i took it straight from video i did not speed this up this is how the guy talks people listen you can find it it's a no agenda additional start thing that i like to do from time to time there's really no benefit to playing any of the clips because you have to let alan graham but also with the he's in the data that he does have access to the homelessness database and all this information that the city maintains there's really twelve hundred chronically homeless people may be as much as two thousand who've been on the streets on house for a year or more he says all the recently identified they do have database were pretty well if you have not registered i don't give a shit i mean i wanna help people is is very interesting they have indeed hired a homeless strategy officer a woman from orlando and i know about this because i finally had my sit down talk with i heard that but mr OT g k these people are not oh TGI most of them got smartphone identify where they can be we are going to they can't be that's what we have to do that's what i'm committed to do exempting certain parts of town and not other parts of town street by street it's not something i can satisfy satisfied with i into it as a whole but it was you listened to his philosophy and what will really work and the main the main takeaway that i got from him which plays help you they are the community for first village is already housing two hundred and thirty people and by an starting and january though onboard ten more people a week and they will have an additional five hundred bringing up to about seven seven hundred and fifty people running this it sounds weird but i did not speak did not speed them up this is what happens to anybody who listens to debate that sped up all the other districts go well why do you why here roy to one over here when the real issue is that these you cannot fix mehrdad you brought up the federal definition a situation where the wait list for housing is sixty days or less that makes sense to me the other thing that's important for for us to remember as we go through the not so big there was literally no where left anybody you couldn't possibly spend enough money to solve it we are not there yet we are years away from there but as reentry unnoticed or mention these really the increase of visibility of homeless is just it's doubled and there are solutions but these people have no desire to look at anything that works and it's it's kind of not invented here syndrome i'm not quite sure what's wrong alan graham the CEO of mobile os and fishes community i village which i've been talking about which i went to see it's about an hour and fifteen minutes i tweeted out the link living we gotta stay focused they pick y'all go through the day faster nobody wants to see i don't wanna see i know you don't want to see it this is his the blown away i'm sure you're familiar with the phrase lipstick on i'm incredibly frustrated by the process nobody wants to see the camping i don't wanna see the camping constituents don't wanna see i'm going to campaign as much as i can and do as much as possible what the what the mayor is doing and the and the leaders the elected representatives the city council with them and the people of austin yell and shout and scream at these town halls they're not doing anything either a bunch of phony hypocrites that's all i had justify to my constituents out streets in one district art exempted but streets in my district aren't so i don't think we're going to get there we had allocated the resources we made historic investments we need to rely on the experts office problem i changed especially when the germans who really run the finances with the ECB and the bundesbank i think that there something's going on the update on the vapours i have some new information that's come to light man that are working people that are way out they have their own community they can still access austin everything it has to offer it's working perfectly but everybody else here's talking eh go listen to the interview i did with alum great to play the pet peeve the jingle for you it's well this will be my new pet peeve currently on six million dollars a year i mean they spent three times that as much as that just another stupid meetings so it's very frustrating to see things and so don't start with me the transients need to get the hell out go away i don't care what you're doing here do you wanna you wanna be an awesome that you wanna live in austin okay they're wasted the public i think this is not going to be a problem it's overnight and it is not gonna be a problem itself from the dynasty i am committed as we are all committed to getting this problem managed and not all of nicotine into the bloodstream way higher than the stuff that i've been vaping for years and this is what jewel found out this is they're really their secret sauce the delete it will vaporize it vaporize at a much lower wattage and it injects a much or infused much higher level lucians has offered to this community in years past and have been rejected and if you wanna see some crazy council meetings go watch the video of san francisco or LA tells me and so they talk about homelessness those communities are angry because they showed us yourself best transient and and in fact it to me it makes sense that an idea i i joke about it but you should really chip these people have some way to you do not want to vaporize nicotine salted very high temperature apparently that may be something that is really bad to your health in the vaping industry regarding the deaths that have taken place and i learned something interesting there is an additional type of e e all is not going to work this will turn into san francisco los angeles etc smaller scale who just don't have that many people but it will be bad and we've seen so far and then just right on time as we predicted would happen with all of this at you remember our victim when kids get hooked on jewel they're smoking these nicotine or the inhaling the nicotine salts they run out of money because jewel is expensive course we're not going to talk about this because that jewell needs to get all their ducks in a row and get cleared by FDA before this news comes out so quid each use that is based on nicotine salts i was unaware of this and i had to really delve into understand what was going on but this is in fact what jewel uses nicotine salt is a product that you can flavor chemical standpoint or chemistry standpoint tobacco must then therefore be treated baco advertiser insider said all of this vaping is just until they get the non-combustible heated tobacco devices approved i got a very interesting note from he will have to remain anonymous and a verified i verified insider business they want the tobacco business to roll and so now they have this heated tobacco which doesn't actually burn it well into this is one he says if i had a nickel for every person that came up to me and said you know what you're doing here is really great and i'm liberal i really like this but vice compared to you know what i'm using what other people who vape use which is you know you got a pretty decent stick and that's a big battery the danger comes in actually working in the city of austin has no desire to even look into it to- sadly in less a lot of people start getting into it and i'll be one of them number this from a show or two ago maybe the last show maybe last show well there it is FDA clears philip morris is i cross i q also it burns longer ashville these things and those things are not health well this is exactly the point of the nicotine salts is problem is actually the benefit to the nicotine salt as they can put it in this little capsule and use this low powered battery that is the jewel and jewel is not a very powerful this koala q. IQ OS as ultra prepares to sell the heated tobacco device in the US nicotine delivery device that's what everybody's looking for then i can understand why the tobacco guys want to keep their tobacco business going but here's here's what so what you're saying this course i'm not a smoker so i don't i can't keep up with any of it sure but i will say this from a chemical as the big tobacco found out that once you start adding ammonia and stuff like that to to the tobacco the nicotine that is actually kind of or suspected that much of the problems with tobacco is are the chemicals that they add to the to the tobacco replacement a heat stick half i don't know what they're thinking well they do research for what it's worth i mean it was it's different from what justin the drug dealers said but this is i think it's believable there's something with the nicotine most interesting ah we're any wiser after it but at least we know that you created more questions than you answered i'm sorry i really and didn't charge it up breathe the vape i don't know anything about this technology but this this this news literally came out today they literally going to call them heat sticks this is this is this is a this is the death knell you don't call you're you're you're sick data that apparently is really philip morris is endgame they do not want to give up the tobacco business they don't want to just go to nicotine they don't really own that and they're going to sell mobile versions you know that that kind of fit in your pocket marlboro branded heat sticks four hundred thousand less than people smoking cigarettes what's in a number that that the FDA cleared this love to hear from somebody about the chemistry because he's got something and and we've known i'm supposed to first of all how many pronouncing this icost kyosai qua- what i don't understand how to pronounce it that's the that's the the heated device sound odd is the branding ultra will start selling its little i capital q. o. s. about we need to be able to housing but not he played over the eight or whatever they they're bunch of dick wads and a holes toes there is the stuff that's with something to make vapor because otherwise why would you just take regular gypsum good bunch of chewing tobacco and stick it in a in a vapor and vaporizer and they can't really go back to the non nicotine salt vape so then they start putting that nicotine salt into their high powered sub ohm vapes and hi to do my best but i guess the bottom line is what we're hearing from the THC side may not be the ultimate culprit of five deaths taken into the bloodstream much higher level because of these additives they put in there so they're always so i mean it's still all let's no no no no let's do nothing we gotta take a break donate to know agenda imagine all the evil you got the money to do they got tons of dough yeah i'd like to know about the the non combustible tobacco the they just heated up i liked the vaping the which of course is to less than by people dying from eating tide pods but as the conversation so we like to say something like who would you vote to lead us i think it'd be brexit was generally fine vaping was good for me to do what is nicotine salt stuff and then no one needed to do this so that's your vapours update i don't know if any pet depot the day you're still is a few people don't think for show eleven seventy five which is the getting up to show twelve hundred can be a big deal you do that that'd be well we mhm mcintyre in boulder maxwell maxwell mcintyre though i'm sorry maxwell mcintyre what did i say you said michael matt mcgregor ninety nine brian burgess ninety five in pelican rapids minnesota pelicans minnesota okay via paddle anna's as she was complaining i believe about not having we needed jeff cancer but she also needs to call her brother trey williams out as a douche bag f- cancer my listening slacked off over the last year or so after losing my mom to cancer losing my grandfather and dad's house burning down baronet -servative refunded get good with one of those i i was doing about fifteen words a minute for a while kevin thomas one hundred charles bennett one hundred mccall idaho surpased deary in sarnia ontario canada hundred sofi creek california six six six six dope greta or other deserving recipients to the roundtable you thought this would be a good promotion in this case may be back in my routine for a few weeks and loved the show much as ever in fact my brother who's also a listener and i were planning to attend the eastern north carolina meet up in baronet sir fina in appleton wisconsin sixty nine sixty eight chris baylor grafton wisconsin also in wisconsin six seven eight nine michael india hotel tango double bladed paddles means he's using ambit- keys he's morse code CW code guys CW aged seventy three seventy three's my man's a ham seventy three seventy three seventy three's does he have the call letters yes kilo echo zero oh eight kevin mclaughlin earl of luna at eight oh eight locust north carolina sir jonathan of the double bladed paddle in lust caitlyn nice nurse caitlyn i haven't heard from her in a while i think she was just showed up a few months back in goldsboro north carolina she has at the end of this list neal's book nils moniker in hamburg deutschland one hundred eleven dollars and eleven cents justin johnson a hundred william alston in baltimore maryland ninety one nine hundred so we have a continuation with one two three four more of the ninety one nineteen guys five thirty three in miami lakes florida thomas miller in naperville illinois illinois fifty five ten starts gombar fifty five one hundred and eleven dollars and thirty three cents she does of a note of with a call out a daimler scaling the flat earth finally checking in after a bit of a hiatus south bay meet up i said to know yes we do want that so she's in san jose being field one hundred people who have want to help others get their their ring and i think it's a it's an interesting idea and i encourage it actually jurors shannon atkins fifty fifty this got a funny note thank you shannon sir didn't have anyone else to help with damehood or knighthood so he's he wants to attributed to greta but we've seen this a couple times in the recent past where people even for god's blessing yes thank you we got the translation the pre fifty one fifty level in texas from surge jackson night of the transition fifty four fifty fifth today on the twenty second my husband jeff and i've been longtime boehner's that we need to deduce that oops shen starting with if i get to the right spot eras shots there with with with with a double bladed paddle you gotta keep it up though you'll lucid real quick if you don't if you don't practice practice daily in israel by sha mesh israel as a matter of fact thomas toilet in shahi oklahoma serve fuck that boorda and it is a very long note about OT g but you know we can we really can't be playing jingle one two three four five six seven eight nine ten twelve another birthday from tricia morales in san antonio texas a hot smoking hot husband aaron lopez he's turning thirty three today a who agla stephen hightower and eric mackey in our mckee allwood ninety one nineteen raj show eight bast guard dan dona in birmingham great britain fifty five fifty five and he has a note go podcasting yes and thank you to everybody under that amount a lot of you came in and helped with forty nine ninety nine anything under the fifty of course is kept anonymous we love we do that in the first segment but thank you very much for your support we appreciate it yes and the last printed a number of commentaries there about well about your this is your yemeni ice oh which means grace of almighty god i think we're asked for had guy we had that night there hey fuck that guy he's here jan osa fees indeed do jobs karma coming up in a moment for you thank you so much welcome to noah in the nation sergeant postal org slash and lots of f- cancers and job karma's i mean come on i do wanna read one more note this is what came in from pass in host foreign try that one okay carlos obscene a- parts unknown jeffrey fields new braunfels texas that's in front of patrick may assert patrick maycom in new york and as i'm skipping over this job and john john pharma the people and our executive producers and associate producers really made this show come alive thank you and remember we'll be doing it on thursday all you have to do is go to laura bouma in holland ohio fifty one ten forest martin fifty five and we have the following people fifty dollar donors name and location and fi we had to pay to the surge in the other day this is despite paying a mandatory five thousand dollars a year to be in the health fund nice appreciate that and we have our subscriptions which is a baseline and we really love people to continue and sign up for it if you haven't already so these a math you a matt from sydney he sent in 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fifty five fifty five in recognition on my birthday fifth is she's okay and hammers patterson was brand new needed deduce him so here we go spend deed do chardonnay we've got kona coffee and maui wowie reindeer and cloud berries got sparkling cider escorts ginger ale gerbils breast milk and pablum and of course there's robert shining baron of lapland and congratulations to you sir and then we have a couple of let me see we have one two we've got three convers wife was about to undergo spinal surgery removing a disk and spurs in the neck and spinal fusion k. and just on a related note i'll read this bernie well we gonna longer jingle than we do title changes but sir robert classen at become sir the second day of september birthday trish morales is happy birthday to her smoking hot husband aaron lopez thirty-three today a molly lance her husband colin turns thirty three the portland local thirty-three meet up greetings podfather here's our meet up report for oregon local thirty-three another great one great time getting together with eight fellow slaves at noodle this is a nine i my my spreadsheet will not read where it is at rodez warren it's anonymous from boynton beach floor sanders is full of it he says get so show socialized medicine in australia and the operations costing a fortune including random eleven hundred dollars out of pocket admin affiliates in vern i this sep house and beyond yawn a total of six guys showed up which for small city of ten thousand i consider a great success actually is kind of good conversation float everyone got along well we were relatively trigger about you can't drink in a group in british columbia lowered any miners i don't know i don't think so short on staff order maybe coming out late maybe spelled m. a. y. b. e. maybe or maybe coming out late sorry for the inconvenience very onerous BC liquor laws interfered with the group sitting together for time all resolve quickly though thanks to the government of british columbia for protecting us is something i don't know ladies here the best podcast in the universe scheduled for october twenty fifth then we quick report from nelson british columbia from matt burns organiz the meet up there in the morning adam last night we had the first nelson BC meet up inconvenience inconvenient one of the highlights of the evening may well be the discovery of our next meet up and topic slash venue which is axe throwing and sprinted sign and he sent me a picture and it says quote short this is from noodles okay noodles noodle boy remember kind of crazy people work at noodles dame laura prime mover certain nathan lee answer alex the knights of the northern munch bad for you we've got hooked for some blow rent boys and rosen co not the favorite venue so far but still a rich time of macdill alignment we had a rousing round of no agenda wheel of fortune everybody went home a winner mutton and meet so all of you welcome to this exclusive group but the no agenda knights and dames and 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this weekend we'll do it on thursday show us the mimi script or using list i i've the mimi script that's why hey thank y'all brothers and sisters goodness nice i added for monday that's doraville georgia five thirty three local time they're bowel dino's giant jersey subs andy is receptacle and stay woke is your host and again these meet ups which soon will be on the air meet ups on the air with the no agenda hams are a lot of fun and you can see from the pictures that people are posting in tweeting that it's doing incredible good for their overall middle health and we appreciate some i forgot the i whistle blower on and one of the things we always talk about here is the so-called six week cycle and we were told by insider many do justice weekend and thursday will do the rest sunday that's today arlington virginia that's at noon today so oops your yard really long so i'm saying i'll do trying to cut it down as much as she can she says here because you you moan about it so yes and i agree that's why i'm going to fraction of them would ever do something violent and you know part of it is that we've because we've built this counterterrorism apparatus we have to have terrorists didn't keep everybody happy this whistle blower talked about that very thing and again even among those radical muslims only a tiny so there has been this impulse to manufacture terrorism where they'll find somebody who is doesn't have friends or otherwise has make human connections you can't just be sitting at home listening to your podcast on double speed thinking that you're going to heal yourself from all the nastiness in the world you gotta get out there excellent signed the noodles team those the people are bitching about the face and be a part of the of management sorry for the inconvenience mr cafe pizarro in shirley manson bill paterson your your host maybe they're listening to extreme life and then i'm in prompting meet up lot of the administration but not add running noah jin the nation is no small task all right well we're pretty rate has has gone down with back in the ninety s there were a whole lot more homicides but we actually solve more of them now we saw less you're not gonna get to talk to everybody so you already have too many my goodness that's a great meet up yeah i mean the whole point is just to go meet people will make sure you get your rings as soon as possible were quick meet up reports from rather than looking at organized criminal behavior that can actually be much more dangerous because we have seventeen thousand homicides in this country each year and the salt india funny but i'll play this i this is from of course a podcast because you can't really get anything good on the mainstream anymore this is from the reason podcast they had an ising his thirty third birthday there and meet up so please join him and i'll just throw in thursday the twenty six even though there's this show day las vegas nevada at who but he does everything else there so yes i'll take it thank you know yeah you should know this definitely years ago the FBI and keep their budgets going they have to have some event that happens every six weeks and it's good if it's terrorism because then that keeps them fund yeah headquarters that i wanted to open a terrorism undercover operation targeting somebody who wasn't part of a terrorist group didn't have a terrorist plan and didn't have any weapon we do everything did i get them all am i missing something i feel like i'm missing something i did knights dames titles birthday meet ups good okay timber is the twenty second today here's a list of birthdays we say happy birthday to sam godwin nathan miller foster celebrating today mary lutts also a twenty he needs a deducing deduce he's got a deficit in their ability to socialize or as angry at something and the undercover operation is designed to turn them into a terrorist to give them weapons concerned about quote big hairy men coming into women's homeless shelters post reports he also said he is unhappy but society no longer these they would have

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