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"pastor rogers" Discussed on WHAS 840 AM

"This election those that have cheated. I placed the curse of God upon them In that video that has gone viral Pastor Bob Rogers of the Evangel World Prayer Center claims the 2020 election was stolen and places a curse on those allegedly involved on Wednesday, Pastor Tim Friendly of the Kingdom Fellowship Christian Life Center says What Rogers did is reprehensible. I want to say women But I believe without a shadow of a doubt. The pastor Bob Rogers needs to repent immediately. No comment yet from Pastor Rogers, Suzanne Duval NEWS radio 8 40 wh A yes back in the nation's capital and unprecedented security effort is underway to keep the peace during the upcoming Biden inauguration. A B. C s Faith Abou Bay is there at least 15 states were sending National Guard members up to 20,000 troops are expected in D C four times the number of U. S troops in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Authorities tell ABC News they're monitoring up to 10 events organized by demonstrators coming back to Washington, some calling this a week of siege and lottery jackpots. Keep on rising a BCS lion Amauri's looks at the latest numbers. The numbers keep growing. Going along with the hype. No big winner again for Wednesday's Powerball, drawing. The estimated jackpot for the next drawing Saturday is now $640 million, the fifth largest ever. This is also the longest streak 34 drawings in a row with no jackpot winner. As for the mega million's Friday's drawing is now worth $750 Million, the second largest jackpot combined close to $1.4. Billion up for grabs. Lionel Boys, ABC News Is your next news update is at seven. I'm Will Clark news radio. Wait, 40 w h A s. Well, thank you. 6 35. I'm Toni Kroos along with Scott. This job will Clark. Better notice. Cesc Watch here Who gave me that name. Do we have an official? It wasn't leaving Or was it, Tony, But I think it was his wife E. O Leland and Vanity fight over that frequently. It's vanity insists that I remember when it started. I don't remember what I did three hours ago, so No, I am the apparently I did something, and it happened. And now I'm here. It's pretty much how I've been gonna do life for the last 10 months. Um 6 35. Let's see. Uh, KFC's got a new What? Double crispy sandwich that they're promoting Little 30 news That's out there. Not another chicken sandwich.

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