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UFC 250: Amanda Nunes to defend world featherweight title

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01:07 min | 3 years ago

UFC 250: Amanda Nunes to defend world featherweight title

"UFC two fifty three lanes are over in Las Vegas now on to the pay per view tonight's main event features the lion S. Amanda newness the best female fighter in the world and current double champion she'll defend her featherweight title against Felicia Spencer UFC legend Daniel Cormier is part of the broadcast team tonight for ESPN and DC suggested that anyone getting into the octagon with Nunez should steer clear of a right hand it's like watching a scary movie the drought don't thank you for me to do that is walking into the woods Freddy Krueger is waiting that right you can our at the door and forced you back in that direction I'll tell you where she is so good and so far newness comes in having won her last ten fights in a row the co main event features a bantamweight match Paseo Ascenso against Cody

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