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"pasaden bailey" Discussed on Blogging the Boys

"Look at it. There's already reports the Matt Brian is expected to be somebody that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers interested in obviously the bucks have had their own trials and tribulations with kickers certainly the Roberto Aguire days, Matt Brian actually started off his career starting up ahead an early part of his early career with made buck nears. And so I think this is certainly worth considering if the Cowboys because again this position matter so much aired on periscope says I like bread, but he's not trustworthy. Robert on periscope says you only fifty three spots can't waste on the kicker. I think Roberts addressing somebody had floated the idea of having both on the roster. It's been a long time since the guy was too kickers on their Oster. I'm not a proponent of that Gary on a log on the Facebook live feed says Maher will mature and settle in. There is a live and thought to that maybe Brent Maher had some rookie struggles. And maybe he'll be back are maybe he'll get to a proper form. We did see stretch time when he was super consistent super reliable before he got. A little bit rattling beings kind of change to a degree. But you have to consider it you have to consider. You don't have this money option that you've had in seasons. Pasaden- Bailey, Stephen Watkins, combating that point on on Facebook live says he'll mature he's twenty nine years old again, it's not like Brett Maher is this twenty two year old, you know, young player that has a lot of time to develop a great point by Stephen that he is a little bit of an older player. And so you can't necessarily trust that he's on the same career aren't that? A lot of other guys are there's a lot of proponents for finding a player fresh college, maybe drafting somebody and other undrafted free agent. Dan Bailey was but you have to look at this. You have to look at this long and hard because this is going to be such a pivotal season for the commerce as we've discussed Jason Garrett and during a contract year first year off of quote, entering kellyn more. There's a lot to look at this. And you're a team if you're the Cowboys you don't have a first round draft pick. I wrote about this today of blog on the boys dot com. The last time that the Cowboys did not have a first round draft. Pick was not a lot of fun. You'll remember that in two thousand and nine thanks to the trade for ROY Williams and other receiver the Cowboys did not have a first round draft pick. And in fact, they traded away their second round draft pick on the draft. Again. The Cowboys did not have a first or second round draft pick ten years ago, and they put together a draft it consisted of twelve picks in two thousand nine that was quite gross. If you have been watching the Cowboys for the better part of a decade at the very least you'll remember that the two thousand nine draft class for the team is one of the worst in franchise history twelve picks and not one to really be proud of. And that kind of goes with today's theme considering drafted David dealer to be sort of secondary kick kick off specialist and deep ball kickers specialist. And what have you times really changed over the last ten years in the NFL and the Cowboys, and I think we'd trust. Now more that we did then the Cavs can do damage what their late around picks McClay is really been great architecture. Finding contributors for the Cowboys in the later rounds and the. I that has been the second round draft pick for the Cowboys in recent years as really started kind of you know, calm down a bit. You look at their second draft picks, and who they become two thousand fourteen DeMarcus Lawrence two thousand fifteen obviously Randy Gregory has really rebounded two thousand sixteen. Jalen Smith two thousand seventeen today in two thousand eighteen Connor Williams who seems to have a bright future along the interior of the Dallas Cowboys offense of lying. So there's a lot to look there's a lot to be, you know, calmness..

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