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"paros greece" Discussed on Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

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"paros greece" Discussed on Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

"I think it's probably pretty neat except again, colder weather, so you're going to you're going to spend less time there at least in that. Hey, I want to hang out at the beach type vibe. So I get it. You're you're stealing Croatia. You're stealing Greece. All of even even if you take Croatia and Greece I mean, well, if I take Croatia Greece, I think the beach argument becomes a deep big or closer because I don't think it becomes tied because there's so much more of of western Europe's. I'll even throw you bone in let you say that you can have grow Asia ingress, if you must, but I still have course, IKA and Malaita and all of those other beach. Dubrovnik you send your shit one of my favorite country. So I sent to Rini was pretty awesome, the beach Paros Greece's amazing. Cratia Greece area. It does become a bit a bit depending on who gets that part. That argument could change but could change, but those those beaches, and those areas are they they feel more western and they have some of the same. You know, landscape of the western Europe beaches. So I think I want to end mine my little segment here boy on the fact that if I can't convince you vice better, and I think I've done a very good job. If you're an adventurous traveler, and I'll just recapping my little magic bullet. If you're an adventurous traveler, you want something a little more or off the beaten path. You're definitely want something significantly cheaper. And by that, we mean half the price of western Europe. And probably a third the price of some of the pricier places in western Europe, Scandinavia parrot. Okay, your Monday and your point then for me. It's almost a no brainer with eastern Europe. Because it again, you can I love the idea that you can dip you're telling if you're if you're a little hesitant and you say, all right. Well, I've been western Europe. Or I get why western Europe easier. But I want to be a little more adventure someone explore a little more. Then you dip. You're telling you go to Prague Budapest. Oh, let me push further. And again, you're pulling it's really neat because you can just continue to pull layers off and you continue to push your comfort on little by little by little as you. Honestly, it's almost like if you just keep moving further east, you'll continue to get more rustic cheaper. But. It'll be it'll be harder traveler and you'll be like more off the beaten path. And that's what I absolutely love about eastern Europe is that you can continue to explore and have these these different experiences and different levels and feel like even though you're not the only person going through there. You can start to feel like men..

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