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October 16, Hr 3  Kevin Carr

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October 16, Hr 3 Kevin Carr

"This is mornings with Kayla northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten Kfi K.. Off. That Cameron peak fire of course, as you well aware. Now, the largest in Colorado history now listed at one, hundred, Sixty, seven, thousand, one, hundred, and fifty three acres. This is according to the latest updates on the incident command site INSA Web contingent containment of the cameron peak fire however is still listed at fifty, six percent. Eight eight now thirteen ten K F K A thirteen ten KFI. A DOT COM northern Colorado's boys mornings with Gail the Vision Specialists Studios wearing from piece that just popped up minutes ago on the Fort Collins Colorado and a piece by Sarah Kyle now Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith did confirm. facebook post late Wednesday that yes. Homes indeed were burned during Wednesday's big run. But said that it'll be several days before a full assessment can actually take place sheriff. Smith wrote given the amount of area burned the terrain that the burn was in and the active fire that remains in many areas along the buckhorn. It's likely to be a few or several days before we have all those answers again, critical fire conditions are expected today with gusts of forty to forty, five miles per. Hour out of the West and humidity's in the teens are red flag warning is issued for the fire beginning at Eleven A. M. This morning. So that's the latest that latest information we have on the Cameron peak fire. Again, keep those crews who are battling those flames in your thoughts and prayers a ten now thirteen ten, k. k. a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com. That's our local news roundup had some things I just wanted to pass along to you before they got to dated. Pulled this piece a boy a while back. Out of the Greeley trip by Jaden, Watson Fisher talking about the University of northern. Colorado. Veterans Services. Well, they're still hosting their annual five K., but it will take place as many things do these days virtually now UNC announced it will host the veteran services. Fall Twenty twenty. Freedom Five K in November participants will record their race using a mobile APP and they can share their time and distance with a screen shot or participate through the UNC veterans. Services Astrada. Run Group. Press release stated Dude Covid nineteen and the pandemic racing virtually this year that means you can join the five cave from anywhere in the country whether you're running on campus or running from home will be racing together. Now, registration is open and must be completed that deadline is is drying nigh This Monday must be completed by a nineteenth to receive the Freedom Five K T. Shirt and time for the race and You can find the registration link if you are interested in participating at live to the number to give to UNC dot org the registration fee forty dollars raises money for scholarships and programs offered by the Veterans Services Department the race is set to begin ten am on Saturday, November, seventh this of course, the weekend before Veterans Day. Piece I. Come across I, wanted to pass along to you just for your information. We talk about this every year This was a piece by Delaney in the Greeley trip this as the city of Greeley town of Windsor are hosting a prescription drug take back day Saturday October twenty fourth to help well, residents safely dispose of unused and expired medication. The Hours for the take back will be from ten am to two PM in both Greeley. Allocations and no questions asked now there will be three drop off locations in Greeley and Evans one in Windsor to Include Really Police Department at Twenty Eight, seventy, five, tenth street in. Greeley University Center on the campus of the University of Northern Colorado that's at twenty one a one tenth street in. Greeley Sam's Club parking lot thirty to forty seven twenty third avenue in Evans this location while also offer household shredding courtesy of express shredding. Solutions Windsor Police Department at two hundred. North. Eleventh Street in Windsor also. Drop off location in Greeley Evans social distancing drive through drop off will be available area residents dropping off medication can lead those in strategically placed receptacles to observe a distance thing drop off is available for any unwanted prescriptions or over the counter medications. But there are some restrictions the locations in Greeley Evans and Windsor will not accept needles or sharps, Mercury Oxygen Containers Chemotherapy or radioactive substances, pressurized canisters, or illegal drugs disposing of medications by flushing them down the toilet or throwing. Them, in the trash can pose well, some fairly notable health hazards and environmental hazards as well when drugs plush down the toilet, for example, there introduced into the water system. Now, just for comparison sake in October of two thousand, nineteen, the Greeley PD site collected four hundred and seventy eight pounds of prescription and over the counter medication town of Windsor Release reported in two thousand nineteen that Americans turned in nearly eight hundred, eighty, three, thousand pounds of prescription drugs at approximately sixty, three, hundred sites. These sites operated by the Drug Enforcement Administration throughout the nation with assistance from nearly five thousand members of state and local law enforcement according to information from the city of Greeley study shows the vast the most abused prescription drugs come from family friends and the at home medicine cabinet. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in two thousand, eighteen alone an average of forty one people died each day from overdoses including or involving prescription opioids totaling nearly fifteen thousand desk. So if you want to get more information on Medication Take-back Day again Saturday October twenty four ten, am to two PM at the previous. Previously mentioned locations. If you're interested in information in Greeley and Evans, you can visit the city of Greeley website at really gove dot com. In Windsor, you can also visit the Department website at Windsor PD DOT COM eight fifteen now thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by the candlelight dinner. playhouse where camelot takes center stage through October Twenty Fifth Candlelight Dinner playhouse Broadway, and your backyard visit Colorado. CANDLELIGHT DOT COM for more information than Patrick the whole show and Colin cowherd northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten Kfi a tune into the house show at noon and no Co. now at four pack to mornings with Kayla, northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten K of K. A Someone comes to news what masquerades for news these days and information sources. Then, asking you for quite some time a, whom do you trust? Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen dropped me attacks down thirteen ten Kfi am text line. Three, one, nine, nine, six, because I think it's safe to say this is abundantly clear readily apparent to even the most casual observer. Well, there is no end to the media bias against President Trump. And those who support him? All right. You basket of deplorables you know. I'm talking to you. From one of you. The News. That Steve Steve scully. Steve scully. Now you remember this right C. Span he lied about being hacked. He's lied before to hide a message to the Mooch now in the anti-trumpers Anthony Scaramucci is. It's kind of no ordinary moment. Think about it. Isn't it a pretty good confirmation That, as Michael Goodwin writes in The New York Post, the cancer of partisanship has eaten away at the heart of fairness and integrity at nearly all of the nation's leading media outlets. I think part of the problem is and check me on this calibrate me on this if I am wrong. Too many. So called journalists. They no longer see their role. As reporting the news. Now. It's more of a mission these days. Taking sides and twisting facts. To. Basically, make them fit a particular narrative. Now. Bombshell about scully. who was picked again to moderate the second presidential debate, but now suspended from c-span indefinitely. Well. That on the same day that was yesterday that big tech revealed that it too is absolutely rotten to the core. Twitter and facebook are blatantly wielding their enormous power. To keep Americans from learning pretty sordid truth. About. Joe, Biden's involved more involvement which category denies. With son Hunters Business? Schemes. Their Democrat protection plan involves the refusal to let their users share the Post report that in email shows the former vice president with an adviser to parise Ma again that Ukrainian energy company that put Hunter Biden on its board for a reported eighty, three thousand dollars a month. Is Probably. More. For the significance of that email that Joe Biden always claimed he didn't know anything about his son's business and never even talk to him about it. But as we told you this morning, there was a twenty fifteen email this adviser this Vadym for Sqi thanked Hunter Biden for the opportunity to meet your father and spend some time to gather. But hearing about this. In mainstream. Mass. terrains for mainstream news coverage. I don't know about you. I'm pretty much here in crickets. Nine seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven in this important information that we as voters. Can you imagine if we weren't talking about someone with the last name of Biden let's just say, Oh, the this story revolved around someone with the last name of trump. We would be bombarded. With stories about it. Whatever happened to journalism eight, thirty now thirteen ten KFI KFI. Row Code now. Weekdays at four northern. Colorado's. Thirteen ten, Kfi K.. Football your dial two KPFK EH here. NFL. Games all season long and northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten k. f. k.. Thirty seven on your Friday morning congratulations you have. A workweek while. You're working over the weekend. We'll send you our best wishes for that. Thirteen time up day thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com mornings with Gail live and local from the auto collisions. Specialists does studios but you know what that means that time check time for Kevin car fact guys at the movies fat guys at the movies Dot Com, shameless plug. Of course you can hear his weekly syndicated radio show each and every Saturday right here on thirteen ten. K. A.. How you doing cannon How you doing though on doing good I, thought it down a few decibels. Let's let's calm down. Don't certain. That's right. There's enough pot stirring going around in almost every capacity. Here. You're doing good. Doing good. Good good. Good. Out of the way. I ca- little bit about the honesty new in theaters this week. this is in theaters and yeah. Still just to remind everybody there's still plenty of theaters opened. It was only regal that shutdown just depends on. You know if if your area is supplied by mostly regal but and there wasn't announcement that AMC is still saying, Hey, we may not make it to the year. You know we'll see a lot of it is you're going to see the smaller movies in. The come out. anyways it just wouldn't have been a big blockbuster but you know the coronavirus has had its effect on various things but the one thing it Cama stop. Is Liam Niessen, getting revenge. That's so. Yes. So we have Liam Neeson doing what he does best nowadays, and that is a revenge. Thriller plays a bank robber who was a master for small fortune of nine million bucks, and he meets a woman falls in love and wants to kind of come clean and start afresh life. So he calls the FBI to turn himself in and when they sent an agent, the agent decides to keep the money for himself well. The last thing you WanNa do is is take off Liam in a movie 'cause he'll pick up a cell phone just call you and say, Hey, I'm coming for you. And that means you got big trouble. Yes. That's right. So that's what he does. Now I mean the the guys like like sixty eight. So they do dial back a little bit on the the hand to hand combat and not as pervasive as it was in. The first couple taken movies, but he's still doing stuff from cars and blowing things up and being very he's a formidable opponent I. This is one of those Liam Nathan actions that it gives you exactly what you want. It's IT'S Junk Food Cinema know it's the movie equivalent of a big Mac. It's not gonNA, win any awards. It's not gonna be the greatest thing ever but you know it's enjoyable. It's kind of fun to watch. It gives you everything you would be promised with a Liam niessen movie where he's threatening people on revenge over cell phone. That's what you want, and it's not trying to break the mold and that's kind of what makes it work I want them to remake Schindler's list. Sequel to it call up call of Hitler and be like I know who you are and I'm coming for Ya Schindler's list to Schindler's pissed. Wow. All righty. Dan. You know what's interesting Liam Niessen because you GotTa love. MICA. Right. On The Voice of God coming into the. Whole. But now the first couple of taken movies I have to admit and I took some heat from this but was doing movie reviews way back. Then it was like a quivalent of Dark Ages I I didn't buy into Liam Niessen in that role I just really didn't work for me. It took me a while to get used to him you know just been. I'm coming for you. It took it took them Juki fifty seven more releases and you're like, okay. Start to see it. Does work I get it. You know. What I mean he's he's a big guy and I think that's what really sold it. But what's funny is he had a full long career in Ireland before you even started doing American films in the nineties you know. showed up a couple of years in the original movie crawl. So he showed up every now and then in an American or or across production but he had yet end big career, and then he moved over into American films. And just it's weird that in his late fifty settled into this I'm going to beat the holy shale out of you if you cross me. Nobody does work and. It's It's Comforting. It is comforting in an odd sort of way know we're talking about somebody beating the shale out of somebody well by the way? But it is comforting because it's something that isn't abnormal in twenty twenty. It's. It's not a great movie, but it's Kinda like you're like, Oh, I remember when we used to get those in the theater. I remember watching it and I was like, I'm like. This is fun. This is fine. Good, it's. It's. It's a little bit of escapism. That you haven't, and for that matter 'cause like some of the movies he's done in the past the like the last one he did worry a snowplow driver I think in. DENVER. Actually I remember that. That one is based on a Norwegian movie. So of course, they had to make sure it kind of follow the script there. This one I think is just an original script. So they're just like we're just GonNa Make Liam. Liam Neeson all over the place. s only he can do. All. Right. What's a backtrack? A little bit because we were talking about? Well, it's kind of an uphill battle for movie theaters. Terms of what their future is not because of anything that they're doing wrong. But let's say many theatergoers not early adopters in terms of getting back into theater, right? Yeah. Well, in a lot of a lot of that again and I remember saying this months ago the problem within. The movie are not essential I mean they're great and we love them but you don't it's not like a grocery store you you need to go somewhere and get your groceries. You don't have to go to the movie theaters and when you look at the at home experience, things have gone so high up in quality at the at home experience. there. There's there's a lot of options now and I think what that's done is that it's it's not. Giving people, other outlets. It's revealed other outlets that people are very comfortable with I think the way you're gonNA have to take out a second mortgage for your popcorn and A. Real butter on it as well. What about releases release dates? We talked a little bit about that. How many of the studios are pushing back those big release states? have any other fallen to that same plight? There's there's been a lot pretty much everything has been moved out of the out of twenty twenty I mean I think I think wonder woman is still sitting there at Christmas but but we'll see. They moved James Bond they. They moved soul out of the release date, and that's going directly to the Disney plus on Christmas Day. So the and Dune has gotten moved. Those are the big releases that were still of remaining on the schedule, and that's a result of tenant. Not Driving a lot of people, theaters and. That may have been premature that and I think part of it's just where we are I in regardless of what's going on with like the coronavirus. It's just where we are with movies there's no big movie that's driving people theaters whereas like last summer I think if you would've put this the second vendors movie and game in I, think a lot of people would have taken a risk and gone same thing if this were five years ago when Star Wars are making the four wakened I think people would have said I don't care. I'll walk in and has met suit but I'm watching star wars when it releases. We just don't have that this. Just happened to be a lowly in giant events films I. Guess You could say, and so when tenant didn't do very well. All. The other big releases they said, well, we're just better just to kind of just push those. Away and and see what happens. But unfortunately, the model that most multiplexes run on its a blockbuster model and it's been that way since the eighties. And what what we're finding is that maybe the the the current model, the business model that runs these multiplexes may have to adjust maybe they'll go to smaller theatres maybe they'll go to fewer the and then there'll be delivering content directly it through streaming as as a more relevant option in the future I think movie theaters will always be there but they're certainly gonNA change well, and I don't think anyone ever expected in our widest our wildest imaginations that drive ins would become so in vogue again. But unfortunately I mean, we're gonNA start losing those. You know nobody's GonNa want to go to a drive in February At least at least, not anywhere north of the Mason Dixon Line you know. All right. So speaking about the viewer experience at Home Netflix's going gangbusters obviously, and let's see the newest The newest addition there is the trial of the Chicago seven. Let's talk about that. Yeah. Now it is. It is released on that is available on Netflix now, and this is that's leaks doing a jump into the award season because this has a lot of people attached to it is being released in theaters as well. So you check your local listings I. IF YOU WANNA get on the screen, there should be opportunities, it maybe maybe. Not, right there in Greeley but if you got on the Denver, I'm sure that somewhere is playing on the big screen but if you WANNA, watch it on Netflix since there's well, it's Aaron Sorkin wrote and directed it, and it's the story of the trial that took place after the nineteen sixty, eight democratic national convention when there was a riot outside between police and protesters, and it's the people they the the Nixon administration brought up for trial for conspiracy and it's it's pulled right from the court transcripts and what's funny if you watch it, I mean. I I don't even think I think it was like the year before I was born. So so it's been a while since. But I didn't watch it on. TV. So this is a history lesson for me and it was watching stuff going on in this movie and like there's no way that happened in American courtroom and then you go look it up and you're like, no, that's absolutely did ask. And it. What's interesting about it is A. Personal. It's a great cast. You Got Sacha Baron Cohen is Abbie Hoffman you've got Franklin Jealous. The judge got Mark Rylance as one of the defenders. Defending Lawyers, you've got any remains one of the defendants you've got Joseph Gordon lead prosecutor. So it's got a great cast and it it shows. A lot of the you know how messy it is finding fault and and looking and finding a way to divine through all the chaos housing started and that's relevant to today. I was just GonNa say that words right out of my mouth. Yeah I mean it's it's a really neat movie and very well directed and delete. Yeah. It's like like I said it's it's I. I really enjoyed it as a history as as well as the relevancy today. Pretty Stark Reminder Cautionary Tale Oh. The tangled web we weave. Definitely. Kevin, car guys at the movies fat guys at the movies dot. com again, not to be repetitively redundant, you can hear his weekly syndicated radio program as from noon to one. Also one of the newest additions to our thirteen ten KFI block party heard on Wednesdays Kevin. Thanks so much as always have a great weekend. All right you too. Eight fifty now, thirteen ten Kfi K.. Party northern Colorado's forks thirteen ten KFI K. The block party Wednesdays from four to ten. PM. Another addition of football Friday in this one actually has a broncos preview coming up on the next show thirteen, ten camp. and that's exactly what firefighters are doing. Keep them in your thoughts in your prayers As they battle, they continue to battle that Cameron peak fire now the largest. Fire in Colorado history, they indeed are holding the line. This is that fire made that surreal run on Wednesday it was heartbreaking to see but containment still at fifty six percent mother nature not really cooperating all that. Well to aid their efforts joined this morning by Megan's atmospheric scientists a channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists. Hey, Matt. L.. All Week today. We're doing pretty darn well and you. About the door. Yeah. That's good. All right. So is mother nature going to give those firefighters not only at the camera and peak fire but other fires that of course, that are blazing? Give them a break. No. Knows sadly. Yesterday most of cameron peaks, smoke, plume kind of pain yesterday, most of what was coming through was from the east troublesome fire, which brand which ignited like late, Wednesday but both of those will be watching very very carefully today and tomorrow especially tomorrow because the wind is GonNa howl again, tomorrow and then also throughout next week, there's GonNa be some cold fronts that come to just sadly, not really rain or snow with him but at least colder temperatures can't be of help but these systems come through with too much wind and that's all the Washington again today and tomorrow Because I gotTa tell you I was driving up to Fort Collins from loveland after the show on Wednesday and I mean it was it was heartbreaking to see that fire run and knew that it was burning homes because of the color of the smoke that dark smoke always indicative of combustibles, and I can't tell you how many I saw. I was driving up on. Taft. Road. From. LOVELAND UP TO PORT COLLINS number of people that had pulled off the side of the road myself included and we're just were standing there just flabbergasted I can't remember ever seeing anything like that. Yeah it's pretty intense. So all the pictures that I saw even the satellite imagery to to your point, you can watch those things really flare when it hits a structure. and you could tell mid day the pictures that were coming in from viewers and things that you smoke was Dallas. That's different. Not only from an air quality standpoint, but just the structures were going up and then later that night I listened to some of the fire incident folks describe how quickly it had expanded and all the new hot spots and things, and it is heartbreaking. It is really really heartbreaking to think of the people that had all of a sudden. You think that a fire you know you're you're told, it's not gonNA reach you then all of a sudden. Is Get out now or lose everything. So yeah. And I mean, if know I was reading some stories. Speaking to your point about the evacuations and to a person they said, no, this was serious. We had to get out there not kidding around absolutely terrifying. So well, not a break in the weather no precipitation of any measure. Some folks will catch rain and a little bit of snow Saturday night and Sunday maybe Sunday night. But honestly the total there is bleak maybe enough to get tissue paper wet is about all that data indicate so we don't have a high chance or high likelihood of high priest coming Anytime Soon All right channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists that Megan's thanks so much have a great weekend. Eight fifty-seven now thirteen ten Kfi K., Dan? Patrick. The whole show and Colin cowherd northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten k. f. k.. Coming your way with your host of Grady Hall from noon to two no code. Now with your host Tanner swint at four and a high school football mead at Roosevelt pre-game coming your way tonight at six thirty. What are you GonNa do lock right here. Code now. Weekdays at four another in Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI K..

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