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"pardon hopkins" Discussed on NFL Live

"Matthew Stafford never had a playoff win until this campaign now can he go win the Super Bowl. Stafford throws the fate back shoulder Cooper cubs got it. Matthew Stafford's done it again. They need to gain one to keep their hopes alive and Super Bowl 56. He flings it away up north down. Aaron Donald got there the greatest of all time on defense does it in the biggest moment of Super Bowl 56. A Lombardi trophy for Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Rams are world champion. Welcome to NFL live presented by Windows 11 and Intel. We'll hear more from you, right? But Marcus, what did you see on that final drive? Matt Stafford delivery. And brother, messed up for delivery. I was going to come in here and make you mad, 'cause he did throw two interceptions. But we gonna forget about it. They won the Super Bowl. Yeah. But here's the deal. That is why Sean mcvay brought Matthew. That last drive to get a touchdown was the reason why I show mcvay traded Jared Goff to get Matthew Stafford because I needed a guy to overcome when I'm not on my game. And let me tell all of America. Sean mcvay was not on this game. In this Super Bowl. But Matthew Stafford delivered Matthew Stafford experience showed up his arms straight shoulder, ball placement showed up, but more importantly, you had ten other guys in the huddle that said, this guy can lead us to a touchdown. Yeah. And so everybody level increases. Everybody job heightens because yes, if we do our job, our quarterback will get us there. And y'all know I said on this show a long time, a year ago, two years ago and I said, man, I just I do not trust Jared Goff. He a liar. I trusted Matthew Stafford in that situation. Even after two interceptions, I still felt confident that he would make enough plays in order to give his team a chance to win it. I think two things stood out for me throughout the game that allowed that drive to happen. I thought he was phenomenal with his feet. Specifically early against Lou Anna rumo, their defensive coordinator for Cincinnati's. The Bengals is a set that he gave them, and then really good job using his eyes. Look at him, just climb the pocket on second 11, don't force the football. Go get 7 yards in a scramble. Dude, this is the getting to number 5 in the progression to Cooper Cup on third and four, just watch his feet bounce, balance pounds. Look how quickly he's getting through that. I'm telling you, this is a different guy than when I played with him 6, 7 years ago, his feet, his feet, the reset, and then his eyes watch this angle. Hold, hold, hold and then come back all the way holding that safety jet, Jesse Bates to find Cooper Cup. And I think the thing is when you do that when Matthew does that, he listens to his feet, and then he uses his eyes great. Then he plays really smart. You know, I know he threw the two interceptions, but I would push back and say, there wasn't there was not a single throw that was careless. That was reckless. It was like an armpit. Right, he's trying to make the fit the ball. Right. So, you know, that was really impressive to watch. And he doesn't get the opportunity in the game to go on that game winning drive. If he doesn't do those two things throughout the majority of it. What struck me about the game winning drive in particular is something that markers said, which was McVeigh to not have a very good game. And that drive in particular, it wasn't Sean mcvay using the joystick, manipulating the quarterback getting those wide open play action throws. We're so used to. It was talent. Yes. It was the quarterback making special throws and then a special wide receiver getting open and the play calling really didn't have that much of a big deal to do with any of it. The 22 yard throw, do people come. I just can not stop watching this throat. You know, for a long time with Matthew Stafford, he would make throws similar to this in Detroit, these kind of no look trek passes and what would happen was the videos would come out and Lions fans would say, well, if this was Patrick Mahomes, it would be on SportsCenter. Well, the problem was they were in meaningless games. In the most meaningful game at the most meaningful point at the pivotal moment in Matthew Stafford's career, he delivered. He looked off the safety, held him there, looked at Clinton or pardon Hopkins, and then he threw one of the most beautiful past I've ever seen in my life. I honestly can not get over how you do. You know what was super impressive about him even with the two interceptions. And I actually retweeted, I was like, I'm not that mad at the first interception. You could tell that Matthew Stafford came into this game saying, I'm going to be measured. I'm going to be patient. And I'm going to let things come to me. And he could have gotten lost in the Super Bowl thing. And on that drive in particular with the Bengals DBs were playing off patiently working his way down. You know, how much though of the trust and Cooper cut allows him to be patient at times. And then take those risks when he needs to. But reps and reps and reps of all the off season together and believing you're going to be where you're supposed to be. And I also think this. And we mentioned this a little bit throughout the season. Matthew had to transition a little bit from I'm in Detroit, we stink. I've got to play hero ball and try to make the crazy throws to I'm on the rams. I got a great team around me. I don't have to force the issue. And then we saw in the last month when they needed him to play big time ball. He was able to do it. But I think it was that transition from him to believing. I don't have to make all these crazy throws all the time. You know, the other thing too that has been prevalent in his career is that Matthew Stafford doesn't play well in the biggest game. So I think he shattered that. Significantly, too. A little bit more on it. Yeah, let's go to this. He led the NFL with an 89 and a half to VR in the fourth quarter of one. The season. That's insane. Join 2007 Eli Manning is the only quarterbacks to lead three game winning drives in a single postseason. So the Super Bowl win caps off an incredible postseason run for Stafford. That may not even be the best way to say it where you can't come up with enough adjectives to describe what he's done. How does this change the narrative Dan first Stafford's career? I think he's a lot Hall of Famer. He's a lock Hall of Famer and he's a Super Bowl champion. And I think he's been called a lot of things by a lot of people. You have to call him a Super Bowl champion and you have to call him the Hall of Famer now. And I would put into context of this four game run, I would say it's one of the, if not the most clutch, stretch performances, we've ever seen from a quarterback. You just mentioned it three straight game winning drives led by the quarterback that hasn't been done. I mean, when they need him to make the biggest plays on the biggest stages, he did it week after week after week, and I think that to get in the Hall of Fame and Michael Irvin said this this morning, you gotta have great stats and you gotta have moments. He's gonna be top 7 in everything when he gets done. And now he's got one of the greatest postseason performance stretches we've ever seen. I think two man, what I was gonna talk about is even being measured in that game. We ain't seen there are Henderson all season. And Matt was like, oh, you got to match up? Yeah. That's where I'm going. Right. Van Jefferson. Same thing. When they lost OBJ, you could see this offense kind of go flat. And it was Matt Stafford and that final drive saying I am the best guy on the field with the ball of my head. Yesterday he did all that without Odell Beckham junior, Robert Woods and Tyler higbee. Yeah. But I was gonna say an in and also it's an interesting contrast to what happened in Green Bay, where Aaron Rodgers was so locked in on devonte Adams didn't really target any other wide receivers, some open guys, staffer didn't miss those open targets you mentioned OBJ, it's a moment that really makes you sick from yesterday's game. No don't Beckham junior goes down with the non contact knee injury, and it was that same knee where he tore his ACL back in 2020. So Nina, what do you make of that news? Well, it's absolutely brutal. I mean, it's thrill for OBJ to get a Super Bowl ring, but obviously headed into free agency. If he was completely healthy, you'd have to think.

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