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Speaking Up, Spiritual War, Healthy Boundaries with RA

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Speaking Up, Spiritual War, Healthy Boundaries with RA

"To the elders, because they have taught me how to stand in my truth how to speak my mind and speak. Speak up for myself. And I've been working with the elders for like seventy years. and. Maybe I was opening up secret space and sharing things like yoga, and and and and talking stick with them, but they were really for me my teachers. Migrants teachers. They taught me so many things that are so valuable to us right now. And is saddens me. That, we are living in a time in twenty twenty where. So many of our elders have. Passed away. And? My heart mourns for them. My heart move mourns for all of you who have lost a significant one in the recent times. Especially joined these days when you're able to appropriately mourn. Your loved one. Wendy go into the hospital and if they get a rapid diagnosis of COVID. Everybody is quarantined away from that individual. And there's been so many stories that I've heard that have broken my heart when you think about people who are elder, and they have never been alone and all of a sudden, not only do they find themselves alone time late this, but they also. Are doing it by themselves. and. How have we? How are we regarding our elders? I've been thinking about those so so much. Thinking about them so much, and I wanted to jump on here and say hi to everyone. There's so many things that I want to share needs to share but I. have this conversation focused and today? My messages are going to be about boundaries and standing in your truth and standing in your moral ground. You Morris, you moral center. A lot of us are being asked to go in to go inside and really feel out how it is that. We're being called to move forward. It's so easy when you're part of a group, a collective and you're gaining momentum to sort of get lost in our am I going with the momentum diffuse right for me. Is this really? Does it agree with me and my core? And the reason I posed this question to you. Community is that many of us are getting deceived in these days these moments of now where? The Great Deception is here. And I truly believe. I'm not the only one who believes this that we are. Actively witnessing a spiritual war. and. This is where my conversation about boundaries is coming from. Is. Wanting to up this discussion with the community, because some view to be quite honest, are sending me private messages because you are also check in and we yourself and. Seeing what you're seeing on TV. Seeing what you're seeing outside seeing and here for yourselves. What leadership is communicating? And, it seems like a bunch of tremendous budget most of the time. This is why Parada can was born. She's a visionary. A few years ago of you visit. I'm her teeny podcast. There little now. Not None of the messages are outdated because she spoke so much about. Cancel culture about how cow you know in her teeny one minute rant about. How disconnected, we are as a society. How manipulative we are with each other how controlling we are. HOW OBSESSIVE WE ARE! How something Lank! In the vein of boundaries. One of my first boundaries that I learned to. Communicate without any fear is. No will not give you my number and I say this to my loved ones to friends to to people that I work with was like I. Don't want to give you my number because I don't want anyone calling my number and it sounds so grotesque, but when you have a history like the one I did where for eleven years sometimes there were three or four or five or six, seven `electronic ways that people were getting at me in one day, sometimes in one day I had conversations with hundreds of people as a line producer, working on these productions and when you come home and. You you WANNA go home to rest. You WanNa go home to be with family. You understand that you need if you don't put a boundaries between what you did at work and what you're doing at home. You're not. GonNa be able to make it. 'cause you like everybody else. We're human beings, and we need goal time, and we also need quiet you thinking time. One of the things the coronavirus pandemic has done for a lot of us whether we wanted to or not is that it stopped life for us right in our tracks. and. When that happens. It's. It's one of those things that. Create so much pause. It also brings in a lot of information a lot of information that cannot be denied that I cannot be refuted. It's like when you know you know you know you know. and. These days there's great trickery that is being imposed on the masses through the television. And this is why I'm being such a squeaky wheel, so you don't need to know me. You don't need to know whether or not have following. Just look at my professional history and may be. My message clearly is there. I understand how? A story can be weaved together I understand the making of television so when I look at a story when I'm seeing the news I. Always look at it as a production. Sometimes what we see presented to us. It's just a masterful theatrical play. Some of the people leadership that has been posing. They're great posers. They have been posing as our friends and they are not. Some people in leadership are involved with very. Dark occult practices. Now. Not just in leadership, but you know a lot of speculate that this is also a can be seen in maybe law enforcement, and on in in some of aspects of production in Hollywood where there seems to be a group of people who seem to be friends, and they support each other, but when you start sort of like digging in and checking out what they're doing, who they're friends. Is You know I grew up with simple? All school wise sayings like the Miko King and The king added. and. One never forgets that like. Tell me who you walk with and I'll tell you who you are. And so, who are you walking with? What messages are you walking with? doodles messages make you feel good deals. Messages elevate. You is coming from leg, rifle, anger and rifle justice. Is Turning and twisting and becoming something else. You see when we activate this. We're just activated. Energy Anger, emotional, chaotic current. We leave ourselves wide open. In our field. Why do we leave ourselves wide open because we're our emotion, and when we are in our emotion whether it's. We're in deep fear or We're in deep anxiety or where we are in deep anger. It's very easy for any one of us to get misled. It's very easy for any one of us to say or do the wrong thing. Why that field at that moment of chaos is wide, open and what? Does the devil like more than chaos. God's House is ordinarily. I know that I have community members that are gonNA. Get a little bit upset at me about that. With, think about it. How can God's house now be orderly. have. You ever been to a temple to pray and found yourself in a big mess. With an unkept temple or, CHURCH God's House is orderly. We, If. We're going to make a join this time together as a family. These conversations not only that we should be thinking about, but also. Being courageous to. Take that inventory. Now I did a show a couple of days ago with. My friend Ruth Guten and I was telling them a story about the standards and back in the day I was filled of double standards to the point when somebody would say to me like. Don't you think that what you said is wrong lake? It's filled with the standards. It's inconsistent and I'm like yeah. I'm aware of that I'm aware that it's a double standards and I just don't give no. Fox's I don't care. That mindset worked for me. Maybe at that time. The I don't care or like yeah, double standards like you know. We see a lot of double standards happening right now. Double Standards in argument. I want this but I'm not. I don't want it for you. Only one for me or why only wonderful my group? And, these a sort of dangerous ways to thank because again everybody's mind and they see the world. Everybody's different. We see the world very differently. and. Many people are trying. So. Perfectly. To condition of away from our own thinking power, and from our own divine print. And one of the ways that this has been done. and. We have all been affected by this day. Something that we call mind control something. Now we call programming. This doesn't necessarily mean you're in a science lab. We're talking about the television. We're talking about when you listen to someone leadership and in five minutes they repeat the same message over and over again. Did terms. Look, let's talk about the terms that we are understanding in the moment of now. Social, distancing with thing. A couple of months before no nobody had it, but in order for them to condition you and I to take up this term, and also what it means to not only, did they? Repeat it over and over and over again, but they also sold it to us. Pay attention to what I'm saying. They sold it to us. Coaching Coaching coaching. Okay there's a lot of people making money in. In in price-gouging dings of the have to do with like disinfectants and mask. The mask is an hot topic item. There are people. Who are getting sick from wearing. The mask is meant to be worn eight hours a day consistently. You are breathing in your own carbon dioxide. You are breathing in your own bacteria. So somebody like me if I'm outside, I'm not wearing a mask if I have to go into. Business, establishment and their rule say you can't walk in without one. And I WANNA go in and I have a decision to make right. I wear I wear. Oh, I don't. If I know there's somebody elderly around me. I'm going to be respectful. I'm going to keep my distance, but I'm not gonNA. Wear the mask because let me tell you what happens when I wear masks I'm having trouble breathing and I'm not even wearing it for too long. Now the other day this past Monday to shared the show in which. She was mentioning with us. This woman posted. That up! She didn't. Sorry. Struggle Thought This woman mother was saying that her daughter was working in this place wearing a mask eight hours a day and she caught an infection. She ended up in the hospital. So yeah, a lot of people are getting like catching infections, and it gets automatically diagnosis Colbert, which is another controversial topic. This just so much to talk to you guys about it's overwhelming. It's overwhelming because. Everything is moving so fast so fast that it's hard for any of us to have a handle and a grasp. About what's happening? But we as a people need to have these conversations, so whenever I come on, here is not my intention tension to just wasted time and Blah Blah Blah. It's to share a message of what I'm learning as I am my sister and Ruthie guten continued to produce a podcast about news and politics and politics and social commentary. That and we've been doing this for eight years. When? We got shut down my sister and I called it a week. Go shopping. Some of you listened, and some of you laughed at us. And we went, and we did our shopping a week later people were stuck with lacking of many resources and were stuck on longlines. So. How do we know certain things? Will All we do? Is Study this throughout the week? So! This show may happen once or twice or three times a week depending on how I'm presenting to you, but this work doesn't stop never stops and has a stop for any of us. This is seven days a week. And and this is something that just comes out of. There's a hole in the communication. Between what the community really needs to be talking about. Let me. Remind you that. When we watch the news, it's only. A message for the most part that's going to bring you fear. Keep, you in an anxious state. Or keep you in a divided state. They are rarely any messages in mainstream media that makes us feel good about ourselves that elevate and expand our consciousness, and we need to have more of those conversations in this moment. things like what we're talking about is not popular right now, so my show, our shows are not getting love people that are present content like the ones we do. They are getting deep platforms. They're getting shadow bands I suspect. We've been chateau band I. mean our numbers barely move, but our messages is getting through because we're getting messages. From our community members who don't feel confident enough to speak out loud because the bully mob gets at them. When did it become so dangerous to speak your mind? When did it become so dangerous to to have a favourite and politics? When did it become so dangerous to explore other possibilities? Why are people so threatened by it? I'm not trying to put ideas into your mind. One I'm trying to say. Is that these days? All of you can benefit from not only taking tech breaks, which is a form of boundaries. And taking people breaks right so the number two number one is take tech breaks. Number two is take people breaks. Number three. Create a moment for yourself where you treat yourself at least five minutes every day. One thing we know for sure. Is that this world that we're living in? Is Very different. There's no going back to the year. That started that we started with. As life moves so fast. We need to take these moments to have these kind of conversations together as a community. Where we can share ideas and talk about things that we are discovering. Without fighting. I'll give you an example. one of the reports shared was about the fireworks now. We all know that in New York City and in in different regions that we've been experiencing a higher number of fireworks than usual. Now, I just assumed that it was just Brooklyn even though I knew that it was a lot more than usual. For us and meet growing up in this neighborhood. The month leading up to July fourth has always been a fireworks, but not as much as it's been these last couple of weeks. And speaking to friends that live in different places. Just check in on them. Something would come up hey. There's more fireworks you than usual. Hey, I live over here. I've never heard fireworks period on. It was July. Fourth something's going on. If feels like. Like We're being programmed to just live with this noise to be in this chaos. We are being bombarded. Beings on so many levels. Not just the fear porn coming out of the television screen. The low level thinking of some of the leadership. The manipulation schemes the violence we are witnessing. Between Humans Justified unjustified. Because one wrong. Does it get righted by another wrong? You know you could be thinking all you know. We just joining in these thousands of protesters. You have no idea how the noise and and the rockies how that rattles! The nerves of of of the people that around join the neighborhoods of the elders. How many holders are not sleeping well? How many people have been having your heart attacks? How many? Babies are restless. The the animals that are so afraid. The everybody's getting affected. That's my point, not just you and me, not just the animals by everybody and you know who's one of the most disregarded. Like communities is the elders and children. To. That really can't defend themselves yet. The elders and the children within this whole. Manton is that we are all experiencing. Where are their advocates? How come we're not questioning governor. CUOMO and his decision to send. Corona virus. Patients to nursing homes, and then turning around and saying that he's going to hold the nursing. Homes accountable. For their mishandling only had one job to do, and that was to take care of the patients, but there's no accountability about what he did. There's only pointing fingers and I'm I. Don't know about you. I'm tired of just seeing groups. People people that I love politicians. Take just pointing fingers. Nobody's taking accountability. Guess what if nobody takes accountability for any of their actions? We are not moving forward as a society. We have very vulnerable populations right now. We have bigger chest pieces that are being set up. That are thinking five ten twenty steps ahead of what we understand. We are all getting played on some level and fighting right now about color and histories, and who was more pressed. May, not be the strategy that is gonNA. Be the most effective right now. We need to talk and figure out. How do we move forward cohesively because there is a bear enemy here at play? And this feels like it's a multidimensional spiritual war. Some of the. Not Talking about the peaceful protesters and talking about the violence that has. In faded. Those. Places! If feels like demonic energy. Now there is even. Video of Satan is joining some of these protests. Like I'm not making this up leg. The truth is stranger than. Than than you would believe and. And believe me I. I really. Wish that I could just be have a little innocent mind. That I. could just you know? HANG OUT WITH MY CRYSTALS? And and and he'll with the plant medicine does the things that we those tools are are important for us to use. So I want to also make sure that I give you a little bit of an update, but I don't want you know I don't want him take too long. And just wanted to share this message that. Hope Indian day we have to walk with awareness. Trust your heart. I feel that. There are going to be more protests in the future. And I also feel that. I in my heart that some of us shouldn't even be going to some of these protests. Because? I feel that a lot of ugliness could spark out. For parties who want the division between US brothers sisters to continue. The, people who? Are Waving the magic wand are unseen. A lot of US point the finger to Donald Trump. Really we all know that presidents they come to go. He's not really the true power here. So why have we allowed the media to convince us and the politicians that that is the most evil man on the planet? Take yourself out if ninety percent of the messaging. If you understand that when you check out twitter. You will see most. Mostly a certain kind of mindset populating the feed. But other mindsets that are rooted in logic and facts in in some of the more grounded reasonings that I've ever heard. It's chaos. The Devil doesn't like the truth. Devil wants to live in chaos. And the devil wants to invite all of us to play there and it's fun. We all have our points in our journeys. When we get crazy, we'll get local. Aware your boundaries. Where are your boundaries? You need to have boundaries a lot of people. Are not seeing like. You know protesting is for public streets, but the moment you go into somebody's property. You are putting yourself at risk. We don't live in a safe world. And Art and each of our constant, each of our actions have consequences may be not at the moment, but sometimes much later. And again when we act. And we make a decision. When we destroy somebody with a words with our mind with her mouth with our actions with our physicality. And it's done. In a moment of rage. or in a moment of agitation or frustration I mean don't get me wrong. We're all human things this stuff happens. But. We're living in moment where in days where we have to check ourselves because some people are just. Fueling all of these? Attacks from people. And everybody's human. You could only take so much, so imagine if somebody's constantly you know digging and digging and digging at you and poking poking and poking at some point. You're going to get upset. And one a you know. Lash back at someone. Some choices we make. Our forever choices. Their choices I've made in my past. That I can't take back. That haunt me to this day. You can't take back time especially when it comes to. Not Treasuring, a loved one. So as I start winding down my messages before I go jump real quick to the updates. As, is WANNA? Remind you family. Treasure, your loved ones treasure an honor yourself. And to repeat. Take. Tech breaks. Take. People bricks. And take treat yourself. Five minute, breaks. Every day. To sustain yourself, it's. Selfish to do this. It's an act of selflessness. It's inactive love. You could take those five minutes to just sit. We're yourself in gratitude polls. We like one hand over your heart and the other one earlier. Tommy inches. Just breathe. So I WANNA to move into some updates, so garcia the break updates were still doing Monday mornings route the Iran and you listen to our live. PODCAST visiting coffee to break Org a Monday mornings. And you could catch the replays on the podcast feed so whichever your podcast catcher is your favorite you know do that. And then I wanted to talk to you about. Scott, a seato body updates Gotha seat the body. GUAR is a new sister to Kathy to break a Spanish language. Arts and it's a team. Spiritual Arts and entertainment channel, and right now I'm producing two shows three shows. With money Gutierez Cassia meritas abuna daughter that means rituals of wellness and we'll be talking about. You know little things. Simple acts of love of treat yourself love. Then you can take for yourself and your family and I recommend. The you tune in were taking a break this coming up Sunday because July fourth weekend, but tune in the following. Sunday which I believe, it's July twelve. If I'm not mistaken, and that's say eight thirty, and then we have. I want to show you this. What a looks like! Isn't that adorable? Douala's the Abuna Stud and then I produce a show. I go live with Deacon. A nine o'clock facebook live you see done with rabbi by. The Warwick well. And and Momento. The Parents Are Gone Haunt Emeka Dini. He has been a Deacon for over twenty years, and he's GonNa. Be Sharing Medicine for the soul missing about on Massinissa Sita so much for us to be having spiritual expansive conversations with the community. And, we also have a little. Fundraiser we have a seat, the body Guar shirt and it's on T- spring. You could visit of a Seato Bori. That is the Mug and. That the. Let me, come back. Okay. And, then moving onto botanical updates. We. Are. Open for curbside. and. in-store. By appointment only. So you need to send us an email if you wanna kind of is the shop to pick something up, and also it's short visits right because we gotta make sure that were were able to hold space for the community that wants to come and get their stuff, so it's unfortunately going to be a little bit different for now, and we're not loving us, but in keeping with the social distancing and the protocols that are that are that? You know that we need to follow as we do this reopening. It's GonNa have to be like that, so if you WANNA, come visit the shop. Send us an email and you can. visit. BOTANICAL DOT COM. BOTANICAL DOT COM. You have a couple of options you can send us an e mail, or you can leave a message. You can call leave a message. You can request to send you a cure package or like I, said you can. come and visit the store for due to to set up an in-store appointment. A some people know what they want, so they're like. Hey, I want a couple of sales that other, and then we agree on a time, and then we meet you outside where everything already. Ready to go with your with a little care package. We're also wanting to share that. We are part of the tariff family and if you wanted to. You know place an order with us. You can visit, but donegal dot com, and you could visit the links, and if you tune in Sunday nights when me Maria, have our chat were also be talking about recommended. Oils joins US time, so you know it is our intention to be as helpful as possible, and if you want to visit and learn more bucket seat, the woody quite do have a fundraiser that I am engage John. We need to raise money to upgrade. and. Upgrading video equipment professional status that's thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars, so I'm doing what I, what I got and that is the seat to break anthem. make a Weber which means do what you can why you have and. So that you can take swift. Take you to the next step at lower EPA is. Our slogan for coffee, the body as well at lower Look at where the any your lower. What else can we do? These days are uncomfortable. That we find ourselves in. As we close out. I WanNa just Kinda Ino- that. You can also send us some an email. Lead the Perez Sisters. NYC AT JAMILE DOT COM, and also I have a class that's coming up. On A C I can get it up is called appreciation yoga and I'm going to be doing a class V. Zoom Eleven am July. Eleventh. And Appreciation Yoga is not about poses even though I do do some breathing exercises, and you just show you. The Q little banner, appreciation Yoga, an online circle with yours truly and the magical heart tribe a police. Portal. It's a portal where your higher self. And divine child me. I One must be like a divine child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Me and. Thank you for your presence I. Pray that you and your loved ones a well. It just. Enclosing and just want to remind you that. Be careful this weekend. stay away from fireworks because some of a lot of people are reporting that they are illegal fireworks, being used and some people got hurt. And lastly asked questions. If you or loved, ones get diagnosed with a covid diagnosis. For several reasons. Some of the tests are contaminated. And are giving false readings or giving you the virus, so I would kind of be a little cautious about taking a test if you don't need it, why take! Another one another reason is that. As I the research that I've done. There's a test that's forty five minutes, and it's a lot of money, and not all of the hospitals do that test so. When you if he does a loved one that's getting tested or you're getting tested Susie what tester giving you is at one that you gotta wait for the results will. If you have to wait for the results, then you are not diagnosed with cove it, but they are diagnosing. You were cove it. And then they start treating you as a and depending on the approach, some people have got entreated for something. They never had and they've died. And I suspect that a lot of people to have died. have been misdiagnosis mistreatments. This is not coming from me. This is coming from the. Doctors that are shouting and screaming. All over the world, trying to bring people like you I messages. But they get drowned down. And they risk their professional careers and licenses. To speak out to share messages. We you community. You know why because the mainstream media doesn't want you to know this. They are not your friends. They're not our friends. They only seek to inspire ugly feelings insiders so that we go out there mix it up. We opened as beautiful powerful portal and the chaos things come in. We are in a spiritual. and. We need to. Walk with God and pray whatever it is your spirituality that you connect with be with your circle where your power where your spiritual protection. And thank you for tuning in I. Love You which I've been dishonors. This is Roseanne Peres of Gopher Saito. Break with a community check-in. I Now!

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701: Black Box

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701: Black Box

"Support for this. American life comes from squarespace. Make your website your own. With the ability to customize look and feel settings products and more for a free trial of your new website visit squarespace dot com slash American and enter American squarespace. Think IT DREAM IT. Make it a quick warning. There are curse words that are unbeaten in today's episode of the show. If you prefer beeped version you can find that at our website. This American Life Dot Org so one of the things that's happening right now around the world that you have all these couples happy ones struggling couples couples in that kind of you know things seem okay but I don't know haze. Tens of millions of couples confined for weeks now. The relationships being remoted but as lockdown. It's an accelerator. It's a relationship accelerate too so it it rearranges the priority and choose the superfluous overboard. You know in a very clarifying way for many of those wondering what's happening with couples. I reached out to Estero. Parral a couples therapist if you've heard of her. She's probably best known for this idea from her book. Mating in captivity that takes a toll on couples and kills passion. And there's not enough distance between the partners. They do each other for everything for friendship. And a sense of identity and comfort and everything. A whole village used to provide a person. And she's very aware that under lockdown people are literally turning to the partners for everything these full schedule of couples more than she usually does. Interestingly she says this is an unusually good moment for therapy lockdown lots of clients who are opening up figuring out things in that don't normally like some of the men in the couple's sex for the first time actually doing therapy it's exciting basically because they stopped the slowdown their home and they're like they're like this blossoming of opening up into three dudes. You know three men at each test except like I don't want to get off the phone because you know it's very moving for most of the couples that you're seeing. What's your sense? Has the lockdown been good for them or bad for them soon? This is such an interesting to see Really both really both. I can't say one or the other couple of struggling the most or pretty much. Exactly the ones you'd expect people who even before all this who quick to pick their partners and criticize them and argue over who sacrificing most for whom but also in this where lives have been so profoundly disrupted another group doing badly people who you know. They've lost someone or have someone who's sick or they are. They are anxious. They worried and basically departure is unable to have an impact response. You know. What are you worried about? It's not good. There's nothing you know and people tell you you know my partner is the last Carson. I'm turning to for anything I'm feeling right now. It's like I have nowhere to go with this to be to be upset. Upset or scared or this constant sense of loss. Just of the willow the world. They've known their own identity. Their work all of that. Extreme circumstances are also driving people to reprioritize astaire's couples split up. Now there's move in together. Add most fascinating row reversals. She's cosmic one couple. Where one of the partners was always seen as the insecure one. She'd struggled through a traumatic childhood. It was agreed between the two of them that she was one who ended her stronger more together partner but now the deadly virus everywhere. She's around there. Too Difficult. Childhood gave her all kinds of coping and managing skills. She's basically you know I have known chaos. You put me in this crisis I know what to do. I knew what you before anybody around me. I wasn't that supermarket. I even look good stuff for the parents of my girlfriend. Who are who is not even here because I knew that they would need this and I just felt like now. The world is clear to me. I know what it needs from me. And you know in this particular relationship to women and It was a very interesting thing because it had. I don't think that side of her had ever been no. It had always been described as you're the one with the issues because you come from this very traumatic background so she became the functional one in the relationship. It was like a whole different way of being but it was also a revelation to herself. This turned everything around so she wasn't seeking partners approval all the time. She didn't need it. Which of course is healthy and great except for the partner. Who is used to being the strong one like? It's one thing to waste that. The person you're with is more assertive less needy. But he do when you get. That wish made her uncomfortable. And the way this doubt did not surprise the stair. All when when I when I am not comfortable with someone who is emancipating right next to me. I basically try to make them out themselves again because they themselves. They're not sure that they come to me. So that's what she was doing. Yes in all kinds of very subtle ways. Of course you know. This is not flagrant. So she would say things to encourage your former independent partner to second. Guess yourself to doubt herself things like it's so interesting that you WANNA do that. I told you didn't really that. That was not what you wanted to do. Or You weren't mentioned to me that that's that you don't WanNa bring your mom you don't want to call you father down. It's a bit of a mind which just gentle mine too you don't mean to do. It looks like it's a very rational conversation Ooh couples step process being locked down forcing them to confront things that they'd been avoiding might been ever actually stopped to figure out a couple of like this on our podcast show called. Where should we begin? We should records therapy sessions with real couples who volunteer. Do this anonymously on a podcast. Right now the sessions are couples on lockdown and episode two of the season couples living apart before covered nineteen. They had been together living in Italy. But you've got a job. Offer in Germany caused huge rift. She moved to Germany with teenage daughter. He didn't then this year. When it really became a hotspot for the virus finally moved in with him and finally he and she had to deal with each other. They were on the verge of divorcing. The moment this is over you know this is an interesting situation. Because covert nineteen basically brought them together under one roof they have been apart for a year and a half each one feels the other one. Abandon THEM SO COUVERT. Nineteen resolve the standoff between them because neither of them had to make the decision because the fire is decided and now they're under the same roof and neither of them had to give it but once they're together they are in constant. You know it's at one person. Talks the other one listens until they found the thing they can disagree with. And that's where they enter and now they're gonNA start arguing and it's interesting. There's a point where like they keep having the same fight over and over and you keep saying to them. Stop having this fight. And and there's a moment in the session where he actually is being kind to her and sort of inviting came up and it's so interesting what happens you said. I am very busy in today. I look for you instead of doing something. I did that without even telling you said you don't appreciate appreciate but we'll have been better if I will cook and then we were eating together so you did a great thing today to lunch but you didn't have lunch without spazzy Between two holes. You're just five minute tweet and I prefer to eat anything we do. Besides you'll cooking to let us eat. You know what I mean. I don't know let's plan. What makes us up may be 'cause would have been better if we would have shared those fifteen minutes of the launch. Ethicon make it right? Not but there is. There is nothing wrong in the criticism. Yes but is not is not. I'm just saying I will love to Atlante Redo and I would prefer to cook instead of you. If you have to spend those fifty minutes cooking for us is better that you make one call in those fifteen minutes while I'm cooking and then dedicate the next fifteen minutes yaas to eat together. I not criticizing anything scaffold asks you to pull the game because they see things that you're doing right award the fact I'm just cooking second wet second. This moment was important. If you go fast in miss this you want to know if he cares and he just told you I would rather eat. Would you whatever he just gave it to you on a platter at? You only heard the piece about would have been better if you hadn't cooked here. That what he meant with that was because I would have wanted that time with you. It's like you hear that which you want to hear even if it's what you fear hearing that you not hearing what he's actually telling you. I'm not sure that love is gone but I think that the lovers have become invisible to love. That is this while but each just sit on my God. That was the while fetch says this thing to the couple that I don't know maybe anybody who's ever been on a couple would find useful. She says them notice that behind every criticism. There's a wish wish to be closer. Stare says she sees other couples in the same situation as this one the stuck in the same fight and everything weeds back to that. Fight everything the other person says there too far gone to fix it for this couple was able to do. She says put aside the fight for a moment and talk about the feelings they were having for each other underneath all that by the end in therapy session. They're speaking sincere and heartfelt way that they had in a long time. So I called you in this crisis started and you can take care of us and I appreciate that in order to lose this. This covert nineteenth for Disk Corp. will save the couple that was literally otherwise on. Its way out. They were going to do another one year of fighting like this and then you know one of them would meet somebody else and that would be the end of that story seventeen years. It's not like they're just yesterday. Other couples don't get to this point episode three of podcast. This season is another couple who cannot stop themselves from fighting the same fight over and over. They decided to divorce two weeks before lockdown and since then gotten so much worse living with someone who's has so much contempt for me and feels that I am trying to control you by asking you to isolate with your family. Which is what the governor is asking us to do. And I'm sorry that that doesn't work with your social plans but this is a time that people are suffering argue with you anymore. But you are. I'm saying I'm not happy about it. You are you are choice. You are arguing. As of yesterday it's interesting. You lecture them in that episode a few times with Tony. I feel like we don't usually hear from you. Yes I'm basically saying you have a task to accomplish. You are in lockdown together and this is your mission right now. That's your project. What you feel about each other is rather relevant you. You are two parents you choose to be here in this house together. What are you going to do this on each other? The whole time just to remind the other that you kind of resent having to be here or are you just simply going to try to civilize? You can be and make these tolerable for everyone for so many couples. The stress of lockdown makes things worse. There are already reports from China as it comes out a lot down. The divorce may be on the rise there so the couples who are doing better. Who Does better is the people who think what can I learn here. What is this telling me about what actually matters in my life or what I really WanNa do. I'm becoming more aware of things. Because a we have never slowed down like this never global Levin had we slowed down like this is a long time that we have only been accelerating accelerating accelerating and for the first time and I don't think we have begun even to understand what this is going to do to you to have had to really you know experience what that can of a slowdown will do will be when this is done. He knows seriously trying to guess the ultimate effect of this national shutdown on couples our kids education on the economy on ourselves. The viruses throw in the future into this black box. We can make guesses. We could just accept no me. No but there's also more certainly in our lives. Well tough luck the Dana Program. We have people trying various situations to give with a lack of information. Not Happy about that fact at all but doing their best. Wbz Chicago is this American Life. America's stay with us at wine found flickers in the dark. So I'm part of the world would kind of information back you at least for those of us who aren't there. It's kind of blackbox Xinjiang China. If you picture China okay. It's in the northwest corner. Far from China's big cities the size of Mexico nestled up against Kazakhstan and a few other stands. And I think we it's been more like them than like ninety percent of China for instance at home to the workers who speak their own languages close to Turkish. Not Mandarin Chinese. Most workers are Muslim for a long time that we face discrimination and arbitrary detention in China. If you follow the news you probably know this escalated. Beginning in two thousand fourteen when the government started accusing hundreds of thousands of acres of supporting terrorism and wanting to separate from China and sent them to so called Reeducation Centers. The better described as interment camps from a detainees report being beaten. Women have testified that they were forcibly sterilized State Department. Estimated that up to two million people were held in these camps. But information about what's really going on. Xinjiang is hard to come by for weeks. Outside of Xinjiang. Who want to check on their families. Back home was families are effectively blocked from all communication others. The government monitors phone calls. It only say anything that will lead to officials banging on your family's door so we in the DASBURG turned to take talk yes autographs nerves. You think of Tik. Tok is the APP where the kids are making dance videos jokes that you do not understand but the APP started in China. The Chinese version of TIC TOC is called Julian. It is insanely popular over four hundred million users a day. Because it's a visual. The government is not so great at censoring it as resorted to place where uncensored content gets. Attache John Their videos posted by leakers but also government officials who've been sent there to manage week. Here is a video. That seems to have been posted by an official. He's been assigned to live with her family in their house as a kind of minder teams like maybe he posted this show. You know everything's fine. We're getting long everything's great. Can't the video the minders eating breakfast with two kids from the family? In the garden smiles at the camera turns into the little boy eating next to him and then in Wieger. The boy says to his mom dad comes home this guy. Oh leave stem mom. Is he coming on Monday? If they show doesn't seem to understand a word of that now here is a video posted presumably by somebody who sweeter. It's a woman with long dark hair sitting in her car while the faded by Alan Walker plays in the background. You know there's something off about this. It is not normal. Tick Tock video of somebody dancing. She's beating her chest with their fist to the beat and then you realize dozens of these same kind of video using the same song. Everybody beating their chest. It's like a virtual protest. Still like I say there are lots of weaker is trying to figure out what's going on in Xinjiang. What's happening to their own families. Their dirty Bruce Karen has reported living in Turkey where a lot of workers settled many of them in the last five years. She's been talking with one man for months. He's been obsessed with these. Tick Tock videos with anything else you can find that will give them a look inside. Ching Jiang's blackbox because what he values the most in this world. His wife and son and the rest of his family are stuck inside. Here's Duri Abderrahman not fled China. Seven years ago after getting arrested and tortured for learning Arabic. He wanted to read the Koran today. He still doesn't have much feeling in his feet but let me tell you how he met his wife. Because it's a sweet story. When Abderrahman got to Istanbul he wanted to settle down and start a family of his own so he turned to his dad back in Xinjiang. The person he trusts most in the world and asked him to help him find someone back home for him to marry. His Dad went around talk to other parents and he found Parada a biology student with Brown eyes and a kind face Abderrahman and Preda talked on. We chat that's the main social media platform China. They couldn't say much because they knew the government monitored calls to foreign numbers. The conversation was stilted but they got a sense for each other and they decided to get married so she packed your bags and ordered a plane to Turkey. Abderrahmane was so excited on the Journal. Does a plan should arrive at two o'clock in the event. The airport rose flower. And I put a run in the middle and they put a ring the top of the Koran for taking out her from airports of this he brought a photo of her to make sure he could figure out who she was. He was in the terminal with a group of Friends. Waiting people were streaming out of the Customs area and Caesar the most shoot up to her assuming this on the teacher she asks. Who's The pitcher for you? I said it's my wife. She's like crazy that can son. She loves it. Wasn't it's not Parada and Abderrahmane starting to worry like maybe she's not coming then he sees someone else who looks like her goes up. Tour shows the picture. She's like no that's not me but as he's turning to leave she calls him back. It was her song Zomig on her phone. A all feature and asking US guy as long as I say and that's why we met first time. She was messing with him. I put the ring on percents On the floor and the Turks around US asking what's happening getting married where from suddenly it became kind of party. People are giving us gift alcohol and chocolate candies and the silicon vegetation and that it was a really happy moment for us. A police officer working at the airport says hey I'm weaker to. He gives them a police escort. Back home lights flashing. It's like a movie not too long after Abderrahman and Preda had a son. They named him Abdelaziz after his grandfather and Abdelaziz becomes his. Dad's many me everything up. Do Raymond did Abdulaziz would follow. From the way he stood to table manners emotionally so much true. Roll those little driving car heroes. He walked to sit front of me and the drive. It was me this was in a parking lot. Abderrahmane was teaching Parada had a drive and eighteen month. Old Abdulaziz would sit on his dad's lap and grabbed the stick. Shift Heathrow fuss. If he couldn't look a little nervous ridiculed try to copy Ariza do but Abderrahman's relationship with his family was rocky right from the start. Abderrahmane is religious but her family is secular and pretty wealthy but the heart of the problem was that previous parents felt like she was wasting her education in Turkey. She had a degree but she wasn't using it. She wanted to stay home with their son. When Abdel Aziz was born predisposed started asking her to come back dishing junk for a long visit maybe even to leave Abdelaziz with them for a while in weaker. Families it's really common for grandparents to take care of their grandkids for their first five years of life while the parents work the pressure from back home got really intense but Abdurrahman imprio- To leave Turkey for starters. Abderrahman couldn't go with her dishing John. Because he was sure he'd be arrested if he returned to China and by this point it was two thousand. Fifteen they'd been hearing. Whispers about added surveillance about Wiegert is being detained in Xinjiang. They don't know exactly what's happening but they know it's not good. Look what you say if you want to with We can try but I don't feel good about it and I I do not be able to come back again because of the situation down there. She said no you crazy. I really don't want to travel predispo- parents kept insisting that it was safe at least for them. They're loyal to the party. And they had high level government contacts. They're not religious if Abdelaziz was with them they said it would be okay pushing but durant and Preda kept saying no a few months later Abderrahman. Who's walking by a Pretzel Shop in his neighborhood? When the police stopped him and asked for his residency papers. His permit had lapsed. He'd applied for a new one but it hasn't arrived yet so they arrested him took him to a detention center. This happens to a fair number of workers in Turkey. They'll be detained for a paperwork issue and they'll get stuck for awhile an Abderrahman's case. He was locked up for three months allowed. Just one phone call home every week. Horita meanwhile was home alone with their toddler pregnant close to her due date. When Abderrahman finally got out his whole world had changed his wife had given birth to their second child a girl and his son Abdulaziz was gone. He was in China Peritas. Mother had come for a visit and arranged for the trip back up. Do Rahman felt tricked. He didn't even get to say goodbye. It's like his in laws waited until he couldn't interfere and then sent his kid away. He says he never would have led abdul-aziz to China. You have that first conversation did did you. And your wife fight about it and we. Did you really upset angry. What was your physical reaction who look wrong. Stock Research most argue or fight with her because she was also on the pressure living in advance so she got me and another her family pressuring her so I always wanted to make it easy for her. Purina's said she wanted to go back with the baby just for a short trip make her parents happy. Then she'd come back with Abdulaziz wasn't crazy about the idea but he agreed. Drove THEM TO THE AIRPORT. It was heartrending but I I I couldn't do anything else. And so they flew away to go to a place where only fragments of information ever make it out. The plan was that perito would contact Abderrahman on. We CHAT ONCE. They had arrived and felt like safe but he didn't hear from them. He called her parents again and again they never picked up. He started to panic. But this isn't entirely normal because of how difficult it is for weeks to communicate with their families in King John. He was hoping that that was all it was after. Two months says a distant relative who's visiting his temple on business contacted him and said let's have lunch. They met he had news. It wasn't good. Police arrested Perea as soon as she and the baby arrived. In China she was interrogated and beaten. Cousin said she was in prison serving a ten year sentence. He thought it was because she lived in Turkey. Human Rights observers say. They've seen several cases where we Ching Jong have been punished for communicating with people in Turkey or other predominantly Muslim countries. It's not illegal per se but it can get you in trouble with the government is just kill them there. It like you burn inside eating you from insight eating you from the inside because of You have a lot of pain but you cannot do anything. Columbia. Social Political Cultural Dondo. Their children are with their grandparents his in laws so at least they're safe but he can't get his wife out of prison he can't even call home or try to get more information without endangering his family because he's living in. Turkey anyone in Xinjiang. Who GETS A call from him? Could immediately get flagged by the government they could be interrogated or even sent to a reeducation camp and his family knows this by this point. Most of them have deleted him from their contacts. So he waits. There's nothing he can do. He starts putting on weight. He sleeps late stock for everything. He's gone through Abderrahman. Still Pretty Young. He's thirty. I've known him for about six months now and he does things all the time that reminded me that he's a dad. He never got to be a dad he always brings food. We meet insures. His snacks like steamed buns with lamb dipped in a spicy vinegar sauce. Once after an interview we ran into his friend with her kid at a week run cafe. I'll never forget the look on his face while he tossed the toddler up and down in front of the Delhi cases. This pure uncomplicated joy. But when I asked him how he feels about all this he's told me men don't have feelings which obviously isn't true back in December of two thousand eighteen when Abderrahmane is living in Istanbul hearing nothing from his family things inching John. We're getting worse. More and more we were sent tree education centers and later required to do low wage factory work human rights observers say this campaign imprisoned about ten percent if we grow dolts inching John but Abdirahman had no idea what was happening to his family. That's when tic TAC came into his life a friend showed it to him. He was like you've got to see this merely teepee both in agenda the one. I just fun. I related a man. I know from my home. Tom I ask you. How did you find people? How does it work telling me you can write the name of Your Tom? Abdirahman can't write in Mandarin so his friend type South the name of his hometown for him. It's called it's an agricultural center in the West hugging the mountains that form the border between China Kirghistan and Kazakhstan suddenly hundreds of users popping up on his screen. He goes through video after video. He sees all of these places that he recognizes the woods and the rivers and the families hanging out in front of their houses and he can tell things have definitely changed. The cotton feels the same. The houses are familiar but to opt. Rahman oxygen looks like a city under occupation of Michigan. Legal issues could again bureau on Amazon on a lot of video is Chinese Occupier put on that and the interviews are it. Looks like a happy moment them but video. Sean is for example Chinese guy in the house ceremony. Only woman in the house and the Elderly Lady In my mom's H H Chinese man. I tried to dance with her like almost forcing her to dance and tried to hug her. And the the Chinese guys Looks happy and they sewed doing something good but it's for an hour. Tradition is attack like I can seize lady. She's cannot do anything against it but she don't want to dance. Was the guy in another video. Something else seems off. It's a group of people clearing ice off of irrigation ditch with picks and shovels. It's winter you can tell by the trees and the coats. They're wearing all on the top to throw. Abdurrahman knows this ditch. It's just a few minutes from his family's house and to him it's clear they're being forced to work. We never clear ice from the ditch until springtime. He tells me there's no need it just freezes over again. This watching does not seem to be good for Abderrahman. But he can't stop to talk like this tiny flashlight into the big black box that Ching Chong. Sp come for week. He stayed in his apartment just searching. Would he was really hoping for was to see someone he recognized and he traces of his kids. His wife's parents his parents he hadn't been able to speak to them for several years. At this point he watched at the kitchen table watched on the couch. At night he'd lie awake. Scrolling on January Fourth Twenty Nineteen. He was in bed and like usual scrolling through top. It's around two. Am and Abderrahmane sees this video too. Little boy with big cheeks expressive is. He's in a school answering questions in Mandarin Chinese from teacher off camera behind him. Kids milling about in Winter Coats. Lizard Jacket Winter. Jackets Frog survive. The teacher asks the kid a bunch of questions what's the name of the Fatherland. The People's Republic of China what's on the Fatherland's flag five stars on a Red Flag. Where's your water bottle? Water bottle is here. Where do we put the food? We can't finish in the trash. Abderrahman doesn't speak Mandarin. But there is one word that stands out to him Abdulaziz. What's your name? The teacher asks called abdul-aziz he says how old are you? I'm four. That's how old Abderrahman son should be now. The video is just fifteen seconds long one of one hundred that he's watched that day and he can't be sure it's his son. Abdulaziz but Abderrahman simultaneously gets this rush of love believing that it's a sun and this intense fear that it's really him because kids are supposed to be living with their grandparents while he figures out a way to get them home and it looks like they. The aren't we will look the move. A Sean I said I feel. It's a camp for children killing cla them. It looks like Abdelaziz is in a boarding school. One of the one set up by the Chinese government to take care of about five hundred thousand kids many of whose parents have been detained in reeducation camps except for short visits home. The kids are generally kept away from their family taught. Mandarin not weaker your canoe Spanish. Yeah I feel that my son is becoming more Chinese everyday. Noble number store the video. I become Maury about future How's the regime? Teach him and make him an enemy of Ruger in the future especially make him any of people like me. That seems to be exactly the point of these schools. They place kids in a setting where they're removed from their families. Their language their religion their weaker ness as one internal government document claims. The goal of this crackdown is to quote. Break their lineage. Their roots right. There connections break their origins. The government is their family now From this moment when Abderrahman saw his son in this video all he wanted was to get him back was consumed by it. I should say there are lots of parents around the world in the same situation in the past year so I've personally spoken to nine of them. In three different countries. Only one was able to get her son out of China. Thanks to an influential family member and a Turkish passport. Still Abderrahmane was convinced that he a guy who doesn't speak Mandarin doesn't have political connections. Can't even call home. He was going to get his son. Back reporter Duri Coming up Abderrahman uses everything. He has to get his family back. That's in a minute. Chicago Public Radio when our program continues support for this American life comes from squarespace. Make your new website stand out with squarespace providing designer crafted templates that are mobile friendly and e commerce ready all with award-winning customer. Service and scores offers a new way to buy domains and choose from over. Two hundred domain extensions start your free trial and receive special offer on your first purchase at squarespace dot com slash American and use Promo Code. American dream is just a great idea. That doesn't have a website yet. Squarespace THINK IT DREAM. It make it live from glass. Today's program blackbox stories of people who don't have the information they need and want trying to figure out what's going on and what they should do next. We now continue with. Act One of our show right before the break maybe heard Abderrahman. Taty thought that he spotted his four year old son on a tick tock. Video decided to set out on a mission to retrieve him and the rest of his family. Put a jury scare and picks up with Abdirahman Story. The first thing he did was he went to the press made it public. This was risky because his family was still in China. His interviews were published all over the world in Turkish English Portuguese. He was on the BBC and in the New York Times Mullahs Milton cooking career. More than media attention was so intense in the beginning is was it makes me wonder that makes me help more? Hope and trust is inked. Okay something maybe happen. But then I find out what's happening with two kids along Clamored on on this. Call them with each of these interviews. It felt like he was screaming into the void trying to get China in the world to look at him and the Response Silence. He was no closer to getting his family back. Then he was when they left he tried more official routes. He went to the Chinese Embassy. Nothing asked the Turkish government for help wrote to the United Nations. He once told me about this plan to move Canada's refugee because he thought the government there would have more leverage. Mind you that would take years to come to fruition. But he truly believes that one day his family will be together again. He has these pictures on his phone. Because there's no portrait of his family. He's made some using passport photos of him in. Parada a baby picture. He has of his daughter and screen shot of that video of Abdelaziz Their Photoshop on the backgrounds the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris Cherry Blossoms and Japan. So why do you do that? Can you tell me about the number on they can do? It's because we're a family. He tells me last summer. Abdurrahman had some luck. He was scrolling through we chat. Andy found childhood friend. He says they hatched a plan to buy a plane ticket for her to go back to their hometown. Get is on the ground. But of course even when she made it all the way there and was sending him videos of their old neighborhood. She still couldn't speak directly to what she was actually seeing the significance of it. Everything's fine. She told him everything's new and better as she passed the camera around the empty streets. Abdulrahman was kicked off. We chat so we don't have the actual videos and we weren't able to reach his friend without risking her safety but he says the way. She spoke with super casual to avoid drawing attention. The buildings are not here anymore. Don't get surprised as they have been new restaurants here. If you come here I will buy food for you. Like basically joking And and then Oscar. I answered her. Now why should I be surprised? Okay maybe one day we have chance to meet their. She drove to the street. His parents lived on there. Were a lot of checkpoints. Eventually she got there and found an empty lot. His family's house in the city had been demolished. They have another home a farm. They could've moved there but this is the point. When Abderrahman started to worry that his parents had been taken to. He hadn't been able to speak to them in four years every time he gets more information. It's like this the more he learns the worst thing. Seen Abderrahman still. Watch his talk. It's like a nervous habit when he's bored and he's tired in interviews when it takes too long for interpreter to translate a question he'll sort of lean back and pull his phone out from under the table eventually in January of this year. The APP shook loose another piece of information an old acquaintance route to him through. Tick Tock direct messing function the messages. Start off nonchalantly enough. Hi How are you brother? Abderrahmane asked him if he seen his parents lately. Hardly doing. The friend didn't have any information about his son or his wife but he could tell around that his family and Ach sue is gone. They're not staying at their farm like he'd hoped his elderly father his mother who has cancer. He gives them name after name. They'RE GONE. They're gone to an opt aroma and can even be sure what this means. They could have been forced off their land but living elsewhere they could be detained re education center. They could be in prison from thousands of miles away. It's almost impossible to find out as he's telling me. This is the day after he got these messages and Abdul Rahman is getting really worked up. He's talking super super fast. Like a damn has burst and all of these emotions from the past three years or spilling over the semester illiterate upon the up. The little problems look torn up genetic then the shuttle cars cheaper member of genetic maps no neck. Not only my parents. My parents brother sister. All of them are gone. Mandatory News on Gentlemen begats ambiguous. You're such a bunk. They have taken have taken arison for me. Property Land Families Son Wife. Everything I got in my lives have taken from me I. Am I ready to do anything? I can't take revenge. Spec was plus nation your those officer in Chinese Embassy. I won't smash her car semester off buildings until they get the arrest or they put me on my parents free. What can I do? I got enough as just a speaking Empty words throw me in jail. Keep me outside. It's no different. He says they've killed my soul. I have nothing to live for anymore. We later called the local police station in his hometown and confirmed that no one is at his family's address. Even though thirteen people used to live there they knew that Abderrahman was looking for his family and put a weaker speaker on the line. Talk to them. Maybe they've left. Maybe they did something wrong. The speaker said but she refused to say if they were accused of a crime two days after he gets the news about his family he found something new to fixate on mayor of Istanbul. He thought that if he could convince this guy to help him he might be able to put an award. Two Turkish diplomats who helped people detained overseas. The mayor was scheduled to speak at an afternoon at a dinner in honor of the different cultures of the Turkic quarreled like the Turks whose backs in the workers. I met up with him to go there. He's brought bags of we breads and fried noodles for the event because an activist told him it might help him get a chance to meet with the Mayor. Face to face the chances of this resulting in anything slim honestly. It's a hail. Mary looking down as Abderrahmane was the day before he's up now. Buzzing with excitement in the car on the way over a London women look at us on you so I'm going there as a human being and asking them to do their duty as a human being he tells me. The event is happening outside the museum under a big tent. Abdurrahman pulses bags of food out of the car and we wait for the mayor. A few minutes turns into a few hours. He falls back into his phone flipping through talk videos like usual. He looks tired. Finally just as the program is about to begin. The mayor sweeps in with bodyguards Intel. He's introduced ushered onto the stage and he speaks for about fifteen minutes. This is actually the drug and then the mayor moves to. We've Abderrahman realizes that this is his chance he needs to go now but a group of admirers descend on there. Shaking his hand giving him gifts Abdurrahman weights on the edge hanging back until he sees an opening makes his move here. I stand back with our interpreter to watch him going up. Yeah ended up. He's like the one green sweater and a C- bike suits. He's trying he's. He's so close submissive. Just hustle shakes him disappears into the crowd and justice. The mayor's leaving the tent. He's able to wiggle through to get close enough to greet him. They shake hands. It's just enough time to say hello not to explain a story or to ask for help to find a site and the mayor moves on. It's the same as every other time. He's reached out to the Turkish government for help. Nothing changes. We sent requests for comment to China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Education asking for information about Dioramas family no response. We tried the office of the vice president of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region and the local propaganda department. In that case someone did up told us. Their fax machine was broken and that no other fax machines were available so we summarized the questions over the phone. The person on the other end called it sheer nonsense and told us to go online and read the news the Chinese Embassy in Washington. Dc basically said the same thing. I asked for information on Abderrahman's family and on these cases in general they responded with a list of youtube links videos posted by China's state media service defending the re Education Camp Program and claiming that people who say their families have been imprisoned are lying. I would suggest you check some of the rumors being exposed. They wrote thanks for reaching out to the embassy. We also can't reach Parada. We confirmed as many details as we could about Horita and Abdul Rahman's life together with a friend of theirs. It took more than a year before. Abdurrahman finally saw small glimmer of success weirdly. Y- was the pandemic that did it this winter. News of the Corona virus outbreak in Wuhan started to filter out of China. The Videos Abderrahman started to see on. Tick Tock were of empty streets. People stuck at home without much to eat. Some would set their videos to music pulled from Zombie movies. Abdu Rahman began to worry about changing. Social distancing is happening there but the warriors and present don't have that option the Somebody get infect amounts The prisoners or somebody in camp than all of them will be infected. So I'm worry and it's not just the people in prison people. Detained in reeducation centers can also get infected or. The kids who have been separated from their parents placed in government schools. So this winter a group of parents in Istanbul started planning a trip to the Chinese embassy to show up in person and demand access to their children. Before anything was finalized. The parents started get phone calls from the consulate. Abdu Rahman got one to Jamaica. Assume drugs dramatic last. Friday came from the Friday Prayer Partial Royal Asiatic Co author share ago motion data. I was driving and transporting something to shed but we will include it and I got the phone call. While I'm driving hotel water there at it was he said I have a good news for you. The caller was a translator for the Chinese consulate. He had information about Abderrahman's children. He said your kids are with their uncle. The caller told him not in a boarding school. They're safe but with okay. Which uncle is at the guys that I don't know so I said okay. Let me. Let's meet I will tell you about Some Kim's on below the governor's autonomy to Goma minnesotans Lawn Luna and He said No. We don't have to meet This is only news I have. He got this call in March. He still has no idea if it was true or not. This drop of information and unprovable bit of news that he desperately wants to hear it could be a lie designed to placate keeping quiet. He knows this but OBDA Rahman insists that even if it's not true it's still good news with this phone call to him. Is that now? Someone in the government has finally acknowledged his jumping and screaming and waving his hands. Someone somewhere might actually be responding. Tombola users is good good news but until I see them directly I will fight for their case until you see video or until you see them here in Turkey you discard until I get them to. Turkey. Baggio Mocatta Jon Blum. I made my son and taking star. Take care of them as a father. Not Stop for me. It's a good news. It gives me hope. Abderrahman has renewed. Hope that they'll be together again. Because this time after four years of trying to find his family the black box has spoken back but even this tiny victory is short lived a month later. Abderrahman calls me from the road. He's driving balancing the phone on the steering wheel contact from tick. Tock has been sending him information about. Oxo wrote to him to tell him that. Local government officials went on the village loudspeaker to make public announcement saying anyone with information about the Todi family. Rahman's family is forbidden to share it. Show me the look. We are now living in twenty first century and if people lose their cats or dogs have right to look for them in my case. Of course I have a right to get information about my family as a father as the sun but even for beating me to get any information what my family members his fear is that they are going to disappear. There would be no charges though. Prison sentence no anticipated date of their release. No communication with the outside world and he'll never know what became of them. And what frustrates him? Is that right now people. He knows or starting to hear news of what's happening to their families that they've moved out of reeducation centers and into low-wage factory work or formal prison sentences. They're getting answers but Abderrahman still knows nothing for years. He's been fighting for information. You may never get it to a scared in Istanbul. A See Ah to state of emergency do show. Today is about people trying to find their way in situations where they don't have much information or anyway the information they need and of course that's situation the whole world is in right now with the spread of covert nineteen. Is We try to make sense of how to treat it at a deal with society couple of weeks ago. My coworker Miki Meek. Talked to emergency medical worker in Brooklyn Anthony Gera- he's the vice president of okay. Thirty six twenty one of the Officers Union in New York City he as emergency medical services. And it's part of the Fire Department. Even if you weeks ago they were totally overwhelmed and he was responding to an endless stream of nine. One one calls and make you check back in with them. Recently series doing said that even though the number of infections in the city is finally starting to slow is crews still an unchartered territory and a lot of the calls are getting a for cardiac arrests. Apparently the virus in addition to attacking the lungs can also put stress on the heart and sometimes directly infect the heart some days the number of cardiac arrest calls coming into New York. City's nine one. One system has been huge every three hundred. That's about four times higher than before the pandemic most people are dying at home. Here's Mickey Anthony. And then one of his colleagues Anthony. How are you doing? I'm okay I'm okay? I guess it's still crazy This past Sunday. Thirteen cardiac arrest in a sixteen hour shift. She's thirteen thirteen. Thirteen cardiac arrest. What does that look like free? You wake up uniform on. I'm sitting there mentally it myself. You it up for another day of this Again Red Bull. You know if you're going to be in the middle of you might as well be alert and you know I'm going to work in. My brain is sitting there. It's it's weird because my brain is sitting there going okay. You know I gotta get ready because I know it's coming. It's coming six thirty in the morning. It started coming. I go elderly gentleman. Fever cough symptoms. We try and worker working Unsuccessful until the family. I'm sorry there's nothing we can do. And then I go back onto the truck. I hit the button. I get called for the other cardiac arrests and go on to the family. The patients families saying that he had a cough for five days a week with chills. Trying work among were unsuccessful. We pronounce a hit the button. I get hit again another cardiac arrest ago. This particular patient. We weren't able to work because he had. Rigor mortis had been dead for a little while but the family states or you know he had fever cough symptoms. So we'd like okay. You know sorry. Lost is another one that happened. Samsar iffy Lawson and then the next call in this is gonNA sound weird to the everyday person but I'm the next call was a suicide. There's no fever cost so it's like a regular call so to speak house opposed to having to get all crazy with the gowns and the gloves and the masten the it's it's such a morbid scene but three of us that are like well. This is one patient. We don't have to worry about getting this virus from and it's you know just feel release in the middle of this tragic death. I mean this is somebody who felt hopeless enough to go into suicide. You know we still have the empathy for them and whatnot. But Hey you know. We're going to get through this without getting infected by anything in hit the button. The button shows that I'm available in another cardiac arrest. You know. I've never had a panic And I feel like one GONNA come on. Really soon. This is another paramedic in New York. City I'm calling CASSANDRA. She didn't want me to use a real name because she didn't get permission from the Fire Department to talk to me. I've been checking in with her regularly over the past few weeks and she's processing her days differently than Anthony because she's not a lieutenant. She spends her entire twelve hour day in an ambulance. I talked to her recently. After she finished one of her shifts she got home at three. Am and took a bubble bath to try and calm down. But it didn't work. How much more worse than this can get. You know like where we're at worst to me. This is my worst like I did. Thirty seven cardiac arrest last week. I told somebody sorry for your loss thirty seven Times Leslie Thirty Seven Times. I'm sorry for your loss. Yeah and I I. I don't think I've ever done that in a year. Like thirty seven cardiac Insane to me like I mean not explain it like my soul hurts. I'm not used to seeing his death all at once. Like I'm I'm I'm a person like I'm very strong headed so it's just like if I see like okay this happened. I process it quick. And I'm like I deliver message the family and it's like damn that was messed up and I move on. You know. It's not like it sticks with me for a while and right now. That's not the case you know. I'm I'm just I'm holding each and every one of them in because I don't have time to just put it away. I was wondering. Are there any particular calls that stick with you right now? There was actually Craig arrested. I had last week. That wasn't Kobe's related but The Guy was one hundred seven years old and he was fighting. He really wanted to live and I was shocked at that. That kind of made me a little bit happy because you know I thought we were going to get him back you know. We didn't we pronounce them at the end but he was fighting. He really wanted to woody. You fear most right now. Let's the fear that's on your mind this morning. I'M GONNA ticking bomb if I don't start you know dealing with off I'm GonNa blow by my partner are on somebody. God forbid. That's on a patient because I don't want to be mean to somebody just lost a loved one. You know what I mean. I don't know I'm going to react to not dealing with all this. You know constantly. Do you have a plan time to Anthony when I talked to you last you know. It was very hard having to deliver te news to people and not being able to comfort them having to keep a distance and so I talked about a little over two weeks ago. And I'm wondering has gotten easier for you. Have you readjusted? No it's not easy and to be honest with you. I don't want it to be easy if it gets easier to me. That maybe I'm suffering from a little Emotional fatigue burning out. You know if I still feel sadness. That's a good thing. I mean. It sucks but it's a good thing I mean I'm still feeling in my head I tried. I tried to remember that the sun does come out the next day and I know that sounds Corny. But it's it's awfully cloudy at the moment but the thing that's hard about this is as a medic your eternally hopeful in the face of fighting death everyday because even if you didn't get him this time you know that the next time you will but This virus out here this pandemic. We're not getting the next one right now. About fifteen percent of the emergency medical service workers for the New York Fire Department are out on sick leave at least three or in the ICU. On ventilators and one longtime worker a watch commander in downtown Brooklyn named Greg Hodge died earlier this week from Cova. Anthony took this news hard. He says Greg is the one who trained him when he first came on the job. Nikki Meek is one of the producers of our show just a program note after that story if you're somebody who might need help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available twenty four seven at one eight hundred two seven three talk. That's one eight hundred two seven three eight two five five by the way the ems unions in New York City have been in dispute with the city government starting pay for an EMT and New York is roughly thirty five thousand dollars. Paramedics started forty eight thousand dollars and when the pandemic started they ask for hazard pay since they were putting their lives on the line in a way that was more than usual and also better benefits for their families if they should die on the job. They've got nowhere with this New York City mayor. Bill de Blasio said he will go into it but not until the crisis over ask consumes you. He says own have I done. Don't lose what moves you go head calmly when this is repugnant. Speeders stay by Robin semi-in people put a show together. Day includes being wound me manual berries chasing chivas. Sean Co Cornfield. No Guilt Damian. Grave he meeks Nelson Catherine Raimondo Ben. Failing Ninety Raymond Chris Atallah Matt Tyranny. Managing Editors Diane Wu and Sarah Abdurrahman or executive editor David Kastenbaum interpreters. Who helped us with our story enact? One Summer John Eighty and messier sadique hysteria. Perot's podcast. Where should we begin that we talked about at the top of the show is now available on spotify and any other platform where you get your podcast especial? Thanks today to Darren Bilour Max. Baucus David Brophy Souvenir Mayor Ukiah soon and Kayla Gabler I- website this American Life Dot Org American life is delivered to public radio stations by P r x the public radio exchange for this American life comes from lifeway foods leading. Us supplier of Kiefer an ancient food from the Caucasus Mountains. It's provided microbiome support for over two thousand years. Lifeway foods. Love your guts. More LIFEWAY FOODS DOT com. Thanks as always to a programs co founder. Mr Troy Mallette. Tear down these last few weeks. He's been working on his relationship. His wife as an old Al Green record that they like to snuggle to. It's an accelerator to relationship accelerator. America's back next week with more stories of this American this next week on the podcast this American life this or Julia to annoy and just put it in the In your pocket. There Dan Goldstein tries to convince his uncle and his father to get into the same room and have a conversation for the first time in decades. Remember the Halibut Louis. Had with the the Diet head manicures shows ahead. Diet manicurist out with the Congress next thing in the podcast public radio station.

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Arjun Sethi of Tribe Capital on Data-Informed Investing

Venture Stories

1:00:33 hr | 1 year ago

Arjun Sethi of Tribe Capital on Data-Informed Investing

"Hey, everybody. It's Eric torbert co-founder partner, Philip global, eight network driven venture firm, and this is metro stories a podcast covering topics. G tech business with world leading experts. Hey, everybody will consider episode interest worth. Here's a friend with very special guests are could issue Eric and thanks for having me. Are you are a thrill entrepreneur investor of founded messaging, awhile apps of partners of capo in your own firm. Tripod only talk a little bit about what you're building drive. What you set out to build in was the he's. If you think about, you know, a lot of people have asked he has an entrepreneur, why are you building a firm white deploying capital? And it goes back to what my founders ni- tribe of done for the past ten years. So we've built products from scratch in consumer in SAS invested in those categories. But when we did it it was at a time that I think it was fairly special. If you think about a post two thousand one you get into their up two thousand five is where companies were leveraging their data to make better decisions. So when one of the companies that people always remember is Zinger, obviously Facebook, which is they had these data science team and people that were assigned in parallel with product managers and engineers to make decisions and bespoke hypotheses around what was happening in their products. And in some cases, it's fairly behavior of behavioral. Oriented in some cases, it was paid acquisition customer acquisition, LTV, etc. And so in order to have done that you would build the right infrastructure. You would build the right set of teams you'd have the right set of software and infrastructure that maybe third party already he built internally, and then you would make ideally better decisions with that. And so we took a first principles approach to how would you do that in venture capital? And if you think about it what you're doing is you're delivering capital at the early stage where you have a more active role in having the companies being built. And so how do you build context while you could build context by having industry, knowledge or sector specificity as an individual or you can say, well, what does what are the all the common denominator denominators, you need in order to build a company, and how can you help companies step function? So what we did is that we felt we were the masters of product engineering and data science, and we would take the culmination of all. Of those three foundations and assess companies in that way, and we started that at our predecessor fund where a lot of credit goes to some of these frameworks that were built from my partner Jonathan at Facebook. And then he brought that when he came onto social capital where we had unlocked data for our company after we invested over time. We used our own softwares and tools to essentially ingest. The data store at continue to analyze it retrieve it as needed and get better and better at understanding our own companies and then providing that back to them. And then the next question you ask is will can you do that earlier and earlier in the life cycle of the company, and then can you do it earlier in earlier in the life cycle of when you meet them? And that's a century. What we set out to do. We started product ising learnings that we had on the data science side. And then we delivered it back to a company kind of we call the magic eight ball. It's something that's been continued to evolve over the last six years, but. We started it so long ago, and then we continue to use it across multiple companies multiple stages for better for worse. And then our frameworks get got better and better and better because the end number of companies that come onto our platform or they meet with us. We are able to derive better results for them and interpretations of how their companies performing. And so that really started out with Jonathan writing set of articles that were about growth accounting in a quantitative way to measure product market fit. And I think what you've seen a lot in the valley is everyone believes they have product market fit on the founder side, and everyone who's an investor qualitatively believes they know how to assess product market fit. And so what we wanted to do is take a first principles building a product from scratch approach to how do we deliver what it means to have product market fit? So the line we use when we meet companies are we are investing in one outcomes and in order to do that we take a quantitative based approach to product market fit. And we deliver that by our magic eight ball over and over again that helps you unlock the data that you have. So we can identify product market, and we can help you amplify. We're your one is back on. It's what it really means. Is that you have a monopolistic tendencies in certain sectors. And of one company is essentially a company that's category defining or it could be the market itself, and you're able to slowly and slowly in some ways improve the category, which are in because you can either take fragmented services and make into automated software or you have a network effect for the company that you have and you're able to go into chasing. Territories at high velocity anyone companies really to us was a term that stemmed from our days in social gaming, social gaming was one of the companies that we're fighting for it. And they we all believe could try to get to end of one outcomes by having a network effect or a conglomerate of customers in our in our products where we can move them from adjacent product to adjacent product, then workout didn't work out for thing. I didn't work out for us. But we've got far enough where we were one of companies. And so our goal was to help identify companies get to have one outcomes versus a one. Event company. Now does that mean, we don't invest in companies? No, it just means knowing where you are in the ecosystem knowing how to think about building your team's your Salesforce or product just having a guide map about a perform. So there are all there. So. So. Arcade versa. Yeah. I would actually say Uber in lift are now comes because there's just two of them in the United States. But if I was to take a global perspective than you could say there's lots of competitors all over the world and it's hard to compete outside your geography of one outcome company is slack one outcome company. Facebook. One outcome company for us companies like Carter where you see very clear signs of network effect. Very clear signs of Jason. Territories that you can go to and what I mean by very clear signs that network effect is that you can quantitatively measure that this company is eating everyone else in its way. So that's that's for us is special circumstances. When we feel like there's one company. Who tells the story and? I mean, there's so many narratives about slack. When we first invested in slack through our partner, Ted and Kaplan, he had known the team through a company called cozy that they were both on the board of together and obviously slack had gone through a pivot. They were previously a game company, and they had used some of these tools and communication paradigm to communicate with not just each other. But a way in which they thought would be the right way to build communication, and so the early companies that they used us on and they tested with one of them was coaching and the way in which Ted got bored updates was through slack. And he got information. So his context and the company was rising. So for him. It was really valuable. I think it's really important here is at that time, you know, a lot of investors look at companies, they think of it as tired or diverse too much money. They were a game company. Before they can't be an enterprise company. It's like it doesn't fit their mold of or at their biopsies of how companies should be built in a sector. And we took the bottoms up approach the volumes of approach was. Well, let's see how they perform. Let's see the demand signals that makes sense for this company and given that there was barely any revenue and engagement was there a couple of customers and the team had social capital really dug in deep and assess the data what's more important is that we continue to assess the data of the company across multiple stages of investments not during not just during the series. And so a lot of people say, hey, you can't really assess companies at the series. Well, if you think about it today at a series when someone's trying to raise between five and ten million dollars. They have raised some seed capital. Let's just say between five hundred three million if if you think about that wide range, and they probably have their product out at the at the minimum three months and up to fifteen to eighteen months, in some cases, where there are testing in iterating. Well, that's a plethora of data to look through to see how it's been performing. And it's always shades of gray. It's never perfect. There's no company where you look at their data the primary data, and I think this is the important part. This is not something that they provide to us in a deck. We're ingesting it. And then we are assessing and analyzing it, and then giving it back to them there. There are multiple ways in which you can kind of approach the market BBC top top-down midmarket small the medium consumer subscription. Even consumer enterprise B to B to beat ac- in some cases, when you think about energy. So there are multiple frameworks that you can use. And there are multiple ways in which you can essentially assess how is this company doing where it was before? Whereas today, and what will it take for them to scale from venture scale outcome. I think what happens is a lot of people just see a number and they get excited, and in some cases, they've already made the decision, and then they try to back it up with data versus the other way round. So our whole goal is to flip the coin. Instead when we meet entrepreneurs, we tell them don't pitch us. We'll pitch you give us access to your data. And we will run our analysis on you. We'll give you the magic eight ball back, and we will show what kind of value that we can. So we look more like data and analytic system, but with consultants on top of it. So kind of like the McKenzie way of understanding what it means to be in venture. About us worse. So you end of for they presume of Connie. As most I view in terms of. Will turn better. So a lot of this has also just secret sauce and some of this. We put out Gino Jonathan's published this around demand signals that we care about. But there's no right or wrong answer. And I think this is part of the key. Some people will say you need to have really great retention. Well, you can have really great retention, but you can have no net expansion of growth. That's not a company you wanna invest in. You can have high growth. No retention. That's not a company when invest in. So there's there's a lot of pieces that you care about it. I think it's more a lot of these frameworks exist on how to assess it, that's that's not a secret. It's just more about the interpretation of how do you get the data? So when you have to ingest it, and that's non trivial you have to have a framework to assess it, that's non trivial you have to be able to productized us and put this into a package of readable. That's non trivial, and then you've had to have done it. So many times thousands of times, which is what we've done, and that's also non-trivial. And so I could go into any company and say the types of things that we look out, but for any consumer, it's basically you're looking at all forms of customer engagement and some forms of that. Customer engagement is just the the intent in the way in which they came. So it could be anything like I think demand signals what you care about. And then you go to the next level, right? The next thing people will care about unit economics for some people. That matters a lot something doesn't. So it's more about how do you interpret the data? Once you have it. And the accuracy of it. We feel like we're very accurate because we have a ground truth perspective on how the company's been performing. Different views. It's essentially the same any company that builds software is measurable, and you just have to understand what are the demand signals that you care about the investment framework and philosophy to invest in that come in that company. You're just some people are okay with a slow growth. Six percent year over year. Some people are not this. Some people want fifty percent year over year. Some people are not okay with that. We generally on the venture side are looking at three to five year over year growth in something could be users could be revenue could be customer engagement, something that is helping propel the company forward in your in your digging into becoming more bespoke on what you care about. Let us us on the way you seeing that. Yeah. I'll take a step back and to talk about cars, we talk about slack. And then we talk about Facebook. And with really important again. This is just another indication of how traditional VC's have our mindsets. Are a company has raised a certain amount of capital. They didn't really hit the certain metrics when they saw it. And so they just assumed the company's tartans it's happened time and time again when we assessed slack. We were able to eventually assess what we believe is an outcome that there was a possibility to replace Email, and you could see multiple networks internally and externally, and I think this is the key thing that were interacting with the product with each other. So very similar to right. Like, I'm not within your organization, but I'm willing to talk to you, and I can create communication protocols to make that happen. So we saw that that's measurable that's uniquely identifiable in a quantitative way Facebook as well. Known for this. And our team has done this so many times that we were able to kind of recognize this. I wouldn't call this pattern matching pattern matching would be. I think this can happen because all these companies when you meet them during their series and B they'll say, I believe in work. I think I have this or they'll say it with confidence, but they can't measure, and so we always go in and say, okay. Well, what can we quantify around those types of statements? What can we quantify our selves? If we have a thesis and Facebook was really the first company outside of the social gaming companies around that same ecosystem where you are measuring network of growth in. Parts of the United States at a high school at college, you know, Japan versus Turkey different flows user account privacy control versus newsfeed all of these things have different frameworks around understanding growth. And if you really think about what growth means it just means product market fit in can you scale it? And so we did this. That's like as I mentioned when we met card. I we use these frameworks to understand. Hey, does this company have any semblance of network affect the company says they have network affect were hearing it and celery Why's that there's no effect, but we don't know for sure. So can we measure that? And so we did. And so we we saw a lot of early signs of connections between stakeholders stakeholders are employee's stakeholders are the company themselves in stakeholders are the investors that invest in the companies, and then we saw them multiple multiple interactions. It started getting stronger and stronger between those nodes again, that's measurable something that the company had not done initially. And so part of our goal was when we invest, let's help them align and reorient themselves to think this way similar to what we did at slack and similar to what the growth team and the data science team. It did our Facebook during the early days. So that's what we set out to do. So we did the series in two Carta, and then we did the series D. And then we basically lined ourselves with the company for as much as we can around orientation of what they can become on products that can be built on top of their network one of the products that, you know, obviously, people know about is the four nine eight and the cap table and really recently they went into investor. Services with funded ministration. But if you basically look at ten thousand companies in the platform, they're going to have a couple of hundred funds in the platform, the AM that comes from those funds. You basically see this system of record monster company that can be built, and they can go into as many Jason territories as they want because they're building a network that just continues to reinforce and strengthen and self similar to how you've seen other network affect companies. I don't think it's about missed opportunity. Angels is a great company to it has built an ecosystem around angels themselves companies hiring making sure that you can kind of propel them from one stage to the next, and I think what you've seen them do evolved from the early stage. Two parts of the mid stage by keeping Parada and value out services. So I think that they are completely different companies with different types of network effects. One is more prone to high frequency of transactions and the other one's more prone towards qualitative transactions. Are we most how mistakes his actions will have round are out of your or not realize rating? If you're a team that has raised a couple million dollars and all of your investors at the today's are saying it's time to go raise. I see some metrics. It's really great or you're a team that speaks very confidently about what you're building. Of course, you feel like you have you have this irrational passion to build something that you wanted to solve and your problem set with your solution set, you believe is starting to work you. So in some cases, you believe it yourself without any quantitative data. And then you use some surface level data in some cases to propel you forward and say, I think I'm ready for venture capital to scale five or ten x from here or one hundred dollars from here. I think part of the issue here is if you don't know quantitatively if your product is working or not that's one part. And then the second piece is how much capital should you really raise to get to the next milestone, should you really raise a series or should you raise half that amount to get to the next milestone. So a lot of what we try to do is just ground truth have a conversation. Just here is exactly where your company is. Here's how you've performed here's what it's going to take to get to the next scale, this may or may not work. And in some cases, these companies are not meant to have a tra- capital. They're meant to distribute capital back to themselves. They're meant to get alone. They're meant to be a small to medium business if you were us assess product market fit for local coffee shop, they might hit all the marks. They have retention of customers. People keep coming back, but they're not growing. They don't have any net expansion, but they are good enough. Or where they are this that company deserve venture capital. Maybe having unique value proposition in the way in which they think about growing, but in most cases, they won't they won't need venture capital. So I think a part of this is that we see so many companies all over the world, roughly, we'll do our assessment on about two hundred three hundred companies where we go really deep, and it's really great. Because this is the first time they have a view of how investors view them. This is the first time they get to see data science and product ministering in action to gauge in grade what they've done so far now. And it's the first time they might learn something new them never learned before about how they want to strategically move their company forward. So then you ask the question to the voters. Okay. Great now or an alignment about ground truth. Which is the hardest thing to do that is the hardest thing everyone tries to figure out now that you're in alignment with ground truth of how the company's been forming. Let's start a discussion on what it takes to go to the next stage. That's much easier. Way of building alignment with founders and investing through them, then believing in a story telling your other partners. I think they can do this, especially when you don't know the question of is it working? And that's the main problem. I think we've always seen with the industry, and the what we always wanted to try to solve this. How close can we get to quantitatively answering is it working in some cases? You can't. That's okay. Their companies were there won't be enough data to make a decision yet. And again, the data doesn't. Tell you to make decision. It's just a part of the equation. If you look at the three Dacians of any company product marketing team, there's very little data on the team. You can everyone basically has their quality to framers around. How to assess a team we look at product Centric metrics that we get from the software that they built and there's the market, and you kind of take all those three pieces and ask do I think this is venture scalable model. Are about different on approaches. They eight to mate. Wait. I think I would just echo. What I said before the approach is really very simple. If you're a engineering team product data science team at the company, what are the things that you do to try to understand what is working in your company, and what is not working? That's essentially what we do. We come in with our heroes. Six of how we viewed any company we look at customer engagement retention, whatever you want to define it as always different for each company. And we look at the primary data that the company is throwing off. Right. This is a treasure trove of information that matters retake that and then we basically build our own bottoms up view. And then we try to we present that back as if it's a dashboard for the company to see. And then we start the discussion on what makes sense what doesn't make sense for their company when we're building this bottoms up you you are learning about so much of the company. What's valuable? What's not? So that you can start asking the next question. What's the qualitative stuff that matters? Right. How did you do this? What happened to pricing? Why was there was this blip? Like, what was the way in which this affected these cohorts not to test them? But to ask what their plans are on their future roadmap. That's really important because if you're a product manager at a company, what do you do you look you look at past performance. You look at bespoke analysis that you're gonna do in the future. You look at the way in which you're going to test stuff, and you have your engine team in your data science team come up plans around what the future roadmap. Look like, we're almost no different. We're coming there to try to figure out how to align with a company as much as possible and gain the most context. When will venture digital venture. Venture. The rock is rates to do with lies having source companies Jews hiding Dylan's company retirees or. Vice? Yeah. The way the way we define stuff is. There is sourcing. There's evaluating there's a lining, and then there's managing places where we focused all of our attention. Almost ninety percent is on the ladder three so on evaluation, as I mentioned me just the primary data on a lining make sure that the way in which we think about helping the company step function is in alignment with the company, and they believe in the strategy, by the way, we won't partner. So we are fairly concentrated we are not fit for companies and managing the company toward successive where we continue to do more bespoke analysis as they get larger or if it's not working as well where we can unlock more data from the to help them. Make better decisions. We are not going to make the decisions our goal is to unlock the data. So that they can make the decisions, and it may be right or wrong. But if the wrong decision, at least, they'll know sooner rather than later, a lock the why are they in? Capable or will, you know? Yeah. In some cases, there are companies that are very good at this. And it's very rare. I think what you see is we have a holistic perspective on companies markets sectors. We see multiple companies the way in which they're performing. So we can continue to benchmark gauge and kind of show the value of what a company needs to spire towards in order to be best in their class. And it's it's actually pretty rewarding because if you set everything to ground level and truth around how you are performing across all of the appendages of your company, you tend to start making different decisions versus three or or I believe this. And it's not to say that you don't have a vision or northstar it's more about what can I get access to to make better decisions. And that's that's the whole point. The whole point is can we help accelerate a lot of these companies because they haven't built these teams out before you know, when you hire scientists, you you can't tell them do this. They have to have an understanding of your business to heuristic to kind of. Start digging into and the best companies in the world, like Google, Facebook, etc. They've been doing this for so long that they've mastered. Certain parts of what it means to have data scientists and engineers focus on this on this path product market fit. Whereas if you're a company of two people, if your company of ten people you've been focused on surviving and getting your product to a working state. And so our whole goal is to let us help you define that working state, and what it means to make that working state stronger and stronger overtime. I think some companies are capable of our whole goal is to teach them this over time. So they can do it themselves. But as we've seen with a lot of our companies, regardless of stage, there's always something new that they haven't done. We can continue to help them lock. It us. Because there's less vanished. You got Jane? Sourcing is an aspect of it. I think it's one part of the equation that matters for obviously venture capital. And we've always partnered with other firms we've always gotten inbound and strong referrals as well. So we're not opposed to using data science to source, but look at kind of the parameters of what you do a lot of the parameters of data sourcing data using data source is let me find publicly available data or either scraping using credit card. Pennells you're looking at crunch base pitchbook at different stages. You're looking at the white see list, and you're just going out to those companies. And you're hoping you might like the idea that you're taking a qualitative framework. Do I like this market? Do I like this team? So again across three verticals of product marketing team, the only you're using your your frameworks for what you think matters. And you might pass our whole goal is let's build a bottoms up view. Let's do the work on the company. Let's pitch to them on why we think they might be worthwhile. Well, regardless of where it comes from sourcing. It's not to say, we've got it. We don't use data science for sourcing. It's just not something. It's nothing that we focus on as one hundred percent. And let's make sure we not we're not going to miss the best companies because we had a bias. And that's that's our main goal, and that gives us the ability to invest in founders where someone might have been away tryst and she wants to start a B company where someone was a a karate teacher decided to start a vertically integrated SAS company someone had built consumer product before failed but decided to build an enterprise company, the three companies mentioning are all companies that are worth over half a billion and more. So I think the to understand, you know, how powerful this is that we get to reduce bias. We get to partner with anyone from anywhere in the world. And we can help them accelerate their business because we have a view on the way in which companies get built once you get too close enough demand signals for product market fit. So capitalism service at at social capital was essentially built on the frameworks of what we have. So we had different heuristic frameworks understanding product market fit procedure and companies and the goal was for one of our teams that social capital to find possibly outlier style companies outside of the traditional areas of venture capital, Silicon Valley, York, LA, etc. And what I'd say is that you could have a framework of using software to make investments or you can have a framework to think about using software and data to make better decisions. So they're usually two extremes. There are people in the industry in my opinion. That are on one side that say data doesn't matter. All I care about is like how I do the company it's been around for so long. I will call the tradit- traditional VC said that no matter what stage you're at that used the same framework. From Syria, see, Missouri's D, And I see that over and over again. And then there's the other side of the world. Which is I think what you saw Soche capital, which is like we can automate everything what we really kind of fit in the middle. Right. Like when you are building a company there are people. There are very Ables that are human. You have to work hard to help the company get from stage to stage you've been as VC that doesn't matter. And our whole goal is. Can we get as much context in the company using our data science? So that when we need to do the other aspects of company building where there to force multiplying the way in which we could have done it as a pass like one individual, right? We are our firm is set up like a company, I work on product, Ted works and operations Jonathan works on tech. So it's like, you know, yogurt CTO CPO, and we have data scientists engineers with team that are like fully focused on helping our companies as a partner. So we don't have Monday partner meetings. We never we almost never make decisions on only on a Monday. We have stand ups every. Day like a product team, and we're building products and we're building relationships with our companies. And so I think that's part of the equation of why we are focused in this way versus being on either extreme. Team marketing team. You. Team as maybe gone or earlier that day on that as early in their trash as well wizard walls, positive. You have for her binding. Yeah, we're all very different the firm. We have this perspective. Kevin our sweet spot is five or ten million dollar check series in B's. We do other rounds at other stages opportunistically. But again, it's the word opportunistic where we feel like we can help the company step function. And at the earliest age, I wanna call pre seed and seed different frameworks. Right. You have you have teams that are haven't never built anything before. Coming in fresh and saying they want to build this product for this market. Here's our solution. And it might be that whole team in napkin idea, then you have some that have a demo which is like this is what it's gonna look like. And then you have people that are coming out of companies that we all know. Well, the thing I want to build a company in X sector. Here's my background. I think I can do it. Give me give me capital. And so use different frameworks across all of that. Right. You either like the market and the team that's a framework you'd like parts of their product and the market you may not like the team. But you missed the deal. I think you've seen that from a lot of people. I mean, we tend to consider ourselves tribe like in that we want to treat all of our companies equal, no matter what the check sizes and in order to that we end up having to be more concentrated, but also more opportunistic with our time. And so when we do right small check, which we have we call it, our angel style checks is that a partner sponsors an area that they care about. So if I'm doing a deal I will act like an angel which is I'm going. To be accountable for this check in the movie accountable for my time to that company and make sure that they're actually integrated with all of our companies in portfolio, regardless of the check size that we written to the other portfolio. So someone has a twenty five K check that we've written to them. I'm treating them the same as a forty million dollar check that we Britain Marvis about Tostao eight worth more. Vase for this. Of attack Marquette, Joe Sanders. What space non brought are you processing you? Monks. You know, everyone says they like big markets. But we don't know what big markets are generally prescribe to Mark Andriessen this philosophy that, you know, software is eating the world. And then I would take that a step further and say Soffer has been proliferated in everything we do. And so if you just take that into how we live our lives how much time that we have throughout her Dane, what are we doing? Those chunks of time. Like, what are the products that take up that space? We generally kind of look at those markets, right? You'll you'll look at energy because you use energy you look at real estate because you live. Homer house. You look at transportation auto it look at all these pieces, and then you look at the full vertically integrated stack of what is in this industry, and what's either being deregulated or fragmented because of software. I can I can go on about every single one of these markets, but we're generalists by that fashion. We look at markets. That are interesting for us, regardless. If people think it smaller, not, and we don't actually care because we believed if we build a bottoms up view, we can have a better understanding of what the Tam could look like for a company and given that we're investing at the early stage. Tampa may not matter if you give it enough time to matter. Couple companies, but they be of NC Ray of his cover as what you saw in that on days unique. St. I UTA thinking on how hot car when it was review easy it yet. Yeah. So I mean first off thank you because you made the introduction. So I appreciate it. But you know, we met cover, and they had this thesis, which is important that most insurance companies today are built one product line at a time. So if you go back the advent ten years ago of the companies that are being built there have been renter's insurance auto insurance, homeowners life, etc. And they're all very specific to a product line and KARN who's the founder and Natalie who's one of the co founders in on the three of them together. The basically had come to us and said the way in which up insurance company of the future is going to work become big and massive is to do two things. One is to be an insurance company, actually. Similar to insurance companies of the Paso back to basics and being able to not turn down any customer for any reason so hot and do that. So it sounded crazy. And I just kept asking asking what this would look like in whether approach wasn't. So their whole approach was we want to be a broker we wanna be a Switzerland in the space, but we also want to have our own product lines. What does that allow you to do? Well, that allows you to not turn down a customer will hit great. Well, how do you actually do that from a product perspective? And so in most cases, people look oh cover is the mobile app. They're not just the mobile app. They are a choice on your point of sale system. When you do a driving school in a certain state. They are also your option there. The just have a multitude of ways in which they engage with the customer, which I think is the most unique part about them as they don't consider themselves in next-generation mobile app insurance company. They think of themselves the next generation insurance company, and then they have channels in the way in which they approach the customer and those check. Annals are products in themselves that kind of spire to the intent of customer. You may want to do just all through mobile. I made care about getting a hold of someone agent on the phone someone else only wants to buy insurance through their channel partners. Another person wants to consider a broker that they already working with which cover will also work with and they don't want to change their insurance companies. So they'll just use cover to represent them as the broker, and so if you look at that flexibility, but they can do they can end up working with anyone very similar to the way in which insurance companies work today like having that type of vision in the beginning was great clearly as venture capitalist. We didn't believe it right from the beginning. So our approach to kind of understanding what was working, and what wasn't for cover early on what's to understand their product market fit across all their channels, their first channel was mobile second channel shop affi-, and then the subsequent channels after that. And so then when you start thinking about their unique value proposition to the customer, how do I measure success? And then how do I measure? Market fit not just as a holistic company, but just each channel is product market fed. That's how we game conviction. Then we took all of that product. Is it gave it to them and said, here's how we think about what's working. What's not and how we would prioritize our time. Here's how you should think about your capital. The ended up being one of the most capital efficient companies in the space growing at such a rapid rate. They've you know, I would say in in many cases, there rivaling a lot of people that are raised hundreds of millions of dollars. But they're doing it at a pace, that's sustainable. They're doing it at a pace of what we believe is going to be the next, you know, insurance company that's going to last decades and be resilient. Us less. You think about? Digital verse you as a abuses capital tinier, others haven't really followed a hours in our said, you industry house is most of the hot wings renter involvement on of those religious offer finish physically of remerged as really is wounded Caesar about worlds of as receive injuring wars are sent. So I'll flip it back on you and ask. Well, if you've been doing something your whole life a certain way, and it's kind of worked for you. What's your motivation to change not a lot? If you've been doing product management the same way for a long time, your motivation to change is not a lot. So a lot of questions, you know, VC's ask why does Google do this? Why doesn't Uber? Do this. Why don't these other companies I want you're digging series? It's one of the one of the stupidest questions people ask because if you're used to doing certain. Way you usually don't adapter change of yahu didn't adopt or change Google golden adapted change to Facebook. We're just multiple stories like that. So it's the same thing in venture just because adventures been done a certain way for forty years doesn't mean it hasn't changed or incrementally changed it has some funds of gun larger they're deploying capital later stages. Some have become registered investment advisers somewhere using data for sourcing that wasn't the case before because before you had people on the phone calling outbound. So things have changed. I think people just don't care to admit that the periphery of what they do is changing. But their core investment decision. Making is still the same that is going to change. And I think what's wrong there is that you know, because you use excel. And you feel good about it doesn't mean that you can't use software scripts in tools to be able to make better decisions in augment you as a human. That's essentially where we come from. We're not saying that data takes over any of our decision making. It just helps us make better decisions. And it helps us make better decisions in the future. When we. We make mistakes. Now. Vangelis heats grasping. Yeah. There's a part of me that says, no. So we can continue to do what we do. Really? Well. And then there's a part of me that where I hope there are more people that are going to prescribe to the way in which you partner with entrepreneurs because I think it's really a big value. Add four founders of management teams at helps them more than it hurts anyone else. So I'm hoping that a lot of of what we do because we open source of the way in which we approached it gets proliferated further and further. So I would say ten years pretty longtime things can't change. And I'm sure people are going to try. But I think it's also hard. No, let's just say you were the person Jonathan my partner likes to say this lot. Let's say you were the person that came up with accounting frameworks one hundred years ago, you have the frameworks, but then it's the interpretation of this framework for your statement of balance sheet, or cash flow, etc. Everyone has the same level of information. When you invest in public companies, it's the interpretation on top of that what you. Believe is different. So you can find alpha. It's no different adventure in my opinion. And I actually think the reason why venture people use the word power law, or if you are doing a seed or series investment, they need to certain percentage ownership the reason they do that is because they know a certain percentage of their companies are going to fail. The reason the a certain percentage of their companies they're gonna fail is because of the antiquated frameworks we use to make decisions to our whole goal has been. Well, our frameworks are help us reduce our loss ratio for making which gives us the ability to have a better portfolio construction, which ends up being more concentrated versus like I need, you know, twenty five companies and one of them to return my fund. Well, oh, you only do that. Because you're frameworks are so antiquated. For for a second. I think he is at a rise in recent is somewhat of a all any seems is nine in close to like it is all theranos illegal legality in deserve. Environmental as we're like is. Fraud goes just rely money. Should resume late do Drancy. Well. Just be people closure win the Aqaba major doing it. Well, and it's her name's go haywire. What why you're how do is about you that? Everybody loves United Greer with that sorta. And what's? Sued will eliminate implode because they're dying of last long? Yeah. I, you know, if I if I go back to my career, and if I look at my competitive set as well that we're in the system. So let's take zinc. For example. I think you had a very talented team talented, founder of very talented approach to the market, but the way in which they hired culturally. I think it was more mercenary than anything else. It's a what happened is that you had a cultural implosion internally. A what matter what didn't and then more short term thinking? So and I think that's like a really quick way of of capturing what might have happened at Zingo, and there's lots of other things, but think at its core was that wrought started to proliferate within the organization now, I think you can have that in any organization, and depending on what the organization is doing how strong that platform is or what I call how resilient it is to rot is what makes it successful. And what does it make successful? Right. When when you're able to purge those things out of the system or inoculate. So I would. Say like your best ten percent of moving the company or your firm forward, you can generally survive. And I think you've seen this in the case of no one we sold our company will apps to next on when we went to Yabu from message me, you had pieces of this right were the in some cases, the platform was strong enough to be resilient to the Roth that existed, but at the same time you have so many smart people across all of these companies. And so the question is are being what is the north star or the atomic of unit unit of what they care about. How do you bring that together? And so at social cabinets his price on the smartest people ever worked with across any of the things that I built in. And you're putting them together to figure out how to facilitate what venture capital should look like what growth should look like what credits you look at a certain point and the public markets, and in some cases, I would say because so many smart people were in. The room we came up with so many different frameworks ideas of what could and could not happen that we ended up testing a lot of these theses of what was good MOS bad. I would say like the ultimate transition for our team moving into ventures that we believe we were very good at this stage of investing, and why we focused on it as an early stage mentoring like if you were to transplant our team, it's essentially the same team that was such a capital and credit to to be honest is the approach that he had taken when he was scaling Facebook, just the rigor and the types of personalities that you wanted in the room, the types of creative ideas around how you can deploy certain types of thinking into a new industry company capital. Was it? It's far beyond what other people were thinking. And it's part of why we all came together was that there was this vision of that we could think very differently in the way in which we partner with our our founders in the companies, and we did that. And so what I'd say like a. The success story out of social capital is the framework in the way in which we all think, and then how many other people now that have moved on from such capital to the next next choices in their life. Or the next journey is that we're still using those same frameworks, we're still working together on we're all still pretty closely tied together, including the people at social capital, including two moth have we already still work with today. And I think what you saw which was that. He wanted to start building more control positions. He wanted to start thinking about different stages as you saw with the advent of this back in the in the in the previous years that he's doing exactly what he wants. And that's really valuable and we're doing exactly what we want. And there are other former partners are doing exactly what they want. Is way too rare. California's in youth that I got my serve you sound with a view against a lot often. How could all of of firm? Send us as IRS. You know, why not take on? My see why not say on first round why the group on. If you look at the market today, there's two things that are happening. You have a proliferation of capital that's at the early stage. And then you have a proliferation of capital at the late stage. Now, why does that happen? We have a lot more liquidity in the system. We've had a bull run for a pretty long time. So how do you differentiate at the series seed precede seed stage while it's brand it's what you can do to have the company help propel it from the next stage the next stage. And so there's a lot of what I take qualitative pieces of company building the foundations that need to be built. That's what why c does. That's what you guys do village. That's what first round has done, and they all have a different approach, and what I'd say is in order for you to be successful in seed, my, you know, my strong opinion is that you need to have a larger value out of resources to help companies propel in a brand behind it to help them get to the next stage. No, hiring, etc. And then the next set of investors. And from where we come from. We know how to help companies amplify their product market fit post at stage. We know how to identify it. We can help them think through it. What's working what's not a really early stage? So we ended up building a lot of these relationships with wasiyu first-round like we've done many many times and help companies can guide and say, well, this is what it takes from us to raise a series. Do you have to have a million air are with us? Absolutely. Not do you have to have certain amount of retention metrics. Absolutely. Not. We basically are saying is that when we do our general overall check our health check when we give you a grading or a score on our magic eight ball. It gives you a perspective of how we think in. What would it take an investment from us? That's like a quantitative like product or a piece of paper. I'm delivering to you to let you know, what it takes, and what it would take for us to want to invest in YouTube, or like, how can we align? So the reason we chose series and B is that's the time where you have shades of gray. That's the time where. For data isn't everything where it's just a part of the equation in. We've been able to successfully find companies at the earliest stage using a quantitative metrics and finding companies really really early and providing this insight because when you provide us insight in our belief is that they're helps him step function faster. So that's why we did at the earliest age. Now does that mean we can't be helpful at later stages? No, we are helpful. But as I mentioned you've had a proliferation of capital at the late stage. And so it becomes more commodity oriented, right? Like, you're you if your company is working at the series and stage, you have a plethora of capital to choose from. And it becomes more transactional. Our whole goal is not to be transactional or Hoke goal is to be relationship driven alignment with the founders and make sure that we can stick with them as long as possible. Last retirement. Growth earth, or or some hanger. This. Our goal is to be the best at this. Does that mean we won't go outside the scope invest in later stage rounds? No, we've done that. It's I think it's more. Do we believe in or we have fit for the company where we can help them step function where we can handle FAI their product market fit that exists today. And if the answer is no, then we're we're not the right partners. And and I think what we've been able to show time and time again is that we're very good at actually still delivering that value to even people that we have not invested in the quantitatively tell him. Hey, we're not the right fit for you. We don't think it will work for us because this is the type of work that we do. Here's the time that we spend once invest, but this is a guidebook that we start with them. We don't think we can really help move the needle at all. And I think that's something that most investors don't do it because they think they can do anything. So if you. Bread or us a clear of earlier invasive law. You're oily is our first. Yeah, we have this thesis that everyone regresses TIMMY, it'd become mediocre at a certain point. And you have to figure out ways in which void that. And so a lot of to be honest. A lot of the pieces that I wrote were either frustrations that I saw at companies where I couldn't help an outcome or there were my own companies where I had unsuccessful attempts or at organizations where I was an executive all your who were I couldn't really affect change because the momentum of the ship is going too far whether we're just sinking and I couldn't fix it. And so a lot of it are around these pieces that are Britain is essentially a problems and trying to find solutions that can help those companies even while I was there. And in some cases, it's worked really well companies. Literally print them out. And it's on there. You know, when I when I come in at their offices on the wall and a second step by step guide. I think they've made it much better than I have. And then they can build frameworks off of it. And I would say that's more for team oriented stuff than it has been for the philosophical frameworks. But but what's really important here is this innovators? Dilemma thing really comes from a had a quantitative approach as I started thinking about what the quantitative approaches are how could you just learn more from what's happening and get to better decisions, and the more data that you have to be able to unpack hypothesis that you can ask get back answers in a much quicker format. My belief is that you will just generally make better decisions. And so a lot of these pieces are about like, how do you just get into that cycle to get to a place where you can make better decisions is not just a management team or a CEO, but even like your mid level folks that are running product engineering that aren't doing this in battling this on the day to day. What are they really what they're really fighting for is is a part of all these. Marks of the pieces that are. People. Resilient teams seems to review are crumble under under duress are. Yeah. There's a you know, they're in. I don't know. If you've read this book thinking fast and slow what it really comes down to some people are reactionary. I'm just need to fix this as soon as possible without thinking through it. And then some people have an appropriate response for this is it's a it's a it's a verbiage at the military uses a lot too and. I was and so one of the things that has always been like always kind of astounding for me is that when companies are building they kind of react to growth, right? Like, I don't prescribe to blitz gambling because it creates more mercenary style attitudes. And I actually think it creates more bias he's in the organization because you keep looking for more of the same versus the diversity of the and so they just keep reacting reacting reacting. So if I just slapped you across the face, you would immediately react to it. And that's not what you want at a company, you wanna have companies create responses, and so I've always been kind of puzzled by the way in which some companies are advised by their investors around you just need to hire this person from this organization because they grew this company from fifty to one hundred million about new what they do is they go after these resumes almost every single time. I've seen this happen. Is that the resumes? Don't add value to the company actually created more. Toxicity. And the companies that I've seen work, really. Well, is that they grow their ingrown talent. To create a ecosystem for them to succeed and inject the right people at the right stage, regardless of resume or not companies that I think I've seen do the successfully not perfect habit companies like Facebook, they're obviously there have been some social gaming companies that have done this in the past two was that worked really one of the ones that didn't. And you can kind of see the teams that worked really well are the ones that just generally had less churn. So it's not it's not a complicated thing to understand is that if your employees are generally happy with their momentum and success there generally have an understanding of where they're going, and they have a positive feedback loop transparent feedback loop that trend less, and so the people platform was more about like, how do you start thinking about investing in your old people similar to what the credo of Johnson and Johnson of the past? And don't forget that just because old companies that created this long time ago, it will companies are bad, which means that they had a thesis and some of it worked. And so what are the things that we can use today in the way in which he Abbas. On has grown out past companies like GM and Johnson Johnson grump for remember fifty hundred years, in some cases, if you go back far enough where our technology companies in some cases, they're not even more than five years old. And like you look at Microsoft's like what thirty five to forty years old. Now, see I don't really have a lot of data like this is the best way to build companies. So it's more about like what what are the the best things that you can take from each parts of these companies over the last ten years that you can use. Time is the or you choose it. I mean, we prescribe to a philosophy of knowledge accumulation and through knowledge accumulation you can make better decisions. Obviously, we're kind of see this reoccurring theme of decision making whether it's right or wrong is just the process of acquiring knowledge. And so it's time for us. It's more about how do you compound knowledge in in some sense. And, you know, over time, it's obviously evolved, and those kind of our first rations of thinking through it. But you know, like, in some cases life is very short so trying to figure out how to optimize for what you need to get. But in some cases, it's pretty long. So you kind of have to try to figure out the balance between the two of what you're focused on. And I think a company horizon units time, really matters, right? There are there are moments when you just need to be very taco get things done as quickly as possible. Make sure you have the best data available to make the best decision. But you also need to understand that it's going to take time to compound in. What does that look like? And so a lot of this was the framing the again goal of what it means to, you know, create a north star when it means to have an atomic unit for your company. How do you? Orient yourself. A lot of these things that we write about quantitatively or qualitatively are really focused on to be honest, creating the outcome. And so that's that's how I would think about units time is the subset of how to get there. Maitland. Their are star was his action about what was their star. He read a blog post from the thing they need to do the same thing. Right. If you look at any company, any company that has been successful hasn't been because if copied someone else's format they've they've done really well because they just do what they do better. They take other philosophies of had worked at other companies and figure out how that could be injected into their company for what they do rather than try to copy some other other frameworks, and it's kind of like the Roman philosophy right? Like, the Romans didn't have like this innate religion at the start. They add different religions to continue to conquer moorlands. So it's kind of similar here in that as a company, you have your value sets that you care about your principles that you don't want to change. But there are other tactics that you might want to change over time because you are a company as an entity it's like a malleable entity at the end of the day. And so you want to make that happen because you have different color. -tural sets as you scale different people that are coming on board different ways in which you think about building product. It's not just like one hierarchical way. And even the great companies like apple don't do it the same way across departments of product development, and has its own culture, but they have principles and guidelines that they follow. Attention being all on Assulin. You will you think on the honeys? Yet, you know, the beauty of having data and having it as a part of the equation, and recognizing it's not gonna be everything for you is a recognizing that it's not going to be everything for you at different stages of accompanying or different stages of anything that you do. There's only a certain amount of data that you can use to make decisions are basis talks about what is the least amount of data that I need to make decisions. That's essentially what you want across the board. What is the least amount of data that you need to have in order to make a good decision, which we don't think about it too differently. Right. So now, what people say what kind of data you gather on the team while the data that I have is with the built over the last two years, but to measure it, and let's give the team the benefit of the doubt to see. What what do they need to add one of the strengths and weaknesses of the team that we need to have to interpret the data in help them move forward. So there's no right or wrong answer to be clear. There are some cases where you have more data than companies more explicit can understand where they're going. You can make better. Forecasts the. The goal here in why we take this approach in wide. You guys have been asking about this for a while is that the the best data in the world is data that sits in the company in the best way to assess it is by understanding how to take a look at the the data that exists there and by continually doing it, you can build better and better. Here are six of each company. It's not about taking outside data in having a perspective because that's pretty commoditised, and is lagging indicators, it's more. If you're an early stage company at a certain life cycle once the data that matters. And so we have different frameworks for each stage. Of the I R the on Twitter tribe. Cap is for were then a or is? Thanks for having me. If you're an early stage entrepreneur, we'd love to hear you. Please hit us up village. Global dot BC slash at work catalyst.

Facebook partner founder Gino Jonathan United States product manager Google Jason Ted Salesforce Eric torbert Zinger Parada California Soche capital YouTube Philip global
#A220 (ape to aphaeresis)

The Dictionary

10:15 min | 11 months ago

#A220 (ape to aphaeresis)

"Hello Word nerds and welcome to another episode of the dictionary. Am I sounding announcer enough for you all right. Let's get to the first word it is ape eight P E. It's the first form of three I love apes and primates monkeys. They're my favorite animals YEP now. You know a little bit more about me. This is a noun from before the twelfth century one a a the synonym is a monkey especially one of the larger tailless or short tailed old world forms one be any of various large Tayla semi erect primates of Africa and southeastern Asia as the Chimpanzee Gorilla Orangutan Dan or Gibbon of course I always used to say a renting I think most people do but there is no g at the end so I learned that it's really Aranka Tan and then the end of the definition says called also anthropoid or anthropoid ape and then compared to the synonym great ape was there a drink called grape. Ape knows a cartoon character. Yeah I think there was a cartoon character called grape to a we have these synonym mimic and with that definition of the word ape is often used in crossword puzzles to be eh a large uncouth person. APE like is an adjective all right. Let's do this second form of the word ape. It's a transitive verb from sixteen thirty two to copy closely but often clumsily and ineptly synonym is the word copy apor deeper is a noun and now we have the third form of a it's an adjective from nineteen fifty five synonyms are crazy and wild usually usually used in the phrase. Go Ape. Don't mind if I do well next. We have a Peek A. The E. A. K. A. Word. I don't think I've ever seen before it's an adjective or adverb from fifteen ninety six being in a vertical position as in with ors a peak. I'm assuming that's ores like in a boat or canoe. The etymology says this is an alternative of earlier a pike. Api K. E. A. Probably from the French pick which means vertically next we have a man there is a hyphen between the two words. It's a noun from eighteen sixty nine a primate as in Australopithecus pissing intermediate in character between Homo Sapiens and the higher apes and yes. I think I actually did say author low pithy incorrectly early next. We have a French word that I'm sure I will butcher but it is something like a pursue yeah sort of It is spelled spelled A. P. E. R. C. You and the C has that accent underneath the letter. I do not know what it is called apologies for that but you you know what I'm talking about. This is a noun from eighteen o nine one a brief survey or sketch synonym is outline to an immediate impression especially the two definitions for the word insight so yes as I said this is French from from the verb appar save war or wa which means to perceive that is from old French appear few I do you know how to pronounce this eight p. e. r. c. v. r. e. and that means to perceive and there's more at the word perceive. There was some some other information but it basically says the same thing that I already said next. We have a period and a p. E. R. The N. T. It's an adjective from sixteen twenty six gently moving the bowels while did not expect that synonym is laxative. Have a period is also a noun next. We have a periodic. It's the word periodic with an a at the beginning. It's an adjective active from eighteen seventy one of irregular occurrence not periodic as in a periodic floods to not we're having periodic vibrations not Assila Tori a periodically is an adverb and a periodicity is a noun next. We have oppor Tif A. P. E. R. I T. I F. This is a noun from eighteen ninety four an alcoholic drink taken before a meal as an appetizer. I hope that's not the only appetizer you're having because you're GonNa get drunk Parada quick doc next. We have aperture A. P. E. R. T. U. R. E. This is a noun from the fifteenth century. One One and opening or open space synonym is whole to a the opening in a photographic lens that admits the light to to be the diameter of the Stop in an optical system that determines the diameter of the bundle of Rays Trans versing the instrument to see see the diameter of the objective Lens or mere of a telescope as I've mentioned in the past I have a background in film and video and photography and so I am familiar with this term aperture and I find the whole mechanics and optics of lenses pretty interesting. I don't know the physics of IT Really I. I only know the the very tip of the iceberg but it's pretty interesting when you really dig into it. Let's see the etymology says this is Latin then from opportunists which is from the verb op array which means to open next we have a pelous. AP AP E. T. A. L. U. S. This is an adjective from circa seventeen o six having no pedals and pedals is spelled Velde P. E. T. A. L. S. Those are the petals on a flower not the pedals on a bike next have apex. This is a noun from sixteen o one one A. The uppermost point synonym is Vertex as in the PECs of a mountain one be the narrowed arrowed or pointed end synonym is tip as in the apex of the tongue to the highest or culminating point as in the apex of his career. I think I've hit mine synonym for all definitions is the word summit next. We have APP Gar score are two words. The first word is capital A. P. G. A. R. This is a noun from nineteen fifty nine an index used to evaluate the condition of a newborn infant based on a rating of zero one or two for each of the five characteristics of Color Heart heart rate response to stimulation of the sole of the foot muscle tone and respiration with ten being perfect score so in each of those is five characteristics. If the baby did a great job in each of those it seems like they would have gotten a to which totals up to ten. I wonder what score I got. Maybe that's in my old records or something. I'll have to look into that see if my parents have that somewhere this is named after Virginia APP Gar died in nineteen seventy four and she was an American anesthesiologist. I love saying that word all right. I think we will do one more for this episode. It is a for ASIS A P. H. E. R. E. S. I s. this episode is filled with words have never heard before. It's a a noun from fifteen fifty the loss of one or more sounds or letters at the beginning of a word as in round four around owned or a round now who says a round it's around and Kuhn for raccoon. I don't know if they needed to put coon in there. That seems a little bit racist even though they're specifically talking about raccoons but the history of that word is not great so Can you change that please dictionary. Thanks APHORISTIC is an adjective this is from the Greek off for racists which literally means taking off and that is from Farina gene which means to take away that is from Otto Plus Herron which means to take what a what shall I choose to be the word of the episode. There's a bunch in here that I liked ape ape man APERITIF apgar score. What do you think let me know Send me an email. A tweet a message on facebook I liked aperture to this is a hard one. I think I'm just going to have to go with Abe as I said apes and monkeys and primates are are my favorite animals and so they have a very special place in my heart the one a definition of a had the synonym monkey which reminded me of a phrase that I learned how to say backwards while ago I won't go into the details but I will say it now for you and then I will reverse it and then we will end the episode so it is economic impact cool look at me. I'm on the hopefully that worked out well. I'll find out in the editing. That is the end of the episode. Thank you very much for listening until next time this suspense or reading the dictionary maybe I

Aranka Tan Asia Africa Assila Tori Otto Plus Herron Parada APERITIF apgar Abe Virginia wa K. E. A. A. P. E. R. A. P. E. A. P. E. R. T. U. R. Kuhn coon Velde P. E. T. A. L.
133: Soigneurs | Kilometre 0

The Cycling Podcast

20:16 min | 1 year ago

133: Soigneurs | Kilometre 0

"The listening to kilometers by citing podcast in association the stars in the morning with the making the cool boxes <hes> so the drinks <hes> and also the the race food for the riders during the race then we go to the start start from from the start to defeat zone. That's where we give them us. It's <hes> and then back to the finish and then the work after the raise is of course the massages. That's the one of the most important things of <hes> of the day. So how many bottles have you made this morning. I think minimum one hundred and a warm day they drink battles fisher so <hes> we need to keep it. <hes> keep it cool and that's <hes> that's already a challenge in a music. There's <hes> beaten would water be done with it is atomic <hes> than to boss to jails a rice cake and a small coke then we go to the hotel and then i do <hes> to massage. I just do this and that's like a more or less. <hes> one hour each always the same virus. We started with the two writers and they stay with us <hes> the whole tour. I'm doing <hes> fabio upson and tim the clerk so you grew up some lakes of one stage already yeah. That's the nicer so what's what's the conversation like ah someday when they don't talk too much some days when you know not to not to engage in conversation too much if they've had a bad day yeah eh they <hes> they suffered a lot during the stage than they preferred to have some rest and then stay little bit quiet. Listen to some music z. can and enjoy the massage and can you tell when a rider is is ten when he's really had a difficult on the bike to the legs feel different nee feel feel different also <hes> the first day or after states eighteen. It'll be a big difference. That's for sure on the grand tours. Sworn years work is never done on wall. Each team has a medical staff consisting of a doctor an osteopathic o'connor practiser and physiotherapist the swan years of the foot soldiers who keep the rider's on the road every day. Sonia is the french verb to treat look after nurse or care. When team sky started they decided not to corner physical therapists swan years as the french traditionally do but to use the english word care as instead. Perhaps it was to reinforce the idea that the rolling is about ensuring the riders needs come i to those whose first language is english this one years would often work fifteen or sixteen hour day and while we may think of their job is principally to give the riders post race massage that more to the job than rubbing the lakes and this episode of kilometer zero. I decided to find out more about the job went to the feed zone to watch. They handed out the music these s. and spoke to a few people who do that your thomas again. The lotto sue dahl rider is something of a maverick in many respects and especially when it comes to the idea of having the massage he is shunned the daily routine for years now and i wanted to find out why but i i spoke to p to kohnic who appropriately enough works for kernan in quick status. I don't know why i can i don for show. He have a reason or an explanation for that but <hes> for me. It's it sounds a a bit. <hes> a bit strange why i'm going to go and ask him now. Let let me know please. I'm interested to know why you don't have a message after the stages of the grand tours. I just prefer to stay in bets <hes> for one one hour extra <hes>. I don't really need massage. I don't really feel the benefit of it. So then i prefer to stay in bed. <hes> never really been that much to my size before <hes> i an already at for today start skipping a lot of massage <hes> quickstep <hes> also tried it but then the really forced. Let's go to massage because they thought it was professional and then since <hes> since i went to stop going you never get lakes everybody. I saw lex. That's that's <hes>. That's the thing even but massaged so alexa. It doesn't really matter at the start him already rubio's. I watched it each team's close knit group of one year's relaxed for half an our so often making the drinks bottles and race food checking them use actual present correct. They had a bit of downtime before heading off on the road. So it's about forty minutes before the star and the team cause beginning to roll out in these team caused the ones being driven by twenty two are heading to the feats which today is he's ninety five kilometers down the route and quite convenient for them to cut across to the finish so i'm going to do that as well and go and go. I don't see how the job of handing out the music goes up driven along the cool and stop in the feed zone ninety five kilometers today stage page which is just under two hundred kilometers long. The feed zone tends to be around halfway through a stage like this <hes> but there are a few requirements not just a case of picking a point on the route hof why along and saying right that's designated the feeds on the road needs to be going <music> gently uphill really to make the job of handling the music to the right is easier and also from a logistical point of view. There needs to be a root for the swan years on a team staff in vehicles to get from here to the finish before the race does so <hes> fabio planning planning has to go into that for <hes> by the race organizers. It can't just be <hes> picking arbitrary place. It has to has to work out for the people. Doing the jobs in this speech is spread out over possibly coloma two and a half. I'm in a a little boy on side of the road. <hes> cosc- the mitchelson scott carr just down there groupama f. t. j. f. education first c._c._c. boobs be h ball rhianna just pulled off the side in little <hes> little um track and <hes> where whiting and watch two summers swung years of pre the music's. Just put the bottles into the music <hes> relatively light on so they've stayed cool. What makes makes perfect sense really the music of hung up on the edge of the car doors and still around half an hour to go before the righteous. I just get to this point but they'll need to be ready just in case up on schedule. I don't know how they're following. The rice might be that radio. 'cause there's absolutely no mobile phone signal out here so i've got audience what is going on and i don't have any joy the oldest one years i've been going enviously as i've unwrapped their their sandwiches which is trying to stop in a couple of towns. We've been through two towns today. Happy there was no way to safely get off the road and stop the police put type up across every turn off junction to stop cart pulling in the side of the road or more to the point putting out from the side of the road so there wasn't any way really safely stop. The penetration did stop at didn't have anything to certainly didn't have anything though i wanted to eat and not that fussy <hes> didn't didn't look appealing to me. I'll take my chances the finish which is another hundred kilometers away but for us shoot should be <hes> a small through back the way we came up to the junction on the main road and maybe another ten columbus so hopefully that were count the slightly sleep eight <hes>. I have had a snooze. <hes> tom of day in spain siesta clock put the seat back in the go to set my alarm just in case they want to wake up and find one teen caused gone and odd missed it <hes> so yeah yeah just dropped <hes> just grabbed ten or fifteen minutes <hes> name names but a couple of the scene a couple of years resting there always or preps concentrating. They're always closed is the way to put it. He comes from greek. No take us for music now. Oh no movie star rider took a music techniques seems pretty universal. Stand with one arm in the air and trauma is easiest possible for the ride into gravity music which can scott sonia cornea has passed into team con <hes> well. That's a low risk strategy. Give the music to the team car and then the reuters this can come back and collect them. Alecia rodman are inter having to take the bag on the move. You got two bags out there one tim declerk one to james knox. I went fine. I want to steve on one to kopecky so everything <hes> received what they need. So that's a perfect. Nothing dropped today. Do you ever still have a little moment. We think our hope the back doesn't get dropped. No no no no no no no to pro for that now but there's also not they don't go that fast to <hes> so they know where we are so normally goes well now. You have to get straight to the finish yet got. No you go straight to the finish. Listening to kilometers zero by the cycling costs in association with handscroll has showers and taps aetna. I write for bora hans. My showering routine after saying right is like a pretty slow. I have to enjoy it after the hard training wink or even a hard race the best thing about having ca- go here as a sponsor is like begin get has grow his shower a really good price may favorite hands grow has showered motifs. I think the powder like the really throw away. The good so relaxing venue can put some nice music in the shower like a pro with hans grandma showers and taps stage finish. I spoke to another team member of staff off wearing the teams you lay so he could be easily recognized by the writers and waiting near the line with a bag of cold drinks and dry jersey's. My name is <hes> ricardo parada. I'm portuguese orch geeze. I'm osteopath for e f cycling team my job basically he's making the treatments and working with the cyclists between stages or after stages all before the stages start just make sure that everything and beyond mechanical way is is correct and they can had a good performance in a bike during stage or the next day and after after also. I helped swan to you do their own jobs. <hes> like <hes> get what else <hes> extra feats <hes> being a finnish be be ready for for take care of the writers just give him some bit arms or some recovery drinks and basically excuse my job during day and this team is five twenties normally to the disdain aalto they make hotel and they prepare everything in <hes> in <hes> truck kitchen truck they make rice cakes they make feedback they make <hes> drinks <hes> for the next morning to go to feet free zone and extra seats <hes> and one <hes> and also with me <hes> we we do start title and <hes> finish so everybody had the job. Everybody has is home to everybody knows what to do. Five guys plus me plus dr plus for mechanics plus <hes> bus driver plus two directors plus ah chef and a sous chef so there's a lot of people a lot of people bodies is also important in grandeur so do you in this one years do the same job each day or do you rotate it. Round is always the same guys that will be making the rice cake sandwiched in bottles for for those awesome that work <hes> they swap swap every mostly <hes> every every week so i rest day swap the change inch <hes> but normally <hes> osteopath or cairo we would just dana start and a finish and after the next word it they don't swap the the right so they they start with the with the riders to massage in the first day and they keep the riders to the end of the to till the end of the world. So what time does your day start normally breakfast around. I would say like eight o'clock. <hes> not so bad sometimes yeah we we need to wake up early to make more things <hes> to <hes> ice on the cooler to <hes> prepare <hes> the food food for the for the breakfast or whatever but normally eight o'clock and then and then <hes> finish i mean my draw <hes> <hes> around midnight mostly of the days because here they are a late finish and then we go to the hill normally the right that they start with a with a swazis to massage to recover alita bad to you know <hes> <hes> just relax <hes> and that time to start a recovery and then <hes> i work with them with the with the with the writers <hes> after so normally yeah could be like till midnight <hes> and the next morning <hes> around eight. Ask you a traditional sports massage. There was the same that sworn years do but i guess he must know the fundamental principles of what they're trying trying to achieve with the with the message after stage. Yes yes exactly also <hes>. I started in working cycling as a massage service as well and then i <hes> then i study continued to study for osteopathy <hes> so yeah i i believe in in ja in the mental physiological process to to add a good massage you know not even for <hes> muscle recovery everyone mostly of the time just to have a some you know some relaxing and also for psychological ical way in a logical way that they had <hes> they have a good muscle important <hes> job on that because they they listen to ride as they they they <hes> they also gave him some advisors now just know basically just a best friend or just <hes> oldest brother for them and then they had that moment and okay enough that they can continue our sartre preparing the next day with me with the directors with the doctor with <hes> with mechanics and what's it's just scientific theory removing lactic acid washes repairing the watch actually going on yes significantly <hes> <hes> the massage therapist <hes> helps to love <hes> flowing and removed <hes> the blood flowing links <hes> with with the bad blood and and give give more oxygen and bring more more oxygen to the new cells and to rebuild the muscle cells <hes> so basically and logical all data processing. My job is basically to fix what is <hes> with two supposed to be supposed to be a <hes> natural and normal so if you imagined <hes> the the joint for example which which is what is nature stories is movement. If this join does doesn't move at all this this is going to cause some <hes> different adapt <hes> and compensation in hope lauren the lower parts of the body so you need to fix that joined to see what what join is most important small pain in the knee could become come later on the back pain in the hip or pain in the back if it's not checked shortage exactly exactly and also and also in visceral way way for example bad stomach during stage cool <hes> or if you have a problem or gastritis or whatever during stage because you hit something bad day before whatever <hes> willy problem this will cause you pain on the lower back and you know sometimes i'm to just have a symptom in the lower back at you. Don't realize you don't <hes> make a connection between the stomach and the lower back so as my my job has also bodies thinking like that so because the the the neural stem is also important to to you have a well-balanced body and <hes> we that they can put firms that have a group performance for the next day for the the next day's ricardo makes a convincing argument for why the rider should be having a massage but as one of the lotto seed also one years has told me to get into the one of many ways this has been an episode of kilometers era by the cycling podcast supported by hans grow showers and tax the produce. You said with tom watson <music>.

scott sonia cornea ricardo parada hans grandma fabio upson reuters spain gastritis james knox nee kernan thomas rubio lex cairo sous chef Alecia rodman tom watson scott carr sartre
Stand-up, sketch and satire: The rise of Indigenous comedy


54:27 min | 7 months ago

Stand-up, sketch and satire: The rise of Indigenous comedy

"This is a CBC podcast. Don Say a Nin Buju Watch A and welcome. This is unreserved on. CBC Radio One. I'm I'm Rosanna dear child it said that humor is subjective weather standup satire or slapstick. What is funny depends largely on your audience? Indigenous people are often thought of as STOIC and serious. But the truth is we love to laugh. This week on unreserved you'll hear standup from the first indigenous comedian to appear on the tonight show with Johnny Carson and find out why a baby's first lap is so important in the Navajo culture. But I the author of a brand new book called. Bury my heart at chucky cheeses. You know how sometimes you laugh and cry at the same time. Well that's what happened to me when I started. I'm reading my next guests work. Tiffany Midge is the author of the recently published book. Bury my heart at chucky cheeses. I've reached her in Moscow. Oh I'd Aho to talk about her book. tiffany welcome. Well Oh how are you. I'm well thank you. So Bury my heart at chucky cheeses. Firstly is a hilarious title and it's a collection of previously published pieces that you've written the title of essays in your book read like jokes or even poetry poetry really. One Essay is called an open letter to white girls regarding pumpkin spice and cultural appropriation pumpkin spice. What's the deal there? I need to know the story three of where this essay came from. Well you know I live in Washington state where it gets Kinda dippy and there's a lot of culture a lot of Waco culture throughout a I bad coffees and lots and it's kind of become sort of a running joke throughout the years and I just felt like this needed to be talking about. I needed to address it. Yeah I hear you I hear you. We also have the PUMPKIN spice nation up here by station. Yeah so tiffany just super clear. Here what is your problem exactly with Pumpkin spice while it does address a certain white girl culture and dress entitled Arthur kind of privilege especially with these big these products like Puckett Spice. which are you know derived from a digital cultures like punk okay? Let's definitely accord bees squash things like that and what I was seeing when I go to the grocery store or going to the gas station or looking at the television everywhere that I go I see every different kind of pocket spice but you can vagit on every product of vegetable and you wonder about virtual devices that are putting these things out like. Why why do we need you know Puckett Spice Parada cat food? Or why do we Puckett's spice as curiel lip gloss by friends would like fed to be pictures of things that they would see from time to time because they get more outlandish as a last you. No and I I play with that. It's mostly just tugging cheek. You know. I'm not actually really bad about it but it's it's just hilarious to be in a way so when you're writing. How do you know when something's funny? Are you just sitting at your desk making yourself laugh. Or how does that work. I don't know that's a really good question. I think it's just a way to abuse so and just be able to use imagination a lot. I think it's just more like sort of a commentary have with myself for a conversation that I have have with myself and the most part you must be really fun in your head I suppose as maybe not. There's just so much I already pretty much absurdity it just everyday living and everyday life. I just can't help. It WanNA jobless things down so in addition to writing humor. You're also a poet you you think these two things are not necessarily related but they are because there are some similarities between the two genres. Do you think yeah definitely. I mean I've worked on workshops on how Oh to corporate humor and poetry and they are very similar you know they both have like if you think about it. A lot of jokes have eater scheme the way that poem stew. There's a rhythm tempo. There's that punchline with it a lot of poems there's always that was arresting lied makes people. Oh Oh you know where that arresting image because Oh wow jokes were like that. I was hoping that you could read some of Some of your book. Perhaps the extra someone had suggested that I read the title piece very hard at check achievement and that seemed like a good idea. Okay excellent the damn. My mother's funeral funeral service. I separated myself for the rest of the green strong it out to the musicians. Belfry like tortured. Quasimodo my grief life too hideous to expose appear down. I probably borders below watched my APP struggling with foliage star quilt. Try to contain needed within the casket lid when it closed a white pastor believed my brother's clicked with some sort of ancient Lakota ritual. He don't stick with gravity and a set of suspicious just adds Beta flute. Music floated out for the speakers as my right anti struggle to close the lid both furtively crabby the heads of the quilt. It's you the casket talking my brother inside. What of that gestured exasperatingly the other and then they both start to laugh? That was author Tiffany Midge reading from her book. Bury my my heart at chucky cheeses. Now there's a lot of humor in your book but there's also a lot of vulnerability in in your writing. How how does it feel to put something so personal out into the world well with humor? It's not GonNa be funny unless it is vulnerable. I think it's like one of the most vulnerable thinks thinks that we could ever attempt to do like to try to like put jokes out into the world and what form or another on paper or with at groups or even like people that get up on stage and tell jokes I mean that is an incredibly frightening they be the midst of those definitely. It's so far as he were hurt. They're just like suicides of the same coin. Things are funny sometimes unless they do hurt the fabric steady set recently. You were the poet laureate of Moscow Idaho. But I understand that you'd like to be a writer in residence in a very specific location in Seattle. Well for sure I just keep putting that out there and my buyers Seattle based deal. I think that that would be a wonderful poet residents. They had a poet residence at Batman. Batman one of the drawbridges. It's Seattle that was an actual residency. I think he would keep putting that out there or at least you know. Contacts are people in Seattle Tallahassee. All of the residents in the space needle what. Why why if you can have it in a drawbridge operatives but it definitely would be fantastic to be in a space deal? I think it would drive tons of attention to the arts poetry. 'cause people get why AH. Is there a poet up in Basti at all. She's like up there twice a week writing. Oh my God. There's a picture for you. I hope someday to speak with you from the space needle in Seattle tiffany. Thank you so much for your time. Today and the L. O.. Ell's thank you tiffany. Tiffany Midge is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux. And she's the author of Bury my heart at chucky cheeses this unreserved on. CBC Radio One Sirius Xm 169 and native voice. One I'm Rosanna dear. Child talking all about comedy on the show today and listening to some standup how how emailer has been making people laugh for more than twenty years. The cree comic has spent a lot of his time touring around Canada which is supplied him with a lot of material for his observational humor. He hosted that treaty one and only indigenous showcase at the Twenty Nineteen Winnipeg Comedy Festival. Here's a clip of him. Talking about the first time time he learned about native Karaoke people. I don't think anybody knows about Karaoke is a weird thing. I'm a first time Doing Karaoke on all native Karaoke was a couple years ago I went to this tiny town in northern Alberta. I had an off night. My hotel post office in restaurants was embar was all in the same building so I remember it was Wednesday very dead night but also there's a commotion downstairs like eight o'clock what's going on over the door Indians wall-to-wall all and not like you know like feather not dot Indians like these are like Bush Indians two hundred and so many even I was scared. Look I wonder who bill the Indians. Oh I got my my card. I'm okay I got my card so I'm having a burger in the back. Turns Out Karaoke night. I'd never been to an all native Karaoke. Here's what you have to look forward to all the forms all the things. I did not know this that all the seniors including the women could sing exact Elvis Presley. I had no idea the first year comes up. Everybody names Albert solve wife Balking. She's not really my wife. We just like to mess around She looked luck. Names like named Joe Gluck Angel but God was Ooh was weird. Twenty four hours guys two the old civil in disguise. That's a true story. My cousin totally does the exact same thing. Shout of love to my cousin. Ron That was how how we Miller performing at the two thousand Nineteen Winnipeg Comedy Festival later in the show how he and his son. Todd Hausman will join me to talk about. How comedy has become a family business business but I our my Indians Queen US Trudeau? A new study suggests. You're all just lucky. Billy Jack isn't here and this is not us says says country where that's totally them. That's Tim Fontaine reading some of the headlines from the satirical Website Walking Eagle News. Tim mm-hmm is a former journalist turned editor and grand chief of walking. You'll news. He launched the site two years ago and his youth satire to Poke Fun at everything from Racism and reconciliation to child welfare and colonialism. Tim Fontaine Initiative and a member of the sagging first nation and he joins me from Toronto. Intel Hallo Tim Moon who I need so tell me. Do you still remember the first story that prompted you to start walking eagle. There was a would watch. Watch the news when I was a reporter. You're watching the news. And I was watching a story about pipelines like pipelines has been in the news for for decades and it always seemed to me that they were always going through indigenous land. No matter what it just seems like they're you know you never hear of it. Like it's going to go through brandon or something like that. It's always like our. We're GONNA go through this list. And so I had made this joke over the years that they're fighting and make a pipeline that goes through every single indigenous community in the country first nations and you admitted meaty that was probably the sort of like the Genesis of Walking Eagle News was I wrote it exactly like a new story. This joke and it was. And that's basically that's the headline is new. New proposed new pipeline will cross through every single indigenous community in the country and Yeah so that was. That was probably the first one that I wrote. It wasn't the first one that that I published but that was the one that made me think I could probably do something with these. Yeah yeah now at the top of the show you did recite some of your headlines but looking back over for the last two years even posting these esoteric articles. What's been your most popular? The most popular is the one about the the Queen US can trudeau. How how her Indians are doing? And it's one that's like a lot of them are strangely plausible like as ridiculous they sound or there's there's something in there that makes people think think that she actually say that or they actually say oh. I can't believe she said that. Even like believing that chef she said it so that one is probably the most popular one of all of the stars that Everton. It's one that's that gets shared the most still what about the most controversial story Any of the ones that do with racism. I mean there was one then. There's some that that I hate saying this. 'cause new real news as says this all the time. Sparks debate is is one about all white panel. Discusses says whether something is racist and that one gets a lot of people. Well you know whatever like people taking both sides on that one Any of the ones about racism usually. Yeah Yeah I get a lot of people sort of riled up either some topics that That you won't cover yeah. I don't do a lot of my. WG and that was one where very very early on in the site. published a story about At inquiry being called into the inquiry which maybe now might fly. I don't know but at the time There were so many families that that were struggling with what was going on. They weren't feeling like they were getting information. And then the story comes out. That's written just like a new news story and I think some of the families believed what people told me and so I just I just put it in apologize because and so. That's that's one where it's sort of. It's really tough to cover without feeling like you're making fun of the issue itself right like a lot of these stories. You'll have to trump fine line between laughing at the issue and laughing at the ridiculousness of the response to it which is usually what I do But that one. I didn't want anybody with that issue. I absolutely don't want anybody getting even the impression that we're feeling that I might be making fun of. Where do you think that line is? What were you gone too far? You've got not gone far enough. I don't know I mean there's sometimes when I published a story and I can't think of one off the top of my head right now but there's a couple of times where I've published a story and I thought I could have been stronger on this. You know what I mean like in calling out racism or in calling the ridiculousness of how the media talks about indigenous communities. There's a couple of times where I've were published it because I published them really fast. It's usually just it pops into my head. I sit down and five five minutes I have a story and publish it and I find that the longer I dwell on it the more I second guessed myself and so and that works a lot of times and then other times it it. It comes out later that I think like maybe I probably could have said something stronger about that. I don't know where the line is yet. I don't think I've crossed although it's funny like people people think satire is the same as comedy and I don't think it always is satire. Doesn't always have to be funny like it doesn't always have to make you laugh. I think sometimes it can make you groan grown and and a lot of my stars do that and a lot of my stories make you feel uncomfortable and I think that's fine as well and so You know the the gauges ages different. It's not like it's not like every single one is getting a laugh. I think a lot of them are just sort of like woo. You know so. Sometimes it's not ha ha funny. It's like ha ha. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. There's a lot of that and I think that's that's that's sort of becoming my brand new headline says this is Kennedy. Which is true? I mean and that's that's there's a lot of that right like because I mean the thing about walking you'll news I've been thinking more and more about uh-huh roots and where it came from where that sense of humor came from and I think a lot of it is like sitting around with my brothers and my sisters watching the news when we were kids and parodying as it's happening right like sitting there and putting voices on the reporters or you know doing bad voiceovers or are imagining scenarios where the news would go right. I mean I remember my my old one of my brothers. He could just he could parrot a reporter like crazy and he's just as big MSCI guy he would be like you know Monte Fontaine. CBC He News Duckie. He would just do it. So perfectly but yet just exaggerated enough that it's really really funny right and so that that was always in me. Yeah I think as as the news is funny it can be very funny but it can also be you can say things with that voice. That's strangely make people listening. Yeah so For a long time indigenous issues as you know were largely ignored or misinterpreted by the media. Let alone featured in mainstream comedy Until we have this clip recently. I'm GONNA play this clip from the Baroness von Sketch show. Here's what happened when that sketch show decided to take on land acknowledgments before we begin this evening's performance. We'd like to acknowledge that this theater stands on territory of the initial Bay schone here on and Wendy first nation also mindful of broken covenants and the need to make right with all our relations. Now please enjoy the show. Sorry excuse me should we. Should we go on someone else's it lands shouldn't we should we leave only the theaters here. Now we just like to acknowledge WHO's landed in. I'm sorry I'm so confused. So if we're on someone else's land shouldn't shouldn't we do something about that or Hopefully enjoy the performance. Okay so some of the money from ticket sales of the show or going to the indigenous. No the ticket sales go to theater. So is the money from the bottled water. Sold here here going to the first nations for clean drinking water or that money goes to sleep. Sorry I'm so who's minded. What are we doing? Gosh that's a good laugh. That's a bit of the sketch from the Baroness von schedule. And Land acknowledgements all shared on our facebook page. You want to check it out but tim. How did you react when I saw that sketch I thought it was great? Thought it was like it's finally I don't know who wrote it. I mean but they did a pretty good job of sort of like cutting through the ridiculousness of of these things that we're starting to take for granted now. Are these things that we're starting to expect. Do you feel like comedy generally is starting to get it. I think to a certain extent I mean you know there's pushback against that rate now I find you. They are working. Nobody can be funny anymore. But that's all like angry white comedy. Nobody sounds to me. Oh I don't understand anything anymore. I think makes sense. It's like that's that's basically what. The world is changing comedies changing. And everything's changing people. When that happens people tend to hold on tight sometimes right in that? That's where a lot of the detention comes in but there are still people out there that are that are funny. I mean I think a tall boys on on. CBC knowing mean that doesn't rely on on anything other than other than up. You know these these funny guys and so I think Yeah you can still be funny. But I think there's there's absolutely a brand of comedy out there that that now especially indigenous comedy. That's that's also there to sort of make you think all right then. I think I'm I'm sort of in that cap because I don't I don't consider myself a comedian yet or comic yet but it's definitely definitely cousins so yeah not doing any stand up. I'd like to. I've been thinking about it. I got it is. It's funny like you as a reporter. You go on national news for you know the whole country in that doesn't bug you. But then you think about going on a stage and telling jokes flipping out flipping okay. Well thank you for your time today. Thank you tim. Fontaine is editor in Grand Chief of Walking Eagle News in the fall of nineteen ninety eight an elderly woman known as the Cat Lady went missing. Seems Very Very Distinctive Silhouette and very recognizable. And you'd see you're walking into town a handkerchief on her hair long overcoat like somebody that lived on the street. All police could find. Were thirty cats. It's shot dead. I always knew something had happened to her to vanish like that uncover the cat lady case from CBC podcasts. What's this is unreserved on? CBC Radio One Sirius Xm one sixty nine and native voice one. I'm Rosanna to your child. Charlie Hill was a legend on the stand up comedy circuit. Almost every indigenous comedian will cite hail as their inspiration their motivation and hand aspiration and even though he passed on in two thousand and thirteen the laughter he created. Lives on hill was a member of the oneida nation of Wisconsin Wisconsin. His first network appearance was on the Richard. Pryor show in nineteen seventy four. He was the first indigenous comedian to appear on the tonight show with Johnny Carson and he also appeared on the tonight show with Jay Leno and made multiple appearances on late night with David Letterman. Here's the legendary Charlie Hill. I did this back in L. A. and they didn't quite get it you know they're not used to seeing is in Hollywood. Everybody wants to tables in a circle and they weren't quite sure you know in a in a heckler and I know that she'd never judge a man by the color it was neck or anything like that wouldn't want to hear their prayer Marica. And why don't you go back. We came room so I can't in his living room last week. I was in Washington. DC WE SEEK. Did he show where members of the American Indian Republican Party. Three in the next gentlemen ever met in my life and then coming out here to Canada airport searched and I resent that via need. You were as an alien. You'RE GONNA hijack a plane anyway. Take me to hope. So I'm sitting on the airlines. You know in the middle seat here redneck sitting on each side of me and I'm thinking you I stole my leg ripped up my culture but you're not giving these damn armin don't they. What do you nations? We have tonight on the commentary. Everybody Yawn your your nation. Okay one-two-three antastic. Just thought I heard somebody. I don't even Wanna be that's cool. That's okay we're all welcome here in the circle of humor tonight. Welcome everybody who came but we always CDs. He's one of the power they always WANNA be. So I wrote a commercial called generic they WANNA you tired of being left out in the cold with no native heritage on aware of your Indian roots. Or maybe maybe you have new Indian roots. You'll uncomfortable powwows. Well soon. You be out there singing and dancing with the rest of US thanks to. Yes one spoonful of generic in your native groups are starting to grow back instantly. You'll never appeals spiritually inadequate again taken as direct the generic increases wisdom and stores and makes you one with the universe where we're script in so try today when someone asks you your travel really just say generically you made up what you know. What in your heart art? Gosh inside of action include suicide poverty disease religious persecution and general of land the recorded. That would've picked comedy. Festivals welcomed a Turtle Island showcase in two thousand and five. That was Charlie Hill. This is unreserved. CBC Radio One Sirius. Xm One sixty nine a native voice. One I'm Rosanna. Child talking all about laughter. Comedy and silliness honest on the show today. Do you remember your first laugh. Y You probably don't but my next guest remembers her nieces because she was responsible double for it. Jacqueline Russell is Navajo. And she was in charge of her. Nieces I laugh ceremony. I reached her in Santa Fe. New Mexico. Welcome Jacqueline Yacht at good to be here now. Before we get to your nieces I left. Can you tell me why I laugh is so important to Navajo culture. You're he has so. The first laugh is really the way that we began as Dinette people welcoming the child into our lives and our community in our world and it said that the first laugh is a sacred breath and moment. So take me back to your nieces. I left set the scene for me and tell me what happened. Yes so I was Is fondly plane. And just excited with the arrival of my niece if she had been in our lives at that point for probably about five going on six weeks and my brother and sister-in-law where napping as new parents need to. I've now come to understand stand and so my knees was on my lap and I don't know exactly what I said but all of a sudden I remember her laughing and her laugh. Was this really cute. Little sporadic Giggle it was like who like that and and I was just so taken aback in so surprised that she laughed for hard. Your family respond when he told him that your knees. You said laughed so I sat barracks it was just my niece and high for a while and I waited till my brother and sister-in-law woke up. I said well well guess what. Angela laughed for me and they is worth so big and really in disbelief. And they're like are you sure. Are you serious. What did it sound like and so then I said yes? I'm serious. I'm sure it sounded like who. And and then we had to activate the Navajo phone tree and so he called my dad and I told them the exact same thing and he asked me what it sounded like. I said hoops and then I called my mom and she asks that never gets old. Never gets old. It was so oh funny and it's it's even as I'm reenacting it now. That laugh just stays in my heart and that was the way that we told our our family that Angela had left. So let's get to the ceremony. What's involved in a I? Love ceremony has so the ceremony itself is one that is is really simple but very significant in that The person who makes the baby laugh is the person who's responsible for cooking cooking dinner for the baby and then also for the family and we provided a really beautiful meal and the the significant piece of the actual dinner is actually providing rock salt. So this unrefined salt that is given to all of the guests and that's very important that they eat that I because it's a reminder to everyone of our first meal in this world as as people and so this whole ceremony is really meant to show the baby how we're supposed to be as deny. Ah Very Generous. People That we are to be hospitable. And that No matter what through the providing of each other there with good food and each other's company that we will live in abundance understand. There's also turquoise involved. What is the significance of that? Yeah yeah so up until this point in the baby's life they're not allowed to wear turquoise the child is really seen as until until they laugh. We're not sure if the holy people the deities that we pay too If the baby is ours so once the maybe laughs and we celebrate. Because we're really welcoming the child into our life and our and our place here in this world and to commemorate this the person who makes the baby laugh I and this case Gifted my niece a turquoise necklace and and so it's this beautiful moment and exchange nge of also saying that this is how we honor our holy people the holy ones they recognize us by US wearing Turquoise Turquoise every day they keep us protected because we wear this stone and it's also how we kind of pay homage to the male part heart of us as people we we have this fluid identity in that we believe where both women and men Feminine and Masculine and so we wear turquoise to honor the male side through father sky and that's also the significance it's this first turquoise the baby receives at that point and so it's very very special moment that's beautiful now as somebody who is dinette or Navajo Yourself. Why is the I love ceremony so important to you the first laughing so important to me because I love sharing with people all that the thing we I celebrate as Dinette people as trials laugh and often times when I share this people? Look at me like really Because has in the psychology or in stereotypes of indigenous people were very stoic. We're supposed to be very like mean and reserved and yet we believe in the sacredness of laughter. And so this moment I feel turns that on its head in such a beautiful way a- and and it also is a reminder to me of a gift that we have that even though we've been through and live through the history that we have that there is such a richness in our people and that through laughter. Not just the tears. There's and the fighting but through laughter. We've accomplished and Ben Strong as a people and so that's why it's important to me. Yeah I've heard the saying don't tickle a Navajo baby gaining explain what that means. Yeah so I have a lot of relatives and friends friends who will always ask when of babies around if the baby has laughed. I and so a lot of that is Like my aunties would make sure you have a payday coming if you're going to be playing with the baby because you have to you know provide food and we believe that you do so with a very generous and open heart and so it's something that's really emporer in Like my mom always says like don't play around with that like don't play around with the baby be if you're not willing to take on that responsibility in case the child chooses you good to note noted writing that there's there's nothing like a baby's quite like a baby's laugh you know you hear it and you WanNa laugh yourself absolutely full. Thank you for your time today. Thank you so much. Jacqueline Russell is the founder and director of grownup Navajo. An organization dedicated to integrating native American Navajo teachings into museums government. Departments and nonprofits Chad. Anderson is a stand up comedian based in Winnipeg Chad. Grew up in the Paul Manitoba Oba and was adopted by non native family when he was just the baby as a kid. He said he didn't feel connected to his heritage and his people but as he entered his twenties as Chad found a way to voice that experience through comedy from his debut comedy album. Here is Chad Anderson. Here's the thing. Though the I I was raised my white white aunt and uncle so I didn't get to grow up learning about native stuff which is evident because I just called it native stuff. It didn't get to grow up with my culture and like I thought I was thinking back on my childhood as growing up In the car. which if you don't know the PA is like the like the town and in the reserve is on the other side of the river and I grew up on the townside and hang hung out with all the white kids growing up and I was like yeah? I didn't really experience racism back then but then I really thought about it and I was like I did but it was just subtle was like a subtle racism anytime my white friends dads are planning fishing trips. They'd be like make sure the Chad along. Tell them to bring a status card. Also show up to the boat launch and they'd be like. Hey a little buddy get in. If the game Ordonez come. These are all of your fishing rods. Okay cool hey maybe while we're at it little guy you could show some hunting trails afterwards afterwards. I don't know who you think I am. But I'm whiter than you sir. I watched Roseanne and home improvement last night from his new comedy. Album live from we Giannis. That was chat Anderson and attract called fishing privilege. This is unreserved on. CBC Easy Radio One Sirius Xm one sixty on and native voice one. I'm Rosanna dear. Child Howie Miller's career is a comedian has spanned. TV shows writing. Engage gigs and stand up tours across Canada and all that work is rubbing off on his sons three of them work in the industry one of his sons. Todd Hausman is half the sketch comedy duo folk lords. Their comedy styles might be different but they both draw from their experiences from an indigenous perspective Howie entire creed from the Edmondson area how joined us from Edmonton and todd joins us for Montreal. Welcome to unreserved you too thank you. It's great to be here thanks. It's it's wonderful to be here. Well I feel like a row sandwich right now with one. You've Yoon Montreal. And the other one in admit so. Let's start with todd. taught was comedy a constant presence in your house as you were growing up. What do you remember yeah? I mean having a comedian as a dad is certainly the Influences a lot of your comedic timing and things like that growing up But ever since I was a little kid people always sort of asked like so you. Dad's comedian to tell us. One of his is jokes. And then I'd have to go on and explain like that's not really his stand up comedy works like I can't really do like a one minute to minute. Storytelling thing for you right now. So there's always been that's like conversation about stand up comedy actually is versus like how how I can present it and things like that but certainly there's there's always been bits in our house or dad has always been a big joker. Is We watch monty python growing up like my dad would just sort of sits in front of the TV. And then we'd we'd get the get the lessons on on what what makes comedy. Wow that's amazing. I loved Monty Python as well growing up with the absurdist comedy. And you know just how far would take take a joke. The very enthused agree How you've been working as a comedian for a long time? What's it like senior sons pursue career similar to your own? There's extreme jealousy. No it's it's it's fantastic. It's it's amazing and it's it's it wasn't planned like like todd was mentioning. I'm a horrible babysitter so I would just turn on the TV at the mall in front of the TV and whatever was on was on mullet. A lesson exactly. But it's it's it's quite a journey. I never said I actually never set out to be a comedian. It was other jobs that I was looking towards. But I needed to make money quake and I and and I had this ability to keep people's attention and do it in a humorous nature so comedy just sort of fell into my lap and then raising the kids really with the you know the help their mother who actually did all the actual raising you know. I was just goofy clown guy. You know that that falls into place and you have your ups and downs and then my career started to go and then you know the the kids show an interest or they have this natural ability to make me laugh when they were when they were smaller which was quite pleasant engine and I was very proud of that kind of giving shot myself a shot in the shoulder going winter where they got that from and then to see them. Now I mean they're actually. I have four worse than they're actually all kind of in the industry you know I have to actors and our youngest. The youngest son works in props in the other son is a works in the the eight department of Like the front desk of movie productions and whatnot. So they're Kinda all in there and it's not by design by any means it's just. I guess there were some doors that I left open because I'm I'm quite a large person so it's hard for me to closed doors but it was never I would never say hey. You have to be a sketch comedian. You have to do this you have to do this. That was all up to them and I let them let them know the ups and downs of the Biz. Do you remember a time when Your son Todd. I made you laugh and you thought okay yeah route. He's going down exactly to the day. Actually have it on tape. I was working national full more than I had the lonely out some video equipment to fool around with to get myself climatized with video and how to use sound and lighting and whatnot and I when we went to our cabin and todd walked up to the camera lens as close as he could and breathed on it to fog up the entire her Screen so I can see him and he went. Hello in TV land and I knew right away where he got where he got the saying from and I knew right right away that he's like me he thinks like me has a library of Information and lines that he stores and he can use at a moment's notice so I knew right there is like wow This he's going to be funny and then they all kind of showed that natural ability to do that thing but yeah I have that one on tape awesome. Todd dear member that I absolutely remember that. Yeah I remember breathing on the camera. I remember watching that tape later to and just like. Oh yeah that's A. That's a good good bit. I totally stole that line from Jurassic Park. And is that the moment for you that you thought I wanNa do this or am I living. Well I mean whatever since I was a little kid I think like most children and say I'm going to just do it. My Dad does when when I grow up I I went through different phases. I think of being like Oh be a helicopter. Pilot will be a firefighter. But I sort sort of like found my way to to comedy through through Improv. In High School I started doing Improv and competing in an Improv Competition Petition High School Wide Competition and join the team and then that That sort of really started shifting meet more towards performance comedy. But I've always been pretty funny. I've always been a bit of a class clown bit of a bit of a joker with all my friends So as I mentioned folklore is your sketch. Comedy show that can often take pretty abrupt turns. That's how you appeared on folklore and I wanNA play a clip from that scene. It's about a business meeting. That takes a real trip. But if we're not energizing our portfolio's how can we remain competitive. We need the courage to innovate quarterly. Not just annually. Okay okay I think what we all need is break. Let's take fifteen and come back fresh. Yeah okay brick been. We agreed already. That's fifteen a fifteen hour acid break. We'll all be back here tomorrow at nine. Am they dropped me if he got him so y'All have a massive acid trip. That was that was an early the premise that we were just sort of joking around. Like oh everybody take fifteen like. That's a funny thing people say what if it's fifteen hours just turned into that that their comedy sketch. What was it like to work on? Todd's sketch show Howie. It's an acid trip. I understood was very remove. My tooth for that for that et honoring and very humbling and fellow really really old now. Both of you have incorporated being indigenous. Listen to your your comedy but in different ways how we. How have you worked that into your routine? Well it's always been the elephant in the room especially when I hit the stage so I have do address that in my stand up and over the years of developed as a performer. I guess and as a writer I guess now. I can consider my armor summer before I used to consider it kind of like well. I guess I better talk about being aided because they're gonNa make fun of me whether or not Now it's more of a pride thing where it's like damn rights I'm indigenous and I'm proud of it and here's what we're going through and I'm GonNa put a spin on it and you're gonNA happen. Hopefully I'll educate you a little bit So I mean that's that's where I have. I mean I'm always growing as a person anyways I think we always are. We're always trying to learn and thanks to my kids I get to my my a world. View is more broad now because they're so passionate about what they're doing and rather than you know just being stubborn old ban. It's like well no I. I WANNA see their point of view as well. I want to grow as a person. So that's that's I guess that's where I am and todd. Yeah I think I've always wanted to involve my culture in in my comedy in some way and I think my journey towards that was The coming from a place of of isolation or I think Yeah being the only indigenous person in the room for so much of my life I think really informs how you how you operate in the world. So there's this desire to reconnect to our culture and then also to subvert people's expectations of it. I think like what I try to do with a lot out of my comedy is Is reversed the perspective on what people think with more like colonial ideas or racist ideas bringing them to light in a way that that flips the perspective. So that you're from the you're you're you're on the receiving end of these sorts of assumptions. And I think it's coming from a place of feeling frustrated and angry angry but as opposed to you know swinging swinging my jokes around. I'd rather use comedy as as a healing tool and I think most indigenous Dennis people will say especially creepy people. The the thing that makes you is that you like to laugh and I think that's that's something that I never really realized that I've always really attached to that. We've always always had in our family that we've always been very true to who we are. Because we're we're jokers. I love that swinging my jokes around instead of my fists and can you. You just make sure that you note that His answer was better than mine. But it's exactly what I want to say. I think I just said that I like that. Howie that's awesome? We're going to get that on a t shirt Now how you've obviously taught your kids a lot about about comedy. But what do you think. Think they've taught you about being a comedian. Or you know what just just todd was saying. You know certain views of again you know when he he says being the only indigenous the room adopted so I had no ties to my roots. And I'm only now in in you know in my forties really getting to know who okay and where my family comes from and what Alberta means to me and and whatnot and shaped it shaped the humor And like he said you know you wanNA flip something in turn it back on them to show you know. Pull the curtains back and see what's actually happening so when somebody says instead of a meeting. Let's have a Powell. Well that's just seems like something to say but it really has some offense to it because you're not going to have a meeting of cultural and understanding and dance and feast and you're not. You're just is going to have a meeting at work. We'll say you're going to have a powwow then right. So that's that's where the humor kind of comes in of of how I feel you and I know todd can take that to an edge and bring it back for you everybody to see how funny stuff like that is so we actually really funny. Sketched this some guy wandering around around and Regalia for how this is not a power now taught. Why do you think that some people say it's hard to make comedy in in today's landscape? Yeah I I think there's like this this assumption that that political comedy or sort of like lefty politics makes comedy harder or for some reason or or that. You're not allowed to say things today. I've heard a lot of COMEDIANS. That are sort of using that That trope that saying like Oh. There's no safe territory but I think that that's that's That's just sort of A. You're not putting your full efforts into the work. Like comedy has always been hard and comedy has always been a challenge so meeting the new challenges of of how how do you. How do you make jokes? That don't punch down at people but instead punch up at certain powers that are that are oppressive what is the difference between Punching up and punching down yeah I think when you're talking about punching down you're you're making jokes at the expense of community that's already disempowered whereas punching up is making jokes at communities that already have more power or more social influence in in in today's climate so that would be like making fun of the President as opposed to making fun of poor people And I think that those those balances shift all the time I think like there. There is a time and this this is something I say like making certain jokes. It's like you can't make that joke yet. And yet just implies that there will be a time when when disempowered voices do become empowered and there will be an equity that that balances everything out. So it's just like right now. Maybe don't make fun of people that don't have clean drinking water. Make Fun of the people that are that are in in China that are responsible for that. And how what are your thoughts on it has. Did you find that your own comedy has sort of evolved over time. Oh definitely there used to to be a huge amount of not only self-deprecation but also I guess indigenous deprecation that. I thought that I need to bring bring to light but I wasn't doing it. One hundred percents The way I wanted to. I didn't know how to do it because it's such a double edged sword of for comedy of offending people in trying to make them laugh but over the years I've learned have control that and how to make it more educational than funny and bringing to light light certain situations that maybe you don't think you'd laugh at but you know there's always that rule in comedy of tragedy. Plus time equals funny so I I do. Think use off limit topics and subjects on. There's definitely certain things you shouldn't say but if I'm generally ninety percent of the time making fun of myself than it it doesn't really matter. I'm only hurting myself. So that's I guess my take it easy on yourself how we take it easy I do. I'll have a shower or something. I'm sure everybody in your next audience will appreciate that excellent. Well thank you both for your time and your thoughts today. Thank you no problem. Your mom says Hi Todd Great. Hi Mom that's todd. Hausman is dead how he miller both comedians writers and actors. Todd set to release the second season of his sketch. Comedy show Folk Lords and how. He's doing some stand up. Maybe in a city near you this is unreserved on. CBC Radio One Sirius Xm one sixty eighty nine native voice. One I'm Rosanna dear. Child laughing out loud. Like your favorite antsy at the family barbecue. To Talk. Means is an actor and comedian from Chile Arizona. He flew all the way up from Sunny Arizona. To Winnipeg for the Winnipeg Comedy Festival last year and he flew there on. A special airline. Communion is crazy. I flew in today. Malcolm lowers fluent in our own airlines. Got Our own now. Eighty one person happy about it. All Rice us. What W we believe in ourselves? We got one complain now man. We'll commercial one right. Our homeboys keeping a humble you know go one way air. Canada bought one of their planes put native heat of on top. Keep it in real to you. Know we got our own boarding system got diamond. Goals silver medallion. We got our start boarding here pretty soon. Skinner elders Golden Scott L. A. Golden Age tiny tiny. Todd single MOMS uh-huh any single mom. Anybody wearing beadwork. Just go ahead and get on now crazy man so far all the flights have been laid. It ought to delayed flights right. Now Keep it real. We don't got peanuts man. We just got fried bread cutting it up throwing it out. Smoke signals we contention. We'll only fifty pieces of bribe brute in one hundred Indians bread right for sure. There's no more first class first. Class Travel Council only Guys like off the blame today when it went up to the rental car counters walking up. Then you gotTA reservation. That was to talk. Means that treaty one and only indigenous showcase special. Thanks to the Winnipeg Comedy Festival and comedy records for sharing those sets. It's with us. That's it for this week's episode of unreserved. We'll be back in this radio space next week for more community eighty culture and conversation. If you WANNA learn more or share any of the stories you heard on the show today you can find them on our website. CBC DOT CA slash unreserved served. This episode was produced by Stephanie Cram. Kyle newseek Zoe tenant an analyst Hausky if you WANNA get in touch with us you can email us at unreserved at. CBC DOT CA or. Find us on facebook and twitter. I'm your favorite cousin. Rosanna dear child coming at you from Winnipeg entreaty one territory. Thank you for listening to unreserved unreserved on. CBC Radio One say for more C._B._C.. PODCASTS GO TO C._B._C. Dot C._A. Slash podcasts.

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Episdio 6 - Dia do Orgulho

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Episdio 6 - Dia do Orgulho

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Show cash overseas. Accuracy sampling Qantara. Timothy Godse tour comportment amount congress died. PORCHE! Night Eight is inch boy. You cut it so yoga materiel wasted at the me. To eat instagram and also by a whole Bob podcasts. Do! Yours. Vein quality, the shale use Google you academic. Alter new stonewalling Detroit Israel Passover Geo. The Poise Jelly. LGBTQ. Dial Bay new owner Jim United Center the commemorative on Saturday voted stonewall much pretty made us, but others New York Los Angeles Chicago. San Francisco. Fallen. Bookish boys admitting turn to avoid civilian dodge. Illinois dot by slash, Mash. I should be marriage. For owners near the same sunset. GonNa die. Elementary accuse equates to do as you grow into democracies includes the of which D'Amato of Yoenis at the Danish premier research. Now Africa to sue. Apple Soun- eligible dickey on my. Immune of since November. What runs film apartheid innovators for a visit? Tel-aviv Hieaux Joan put Guru Paris. Barcelona persona arranged marriage nobody zoo immune up sense of anticipation for do he once again for some Powell Ian Away to Brazil. Boys that Bob. Dole mice, no final. Deja those Moose as a parody. Mayes some blue hit queens. Am I your doom and Glenn Jvm to five spots to the calendar seldom acid America. Do Sue the ARTHRI MUCCI. Equals two states Japan museums. Then Pasadena three. Episodes my maestro heavy on Copa Cabana Iluka. East Avenue Plan. Zeeshan might happen the. Chew, Patato massage rules with Santa Fe my grange alive in Jakarta's Union. Towards Judah so. Yup is a fish, Chubu I should as you do. who mentors you loot tire. Issues with Democrats on Paul for Democracy eat produce me insurance. I died gave. Marketers the digest cap out of it some Powell at redstone aw Mangabey that Baloney. Much vestige he warning Moishe alleged because you gauge Beasley. Six is a more queers. Intersex was the aspects. Include Zeevi, relish fight them mortal ago. Generally you would militia militia. Banquet into some sexual or genital feed. US Lorella Passionate Moorish village. Solidify. This. Side or to magic by bone KENO view episodes of doors vomit. They psychotic Ovalles. equilizing follow, somebody will foster management inequality. Okay spores. Building. He'll gay equality to me, but I'm familiar burnt their morning Miami's tests as we see you, too, I wish village-based dodge vk hair, so at are being much copy solve. Way. Say Selah, view bone, four raisins that Erla in the morning to do is search air more independent well. Is. To have, soon? Somebody. Six Swazi. Saucy for God and This is. Twitter Fiv. I think that General Kamala SEC- Chicago. Decision Kasan College kisses Saint. In Comfort, Irish co-coping connects Tokyo it Danish. Push three six wise. He sent to Corporal Bureaus Commodities Zone He. Macquarie's about getting bay s Burns with agencies. Don't process long. Carl, you can would suffer. Amish drank some Pisarski's so armee CEO as stealing feminism. Jamil Lady strange sobbing. My share got won't on my school Leeann Naysayer necessary for the G.. Strange. bankwest score! Gotten. Moon. Yes G. SOME CARRIAGE SCOTTISH AMBITION MOON patronage fourbillion system only could tell. You what the acquired the British style I saw Bo Handle Procedure Mitch this challenge prophecy was Yeesh new horse to say in his organization ties. Put example. Moon -tising Sakaba softener because. I think is. Gained a video. Pass Up, don't. Dodge plastic here. Muslims strange no carry-on all subpoena allocating quizzes moving into my simply causing strategical equal dodge Kyushu me fellow normally Keller. Spanish EP Zippo Mitch Decision. which is you got an opportunity edge price to? Either abiding, go all Kiki Zanny your view. The Queen's Paul started. You can also has Johanna least Alana Russia. G Goma lead rice. Recommends Douglas as you go style wanted debrincat and quizzes Femi- amazement. Conserve I vying through meanwhile same pre. How to him, it Shia, Alpha meanwhile. Doesn't mean use infamy. They Muto Bank Long Lewis labs symptom with meager meanness remaining sperm-bank. Let's say does sound ill. Asha Kiss. They could have fostered Ameer book as from Your Mind Game. They open pass on Azure. Door prenatal care. Saint Shia mayor who would sushila Jamea mine. Say sowell evade. Only spillover Montanelli quantum allay in a moment icke for babble on your traffic dodge average up sickle. Disabilities who mobiles has has Essentially Bank of Avocado momentum is nice IKI grammy. Sit On, off, amok was Adama to allow. These. And then there's stabber is our Chamula Mountain. Nevada. We Walk Glucose seen just sticking your soul batch. Buffets them your mind. Thereby Talla topic mainly, the took phase now V that the Cabal think demise in my head as Boy In my locker acas rabbi allow. To Jeer back, kiss with Spaso they. going. They'll simply female key outages that brokerage now spider kills all metro, says CEO. Kwon do Ao Cammisa. Say How'd you? Here's some Zach we NI-. Thing do my mom made us some grungy soberly? I H and I miss. It won't do decide to walk my son with. The source domain PGA Ireland as a school safe is the. Way I Fono Cheese Day. At the most site Fi Quando dan bane alchemists invented up toby, if a proud. Up Into channing. Magid and cardio champion don't help me Wolf is A. Milk you out to Judah. Say Does Not Periscope as the EPA Harju Airbus as being the Info at that key does the three bre faculty journalism azure children sex swallow. She's not stem. SKIP, Blah ain't broke. Is some passive as as my law? As you should think bravo recipe source, these visual garbage is and all of our Casiraghi moment of on Jayjay, Volta Helmets, but we are. At the very, you had just. Dodge Paul Mitchell Hodge, you'll know Lisa compromise, college, seaver key faster court sparring as contract in. The scenes you ask you. Syria Duma's rule the Ino me. Making US Dodge Lisa contested uniform amateur scrape the ski foresee mutually bracket on sex. Wise Dhruva. She says obviously. In screaming at US book. Care for Jayanta Morris. WHO IS MISSISSIPPI? Major, as malaria transact Swazi ass, travis. She's due. To do neither going so patio simplicity mentioned will just sit down Reggie Strata the SOFA in sites board, simply simpler to resolve by feminine or Psycho Stanzi. Those all Beta femininos he saw Asahi's opposes saw fast more than a sex. Wise it ravishes equals. Thousand and cinematic engine scenario. She where? Kasparov Liquor skews involved pad. This skiers as Malaysia Mister. Nice several Hispanic. Dad's associated. We allowed the. Case Danger Kota but he. SIP or may change praises. Bay does make all the time in Adas Vaga. She's vagus, but this was thrown sex twice. Vic- Mom Mouna Ho the Inaugu perennials Walk Kia Jupiter source thrice for Macau palpable, noncontroversial Tony Lodge both setting capacity. Tata's inundating Botany Dodgy. Mostra as capacity dodgers pitcher dozing praises at that either. Come Ou-. These. Boo. that. Sees. Choice can noticing cash on inputs. Nine Feminine. She got mentioned in Shamma Jim. Roy Jewish must. Be, Ninety Nicely threes the stiegler eligibility key my the capital district of Sonia Key G.. M. English edge fees retarded the mice keep. Almost saying. My Name's Sam Pushpa sewage an organized garbage. Can with. Lauda Groove Donald Boon, Joe Auto Show Jason Review stace cessation naming you name Indiana. altarpiece! Oprah I saw that I when you quite an independent Mario to Jim can also be of, were you? Did you graduate alluded second-year? Nobody neither Dodgy System Matrix THERAPA. Nigga sell the be Naidoo. Cheated! They split US respect capacy. VILNA Thomas also be melted, arming in Mel lay miser sobia. KIELBASA career aperture to kill seeing Tacoma pass pay for Maozhen Jibril me after a period scotch whisky. Sammy political power, but Akil, so say is outbreak day, job and parade there. You're coming drag. BUSTARD! She smells on the Bible's of the Kooky Obamacare in the south. WHO's the Bill Nelson Appeals VICI DO? For similar therefore, making coffee episode known denied University Saddam as I got Perez. Similair gotTa Peres Coca Cola Sakineh Naomi. Saying Is Is. This is this decision day. Care was complexity and she dodge involves solar ski. This. Began united dodger the data better show that resonated dodge. EJIOFOR. Defeat Super CALICO, virus Yeah I'm you just say tie the CONVERSA- for collaboration with demise. Do missing the dookie economy visual Soviet. The Is. Does. Does, not those Super Cowpoke of Stories Kio Thrace Bissau's. Prokuplje Papacy Scenic Kabila Sonia Fat. Into Celikkol or macy's for key thing, she could dodging the G.. You split asset scores. You'll know on dad. Perceive is for me economy to drag your. SPLIT ALBUM to Miller. As a possibility Daij is the my cigarettes. Committee everything they can. Be Neither thing book, My Sean for Kale now. We seem to call me and prisoner Giesecke implemental gone. lemieux Vida it. Would you fat missing to come? Into mask lean as his miasma Mir fashion today, but senior Ziti Moscow Feminine. Nina Khanfar meal be seen to Saddam a Volta quills local sort of at least two three. She now is this your Mahindra? Kasich which major farm accusers to cool off pharmacutical me as was is Amir's more. Details. It turned into Tuesday January. Don't came out on that. They can threaten US Queen. Drag sink worms. Having the Komo, no warming e commerce is separate from Dan as a booster putting teams. You may have to go far from altogether as mice. Resources to learn a terrible mental key Paz. Para so ill cazadores throughout. Bosnia parasol. KITSCHY. Joe, two or three zero now doesn't. was, a seamless phen is awfully sake tacky of surveys. If Anything, they also persona benighted. Will vote. They are the guilting his vein. My Zil sake you also is brought you. into the NEGUS SALGA KILL SAKE and also niche for no saw me if They'll domino's someway. myzone system winterized SPEC. Feminine the key respect Las Cleon for example now for. Object. For Say Z.. E. Phobia the nettle. Do Do guy who stole basil things. CHEAPO precipitator cooper. The warming sees. Desire, they'll say vestige of. Donna Pass by using. You'll see key Colorado correal's utilization of three of us. For of yeah though Eric, aerials, care opening the. Escaping off precipitation ease of. Travels the cell catch them. You're familiar net mainly to conserve always your boss, the secretary, my marriage daughter. Capri. Compared to go Qassam winters. Allies and we'll make gossip drake fall to me. Drag you. Consider, that Kerma Sabi for kissed as a senior long measured Dacca, the CONVERSA- the girl goes through Iraq you to sink of software sites states to is mizo prefer hickory instills privileges. Go keep your meeting explode out. Histoy Z. Z. Dot Com Bochy of physical safety for Beer Dan through this failures. Group ascribes a fast parche. The. Key quote vice feel. As as insert days is. That she told you. Kill Them. Soul PROCR- state. You made she kale so. I called sporadic controversies Bissau's versus it. Is Pass was necessary Sawyer Skua couple counter-bid. That's the also. Though, but is able. So profess oriole Turco situation. Louis. Faster Agency the Kabul Fatto Sissy Guru Priscila episode denied a Bichon Drag Queen a credit. Vigor. E Paschall Sobia says Kobe. Ese Taffla Deja tool the lever are. With my jogging search for the sage zoe towards our Larry primarily. 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Kilometers is Camilla He. He can marching gear gay the Lincoln. Store. Then Alamein equity us from you. You, little sound to his main dish. Go Sean Rome yet. THEM DO JIM SOC mildish class. Not Getting us. Was You know gossip Quebec zero locker. Key nosing cash avenues padre not rush. This is our sisters his. G stays orders he fitting some opposition. To the edge. Similar. Do you midday? Saturday. Nights work. Inch the ailing, shall he could Alyssa attitude Larvae Malaysia Peter. Linda rather the IT thrash Msu Shouli o'clock clock Joe Silver de ask me at this is by acquisition me nearer casual Unification Obana. Junior who cares inch Cilla Fisher Vodka. Bingo those days Lambert about Yusuke, south died devising you joining Hooky told. Eunuch. Newness stamp with somebody used. Only. As George that's. SEGOVIA Nassir conceal. Resign ship. Dodge but to Zielinski digital mile. KOMO's authorities lose fan on camera modern Anini I see Komo cartoon stylized. 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Is King Suffice Compania NASA visitors eight. Diana ECHINACEA Nike later. He alleged Gaga. Joe Thea just be acquainted. Don't be a grab just. As Little Moses. Be, it'll. Catch buried a monkey fish-processing winning Taylor Kentucky. Beige woman you go to. The ME to busy store. Britney Spears Movie Medium Chevy to me as a hell of. DOINA SCRIMMAGE COCOA GIG. Joins. For the Senate Gay Nigger of Alagoas. Phase in my class the most. Big Broader. Because of those who to compete often gay, you require through the. Trench Akin does me sink for John. We discuss capital top who is again. Is You croissants. joins Brazilian. Journalists they achieve East Asia near grew gay fairly to the out. Don't four thirty and I looked at each Kim Komando. Jim is in one passer decreases. Labra, coaching, what have you? Close Soon. Doc We consider mental eligibility my record, Appalachia. You Bet Baker Franciscans dozen. Immune of sensitivity. Much supervisors heavy joins. Me We'll come fish code of immediately. Mario vigils visually. Hewlett concern is on Tau. AFRCIA AMILA fictional to. I in the Jury Tanta. WHO's popular? isil thumping Nikolai Apricot. mohair Richmond's do viewers I. Put is who. Were sourced thema such Michael. Elude to put. S. H. E. S. Phillies me charging Jiechi Pfizer. Threatening searching consecutive might be the mountain to sociale plan to seek swamy inch. Yuki Bissett beal combined for Lulu. Anthony Sibusiso. Edge Emmy. Tone. He set them. Never, dodgy Munem set the wound. US In quantum. Thing a started on. Both this saw banana tweet. So much. I hope that cash all these Acela Prokofiev's moves emerged palace. Yourself values age. FOLLOW UP! You say Viki Value Pasallah Debra.

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Como fica o Bahia em meio  crise mundial? S02E08 #21

De Bermuda e Camiseta

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Como fica o Bahia em meio crise mundial? S02E08 #21

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Duke that she's getting DC month's. Winter, deficient inappropriate. That By dodgy BC by sea by crab, Kapila Jockey have midst of weaken fainting Mickey petition, but a small the. busy By Bianchi so because you have T-, T me see causing begins gotTa Doggystyle Saiki. Face. Shimmy gun what leads Alagoas. The. Selena. Lucille's your duties. Little those email email tomato seen. Deficient may deceive all Donald Helmet. God the. Found that you. Could. Buy An on L. Kicks. has. Mice. Do, not hit Who? Does project to throw shoulder by years Jackie is still plan on the vice Vaca. with Bravo made gradual the UNITA's. He's still no wasted. Actual sonke up enough saw video. Visual city, On Edel by tuttle community Bob Horn like the. CECILIO CAL poly they. Thought. Bob Associated Yep me now in October, nuttal, new giving plus like. He sight. You switch today. To push into, do awesome. Top all the by ASCII had no affect the athletes veggie. Saint, your wings things. About ebbing defeats housing. 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SOOKIE! threes formula preceding the course blue pressure. I told the BAIA. Defended the Persia to at Oprah to Shia. Luca Paneth, Ryan. Numale. The Assad out by an plus Saddam. Dorsey! Outdoor us by your edgy funny. Sequel Equals PUT OUT COUPLE KURT. Your doesn't Places is Bitcoin Kill you. Eat A whoopie. J. D. for fresh shelf sequel, agok coffin. Income with proper Medicare. Conflicts sick by by itself. A key idiots push isis equal. Can't you rescue? Yes, to be came upper with US opportunity that this child? Set tomorrow was. The Nikkei. The the Difficu- Mike you'll see cam Novotna Bain. The show the wet. Cat, move three threes. He's Nov Gabrielle Snowy Africa today's Sinoe on Casino but can a debate. Not. Knowing your amendments whatever made? You would by. Media Fica. Eat Walter, struggle. Brush I thought the by have a quarter of non combatants. Eka both. One thing this ECU by a Yoga duties, but I knew him over Prussia to oppose. Oppose. Byron. MOBILE SECRET INITIATE EM mobile secret be something coming out, but as despots eat him easy to forty points, but either as Nelson the. It might ski so cool me Welfare Soweto teaming. Up they're not the WOK Mostra. THOUGH PRESIDENT! Scheme. ball for Gaza Facie. Coma for causal divided got these pro football among. Almost. Brussel Bijac your. Not, not lie. Face was Thrown how many t booster got these E C. Viper outlet us a DOTS walkabout sube Lyngdoh. Because you think he helped me. Something they kiss e books. Fi I came. Touching to address, he pressure by pressure degeneracy, so no way soon. As you. Can't execute your project projected risotto by L. to secret defending eat Ileana Percy. Say how this secret. I've gone in the up to Miami police folly. Nobody knows basically month President. Indeed decorate Phil, og or orgy. That can feel good about the by. Will know. ELMO say see. Ot idia seamount, dead or CD a diesel To be over to? Pika I don't see who might. Chelsea. Kicked off then. My ship, not A. Same Azaleas. Though see you. Book. Sauce base it's. Pricey to brainwash them Abbasi team. The teams will raise Mexican pill Dulcinea ICQ. I capital butcheries who soaking? outlet, from, Gustav, Gabrielle Stays. Broke through key cabinet that have been overshadowed. My school style was reeling les. individual through Yoga Mike Kendall. In the position joke Star UW stay. E really social daughters. Keep the Windows Mute Society. Vic- wish got pro by mistake similar bader moved up getting not meteorology song. You. Sit. You have feet no way out you. Brush it. I think also point underdog. You look you eat. Mice, got follow the victim without the Depositi, knowing the key never dot you team for. His over Kabul team Nicer Gazal Glassy. by. Sequel, the ITCHY team you to. On poverty in Persia. SEQUEL DESI DVD tragedy, so he's up. A quarter led hackel out. Couple! Illinos set. You coming up by? Asked We'll see rice. He sped on my voice today's Mris. Defeat needs to come out by rival down. This is wrong in Theresa. How noisy secret size are you? Patricia Golan Seuss Nami a COUPLA look van. She seems to give you. Just you? Know No. No typical platitude Alvin. FICA, but as a guy, icky, e Saldana. With property after Kaporroto by your. Zach endangering! Cup Shabby Tossing Eddie difficult. With more promise Saudis Fiat. Majok scoring Di. Di Di di. Vinci doors into today's earners. SCHEMA fourth sample rate do Mutu. Saying. He can with proper Mitch McConnell so simone the out there. This is not Biron. Vendor this zone that not a lot of. Jackson Ivindo so this with Hamid L. Finger Sequel Desi me. You Ski Daniele, defeat key I in the binding he. involving. Use. Q. Shopping honest. Kimmy Assembly. Usually one Cammisa I'll fall off. Team Pretty Sipo Timmy Policy Paul Keanu initial. Don't want the help, bother. to Muthu with a missile. My scale up. The least shoot. It included identity day contact with Though Vendome would be for horsa montage about it to Jose Niece is she knew? That buy stock loss again. The. Home Doug Order Kwesi when Sobotta? Edgy Lamy. who was a view by after Ki. Ki! Ki. fell out too many king by initial. Can No keep when you? Do what you must look. There was chimney number diction mineral as thousands sale. Pain I e. Jimmy wintel bridget afford. It Oklahoma knows. They. Newsday mice US could which even getting the? Author escape from his. Faithful logic reach because it sounds so famous you my. Do. Much you meet. This is local news doesn't pay you. Followed by morning Donald Trump actually. Mice! Bipolar Immune to Mizen, but there are still spots rose by to. Enroll I can focus. On Biology Gentleman? I mean there's been the I'm willing to. Say Menu. My notion which means that many progress. Oh, but I'M GONNA. Keep question about elections may hit you as she come in that, he will combat by by Volta who kept? Sabi key. Somebody move. Around commodity thousand which To job. Stability genucel. Might attack. Thorough Popular Gino you're starting. To out to the pain moved to the fuzzy pressure Ganesha. You read it will cause the Obama to east, but even Walter Myzone Calif Salem we into. Don't throw vase vote. As each party not. Going to bank with. tape! But I help to pick out of a meeting. We unusual but. LemMe top of following that you buy your Muslim dizzing. Seeking excelsior. landfall. My sheep will. Focus Philanthropic. School, Inches, Ziegler follow, and she mcgillion fallen. Soviet see the. Before the horror. Doing Commission GM. For me SAT PALU seconds coup by shot the. Essentially Meech America, you missing out and things. Do you don't? Have Been Casino is Hoisington farm got to see the. She didn't have Makoto Bomas in. My. He fought additional. Yeah Year. Book you by yet. To pass ski possibly little. goosing, she'll get for PG. The shy. So many achieve pass advocate. I. If you going out of mice but up put you. Tip. Is. The show is. Too Key on. Me Student. Who Chimi Horseshoe Schema set kitten mom, what the squadron! Open? Equally e Chiro. Ike Lacy Halsey question sponsors. Missing in. The equally civil to announce another product two key wash, the Paraguayan away potter. My. Katie. Up. By moving seal fears about jobs. My mice ESA faulty using. Wash possum poke them being belie. was. Like him what you are sound myself. PALABRAS said. Searching The? Leandro all who? Get this cookie afforded I. DO Brasil which. Cuvee systematising. COUPONERS hoi-chang. Shock. In? Camp Coleman Kasha Chiba Gooky 'cause. People mice. Can we rescue team in the Modern Blue Cross? Similar a move down so this committee Hosur. Does Mosey died. Essay Cheek with. Sima always. Paul Eugene Eason. Genius I. Want to. told me. About either some also. My squad more oprah some. Ideas are more, does it? Talking July to. Control, you might of. Shooting joke team. Could inches, skis final mission would that? They show you some hat cubicle Topa Moonscape, taking style actually is my snow Simone. Belichick, Regina was probably. Saying similar and, we'll do. that. We'll buy. Cheap before. You go by. What seems. Sarah Baylor. Must be by Sepia for. Skimmers new. You can't attack you'll. This. In, let's see over here by days. He does Lico got implements came into being the fee need. tacky in winters, SEATTLE I. Found the show, Mackenzie McKee At comical happy same. By looking gimmicky. Moreover to. Finales. mottaki simply refund Tim McKee iliap from attack. You hoppy to the Moxie cool to. Knuckle Kallio. Logo Molly. Key is. Simply Formula Bud light broncos. Same. Eh Johnson throughout much. Must Satisfy the goal ATM set. The mobile dodgy. See miserable friend. Don't there nine days. FAMA bone. Focal sold. Down, we saw simply from car keys mobile than to mellow fan and like alive. Kirke smokey up when we. Want to be sued as. Though security November's neely my ski don't by simply Dave you see. Psychopathy scattered documents happy to e by Shot this Yano. Elitist. DRASTIC AC-. I was able to call into your squad to according to sit down with our still digital. According to Helmet, YOU TV Named Maya precarity vote Jauregui. Poke Mi's. Happy to by yet I, don't use. Yeah value would definitely throw seat risque mighty my sparsity baller, being the tries. Only skimmer condemn water when we thought those. Similarity He. You property me in court by. Similarities Yoshiki I. Keep you by yesterday. Modern do with similar as far as the mice Gosh, give ice say grotto e necessarily mortar automated these. audio. Quizzes. Abreu the key. Bras you. whereas you book, not me, Komu by. thankful the dogs, the average cusack usual keys messy for. The whereas you buy I think he likes Pieri non-party. participated. Effie My because we'll see in the washer conflict within lashing they to you, Michael. Houghton went Jose so chipper in the evil like for Doger's as Almost So stop let Scott Default. They can. Doing see. Photo. Ville POKKA poop. Office asking, don't you take in, assume bob academics calling leading three now. I probably die. You show your by your thing, I. Book. Link to by Muthu can come each Lincoln. Jimmy. Kimmel meet is George Clooney who will meet Oh cj totems at three twinkle yetis numerous. Even, Kabbalah. Passer key. You hold you KUPA new. Faulted you convince me to do yet, is which retaliated? Issues Forum. Heck at by GYCO. A An. Equitable Zone kiosque hall novel. Does they came? Controlling Baltimore Rosie Daddy. Yeah if you can apply Kokubo, With as Key issue for keen. innocent Bali Cathedral women had another message Good baller Bala No applet eighty nine SALIMO vehicle me because it was A. Question, how could you? Not Sell. It'll probably know software will show. Those must have been. Personal Pharmacia Muskrat. Chipanga interdict by. WHO. Stance called US no shopping. Momentum in the WHO doesn't painel house another Schuler show will? Follow. Conditioning between you so Sotos Specif-. Kim. Amazon. Which? Goes for. The puzzle team Brin follow late for. Well as you're. Did kill. Quixote cloud. Yeah, got acquainted with the beam by scattering the. Geographical things. That U Utah Mysore. Things you, so you lose your for categorically from the May, you compete. Country All Jimmy. TAP Passer and put on Brodsky short with G.. Dodging that you can truly roots issue. Bouquet as McKee hawkish gene to not me not as boiler, yes, in control coke on LB Horsey I collected. He's got no pay meetings they do don't carry. No, no, you won't meet two. Zero by Shah as looniest decompose the scene for how Toco used to each of these web includes easy horsham. To Open Up. The Patch Clinic. Helped me. You stop by the systems. Catching. Basically. Mice conclusion. Beggar. Visible graduated you to in our jewelry, and what I'm walking who Jimmy Taciturn. Cheating now cloudy. Massine from Mexico actually company. Just shock, he picked the. Think thank you. By. Jimmy Hockey. It was fun thing. Started collecting. Does they had juvenile mathematics? Contra was possible so cash Kamasutra. Jesse Malacca Is that can casino biology backs? How many of duties come? into to the by Ya. Video says I don't see anything they might as well see. To the game. That you're! Seconded kind of Benjamin Mitchell, not only document. Message if you was Michael Giveth appropriate. Is Jack Jamie D. Hassle. Economic. Much gynecology by saying. You. Individual SEDONA. Kirk Warner Poking Lamy. Nike. Signal food. The Dan Kimmy at thick continue. The K. E.. Shuki doesn't a sequel. Team food. ball continue usual Moros. He died advocacy. Tom Beim With us up to see the care. dispirito Corey Kabbalah Tau Echostar do. As Kelly baller he. Adores threes Aaron. Neville loops in these. Scar yet of kids. With? appleseed. Middle! By. By amas if she saints By. By I'm safe acute by Noah Mashhad. Cabeza. Principal made this medicine Nasty I decided keystone homemade somewhere federal by us by yet. They must saw you'll neutral. Yasser. Your does that it does had. Time moment through Dasa commune. Product thought. Democratic, can we go? By. Gordon. This. Through Priorities Eliza. Also said that you. Boo. The guilt by. Glad was. Be, sure do got a lot. There settled, if does he? Know Leszek bobbled BEPPO. SEE The no websites. People Eighty. S A topic by no mass you. By. The Notre Zepa knockabout as you. Could by. Getting, she got squats pitiful. Good any. Equal Tom POW cheek key. Kyrie made musha wiggle. hoesch patchy by. If you cool on plumbing chat, that is you. Know what. The physical. City Limbo. In New Arena Hydro Tomita finished putting, see told do. The boss Saga Zyppah Seem Mogae by. Eight to issue had chief. Oj Evil said finally. Stop as inch. Today's my. She. Look it up any be three. Inches gorgeous. They asked me to hit. You. Know by Megan she got by the. Donald. Hit You saw, had you? Can still you're happy to defeat is a habit as your. Carefully cool by. The. Cubana daisy dismutase. He's up. Still happy to yoga by on TV obt. Lt Me baller call. Made Session Attack Corner, attacking me too happy to finalization guard is by Ecuador Tim. I'm pressed Community Thomason the. Book illegal a Korean Taco. Better, ball of takasaki meters the skill more effort do. President? By. By. Packer Packer hooking up ball cohere DACA. It paid the. That at the moment will. They'll crack some. Councils. Because fellow. Alex I mean if to chapels. Key! Prescription sheet accompanying oppressor who doesn't know cast? ORROCK. Confessional domhnall an automatic guarantee. Ogla easy, Shelton. Not meet tonight mice. Bishops on Ball Capacity I. My book is He will sit back a bottomless. It I'm going to. Go see us. He will sit. A to IKI northover at the secret upcoming defaced Paki. Known Aussie. Hit nosy, merely your voice. COBB, Little Ball. Yes Sheet Akabusi David team. Multiple study yet? pricing cousy. Yes, it just stalls to visual. CISCO Dilemma kilmore synthetic foot Bangladesh Mice Diaz annoyed in the classroom. I Don t need. The division wasn't doing Thi- E four still do open with tips equals even though see the blast and all about obviously still job yet. We still stay mommy happy to. Simply frequency. lavery happy to. Shock Eighty. She'll get gimmicky them. Cuisine and Sabi, whilst another one getting. Name move out of Stanford. He was. X By Yep Joint. Guessing Sound Eliminate technical. Moments. In IT I. Cater you're cannot go with the character. Snow. Causes from. Utah get? What? You mean fresh Casa impact quarterback Chievo. Countrymen you. I'm outside India so the Capital Messenger backup. So popular. Over Infamous I think John A. don't gamble. This. Accumulates on separate careful salary. Cato. Asia. Pacific. Missing link though not just. That QA sequel Cezanne's. With. Posses We'll see you may on the Donald Trump's. And then we bukit back the economics that can bring in your by. By the hostile. Catch me. Say. You Soak. Doesn't seem. People Polity Ball in. Mice. Selene to do Katie Ski, some obesity. Don't with us this up by an et cloudy and By North cussing since up through the. Maze New Horsham shows out of stamps. Another by eight, okay, and we seem cameras into Ellie steel key at the mom with to. New through. While Medica makeup democracy should robot. Willing but I kept twenty daddy talks by phases. Foreign normally died. You buy you call. Doodoo into before the war. The issue acute proportional. To. Gently fate. Talker who? Go through Basha met By you sweat. Enough Who Demore No acid got To combine hold on I have made no acid. Nowhere I seek novel. MICHIKA About her. She of course he complained to Saddam Mideast. Correct correct you may. Be able to buy he. Took that Mugabe DOC GASE PRO by. He did. Feel complete damage to the bay. Illegal Stavros leading. Mice a French Muslim barrel by. A hassle he's happy to. With you know about the since Happy Abbasi, interoperability, she's. Proxima scientists serial the restaurant. Follow Poker. We can say I should. A ATHENA The let's be. But would you go to his shutout owned by Russia? Would do rush them on your face. Evil Unseen Jones was emerged as well. Let's see on a once last soy Miso, visu Noviye succumb warhead drunker Sanchez anonymous society in La Assam meet that as much as seen. They introduce game. Unusual proportions might as marriage jokes scuba Faizabad physically unum edema was. He has done woke up. I think. She met him with the Casino Industry Analysis always. S He must call it. You ask if he see said on my whole achiever. At not let us with my change. Guys at the fuzzy to go chan homeowner. BETHEL's Mace Jones Aki get. Resort the beauty scarborough more quickly. You trump others the me. Miso Muslim Ski. Sx School Zone J. scheme batch. As visibly as OPO. Who Emma stone either you might as a same link. As is by asking. Throw named. Should you saw? With Alex Hoodoo calls I. decided to get Geico the points Soviet specific dimmer as team with the scenes. Them it would painting there. He thinks it's a former. Forgave the marriage. It key will suffice of acquisition. This Will Suffice it say the foyer that had to me. Yeah, you open made up I. Had them appropriate do. Year. You is that for sports me. Mo believe look upon after she was a medical plan. Eagle due to the potatoes Eliza. Ear. Muslim By. Dr She can't. That is such. This is as CECE as not Raschke flew into these. Kiki Mugo brand new. We check out the holiday dinovite thicky. David wholesale Acapella. Mood Yvonne Daily. Dinner Fokker measurable. Do Daily outdo. Bush took by Poorly trained. To the. Ronan manageable set the. At signed doodle. May Signal Table at. This location fallen looking. What! Professor Fulsome boom AOL leaky starbucks interfaith decrease. Wash Him with them. We talk while dodgy May. MUSI FAULK WITH A. Group of EGO than through. Bourgeois biomedica for your quality cube. I should nine Liu. Miserable saint throws on. meet the by Cougar I. Dare should not see his us. Go back. We this this game. Folk who you don't the AFC. Not Katie. Nicholl, Fascia compromise simple myself, but our gives his goalkeeping sees a once a while. Becky shootout body caucasoid deputy the slush snow. Old wroblewski dance sequence stormy lascivious. On my scene. She kill me as is bucket. If you need is all gathered shooter what? Do Your Ski. The Rosa made or them age. Mice Hoy's. It throws me Iraqi, Woohoo the universal to my score. fathering throws me. This moment rather go cash on fees seeped Pacific Gummidge the that does US proposal editors regard looked at the scene. Seizure the Dow. Ashkenazi. JEKYLL, the coin throws on me I. Think this at you. At the by robust nation as Finales, asas go give by Petkova mice, not former home wa as rogue others won't sequentially. This was walnuts. Aki since you. Won't yellow will they equal? Rejoin bid. She see her and she. Oakley saw. 'em. Sick mcmurphy gase Jackie. Halsey Seila Zone Royce I. You know I think was success. Tonight, you'd say yes. Keep as mice. E Sic. Economic me. Sarcasm was a so koukoulas on average meadow Chuma. Meech GUETTA mommy she umbrella. Spots? No Shotgun Nausea Gavin support us on the form up was sunk. Meadow. into. This. Run as a four ASP opposes so. started in the metro, apples so okay, if Yo- ball as a huge hesitating, Woo for Itchy was for May now Keishi vestry organ Lemay. Master devastated. Don't Passi. This is Evil Giddy is just got interested in sports for me. When she shattered you, blow up your bedroom. Underwood Sat I for one that you up by your bathroom with her former you. Don't you wash? The US. Dipoto she era dash, but go. Askew thing all warm throws me. More WIMP was Josh within nine NOCCO Sunday. Your Gathers Milo said monoxide Scott Avenue. One thousand during the by rush. Well multiple making stimulant thought it's cutting back company now. Would you participate? As. Rush guess lawsuits. You SUCI Jimmy seat the main on. Quarantine. Ishikawa payday for fees to the mice jiffy sue. She was of a month. This Simpson bookish style pocket thing Outta was Dick scalise he saw meet. The. Basic combs. The. Anakin was rather studying to cormie army, escort scores, but sickie say that ascension they sharpie not by, don't they? Not uppercut AC-, side the folk. Don't would you? My You by by by sideways by surprising thing I did not hit it. Also. Ask You. Helmet E.. D. A. Nineteen. That onto amazingly detail federal meanchey. Never Shogo. They don't betsy. team. He told Melissa queasy. we'll keep by the pro by adapted for the main. obese. Vega, make one vote pass at invite die, but in the. National by grant to pass Kara. Should Kiss. She Mellow. Tiger in Passy. For severe INTELLIGENSIA. Can Video. Surgery key. La. Mice via. A present DOS passes later. Keystone scene! Bosses you. Bring! Your. Garden Occurs Emitting thiede. New. Orleans Aussie. Sake rotten. It'll Daily might think of you said daily Neutral I, think he? He thought gesture goes out there also start episode. Alias. Actually sessile stockily mercy doodoo pay. Kelly Dow delivery. We. Don't shoot. Cavanaugh sleep new. Support Book a city. Shake whichever you gotTA. Meet overhaul of a Iraqis. Who Michael. Ascher killing back a bar. But A. GET INTO OH NO! I as. A. Say. Issue according to. My. Indeed Jim Youtube equal make. Put into the POLKA PAM mean Okaz illicit could. Two years ago. She! Couldn't. They look. My ship was visit visual component. You Bet. Did she comes on a ball and it? We'll say see all the per capita. My Shapur Shahad, do you? Had do she'll be Gilead Shaka. Motor. Motor from cell. Right. Chelsea. Bruck out. Keep days. We'll say they don't win loss podcast you have. No real who kill fees Kopech. You know. And Oklahoma mayor. Now. Not. Lane used to do what you. is a passionate ain't. Program sobe Gorman with as as a cat cuisine. They had this. soapy. Bazi. Move. Daily Nanyuki vainly was. When ain't you touch again comey's days. Data to match global no MINIBAR see. Melodies do. Me? Mitchell Milan Q. v. Abacha Jovi. Do it back K. data say Kelvin do the foot stats sober game. And? We do seen each I said Okay Toby. Shaw key thing do. Regularly lovie in locadia naming. A Killer disease you. Keep your Bussey Chicago a hippy guy picking. The. Ones Wednesday politico CPAC let him making thing. The would union. From Tampa. Who owned The neo the neo? She keeps begging Bowl Kushner your gathered, set the former. Rather tacky. You would use a character study as. You don't give Keefe as a muscle. Your gather the crucial sewn like water. Now America's absorbed you or guitar goody. Isn't each book mastic wild yet I use. The matchy, MSCI. It'll cut a BAC- set. Up near the dice much. Less work I'm an unidentified file. Matter your. Own. Zika Companies Bill? Clinton through. Comedy Scene For me. Millionth Minna Portelli. Complex started the hooligan. Brand Keno view not podcast Kim do. Mice Kickoff basketball game. Who did he give any niece? York daily GonNa come fallen ill alita volunteer. Won't classics Chelsea sugarcoat Aegis Italy I. Think Alabama Vaguely Tomo Vaca development body develop Japan's Asami. Chief is. Passes you may much died about, you might not boiler. Nazi gwynn! OF THE UNICORN INTEREST Vida May, Faculty and Kentucky Ishak. By Catholic. Confides Baia. IMPORT OTHER DO. You Elliott I'm. Glad to Sintra, Unicorn Inches Dossey. Moved, the Corporate Activities Cadel Hewlett backup as much process to go, not just shake. Cintra, weren't you percent? They're cool. Moo moved off who sound daily. Luke, Kuhn take all the predecessor because of school pitch, but in house you're seeing not Kelly is Boston Guitar. Inter according just football. Chant maltings hitter. Zahle Commission Fossil. You're Gordon something so. They. To Bank. Tossing as fast. As contesting. According to School Maluku Szeto. Passing. Do you met Clutch Productivity? One blood sugar by? Firestone Diese L. no visual wrinkle medical followed suit Vyas. Unavailable. You can match. Do but I mean what the map activity yet? Night v stuck up. Boss who limits have made cash. Medica. Elliott. Short towns. Yearly just y'all. Do. dot. L. Follow you got. The money you spend up really kicking, pupil you whether you. Any follow Keiko's what you Accu cool, usual, new actually Kasana frito-lay viable back you as Raza Lavar ball at I'm afraid Sake. Quarterly Notation I. Can't daily Fallon discussion. Rod Kansas City at. Mosier. Thugs are others article on how volunteers are. Net Yeah. Let's check the book is. A pilot daily. Will leave present. Don't pursue spice at Caledonia gotta who let me Kiss Your Mommy Translates some that I. E haphazardly you WANNA. Key. McCain's please. Clouds do deliver Puna. School. By. MOCEANU upshot of popularity. With because notice assignment you by the air from so Does is why Fazila body when he knows. You're just having some. Eighty Dean through died. Book It. shoot you. The final is also. He used candle drinking you? Pull Delfi Sheep Dog. You keep low key Palmetto by. in the May compete much. In his. Is for do phillies. Versions, no fossil brand new awesome Nassir podcast. He got. It doesn't fighter with Akaba. Noise missed like. Obama. Thomas Stops Akaba Mu stumped But he say thank you. To Hoist E visual. Footsteps but I D-. who leaked video new? Not simply gase. came we to deduct saga. Who gives him saying available the? club. She says she read you. Ski by. topper parameter quizzes with like prefers month. They're that assembled fee video cameras in. Into No, Sabi Geragos said. Subdue caught on of us. As he checked two. Salinas Kill the no. We startled should be equal, but as you know. Sabi by sale beacon do on a chronometer school. on helmet developed as you is to assume notre gasoline. firewall was setup by seeking caused meeting. Dot doppler moves frank. Bala Heap Deputy. mice Poof Oval proof of what you've had speaking Gaza basing say Basov specials speaking Gaza vassal by Macau Sochi for the society holy purpose. Now. Granted half of the. lavas mills. We did a we the up. Your by pushes are more to say Data's Heckuva you pay. Your. Tacky his other small Mantha Kenya saw had used I e. G fitted. You come aside yellow going. South Paulo that's. He died Gina. So. That saying they the the most. What gay she? Followed by Goleta eighty she didn't. Listen on his mask, society as he understood, will move goddess. Cuisines visage or make anything they can further their warriner. Might I got to say? And Madonna but that's another phone masterful digital photo. On Menia wacky or menu yourself a local starter Chow Garcia by June. We GonNA. I'll only. By the Mickey about message, notion might assume. Egal's level tweet. The Karachi or edgy should, bus? Not Simply. Economies it that we? Companies it. They met with her music. Even when I. A So brands? I used to go up things about the key. Regarding Dana will say new. He'd up. Them! So they do by. Interest Being Paseo can share reporter she queeg. Ma Who. You now have. Chow? Took alone Vase I will take time Badger with God. Bless you happiness. Leaks. Say, Kopusovic started which you bomb and English gaming. Eve Assessments Messy Manager. Dana was not to be. That simple jobs not. Those. Days about something for which I. At COMMO cousin, fellow by by. Beta. Adopted. They will follow Makoko E for buffet to. God The bought up by. August

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Viajes Mondo 213  Los diez imprescindibles de Marrakech

Podcast RadioViajera

14:56 min | 9 months ago

Viajes Mondo 213 Los diez imprescindibles de Marrakech

"Tend to Mondo in radio via Ponta. Calm Yeah in uh-huh familiar comic Con Unique Mississippi Saudi on I say because he left can significantly reduce Malik is less in Zimbabwe. Unless you're not going to have in Europe you stuck with me and source angiography. If he knew an awful lucky I seek Orlando that players cocoon. I'm Linden component community. That is totally Theo. Core at work without incident. This all been that team. Who is Kim Kardashian? Celebrity Eric as people in lappy dig mentioned. Betty is extremely Atlantico. As it is next the last I need more focusing somebody from funicello others within they call me in Brazil. Styling Cue who knows that he acted talk about the social security via is clear in. Obviously police. Advice was negative. It can also we also chose case. extra-special extra-special personal clavel's our people. Yes he listened. mosinee porcelain with adults was an academic ready. All corruption is finish line so look for grandma got away from the race on Moscow. Chess a young the fleet in Libya ahead. Anything as long ago that you went up in bookstores increasingly this time studying added call or no this voice bill. This mafia ingrained ethical Koshi pimples in his his red skins play that is all in some Cantona significant is of course the way opinion by scientists in a gale ninety. Nine this is where Percy less scope for the initial nominee who are going I meet so host is eleven for my fiance via the Applebee's Manos. CBS's the stats was an half say 'cause pulling Veerappa in that they saw a in a multi. CPR skier is honest. Bendel Yarmuth Motel warnow. I advocate as well as one. The whole idea on the poor is never motion and Nando. Ah Cafes kick went to add to that when national realty mementos economic inch was able to put up with this planet's hip in contact with I Marshall Fifty. Yeah See. I'm going to do this. I mean this. Summer's been those guys for those. That work is a heart attack. Back in Congressional McConnell navyfederal there could be any missing. Didn't you know Political Lisa up and moving in a couple communities in Louis Metro's normal relatively soon terriers leaving Las Connecticut. NAPPING EAT LEVIN SKIP ON. No He's like last year because A little communal is family. That sobbing yourself. DECEC- environment kicker as much when almost from this video as we in via issue should not villa Louis saves in any feats meal is applied on the the initial investment to the impact the orchestra never lamb seen anti-theft will kill Kathy misgiving. Wuhan seed. Wash on loosening. There's listening video. Business is focused. He's one of those Kennedy now. I mean there was. Am One bottle emotion to them at the Pacific were less. That must be better. Spent on field record is that it could go test. City dwellers in cardinal the company called ridden. ABC News Clones. Who can stand mutual down? Paul Williams got the whole truth. I live in one day will ring are you hinted engraved in this congruity store also pushed to smoke anytime ecosystem they fill in your perception housing specialist anytime was not on the on the on the s solicited by the Mongols. They like to see that. There's going to at Betas quinto knuckles. Mbna Gate No. I have not found those bill on push into Moscow's got the twelve inch by inch all the Denise Kelly the last bus that is gonNA say conditioning within Islam. We're a lovely passerby seat because he says happened. I mean the amassed the Bloomberg article that asks psychos under the stuck out emotionally openings. He is temporary ban amid local Godot Media India. Also seeing that. I'm not gonNA unilateral ILLESCAS. It's not I studied called. Malika is the Tuesday Monday wreck on seven Oklahoma leaders last analysis on career. Calling Me Tundra Lou. alday Lesson Silent Cal. Me Laugh is making. You need to talk with us. In the steelers Parada monk again continental now is one dollars to the miserable use. This is a winning apple motorcycles. He's lost in. What am I still streep is is can seem to begin us eleven what credit seekonk arenas in Westall Kinko's Yana Medina never holidays? There have been coming Nice. Well they come with my coffee. Hall encountering skype McCormick on the imperious leader. This in your news community leaders connect game by Sangam era. Those little multiple Skyros police. LemMe Nice from. We will go the first few side camp metal chime in steel posted. Look at some numbers. Combat Interest Lean Mass Muslim. That's not matter how how is now. Is that if women are serious Clinical it is a well we are the couple of my life is the law is is your mind. Ask for moving up with that. It kimmy skis. Lapworth fish fecal applicable over there. Don't don't work properly. Entered into the Organ Company. Coca is this analysis. TAP LIMB event will not pull over the smell put up on audience northumbrian style would. I is now Selena. MARINA SAYS HE THREW EVERY BILL DE LA ammonia yield about the ability as his coffee. Tunis airport baggage from sheep years of knowing. Wait a minute. We're willing Kinda kissing up what they call. Swedish goes CEELO is bad shutout stores. Don't whilst Thou shall I normally let's who says with realistic dummy astronauts Poltimore in a port that did not go on through e one of the alcohol must realistic available in. Yes holidays be stuck at quarterback Bush on leaving US look faces perverse allegation polka immune system. Who got me and bill by the Cairo? We see now may be Mosa is from new. York is going to be feeling by this. I will do this. Mass in Iran since practice at women that affected him Egan's Takebe Cleopatra Maseko established Denali in Columbia the NBA To end on the via what we're supposed to sit in because you only food ask is a completely that night digitally might not be electorally Leslie. Liberty by by last year is that a little sunset. And then we didn't get to do Emma Nkomo City maneuvre of Young Initiative Nicos lenient my Kasan because on that list expenditure who's probably this is foiled good angle Saint Louis Quack north of the minority formed been talking. Okay `simple a Legno Is intertwined they see it. It is initial tune pass on some of them. The ambiance couples drive as they made as Atlanta. I call on has asked if he does this equal to Bush by had because they have the men the

Bush Kim Kardashian Europe Bendel Yarmuth Motel warnow Zimbabwe Mondo Moscow Malik Betty Orlando Eric ABC News Cairo Moscow Paul Williams steelers York villa Louis Louis Metro Atlanta
38. Priorities

The Long and The Short Of It

19:34 min | 1 year ago

38. Priorities

"Hi, pete. Hey, jen. I am coming to you with a question from one of my clients based on something we were talking about in a meeting last week, which is this idea that you can't land a plane when there's another plane on the runway. And how do you clear the runway to land, the plane that is circling in your mind? Not a literal plain, you know, asking me for pilot advice, I well, I'm so fascinated to learn that, you know how to fly a plane, if that's true. But in this case, I'm speaking metaphorically. Metaphorically could I have no idea how to fly? This is the love of the short of it. Okay. So essentially, I, I took up this practice that I learned from you, which is I send my clients of video voice, which is something you taught me, and it's so effective. It's so much more effective than just text based message. It feels more important when it comes as a video, and essentially the video voicemail was asking, what do you need to make space for? And what is the what is the thing that is clogging the runway? What can you actually name? And quantify the things you need to let go of, in order to make room for the things that you wanna bring into your life. And so this client sent me a message, which I'm going to paraphrase, but essentially, she said the thing that is cluttering her life is her inability to. Prioritize and she has so many things on her plate that she can't figure out what she wants to. Eliminate or at least postponed so that she can focus on a priority. So here's the question. She asked. Is there any research or tips or strategies that you're aware of to help you with ranking priorities, and then breaking them down into smaller achievements and then help you to learn to be okay with really being in progress? And she goes on to say, I'm really trying to shake my all or nothing mentality which trips me up pretty regularly, and takes up a whole lot of space. Interesting. So the first thing that came to my mind is the Parada principle. I think it's cold, the Parada principal, Pareto principle, and it is essentially that it's also known as the twenty eighty rule, which is that usually in most cases I think it started in economics. But now it's been extended to a lot of other use cases that twenty percent of. An input twenty percent of the inputs, usually quite or responsible for eighty percent of the outputs. So to give an example twenty percent of a company's clients usually quite for a roundabout eighty percent of the company's revenue, the big clients that you have if you work with twenty clients usually the big ones are the ones that are responsible for most of your revenue. And I think if you, if you look at the things in your life or the work that you, do you can extend that to, to almost be in some cases like ten and ninety as opposed to twenty eighty twenty eighty that so often what we don't realize is a very, very small percentage of the things that we work on are responsible for the app. What's that we get? So I just want to throw that out there as a first thing that came to my mind does that how do you feel about that? I think that's fantastic. And you and I both. Have journals from this company called. Intelligent change. Is that the name of the company, they make the five minute journal, and the pro- productivity planner, and they I don't know, if they actually call it the Prieto principle, but they essentially use the same idea that in the productivity planner, you acknowledge the number one priority for the day, and you commit you commit it to paper that you will not do anything else until you've done that one thing. So that's what that reminds me of, and I go through these phases of really relying on my productivity planner. And I'm calling myself out on this in the moments when I'm using it, I tend to be most productive because I'm setting clear priorities, and actually committing them to paper. There is some really good science around the need to write things down in order to make them real. So. So just the strategy of pudding all the stuff you're working down onto paper and then prioritizing it rather than doing it in your mind. But actually doing it on paper could be useful and so building on that and building on twenty and so you've written everything down. And what I think a useful frame of references is which of these things makes the other things. Redundant. So if I tackle this one I does that all of a sudden, make the rest of these things easier because I've done the hard work of that one thing. So I think that is a useful question to ask when, when looking at prioritization is I think of stolen from Tim Ferriss, but it's essentially, which of these things would make other things redundant or eliminate them altogether. I love that. Yeah. I mean like everyone thing about this three about prioritization, that comes to mind is everyone can rot a list of things that they have to do, like, everyone's got a list of as list as long as there are of things they could be doing. They should be doing. They want to be doing, and so the hot pot is prioritization, and where we can hide is, you know, list of off go to leasing pseudo. I'm taking off the list. It's like well, are you actually are you doing the hob work of understanding what it's for each of these things? What they're four and then doing the hard work of prioritizing against that. What's it for? I think it's an unbelievable. It's a great question that your client is awesome. And it's also it's a struggle of so many of us, I think of, like, how do you how might we get better at prioritization? I also want to acknowledge. Something that I think could also be cluttering up the mind space, which is the distinction between prioritize and eliminate. That when we say that we're prioritizing something we are committing to doing it. It might not be the top priority. But the fact that it's still on the list means that it's taking up some of our mental capacity. What sort of courage, does it take to eliminate something that is truly not a priority for you? And I think this goes back to camera, we've talked about it on here, but the urgent versus important matrix. The Stephen Covey's seven habits of highly effective people that we are so good at adding things to our to do list. And when they are not even low priority, but no priority. They could go into the eliminate quadrant. Not urgent not important. I like that. So the other thing I would say just thinking about this is the system that I use, for example, is I think I stole this off the productivity planner. I'm sure is like my little duration of this cold one three five and the reason I lock it is I saw once someone drawn on a sticky note. So it's like it's small enough that you can put on a sticky note, basically. And I love that. So you sensually split you a dive into one three and five. And so the idea is the number one, the one thing that you have at the top of the sticky note is the question you can ask yourself with that is if this was the only thing that I did today. Would I be happy? And so trying to identify what that one thing is goes up the top. And so you can only move onto the three once you've completed at one. Thing. So you start with that one thing has to be the one thing you'd be happy and satisfied with that was the only thing you do today. Once you've done that you can then move onto the three and the three of three kind of the mildly important tasks, but you might not get all of them done. So it's gotta be okay with you. If you get them done, if you're amazing, and you get all three of those done, then you, the five things on the bottom, and the five on the bottom of abbey tasks like replying to the Email or checking your social media, let it doesn't have to be that medial. But yeah, the five things on the bottom usually in my experience, really simple, Adleman tasks that had, I not gone through the process of prioritizing, I probably would have started with the one of five, and I would've told myself a store that I was being super productive. Like I responded to that Email that I needed to respond to it was like, well, yeah, you probably could have done that at five o'clock, though. Once you've done everything else. So one three five is a system. I find useful. I feel like if you were to. Log, your one three five over the course of a month. You know, thirty days you could take all the things that are on your five and really make a case for yourself that you need an assistant. Because that stuff that's in the five bucket, is the, the reason you have help. So if you're, I know for myself for many years, I was very resistant to getting an assistant. And then when I finally did it was like, oh, my gosh. This so much more sense. I be doing the kind of work. I want to be doing and delegate the things I don't want to be doing to someone who is very happy to do it. And probably better than for me. That is definitely better than I am. So I was batting this idea around today of priorities with my friend. Michael Hicks, whose extraordinary guy and I was saying to him, I need to make another podcasts called conversations with Michael Hicks, 'cause he has ideas about every single thing. But essentially, what he was saying is whatever you're doing right now, in this moment is the thing that you have prioritized ag- you need to recognize that the thing that you're doing right now is what you've chosen to do right now. Which means it is your priority. It's the thing that is apparently most important to you, 'cause you're doing it. And I, I loved that because I think it challenges you to ask yourself. Then is this, the thing that's most important to me. And if the answer is no then the question becomes, then why am I doing it? And so on that, I think the other another thing to consider is, who is determining priorities is it me or is it someone else is that a is that a potential client or a collaborator or something, someone has sent me an Email, it says agent. And so I've told myself a story that this is now a priority will if that's the case, Yana creating the priorities. Your clients are all the people that sent the Email. So I think getting clarity on who is determining your priorities is really important. And I think this goes to your point of when you start writing these, Dan, you start to realize this of, like, oh, wait. That's not my priority. That's someone else's priority. I heard a strategy once I cannot remember if we cut this out of a previous episode. So listeners if this is a repeat enjoy, I heard a strategy once a around whether or not to say yes to a coffee date. But I think this can apply to everything and essentially the strategy was would you ask yourself? Would you clear something out of your schedule today to make it happen? And if the answer is no acknowledged that four weeks from, now when this coffee date happens, you'll be as busy then as you are now. And let's not fool ourselves into thinking that life isn't gonna start crowding your calendar. So really ask yourself if I had to make room for it today. Would I do that? And that helps you sort of filter into the yes or no pile. And it's it seems to me that when you're thinking. About prioritizing tasks that are hopefully cumulatively adding up to reaching goals that if you wouldn't make room for it today, maybe you still won't make room for it tomorrow. And so on and so on. So you need to figure out some way to move forward. Without that thing. Okay. I just have to go back to what you just said. So I think one is being clear on whether the things on your list are actually cumulatively adding up towards your goal. So I think like the goal is important to be even clear on in like we frame, it often is what's it full? Like what is my work for? And then this list that I've just written of my priorities in air quotes. Do they actually serve that wasn't full if not, I can start to eliminate? And then the other thing that you just reminded me of is stolen from Derek Sievers, who have mentioned a few time on this podcast. Genius entrepreneur very funny rata, and he's got a couple of mazing, TED talks that a worth checking out, but he talks about the hell year or no. So essentially, what that means is whenever an opportunity or a decision is placed upon him. His his decision, making processes, did, I think hell yeah. I want to do that. If I do that I'm going to do it if I didn't then it's so it's either hell yet or no, there's no in-between and for him. This creates a bunch of spice because it's not after not often you get an opportunity like hell. Yeah. Wanna do that. And so when an opportunity does her is in the full week, timeframe like you mentioned. You can go hell. Yeah. I'm ready for this. I want to also call out that every day are circumstances change. Sometimes for the better sometimes for the worst life throws the all sorts of curve balls. And my hope is that similar to how we've talked about goal setting in the past, where it's like it's the process. It's a process of denting what you're aiming for. And then creating a way to actually get there that is more important that whether than whether or not you actually get there. I think this process of asking yourself what your priorities are asking yourself what's important to you. And what are you willing to make space for is? Probably more important than the things on your to do list themselves and. When life throws you an opportunity that you never saw coming, of course, you want to have the flexibility, and agility to say yes, to something that wasn't previously part of your priority because you didn't know that it was coming. And similarly when life throws you something that is quite challenging. A loved one dealing with an illness, or some sort of financial setback or whatever it might be that you can also embrace your new circumstances and reline your priorities. So that your priorities. Don't become a burden that they don't hold you back from forward motion and a personal development. I like that. Okay. So I know I feel like I've said, I know the thing a few times on this podcast. This is just one big giant. Yes. And so. If feels like rule, number six applies a little bit here to which is to not take us selves, so damn seriously. Because and I heard this in it was actually on an episode of comedians in Qasr getting coffee hosted by cherry on filled and a VO places that's where I'm drawing this wisdom from. And one of the comedians who was said, we walk around thinking where the president. But really, we could skip a dial two and nothing would change, and it was so off the cuff that it was like, classic in that shower that you don't even stop to recognize that, but it just popped into my head right now. Like it's so true. We all tell us elves story that was so busy and so important. And we couldn't possibly say no to things or Missa day. It'll be sick and nocco to look and it's kind of like well don't take yourself, so seriously. You're probably not that important. No offense to all of the listeners out there and to your client. But I think there is a story that we. Tell that. That is limiting which is I con afford to say no to this Oricon afford to prioritize, because I need to keep my doors open. Right. It's like you probably can you really probably can? There's a phenomenal woman named EON Levant. I don't know if the spirit of Jawa has traveled all the way to Australia, but she's, she's a powerful force of nature. She used to be Oprah's life coach and they, they have a falling out, and then they had a falling back end. So they they're on very good terms now but she wrote this book, she's written many books, but one that I use in class, a lot called faith in the valley, and essentially there, one page. Pearls of wisdom, and I was reading it once. And I'm totally paraphrasing it. But the gist of it was, I bet people are telling you nobody's going to wait around for you to accomplish this thing, nobody's going to wait around for you to finish this thing that you said, you were going to do, and she says, something like so instead of beating yourself up for that, say Hollandia it's like great. Don't wait. Go do your own thing. Do of. With this sort of like release of. I think it's pointing back to what you were saying where it's like the whole world isn't waiting for you to make good on your to do with. So give yourself a break yourself a break a little room to breathe a little white space. As we spoke about in a previous episode. That I think my along the shoulder.

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Episode #1048: All New. All Israel.

The Israel Hour Radio Archives

1:03:28 hr | Last month

Episode #1048: All New. All Israel.

"The Wolverton ability shown Michael. Tell you Damn Sola cover perfect. She Bush the. VOTTO Chaumont Long. Bullet fairly. Attache even loyal dot me at. dolittle dealer she left. The Guy. Machine'll. The. Off. Domi though. Village! Cocoa. Out. Bush declared. Cormack Chevaux de cut on the road. So Goma's AFL as Roma's hop tugay later at. Masada McNicoll Vote Matza. Field. The losers. Tell me the. Boy. Should be. Yeah. Ability Auction. Out? Controversial lamb gesellschaft. Israel our. A Connect with us at facebook dot com slash Israel our email us at INFO at Israel our DOT COM or call us at seven, three, two, nine, three, two, eight, hundred. Here's the host of the Israel our Josh Rouse. You know if you spend any amount of time on the Internet on social media on different forums. You will see a lot. Way Too much. Anti Israel sentiment. And I've been seeing it more and more lately. and. That's why I hope that when you come to this show Israel our radio. It is for you an oasis. Up, breath of fresh air, a place where we can just love Israel love Israeli culture, love Israeli music and you're safe. From the news from the noise from the controversy from the anger from the discussion, you just sit and soak in the incredible vibe. The incredible sounds the incredible atmosphere that Israeli music provides I know it does it for me and I hope it. Does it for you I'm Josh Rhone. Your host and I want to welcome you to Israel our radio. And it's a very special edition. Of Israel our radio. You know what what ends up happening on. This show is that I devote a couple issues to a particular topic last week. We did Yvonne or ED N. People with artists with the names don or ed end the week before we did an episode of my Israeli playlist and whenever we do that. The new music piles up. And such is the case this week. I have a bunch of brand new music that you just haven't heard yet and I need to share with you because I need to make sure that you are always up to date with the latest and greatest of Israeli music so today you will hear from all of your favorites. They are all lining up to share new music with you. I'm talking about a y'all Galon I'm talking about static and Ben. L. I'm talking about the Shalva Ben Noah Carell sharing my Mon Rita so many more. If you've come for brand new music, you're at the right place. And also if you've come to build a stronger Israel one song at a time, this is also the place for you. I want to thank you so much. Tuning into Israel. Our radio I know you have a choice as to where you can get your Israeli music and I appreciate it more than you can imagine for choosing us right here right now. Let's begin with the latest from Rita. This is called Bela. Israel our radio. Shannon! Fire. My finale make. A Call Congress. Meets My. Show! On Cases Chemo. But a key. But sleep. Who grow she. Wanted. Will Really? US Chess. Club. Off. Leash. Hush shaft. LA Hope share. Love. The. Hope she. CRISPY! She's. Read A. Mother, go? The show of. Shefty, Feel. Be? Hope she. V. Hush off. Off? The. EXPE-. Longo Sham Llamas that goes along. The! Hussien Guzzanti Lavina. There No. No Not yet caller she. Come. Claims, Schick and beyond. Oh. A. Church. Hey! talking. Coming Kid. Oh. ME. Multi Shea Sad. Shelby Long. In. Old Closer Take? A Israel, our radio was widely reported in the Israeli press, recently that one of our favorites, no cure ill signed the biggest deal ever for an Israeli with an American music company. She signed on with Atlantic records and she will be a big name. Maybe well. Let's hope in the USA, but for now she still making music in Israel and we love it this early. It's called million, dollar. Quality complaints. TELETECH! Long gone. Twenty seven. Ski exemptive. A need. Complex! Them The court case is the WHO. Get. The. Main. contact. Them. A Valley took. Number yesterday McAuliffe list. Listen allies coziness in. Swat? A young. and He. On? The. Out The look. contact. With down. You know. About a year ago. Akira released an English language song called. And at the time, I said probably on these airwaves I said I'll bet no cure. Al Has her sights set on bigger and better things I'll bet that this is a demo tape of some sort to send out to producers in the United States to show that she is capable of making it outside of the land of Israel and boy was I right. No one key rail recently signed with Atlantic records the biggest deal ever for an Israeli artist I haven't heard the exact terms yet, but you can be sure it will be big, and you can be sure that no accuser L. will be big here in the USA releasing English language. Language Music I wish the very best She has the look. She has the style. She has the sound. She's only nineteen years old. I really would like to see how they deal with no Noah Cure L., and how big she becomes in this in this country here in the US, a stay tuned. That was the latest from Noah Carell with production by Jordi. Superstar producer, Jordi. You'll here another song that he had his has his hands all over in a moment it was called million dollar before that most chic AFIA and Kobe parrots teaming up to bring us hollowed Rita. We haven't heard from her in a while new song called. DECA and Eli nurse started US off every time Eli a right to new song. He calls a friend to sing along because he doesn't do much of the singing himself fix for backup. He Plays Guitar. He writes the songs and he gets them friends to help. Sing them this time. It was Maggie as our I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly you. If you haven't heard that name before well, she is the woman who. Who is running all over Ben? Gurion airport in every leaders new video Hamis raccoon that great video that he did where Maggie as ours is running all over the airport, which is totally deserted she has She looks like a cone head, and it's a great video. If you haven't seen it yet, search for every leader on Youtube, and you'll love it the song that you heard from Eli. Boehner was called. Called fell some on Israel our radio. Thank you for so much tuning in I'm Josh drone. Hope you're enjoying the music. You're playing so far if you are. You haven't heard anything yet. Coming up next is the latest from Static Ben L. I haven't heard anything from static and Banal. Since this whole pandemic began back in February, they were all over New York City at Good Morning America live with Kellyanne Ryan all promoting. Promoting their brand new song with pit bull, not new anymore called further up ever since the pandemic hit. They've been out of sight and I don't know where they've been, but they are out with a brand new song in honor of pride month, tel-aviv usually goes all out for pride month, and this year is no exception this time static and Ben ill are teaming up with the Serene Qadri and of course producer. As always to bring us a song for pride month it's called club. Dying man come through the ballot that we call me. A yes. The car. With, a lot CAPELLE BE. extended. Visa. Gone? Send. Thank you. Yes? The. While again Vermont. Him please BECCA. Name your telling me die top. Moscow. By. For me that nine. Eleven chemotherapy. MELT DOWN Beds. Kiani. Type. A. You. The whole. Conflict. came. Gun. Talk. A Long Sabbatical. He'll go. Daddy does. Have called book. County share. Studio Dacourt Isla Chaman. Feminist. May By. Crocodile DOSTAL. Says I know in? Time because they. Shimmer. Eight hundred only share. Authority in case of. Gambling mature. Walk Smart. As, they ought to do what McCain was Amino flame. Talk. Aft. Is Still. Pair of songs about Tel Aviv, this one featuring Jane Wardell. Why do we love them so much? I can't put my finger on it, but she and they are just adorable. The whole package is amazing. The song is I'm Mir v Ben Featuring. Jane DOE I don't know who Amir and Ben arm, but they made the right choice in selecting Jane. Doe To accompany them on Tel. Aviv Ziani. Tel Aviv, it's me and you kid, and before that's data can banal featuring Serene Qadri with Khabib I'll be song for pride month in Tel Aviv thanks for tuning into Israel our radio, so glad you're along for the ride if you are an Israeli music fan, and you're only listening to this podcast and not joining us during the week on Facebook, oh my gosh, you're missing out on so much every day three thirty PM. Eastern time Monday through Friday. We get together as a community to listen to discuss to share to talk to have a great time just enjoying. Israeli music together we share memories. We share favorites. We share request. It's so much fun. I hope you will join. Join us because you will become hooked very very soon. Every weekday Monday through Friday three thirty PM eastern time we call it my Israeli music live, and it's only on facebook facebook dot com slash Israel our. That's facebook dot com slash Israel. Our join US I know you will love it and I can't wait to welcome you in person to our wonderful daily gathering of Israeli music fans. You're tuned to Israel our radio and our of all new Israeli music today back when Etan Elena won this years edition of Hakko Ha the reality show that chooses Israel's contested to the Eurovision song contest. Well coming in second place in that contest was a sixteen year old girl named. Lee Love she was adorable. We loved her throughout the competition. We loved her every time she got on stage. Deliver so much at the finale, but that's another story for another time, but she is too cute to adorable, too. Talented to be sitting on the sidelines and sell shortly after she came in second place in the competition, she is out there making brand new music that you've just got to see in fact three point. Two million people have watched this video on youtube in just about three weeks, so I think she has a bright future ahead of her. This is brand new from Ella. Love a new song called Szott Une- is Israel. Now back to it. Anybody can happen. Even. Out in. A HOTEL ME. Woods. Doug Man. By. Both, Ashida. Gimmel del Dave? To. Pay The cool fresh. Limit. Ben. alqadi gone. Was your. Nissan. Months. Off! Israel, our radio, we try very hard not to play any English on this show, but for certain people like Ninette Tab. We'll make an exception. Blue Talk in. Killing. Takeaway Oh. Sue We. saw. Every time. We. Will Try. News. GonNa Save the Children Who's GonNa who's GonNa. WHO's GonNa? It's not on Sangatte on staff. Net fish high TEELA. New York gala. Shaode certainly. He's Mata. aaliyah the. He rushed shallow. People. Narrow Duck. My Four Chela Movies Hustle Mitch. Cash! Limbaugh. beat. Love home. Loyal. Goo Mall Seen Up some. Of several. And hugging. ME. K.. Lie My. Own lawyer hold your. Sister Levin and All of MOGOLLON! Gala. Pat. Do! Glenn. Talk. Steve. Hana share your. Brand new y'all done near Atallah, her last seen great new song by him. Then that tie before that with feel the buzz. Ninette just announced that she has tested positive for Corona Virus, Sarah, scary stuff wishing her all best net. We love you and wish you A. Ma And E. Love definitely not a song for everybody, but she is setting the world of Israeli music on fire with her debut single Zilt. Our radio with Josh. Roane and a new song by the Shalva Band you. The Shalva banged it. Is that extrordinary group of Isreaeli? His Israeli musicians with disabilities that really took Israel by storm last year, when they competed to represent Israel as part of Kava, really inspirational story that touched just about everyone around the world, so they have a brand new song out called touch. It's mostly in English and I wanna read to you the press release so that you get an idea of the history behind this song the new reality. Reality of covid nineteen gave rise to a special opportunity for the Shalva Band to collaborate with one of Israel's most highly esteemed musicians. Composer Kobe OC- rot when it first appeared to be a random act of chance, turned out to be destiny in the making when Kobe strat I met the band backstage at the two thousand nineteen. Year Vision Song contest much like everyone else. He was taken by the group's charm. He approached them to wish them good luck and said that he would love to collaborate with them in the future. Several months later Kobe shared with the public that he had cancer, and that he would need to undergo a kidney transplant that same month the Shalva Organization held a fundraising benefit in which the Shalva bend naturally performed Kobe, shroud and his wife attended the event, during which young men approached Kobe and introduced himself. It's very nice to meet you. He said I'm your donor. It turned out that that same young man had seen the story on television and decided that if he was match, you would donate a kidney to Kobe and that's exactly what happened. When nearly Peterson sent Kobe shroud the words to the song touch. It was cleared Kobe that this was the song for the Shalva Band at whose benefit he had met his donor for the first time without a doubt, Shalva band members with the artists that could take such a moving story about hope and human connection and translate all those emotions and energy into a musical composition reminiscent of times. A beautiful new song by the Shalva band written by Kobe or shroud. This is called touch Israel our radio. On my wall. It's so quiet, but says it all. Get, something. I can ask needs. Feline need a fresh new start. Something new. Push me. Flight good bird so high in. Star. Success. One ray of Our decision. In the. Last. Starshine to this guy. And nine for sure it's. Cute. Me Time and And? Why raise. beat me. And, then last. You. Promise to? Said Jess. Shalva Ban with brand new music on Israel. Our Radio, a song called touch. It is always exciting for me when my all time favorite in Israeli music, sharing by bold comes out with a brand new song and she did. It's called od Schettino Dahl. You. y'All. Charity. WHO! Yom. Nesselbush. Good. because. Shut down. Show. Khan Hukou So! Oh. That's on Colleen Shaw. A! Stayed because. The. took. ME, Do. Stayed because. The. Only? Jerry. My Mon is part of our our of all new Israeli music today on Israel our radio. That song's called od Schettino dollar until you grow older. That song is part of sharing. My moans new album. The album is called Nishiyama featuring all of her latest and greatest songs. If you still buy CD's or if you download full albums, download this one. It's great sharing my Mon Nisshi Ma. Is the name the album featuring? Featuring all of her latest and greatest, but the Shalva bands singing Kobe schrafft's composition touch. Thank you so much for tuning into Israel our radio I know you must be enjoying the music you're listening to. I also know that many people are turning to zoom for lectures these days and presentations and community gatherings. If you'd like one for your community. Hey, we are just the people to talk to because we've been doing this a number. Number of times and we've moved are very successful. Israeli music presentation over to zoom if you have a community group synagogue JCC anything going on, and you would like to bring your members together. Listen to some great Israeli music. Connect with Israel and teach your members why they should be listening to Isreaeli music. If they're not already, we will inspire you. We will entertain you. We will make you laugh. We will make you cry contact. CONTACT ME JOSH AT MY ISRAELI MUSIC DOT COM. You'll be glad you did. We're GONNA. Have a great time with the members of your organization. You are tune to Israel our radio and our of all new Israeli music and one of the things I like to talk about in our presentation is one of the reasons. We love Israeli music. So much is because it's this beautiful fusion of religious and secular of Jewish and very Jewish. And anything, but and so when UNITON Rozelle, a religious Jewish Jewish, religious singer gets together with Bari, Sakharov a very secular singer. It's GonNa, be interesting, and it certainly is in this case because they've chosen lyrics from the Talmud from the camera from track tax bracket. which has the words of this song and the two of them just blend together beautifully singing it, and this is exhibit a of the reason why people should be connecting with Israel through Israeli music, because it is this fusion of religious and secular that you just won't find anywhere else brand new from Yana town Rozelle and Barry South Arapoff words from my said BRACCO. Zohar Iraqi leapt. W fourth more. issue. You. Yeah. I am do. You mean. He get your. Who is our? Our. To. Appeal! Does not show. Bomb Serie Shaw. De. Is. A The. IDEA. KAZAA. KAZAA. The. Aw. Israel, our radio, and now for something entirely different Eliana t har is a well known actress in Israel mostly among kids, shows and those kinds of circles now. She's trying her luck at Israeli music. This is her debut. It's called me Macaire addictive. Nam. Nam Nam. Nam. Property Sir. Income. It's cold. Off. Shuli. Near here. GotTa. Gun. Doc. Officer, Conrad. looked. especially. Doug! Gun! Talk. Slow. Shall We. Turn. Newcomer Eliana teed hard. It'll be interesting to see where her career goes in the world of Israeli music. That was her song called Mimic care before that a beauty from town Rozelle, and Bari Sakharov zoar hockey I wanNA thank you so much for tuning into this week's edition of Israel our radio I. Hope you had a fantastic time. I know I did this was some great great great music? If you enjoyed the show, please do your best to spread the word. Let everybody you. You know be aware that this show exists and that they will have a great time connecting with Israel through Israeli music and another way that you can help us is by going to the apple podcasts, website and rating this show, giving us a five star review and writing a few words about why you enjoy this show that will help us quite a bit the last song that I have for you. Today is another gorgeous gorgeous song with a great story I. It's this month. Naomi's Shamir would have been ninety years old. It's been sixteen years since her passing and her music stays alive. Her composition stay alive, and I think most of her songs will just last forever, but this is one that hadn't been heard up until now now. Michelle wrote, a poem called Parada that up until now had never been put to music. But tell Sunday who is in Isreaeli singer who you may remember represented. Israel. In the Eurovision of two thousand, one with a song called endevour well, he has been going through and looking for a composers that are no longer with us. People like aid, manure, and Marielle and Naomi. Shamir, etc, and he's been looking to set these words to music, so he got together with Romney Weinstein. Who was one? One of the best composers that Israel has and together they took this song by Naomi Shamir that never really saw the light of day called Parada, said it to beautiful music and I. Think you'll love the results and in this way her memory lives on, and it's just something very very special, I, hope you enjoy. This is Tomasson DHEC and Rami. Clients Dane. Singing words by Naomi Shamir Parade. Until next time. My name is Josh Rosen. Thank you so much for joining us I'll see who less you. Sweden has. Shown Dishman. Show. Show. Bugging. Addition! MISHNA XL Kamal Mead. Says then. You. On. com. Seek See It's. Jalen. Colon. Kenya. A. Lay Sie Talk. See. Abloy shamny schmolly. Virtually. Show. Kids. So. Come. Cool. See. You. SEGALLA. Okay And You come from. Hey thanks for tuning into Israel. Our radio I sure hope you enjoyed today's episode. If you did be sure to tell a friend about us, you can also help us grow by giving us a five star. Review on Apple PODCASTS, and while you're there right down a few words about why you enjoy the show. We'd love it if you would follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube just search for Israel our radio. Our voicemail line is always open at seven, three, two, eight, four, four, nine, seven, seven, eight, so feel free to give us a call comment on today's show. And finally were always happy to come to your community to speak about the joy of Israeli music, so contact me at Josh at my Israeli. MUSIC DOT COM, and we'll make it happen. Thanks for being part of the Israeli music community and thanks for helping us. Build a stronger Israel one song at a time.

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Viajes Mondo 211  El Castillo de Dracula, una ruta desde Bucarest

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Viajes Mondo 211 El Castillo de Dracula, una ruta desde Bucarest

"Watch and thank you need of Monday. PODCAST Dave Komo Cisco test so much better and he does love Donny. Stab wounds him of Cornish Potassium but his showroom the Steno Bogo terrific Coke Donelson W. E. Kentucky remorse but if it either highly forgot data if we are condemning this he's told officially announce telephoto dominance Caribbean Kinoshita. I E comparisons pursued must. He's showed it as again cannot. They must have Tennessee podcast. But I thought MC DONALD'S FINDUS Bolshoi someone super content of folk benefit relativization. There's no send this on. Louisville city is a super they also he data those US carpenters brandon interest in Vanya Ron data combined. But I'M GONNA say in Cotija that are gonNA unnoticed Amino 'cause the stem and in Transylvania College. I want to go to the list. Take a look. As long as it's not who I still have one or the other Equa or Bellagio the business. He had the monastery you this we know. You won't have like Gordon Stoker surroundings. Federal Hindi Transylvania. But I could ask for more seasonable. Personae look at those asset on family fair enough data on bigger CARBALLO. American can Norman Mattis on Louis and Gwendolyn Gwendolyn TV tonight for Gown Thunder La Iran the FBI Kellogg Amir then Perfecto Hideo but on the a lot of they could do this. They Must Scotus Gordon Alaska very early career. Camman Tony's when he was gaining limited transport and our own assistants will go on for another Muslim general. Gusty we should Agassi Russell Dod government and talk about the Kathy. Show US ill. He gave us with timber phone signal looking at the NIA by sample club she wants to do is not yet. He Percent Alexa Lebron. He is a few important but Mosquera in Bucharest raced in India nominee. GEENA sworn in as little game while he's Cassim all Nautilus. Whatever DACA in San Jose and cellular we've got a frontal SORTA to media either the Houston sits in Schaal Bela's in monotonous in Ireland at the Kadena Auto execs or the other African? This see now you know Siddiqui. Demos in Transylvania capitals. But I've only got one thing must police in this Kibo. aww Don't deprive Amos comic in a restaurant. The shooter that he didn't clobbered tomato taste of how fearful continuously must communautaire so okay so we'll know that much important that Romania is. Actually she talked. This index is in Gummy in an enormous money. Talk Radio Louis C.. Not In on the publicly esteemed senator Sunday military Levinas lastly Anita. It'll case lowlier. They must starbucks the lettuce in business. Typically those guys are the MONTAGNA are fans is no. You're the casino. Your local police to your electric casino. Putting got open metal knows about the important most important earlier not they also gone data bases stolen by last year but Oregon so I find out the broadcast complete clear. Penalize them so the door for them weekly. Komo yellow members really L. E. Stein argument dunces. Going to knock it at Bogor delivering northbound ninety nine years goes out and gusty shirts when I'm worthless into August We split one. Uh He does he has done well he does WanNa Begin. Yeah part of the in on those things then rather gusty you commence this weekend must cling interesting easiest domino sobre needle in with uh-huh briefly bowl he'll contributor host won't trump. They can know style if you go up. Saluto the not only at an abortion Komo casinos have lasted about of swallowing formulas is thicker steel. They must start the Kimbler. Kim Blurb Califa- Sandra Parada used condition of parole. They cancelled impo. Iraq ASEAN The speed of Edebali beef the museum. Thirty th Oh yes to ensure this piece of video this got US hello is talking. On the Community Mantica equal maximal salina's Bellagio IMOUSSA. Nothing on on on a DNC. Naya and Romania. Russia is that on the youngest general dogs up he commit Gwendal somebo-somebody forensics alumnus. I mean we see that unless the could've been anyone depot heaters when the interest Mugabe said L. Data Porky is leading up here in August. Honestly what is important in helium. I E combines productivity Colosio urban simulation derozan Michelle mullet NCO guessing crews already whiskey. Look at the because she you put them on our studio not wanted me do disappointment in the relapse per customer be will warm. What seem your fun of more? Sanguine with small. Is nobody more. The same dinner in Nicosia continuum also see that I send. looker does come in and dimbleby not so. Convenient loaded regularly study Komo showers Branson Gusty show and it gets his opponent. But I'm it's still going on. And it got issues in Kerala carpenters. UNLV have allowed that Komodo Ganassi's relativists the best percents of Buddhist and Gusty of centimeters fever. Blood Mugabe does she know Kishtwar Stewart. Jackie does what will I miss. The other is defend. Kapoor does the bid on the you guys have an tablecloth Hyun is. He is not here to take us. Coca steeler formula but upset about cut about does the Ninisto customers. The person who is not in Boston Louganis God from the Mughal prosciutto. So the good that Soda Tissue almost be in the Boise. Negoti alternate all the depot case or committee. That does seem goes on Cumulus. He'll have a comment on both phone. clerval minor guess on me and bunny does cuts. They got got negotia form. I got especially when you met your little money though for skiers on Sto meteorology must not an inevitable. Nicole blocked abyss. Tim Tebow Kristiyo Casino. But I'm stocker anonymous. Ayub cabbies to listen for the State Rico Muster Hostile Lafontaine Kia either. She's running a CK partial. Thus far we double insys leanna. narrow-money killer is so easily immortal star. Lil Lebanon says sound and in Las Hillary. Now Maria leedle fairly under foot leaving the gullible of the the essence that I know somebody. Ghana's Lebanon is consumed illegitimate Another let another collectivists. They told that typically quarter to quarter the galaxy note they must from now I inner city hemophilic today but I saw you in the heat of Cruzeiro policy on this cable. Universe of e documented content should have a clear the Camino but some of the frontier their northgate. Ada put him in defense hero running while archea calls for probably the last into a yard of this form of the contactor tourists. Katina numeral Moltke Sudas. Hilo is classically got. They took our on the shell game alone. Own at the end that depot denia coming on demolition loved Letterman. Show royalist. I got to talk since the number the only go soeda also follow the China bledel not just a fouls enough to let those goals in thirty last night but I for about two most important Iot data off. He wanted to ask you this question. Holy Blank Lena shape or poor the ballot people get on a prototype community are not in the the neons shot but I make all running northwest Rwanda. Stymie Lewis Industry Future Call Dylan Union in class for our annual movies the industrial. They must've for mobile dillas. He cut up Komo News. Komo elusive Likud today with us off Camino but a lot of the vassily old. They're not all the cannot receive your innocence and your Komo then textiles killing Rowan. Komo Viseu. He says if you're in the Bloomberg leaders in Cornell Listen bristles intermediate quarters one day. Dressy Megan Indochino. David I solve Kanada Legno. Megan interesting what. This says the monotony. Eleven minute we'll ever solve done. The bully malls Donald Taylor. For Beatrice Leah. Look they find in Las. Excuse me let me know. Let me see that none of us are about that. Louis for India alienated known the Donovan One of this and it just a man on a fog of gummy all someone else to raise et CETERA. Then that could SORTA gone to battle red or green Morrissey commercials like emon possession. Okay nobody thinks you may get a typical nowadays nineteenth fleet mutineer important him everybody's listed Quinta on his pinky policy and this policy or she has kidney lab. ORCAS here yeah. They do cheat with peers. Lowering the federal the Gwenda on the ritually the Butler Indo. Let me ask you to your toutes school or look at the Communist Escobar. Teenagers call they meet Mafia. nimmo Sergei Guanacaste the forecast from a few different this notably medalist enough. We'll have done this in Gwen through L. The address Canal Alemanno. Oh no mentally ill of Russia's what day cruises and memorial more those a lot I would assume the Miller dodging web la CR this island title to where it must have done this and they still got hissed showman. Plus I don't ever see now early. There is from grocer need us in a silo near interest hometown. Friends Asia Eyelid Rela. I go on especially plus all the fuss you stay last night on the talk. Radio is there will either be mentally in the hotel Monday but CBS by lucky at Transylvania Imada from mid October. Ten Ilya in school for another academia like I think one hundred short the billions and Yang legal. Same Bertha in Grenada George Luther Premier professor in that crisis and Mono in radio. You should be two hundred forty Important Romania immunised who can grow Mukasa de la momentum. Also Luciano Lucienne Romana Ceausescu up less needed Mandela roller scenario collage tangus. We don't people extends the rest of immortal collusion Roses plus whether CNN last night there need us. Even in LAS cruces steadier thrown out the Pacers and the other one of these women even different social sculpture the needle in today's Bruce continuous famous allegany. Romano Talk Almost Melon Sea in New Zealand. Legno millages in those agenda. Your trump is but they don't they will need to eat we must have the threat in. Ah De Niro start another war can don't they tell us that way was to the metal. Even this the ill bulk circa Nikolai Ceaucescu from industry related. Our Air will tell you about the explicit whistle being in this contres determined. Not The he'll about attack in their communities talking a little bit different. I said autumn autumn color with Hamas females under these studios that shorter coolest our DOT Biz. Talk lessee dossier complicate I. I must say that Greek icon and not your polio nemesis only saw on medium but at the local Mooney stopped the style up last night commission the single dose pill younger football call saw last shot the rest of his contract proposal. Hip Lower. Boy Are the unity cocktail. They don't eat him as the hemos L. PARLAMENTO guzzle gas. Just when I got here and the Kyoto Jaekle and Miller is the agenda Guada- immunizing diligent eakin bullets that are not featured mini. He said the OC mad and the contracting infamy maitre Corallo had been down on really amassing. Our you take this feeling that we are still over the winter. The competitive Typical hunting social awesome. Show Meteo poor. Each team publicity. About the case synonymous with the better known as Palacio to sweat nothing asset photos through the famous under these thirty women. Portillo report Roman National Political multi-storey. Cuando Alien Radio Ramona Yours. Dishing dirt on On the honourable unorthodox eliminated your show number equality star in pro foreseen. And we're going to put this on their own replica Luna bitter cold into her. Indicate if this is done this Monteverdi police. witless who now now and played too demanding. Split Kendall as renters celebrate Indonesia's loud. He noticed percents cannot permit. Thanks to defend this disorders Kazan Romania. And they're not gonNA start on of partial CEO case Mukasey them look what Maceo download it does use. The owner COSCIA got remade by check on Insideh for Neon Canyon. Toko all different Edna Hillary now w d shows for manpower trail this look for it for the next auto owners get free must come in and they study the memo said because England Gwendal lost dalmarnock. Guess don't think Douglas L. E. coined. Randall Ah Salvatore looking at him and Lua out cheap brew Demo- with a restored. I told them we're GONNA see the Roman winter can eat that but he's not listening sort of talks as the list actually traveled polls. He has talk to him about Paula. Who knows very little money if somebody here and then this list Nathan Dick World or do Romania Durian e-p-o-c-h evoke massive important packer. K- know Sandra Buchen schoncke-schroder into ingrained Augustine established for behind the glamour to that cave is less since nicely that undergoing sea maasim familiar. Then we must do from where bus you know as he can of Muscle in eight us through continuing yourselves but Abbasiya Domas on got all on eh get dealing with the same e- especially the the podcast Ashida intentional or your complaint must play special in Romania usually that most customers the nose cone assumed bogeyed the the era of central double. COMFORTO's stand Kathy. Show me tell about. I've gone on Sale Palacio. Bailey's buckle La Vida. Let the Bilo Auto Parts Imports Toshiki champion Matthew fears to step underneath muster recommend Namaskar. Sheehan is look. I'm getting massages. I say you didn't raise Seattle is almost I robot. Dodi's dead in favor of instagram twitter. Pinterest podcast they do.

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Turismo sostenible 302  Turismo y antropologa

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Turismo sostenible 302 Turismo y antropologa

"I can see it in your in your a banging on your talk to undo these motor stunningly glencoe ever get to come in EUBOEA. Kedah boom took on. Aw Take a vote on my listeners of radio reacted lowness another collegiate. A former thrive is that this term is understood them but is it three most namely Mister Broder In Latina Central Police multiple. Yes He Parada COONASS that the La Materia Fabulous Mancini. Did win no other study of Kabul in Barcelona. I've lost electoral who levelled at thirty speed. It even committee and Republican say loss afternoon Ed politicalness came on made Anthropologica then three smaller than sleep in this Rallies is standard in electoral embitter. Excessive quadrennium monopoly person. Implicit thought is committed out. Nasty and donal and developing our Seacombe applets Kanada Did they read. The the donors. Extend this thousands specialist give zillow's KUNA personalities simply gala and limited they matter that use Calandra Huddle. It was the case because the Florida has bechtol soldiers aspect of said minute response time in phenomenal. They at the elementary level the task photomask imprint indicators for MORE WINDOWS PRACTICED IN MR Commute Colo- the bulletin the onus canals Alumini the atmosphere. Lula's this is the the same as when I said a dilemma solid and the bars in laboratories MC but By Travis Moore Masters the newly matters from they will come up for my lucky. Almost you said with a committed some meat have a police. The modest badoer's in mice kwaidan Vic Gordon elaborate business almost That's possible fabulous is winter is the upper with the feds onto a yoga internals. Author Spider pull their commercial on this aspect of internacional duties. It does Montanelli Gallon. Barcelona at Emma is investigated. I prefer Lucky Dylan celona Moose added he got Through a traditional stimulate by radiohead. The officer did that Soviet many which has not see us. How long would be grass? Yes or no to these. He's more comfortable here. He is still in electoral when that is pretty medical. Monsoon hair senator dealer Dean luck to these he's mall in this Equal Mall Needy. I see that in today class triple hia university while the Senate okay. cokie acid is in Videira Sodas they phenomenal Duncan play hookers threes. I thrive as day on his feet as soon as Swat Alanis Document Dallas Document. Dallas can spit me than we have seen moving E Our dad distinct has facet. Does this phenomenal Foodie Seco rookie. Studying Dante dimpled on E. N. Drama Savvy Moscow lease tasker Goni stands behead almost host receiving more SOC- B. C.. Desolate or does he become all saints will band together. On Polk. Both immediate is TV Sando Elemental Center Polo Category Associati Gossip KOA PROPORTIONAL IN IN PASADENA E. ESPN finish those documentaries gave. When Rehana I just find this this seems us if the creditor the mentality lasting mechanism Dan Father's Rutaganda's Gosh NAVAS ALMOST LEMON LEMON. They gave shadow was through female up in in Spider Now in Didn't expect them. We I'm pleased with implementers island levion. Mika Gumby jacket breath Theon like about the data associated took put them via knows A in looking at three more women is more. See you stay doesn't document Dalmatian DOPP stop But Avi Deflects Unions in documentaries moines sees. He will be in soon is Dental one those tunnels photography undergo says come on the stomach AON KC go to these sequel. The away be academic Day as they Topic seem obvious is mechanism. We Brayson In entity Makino to these data UGO patties momentum psyche. Awesome miserabilist. Kansas coach didn't nine Mahan Concrete lottery feigns fatal It doesn't let Martinez only within this documentation Martinez basis. No side. You Donna adult bit. Estadio not personnel focus on Easter hallows Solos Documentary Scaling Hito Case K.. Masahito go but I've seen a lab aboard done. If Traditional Disney perspective accurately ghosts in Dengue says considered standard No seek glock. Yellen your personal Komo medium Intel impacting Yambio But shame flow Totally plant in writing was implode. EFECTO DE LA deficient convenience in three Stasi been days in Barcelona. Ankle uncle district Adamos Day Daytona stores excise economizing for Mile as nor to modal sakes aches To these men Gambia. Is this heat aspect body out Document local winter solo midday Abbott Fantastic Booker T. Informal Choson. No Cinco check them in the skit without it on will not illegal now a face of nine through theon Anthony Rapidly Kwa Allied Unitl Oklahoma subtly Thilo as the is to have that is not the Annoy dominated sequel is seen a lab Brooklyn senior year alighted Through illegal La gave via the dame. Stay states you're saying Eastman Pushed Single Dick Stone but new Monaco but intended luckily in Another to whom does ee ee Guatemala's will begin your day by day lawsuit cognate throw Dukes you own Flick soon women terrific in Lebanon cat food to not only be for matter from Tuna Vian. Purchase KOMO UNTIE BUT Todo Sassy been sound loyd external purchasing for motto dynamical. Don't see grow this senior mistook milligram. Which is allocated on miss classes in domestic eating direct on the remastered including motorsport? SAVELLY HA said it has fueled Alabama's. Did you discuss back. Vivid isn't really this Susan Fellow in Casado Solo Aside through the on the the desperate windows demento when the when the unit celebrities recognise dudes. Aha Secrets Kasich will soon lassiter is classic. Okay you're going to be based on the number and we'll get them. We'll go up. Until the Messiah address he got a is the Detroit Through host Utah Combat. The is but I'm able to go flexi won't put gay about Davos to these Morecombe implanted. Bahamas the guy with Defendant doesn't devos panels it can be hard Muslims Rapallo goes plan. Is I would go At the desk take those has done that is intrinsic or allegation settlement of economic limiters Dan vocals over. We've got not goes the Throw Czechoslo video. Nine is desperate though Didn't ask Nassir Yugoslav Yugosav Central was within said we utilize by Yod We'll get them in your local anthropology. Gus Yawn is not a sibling. Muti Palace can afford that will be this year later who not Laid the anthropoid Lahia Is Perfect up dollars hidden startled Osama Santisima via Persona Komo you're young scaffolds known Mehola parodied obeyed Skills Aunt sink in people's partake one though Yahoos Siempre McConnell asking no said commedia incumbent on through notice tail L. Process eater Goma's located. KABC DOES NOT GONNA give Leila's robotics. Give these in other than full of stem as our newest is. You must have smashes through Las Vegas The IT'LL Muscular have that see me and I didn't Dolo Yoke That gay lab is activity. That get what do we established that the loyalty the is concentrated UNSCENTED Johnson did Cohibas alochol Dino cornyn Villa Mon Damn Yankees from collectible Respond seventy you. Can we continue to massive. I Miss Agony as he ago Three the standard programmer. Entrances embassy Cold Altitudes Mall Yasuda I'm almost a traditional To cut issue do not assume the sodas what asked Los So watered down entered. The CINCINATI This year but he say see mania our chain media says he may oce mania in CEO. It I I must say Not this past associate knowstone obviously induct Soda to raise more bombing. The Shit Bogo Dan law that has multiple Tinian context to to that Ano Levian done all this they game like on beyond the gun law school level not rallied. BNB Not a Award winning facto sorted Priscilla Vian than mobbing mobilia Yok instances anomalous particular document than we win. Okay Quinta quast restored as Davis Bay Young Date Saloon Remain victories. debuted About say Lorna. So did the lesson tonight on Mrs Saadia. pocono cone Estan Advertising Adkisson Antezana Sierra Nevada City Flex Unity for Democracy Degussa voters duties. Noga what's your name. The vented in VM is it's Yamoussoukro Mosley Mama. Simone Gouriya almost ongoing almost must allow the traditional chairman. Michael almost have allowed a day on familiar with Chaman tool they'll now. The Electoral Francis socketed doc. It'd the in La Junta. Only Lonzo ball go sweat. Canals Ronald's outlet on this. Who Creates you? Jon Heyman Passover Enough Amelia. The child episode is known as Mon Mongolia Kate the seed in a bid it for Mars Richt one is Alma demented against activities Is today Monday. Lebowski dealt in DC. You see Dan Nokia. Saint Louis that Cassim Portadown Fussy now does sport but while is the fifty dollars strenuous excellence. Selena Gomez Equally effect. Does this fussiness your Norberg as scary as impulsively e Mackenzie Jose mid-county. Lisa's your the. This is moderate wireless would only be. Cad Commun- was the context of your house. They asked you as you get viscous Will Stand Moon. Though that would assume we Gambia almost at Gambia. Smiling visory events I e. They chose Going retailers busy ally to need Eating Their Messiah Martinez who Ethnic specialty trees most sustaining any legacy Genocidal got financial So they Lucassie Korea. I really go to Dylan Dylan Dylan to these miss legal document. That Quinta does this story. As the Hoven is the Gambia gave. I will say WISCON- La Vida threatened the this'll be if they got not Alabama Drama Hongo water also daily as they lost their nose resorts. You'll you'll get still isn't document that Gabala mutuality pursue analyst day the Hero Savannah's US but came up with a woman Bahamas vice final. Bingo threatened the gays stackable. Ghana's disabled semi got all Let me stand within beaten so Kassai Mosquito Didn't seleny little kid in performance by Young female cowboy a stat Guam be was normal Camino in three emmy steady Nabil's Yo GotTa stick as day vices. math math by the most a day. They WANNA MEA e Gonzales eleven dollars at bottom Acting this is mindy something Kiro. Kevlar ALYSSA's chain if you're not mentally the quad throwing the APP walk through the pattern recess finance view Hamas achy Yamasaki Cina Way Young Entrepeneur auto guys. Donald J TAMBI N Que. No gets picked is with a modest there. He got cit. You've letting most conditions AH HA goethe's duties but did they casserole. They they they now when embarrassingly battening by say in Riady Y'all deny a dysplasia another Masada Blasio the F. On this admiral young now important activity that duty. Speak Up. You Push Saga Kate Bilo he gum in the Akhara Callahan Aleinu subtleties seek on those Cisco. The almost Most rhetoric Amiya K MTA completely. Dan Economical Nice by state is Scott -opoly who is Stole Stole Legrand induced volume Niagara case thought as history as Cotinine gravity face out in ESPN Nam Lessons Thirty Gladys Kosovan initials visit really one of the newest a Sassy merely to look leases. The Bob Stares Lamilla Stephen is that. Is it. The the cameras on the Delegate Luke Golly ghetto give me a EH Beaten insane yeah no but does he seem to come. You live media. They they the. It'll Akito incontrovertible Muslim Beta look thing. What did it took The season we be one of the most ueli Kevin Hoskins Community was combat does Nagas when his press this young But it must be the one the HAMASAKI Fantasy so that the local Nagorno meazza ask defended this island west a Decimated Asiya economic acceded. Roy not for medical three Weirdos. Almost no some house victories. More as maynooth yet. I'm being on the ballot but contain Okada's Nagano That the it but I got extra it up with student. Killers dynamic is no. Is this Aragona Be Rossi a dozen ugueth Choson This year so I would. They Orient the ion sissy bright. I mustn't get would nauseated Unity than threes. Get kidney they see the had uniform amass respect tools for McKay glut on amicable Able to another as Yahuda Brisket Day star than the doctor hinted Yadel Lobos cannot get getting get at the medicine conducted later Through he Komo without enough water. Michael Buttocks STEELERS V. That will do it unless the owners pittock letter Casaus elephant villa. DMED for Gadhafi is Mazo not delay the listed devoted. The axiom is give away Adores it has tackled Dusko In the mall of America say causes but even Dhaka's India was listed aggregate though program. I thought that way she fussy mountain didn't WanNa Local New Zealand. You're Passarella put the Mazda Minister Compagno e mimic the the application through Komo's the live animal No Ohana income study. I look what Guy noise conflict aloe evidently got electorates noise saskatoon circle must Video tailgate vitamin D via the number. Not His but K.. AM Lorraine Burgomaster was K Gill throws a noto although said Look to the cameras at Principia NOGGIN Hunan Destroys Ascione they put litmus converse side in Inca Moon as him. I seem to fit in To find Win that you cannot get context. PIXELS Galliani voting for Damn Another document it could okay Within ninety cents. Jakko Mall. When we stuck assembles proponent as he cable car is HE SINOSAT Lousy Tillerson? Take us into Vietnam Vietnam Tiepolo Certainly did not see that as bowel fabulous. Yo this Bush does as Grandma uh-huh through Gladys CCS Petty Mendonca for models put get the municipal lagarde's among Quattro Last month as associated Mogul must fifty low intensive Uh Cocaine when our kitten he acted out the U I it was awesome brainstorming. mini the CCC Fabio Lenses. Get love this they are new Get Outta Gelman that Megyn or yours. In bloomingdale's vetoing Utah Las Personas que when August him. Priscilla celona episode Winona Gwendal K.. Stuck than room. A day says he made out to media Colombian Landed on Guadalcanal Always vinnie nasty being Benin us. We reinvent it's not alongside Through these much Whatever uploaded This year he was taking more than contact though. Didn't which I can ask. You know it is truth alone water to settle these most the new it but otherwise hit info coloring duties MOINDRE POLO here but those throws conditions in laboratories Allah one record is getting more bill. Noonan Newnan the Braga. My duties muscles the body in the Sun will whatever I wouldn't get us on the hunters going Thaddeus I I guess what I consider. Thrive in the ever. Split cuts was born in England Determined the COMMU- Guerrero Uncle Ravin. What sort of independent Dot Com Demos Davidge? Dentist you'd Diplomacy Seattle nothing is going through the motions than yeah. But that's Naked participants are gonNA lose creators of Give their markets the letters the newly British see none of us. Ed Boy Fatally Pennzoil. Yesterday's could the national anthem on up to uh-huh Sir The yeah Yeah

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Trabajar viajando #1.7. Neorurales: volver al pueblo, mejor si trabajas por Internet

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Trabajar viajando #1.7. Neorurales: volver al pueblo, mejor si trabajas por Internet

"So you power lamenting me. Benito Yemeni are wonder last. It is not beneath them for me though calories to present master list film that are fewer. Is that Saturday though. They did our our. I'm Parada shooter. Sign Buddy. Projectors Metro style asked gotta to fifteen or the. I'm Monica US going. Jeremy narrowly mean there's thrive assume sumo they deliver sculpture but Aska Salami that they ninety. You believe that in the western town. Thenia works prosciutto or Sally Santa the Kenya so they compress because Lewinsky. Futa study up with the idea. Montana is number two with the servers. Get that we feed our about dot you Pueblo. Combat Attain Look Yemen Royal Underneath Competitive Alcampo. Originally are there other to America? Espn our hope. Borstal look with this kid us. He sees the throwback really says putting know we're not going to be on a jet on the deliver host freelance odor pm. Press from the Internet secondary's unless the only the alligator las Kiara Thursday list threes readers like on Domino. Theon alerts Aparicio's yet. I either contact the to lift perkiness comany that. Unlv them Must Cynthia Save. Don't belittle lasers villa's theather Tantawi almost muscles radius. When team are Mindy? Cleto give the lowest follow as that as the end. Our whole not say say you didn't care within the are they must see nothing. Oh boy blow in Nagano Cornell Kosinski. He's the nominee thespians economic. They must I'm going to be there as a kid near the SITA's on board Lomu that Alabama's for the little was employed kazaa healing Stella. Tennant to know our students. The employee is stunning. Known as students with learning a hazardous and remodel in Split for Mobile. Docomo d'Europe a over wellpoint Russia. They're using a transfer to deliver hope when Conrad Trevor Quandary Motto. There's the to know about but dinky fish thick. I mean are there will help loic Musk Dany Sierra Nevada. Within a couple members Dr on Christina. Let us little project or Reagan. Sodia according load. I left Sierra coming back on tarring going system project though he kept with thirty one attack. Aguirre ceremony or rural Douglas's super expert now eighty to go down the evil elaborate India. They sodia you gotta to be not predictable the maniac. We've got his property. Didn't one last laugh. The gigging delasalle. Muthu one day. I You just personas gig been less letters e game when it was. Sam Blunt they auto a without With for Laffoon ECKES CASSIA Game Stunning Contra Nova Mona for your snack last and get consumed Goya When they thought I go country's deputy as folks in Stunning that it's not us in Gambia. Pueblo Getting to the scene was more despite his fatigue. That all she did. I don't book April Memorize was not one of look. Almost Yana Lydian lesson. Wgn Listeners Dummying Dole or in Fiance employees. You'll let he'll seed this people being coming allowed on a mobile solo PUEBLO WITH GAZA. Yesterday be medical than that and we said ever stuck doing that. I'll be good. Lock disabuse them ordinary Pueblo. Dodi some though I do not WanNa Kamal suspend Muscat Pueblo. Gutters Kinda the. No they feed him on. But not you stay The Component Familia seeking awful it was a throws a united own assigned IOS anachronistic though dominate that Sonya Comments with sodium novel. Monica LOCI Vesey. I'm also fever. In dopey of severe okay Britt Hume our assassin biscuit hinted with and be more breathable Oil Westerly. Alexi Dania e Sic. But Oh Stadium. No on beyond the law that SPAWNERS INEVITABLY COMMON. Bits iguanas wisdom. When Push Betsy though boy not a one loss molly almost a open up the visa it look? Moina see them demosthenes. Yes young Nelson In Apple Not Was Everybody Aussie Secrecy Under Missile. Yeah the young The muscle skype rather on southwest. Something there Melissa on when the host country nowadays on Boko Begin yes but located Mississippi almost Bit went on hundreds on your on supposedly Andrea with gas typical delivery Monday lifespan. Yada Yada not nine wind up on your body might have been when enough money the owners neutral a undaunted leagues honest. Maureen of the negative ask more at world. Lola your GIG Stunning condo initial e went up on the Komo game not on the does not not especially Kathy Russ Chemical commutable Emma guessing. It's giving them women that will be enough That impact on me. Yes in demand that upon assist is not as Formula Yanni International Alabama uneven forty dollars back the mid obviously local diplomats avalon. They do not looking looking valley superbowl. Damascus on the model badminton will seek out on the volume is just young You know about the when a got a land on on Endo Is Sort of a a Thilo is typical ee gaze. Big Illness asked Possibility that is not what in Seattle this this Me Watt Rhode Island Doc- Yawn that's GONNA great though it most be spill this in in but feet in Mali Malaysia. Obviously basically been feed Indian list. Echelman DOS Photo pay yet the DA. Whole EAT. Boy They got a holiday stunks same way or get him on the will but yet but would they be when bet not guessing women. Pueblo Borgen on this. Is Sita by that hot? But I'm Salah Likelier old board. Give not about a seasonal fatal Initial scuffles in the media but similar than what this thing on Johnson me yes is to my son. Loved Gave him on. The Bella Hunt will of. They will never go socioeconomic goals doc in Wilmington yearly home. A one minute without holidays in Oil as up lobbied on up their son I it it's is so betty on border nahmias senior But comments he mental plateau. Yada Mosca Wisconsin that are not any of the noise. Gate thing ice game was mobile demise but but I would give. It's not about them but it gets Evacuated on unique hit the OBAMAS looking also seekers were the vaccine. Will Women Law in June Damian though Nathan of wisdom of one billion something Sort of a castle will not He'll get in village. Bucknell was He owned the whole. What's going on? I didn't mean it. Okay I guess on from West the Last intimate on this one mustn't our host mercy On the apply again at night the noxious from demarcate GEIC WACO CEDUNA STACK. Alone is done. Not Style down. Start he Louima punishing Highs Fitoussi Kasparov Gay Wildlife in the has been evil in Latin than others Those was GONNA most Maribel. A is a Yoda Demoss eating almost but he's Stunning medium bill. There's presented Gore Star Donaldson Peterson. Today's engaged at the moment Eventual a just guys Sergio but Sista had been copying in denying them. engage cannot escape with Our highly stuck on the until seeking John Young though in other words excuses not that he did they on ten miles Damore Look Look Smart. Vintages Gay mcelwain Knowing in when it was your does Kazan. Massino said ignores under British dealing went the elastic Got Like one of them university royal when the repeal of women's The mercy no other can plays stop going Catholic In Videos Komo Suda gave them Sodia in the stuff that he loved disarmament they that bless his size if thunderstorm on Gogo special speak on the little known those but foyt Take White get over the beginning of the yet Mugabe unnecessary spending plan. I can ozzy already. What Allison biddable A M- northumbrian 'em when on Whole remodel they lose three dollars in Plateau Via was all when a is finally gone asking a it was in the Danny Succeed in daily that so in Indiana Larceny Kathy Laskar Women employees as onus. When I just WanNa Edison? They seem or gave as they will be steelers from. Don Alibaba Nothing up Tomas Guinness. Find Him in another talking to something in the off the Innocent Armenians while joke. If I'm in the appointment did the whole side. Yeoman will just end up delay wanting the for organ inability Marcel Dine Mindy Fiscal yet. Ho Ho boy been will Kosov get organized US Salah via Need to study the Us asking is London by niece. Bunny is don meteorologist among new rallies yourself a vinyl house in guavas weathers who still than through signing up. Few on the INTRO. The they they not forget. Your Struggle Doc. What is in demand you know Is Up the essay Jamaica. So what run. The number not delivering sodium. Any go on the got some bit win on Banjo. They don't WanNa do nasty me the Monday the asking you open throwing some e but I think is the umbrella Vlado Gay they will stop them Some some personality that Pasco SOUTH E gators Compete Omega. See on es compete in the Bible. A better NOCCO. Thank you spot. See if I'm also been fussing E-e-e-e-no Matt Huckabee are vital. May Scott at Aachen Under the NEDAL But deems cassava But won't say mass or social join US GAY. They've been Has Is sallow Galkayo. One this is not someone a winnowing at the moment doesn't skip are hundred almost specimen throw CPO Enough outdoor best On the left in other them where there's another split person is is is the whole son. He's also monning. Adam minority see letters. Gay is looking yes. I gave the Plateau K. e. game again hospice They indicate you need. The fellow is me down on model golic owners Livid Ideally Kolawole Tel Aviv. One of win last possessiveness. Bro Some Widows Miracle News Tonight Roma Roma Forum Illegally. And make us. Oh alumnia Frimpong. Not No aflame able. I got your bullet bent when Alison Latino but will not sit in Boston. indices Though the massive one With us being in the guy must avoided by monster sake the Look in will stop on Monday morning with. Masala knows fucking. Ese Way Way gave it out or not be staying on in the last five. This fascist boys Theonest ended our hope Import oil seek. It wants US even The enough it'll be the also may for somebody we I'm an old guy. Ossie home on the asked. What Malysz Guinness No come on the last bit of bombing. They give them away. Say you're not set the hot eating stomach Almost thought Betsy Stadium when when Looks giving onsumer got Eke GotTA finish in. You know skin glowing communal Ganaganagar for media with understudy from media Donahue US but Nine genucel Nami. No NO SALLY MOSAICS NAUSEATED. Not Given out by locating Sunday. Donald VINYL A lot of blame. You said willow wish a escape went on In the Combo amid a million dollar I might not do that able to way allow down. Gump welcome open more as it was a This other on Tumblr Prophecy commodities got in a couple in the As we need the gave community others lost your system. That is the Knicks though. Even if like I said Raiders. Hope is still good not a annoys Will meet you know about the going on economic Indicate DOT COM for Monday. Was the hotel Up but yet. Dokic Gamble That is I mean. Ankle months motto. Nila gives you a 'cause now. wasn't deductible On warblers sports have built what Larrikin million Neo Veterinary Nakajima being agile to mocking oil duties. More oral Imprecise Gowda is that we the more that More was Ozzie Does beal short again. It goes Donald Donald Tusk. Being in the women ought in they last the Messiah United States knows. I don't Award Moment Da da on Hodak in coming on as the in Salah with is absolutely do double gabled game because without getting knocked Stabilizing windows that host can on the Beta secrets. Gummy number eighty in justice. Picked those January On on the Dod Thought Geeky. Nevada Molly iberson asking generally Meka molly giving mamie seemed knowable on the wind up with jellyfish. Little style like. When does this is starting to assemble? But I'm not willing de located they look at the when the suit Delicious gotTA Stockholm too. Much in. August yarmuth gardening global gun. Yod has begun decorating. Zeke is back. Went up with will now crepe Oil something Event the is fiance S in Project rival to get Did Massey is over the unknown. I I couldn't take to see got national. Okay I meant at I must be gone. Asheville hunted gain a foot out those people that Christmas giving us. They lost Illustrator latest for him. But I do that. Valley not Landau Washington. Dc SANDIA VANISHED. But if own okay. Mente Safeway. They said this decade they loose For last year went up Wasilla Model Ban Obama soon get in the newly economy Gomez Radio Whole Dilemma. Cousteau pushing see by giftable. They're signed must the mosquito while gone was Nothing enough Only WANNA give Indian. We're pursue buckle Paulo Nye says he sent You can escape the end up on Matza This and they get off. Lers superbowl one. There must have young me in Gomel. None of Cisco Systems Saudis seeing but I do that. Oppose dysplasia thought was menu. Seen allow another another NATO Finished what he aligned with. Just Abadaka Moon. Dc Essex wave. He Yemen mutilated theon their day. Michael Berlow Pharmacy One. Do a the DIRAC US at these. The whole that is on the is your Islam is about about the socket on Dundas offenders that have been presented Nissan Com Jose out shallow. I mean can eat those Economic Impetus Influencial negative Theon movies the Tonight in into the Capel this tug on those pushed the valence though. Will know by Cnn but it cannot. But I'm Tomasz Ego but Lopez on Orlando. Abnormality models yogurts Boy He ten far Say Part that would do over the also sits on the mocking them. It will spoilers in a sort of an event. They get your book Vehicle median where we all must be until the US Fida. It's a bogus. Bill Women to death. Desperate dies as mutual I felt Mythic yet US Virgo. Let's not give these but I was talking out are we on that. Got Our BELA'S THE FORDHAM. Our and all of the similar chapel dot escorting CMO north the device on Pueblo. Use them ninety weblog. Biddle Sonya. You dominancy students. Don't the anyone who will exist. The upset of then thought they will almost eight on the money have not Muslim voice dumbest me associated of bumpy having the United States but so gas In Bush dating West could be in sheep. May non demanded I can handle that will enough fissile Special Opinion Nana Jonathan Song Than We. I'm here fucking on the side. Any we don't finish dust. Same model one million Salvati now but it won't duck at the Yaas Glasses in rounded the thirty years la La Vuitton Domenico facto Lisa. 'cause when I I like him which I can't they've scandal. Though on Makino pundits will look this will democrat mass and don't applicable blasio medium Up was Didn't they weren't interested victims? Also being the southerners Muslim Usta. Scientists were done in resuscitation. Nurses is not in riskier. Saw The attitude on the atmosphere only super bombed that theon game last this book Amasi Albany the plateau teen especially them. This tangle of Sierra's they can get in a he get million dude. I see nothing but I'm missing image about Oh also was the idea of you but the delivered or enough understood others escaped in development ample the yesterday I'm always cannot separate number side of the in not end up by Geeky sweated they didn't want anything going to because she also diplomat update not industry by Saturday. Me Nobody will come on the one hand eat. Make it at the minute by Silverback. A student just in a gun for this. Daca in in the in renal state in Monday or state s Leep on the Sunniest Followed dotty wispy. Dotty said of stimulus go look at the Dallas those USO is so they can be that guy another Vietnam. Don when I go sauce cannot innocent But feed the office district Payments since for the Crocodile Nikki. Enough sneak over the bump On our finances is continuing later rely on Donald Day but this initial. She must one issue a month ago. Philip Boroff imprescriptible Were the spoils on day hosted him. I'll Minton Globe one is Mississippi Neil not insomnia women. If you see I on a low valley. That's just about it. I'm in them in many decades. Say This Open Hogan Mobile about the next though. Not Idaho Josie yellow being the NEON Osama miss him on our way out of is gonNA see on the money. He the that as a remote but my stemple but Disclose seems car hockey. India middle-class disobeys can Hispania preliminary mean Doggone donelson internal rallies look Yemen less Pontiac Theater Mosleh confederate Alaska. This is the last Coupla Maria Muster have our hallways with your beautiful composite unanimity more. Doodo you Alexa while I was clone with. I'm Horrigan said he Alexi Talk Society which would be arrest with a whole thing and Palo you number parentheses understood. We compare like that the would just come in the welter massinc on tactical and Torelli which is underneath the other. I WanNa be that massing tactical naturally the movie and anticipated bustle about the spoiler. The data museum refused Bussey Goes Komo's quilon authors allude rather in Osceola. Emp Rather Mundane Immune to. They did ask for us through tourist local Campbell soup cases contrast existing ecological combines. The case is lobby that Kid Damian Colossians two CNA's birthday Barron Bertini Mackerel. Serie refused transportation infrastructure to not doesn't lower project or I will pull up onto oil. Hey or Europe located where could do the court Dora cruiser Sanal Wanderlust Powell up with? It was carry boy. Looking master was a lab ligon Tanya illiberal in akitas equalizer retain the. Cd's medical is quincy to Kobe. Mobile connection united the assets. They did I pull over thin. Ikea's de others breath. Theo English that have a whole lot of Hamas. After Ninoska there will be that's Komo's kristen enter restart Nissan Dundas New Dentist Rubber Hose Cleanup further your immortal ripple. Kalpa CODY and Bob Zimmerman. Damn beneath organization up down under our Home Butler CASSIA released a Canoe Plan B. Sallow Yup with Sarah our holidays. Lucky that it's under then. Retirement GRADUATES LAPTOP FILM. Dealers looked us. Bill goes deal morally elementary elementary whole. Tv that is supposed to be able to new ASPECT LIST. But only chuck. I'm Kasana running betsy on parameter connector Internet personality impulse other boards the Facility for intolerant. Going back. And all these sermons or or Demon Michael it out then I do that they. Quadra Sodas Paralyzed Fuan Dombi. But in this hour you they're smart villages loss can also been unless the millimeter this Mother Methadone Unitel ill at Fort. Worth him are say listen. Saudis that year Athena's eligible DSL superintendents doesn't show is a new into reportable capable. Career look Yemen loosing daily fantasy capital within LAS nurse asked locally for funeral Taylor Rebecca but if I were thrown them process in nuclear empresarial score working centers Rebecca Meteorology those employees auditable. They will check the this. She didn't rather authorize up. Cns is only lasts. I Rueda list. You Brunette and monitor. O.`Neil oldfield season the anonymous the others could in Lithuania existential activities. Deportiva Rotas and there's Communists Ontario waters boy. For Monica's I keep in Sarah used to Liangelo movie and but exist in is known as inclusive authors etc yoga. Yes Marta. From Fiona Komo Rhode Isla- Benito's fingers parabolas even those uterus is brought on the mass blunt. Ramona's that multiple rallies impulsively without the Employment Commotion. Yellen Almond Roca Limbaugh Manto. They'll apple the funeral to blend axion deniger differentes. He'll waters PUNA. Chris Cornell policy that they ask you a reenter gives progress worth eighteen. Katiba Gladys yes together there's the ALMANAC today God all up on Com Anita Anita than the acoustic blowing us co-authored local levels Cuba. The CASSATT hoping nothing is neither element on jalen eighty. Now might not dude. I guess is I can be at of the talk. Guest our Shabani of you. That are familiar to the last time you meet on boilers in mass chaos. Black asylum escape. Wisconsin Jesus look at this get the links recluses leather when that last found up on doug either sinister Ratto Game Moscow Party Celeste. Podcast mass. Nobody this is the mask with is Info era one last one up dot com.

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YouTube's House of Horrors

Pro Rata

10:47 min | 1 year ago

YouTube's House of Horrors

"Yeah. Axes Parada where we take your ten minutes to get you smarter on the Clinton of tech business and politics sponsored by bridge Bank. Feed bold venture wisely. I'm Denver MAC. Today's show Elizabeth Warren's plan to jail CEOs and an upstart football league balls down the first YouTube 's house of horrors, so for years now tech critics and politicians have been piling on Facebook for its inability to appropriately monitor content, particularly things like hate speech or false information that could be harmful either individuals or society at large, but Google on YouTube, the world's top video streaming site has somehow skated largely under the radar. Well, at least until now following deep investigation by Bloomberg. The fines the company not only turned a blind eye, the problematic videos, but actually create an algorithm that encouraged users to view them. So to be clear, we're not talking here about somebody criticizing Trump or Hillary even with false information or about how they caught the biggest fish. No, we're talking about things like anti. Vaccination videos using scientifically debunked information in the midst of a measles outbreak or videos calling the park land shooting a hoax and the students quote crisis actors, we're even talking about sexually explicit videos that get recommended to kids who are watching cartoons. And again, this isn't by accident or the unintentional byproduct of what happens when video platform scales. So big so fast that it can't keep up with the uploads. No, this was intentional a program. Algorithm to increase in gauge -ment for the purpose of hitting viewership goals. See yo Susan Jiechi hesitant to in the words of one former employees, quote, put her fingers on the scale and little was more engaging than outrage, except perhaps for being recommended video that promise to outrage, you even more it's the sort of artificial intelligence that only calculator could love in twenty seconds. We'll go deeper with the author of that Bloomberg piece Mark Bergen. But first this the equity fund resources group at bridge Bank is. Central hub for the venture capital and private equity communities, offering banking services for funds partners in their portfolio companies bridge. Banks financial solutions are designed for the entire innovation. Ecosystem and include creative credit solutions. Robust treasury and cash management capabilities and suite of international banking products. Bridge Bank is a division of western alliance. Bank bridge Bank, be bold venture wisely. We're joined now by Bloomberg. Reporter Mark Bergen. Mark why did you start working on this piece in the first place? I have been reading and show you have to for years criticism from the outside about YouTube about sort of destructive qualities that it has recommendation engine that feeds people into filter bubbles that it promotes conspiracy theories having a little bit of sense about what the people inside, Google and YouTube think about it. But they really wanted to understand what it was like for the people that were wrestling with this issue company might correct in saying what you kind of learned was not so much senior executives turn to blind eye. But, but they kind of encouraged a system whereby problematic videos were really kind of thrust more upon users consistently people told me never malicious intent from the executives. It was more of theme paralysis, they didn't really know how to act, and they were frayed that anytime of major changes would upset this balance with so. Probably like these three different constituents that make up the company, they have advertisers and the craters in the users and two years, we've had major major revolt from advertisers. They've had constant complaints from craters the money. They make on YouTube that the relied their income was going away. And the result of YouTube never was able to change sort of guiding north stars Susan, which he called of engagement that they use and they've been trying to past couple of years turned towards something called the responsible growth. But it's not clear, they haven't certainly explained to carolers and the public or really to their employees and that responsible growth the way they explained to you. Or at least the way you reported is almost there's kind of a survey at the kind of a was this helpful see this at the end of YouTube was this helpful was this good that doesn't necessarily mean. It was responsible or not responsible. Yeah. I think I mean, this is a delicate political situation. Right. If we can really go into this in the piece, but certainly after Christ Church, there's a lot of conversations about that YouTube has been fairly effective in taking down Islamic extremism on its for man. And they've been the same thing they said of very powerful. It's take. On child pornography, and their people are asking why can't they do the same thing with with supremacy? The the way you talk about it. And you you quote, somebody who's a critic of the company, but you quote, somebody who's saying that the the algorithm they use is basically an addiction engine it that if I'm a YouTube person, the next and outrage feeds that addiction the more outrage, I am the more likely to watch next video is an accurate understanding still of how you tubes. Working. Been trying to couple years, and you can see there's a paper that deep mine, which is another part of alphabet put out about filter bubbles. I think they have a team dressing this. You know, the criticism is that they were sort of late. This was twenty sixteen Facebook. They weren't really thinking about these issues. If you look at that paper on the neural net for their recommendation engine, it talks a lot about spam. And talks blue click mate. There's no mention of misinformation. I'm there's no in mid mentioned sort of the filter bubble that recommendation engine and Kim create one of the most interesting here is how you talk about how lawyers would tell certain YouTube employees. They wouldn't write down you say, but they would tell them I guess in hallway conversations that if you see something that's questionable don't touch. It. Kind of reminds me a little bit of going back years ago when I would write, and we would have, you know, comments blog comments, and the recommendation from lawyers always was don't remove any of them because if you remove one that is considered really problematic, then you theoretically have liability for all of them. Similar concept at YouTube. Yeah. I think it's similar concept. There's also a little bit of morale building, right? Imagine. If you're you're trying to build this thousands plus person organization, and you're an engineer not killing with the worst of the worst in the site. I don't think that the executive team wants to spend your time dwelling on this sort of issues. But there was that person. I talked to framed it sort of that they would tend to do this what they now. Call borderline content rights. These are videos that don't violate their terms of service, but they wanted to come up third way of treating them differently. And that's what what you to struggle with it and still struggles with the anti vaccination videos are really perfect example, you write that some employees suggested. Well, okay, when we have things like that. Let's at the, you know, keep them on the platform, remove them from the recommendation engine, but that didn't happen. Yeah. I think one of the points that you talked to me at least to reiterate is how difficult this is. Right. They have this massive what the latest number. They have four hundred fifty million hours up letter to the hour or something like that. This massive video footage that is far too. Big for them to even if they hire thousands of more content moderators, and there's the bigger issue. Here is grey lines. Right. We look at antibodies content. A lot of those channels come from a video channel. That's also just broadly about national health. And so maybe homeopathy might be something that's not necessarily labeled as a conspiracy agreed upon his conspiracy theory. And so you to really careful to punish that. Because like I said there's just look at balance where they have they depend on their craters to be happy to keep driving. Mark final question for you is a reported question. Which is did you get the sense when you were speaking to particularly current YouTube employees all of them. I think in the peace were an honest are asked to keep their names out of it fearing retaliation. Did you get a sense that there was a lot of appetite to talk about this to use you as a way to put pressure on their bosses, something they may be either haven't been able to have been too scared to do on their own internally. I say there's a lot more appetite for Google and this a little bit in the weeds here, but YouTube has been for. Thirteen years now relatively independent campus is in San Bruno non in Mountain View. I do get the sense that the people at Google are sort of YouTube and saying, you know, what the hell are you? Why can't you solve this problem? This is something where that that. You have not been dragged into the mud as much as Facebook as and if you look at Google employees that work on search or advertising, Android. They're much more willing to two point at YouTube and say fix this problem. Mark Bergen Bloomberg. Thanks so much for joining us. My final two right after this the equity fund resource group at bridge Bank is a central hub for the venture capital and private equity communities. Leveraging nearly two decades of expertise delivering solutions to emerging technology and growth companies bridge Bank now offer services for funds SPIC's general partners, including creative credit solutions. Robust treasury management capabilities and suite of international banking services bridge, Bank, a division of western alliance. Bank bold venture wisely. Now, it's for my final two, and I is Massachusetts Senator and twenty twenty presidential candidate. Elizabeth Warren who today will unveil proposed legislation to make it easier to criminally charge and jail. Big business executives this applies to executive companies with at least a billion dollars in annual revenue and would cover such violations, quote of any civil law if that violation affects the health safety finances or personal data of one percent of the American population or one percent of the population of any state, and quote, if an is convicted or pleads guilty or even settles here she could face up to a year in jail for the first violation and up to three years for the second. So why it matters isn't because it's gonna become law since it probably won't, but more because it reflects how there is still widespread anger in America over the lack of bankers and other business people who went to jail from the financial crisis and the big tech CEOs for privacy violations and all of this looks ready to boil over into the presidential debates finally. Lines of American football is dead just months after launch and actually pretty well received launch at that announcing yesterday that will immediately cease operations. So this the effort I announce last year with investments from venture capital firms led by Peter Thiel and Peter churn, which just a month or so ago received two hundred and fifty million dollar bailout from Carolina Hurricanes owner, Tom Dondon. So what happened? Well, I there was just never enough money. Even that bailout only seventy million of it came through second the goal was to create a feeder system of young players for the NFL, but the two sides never came to a formal agreement third. And this might be the most important thing here. There is speculation that what Dondon really wanted wasn't the onfield product. But was some gaming apt technology already developed by the af and he didn't really much care about the games, thus decided to shut it down when the going tough next up Vince McMahon's revived XFL, and we'll see if it can last longer either than its first incarnation for the af and we're done. Thanks for listening to my produce. Tim show. Vers have a great national chocolate mousse day, and we'll be back tomorrow with another pro rata podcast.

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Brandt's Rants - CBA Proposal

The Business of Sports With Andrew Brandt

25:01 min | 5 months ago

Brandt's Rants - CBA Proposal

"Boys and girls welcome to another edition of the business of Sports of Andrew Brandt. I'm Andrew Brandt. I'm GonNa talk about the potential collective bargaining agreement between the NFL the NFL players. Today we get a lot of questions about obviously doing a lot of radio doing a lot of requests to talk about it and some of those requests coming in from both the management side negotiating this deal and the players side. So I just thought I'd put it out here on the podcast to give my thoughts and it's much more nuance than good or good dealer. Bad deal so I thought I put it out here on the pod We're presented as always of course by online ag or online sportsbook. Experts exclusive partner. Podcast one sports net. Don't forget that Promo Code podcast. One see that fifty percent signing bonus today. Bet Online DOT AG okay. Let's talk about it. So where we are. It's Monday February twenty fourth. As of last week there was a summary out there We have heard all the key terms of a proposed ten year collective bargaining agreement. We've heard that ownership the management side and again for people who don't understand every negotiation in professional football in all sports professional sports. You know you're dealing with two different types of negotiations. One is a micro. Which is the player contract represented by Agent Against? The team are with the team and that of course happens every day in their hundreds of those done every year. Then there's the macro negotiation between the Union and management so the Union is the NFL Players Association management. Is the league news ever negotiated for League a group of owners including Carr Caan Robert Kraft Jerry Jones? Mark Murphy. Some of those okay. The owners had put out there as of Thursday that there is a collective Bernie agreement negotiated and they await the play ratification. Basically and if it's not just operate under what's gone on with scheduled to go on the last year of the existing CBA in twenty twenty and that's fine but you know the NFL. They raised strategic their PR. Is like well you know. It's been negotiated for ten months. It's like we're ready. Let's go and then of course. Nfl media which. I'll talk about in greater depth talking about you know it's a good deal and they made a lot of concessions not just the. I often hear. They've been working on this for ten months. There's a lot for players to like Blah Blah Blah okay. Nfl media. I get it. That's your job to the NFL. And promote the fact that fair offer on the table and of course. Nfl PA media. They're being Some of those guys are being fed by the NFL PA. I try to be above all that. I don't WanNa hear from either side in terms of agenda items. I just WanNa get my opinion and people look to me for authenticity here. There's so many terms Let's just start with what I see as inequities again here it is. I don't think this is a bad deal. Everyone's got a good deal. Bad deal winner loser. It's not a bad deal for the players but it could be better and you have thirteen months before expiration deadline. Spur action we're in no deadline. Here why take this deal? I don't see a downside to turn it down. We'll talk about that more but as we get into the terms they're not ideal they're not even equitable in my mind. Some of them and if they're not equitable. WanNa try to get more now Tuesday tomorrow in Indianapolis Posey. The players and owners are meeting again. The owners knew this all along and they've got a give up their sleeve to try to get this done. I don't think it's that simple. I hope the players don't fall for that but again that could happen to okay. Let's start the one to the the initial issue I have with. This is the most obvious issue. Which is the term okay. We're coming to the end of years. I don't know why it went. Ten years from the players don't point of view I don't know why they're talking about a ten year deal from the players point of view I get it from ownership owners. Want the longest deal possible. They want long-term stability. They want cost control for a long time. They want to be able to go to the TV networks. The sponsors the partners and say we are locked in labor peace exists for a decade. We have no issues. For Twenty Twenty one lockout strike work stoppages CETERA. They WANNA be able to show continuity they wanNA show and then there's this bs about they're worried about the economy dipping Bernie Sanders. I don't know I think for baby want to get it done now. They know they can get it done later. but again ten years and again. I'm looking at this from a player point of view and I'm trying to see an equitable deal. We have other collect the bar ingredients in professional sports. They don't go ten years they go. Maybe seven eight years with an out and if you remember the two thousand eleven agreement came about because a longer agreement was voided by ownership because they had an out the two thousand six agreement. I was at the packers. It was a very player friendly deal. The cap went crazy those first couple of years and of course the owners as soon as they could in two thousand eight exercise the option to void the deal after two thousand ten so didn't go as long as it was scheduled to go. Why can't the players get an outlier? Will they could negotiate but they should be able to get an out so about this ten year term which of course owners love and player should not love. I would propose three things number one. Make it shorter because the economics are going to change. We're GONNA HAVE TV. Does we're GONNA HAVE NEW DIGITAL MEDIA DEALS. It's going to be an not or there's going to be. Cbs Fox ESPN NBC etc. Plus not instead of plus Google Yahoo Youtube Twitter Amazon. It's like what I talked about when I was doing Amazon. Work and calling into Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm. We had a stream on Amazon. There was a fox broadcast on broadcast. There was an NFL network broadcast on cable the future not or but and and the NFL is GonNa have incredibly massive deals between all these different streaming and traditional media. Why can't the Union and the League assess after a few years to get a different kind of deal and I know why the owners don't want because they want the players lock in for ten years so three options. You could try to get as players. One shorter deal three four five years to an opt out and make it mutual. Okay let the owners have to. They had it before. Let him have it. So after three or four or five years there's an opt-out either side can get out renegotiate a new deal. Why not? What's the downside for the owners? Will I know they liked the deal? They have for ten years okay but maybe the players should have a little more equity in this deal and be able to change. When circumstances change the third option for instead of for the problem with the longer deal is changing the split. The biggest issue from money point of view is the Split. Its Revenue Split. Talk more about a minute but right now in two thousand ten we were basically fifty fifty at the end of that deal. That they didn't like that they opted out of they. Meaning the owners. They were able to impose their will and claw back to a fifty three to forty seven split. Basically they get fifty three percent of all revenues. It's not even all revenue I mean. Players are excluded from sign and driven revenue Naming rights revenue excluded from sweet revenue. So fifty three forty seven and now in this new deal. The forty-seven stays even if they take the deal right now. They're still at forty seven for two thousand twenty. It goes up to forty eight and twenty twenty one with a kicker to forty eight point five if they play seventeen games next year. Seventeen games the following year. If it takes that long the forty eight five goes to that now I get it. That's a nice increase. They sort of Split. The difference with the players. Didn't get him back to fifty. Got Him halfway to forty eight five. They get to forty eight five Place in teens probably by next year so they get their year two of the deal if it goes into effect now and then they're stuck for eight years then they're stuck on this for eight years so why not again. I'm proposing things for the players. Maybe they tried before and were rebuffed. Why couldn't go to forty nine? After four years. Why could go to forty nine five after six years so I couldn't go to fifty after eight years of a ten year deal and then you're only paying the players equal for the last? Two years of the deal seems to me. These are not massive gives by the owners but again they're going to say negotiators for ten months. It's ready okay. The problem with a long term deal is things changed the problem with a long term deal. Is Things Change from a player point of view. We see in individual player contract negotiations all the time the NFL's being very strategic with this deal we'll talk about the increases in minimums. We'll talk about him right now. They're often the rank and file a hundred thousand increase in twenty twenty rookie minimums another fifty increase in twenty twenty one and then forty five thousand year after that at least a ninety thousand increase in twenty twenty for other minimum salary players. You know these are all the things that keep the rank and file if they don't do a deal they don't get one hundred thousand increase on the rookie minimum. So anyone making a rookie deal on your two. Three four is like oh I can go from five ten to six ten. That's a lot so you know what the owners doing. It's the same thing team negotiators through same thing I did for ten years ago. You entice with early money in this case. These guys are making a lot of money. Give them extra hundred thousand yet. Where do I saw it but then you lock them in and you have? What every management wants which is cost certainty for an extraordinary length ten years. I don't know any player deals. That are ten years so this is better than a player deal. Because you have that kind of cost certainty from a team point of view and this is the strategy. I mean it's n- it's pretty transparent. You know this was a deal. The owner said we can get to the rank and file. They are the majority not the stars and we can get them and let's get him with one hundred thousand right away in their pocket for twenty twenty and get the deal and there's other benefits here we're GonNa talk about the performance. Base pay is increased eight five and go to ten and then there's increases in the tenders for the Roi for road right of first refusal. You know the practice squad numbers go up the roster sized goes up to two on the total roster and then to on the practice squad roster more jobs. Excuse me all that's great. Let's great but where the rubber meets the road of course is the money so the term is an issue to me the the and then we talk about the forty seven percent that stays forty seven percent only gets forty five percent probably be forty eight five percent by next year and then it just stops than it never changes and let's talk about why we're getting that increased one point five points to begin with because we're talking about a seventeenth game. I mean here's the keyed item for the owners. The owners I said for two years. Now there's no way we get a CBA without extra games. Because that's the one thing. The players had a value to give the ownership. What else do they have? Threat of a strike will now. They have leverage of the owners wanting to get a deal done which is their leverage now but in terms of getting a deal done with the fact sheet with key terms you gotta look at that seventeenth game but what have we heard from player leadership including ones putting forward this deal for the past ten years before the before the CBS twelve years. It is that no way. In God's Green Earth are we gonNA play more than Sixteen Games and disingenuous of ownership to ask us to do that when they have a stated priority health and safety yet? Here we are so it's out the window that is non-negotiable to play seventeen games. Okay the players have given in on that. Then the question is are they getting enough and in my opinion getting to one getting a one point five increase and they told her revenues without a lot of other huge economic. Benefits is not enough. There's all there are benefits in this deal. It's not a terrible deal. It's a good deal for rank and file in some ways but you combine the increase in one point five percent with a with a tiny increase in the minimum salary of the minimum team spending. I'll get to that in a minute. It's just to me just not enough not enough. I mean listen. I'm not favoring the players or owners here. I know it sounds like on the players side and I'm not even being critical players manage a player leadership. What I'm saying is if you're going to jump into a ten year deal which would cover multiple career spans of players. You know players that. Don't come in the league until four years for now their whole career will be under those players. Don't malate until six years from now their whole career will be governed by this. I just think it's not enough increases. here's the other thing minimums teams feller spending. It was four year windows. Which is way too long for your Introspection I'm sorry for your inspection periods. Did the team spend eighty nine percent of cap over the four years? I think. Eighty nine percent was low. I think the four year deal with too long it's increased but it's marginal increase so now it goes to Instead of four four year Inspection periods over ten years now. It's tranches of three three and four year periods. Marginally better team still have three years to get into the minimum spending and for eighty nine percent to ninety percent again. Marginal the problem with the minimum team. Cash spending is that these teams get their caps going way up if the CAP is going to be two hundred for some teams as can be to fifty and they're ninety percent is judged on the two hundred not to fifty. How did they get to the two fifty? They bring over cap room from prior years because just sat there. Why it sit there. They didn't spend it. Why didn't they spended while their feet aren't being held at the fire? Spend that cap spend on players. It's just another issue. I've had for a time. I think the minimum team cash spending eighty nine percent were four. Years has been too long in two low. Now it's ninety percent of her three three and four years again still too light and too long in my opinion other things about this deal. You know they're gonNA be Improvements continued improvements in less time. You know now you have a is going to be less padded practices as always less time at the facility During a given day there's only GonNa be sixteen days of pads. You know less time in the off season. This is all started in the last season again. These are non economic gifts for ownership to me their inventory to me. They're easy gives like you know the only people that are upset about. This are the coaches and the coaches aren't part of this. Negotiation coaches complained gets worse and worse for them every collective bargain agreement. And here we go. It's only getting worse. I mean there was talk early in this presidency. They're GONNA change it. Make it even more time in the facility for these players. Not even a chance. It goes the other way and even when they get training camp according to this deal. They're not gonNA practice. It's GonNa be a five day acclamation periods of not ramping into two days right away so all of this is great for players owners like yeah fine no problem and then we look at coach is going crazy but coaches again or not part of this. There's some benefit increases again. Credit where credit is due. I think some of this is very good for players. As a whole pension increases the 401. I think it was fifteen thousand. Now it's up to thirty. Which every player should do the matching contribution is now going to be thirty thousand. There are increases in the healthcare plan vision coverage. I didn't even know they didn't have vision coverage increases in tuition Reimbursement and then for for former players. There's some new things With the vested veterans used to be the crew the credits seasons for pension Credit seasons for pension eligibility was four. Now they're going to be former players with three are going to be able to get that pension. I think that's great good for them in a network of hospitals In each team city that players can get no cost physicals and going for counseling and hopefully baseline testing for For a future brain trauma. I think that's all great So how'd you look at this deal? I think I look at it the way everyone looks at it. It's meant for the rank and file. Who are the majority of players? It has good increases in what I call sort of soft money whether it's benefits weathered Some some minimum salary increases throughout the board I think the minimum team spending is very liked I think. The percentage which is really the trade offer given up that seventeenth game is just light after next year. I mean it's great from two thousand twenty. I'm not sure why that changes to twenty but from two thousand one from the inception the deal through the first two years. That's great you go up a point and a half from the current rate from forty seven forty eight five whenever they put in the seventeenth game and by the way. I have no idea what to do with the seventeenth gaming. Maybe nine games home than eight games home for a couple of years teams which off maybe all international. That's figure out more international games. We'll figure that out the owners don't even know they'll deal with that when it comes but why not go. Buffy over forty eight five or have a shorter deal or these are the kinds of things you have to think about when you're locking in for a decade and I'm not sure why they're locking in for a decade a no again. I'm back to it. Why Annoy owners want to do that? I just don't know why players WanNa do that. So here we are. It's Monday Tuesday in Indianapolis. We're talking about a meeting. Do the player do the owners pull out something from their back pocket. Maybe it's about the I didn't even talk about the seventeenth game issue the Parada for players who make over two fifty a game. They're taking a haircut. I don't think that's a huge deal. Because if they're good players and teams like him they can renegotiate they can put that money into bonus and then keep it up at the two fifty for the last week. That's not a big issue but maybe the owners think that's a big issue. That was there as card at the end to close this deal. Say Oh yeah those players will give what with the scheduled to make because it's not gonna be many or maybe the owners come back and say I you know maybe we'll go to forty nine percent in year seven. I don't know what they're gonNA say but listen. They're negotiators. They know this meal is not going to be taken as is. They've got something in their back. Pocket in the question is are they going to get the players to bite? Because here's the thing I don't think there's downside to players turning this down. This is the unique time where the players have leverage and the leverage is timing. The players don't have to do a deal. The owners don't have to either but it sure seems like they want to ensure seems like they think they have to. And maybe that's coming from the networks. Were telling them. Don't come to us about our new deals until you get the player thing done and that gives the players extraordinary leverage which. I don't think they used nup so for people to think if they turn down this deal we're gonNA have armageddon come on. We are thirteen months away. From expiration of the CBA were twenty months away from any potential miss game in September of Twenty twenty one. Forget about preseason who cares so I don't think there's downside. What's the downside that the owners say? Alright you blow it. You're deals going to get worse okay. Players say we're not doing deal owners say we WANNA do media deals media says. Wait till you do. The player deals and you're back to where we are. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see the downside in the players turning this down and for and ignore any media that says if they turn this down we're talking about strikes and lockouts in Armageddon. No maybe we talk about that in a year in a year but not in twenty twenty. We have a deal. The CBA is existing. It's scheduled to expire in a year. Not In a week not in a month not before the season in a year. Those are my thoughts Again it's nice. Got a lot of players asked me questions even on the on the Executive Committee. I have management asking me questions. So that's nice to be in this position and I'll meet with a couple of metal combine but listen. I just think that you have to look at this deal. It's not a terrible deal. It's I just think I don't think it's entirely equitable. And I know from doing player deals and doing them where got over on players that. That's that's awful. I hated it. I didn't I liked at the time. I was puffing my chest but I didn't like it. Never works. Inequitable deals. Never were lopsided. Deals never work. You're always GonNa get the other side especially especially if there's this long I mean if it's tenure with no ouse- that's it the next. The next chance for a better deal from the players side is in twenty thirty so think long and hard about that. That's my one and only rant this week by the time you hear this. Maybe the maybe they've done with you but you've heard this before the deal and as terms of what's been out there for a few days about this bench. Cva those are my thoughts. And that'll do it. I just wanted to get that out there now. Word from our sponsor we're almost into march and it's bet online you know what's going on out there we've got. Nba Got the Bucks Raptors. This week at Celtics Jazz. Excuse me got Celtics Portland all this thing going on this week. Games in college with Michigan State Maryland Duke Virginia and yes the xfl heating up big game this week between the DC defenders in the Tampa Bay. Vipers it's all coming. It's all happening. So where do you get action on all these games? Obviously it's Bet online at ag. Use the Promo Code podcast. One fifty percents bonus today Bet Online. Your online sportsbook experts end. That will do it for this. Cba Proposal Edition of Branch rants on the businesses. Sports Andrew Brandt appreciate all the kind comments are the rankings. apple podcasts. Wherever you hear your podcasts preciados falling on twitter my thanks to my musician extraordinary. One Sam Brandt and of course my producer without peer. That's brands. Neil will be back next week with another addition another business of Sports with Andrew Brad.

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Episode 2  Tomy Munilla

The Rugby Abroad Podcast

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Episode 2 Tomy Munilla

"Benito's. Rugby abroad episode thus Ns. Baio Speth out. Thomas Mugniyah main been totally. Professional never beaten the squad. Groupie. Do just what the parents in La. Boy and and cost part favors Sp. three man Polka said in Hispaniola, CK Lucienne anthem for. Residents by your. Own District has. told me. catabolism. Total being totally any now. Lego, take either take a committee. Made up a million bucks on Prochet for game plan are the. Also. TOLD ME METRO LA. Intimacy! Oh, now! Kanazawa. E Cody WHO Soon Rubio! THAT CLUB IN FRANCIA! GRUNGY, people the busiest produce. In. Our following deals we income on years para pilots. This cutting the Ruby Seguro. Cryptic cats castle photos. SPAGNA Portal's communist the NCIS. Into A trails in one in. Montevideo in me, Glue. They thought of either. One, them, you know ally, if we menu or what is yes, in Shannon on es you. Know. Voice retiring. Says Federal Okay No. At School while I'm gone through the. Cabana. See illu No may have we actually needles can okay. You know what we say but hardware. According See it to the other free free. Now Than Baroda Death, Brandon Frontier as of all. Not as Throw. cancel Siesta not. What I? Can Venice Lobby Nazif Courtesy. Fire Partido country per went on for the Tim premeditated poverty quantum focus. Empathetic whatever people case go ahead, Tina Thought you how many? Else I mean by the day because. Donald Lisa signed Yoga. E equal. No, you're not see him on a business media. Royal, in include, but Nacional no sightings Mrs. Eat out for gonorrhea out, but I'm GONNA. As up at the lower media we. CanNot either a Lotta. Food one though. Not. Able to with us, he. As POCO Mayo came meet McCain came into. Assad I. Believe Football totals. Joe them in science agendas as Thursday authorised champions not November Alabama. and. Quite Gonzaga Canavan was I'll go on this. Again. IRA, be or join us to on Quadra single. QUARTER CIGARETTES! At. Hornets and Hispanic but ethicon. essence. A Berlin Asante okay quattro single on your schedule. unders on this scale and soon as temple or threatening, says No. Your. Guy! On A. Non Settled. alleghenies Ace says chose be as someone Salmon Known in any material that when we focus can be done governess consensus. At Alice must join us on a I'm ever be touch to a tabby. Innocent others rent injury during that they're. Going to move Just black and its revenues. Cook! Makino asking her week on whether any feels tempo, golden alumina diplomacy to get in his. nonfederal. Instead of temps extra extra for. Put it. Who Got Dentist dealers are. Tama. Calcium rugby approved a allegra. LABRA ABROAD S. Era Do. Our mental strength. Channel Keg Resumes Reservoir until. Tomorrow's decision Dura a camera like say they fled out. Commodity at a theoretical. But do the new. Begin your commute. AMENABILITY 'EM! All nine ladies him the the. Ball for? Almost on these e. Genio Douala last year, they decide to learn. About, today Deal they need the data made he brought up. In Francia Ready. Who Toll. One though. NATO's Twilla Tunisia they. Whatever ANCIA. Can not to be until is a mandate. He fit in day through. The. Professional Influenza get beyond bus openings. You may find you. Is the. Of Causes have failed Maleta as important in that in his familiar. Don't don't miss out on a million. e! In Manila thunder by tomorrow, to into Staus in Malaga. Nolato minority is a mighty. NATO's on August, we might have thought Malachai. You'll Tony Swimming hundred Dina Ball, but enough I'm. I seek to phone pogos. But as he'd be Deli by. normal. payroll not stick on comment. Do not use as though mental of care theories as Notice yet on the modest assistance Yoenis. Dura the irreputable in. In Frontera it is me. Wilson us. Okay, he and Anna finding. Kessler Friends A. What in NATO's he can get? A Grant Gumbo. We, city interest! I'll be provisional. Knows going naked on black inside last. Titania. PC COSC- thrown mosquitoes different in to the Komo combine com-combined to lead at the Hispanics Casella. COMMODORES, specialty Sal Eagles. Enough of a dishonest. In Queens that the division all owners Not gory. The amassing massive economic until. As in front yard Evita stint medium. NORVAL. Love in Dot Com familiar says. Even mogul Esta the main Komo Kokomo Calculus. EILLY behavior from Budapest. Yoda nosy the this. Even NATO's own. Would all yours England? A. Eat seen video Monday Bogo on. The! Saint Orlean Bussey. Dollar No. Money to the BRUMBIES, Nagano Japan has the they conceded to swing towards ideals totally. A data lesson does. Mutuel. It West Central Moscow. You've ABC. Allow logical may Don. DoCoMo, come aaliyah. Gamble T mobile Mighty thoughts alita is. No centralized line Monday, eight airbase April you Ian Financier assess the mandate by Mundell Go in fee goal. Financial Commute home does. Dominate defend. Them. To put. US In. The NALEN artem Anisimov in front e. Tennis Finding Academy. TNA Any deaths said got They profiled for Eighty soon, thunder radio around. The. Same Randall way do brought up. A CINCINNATI TO K.. Causes as the? E to Chris Angle K. I. Mutualist game. Matzah Neue will be financial in. You're going to hold on his VEGAS A boy. They gotTa Dossey. He's consent zone eggleston. Hope wanted NASIO A don. Dolo, you'RE GONNA get. A subway concede NOCCO says he doesn't WanNa the big annual commute. knows or thumbs up with. Zero? Seem. A Offer deals in. They they've been. Associated. Your C, Luxy went on The coaches Lido Veneta stated. me quite what ended up at us? Can we put down the gate? Chaos Potanin Kate Que Nosotros no Florida. talk. CD Kit jugs extra siempre was Amando seem simply? God. Don't it Gaba that? Oh? Blah Kennedy. This yes, tactic, dude! Dennis to get me a salvo K.. Guangwei without Donaldson is spongier. Tempo covy mutual is something to the around day federal extra as though. Got valid toasted a credit. Cran theocracy means moon POCO. See. Mobile here, but I don't see. Exact thought. A existed denser the ruby by. K. K. C., pedal to Chris, starting to tell a long. Junaid on Francia sepals Roberto in. Guessing indicating the women they than that a financier equal on those News on the couples these your. A Leonardo DA This, he's a yoga him. My E, simply looking mandate. The quite looking Kiro, most strong poke poke cost the Aug episode Guy. I'll go. To place I wrote Ostra cities I wanNA via only a with stint K. is. To Grega own Sunday look I've noticed. As. As captain do castile to grow, did Seven S as we went better. Cabbage null, nosy stands for depend side. They implicity not as. In as deadlines on. Both getting a little bit. The roles on the fan in humbling as a fancy album this year In Gus. Four days in I'm not an animal avoid. In while I wound laugh media, able. Tango Mills in Gaza meals. Cloud cut tennis. Su Not due to resume complicate to assume levels does unusual gay advocates gone? Know 'cause he's partidos in Pretty dusk as. Nevada tastes vocal, and Now, talking angle we as embargo, Michigan. And we don't get me if we know looking at all simply Dania Mugabe's By you. Weren't doing it, they they. Of the Oklahoma's meal. What does that work ceases? We say Nope, not common. Take a cleric am. WHO DOES He got. A He for for him. WHITTLED DONALD DON? In Committee L.! dealing. SEAMER. Got Up for the cuts in front. Of Me out I see. WHO's The guy? The when he's. Putting IBM Enough okay, the`most less less. Put that out. Meanwhile. They have. Lentils, not as To doesn't. Up. To to cut it up that. Look, at Vodka keyboard on your going on suspended. L. As close as. KC. Igwe is about yes, correct S. C protested. Focus the loud. BUBBA CHEETO see. Lava Goebel Tonia game exacting. Tahiliani from his. Baio. See Seconds. Anita Demos in not. Platter out Muslim useful. Another building delay Byan via thought of anger at the East Don K.. K. BY PAULA PROXIMA. System Bedroom. Made To. Castle Douglas combing the Mama. Lowered I gain? Comedian in front of. The Golden in Gaza ninety nine now. Do in. Seattle Laura could. Get out in front. Inundating Aluminium Pronuncia. Off One this unit Muslim. Alaso. A those. Noel Lamidi Nicer Quattro. Louis Look my grandma. Moses illegal lousy. I? Didn't signing that the. Safety is policy. Yasser Brown mustard audience by noon. Gutted. This. CD media is saying. Island, mobile I needed on Aja Donna. Germany. Until Muscle. Muscle throw. Out Yet could go. Gang, GONNA. theodose. K. in front of the top vested unemployed the. About k. Lucas's all simple goal to. T to Circles have this. Going medium. Digital AMAS CY welded game. Yes, I log. On as Hoagie enough, I'm media. Gaining gave, but I needed a gun pointing your. Own in when it also I'm. Easy Point Beta. Your, once a day at home, in May on hold basically. Physical E.. If we ought anybody Says Consensus no sample. de Mello and my constant hubbub be one intended. And Academia. here. Yeah, you know that when they go med geico hit on a those Odd. Muslim Lara's your. Bottom meet the Blatko, done though but. Not He get! Indoorsy out to tennis. After possum! Has Seen does not noteed. No one thought. Vocal more closely than front to as Assad Blunt Thou-, directly on. will Bus Sotos seasons dito the the premise. Sinus in front here is though as timetable a significant. Goldman you must. Also said. Willow. Suzanne's OBINA. at engage Mazel Bin, Salman GWENDAL developer boothroyd here. They mental border. Tony is a deep wanted to. Borghetti in Francia Yellow. Sabre. holidays Daniel while blasts local banner Is. Of. This A formality INNOC- demo finances. Three, hundred hundred. E Gamaa, heated if you're not. In without Blake Shelton. Who Houdini Lonzo, but it's a phone book. All sweated they in a momentous Forget the Is in both on the. Border look beyond the big am Nikki Bull, a dooney fee chatting island Olympic dominate gentle. ed. In France, many many mayors that Malays. Competent beyond the. Pacific us into position. Noble it all on holding. People a CPA featured. Huddle Mayo La a DEF-. Lake in. EFF nobody will battle up less ice. But I see will get in and get the right about agape on. Domes- himself by. Soldiers the almost. K! Sinus infront Kathy arrested I will do Theresa. Ila Electron Federal and see. One of the beginning, mean Ami I. List, but now muscle Bogo. One Up to what is UC muscleman on me? Mayfield Lending Leno. He gave up an infestation gay. You don't. Want 'em mean he's the only Mundo eat. Amend, but our full doodle for the Ruby get. HOLDERNESS! Whole Shit. consider US an Cuando Thomas to decision as Parada if. Say to gone inland than say the first. Bishop! The, US E. S. Komo Senate run up a tough fight La Vida. Debbie out Gwen as those go pencil when I'm okay. Baked events onto this. Is your senior a little? We'd be made. To. Either Quinta on the body. You might when the when? They have. The Authority Amendment Yankel no Nice. Nice very good very good trading. Ko Cocoon data US come says. The thrust to you. A Ladder which is about than they will. See in a Spaniard. Okay! It's GonNa. the civil rioting in a either a While, though ceremonies weakness. I still. REPRESENTA- TO A to. Internacional. Louder Gay, just won't wheel e one on the Gondola the ECON- with these days he will get basically A. GIG? In. The New England sign. Economy Gallon denied a finance yawn. That's focused on the Danielle opportunistic. I'm concentration on by the gaze deficient fastest. Tool obvious to us the opportunity that anticipated frontier this the WHO Foyer on this. One this last cigarette different here on going to cut IT A. Massive data frontier. The to Seep Jacobi I'm a holiday. Inn and Feed them Gada who had a practice election? The do by got contract. People's in an extra. Santiago financing. Our own this year. Until CEO GWENDA PAJAMAS. Depot prevented local insular. With Bush, not boys hit by Get you also patio. Cup standings. See US. E Missile Pogo strenuous about John. Ee Yet. Parole I. Possibly thrive old. CRAIGSLIST lockdown to porn. DONAL HIT ON A. Luna as-yet. E Amana a the Dominican. Boileau site, but Oklahoma wilderness annoy. A. Cave I didn't go check on our weather. The humidity did they want, is you? Ese on the whole does. The. By hidden it'll give. Or not. Give us. A WRESTLEMANIA, the dream in DOE audible that in a Gumbo that mean physical winona. ETC the the. They've gotTA deal. The gotTa Yoga. Simone. lobbyists ninety. We'll gas owning your unwanted timber. A Julio's Damian does omitted Boyce Messing on on. Inside. Her. as doesn't woman Ricardo best interest POLKA. PANACEA SPAGNA To us at the enemies more Obama Sonics. will do the. examina- The By the Beatles. Sita A. Debbie Nadel economic the carello silos days OC lethal by nearly data. Honestly people that Rubio. Ruby this, but is Aaad Those same dollars. Mugabe gone through. This is getting. So on the Amiss. Kirk. Crooked C no on. NBC Be An often on. throttles on this rented pluralities. Renters who hours death messes into again financial yeezy. Head, a WHO put. On. The throw city time locate said present, though laboratory gain blossoming. A told the Imbaba Syrian financially. It Bogor Property Sundell Simon EPO. In? Francia! Labrador not only went aboard the. Email? At the around here. Okay. Nothing. Berlin. Gate. At the end of the Soviet the. Place. In? That you think I mean Tony Abbott in the. List gets the Amass Immune. A Duda. Bell K. to yes. Yes Tabas the did Kenya Blando on the. Impact forever isn't. Mentality, that does not CNN e quantity prison told of Jada. In the beginning you know see. DELEGATE ON A. Day on Russia was, do we? Poison. The Daniels. Notes Rodman, Wennington. deep Dodi Louis is on. The blaze. Not GonNa. See Save he. Wrote Visa, ETC Nutty, died. Different. busy. I Love Gina. ACC SORTA PAB. Or Get Ruby kinrade notes professor mount a CK noise Komo talks have welcome to club Asante Pedal Todo Mundo. Sin Thrown out roles in. infamous for Kayla fantasy yagan out of Altos in Altos most allow us, uninsured intro Winfrey. April a musty conical e.. POCO located case. Nothing pod GONNA give us E K. K.. Not mutual mathematically look I rest of moonville stuck in Dublin tobacco. Sort of emphasis at that superglue. I'm view as feeder Simona. Gave me can. Will Out Dean allegation? that. In. That group said. A Though don't they may hold on the they not by the Bogo Bogo launch. I wouldn't be Oh, A. Personal. Nod Road Announcing Mukasa and this. On when when they see will be study adults. They arrived that rugby abroad focus. To. On a C. C.. Cameras Darren, shout out old theon rallying. Instead, Of. No not dea baron bills nobody. As. Inter Ghedini Lula's. Ono Savvy relevant, the horizon gay. Caling didn't. Get fees, he'll say boy on owners Super Banga. Nice Brag. Missouri's. Which? SEGREGATES mammoth row parole, through thirty August foods. What. You can subscribe to the puck that brought dot com. Thanks for listening in and I hope you join me for the journey.

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Episode 77 : King Kohli becomes number 2

Its Cricket Show

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Episode 77 : King Kohli becomes number 2

"<music> hub hopper originals hello and welcome to eighth crooked chill. My name is hamid and i'm here with the very latest episode all days podcast into days episode v philby discussing about about the t twenty match between sri lanka was new zealand. It was the second twenty and it was down to the fire will also so we're talking about ashes defoe test match and all the build up to it and the first is play of course the it has just begun so we'll be talking how it is looking looking like for australia and before we moved to that first. Let's catch up on what has happened integrating world for past twenty four hours talking about boston four hours. Let's start with what is going to happen in the next twenty four hours. <hes> it sepia time by the way this or that you know c._p._o. C._p._o. is stands for a caribbean premier league which is basically west indies of up up nejra. Localize okla was busy peel day and i know before you students at mead for considering you so much less. It's just for listening. I get all kinds of listeners so for all those ones who don't know much of the terminology with respect to global t twenty tournaments and by the way just so that you know scipio time mm-hmm and we are going to see a lot of actions from the most entertaining folks in the cricketing world <hes> it's for four september dookie and all your favorite a bit cricketers from west indies. We'll be displaying the aggregating skills and also their dance skills video very much famous for almost d._j. Bravo a. <hes> will miss out on first few weeks due to a finger injury but you will have all your favorite other <hes> other cricketers from west indies the likes of paula and british gala silence. Oh aren't even soon ledeen. The pullout who has been entered riddick form will be seen captaining tiki are jersey which is usually very popular blur among indian audience given the fact its roots with kolkata knight riders. Yes it's true in bogle night. Riders you get you got it right. Recently there is newsday is that u._s.'s investing a lot of resources in the building a cricket in liquor in america in country and this will be seeing some of the u._s._a. Cricketers on big stage with the players like chevy marshall sought up the travel car hayden wash junior aaron jones and eliane playing in this edition of scipio among all these players there will be another player who will try and further increase his chances of getting back in the national t twenty side ahead of d twenty worldcom next year. I'm talking about alex hales. He's a prolific d twenty baseman innkeeper liberty himself copa senator year but due to recent turn of events bidding it involves some of the flooding of the rules here and there he lost his place is in the national side and something does me his performance in this edition off c._b._s. Will play a key role in his turn to the national colors. <hes> <hes> even kicks off of the defending champions two embargo nitrates was saint kitts n. navy patriots who in short notice patriots it will be early morning four thirty am according to indian standard timing so set you alarmed folks some key players which will be inaction are landon simmons <hes> kind nine pull out soon nina ryan hafeez and cotrel so to watch out for these folks movie gone moving on and continuing doing with what is gonna happen in next four hours of gunnison will play a bangladesh in bangladesh tomorrow which is fifth of september the imagine start at nine thirty a._m. This is the only test by the way this will be of ghanistan third. This match having won their last match against island but they will be definitely on a bit of high but given the fact that december around they will be playing bangladesh in malaysia. Spinners have a huge role to play league. It will definitely be a tough task. <hes> dixie cajole donut the body adjusting willing a decade do not give an emolument luma job gabon laddish me shaquille hudson jesse the good spinners while india ghanistan that are big spinners rashid khan who has redefined the spin in bowling will be interesting to see the two spinning sites battle it out no another interesting point to note about these two teams is both teams this will be headed by the respective new coaches recently after phil simmons yukio ghanistan geico's workup cadogan will only aplomb contracting unique yeah or biology be cushioning nikea phil o'donnell gorge anatomy and their disastrous <hes> performance in many minds of guns danny mines they will be looking to go out and conquer this format of the game and all that does this fresh in their minds. I believe this is just one off. Test is not a part of the ongoing world test championship and there is rain predicted for all five days isn't edited now for each and every game which is happening throughout the world who in god's oath in god's enemy so moving onto steve smith replaces without call in the top position in test rankings. Put these test matches in these is every innings of a player has the potential of affecting the ranking and we call you getting out on duck in the second innings off that the second test match remember in sabina park proved to be fatal as he fell behind. Excuse me by just one point. It is worth noting that still smith had claimed the opposition back in two thousand fifteen but was then claimed back by choline closed in eighteen red smith was forced out of action due to infamous newlands scandal having scored hundred and forty four and one hundred forty two in the first. I is in the in these ashes and then followed by a ninety in the second disc of the ashes but then he had to be missed out in the second innings due to a concussion in which was which he suffered a big on the bouncer of jaffer archer he that was his innings so that probably propelled l. him that those three innings to that number position smith's looking in good red heart foam and <hes> it's. It's looking good for him. While we are on the rankings thanks cheryl to mention the boomer and jason holder entered in the top five day off the test rankings bowlers. Thanks to they'll wonderful wicked taking spells in the second test. They're just bloomberg took six pickets in the first innings while jason holder managed to have five kids for his side in that innings. Do you can get a honey who had been wonderful in these cities. <hes> he moved to seven position while hannah bahari which had been a breakout series for him he'd lose who's who a great position of thirty in considering the fact that he's really brand new international stage thirty position is really a good would one for him about at the audit leak about him. E jokey south africa me who tear xanthi superleague. There was a draft shed shed. You'd of zante super league. This is a as i said as i mentioned south africa to angelique with started out just last year after so many postponements but now that it is finally underway we will be having season this year and rafts were held for the same honshu mom nick berry europe dot gov the as drowsy fit a dzhabrailov tour of muhammad amin jessica or liam plunkett dizzy the today buddy nam players go leonida what's making more news though is a selection of a young spinner from d. Breeding ground of spin which is of ghana stan of goes. His name is what card salaam hale and he's just seventeen years old <hes>. It's all over him unlike again. This is by the way a sixteen <hes> tournament and the last year champions were choosy stas who by the way have managed to hold onto their co stars which played a key part in their title-winning campaign last year many big stars big name stars should you'll to participate in this edition with the regulars like rescale rebel but our and alex heels this tournament will also shook his these south african talent <hes> all favorite stars like a._b._d. Videos and suplexes along with their upenn rising stars from local south africa love this tournament will i think key part in looking forward to the twenty world world cup next to you because we all know how south african team hat performed in the recent world cup although it would be unfair for us to charge odiaun odiaun team anti twenty team on same baselines but little that needs to be some reform and i think zante superleague if it if it a- actually provide some good talent than it will be great for south african cricket in the coming world cup moving on to some pakistan on news that have been reforms and reforms in pakistan cricket because of <hes> well because of the recent world cup performance misbahul hawk has been named a chief coach the coach of the team and the chief selector well that makes him definitely very both men in pakistani cricket he will be joining walker yunus who is the bullying coach and he got it pretty much uncontested another thing to note here is is that mickey arthur was pakistan's previous coach previous coach and after not-so-good performance in the world cup. A committee was formed to review his performance and guess what who is part of the review committee. It was miserable hug so he was the part offer committee who ousted stood the previous coach and then he becomes the new coach on top of that. He's also the selector on top of that. He's he's also a coach of fun of the local pakistani b._s. League team well doc about conflict of interest in any case now. Let's move on to odd cricket. Reviews and i will review news learned and was issue lanka yesterday's match when of course of third of september new zealand won this match by phuket's salunke will batting first they scored one hundred and sixty one runs start was a bit shaky though <hes> mandate scoring six and he was just timing the ball at all along with parada who tried to do his best to but <hes> quintessential eleven respectively what diminished it was the partnership of obviously coffin ando nation dikla of thirty seven and thirty nine respectively that provoked the scored a bit higher you but then after a good layer league round of an <hes> alicia fernando went out in the forty and the school was one hundred and eight a good platform former said but unfortunately the lower middle order middle order envelope meteorologist couldn't couldn't add on her onto this onto this this opportunity they managed a meager one hundred and sixty one in twenty overs shaheen jazz suda <hes> i have watched him a lot india local cricket and he should a bit of a glimpse of what he can do what he has the possibility of doing for sean cricket because he is a veteran gene exciting all-rounder antibody hard hitting cricketer. He's twenty thirteen deliveries with two boundaries and one six he requires a bit more consistency and given with the <hes> time i think he will come across as a good deed wendy player for sure lanka with the spectrum bullying for new zealand <hes> it was a good performance by set friends who was a patrick. I should say in the last match who was battered in the last match but this match he came back two wickets for tim saudi who will brilliantly and gave away just eighteen in runs scored gardellin <unk> and i think that's the way pronounce him sorry apologies for the <hes> wrong pro pronounciation tall <hes> he took two wickets issued. He managed to take one wicket. When new zealand came out to bed unfortunately they she had already lost martin capital due to an injury while ross taylor was already not playing in this match due to an injury as well which he got during the practice this so it was up to call in monroe and a promoted newly promoted wicketkeeper batsman. Tim ciphered to provide with a good start older. They did provide a very quick start but then also they lost <hes> far too many wickets very in very short span of time. <hes> akilah dhanjal provided the i three blows and all of a sudden new zealand were thirty eight for the loss of three wickets in just three point four overs but then in the like how it happened in the i d twenty calling the granholm came out and he was a disabled in this match as well along with tom bruce fifty-nine was scored by calling the run home which consisted of two fours and three sixes while fifty-three scored by. Tom bruce which consisted of three boundaries. It's one thing to note is calling grown and bruce took it very slowly during the beginning to build a partnership and then when the reese to that stage and they just started happening thanks to a very good start from new zealand meaning quickstart from new zealand. Give them that much amount of time to build on that so that they were not let very far behind with respect to that trade although when things looked at that new zealand had this match under control in the last over some seven to eight rounds were needed a couple of wickets on the last was first and second deliverty brought some drama back into this match calling the grunholm tom and daryl mitchell excuse me tom cruise daryl mitchell boat getting out in the last over brought some big big on drama and also the fact that on the third delivery there was a big collapse between the two players in deep of otherwise it will have been a get out <hes> would the players naughtily mr catch but they couldn't keep the ball in the play and it went out to six sir due to which are new zealand then been won the match with two balls to spend <hes> this was a good performance from new zealand and they should've idea we are a very good with respect to this particular format but <hes> the fact chilanga man schilling just one hundred and sixty one was something that <hes> put give them a bit of advantage. If it was more ten to fifteen runs from sri lanka it will have been a altogether different story now. Let's move on to the ashes for test. Match is underway hill now up. First test match was won by australia seconds. S. match was a draw and torture test match who can forget that those two test match which dramatically was won by england. Thanks to the greatest innings by. I ben stokes. There are some changes which were which were with the suspect australian as venezuelan squad with australian scored. Steve smith came back into the playing eleven. He missed out the lastest due to the concussion which he <hes> which he got during the second test match monez labuschagne keeps his place because of some outstanding performances <hes> in those <hes> absence of stephen smith but another change was as a peter sydell was kept out and he was replaced with mitchell stock mitchell stock is back dibs linson has still been arrested rested and give up the becky becca issues result torah rest. He added something which had happened to him. Previously if he the <hes> or overuse him then he started laughing those all those back issues england <hes> england made one interesting change around the chris vokes was <hes> but esther set for this match and craig over was called in greg overton is that kind of a blur who <hes> as one article on e._s._p._n. Brick info says he's like that were caused caused vetting he could bowl continuously day in day out at consistent lens and that is what england seems to have gone with the one of the new zealand bowler undistorted collecting his name. He's known for that as well. I was very interesting. I was very interested to see her combination of steve smith and modest labuschagne and wanted to see how these two please on this ima ashes glenn stage will play and combine well. I did not had to wait long because david one was out in the first of all it self while marcus marcus harris detour he was out <hes> at the score of twenty eight when he had scored thirteen ren's so one down was modest labuschagne in an cup down was stephen smith and they both now playing <hes> after the end of first session australia on ninety eight for the loss of two wickets and the second session has been delayed due to rain. Yes as i said earlier it's raining every <hes> it will be interesting to see how this mitch benn's out given the fact that if abdullah australia managed to win this match this match. If england wins the next match the c._d.'s ends up in a draw. The australia ville ended up retaining the ashes trophy alright then cadet tom to this is what i have had for you today. <hes> if you want to pose any question for us you can send us an email. <hes> it's homage shake <unk> the jimmy dot com or you can also follow us at our twitter handle at the rate. It's quick issue for latest episodes. Suit can always subscribe or you can always visit on our micro website. It's going to get your dog hubba hubba dot com. This is hamad. Shake signing from today's episode. Food have a great cricketing day.

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20VC: First Round's Phin Barnes on How The Best Founders Optimize for Learning Per Dollar Spent, What Makes A Truly Special Founder/VC Relationship and Why Pattern Recognition is Another Term For Intellectual Laziness

The Twenty Minute VC

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20VC: First Round's Phin Barnes on How The Best Founders Optimize for Learning Per Dollar Spent, What Makes A Truly Special Founder/VC Relationship and Why Pattern Recognition is Another Term For Intellectual Laziness

"This is the twenty minute with me. Harry Stubbings at age Stubbings nineteen. Ninety-six with two on Instagram but straightens day because I think this is simply one of the best shows we've ever done. It was such a joy for me. Do the twenty minutes went out of the window to be quite honest. And so with that, I'm so thrilled to welcome fin bonds partner first round capsule, one of the most prestigious unsuccessful early stage funds of the last decade with a portfolio including the lice of Uber square Worby Parker hotel tonight, goats, patient ping atrium and many, many more incredible companies as thin. In his own words. He learned the business of startups helping grow and one from fifteen million dollars to two hundred and twenty five million dollars in revenue as creative director for footwear and started his own fitness video game company producing yourself fitness, the first game of its kind for XBox PlayStation two. While he also built partnerships with the likes of Proctor and gamble, and McDonald's and Finarsih writes the most fantastic blog sneaker had VC. That really is a must read for me always. And I do say he signed to finish partners, Josh Koppelman Bill trend should roll pays, hey. Born for the fantastic questions provided stay. I really do appreciate that. But before we welcome into the whole seats day, we mentioned some incredible companies in the of that, and I want to spend a minute talk Bracks the first corporate card for startups Sprague's found his enery Kim Pedro Bill to payments, business in Brazil, but found themselves rejected for a corporate call it when they're in Wycombe beta. They decided to build Brax with instant online sign up, no founded liability required, unlimited ten to twenty times higher than standing cod's pretty incredible. I know. And you can sign up for Bryce today and get fees waived by entering the codes. 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Bye dot com for slash to'serve e c. build an award-winning culture with Lassus the number one people management solution, but it's now time for one of the best shows I think we've ever done. So I'm thrilled to handover to Finn bonds partnered first round capital. You have now arrived at your destination thin in Sondra. Have you on the shades they? I didn't pestering Eva so low now, but it's wonderful. Having made the injured from Bill and rob robes. Thank you so much for joining me. Stay in delighted to be here and really excited sucked. You've done such a great job, documenting the approach of lots of entrepreneurship cross the because some some appetite art. Well, it's joy to do it, but I do wanna stay with documenting the before the show. When discussing you VC you mentioned being reluctant internet first round. So tell me how did you make your first entrance into the wonderful world adventure in? I was right out of business school and what really happened. If I'm honest, is absent any good ideas of my own as an entrepreneur decided the very best thing to do or the second best thing that you do is to surround myself with other great entrepreneurs and the people who support them on that journey. And so I was in Philadelphia, and I, I home was Philadelphia, and I found my way in offered to work for free and they let me hang out for the summer. I lied that hassle idea. Not. Do also from reluctant intends to now monitoring poll. When did you discover what was time discovery process life, realizing that really your life's work is to be an investor. It was a long journey. I was lucky in the for the first three or four years of my venture career. I had no interest in being a partner at a venture capital firm. I never put on the blue shirt and khakis and chased entrepreneurs for deals. Instead, I was able to follow Josh Koppelman, founder of the firms follow him around as a true apprentice and spent the majority of my time with the entrepreneurs where we had already made the investment decision, and we're heavily into the helping aspect of business. And the really nice thing was I was sit in board meetings with Josh. I would sit in working sessions with the founders with Josh and these entrepreneurs were stronger entrepreneurs than I ever was. They had better ideas than I had in larger markets to attack, but they were ten weeks or ten months into a journey, and I had ten years of experience as a entrepreneur, and in that I was able to offer support help. Guidance and strategic advice that was impactful. And so for me, the thing that slipped me from sinking, I'm learning all these things about how to build companies and can't wait to apply them again to feeling like DC and being an investor as my life's work was when the thank yous started coming back and I don't take any credit for the successes that these entrepreneurs had, and certainly they did the work, but when someone takes time out of their day to call you and say, thanks for a piece of advice or spending time with them just as a sounding board at a feeling I had from that was as good as launching products launching the mix tape and one seeing my video game on shelves at best buy or Nordstrom in the women's active department. And so with that, I knew that I was hooked and that this was going to be my life's work that really is about a feeding, but I do. I'm intrigued intriguing onto this and having kind of shadowed and learn from George reedy. The apprentice said, I'm interested. What was one of the few is take one hundred massive takeaways from that experience shadow angel? What would they be as I think Josh has. Is an incredible way of securing out what it is that is most important in any given meeting and focusing on that thing. I think the someone as talented and smart as Joshua's he could speak on any topic in a given meeting or answer any question that founder may have. But instead, Josh offense chooses to focus on the saying that he thinks his most important and tries to put more wood behind fewer arrows in those meetings. And I think the real listening, the Josh was able to do and the ability to answer the question the the question is something that I really took away from that. The empathy for the founder, the understanding of what they're going through at the ability to not only answer the question, but to be heard is something that he's excellent ad and something that I've tried to transpire to cross my own interactions with Sounders I said, has the same parts as Asian. But I do want to break the NC state into a couple of different segments. I see discussing euros and investors how you communication cage interact with founders and then move into media more maverick perspective on the mall and digging. Benjamin Canucks. How does that sound? Absolutely no script. So he's still with you as an investor I've spoken to many of you found is lost twenty four hours from Cali at more than for Tennessee to answer instrumentals allies acclaim, and you have one of the most stellar reputation with founders. So very broad, but Masic question to still on how do you define successes domestic today? I think for me it's very challenging because I know any investor knows that over the long term, their success will be defined by the financial outcomes. The partnerships are able to create with founders financial outcomes to generate for their shareholders, the limited partners to invest in their sons, and you'll be measured based on how many companies even vested in become billion dollar businesses, IPO, etc. In the long-term, the challenge with that measure is as an investor, I think you have very little control over that success metric and is very much like if you were working in a company in product management and someone told you that you are going to be evaluated based on the call times of the customer service group. You might struggle with that as an approach. Way to compensate you when you have no control over the metric. And I think it's very much the same for investors. Where do you get wrapped up in measuring yourself in the near term against long-term financial outcomes? You have no way of improving and you know you have no way of truly measuring yourself building a practice of venture that is in fact successful. And so for me, I tend to think much more about near term measures things than I have control over. And the primary thing is the relationship with the founder and as you, my job is in investor. If I was going to boil it down to one simple thing, it is to bring out the founders best. It's their company, they're in control. My job is to coach not play at if I can bring out their best in any given situation than I've done my job and that is in fact success. So when a founder is done working on their company, whether that's a massive exit, are there it's a shutdown or anything in between. If asked if they were to say, I give my best to that company. I had my highest and most positive impact that I could possibly have on that company. Success and Finn was instrumental in making that happen. That is success as a venture capitalist in my. Comoros I'm often I hate contradicting opinions on this found be friends. And is there a line of professionalism that you think needs to be there or not? I think you can be friends. I think that you have there three people in the relationship. There's the investor, there's the founder and there's the company. And so I think that both the founder and the investor are there to serve the company I and you have to keep that in mind at the same time, the job of a founders. So challenging is so difficult. So lonely that having a sounding board, having a trusted person that you can come to who has context around the business. They know why you started to have a longitudinal view of the business. They know what you've been through the ups and downs, and therefore you can have a quick conversation that is much richer than if you had to bring someone up to speed every single time. I think that relationship is the best word to describe it as actually intimate is quite intimate relationship, very personal. And so I think that when you try to have a professional veneer on that relationship, that can be very challenging because it doesn't allow you to access much of what defines. Success for that company, which is the mindset of the founder, the emotional state of that founder, zero ability to access the unique elements of their personality and their approach that allow them to create leverage in a market and to lead the company to success. I, their leading through something that's never been done before by definition and in that process. I think having someone there with you support us like logically as well as strategically is critical. It's hard to do that through the glass of a professional as in quotes, professional relationship nab salinity, but I do wanna talk show your to widen founders allies in full. The show I emailed five of you'll found is find responses in three hours testimony team, but discussing your approach, how would you define it in body? It'd maybe how's it changed the very incredible career from Amazon to managing partner? Yes. I think that it's really critical people talk about venture capitalists need to be curious and competitive, which I think is true. I also think you have to decide what you're going to be curious about end. And how you're going to be competitive. And for me, the relationship with the founder is about being curious. You're curious about the topics, the products, the problems solutions, but mostly you're curious about the people. Why do they do what they do, how they see the world, what informs that worldview? What experiences have been formative for them? What motivates them and what do they care about? And so I'm most curious to understand the dream beyond the dream for founders that I partner was on understand not just what they're trying to achieve in this moment, but how they see that sitting into their life and their career paths. And I think that curiosity around them as people around how they are navigating the environment that they've chosen to attack the market, they've chosen to attack and how they are doing as people in any given moment and helping them access to elements those those feelings, those emotions that allow them to succeed where others may fail is the critical thing to be curious about him in when it comes to competition at the point where you understand the dream beyond the dream for the founders you've partnered with at that point is when you. Get competitive, and I compete fiercely to achieve excellence in bringing out the founders best, helping them define it, pushing them to access it and supporting them as they wield their greatest strengths in their fight to win the market to win the race against time. That is a startup. And so I think curiosity and competitiveness is something to talk about, but how you apply those two personality traits of grape venture capitalists that is the critical piece in solving the puzzle of that partnership with founders, which is rewarding both for the investor and for the founder heroes, the uncompetitiveness Ramsey pot of pre investment on post investment, but pre investment, I won't affect some because a lot of investing suggested success in VC's about picking ju- Lauzi in cases they suggest you to pattern recognition for me. Maybe another word for colon tive bias, and we can before about assumptions. I'm really interested in. How do you think about assumptions and maybe try and mitigate preexisting assumptions old, try and maintain them? How do you think about lat? This wish be clear pattern recognition is another name for intellectual laziness, right? When. You strictly adhere to a model you're looking for shortcuts. You're looking for things that match a pre existing notion and startups are about things that have never existed before. When you're pattern matching, it stops you from investing in the future because your pattern was created in the past and dynamic markets. And I think in my career in venture were currently in the most dynamic market that I've seen in terms of both technology capital inflows that I know we're going to get to, but I think in dynamic markets like today, what worked in the past is less and less likely to work in the future end? So pattern matching as a pass to returns, becomes more and more tenuous. I mean, that is why I'm interviewing you, and you'll notice me that was Britney thing to way to say. I honestly that ways you try and mitigate these conman she's will preexisting assumptions just think for me as someone who has built products, someone who has learned the skill of being schizophrenic, being able to be customer. I think the number one way to mitigate those biases is to put yourself. In the shoes of the consumer of the products that the company that the founder will build will create. So instead of thinking about the founder and the patterns that they do or don't fit, I think you want to think about the consumer and the problem that they face and the solution that's being offered. And so I think that is the number one way to avoid in when you when you think about avoiding those cognitive vices around founders, I think starting with the consumer which ultimately leads to the success I think is is one way to do that. I also think really trying to get to know the founder really understanding that when there's two ways to invest, you can invest in people or you can invest in models when you invest in models business models. I think the people tend to be fungible and you are looking for patterns of business models of worked in the past. Is this models that you think will work in the future? For me, investing in people is far more interesting, and that takes a depth of knowledge and understanding which blows through biases or pattern matching as a process. And the reason for that is because I think when you when you invest in people. People who are inventing the model that will capture the market over time. Those are the people who are working to invent the models that actually create markets, and those have been proven to be the very largest outcomes. And so again, the largest outcomes in venture capital come from new markets that are created by entrepreneurs, not entrepreneurs, matching patterns and capturing markets that already exists. I couldn't agree with you more. I mean, speaking of assumptions is a Cohen Lisi's option in conventional wisdom really to be for found a weaknesses. You said to me before you disagree with being loved these found a weaknesses. Why do you disagree with this and how do you think about that? So I think there's two stages right before the investments being aware of weaknesses is important, but just like in hiring, you don't hire for lack of weakness, you hire for strength, and I think that when you are working to understand founder, you're working to identify strengths and it is those strengths that will lead to dominance in market, not lack of weakness. Weaknesses certainly could be fatal, but I think it's far more likely that a founder does not. Achieve success due to lack of amplifying strength than due to a failure to mitigate a weakness that I couldn't agree with you more that I do wanna move, maybe sunny, broader out of an affinity investor and motor Finn and the ecosystem that you invest in to the is has been nothing short pre unprecedented in terms of capsules supply starting on that he evaluate the current venture landscape with this inherent accessible. I've capsule so my partner Bill has a great framework for this, which I will steal. That's why you. They better every single day. You know, everybody is talking about the inflow of capital in the venture market and exactly the hundred billion dollar SoftBank fund all the way down to the floor, five hundred single GP seed funds or precede funds that have been started over the last four or five years. The market is incredibly crowded at every stage and the overhang of capital is unprecedented inflows of capital on precedent and people talk about supply of capital in economic terms. This bills framework is that is discussing the supply of capital oversupply will drive inflation in the market. The thing that is less talked about, which I think is really critical, and this is something that we spend a lot of time talking about it. First round is not so much the supply of capital, but the philosophy of that capital. And that's another thing that drives inflation. And what I mean by philosophy is when you think about what it takes to get funded as the velocity of capital increases, what it's hates to raise money decreases. So not only do you have increasing prices to to increase supply, but you also have a lowering of quality due to the increase in. Lhasa of capital. And so I think when you think about investing landscape today, the ability to drive returns is much more challenged given those two factors. Now, obviously, I mean, you mentioned oversee the Richie's quality to really meet those benchmarks. I guess then in often the best cases, the price is higher. I have to often. How do you think about price sensitivity stay in pretty inflated mall? Hitler. Warren right wasn't this is a little bit of a trap and venture capitalist talk about the way they think about price all the time, and it's a hard one for me to answer because I believe that we at first round are on the sell side of the equation, not the buy side, and so we build a product that founders decide whether they want to buy with their equity, and we set a price for that product and that price needs to be in line with the market. But I think at the end of the day, the founder is deciding is the first round product is a partnership with Finn or Bill or Josh worse. The dilution that I'm gonna take in order to form that partnership. And I think that when we think about price, what we're often looking at is our business model. VC's don't talk about the sack. They have a business bottle stage, but we all do and we have ownership targets and so forth. That in general will lead to, we believe, will lead to two returns at the same time. Jim Brier, I think we should fact check this, but I believe Jim buyers, the one who said that the science of venture capital is knowing how to price the ninety, five percent of investments where price matters and the art of venture capital is knowing the five percent where price doesn't matter. And I think that at the end of the day, that's true. And so when people, especially on the early stage, say, price doesn't matter. I think what they're assuming as would you rather be in the company, hasn't investor would you rather be out? And certainly with a big success you'd rather be in at almost any price at the same time because you don't know at the time of investment that for the most part, that something will be one where price doesn't matter. I think you do have to fall back on basic math and the basic math is even if you invest in Uber at a five million dollar post versus a fifteen million dollar post. The return that you generated is three x, like the basic math is still holds. So while it's an epic investment is you invested fifteen million dollar post. It's one third is epic is if you invested a five million dollar post. So even in those cases, I think price does matter. It's just relative to the size of these funds and relatives to what a good return or the hurdle rate for these funds is it's easy to fall into the trap that price doesn't matter now. I couldn't agree more not in euless deprave I wanna fly redundant to quite the sentence before again, with regards those fly capsule being that it can be bad for the best founders. Why do you think they say, I mean, kind of conventional superficial thinking, it will be good more capital easier funding wise, it bond fan. So I think in the broader ecosystem, certainly more funding for more entrepreneurs is a good thing. And more innovation is a good thing. So I certainly don't want to be seen as arguing against that was it's absolutely true at the same time. I think that founders often when you raise money, you raise money to test the hypothesis. You want to validate de risk or disprove elements of your thesis and you should use capital as one of the weapons in your attack on the market. But in today's market, I think some. Founders are drawn into the perks that money is the weapon. And I think you wanna raise money, you're, you're taking dilution, you know, you have a hundred points of equity. When you start your company and equity time or two things that you can never get back once you give them away. And so as you think about the trade off of equity for capitol, I think you wanna make that trade offs. When the primary things slowing the progress of your company is access to specific resources. When you're clear that the things you wanna test need capital to support those tests. When you understand who the target customer has for your product, when you understand the problem they have and the solution that you want to build, and this can be pre product launch the Cindy at any stage. I think the way you wanna think about adding capital to your business is when that capital will accelerate the business and unblock the business in very fundamental ways. And I think the trap, particularly for the very best founders is they have so much access to capital that oftentimes they're applying capital prematurely and before the problem is fully understood before they understand the customer in the understand the solution that they. Want to build and the very best way to capture a tremendous amount of data from the market. But first round, we talk a lot about the very best founders being able to optimize learning per dollar spent. And I think that over time what we're seeing in this market anyway is that people are decreasing that ratio of learning dollars spent because capital is so plentiful and in any stage of a company that discipline around maximizing learning producers spent is a critical indicator of success. And I think that the founders today are getting caught in a trap around raising money when they can rather than when they should. I love that learning Pohjola spend. I've never had that before. I do want to touch on one thing that you mentioned now, obviously with capsule the best assessed to it, I'm intrigued is cash ever defensible might. This is a hard question. I think that I cannot think of a company that has a durable enterprise where they've outsourced. They're moat to third party. If you imagine putting your primary source of defensibility in the hands of third party. In the hands of the capital markets. It seems like a mistake, long-term capital markets are fickle. They can change. I hear that there's such a thing as a cycle, and if you're moat grows shrinks based on the capital market cycles that feels like a very challenging position to be in long-term. Certainly, there are examples of true network affect businesses that the amount of investment up front required to get the flywheel spinning is tremendous. At the same time. Once that fly wheel is spinning these businesses become unassailable. For me, there's a question about how those network affects work. And are you in fact building a business that when you look inside the business, there is a moat that's being created in some form of network affect defensibility beyond scale. And I think the excuse of access to capital and spending that capital to grow quickly if that is your long-term moan, and that need for capital that appetite for capital two company is uninviting. Then I think that that moat will eventually dry up an scary place to be eight as indeed you mentioned continue. Financing that before we taught shown by us in the fire on, I d have to foster on. How do you think about resolve on occasion? Is it kind of a one to one? Is it a every company gets it in decision making framework like? So I agree with you. You said before the venture capitalists, invest in a company, not once, but multiple times as they as they follow on, they make those decisions independently. We, we do our best to do that at the same time what our model. Generally as we make our initial investments, we reserve forty to fifty million dollars for initial investments in the remainder of the funds for follow on the idea there is typically we're investing in the seed round, you know the first institutional round that a company raises in them. We're taking our Parada in the subsequent round, and then we work with the founder in rounds after that to decide whether we should be taking Parada investing more or less or getting diluted alongside the founder in order to make the mechanics of those rows work as the company grows to maturity yet in. Absolutely. I actually had, hey, Mon Taneja own from general Catholics the other day. And he said that parole set is lazy mechanism allowing you to think about how much to put in. How do you think about that? I think that's true. I think anytime can make a decision without making a decision. It is a a lazy approach. I agree with the observation that I think our approach to this has been to really think about the company. We meet as a partnership and discussed the company. The founders often come in and give us an update on the business as we're making our follow on investment decisions, and we tend to treat them as independent decisions from investment perspective at the same time at the stage that we invest the first institutional round, then the the second institution around where we're deploying the majority of our capital, the unknowns are still tremendous. Oftentimes, the founders decision to work with us in the first round is in some ways dependent on their understanding of our financial support in that second round. As I think in many ways, our initial decision is often encompassing, both the seed investment as well as the the series. And then as we get to the b and beyond is where we start making real decisions about, should we be investing more or less than at that point, as we work with sounder and our relationship with them, we're accounting for. Our impact on around dynamics given our choice as well as the returns that we think we can generate with that new capital going in and be round or or beyond. I have to say, I think I told you day thin, but I do before we move into the quickfire half to touch on one eight and I really wanted to discuss the element of dynasty Eve's up before in brilliant piece. Diversity is framed the same way as technical that. Can you unpack this for me? What do you mean by this? And why does diversity matters so much for core turns. So I think to the first point diversity compared to technical data, I think when you start by defining technical debt, so technical debt are things that shortcuts that you take an engineering group where you know that you're building something that at some level of scale will no longer work. The performance will decline with some level of stress on the system yet you believe that the cost of making something scalable or bulletproof at with some level of demand is not worse the benefit today because you're so far as a company from achieving that level of. Sale and having your system have to withstand that level of demand. So you take on technical debt, you hope to find product market fit. And as your company grows, you also have engineering resources apply to paying back technical debt and building scale and systems that will perform under appropriate scale as the company grows. And that's something that people have done for a long time in the values for the general idea of move fast and break things. The idea that you should be focused on whatever's right in front of you and knowing that you can pay back any debt that you take on in the future and that that is the most efficient way. So Bill to start, because ultimately, at the seed stage, your job is to find product market fit, don't die and don't fight with your co, founder. Those are the three things. And so particularly around the don't die aspects. And the search product Marty said, it becomes a singular approach and founders are advised to focus one hundred percent on it and not worry about things that will be problems in teacher, but not problems today. So that's high defined technical debt when it comes to diversity debt. I think the thing people don't understand is the critical nature of the DNA. Of the company, the culture of the company in how the initial employee's and the founding team have outside influence on the culture of that company in the long long, long tail that that influence will have on the culture of the company as scales. And so I think the reality is when you take on diversity, meaning hiring for diversity, hiring underrepresented candidates, whether that's gender or ethnic diversity is incredibly challenging. In today's market, it takes a lot longer most founders and far and away. Most venture capitalist networks are not appropriately diverse. They do not reflect the consumer base that most of their customers are serving in. So hiring for diversity takes longer, just fundamentally takes longer. And so there is a conflict with building your company and you need to hire five engineers and three designers and two product managers and so forth. The incredible pressure to do that in order to move quickly. And yet you also want to honor a desire for diversity. The trap that people fall into is taking on diversity. Debt. And I think what they don't recognize is that that debt increases exponentially because when you have a team of four and you add a underrepresented candidate to that group, they represent twenty percent of your culture in twenty percent of your DNA going forward. They will make twenty percent of your hires must likely and have an influence and outsize influence on that route. I think as you grow and you become ten people fifteen twenty. The ability for that first person to feel that they have a place in that company that they can effect the DNA of that business without taking on tremendous outside responsibility for any one person to influence that culture and to drive hiring practices and the sensitivities in meetings around different people from different backgrounds. Different approaches. I think that burden quickly becomes untenable for the vast majority of people, and it becomes unlikely that that company will ever achieve diversity between ten people and one hundred, two hundred or five hundred people. And I think we've. See this today. Some of the very largest companies as they struggle to retain underrepresented candidates and employee's what they're finding is yes, they can recruit because the quality is absolutely there in which tremendous effort to expand your network. You can find, obviously, unbelievable people, talented people that would bring diversity to your employee population at the same time, retaining them because of the DNA of those businesses. Because of the cultures that had been established is a whole nother challenge which is exponentially harder than recruiting them in the first place. I mean, what if anomalies the nation? But appliance venture, then why is it so cool to returns? So I'll speak to the US because that's where we invest in the United States. In unfortunate, consequence of our history is that the way someone looks whether that's gender or race is often a very good proxy for their life experience because our society has been formed in a certain way, and this is sad fact of our history and something that we need to own. And when you know that and you recognize that someone's. Life experience has tremendous impact on their go forward worlds, you, it shapes the way they think about product creation. The way they identify problems the way they understand the needs of customer. You start to understand that if you want to serve the customers of tomorrow, you need diversity today inside your business and to be successful and to have the insights that you need nor to generate returns. That venture capitalists are pursuing. All of us need to wake up to this idea that the very largest companies over the next decade are likely to be founded and led by people who don't look like the people of the last decade. And so for me, when I think about the next ten years and the five to seven massive venture outcomes, right? So these are the Facebooks Uber stay be abuse of of the venture industry. My belief is that of those five to seven, somewhere between four and seven of them are likely to be founded by someone who is underrepresented minority a woman or both. I mean, exciting times ahead with that perspective in mind, as I said, I really could told you makes me Rukuni at the twenty minute VC to be on. They want to dive into a quickfire around with the analysis and she is a issue statement, and then you give me your immediate. I use strapped in ready to go. So favorite Bookham. Why? What must I be reading on the nights live out t. so give you two one. This Boyd, which is about a fighter pilot and how chains change the military unbelievable book about disruption in state industry? Something every every founder should read, and then the other one is one called writing down the bones by Natalie Goldberg, and this one is impactful because it really talks about working in an industry where the results of your work are unknown for a long period of time and our offense, objectives or outside of your control. And she talks about the idea that it should not care about the outcome in for her. The art is writing, but the practice of writing you should not care about the outcome. You should chase the critical acclaim instead, you should focus on the quality of your practice of writing. The actual work that you're doing day in day out the quality of that work, which is something you have control over and therefore something that you should honor. And I think writing down the bones is a great piece of meditative piece on how we in the start of industry should be thinking about the art that we practiced the craft and the things the structures that were building the way we pursue the craft of venture capital or building companies. I'm sure you've been in many anatomy thing was the most memorable outline easing why? So I can't think of a specific LP meeting. Probably my first one, I think the impact of l. p. meetings for me was really about understanding our shareholders. You know, at first round over seventy percent of our limited partners are nonprofit. And we at our l. p. meetings, you start to understand the work that they do and the impact of our work on their ability to achieve their goals. And so I think when we do our job, you know, at an LP meeting, I was really able to have this kinesthetic sense that when I do my job, people will go to university that otherwise would. Because scholarships are funded based on the returns that we generate children will have medical interventions that have been discovered based on research that was funded from the returns that we generate. And so when you start to think about the impact that we can have as first round on the world, I think we talk a lot about being in service to our customer, the founder and the impact that founders have to change the world, which is obviously incredible in hugely inspiring tests, but I think it I shall we also have this tremendous benefit that our shareholders are also equally inspiring in terms of the work that they do and their impact on society. And we get to play a role on both sides of that. It's hugely motivating every morning when I wake up, he said, learning putt, dollas spend Talia who embodies this my successfully from your experience. I can't think of a specific name but learning dollar spent the very best examples of that are the founders who raise a large series b. and the company continues to operate in any given granular area with the same sense. Of urgency and hustle that was exhibited on day one. And in many ways, I guess I could cop out, say, Jeff, Bezos his because he's are ticketed the day one thesis, but I think that's very true. And I see that embodied in many of our founders as they raise large rounds, they're able to truly consider much greater aspirations for their company. And at the same time, their initial instinct on the day, one after raising that money is to continue to grind on the resourcefulness and the Bill break in learn cycles that are so critical to building companies and to maximizing learning dollar. How did some advice from your father when you do to his day old affect how you interact with founders today? This is a great question. Hey, you talk to somebody knows heightened. Indeed. I told you I'd be my research. You certainly did. So when you have a child, what you realize is one, you've never cared more about anything before your entire life and two. You've never known less about how to care for something ever before in your entire life. And so you're. Searching for ways to feel a sense of competence in your parenting and on day one, my daughter was still in the hospital and I was speaking to my father, and he asked if I was nervous and I said, yes, I'm frightened to death, and he said, don't worry, don't read all these books. Don't look for advice from me or anybody else. He said, if you wanna be a great parent call you need to do is always always listen to her, listen to your daughter and then always give her what you think she needs throw. I'm just writing down from my future life. The point of that I think is both always listen, listen deeply, truly understand what someone is saying and then apply your judgment to what they need because often they don't know. But once you decided what they need, do everything, you can everything you can to give it to them. And I try to do that with founders at Parnell. I'm so glad I all stat that was phenomenal one and I wanna finish today Finn. So to be finishing on your most recent publicly announced investment. And why did you say yes, so so I'll talk about ubiquity six, which is a company that I met the founder through our work with dorms want, which is the university initiatives that I work on first round with a team, and there's a group of students all around the country, but I met, I met Andrzej through dorm signs and followed his career until he became a founder. And the reason that we invested in ubiquity six was in part on Jeannie and his dream beyond the dream around the use of augmented reality on how that would influence all of our lives going forward. But very specific. Really, he had the beginnings of an understanding of new atomic unit of communication for humanity. And I think that that paternity, the promise of a potential new way of bringing people closer through technology was something tremendously compelling in a period of time in venture capital generally where consumer has been out of favour, and if you look across most people's portfolios, there's been a rise investing in enterprise. I think finding someone who was incredibly talented and also maniacally focused on delivering a new way to bring people closer was tremendously compelling for us in denser, were super happy to partner with engineering is very first institutional round to continued that partnership over the past twelve months fan. Often autumn sit on considering changing it to twenty minute VC within Abba Thursay. Thank you so much joining me. Everything has been such a pleasure. No, it was great to talk to you and I look forward to future episodes with other people has steadily something on my on my list and a weekly, listen. Now my question she is, do you think that's the best episode we've ever done to me, I think may be, but I do know he's lying. He to fin because that would not have happened without his incredible time spent on it and the effort that he gave that I cannot find him enough. Likewise, I want to say he signed to roll to Haley to Bill and Georgia first round. I sir predate what you did with the questions. If you want to see more from us behind the scenes, you can on Instagram at h. Stubbings nineteen Ninety-six tubes. It'd be great seed that, but before we leave each day and I want to spend a minute to about Brax the first corporate card for starsoap Sprague's found his entry Rican, Pedro Bill to payments, business in Brazil, but found themselves rejected for corporate call when they're in y combinator. They decided to build brags with instant online sign up. No found a liability required an unlimited ten to twenty times higher than standing cod's pretty incredible. I know. And you can sign up for Bryce today and get fees waived by entering the code. Harry during sign up on the, it really is such a special service and with Braxton place. We now need a team to really use the call. Odds, and that's why terminal comes in Tom, Liz, the startup that appreciates hiring amazing developers is really hard. Plus it's even harder if you're only looking at twenty five mile radius. If you'll office Tom, Liz, you'll dedicated poem in rapidly standing up across remote technical teams. How do they deliver speed and quality? We'll tumble does this by focusing on everything necessary to successfully source setup and support these teams from physical elements, beautiful spaces and equipment to own going resources like HR, payroll, legal professional learning and development, but don't take my word for this. Take the type of van, bright, former twenty guest hymns and dial Pat all of whom customers and lovers of terminal. And you can find out more stay at terminal finding we now have the team in place. So it was a founder or operator is crucial. Job is people opperations that could be hiring Zack's, developing, manages retaining top talent and building a high performing culture. And that's why lasts comes in glasses. Is the number one people management solution for growing companies, helping the license for sauna, read it and cruise, build a really. Strong company culture. I'm with losses. It's easy to launch three safety review. Shut ongoing feedback, facilitate one on one setup goal tracking and even run employee engagement surveys and lattice is the only solution that combines both performance management and employee engagement. So operations can really make sure top performers a happy unless this is giving away three months of last free to twenty listeners just coaching lattice dot com for slash to'serve e c l. Dot com for slash chooser VC build an award-winning culture with Lassus the number one people management solution as always. I cannot thank you enough your sport, and I can awaits being an incredible interview on Friday with Dennis Mortenson found at x dot AI.

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Kinda Cute  Ep. 7  The Return of Baby Phat, Scary Spon Con, and Rob Pattinsons Clown Story

Curiosity Wins

25:09 min | 1 year ago

Kinda Cute Ep. 7 The Return of Baby Phat, Scary Spon Con, and Rob Pattinsons Clown Story

"It's kind of cute right. Hello and welcome back to kind of cute and if you're new here welcome my name's bailey evan on kind of cute we discuss the articles and other pop culture musings and for today my only updates are some more thoughts on the miley and caitlyn switch because because i heard that they were spotted together at soho house mala bill all over each other making out in the bathroom making all by the bar but that being said stand by what i said in last episode that i think they're just having fun. I still think though both in with men but if they are getting married in italy next fall <hes> i'll eat my words so that's my only update this week. I think we can just get right into this. Week's articles and this first one is a plum alon point a juicy peach of an article like there's just so much to unpack here that i apologize in advance that we might be spending a little bit more time on this one them emme usually do this is called lady 'camorra. The baby fat designer returns by alison p. Davis and this article is accompanied by an incredible title painting by roberto parada showing kamara and all of her baby fat glory. Check it out. I think it's stunning. It could be hanging in the white house much better than a trump <hes> portrait if you ask me so it's unintentionally become part of this podcast to discuss the resurgence of the early odds and this articles no exception and to lay the setting for this interview. I'm gonna read you kind of a hefty paragraph so get your snacks in your t. ready. Y'all okay so here we go. Comoro simmons spots someone at the table across from her. She's at her usual haunt sitting with legs crossed and plush poppy coloured armchair in the opulent lobby restaurant of the hotel plaza athenee. I have no idea how to pronounce things in france in france in french. We've established this. She makes eye conduct with an older black gentleman sipping beautiful drink and a crystal glass. He gives a smile and a nod of recognition. She returns the nod incline simmons the one time model all in one time mogul loves it here. She has spent stretches of the summer in paris and she was thirteen. When she was plucked from a modeling school in saint louis mall scientists exclusive chanel chanelle contract and selected to wear the coveted last look in karl lagerfeld's nineteen eighty nine hook guitar show a wedding gown for the fashion industry's child bride ride success in money led to frequent stays at the plaza athenee like barely adult elouise. She threw her children's parties here. Once there was a mary antoinette theme she spent time with here here with her ex husband def jam co founder russell simmons who she met when she was seventeen and he was thirty five ooh editors as in me the she know the man across the lobby not really awesome and says they've never talked but they're both often here. You're sitting in the lobby having snacks. She explains out the side of her frozen. Smile lips barely moving as if she were her own trillo quist. He's probably someone important because everyone here is somebody he's probably like the king of zimbabwe or something <hes> the cut added for as in the middle of zimbabwe so symbolic ah boy there's no king of zimbabwe. There's a president it's not that man. Oh this is when the cut is at its best. It's just a little bit shady but you know a friendly way. I feel like this article. Overall is positive towards camera and showing the accomplishments she's made in making street treat where mainstream and but i do like that they get the little jabs in there because that's just so funny talking about her turning street wear into a movement. I really think it did and as an aside. I also like to discuss the comeback of von dutch. Do you remember von dutch. It was those trucker hats with the the vonda was kind of in cursive. I paris hilton like simple life days really popular allies these i either had one or really wanted one and i remember one hundred like fred segal in <hes> l._a. That's where lindsay lohan was always packed and she was always had her touching her bondage bullying bag and her hat anyways fast forward to two thousand house in nineteen and i'm not sure if you're familiar with emma chamberlain but she's sort of become a representation of gen z. whether they like it or not and any sort out of mainstream publication that talks about her whether it's the new york times or vogue they kind of put her on this pedestal of being the voice of a generation and i i think ma is so hilarious endowed in her. I've actually been a fan of hers for awhile. Now i find her videos really entertaining like they're just stupid and mindless but i feel like she she is herself or a character ever self whatever it is she's choosing to be that day and i applaud her for navigation the fan that comes up with blowing up on youtube <unk> overnight and i think she's done that really well because she really was sort of an overnight success story. I mean she had post. If you videos she had one about going to the dollar tree that went super super viral and after that i mean she jumped from you know a thousand to a million subscribers literally overnight i mean don't quote me on that but it was a very quick decries to fame and so that's just some background on him not to get off kamara too much here but my point of all of this is that am i just did a video with bogue those posted on youtube and in this vogue video they kind of followed her around in twenty four hours a day and during this she had pink von dutch bowling bag and i have aft- emma's like very stylish she's sort of that urban outfitters you know visco girl aesthetic that i feel like a lot of younger girls are aspiring to be these stays kind of like this <hes> generation's high school kind of what they aspire to and i think she has a really good job addressing like vintage stuff a lot of like faux vintage stuff on and she's very thin. She's kind of model s to begin with and anyway she just looking super cool with this for pink von dutch bowling bag which literally has no business this looking good. It's objectively an ugly bag. It's it's hideous but she makes it look cool and in that moment i was like wow it is official. The early odds have arrived. If it wasn't official already it's official now. Emma chamberlain m chamberlain says so so back to kamara <hes> so this is just started as a parenthetical in the article but get this. It says the vintage per fair in fashion historian gabriel held reports selling his entire archive the brand to riana last year as in the entire archive of baby fat <hes>. Can you say iconic on so many levels lake do you. I think that we're gonna in her house. Just has closet of baby fat. Do you think she keeps it in a safe. Do you think she keeps it in a storage shed. I don't know why this podcast is made me infinitely more interested in the going on day to day but now that i know she smells good in that. She has the entire baby fat archive. I just i love for even more than i used to okay so moving back to the coal this part i was just cringe so as the waitress is walking away after she's kind of having trouble understanding cameras order. She's camara says don't make me hit you in the knee. Simmons says the waitresses departing starting back in a quiet sing song voice she had splendid tour whipped cream and turns back to us. I'm very aggressive. There is a thing years ago. You remember vanity fair. I i said one time i beat bitches ass and she printed on every page and only now my kids have seen this article that profile nancy jo sales came out in two thousand and five and i'm sorry to go on another tangent here but do you guys remember. The show pretty wild to this day. I think it's the best example of reality t._v. To exists says because it unwittingly stumbled upon members of the bling ring in nancy joe the very same nancy joe that cameras talking about wrote an iconic article about alexis zaire's which spawned the infamous. I wore kid hills conversation so here's some more homework for you guys if you haven't seen that show and in particular the brown be kitten heels clip. Please get into it. That show is so wackadoo and i think the funniest part about it though is that in it the mom teaches her kids the secret which i'm sure as you guys are all familiar with basically just manifestation put into kinda by digestible a civil way of thinking and i i had already been interested in the secret before seeing this show so seeing this it kind of freaked me out because i i was like okay. These people are wack jobs like complete and utter wack jobs and they also believe in manifestation so now. I'm reevaluating all my life choices. That's how my thought process went back. When pretty well i came on and this was years ago. I goes in highschool anyways nancy jo an icon alexis myers an icon and apparently now she's doing really well and like married and has kids and she's sober so gay alexis okay getting back to come mora so this is a paragraph talking about her children and it's one of her children's names as a oak and it says more interested in business strategy than design though she'd like a preppy baby fat collection blazers blazers and skirts she could wear on campus this fall at harvard simmons probably announced her daughter's college acceptance on instagram writing she really did it on her own merit and we're really so oh proud because i can't row or anything like that which was seen as a dig at the actresses embroiled in the varsity blue scandal and wow i know we haven't discussed rested on the podcast yet because i guess it's sort of old news at this point but the varsity blue scandal is one of the juiciest things to come out since the bling ring it is it's insane and if you don't know what it's called. I'm sure you've heard of it. It's the whole thing with law firm felicity huffman and obviously weigh more more other high-powered rich people who just didn't get as much press simply because of the fact that they're not household names <hes> we're basically paying company with <hes> and it's not just paying company to get their kids into school. They are engaging in shady stuff like posing photos of their kids doing track and rowing when their kids didn't do that so so that's varsity blues and i think it's hilarious that simmons like called them out on that but it's also just funny to me me 'cause i'm like when you are the kid of a famous person. Your chances of getting in the school in of that are already so much higher you you know like i'm sorry i don't even you might have straight a.'s but even if you didn't your assignment and so you already kind of have a leg up in it doesn't matter if it's harvard or wherever you're going to get that leg up so again. I'm still care very confused why the law flynn's paid to get there and cheated their way in the u._s._a. Because i'm telling you those kids would have gotten anyway but that's a story for another day so camara says that she wants baby fat to be a heritage brand. She wanted to be chanel into that. I say dream big baby girl. I also have to add that. She asked the reporter who alexander wang is l. Hello she doesn't get a single fuck and i love it. Another important tidbit that i got from this article is that she met her now husband q. on a plane lane to hong kong chic and another fun tidbit about her husband last august he pleaded guilty to charges that he conspired to launder money and admitted to bribing officials in malaysia malaysia and the u._a._e. He fitted forty three point. Seven million dollars is barred from the banking industry and paid a fine of one point four million and ask for her ex husband russell simmons more than a dozen women have come forward with rape and sexual harassment allegations against him since two since november two thousand seventeen so although she might not have varsity blues did her weighs into college at her current husband is maybe not the most upstanding guy but according to her he was really just a scapegoat for the company so <hes> who knows but honestly baby fat. I am rooting for you kamara at kale as i am rooting for you and considering that you're forever twenty one clubs sold without in one day. I think it's going to be a booming success and i can't wait to see how it goes and maybe even a piece for myself all right so our next article imagine turning your motorcycle accident into a photo shoot by amanda arnold now this to me is so dark and i don't think the cut it really communicated well enough how dark this is so a lifestyle blogger has come under fire for posting artsy instagram photos of herself after getting into a motorcycle accident. This is all quoted directly from the article her name's tiffany mitchell tip for a rally on instagram and she's a nashville based lifestyle blogger with with an instagram falling of two hundred eleven thousand. She writes on her website that she loves and i quote all the things and that is the sort of specificity deficity. I live for so to give the basic facts on july thirty first she posted an instagram slide show of herself getting into a non fatal motorcycle crash and the pictures as the cut not noted and i agree with they are filter filtered they appear to be art directed and they are eyebrow raising <hes> posted now deleted but if you google this you can find them on and in the lengthy caption caption accompanying the photos she described this scary magical series of events of that day and she says while she was riding home from taking photographs she misjudge a curb went off the road and hit the pavement <hes> and apparently during this ride home her friends were driving alongside her and photographing here which kind of makes sense because when when you're an influence or you kind of have the camera on you had a lot of times and the really big insert answer gamers in youtubers literally have photo crews that and video crews that apollo them around so it's not that part of it is so far fetched i think it's more the fact that she decided to post this and that is why it's my theory and some other people series on the internet that this is the strangest spawn con that i've ever seen. I've seen some frigging strange spun con. I mean if you've ever seen an advertisement for pork on instagram. You know how weird it can get so not. Everyone thinks that the crash actually happened noting that she has a propped up motorcycle. Her friends just happened to be driving alongside her when she crashed her bike but the most important aspect of the photo to me is the untouched bottle of smart water with the logo conveniently facing towards the camera and as the cut notes. We're all know bottled water brand horning for a good old product placement. Maybe she was supposed to be doing a spawn con with smartwater on her motorcycle. That's sort of what i think. What happened is that she a plan to do. A sponsored post her riding her motorcycle and talking about how she uses is a smart water on her trips to keep her hydrated and then this crash accident happens and she realizes wait. This is probably gonna go viral tirol because it's a crash. It's drama people love drama people. I can make them feel bad for me and while i'm doing that i can get in my spun cotton on and i'm killing two birds with one stone. I'm giving that company more than what they ask. For an everyone wins except not everyone wins because she took down and now people people are shitting on her and online articles but in the end i still think influencers no that all publicity is good publicity the city i would've never known who this chick was if i hadn't read this temporarily but now i do now i kinda wanna stock back and see what other swan khan she's had just to support my theory so i don't know say what you will but it's all spiritual a little suspicious. I don't i know my favorite part of the articles where it says has jennifer aniston responded as of now neither smart water any of their hydrated faces have publicly responded did <hes> i'm waiting for them to though 'cause i would love for them to the thing is they don't want to implicate themselves in this but i would love for them to make a statement either extricating themselves from the situation or owning up to the fact that they did have a brand deal with her hurry so we're moving on to our last article of today. This is another request west from one of my most loyal listeners virginia shoutouts you. I think for the third time and she's getting married soon so yeah. I think about this a lot. The time robert pattinson blatantly lied on the today show by dana schwartz and actually now they says i'm not sure if this was a request from virginia or liz. It's so love both of you. Guys are both loyal fans so we last discussed and i think about this a lot article with john mayer and the mayor craft and then jessica verona girl. I'm still waiting for you to respond to my d in but guys. I have an update. Today i went back to the article and there was a new comment from six days days ago and it was from someone named alicia yard del. Can i just say bless these people for putting their first and last names on their cut comments so that i can easily sleep find them on instagram. So of course you know i found her on instagram and i messaged alicia and this sort her comment said on the cut. It says i went on the mayor craft. He actually did a the second one in two thousand nine that left out the port of san pedro and went to kabul san lucas. Both cruises were amazing and i would hundred percent go again with about ten excavation works after it so i basically sent her the same message i sent jessica asking her for you know if she mingled with john is she saw him in the swimsuit if he performed and i'm hoping ping and praying that she responds back into make it even more obvious that i had dmt her because you know how like when strangers diem new goes in another mailbox. I even responded to her comment on the cut and said highly idea m._d. Like i would love to talk about this on my podcast so guys keep your fingers crossed. We're getting to the bottom of this mayor craft experience. If it's less than ideal selects article about robert pattinson this pertains to the press tour that rob did for water for elephants which if you you remember or you probably don't because it did horribly was it was based on a wildly popular book and it co starred reese witherspoon so he was being interviewed by matt lauer hour and i just want to insert the audio of this interview because i feel like good will do more justice than me reading it too but in case i can't get to work it says matt lauer opened the interview about the circus the movie by asking pie ever dreamed of running away to the circus. No pattinson responded. He did not the first first time i went to see the circus. Somebody died patents and said what are the clowns died. How did he die lower us patents and answered immediately. His little car exploded the joke. Oh car exploded on him matt said are you serious right now seriously yeah my parents had to everybody ran out it was terrifying was the only time i've ever been to the circus so the tissue obviously ran this out online with the headline for robert pattinson circuses are scary than vampires because if you'll remember this was also at the height of his twilight fame so at this point is had to go watch this interview on youtube and it's so bizarre because rob is laughing the entire time he tells it like no remorse so to me. It seem team pretty clear. He was kidding. Which is why i think matt lauer asked him like are you serious 'cause he had joking tone as he's saying all this but it is uncomfortable and rob honestly sleet the only way i can explain it is that he looks bedraggled that that's the only way to describe it so fast forward a couple of days and i guess he's being interviewed again and he says i said those things but actually made the whole thing up. It's coming back to haunt me. I said it on some show. It was really early in the morning. After the day the day after the new york the premier someone asked me what my experience with the circus was and i was like i have nothing interesting to stay. I don't know why i said that honestly my favorite part about this is him just just who in the hell out of matt lauer and the j. show like referred to it as some show and not just someone is fantastic and the cuts summed up my feelings perfectly on this all patents in really did was trivialized being interviewed by matt lauer which is even more satisfying now in two thousand nineteen than it was in two thousand eleven when lara was just your run-of-the-mill tool so rob you've gained a fan in me and <hes> i've hated matt since he got rid of an back in the day that was it's all his fault and an was a treasurer and she was a kind soul and that was so messed up so <hes> you deserve this mac and i also have to applaud this masterpiece of a poetic ending robert pattinson telling matt lauer a fake anecdote pointless shout into the void like eating a table full of pastries. When you know your life will restart art the next day life is meaningless. Celebrity is false one day. Even twilight in its hordes of fans will be like a made up clown in made up clown car. We're all all going to die. I mean the cuts tone can just so wildly twist and turn from one side to the other and that's why have a whole podcast dedicated to it. I really thought this article is amazing. I really would like to befriend those people who write these. I think about this a lot like dana schwartz if you're looking for a new friend in florida if you need a place to say in west palm beach feel free to hit me up and guys maybe if this ever gets more than like twenty listeners per episode i could start interviewing. These cut journalists like that would be so cool. Omegas can please manifest that for me. I've never really it done an interview on a microphone but i think you know like this podcast would probably start out like shit and then gradually get a little better so again. Let's just is put outlets secret that out in the world like alexis nightmares in maybe i'll buy some kitten heels in her honor and just hope that that happens for me and on that note well. Let's get into this. Week's legit shea so if you aren't familiar. I talk every week about legit shit that i like. I also do a segment on my blog but sometimes i like to share with you. My little special pod podcast people things that i haven't shared with my blog yet and this week. It's about smart sweets now. Damn i wish i was sponsored. I wish i'd get a single sponsor in any aspect of my life because damn do. I buy shit but these are gummy candies that are low in sugar. My favorite of the varieties are the sour buddies which are kind of mint taste like sour patch kids and they are so delicious. There's like five different flavors in each bag. They only have three grams of sugar. No sugar alcohols are very high in fiber which brings the carb net carb countdown to like three grams it just the sugars basically and they are so good and i swear they they really do have fibre 'cause they. Keep me full. I'm still skeptical about the nutritional facts on these because they're so good good and that these tastes so good so it's the teachings and this our buddies in my opinion they're by far the best i've tried every variety at this point and those are plante beast <hes> <hes> actually i ate the other ones that hide gelatin in them which i sat about regret <hes> but the other ones are plant based so you can eat those with no regret the swedish fish ones and the sour buddies and the patriots are all plant based and i really think if you order them you'll like them. You can get a twelve pack for thirty dollars. Which i realize is really really expensive for candy but i swear like a bag so satisfied like you could even take it to the movie theater with you and you know if you want like a little bit of a healthier option super super good and i think what the somebody's you get like a really good amount in the pack the patriots and the swedish fish. You only get a few. They don't last long because they're bigger so there's not as many pieces but you can really stretch out when you're eating lazar buddies like you can stretch them out over a while and on that note. That's the end of this podcast. I'm sorry that groggy he continues to bark and i still hope you'll give this five stars and subscribe and i will see you next week for episode eight. What do y'all i am hitting you. A some bonus content right now late breaking news bethany frankel just quit real housewives of new york and it's never gonna be the same and i'm shook to my core. I don't even know what to say. I don't know for mona. Lewi carried the show. Okay goodbye for real.

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