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"parada boyle" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"The news watch never asked wbz news time 330 we have overcast skies alert dean's degrees in boston good afternoon i'm mike macklin here's what we're following of the wbz newsroom it is a bone shielding new year's eve probably in boston will be about four degrees as we ring in the new year first night activities in boston jailed as a result no parada boyle stint straighter family fireworks on the common due to the bone killing cold a burst water pipe floods the town hall a europe of five sheriff's deputies are shot in colorado one of them fatally is survived by his wife and two children and in sports patriots up twenty four three in the fourth lost in the shuffle it peripherique performance by the team defense joppy go to use it 330 boston said to ring in of frigid new year tonight but some of the signature of events so the city's first night celebration have been canceled due to the cold first the forecast for two nights for that we turn to wbz tv meteorologist barry burbank one of the coldest new year's eves we've ever had around here perhaps not recordbreaking but at least it's going to be down in a single numbers as we get in the evening hours and probably in boston will be about four degrees as we ring in the new year but it won't feel like four it's going to feel colder than that because the wind is going to be blowing the national weather service issuing a wind chill advisory effective from eight o'clock tonight through noon tomorrow for much of southern new england because of the estimated wind chills expected to be in the range of five to twenty below zero well this graphic a couple of popular first night events in the city due to the bonechilling cold we get that story from wbz's kim tunnicliff in copley square the people's procession parade down boil stint street in the family fireworks on the common have been cancelled due to the frigid weather first night organizer dusty road says the decision was made after consulting with a mayor's office and several public safety agencies fresh not to have people have prolonged exposure the good news there still plenty of first night festivities going on.

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