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Brent Musburger to replace Greg Papa as Oakland Raiders' radio play-by-play voice

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03:42 min | 4 years ago

Brent Musburger to replace Greg Papa as Oakland Raiders' radio play-by-play voice

"Do anything with him I think when he's one hundred percent and he knows he is that's when you'll see him on the court that could be. Halfway, through. The season yeah, exactly I think we're I think at best we're looking at maybe the end of December and I. Think warriors team again he's really just gravy to already a historically. Great team dominant team so if they have to wait all the way till after, the all star break. They, will do that now if, you, get boogie, cousins even let's say fifty to seventy five percent of what he was, that is extremely frightening thought. Even Seventy-five percent boogie cousins is fantastic especially in the postseason, I get. You but seventy five percent coming off an. Achilles I think that's a lot to ask for as well so we don't know exactly what kind of player we're going to get with the Marcus. Camby, are. Is the number, so yeah we're going to be talking with karnal attornal coming up in just a couple of minutes. And then at the end of the hour we're gonna talk to. Matt maiocco I do want to at some point get to the Mark Davis statement, he made about letting. Greg, Papa Gautam floors was let, go as well, so the entire broadcast for the raiders games going to be very interesting, next year As a raider fan and talking to raider fans that away Cambier isn't. It Mark, is Mark making it a little bit difficult for you to root for this team as. They have their last little bit here in, the bay area is making it. Difficult to be a raider fan because, I think he is for me. Anyways as much as I do bleed that team and I love the. Raiders since I was a child when they came back in the mid ninety s I mean What do you want me to? Do Mark you're giving away home game so they can go play across the water. In London I mean just the way that you've you've acted in Las Vegas Why why why can't you go get? A guy that's yours why do you have to go get, Brent Musburger a name if you wanted to get rid of Papa which is going to irritate the fan base because irradiates me and Flora's why can't you bring, on a guy and go through tapes of play by play broadcasts then have your guy instead of Musburger who I don't even? Know has has he ever. Even done in a on the radio and I was really. Frustrating it's, we're going to be really frustrated root for this team This year I'm going to of course but I? Just want to know raider fans away can't? Be are is he may get difficult he's not make I, don't think he's making it easy for me to go out and buy my ticket to a raider game it really is not I mean again the way that, he acts when he's in Vegas and the what what he says was in Vegas we've waited so this is so great this? Is this is slap in. The face tussin the East Bay I that's how I feel Roll around you. Stupid, bubble bubble top van Got it drives me crazy let's go to a nightgown Oakland before we get to Connor What a night now you can call me dragon Hey dragon how are you man Wasn't a Nighthawk stepbrothers. Who's, Nighthawk, was Nighthawk and? Jade It's night. Out okay yes, no, your night out yes go ahead I'm night Al hey, but I on the on. The raiders, and the whole Greg Papa in that, deal you know this is just another club by them but anyway The reason, I, called is to tell all athletes that are you know, thinking about dating a porn. Star during, all star week when the dentist week, in sports Think again man you don't think, we would, be talking about this if it was I don't know the middle of the NFL DS No You do it during, the, hey, Jimmy g. when the warriors are in the, finals take her, out Kostanic won't be you know top. Line..

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