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"papa bhopal" Discussed on Pressure Points

"I am so disappointed. That you've ruined my perfect intro. You son of saying not come into Your Life. He just roll with it. I'm cruising. I'm feeling great. Oh my all right. Well How's Your Quarantine Ben Going? You know just the usual. I haven't done anything at all. That's fair especially with this podcast. I haven't done anything for like two months. Oh Man I've just been so depressed with You know having all this free time and money so depressed getting my stimulus check and my tax return. God this sucks. You know awful. I was only able to buy eighty dollars worth of foam splitting somebody. It was worth it. It was it was totally. You compare our last episode. Not Alas that was a bad sound sound on that one the one before that regardless if you compare sound prior to today not as good things change. We've got an an official looking studio now especially with the Hanging blanket curtain. I was GonNa say I really the strawberries Smcgaels and all the bottles of alcohol in the corner. I told you there diffuser Yeah what about you but you've been up to our absolutely nothing until about half an hour ago when I set up the new pressure points merchandise store we didn't we should have come up with a theme song We should have come up with a better name. We should have done something other than set up the pressure points. T. Shirt store that too in preparation but you have a lot of money if you still have money for your stimulus. Check like if you haven't blown it on hookers and cocaine and sex dolls. I'll God we gotta discuss. We'll we'll talk about that after the the blurb so I should probably know what the website is. It's spring dot com slash pressure. The link will be in the description and on our website and through the Lincoln. Our instagram and everywhere. So don't type it in only boomers type it in so yeah that links everywhere and only boomers type triggered for the For the first week until Saturday. The twenty third there is a fifteen percent discount. What does that Discount Code? Discount Code is toothpick toothpick. Put that in by about five hundred shirts. Resell them at like a music festival. A higher higher cost. We won't be mad about it. Yeah we'll eat that fifteen percent you sell it for the normal cost you can. Yeah so off it toothpick until Saturday. The twenty third be there be square pleased by some of these because I in a lot of foam related debt. He hasn't gotten a stimulus yet. Sorry Oh no no no I got. It just was immediately gone piece out of the kitchen floor. Yeah I was place. Looks Gorgeous and the studio looks phenomenal. This studio is probably the best part about buying this house a month ago. Yeah especially the fact that you're now living with your future wife. That's not. That's not a good perk. I was. I've been living with her house years now. You have a house with your future wife. Well that's a silo but don't real studio now now know the best thing is this morning. I mowed my front lawn. Oh God I woke up and I was the first thing I did. I put on clothes and Modi Law and it was the best close to me from. I'm I'm not an Australian Florida. Yeah I mean did you move your back onto no no okay you. You're worthless not yet. I also cleaned out my air conditioning. Unit hosed down got all the leaves out of it sprayed this chemical. My father bought me out the coils. I like these weekly updates on your projects. Yeah it's it's it's endearing you can all help me by buying some of these shirts. My my weekly updates for quarantine. Or what's sad shit? Did you masturbate? What did you regret this week? Actually I regret to day going to read it and finding that sex doll. What was it called? I don't want to remember dot com. And it's so painfully it was all dot com. It's I don't care what it was. It was it was silicon wives dot com blurs. Shout out own. They'll sponsor US I feel like they're grasping at straws if we even if we got ten percent of their eighteen hundred dollars sex doll. Oh Oh my opening the link. It's just an Asu silicon ass not even good ask. Oh if you click it zooms. So don't ever go to that website. I mean if you want to more power to you but I'll just give you a quick breakdown. It has options for. Add Ons for your sex doll. Oh Yeah I've got them right here a couple of which I'll just spat out a few warning. This read them read them. I'm just GonNa read this one part and look at Dominique from the front and you'll instantly get a hard on Muggy H Cup breasts. Hey eight-year-olds have an eating disorder which chop some of the add on. So you can. I'm GonNa let you finish your drink. Some of the add on's are you can make her warm. They will add something inside her. That keeps her warm. So that it's not like fucking a corpse. No no she's just going to be lifeless but she'll feel as warm as a regular body like a fresh corpse. God the other was this is AJ favorite put on Dildo inside inside the vagina so that you can get pegged by your silicon. What you're now so on trance. Yeah and then you like the option for pubic hair or no pubic hair or in the coffin the China or not built in China. Fucking storage box. Which looks like a coffin. I spent too much time on his website. Just like what the fuck is going on here. I got close. I'm already out God. It's so bad in. Did you see any of the ones that were like overly like cartoon? I did not spend much time off website. I spent like three minutes because like I don't want this. I'M GONNA get some weird ads. I sign was. How is this a cold like how is this culture? Like how is why. Why was this? A sustainable business. I know and I looked at the prices. Yeah like twenty five hundred dollars or some Shia all of almost got I would. I'd rather just pay ten bucks for a dollar store hooker right and you can get ten things yeah perfect. Oh God Yep pure trash I I hate. It hurts me. Thank God I thought those are things that you could only buy on the dark net. I'm disappointed in the rain humanity. You know this is worse than rule. Thirty four man so four of us. Oh No it's just voices fucking disembodied moaning back and forth across this new table Yeah so quick. Segue into our subject for the for the day by the way. I'm I'm sorry Any of that stuff was made your ears bleed that we discussed there but we really know how to run away new listener. GonNa say if anybody tunes in like fresh on this episode. They're not they have no idea. What the fuck where. They're not coming back. But I mean that's sort of every episode. Why this is why I was GonNa say this is why we're not growing but we're actually growing really say we're doing all right This episode like I said Bhopal which I actually looked up how to pronounce this correctly because I was tired of not being able to pronounce the names of things. And it's so big trouble in Little Paul now so Papa Bhopal is this have to do with the clergy. What clergy the Papa Papa you know the VATICAN WITH APOLLO? Nothing does not not not going along those lines. We're talking about Paul India baby now before I get started once again. Which is usually my go-to there are two things that I'm going to start with my intro to chemicals that you should know about now the first one is methyl isocyanate which methylisocyanate is five hundred times worse than hydrogen cyanide if it's not kept in spotless refrigerated conditions it can react explosively with itself Which is why a lot of chemical engineers recommend you store it in Brealey tiny quantities or just not at all it's corrosive to the is respiratory tract and skin so it's like a chemical corona virus and it causes. Pulmonary Dima which is oh that's just liquid in the lungs so no big number two. I'm referred to this. One is phase two as Carbon Tetra Chloride Carbon Tetra quote chloride. Jesus Christ Tetra. I fucked it up you guys I could. I could pronounce Papa but I can't pronounce this one. I just fell Paul B. H pal. Google them. I was like be. Ap L. Battle so carbon tetra chloride causes fatty livers and liver cell destruction And this is if it's consumed so it's booze but on like a cellular level like it. It's way worse than just drinking. Alcohol also causes kidney failure solid. And if you're consuming it frequently enough. You get vomiting headaches and dizziness. Yeah nothing wrong with any of those but there are other symptoms that get into when I talk about base too. So referring to phase one phase one starts now Her awful looking hate myself. That's one of the t shirts. GonNa say it's GonNa say D- is awful. That's or I fucking hate myself. D So in Bhopal India nineteen eighty-four. Union Carbide factory was working with missile. Methyl Ice Oh my fucking God. I shouldn't have done this session down at and you do this. They were working with my God Menlo Isocyanate which if you remember what I was talking about. They kept it in a huge tank in Bhopal Bhopal God damn it the size of a steam locomotive. Now that's fine. This is fine no big deal. Nobody cares as you have a slightly larger than steam locomotive refrigerator. Right so they so you see. That's Union Carbide factory. I'm just GONNA call him. Uc throughout this. They had been wanting to sell their company to Brazil or Indonesia because but in Indonesia whatever it in Asia. I'm on fucked up on all this coffee. I'm now going crazy. So they wanted to sell because they couldn't really afford it so they started to cut costs now over four years so from nineteen. Eighty to like nineteen eighty-four They cut the MAC unit in half. Which is the methyl isocyanate? They cut that in half from twelve people handling it to six. They cut maintenance for that same area from six people to to. Oh that's fine. And then the Control Room. One operator over seventy panels and indicators and controls which were mostly faulty throughout the entire for years Their safety training was reduced from six months. How how much she thinks either do such safety training a half in half so they reduce it from six months three months three months. Yeah so their safety. Training was reduced from six months to two weeks. Oh God and they changed their like the little. Oh Hey these are safety things that we go by. They changed those from Indian to English and most of the people they hired didn't speak English so they're like Oh these are safety sayings and they can't even they don't even know what the Hell it means. And then you see started boasting. Oh we've saved one point two five million dollars but I mean we don't really have anything left to cut. So they hit their one point two five million dollars in savings prop Saddam in literally just tanking employees and safety and they said the only thing that we can really save on is if we cut back on our refrigeration for the MDC tank. And there's nothing..

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