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"panthers right guard" Discussed on Bolts from the Blue

"Garrison score more. Podcasts is here and I'm here to talk about the Russell Kun Trade Turner Trade. I know a lot of people have been asking if I'd be doing podcast anymore. Well does this answer your question. Yes that'll be doing this. How often no idea? But I'm doing it now so here I am your favor. Podcast or your favorite podcast. Your second favorite podcast. Here I am. We're talking about this. Trade feels good to be back. Get on this microphone and kind of wipe the dust off a little bit and get to it. So let's talk about it. Big Time Trade. That happened yesterday afternoon. Russ locum for trae. Turner the chargers make this trade with the panthers. They traded away their left tackle for the Panthers Right Guard. And let's go ahead and talk about it. Let's talk about what the chargers lost. So let's talk about Russell and I let's just off the top. Everybody everybody's obviously gross over statement but in an over generalization but a lot of people are a fan of this trade. I understand why you would chargers fan. But the thing that they keep attaching to Russell Kun that he's injury prone and yes. I mean he's had troubles with concussions and everything but in terms of last year. He had a pulmonary embolism. It was a life threatening situation for him. It made him missed a lot of last year and that was a severe circumstance so to say that he couldn't stay healthy last year is false and you're not taking into consideration the scary moment. He had on the field when he had chest pains. He battled through a groin injury olive last year though. It was his lowest input in terms of start in his career. He played fifteen games. The two years previous to that that whole injury prone narrative is totally misguided. That last year was an outlier. He had a serious thing happen to him so to say that. Oh well he couldn't stay on. The field is just false. I mean he had he anyway. I don't need to explain to you. The seriousness of that type of thing happening to a human being so take football out of it. The fact that he even came back was remarkable. So I'll just take all that out. The chargers are going to miss. Russ Loco I mean. He was the best left tackle. The chargers have had an ages so while Oku wasn't part of the future. I know why everyone is so quickly to write him off and glad that he's gone if you really sat down and thought about. The best left tackles in chargers history. How many are better than Rough Slocombe? Seriously how many are better than Russell? Oku in the history of the chargers left tackles. Maybe Marcus McNeill. If you're doing an all time chargers list I mean stack up. Those two thousand eighteen snaps left that Russell Kun had left tackle. I mean he was essential that the charge play on that year. He was amazing. So look yes. This is a complete win for the chargers. And I know I'm bearing the lead here but I also WANNA say that Russell. Kun was great for this offensive line for the chargers as soon as they got him. There's a lot of questions about how good he could be. He was good in Seattle. Had A good year in Denver but the chargers spent a pretty penny on him in the off season when they got him in free agency but he was worth every dollar. Everybody's talking about cutting him and everything. I was ready to roll with Russell. Kun this year. You only had one more year on his contract. We'll talk about contract details but look. The chargers got better in this deal and worthy obvious winners. But don't forget the charge don't have left tackle on the roster right now and if they were to go into the season right now before free agency before the draft which doesn't make any sense. But if you're looking at the roster right now trae. Pipkins your third round pick last year is. You're starting left. Tackle so left side gets a little weaker but overall the plan it works because Trade Turner. He made five straight pro bowls. That's what everybody's talking about but who cares pro bowl down. There voted on. That doesn't mean you're the best player pro bowls are fine but it's like oh the former five straight pro bowl. Making right guard traitor. Who Cares so? Stop talking about it. I will to trade. Turner Mystery Games in the last three years. I went back and wash a lot of him last night and I liked it. I said he was one of the best guards in the league. Maybe a little bit of an overstatement. Maybe I was too caught up in the moment. I might have to retract that a little bit but there is a lot of really good things about trade turner and when watching him. He was by far the best. Panther's offense of Lyman. He was also a team captain. So you know. There's a lot of talk about. How chargers will miss the Russell Kun Locker Room presence and while that holds water a little bit the charges get captive back which returner so that that argument becomes awash and with this whole trade? Remember a couple of weeks ago. It was reported that Okuno didn't like the direction of this team so even though he was a part of the future plans because of his age he also was down with a plan. Right now which you know when you lose a hall of Famer like Philip Rivers. It's hard to get on board everybody else's kind of stay in Pat. Nobody said anything. But Russell Kunsman very vocal about it and so it seemed like because he wasn't happy didn't like the direction and because he wasn't he was part of the immediate future but not further down the line immediate future meaning at least twenty twenty. It was time to let them go so after watching trae Turner The biggest takeaways for me or twofold one his strength at the point of attack. It is world's better than any charges on the roster. He is so strong to initiate contact and he doesn't give up much ground. Which is amazing. The thing that you want and I know it's kind of overblown on left. Tackle protecting the blind set of a quarterback that is very important in the NFL but what the chargers have been plagued with is bad interior. Play when a quarterback in these step throws like a guy like Philip rivers needs to do if you can get interior pressure. You can get to the quarterback without having to get a sack or pressure on you need to do is close in the walls a little bit and create that barrier right in his face and a guy like trade turner doesn't give up much ground again. We haven't seen any of this from charters lyman. Maybe pouncey excluded. Maybe an eighteen definitely not last year. But we've seen some of that from pouncey early on when he came with the chargers but We didn't see that last season at all. But he's so strong you initiate contact doesn't give much ground. The second for me is his on the field. I Q the chargers struggled with interior pressure. Most if not all of last year at a time that came in the A and Begat blitzes so the GATT being between the center and guards left and right guards that spot between them and the begat being between the guards tackle so i. I don't WanNa get too in the weeds with that. But just for those of you that don't know when a or B gap blitz is It's it's in those areas of the offensive line and what troubled them in particular. Where twist and stunts Dan? Feeney struggle to recognize find work when de Lima twists trae. Turner though very quick to recognize all that I was very impressed with his ability to see what was coming and get there in time. I mean there are definitely some lapses at times but was definitely there more times than not. Turner has that mean streak you liken linemen and is more athletic than you'd expect when asked to pull test very well as an athletic lineman but when you see this big man you don't expect him to get out in front like he does very good when asked to pull. A lot of people are quoting his grade and how bad it was. Last year I would say in terms of last year in two thousand. Nineteen Turner was Kinda. Put a rough spot. A lot of those young quarterbacks and Carolina were just standing in the pocket to long. I think that hurt his his quote unquote grades but we all know that the PF offensive line grade is definitely a work in progress. None of that makes any sense. Most of the time so I wouldn't look at those grades and while he was great early on in his career. He has starting to take a step back or two but guys. He is an immediate upgrade upgrade. Right Guard while he's played some tackle. I wouldn't overthinking them inside. I would move him outside. Keep them at right guard. Trae Turner is twenty six russell. Kun Thirty two so when this deal? You've got trade Turner who's going to be making eight point five million this year and eleven point five and twenty twenty one russell. Coons going to be making thirteen million this year so the reports early on included the bonuses but those got cleared once that trade goes into effect so the chargers will be saving more like four point five million which was more than originally reported so the chargers get younger they get better in the interior and then they also save some money in the process. The fact that they didn't to give up picks in his trade is beyond me. I think the panthers could obviously got a day three pick on top of Russell Kun because if they're in a quote unquote rebuild mode. You think that you want to collect some picks not take on more money for another year. That doesn't make any sense. And now they're I think first or second in the league and dead cap with this trade so they're taking on a lot of dead money just to kind of wash out this next season. That doesn't make a lot of sense. None of this does and what I think also isn't being talked about is for the chargers. If you're looking the obviously need to upgrade offensive line before this trade so regardless they're either going to have to draft an offensive lineman whether it's GonNa be tackler regard or get it in free agency and if you look in the free agency. The chargers would have to pay a guy like Jack. Conklin which is a guy that everybody's talking about or Brandon Scherf or something and if you look at Brandon Scherf in particular WHO's the REDSKINS GUARD. He's twenty eight older than trae. Turner and he's GonNa be somewhere. His his market value is twelve. Point four million dollars so that's four. Four million yeah for less than four. That's do math here. Where's my less than four million dollars to upgrade your offensive line in Trae Turner? Jack Conklin is going to ask for fifteen million. I'm he's only twenty five so you're almost doubling that if you're picking up Jack Conklin in free agency so what I'm saying is is. They're getting better in the offensive line. They get younger. They don't have to give picks and they're paying half four to eight million dollars less than you would on free agency so rather than having to work. Call that deal out and fight with other teams. They got it and they've got them for two years and I know a lot of people are looking at that eleven and a half million in two thousand twenty one but I mean if it works out maybe renegotiated deal and try to lock him down longer. Eleven point five million dollars is a lot for a guard in.

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