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"panamerican number nine zoo alpha" Discussed on Blinkers Off

"Gets a ninety seven buyer gets beat by fat man and then he runs the goes through. Park Mile. Fish six right beaten ten but he's still picks up a ninety buyer so these races have come back extremely tough for him. And and so you're gonNA look at these horses not close but the numbers. I mean look like Harvey Waldinger getting four to one picked up ninety six fire last time out can six buyers so my thing is like you're getting fifteen to one. Which as you know I don't pill Romans short prices but when he's fifteen to one it's fair game especially when you pick up. Lewis is I also liked it. Last two efforts she picked up Brat. Obviously guys he's getting good. Were good good jockeys. I guess the only hesitation here is a is the distance horse I imagine will be on the leader very closely. How far will you go? That's Kinda the question here but I do think he's worth the price or were shot at this price. Considering his numbers are comparable the rest of them site to me. Would I'd rather take fifteen to one source or four to one on on Harvey Waldinger. I mean give me a break so I'm on number ten rare form but I think if anything if you learned anything from that little segment there is like this is a race. Rini to spread because we're both picking fifteen to one shots and didn't even know it so you're on What number is that number? Eight or Anthony. I've got ten rare form right race with the most winner. I don't even need to ask you. I'M GONNA guess we're on the same race same force. I went with race. Twelve the Panamerican Number Nine Zoo Alpha. Tell me you're going there. Yeah absolutely if you listen to the Fountain of Youth. I told you this as well as Zulu Alpha on that day was the best bet and are the most likely winner and he won under wraps in to me right now. He's the best in the country. If he wins this race I will vote him number one in the in the stupid ass. Poll is means absolutely nothing that we vote in. Every week I would vote Assu Alpha number one no one from NPR as listen and NTR April that is meaningless Zulu Alpha will be number one in my spoiler. All you fans out there that follow that. He'll be number one if he wins this race and I think he will. I tried okay so i. I tried to beat him admittedly that day. He did nothing. Bullshit I picking Lofa I. I tried to beat him given this price last time and I was. I knew halfway through the race I was done because he I mean he just looks like a different horse this year. He's he's he's the way he won. He got one. Oh six seven buyer last time out one of six in the in the Pegasus All of this works does put.

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