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"pamela reed" Discussed on KCRW

"Usually done through district attorneys and sew them saying they're stepping into it. Eisner not an indication of Big, scary things happening, and to the extent there joining the Manhattan D. A s investigation, then they're joining is no more formidable than the Manhattan D. A investigation is the first place and we've talked about how That's been going on for quite a while. Without much of a result, so it struck me much more as sort of political posturing than a realistic indication of something big and meaningful likely to happen soon Will the duel a G and D E. A investigation eventually result in some tax related charges there in New York State court, possibly, but You know everyone who who responded this with raptures joy that the former president's gonna be led away in handcuffs next week are vastly over reading it. What about that Manhattan DEA investigation itself. One piece of news we saw in the last few days, eyes that there was a subpoena from District Attorney Cyrus Vance to the Columbia grammar and Preparatory School over tuition payments on the claim on this is the disgruntled ex wife of one of the whistle Berg Children. One thing she has claimed, is that the tuition checks that went to that school for Alan Wiesel. Berg's grandchildren. That they were either signed by Alan Whistle Berg or that they were signed by Donald Trump on so the idea here basically is there was some tax evasion scheme that instead of reportable taxable income to Alan Whistle Berg that there was this payment of tuition for whistle Berg's grandchildren that would not have shown up his income and therefore would not have been taxed. So I guess this is this is another data point, suggesting that the DEA is looking at down whistle Berg? Maybe the there could be some tax crimes that Alan Weiss, a bird could have some exposure around. That still seems pretty far removed from Donald Trump or the actions of Donald Trump that people are really interested in. Sure, I mean, maybe what you say is this puts wisenberg into the soup. And so he is going to be charged, and therefore he's going to flip and give all the dirt on Donald Trump. But how many times have we heard that Josh over the last three years that this is the person who will flip? And now it's the beginning of the end for the former president. Second when it when it comes to what type of criminal liability Trump could have in connection with this It would really have to be some sort of participation in a tax evasion scheme. But as we talked about before tax evasion, um Is a crime that requires higher levels of proof and specific intent than other crimes. Do so it would be difficult to prove that Trump not only signed some of these things that got wise old bird family these payments But knew then that Weisberg was knocking of correctly report them as income on his own income tax returns. I mean, how do you prove that other than white Salberg maybe saying Oh, we talked about it. And then he just got the word of a cooperator. You've also got a show. Um, that that Trump knew it was illegal. And as we talked about for a long time, showing that Trump knows or understands any legal proposition is something that is going to be tricky. Why assume, especially because why Spielberg has been CFO of the Trump organization. It sounds, I assume it would be a fairly plausible defense to say Allen's the CFO. He told me to sign these things that I signed them. Yeah. I mean, Donald Trump is gonna concede. Look, you know, I'm a guy who who stares directly get eclipses The CF. A tells me that this is okay. I d o I want to take a break. But before we go to break it is KCRW's drive to the future. And I want to thank some of you who have been joining or renewing memberships with KCRW who have mentioned your Your enjoyment of all the president's lawyers were left right and center when you've done that renewal. And he writes to us from camera. All the president's lawyers, a weekly delight. Josh and Ken are totes a lairs and putting the laundry out while listening makes the Tasco faster on Yah, as we say in this part of the world. Thank you, Andy and put another shrimp on the Barbie for us, and all Rick says. Please tell Ken Whitened Josh Barrow fire in a crowded theater. Thank you can How do you feel about that? Mm hmm. Well, well, well, Look, I appreciate you, even if Ken doesn't Adam made a donation, and he says, I hear Josh and Ken did the Rico can. If Adam heard we did the Rico and he still joined KCRW. Does that make him a participant in the Rico? He would need Todos Nate twice Josh so that there would be two predicated acts. Okay, So, Adam, you heard your instruction there. I want to thank Stephen Klingler, Pamela Reed, Andrew Kung and Joseph Rand were so grateful for your support, but we need to hear from more of you. Have you been putting it off? That's okay, because we have a.

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