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"pam jordan" Discussed on Patriots Beat

"Okay, it took them long enough to figure out you see her Durant can't play. And now they're still kind of like Justin herron had a rough game. He got bullied by cornerbacks in that game. Yanni produced his cell on the bench. So it's like, all right, you know, let's go here. I know they want to evaluate players early. I talked about that last week. All right, to me, they've been evaluated. I don't know what else they're waiting to see here. Let's go to the default options. Yeah. And this, I'm really reluctant to call it stubbornness because I think that that's not fair necessarily to Belichick. But this reluctance, let's call it that. This reluctance to move Michael on when to write tackle and put Ted Keras in at left guard is starting to cost them games at this point. And I think the reluctance is there because they feel like Trent Brown is coming back. And they don't need to play that card until one of their tackles is going to miss significant time. But we've talked about this so many different times. And the quickest way for your you can have Tom Brady and Randy Moss and all these receivers out here, you can be the chiefs. You can be the bucks. If you don't have good offensive line play, the whole House of Cards comes crashing down. It doesn't matter. If you can't protect the quarterback, then you're not going to have a good downfield passing game. It's that simple. So what they're doing by playing around with Justin Haran, who played most of this game at right tackle. As you mentioned, gave up 6 quarterback pressures, 5 hurries in a QB hit. And that was probably being a little bit generous with how many times he actually lost blocks, but wasn't necessarily graded out with the pressure. So Pam Jordan took his lunch money, right? I mean, it was. It was a bully ball type of situation with Ken Jordan. So what you're seeing is that at the downfield basing game that has all these new shiny new toys. It has a first round quarterback who is his eyes, Mac Jones is in the right places. He's getting to the right reads. He's trying to push the ball in the right directions and the receivers are creating those opportunities down the field. But they're not able to get them the football because of the protection. And that is very frustrating. And I think watching it live when you're only watching the TV broadcast and you're not seeing the openings down the field that the receivers are creating, we can fall into this sense of there's nobody open down the field, right? When in reality, this is a totally different issue that the Patriots are facing right now..

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