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Montpelier Businesses and UVMMC

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Montpelier Businesses and UVMMC

"From Radio Vermont. It's the Dave Graham. Show on. Wd Ev. It's your show about the people places and the issues that matter the most to you. Now here's your host Dave Graham. Good Morning Vermont is Thursday March Nineteenth Two thousand and twenty and we are broadcasting remotely from my Home Montpellier on the day. Graham CEO here. Wd EV FM. And Am practicing some social distancing here at evey and we are I'll try to adapt to this new world here in the world in the age of Corona virus. We are going to be putting on our radio program from right here in my den for awhile. It looks like and happy to Make whatever adjustments are required to get things. Keep things going. Keep Things Roland here on the station. Radio Vermont wd friendly pioneer and We are going to have a good show lined up for you today. I believe my first guest Dan. Grossberg from Montpellier live is going to be talking talking to us about the business situation. In Montpellier what's Open? What's closed whose servants sandwiches? Who's decided to just shut her for a while and What it all looks like for our little capital city Obviously similar considerations. I'm sure are playing out in places like Barry and Waterbury and other places around the listening area of wd anybody out there who wants to call enjoy in this conversation in the first half hour of the program this morning for how we are going to try to our local businesses along through this crisis will be More than welcome to join us at two four four one seven seven seven four one. Eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five ladder our toll free number. I believe we do have Dan. Gilbert from Montpellier Alive on the telephone with us this morning good morning Dan whining Dave. Thanks for having me. I'm glad to do it. And you put out a list. Yesterday of businesses that are Remaining open in In my ear and those which have decided to close a little while. And what do you? What's the general mood out? There as you talked to local business people here in the capital. What are the what are what are folks telling you? A business owner definitely geared. They're worried about what the future looks. Like you know. These are not massive corporations. These are your friends. Your neighbors who are owning these. You know independently owned businesses downtown and They're they're really worried about how they're going to get through this and and they need the community to rally around them right now. And what should that look like? I mean what if you were going to. You know if some neighbor of yours came and said Dan what can I do to contribute to You know make this work and help. People Continue You know alleviate some of these fears etc. What should people be thinking about doing Well first of all Continuing to the court those businesses that are still open for takeout or for deliberate or You know practicing. You're good social distancing but getting a pickup orders from the stories that are still open downtown on pretty much every business is allowing you to call it ahead and calling your order. And they're happy to either. Bring it out to your car for you so I encourage people to do that. The other thing we're really trying to do is buy gift cards now That you can use later because businesses really need the cash flow so that they can make their ramp payments and their next payroll payments and that tax payments and everything. That's not going to go away. I get because they're not getting any money in the door. And the these these gift cards I gather some of must be newly specially printed up because this is not something that you know has been routine that a part of most people's lives in my -puter I mean you think of gift cards. It only happening something you know maybe people by around the holidays or whatever but are are are some businesses newly creating these I think most businesses have been offering gift card you know. They make great gifts all year of quake fight and a lot of businesses have added ways to get gift cards online or over the phone So you don't even have to go into the store to get them. You can On our website Montville. You're alive outward. Fash update where keeping a comprehensive list of all the businesses that are opened or closed or making changes and that includes link to buy gift. Cards online includes plans to online shopping and a lot of businesses are adding new ways that you can can support them right now and you know once again. I. I hope that People after listening will recognize the importance of of trying to make sure that we keep our Vermont downtowns vibrant and healthy to the extent we can and the did that challenge is is a longer term thing we think than this corona virus issue here and we will You know there's going to be another a another side to this thing where we're going get past this thing. It's and we're GONNA be back to living in our small Vermont cities and towns and making our way forward and let's let's hope that we can preserve as much as As much as we can of the local business fabric in in the city and Bury Waterbury. Northfield you know the other sort of Commercial Centers here in in the wd listening area. Obviously very very important. It's a it's a fairly Fragile life as you mentioned Dan even without all of this going on a lot of businesses. Come and go. It's not always an easy thing. I think people do have a a certain love for the idea of small independent business on main street weather. A restaurant or a bookstore or really any Any any outlet that is Trying to serve the needs of the local community here and getting support from the local community. And so on. It's all it is. It's a terrific thing to the extent that we can kind of keep it going and Certainly this is. This is a special time where we're going through right now and One where Open people and I think you're hoping people will will step up step up as well is your sense from talking to other businesspeople residents here. That are you hearing from people? Are People calling my pure live and saying you know what extra can? I do to to try to try to keep things going here absolutely. And that's that's really heartwarming. We've been hearing from a lot of folks and Carrying a lot of folks. You know we love you. We want you to be here when we get out of it. What can we do right now so You know calling in order going on their website and placing orders You know you could even set up a virtual shopping appointment by faith time if you still need to bring closed bring. It's going to be here when we get out of it so you close anyway But yeah absolutely. It's really heartwarming. And I hope. People recommit themselves to shopping downtown. I think if anything that all a situation is showing us how important it is correct. Rally together at the community so I hope when we come out of the people are are really committed to to shopping. Downtown eating down the now. A couple of things normally happen this time of year. In Montpellier in particular which are really significant cultural events. And I wanted to check in with you about them and see whether they've been put on hold again they have to have been put on hold or or I don't know whether cancelled or exactly what is happening. But one of the one thing that happens in late. March in Montpellier every year for recent years has been the the Green Mountain Film Festival based at the Savoy Theatre. What's going on with that? If you know that can tho that gear unfortunately and You know I think it's important people think about the ripple effects of all of that to the Savoy Theatre depends on the film festival for a large portion of its revenue each year. So you know these things ripple out a business owner there are buying things from other business owners. And they can't do that right now and from the service provider and they can't do that right now so GonNa be. It's GonNa be hard for everyone. I I also encourage people to support those nonprofits that are Doing hard work to support the community and support nonprofits on the back band may have been canceled. And they have these expensive at they. They don't know what they're gonNA do with them. So yeah I I tell you I just noticed. Yesterday I get a lot of emails from people saying you know. Here's our adapting The Washington County Youth Service Bureau. There's a nonprofit which performs just immensely valuable services in our community Basically keeping young people on track and They were talking about the impacts of what's happening there. We know folks there working remotely. They're they're closing the physical office. In Montpellier Washing County Youth Service Bureau. But they are remaining available by phone online et CETERA. I think actually you know the extent that they're able to. They're going to try to set up a counseling and other services by the electronic means and so on and So you mentioned nonprofits. I just thought I'd throw that out there as a case of our people adapting and it is really a An and actually talk to me about About businesses In this sense in which is it's kind of amazing to me that we are facing this crisis with corona virus Twenty twenty in an age when we have all these electronic means of communication at our disposal. And you know if you can try to roll the clock back to to nine hundred ninety. I think I got my first email account in nineteen ninety five The how how much harder would've been back then without without the ability to basically go online for an awful lot of life well on the one hand it would have been a lot harder on the other hand Now people are turning to online stores like Amazon. Target seems very easy to do You know whereas they wouldn't necessarily have that option before and so I think people need to remember that the local businesses are still here and a lot of time are willing to deliver to your house the then you curbside pickup nationwide shipping So you know. Don't get go to Amazon because it you know it seems like the easy thing to do and twenty twenty and make sure you're thinking about how you can be departing. Those local businesses are now and the the other big cultural event. Which happens in your this time of year. Is the the Poem City Celebration Cars in April typically What's happening with that? You know? Yeah so they have Cancelled all of the impact in a bad. They had a busy day of events throughout the month. They're talking about ways that they can move some of those virtually So that people can go on a computer and participate in them And they are still planning right now to hang up the poem's downtown when people are on their their walk you know getting out of house and keeping it there since they can can go. Check out the palm But you know the current guidelines are for event to be cancelled for you know through mid May really So I think what the You know may packs being cancelled as well in early May Postponed? You know so. I think this is going to have a long long tail. Yeah that is actually another event. I remember in recent years typically downtown on on one of those spring weekends everybody turns out for that month helier festival and the threepenny taproom is typically Rockin and so on is that People already made decision about canceling that this year. Yeah so Billiards not Not going to be happening that first weekend in May I know the farmers market has been struggling with what to do because they're supporting farmer and the farmer businesses. And you know people don't have that opportunity to to purchase from the farmers and the farmer You know no market for their for so the indoor farmers market has already been canceled. But you know we make impacting the outer market which which typically starts at first weekend in May All Day typically that. I began in. May I haven't heard any updates but I imagine that we're GonNa see a lot of events. Cancel yeah boy that's That is a tough situation. And of course Nobody really knows exactly. What the curve of of the you know. The incidents of the corona viruses going to look like a lot of people are issuing pretty dire warnings about what's going to be happening with our healthcare system and so on but you have to you have to sort of I guess people need to be thinking about planning for you. Know what is? What's the larger social fabric going to be looking like in terms of the ability to To conduct business into into To have a typical gatherings and so on and so forth Nobody's thinking ahead. As far as the fourth or third of July in the case of my are the I mean. We're we're hoping and praying that not going to have an impact but we're starting to talk about what what would happen. Yeah You know obviously that's that would be. I can't really imagine that event with those events with With with social distancing rules place around WANNA crowd around the edges of the parade route. You know and And celebrate and and It's just Let's UH yeah. Let's LET'S HOPE. Somehow this thing passes and maybe a Less of a people keep talking about flattening the curve. Let's let's let's hope that all of the steps currently being taken will keep curve and maybe flat and smaller overall than Than people might have might have worried. would be the case. Now what are you hearing from your Your sort of neighboring business associations and so on I think of the Berry Partnership I might be checking in with them directly in the next few days but are are are they taking similar steps in and and You know if you've been talking with them. Yeah we have a really great network of All the downtown to cross the day. And we've been talking a lot recently in exchanging emails and You know everyone's in the same situation businesses scrambling a restaurant especially You know generally have had larger payrolls and are having to lay people off kids here. My failure has about thirty employees that they support and they have you know unfortunately had way a lot of people working that across the That that is A. That's a tough situation in in and you don't you don't want that stuff sort of I don't know Dry Up go away either you want. I hope that the majority those employees can figure out a way to to To stay in the area and be ready to go back to work because meant when when When when things we return to normal and because I mean that's just one example of so many terrific Places to eat and drink in downtown failure. I I love my wife and I both love. Kismet it's terrific terrific place and and they And you know I just my. My fingers crossed my you know Our thoughts are with With all these folks out there who are in this In this tough time of trying to figure out how to make their way forward Are you talking much with Any I duNno. Local landlords are bankers about About maybe Some some rent reductions or forgiveness some mortgage Y You know some footing mortgage payments on. Hold or anything like that. Yeah a lot of lander and you are being very flexible with folk You know one thing in my pill your in terms of the landlord said it's not like we have giant corporate landlords with billions of dollars are landlords are often store owners themselves You know or or or local residents that you can't necessarily afford to have their tenant stopped paying rent for any period of time so it's very difficult. I think we're really looking day and the federal government To provide some relief. You know if any legislators are listening right now. and One thing I've really heard that doesn't senator concerned about loaned being being the real option. It looks like it's GonNa become available because they're already operating on hate margins than adding another loan payment on top of everything you know. Even variables reopen which gray you know. They make make those payments down the road so You know I think that really needs to be creative and look at every every available option. I know to their credit. Been talking about changing some of the rules around Unemployment insurance typically. There's a penalty lasting penalty businesses when they lay off an employee And I know that has been looking at waiting. I'm of the premium increases And also making changes to help the people affected by the You know increasing potentially the maximum that an implant is gonNA pay Things like that so I think it's important that they you know. Consider every possible option to help out. It goes across the background from the individual employees. The business owner. Dan Gilbert is my guest he is executive. Director of Montpellier Live Local Business Association in the capital city and we've been talking about the impacts on local businesses Maybe what what area residents can do to support local businesses and try to keep Montpellier essentially I mean I hate to say put it this way. It's really tough to think about it this way. But I it seems as though As an organic community We're a little bit on life support right now and We need some intensive care from our our local residents here in our our citizenry to Just to make sure that folks are doing okay. If you have a friend who maybe owns a downtown business Here in my call that person up and just say how you doing and Let's let's brainstorm about ways to Ways to get through this You know there are there ways. Local residents can offer support to our business community Maybe GO DOWN TO THAT STORE. That you like Would normally be shopping at is just an part of your normal daily course of events and get a gift card Even if the if the bookstores and open for browsing right now the they certainly would love to sell you a gift card and you can come back in Browse away maybe wearing shorts and a t-shirt in warmer weather by then you really have to imagine. Imagine the The future moment when you will be back to something like normal life here in in our our little towns and cities in Vermont and and Kinda keep that is Keep that as your I don't know your Your goal maybe is a is one way to describe it. Does that make sense then? Yeah A and Hey Two four four one seven seven seven is the local number year. Wd On the Day Graham. Show we love to hear from our love to hear from our from our listeners out there and I think we have Jim from Barry on the line. Good Morning Jim. Yeah Good Morning. Just a real quick comment. I want to state the obvious. You may have already said it but I wanted to make sure it was said. It's not just not every downtown business in your your broadcast range. I can help support their local businesses of instruments. I just want him. Oh yeah that's for sure I was. I was mentioning Berry and Waterbury Northfield. Obviously all the commercial little commercial centers around this region were wd broadcasts the signal reaches We want to have everyone thinking the same way This isn't just happened to find Dan. Dan was willing to come on the radio with me. And talk about the impacts of On local businesses with this group popular live but the very partnership Many many considerations are exactly the same no matter where you are right now and You know if you have a favorite favorite local restaurant or whatever go out there and go out there and buy a gift card. Keep your cash logo and make sure that they can you not to the extent you can. I mean obviously some people. If you've been laid off. You may not be shopping for gift cards this week but but if you're still You know getting your regular direct positive in your bank account on a weekly basis You might be physician where you can Take that step a little extra step of just going out there and paint it forward literally and I think that's the that's the ticket right now. Thank you for the call Jim. I really really appreciate it. and Dan We are fast approaching the bottom of the hour news break. Oh I guess we got a couple of a couple of minutes left. I wanted to ask you what. If people are. Starting to sort of fantasize I don't maybe fantasize isn't the right word but plan for heaven's sake what the heck for you know the event that's going to celebrate the end of this. Yeah I think we're going to need. We're GONNA all need a big party. That's for sure. Yeah I mean we've been trying to think over the last couple of days when in fact in fact I'm going to be talking with Dr Dr. Tim Lay of the University of Medical Center in the second half hour of the program. He's going to be talking about their decision to to You know cut cut way back on way back on on on Other than crucial other than I'm searching for the right word here non-essential. I guess healthcare encounters there and I was gonna ask him you know. So how do you know when this is over and when you could sorta resume normal operations what are the criteria that will have to be in place for people to make that determination and it's the same kind of thinking I'm sure has to apply in in this kind of vote. But I think when the when the when the things declared over the bells will be ringing. So Hey I think we have another caller on line the quick Chrissy from failure. Good Morning. Hi How are you doing? Can you hear me I can? Yes great. Which wasn't this is Chrissie lefavor. I'm the owner of grateful. Yoga in Montpellier and Dan invited us. In the Montpellier live business group great and Yay. What are your thoughts Chrissy? Our thoughts are especially just on what you said about when this is all going to be over I think the biggest thing we can see as business owners is that it's bringing us all really really close together in a way That we've never seen before so. Hopefully these lessons learned in the sense of community only brings us further not part. I think we can imagine is is never over. You know. We're all just taking it one day at a time and we're looking forward to this opportunity. I think to connect into grow. That's a great thought that the segment with Chrissy appreciate it very much again for over. Thank you very much for joining me this morning. We're going to go to bottom of the hour break for some. Cbs News. Here on the Dave Ramsey. Show back very shortly folks. Stay with us. There's comfort in the familiar but when light presents us with something exciting we just have to embrace it with so many of our neighbors producing such wonderful products. We just have to show and tell the world come in and see for yourself. The old standbys alongside the new changes. Good the one thing that never changes is our commitment to making your visit a great experience the warrants store where funky friendly and almost world famous. It's the Dave Ramsey show. Wd We're back into our second hour on this Thursday morning march the nineteenth two thousand and twenty here in the age of Colorado Virus One rather striking a news release. I saw in the last day or two had to do with the University of Vermont Medical Center Uvm Health Network They are obviously the biggie player in Vermont's healthcare seeing these days and they announced I believe it was Tuesday afternoon that They wanted it to Cut Back on all non essential healthcare encounters so things like Surgeries that people had been planning But we're not considered You know Necessary for the preservation of of life or Would not be Would not lead to immediate deterioration of a patient's condition if that the surgery were put off for a while. I'm sure this better terminology to describe all this which we can get from Dr Timothy Lahey who is with the University of Vermont Medical Center. And he's on the phone with us this morning. Dr Lee. Thanks so much for joining me morning. So how would you describe? The situation went missing some terminology here. What what's the? What's the best way to describe this to the public? Yeah and this is An all hands on deck moment Were getting ready for to handle care needs of our population Based on the stories we're hearing from Seattle and from Italy and one of the things we are ready to handle if it happens is a big influx of patients endure hostels into our clinics. Who really need Care and to make sure that we have staff available and space in our hospital to deal with it and clinicians who are not doing usual care but actually ready to help out where Getting rid of non essential things anything that we can defer for a few months. We're really there to help out. And so this this effort is all about freeing up space to do the care. That really is life. Saving the other piece of course is that everybody's been hearing out social distancing. You know making sure that we're all coming together in crowded spaces and we wanna make sure that Uvm health network is is playing. Its part by only having people come here if they absolutely have to In fact I'm I'm I was just talking with a friend of mine and I think in the last couple of days who was On the phone with with her Her doctor and fairly lengthy conversation And I was that it was It was a doctor's appointment was a doctor's appointment by phone which is not the obviously not the way people normally picture just that basic occurrence. That is a part of daily life. In the regular world. We're now It sounds like a large percentage of the I mean speaking of social distancing large percent of the of the What had been scheduled as doctors appointments in Your Network? Right now are occurring by phone. Is that right? Yeah that's right so My clinic went through for example and looked at the list of patients who I was scheduled to see in the coming weeks and months and said look. We know you're GONNA be busy in the hostile and getting ready for covet. So who could we see just a few months later? Who's really stable and doing well? And there's no urgency to seeing them And so we Have rescheduled those people. And then for the folks who need to be seen. There's this question of do they absolutely have to come into the hospital and be in the same room with me. Some do and we're going to see them But for others really. It's a matter of having a good conversation. Just taking a look at them and making sure they're okay and so I have a couple of video Appointment scheduled for next week. Yeah that that is now by video. Appointments Are People. What are you using using zoom or skype? Or what's the what's the what's the technique here is in process but the latest. I heard in him. I see okay and and that's That is something that you know advertisers regularly. Wd In fact in the and it is a fairly simple thing for. I haven't used it myself but what understand people can log on and and Download You know the from the site there and and get connected and be able to basically do a one on one video conference And and Are as a physician talk to me about the sort of Assessment skills I mean. Obviously you'RE GONNA be U You might miss some stuff You know if the camera is focused on the person's face you might miss the hand tremor or something but I mean talk to me about the challenges there and and how close you can get to a to what you feel adequate assessment of a patient. It's a great question and I think we'll probably learn a lot through the Fortunately this isn't the first time that we had to do it. There are Working models that people have already tried you know for areas where Urgent Stroke Care. For instance isn't available. There already have been stroke teams at different hostels around the country providing video neurological exams oftentimes with a helper Present and then also there are organizations that have been doing video. Primary Care visits or video home checks and so they've they've worked out some of the tricks And I suspect we'll learn more so you can imagine you can have a good conversation with somebody and do some education and touch base about symptoms and adjusts doses of medicines and response to that You can make arrangements for somebody to get labs or get an x Ray And some parts of the physical examination you could do just threw a video you know I might be able to look at a rash for instance and then they're going to be other times for sure where we really can't tell with How to good old fashioned clinical examination hands on the belly or feeling for the lymph nodes in the neck and in which case will have to have an in person visit. Yea In in terms of decision making process there. I can imagine a situation where a patient might think I mean let. Let's imagine you have a patient who has been experiencing some pretty severe back pain and was actually maybe had some was getting excuse. Me Physical therapy and And was was now in in the sort of pre surgical frame of mind or whatever thinking that And maybe even have to have a surgery scheduled in the next couple of months and In the in the patient saying you know I'm this back. Pain is killing me and And I'm really I feel like I'm in some trouble here now. The now the healthcare system is telling me I'M GONNA have to wait until maybe the fall or something. How do you negotiate that? Is there any appeal process for the patient? What's what's the deal there. Yeah I can give you a sense of what this looks like behind the scenes So fortunately That while the US surgeon general recommended that all hospitals do this. The American College of Surgeons put out an example of a really useful Guidance document that is the kind of thing that can help these decisions so it provides advice on how to prioritize certain surgeries. Imagine if somebody somebody's life is in danger right now and they need to have surgery done of course that needs to be prioritized. And then you can imagine that next tier of people would be somebody who's got a really serious illness that that could progress in some dangerous way after surgery wasn't done you know. Maybe they have a a quick moving cancer that you know. It's not an emergency today. That's life threatening. But there is some some sense of urgency to it so they would be prioritized and then of course at the other end of the spectrum is going to be something where you know. Somebody's had a condition for many years and and the decision had been made to move forward. You know maybe a a joint was going to be Placed in their knee to make it so they can walk a little bit faster. But you know it could be done now. Could be done in six months and so that would be the kind of thing that might be a little bit lower on the priority list You can imagine that these guidelines only take you so far and so of course they're gonna be the specific details of of that person's history and the exact procedure that was planned so in addition we have Experts specialists Uvm who go through the specific list of surgeries and say okay In general this was gonna be this level of priority. Let's learn about Mrs Jones in particular and get a sense of. Is there something about her story? That makes makes it makes us need to prioritize a little bit higher because of some special fact. So this really careful Process of figuring out who who needs it the most and then The patients whose surgeries needs to be rescheduled get Notified those who don't Continue to come into their their appointment and I can imagine that they're probably GonNa be people who are who are frustrated and Kinda like man. I've been waiting for this forever and I really need it and and and I think it is going to be one of those things where an upside of the covet up democ is going to be that we all pull together as a community and some of the divisiveness that political atmosphere that has been distressing to a lot of us goes away and we say you know what we are a community that takes care of each other. Sometimes that requires sacrifice. But we're all in it together and we'll get through this. Yeah that that that would be That would be a Salutory result from from all of this experience. We're going through as a society. It's kind of amazing when when we face something like this I guess. Everyone is equal in the face. Corona virus you no matter what whether you are On which the growing income divide you are or whatever. So that's right for minors stuff you know. We're not just strangers on twitter where we're neighbors and about each other and that's think that's a more That's the life I wanNA lead and not kind of Be pointing fingers at each other and yelling. I WANNA be Rising up and solidarity and taking care of each other great thought Doctor I I do WanNa just a as another example. I think this might be clear to folks. I use the back surgery thing a moment ago but I've known people in my life. I mean my my dad went through a period. You know back I probably in his sixties or something when he was on the cusp for awhile of having a knee replacement right and And then the question is always going to go ahead and do this. I'M GONNA be laid up for a while from the surgery. And and how bad am I going to let my sore knee yet before I do the knee replacement and and all of this kind of stuff you know there? There's a lot of A lot of kind of You know optional nature of it all the way through really It sounds like it. Sounds like the the these these folks are who are out there and that kind of the place when world of considering it Planning it thinking about it. Whatever these are the people who are probably going to be Mo- most assuredly lower on the on the priority list here aren't they you know maybe not specifically are especially so that. I think you're right that there is that category of people who have sort of a slow moving medical condition. That's really bothersome. And it makes them her or or You know otherwise. There's a real obstacle just you know moving around and having a good day. The challenge here is that they want to get help. Their doctor wants to help them. And we know we'll get there you know this is We got really exciting. News Out of China overnight where they had zero new cases. And so it's you know we'll get to the other side of this crazy epidemic and so hopefully it's just A. We'll hit the pause button for the things that we possibly can for a little bit knowing that we're going to get back to it and get back to life as usual and healthcare as usual and in the meantime those video visits that you mission and other contacts with You know your doctors are away to sort of get some symptom relief in the meantime you know. Certainly if there's a way for us to make the medicines a little bit A little bit optimized so that you can kind of hold on until the rescheduled surgery happened than those options are are happening. Yeah that's I guess. If you're a physician you are. And you're looking at the patient via zoom or or whatever in Beijing. Say Yeah my knees really hurting In it I mean there. There are many medications out there. I mean obviously in the hold discussion of the OPIOID epidemic. This is a conversation goes on as well. Yeah you don't WanNa be back to Hannie out. Opiates WILLY NILLY. But but all of these things are a trade off aren't they? Eventually people are going to say Let's let's Increase this or that or let's decrease this or that here the side effects here early consequences And someone I mean all of eat so so All of these factors are kind of our kind of entered into the equation. Here I I would gather in the conversation between the patient and the doctor. Yeah that's right on target. It's actually a really interesting time where I wonder. In what way are we going to learn? We can do healthcare better from this catastrophe. You know. We're we're putting a lot of measures in place to just deal with epidemic and then I think some people might expect we'll go back to just business as usual after it's over but I could imagine we learn a lot from this and maybe you know speaking to that pros and cons of ricin benefit thing you're talking about. Maybe we'll say. Well you know the downsides of driving three hours to that Primary Care visit. Maybe could be made. Not so much of a bummer. If if we could do a video visit and maybe we should keep on doing video visits and six months from now or May. Here's another way that we kinda just Figured out a long way to helping somebody who has pain from their knee. Feel a little bit better. In the Safeway. That safer than opioids. So I'm I'm actually really curious to see the the innovation that comes out of the from the ways we say you know what you know the reason why we couldn't get Video going for that patient who live really far away was because there was some crazy medicare regulation well. Those regulations have been cancelled. And why don't we just keep them cancelled so that patients get the care they need and they don't have to drive far stuff like that? Is going to be really exciting. It is interesting I think back now. Tropical storm Irene. Which of course hit Vermont Ten years ago now and and One of the one of the things that happened was that an awful lot of Sort of regulations and red tape got lifted In connection with you know getting getting roads and bridges rebuilt and that sort of thing Because you do that in a catastrophe you go. You know we don't have the luxury of of of Crossing every t dotting every I here so and then you look back and you notice you know we could actually get by with fewer cross the t's and not at is and make the whole the whole system work a little more efficiently. Maybe maybe a little more maybe a little less expensively Imagine that could be a big deal one of the things. I'm really hoping for doctors nurses and a whole lot of time just clicking on things on the computer and documenting and if there's a way for us to put more and more of our time to the real work of taking care of patients and making people feel better better and so that's something that's an example as up comes out of this craziness. Yeah what. I'm what I'm hearing from you in and this is i. I am just finding kind of cheering. Me Up personally as You you're you're approaching all this with a about his hopeful a mood. It seems as though You could and and I think that's an important Important factor Talk to me about people working in healthcare. Because I mean obviously you folks around the front line and and There's GonNa be some emotional impact here. Are we seeing increasing instances? I don't know of anxiety and depression among healthcare workers and and and how you're talking to each other. That's a great question. This is a stressful time. You know I think partly. It's just really busy as we get ready to to deal with You know a number of people who are sick that we haven't seen before and so that's that's not only just a lot of work but also I think Distressing for for everybody in town and you know but healthcare workers Show up with emission every day and this caused strongly. You know we we WANNA WE WANNA SAVE IS WE WANNA make people suffer less and so You know this is this kind of call to action is something that also is You know speaks to the deepest part of us. I think the the key thing we're going to have to work on is also taking care of ourself. I'm seeing the people who are really leading this effort and You know taking care of our patients taking care of the people who might have it getting ready working really long hours under high stress conditions and we know this is not a sprint. It's a marathon and so we're going to have to make sure that we take care of each other as a community and I think there are lots of ways we do that. You know partly just being really clear about what the mission is and he knowing that what you do make a difference hearing the word thank you. I think From a special colleague from a patient he had helped his really important and I think most importantly of all I think seeing somebody Walk out of the hospital. Who who was Second feeling miserable to live another day to live another number decades. That's that's the ultimate satisfaction. That's what it is and Sweden of thank you Dr Tim Lee University Vermont Health Network. I WanNa thank you very much for joining the date. Grab show here on. Wd An and this morning. It's really great chocolate with him. Thanks for having and I do believe we have a listener online. Charles from BURLINGTON joins us. Good Morning Charles yes. Good Morning Headed question as regards with the blanket. Cancellations of all the appointments this week. The and I'll just give the example for ourselves We've been waiting since last November for this appointment. That was due this week in when they restart when we get through this. This corona virus thing. How are they going to handle? Are they going to reestablish those appointments by keeping everything do they have everything the computers and now like say in June? They're going to look and see who is supposed to be doing. Are They GonNa go backtrack and then notify the patients that now you have this new appointment or are we going to have to start over again with their primaries Well unfortunately Dr Les he is not with us on the on the line anymore so we can't put the question to him. I think it's a good one I you know. Let's let let let let's hope Charles that You know when you when you call a You know any kind of a customer service line now. When you're you know you WANNA talk all up and and Cancel Cancel plane reservation or something They tell you that you are a certain number in the pecking. Order of phone calls Or you know it's like lining up at Virtual Deli counter or something And You keep your place in line. Even if the line gets shifted to some point in the future in terms of resuming moving. I guess so. I think I think you raise an interesting question here. And it's something that I suspect we'll be talking talking again with the with the folks in the healthcare system over the course of the coming weeks on here on the day. Graham show and I'll I'll ask them that I think it's a. It's a legit question to say Know are people going to be paying attention to that To that question I listen I I. I concur with your frustration. Here Sir I I understand why you would be kind of bombed out at the thought of you've been waiting for this point since November And you know because we we have a lot of delays in our healthcare system even in its normal operations. That appointment is with Urgent referrals yeah. That's the other point when they when if they're doing Triage even If they're using skype or zone how how are they? GonNa do a triage. You know look I you know I I if if I were you I would make sure that you call your doctor and you say Listen I know. I know triage is getting tighter here. Here's our case for why you know why my hand is still up kind of thing it. Yeah we we have. You know we've been in contact. The only information we got from the cancellation call was that they might resume. Can't appointments Starting in June. So yeah I mean listen I and I know that it's it's up in the air for all of that but it's absolutely Charles. I gotta go to top of the hour news break here but I I really appreciate the call and I wish you luck. I hope that it gets straightened out in the way most favorable to you. And let's go to atop the Newsweek for some. Cbs News here of the day grab show wd e FM and am and when we return. We're going to be getting some national perspective from one of our. Cbs News reporters and someone from the online news. Service axios stay with US folks Lawson's finest classic clothing and cutting edge. Fashion are huge sandwiches and grab and go meals toys. A wide selection of Rosa jewelry accessories quarter pound cookies and even more beer. Yankee magazine doesn't call us the best one. Stop shopping in Vermont for nothing. The warrants store where funky friendly in almost world famous. It's the day Graham Show on Wd FM and am for staying with us into our second hour of our program. This Thursday morning marks the march. Eighteenth two thousand and twenty. Cbs News very kindly offers up their correspondents to us. Occasionally for a two way conversation and I believe got Pam Faulk for us. This morning is Pam on the line. Yes Good Morning. Days viruses hitting the world so The global number just past two hundred and twenty two thousand with nine thousand deaths in the US About over nine ninety. Four hundred nine thousand so There are a lot of fears around the world and in the United States. What happens and what are the secondary implications like unemployment? Yeah Secondary I was just actually looking at a story here. I believe from the Washington Post where the Labor Department reported Thursday. The two hundred and eighty one thousand people apply for jobless jobless benefits last week for thirty three percent from the prior week. Right Dave in part of the problem is Even the online application form for unemployment on the federal ones and this day ones all Are All going down. So it's just been so many people applying so it was interesting to see even during China's apex of the Corona Virus. And Italy's someone did a study that showed that Internet service eventually slows down because number one sites that where people are trying to buy things incites where people are trying to apply for things like unemployment or jammed but also the use because everyone staying at home is is tremendous so we're seeing some action Some significant action in the White House and Congress so there was the first relief package that was signed today. and that includes an awful lot of things including A proposal for some direct payments to individuals. It may be two thousand dollars per person. Now they're going to try to get that out. Says Steve Mnuchin the treasury secretary right away but they are going to try to not give that kind of a check to millionaires. So they have to differentiate and now there's a one trillion dollar largest in history Relief package that That they're working on to get more out to families so There's there's a lot of exemptions in terms of being able to To get unemployment. There's a lot of exemptions in terms of paying rent There are things that they're trying to do to to soften the blow. But nothing's going to soften the blow Generally speaking this is this is a pandemic and that's what the World Health Organization to ruled. And that's you're seeing so many cities realize they have to act the other final thing that really knew this morning is New Studies by the CDC's In Diseases Division. And then one out of England that says twenty and what we're seeing in the United States. Twi needed forty euros millennials who think they're invincible Because of what has been shown in the past few weeks or twenty percent of all the cases within the United States so and that's There's another ten percent or so that are those that are in ICU. So it's very serious. The young people shouldn't feel like they should only care about their senior. Stay should also take care of themselves. So they don't affect other people the that was actually a kind of a shocking development. Just over the last twenty four hours or so because a lot of the chatter about this up until now had been. You know. You're you're more worried if you're over sixty exactly and certainly that's a higher death rate. At this point the mentality rate is very high and especially with any kind of pre existing conditions. And that's because it's a pulmonary. I'm not a medical doctor. But it's because it's pulmonary and so people can actually die very fast Without even with medical treatment but The next step back that we're starting to see is in addition to the fact that the big three auto Ford Chrysler Jim. They're all are closing and maybe using the factories to produce ventilators but the shortages in hospitals of gowns of masks of every kind of equipment. You possibly could need And of course you know around the country. There's toilet paper. What I found interesting was what countries are hoarding. I mean in other words France. Everyone ran out for wine in In Italy. They ran out for Pasta in the United States. For toilet paper and masks I mean and In disinfectants so You know it's it's amazing to see but it's really very serious very troubling to see how much it may surge in the next few weeks and it may go away. A little during the summer is what they're starting to say and then come back in the fall because the warm warmer weather has some has some ability to slow the contagion because people are outside and the UV rays. Yeah I gotTA say I mean there's got to be some I don't WanNa get too light hearted here in the face of all this but boy. Isn't that weird? That that that France in Francis a run on wine in America. It's a running toilet paper. I mean what what does that. Say about our study. That's like a week old now. That forty percent thirty eight percent to be exact of Americans. Yes thought that corona virus had something to do the beer You know the people took a little time to catch up on what? What's things were going on the other thing that you're hearing from the famous Greta and others in the climate Fight which is very important is that actual and we heard it at the UN and Briefing by the world's weather agency. Wmo The World Meteorological Organization said that co two emissions are down significantly in China. Which you know it may be a bright set but it also tells you that when I when there's a will there's a way that it's very interesting I was just talking to To a One of the physicians leading our local Health Network Here University Vermont Medical Center Health Network. And talking about how we're GONNA learn some important lessons from all of this. When the whole thing is is finally over people are going to realize and maybe one of the things that will happen. Is that Folks will realize one of the one of the benefits to working from home is that Our our carbon emissions in this country are going to be down. I would think a lot because start driving and forth to work right exactly right and it's already showing it There were they put a graph out about how much carbon emissions and greenhouse gases are down. You know it's It does are you working from home today? Yes I was at the UN. I thought you know what I'm just going to put my plastic gloves on and and stay away from people and go in and they closed. They didn't close the. Un UN is open. No meetings at all they're all virtual and there's a major world crisis The fifteen world powers of the Security Council have been trained. Apparently it's not. It's not going too well but In terms of learning but This is the US UK France Russia. China they're trying to all sit down virtual room and apparently they all got a little more casual and Talki- then they would it as Security Council meeting which sounds refreshing but That that they closed so the secretary general's in the building but there've been several cases in the building of a few diplomats a few staff and one at least one journalist so They think they're disinfecting the building as we speak so I the UN is still functioning around the world third. They've pulled back. Some peacekeeping troops World Food Program is still trying to deliver some by drones of food to starving people and Sudan and Yemen and other countries and what UNICEF said yesterday is because of this this round of Corona Virus of eight hundred and fifty million. Try to wrap your head around that. They've it's eight hundred. Fifty million children are out of school. Which which ticked up from half a billion last week so What are we looking at for the next generation? I mean American kids not not all but for the most part either can get some educational programs on TV or laptop computers Around the world. They can't so you're putting one would hope it doesn't last so long but I you're some schools are closing some of these little programs that actually educate kids in in southern sub Saharan. Africa are actually closing. And so what do you do about the next generation? Also the Italian virus death toll is now nearing what China's so you're western? Europe is in a very tough situation and they're worried about recession as the. Us is absolutely well. There's an awful lot going on and I helped Really appreciate your help shedding some light on this pan faulk of CBS News. Thank you so much for joining me this morning. Let's talk soon absolutely Dave. Yeah I would hope at least sometime soon. I can get back. I love being the UN. You guys Have to come from Vermont and visit US sometime when it's all over sounds like a plan. Thanks again okay. Take Care Bye wanted to go to one of our other national. Correspondents that We we've got a A good Good representation this morning. Cbs in the last few minutes. Pam Falk and I believe Elena trine from axios joins US access the terrific online news site and Elaine are you with us yes I am and thank you so much for having US running? I'm really glad you could join us. Thank you and so. What are your top headlines this morning? How are you looking at the world right now? I mean everything I've been doing recently has completely been focused of course on what's happening with the corona virus pandemic As this morning's a total confirmed cases are over. Two hundred twenty thousand All over the world and about ninety four hundred in the US and so we've been working with people at the White House to see how we're trying to continue to stop the spread of this disease while some of the other relief and economically programs that they've been working on kind of With people on Capitol Hill. Is it your sense? Now that going forward the White House is going to be putting out a solid unified message. That people can Can BELIEVE I mean. We had a bit of a shakedown cruise earlier. But the getting together Yes it does seem so I mean I think the met a lot of people Both within the trump administration and definitely on Capitol Hill have actually criticized the president and the White House about is their slow response to that so we had started learning about the corona virus outbreak in January. And I'm a lot of people have criticized the president for being so slow to take it so seriously even as early or late as last week. he was still not seeming to to say how serious this was Really this week. We started to see the president words lineup with that of public health officials and those within the Department of Health and Human Services that had been really on the forefront of the administration suggests. And so this week. We're really starting to see them. Work in tandem and also governors across the country. The president has done a very good job of getting governors intimately involved in what's going on With the federal effort as well We've seen we did see some controversy and conflict between New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the president earlier this week but they've sent seemed to get on the same page. I spoken with some Republicans. Even those you know in in southern states who normally would Would BE GOVERNOR. Cuomo's biggest fans that they think that he's doing a really good job here and we've seen the president now say that he is as well and so I think as the days leaks. Go on we really are seeing a more unified response between people beyond beyond parties across party lines working together to make sure that we get ruth. I've been kind of worried about of really practical impact here. I saw some polling just within the last forty eight hours or so indicating that the Republicans were much more likely to believe the threat from the corona virus. Had Been Gravely exaggerated? Perhaps even You know bordering on a hoax and some in the of some folks views of this situation And and it it strikes me that if you think that way you're probably not gonNA listen to all the instructions out there about social distancing. You're probably not going to really be you know washing your hands extra multiple times a day. You're not going to be taking these steps that are designed to be the public health officials now but talking about for weeks as ways to To slow the flatten the curve. Slow the spread however you wanted to describe it In there could be some real actual health impacts of this initial This this initial tendency to minimize the whole problem. No you're exactly right. And it's something that a lot of people a lot of public health officials in those including people within the White House's current virus taskforce PM are warning about we've seen Dr Anthony Fao g Who Works at the National Institute of Health and their Diseases Prevention and He said you know pleaded really several times this week during their Presley things at the White House targeting millennial thing. Please listen to us. We need to stay home. Be Safe you may not be worried about you. Know getting the virus yourself or even having complications if you do get the virus but you could spread it onto people at your grandparents and others older than you or those west Preconditions underlying health conditions. That are being very severely impacted by that and yes you're definitely right about the fact that Republicans many of which are of course. President trump supporters have actually been slower to respond to this and take it as seriously someone out the press briefing yesterday. The White House president. From what are you telling your supporters here? They seem to taking your previous an earlier comments. That were in a serious About how to respond Cyrus and not listening now that the administration has ramped up what they are there guidelines for staying home and You know keeping social gatherings less than ten people. The president said we hope they can lessen heat. I I don't think he's really need a broader call to his supporters and his voters to to take that seriously You know there's video everywhere. We see people Down in Florida. Who say they're on spring break? You know they don't WanNA listen. They WANNA party. They want to continue living their lives and they're frustrated that beaches are closed. A these are the people that The administration and others really need to be reaching out about and and trying to convince to stay home and take. This is serious possible. Could it could the president come out now and make a statement along the lines of folks? I was wrong. I really played this thing. You know two three weeks ago and I want you to really listen up now. It's pretty unusual for me to say that I was wrong and and the fact that I'm saying that I was wrong and taking that very unusual step for me is should be assigned to you of just how serious this is Yeah he could data and he's gone. I'd say as close as I would expect him to go insane. Matt this week By at this point I think it. Is it going to be difficult to see how to reach some of these people who don't take it as seriously this of course? I there's no protection I can make about one or how that will come about But this administration and the tax were attacking coming out every day and trying to urge all of these people to stay home I think a mea culpa from the president could help I'm sure we will get one five Definitely a ton of people many of which are his supporters that we see in these polls and just if you look at the demographics of the types of folks who are still going out and saying that they don't believe that this is a serious that they believe. It's they still think it's a hoax But words that other Republican leaders have used in the past Is it difficult situation? And I hope it doesn't come to the point where you know we've obviously seen how this disease has completely impacted places like Italy and China and other places across Europe And Asia who are walking their entire city down. We're getting part of that now across the country but it's obviously not than nationwide. Who played doesn't come to that but I some point You know they'll have to be used to have to be reached. Do you think that that That there is any change in mood Right now Are People starting to think about you? Know maybe we will get ahead of this thing and and actually avoid You know the the The extreme extremely negative outcome that Italy a scene for instance or are people feeling. Are we still kind of in the Holy Moses moment here I think we I down a bit of a holy moment I'd say Using your words But no. I think that the problem is. We're going to see this happen in the next few days or few weeks is now that we've had testing become far more available to people across the country. We're going to see major spikes in the number of cases of people who are going to be testing positive for parental virus and It's still going to increase. I don't think we've at all public. Health officials have said they don't believe that we've reached a threshold yet where We we've seen the big numbers that we're going to be seeing and so Obviously administration's working on some sort of doc scene to help fight that And see how to reduce the spread but as a now in people that I speak with at the White House and public health officials. They say that Between so many words that the worst is still yet to come. The worst is still yet to come that I don't like hearing that. I suspect you're about though and we do have to face reality here after all what I I I I also wonder you know. Eventually one hopes one thinks that That we will somehow get over this This this problem it and that there will be a a moment when the country says we have survived. You know those of us obviously still alive are going to continue on into whatever future. The human race has on this planet And I'm I'm I'm wondering. Is Anybody talking about kind of What the criteria are you what what will need to be established for that day when the bells start ringing or whatever star rating as in as in celebrating that it's over. Oh yeah well Yeah I think I think it's going to be. We've seen it start to happen. I think South Korea's been a wonderful example not a lot of people Public Health officials point to as a once he starts being you know the curve downwards rather than upward lasting spike but more of a dove tailing in the number of cases and how they're being able to treat patients and help them recover. We'll start to that time. I think that there may not be a victory day. I know a lot of people. The president himself is calling this a war. A war against an invisible enemy. I've seen other outlets this world. Worst C- Which is what it other people within the health community. Do you think it's fighting a war right now against this disease but unlike normal war where you have a day and it's a ceasefire the war is over. This is going to be more of a gradual Gradual victory from from my conversations. At least that will start to see a downturn in the number of cases and we'll start to see a rise and people who recovering and being treated properly for that and overtime start reintroducing people back into normal life leaving their home gathering when more than ten people at once All of those sorts of things. I don't think it'll be an immediate victory but something bad more gradual already will elena. Trina axios I really appreciate you joining me this morning. Lots of interesting perspective and insight as always and. Let's talk soon. Thank you so much. Having me stay healthy. Yep WE'RE GONNA go to Pretty soon to a bottom of the hour break for some. Cbs News. Here on the Dave Graham show. Wd FM and am in the last Few seconds I want to remind you about our podcast. Don't forget we can. You can always Always tune into our goto rather the WD EV radio DOT COM website Follow the link from that homepage to the Dave Graham. Show scroll down a bit. You'll come up with a list of our recent programs And the The podcasts. Come in handy because you can listen to any time of day or night. WanNa thank the Warren store. The Friendly Funky and almost world-famous Warren store for their sponsorship of our podcast. Really appreciate those those folks down there offer one hundred terrific place to visit. Don't patronize them. When they're up and running and I assume that'll be yes folks so let's go to the bottom of the hour news. Cbs FROM CBS. And more the day to follow stay with us. There's comfort in the familiar but when light presents us with something exciting we just have to embrace it with so many of our neighbors producing such wonderful products. We just have to show and tell the world come in and see for yourself. The old standbys alongside the new changes. Good the one thing that never changes is our commitment to making your visit a great experience the warrant store where funky friendly and almost world famous. It's the Dave Ramsey show. Wd Thanks for staying with us in the last half hour of the Day Graham. Show here there'd be FM and am in on this Thursday morning march the nineteenth. I believe we have a caller Checking in with US bill from Wakefield. Good Morning Bill. Good Morning Dave. Yesterday when you were talking with Art You had mentioned something with regard to Liquor store and Montpellier closing This morning I got From life reliable source that up the warehouse actually is either closed or is closing. So there's GonNa be no more deliveries to the stores state liquor Warehouse Yeah. I had not heard that actually but I it's probably worth checking out. I'll I'll see if I could find that out for sure in the next I mean You know this is actually kind of an interesting question. Bill because obviously They are they. They deal in product Which is You like to think with not maybe the most crucial thing that That we we we make in consumers as society On the other hand a lot and awful lot of people would miss The ability of alcoholic beverages if that in fact comes to be comes to be comes to pass. What do you? What do you think there's a state of a duty to keep this operation going? Well you know I. I really wonder you know this. Is You know. This is a very reliable source I got from so I I'm pretty sure it's true But I wonder what the rationale is. Because you know it's people are going to you know we've got three states. Canada's not available anymore but we've got three states around us so somebody's you know we're all close to borders going reasonably but people would normally shop there and you know Waterbury or here here on Will you know? Are you know if they are desperate? They're going to get in their cars. Maybe do a little bit of Social crowding by car pooling and taken off for New Hampshire. Or you know people south heading you know that are closer to a place in Massachusetts will go across that border and so So on the one hand you're increasing their exposure because they're going to go to more crowded places And you're also You know if you're also going to have them burning a lot of gas doing it so so you wonder what could be the benefit or the reason you know. Maybe it's a supply problem but I you know but What would be the reason behind? But what possible benefit would justify Increasing risking carbon footprint. I I get I. I understand where you're where you're coming from on this bill. I think he's very very good questions. And I mean I guess one corollary question is I mean. Let's assume for the moment that it folks You know suddenly there's a lawful lot of Vermont plates in the parking lot outside the the New Hampshire state liquor store just over the bridge there and West Levin And but that assumes that New Hampshire is keeping its liquor stores open. Well that's right. That's an awfully big business in New Hampshire. That would take that's You know it's it you know I it's staggering. How how big IT Scott? And they've expanded it you know. I don't I mean I frankly. B B Kind of shocking. I think to you into me if New Hampshire suddenly announced. Hey we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA shut down our state liquor stores for some period of time And and You know slightly. Maybe slightly more shocking than the idea of Vermont. Doing that the But but again you know I guess nothing is impossible in at this point. I mean who knows what the what the what the plan is. So I I I I I suppose that People are People are going to. I don't know what start making bathtub gin again like they did. During prohibition or you know what the Heck I this is. This is a this is something that I that I think. And maybe maybe there'll be some people out there who are going to end up saying themselves That they're habits of Consumer Alcoholic Beverages. They're going to have to be curtailed for a bit and Who knows maybe? There's maybe there's an upside their health wiser just Etcetera so But you know you know at the same time. There's a Lotta people who can't and won't You know another thing that's going on that I'm seeing a lot. You know a lot of stuff in social media around here anyway is You know they're in a lot of people. Obviously feeling very strongly about it is there are people that are you know are wanting to Discourage or even outright ban out of state second homeowners from coming to their to their homes here. Yeah Yeah and it kind of you know on the extreme what it sort of brought to mind after a long. You know several days of hearing about this stuff is it. Kind of reminds me of the the Back in the in the fifties when people were building fallout shelters and stocking men One of the key items. That people were talking about having in their fallout shelters was a gun so they could shoot their neighbors if they were trying to break in. Yeah I you know. I hope that We don't we. Don't see an uptick in that kind of behavior at each juncture in the near future on this whole thing but I have seen I think. Vcd are actually had a story in the last couple of days. Indicating that sales of firearms and ammunition are spiking Out there and so That is You know something something which I think you know people Obviously let's all keep a cool head here folks and and just make sure that It's a time for. It's time for increasing increasing compassion and kindness and the virtues We think of as really being the the the salves for our community and not a time for increasing paranoia and violent thoughts etc. So let's let's stay on the right track here folks so bill. I gotta I gotTa jump but thank you very much for the call and stay in touch. Let's see I think we have another Caller on the show. Bruce messes with us. Good Morning Bruce. Hey Dave how are you? I'm doing okay. How are you? Could you taking care of yourself? Oh yeah okay okay I worry about you. Worry about myself to Well I if you're taking care of yourself. Yeah well our daughter. Our oldest daughter. Who's at Harvard School of Public Health is Lecturing US constantly at one. Vignette about her. In in your people were talking about millennials. Not taking this seriously My three kids are all They're aging millennials. They're you know. Sort of on the cusp of the early. You know Cold War But my daughter lives in the Boston area. She has a housemate around her age. She was sheltering in place away from Harvard because Harvard was closed Shutting down but her housemate would keep going out take his girlfriend to dinner to the bars and all this stuff and that would reset my daughter's clock because she wanted to come up here and be with us because for the long term so she's Now sheltering in place in Vermont We had a meeting yesterday and She sent us a picture today. Over workstation she got A modem she got a connection friends of ours have allowed her to stay in their farmhouse while they're elsewhere and You see the most magnificent view from their kitchen window and I heard a little workstation defunct but you know when we. I don't know what's going to happen with this thing. I don't think anybody does but one of the big things that needs to come out of it is humility. And that's certainly not characteristic of our political class whether you're Republican Democrat or independent and sometimes it's not even Characteristic of our scientific class but I think we have to begin to be look seriously at ourselves as part of a culture and things like this and have some humility and when we're dealing with how to go forward no listen to scientists and politicians. Let's bring in the the cultural geographers the anthropologists. This story ends the sociologist Artists Theologians all these academic disciplines dead get Sorta pooh-poohed today as we're trying to concentrate on steam or whatever they call it or stem science technology engineering and mathematics. There's there's a role for this kind of reflection and and I I hope will turn in that direction going forward. Well I bruce. Excellent thoughts as usual and I hope you You and yours Stay healthy and and are able to wetter all of this As well as the community large. Let's let's all hanging there to get folks so thanks. Vermont. Living Room right now so I guess so. Thank all Bruce. Let's go let's go to. Let's go to Bob in Charlotte. Good Morning Bob Morning Dave. How are you doing? Well how are you? I'm doing well I just you know wanted to kind of point out one thing that I mean Everybody he's being you know kind of up ended by this whole virus but I one thing that bothers me is That were still allowed to move about The country and within cities on mass transportation trains airplanes and subways. Museum that to me makes you know it kind of doesn't make any sense to allow that to happen when we're kind of Closing the doors on a lot of the smaller businesses that we can have a direct impact with yet. We're still allowing you know after nine eleven. No airplane flew. They just wrecked airplanes down and to me. If you know if you really want to end this you need to stop not you but we need to stop allowing People making it convenient for people to to sit next to each other and start spreading this. This is what's GonNa continue the the problem. The spread of this disease is Putting everybody in tight confined spaces like that. And you know if you're GONNA if you really want to put an end to it and the spread you really need to to explore all avenues of transmission. Not only the convenient ones that you can. You can do immediately And and that's just kind of one one one of my points on on our were not really taking it as serious as we should if we really want to put an end to it all right. Thank you for the call Bob. I appreciate it. Interesting thought Let's go to. Let's go to jail and Burlington Dale. Yes good morning Dave how you doing. I'm doing well. How are you good? Thanks good I just wanted to put out a little. Bit of a consumer alert Concerning situation that we're in it kind of goes back to something that you said in the first half hour of the program kind of encouraging people to support local businesses by going out maybe buying gift cards now etc. I'd be very leary about purchasing gift cards from anybody right now because we don't know how many businesses are actually going to survive. This and I think it'd be careless. Just go out and buy gift cards unless you have a real good idea that the company that our business that you're buying gift cards for is going to stay in business and right now we don't always going to stay in business so that's just kind of a consumer alert. You Might WanNa keep that fifty dollars gift card in as cash in your pocket Just you know Dale. I hear what you're saying I and I think I think it on one level it makes sense on another level I suppose people can also calculate in their own minds. There is some chance that this business may not resume on the other side of this Corona virus crisis that. I might be out my fifty bucks that I spent on the Gift Card and You know and and some people are able and willing to absorb that risk And and so sure go ahead and and And think about that as you make a decision whether to purchase a gift card and then then I hope I hope they're going to be some people out there are going to say I'm you know I I've been. I've been buying bagels at this shop for twenty years. I really like these people. I'M GONNA help him out even if there's a chance that It may not work out for me in the end it's just because of the nature of altruism there And obviously yeah okay. Do do the math in your own head or whatever if if you need to I mean I appreciate the call you raise an interesting point and something. Something worth thinking about but You know there's there's obviously a lot of factors in in such a such an equation so thanks for the. Thanks for the call appreciate it. Let's go to Let's see it looks like Mike from watertown is on the phone talking. Thanks for taking my call sure is that Watertown New York watertown Massachusetts actually watertown mass. Okay got it. Yeah yeah originally from there I thank you for taking the call. These we're We're we're looking at and I appreciate you having the conversation that makes me feel a little bit. Calmer that's for sure Yeah I heard from a friend in Maine actually Crazy things going on there today. Now I think they had forty cases yesterday it sounds like there might have upwards of eighty today His name is Be Michael Jerry. He works for the the fiddle at Focus. Up in Mat. Austin main They're seeing a lot of that. A cold leader. I don't know if you saw the story that a cold leader Out there that was pinned down in that area a couple of weeks ago and his followers came in and it seems like it's infected the all the locals in that area It's just it's just crazy times right now especially in Maine. Apparently so look for that story to bubble up It's it's been nuts. There's a a Russian plants Robinson in that area too and it really shocked me to the core. Actually it's terrifying while okay well Mike thanks for the call. Stay healthy and be in touch rusty. Do we joins us on the phone. Good morning rusty. Hey Dave thanks for hanging around me on and Yeah I get around. People say how you know how you doing well. It has affected my business but it has not affected my life because I make that pretty quiet liver anyway. There are people out there who it is affecting their life. And and it's it's a tough one however I do have one specific question. You had a woman some sort of professional on about fifteen minutes ago also the guy from Maine good guy. They're they're saying that there's a thing in their voice here. You had a great question to the lady. You said some paraphrasing is there any sense of positive feeling down going on? And she's like no because the the numbers are just. GonNa rise now my question to you know what the answer this but I'm asking you it is that just the the is it. Being spread the same. Your question was kind of like is the spread increasing or just the numbers because of the tests. And you know the people that have it the people that showed that they have it in. Maine yesterday have had it days. Maybe weeks so you just didn't exist. We have to know this all exist. This future needs future. Numbers are not necessarily a clue that that is just spreading like wildfire fire. Is that somewhere near close and all hang on up and I listen to you guys. All right I appreciate it rusty. Thank you so much Yeah I I think I think the question. That rusty dewees asks is is Are we seeing greater spread or are we seeing more tests Just showing where the where the disease actually has been existing maybe for some period of days or even weeks and these are epidemiological questions. Which I just. I don't have the the data in front of me to even try to answer. I'm sure that There are Epidemiologists out there who are following This these questions pretty closely And are are you know the one one place that is worth checking out for folks On a on a daily basis. If you WANNA stay up on the latest knowledge from the Public Health Perspective Health Health Vermont Dot Gov Health Vermont. One Word Dot Gov is our state health department website. There is a There is some young just a ton of great information on the on the Corona virus on that website And of course the CDC dot Gov Federal counterpart to our health department centers for Disease Control and prevention are also just providing a wealth of information out there for folks who want to try to try to stay up on On those those more scientific based questions which are obviously Very very important right now and Or something that You know it makes sense that makes sense for people to I I suspect that Maybe I I need. Who has the host of this program on? Wd I I I perhaps we'll try to bone up a little bit myself before tomorrow's show and I can come on in and describe What what the latest word is from the From the Vermont Health Department. I think there's there's a Just a a great deal of of interest out there in trying to figure out you know what are the. What are the latest statistics and figures? let's see here. We have a Actually I have something here from the from the Vermont Health Department. This is a daily update on the novel Corona Virus Covert Nineteen This is dated yesterday Wednesday They typically issue these things in the afternoon And so Some of some of information may be a little bit dated by the time we come on the air in the next morning but Today's or this. Most recent update from the Health Department says Governor Phil Scott has called a reminders to help protect our most vulnerable. The early in the very ill in announced several strategies to help sled slow. The spread of the Corona Virus Governor Scott declared a state of emergency to help ensure verandas all the necessary resources to respond to the evolving threat. Strategy Strategies include restricting visitor access at long term care facilities where we speaking tomorrow morning with Monica. Hot The commissioner of the Department of aging and disabilities in Vermont I she's going to be talking to us about what What folks are looking for from family members of people who are in our nursing homes and other long term care facilities. What what they want you to be thinking about and doing not doing as you as you contemplate a visit to To maybe an elderly loved one In in a nursing home These these are going to be very very restricted of we're prohibiting non-essential gatherings of more than Fifty people I believe. That's on the ten people now again. A lot of these things are are moving targets here The president Came out with a ten person figure as a limit At believe yesterday ordering the closure of all bars and restaurants Of course restaurants are still serving To go meals At establishment skinny jeans offer takeout and Delivery Service Let's see making a continuity of education plan for the orderly. The dismissal of all schools will be reaching out the folks at the Agency of Education. Hearings Romani trying to find out Expect they'll they'll have a good sense by early next week of what? What the next several weeks of education of modern look like it. I do WanNa get someone on the program to talk about that Early next week. I'm hoping so lots to come here on the Dave Graham show every morning weekday mornings from nine to eleven. Am We try to bring you Updated information some good perspectives from different people who are responding to corona virus crisis in different ways and we will continue to do that on this program as well as a lot of other good programming. Wd FM and am as well. We're fast approaching the top of the hour which means the end of my program today I hope you'll tune it again tomorrow. Meanwhile stay tuned today for bill. Bill Sayer Common Sense. Radio and Folks Stay healthy out there. Go take any unnecessary risks will talk. Y'All tomorrow good afternoon everyone.

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