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"palmisano park" Discussed on The City

"Cheryl Johnson did not know that the contaminated dirt from the Northland dealt. Dumps had ended up in a landfill in the toxic Donut until I told her, but she didn't seem shocked by it. Although Cheryl has taken on her mother's mantle and has now been fighting for years to protect an advocate for her neighborhood. She also seemed almost resigned the fact that in Chicago her neighborhood has already been designated as the destination for this kind of waste we cared most fifty documented landfilled than the other air city. Anyway, would you want it to go to someone else? At least she said the legal dumps in north Lonsdale had been dismantled and the waste had not been sent to another illegal dumb. I'm just saying that if that's the vice that we have to may least we know going to a place where it's been monitoring regulate. For the waste from the north Lauderdale dumps that was not hazardous there were other options ones in which no neighborhood had to be sacrificed. And the city took this other approach in a white neighborhood with ties to Chicago's most powerful family, although the contaminated dirt from John Christopher's dumps was taken to the hazardous waste landfill near guild gardens. The bulk of the material nearly all the concrete slabs and chunks of asphalt ended up in Palmisano park. Hamas on a park is a twenty seven acre Greenspace in Bridgeport, a neighborhood about three and a half miles southwest of the loop. When the weather's nice. It's a great place to walk your dog or have a picnic or take a date. I've been on dates here. There's a fishing pond and a terrorist walkway and natural landscaping with native wildflowers. The tip off that this place was not always a beautiful public park comes from the massive grassy three hill in the center of the park. It's like Dr Bullard said in Houston, Chicago is completely flat. So if you see a mountain be suspicious landfill. Home Asano park used to be a limestone mine called Stearns quarry it opened in the eighteen thirties around the same time Chicago became a city at first it was the edge of town. But as the new city expanded and the population boomed, the densely populated neighborhood of Bridgeport grew up around the Corey we found this incredible black and white aerial photo of the Corey it shows densely packed rose three story apartment buildings and bungalows and workmen's cottages. Built right up against the edge of this massive pit three hundred eighty feet deep. That's so deep you could fit the statue of liberty inside it. The quarry closed in nineteen sixty nine but the pit remained. You could drive through Bridgeport, down hall, stead street and peer into the abyss. And by the mid nineties when city officials were casting around for a place to take the debris from the dumps in north Mondale the head another problem on their hands. We heard about it from environment. Commissioner Henry Henderson the old quarry Stearns quarry..

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