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"palatine high school district" Discussed on WLS-AM 890

"Says it will retaliate if the US imposes some tariffs newsmax first we check the WLS weather channel forecast cloudy skies here today followed by clearing later this afternoon breezy with a high right around thirty eight some clouds this evening giving way to mainly clear skies overnight low fifteen tomorrow sunshine along with a few afternoon clouds colder though hi twenty three that into Thursday will get into the upper forties right now thirty three all hair thirty three midway thirty two at the lake front is our sponsored in part by compassion international it's easier to change the world than you think sponsored child extreme poverty with compassion international and you will change the world for that child just text the word child two eight three three nine three to sponsor right now France has warned it will retaliate swiftly with the full backing of the European Union if the US imposes tariffs on up to two point four billion dollars worth of French products the US considering one hundred percent tariffs on French goods including champagne handbags lipstick cheese those terrorists to be responsive France's decision attacks a local digital business of major tech companies like Google and Facebook a stampede at a funeral for the top Iranian general slain in the U. S. airstrike his left forty people that two hundred thirteen others injured two we Ronnie and semi official news agencies reported that the stampede took place as the procession got under way yesterday several recreational marijuana dispensaries in Illinois closed yesterday with some owners saying strong demand has caused a shortage in supplies and the staff was simply exhausted transgender students in palatine high school district two eleven we'll have Annette restricted access to locker rooms beginning today the decision comes after for your fight for access for transgender students the school board of voting five to two in favor of the decision back in November WLS news time nine thirty two on the road here downtown thirty eight Eisenhower Thorndale to the post office forty one accident reported on the right shoulder outbound at York the Stevenson I three fifty five you to drive forty four extravagant date in fifteen minutes it is on the hour and a half to one of Raitt's continuous coverage W. L. S. A. M. dot com I'm Dick Dale eight ninety W. Ellis are you an over thinker hi Rick Adelman here hosted the wreck element show right here every weekend in three decades of serving folks like you and almond financial engines we've made a lot of folks were trapped because they were over thinking their financial decisions we get it this can be scary stuff you work really hard and you make a lot of sacrifices to save all your money and well just imagine if you make a mistake bad investment choices the wrong mortgage and correct insurance.

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