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"paik nico collins" Discussed on GSMC Football Podcast

"Ninth rating with for the chargers. Cowboys amari cooper ended up here in the top teams presently enough. I would ninety two overall rating. Mike evans super bowl winning mike evans wide receiver with the buccaneers has a ninety one and number ten. Is the chicago bears. Allen robinson the second With a ninety overall so those top received in the game Drug dot at a top tin from last year who Tied for nine number nine. Last year was odell beckham So he's dropped those top ten receivers going in to this year's madden twenty two game okay. I think it's fair. Can't really argue too much with what they have put together there but big news came out this week for what's going on there in. Houston i know. We always have a lot of questions. I mean i'm a duress to say minutes as is though because i am going to talk about. Afc south here today but You know we won't go based off as is what's going on there but Shawn watson he wants to avoid is daily fifty thousand dollar fine so reported houston. Texans camp You know he has all of the allegations going on in the trays that he wanna make it. Happen and stuff but But yeah so. Houston texans quarterback shawn watson. Report it to training camp this past sunday in order to avoid a fifty thousand daily fine Under the nfl's new collective bargaining agreement teams can no longer forgive fines in watson would have been fined fifty thousand for every day. He was absent from camp so he wasn't trying to come off their bread out blame You know less than two months later of after he requested to lead the team He had twenty three lawsuits filed against him which apparently now twenty two active lawsuits so still has to see where that goes. Anyway i know in the field is doing their own investigation. But you know on the roster. His backups tyrod. Taylor and davis mills In jeff driscoll so these are important names mainly because also that came out this week. Is that houston. Texans are now willing to trade quarterback Watson sources say They you know after initially insisting that they would not treat him They shifted their stance on the quarterback trade availability earlier This week will. Last week. Takes already have had preliminary discussions with other teams about watson who reportedly will who reported to training camp. So we're not showing up so that might help the case. I'm not sure You know dad not come to any significant decisions or lena. Anyway as far as we have heard But the price will watson has been a combination of five hydride draft picks and starting caliber players. is what they're looking at in. I mean to make sense. I think that's where you're going have to get. All the top draft picks you can start basically a new team in dance when people that you can get in there right now. If somebody wants to shawn watson turnaround near organization She imagine him go into the broncos instead of Air when something but will see He's houston texas on top of dealing with that they also were able to pick up Anthony miller wirelessly from chicago bears odd at a low dipped on their chart Anthony miller apparently exciting said houston. Let's gated put on twitter katie at that last season chicago miller half forty nine catches for four hundred eighty five yards in two touchdowns And interest in this past january wire receiver. Liz ejected from the bears playoff loss to new orleans saints for fighting so he got ejected in that game Miller joins twelve otherwise. He was on the texans roster including brandin cooks. Randall cobb twenty around paik nico collins. So we'll see where he sits there. He has a cap hit of one point. Two million in its Is final season of his rookie contract. So hopefully they can Help young man grow and do better. We will see the nfl. In their unvaccinated individuals so unvaccinated nfl players will be subjected to a fine of fourteen thousand six hundred fifty dollars every time. They violate covert nineteen procedures Yikes spotlight was put on the punishment. After a report that tampa bay books coach bruce arians would find player fourteen thousand on the spot every time he isn't wearing a mask or is breaking protocol because it can't afford that right wtam Pretty much take the team down as a right now because they're so elite So That that's why they lead in that conversation Starting off aaron said the books will have close to eighty five percent of their players fully vaccinated by i by final cut downs. Some players have a voice resistant to the vaccine. However you know whatever but a running back leonard fournette probably one of the most notable ones whose four hundred and forty eight yards from scrimmage was the most of any player any team. This postseasons tweeted thursday vaccine. I can't do it. He said that but then despite all the is reports came out that he's still going to get it so i mean a pretty sure. Coach talked to a one way. Or another Touchy subject for a lot of people. But that's just me reporting on it then you know Where everybody in football world are you leaning whether talking about How that's going right now. Tom brady books while we're talking about them. Got the rings this week all right. The rings delivered They were quite a work of art. I'll tell you that they were very much so amazing The three hundred nineteen diamonds which includes fifteen karat. White gold in fourteen cares of yellow gold. Reflect the super bowl. Thirty one demand final score while the Twist offer movable top is a first of super bowl rings on. The bottom is removable. On the bottom of the removable. Top a laser etched in gold laser etched in gold is the word historic To commemorate the accomplishment the top also features to lombardi trophies as a nod to the bugs. Oh to super bowl win The first of the franchise history so this with their second one Ever okay around the top of the stadium on each of the four sides of our four game scores for the bucks for postseason wins over the washington. Football team New orleans saints green bay packers can't say cheese inside the ban are the words Low to respect their team motto. So really crazy ring. Dude i mean like is it. It's something to see pressure. I don't know what i'd do if he's hardware like the in. Somebody made a good point about these granite. These things huge like the trophies. Okay that's what three or four. Everybody notice play sports when you want to get rain and Wearing my track championship ring. Sometimes and somebody said that you know when you only got one. Beware but like. Tom brady have any seventh. He's not going to where he wore the day of for pictures and stuff and stuff like that. But like you don't wear because people know when you have more than two three people know. He has the most i mean but yes he has more than any team has so- heath he doesn't need to wear. It's it's a to find work of art though for sure. Oh my goodness if you haven't seen already go ahead and google checkout see what you think. All right in a bigger news noticed spec. Tom brady in the books but going over to college. Ball if you have already heard texas longhorns. In oklahoma sooners are trying china. Move to c. Yes they are trying to make their way. They told their conferences..

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