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"padre scully" Discussed on Alchemy This

"Mom to say that for calibrating. Her mouth gene is done with the tip of the tongue in the Okay see we gotta just shot a couple of top out k. a. Right now say this say unique. New york unique niki. Your listen if you say another word sir. I will remove all of your mom's teeth and your teeth until them on the black market for a really good profit. You understand okay. Look here's a really good profit I just think you. I just need to take these teeth with me and you have done a great service to the nation of kyle today sir. I'm sorry i we. We need to use names. Don't use names. no names. No name case kate. This is a really good profit. Well these are really good teeth. Okay listen i know we said no names but you said the nation of kyle yes the nation of kyle tell me more. Oh would you like you know what. I have a brochure about the army of the nation of kyle. We also have a navy as well. Okay how do you feel about uniforms. I love you can rifle through my closet though any uniform you want and you will be lieutenant general in the nation of kyle. The thing is we are at war with britain right now. Okay okay okay. what's army do you do. You have right now. medium but we're looking at a double xl pretty soon to say there's room for growth that's right you sound like a kylian. What do i the thing is. I don't remember anything before being in the nation of kyle or in the army of kyle. So how did i just wake up into. It's like what was my life before. That's why i'm saying. This is a stimulation right. Well that's insane crazy thing. Remember like i remember coming over. Cows come over smoke this fat blunt and like. Let's do it. So i got and that's your first memory. Yeah back there and then boom. I'm in some old navy. Khakis shut and attention case soldiers. Looking good looking. Go on a brief you. Today's activities we're going to be doing training and look around men. Everybody's completely erect. This is a stimulation. Discharge option may quick. Now as you know we are fighting today. Yes ooh did you lose the fighter. Ready to file shit. I guess that it probably will get stay up all night with you sleep. Look to your left. Okay right nice. Allow your other looking at fault for that. Every time people you're looking at will some won't be coming home. What does that mean sar. We're in a circle. Some of you will be dying today. You'll be dying for the nation of kyle. A number or percentage. How many will die you your nine. Your shit shit. Done of us are really going to die because fuck stop before we get started. We're just gonna smoke this fat blunt around here you go to upload into your partners now and then you blow it into their looks out. That's fine that's fine. It's in your system. Is it showed of lost in space going on. We gotta find these rocks. Then there's our show. I don't know how many of my alchemist have ever seen this photo. This is you know we all know that we have getting back to teeth. Has babies children. We have that second level of teeth that when a tooth falls out a new one comes in and i thought how that system actually go. Well this is the answer. That honestly turned my stomach. Show you what's crazy to me is that is loaded. That's a kidman about. I thought everyone was at disgusted. Because it was a child's skull stacking of t. Not seeing that now. Sorry i want to thank you very very much. Starting with these still disgusted caroline cut. Yeah we're getting some emails on some fans ship for qatar corps. And there's been some questions as to whether you're really upset like in general. Yes okay. that's what i did want assume but set. Yeah that's i mean. It is what it is. yeah. I dunno whatever that's tracks. Yeah and thank you very much. Thank you for being here today. There's some laughs we had some fun. I know that's difficult. But i don't want you Mark dagley already. Yes last time we were texting. You're in rome italy i was. Are you going. Back is a matab happening. Maybe we'll see we'll see where rooms we'll see we'll see gets its act together. I guess i'm asking if you pissed off the pope enough to Oh not nearly enough well enough for his taste but not enough for mine. There you go. Yeah that's the correct answer and thank you for being here and also folks writing about their love of urine house podcast. Oh thanks yes. Yeah we got this with mark on the maximum fund network there. We go and continued listening to that. Those of you who are in. Please do give it a listen. Chris alvarado hey thank you for having me on a quick quickly shut out somebody on read it The alchemy that's padre Scully cat who seems to be upset with me. That i don't know more about star wars sure and then i say i don't know about that stuff. And then he said something to the effect of like or she said or however they identified. They said it's okay. You can be uncultured if you want uncultured so then i responded with a judge are being quote to say like. Is this what you mean by culture. And i just wanna say scully cat. I got no problems with you. Know problem star. Wars is fine. I'm sure i haven't seen it. I've seen pieces of it. I don't know a lot and that's okay too. That's okay to get. That's it the same truce well. We appreciate the communication. I think better things. Come from an effort to communicate. That's thank you thank you for that. Thank you to everyone on. Read it and i by everyone. I mean a few joey. Graham gano it. I'm on talk now. okay..

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