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"paddock corey" Discussed on WGN Radio

"And Troy Murray, Chicago what to run their road unbeaten fifty five games here in St Louis as they battle their division rivals the booze for the third time already this season. And the hawks are headed in the right direction winning three of their last four games four their last six, but the struggling blue see this game is a chance to get rolling again by beating a hated rival. This should be good. I everyone John Wiedeman along with Troy Murray, we're down here in Saint Louis at the enterprise centre. Hawks and blues. Chris Boden standing by. And Blackhawks central we want to welcome. You went to our broadcast tonight. Chicago Blackhawks and the Saint Louis blues. Sometimes that's all you have to say to get people's attention. And they're getting wine to buy the tickets doesn't matter when they play during the season could be preseason. These games always seem to have an awful lot of me. I think that Saint Louis is the biggest rivalry that. The Blackhawks have at this point right now. And and this is gonna be a great test for the Blackhawks the blues lost seven four. At home here a couple of nights ago, and it's not that they lost. It's how they lost. And there's a lot of. Concern around the the blues organization were this team stands. But I think that if you the Blackhawks you better know that regardless of where Saint Louis is as far as their mentality. This is you mentioned John a rivalry game. And I'm extent Lewis in the addition to losing the game the wrong way, they didn't compete. They didn't do anything to try and put themselves in a better spot in that game against Columbus. I guess they got pushed around the ice. I think they're going to come out here with a real physical presence to this game. And and I think the Blackhawks are going to have to be very careful to make sure that they're prepared to win some of these one on one battles that are going to be throwing them here against the blues. Let's get to the injury report is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue shield of Illinois the card the carry through it all touch. Some would the boy is seemed to be in decent shape. Gustav forsling by the way, down in Rockford getting himself ready for a possible return here to Chicago. We'll have to see and Connor Murphy is the only player of the Blackhawks that's out of. Commission right now. Of course, he had the back issues and we're expecting him back sometime near the end of the month of November time now for tonight's keys to the game. Sponsored by Bud Light rays one for hockey. Dennis the boys hit the ice. He's got those. Thanks, john. I ready. Physical play from the blues. I expected Saint Louis is gonna come out hard. They're gonna come out with hitting and for the Blackhawks have that pace and make sure that you're prepared to play the right type of game against the blues team. Second key shots traffic, Saint Louis. Goaltending has been shaking all season long and make sure that you're putting a lot of pressure on them. See if you can't crack get them second guessing himself from their own into the third key talked about in the pre game show staying out of the out of the only boxing power play for the Saint Louis blues. Second most goals in the NHL only behind Washington at four for ten against the hawks this season high. Troy, thanks for those keys while the boys are on the ice surface. And we'll have hockey here in just a few minutes should as we always do. So many of the Blackhawk fans wearing the Blackhawks colors, whether it be the reds sweater the white sweater. Even the winter classic sweaters are down here in support of the Blackhawks, and it's always great to see. And I think back to those days Troy. When you and savvy now secord of the boys played back in the eighties and the playoff games. You guys used to have at the old building. How many hawks fans made the sojourn at that time. It was really wonderful. You know, it's a short trip four and a half five hours from Chicago. Lotta people come down for the weekend. Great weather here. Normally compared to Chicago, ten degrees warmer. Most of the season long opportunity for Blackhawk fans to come down here support their team in the Blackhawks fan support them, basically everywhere, but a big crowd here expected by hawks. All right. We're all the colors have been presented the boys have lined up on their respective blue lines, and we'll have hockey here in just a little while. But right now, we're going to send it down ice level pickup. Our star spangled banner and special guests on the carpet extends out from these bony tunnel here in Saint Louis, but let's join our anthem singer down on the ice level right now. Enjoy the anthem hawks of homeland security and special operations officer, Derek Rieger. Ladies and gentlemen, the blues in Boeing now ask you to rise remove your caps as petty officer first class general Wilson performs our national anthem. Say. You see? He lives. So. Whose broad stripes and bride. Spa. Lease. Nicely done with the anthem. Man in the armed forces. Outstanding here the starting lineups in tonight's game. In goal for the blues is going to be Jake Allen eight five and three in his career against the hawks. Defense are Joel Edmonson Fulton Perico upfront from left to right sack. Sanford starts at left wing for the blues. Ronald Riley centers lose opening line and David Perron. We'll start at the right wing for the Blackhawks. It's Corey Crawford and goal. He's fifteen seven five or three shutouts against the Saint Louis blues in his career censor Duncan. Keith Henry yoki upfront from left to right. The cat. Alex debrincat starts at left wing. Jonathan tape centers. The hawks opening line and dominant. Cahoon? We'll start at the right wing our referees tonight or taunts Maleski and Francis. Sharon, the linesmen are Bryant pants, then Tim, no arc tonight. Opening face off his sponsored by chevydriveschicago dot com. Your local Chevy dealer gives you the edge with the big fix lease more Chevy for less money. Ask about Chevy's been. Fixedly runaway down here in Saint Louis. Hawks control off the draw. You'll be you hawk blue line right wing tosses. The puck down to the right wing corner in the blue zone Holton parental hustling back to get it there. Carries to center ice over the logo. Then over the hawk blue line. Give it a Sanford. All the. Unleash. Sunday hockey game. It's one nothing Saint Louis. Saint Louis who's gonna come out? They won the faceoff awry. Spectacular in that area. Saint Louis controls the plate never really lose control the park. They come down here on the far side. The little bit of mystery patient, maybe between you'll see how are you? Dominic to whom who've got to come back there. He's done that. That's his guy tapping on the back door on the Corey Crawford can do a great setup. Purchased barely gets past. The white paddock. Corey Crawford winning at first face-off was keenly. So Riley from Sanford and Perico. Folks have been able to settle into their seats. Here's Brandon Saad down the left wing into the blue zone. That's a shot toward the net. Sales wide rides around to Seabrook right point put it back down to Saad back in the Louis. Patrick Kane on the right wing circle. Drops out the right point, Eric Guston. Bill. Terry into the high slot falls down lost the puck past by j poem Easter the blues. They had the Jaden Schwartz will the hawk line right wing drop pass to. Shot high and over the top of the hawk net. Jen, then got the puck back at the left point Senate down into the hawk zone. Seabrook will corral to the right of Corey Crawford. Boxing, align Bieber hawk line, right wing, passing ahead, Nick schmaltz on schmaltz navigating over the line down the left wing to the half court stopping their top local Brandon manning fires and that trickles fools now. Puck taken back at the right point. Now by Jahn Rudo, the hawks he lost the handle, Alex. Bluish John it ahead of the hawk line off of route a states deflects down the side of the network Crawford. Spins way, into the far corner Cairo Balzac flipped it out to the left point. But it software Vince done stick to center ice done went back and got the puck flipped it along the left boards hawk zone. Brandon manning their quick pass up the left wing Alexander fourteen blues line left wing side deduct the Dayak the writing corner blue zone now and ends up behind the net. And they're they get it. John hayden. By Duncan Keith to keep it inside his own for a moment, but the booze. Oscar Sundquist was able to knock Keith out of the way and put the puck to center ice. Then it's shot back into the blue zone. You down behind the blues net. Joel Edmonson they'll put a pass up the right wing for Sundquist. He's hit by Duncan. Keith. Takes the puck. Short of a blue blue line at center ice backhands it down the dasher in behind the Saint Louis Perico their Senate around the right side Edmonson there for the blues will spend the puck back in behind the blues. No to Perico to Edmonson along the near boards shutting at the center ice. Mcdonagh player hawks and he's written into the boards by Ivan barber shop right at the blues boom on the puck is spun down ice Thomas. So the blues. Hawks get it back Justice in between the circles loser made a line chain detained over the blues. Line left circle moves in and fires and that deflects off of Alex portraying Gelo and off the four corner boards and down to the hawk blue line. Brent Seabrook dare. The Guston hawk line left wing gonna pass up the right wing Dominic. The line against us in high slot fired a shot. And that was blocked by Sanford near the top circle. Debrincat took it back in behind the blues net, spins passes up the near boards. Stanford's got it for the blues back through center ice over the hawk line, right wing. Fires. Blocker save by Crawford Riley gathers in the puck left point spins it down behind the hawk net off the in boards. Gusta sin grabs a pass up the left wing debrincat at center ice by Jaden sports, but hands the puck you Gusta sending dump it lazily down the left wing boards. And in behind the blues. Neck Perico there together? The right wing terrorists Nichols center ice sports over the hawk line down the left wing. He it back to the high slot Edmonson with pressuring there by Artem Anisimov from the puck trickles over the blue line and Perico shot at back into the hawk zone. Putting the blues offsides. One nothing Lewis. Every goal scored by Jonathan saves and Patrick Kane is sponsored by chevydriveschicago dot com. Chevy is the number one bestselling brand in Chicago land, seven years running drive. What Kane and Dr Ryan Riley is third of the season. Points in five straight games for rhino Riley picked up in a trade with the buffalo. Sabres one of the bigger moves of the off season. Outstanding on face off. So riley. For. Through the high slot into the Sony took a hand off from Anisimov and just swept at toward the blues net. I think this one Jake Allen probably should have had no tied title. This is what I was talking about in the keys. Jake gallon has had some struggles gets a little tap on the pads from one of his teammates there. But this is a long range shot that take Ellen to simply has his way back on his goal line. Not challenging this play whatsoever. Her Patrick Kane. That's his tenth of the season. Tide tied this one up nice response.

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