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"pablo zun" Discussed on GSMC Baseball Podcast

"So it's two thousand and three right. I was only like two and three years. Old during the two thousand three season for the marlins. But jeffrey loria was definitely not. He was the new owner second ear into his tenure. As the owner of the miami. Marlins if you i really encourage you all like i literally. He has no idea that i exist. But david sampson is. I'm a big fan of the way that he breaks down the business aspect of baseball because he was the team. President for the miami marlins. And he was jeffrey loria stepson. Ask for a while as well. But he was the president of the expos. And the marlins of until. I believe around twenty seventeen but that you in three florida. Marlins season was the eleventh season for major. For the major league baseball franchise in the national league. The marlins ended up playing the yankees in the world series. And it was. It's a bridge series. If i do say so myself. The marlins became just the second team in baseball history to win a world series championship. Despite being ten or more games below five hundred at some point in the season the marlins at one point in the season were twenty were nineteen and twenty nine. The marlins wouldn't get back to the postseason until last year in twenty twenty. It was really amazing but the the one of the big reasons that this team was so good is because they pulled off some major major moves in the off season. The most impressive was going and getting draw. Rigas the ten time gold glover they also traded for catcher. Charles johnson. Outfielder preston williams. Both of those guys came from the colorado rockies for four their leadoff man want bear on november sixteenth of two thousand. Two charles johnson was traded by the florida. Marlins we vic darren board. Pablo zun a- in preston wilson to the colorado rockies for one mike hampton and cash shortly thereafter hampton was traded to the atlanta braves for tim. Spoon bake bar. Margaret spooning bargar. She's me they also signed some pretty good I mean obviously they padraig is was a free agent signing. They also signed kevin. Laura from the red sox and they also Signed todd holdsworth and matt trainer as free agents that year. So they're opening day. Starters you had josh beckett on the bump. You had louise castillo at second base. Not the luis castillo that we know with the reds two different. Sto actually you also had one encarnacion and right field. Alex kansallis short todd hollandsworth and left. Derek lee was at first and mike. Mike lowell was at third base. Quantier was in center and yvonne. Rodriguez was at the dish so they ended up in the season. With a record of ninety one in seventy one ten games back of the braves for first but they did end up playing very very very well and so they got off to a very sluggish. Start jeff touring. The manager was at at the start of the season. He was struggling out of the gate and the tea and let the team to a sixteen twenty to start adding to that. Their three top pitchers were mark redman. Aj brunette and josh beckett. They all had eat they. All of those guys had endured injuries that season but beckett and redman were able to finish the rest of their two thousand three season on may eleventh tour. Borg was fired and replaced by jack. Mckinnon mckean who was a seventy two seventy two years old and began his major league managerial career in one thousand nine hundred ninety three with the royals and these guys in miami absolutely love this man so some midseason acquisitions. They traded for jeffco nine. Who was a first baseman. in exchange. For a couple of flavors they called up dontrelle willis from the mud. Cats they also called up ugueth urbina right. Handed pitcher decided. They didn't call him up. They traded for her beena from the rangers in exchange for adrian gonzalez and two other minor leaguers. They also signed aaron small an called up miguel cabrera. And that's the that's the. That's the biggest reason why i wanted to Why i wanted to bring in irc talk about this team. Specifically is because mickey was honesty this. The first team was on so padraig. He didn't play very much but he did play in eighty seven games for them. A wasn't a starter but he did have twelve home runs. Sixty two rb is he hits you. Sixty eight that season and had eighty four hits in his three hundred and fourteen at bats. He was he was definitely the guy that played the most out of every platoon flare rotational player He played in or mike. Lowell was the starting third baseman. Mike lowell led the team in home. Runs with thirty two. And rb is with one hundred. Five louis. Castio led the team in average with eight three fourteen average and the lowest average on the team out of their starters was todd hollandsworth. He was hitting two fifty four on the year healed but he only played in ninety three games. Derek lee was also on the team. Eric lee played in one hundred and fifty five games that year at thirty one home runs in ninety. Two rb is very very big for him. Pudge rodriguez hit almost three hundred just underneath it. Actually with eight to ninety seven average he also had a five. Rbi's on the year. They this i mean. This team had a ton of of the same habits on its talent like it's not it's not like they didn't have any talent but starting pitchers most guy. The guy who started the most games was a tie between brad penny and coral pavan. No both of those guys started thirty. Two games bevanda went led the team in innings pitched with two hundred and one but brad benny mark. Redman and dontrelle willis. All had fourteen wins on the year. Josh beckett had a three eight record. Carl bravado led the team in losses however with thirteen losses yet twenty five total decisions for 'em. He had four thirty-three average josh becky even though he had the least amount of starts out of their rotation that year. Aj brunette only got five or four starts before he was shut down for the rest of the year but beckett in his twenty three starts in twenty four periods is led the team in strikeouts with one hundred and fifty two which is really really impressive. Especially when you consider john willis who was apr any all star. He had one hundred. Forty two strikeouts in twenty seven appearances. Air twenty seven. Yeah twenty seven stars mark redman only had one hundred fifty one strikeouts in twenty nine starts that six more starts any. Didn't even have one less strikeout than the josh. Josh beckett was a stud back in the day that's not even a. It's not even a real question if we're gonna be really honest so during the season though..

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