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"pablo pat" Discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

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"pablo pat" Discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

"I'm michael in jayme. Goes james okay. At what point is this is respectful. I was just watching. Who who's at fucking rory on your podcast. Yes bells. yes fury. I told you to watch for skews me. No carry ideologue reason. I thought it was rory as brad pitt. And now he's like yeah. No we've been talking about it. Grew they're at is why plan. B crew films pit crew films. You son of a bitch bad for the b. and plan you're a bit of a bit for not calling it pit crew you said was released. Let's go to war. And i say hurry an only if they're going to war watching it and as i'm watching it i'm like i can't watch this at night. No within a month of taking psychedelics. Because there's so much gore in it. Yeah and yet. I'm really enjoying it. Because the booth is amazing penny as amazing really enjoying the is amazing and i like to pretend i'm not even through it that it's a prequel inglorious bastards. I could see that. It's very similar. Ceo elon on. Need you killing crowd. My favorite donnie. Yup yeah that's it yeah notting. Yep that's it. we got a nazi out here. Wants to die for his country. See if he'd be happy to a blodget oblige him didn't make enough. You could donnie. Yep that's directo. This man is dying so we go out out. Good does a certain. What if after all this. I'm like we lost him so I get out there. There's a story in this about early victories k. We start to get him in. And the other guy my compatriot in this yes says you don't know you can stand up man right. We get them in real reef sensitive. You know we're going to. We were beecher. We're here you can stand now. Stand now you can stay on man. Yeah yeah doesn't feel good. That is an uncle in. That's an uncle's yeah. Yeah yeah. of course wrinkle yeah. It's runkel rick. Going to lose my ex had an uncle rag. I did not care for us. Let's keep everyone when he goes. You could stand up now man. He stands yeah. he's up. i go. You did a good thing man to the guy who didn't get help really no. It's about to happen. No i did. Yeah i'm just saying he got. He got him turned around. Got him up. I he deserves the credit ago. You did a good thing. He goes man you youtube. I wouldn't and i go. I know. I know. I know you wouldn't have joking. I go. I go larry no it here it is. I'd go go go now. You did a good thing you know. And he goes off thanks expand you know he just heard i go to and i go. I'm daniel and he goes jeff and we hug we hug in in the wake and i look over guy boom back down in the water rush order. I get buddy okay. I can't stand. I have no energy. And i was like where we let him go to thought he was good now. He's back down but he backed down in water. You stand there. He's an apple. He's bob and yes. He's bobby no. And i get them up then i platoon in forrest. Gump did not go over. The th you know like i don't know no no no no no no not or would it be is so emasculating. And not like a baby still. Yeah and i go. I got i got you. I walk them. And there's a big huge tree. And i just so you sit here okay. I need to sit here for a minute. Sketches you go back to. What's the guy's name. Jeff jeff you over to jeff and you do like a soul shake like like man pablo pat and you're talking to you like that was. That was real stuff in the background. That's all the guy like fucking eagles start packing. He's like he's on fire. Get keeps dying whenever you guys are walking back towards my watch. No no no bob bob. Don't by way that's thanks. Lose shuffled back to the. I want my wife got me the fall. That's stories about you. I sold her hair. No she's older here he doesn't remember the store. What's your name bob. I said br excuse me. What's his fucking name bob. Because i said he was bobbing. Yes i know tuned in. I'd like to think i was but it's like this jokes. What he calls somebody who had no. They're not exactly what you said. He's an apple. i thought. Oh my favorite one of those jokes. I know they're not great jokes. Stu stews good. Art is good. Yes my favorite in a pile of leaves russell. Yeah that's one but it's not bad. There's some bad joe. Greg abbott turn right that i'm just Saying that Surprised go go notions. Neil so what do you call alone with. One leg shorter than the other. Eileen and then there was the other version yes so we can so he goes. I just can't. I'm so tired and i go bob. You spent man. I'm so tired. You're you're spent buddy you gave it all you got. I know i said okay. Just sit here and his daughter assumed daughter. She's probably in her fifties. He's probably an early seventies. He's got after daughter. She's she's like so. Thank you know profuse profuse. And i'm like bob. You just need to you. Don't sit sit here until you line. Mob yeah bob bob bob. You know who's in that movie. Keep going he goes. I'm we made it. I swear to god. I wanted to go you. You didn't make it. We made it jeff. I made her married it right. I mean i almost like the kid who struck out every game. You get buddy. You did everyone. David live in a foul ball and everyone cheered sweetest moments of my the opposite. They would meet there. Were mean to me well. Of course he's gonna hit it so far. Look how big. I hear the mom saying up to the plate. I know where you're going on. So then i live at a fine jeff. Walkaway find her and be kind. Wha- would just be like from the so good to see the big boy and the pawtucket red socks of course field. I'm right handed. You know how hard that left but bat right handed to you are and i throw right. Oh i throw left. But i bet right. I bet left throwing well. We i think we can continue So so i leave him now. Here's steel pete. I was mad at people who.

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