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"pablo de pablo" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"You watch these guys when World Series invokes do is saying it's a transition year what do you what do you look for from these guys this year you not just like every year this looking for to a bunch of wins and you know and brought to the World Series again you know I'm always be here man you know house on the twenty fourteen World Series in Kansas city sitting behind home plate the only one right behind home plate with all science and they will go to see a blue behind me and I was back there hard hit it in the results give my Draco never yeah we wanted playing my yeah let's see how to please back to at the scene of these few minutes ago also yeah though this graphic do we have you met hunter pence yet your teammate I did I did I was on but I had a fan moment because you know been a fan of the thing watching a little Sir is do the speech over there and then what am I like in my first online how my goodness that's a that's a hundred hundred and then it is having the whole fan moment and then realize that might okay were teammates so it's it's it's it's awesome I would have been different great human being mad at her last time Brady members of us it was a man to have him back obviously we did a Q. and a with you and am and the Alex stickers and but also Pablo de Pablo back and hopefully you know some point early in the year you'll be able to get him back yeah I mean both of those guys are energy guys and when they're on the field there's just the they love playing baseball and that's something that I think will be great for younger players coming up to see like Hey these guys have been doing it for ten twelve fourteen years and still of what they're doing so much good guys around for sure without a doubt total energy guys it seems like you're kind of guy the problem all you have a problem the do Bible problem loans I.

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