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"pablo boom" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Here's to another great season of Giants baseball and the power to swing for the Bay Bank of America, the official bank at the San Francisco Giants. Okay. Postgame wrap Part two. We're picking players of the game. I get to lead us off. And since I get to lead us off, I'm taking the guy who led off the game with a home run. Mike extreme ski through two more walks, another home run. He made a great diving catch early in the game when ah Trevor Cahill was a little wobbly, helped his pitcher get through a jam. And he just continues to do 10 things a day to help the Giants win games play well. Michael. So when you lead off the game, that's not bad luck. It's only on the first pitch. As I said before landed, Mike, this is good luck. Just I'm confused by all these, you know whats whats bad luck? What's not We had enough bad luck in Anaheim. So this was good luck. It wasn't on the first pitch of the game, so he was fine. I think giving up a home run in the last pitch of the game. Very bad luck. That's bad luck. Mikey Ostrovsky. He's my guy. Thanks, but we can pick him every every single game. You know, He's just so good that I'm gonna take wanted Peralta. Who needed some love. Look, his last outing Sunday was just ugly. I mean, he faced five guys you gave up for his walk. They all scored. He comes into this game today is your raise of the nines and And he needs to get back into the into that mode of confidence. So what's he do? First guy up ground ball to Crawford Air? Okay. All right. The guy who never makes there's especially with his arm. Then the next guy happy hits. And it's all starting unravel right here. And we're starting to think evil thoughts. It's a 61 ball game at the time. And he gets a one to count and he throws a ball down in gets a ground ball double play, and he managed to get out of the inning. He pushed through an air and they gave us some confidence back. So I'm taking Wandy Peralta. They need him. They needed confidence. And hopefully today got some of back. I'm taking him because he put a zero up in some ways. I mean, Burger and Selma bitch. Clean innings are mostly clean innings and kind of just breeze through in some ways that your right toe single that out just because of the way the whole thing started. And the psychology of this is this stretch for the Giants. A good pick wanted Peralta could pick a job like Kay Pu, you got Trevor Cahill just for being Calm influence out there. He just looked good. So I'm taking Katie. It looks like a guy I grew up in Ocean side. Just kind of beach. You know, Surfer attitude out there. Your ball, who All these occurred today. Good curve. You know, I've seen you looking. He hasn't given a penny runs all the way to give up one toe. Let Stella but Babel's Stella now anyway, Gael, you did a good job. Good pick. John who you got very good. And well, I'm gonna go with Pablo. I mean, hit that one. I remember years ago. When the Felix Rodriguez was with the Giants, and he was pumping in 97 Mile an hour fastballs. And he was facing Ah Eric Caress at Dodger Stadium and he threw a ball up there and caress hit a homerun at Dodger Stadium left center. On a ball up in his eyes, which did just didn't seem possible. And the And then when Pablo does it, it's like, Oh, Pablo, Are you kidding? He did that again, so, but they needed. It was one the one that got that run in the first and then the Angels immediately got it back. On the steles home and then Pablo boom and I mean, Dylan Bundy could he couldn't believe it. Somebody's like He couldn't say. Wow, I made a bad pitch. Dog gone it or somebody didn't make a catcher. I was up in his eyes or you kill me and he hit it out of the park. It means just like Oh, my God. So you know, publicity's together could go up there saying I was looking for it up there. You'd have believed him. Well, I'm sure he'll be looking for it again. At some point, so anyway, Paolo that put him ahead and they never look back from their so problems. My guy, you know, and he later had an R B. I The double was even more impressive. I thought because It was balled away, and he just had a bullet into the gap in left center to knock in a run soon. Awesome problem. Look like Pablo today. I like good pick up. Yeah, that was a two sie fastball away with the upset gap with backspin. He's locked in. It's good to see you. And then the player we give credit to for stellar performance. I'm gonna give it to Crawford. He made that error. But he's swinging the bat so much better, and he had two nice doubles. Drove in from runs started a couple of big double play Did he played solid defense other than the one throwing hey, almost never makes throwing mistakes ever. It seems like all of his errors, you know, make some every once in a while. He drops a ball in a transition or kicks with a ground ball, but never seems to make throwing here. I was thinking about this the other day. And, you know, I bet he's got one of the best. Arms. Of any sport to come out of California in its history. That's how good his arm has been. You just combined strength, accuracy, reliability, all.

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