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Lightning strike first against Panthers, win 4-1 in Game 1

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Lightning strike first against Panthers, win 4-1 in Game 1

"The the the the lightning lightning lightning lightning at at at at taking taking taking taking game game game game one one one one of of of of their their their their second second second second round round round round series series series series by by by by earning earning earning earning a a a a road road road road win win win win over over over over the the the the Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers P. P. P. P. R. R. R. R. Edward Edward Edward Edward Bellemare Bellemare Bellemare Bellemare snapped snapped snapped snapped a a a a one one one one one one one one tie tie tie tie three three three three thirty thirty thirty thirty five five five five into into into into the the the the third third third third period period period period it's it's it's it's fun fun fun fun to to to to be be be be able able able able to to to to help help help help the the the the team team team team offensively offensively offensively offensively at at at at times times times times you you you you know know know know on on on on our our our our line line line line specially specially specially specially like like like like let's let's let's let's say say say say we we we we we we we we we we we we had had had had to to to to to to to kind kind kind of of of manage manage manage when when when we're we're we're on on on the the the ice ice ice and and and tonight tonight tonight it it it was was was more more more about about about trying trying trying to to to build build build momentum momentum momentum for for for team team team whenever whenever whenever we're we're we're out out out there there there the the the key key key to to to culture culture culture often often often Corey Corey Corey Perry Perry Perry each each each had had had a a a power power power play play play goal goal goal and and and an an an assist assist assist Ross Ross Ross Coleman Coleman Coleman also also also scored scored scored on on on a a a power power power play play play to to to cap cap cap the the the scoring scoring scoring for for for the the the two two two time time time defending defending defending champs champs champs Andrea Andrea Andrea that's that's that's what what what ski ski ski stopped stopped stopped thirty thirty thirty three three three shots shots shots and and and blanked blanked blanked the the the Panthers Panthers Panthers after after after after after after you you you declare declare declare open open open the the the scoring scoring scoring Fortino Fortino Fortino one one one into into into the the the game game game Sergei Sergei Sergei Bobrovsky Bobrovsky Bobrovsky made made made thirty thirty thirty two two two saves saves saves for for for the the the Panthers Panthers Panthers who who who host host host game game game two two two on on on Thursday Thursday Thursday on on on the the the ferry ferry ferry

Panthers Panthers Panthers P. P. P. P. R. R. R. R. Edward Bellemare Times Times Times Panthers Corey Corey Corey Perry Perry Perry Ross Ross Ross Coleman Coleman Coleman Andrea Andrea Andrea Ski Ski Ski Fortino Fortino Fortino Sergei Sergei Sergei Bobrovsky Bobrovsky Bob Panthers Panthers
Coyle's OT goal lifts Bruins past Lightning 2-1

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Coyle's OT goal lifts Bruins past Lightning 2-1

"Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie Coyle Coyle Coyle Coyle scored scored scored scored three three three three thirty thirty thirty thirty seven seven seven seven into into into into overtime overtime overtime overtime to to to to give give give give the the the the Bruins Bruins Bruins Bruins a a a a two two two two one one one one victory victory victory victory over over over over the the the the lightning lightning lightning lightning Coyle Coyle Coyle Coyle picked picked picked picked up up up up a a a a loose loose loose loose puck puck puck puck to to to to the the the the right right right right of of of of the the the the Tampa Tampa Tampa Tampa net net net net cut cut cut cut to to to to the the the the crease crease crease crease and and and and fired fired fired fired a a a a wrist wrist wrist wrist shot shot shot shot Jake Jake Jake Jake DeBrusk DeBrusk DeBrusk DeBrusk compare compare compare compare Edward Edward Edward Edward Bellemare Bellemare Bellemare Bellemare traded traded traded traded second second second second period period period period goals goals goals goals DeBrusk DeBrusk DeBrusk DeBrusk has has has has seven seven seven seven goals goals goals goals in in in in his his his his last last last last seven seven seven seven games games games games for for for for the the the the bees bees bees bees Limassol Limassol Limassol Limassol mark mark mark mark stopped stopped stopped stopped twenty twenty twenty twenty eight eight eight eight shots shots shots shots in in in in Boston's Boston's Boston's Boston's eighth eighth eighth eighth win win win win in in in in eleven eleven eleven eleven games games games games Andrei Andrei Andrei Andrei vasilevskiy vasilevskiy vasilevskiy vasilevskiy handled handled handled handled thirty thirty thirty thirty six six six six shot shot shot shot for for for for Tampa Tampa Tampa Tampa Bay Bay Bay Bay which which which which has has has has dropped dropped dropped dropped four four four four straight straight straight straight to to to to fall fall fall fall a a a a point point point point behind behind behind behind the the the the Bruins Bruins Bruins Bruins for for for for third third third third place place place place in in in in the the the the Atlantic Atlantic Atlantic Atlantic division division division division I'm I'm I'm I'm Dave Dave Dave Dave Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie

Bruins Charlie Charlie Charlie Charli Tampa Coyle Coyle Coyle Coyle Tampa Tampa Jake Jake Jake Jake Debrusk De Edward Edward Edward Edward Be Bellemare Bellemare Bellemare Debrusk Debrusk Debrusk Debrus Coyle Boston Mark Mark Mark Mark Andrei Andrei Andrei Andrei Va Vasilevskiy Vasilevskiy Limassol Tampa Bay Bay Bay Bay Bruins Bruins Atlantic Atlantic Atlantic Atl Dave Dave Dave Dave Ferrie
Malkin has goal, 2 assists as Penguins beat Lightning 5-1

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Malkin has goal, 2 assists as Penguins beat Lightning 5-1

"Evgeni Malkin had a goal and two assists for the penguins in a five one something in the lightning Sidney Crosby Danton Heinen Brock McGinn a J. cancel also scored as Pittsburgh won for the eighth time in its last nine road games Tristan Jarry stopped twenty shots for the pens Andrei vasilevskiy made thirty five saves and peer Edward Bellemare scored for the lightning who had a five game winning streak snapped Tampa Bay coach Jon Cooper was given a game misconduct for arguing with officials with fifty three point seven seconds remaining in the second period I'm Dave Ferrie

Sidney Crosby Danton Heinen Brock Mcginn J. Cancel Evgeni Malkin Tristan Jarry Andrei Vasilevskiy Penguins Edward Bellemare Pittsburgh Jon Cooper Tampa Bay Dave Ferrie
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"I could walk you through the menu but trust me unless you're in operation. You don't wanna go through this with me. However that all many measures and initiatives in place to make sure that we hold a safe event because the we we want the events industry in general to boom keep going we wanna make sure it's safe and the people can come enjoy and have a great event. Just wait we want them to great while i'm Certainly very opposed to the bounce. It do you want to remind listeners. We did actually have a free ticket offer listeners for long term listeners if they've been the Listening to the show that he may have stopped lays up now. But i think that probably had spied will says If people wanna buy tickets how much is it. Yes so some ten pound entry for tickets. So hopefully that shouldn't be so not much of a stretch pooped. Come come along and have a look at again. Vote with the event but If you if you off of clubs or escape of great britain they'll be special discounts and competitions. Ubs still stay tuned in in with an amongst if you again on newsletters from say crimsky holidays. smoke tamworth. I'm sure they'll be a few cheeky tickets. Flying around peeps grab a hold of so that if you go onto the website you'll be at sea tickets now and get involved. Okay and ten pounds is full. Adult says it still Slept pace kids now. So children go free and again all the kind of details of that our will on the website but yet definitely check that out to get get full details and and yeah just it such a pact event. I mean we only touched on the snow stage but as the snow skills cap in with educational pieces of vip is lounge which is sponsored by red bull because indoor slow by tamworth tamworth greystone action sport sedan. Skateboard mini ramp grover in kabul with demo than we have older brands day ranging from nautica to salomon call which is a whole range bellemare vocal. I mean there is. Everyone is so it's just interesting take Birmingham as opposed to london for example is made in the telegraph stopped. Loving didn't show is not show you down. Hey i on the london centric by any means of disinterested in why you answer them as opposed to london..

Ubs tamworth tamworth tamworth greystone britain bellemare kabul nautica salomon Birmingham london
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"A practice politician bella. Marias became a brutal tyrant. Unafraid of shitting blood. She was the most effective ruler of disil- had ever seen but even as her prospered bella. Maria's never enjoyed the respect of her fellow room or it's considered to be one of the weakest amongst the seven. She brooded imploded. Her years away crafting bargains planning coons or petty grasping at power ended abruptly. When lou ruined lord. Kazu sabotaged her efforts to escape earth. All our city of edrissa was encapsulated in an impenetrable global force while she her people and the city were locked. Inside of a time leap. We're living the same week over and over again for ten thousand years as the ages were on. Zen edrissa faded to myth without with most calling the intrepid city castilian with people and city now freed from her temporal prison. By meddling of heroes. Rural areas has stepped out of time to reassert her rule and her nation back to its former heights of prestige and prosperity. All right so bellemare aus a little bit. Older seem super fierce a little petty. I'm gonna to kate. Mulgrew pick who i read in orange is the new black and she was on your gas safe. You don't know who captain janeway is. I didn't know her name. But i the moment i saw her gargoyles. She was tanya rachel to tanya on on that long list of star trek people in gardens. She's just great She plays the leader like a ruthless leader super well and I love her. Okay so for me. I am going to go with a very well known actress who has actually played a queen before helen. Mirren you didn't take mine. I thought you were about to do love helen. Mirren helen. mirren is a fantastic actress. Played queen elizabeth two in the queen. So there you go but how it miraz to like samal bellemare. Es has some struggling with us. I need i need somebody. Who's a little more heavyweight kim over the perfect casting. Actually so you know all right. Y'all kathy bates check back up. That's okay. I've got some just when just i don't know her portrayal in american horror story has just you know. I cannot remember the lady's name from new orleans that was cheated such a good job that was she could totally be a lord. That's a pretty good one. I thought jordan was gonna take my dame judi dench. I actually i thought she has that queen presence and she can play the nice. You know victoria style queens queen elizabeth like she just she does it all and i forget. Love judy dench. I also just when. I was picturing anything. Apparently not but. When i speak during her i was imagining her. As the countess from the murder on the orient express these are some. I'm glad i don't have to choose. That was definitely a good choice. Considering that was one of my first thoughts was dame judi dench but actually. I'm following a little bit along the jessica line here where i'm going with a star. Trek actress famed in discovery for playing philip. Joe as well as the empress michelle you I absolutely love her as an actress. Just internal. she's a little bit more picky than i think. Baladara marsh sabina like vindictive murderous side if you ever the mirror universe version of her character in star trek discovery dot. Yeah yeah so. These are choices. Good luck y'all man. I'm pick man. That's that is a tough one and as always go to the read it to jay over their vote for kate no grew over. Judy dench kathy bates. Y'all can't kathy bates is my backup. So i'm down for that one too. I'm still going michelle yeoh. I was really surprised. We have not actually kester anything. Put her up for a few. But okay yeah. And also james dame's dench jayme duty schenn's jeff lord i'm I finally adventures is an officially licensed partner of pisces inc. Mommy's mask is copyright two thousand fourteen mask. And the pathfinder adventure paths are trademarks of pozo. All pathfinder images are property of pozo and are used with permission.

Kazu edrissa Zen edrissa bellemare aus judy dench captain janeway tanya rachel Marias Mirren helen miraz samal bellemare helen Mulgrew kathy bates lou Maria Mirren mirren kate tanya
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" bellemare" Discussed on Historically Thinking

"Why doesn't dante mention byzantium. These are good questions. I mean and you mentioned They're mostly classical. Greeks now all class orders exactly and i and i have various theories about this. I've written articles about this not books and stuff. But i i actually conceived this is my original project and then at the very end i tried to get to you. This is a very typical story being graduated. I tried to get the two professors who were remain. Nameless will vote very well known to try to work together with me to do. This one was an expert on dante. The other one. Was you know young pelican who was my adviser. They're used to work together. And so i had to stop and think what did i want to do. And i thought you know what i like math and i liked the idea of taxation and economic things and one thing i thought was interesting is like what's the distinction. Here's a question again. That i would recommend for people. What's the distinction between what we call medieval in what we call renaissance. It sounds alec ridiculously stupid. Diatoms now see that's interesting because that sounds so broad. That's the kind of thing that a freshman would come to me. And they talk about the difference between the medieval and renaissance or like. What's difference between like early. Republican like antebellum bellemare. Ohka no. please don't gig. I mean even and wouldn't be any different if they were like second year graduate student or first year for sure. Undergrad still sounds too big yet. And i anything it also shows again something that we have to make clear also students that understanding writing a good question writing. A book is part of a process in that it altered question alters as you move forward and you see what's possible what's not possible. I would only say in my defense for that kind of broad questions. That i started again. Make i mentioned as math major. So these kinds of like basic things always stood with me and then for me and particularly as i started became apparent in through my wife by the way not..

antebellum bellemare Ohka dante alec
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"To hr third on burrito polo fees. But i gwen roy. E the motion trying to ask the owners bid or quander story inactive. Open the door at the medicine when addressing local off go eat and push come into or not. Call them horribly the mice. That's pretty min- canal. They tell them yes. There are through northglenn. Manasseh responding circus brady loaning on desktop for air mystery fantasy day. It'll be macedo philosophy ethical study s. I must now already the the mutual we wanna eat relayed osha colonized going. Nothing is pushing bokula. Discreet youngin probably podcast. But kenosha seemed death economic. And that's the philadelphia story. Has the thing verde philosophy ethical. His body as eunice leonelli fundacion. Lms many hormones theater. She into ultra noise is located. North korea. is the normal weirdo neoplasm. Forty s E concrete mnt loud district young. They say the north korea. The they're definitely trying years. The audio norte. Says marshall derailment mutuel. Don't buy and bar and buffet. Mr poco under the last four or forty. Ah get from lethem mental game. What he won't be four hundred dollars just politicos see no normally where mothers went. They they will do. Ephedra malcolm mal seizure by his level model again. Letter is to boys. Had lot recommends. These three three females for every day as well one for our frontier all lia elway world and siegler the alone. They media sheila. The she gave lay sturdier real doom plant. Cassie perfect up or waterboarding. Homeless harmonisation theological saalbach oreo. The are and the app. I'm into jail apologia. Laura the other than dental runco hondo anti-turkish lewis said on prosperous because they don't really said about gravely as well as They been monopoly front. M lafayette mondays. And don't have. I know anything a blow. They're keeping their on auto combined when lawler muscle able to lead the news if you know. We're not cultural responded intercept wireless broadband not mondo instead. Both karnali study author. Young konovalov as the sihamoni satellite. The nausea you. Kim jong guinness grandma chef author moscow moline. Okay robot maureen okay. North commenter emmett convenient ask you see how much ashleigh banfield. The lack definitive armada in mia retail young diego. Padres this how they participate. There's pajamas antonio push up on me. Chuckle out there. Which the thera- push for show on leaders. Imperfect does the diverse pain as form another in the personification an internal level. We're going manali creepy on. They leaders imperfect does Imperfect she pakistan. Not ima podcast. Perugini spion cinquanta gifts do not said about the study of rallies in clinton three petros mundial latinos one again contract that this allowed i did. He keep what could add up to the all tournament illness. Defillo out that the boys combat that amount and both carraro inventories plant there who all feedback on early may laptop. I'm most of your image. But i wanna million mark bay there and the body with rounded up with runners up on sonia by shooting victor dealer donkey kong laugh at the list. Be Cannot falter knock exit obviously film. The hawk Kenosha luna golah recommend other lucian. Ho hos insects. Unicef has the rock our community talent and neither anthromopor migos full-time stuffy. The and the needle ashworth today former part new email proficient which i get nothing there a report i robot sooner anything kunibert la morte e omar maureen. Thank you very much. I let the honeybear more. Laura kerry faith beneath die the yes swallow your decay the latino shebib it. how did not like ammonia lack. Orpheum listing olympo-. We in shell us like cream. Double congress the study. Cushy mysterious released catherine you let three nine thousand have been telefono. Said the rather unique real she can and he's talking about don then started podcast. The unit bellemare Lautoka recommend our age Omar symphonic lettuce athlete. Omar al the antonio castillo allen rela mortell. More issue's cost us put a lot of wbz. Not robert louis dc emil. How hops indoor lago theon puerto. But i'll give you a as looney go on and my sister-in-law derek not the northeastern all the huddle control meant. they only commend. I've got a double leaf. Caputured the article internal tweet regional. They don't only. I mean this is how lonely khumalo is coming tornado. Memento liangelo which one more scale. There's not i don't know how contoss historical minassian And seeing the intergovernmental theon giga. There's the men risk. Mfa knowing the illusory key issue on tanto fifty zero into the equity men few mfa knowing data says anything leone the company and hope interest any etc of creator csi saturday for years and corresponding correspondent. They both have s laboratory. He's theon asian podcast monolithic. Otherwise serious nebbi where all the data yet all afghan national contracts in love it on their are gonna recommend the theon we again we. Since the laws dicara the blunt owner gaffer referenda alpacas landing on podcast manal and cabinet maggiore cheetah sandy coastal. She knows i'm meteorologist. Equal model of podcast by now. See in there. You're out in a the eduardo. Normally the emiko could okasan mysterious harina digital must do more podcast day yo para lunacy of of the uncle. The seamless alvarado show escapee. Data bienvenidos Stereo she mistakes. He'll arena damn being the auto postcards morecombe steadier. Dnr december so much fun dissing nussey delta will come in the who'd gone labrador anecdotally. They parameter rally won't bring most. That's the owners year got robert. Vito one free gathering alpo wanted to fremont martin both the star. There's the other for the athena. Those epigraphy theon others the lippo. They'll deportivo gave. Who can't do nothin'. Giga meal bestowed aruba mule. We stuck issue mom and yes. Don't own governor theon the would over castle also on this follow our other symphonic. She knew that the randolph really mothers. Ferenci lima lima leah. Komo nari healers christiane data voluntarily. Ma she don. They'll kill book lama. Yes turkey yada or stock. Our shorter commentators evil dead or an economic seattle traveling microphone. Okay yes are they pulled a may. But i don't know either as there. Are they the guild enrollment data martha that we don't make on stage. Akwa ibom odium the burnham it's been parochial both gutters. They started nothing as the you ever seen any more than two hours. I don't know but i'm not At me she s stable cash police have to otherwise they me but feeling coffee and rondo and horkheimer near toronto com barack cafe. They monitor at asia's newly esta prieto. He portia affordable go down in official rubric parameters burma skipworth yet. Tokio has elaborate meniscus to grow. And no call me mr now though gruffly microphone. Oh blue combine came in other rashes cafe. We twice yoda equal mocatta via rarest. Hold on me. I lo- there..

North korea Laura north korea robert louis antonio eunice leonelli today poco four hundred dollars ashworth asia clinton aruba maureen mondays christiane toronto Laura kerry both Young konovalov
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"Notes already. Let's have a look. Here is where i usually get all my headlines from siro things a much for right away but the ravens and cowboys game just finished up yesterday Some comeback game so some Some covert game for one dez bryant a sad story everyone man. This is the worst news. i look at today's as and he said he might not ever play again. Well this tweeting and drinking shores. Show me pictures of you. Want glasses you drink. Oh you know. Good luck to him. Yeah that's right at patrick behind. Interning a gibson has to have time. That's fan few fantasy leagues off of the It's gonna be hard to see him back fantasy if you're in the championship you're going to trust putting someone in with a toe injury. I'd need to see him play week. Fifteen to sit to then play if that's the case. No socks really. Because it was so good is he finally came into his own and was really owning owning that spending passing to at work as well anyway it looks. Jd mckissic and paint bob and now in washington but look who knows like playoffs the postseason. That'd be interesting We're shot. He gets and my beginning. A contract extension. He's been pretty solid with jay. He's come on more than He higgins and look pretty solid. Together say alike rashad higgins. he's a sneaky. Dfs play Although was last week paid off really well a few takes. The the couple knots before said Yeah it was always after any any bug and basement gauzy. You can give me as i don't go. What do you think. Yeah and no one was that cain. Because we're talking about. We're talking about booker in baskin. That's last week gaskin. You think he will. He was pretty cheap. yeah he had formed. But yeah i so many higgins. You like the look of him. Daniel jones is expected to play week. Fourteen with a hamstring. And it was interesting. Mccoy was rubbish. Fantasy is managed the game. Well they win. That's that's all you can ask. Well that's right. Daniel joins to the interesting drew. Brees is targeting a week fifteen returns so ties him. He'll still going to be the starter this week. Fortunately for kamara ernest. Yes come on a pretty solid game last week but again that that targets the talks foam. There's no memes has had to take some time away for personal issues family originally so he's left new york to anybody texas so if you're a big names fan which a lot of coming into his own and i guess that's Far up gay crowder on driving pyramids probably a good. I don't mind pyramids swinging against the seahawks. Steele is activated. Running back james conner from the code list. So that's That's good news. They ask nothing nothing. nothing. I don't know why is it just with just not even gonna trot around through. They try and it wasn't working. But i think yeah having snow had one good game. Yona backing yeah. You need him in in. The joy mason is out for week fourteen. There's a possibility he plays again this season but they're not committing to anything that being really cautious with makes into lock that because they've nothing's happening for nichols this year next year is where it's at so good for mangoes not so good for your fantasy teams if you've got him unfortunately. Now depot samuel did not practice wednesday. Apparently it's unrelated to his broken foot that he suffered over the summer. But he's dealing with a bruce out to getting his foot stepped on my case Look the that hurts. It does especially if you go cleats on stuff site now. It's time you look. He's a great player. He someone that should be held on sees me he could win. You know that week fifteen. Sixteen if you get this just hold onto ebay but he may not get up this week but keep an eye out christian. Mccaffrey was limited in. Wednesday's practice this is an interesting. He's on track to return this week. Mowing the by. But matt rhule's come and said mccaffrey quake days quad loss-making as now day today limited practice to stop the week is okay but obviously that's not what you want tonight. Seems he's been banged up all season as we know so. Keep an eye out if he plays you. Just play him right. You have to a playing christian mccaffrey. I mean if you go to the playoffs with him well done james lake. Did i don't know how a sore spot for you. Anyway if you got him. Fantastic hopefully ride into a championship now. The ravens activate taught in mark andrews from the covid list. That's great news for those. Who have him of lakes and looking to play him We're looking at this ravens offense and you can tell that they miss mock andrus. You can tell them name means that short target option that that bellemare really likes so you looking at this guy mike andrews. he's gonna come back in and take that number one spot lemond needs him to do well. He did well last week without him but against the cowboys. Whatever so yeah andrew. I think he's great. Grand niece for andrew zionist. Josh jacobs remained sidelined. The ones ibuka was the stotka book is so we're gonna probably nabi two maybe low end wti for the week. The fancy playoffs jacobs is an unexpected place week. So that's a. I'm a philosopher. I'm just jacobs nj brands practicing wednesday. He wrote his ankle against the browns but returned. Probably just being managed. Yep don't worry. Aged brands always yeah. He's he's always something. That's right jani. Smith's limited in practice see play the swing. Maybe maybe a because the jags so it attempted. I think thanks has been solid though. Yeah but not ass danny. There was johnny smith standing. That's the thing you just got to move on from. tennessee taught. It looks like this on leaning towards was Did not practice monday monday. Monday night is that he's learned that she say it's full wednesday. He's s on the way back. He looks like he's the one He's got there's an football tamar. Where do you see. Came anka's dc as can you trust him. He's trustworthy he's ever being the student saying no but when you entering the sixty percent snap share that's that other plays you start with that and twenty carries want to say it one more week. Yeah yeah one more. Wake me too. I it's good signs. Think show tyra wednesday's practice with an illness. It's not covered thankfully on so look. He's the nfl's receiving touchdown leader. He's an amazing season. Everyone came into the season. Saying he's going to be a rollercoaster down when you some weeks Tyler lockett hundred percent. Hurricane has been so. He's the big time so not.

Jd mckissic rashad higgins ravens higgins Daniel joins kamara ernest james conner dez bryant Yona joy mason cowboys Daniel jones gaskin baskin mccaffrey matt rhule gibson booker Brees crowder
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"So they're up on the rockets now hard misses a layup. So. They had a chance to tie there and missed it and he doesn't miss many layups. He's driving one hundred miles an hour layup. So. Anyway go into the back to the NHL Colorado Blowing Out Dallas tonight, five one. Four minutes left in the second they were up five nothing. Bellemare Berkovsky McKinnon Qadri Ranan it was five nothing all in the first period, and then Belsky scored seven fifty the second of May get five one. So. Less some crazy happens that games over there not giving up for to the stars in the next twenty two minutes so. I think that's done deal and then they'll play. A game six and Dallas still up there'll be up three two when that things over unless literally a miracle happens the lightning win and double-overtime Mavi were you surprised that after they blew to one lead with just over three minutes to go whatever it was? Two and a half minutes to go whatever it was that day. Are, you surprised that they were able to find a way to win on the headman goal. I'm not surprised given how long went into overtime if it was one thing where a blue that goal to gave the lead late and then like they're kind of still down thinking now man, how do we screw this up and then like the first couple minutes overtime that I could see that being the situation where the Boston's kind of feel good about themselves momentum would you? Get into halfway through the second the first overtime it's back to Zeros is back to okay. Well, we're fine. We gotta just do need to do to win. We could be the same get back to it. So I had no problem with it after that early on of course, it's going to be that struggle that meant that passed I, mental hurdle after you blow at first but. Good. Especially when your team you know you know you could beat them. You smack outmost series. So. Now they're in the eastern finals and the islanders are up three one on the. Flyers tomorrow they play. Game Five. Do you think Philadelphia can win the game and force. A. Game Six I mean they're down, they're to win the next three. Might be able to win tomorrow and for the game six but honestly going passed out I think the islanders. System as good as a team that they know what to do how to trap you let them get that lead. It's almost like you know with a little bit more aggression a little us big names almost like devil system in the nineties where you know once they get that lead saying. All right. Go ahead. We'll. If you bring the PUCK DOS and then they're gonNA counterattacking they're like counterpuncher it's like a mayweather where you come to them and then all of a sudden boom they're. GonNa, take it and go the other way and try to put it in. But they're never going to be the aggressors just coming after you said, and you know two three guys on every rush I'll send one guy and the Russell sit back way for you to make a mistake as long as they had the lead. So Phil, you can get up that's big but once the get that lead that shingle hold especially if they get a two-goal lead that is just done for Philly. I gotTA. Tell you. I. Still. Think the these elimination games are hard right. So The question was post they would they any of them blow it and I said no I need the all win the series you know. I GUESS I'd be willing You See. Colorado. Put on five goals tonight. In the first period you could see where they could actually. Pull it off and they're going to win tonight and then there'll be game six if they win that then anything's possible but I still think I had I had. Tampa. I didn't think they'd blow it. They didn't. Now you've got the islanders I don't think. It and we'll see if they do it or not. I think Philly win a game I think Colorado.

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550 KFYI

04:26 min | 2 years ago

" bellemare" Discussed on 550 KFYI

"To the conservative circus I am of your ring master James T. Harris the question on the floor of churches open on Sunday I dealt with we got christened being arrested all over the country for for for shop for not sheltering in place for sheltering in their car listening to sermons for praying outside of abortion clinics you got some police officers that are all up in the church to make sure the social separation is going on we just spoke to a caller he said you know what the government said give me them not going to be to the government as we can be I was just reminded of a of a of Peter when he was told by the first you can talk about Jesus we are the ruling authority here don't don't you talk about Jesus is responsible they man yeah you may have your lawn but I'm compelled to talk about Jesus are you compelled to go to church this Sunday that is the question that is on the floor telephone number six zero two two six zero fifty three ninety four and let me go to JD from Scottsdale welcome to the conservative circus if churches open are you going to Sunday I am grieving brother James team in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ and soon coming king my buddies and I were getting together and having a sunrise service regardless of the churches are open or not he said if we don't praise him hell have the rock them so we are going to gather together in his name and we're going to pray and we're not worship Jesus cried J. D. you just gave me goose bumps a man to you thank you very much let's go to Michael in mesa Michael will you be attending church this Sunday we haven't missed a Sunday yet we Britons meeting as a church since the beginning of the S. R. we're not missing the government has no authority over god the Bible says final authority the constitution awesome sevens that we have a right the first amendment says Congress shall make no law pertaining to what he exercised their of religion it's the foundation of this country and to tell me I can't go to church you know fully on them we are going to church Sunday we haven't missed a Sunday yet where small church we're we're observing all the rules we're we're wrapping up the elbows are not shaking hands with them the ladies are not hugging each other and we are staying we are keeping a distance works we're trying to observe everything was social distancing but we're not missing our meetings every Sunday morning and Sunday night were jealous of Michael yeah I've got to tell you I gotta tell you does make these around the call here to second what causes make to lift my spirits lifted my spirits Tom from Sun City welcome to the circus circus you're going to church this Sunday good morning brother how are you today fantastic yeah we are going the church of it though but I don't know if it is but if it was I'd go along with my wife that we worship Jesus Christ and we had up there of all the I think the CDC says you're supposed this is why we're there J. the one thing that offends me most about this is that people like Dr Bhatia and doctor Burke thanks to all of us your sheep but we're too stupid to know what they do is we have to be told what to do I did there are thirty one years the United States airforce under the constitution they they have some bureaucrat tell me what I can and can't do I was willing to die for that constitution I was willing to die much Bellemare get dark dark at night don't let down buyers Garibay and that helped bump your apartment your help me that I can't do what my god given right which is the worst of the lord I am telling you what the thank you so much for the call I am telling you what I I feel rejuvenated it I almost feel like preach it up in here all this good Friday there were sold many god fearing Jesus love an individual's they are willing to meet together to worship him on resurrection day no matter what the authorities.

James T. Harris
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" bellemare" Discussed on KOMO

"The question this morning here's Kiera to remind us well we know that different states have things like official birds official flowers and official songs but twenty nine states also have an official one of these what is it sister city no that's a good guess thank you yes what do I want him nothing nothing that's not right but it was good the the answer is it's an official dance and do you know what Washington state's dances I actually do what I don't know if this is like a memory from the fair or something but is it square dancing it is square dancing listen to you to Josh Harris of Tacoma is the winner Josh knew the answer and you score a digital movie download of birds of prey can press your chance to win every week dates did you hear at seven twenty five here on the comal morning news time now for the Harley exterior sports update with Tom hustler Bellemare is would have been in Chicago to open a three game series against the white Sox tonight in normal circumstances the husky football team as well as the Cougars another college across the country would be conducting spring drills but things are far from normal right now including the world of the NFL work players and team management cannot meet in person because of restrictions on travel the biggest name in free agency still on the market today being cloudy who spent most of last year with the Seahawks it's believed that they want him back but ESPN senior NFL writer Jeremy Fowler talking on SportsCenter about the upcoming NFL draft said Cleveland maybe a player when it comes to Clowney I'm told that they have shown some.

Kiera Josh Harris Tacoma Chicago Sox Seahawks writer Jeremy Fowler NFL Cleveland official Washington Tom hustler Bellemare football Cougars ESPN
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" bellemare" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"On the road for twelve hours I was talking to the music professor Barbara why am I playing grand funk this morning Jimmy in nineteen seventy three when cherry nine the man who discovered grand funk was fired their manager he quickly joined when he showed them it was like two years in litigation going back and forth and the band actually won the separation from Terry knight very very heavy financial loss from a loss of small fortune and glory part of this whole deal Jerry Jeff is they only had three months left on their contract and they've been a little issue I just waited waited ninety days they did win the costume is nearly anything no that was that was interesting this is fantastic I guess the backstory internet but let me just tell you what happened usually I have got to be and then he publicized there nobody knows the display at the grand funk railroad we spent a hundred thousand dollars on the New York City Times Square Billboard that giant billboards yeah that's a hundred thousand he's got no money you for money from everybody the reason they fired him what they did to be double dipping he was the manager producer but he created this whole thing and even lack of fiscal responsibility so that was it as a matter of fact one point his legal battle they were supposed to do is show Madison Square Garden all right before the show he's the instruments available to pick up the instrument for the bagels on the show the process but that they have a whole bunch of hit records and they go on on the way and Terry goes on his way the backstory with Terry knight is all right I made sure it was a disc jockey on six LW Detroit he was the sixth warns though he was very clean people in both the stones records of America so Terry knight leads there becomes this thing with this band the the package from the package the man that he basically has worked for don brewer in the market for they become of the upgrade thank you both so I need to I'm on the radio on the station in Cleveland WKYC at nineteen fifty six come to the studio he's got a record because we set up a time Turner isn't sure love to record your better me on the line played a heck I bet those smashed records and I love the song then he he plays record for me but it's like three four boys I said none of this will influence on music here but I know the guys will be doing a lot of players fight but you also unplayable restored but not by you thank you give me something like that you're a better man alive he goes around the corner there was a recording studio he writes a song called a change on the way at least the nineteen sixty six it comes back with that that money comes in studio to Terry I play if you by some of the some of play it's like well I will get rectified the heck of it it became a regional here just like in a better manner by it became a regional it was one of those and some of the big kind of songs yeah related to and then he has another record of that call by who have nothing and then if the if those charts there was more of a lounge kind of a song but he does with his group the fact I'm to the point I am seeing the show in terms of the one twenty th the voice back so a difficult but necessary you don't need these guys you can you can do it on your own I said you know it's a solo act well I think I'm tearing that has a lot of my club in Cleveland he's a folk singer the winners of the billing stuff in the government stuff sure that didn't change in there he's doing the stand up comic at the moment I wouldn't go through Afaria a moment like Bobby Dearing comeback the members of the sect told them then that sense of humour talking he's does in New York City and here's an idea for a television show that he wants me to be the second banana like ed McMahon along with the late show yeah the billions literally York here this month this metal might double back to his apartment and they put all the info for this TV show tell me if we're gonna do the show is gonna be in the wild and we'll have groups like the Mamas and Papas even of the leverage people will do it it'll be acoustic it was a great idea for mid afternoon and daily show for the younger people and you didn't do the then what happens is all right I get the job in Cincinnati I come to think that he stays in New York he doesn't take my advice about the package and you look to the future this young young kids but he creates the back then changes the name of the grand funk in order to work they have this festival Bellemare Georgia in nineteen sixty nine when a pop festival it's a huge event I think of the money or money here's the band he takes about a minute to play for three example workers there and they find that the band and the west which changes the next time I see him I'm Bob this apple broadcast the purpose of this what's what questionable across the field but before the shutdown was yeah D. A. V. pop the issue yeah and out of the mountain group met with Leslie west of young Bob Seger was sure of that a ninety day period secretary general met with more months ago should venture Jimmy up some basic yellow after she can use any of the boys and they rocked the place and it was just incredible story then he goes on they becomes very become big stars he makes a lot of money they have a legal battle he intends up on the fortune of fortune and he's in a battle closely Blumenthal magazine I can remember the big big called Brooklyn front row of the worst rock and roll band the whole world show related to war as they they go back and forth PH Rolling Stone he's battling with them he's one of those kind of guys who have promoted mark please guide any wound up sadly being murdered did he not yeah mark mark Porter one more time to talk he told me he thought he was very he said this guy was so bad because he was very knowledgeable well what happened on my watch tractor after the group after he left the group what what happened he said well he had a plane this is marks for mark said he had a plane but determined the ones that different people other changes the plane but he also had the to have a permit to drugs he got he got really objective in the eighties the confessional yeah related techniques using okay then we got off the cocaine but clean but he thought that we could find nobody could find Terry levy disappears he thought it was in the witness protection program be put on somebody on the plane for drugs in the Mexico so he's living in Arizona then it goes to Texas because his daughter Danielle living with him and right good luck with that we'll never find them and then in November of two thousand four using young kidneys like sixty nine for the sixty one yeah mobile phones breaking up a fight between his daughter and her live in boyfriend shows what a sad what a sad end in this image and we're we're out of time brother I'm sorry but thank you so much very nice story and and he was the third incredible producer Chris incredible a manager at a great visionary dear there's only one music professor Neri is Jim barber thank you my brother thank you Brandon Jones on baseball just ahead on seven hundred WLW our neighborhood skyline is open for drive thru and carryout service come get your companies in ways today hi sting little arrive later in the day but the fuel for the storms with a mild weather nice day will be in the upper seventies but if we get enough sunshine I wouldn't be surprised a few spots reached eighty this afternoon evening with a window of opportunity for some.

professor Barbara Jimmy
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Beyond 8 Figures

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" bellemare" Discussed on Beyond 8 Figures

"When we bought that domain in nineteen ninety eight so I've been online a longtime I know rich Has as well as we've a lot in common. What's really interesting? is as much as everything changes. Everything you know really stays the same and I can't wait to get richest take on this So for those of you who are familiar. We launched a podcast magazine roughly a month ago. If you're if you're watching the video of it you know. Here's the hard copy that literally an actual magazine right. So everything old. Is Everything new again? I can't wait to get his take on on that. I have a feeling he's going to be a an advocate of what we're doing with this just because there's something about tangibility and putting something into into people's hands But we we literally just got copies. maybe a week and a half ago or so. This is the first time you guys are seeing the hard copy right. You've seen the restaurant thank you. Yeah come out of the gate Like gangbusters so let let. Let's do this. We'll have plenty time to talk about Podcast magazine all the fun stuff. That's going on there But let's let's do this riches a busy guy Lots of things going on and I want to be respectful of his time. So wait let's let's bring riches volume so rich Shefrin man. Welcome to beyond eight figures how you doing great pleasure to be here excited about our interview. Yemen as well let's let's get the If you've listened to the show you know we like to clarify this and just get this off the off the table. Quickly here Which is how do you meet the criteria for the show? So have you either exited from a business for more than ten million dollars? Do you currently own a business? That grosses more than ten million annually or combination of the two. Yeah I've done both. I've IRA agree hypnosis. Business to about thirteen and a half million and then exit and And then in my current business You know we're over a figures but it's You know I'm part of Gora. So that's I'm Ken So Yeah Gore's got a. They're they're they're the real deal so what what is your role with with the Gora specifically Well you know kind of actually I guess leads us to like. I'm here I I've been working with the gorge since about two thousand and four or five at kind. I don't remember but so I've been working as a new Bill and Mark More the higher level of The ownership structure of and So I've kind of helped him grow throughout the years. I have a I'm the only one that has a billion dollar testimony on that comes from Bill honor Jimmy for helping Bro Between three hundred and four three hundred and four hundred percent worldwide And then you know. They tried to buy my business about About two thousand six and I wasn't really interested and then in two thousand twelve. I decided to kind of put my business on pause. I kinda reduce my teams just two people and spent the next five years. I was kind of going through a little bit of a mid life crisis. You could say trying to figure out who I wanted to be in the next phase of my life and when it was all set gone I realized I wanted to stay in the same business but I just wanted to do it differently so I called Bellemare in said it's time for me now to come inside Esguerra and they were happy to have me and they were having a lot of challenges with a lot of the platforms so they asked me to look at that and I got really busy with that. That sent me down a path of really studying a in big data and working on a lot of systems in here on that. But that really wasn't going to solve the problems with platforms and so that then kind of The the solution that I saw was to bring in like the top marketers from all around the world and all different platforms all different methods and have them help us figure out the best way forward for a company. That's a one point. Seven one point. Eight billion dollars business and That then led right into all if I'm going to get in touch with all these people for Guerra. Maybe I should do something for the public. The same exact way and so that led to relaunch my business Just recently just the last couple of weeks. Yeah Yeah and I was. I was actually invited to to come down there and hanging out and guys. What have you sorry? Didn't work out. I literally just finished a two day intensive that people would pay ten thousand dollars ahead to come and be with me and it just was spent it up when I would take a red eye anyway. Just thanks for the invitation but what I will say that A lot of people came asked me if I would be willing to do it. Annually and I am leaning Towards Bridge. Ask so this might become an annual thing. Yeah so I mean. Obviously there's a lot of respect for you in in this world. I think what what most people over who know the name. Rich Shefrin What they what they don't know is a lot of the back story. And really what your first and you alluded to the hypnosis center and a lot of what you were doing there and then teaching it to others so a lot of people. Don't really know the back backstory. Your family actually got you into the world of entrepreneurship. Yes yeah well you know my dad was this ruthless business guy And so I learned a lot of business by him. Just dragged me around My whole life as a kid you know on the weekends I would go with him to business deals and things like that and one of the businesses he owned was a clothing store that was very popular in the eighties and then just kind of diminished Ladies or no mid eighties and the lease was running out on. That store was never his. He never really ran percent at least was running out in about six to eight months at the break. Even was three million in the store was doing about a million and a half so they were just going to ride out the lease and then close the store. I was in a senior year in college at that time. I had taken a year off because I had worked for Arthur Anderson Anderson Consulting. I had won. A BUNCH OF ARTHUR ANDERSEN ANDERSEN consulting scholarships out your often working in all the different divisions than came back to finish from a senior year. And then my dad's an close the store and told him bat. I think I could turn around and I made a deal with my dad got if I dropped out of college and took over the store if I could get it to better break better than break-even by the time the leaves was close to being Renegotiated that he would That would keep the store open and I would be fifty fifty partner and I would pay him back for any losses that I had. That happened from the day. I took over. So that's what happens and I took the store from a million and a half to seven and a half million. We were the first store bring diesel into the United States. So that's a pretty random people now. We're actually diesels Renzo So is the guy that owns diesel. We were his favorite store in the world surf if you worked for diesel yet stop at my store My manager eventually became president of retailing for diesel and We were very immersed club culture. That was the niche that I decided to pursue what I took over that successful. I was competing with all the best route prison in the world. There's urban outfitters down brock and every other shopping and that's how shopping brand just to kind of dance. Just today's SAMBA. For a second. So that's that's GonNa be Po- Studio fifty four days right because you were you were soon thereafter like this is like ninety S. Yeah so You know there at that time. The clubs were swallow tunnel platium and places like that. Peter Gatien was the primary on our it was it was influence or marketing back in the day. Really so to speak you had been able to attract a lot of the folks that had the followings and because they had the followings and they were popular and they will come to that store not terribly disembarked the Kardashians and so on of today no US Navy somewhat. I mean we definitely had a lot of celebrities there. I mean almost almost any celebrity. You could name. They were probably in my store on some were regulars but Well really when I looked at the store. The Akita's jess was it was really. I was into that culture myself at the time and no matter how big the gap got no matter how big the gap is our urban outfitters. They couldn't Nobody knew that world better than me. from a standpoint of retailing and urban outfitters and gap and all those stores. They came into our store all the time and they took notes and sometimes they tried to knock us off but it just did not fit in their store. Our store was like club and eventually we put. Dj's in the store we started licensing the music and then we started selling a lot of CDs. So then I built a recording studio right in the middle of the store and then we started in that was right when electronic music restarting to get popular and it was an electric label and studio and so then we were distributed by Warner Chappell in the US and Europe and X. Records in Japan. And so we were making the music in the store that was playing. You know throughout the store and Pretty much most of the big. J's back in those days Swan Biden recorded stuff as well so now. Jeff Mills are Sasha dig. We'd and these kinds of people we're talking to people recording talking like fat boy slim and and those sort of days. Yeah so that was the store and then what happened was at. Maybe this has been like an issue that some people spoken about in the show. But what happened was is that a big Group of Japanese companies was actually. This isn't the part that people have in common apart. That follows This big group of Japanese companies wanted to license the concept and so and it was gonna be huge deal. I mean the smallest of the companies was a multi billion dollar company. And you know. One of them was the biggest clothing manufacturer in Japan on real estate. A VEX records my record distribution company the distribution company so I'll big companies and they were going to build fourteen flagship stores and about four hundred and five hundred Stores in the train stations. And the the the deal was about to be done. It ended up not happening because right when the deal was supposed to be done. That's when the Japanese economy Fell out but a about a month before that I'd been flying back and forth Japan. You know making this happen and now my dad was coming with me and on the flight over. He's like you know you're not going to get your fifty percent of this and I'm like no I don't know that In fact that's the deal that we had and he was like well. Then you would be making more than me him or your uncle business partner. I'm like well on this deal. Yeah I would but you have other businesses and it was then and there I was like I don't know if a family businesses right for me and then I felt disheartened. After the Japanese deal fell through ask so then I was like I'm never I don't want to be a business where I'm always going to be third. Even when I'm supposed to be I and so I gave store and the record label back to my family and never looked back. Wow interesting interesting. So dead actually step in at that point and one when the money I real he got. He got excited right. Yeah interesting interesting. Yeah Rich I think you you're jumping other chair there. There's so many things but I want to so I just to close that with the family. What's interesting about that is? Dad was about ready to walk away in the beginning. He was closing and so obviously at that point. I'm not trying to in the family business. But it was like it was more like. He didn't want to acknowledge how much of what was happening. Was you making it happen now? He he was fully acknowledging that. But you know what I have found is that I don't have this gene but The most successful people I know are extremely reasonable.

United States Japan partner Dad ARTHUR ANDERSEN ANDERSEN Peter Gatien Yemen Arthur Anderson Anderson Consu Po- Studio Jimmy Bellemare Guerra Esguerra Kardashians Ken Jeff Mills Europe president
What's Next for Bombardier?

Aviation Week's Check 6 Podcast

05:22 min | 2 years ago

What's Next for Bombardier?

"It's been a big month not just for Birdie but for business aviation in general. By months I mean. Basically since January sixteenth until February seventeenth. There was all kinds of speculation. About what bombard he was GONNA do. Because January sixteenth. They came out with a warning to Wall Street and they said first of all our twenty one thousand nine financial results are going to be so great. But that's not the biggest news. The biggest news is we're going to do something to our business portfolio. We just don't know yet and that got everybody going. As to what the possibilities or in the possibilities were bombarded currently exists with two divisions a business aviation division and in bigger train related division of trade related they make everything from actual trains to signaling products that go along with the railway system and so turned out. They were shopping. Both of them out to see which one could get the better deal and on February thirteenth. We heard the actual financial results for the year. And they of course. We're not as great as once hoped but more importantly what the. Marta announced that it was selling the rest of it. Eight to twenty stake to Airbus the eight to twenty is the series that Bernier originally developed and they were going to sell this now. They're remaining speak. They'd already sold part of it. They're going to sell the remaining of it for about five hundred fifty million dollars in cash and what that means is Airbus gets to walk away with the whole former C. series. Now the eight to twenty is entirely in its control and then four days later on February seventeen bombard. Ea announced it had reached a deal to sell its train. Division notice bombarded transportation to also come of France also is one of the two big train makers based in Europe Siemens being the other one and long story short. They're going to sell this for. They're going to sell the training division for up to four and a half billion dollars which does sound like a lot of money but then again you're talking about businesses that have more than fourteen billion dollars backlog or annual work and so it's it was a pretty much a fair deal all around and for Bardy what it does is it brings a desperately needed money. That bombarda was running out of Because it has a major debt payment next year and had to make the more importantly it had this huge debt pile of more than nine billion dollars that it faced with no real great business plan to help to pay it off now to getting out of the train business. And it's getting out of eight to twenty. It's going to be business aviation only and it's GonNa have half the that it used to have. So what does that mean for bombarding going forward? Let's say some big space so this money going trump's ideas trouble having trouble wild -veloping because he went way over. Budget and and Airbus Boeing basically were playing competitive games so they couldn't get a huge hole so they brought in a new CEO about Bellemare and they launched a five year plan and they've been sort of on that plan selling everything everything. They've acquired over the last three decades. They've been selling off to judge as part of this plan. How quick can you name them? All CR J sold off candidates. They've sold off the Canada's down view PLA. They've sold off. Sra Damn Cameras Downfield. They've sold of Canada. They sold off the would bomb. They sold off the out. J. Them Nestled on twenty with pupils. One hundred hundred let themselves with the business championships. Actually with you. Get back to nine hundred eighty six. I started when the quad candidate. And they're still making the challenge but anyway southern this strategy this five year turnaround plan and the idea was by the end of twenty twenty. They would have they'd be you know they'd be back into having SPEC CASH. They could use to pay down the debt right. So we're all tracking along this way. And of course the rail business going to ride together just contractual delivery troubles so they have all of a sudden at twenty twenty figgers way. Wonky and it was so fun to read the Michael Story because the apple is so McCall was saying he segment strategy. This is not strategy. Ain't just has been almost fire sale. Just keep so to say that. I've been thinking about this philosophy days sadly I've been thinking this philosophy and it's like watching a horror movie right. We have saved these. Don't go into that darkened room with taps which don't turn your back on the camera. Don't gain that car in the history of bodies don't stretch the J. develop a new airborne. Don't leave your regional airline customer base behind to develop an airliner. Don't try to yourself that you're not competing with the HIP Hustler. Unless you all of this thinking I really still don't WanNa get in that car bombarded. They are now very focused on business. Va Shin. But I'm this is not the end of the store.

Airbus Bombarda Canada Airbus Boeing Bardy Va Shin France Marta EA Bernier Donald Trump Europe Siemens CEO Bellemare Apple Mccall
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KOA 850 AM

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" bellemare" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Season for just about all of Denver sports teams peer Edward Bellemare scoring twice against his former team in the apps crushing the golden knights seven to three in Las Vegas last night Mikko Rantanen and ballerina shoes can also lighting the lamp for the asked snapping a two game skid Colorado now has forty nine points that second in the Western Conference hosting Minnesota Friday airforce in ball action Friday falcons battling Washington state that's the cheese it bowling Phoenix that time of the season where we get to giggle over all the college football bowl names airforce with a heck of a bounce back season there already at ten wins this year that's sports brought to you by the law offices of Dan campus on K. away home the Broncos buffs and Rockies Connor Kaylee news time is eight forty seven our top stories on Colorado's morning news if you're traveling through an airport over the holidays three more of them are warning about possible exposure to measles Chicago o'hare International Airport has had three possible exposures over the past two weeks others reporting exposures are airports in Richmond Virginia and Austin Texas earlier exposure wrists were reported bright here in Denver you remember that story and LA acts in the U. K. was Boris Johnsons first Christmas message as prime minister I want us to remember those Christians around the world who are facing persecution for them Christmas day will be marked in private in secret even in a prison cell the Conservative Party leader paying tribute to health workers and other public servants as well in the holy city of Bethlehem a celebration of Christmas in the west bank of Palestine which is a major destination of course.

Conservative Party Boris Johnsons Chicago o'hare International A Connor Kaylee Rockies Broncos football Washington falcons Edward Bellemare Palestine Bethlehem prime minister LA Denver Texas Richmond Virginia Minnesota
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KOA 850 AM

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" bellemare" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Free agency started yesterday ABS signed forward Joonas Donskoi from the sharks a four year deal there they re signed forward Colin Wilson to a one year contract and signed forward Pierre Edouard Bellemare at that point GM Joe sack exit they focused on dept after missing out on big name free agent and Tammy Penderyn right now now we're the next phase where were you sit back and maybe there's a trade with a trade we can do works or explore maybe there's a trade we can do there was the absent defenseman Tyson berry forward Alexander Kerr foot and a sixth round pick to the may police for forward Nazem Kadri defenseman Calais rose in a in the third round pick that figures to be a deal that will certainly help the secondary scoring the Rockies an astro start a two game set at at Coors field tonight five games before the all star break the Rockies forty four and forty manager bud black said there's a reason they don't have a better record any given night we have thirteen we have thirteen pitchers ready to pitch we need a number of those guys double digit guys pitching well we can't have it a garbage good I got pushed out of get rich good I got pushed out we need consistent pitching from our rotation and from our bullpen we have thirteen guys pitching well all the time no but can we have ten or eleven guys pitch well absolutely it's all about the pitching game one of the series against Houston tonight at six and came away really no words for the sudden and tragic loss of angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs who died yesterday morning while the angels were in Texas authorities do not believe there is any foul play the game last night between the angels and Rangers was canceled more games could be as well the game between those two teams still scheduled for tonight we'll see if they play in NBA free agency everyone waiting on Kawhi Leonard what's he gonna do where will he end up no word yet the raptor Lakers and clippers figure to be the three teams that have the best shot U. S. women's World Cup team back in action today were a little over four hours away from the start of the United States against England in the World Cup semis it'll kick it one mountain time and Leon France sports at fifteen forty five and.

NBA Leon France clippers Texas bud black Joe sack GM England United States Kawhi Leonard Joonas Donskoi Rangers Tyler Skaggs Houston Rockies Coors field Tyson berry Tammy Penderyn Pierre Edouard Bellemare
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Get Up!

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"Bellemare Jackson that anyone would love being replaced. Okay. Finally, what will be remembered as the most significant move of the twenty one thousand nine hundred. Oh, I think it's Josh Rosen. I think so he was my favorite quarterback coming out last year. I would say that I'm probably wrong and that the they're the better quarterback up in Cleveland. But I think that Josh Rosen has all the skills that you want his army them his strong as you would hope for it. But he's accurate, and he's smart somehow that gets passed as a negative, but he's a smart guy. That's what you need is a good decision maker. And I think him going down there to Miami. And revamping that system they're going to rebuild that team. I think he's going to be the Steelers draft. Frankly, I agree with you completely. I mean, every evaluator that we've talked to said that if he had been a prospect in this year's draft class would have been ranked ahead of any of the other quarterbacks. The dolphins don't seem. They almost feel like apologize for having given up anything to get him whatsoever. Let me ask you this. Because you very intelligent person. You used obviously are Josh Rosen is an intelligent person. You just said they don't like that. I agree with you. But I can't figure out why why is it? We don't like an intelligent football. I think it's the combination of him being intelligent and him being from a background where he does not need football for money. I think that. Football is a has a kind of outdated model in many of their minds that is kind of top down Thawra -tarian kind of militaristic idea. And if you have a guy who doesn't need you doesn't need your money in is probably brighter than you. I think it's intimidating and it scares away, some coaches and gentleman didn't seem to hurt Peyton Manning. Pretty good career is father was a first round pick on the NFL. I've heard Bomani Jones say this many times is that it's important for smart people to know, how to be smart around other people, and I think Peyton Manning having been around football as entire life understands. How to present his ideas and his thoughts in a way that is not intimidating. I think that's something that Josh Rosen could learn to do and would help them out quite a bit. There's just something about the notion that it needs to be a little bit less intelligent in order. So she'd in the sport that rubs me the wrong way. I think Josh Rosen is a really good player. And all they need is a really good opportunity. I don't know if this is it or not in Miami. I don't know what they're trying to do down there. But I think a chance to be really good. It's a rebuild in its low pressure. Low pressure is always good for young quarterback..

Josh Rosen Peyton Manning football Bellemare Jackson Miami Bomani Jones Cleveland Steelers NFL
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"And the Cup organization on the twenty third or twenty fourth of me. And who knows whatever the successes we know that will determine the future. So is it the story of this family is that the story of one hundred years ago, they won the World Series. And then there was a black cat and a goat. And and all of these hijinks, and then we finally win the World Series. What's the story? It's a story of a family their ups and downs your highs and lows and who have been generational fans. And we we see this family as the season enfolds. So we see the season in folding. We see all the highlights of who see the the family going up and down as the season goes up and down. We see the parade at the end of the of the show and the cubs celebrating. So hopefully, you will feel if you're cub fan you will feel kind of style joke about what you remember where you were. And and what you love most. But hopefully, you'll get involved you'll be invested in this family of wonderful people who have lived and died with the cubs. Did you worry to telling it to a family? I don't know was risky that is. I know the team I've got an there's enough stories in the season without running it through that filter of somebody else talk about that. I think one of the things is that everybody out. There is not a baseball fan. You know? And so this is a show for everybody for families for. Male and female who are not baseball fan and who want to invest in a family and get attracted to a family, but also one what a relive the thrills the miracle. That was the two thousand sixteen Chicago cops everybody comes up to y'all Nick. Okay. This is what you have to put in the play everybody. Everybody mice. I'm about to tell you the story of my son who was so wrapped up in the World Series games that he couldn't sit in front of his TV and he walked up and down the street and look through people's windows because he had such high anxiety about it. I had no idea. I knew grant love baseball the cubs. I wasn't too that. But that's the way people experience on the Zaidi in the city attention, the city was palpable as we got into the playoffs, and they played the giants, and they played the dodgers were they going to get to the World Series to get to Cleveland, and then they played Cleveland, and we're down three one, and how many people just kind of gave up and said, I knew it was too good to be true. And that lasts. Game was epic too. I mean, you wouldn't have written that in the script except that had happened that way tab -solutely are there humble songs in this production? Most definitely fantastic song. I read Chris Jones review. And he didn't talk about that. His he heard has anybody heard the songs yet the score. Well, I'll tell you. I don't think anybody's heard the score. But I have sent a few of the songs to the cubs and they loved them and they loved them. We we have a I can tell you a Cup on a couple of songs, and I don't know how much time you have. Let's do this. Let's pause and tell me a little bit about by the way, if anybody could use a couple of good sons right now, it's the cubs. I mean, the season hasn't started. But they've had a bad run in the news the last few weeks. So I'm sure they just can't wait for this in the season to start preview in your own way force a couple of the songs Billy Marvan is in our studio, the producer of miracle. He's now a musical producer to you may have known him from his political days or his other business ventures restaurants, and so on, but there's a musical that will open up at the Royal George. What's the open date for? This may seventeenth is the opening day for Chicago, the Chicago public, and we're having a special grand opening opening night for the cubs. And the cubs organization. Either may twenty third of may twenty four tickets for this. Now, I didn't see the -solutely you can get tickets on TicketMaster by calling the Royal George theater. Okay. Their tickets available. So this is about the twenty sixteen season and the cubs winning the World Series told through a family of a typical Chicago family. Exactly, mom, dad. Couple kids that's on dead. Kids. Grandfather own of our in the Wrigley. Phil neighborhood. What's it called this bar the virus called maggie's after the matriarch of the family and Maggie has died. But one of the really nice songs is a very tender song called maggie's, and I can't play it. I don't have it. How does it go? Oh. I'm not gonna ruin the song by telling it. But, but I'll tell you what I do have songs on my okay, my radio, and there's there's a couple of songs as a song. Call also because would be familiar with called. I hate the cold. Okay, fabulous song, but that's new to this production. It's every song is new show every song is new to this production. But that's that's the lament of cubs fans it in April and may. But the mother in this in this show is from down south, and she's moved. She met met her husband and moved up here. And she's talks about how she's from Florida. I hate to cold. But you know, what I kind of like my life here. Yeah. That's a good Chicago idea. So what else you got on? We got a song called superstition. You know, every fan has a superstition. That's tremendous superstitions among fandom, but there's also tremendous superstitions among the players, and we're going to sing the song dance a song called the superstition dance. And we're gonna show on screens superstitions of the fans what's the line from that song? Oh, gosh. I couldn't I couldn't even tell you. I couldn't even tell you. I produce the show. You didn't write the show? I didn't write the song. Right. Okay. Give me another song. Another song is Covey blue blues. Another song is called the voice above the crowd. It's a tribute to the great announcers. In Cup history. A really beautiful song, and I can give you a couple of stances from here. Hey, it was time another day when hometown heroes never used to go away. It was time. They'd like to say when those who played the game still had a sense of play that meant that were no steroids in the game. And people used to stay with the with the same team. These were the voices of our youth. So finely etched into the members of our youth. They're up in the booth and the finely etched into the memories of our youth than maritime, Vince, Lloyd, and Lou Boudreau Jesse and Ron Santo, and Harry Carey and Jack Quinlan. Yes. The great voices that that really exists in every city in America, the the red barbers VIN scully's, the Mel Ellen's the Jack bucks. And this song was sung in two thousand three at the all star game here in Comiskey park as a tribute. Route to the great voices above the crowd that exist in every city in America. It was sung by Dennis deyoung. The lead singer of sticks would be and and he went on the field as they played a tribute to all these wonderful announces at original song. This is an original song that we own. So my cohort in this production wrote the song is name is Julian phrasing. And he wrote this wonderful song that I think people are going to love it back in the day. He wrote it back in the day. And so this is one song that is not brand new to the production. It's brand new to to being out there who knew about you're going to hear a lot about this song. It's absolutely a beautiful song. Okay. We're out of time. What's the show stopper is it that one? What's the one that they're going to go? But he did the. I think there's a lot of showstopper sometimes miracles do happen. A a song called I'm out after the cubs lost in the playoffs in nineteen eighty-five to the Mets. So I cubby bear blues. These are also I think people will enjoy we'll sing we'll home and we'll hopefully remember. Okay. Well, hopefully in a couple of years, you're going to be sitting here, John we're doing this musical about twenty twenty one White Sox who knew or something like that. Are are you going to be a musical producer now? Or is this a one offer you Billy? Oh, I don't know. Let's see how this goal. One never says never politics. I said that we never say never in show business. We never say never congratulations already. But a good idea. And I think folks could use a dose of that. So wish nothing but success. This is the Royal George judge. Hopefully has a nice run. Here goes off to a national audience, which leader bumps did that's a that's a local idea that had a national audience. Right. Absolutely. A Bleacher bums, what am I talking about? That was that the name of the show. Jim Belushi was in it, right? This is totally up show. It's a family show. It's a it's a feel good show. And it's an Omar's to the cubs. And families who have supported the comes through one hundred eight years Bellemare that's miracle opens with Royal George may seventeenth even go to take it faster to get seats for that. Or the Royal George boxoffice. Nice to meet you. Thanks for coming in. Thanks so much for having me. Really? Appreciate and grads in advance. Is wellness Wednesday on the Patti Vasquez show. We are live, and he also at skyline studio and.

cubs Chicago Royal George producer baseball Billy Marvan TicketMaster maggie Jim Belushi Cleveland Royal George theater Dennis deyoung Chris Jones America dodgers giants Patti Vasquez Phil neighborhood
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"So I'm just free agent for now. I guess well, and I'm glad you brought up the futures because I didn't get a chance yesterday we launched right into three our world wind and game winter and improbable the two individual prices that closed on Sunday both six to one the all others still holding fast ninety two and it can kind of understand that you had. Other double digit types or between ten and twenty bourbon war twelve to one code of honor fourteen to one that's not a that's not a bad price on on. It's it's it's interesting that code of honor would have would have gone off a couple of points higher than than bourbon war. This is a phenomenon that that just doesn't go away closing. Clo. The biggest traps. Headquarters gonna help normally at doesn't. Exactly, that's that's the old belt. The derby Bellemare. Be good. He's gonna close to be seven. He's going to flatten out with a quarter of a mile to run those prices. Even that you're saying few love game winner improbable pick six to one on a horse this far out. Right. I loved or the year he won. But even at five to one day of I thought, I was a little crazy that low price on vigneault. You love them for twenty Horsfield day of you know, you're in the gate this you're taking it. How many months out it's just I don't know how you do that. How about roadster who who's only allow it's race as sixty the one that that's a little aggressive twelve to one on war of will. We had Marquette yesterday all systems go there. It's the grant seventeen to one is that is that for the for the derby or for the or for the Bayshore that we'll see you actually, you know, what he kept peddling peddling peddling and. But I don't know I to me that whole field. I thought was as all one turn. That's what it looked like. And it's such placement with how the triple crown series goes through New York. Now, if you go longer and now the cutting back, and then you go back longer for the wood. It's a little confusing. But at least you have a place for these one turn types, maybe to to run in one of these. And if they go on I'm sure he'll go try the would noun stretch out good go nine for a long war will have to saying before you mentioned him in more cats on the thing that you have to really love about him. He's got that high cruising tactical speed that seems to win the derby every year. Now, I don't know if he's fast enough good enough yet. I wanna see with see it one more time from him. But he could get himself in that that dream spot that seems to win the derby every year now, and he just TR obviously has a ton of talent as well. If he does any I mean, if there's any growing that's going to happen between the there for risen star between risen star and derby, it'll be it'll be scary. 'cause he is imposing that that paddick for the risen star. I mean, he he just looks like a prize fighter with the boat neck, and and the kind of the hulking shoulders. You don't eat you, don't you could actually physically see the intimidation factor. His presence in that paddock was was felt. And that that tells you a lot and you don't have other connect. And I said this at the time, you don't see other connections. You know, gawking and whispering about. And yeah, I too often. So we'll see the from a physical standpoint, he's, you know, he's he's the goods on the I you know, there's really I was busy on on Sunday. And was here we were getting, you know, play the land for broadcasting retesting spots. And I didn't I kinda forgot at six and six thirty. But there really isn't a. A super value. You know, fifty nine to one on tax saw daddy Garg incumbent earlier. And there's a that's what you do one horse out of sight out of mind. Right. That that race to ever came up very fast. He seems to be training to..

daddy Garg Bellemare New York one day
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"Before Trump enters missed Malania beautiful was what was Keller. Wasn't white. No. She isn't wearing white. I was just looking at her tan side. So you guys gonna spend the whole show on this after it ends, right? Yeah. How many applause breaks speaks for what forty five minutes? Now. I thought what he's gonna do Clinton spoke for two hours. Now, I'm also spoke along. Clayton is like diarrhea Trump's all business. It's not going to be that long. Just look there. I mean, it's supposed to start at six, and they're just still rolling people in. It's not gonna start till six twenty it usually does start about six ten six fifteen. It depends on. I'm everybody's shaking. Hands acting attorney general. Now did the supreme court can with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Did she commit? Well, she appeared in public for the first time yesterday or the day some of them have stopped going, right? But there were no photos allowed of her now. So she's she's also doing a live reads here for forest lawn. KFI and Keough S T HD two, Los Angeles. It's strange that was subtle. Who was that? He's at work that right? You could have done that. I was going to say, no, no one of us. A little. The law. Is that really the law did people without doing the ID? So what was that the cabinet? I think was coming and we were trying to figure out who the designated survivor is going to be there. Well, it has to be we work. It has to be a sitting secretary, and he doesn't he doesn't have a lot of having active right here at the designated survivor in an acting secretary agriculture. You think the secondary person might be very important in less than an hour. Who knows? Crazy time we live in somebody the capital. That's the last thing. I'm going to be thinking of these guys who's got his last name there. Right. That's Josh from Trump. Now you've got bullied. Yeah. Apparently. I'm sure he won't get bullied now when Thursday. Judge there. But I don't think they all go anymore. Now, you don't have to go, you don't know. And that's ironic because at a time where it's more politicized than it has been in recent times. That she does with nice buttons. Wow. Look at her three buttons tan look at the hair, and she is near fifty right? She's got. Together. Do you think she ever sits at the edge of the bed puts her head in her hands ago? I can't do this. Every night. Probably. Like, Michelle Obama. She did not want this. I don't want to be in the Hillary was the only one who wanted it. Nobody else did I think most of the other first ladies did not want Nixon didn't want. She drank herself the death of Betty Ford. Right. Betty ford. Bellemare roosevelt. Maybe go by Roosevelt, Jacqueline Kennedy. No, jackie. Oh, no. It's a horrible life. She was kind of a very private person. She didn't like that either. Although obviously she made her way with fashion there's Pelosi in her white. These people are idiots. She's already taken her seat. Everybody has to wear a certain color Lee. It's not real. It's plastic. Chin next to Malania who's that? I don't know is that it looks like editor of every other character, and it's a wonderful life after a plummeted. So he does look like a guy from the nineteen thirties doesn't see guys these are generally the invited guests of Trump. Oh, he's the banker on it's a wonderful lie. Does doesn't it? You can write black and white on that he's probably somebody with very tragic story. We're sitting here mocking. Yeah. The first time. So. Gassed? Three.

Trump Ruth Bader Ginsburg Keller jackie Betty Ford Bellemare roosevelt secretary Malania acting attorney general Michelle Obama Hillary Clinton cabinet Pelosi Los Angeles KFI Clayton editor
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Is Quinoa Unhealthy For Its Producers?

"Today's episode is brought to you by listerine ready tabs small discrete tabs, the transform from a solid to a liquid just to switch and swallow no sink required to get that just brushed clean feeling, and they pack a huge punch up to four hours of fresh breath, and the confidence that goes with it on the go wherever life takes you to a surprise meeting a date you want to freshen up for or just from one event to another try listen ready tabs today. Find them near the mouthwash. Welcome to brain stuff from how stuff works. Hey, rain stuff. Lauren Bogle bomb. Here. Keen wa has caused quite a lot of confusion during its short tenure on the worldwide seen race for thousands of years in the Indian mountain region of South America. It's only really blown up worldwide over the past decade, the United Nations food and Agriculture Organization declared twenty thirteen the international year of wa giving the crop a big boost on the world stage. The declaration was intended as a way to highlight crops that were unknown if forgotten at least to the wider world as a way of promoting food security, but along with Kim was rabbit sense to the top of the health food chain came news reports that local populations in Peru and Bolivia could no longer afford to buy it as the prices had doubled or tripled. But before we get into that some basics Qinhua spelled Q U. I N A in case you've seen the word, but never heard it pronounced cooks like rice looks sort of like couscous and packs a serious nutritive punch. It's high in protein contains all these amino acid. And is high in iron and fiber. It's eaten like a grain. But it's really more like a seed or a vegetable, and it's also gluten free in short checks a lot of boxes for folks looking to eat fewer animal products, or if you were carbs, but is it's mainstream popularity hurting the people who grow it. Researchers have called through year's worth of data two thousand four to two thousand thirteen from a national Peruvian survey to find out how these seemingly worldwide Kenwa frenzy affected. The quality of local citizens lives over that period. Their circumstances actually seemed to have improved. We spoke by Email with one of those researchers Marc Bellemare and associate professor of applied economics and director of the center for international food and agricultural policy at the university of Minnesota. He said in most cases, we find that rising Kenwa prices have modestly increased to the welfare of both Kimba producers and can what consumers in Peru at worst. We find a small decline in welfare in some region. Wins. But that decline is almost nil at less than one percent of total welfare welfare here is defined as the value of a household consumption expenditures, Bella explained since consumption tends to be function of income consumption is a good proxy for income. But it's not necessarily all good news. There are a couple of concerns that could still affect the people who originally grew Kenwa Bella. Mir said the first is that once the price of kin wall fell back down to its pre twenty ten level many, small producers told us they were holding onto their grain in the hope that the price would spike back up. But this is highly unlikely to happen considering that with the want price spike in two thousand thirteen many new producers got into the Kenwa production game which lowered the price a probably permanently. Unless there's a new spike in the international demand of kin wa. The other problem is an issue of maintaining bio-diversity very few varieties of kin while are exported to places like the US and UK especially compared with these some hundred varieties grown in Peru. And so if it's most worthwhile for producers to grow for export markets. Those other local varieties might disappear forever. This phenomenon isn't good for the longstanding health of crops, and it's not a new problem take the banana when I say banana, you probably think of a very particular variety of the fruit, but someone greatly enlarged in gently bent a yellow number two pencil. That's a cabin dish banana, and it's the only one many of us encounter outside of the tropics its popularity elbowed out other varieties and farmers came to rely on it as a staple export. Which sounds great a right up until a fungus that affects only that variety swept in and started destroying crops. If you haven't heard scientists are now racing to figure out a way to save it, and that's the danger of monocultures, the Irish potato blight is another example. That's why organizations like bio-diversity international have piloted programs to give native farmers incentives to grow the less in demand varieties of kin wa so Wilkin will ever wear out. Its welcome it. Sure doesn't look that way. Where it used to be limited to health food stores and vegan rest. Wants can what is showing up on mainstream menus now in place of rice or pasta as part of main entrees as breakfast cereal or even added to soups and salads, hopefully with cooperation among exporters, and researchers conditions will only continue to improve for can was growers in for Ken while itself. Today's episode was written by Elliott and produced by Tyler clang for heart media, and how stuff works for more on this and lots of other nutritive, topics. Visit our home planet has stuff works dot com. Hebron stuff listeners for all you fans of true crime investigations. There's a new podcast from glamour, and how stuff works Marcus Hanna. Devante Abigail, Jeremiah and Sierra were all black children adopted by two white women, Sarah and Jennifer heart. It looked as if the hearts were the perfect family, but their lives ended in a murder suicide car crash that shocked their friends and made national headlines starting Semper forth with new episodes every Tuesday co host Justin and Elizabeth follow the families fatal journey even listen subscribe to broken hearts, spelled H A R T S on apple podcasts

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"To one shake shack burger eight to one Terry Queen blizzard at ten to one or field because there are so many options at five to two odds. I know we don't usually mixed products here, captain Morgan and all these others, but parley kid, I know you have some fast food favorites. I certainly do so partly 'cause get fat. I mean, I didn't mean it like that. I just know you have forty two kids truce out. I really I gotta go on that that that Harry that fifty to fifty two no money though happen. Yeah. The Dr tree diet. That's exactly that's a great name for excellent the dodger died, but I gotta wait 'til football to be over. Right. So I can't diet do James coming up. I'm going to be eating wings and stuff day. So of course, started after the super bowl's over, Sal, my favorite fast food item. I debated. It would choose chicken mcnuggets or the French fries from McDonald's. So the French fries have been a staple of my diet for almost fifty years. Now, if I could walk into the finest restaurants in the world, and if they served me French fries that tasted like McDonald's. French fries. I'd be thrilled. I'd be I'd be more than thrilled. Disclaimer they have to be they have to be hot though. They can't be sitting sitting around. Right. I I missed the super size option. Right. They don't have that anymore. Damn you Morgan spurlock what a creep food everybody with that stupid film made do. I don't know. They did that they did away with supersized. Did they really they all? Yeah. Right. After that came right? That's like fifteen years ago. I guess you don't visit fast food places anymore. I do I just I just want her to visit depressing. So when I get that breadbox box of large fries, and it's like half full. That's like the press depressing moment when I look at it. And this is not a large just as a medium, right? The fries. So how could you go away some taking the field five to to McDonald's? French fries. Nothing beats it. Right. All right. I'm with you. I've read a study on this how they make them. And then it's basically sugar coat it with sugar and then bake it, then obviously salt, and it's under the perfect heat lamps. But you can't go wrong with McDonald's fries. I was gonna add that you're taking McDonald's fries field that five to two. I brother Bry. What are you like you only get one who if we did this fifteen to twenty years ago? I would have definitely said probably like MC. Donalds cheeseburger, or like regular taco from Taco Bell. But I've become a little bit of food snob as gotten older I now want a burger that tastes like an actual burger. So I'm gonna go with the shake shack burger because this is what I order after every podcast. Oye home order shake shack. Burger it's easy on the way for me. But plus I think that would go a little bit better with my stomach. If I was stuck at the White House. I wouldn't want to be eating some of this food or else I'd be in the toilet. And by the way, how bad would it be like if you had to clean those bathrooms for all those for about one hundred kids eating all that fast food? It must have been awful. But at least the person doing it is not getting paid. So that's good. Shake shake shake shack. Like I said I'm a little bit of a snob lately. That's good. I I had one the other day. It's funny on the way a depressed. Oh, I stopped with my son, we stopped there. After the Cowboys game. I got that one with the mushroom on it. Do you have this mushroom and it has Bellemare? Bellemare cheese in it, and that cheese falls over the actual cheese from the cheeseburger. It's it's delightful, you go straight to you, literally go straight to have it because your heart can't take it. All right, Harry. I know everyone's waiting for you. What are you going to say? I think I think we know this Harry wants told us what his first option was going to be. Let's see if he sticks. Well, after he lost the way not believe it or not. Yeah. Very picky with my fast food. I don't believe in God, honest truth. I've never had a Big Mac or a whopper in my life..

McDonald Harry Sal Morgan spurlock captain Morgan football parley Taco Bell James White House Cowboys fifteen years twenty years fifty years one shake